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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 23, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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"outnumbered" are there. "outnumbered" starts right now, see you tomorrow. >> the impeachment stalemate deepening as house and senate leaders clash over the next steps in the process, republicans slamming speaker pelosi for not sending those articles of impeachment against president trump to the senate. this has democrats step up their demands for the president's advisors to testify and defend pelosi's move, watch. >> what the speaker is trying to do is ensure there is going to be a fair trial. senator schumer is trying to push senator mcconnell to make sure there is a fair hearing. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says these actions prove democrats impeachment efforts are just a charade. >> the papers have to be physically brought over to the senate and we can't go forward and tell the does that.
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trying to tell us how to run the trial. she wants to hold all the papers, go right ahead. >> i'm julie banderas coming here today, lisa boothe, fox news contributor jessica tarlov and in the center seat, lucky man today, communications director john summers, and you are "outnumbered." some reaction from the couch and just a moment, live in washington with the very latest, hi, mark. >> lawmakers are not here in washington this week but that's not stopping both parties from blaming each other for this impeachment stalemate. nancy pelosi surprised many people last week when she held up sending the impeachment articles to the senate. she put out to eat first thing
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this morning defending her actions, cannot be completed until we know what sort of trial the senate will conduct. mitch mcconnell says he met with the senate's top democrat to discuss impeachment last week, that meeting happening face-to-face. democrats are demanding to hear from four former and current white house officials during a senate trial. that appears to be a nonstarter at least for the majority lead leader. >> congress could have done, the house could have done is go to court, they didn't do that. and accuse the president, by simply invoking executive privilege which every president has done. the president said he wants a trial in the senate, the president has a tweet of his own
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this morning, he wrote "nancy pelosi gives us the most unfair trial in the history of the u.s. congress and now she is crying for fairness in the senate and breaking all rules while doing so. she lost congress wants, she will do it again. senior white house officials told fox they expect an agreement will eventually be reached as a senate trial could be within a few weeks away. never a dull moment here in washington even when the lawmakers are not here. >> thank you very much. let's talk a little bit about this, nancy pelosi hasn't sent this over to the senates of the senate can't really proceed. she hasn't even assigned impeachment managers. what is she waiting for? she wants the holidays to come over because she wants more attention to this? >> even if she was to hand them over just today it's not like the senate would reconvene and they'd start having these hearings. i think there are a couple of
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things, first of all, it wasn't a trial. is this the case we are going to prosecute? so they want to make sure they have the same level playing field, he's got a level playing field going into this. it's only right that she would try to negotiate an environment that is going to be most unofficial to presenting that case. >> julie: once he gets to the senate she can't control how this trial goes. she's the house majority leader. >> lisa: it is up to the senate and i keep saying, look, the house went after president trump on abuse of power and obstruction of congress. it seems nancy pelosi is abusing her power obstructing congress as well. in holding these articles of
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impeachment. what i'm looking at as well as the optics of this. it makes democrats look like they aren't serious. this isn't a matter of national security and the utmost importance. it makes democrats not look as serious as they want. i think jeff van drew switching parties is a big deal. listen. listen. you have democrats, in a district that president trump won by more than seven points, that district won by ten points. you look at this district, new jersey second, our plus one district, what about those democrats? >> jessica: it's obviously a concern and it has been from the
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get-go. they came out and wrote that op-ed in "the washington post" saying they are now in favor of impeachment inquiry because of the circumstances in which to this abuse of power occurred. it had a national security element that mattered to them great deal but they felt that times have found us, that's how nancy pelosi did as well when she announced to the inquiry. democrats are going to have tough races, we flipped 35 districts that are red or purple, that's bound to happen but what is unprecedented in what's going on right now is having mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham on television and on twitter nonstop saying they are not interested in a fair trial. they've made it perfectly clear. in 1998 when president clinton was facing impeachment, republicans would have blown their lids. there is so much push for lindsey graham reversing himself, he used to care about morality and what went on in the
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president's office. >> lisa: democrats look like hypocrites right now. >> jessica: mitch mcconnell has made it clear he has no interest in a fair and impartial trial, holding this for a couple weeks and i think that's all it's going to be because we know it's going to happen, president trump isn't going to be convicted and removed from office. >> julie: here's republican senator roy blunt on whether nancy pelosi will keep this whole delay from the senate, watch. >> i don't think the speaker, who has great power in a lot of cases, has the power to decide not to send over the determined well of the house of representatives. they have voted, they need to come and defend those who articles. >> julie: what do you think the holdup is? >> carley: a lot of people have speculated she's waiting for more evidence to come out and that very mall maybe the case but i think that after
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congress comes back from christmas i think she's going to release these articles pretty soon because there's no real upside to her having them, especially when she's been out there saying that this impeachment is not about politics and it's about the greater good of the country. the longer she holds onto them, the more people will start to speculate about what her real reasoning is. the one thing i do have to say about this whole thing is that it has become a lesson, "schoolhouse rock" style lesson, somebody literally has to hand over articles of impeachment from the house to the senate. if there's any upside and that it's that we've all learned something new. >> jessica: carly makes a really good point about speaker pelosi waiting for her admins. we had over the weekend, someone who is a high-ranking trump administration official emailed 91 minutes after the call on july 25th saying that we need to keep this as close as possible.
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if more documents like that leak there is more evidence and more basis -- >> lisa: why did nancy pelosi then move so fast forward in the impeachment process by so >> jessica: she didn't move that fast. >> lisa: why didn't they take their time. >> jon: they could've taken even more time if the white house had cooperated with them. >> lisa: he's not the first president. >> jon: if you're hiding documents and telling witnesses they can testify, clearly they have something to hide. i think americans want a fair trial from both sides. they want the house to be heard. but on the other side they also want the president to be heard from as well. let's hear from him. >> carley: mitch mcconnell hasn't said it isn't going to be a fair trial.
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he said that he wants to listen to arguments, have a written questioning period and then decide if they need witnesses or not. witnesses aren't off the table, this is what happens that's where the impasses because nancy pelosi wants to know if witnesses are going to happen even before the questioning period starts. back and happened on the road before questioning begins. >> julie: i think to your point about transparency, the white house is saying look, we release the transcript of the phone call. >> jon: released a memo of the transcript. >> lisa: based on the whistle-blower complaint alone, not even waiting for the transcript to be released. >> jessica: everyone who testified was doing that against the white house's wishes are the state department's wishes.
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people they didn't want to come forward with first-han accountst happened and the president has said like he did during the mueller investigation, i want it all out there, i want to talk to them myself. guess what happens? written questions to mueller. he thinks this will vindicate him. roll the dice, go out there, you will get your witnesses as well and we can have a whole debate about whether hunter biden should be sitting up there, whistle-blower will be protected by whistle-blower protection laws, thank god. republicans say they've done nothing wrong here, go out and defend it. this is the forum for it, you don't have a trial without witnesses, it is fundamental to a trial. >> julie: you got prosecution and defense lawyers, the day they voted to impeach a president, that was the day that
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nancy pelosi was expected to pick impeachment managers. by not picking impeachment managers, prosecutors bring the case and all the evidence to the senate. by not taking them, what does that say? does that say they don't have all their ducks in a row? are they waiting for more evidence? and why are you waiting now? this is been put together before you actually came to a vote. >> jessica: though vote on the articles of impeachment, takes 8-9 months to get to the court. it happens, we still haven't seen them, mueller's report has been finished for months at this point. she wants to see what kind of trial she has. >> lisa: look at the numbers, the democrats case was so weak in the house, they couldn't convince a single republican to come over to their side, even someone who is retiring who
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represented a purple district, that's how weak the case was. also why americans are moving against -- >> jon: that was less of a weak case and more republicans who are scared to death of the wrath of drum. that's what you've seen the retirements. >> lisa: including democrats? >> julie: we are going to move on and of course you guys will have more time. nearly 200 evangelical leaders speaking with one voice in response to a christian magazine calling for president trump to be removed from office. what they are saying. after north korea, one of president trump's top advisors slamming the administration's strategy on de-nuking the world regime. people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear.
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>> julie: american officials on high alert for a possible north korean missile test. they made some ominous comments about a "christmas gift" for the u.s. our test would break north korea's self-imposed moratorium on missile launches and would be a major blow to one of the trump administration's top foreign policy priorities.
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the president's former national security advisor john bolton offering sharp criticism of the current strategy with north korea, saying "the idea that we are somehow exerting maximum pressure on north korea is unfortunately untrue. we are three years in the administration with no visible progress to getting north korea to make the strategic decision to stop delivering nuclear weapons." he is trying to convince all of us that he has a close personal relationship with kim jong un and that's happening, it's not going well. >> lisa: dealing with north korea is one of the toughest foreign policy challenges for any president which is why we've seen presidents from both parties struggle in trying to deal with north korea and try to contain them. you look at the most recent national defense bill president trump just signed into law, it includes keeping troop
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levels in south korea at 28,000, 500 troops and sanctions o banks that do business with north korea. the u.s. is going to have to react, with either further enforcing the current sanctions we already have or perhaps increasing our military presence as well. that's something they're going to have to look at. we don't know what north korea is going to do, they haven't conducted this yet but of course there will have to be our response. >> julie: calling it a christmas surprise is such a blatant -- it's not a surprise when you announce it before the surprise. i don't know. i loved to throw surprise parties. the person during the party for, hey, guess what, on your birthday -- i would like to.
9:20 am
he's obviously -- this is a big, i'd like to say certain words. this is a big slap in the face of the president, first of all. john bolton coming out and saying the white house hasn't been doing this right since day one, another big slap in the face. how does our president react to this? >> jon: going back to making the threat as opposed to it actually being a surprise, that's what we are looking at here. so in terms of the president -- i hope there are high-level talks taking place none of us knows about. one certainly hopes that that is what is taking place but i can say that up until this point, the administration really has bungled this. you have president trump who has elevated this man to the same level as him, putting out videos that i represent him as a superhero to try to win came over, saying just earlier this month that we are at peace with
9:21 am
north korea one clearly we are not. hopefully there are more adult conversations taking place. >> lisa: really quick, on the video you are discussing come of the video is trying to speak in the same terms as north korea was showing, propaganda, two paths that north korea could take, one that is doom and gloom and the other is a better financial and economic future for north korea, that was the point of the video. >> jessica: a very unique tactic. i think the whole situation with north korea is he's sort of if he does, if he doesn't. he was accused of escalating tensions with north korea calling kim jong un little rocket man a few years ago, now john bolton is saying he's not going hard enough on north korea. the thing is nobody knows what the real strategy should be, kim jong un is crazy and volatile and the president is
9:22 am
trying to do something different and leave a little room for diplomacy and hoping he does the right thing here. if this christmas gift or christmas surprise ends up being a long-range missile as opposed to puppy wrapped in a box with christmas paper and holes in the box i think we should expect the president to further increase sanctions economically. >> julie: now what do you believe the president is going to do. you know the president is not going to take that, he's not going to take his former national security advisor, having john bolton coming out and saying the president is not tough enough on north korea. >> jessica: this was always john bolton's problem with the president, when it came to people who he perceives to be the greatest threats to our national security and our allies national security. russia, north korea, after helsinki, he didn't metal in the election, he told me in the private room. john bolton was extremely upset
9:23 am
about that and went to the sunday talk shows. i'm not sure that our is going to do -- i imagine economic sections are the first place to go, we have nearly 30,000 troops in south korea but the real concern here is for our allies in the region. prime minister abe in japan has been probably the most effective world leader in cozying up with the president, he was the first to come to trump tower after he was elected. they are in the line of fire, our south korean allies as well. i'm hopeful for sanctions that will be effective but i completely agree. and julie, what you're saying, it's clear that his approach did not work in the fact that we were talking a few years ago about the potential president winning the nobel peace prize because he had a summit with this guy, you cannot treat these people kindly. they are disingenuous to their core and we can't be fooled again and i wish honesty likes
9:24 am
john bolton was still in the administration when dealing with a threat like this. >> julie: it is a story that senator marco rubio says will be far more in the long run than impeachment. president trump's stamp on the judiciary, just how much he's already remade the court. plus, pete buttigieg feeling the heat over his wine cave fund-raiser. how his rivals are keeping up the pressure and some of them face charges of hypocrisy themselves. >> billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president. ♪ when we see you enter through our doors, we don't see who you're against, or for, whether tomorrow will be light or dark, all we see in you, is a spark we see your spark in each nod, each smile,
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>> lisa: bernie sanders has joined elizabeth warren in criticizing pete buttigieg. "we don't go to rich people's wine caves."
9:29 am
warren has had to do some explaining herself after the associated press reported that she held a pricey fund-raiser at a city winery in boston back in 2018 before she entered the white house race. and top donor in last week's debate she said "we made the decision many years ago that rich people in smoke-filled rooms would not pick the next president of the united states." warren was asked about all this in iowa over the weekend. >> i saw how the system worked, i decided when i entered the presidential race that i wanted to do -- i don't sell access to my time, i don't call high dollar fund-raisers. i am out there raising money all across this country. >> lisa: i thought pete buttigieg had a great response to her attack, "this is the problem with issuing purity
9:30 am
tests you yourself cannot pass." >> jon: the point being at the same time on that stage, the only person on that stage that was not a millionaire or a billionaire. i'm not buying that any one of the individual candidates haven't endorsed anybody but i think that's one of the challenges supporters of elizabeth warren have, you apply this purity test in an environment where it actually doesn't work. unfortunately because citizens united is a thing, if we are going to battle republicans we are going to have to be able to battle them on the same playing field. we can do that with our arms tied behind our back and hope for the best and feel good about where were coming from or we can play by the rules as they are right now until we can get them changed. >> lisa: elizabeth warren did have this rice for a while and she was looking very strong and it's sort of tapered off. >> jessica: i think a lot of it has to do with her
9:31 am
health care stance, i think giving not giving it up on abolishing private insurance was a miscalculation for a number of groups, unions have fought very hard to get health care they love and also people like you and me, i like my health care, i don't want to go on to a medicare system, i want a public option available to those who need it. i think that was part of it but also you have to look at the level of conviction people have for their candidates. there are only two candidates whose supporters are diehard, joe biden and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, they were always quite fluid moving around between her and kamala harris, i think that has a lot to do with health care first and foremost. >> julie: elizabeth warren may have a point, you look at that, he leads the 2020 rivals and contributions. look right there, $3.6 million,
9:32 am
cory booker, $2 million, does she have a point? >> carley: no. maybe but she shouldn't be the one delivering that message because she has been doing this her entire political career. she cannot stand up on the debate stage and chastise something she has been doing since 2018. she used more than $10 million for her senate campaign, some of which she raised at large donor events to jump-start her presidential race. she was totally exposed as being such a hypocrite. i thought pete buttigieg did a phenomenal job under pressure, i think he's one of the people that if he eventually becomes the nominee he could really get president trump around for his money especially on the debate stage but elizabeth warren has a really big problem with continuing to be exposed for somebody who she says she has and she comes out to be the exact opposite of that. >> lisa: look at pete buttigieg right now, he's leading in the most recent polls in iowa and new hampshire, do
9:33 am
you think that's real, is that they are to stay? >> julie: i think it's a moment but i do think he's got a strong moment, and enduring moment. i agree that the reason why elizabeth warren's popularity has pretty much in the tank is because of health care for all all and her medicare plan which doesn't obviously help the rich or the middle class in the country. as far as all these politicians i think if you have something political to say, fine, but otherwise, shut up. i don't think going after your rivals over money when you know when you are running a campaign, presidential campaigns are really expensive. where are you going to get the money? from rich donors. the whole hypocrisy is irritating. >> lisa: one thing i keep saying about elizabeth warren's she has bad political instincts. do you think she does? >> jon: she's made a number of blunders like that, with the fund-raising thing, the dna thing, i think there have been a number of errors. that said i think she stands for
9:34 am
a lot of really good policy ideas, she's got to figure out exactly where she may be able to find some middle ground on medicare for all because the reality is people do like to have their private options as well. >> carley: she also doesn't know what a self he is. when someone takes a picture of you it is not slp. a top senate democrats slamming colleagues on both sides of the aisle for announcing impeachment votes before they've even been to trial. he says they've gone too far. is he right? we will do made next. ♪
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stick by that. they want to hear the evidence. >> it is a mistake for your fellow senators on both sides of the aisle to say they are how they are going to vote before the trial starts? >> jessica: dick durbin warning republican and democratic colleagues not to announce how they are going to vote on impeachment before there's even been a trial. he used to work for senator harry reid, what do you think he would be thinking right now if he were still in the senate about this, have they gone too far in making decisions ahead of time? >> i think he would be thinking the same thing, dick durbin is absolutely right. if we are going to give mitch mcconnell a hard time for not running a fair trial, then we need to make sure we are upholding our promise as well. you can have concerns, concerns about these things, we've seen from the house but i'm going to wait until the articles are in
9:40 am
front of us and make that decision, i think that's okay but coming out as we've seen with lindsey graham and others saying "i know exactly how i am going to vote" and casting it off as a waste of time i think is really unfortunate and it's wrong. >> jessica: i think a lot of this has to do with the way the media works now, in 1998 and people were not on tv all the time or on twitter, what you think the impact it's had on people like amy klobuchar and cory booker and kamala harris who are for president, getting asked of this. >> lisa: they are in our faces all the time but so are politicians. i think the fact that we've heard from mitch mcconnell as many times as we have about this when it hasn't even reached the senate i think does a little bit of damage as well. i think until he gets there, why announce to the american public, you are just going to cast doubt on whether it's going to be a fair trial in ahead of the whole trail you basically said this is
9:41 am
not going anywhere. you haven't heard, you haven't seen the evidence, you have not presented witnesses, you don't know if there are going to be witnesses. nonetheless, wait until the trial starts. usually you don't hear prosecutors coming out and giving out all this information before an actual criminal trial. that should be reserved for the trial itself. i would like to hear less of lawmakers on both sides until it actually goes to trial. >> jessica: do you think, carley, this adds to the american public tune out to the entire thing? we've already seen' independence flatline on impeachment, do you think people are over at? >> carley: i think the american public tuned out months ago, to be honest. if we are being honest with ourselves, most senators already know how they're going to vote and it pretty much goes down party lines. that's why i think people take
9:42 am
issue with him when nancy pelosi and democrats say this isn't political and it isn't because they don't like the president and then you hear democrats applauded after the first article of impeachment past. senators, whether they are democrats or republicans say they already know how they're going to vote are at least being honest. i take more issue and democratic politicians say they take no joy in impeaching the president because we know that's not true. >> lisa: you also had members of congress saying, let's impeach the dashboard i'm not going to say, democrats for impeachment before this call ever happened, a large number of democrats who were for impeachment from day one simply by nature of hitting the president and being disappointed that hillary clinton lost the election. also look at the addition of senator dick durbin, he's in a political position, a leadership position and part of that is i think trying to protect democrats from looking too partisan because what we saw in
9:43 am
the house is completely party line vote, democrats voted against it, not the other way around and i think dick durbin is cognizant of that and trying to protect his party from looking too political but you know how he's going to vote on this. most of the senators know how they're going to vote on that but he just looking at this from a political lens. >> carley: i think they are basing this off of the hours of testimony in the house and if some big bombshell comes out, if it happens they can change their vote. i just don't see anything wrong with -- >> jon: i think for some of them they have been but as new evidence continues to come out like we had over the weekend with the email, i think we need our elected leaders to keep an open mind, particularly so on the republican side. they shooting keep an open mind,
9:44 am
ignore all that new evidence. >> jessica: you even asked mitch mcconnell this morning about vulnerable republicans which is an important question to ask, cory gardner is the most vulnerable republican there, this does matter, susan collins could play an integral role in all this. i don't think it should just be assumed that it's going to be that easy. >> julie: of course not, this is the thought process every member of congress is going through themselves but i would say the numbers have been turning against democrats particularly in swing states which is what matters the most. >> jessica: moving on to mark followed after a prominent evangelical magazine called for the president's removal. by nearly 200 christian leaders are defending the president, and themselves. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug
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9:49 am
there letter reads in part "your editorial questions the spiritual integrity of tens of millions of believers who take seriously their civic and moral obligations. the signees who call themselves bible believing christians and patriotic americans add they are grateful the president has sought out their advice to advance policy and protect the unborn and promote religious freedom. john, the president has repeated over and over that he has done so much good, he is a huge support system behind it when it comes to christians and god-fearing americans who voted to put him in office. by then do you believe that this publication came out and announced all of that? >> jon: i think it's emblematic of the conversations we are seeing across the country among families and communities of faith where they have to ask themselves the question, do they continue to support the ones they believe have been
9:50 am
supportive of the things they believe in on a policy level or do you support someone who frankly has a passing familiarity with faith and says and does things that quite often are against the word of god? i think that's the discussion we see people having in faith-based families all across the country, really trying to come to that conclusion and i think it's a difficult for of them. >> julie: hugh hewitt in an op-ed said, he has blinded more than half of the evangelical christians in the united states, the entire enterprise, the magazine plus online platforms will suffer even as he heads out to retirement in january, but trump will not." he is still a very firm support base behind him. does this hurt the cause to try to bring them down by saying evangelicals are not supportive of him when there are still huge
9:51 am
swaths of evangelicals in this country who will re-vote him into office if he ends up running. >> jessica: i don't think the op-ed will rally evangelicals who have soured against him. these are white evangelicals, this is not the overall evangelical community, this is something happens a lot when discussing trump, 52% of women. 52% of white women. no black women voted for president trump so that is important. it's at 67% and these are important questions i think for people to be asking about themselves. this is a personally immoral man who has cheated on all three of his wives and did not lead a life of god before he went into the administration. >> lisa: i want to get in here as well, the point is as well, so i mean, look. you can legitimately say that president trump has advance
9:52 am
policies that are supportive of evangelicals, whether it's of religious freedom, pro-life policies and you look at the democratic primary field and the moderate in the democratic primary field is advocating for taxpayer-funded abortion so that's going to be intolerable for evangelicals, simply unacceptable. they may look at president trump and they may say i don't necessarily like some of those things but he's fighting for the things i believe in and the policies that are supportive of my belief system and democrats aren't. >> carley: as a christian i do not like this finger-pointing and rhetoric between the christian community, i think everyone is welcome within the religion, support the president, don't support the president. i think the issue with the op-ed is that the person who wrote it made it seem like the whole entire evangelical leadership, everybody in the leadership position agrees with what he was saying and that wasn't
9:53 am
necessarily right. >> julie: you've got to look at the numbers, poll says 67% of evangelicals do not support impeachment. >> lisa: it's an opinion piece. >> julie: politics are more important than his personal issues. >> julie: marco rubio, what he says the president has done that should be highlighted instead. ♪ ...i had psoriasis everywhere... ...head to toe. people were afraid i was contagious. alright, i'll be back in one hour. my skin hurt... ...i felt gross. what's up jay? how's everything? what's up man? hope you've been practicing? but then i started cosentyx... ...and i haven't really had to think about it. see me. cosentyx works fast to give you clear skin that can last. real people with psoriasis... ...look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked...
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>> republican senator marco rubio. urging the media to pay more attention as "the washington post" reports one out of every four federal judges is an trump appointee. "media obsessed with impeaching photos and ignoring 13 more judges this week alone. impeachment is better for ratings but what is going to matter more and longer? partisan impeachment or 187 judges including one fourth of appellate courts. happy sunday." the senator has a point. do you think the media is ignoring this and democrats argued ignoring it to their own peril? >> i don't think the media is ignoring it. i actually agree we should be talking about it more. the reason we are probably not is because the white house isn't talking about it. it's one of those things it doesn't poll as highly as things like the economy.
9:58 am
for my view, talk about it because the more you guys talk about it, the more the republicans talk about it, the more it's going to galvanize the democratic base which frantically has been a little bit slow to hop on board the judicial bandwagon and the weight that comes along with it. whereas on the republican side, think you have hit the ceiling. you're not going to pull more people with you because republicans have been sort of focused on this for so long. talk about it. it will help galvanize democratic voters. speak to look at 2016, supreme court dangling that out was a huge draw for republicans. could this be a boost for republicans and president trump? >> it absolutely is and i think it links back to the conversation we were having about evangelicals. who protects the policies you are in favor of? the judges. it's not all decided by congre congress. you have fetal heartbeat bills running through court systems.
9:59 am
that's why slate legislatures matter. who is in charge of governorships. i think it absolutely is. i have a new op-ed out today about how democrats need an animating issue going into 2020, like abortion and protecting the second amendment has been for republicans. one of those we suggest is judges and voting rights. these are things i can get us to turn out and we don't talk about them enough. >> the average age of the judges is about 40 years old, so it's a big deal. their lifetime appointments. he had 50 circuit court judges confirmed. obama had about 25 at this point in his presidency and the president sees it as the issue that could last the longest in terms of his legacy and what he leaves behind for the united states. that's why he's put you significant emphasis on the judiciary. >> lisa: and will be watching. thank you, john summers. i love your festive socks.
10:00 am
>> they are good socks. >> lisa: we are back here tomorrow at noon eastern and here is julie banderas in for harris. >> fox news alert. growing showdown between house and senate leaders over the impeachment stalemate. this is "outnumbered." i am julie banderas and for harris faulkner. nancy pelosi delays sending impeachment articles to the senate. she says democrats want to ensure there will be a fair trial as they demand white house officials testify. there is a glitch. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell calling on democrats to end the charade saying they should follow the standards of former president clinton's impeachment trial. watch. >> exercise, political exercise. all i'm asking of humor was that we treat trump the same way we treated clinton. we had a procedure that was approv


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