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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 21, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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underway at this hour by the nypd for a 14-year-old suspected in the murder of barnard college student tessa majors. the boy, whose photo you see here, fled earlier this week before he could be questioned by police. welcome to "america's news headquarters" if washington, i'm leland vittert. boy, what ab incredibly sad story to think that you're dealing with suspects who are this their early teen years, not even in high school. kristin: sad for them if for this college student's family who has to spend the holidays without her. just an incredibly sad story. i'm kristin fisher. and the 14-year-old is just one of three teenagers police have connected to this brutal stabbing. jacqui heinrich tracking it all in new york. >> reporter: hey, kristin. police began looking for that 14-year-old suspect after another middle schooler already charged in the murder implicated him and also another boy in the investigation. in an unusual move, nypd tweeted
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out these photos asking for help finding the missing suspects, not releasing his name because he's a minor. police say three boys targeted tessa majors in what began as a robbery. the young e suspect allegedly told police he and his friends initially set their sights on a man but got spooked and went instead for an 18-year-old college student from virginia who'd only been in the city for three months. police say she refused to give up her belongings, and the teens attacked her, putting her in a chokehold, robbing her and stabbing her before running. she was able to climb some stairs to where a school security guard saw her and called 911, but she did not make it. the 13-year-old was arrested the following day, and police questioned another 4-year-old but released him -- 14-year-old. police have said they haven't made contact with the other 14-year-old, and they're trying to preserve the integrity of the investigation. >> we have our, our investigators are out looking for this third subject, like i stated yesterday.
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he is a juvenile. we have all of our resourcings involved to see if we can bring this person in and see if we can question him regarding the incident. >> reporter: police have not said what role they believe the missing 14-year-old played in tessa majors' death, but "the new york times" is reporting he may be the one who delivered the fatal blows. a lawyer for the 13-year-old charged in the case says their client was just a bystander, and he only handed the knife to the other teen who did the killing. the officials are facing criticism over a recent uptick in crime in this area and anger that it could have been prevented. morningside park was once the most dangerous park in the city, but it had improved in recent years. kristin? kristin: jacqui heinrich, thank you. leland? leland: meantime, we're learning or new details about jeffrey epstein as two women who say they were abused by the late child sex trafficker shared their stories in an exclusive interview that aired on fox's "the story" with martha
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maccallum. >> it's hard for me to even go back to that first time really because he was so manipulative, and he coerced me into doing so many things. >> he sexually abused you on the island. >> yes. and he also had an office in st. thomas, and i was abused there too. leland: and with that, we bring in attorney and northwestern adjunct law professor andrew stoplightman. andrew, good to see you as always, appreciate it. as we look at this, where does the case for these women go from here? is there any way for them to be compensated, to get some kind of closure if that comes in financial set respects -- settlements with epstein's estate? >> yeah. the good news is a number of these victims have come forward and they are suing the estate. the estate has talked about setting up a restitution pot with kenneth feinberg as, in effect, the mediator on these claims in order to get victims some money. kind of the $64,000 question is
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how much is going to be in that fund given mr. epstein had an alleged nyet worth of $600 million -- net worth. and number two, who are the other enablers in this scheme, and are they going to be sued and eventually brought to justice. leland: for a long time we kept hearing all these famous names connected to epstein, and that he was going to -- somehow he was going to connect these horrific cases of alleged abuse and sex trafficking to these famous names. that seems to have gone away. there was all these questions of his madam and his girlfriend who found, procured these women. that's gone away. where is this case now? is there a active investigation, or does a dead man tell no tales and, therefore, things stop? >> well, there are a lot of people who are happy about epstein allegedly committing suicide, but in the same sense, i think federal prosecutors are very carefully peeling this onion.
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they are looking at some of the most powerful people in the world, and i think they have to work very, very carefully, peel that onion, certain all the ts are crossed and is are dotted because they are going after some potentially very powerful, famous people. now, i don't know that to be the case for certain, but given the number of names that have been associated with jeffrey epstein, i would be shocked if prosecutors aren't actively investigating those folks. leland: there is that rule both in your business and in mine of follow the money. and there have been so many questions about whether ebb steven really -- where epstein really made his money. for so long, well, he's a hedge fund billionaire, and then it came out there was no traders who ever worked with him, unclear whose money he managed, etc., etc. have we gotten any closer on that? >> i don't think so. there are more rumors that are popping up, right? supposedly he had all of his homes videotaped, the bedrooms, and he brooked a bunch of -- bribed a bunch of people. there's a lot of smoke, but i really think we're probably in
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inning three of a nine-inning game. i think prosecutors are just digging deep, and i'd be shocked if they don't find a lot of bad stuff against some pretty powerful people. leland: as with any case of so much intrigue, there are the sort of wild accusations, and then there are a lot of rumors and innuendo. you even alluded to it where he allegedly committed suicide. and there's this question of the videotapes that disappeared and then reappeared in his first suicide attempt. as we look at how this case has been handled vis-a-vis his captivity and not being forced, shall we say, to face his accusers and then potentially be convicted of crimes, is this incompetence or conspiracy? >> that's the $64,000 question. they say the eye in the sky doesn't lie, but when the tape disappears, it's a huge, huge problem. there are just so many things that have taken place that really make it seem like it's more than just a coincidence. you have the first suicide tape go missing, of his roommate
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being moved, cell mate being moved out of the cell days before the second suicide attempt. you have the warden who's been transferred out. you have his lawyer, epstein's lawyer saying these injuries on his neck are more consistent with homicide than they are with suicide. prosecutors are investigating, we'll get to the bottom of it -- leland: what do you make of the fact that rare for the attorney general to weigh in on a case especially before there is a conclusive report or the end of an investigation and to comment in the middle of it. what do you make of bill barr conclusively saying he killed himself. there may be other things occupant there, but we need to move on from that issue. >> isn't it amazing? [laughter] you have a a.g. who is also connected to some of the people who have been connected to this scandal. and for him to go out there and say that, gee, it was a suicide and there were just a whole bunch of other records that got made, you can't make that with with conclude yet. you've got to continue working to see what really happened, and
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if he's wrong, then he's got a major, major scandal on his hands. leland: andrew, appreciate it. there'll be a lot more to talk about in the weeks and months to come. best to your family over the holidays. >> same, thank you. leland: thanks for being with us. and now we move to this, it will happen after the first of the year, baltimore is going to be the first city to use surveillance airplanes in an effort to reduce crime. three airplanes will fly over the major city once this controversial program kicks off in may. garrett tenney with exactly how it will work, and there's some things people like and some things people don't. >> reporter: yeah. and it will affect everyone, you know, whether you are out walking your dog, picking your kids up from school or going to the grocery store or if you happen to be robbing a bank. these cameras will capture images of everything. you can't actually make out anyone's faces though. the planes will be flying roughly 8,000 feet in the air, so people just look like blurry dots. but that should be enough for misto be able to track the
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movements of a -- police to be able to track the movements of a person or a car after a crime has been committed. during this 4-6 month pilot program, the police chief says the plane will be used for investigating serious crimes after the fact including murders, shootings and armed robberies. >> i decided to proceed with this pilot program because it could represent yet another tool in the toolbox to solving and deterring violent crimes in our city. we feel this is an important time to be able to try something that has not been tried so that we can do all that we can to preserve life and make baltimore a safer place. >> reporter: this announcement comes as baltimore is wrapping up unof one of its most violent years on record with more than 330 homicides and more than 1300 robberies according to the baltimore sun which tracks those crimes. this announcement if also comes despite the aclu warning about this type of mass surveillance, saying it is an extreme violation of the fourth amendment's protections against
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unreasonable searches and seizures, saying in a statement: the surveillance plane means putting every resident of baltimore under permanent surveillance, creating a video record of where everyone goes every everywhere they go, every time they walk outside. this actually isn't the first time baltimore's done this kind of program. three years ago its police department shut down a similar one after just a few months after a story by boom berg revealed it had been -- bloomberg reveal it had been secretly recording hundreds of hours of images without telling anyone about it. this time around there's certainly a deficit of trust going into this. leland: a huge deficit of trust for the police department there, and you think about how baltimore has changed and the explosion of crime since the freddie gray riots and the trials where those police officers east were acquitted or they -- either were acquitted or they dropped the charges against them. garrett tenney, thank you very much is. kristin: most members of
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congress are now home amid this divisive impeachment process. they passed spending bills to avoid a partial government shutdown, they passed a massive defense spending bill which the president signed last night and the new north american trade agreement with canada and mexico. the usmca. joining us now from sacramento, democratic congressman from california amy bear are rah -- bare rah. this was one of the most bipartisan wins of the entire congress. were you surprised that the usmca got through? >> no. you know, or this is what can happen when democrats and republicans willing to work together and, hopefully, it's indicative of what we can do after the holiday season when we go back in session in january. there's still a lot more to do for the american people. kristin: so as you are home for the holidays, what are you talking to your constituents about? what are you telling them about what the usmca will do for them? >> yeah, serbly for california -- certainly for
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california, we're a trade-dependent, export-dependent state. we're a farming and agriculture region, so, you know, this is good for our dairy farmers in canada and, you know, 95% of the world's consumers live outside the united states, and we've got to compete in those markets. so this is what can be done. you know, the president got a win, the american people got a win. let's do something on drug pricing. kristin: wow. so you do give president trump some credit here. you say that he gets a win here too? >> yeah. the president gets a win here too. this was one of his priorities, he should be happy about it. the fact that we passed some pretty good pending bills that have -- spending bills that have priorities for both democrats and republicans, we should all be feeling good going into the holiday season. obviously, there's this little thing called impeachment that, you know, we'll get to that when we get back. there's a lot that we can do if we're willing to work together as democrats and republicans. kristin: wow, ill am really feeling -- i am really feeling the holiday spirit in this
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interview. democrats made some changes too, they got a lot more enforcement mechanisms put in place to the usmca. finish so now this heads to the senate, but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is saying there is not going to be a vote in the senate on the usmca until this impeachment trial takes place, and now we know that house speaker nancy pelosi has delayed sending these articles of impeachment to the senate for a variety of reasons. do you agree with speaker pelosi's decision to withhold these articles of impeachment that the house passed this week? >> yeah. i think the articles will get sent over to the senate. right now though i think speaker pelosi wants to see what the parameters of the trial are, and senate mcconnell -- senator mcconnell hasn't set those parameters. are there going to be witnesses, who are they going to be, and once she knows that, i think she can decide who the best task managers are and send those over.
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kristin: why isn't that something that the senate minority leader, chuck schumer, should have to hash out? why doesn't that belong to schumer? why does speaker pelosi, who's in the house, get to have a say in this? >> i think it belongs to both schumer and mcconnell that they could not reach an agreement last week and, hopefully, when they get back in january they will set those parameters, negotiate what they are. and then the speaker can decide who the house managers are. and i think you'll see the articles get sent over. kristin: another thing that speaker pelosi did yesterday, surprised some people, she sent an invitation to president trump inviting him to deliver his state of the uniing onaddress. typically, this is pretty normal stuff here in washington, but the fact this this happened just days after she led this effort to impeach the president, it was pretty senate especially when you think about -- significant especially when you think about what happened last year when she rescinded her invitation in the middle of that partial government shutdown, and then he canceled her trip to
11:15 am
afghanistan. were you surprised that speaker pelosi is sent over this invitation yesterday and that president trump accepted? >> not at all. speaker pelosi's the consummate professional. he did what is -- she did what is totally appropriate, giving the president the opportunity to present to the country the state of the nation and the state of the union, and that's totally appropriate. we've got to be able to separate impeachment from legislation, from election and from doing our jobs as members of congress. kristin: so finally, you're home for the holidays, but when you get back, what are your hopes for congress in 2020? what are some of the things that you would like to see actually get done other than impeachment? >> well, i hope we bring some of that kris spirit back with us. -- christmas spirit. the next thing i think we ought to work on is prescription drug pricing. we know the president's talked about that. i've had conversations with folks in his administration, secretary azar and others, and we know the senate republicans have also had a pretty ambitious bill out there.
11:16 am
so there is a deal here to be had that's good for the american public that we can all be proud about. kristin: congressman, thank you some. merry christmas, happy holidays, happy new year, all that stuff. >> merry christmas. be well. kristin: you too. chris wallace has an exclusive interview with debbie dingell, and howie kurtz talks to white house senior adviser for strategy tomorrow on media was at 11 a.m. eastern. leland: we'll watch for that. mean time, a cleanup under way in west virginia for a freight train derail that many sent seven cars into the potomac river. evidently, the train was heading towards maryland when it went off the track. we're told the conductor or was the only person onboard, fortunately, they weren't injured. the cause of why these trains all ended up in the water still under investigation. kristin: well, authorities are charging one person in connection with the disa appearance of a missing texas mother after her body was found inside a home on the outskirts
11:17 am
of houston. her infant daughter was also found at the home, but she was safe. christina coleman has more. >> reporter: well, kristin, right now multiple law enforcement agencies including the fbi and texas rangers are trying to figure out if more than one person was involved in the weeklong disappearance of this mother and her baby. the newborn, believed to be baby margo, is safe and in the care of child protective services. as for her mother who went missing, heidi broussard, officials determined she was strangled to depth, and a suspect has been arrested in connection to this case. the suspect you see there on the screen was charged with two counts of kidnapping and one count of tampering with a corpse. police have not officially confirmed the suspect's identity, but arrest records show that she's a 33-year-old and was arrested yesterday on those charges. she appeared in court friday on unrelated traffic violationings. the local cbs affiliate is reporting that the suspect was childhood friends with
11:18 am
broussard, even went to prenatal appointments with her and was even present when broussard gave birth to her baby. according to the austin american statesman, investigators allege she pretended to be pregnant at the same time as broussard and may have been plotting to take her baby. broussard and her newborn were reported missing on thursday, december 12th in their hometown of austin, texas. authorities found a woman's body in the trunk of a car at a house in jersey village just northwest of houston and about 130 miles outside of austin. they also found that baby safe inside the house. the harris county institute of forensic sciences identified the woman as broussard yesterday and determined her cause of death a homicide. >> i just want to express the heartfelt condolences of everyone you see standing here with me, our community, our department, that we did not have two rescues, but only one, it appears. and our hearts and our minds are with heidi and her family. >> reporter: the suspect could
11:19 am
face additional suspects. again, this is still very much an active and ongoing investigation, if is -- and law enforcement is going to be looking into multiple locations between austin and houston, texas. kristin? kristin: that is just horrible. such a sad story. that poor little baby. christina coleman, thank you. leland? leland: boris johnson promised a brexit for real. well, is it going to actually happen? why some european parliament members are still skeptical and what that means for you when we come back. ♪ ♪ he holidays. so we built a snow globe. i'll get that later. dylan! but the one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with homeowners insurance. what? switching and saving was really easy! i love you! what? sweetie! hands off the glass. ugh!!
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kristin: at least nine people have died n northern india today as protesters clash with police over a new citizenship law. that law allows hindus,
11:24 am
christians and other religious minorities that are in india illegally to become citizens if they can prove that they were persecuted because of their religion in other countries. demonstrators say it discriminates against muslims, as the group did not get included in legislation. india's prime minister is defending the law as a humanitarian act. ♪ ♪ leland: the british parliament has voted to advance boris johnson's brexit plan, signaling what could be an end to the multi-year battle to leave the european union. kitty logan breaking this down from our london bureau today. hi, kitty. >> reporter: hi, leland. yes, this was, of course, a crucial step and one of which boris johnson's predecessor, theresa may, failed to achieve. but now there's such a large majority in parliament, the bill passed very easily, and we saw today the prime minister --
11:25 am
[inaudible] to keep his election promises before christmas and members of parliament, many of them newly elected, voted overwhelmingly to approve that second reading also with dual agreement. it is the first major step in the process of britain actually leaving the e.u., and now that's done, parliament will be in recess until january 7th when that process continues. but there is no reason now not to suspect any further hitches in the brexit bill. the election earlier this month was a game-changer for boris johnson and his breaks is sit plan. he now has a majority of 80 seats in parliament. that gives him the power to push husband agenda through -- his agenda through and getting brexit done. now, britain is set to formal hi leave the event u. on january 31st, will then be a transition
11:26 am
period up to december 2020. and during that time there will be crucial trade talks to define the future relationship with the e.u. and that is likely to be tricky too. leland? leland: yeah. long way to go there. kitty, thanks so much. president trump down in florida for the holidays after a, yell, kind of a busy d well, kind of a busy week in washington. rich edson standing by in west palm beach on the president's first day of vacation. hi, rich. >> reporter: hey, leland. we will have a summit of young conservatives, the president of the united states and a pond filled with gators. at least that's what the sign says. the president's trip begins, we'll have that coming up i. ♪ ♪ e dollar has dropped by over 31% - that means the dollar is only worth about 68¢ now compared to 2000. had you owned gold, your value would have increased over 400%
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11:31 am
him just a little ways away in west palm beach. hey, rich. >> reporter: good afternoon, kristin. and the president spent his early afternoon at the trump international golf course. he's now back at mar-a-lago. he leaves a washington, d.c. where democrats and republicans are arguing over trying to lay out the specifics of any impeachment trial. the president retweeted a tweet from our own john roberts. john was pointing out one legal analysis that a harvard law professor said the president is not officially impooched until the house of -- impeached until the house of representatives sends its impeachment articles. to that, the president tweeted, quote: plus never did anything wrong. read the transcripts. a democratic hoax. house speaker nancy pelosi is withholding the impeachment articles in the house because she says democrats want a senate trial to include witnesses.
11:32 am
>> i think many of us would also like to hear from some of the witnesses, i would, witnesses that did not come forward. the president didn't allow certain witnesses to come forward. i think that's very important for us to get the full picture before we make that decision. >> reporter: the president's attorneys were on the hill yesterday as senate republicans coordinated with the white house on a potential impeachment trial. in a week where he became only the third president impeached, he also signed bipartisan agreements into law including a defense policy bill and a trillion and a half dollars in spending bills to avoid a partial government shutdown. the house also approved the usmca, and the president has accepted speaker pelosi's invitation to give the annual state of the union address on february 4th. president trump, meanwhile, back here in florida, he's coming to this neighborhood a few hours from now. he'll be speaking at the turning point usa annual student conference, plenty of young conservatives in town. kristin, back to you.
11:33 am
kristin: it'll be interesting to see if president trump actually stays in west palm beach for this holiday. he went to afghanistan on that surprise trip over thanksgiving, so we'll see if he tries to make any other secret escape over this holiday. rich, thanks. leland: you were along for that. a great trip, great reporting this. so as this decade nears its ends, a new -- end, a new fox news poll shows how people are feeling about 2019. and it is telling, perhaps. 65% of republicans think 2019 was a good word versus 60% of democratic voters who say it was a bad year. overall, 37% of americans think this was a good year, that's down 3% from last year. and it's interesting as you look at those numbers versus president trump's approval numbers, versus president trump's approval numbers on the economy. kristin: it is. and, you know, you can't help but notice that it is split right down partisan party lines -- leland: yeah.
11:34 am
well, the country's split that way. just like the country is. so this poll is something that i know the campaign has been talking to you a lot about, and that is are you better off now than you were four years ago. 34% say worse, 23% say the same. 34% actually say better, pardon me. 23% say worse, 41% say the same. and it brings to mind that famous question by ronald reagan. if you're better off four years ago than you were, vote for the other guy. if you're better off four years ago -- if you're better off now than you were four years ago, vote for me. that's certain arely the argument you're hearing as you cover the trump campaign. kristin: yeah. and it's not just a question president trump's campaign facing. just think what we have to deal with when we get back right after the holidays. you're going to have this potential impeachment trial in the senate, then right after you've got the iowa caucuses. the day after that, the state of the union address, and then
11:35 am
we're off to the races -- leland: off to new hampshire, yeah. kristin: it's going to be a crazy year. i am here for it. leland: as if 2019 wasn't crazy enough. yeah. all right, millions of americans are getting ready for holiday travel, so what about the weather on the road and in the skies? meteorologist adam cloths with why i shouldn't be dreaming of a white christmas. adam: that's exactly right. no big delays right now, but there is a big weather system lifting off the gulf of mexico going to be running into the southeast over the next couple days. it will start to slow travelers done. i'm to going to be tracking that in my full forecast coming up after the break. ♪ apparently we come from a long line of haberdashers. we chose eleanor. it was great-grandma's name. so we're in this little town near salerno
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kristin: the california winemaker who hod a dinner at the wine cave for mayor pete buttigieg are speaking out as he fields criticism over the fundraiser. >> the goal was to help mayor pete's campaign but also to
11:40 am
introduce mayor pete to people from napa. and we love to get candidates here. it seems someone's intentionally trying to create a different image than the reality, and that's unfortunate. kristin: the fundraiser, of course, became a point of contention during this week's democratic presidential debate with some presidential hopefuls slamming buttigieg for soliciting campaign contributions from wealthy donors in a wine cave. leland: [inaudible] all right. winter lovers across the country may be dreaming of a white christmas. so to kill all of those dreams, we bring in meteorologist adam klotz of famed instagram adam klotz fnc for more. hi, adam. adam: what an introduction, me ruining everybody's white christmas dreams. you need some of those temperatures to be below freezing. currently, this is what we're looking at across the country, most of news numbers hovering into the 40s. currently this is where we're looking at snow across the
11:41 am
country, you do see over the next couple of days it's receding a little bit, especially across portions of the midwest. largely a white christmas happening on the western half of the country, the elevation a little bit higher. those temperatures can stay cooler, and you can hang on to that snow just a little bit longer. the other big story is this system that's lifting off the gulf of mexico. beginning to see heavy rain acontrols cross portions of the panhandle. sunday into monday, really a slow mover, so some of these areas getting heavy rain over the next couple of days. you're getting into monday, and you're starting to see rain from atlanta, all the way down into the state of florida and up the east coast. this is going to be the system, i think more than any, that's going to start to slow down travel as eventually you're talking about windy conditions and areas getting up to 4-8 inches of potential rain from this entire thing. so these are our current airport delays, and you see all green across the country, even spots where you're beginning to see this rain move onshore. but we do expect this to begin to slow down.
11:42 am
some moderate delays in new orleans as you get going on to sunday. the same is the case in atlanta. by the time you get into monday, this does look even worse as you start to see some of these areas in red getting major delays in atlanta running down into florida. this is going to be the one we're watching. it's not horribly widespread, but those are some major areas that can slow down flights. leland: thunderstorms in hartsfield can trickle across the country and that tom -- domino effect. kristin? kristin: well, the latest chapter of the "star wars" franchise dominated the box office friday, but it's garnering mixed reviews from fans. >> unbelievable. the perfect way to wrap up the whole series. >> i absolutely loved it. i think it was everything the gaps would hope for and that we -- the fans would hope for. >> i'm agreeing with a lot of the critics' take that it's nostalgia and fan service rather than telling an actual story. kristin: all right.
11:43 am
for more, let's bring in wbai's chief film critic mike sergeant. mike, i love the original "star wars," not so much all the others that followed. should i go see this one over the holidays? >> well, you have to see this one -- res. kristin: i have to? >> you have to, even if you're going to not like some things, this is a movie that even j.j. abrams said nobody's going to hate this movie. but he was wrong, some people do. kristin: but there's a lot of other moves out there. is this the one i really should be going to see? >> yes. and i'll tell you why. first of all, see it with an audience, the intended audience. they say it's fan service, but "star wars" wouldn't be what it was if it didn't have so many fans. so everything you want to happen happens, and things you didn't want happen too. so i'd say, yes, you do have to see this movie. kristin: okay. point noted. the other film that's doing well this weekend, cats. it too has been critically panned, but you've got "star
11:44 am
wars" and cats, number one and number two at the box office. so who's right, the fans or the critics? >> well, that's a really good question because you have to wonder who are the movies being made for, for critics or fans? if they're being made for fans, fans are a little less discerning than create sicks. a critic goes to see a movie like this. a fan goes to see a movie like this because they're waiting for what's going to happen. so i think that's the difference. if you look at rotten tomatoes, a lot of movies that critics panned everybody loved, and it made a lot of money. what does that tell you? kristin: i i am one of those people that checks the rotten tomatoes score, yeah. >> do you look at critics or -- kristin: i look at both, and then i make an informed opinion. it's been a while though, to be honest, because i have a 2-year-old, and they don't -- well, they might like going to a movie, but other people wouldn't like that. pretty soon i hope to be able to take her to the movies, and for other parents that have kids that can go to the movie, which of the family-friendly films
11:45 am
should you see, frozen ii and jumanji? >> well, i think frozen ii will probably play better for girls, and jumanji will play better for boys, but they're both good. they're both surprisingly good sequels because you really didn't expect even the first remake of jumanji to be good, but it was great. it was fun. this, i actually think, is even better. finish and for frozen, frozen's pretty good, you know? [laughter] it takes the story, and it goes further. you learn more about the characters, you learn about the parents. you know, there are a lot of things to like about both those movies. kristin: you know, you really do start to appreciate these movies that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. >> oh, absolutely. kristin: it really is incredible how they do it and very impressive. finally, of all the movies out there in theaters right now, if i could only go see one this entire holiday season other than "star wars," other than "star wars," what would it be? >> wow. okay. well, i don't know your tastes, okay, but i have to say i really
11:46 am
liked uncut gems. kristin: i don't even know what that's about. what's it about? >> well, it's a movie that takes place here in new york in the diamond district, and it's played by adam sandler, who i'm not a huge fan of. he plays a jeweler who's got a lot of issues, and his world is crashing around him, and he doesn't see it. and it's tense, it's exciting, it's interesting. it's probably one of the most original films you'll see this year. kristin: and, hey, it's adam sandler. who doesn't love adam sandler, right? >> i didn't love him, but i hike him a lot in this. kristin: well, you sold me. if i have a chance, i will go see that and probably frozen ii. >> and don't bring the 2-year-old -- kristin: okay. i won't be seeing frozen ii, just the film you recommended. mike, merry christmas, happy holidays, thank you. >> thank you. leland: elizabeth warren back in iowa where she has wrapped up
11:47 am
her campaign at the end of the day. this afternoon another event in cedar rapids. eson barber on -- ellison barber on the trail with her. >> reporter: hey, leland. 45 days until voters in iowa head to the polls. senator elizabeth warren is trailing in this state. in a few minutes, we'll tell you what's happening just after this. ♪ ♪ bringing families together. this time of year, that's really important. so we're making it easier than ever to become part of our family. man: that's why our chevy employee discount is now available to everyone. the chevy price you pay is what we pay. not a cent more. family is important to us. and we'd like you to be part of ours. so happy holidays. and welcome to the family. the chevy family! get the chevy employee discount for everyone today.
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♪ ♪ kristin: iowa is slated to host the next democratic presidential debate in less than a a month, and several 2020 democratic candidates are already making their way back to the hawkeye state, and that includes senator elizabeth warren who is set to host a campaign event in cedar rapids this afternoon. that's where we find ellison barber. did i hear you say we are exactly 45 days away from the iowa caucus? >> reporter: yes, yes. can you believe it? yeah. the debate coming up soon. voters head to the polls just after that, 45 days from the caucus here in iowa. today four candidates are on the campaign trail in the state talking to voters. senator elizabeth warren spoke to voters at a town hall earlier this morning. she's going to be here in cedar rapids any minute to speak to more voters here. listen to what she had to say
11:52 am
when she spoke this morning. she walked in and kind of immediately started taking questions. listen here. >> this country is in crisis. and washington insiders and media with pundits and even a lot of folks in our own party don't want to admit it. if the best democrats can offer is business as usual after donald trump, then democrats will lose. >> reporter: recent state polls show mayor pete buttigieg holding his lead in iowa, warren coming in third place among 2020 democratic hopefuls. senator warren seems to see buttigieg as a threat or at least an obstacle to victory in this state. they've been at each other's throats over transparency for weeks. that fight made its way to the debate stage in los angeles just a couple of days ago. >> the mayor just recently had a fundraiser that was held in a wine cave full of crystals and
11:53 am
served $900 a bottle wine. [applause] billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president of the united states. >> i'm literally the only person on this stage who's not a millionaire or a billionaire. this is the problem with issuing purity tests you cannot yourself pass. [cheers and applause] if i pledge never to be in the company of a progressive democratic donor, i couldn't be up here. senator, your net worth is 100 times mine. >> reporter: now reports that warren had her own big dollar fundraiser at a winery back in 2018. mayor buttigieg is going to be in indianola, iowa, tomorrow, about three hours from the baseball field in the movie field of dreams. buttigieg will be close to the movie's star, ken costner is -- kevin costner is expected to endorse him tomorrow and introduce him. so we'll see him in the state tomorrow as senator warren
11:54 am
finishes up here today. kristin. kristin: ellison, if you find any wine caves out in iowa, be sure to go into them, okay? [laughter] leland: lots of corn silos. kristin: all right. we'll be right back after this. ♪ ♪ wow!
11:55 am
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creais back at red lobster.ast with new creations to choose from; like rich, butter-poached maine lobster and crispy crab-stuffed shrimp rangoon. how will you pick just 4 of 10? it won't be easy. better hurry in.
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>> nasa is giving an update on the boeing starliner saying the rocket is healthy and ready to land in new mexico tomorrow morning, the spacecraft have the first test launch on friday and successfully took off but failed to dock at the international space station like it was supposed to. nike steppingstone and test in returning human astronauts to space after the retirement of the space shuttle. boeing has said the problem is they simply burned too much fuel
11:59 am
and was not able to get to orbit. >> this is a moment in the show where i should apologize because when you admitted to aaa who was on earlier talk about holiday travel that you two had called aaa but because you ran out of gas i kind of snickered and ready to crack a few jokes and now i realize not only is it you who ran out of gas but the top boeing engineers and nasa engineers they too sometimes run out of gas. >> i wondered where you were going with this. i'm not the only one that runs out of gas. rockets do too. >> is always time to say your rocket scientist. >> wow. i have literally 30 seconds before my holiday break and you will be working hard. >> we will see you 9 - noon
12:00 pm
enjoy that. have a wonderful safe travel wherever you are heading and we will see you back together in the near we will see you in new york starting from monday. ♪ >> the house has acted on a very sad day to practice and inten dd the constitution of the united states. >> welcome to "the journal editorial report". donald trump became the third president in american history to be impeached wednesday with the house of representatives moving largely along party lines for power and obstruction of congress, the president appearing at a rally in the swing state of michigan as the house voted suggesting the outcome could help him in 2020. >> the do-nothing democrats


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