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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  December 23, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> great show guys. a fox news alert as this christmas week impeachment is stalled on capitol hill. republicans are slamming speaker pelosi for not sending articles of impeachment to the senate, leaving a trail timeline quite literally up in the air until after the new year. good morning, merry christmas week as it all starts, i'm in for a bill hemmer. >> and i molly, and for sandra. speaker pelosi said she will appoints impeachment managers until she knows with the senate trial will look like. calling on mitch mcconnell to hold what she deems is a fair trial that includes witness testimony. the white house and republicans called the move unfair. >> this is the latest in a
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series of constitutional train relics orchestrated by nancy pelosi. during the impeachment process, the president was not allowed to have counsel present during the intel committee. the president is invoking executive privilege around mulvaney and john bolton and others. they impeached at this president because he chose to go to court. >> i think that there will be an agreement and this trial will go forward. i think what is shocking to me is right now, despite the president claiming he is innocent, claiming that he wants to present witnesses, he is the one blocking the witnesses. >> i'm quite confident that this position is untenable, she's going to move it along. chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell reach a deal and help move along in the senate. >> you think that she will eventually yield? >> she will yield there's no way she can hold this position. >> we will see about that, mark meredith live in washington with the battle, hi mark.
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>> come good morning leland. the holiday break has not stopped this bitter fight over impeachment. house republicans are furious at house speaker nancy pelosi. that's because last week pelosi announced she is holding off on sending the senate the impeachment articles the house passed last week. lawmakers want to know if this is a temporary delay or part of some political tactic. we were out a tweet from pelosi within the last half hour and she goes "the house cannot choose our impeachment managers until we know what sort of trial the senate will conduct." but that's not sitting well some republicans. >> the problem is that she is now making a very open to the world, this is a part o partisan event. she told her members, this is very solemn occasion. now all of a sudden you're holding these articles out like a political tool. >> so far senior democrats appear to support poc's move. they're trying to press her dumb i pressure republicans to
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testify in a senate trial. listen to what the senate minority trial had to say sund sunday. >> i would exonerate president trump or, they might further incriminate him. but the truth should come out on something as important as impeachment. >> a lot of what happens next depends on what's decided between senator schumer and majority leader mitch mcconnell. we heard from mcconnell within the last hour. >> all i am asking of schumer is that we treat trump at the same way we treated clinton. we haven't ruled out witnesses, we have said, let's handle this case just like we did with president clinton. fair is fair. >> a white house official told fox news' chris wallace over the weekend that the administration believes a deal will likely be reached to start a trial come january. however, it remains unclear how long that trial would last and what it would mean for those democratic presidential candidates who would also be jurors in a senate trial period,
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leland. >> the president treated about policy and the last couple minutes. mark starting us off in d.c., mark thank you. >> and, i'm delighted now to bring in byron york, chief political correspondent anna fox news contributor, byron thank you for being with us on this holiday week is a lot of wrangling goes on down there in washington. you shared some of your thoughts in a headline, an op-ed, as pelosi plays games with impeachment, what next for the g.o.p. great question there. another quote from the op-ed "given the constitutional involved, the democratic majority could do it wanted during impeachment. now, if there ever is a trialed the senate public and majority could do whatever it wants. "you are not the only one to suggest some gamesmanship on the part of democrats and specifically on the part of nancy pelosi herself. your thoughts going forward is the wrangling continues. >> well, this fight is based in the way the constitution describes impeachment.
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it says that the house has the "sole power to impeach" and it says that the senate has the "sole power to try all impeachments" so, basically, nancy pelosi could do it she wanted with majority support, could do what you want in the house, and they did, they impeach the president. but now, it goes to the senate, and the senate can do what it wants with that this trial. i do think that there will be some sort of an agreement reached, because what you just heard, marc short, vice president pence's chief of staff saying i think it's correct, it's an untenable position for democrats. they can to say we must impeach a president, we must do it right now because the president presents an ongoing threat to our democracy and then hold it. were going to keep it in our pocket for a while and not do it. i think that's an untenable position. so what i think you're going to see in the senate is ultimately an agreement to start a trial and then an agreement that after
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the presentation of the case by the democratic house managers, then the senate will talk among themselves about witnesses. >> you know, i'm really kind of curious about the timing here. the general hold up that were seeing. if that lasts much longer before those articles are transferred, we could see people voting across this country beginning to go to the polls. that state of union address, the invite was for february 4. so all of this happening at once, is this part of a grand plan? or is there not a plan? is someone trying to make this happen or is it, is there not that much going on? >> well, republicans are in the dark about this and an impeachment trial, you go back to 1999 when bill clinton was impeached. the trial began in the senate on january 7th, and clinton was acquitted on february 12th. if it were to happen on the same days this time, that would include the iowa caucuses for democrats, the new hampshire primary, and as you just mentioned, the state of the union address on february 4th.
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>> that would be such a wild "newsweek." we've seen a lot of wild news weeks, but that would be truly memorable. >> absolutely. that's a real possibility because if the trial starts after that time it would certainly cover those events. i think we're going to see something pretty crazy in any event, but before that, we are going to see this wrangling about the senate trial and nancy pelosi trying to exercise it some leverage over it. remember, mitch mcconnell, who would be happy enough to never have a trial said i don't understand what they think the leverage is and not sending us something we don't want. >> yes, that certainly was a memorable sound bite as well. we played that a lot. i want to highlight something brought up on twitter, he writes "if house democrats continue to play this game, i can't see what would prevent set mcconnell and senate republicans from dismissing the articles of impeachment. for lack of prosecution, it
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would take two-thirds to convict but only a simple majority to dismiss." what you think of that possibility? >> well it is an actual possibility and i think one of the things britt was getting at in that was that republicans would be united by what they perceive as democratic gamesmanship with impeachment. we all know there are some republican senators who might be on the line about the slick mitt romney, susan collins, cory gardner, perhaps they are on the line, but what they might be against, and other words with the republican team would be against what they perceive is gamesmanship. >> well, we wait for clarity, hopefully we see some in the new year, byron york, thank you so much. >> thank you, molly. >> as the united states military is on high alert, especially in the pacific, after north korea learned of a possible "christmas gift" a statement news agency reporting to kim jong un held with top military officials as
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the satellite images seen their screen show construction at a site linked to long-range missiles. greg, our man following this from london, hi greg. >> well, leland, i know korea could be whipping up some new trouble for the united states just in time for the holiday season. a new satellite imagery showing the manufacture of a range of items used in the launching of intercontinental ballistic made souls which could be capable of hitting the united states. now, north korea hasn't launched any of those since 2017, they have a self-imposed moratorium while talks are going on with the united states, but now the new qe new qe errors asian talks stalled, they threaten what they call a christmas present for the united states unless washington comes up with an offer they lik. kim jong un reportedly met with military officials to.
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south korean president moon was in beijing today. they said today the two sides cooperated with the idea of defusing tension between north korea and the united states. china by the way just recently asked the u.n. security council to lower sanctions against north korea, that is something that washington doesn't want at all. remember, president trump and north korean leader kim have met twice in the past year, but again, in negotiations going nowhere in the latest week coming from the white house, president trump said that kim was "too smart, had too much to lose to act in a hostile way" leland, we will see what the next couple of days turn out to be. >> we will wait to see that. also, former national security advisor john bolton had some things to say about this. we will get into that a little later, thanks greg. molly. >> saudi arabia's sentencing five people to death for the murder of "washington post" columnist, how the international
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community is reacting. >> plus, china making a big announcement on trade. does this bring us any closer to a deal? >> and a massive pileup on a virginia highway. why authorities say the crash could have been much worse. >> i didn't realize what was happening. it was just crazy, he came and got me. when i was sitting in the car i didn't know what to do. it was just so scary. no more cartridges. incredible amount of ink. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. it's an honor to tell you that [ applause ] thank you. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> molly: fox news alert, an american service member has been killed in a roadside bombing in northern afghanistan. the tele- band, claiming responsibility for the attack, this is the 20th u.s. service member to die this year. defense secretary mark esper on friday gave an update on the administration's attempts at peace negotiations. >> we have a mission in afghanistan, that is to ensure it never again becomes a safe haven for terrorists. until we are confident that that
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mission is complete, we will retain a presence to do that. >> molly: earlier this year, president trump canceled secret peace talks with taliban leaders after the terrorist group killed another u.s. soldier. >> we just achieved a breakthrough on the trade deal and we will be signing it very shortly. if they are already buying billions and billions of dollars of products, agricultural products. >> leland: president trump touting his preliminary trade agreement with china as beijing announces it will cut tariffs on more than 850 u.s. products ranging from pork to pharmaceuticals. with us now, kansas congressman, roger marshall who serves on the agricultural committee. good to see you, sir. you and i have talked in the past that farmers, particularly those in your state were really hurting because of the tariffs on china. is this relief coming soon enough? >> merry christmas, leland, and
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absolutely, yes. we have mountains of grain from two years ago sitting in kansas with nowhere to go. but between the japanese trade agreement, president trump's trade agreement, and now china getting closer, we have made it. we have made it through the hard past five years, and between the presidents help with some of the trade medication money and these contracts, these agreements going forward, yes, we're going to make it. >> leland: in terms of what you guys have had to make it through, we've got some statistics on just how much america's farmers have been hurting. farm income fell by 16% in 2018, roughly cut in half compared to 2013. bankruptcies in six midwest estates up 30%. carryover stock, what you were just talking about of unsold u.s. soybeans up 47% in the past year. no question though, it's too late for some farmers, right? >> there was, there was a record
6:17 am
number of bankruptcies over the past several years. but realize, this started five years ago. it started over five years ago when we were going nowhere until president trump got in the middle of this. president trump has now made it possible for long-term success for our families. so, by the time china is done, he will have really negotiated over 50% of the united states trade agreements giving us long-term certainty for all of our future generations of farmers. >> leland: has that money already started to flow into kansas because they deal with china isn't even signed yet. we don't even really know what's in it. >> no, but what it's influencing as it will start influencing the price of crops and give us long-term certainty. so when that farmer, a fifth-generation farmer who is facing hard times goes in to that banker, the banker knows he's got guaranteed contracts coming from mexico and canada than the up stance with china is just incredible as well. but what the president did do as he gave us some trade medication money, some market facilitation payments to help get us through
6:18 am
these hard times because we were the tip of the spirit. >> leland: bloomberg reports that of that 12 billion you were talking about, 50% went to only 10% of farmers. so family farms, is the implication, were left behind. is that a fair criticism? >> no, no, i don't think so. i think it's proportionate. a lot of the farmers are big, big farms these days. i'm not even sure what you would consider a corporate firm now. many of these bigger firms are five or six families together. one check would have went to the corporation and then spread out. no, i have lots of farmers. every time i go back to kansas the farmers tell me think the president for this medication money. >> leland: lastly, to you, how confident are you that the deal with china will actually get done, because we don't know what's in it, have not seen a draft, it has not been signed, and these things have fallen apart before. >> i just have a lot of confidence with our ustr leader and president trump. you just think about two years
6:19 am
ago, there was going to be a bipartisan trade agreement with mexico and canada they said it can be done, and that passed 380 something to 40 something. lies are as a sharp guy, he knows what he's doing. the president has empowered him in a right way so i've got a lot of faith and confidence in the team the president hasn't assembled. >> leland: your dedication to kansas has been evident throughout all of this. and now coming back to talk to all of us about the successes. good to see user, merry christmas to you and yours. >> leland, thank you for letting us talk about agriculture, merry christmas to you and your family as well. and all the fox news listeners. see when they appreciated, good to see you sir. molly. >> molly: a pretty scary scene for holiday travelers as dozens of people are taken to the hospital following a massive pileup on a virginia highway. what caused this crazy crash? >> leland: plus the estranged husband of a missing connecticut mother speaking out for the first time since testifying in
6:20 am
civil court. his exclusive interview with her own laura ingle coming up. >> they talk about your rights as a father, is that something that you can touch on and tell us about? >> well i believe, apart from my rights, the children's rights are to have a father and mother. frustrated that clean clothes you want to wear always seem to need an iron? next time try bounce wrinkle guard dryer sheets. just toss it in the dryer to bounce out wrinkles.
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>> leland: a fox news alert as we are learning that the ceo of boeing hasn't stepped down. this is amidst a crisis involving the 737 max jett. dennis mullen berg's resignation takes effect immediately. the board of directors has named it david calhoun the new ceo and president, he takes over januar.
6:24 am
the board of directors has stated a change in leadership was necessary to restore confidence after those 2737 max crosses. >> molly: a nightmare for holiday travelers in virginia. dozens of people injured in a massive highway pileup yesterday with nearly 70 vehicles involved. a state trooper describing this horrific scene saying this crash could have been even worse. >> we do not know the cause of the initial accident, but we do know that fog and icy road conditions were positive factors in this multivehicle crash. it could have been far worse. and luckily, we have no, there is no concern for tallassee's, and du >> molly: millions of
6:25 am
americans of course is scrambling to get home for the holidays could affect your travel plans. it fox news meteorologist adam crosses live in the extreme weather center with what to expect, adam >> hey there, molly, i think there's a couple of trouble spots out there but by and large not a bad set about their across the country. temperatures currently relatively mild so even though there have been some spots with snow and ice, that likely going to melt over the next couple days. there are your temperatures, still early in the day, we have seen above average temperatures, that is only going to be continuing. we are looking at these numbers again, hovering in the 40s, 36 . we have one big warm area that we are paying attention to, it's seeing a whole lot of rain. that's been the that case across the southeast. this is a big rainmaker. it's deleted travel just a little bit, but by and large it hasn't been a huge issue. the only other concern will continue to be the snow. that will only be happening up across the upper tiers of the
6:26 am
country, 25 degrees in rapid city, 28 degrees in minneapolis. i think by and large we're looking at a pretty good situation, a pretty good set up across the country as far as travel goes. it's pretty much today, and then we completely clear off and things start to look really good for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. the next couple days, not so bad, molly. >> molly: could be worse, that's for sure. >> leland: the one thing is you kind of have to choose that this time of year. you can have a white christmas or you can have safe travel. >> molly: 28 in minneapolis, that's like balmy, right? >> leland: and in boston to come even as her walking around in shorts. all right, we will move onto this now, a person of interest being named after the brother of an nfl quarterback and another man were stabbed to death outside of a bar. >> molly: plus an arrest in the case of a missing texas mother and her infant daughter. why the woman's best friend is now facing charges. >> she was a fighter because
6:27 am
that she was not going to go down easy. she was a fighter. >> they will not stop and we will not stop until this is do done. when we see you enter through our doors,
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>> leland: we are learning now about some major developments in the case of missing texas mother heidi bussard and her infant daughter. her best friend, now facing kidnapping charges after police found heidi's body in the trunk of a vehicle outside a houston home. david lee miller, following the latest on this and the latest that we know about heidi's daughter. >> leland, the strangulation death of heidi broussard and the disappearance of her 2-week-old daughter shocked all who knew her. just as disturbing is the arrest of one of heidi's closest friends in connection with the crime. as of this hour, no one has been charged with murder. that could soon change. here's what we know. at the austin, texas, mom went missing on december 12th along with her newborn margo last
6:31 am
thursday, authorities searched 130 miles away in the houston. the baby come apparently not injured was found in a nearby home. police arrested and charged woman called megan thermosta. multiple reports say broussard and megan were friends, one who knew them both said that she was taking part in a live interview and watching the police raid as it happened. she said megan and heidi knew each other for decades after meeting as kids in church summer cat. she described megan as heartsick over her friend's disappearance. she wanted to help in the search. more ominous, she said megan claimed to have given birth to a child at the same age as broussard's missing baby. according to reports, she insists she is the mother of a child that is now in the custody of authorities. we presume no identity of the
6:32 am
child pending a dna test. broussard's mother has issued a statement saying in part as great for getting through as a family. those who knew heidi broussard will hold a prayer service, in the meantime this investigation continues, megan remains behind bars in lieu of $600,000 bail. >> leland: all right, we'll continue to watch a story as well, david thank you. >> molly: for more on this, let's bring a defense attorney ted williams, a former d.c. police attorney and fox news contributor. i want to just get your take on this case. i think a lot of folks have a theory about what happened here so i want to just hear yours to start our discussion. >> well, molly, it's very interesting that megan had told her friends that she was pregnant at the same time around heidi broussard was going to deliver and did in fact deliver
6:33 am
her 3-week-old baby. it appears to be the motive behind this and quite naturally, the authorities have not said this, but from all i can see and glean, the motives appear to be that fieramusca was really not pregnant and wanted a child, and so as a result of this, either fieramusca or someone associated with fieramusca may very well be involved in the death of heidi broussard. >> leland: for now, fieramusca is charged with two counts of kidnapping, one count of tampering with the corpse. why do you think there is no murder charge at this point in time? authorities have yet to level martyr at her. >> well i think authorities are at the beginning of the investigation and they were trying to determine if there are any accomplices associated with the death of heidi broussard. i suspect that, very soon, these charges will be upgraded against
6:34 am
fieramusca. but one of the things that is very interesting, molly, is that someone allegedly dropped a tip to authorities in regards to this. so authorities are trying to determine if there are others actually involved in this death. >> molly: that is a particularly disturbing idea that anyone could collectively do this together somehow makes it all the more horrifying. heidi broussard's family put out a statement. they wrote "the family is overwhelmed with grief. we are getting through this as a family." one of the things that strikes me as so hope raking here, this is a new mother, had just given birth weeks before. you are still recovering at that point in time. you are bonding with the baby at that point in time. was this a particularly vulnerable time for this young mother? >> absolutely vulnerable, molly, because here it was that fieramusca was supposed to have been her very best friend. heidi trusted her, and so as a result of that, heidi living in
6:35 am
austin, there have been some portions of the investigation that show that fieramusca was in the austin, texas, area at this time that this child went missing, and as we know, the body of heidi broussard was found in the houston, texas, area about a hundred miles away. >> molly: you know, if this unfolds as it seems to be unfolding, this is not the first crime of its type. why does this happen? how does this come about? >> it's a very sad situation and life and i've covered these kinds of cases before. primarily, it's a woman who wants to have a child and unfortunately is not able to have a child, and as a result of that, they have gone into hospitals and have tried to steal children or there has been some dramatic incidents where they have even tried to cut the womb of a mother open and steal a child. these are very desperate people acting unfortunately, and some
6:36 am
are somewhat mentally ill. >> molly: there's another case we are all following and keeping tabs on. one out of tennessee come out of nashville unfortunately, where there was a deadly stabbing outside of a bar there. unfortunately, one of the victims, clayton becker 22, another victim is also the brother of one of the nfl players -- also legendary father also involved in football as well. this fatal attack allegedly happening over and unwanted advancement made towards a woman at a bar. your thoughts as they continue to hunt for a suspect. they've actually named at this point someone they want to question, someone named michael mosley. >> yes, they have named michael mosley as a person of interest they have not actually said that he has a suspect, but initially they were looking for three men and a woman. this is a very sad, senseless a situation that occurred in a nightclub they are outside of
6:37 am
nashville where c.j. fitted who is with the san francisco 49ers, his 22-year-old 49ers and his good friend paul tripp pini were at the bar and there were some advances and made it and as a result of that, they were stabbed, both of them, and both of them unfortunately died as a result of their wounds. >> molly: the police have released some surveillance video, we can see some of it there online, also of their of michael mosley. what do you make of this information that they have this photo? >> well come at the beginning, at the inception of their investigation, it's crucial for them to have gotten this surveillance tape at the stage while they have named it mosley as a person of interest and he has not been charged, they are trying to determine what, if any involvement he has had in the death of these two young people. >> molly: is it fairly rare for a stabbing outside of a bar to actually end in death, much
6:38 am
less the death of two individuals? >> well, it happens unfortunately all too often, that individuals who are at bars who may very well be drinking, and at some stage get involved in an altercation outside the bar. yes, people unfortunately, are killed under these the sad circumstances. a very senseless killings, molly. >> molly: all right, ted williams, thank you for joining us on this holiday week. some sad subjects, but we thank you. >> molly: now to this, i california surfer somehow escaped a shark attack, needed a lot of help doing it though. i nearby but was able to get the 37-year-old man out of the water. you can see this video now from the coast guard that came and airlifted him out of that boat to the hospital. one officer calling it the best possible outcome to a terrifying situation. you can see on that surfer some
6:39 am
of the tourniquet's that they put on in the boat that pulled him out of the water. >> molly: it's must be nerve-racking to be in that basket, but at the same time, there's probably nowhere else he would rather be at that moment. >> leland: he's probably going, i've got a chance now. better up in the basket then down with the sharks. >> molly: i'm sure that was his thought as well. [laughter] >> molly: five people charged in the death of jamal khashoggi. boat everyone involved in the killing of this prominent crit critic. >> leland: former national security advisor is a saying about president trump's approach to north korea and heighten tension. first the secretary of defense. >> our main hope is that we could again, get the process started again, and get started on a diplomatic path. ink. no more cartridges. incredible amount of ink.
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>> molly: saudi arabia saying five people have been sentenced
6:43 am
to death in the killing of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi. according to state media, three others were sentenced to a total of 24 years in prison. khashoggi was murdered last year and the saudi consulate in istanbul by a team of agents. his body was never found. the killing drew worldwide condemnation after it was revealed that several of the agents involved had worked directly for the saudi crown prince. >> leland: n/a fox news alert, as u.s. officials, particularly in the pacific, are on high alert for a possible north korean missile test. earlier this month, point yang worn for a christmas gift for the united states, telling the trump administration time is running out for a discussion. good to see you as always, boy this feels like deja vu, the north koreans don't care what they want so around christmas time there say they're going to do something. >> yes, that's exactly it, where exactly back where we were a couple of years ago. you go back to november 16,
6:44 am
december 162016. they're going to, kim is a very temperamental individual, prone to these types of things. he's probably going to continue to escalate until he gets his way. >> leland: so, if you say we are right back where we started a couple of years ago, is that an implicit indictment of the trump policy of giving kim at meetings and not necessarily re-doubling down on sanctions? >> now, i don't think it's an implicit indictment. i think sometimes with north korea, there is no clear strategy forward. we have never had that. so what you end up with is two steps forward and one step back. hopefully that's what we are and is this one step back and then we can progress forward again after this. >> leland: john bolton, former national security advisor, former ambassador to the united nations told our friend, i think this is his first interview since leaving the white house, "the idea that we
6:45 am
are somehow exerting maximum pressure on north korea is just unfortunately not true." do you agree? should we be? >> i agree that i don't think we are our exerting maximum pressure right now. i think that president trump has tried to allow some space for diplomacy, pulled back a little bit from that, should we? it depends on what kim comes up with the width of the christmas surprise. is he in a santa suit and a sleigh, or is he going to launch missiles? if he's launching missiles then, we will start upping the economic peace again heavily, and you really need to engage china. 90% of north korea's economy is dependent on china. >> leland: we have seen the north koreans make a small provocations launching short-range missiles, et cetera, and the president sort of brushing it off. saying that wasn't the deal i had with chairman kim. if the north koreans do something like launch a missile, like another nuclear test et cetera, launch a long-range
6:46 am
missile, does president trump have to come back with sort of overwhelming strength, maybe not military strength, but certainly economic sanctions? >> i think he has to have some sort of response that shows that's not acceptable. he has talked in a very difficult place. a south korea, president moon is all in on peace with north korea. so you have this -- it's not the 51st state that's a south of north korea, it's another country, south korea, it's kind of on a different path and tried directory than we are. i still think president trump is going to have to respond through sanctions and really upping the ante a little bit. >> leland: where we go from here it depends a lot on military options. do you feel as though the suspension of some of the war gains and exercises, the south koreans backing away as you pointed out, from really aggressively confronting the north koreans leaves the united states and a weaker
6:47 am
position? >> i don't know that it leaves us in a weaker position because you can re-up those were games, start that, but then you are on the trajectory of physical conflict again, toward the war, some limited type of war. i think that's what we've been trying to avoid. that is always available to us as another option though. pull that military power again. >> leland: this one goes to the heart of president trump's philosophy towards north korea, he said all right, i'm going to meet with chairman kim because i think that i have a personal relationship with him and we saw that play out in some of the tweets, therefore the north koreans aren't going to do anything bad. what must the president respond with? what is the bottom line it, minimum response, if the north koreans get frisky russian mark >> he has to, at a minimum, up economic sanctions. that's really what's hurting them, and where they want relief. at a minimum, he has to reimpose a sum sanctions and add additional ones. >> leland: yeah, all right, we
6:48 am
will watch for that. the u.s. navy can start intercepting illegally transferred oil to north korea, we will see if that happens. dave, i appreciate your time on christmas week, merry christmas to you and yours. all the best. >> molly: the fbi joining the search for two missing children whose parents could be members of a dangerous cult. a live or port coming up next hour. >> leland: plus a fox news exclusive, laura ingle, one on one with photos to lows, the estranged husband of a missing connecticut mother of five. >> can you take me back to when you and jennifer first met? is that some thing that you feel after both talking about? >> i would love to do that but as you know there's an order, a court order that we have to respect.
6:49 am
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>> molly: fox news getting an exclusive interview with fotis dulos. he is the estranged husband of missing connecticut mother jnnifer farber dulos who was last seen 17 months ago dropping her kids off at school. fotis dulos and his then girlfriend have been charged with tampering evidence and hindering prosecution. laura ingle joins us with more on her excuse of interview. >> high molly, long before jennifer farber dulos vanish the spring, a legal battle between her mother, gloria farber and her estranged husband to fotis dulos has been working its way through the court system. jennifer's family claimed dulos owes them nearly $2 million for loans made to him for his luxury home building business. dulos is under a gag order in the criminal case, but spoke exclusively with us about the civil case. this is almost a two year
6:53 am
journey legally for you end of the estate. they claim that you hold him money and you say actually, i don't know them any money. they all mean money. so ask mind to is what that's about. >> sure, i think we were able to put the evidence in front of a judge. that we don't oh $2.5 million as has been up in the press and some of their allegations. but we are actually owed a million dollars. >> a dulos showed us in numerous documents that were presented at trial that he says it shows his company built it jennifer's family a guest house along with other payments made that were never accounted for. dulos tells me he has no choice but to file a lawsuit last week against them, adding that a lot of the information about the way he handled money with his late father-in-law was actually a pretty fluid situation. do you feel like you guys had a level of trust that you just didn't feel like you needed to have those notes between you anymore? >> absolutely. at some point i gave him a blank
6:54 am
check. that was the level of trust we had. because it was a family business, in essence. we were family. >> gloria farber's attorney responded to fox saying in part "mr. duos makes a lot of claims. none of which are true. he manipulated the financial statements and played with the numbers." now, reeling in this case could take months, molly, but we wait. >> molly: laura, this is the children's first christmas without their mother. was he able to talk about that at all? >> he was. he is under this very strict gag order but he has not been able to see or have contact with his five children since jennifer went missing. it was difficult for him to talk about him or jennifer because of that gag order but i did ask some key questions. >> did you have anything to do with it jennifer's disappearance? >> again, i will refer to the gag order. i cannot answer that. >> can you tell us where she might be? >> same answer.
6:55 am
>> can you talk to us about your children and if you have heard if they are doing okay? >> i don't know how they are doing. there is no information flowing with regards to how they are doing. i love my children, i miss them, i think about them every morning when i wake up. >> the spokesperson for jennifer's family told us their sole focus is on creating a safe and joyous christmas for her five children who remain with their grandmother, christmas eve will mark seven months since their mother disappeared, molly. >> molly: you can only imagine how challenging it is for these children and will be for many, many years to come. looking at you doing this remarkable interview, getting this insight. looking back on it now, how do you feel about it? >> you know, we have been wanting to talk to him for a long time, we have been there since the beginning in the park where her vehicle was found the day she was reported missing outside of her home where investigators have spent so much time looking for evidence which of course was marked in the search warrants that we talked
6:56 am
about, and the arrest warrant for fotis dulos. so to finally sit down with him and to get his side of it and to look at his home and at the pictures of his children all throughout his home, obviously this is a family that is going through a very tough time before she vanished. it was it two-year bitter custody and divorce better. we will see how it goes. >> molly: your coverage has been amazing, remarkable challenge, you over came a lot with that gag order in that interview. the president is on vacation in palm beach and congress is off. >> leland: but the battle over impeachment continues with a new tactic by nancy pelosi. how present drums allies are fighting back. will
6:57 am
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>> molly: this is a fox news alert. at the white house fighting back on impeachment, as democrats make demands for a trial in the senate. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's newsroom, i molly line infer sandra smith. >> leland: their offer about two weeks, they have all that time to fight about it on twitter. i'm leland, infer bill. the white house, predicting eventually, that poulos he will have to give in. >> so you think that she will
7:01 am
eventually yield. >> there's no way she can hold this position. i think that what happened at 20 years ago and the clinton impeachment is that both sides lay out their case and then we will take a vote. it was a 100-0 vote on that process. i think that's what we welcome too. he's trying to now change the rules and have a whole different process. >> molly: there is a lot to unpack here. we have rich edson who was live in west palm beach, florida, with more on this. >> good morning molly. president trump beginning his first of 2 weeks here in florida, less than a week after the house voted to impeach him. at the president commenting on that process ongoing on washington. tweeting this morning "poulos he gives us the most unfair trial in the history of the u.s. congress and now she's crying for fairness in the senates and breaking all the rules while doing so. she lost congress once, she will do it again."
7:02 am
speaker nancy pelosi tweeting around the same time, the president cannot choose our impeachment managers until we know what kind of conduct he will conduct. what is his excuse now?" democrats are calling for a fair process, they want witnesses and documents. for criticism of the senate majority mitch mcconnell dismissed this morning. >> first on the impartiality, do you think chuck schumer is impartial? do you think elizabeth warren is impartial? bernie sanders is impartial? so let's quit the charade. this is a political exercise. a political exercise. all i'm asking of a schumer is that we treat trump the same way we treated clinton. >> despite last week's impeachment vote, this week it president trump took an hour and .5 victory lap in front of
7:03 am
thousands of conservatives in front of students here in west palm beach. the president out of economic growth, and reaching phase one of a trade agreement with china which he says he will sign very soon. but there was some bipartisanship when the president left for fraud alert. house and senate got together funding the government and spending bills. also the government approved a trade agreement with mexico and canada and the president did accept an invitation from the house a speaker who delivered the state of a unit unit and address fourth. really remarkable week in washington, thank you for bringing in all of those extra things that might've slipped in under the rug as well. >> leland: joining us now for more, fox news editor, chris. good to see you, ready for christmas? the president always does best when he's got a foil to fight
7:04 am
against, and nancy pelosi is picking this fight now where he has two weeks of a bully pulpit with twitter and not much else going on. who does this favor over the next two weeks going back home? >> look, i think we are at a point here where, we have seen this throughout the impeachment process, people are so deeply into their partisan bunkers, the numbers just never move. my job is to tell you what the political consequence is of these actions are going to be. as far as i can tell, to this point, throughout all the impeachment, there has been none. everybody is in their foxhole, everybody is where they are. the bad news for democrats, independents don't like being dia of impeachment, there is some evidence to support that in swing states, generally speaki speaking, there is greater dislike for impeachment than in the country at large. bad news for republicans? overwhelmingly americans think the president did something wrong. many think he did something
7:05 am
seriously wrong. it's not a good look, but at the end of the day, nothing seems to move this needle. >> leland: you lay out bad news in the sense of a word i will grab from you which is negative partisanship. is there good news for either side in this? >> well, the difference between now and when bill clinton wasn't beached. the difference between now and 20 years ago. the two sides put on at least the semblance of at least dispassionate judgment. they put on semblance of a trans-partisan loyalty the to the constitution and the american people. were not doing that right now. what we are doing right now is to say oh, yeah, well so is your old man, and i'm not sending anybody to testify. oh, yeah, well then were not sending over the articles of impeachment. all yeah, then maybe we'll just acquit him without a trial. and then it just goes on and on like this. nobody feels even obliged to act like they are being fair.
7:06 am
>> leland: well, that was it dick durbin's point in this sound bite. take a lesson from the state of the union. >> things have gone too far. how can they hold their hands up and say i swear impartial justice? as far as i'm concerned they can tell which way they are leaning, how they feel in terms of the probability. but when it comes to saying i've made up my mind, for goodness' sakes, that is not what the constitution and vision. >> leland: here's the question, doesn't matter that people can't say they are impartial now? >> it's doesn't really. those are niceties. those are what we would want, but let's say a justice of the supreme court came out and an breath and opinion about a case in advance. you can get them off the case, right? there's no mechanism for the removal of that person. you can impeach them, wouldn't that be fun. but these hundreds of people are there high election. they are going to sit in judgment, yes, it is envisioned that they would act as jurists, not as politicians.
7:07 am
that's just the wrapping for the fruitcake, that's not the not centuries inside. >> leland: what do you make of mitch mcconnell's feeling that he is going to be in lockstep with the white house? is there a point where perhaps the white house's desire for this trial and the president that can win if he is in a fight is not exactly aligned with mitch mcconnell's desire to keep a majority republican senate? >> that is what nancy pelosi is poking at. there is distance between what the president says he wants and what mitch mcconnell wants. what the president has set in the past that he wants, some of the most ardent supporters of the president say that they want is a real freak show. they want the senate trial, they want hillary clinton, they want to drag everybody and get hunter biden in there. get joe biden in there. it just turn it into an absolute goat rodeo and make it as bad as possible. there are those have said that they want to there are those that would not be good for mitch mcconnell's efforts to hold or
7:08 am
expand the republican majority in the senate because it forces a lot of tough votes for senators from swing states. he doesn't want to do that. pelosi wants to get the door bumped open here so she can try to get some distance between this republican senate and the white house. >> leland: i always appreciate the visuals, but i am trying to get to a goat rodeo. is this something you have seen or just envisioned? >> just imagine what a rodeo it just populated with goats would be like. if you know any goats, this would not be smooth sailing. we are on a weeklong hiatus from the halftime report. you would just have to envision your own livestock wrangling on your own. >> leland: you may be on a hiatus, but not hiatus from description. good to see you, my friend, merry christmas to you and yours if we don't talk before christmas. >> merry christmas. >> leland: all right. >> new reactions pouring in after a court in saudi arabia sentences five people to death for the brutal murder of
7:09 am
"washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi. of the prominent journalist was killed 14 months ago inside the saudi counsel in an instant bo bowl. more from our middle east bureau in jerusalem. >> molly, good morning, five individuals were sentenced to death today and the murder of "washington post" columnist a jamal khashoggi. an additional three people were sentenced to 24 years in prison. the defendants will be allowed to appeal the verdict according to a prosecutor. the government of turkey has repeatedly asked that the 15 man hit squad that arrived with a bone saw before the killing be extradited to face trial on the alleged crime. the crown prince was sanctioned by the u.s. for his crime in the killing. though according to saudi state television, the prince was found
7:10 am
to have no involvement in the murder and was ultimately released. >> the investigation was conducted by the general prosecution. a charge was placed against him and the courts ruled for his release due to lack of evidence to convict him in this case. >> the man you just heard from there is the spokesperson for the public prosecutor in saudi arabia who also added today that investigators found according to saudi arabia, that this murder was not premeditated. it was simply a spur of the moment decision. critics of the cake them may ask why the 15 man hit squad brought with them a bone saw if they just intended to talk with this "washington post" columnist. >> molly: thank you so much. something to follow as it develops. sp1 also following this from north korea. there is a new warning from the north koreans that is putting the united states on high alert for a so-called christmas gift. retired general jack peanut head with the latest threats. >> molly: sparks flew while
7:11 am
touching down. >> as soon as we landed the tires blew, the landing gear snaps, there was a sparks and smoke, we're pretty sure sure there was flames.
7:12 am
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>> leland: it was a rough
7:15 am
landing for some passengers in denver. here's the aftermath as a united airlines flight from newark touchdown. there was some sparks and a loud thud. as he would imagine, passengers were a little frightened. >> there was a loud clunk or a thunk. a some sort of mechanical noise of something breaking or hitting. a massive spray of sparks coming up at you that were visible in the window. i've had my share of incidents with airlines, however, my sons on the other hand are pretty shook up. >> leland: the pilot announced part of the planes landing gear may have collapsed and we are told that no one was injured. he seemed remarkably calm for having just went through that. >> molly: he notes that the wife and the baby or the wife and the children, however -- >> leland: felt a little differently. you have heard it before, it's always good to have a reminder a reminder. to speak to you. every time, and i feel like at that last moment i'm like what do i say? >> leland: do i put my exigent mask on first or do i help
7:16 am
someone else first? pop quiz. >> molly: the u.s. on alert monitoring a potential missile launcher from north korea after pyongyang warned about a christmas gift. let's bring in a retired four-star general jack keane, chairman of the institute for the city of war, and a fox news to treat jake correspondent. good to talk to you twice in 48 hours, my honor. kicking things off here, the christmas gift that has been promised. your thoughts on potentially what that could be. worst case can scenario could be an icbm. could that he what potentially sends us back? >> well, i think that's what were leaning to. a missile could be worse, because i couldn't reach the united states, and they have done that in the past in terms of testing. i think that would put us right back where we were when this
7:17 am
crisis began and the trump administration started to confront the north koreans. i think that is most likely, what our intelligence agencies are watching. there seems to be some evidence of that, molly. >> molly: what do you think pyongyang is trying to communicate? this big build up, stomping their feet, ultimately we could see, maybe some sort of test of some kind. >> well, i think the trump administration did the right thing back in february at the hanoi summit. the north koreans one complete sanction relief and for that, they have not given us any missiles or any nuclear weapons at all. so we want that. that was the right call at that time. since that, they've been doing short-range missile testing. i think we should have contested that because they threaten our allies and they threaten our own troops. what they are still seeking is a sanction relief. at the sanctions are hurting them, not to the degree that they could, but nonetheless, that's what they are after. i think that's what they are
7:18 am
trying if this missile test takes place is using it as leverage to try to get some sanction relief. i don't believe for a minute that the trump administration will grant them that. >> molly: it seems to be kind of a standoff on that particular issue. early last week, mark esper was asked about the christmas surprise, here's what he had to say. >> i have been watching the korean peninsula for may be a quarter of a century now and if so i am familiar with their tactics, with their bluster, i think we need to get serious and a sit down and have discussions about a political agreement. that is the best way forward and arguably, the only way forward if we're going to do some and constructive. >> molly: interestingly enough, general charles brown is also quoted as saying "there's a lot of stuff we did in 2017 that we can dust off fairly quickly and be ready to use." your thoughts on what the united states reaction should be if there is a test?
7:19 am
>> there is a number of things i think we have to do. first of all, russia and china have never abided by the resolutions that they voted for in terms of imposing sanctions. we have got to get tough on china. they have actually increased their assistance to north korea in the last year. russia has thousands of north koreans who are working in russian and paying the north koreans hundreds of millions of dollars for that. they are also transferring oil at sea and there are a couple other countries that are doing it as well. we have to shut all of that down once and for all. then we will truly have a maximum pressure campaign. the second thing, we have to call north korea out for their human rights abuses. if we really get an icbm long-range missile test, let's be realistic here. we have got to go back to a credible military option in terms of increasing military capacity in the region, putting more capability in to south korea, putting more in japan and in guam.
7:20 am
and also making certain that those sanctions are really, truly imposed. then i think we are finally going to get the north korean's attention. i think it's pretty obvious they've been gaming us. we have had strategic put haitians in dealing with them, molly. even if they don't fire a missile, i think we need to reassessment. >> molly: your fruit certainly not the first to say that north korea plays a lot of games. we got word this morning, pretty heart-wrenching at the holidays that a u.s. service member has been killed in action, in afghanistan. the tele- band claiming responsibility for that. this is a year where the united states has been working on negotiating with the tallow band. you are thoughts on this terrible time of year we know looking back at this, there've been 20 service members killed in afghanistan, so it's been a pretty challenging year there. >> yeah, i thought after the first incident where we lost a soldier and the president shut
7:21 am
down the negotiations with taliban, i totally agreed with the premise of doing that. i thought before we began the negotiations again, i believed that the primary condition the united states would have for establishing, or reestablishing those negotiations would be a cease-fire. i find it really troubling, we are trying to negotiate with taliban and they are still killing us. that cease-fire should be imposed immediately if we're going to continue these negotiations. if not, let's cut it off and recognize the taliban for what they are. they are not seeking peace. what they really want to do is to really overthrow the government in afghanistan. that's what they been a about. that's what they want. >> molly: what do you think should be happening as we enter into 2020 in that regard? how do we take the next step forward? >> look, for negotiations and peace, which is something we all want. we do want a political station in afghanistan. that's got to be what the f can
7:22 am
government -- it appears that president donnelly has won the election and if that turns out to be the case, the negotiation should be without government. that negotiation of the united states, we are on the sidelines here. taliban is trying to overthrow the afghan government. there are issues with that government. we have to have those kind of negotiations. they provide a safe haven for taliban inside of pakistan and as much as they can do to put pressure on taliban as well. those are the things that moving forward make some sense. also, we have to keep u.s. presence they are, that is our leverage certainly. bringing the troops down to 8600, i think that makes some sense. general miller has done the analysis a year ago that that was the right thing. i think the president malt some point make an announcement to that effect. >> molly: we shall see, general keane, thank you so much, i want to wish you and yours a very merry christmas. thank you for joining us.
7:23 am
>> merry christmas to you and the fox team marrow. >> leland: all those normally in washington are on vacation back home, but they are still waiting to see if and when it nancy pelosi sends the articles of impeachment to the senate. republicans are now strategizing how to defend the president during a trial. a new suggestion about that coming up. >> molly: and of the weekend before christmas is plagued by gun violence in chicago including a house party shooting that left 13 wounded, live report next. >> it's a horrible tragedy and the people who have been most personally affected by it are traumatized by the experience. just got rescheduled - for today. amanda needs right at home. our customized care plans provide as much - or as little help - as her mom requires. whether it's a ride to the doctor or help around the house. oh, of course!
7:24 am
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>> molly: an alarming case unfolding in the nationwide search for two missing children from idaho. fbi officials say they have reason to believe they are in extreme danger. now their mother and stepfather are wanted for questioning in
7:28 am
connection with their disappearance. we have william following the developments in this case from our west coast bureau. william. >> molly, the children are missing, the parents have disappeared. you have three relatives who have died in what police call dubious circumstances. family members say this could all be part of a religious cult. so 51-year-old chad bell is an author and podcast are who predicts the end of the world. balogh has these children learn josh, age seven, has autism, 17-year-old daughter kylie or ryan. these last two children were seen in september. but after not hearing from the kids, police checked, and parents lied about them being with friends. the couple had vanished, there are relative claims laurie had turned from mother to monster. >> something happened to her, she just turned off and it was
7:29 am
when she got involved with a cold that she just turned off. the person we knew just went away. >> just to show me j.j., show me tightly, let me see that those kids are okay. >> here's the reason why the police and the fbi are now heavily involved. chad's first wife tammy died in june, allegedly of natural causes, but now please have exhumed her body. two weeks later, a brother also died in police will not say how. friends of saint jay bell leads a colt and his message may be responsible for this string of mysterious patella taste. >> that explains why relatives believe these kids are in danger, molly, since they have
7:30 am
not been seen in three months. there are no subs mic suspects but persons of interest. >> molly: the real hope is that the kids are okay, william, thank you so much. >> leland: a fox news alert, speaker of the house nancy pelosi has yet to send the articles of impeachment to the senate. now, house minority leader kevin mccarthy is offering his recommendation for defending the president and the senate trial. take a look. >> i would go to john radcliffe, former u.s. attorney who has done an amazing job. i would go to jim george, i would go to doug's call. these are individuals that i would actually pull in if i was in the white house because we have been at this. remember, democrats have been trying to impeach the president for two and half years. changing whatever they could find every step of the way. from the mueller report, to trying to quid pro quo, to extortion, to bribery. two articles that reach nowhere. and no facts, but through all those bottles, you want people who have done this, understand it, and have been in those
7:31 am
hearings, even when they were in the basement. that testimony, who has been in those rooms, those three individuals are some that i would actually recommend to the president. >> leland: so what about that recommendation? david bell, chairman of dough pack, mary and marge, senior advisor. what do you think of this house minority leader is a suggestion? >> well, nancy pelosi the speaker has not cared what leader mccarthy has thought and every indication that she would dismiss this as well. that said, there is no need for a trial until articles of impeachment actually go to the senate. today, there is where they were actually dismissed where a trial would take place. if there is a trial, the better people to have up there is a speaker pelosi and adam schiff and jerry nadler to actually explain the kangaroo court they ran and what evidence they thought was presented that made
7:32 am
them vote the way they did. let me say, to your and molly's pop quiz, it's always best to put you or a first. eating on one's mask is a good idea. >> that's an interesting non sequitur, dave. i'm proud of you for that. you deserve bonus points were trying at the very least. marianne, the first part of dave's thoughts bring up an interesting question here. witches, is it helpful for both of the president and for nancy pelosi to have this delay where they can keep fighting each other and fire up their bases? >> no question about it. to pick up on chris chris's goat rodeo statement from earlier. >> you guys have been watching for a while, thank you. >> i'm holding down the fault here for molly in boston. i saw some very happy goats in the shenandoah valley yesterday afternoon, and nothing would
7:33 am
make donald trump happier than the spectacle of a trial that he wants to hold with witnesses and evidence and testimony. he wants to bring in adam schiff and the bidens and everybody. it nancy pelosi wants him to encourage him to advocate for that because mitch mcconnell wants that not at all. it's the last thing mitch mcconnell wants. he knows that there is a spectacle, he will lose control of the election, lose control of the outcome of the trial, he will lose all control. he is trying to avoid that, and it donald trump is doing nancy pelosi's dirty work with mitch mcconnell for her. it's brilliant. >> to read more about this, check out your piece on marianne marge, trump and posey agree. dave, to you, you focus so much on races. it is what might be good for the president as marianna lays out possibly not so good for the 20 republican senators who need to be reelected and some of the members of state house
7:34 am
legislature zero trying to get elected? >> well again, the presidential race will have a big impact on the whole ballot in general. that said, as it comes to the election, the most immediate candidates that have to make tough decisions is bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, and amy klobuchar. if a trial occurred, or if they forced going to the supreme court to try to get members to testify, it only delays going right into iowa and new hampshire. those three senators are going to have to decide, are they going to campaign to get the democratic nomination or are they going to be in the u.s. senate for this assignment trial. far bigger impact on the democratic race than it is on the republicans. >> leland: should that be a consideration for nancy pelosi? whether or not this affects the presidential race, mary and? >> no, absolutely not, you've
7:35 am
heard from every one of those senators everything will day. mitch mcconnell does not want witnesses. he has said in interviews that to have witnesses in this trial would be mutually assured destruction. so why would anyone take him at his word and that wants to have any evidence first, have a vote, then get the witnesses? that is my nancy pelosi is holding these articles of impeachment. she needs to deal up front to make sure there are witnesses, evidence, and testimony, because mcconnell has artie been announcing, i'm going to do everything the white house wants me to do and i don't want witnesses because it will hurt me, it will hurt us, it will hurt the trial. this is a negotiation that is been going on on nancy pelosi. >> leland: amid the negotiations, you may say time is on their side, fund-raising is also on both sides interest as well. november fund-raising efforts, the rnc 20.6 million, dnc $8 million. a friend over at axios, mike
7:36 am
allen points out that 99% of president trump's ads and fund-raising is based off of impeachment in one way or another. dave, can the president of ford for impeachment to be over quickly? >> sure. his base, as we have every quarter, outraised the democratic national committee. but rest assured, there will be plenty of dollars for plenty of ads to be run where we will have a billion dollars to spend against the democratic nominee. they will have a billion dollars through all their allied groups against president trump. this will not be for the faint of heart if you are looking for an uplifting campaign in 2020. this is not going to be your year. >> leland: marianne, it seems like you both agree on that point. >> yes, it's going to be a really, really ugly campaign. i'm not worried about the fund-raising on the democratic side. the vast majority of the money goes to democrats and their campaigns individually.
7:37 am
>> leland: we have to run as i noted. for marion's opinion piece. thank you so much, merry christmas to both of you. >> merry christmas. >> leland: all right, molly? >> molly: a total of 37 people were wounded in gun violence in chicago. 13 were shot and injured early yesterday during a house party. it was held in honor of a person shot to death earlier this year. a lot of this violence has been covered, we are joined by matt. >> molly, over the weekend here in chicago, this house party was held in memory of a victim of gun violence, and at the party, 13 people were shot. one of the worst mass shootings here in recent history. 13 victims. aging in age from 16 to 44 were shot. chicago police assay all have
7:38 am
survived. police say the shooting started inside the house party around 12:30 a.m. yesterday. the gunman fired on guests inside the house and outside as they ran for their lives. this morning, one man is in custody for unlawful possession of a firearm. police have not specifically identified him as the shooter yet. a second person were also taken in for questioning. police say the scene was so frantic that some people did not realize that they were hit with a bullet. >> with weapons on the street, police and still recover a lot of weapons, were still recovering a lot of weapons even though it's december. we are recovering the same amount of weapons that we would be recovering during the summertime. justice so many weapons on the street. >> city wide over the weekend, chicago police hotel fox news they were 23 shooting accidents with a total of 37 people shot. five people murdered. police blame the violence on it too many bad actors with guns. police say right now they are recovering as many weapons as they typically do during summer months. it has been unseasonably mild
7:39 am
here in chicago. temperatures in the 50s, that is expected to continue into the rest of the week. police say they are increasing their presence where the shooting happened. molly. >> molly: certainly could be a tough week ahead for our first responders. i know you will be taking down my keeping an eye on it. >> leland: it was a bad day for the dallas cowboys in more ways than one. yesterday, the ordeal started with leaving the nfc east title to jillian mele philadelphia eagle. 17-9 at lincoln financial field. the scoring was limited to just three field goals for the cowboys, then, the team scheduled charter fight out of philly was reportedly delayed for our hours after being deemed not viable to fly. the coaches and players sat on buses outside the stadium for a flight around 11:00 p.m. in this case, dallas cowboys learning what is it is like for the rest of us to fly during the holiday season. >> molly: it has been tough on football lately, getting your gear from place to place.
7:40 am
crazy out there. >> leland: imagine the checked baggage fees. >> molly: good news, there is some potentially good news from the economy. a tariff relief from china. we have got money moneyman charles payne coming in next. >> president trump: our economy is booming, wages are rising, poverty is plummeting, and our nation is a stronger and more powerful right now than it has ever been before. joint pain, swelling, tenderness... ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting. so watch out. i got this! watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are feeling real relief with cosentyx. cosentyx is a different kind of targeted biologic. it treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic
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>> leland: santa's helpers ran into a little bit of a problem this christmas on delivery. a fedex truck filled with gifts caught fire. this happened around 2:00 a.m. on sunday. the driver noticed that the flames as he was driving toward san diego. you can see the firefighters trying to get a number of packages out of the truck. it's unclear exactly how many were destroyed.
7:45 am
but several, dozens, hundreds of packages were pulled out of the truck. what started this fire is still unclear. >> president trump: the toughest ever action against china. as a result we just achieved a breakthrough on that trade deal and we will sign it very shortly. they are already buying billions and billions of dollars of products. agricultural products. >> molly: that is president trump praising his phase one deal china. beijing announcing they will cut tariffs on more than 850 types of u.s. products ranging from frozen pork to pharmaceuticals. let's bring in fox networks charles payne a host of making money. charles, glad you are here this christmas week. we can chat about this. the president seems to be pretty happy with this phase one. it seems to have gotten a pretty lukewarm response from analyst. now we are hearing a little bit more from pharmaceuticals, what
7:46 am
do you make of it? >> the same analyst said it would crater the u.s. economy, which saw the unemployment level go from 6% to 25% and the gdp go from 90 million to 50 billion. those same analysts that said that everything was going to go wrong, there is no way we could have record-breaking job openings, no way we could have record-breaking wages, those analyst, it's interesting, because this news this morning from beijing actually covers all their trade partners. >> molly: they mentioned that they need to play fair with everybody. >> not only that, they need the stuff. their pig population has been wiped out, wiped out by the african swine flu. wiped out. they fed up i pork from anyone they can get it from. pharmaceutical stuff, asked what, you've got an aging population, they need the medicine. they need it more than we do. when people talk about trade, china wasn't doing us any favors, we weren't doing them any favors, right. it's really serious business and we wanted to have a serious
7:47 am
business relationship with them. fair trading to make real honest to goodness retreating. >> molly: the president has of course made promises, made promises. he talked a lot about the farmers, we will see as this goes for it of what happens as we enter phase two. shifting gears a little bit, the overall economy, tax reform, that was another thing the president was so proud of one that got signed two years ago. what you make of it now? >> it has been absently phenomenal, molly, it really has been. as much as president trump loves to talk about the stock market, he should be proud of what has happened there, there is one chart i tell everyone, that really to me, solidifies the fact that he should be reelected. i think he would be reelected right now by a landslide. that's wages of blue-collar workers. wages of everyone are doing really well, but wages for blue-collar workers have taken off like a rocket. they have not enjoyed this kind of wage increase and a couple of decades. much more than everyone else. do you have people at the bottom of the economic ladder now who are getting two or three job offers. this is what shared prosperity
7:48 am
is. so democrats, when you talk about shared prosperity, you're going to have to come up with something that says let's take this away, let's talk about what's happening in real-time, and let's find some thing that works better. it hasn't happened in a long time. >> molly: democrats are really pushing back on the tax reform being successful at saying all this benefits the rich. you see the other side of the coin where republicans say look how our economy is doing. >> look at wage growth when taxes went up under president obama, wages were down dramatically. look where wages are up, not for bid the billionaires, not for the millionaires, but ordinary who call her workers out there, they're getting the best pay raises they've ever had. that's why stock market is up, that's why consumer confidence is through the roof. last month, paul came out, that's your rank and viral workers. that number goes back to 2007. it hasn't been like that in a long time, so last week, when asking about the economy, 26%
7:49 am
said it was extraordinary, right. it was at its highest percentage ever in the history of that pole to state that. so it's a great economy, and it's benefiting most americans in a way that they haven't benefited in a long time. so you can argue that the rich are making more, but you cannot argue that it is not benefiting all americans. >> molly: look ahead to this campaign trail everyone has been on. the president making stops in michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania. what democrats are calling their blue wall, sort of. at the same time, and the run-up to 2016, those blue-collar workers were pouring out, they were packing airplane hangars to see the president. you just showed this chart, that yellow line, is that what were talking about, that big warning to democrats in 2020? >> i think so. i think president trump told voters who voted twice for president obama, give me a shot. right now he is delivering for them. the democrats are going to have to figure out a figure way to get them back. i'm not sure what their argument is going to be. honestly, some of the candle lines i heard from the
7:50 am
democratic debate, those are the lines he would hear from any democratic debate. close your eyes. >> molly: we shall see. apply need to come, we will have a few more democratic debate as we headed to 2020. charles, thank you so much for being here, we are delighted you're with us. thank you. >> leland: all right, an earthquake fault line is suddenly raising new concerns for california. what has changed and why now? >> molly: the search for a missing woman, shifting to a bitter court battle over money as the woman's parents seek millions from her estranged husband.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> leland: welcome back. time to learn something, a recent swarm of earthquakes. yes, it is called a swarm of earthquakes. it has put new pressure on a california fault line that has been quiet for 500 years. now scientists are warning, the garlock fault could produce a quake big enough to be felt all the way from l.a. up to the bay area. in our west coast newsroom, with more and what a swarm of earthquakes is. hi, claudia. >> right, good morning. as if the san andreas fault and the hayward fault weren't enough to worry about, now we have the garlock fault which has been pretty quiet for the past 500 years and is been tied to a
7:55 am
swarm of fault lines that hammered california's mojave desert last july. 6.4 shock was followed the next day by 7.1 earthquake and more than 100,000 aftershocks since then. according to a study out of caltech, that seismic activity involves ruptures on a web of interconnected faults from the san andreas fault to death valley. more than two dozen faults, many previously unknown. >> in total, it's probably about 200 miles long. this whole fault, if it was to go, could produce of magnitude . >> molly: that's big enough to cause damage in the bay area and los angeles with intense shaking that could destabilize other faults long overdue for a catastrophic earthquake. while california governor gavin newsom launched an early warning system app that can send alerts within seconds of the ground shaking, there is still no way to predict when and where and
7:56 am
earthquake will strike. instead, seismologists say every earthquake provides lessons about land movement. from this recent round of shaking, the process of an earthquake rupturing other faults is more complicated and happens more frequently than scientists previously thought. of course, they add, the big one is still coming. >> leland: that brings up questions about the earthquake warning system, if and when the big one does come. thank you. molly? >> molly: a new twist in the impeachment fight prompting democrats is to step up those demands for witnesses from the white house at a potential impeachment trial in the senate. president obama goes to bat for elizabeth warren with some big money donors that she herselfsi has rallied against. what impact will it have on her campaign i was covered from head to toe. i was afraid to show my skin. it was kind of a shock after... i started cosentyx. i wasn't covered anymore. four years clear. five years now.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
almost all of the fortune 500 partner with us. (woman) when it comes to digital transformation... verizon keeps business ready. >> molly: fox news alert on the impeachment standoff with a senate trial on hold while new emails linked ukraine justice surfaced. welcome back to our newsroom, i'm molly line in for sandra smith. >> leland: we will be in all week. i'm in for bill hemmer. new emails discussing ukraine aid right after that now infamous slashes the linsky phone call on july 25th. >> president trump has said he wants due process. the senate is yearning to give president trump due process which means that documents and
8:01 am
witnesses that should come forward. what is a trial with no witnesses and no documents? it's a sham trial and that's why we feel so strongly that there should be witnesses and documents. >> leland: that was chuck schumer they are talking about what he wants to see. mark holding down the fort in washington, hello mark. >> hello leland, both parties are blaming each other for the confusion about what comes next for impeachment. house speaker nancy pelosi announced last week she's holding off on sending impeachment articles to the senate, at least right now. republicans are accusing her of playing politics with the constitution. >> it's a rather absurd position to say after you have impeach the president you want to send of the papers over to the assignment for the impeachment trial mandated by the constitution. >> but the speaker is pushing right back. she says it's a senate republicans who need to ensure there's going to be a fair trial next year. she put out a tweet this morning. she rode "the house cannot
8:02 am
choose our impeachment managers until we know what sort of trial the senate will conduct. president trump blocked his own witnesses and documents from the house and from the american people on phony complaints about the house process. what is his excuse now?" now senate leaders are trying to reach an agreement on what a trial would look like, when it would start, and which if any witnesses would be called to testify. testify. senate minority leader chuck schumer is urging that's happened in the senate. >> it's might exonerate planet trump. or, they might further incriminate him, but the truth should come out on something as important as impeachment. >> president trump believes in impeachment will backfire and democrats in 2020. he called out speaker pelosi on twitter this morning, he rode quote "presidenpolicy gives us t unfair trial in the history of the u.s. congress. she lost congress wants, she will do it again."
8:03 am
>> we will eventually be reached. the land. see when they came up with an agreement during the clinton trial. molly? >> molly: for more on this, let's bring in jessica tarlov, fox news contributor, also a fox news contributor, thank you for being here on a holiday week. we appreciate it. looking ahead, i guess potentially to january, february, march, we don't know it's going to happen here, but we are looking at a potential impeachment trial in the senate, jessica, starting with you, what is nancy pelosi's strategy right now? ish she trying to control timi timing?
8:04 am
is she trying to get some witnesses to happen? what is she really doing? >> she wants a fair trial in the senate, and now she is completely aligned with chuck schumer. he displaced a couple of pieces of him commenting on this. we only need four republican senators to say that they want to be witnesses and the trial for us to be able to move forward. this is exactly what lindsey graham wanted during the impeachment of bill clinton back in 1998. there is so much footage of senator graham contradicting himself today versus what he felt was right and the moral necessary back when bill clinton was going to be on the stand. there is this fundamental dishonesty going on against republicans when they come out there. he said that nancy pelosi oversaw the most unfair trial in congressional history it wasn't a trial in the house, it was a trial in the senate there are witnesses and there are documents. it could not be clear that there is obstruction of congress going on with that new request where we saw the email from michael who works in the white house, sent to omb, 91 minutes after the trump-zelinski call saying that they wanted to withhold it and that they we should keep this close to us. they were trying to cover it up, we need to hear from people like
8:05 am
bolton, mulvaney, and now duffy. >> we actually have a little sound on that, first i want to give katie a chance to weigh in on this. there's a lot of back-and-forth as to what is fair, what is not fair. each drawing at the other. katie what's your take? >> democrats aren't interested in any kind of fairness when it comes to this process. nancy pelosi is the speaker of the house, she is not the speaker of the senate. until she hands the articles over as she is supposed to, she is really interested in a trial. mitch mcconnell, republicans can't do anything about it. it is quite rich for democrats now to come back and say we believe in fairness, we want to have all of these witnesses when adam schiff ended jerry nadler were repeatedly denied a number of republican witnesses during the house impeachment inquiry that we had for a period of two weeks with all of this testimony coming out. they want it both ways. they want to say that we are in a big hurry. adam schiff says we have to stop the president from cheating again in 2020, we have to rush this boat through, and now all of a sudden it's not so urgent because nancy pelosi does not have the political upperhand
8:06 am
here because she knows when it goes to the senate they will do what they should witches acquit the president in a quick trial without playing the games the democrats have been playing since this started. >> molly: i want to get to that sound from senator schumer because he is talking about that paperwork that jessica just mentioned a moment ago. take a listen. >> this new information is a rather explosive. here's what one of them showed. 91 minutes after president trump called ukraine president zelinski on july 25th, michael duffy, a top trump administration official sent an email ordering the military assistance to ukraine be withheld. 91 minutes after. what were they hiding? what were they afraid of? >> molly: there you have a top democrat over there in the senate talking about this being explosive. really attention to that day, being on the same day zelinski
8:07 am
and the president. trying to lay out a case regarding this particular document but there are other documents it will be interesting to see if those a surface as well. what do you make of this jessica? this is just one piece of paper but he did bring it up as being important. >> it's a huge piece of paper to know that an hour and a half after the call. we know bureaucracy moves slowly, right? so everybody found a way to suddenly move quickly to make sure that the trumps the linsky call was in a place that it traditionally would not beast word and this would be closely held and it got right to omb which was mick mulvaney in the spotlight, who artie confessed to all of this in his press briefing a few months ago, anyway. but i want to say what is most important here about the witness calling, which katie just mentioned, the people republicans wanted to call were folks like the whistle-blower who first of all, should be protected. we all agree that there needs to be whistle-blower protections, his life and career is at risk because of this. we have seen attacks that come
8:08 am
on people who do come forward like lieutenant colonel van minh for instance. the idea that devin nunes wants a call if there hunter biden, who this is not about, by the way. this is about the president of the united states abusing the office for personal gain. people like the whistle-blower who is constitutionally protected to remain anonymous. we did not know who was for decades after watergate. it is wholly inappropriate. it is nothing like mulvaney. >> molly: the republican-controlled senate, once you open the door to witnesses, maybe you don't know where that goes. katie also gets a turn, go ahead katie. >> it is not the senate's job to do the work that the house did not do. if that house were really interested in calling people like mick mulvaney and john bolton, they would've taken the time to go through the court system because the executive branch and congress are separate branches of government, you don't just -- you're not entitled to all that information. they did not go to the court. they said we're in a hurry, we could not do that. that is the bed they made, now
8:09 am
they have to lie in it. i have to say something about the call too that jessica mentioned. she said that that call, the transcript of the call was stored in a place it usually wasn't. that's not true. lieutenant colonel vin mena actually testified they were worried about leaks and therefore they put this call into a special secure server that was actually common practice for the white house because of so many people had inappropriately leaks importance, classified information to the press. the idea that that was -- i mean, the phone call is out there. if we want to talk about the date of the email, the date of the aid. the aide was released, the phone call transcript was released. what this is really about is the day that the phone call happened was the day before, robert mueller testified and didn't give democrats what they needed to move forward with impeachment on that so that they found something else to go on. >> molly: should we go back to 2020 before i lose you guys? something fascinating happens. for president barack obama trying to help senator elizabeth warren, of course running for president
8:10 am
now, behind closed doors. she of course has railed against the business class, holding them accountable, that sort of thing. it seems like perhaps, he's trying to get out ahead of things that if she ends up being the nominee, that she does get the amount of money that the democrats get the money that they need to fight in the selection, just cut what you make of that? >> i think president obama was out there defending democrats more than he was defending elizabeth warren. he obviously wants democrats to take back the white house in 2020. his legacy has been on the line for the first three years of the trump administration. he wants to make sure that we get back to doing the business that democrats prioritize like promoting opportunity and fairness and equality. elizabeth warren is has had some unkind words for president obama and his administration. she has railed against a lot of the policies that he implement it, but i think he's being strategic here and saying come on, guys, we need to back whoever the democrat is on the ticket even if it's someone who's going to raise your taxes and may be tax her kids and your grandkids, and whatever is to, because it's going to be better than president trump, that's how
8:11 am
i see it. >> molly: the president has certainly done his best to stay out of the race and not make a big endorsement, but kate do you what do you make of this behind closed doors that the president might be trying to ensure that , stands a chance? >> president obama's trying to get the party unified in now so that when there is a nominee there aren't come meeting them at competing factions behind the scenes and in front of all the tv cameras for all of us to see. this was a problem in 2012 with hillary clinton and bernie sanders, 2016 excuse me, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. the bernie sanders faction was not willing to back at the request in moving forward and it really did damage the parts of the party that they needed to come out and vote for hillary clinton to beat donald trump. he is really just trying to galvanize support for whoever the nominees going to be. elizabeth warren has put herself in a tough spot because she says that she rejects the big money donations, but if she becomes the nominee she is sure going to need a lot of money to go up against president trump who is
8:12 am
raising money by the boatload especially in light of impeachment. >> molly: when we tiled us together with 2020, it's going to be a doozy. all these months and weeks that we've seen in the past were news, it's going to be fascinating. carla, katie, thank you for joining us. >> happy hanukkah, merry christmas everyone. >> leland: north koreans are now warning the united states of a "christmas gift" state media reports kim jong un met with top military officials and a new satellite images that show construction at a nuclear link to missile site. those pictures are on the screen at the right. lucas tomlinson at the pentagon with what they are watching for her. hi, lucas. >> highly lint, it's been more than two years a sense of north korea last launched an intercontinental missile. officials say a test of some kind could be that christmas gift. top pentagon officials here are not giving any clues. >> i have two functions here as i've said before. one is to ensure that we are in a hot state of readiness prepared to fight and win.
8:13 am
tonight, if need be. i'm from confident that, and secondly to enable our diplomats. >> we don't discuss any intelligence or any indicators about certain thing. we don't do that. in the public sphere, north korea has indicated a number of things here at i think you're aware of that. we are prepared for whatever. >> north korea official kim jong un met top officials. an exclusive interview with axios, president trump's former national security advisor john bolton offered his harshest criticism yet of the president's oversight and north korea. bolton said he doesn't think the administration quote really means it go" when officials say they will stop north korea from having nuclear weapons. a factory linked to making long-range nuclear missiles has expanded in the same place kim jong un visited before his last long-range missile test in november 2017. earlier this month, north korea performed to missile engine tests just as it did ahead of
8:14 am
those long-range tests two years ago. we call that last test more than 2700 miles into space, that's more than 20 times higher of the international orbit of the international space station. leland? >> leland: we know that that specific command is on standby throughout the holidays. we will check back in with you, lucas, as developments warrant. thank you sir. molly? >> molly: a 13-year-old charged in the murder of a new york city college of student to do in court today. as police ask for the public's help in their continuing search for a another tina suspect in the stabbing death of 18-year-old tessa majors. plus, catastrophic dangers and australia. battling some of the worst fires this country has ever seen. >> police don't think that all the dangerous fires have happened hello mom.
8:15 am
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>> molly: devastating fires still burning across australia following weeks of drought and strong winds. the fire is now threatening australia's most populated areas. hundreds of homes have been destroyed along with nearly 3 million acres of bush land. the prime minister is rejecting criticism that his government has not done enough to fight climate change, often cited as a major factor in the fires.
8:19 am
>> leland: a 13-year-old is charged now with felony murder in the death of a barnard college freshman. it the teen telling police his 14-year-old friend stabbed at tessa majors during a run in manhattan's park. with that, we bring in fox news correspondent, how are you? >> hi leland. >> leland: a 13-year-old charged with felony murder. it charging someone that young has got to be pretty rare. >> it is. especially because the laws are so beneficial for minors, especially in a minor with no criminal history. so likely, his case is going to stay in family courts, and that means that he could literally be released into the custody of his family members. that's how lenient these laws are when it comes to these young offenders. >> leland: when you say you could be released to his family members, is there anything that prosecutors can do about that or
8:20 am
not? 13, that's how it is? >> under 16, there's lots of leniency towards juvenile offenders as long as there's no criminal history, as there is here. plus felony murder is a little different. the individuals going to be really hard hit with these laws is the actual murderer. the one who used the knife against tessa. that's where the prosecutor can instead be said no, this one is going to be charged as an adult because that's a murder not felony murder. that nuance exists in the law, that child is faced with conviction, is face to serve 5-9 years to life. >> leland: that is allegedly against the 14-year-old who was on the run? the 13-year-olds lawyer says my client just handed him the knife? 14-year-olds aren't able to just hang out on the streets for days on end by themselves. someone has got to be hiding the sky. >> sure, especially because there's a report that he was on his way to law enforcement to discuss what happened and he jumped out of the car.
8:21 am
now suddenly you can't find him meanwhile you could find timmy panama you had him coming in, you arrange this, you set up a car, still lost him? >> one he's been missing for a while. it is if it's found that people are helping to hide them right now, whether they be in new york city or parts unknown, do they face any charges? >> absolutely. you are assisting in a fleeing felon. yes, they can be brought up on charges, they can be brought up on obstruction of justice as well. obstructing investigation. there's so many charges. it's a real warning out to those individuals who may be assisting this 14-year-old that they are going to face some serious charges if they don't come forward. >> leland: so the 13-year-old has artie been in court on these charges and there are reports that the detective who testified at these trials has been accused of wrongdoing in the past although never found to have committed wrongdoing. falsifying testimony, et cetera. does that matter? >> absolutely. the defense attorneys are going to be all over that. you sound so many other trials,
8:22 am
even o.j. simpson, the first run the comes to mind, any time there's an investigation like this and you have these terrible facts, you already have a coconspirator in this 13-year-old pointing fingers at your client. you're going to say well, there's a compelling witness who is there at the time of the murder who's going to be testifying against my client, i'm going to have to turn around and now focus on law enforcement and say you did not do the right thing, you did not investigate the case properly, you planted evidence. this is arrested judgment because there's so much pressure to bring these kids to justice. >> leland: speaking of pressure, there's a lot of pressure in an extraordinary public case that is really shocked the city of new york. ted williams, on saturday, brought up that this case has a lot of parallels to the central park 5k's. the way the nypd is handling this case is a result almost, of the central park five. what are you picking up in what nypd is doing differently, maybe? >> that is such a great point, and there is actually some
8:23 am
overlap, i will tell you why. the 13-year-old who was brought into custody and questioned who was out without an adult present, and without an attorney present. you have all these admissions by this 13-year-old, and meanwhile, there is no one present other than the 13-year-old on law enforcement. so already, it's starting to have these markings of this may not be the way you should have done it, contact an adult in the child's life, bring them in, and then start questioning the 13-year-old. there is some overlap, really, it's a message to law enforcement. if you take your time in getting these facts in order and getting the witnesses, then you can finally get a conviction for this poor, young girl. >> leland: 13 euro 13-year-old in custody, 14-year-old on the run, thank you so much. >> molly: a close friend of a texas mom who is found dead is now charged with kidnapping her but not her murder, why? >> leland: plus the trump impeachment trial now in limbo, how does this a standoff between
8:24 am
mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi end? >> she is apparently trying to tell us how to run the trial. you know, i'm not anxious to have his trial so she wants to hold all the papers, go right ahead. ♪ ♪ everything your trip needs for everyone you love. expedia.
8:25 am
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8:28 am
>> we do have one person that has been arrested and charged. the charges that have been filed at this point are two charges of kidnapping, and one charge of tampering with a corpse. there may be additional charges that are filed in this case as the investigation carries on. that will be determined as we develop more information and uncover more evidence. >> molly: so those are some shocking new developments in the case of a missing texas mother and her newborn baby. heidi broussard's best friend now facing kidnapping charges after police found heidi's body in the trunk of a car. we have david lee email or who is joining us here at the latest
8:29 am
on this investigation. david? >> molly, the strangulation of heidi broussard and the abduction of her 2-week-old infant is all the more tragic here because a close friend of hers has been arrested in connection with the crime. so far though, no one has been charged with murder, but that could soon change. in custody at this hour, is a friend of heidi's, megan fieramusca. she is facing two counts of kidnapping and one count of tampering with a corpse. she is being held in lieu of $600,000 bail. heidi broussard went missing on december 12th along with her newborn margo. authority search 100 miles away in houston and that's where they found heidi's body in the trunk of a car. the baby, apparently not injured, was found in a nearby home. according to reports, fieramusca who is now found with her kidnapping, knew each other from church camp and they were friends for decades. fieramusca did describes herself as being heartsick over her friend's disappearance and even offered to help in the search.
8:30 am
she also claimed having recently given birth to a child the same age as heidi's. it now appears to have all been one elaborate but deadly hoax. on thursday, police found heidi broussard's baby at fieramusca's home. broussard's baby was stuffed in the trunk of a nearby car. and one report, fieramusca insists she is the mother of an infant that is now in custody of child protective services. we could soon know that baby's identity pending the outcome of a dna test. in another strange twist, and on friday, fieramusca made a court appearance and she was found guilty of half a dozen minor driving infractions. it was later that she was charged with the kidnappings. so that investigation continues. later today, friends and family are going to hold a prayer service. broussard's mother said in a statement, and i quote "the family is overwhelmed with grief, we are getting through as a family." >> molly: certainly worth
8:31 am
noting, i think also broussard had a six year old son as well. a really heartbreaking time for this family and the investigation continues. i'm sure they will get to the bottom of the identity of that baby in no time. thank you, david lee miller, appreciated. >> leland: sanity minority leader mitch mcconnell is not backing down in the impeachment standoff with nancy pelosi. saying he just wants a fair trial. >> all i am asking of humor is that we treat trump the same way we treated clinton. we had a procedure that was approved 100-0 schumer voted for it to go through the arguments, to have a written question period, and then, based on that, deciding what witnesses to call. we have not ruled out witnesses, we have said let's handle this case just like we did with president clinton. fair is fair. >> leland: joining us now, governor johnson, new white house chief of staff to george w. bush. nice to see you, sir, we will
8:32 am
ask you to put that chief of staff hat back on. would you be happy with how mitch mcconnell is handling this from the white house's perspective? >> look, i think the white house knows that mitch mcconnell has their interest at heart. in the sense of understanding that the president has got a very unfair set of procedures in the house, mitch mcconnell is trying to make sure that the process and the senate is fair, as fair as it was when they did the same kind of a process, the impeachment trial for bill clinton. i think that everybody knows that this is going to be a battle of wits between mcconnell and pelosi and i think everybody understands that mcconnell has the upper hand both with leverage and frankly, with understanding how to play the game. >> leland: to have the best political operators in washington for many, many decades would be nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell.
8:33 am
this is what marianne march wrote on trump and losey agree, what part of impeachment drama has them on the same side. quote by refusing to send the impeachment articles to the senate, losey is denying trump the vindication he seeks. it puts him in a purgatory that is unacceptable as a president and he has made that known publicly and privately but with a trial in limbo, trump can't get what he wants, people fighting to defend him." does she have a point? >> well, that is a good democratic perspective. i think the president is going to get his vindication in the senate, it may not be the circus that some strong trump supporter's would prefer to have with dozens of witnesses, but i think you will get his vindication in the senate and things will move on, and frankly, the best way for the resident to emphasize his vindication is to get it done quickly they are, and then to
8:34 am
get out and talk about the successes of his administration. i think he will understand that as this process moves forward in the next week or two. >> leland: as you noted, a lot of trump supporter's want of the big show trial. they want hunter biden among others on the witness stand. they want adam schiff on the witness stand. speaking of the senators and a fair trial, they are the jurors no doubt, here is the dick durbin. >> when it comes to saying i've made up my mind, it's all over. for goodness' sakes, that is not what the constitution and vision. alexander hamilton said we give the strap to the senate because they are "independent and dignified" for goodness' sakes, let's do our best to meet those standards. >> leland: are republicans making a tactical error in declaring their vote ahead of the trial? >> no, no more than the six presidential democratic senatorial candidates in the
8:35 am
senate have declared their commitment to a decision against the president. look, everybody knows chuck schumer may claim he hasn't made up his mind, but you know he has made up his mind. dick durbin may pretend he hasn't made up his mind, but you know he has made up his mind. so the real travesty is the dishonesty of a dick durbin. >> leland: i guess someone else would say that was an interesting republican perspective to this. you mentioned that the president should go on and talk about all of his accomplishments in his first term. that's what he was doing last night, i think last saturday actually, two nights ago. take a listen. >> president trump: our economy is booming, wages are rising. crime is falling. poverty is plummeting. and our nation is a stronger and more powerful right now than it has ever been before. and we have achieved more in
8:36 am
this month alone than almost any president has achieved in eight years in office, if you think about it. we reached an agreement to replace one of the worst trade deals in the history of the world. b1 in the words of james carville that sunk your old boss, is president trump now inoculated from that or is it too early to declare victory on the economy ten months to the election? >> no, i don't think it's ever too late to keep repeating the same constructive message. a great chunk of voters don't make up their mind until the last week, and a lot of them don't even have any idea of the fundamentals that are occurring until the last month, so i think he's got to repeated all the way through. look, everybody agrees this person has a great record. what he does is keep shooting himself in the foot with a few gaffes here and there.
8:37 am
i think you will probably work hard to temper that and emphasizes record. >> leland: well, he is down in palm beach for the next couple of weeks. we will see what tweets come out. we appreciate your time as always, sir, your service to the country as well, merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. have a great holiday. >> molly: the death toll rising to nearly 20 and a volcanic corruption off the coast of new zealand. more on that later. >> leland: plus, i come back 31 years in the making. eddie murphy returning to "saturday night live" so how did he do, we will break it down next. >> hi boys and girls, it's your old pal mr. robinson. so much has changed since we last spent some time together. my neighborhood has gone through so much.
8:38 am
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8:41 am
>> leland: the death toll is still rising after a volcano i rubs it off the coast of new zealand. an american woman has died from complications, she was on vacation with her husband when
8:42 am
the eruption occurred. he is being treated for extensive burns. police their essay 17 people have died in the eruption, two people are still missing, and sadly more died. >> i saved this show from the gutter, and this is the things that i get for saving this show? shame on you, lorne michaels, shame on you nbc. shame on you. >> molly: eddie murphy back on "saturday night live," the first time in 35 years, reprising some of his classic characters and sketches. buckwheat, gumby of course, mr. robinson's neighborhood, in his monologue he even took a shot at bill cosby. a no-holds-barred. cosby's rep slams back calling murphy a hollywood. i have the great pleasure of joining me here job, on the same time as eddie murphy, comedy legend in your own right. >> merry christmas, merry christmas. >> molly: what did you think?
8:43 am
he push the envelope right? >> i can't be objective here because eddie always may be left. the first time i met him when he was 19 years old, they said here's a kid from long island, not only is he a great guy, he's a common genius. you respect everybody else on stage, chapelle is great, tracy morgan, everybody, but eddie is like the king, he's the king of comedy. but i didn't think he would push the envelope like he did. the jones sketch. >> molly: the gentry the gentrification sketch. >> eddie really wrote the book from day one. >> molly: is it that he can get away with it or is he sending a message that we ought to be able to get away with a little bit more back in his day? >> that's the way i feel about it. everybody's got a relaxer at everybody get so uptight, just relax. it's okay to laugh. no matter what, everybody is too uptight. eddie can get away with it. >> molly: that's what i think, i think eddie can get away with it. >> you can even do the jokes
8:44 am
now, here come on fox news in the middle of the day like this, but when eddie doesn't you laugh and he can get away with it. that's a gift, because there is a vulnerability there, it's not mean, it's not vicious, it's just so very, very funny. about the cosby thing, too, i have to tell you, molly, if i may, i was up there with eddie when he came in and bill cosby had called him. eddie was a young kid at 19. we do respect cosby's career as a comedian, being one of the greats of all time, despite the other situation. bill railed on eddie, and eddie was upset. he was so upset. he was 19, he came into my office, i said what's up, man. he just said bill cosby just told me i'm too dirty, i'm to this. what goes around comes around. >> molly: we have a little sound from that, take a look. oh, we don't. >> if you told me 30 years ago that i would be this boring state home how stead and bill cosby would be in jail, even i would've took that bet.
8:45 am
who was america's dad now? >> molly: he just went for it, he went for it. you know, bill cosby apparently had no sense of humor about it, came back with this. "one would think that mr. murphy was given his freedom to leave the plantation but he decided to sell himself back to hollywood" >> that's not right, by the way, you have to give any credit because here's a kid coming out of long island like that. he lived in foster homes. i know eddie story, i don't want to break competence here, but he was so true to his heritage by bringing up tracy morgan and chris rock and david chapelle. so that is so wrong that that meant says that, he stands up, he protects his friends who are in the business, who were of color, and i always admire that about eddie murphy. you can never take that away from him. >> molly: ending on a high note here, what was your favorite part when you watch this? we having flashbacks?
8:46 am
>> bambi zoe's funny, but he did buckwheat, he came into buckwheat i said you can't do buckwheat, that's racist. i said eddie, he's doing buckwheat there, he did, he got away with it, it's just a joy to watch. as funny now as he ever was. let's just laugh. let's put aside at the divide, it's okay. everyone has got to settle down. it's nice to see not only eddie but saturday night itself make fun of the left a little bit, make fun of the right, you've got a laugh otherwise were going to cry. >> molly: will see what it's like in 2020, would they have a lot of material, were honest together. thank you so much joe, merry christmas. wonderful to have you here. leland? >> leland: fox news alert, the estranged husband of a missing connecticut mother of a five is now speaking exclusively to fox news. what fotis dulos is saying about jennifer, and why he claims her family owes him more than
8:47 am
$1 million. >> can you talk to us about your children and if you have heard if they are doing okay? >> i do not know how they are doing, there is no information flowing. but regards to how they're doing. i love my children, i miss them, i think about them every morning when i wake up. joint pain, swelling, tenderness... ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting. so watch out. i got this! watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are feeling real relief with cosentyx. cosentyx is a different kind of targeted biologic. it treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis to help you look and feel better. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability... fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms,
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>> molly: fox news getting an exclusive interview with his fotis dulos. he is the estranged husband of missing connecticut mother taliban. she was last seen dropping her kids off at school in may. the couple separated in 2017 and were going through a debater divorce and custody battle at the time she disappeared. >> can you take me back to when you and jennifer first met? is that something that you feel comfortable talking about? >> i would love to do that, but as you know there is an order, a court order that we have to respect. >> molly: laura ingle joint is martha six close of interview, laura. >> hi, molly. nearly two years before jennifer dulos went missing this may, a legal battle between her mother gloria farber, and her estranged husband fotis dulos have been working its way through the court system.
8:52 am
jennifer's family claims that dulos owes nearly $2 million for loans made to him for his luxury home building business. dulos has been charged with evidence tampering and hindering prosecution in the criminal investigation into his wife's disappearance. so remember, this is about evidence that were discovered, police believe that he was dropping off that can obtain a bloodied close. he is not allowed to talk about that. that the criminal case. but he spoke exclusively with us about the civil case. >> why did they feel that you owe them $2.5 million? >> it is an interesting question, it is hard for me to speak to them. all i can tell you is that when we looked at all the numbers and all the information, we came up with a reverse balance that they owe us $1,040,000. >> molly: now dulos showed us
8:53 am
numerous documents that were presented at trial which those his company built jennifer's family a guest house along with other payments that were never accounted for, he says. dulos tells me he has no choice but to file a lawsuit last week against them adding that a lot of the information about the way he handled the money with his late father-in-law was a fluid situation. gloria barber's attorney responded to fox's saying in part, mr. dulos makes a lot of claims, none of which are true. a mr. dulos' credibility is lacking. he manipulated the financial statements and played with the numbers. a ruling on this case could take months, molly. >> molly: laura, where is he able to talk about his children. this is the first holiday without their mother. >> that's right, it's a tender topic because of this gag order he has not been able to see or have contact with his children since jennifer went missing due to a court order in that case. it was difficult for him to talk about them or jennifer, as i mentioned, because of the gag order, but i did ask him some key questions. >> did you have anything to do with jennifer's disappearance?
8:54 am
>> again, i will refer to the gag order. i cannot answer that. >> can you tell us where you think she might be? >> same answer. >> you did talk about your rights as a father, is that something you can touch on and tells about? >> well, i believe apart from my rights, i think the children's rights are to have a father and a mother. at this point, it doesn't seem that the children have a father or mother, and that is very tragic for them. >> for jennifer's family, they told us there focuses on crating a safe enjoys christmas for the children her remain with their grandmother. christmas eve will mark seven months since their mother disappeared. we have a longer piece of her interview on it's up today. >> molly: that's a great place to go for the extensive reporting you've done, laura ingle, thank you so much. >> leland: great work, lawyer, coming up, 2020 democrats are
8:55 am
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for a better us, with tough food, your dentures may slip and fall. fixodent ultra-max hold gives you the strongest hold ever to lock your dentures. so now you can eat tough food without worry. fixodent and forget it. >> over the river and through the woods, to grandma's house to hopefully a white christmas. a meteorologist in the extreme weather center with what to expect for the journey.
8:59 am
hi, adam. >> i've got basically good news across the country, we are tracking a couple trouble spots, some heavy rain moving to the west coast and down to southern california, we do have a big rainmaker moving along for a couple of days, now running through north georgia and both the carolinas. if you're driving into those spots, the rest of the country is looking mostly clear. taking a look at our current airport delays and across the entire country we are looking at all green conditions, even some of the spots where you see the current rain. the system moved offshore, the only spots we pay attention to, moving through the phoenix area. >> it's warm, balmy up in boston where you are firm. >> you make it safely to grandma's house, that's a good thing. let's do it all week. we will be here, the ladies of
9:00 am
"outnumbered" are there. "outnumbered" starts right now, see you tomorrow. >> the impeachment stalemate deepening as house and senate leaders clash over the next steps in the process, republicans slamming speaker pelosi for not sending those articles of impeachment against president trump to the senate. this has democrats step up their demands for the president's advisors to testify and defend pelosi's move, watch. >> what the speaker is trying to do is ensure there is going to be a fair trial. senator schumer is trying to push senator mcconnell to make sure there is a fair hearing. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says these actions prove democrats impeachment efforts are just a charade. >> the papers have to be physically brought over to the senate and we can't go forward and tell the does


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