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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 23, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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thank you for inviting us in your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, unafraid. good christmas eve, merry christmas. we'll have you covered on fox. keep it here. >> it's the night before christmas eve and all through the house of representatives, and. except maybe the judiciary committee where democrats are actually raising the possibility of a christmas bombshell, leaving the door wide open of launching a second impeachment inquiry. in moments, former acting attorney general matt whitaker joins me live for is some possibility of a new round of articles of impeachment against president trump. u.s. officials night on high alert amid north korea's threat of a christmas gift to america. general jack keane in with the inside scoop on the possible long-range missile launch you need to know about. later on the show, a story we can all benefit from taking in this christmas season.
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medal of honor recipient inviting us into his home to tell us his miraculous story of survival and hope, inspiring story about what he wants, what every single american know about over the holidays. i'm ed henry in for martha maccallum. house democrats ramping up calls to expand the list of witnesses after new emails indicate that the white house froze aid to ukraine in just 91 minutes after president trump's july phone call. >> what is wrong with witnesses? what is wrong with the documen documents? one argument, leader mcconnell, give us one argument why they shouldn't be part of the trial. >> ed: this morning on fox, the affirmation senate majority leader mitch mcconnell noted that democrats conveniently trying to ignore some precedent from the impeachment trial of president bill clinton. >> all i'm asking of humor is that we treat trump the way we treated clinton.
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we had a procedure that was approved 100-0, schumer voted for it, to go through the opening argument and having a questioning period, and deciding what witnesses to call. >> ed: senator mcconnell went on to say that he's not that's where we begin tonight. and chris hahn, former aide to senator chuck screw this whole thing is a dead cat, time to bury it. >> i think that's a little extreme. the senate does need to go through picking this up if it comes over. to me, it's extraordinary what nancy pelosi is doing. the constitution grants the house the "sole power of impeachment."
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it grants the senate the "sole power to try impeachment." and yet, nancy pelosi is trying to use "leverage" to get her way and get the senate to do things that the house was unable or unwilling to do for the issue of impeachment. the more he goes on, the more petty, the more political, more partisan it looks. not good for the country, not good for the democrat party to be stuck in the netherworld. the extremes on both sides, partisans on both sides are revved up. the people in the middle, swing voters, the longer it goes on. >> ed: we heard from the speaker at the beginning, this is about the constitution, prayers, so serious and solemn. now it sounds like politics and perhaps nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are afraid that the evidence they had in the first round is not good enough to remove them from office. >> i don't think anybody is afraid of anything.
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>> ed: when will they vote? >> they are going on. may be february 4th at the state of the union, nancy pelosi can simply hand in the mitch mcconnell right there when president trump hands her the speech to the state of the union. if there is one republican in america who can be honest about impeachment being bad for the incumbent party, its karl rove, who knows exactly what happened in 2000. it was there, orchestrated this campaign. he knows this is bad for the republicans and for the president of the united states going into an election year. there is going to be a trial. there should be witnesses in that trial. i'm okay with the senators voting on witnesses. i do not know how they can vote against having mike duffy sets a fight after we read his email 9o zelensky, he ordered the stop in to ukraine. we want to know. inquiring minds, we want to kn know. >> if i could respond, chris and i was involved in the 2000
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campaign and i was and what i learned in the 2000 campaign, the republican overreach in the clinton impeachment of 1998 and 1999. the republicans just as the overreach -- the idea that nancy pelosi would take the state of the union address and turned to republicans for mitch mcconnell and hang them the impeachment document at some point, what a stunned. that could do more to do damage to our system of confidence in the institution of congress which this is not about political stunts. this is about serious business. >> ed: pointing out it's the leaders of the impeachment effort backfiring on them, it might boomerang on you now. >> see, i think that's not what happened next make the impeachment actually happened in the lame duck in 1998, and in 2000, the next election when there was a booming economy,
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al gore could not get elected president of united states and the republicans picked up seats in the house of representatives after impeachment. karl was the architect of that. you said let's return integrity to the white house. >> we did not talk about impeachment at all. always said was george w. bush would return dignity and honor to the white house because we knew, saw in the data, the more we talked about impeachment, the more it would bring up bad feelings among swing voters. >> ed: answer that last point from you, chris. >> so when biden runs on let's return to normalcy, that might work. >> he's a democrat, she is a democrat, the democrats are playing games with impeachment. >> to either one of us, knows
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how the kids are doing. >> ed: prescient you coming in. merry christmas. >> mike wallace from florida and green beret, you fought for this country from africa to afghanistan. if this is why you want to continue public service and get in and run for congress, when you see this idea, chris hahn a democrat says may be nancy pelosi should hand the articles at the state of the union. >> i think we just need to get on, it's been three years now, when i talked to floridians back in my district. for them, this is a continuation of nonstop mueller and russia. we had some kavanaugh, cohen, lewandowski, now this. their freshener we are not talking about health care reform, immigration reform that shut down the government a year
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ago, they hit three pot calls on i-95 the way to a town hall and they want to get up there and get things done and get over the partisan bickering and move on for things that affect our everyday lives. >> ed: when i hear you but i want to get to michael duffy and the emails hahn pointed out as a democrat, they kept going back and forth they didn't get to it as the emails. michael duffy is a political appointee, budget official, he said 90 minutes after the call based on guidance in light of the ministrations claim of review to assistance in ukraine, please hold off and on any additional department of defense obligations of funds pending direction from that contest. given the nature of the request, i appreciate you keeping the information closely held to those who need to execute. two directions, chuck schumer suggesting there is a smoking gun, some way to keep it secret, hush-hush. but i wonder as a second question, when you hear that
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read, sounds to me like a bureaucratic maneuvering over the security assistance act, not necessarily some sort of smoking gun. what say you? >> ia say security assistance hold start and stop on a regular basis, had it with the northern triangle country down in latin america, had it with afghanistan and pakistan. the issue with security assistance and whether it was being used effectively by the host country and whether it was a good use of taxpayer dollars since day one. they've been very consistent. you are going to find at the end of the day this is going over voters 'voters' head, tired of it. despite all of this what they are seeing is a record trade deal getting passed in usmca, record defense budget just getting past, 401(k) going up and up and up with a record stock market, and the relatives going back to work. that's what affects their everyday lives.
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>> ed: when i got 15 seconds, congressman. michael duffy, don't believe anything wrong as an email, why shouldn't he come forward and justify what he does? >> i think that investigation happened in the house of representatives. this is not supposed to be a trial based on the two articles that should be passed on any day now. we have a trial and we move on as a country. ten months from election. but the people decide, not a couple of politicians. >> ed: thank you for your service which i mentioned as a green beret to our country, and merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. spewing next, stay out of it. that's the message that the department of justice is sending to the courts about testimony from don mcgahn. leaving the door open to launching yet second impeachment inquiry. ♪music
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>> ed: in the case that could impact the eventual senate impeachment trial, the justice department argued today that the courts should steer clear of the legal fight between the white house and house democrats over potential testimony from former white house counsel don mcgahn. in the response of their own, the house judiciary committee says the issue needs to be settled easily and the testimony could determine "whether to recommend new articles of impeachment." now live, met with the care. former acting attorney general. nancy pelosi has not sent the first two articles to the senate as we were just noting. how in the world can they open the door to potentially a second impeachment inquiry? >> it seems to me that the house
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believes and the leaders in the democrats of the house including nancy pelosi believe this is a winning political issue for you. i do not think it is personally but that's what it appears nancy is doing with this. you know, there's a tradition among the white house and the congress, both the house and the senate of something called accommodation, everybody doesn't get what they want, but they work together to resolve these issues in the court is typically slow to get involved and makes them work it out. this is where it appears that neither side can work it out and they'll don mcgahn's testimony is floating there, but that's the only reason to your point that they would want to talk it out is to get his testimony for a second impeachment or further investigations which are going to continue to divide this country. >> ed: if you are saying that there should be accommodation here, what they say the democrats filing among other things is "the testimony is also
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relevant to ongoing investigations in the president's conduct and considerations to recommend additional articles of impeachment" appear they believe there is misconduct. maybe there wasn't. why not make don mcgahn available if you want to talk about accommodation and meet the democrats halfway? >> there is a very important principle involved called executive privilege. while it is limited, it's still a real thing that must be honored by both sides and this is where the courts typically would get involved to limit the scope of mr. mcgahn's testimony and decide where to draw the line. this is the most -- key advisors like the white house counsel which is what mcgahn was for president trump should be afforded the most executive privilege because of the sensitivities of discussions, but this is where the courts have to play and this is where these witnesses which we heard did not appear in the house, they all should have been resolved by the courts if the white house was saying we are not going to honor your subpoena in the house trying to enforce
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the subpoena. >> lindsey graham tried to weigh in the short time ago and basically say on twitter what's really happening here is the house democrats want an open bar tab and senator graham basically said they want to leave it open so they can try to impeach the president almost over anything. fair point? >> there is no doubt that the democrats are not in the inquiry to resolve this impeachment question. i think the american people know that their case is then, that the president will prevail in the senate, so they house is in no hurry to bring this. it's disappointing that instead of doing important work with the american people like the congressman before was explaining that they want to spend their time on impeachment and really just a political exercise instead of getting the work of the people done. >> we'll see if people are upset about it come next november. matt whitaker, thank you for coming in. coming up, north korea threatening the u.s. with what they call a surprise christmas gift as john bolton takes aim at
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hi >> ed: u.s. officials tonight on alert for this so-called christmas gift that north korea is threatening to deliver. concerning coming as former security advisor as john bolton took a swing at the administration he used to be a part of, criticizing president trump for telling axios, does not think the president means it thank you. north korea's nuclear weapons and bolton went further, adding the idea that we are somehow exerting maximum pressure on north korea is just unfortunately not true. here now, retired general jack keane, chairman for the institute of the study of war and a fox news senior strategic
4:24 pm
analyst. appreciate you coming in. >> glad to be here. >> ed: we'll get to the state in the minute, but let's deal with the master bolton's criticisms had on. is he right, what more should the president be doing? >> he's right in the fact that there is more that can be done. to be frank about it, russia and china, even though they voted for the u.n. resolutions three times, they've never abide by them. and china in the last year has actually open the door wider in terms of providing economic assistance. the russians have thousands of north koreans working for them and they are paying the north koreans for that labor. they are also transferring oil at sea off the coast of north korea. we've got to shut this down. we've got to sanction china, we've been talking this for a year, sanction the banks, the firms involved. they'll never close the door completely, and, they did not want the economy to collapse north korea. the russians, we can stop them cold.
4:25 pm
certainly intercepting the ships where the transfer is going on by our navy can easily be done. those things are very real. other countries also that are employing north korean labor. we've got to sanction those countries to make certain there's not a country in the world that is giving getting away withsomething like. those are very real things we can do to add the pressure. >> in terms of team john munn and the stakes now, the president has held a couple of high-profile summits. high hopes that the relationship can develop to the point to avert a nuclear crisis. are these empty threats or do you have concerns about what kim jong un could be doing over the holidays? >> he's going to fire off a long-range missile of some description. if you fire is often icbm, that's more threatening to the united states because the last when he fired off in 2017 could in theory reach washington, d.c.
4:26 pm
that's a real threat. we would have to respond to that. i believe he's going to do something. i also think he's gaming us. look, in terms of denuclearization, which she's agreed to, he's provided no plans, no timetable, no inventory to weapons systems. united states changes the negotiating policy. in october, we said let's take incremental steps to denuclearization. balked at that, walked away for they are not negotiating with us. that is there and there's a realization settling in with the trump administration that there was always skepticism about north korea. i think there is much more skepticism in terms of the rhetoric surrounding denuclearization. >> if something goes forward from north korea over the holidays, what's president trump's best next move be in 2020? >> clearly in addition to what we just stated should be done, a
4:27 pm
couple of other things must be done. we should not limit military options to just flying bombers up to south korea and increase our maritime presence like we've done in the past. we should put real military capability into south korea, japan, and guam, all of whom are threatened by north korea's medium-range missiles and obviously long-range missiles. an example of one of the skip abilities that can be put there is certainly missile defense. this gets china's attention and this gets north korea's attention. we can also stop assigning military families to north korea, something we've been talking about on fox now for two plus years. that's a credible action that signals to north korea that we are serious, that there is a military option that has credibility to it. and we can increase military presence in general in terms of theater, infrastructure, more munitions, the kind of things he could do if we are going to pull
4:28 pm
the trigger against north korea with a military option to convince them that this is a serious option. >> the president has been on this last couple of days, and long phone call with the prime minister of japan. the stakes were high in the region and around the world. general jack keane can we appreciate your insights. as always, merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you and your team. >> ed: coming up, she was that cia's with a disguise helping america win the cold war. taking us inside the world of the international spies. a segment you simply cannot miss from us coming up next. ble. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with...
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>> where are you born? >> toronto. >> canadians don't pronounce the tea. >> favorite 21st, 1952.
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>> what your job? >> producer. >> what's the last movie you produced? >> "high and dry." >> what's your middle name? what's your middle name? >> shoot him. he's an american spy. >> ben affleck in the oscar-winning film "arco" portraying 20 mendez who rescued six diplomats trapped in iran being a group that posed as a canadian film crew working on a fake sci-fi movie. sadly died in january. he was married to my next guest, former cia chief of th the skies jonna mendez. today, they cowrote the new book "the moscow rules." the secret ca tactics that helped america win the cold war. here now, jonna mendez who's in charge of creating the special disguises agents use on undercover missions. jonna, welcome. i'm sorry for the loss of your husband but appreciate that you
4:34 pm
are here tonight. >> thank you. glad to be here. >> what were the secret tactics, people are fascinated by the spy. what are some of the secret tactics you used by the cia to take down the soviet union? >> one of the things that the book explores and the detail that's never really gone into before is our work with the community of magic and illusion and deception out in l.a. tony was always very interested in magic, even when he was a young kid. he always was playing little tricks on people, but it got a lot more serious at the cia. we would look at some of the magic acts that you would see publicly and say, you know, if we could create those same kinds of deception, that could be a very useful tool in moscow. >> you would base it in part on magic come and glean information from magic shows?
4:35 pm
>> it was more than shows. we were out in l.a., where in the community, we were behind the scenes. it becomes almost an engineering problem. the sleight-of-hand, how do you set it up where its full proof? i mean, you can watch and i can watch a magician do this close-up sleight-of-hand, you'll never catch them. you can't. it's already over by the time you are even sitting down. >> you did an interview with and it's interesting because you invoked a late president of the united states and how you use some of these disguises. watch this and we'll talk about it. >> this is a series of photographs when i met george w. bush in the oval office. and revealed to him that i was greeting him wearing this. typically out in the street, you're using the craft of the mask. before we do this, we measure this and we rehearse whoever's going to do it. you have 37 seconds to come out
4:36 pm
with those changes. the goal of the quick change is to disappear. >> ed: you went into the oval office in disguise but how did president bush react? >> by the way, that was my son on the screen. president bush, at some point he was looking to try and understand where the lines where, where the connections were. before he let me take it off, he got up and walked around and look closely. sat back down and said, okay. i did that tom cruise peel. >> ed: the reveal? >> he liked it. he was amused. he liked it a lot. he was very lively when he was watching this happen. the white house photographer who was taking pictures of it had no idea what had happened. came out afterwards and said, what did you do? i said, she photographed it. i said, i can't tell you.
4:37 pm
it's classified. >> ed: he was a former director of the cia, as you know, it must've fascinated him to see how it was being updated for 30 seconds or so we have left, how has the game changed now? what's going on that we don't know about? >> the game has changed enormously because of technology, because of facial identification that we were in the arm beginning at cia. it's gotten a little out of ha hand. as a technology back and forth right now and because i'm not there, i don't need to know. so i don't know. but i would put my money on the cia. >> ed: you think they are going to get to the bottle with the need to get to the bottom of? >> they love a good challenge. >> ed: jonna, we'll check out the book. appreciate you coming in. next, a "story" special investigation. nine more women come forward alleging abuse by jeffrey epstein. for the first time, some of those accusers are breaking their silence, revealing why
4:38 pm
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>> ed: tonight, and i'm a woman have come forward alleging abuse at the hands of late trafficker jeffrey epstein, filing a joint civil lawsuit against the state. speaking expressly to our investor get of unit to detail the years of abuse they say they suffered as teenagers. watch. >> he never asked my age at the time. i had braces. i looked very young. >> olivia recalled the horrors she endured at the hand of jeffrey epstein when she was just 19 years old. >> now looking back at it, it just goes to discussed and horror at the whole thing. just to be clear, i said no. the difference between that first day and the optimism that kid was so different than two years later. i'm still feeling it now.
4:43 pm
>> at her request, we've agreed to conceal her identity. >> always scared. i never knew what was going to happen next. >> olivia, 1 of 9 accusers in a new lawsuit filed against the estate of epstein said that she had first met the disgraced financier when she moved to new york to follow her aspirations. >> i really wanted to be an actress. >> that was your dream. >> that was my dream. big olivia struggled to make ends meet when her own roommate recruited her to provide massage services to epstein. >> she thought i might be interested as well, that i really did just go into it with, yeah, this guy could help me. yeah, this could be an answer. >> what was the pitch to you? >> the pitch was you can go there and he'll pay you $300 cash and you only have to massage him in your underwear.
4:44 pm
for 30 minutes. that's it. and i was like, okay. that doesn't sound that crazy or bad. >> what she thought was innocent enough quickly escalated as time went on. >> it started where i'd massage him and it would turn into, i want to help you be a better lover. i can teach you things. he'd always manipulate it in the way he would make me feel like i need him. that i wasn't able to do things on my own. >> olivia along with the other eight women were not able to file a lawsuit due to the statute of limitations in new york state. but with a new bill being voted on in 2020, a moratorium for the statute laws could be institut instituted. new york-based attorney jordan merchant who represents olivia and the other plaintiffs, while
4:45 pm
this has helped epstein's victims who are under age and have a chance at justice, the victims already in adulthood when they were attacked need those same opportunities. >> the adult survivor act would look to put everyone on an even playing field and all of jeffrey epstein's victims should have the same access to the justice system. >> lily, who also has her true identity be concealed, says she was also abused by epstein when she was just 19. and even though he took his own life and is gone, she still doesn't feel safe. >> you are still fearful of epstein even after his death? >> it wasn't only his own doing. there were people helping him. he had a lot of friends and powerful people, and a lot of influence. >> lily was introduced to epstein by a friend. >> who was the person that introduced to epstein? >> looking back, i don't think that's a friend. i later found out, i was
4:46 pm
actually paid for, which was disturbing itself. >> lily recounts a first meeting she had with epstein. >> it was in his new york city mansion which as you can imagine can be very intimidating. and i had sat down with him as if it was an interview. he lured me into this other room which i didn't know what was about to take place. >> lily says epstein showered her with gifts including trips to various locations around the world. lily was eventually flown to his private island where she alleges she was raped by epstein. >> he sexually abused you on the island? >> he also has an office in st. thomas and i was abused there too. actually when he raped me. >> dana: this by epstein no longer being alive, one lawsuit filed by his clients say it's u. >> they feel he escaped justice and they don't want it to happen
4:47 pm
again. >> lily explains why she's determined to see this through. >> i think all of the survivors of epstein need to be treated equally. because in the end, it didn't matter if you are 17, 18, 19. >> the pain is still the same. >> the pain is still the same. pain is exactly the same. >> in new york, bryan llenas. fox news. >> ed: here more with more in the exclusive. fox news correspondent bryan llenas. outstanding work. do any of these women hinted that they know more about the identities of the powerful men who did not want this information to come out? >> ed, thank you for having us tonight. it's an important story. when we spoke with olivia and lily, they did not think that other powerful men but they did to hint at the women and other people who enable jeffrey
4:48 pm
epstein in his circle to allow him to do this type of crime, these alleged crimes. specifically the fact there was the secretary and the other employees who were women who made these women trust these girls, trust that they were going into safe hands when it came to epstein. i think they weren't willing to give names because i think there is criminal litigation that could happen in the future. >> the public interest now is in finding justice, getting some accountability after epstein's death which is much more difficult since he's not here to stand trial. where does it stand, a lot of people are not buying that it was a suicide. the initial finding. tell us about the investigations that are on going to get to the bottom of it. >> we are still waiting for the department of justice to release the full investigation as to what happened to jeffrey epstein. the only thing that we know is the attorney general bill barr said that he saw the surveillance video from inside
4:49 pm
the metropolitan correctional center in manhattan that showed, in his mind definitively, that nobody entered the area where jeffrey epstein was being housed that night. he says, based in what he saw with his own eyes, he was skeptical before he saw the video but that was enough to prove to him that nobody went in there and perhaps killed him. but in terms of what we know from jeffrey epstein's own lawyers, they are still skeptical because they want to see the final report. congress has been pushing for this final report and it's still not out and they know that the longer this report is not published, the longer these conspiracy theories have to flourish out there and that's what we've seen. >> ed: house lawmakers demanding the justice department gives the more answers. outstanding work from bryan llenas. bryan, thank you. coming up, the incredible story of a war hero faced with seemingly insurmountable odds and how a simple christmas decoration sent him on the road to recovery. >> my life and my journey, in a
4:50 pm
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the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. available at... >> lance corporal kyle carpenter while serving in afghanistan jumped on grenade to save the life of a fellow marine. cow's heart flatlined three times while being evacuated off the battlefield. he had obviously devastating injuries. they reunited back in america during that thanksgiving break. throughout the holiday season, they patiently waited for kyle's recovery. after 40 surgeries, they say it was nothing short of a miracle. kyle's bravery earned him the medal of honor. recently, he invited the story into his home so he and his mom could share their special christmas message.
4:55 pm
>> i was injured by an enemy hand grenade in southern afghanistan on top of a roof during the moments that followed after, i felt myself bleeding out which eventually led to me fading from consciousness and period of five weeks later, i am still so thankful every day ands day that that i woke up and my first site when i woke up was slowly opening the only i had left to what were christmas stockings hanging on the hospital room wall that my mom had hung hopefully and lovingly preparing for me to wake up during the holidays how walter reed. it took a little bit of time for the confusion to wear off, the fact that i was on the other
4:56 pm
side of the world in a military hospital room and not on that hot dusty rooftop, my life in my journey in a way started when i open my eye and saw this christmas stocking. >> i have three sisters, and they knew that they would be spending christmas in the hospital, so would just out of concern, love, and support, they wanted us to have something that would remind us of christmas and of home, so they actually ordered the stockings and had them sent to the hospital. so of course, i hung them on the wall. >> a lot of people think you wake up, not only are you missing here i, missing your teeth, your eardrums have been blown out and you have devastating injuries from head to toe, but it was more for me
4:57 pm
just being completely in all that i even woke up. and with every new injury high learned about, it just made me that much more in shock, but thankful and grateful that i did wake up. >> in that moment, i learned that it's not about being at home in your house and being decorated and the food and the cookies in the presence and all those kinds of things. truly is about as being together. the greatest gift that we have ever had as a family was having him back in the live band we are just so grateful to have him with us. >> mom was born in florida, a southern girl through and through and when i was injured
4:58 pm
again, no building outside the window pane, the base of alt walter reed is big and just little things that i needed, the only flavor that i could taste was vanilla, so she would walk across the base and through the snow to get me a vanilla milk shake. >> i never, ever thought that something would happen once he got back to the states. he had 13 hours surgeries, nine-hour surgeries, six-hour surgeries. looking back, i thought i could will him to live. i thought if i took good enough care of him, that if i did everything i was supposed to do to take care of him that he would live and he would survive. just an example for me every day, i think he lives every day to the fullest, he is always kind, and i just learned so much from him every day the way he lives his life now.
4:59 pm
so we are just very proud of him. >> through this christmas and through the rest of the many years that were going to be together, strive every single day to show them how much i truly, truly care. in every aspect they have helped me reclaim and build and relearn to love this bonus round in this life that i am living now. i'm so thankful. >> we think kyle for his service and his incredible bravery, his mom seems pretty brave too. he shares a story in the book you are worth it and that is the story of monday, december 23rd britt i will see you back here tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. on "the daily briefing." i will be hosting "america's newsroom" of
5:00 pm
sandra smith. until then, have a good night and merry christmas. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," merry christmas week and this time of year, what is a sincere and faithful christian look like to you? how about a narcissistic former mckinsey consultant who passionately supports late-term abortion. is that the image of concert in your minds eye? but looks can deceive because mayor pete buttigieg says he is exactly that. a faithful christian. indeed, he claims to be so faithful that he literally knows which political party ought supports. >> i


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