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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 25, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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bear families named coco. extremely cute. thank you for inviting us into your home. merry christmas, happy hanukkah, good night from washington, see you tomorrow night. >> welcome to a special edition of tucker carlson, we try to content ourselves with covering the news today or the month, an awful lot going on in this country in the world, long-term changes are taking place the completely rearrange the nation and you deserve to know a lot more about them and why they are happening. part of the reason is powerful people want them to happen, people who are not widely known in this country but ought to be. one of our jobs is to tell you what is going on. we weigh in on the bigger
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problems facing america. we will revisit our more memorable commentaries in the past. one reason the country is a different is the economy is so different and the reason that is true is because of finance, hedge funds, equities, the role of investment banks. a conversation that got a lot of attention was something gop mega donor paul singer. the average republican has never heard of singer but every member of congress has. one reason the party's behavior seem so divorced from the interests and beliefs of republican voters. a lot of people you vote for keep doing things in washington you disagree with in some cases because they are paid to. on this show we recently profiled what singer's actions meant for a small town in nebraska and we got a big response. if you spend any time driving around america and awful lot of the country has shriveled up and
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died. take a trip on route 2 in maine, bordered up paper mills and abandoned houses reflect on route 23 in michigan, ohio, consider the empty factories rings with barbed wire. outside coastal cities seems like this are everywhere. this is your counsel, defunct restaurants, across the street from methadone clinics. that is america. community after community desiccated empty husks with nothing left, look like that now. one of the big factors in the slow-moving disaster is the transformation of the way our leaders think about the american economy. during the last gilded age america's ruling class may have been ostentatiously rich.
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it was a recognizably american class. tycoon the cumulated fortunes but also felt some obligation to the country around them. steel tycoon andrew carnegie build still libraries for the edification of people beneath him. john d rockefeller and others set aside huge portions of their wealth and cases property to make the country better. maybe most significantly in january 1914 henry ford more than doubled the prevailing factory waste to remarkable $5 for an 8 hour day. he didn't have to do that but his company was succeeding and he thought he should. some historians trace the creation of the american middle class to that decision. it is nearly impossible to imagine a big company doing anything like that today. attitudes are too different. private equity isn't built in a
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lot of public libraries these days. the model is ruthless economic efficiency. at sourced the jobs for the valuable assets by viral management and what the scope is cleared, the highest bidder is often asia. it happened around the country. a small number of people phenomenally rich. one is new york-based hedge fund manager named paul singer who according to forbes has amassed a personal fortune of $1 million. how he made that money, made a lot of it by purchasing sovereign debt, at a massive discount. want the country's economy regains stability, lawsuits of a massive public relations campaign originating in washington until he made his money back, and feeding off the carcass of a dying nation.
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and elliott management have done in this country and to this country. over the past couple decades elliott management has large stakes in american companies, firing workers driving up short-term share prices and in some cases taking government bailouts. bloomberg news described singer is the world's most feared investor, even pretending his tactics are good for anyone but singer and his fund. consider the case of delphi, the automotive parts supply. during the last financial crisis, hedge funds including singer at elliott management purchase delphi. the company took billions of dollars in government bailouts, to extortion but they continued anyway. and either cut retiree pensions entirely or shifted the cost to taxpayers. with lighter financial commitments at home and cheap
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factories abroad delphi's stock soared. the 29 delphi plans and operational hedge funds started buying delphi after that only four operating in the united states, tens of thousands of unionized white-collar workers lost their jobs. paul singer's hedge fund cashed out for more than $1 billion. the united kingdom has banned this kind of behavior. now similar to the capitalist we were promised in school, it creates nothing, destroys entire cities, it couldn't be uglier or more destructive. why is it so allowed in the united states? because people like paul singer have from it is influence over the political process. singer was the second largest donor in 2016, giving millions to a super pac that supports republican senators. you may never have heard of paul singer which tells you a lot in itself but in washington he is
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rockstar famous and that is why he is almost certainly -- the average fireman in case you wonder if the system is rigged. tonight we went to tell you how paul singer does business. it begins in a small town called sydney, nebraska, population 6282. sydney is the longtime home of a sporting goods retailer which sells fishing and hunting gear. in october 2015 singer at hedge fund disclose 11% stake instead of pushing the board to settle the company. management apparently fearing a costly fight with singer announced it would look for a buyer. at the time,'s was a relatively healthy company boasting $2 billion in gross profits while $4 billion in revenue, there didn't see to be an immediate need to sell but cabelas sold after being pushed. one year after singer entered the equation.
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the stock price surged. within a week, paul finger cashed out. he bought the stock for $38 a share and sold it for $63 a share. in sidney, nebraska, a different story. the residents did not get rich, just the opposite, the community was devastated, destroyed. the town lost 2000 jobs. a heartbreakingly familiar cascade began, property values collapsed and people couldn't leave. they were trapped there. one of the last driving small towns in this country went under. we sent two produces to survey the wreckage and consider what happened. producers talk to more than a dozen former cabelas employees. all most all of them refused to speak to us on camera fearful of legal retribution from the famously vicious paul singer but
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off camera they told us their story. here it is. >> sydney is a great place to be. >> >> our model a small town. >> elliott management corporation, a taken ownership stake in cabelas. that shakes things up. >> cabelas was making more than $1 billion a year but it could make a quick buck. >> i couldn't help it.
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>> losing her job. >> i thought it was my future. >> looking at 2000 jobs gone. >> sydney devastated. >> >> his customer base is collapsed. >> how many new homes have been built? >> in the city limits. >> put cabelas and its site, sydney was experiencing a building boom. >> a new housing subdivision to meet housing needs. all the great things are happening and we are working our tails off to figure out a way to survive.
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>> those who want to that. those who want to stay, almost impossible to find a job. >> how long did it take to find a job? >> month. >> is it as good as your old job? >> now. >> wall street cashed in. before the merger was complete, the fund made $100 million. >> i hope paul singer is proud of what he did. the money got to him. a pretty sick human being. tucker: as for doing that story, don't criticize paul finger, that is not a good idea. as the package played i got the following text from a person in washington.
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and ben sachs is a us senator in the state of nebraska. you might think the death of the town in his state would be of concern. and we can call fast's office to point to a time when he commented on destruction of sydney or supply a statement to us about what happened but been sass didn't respond to our producers. here is one possible explanation for that. been sass received the largest possible donation from paul singer. >> in recent years the left lost a full-blown attack on freedom of speech. we know where that is leading and we are there, attack on freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, what you are allowed to believe. san francisco's ever to abolish
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the word felon from the city's vocabulary and why they are trying to do that in our special continues next.
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>> tucker: control what people are allowed to say, and eventually you will >> control what people are allowed to say and you can control what they are allowed to think the modern left understand that principle as the soviets did, the main reason they are so hostile to the first amendment and attempted and affected overturn it. earlier this year we covered an example of this, the left's attack includes the effort to abolish the word felon.
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why are they doing that? go, the city has also become threatening and dangerous, the property crime is the highest of any city in america. more than 5 dozen cars are smashed and robbed every day of the year but don't worry they have a plan to respond to this, it is not more cops or better enforcement of the law. that would be bigoted. the city has decided to ban words that suggest san francisco has a crime problem. people are not allowed to talk about crime maybe they will not notice crime exists. the board of supervisors, there will be no more convicted felons in san francisco. ex-cons are to be called, quote, justice involved individuals. there are other justice involved individuals.
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victim and criminal are now morally indistinguishable. that is on purpose. this is woke e quality. there is a problem. back in washington leaders of the democratic party apparently haven't gotten the memo and some are using the term felon which is the real f words. you might want to send kids from the room as we play the following clip. we warn you it is ugly. >> anyone trying to buy guns should have to prove they are not [or somebody legally -- >> i support for restoration of rights to vote. >> the policy [bleep] makes sense. >> elliott men of color who got arrested and are now [bleep] selling weed on the corner. >> the citizen has a right to have a gun unless you are [bleep] >> enabled that young man to get a gun he was not entitled to.
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he was a [bleep]. he had a [bleep] conviction. tucker: back in san francisco no longer any juvenile delinquent. the category has disappeared. couples under 18 were referred to as young people impacted by the juvenile justice system as if the system and not the kid committed the crime which is what the left believes. it is your fault, not theirs. check your privilege, middle america. drug addicts in san francisco are called people with a history of substance abuse. they are the same with insulin-dependent diabetics. you can't call one better than the other. you can laugh this off, san francisco, crazy things happen but language makes thought possible.
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when words disappear, the words represent when they prevent you saying the obvious, over time it becomes impossible to see the obvious and that is why they do it. those who control your words control your mind. liberal say they hate the president because he lives a lot. as usual that is the opposite of the truth. they don't mind when he exaggerates at least sometimes, it is when he tells the truth they go completely bonkers.
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>> live from america's news headquarters marry christmas to you, firefighters and australia getting a much-needed christmas cheer. a deadly brush fire is raging across parts of the country for several months, the flames have claimed the lives of nine people and destroyed 1000 homes. to show their appropriation local volunteers have a cookout for men and women fighting the flames. firefighters have committed to working through the holidays. operation holiday express is underway. us misery personnel began sending stockings to the 5 bases in syria.
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as part of military efforts to bring a little christmas cheer to those serving overseas. the operation brought treats, homemade food and the bands to sing christmas carols. tucker: throughout the impeachment drama the president's enemies told you he was a liar. they said his lies are why he had to be impeached. that is not true. as we explain this fall on the show it is in the president's lies or exaggerations that enrage them. what drives them completely crazy are those moments when he tells the truth. donald trump is a salesman, talker, boast or, booster, compulsive self promoter. at times he is a full-blown bs artist. of trump had gotten rich and real estate he could have made a fortune selling cars. most people know this. it is obvious, transparent, really. is lying the reason the left despises donald trump?
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or could the problem be as is so often the case the exact opposite of what they claim it is? think back over the last four years was when have cnn anchors been the angriest? was is when donald trump told some whopper or exaggerated his own accomplishments? know. they are used to that kind of line. anyone who spends time around politicians is used to it. wouldn't. washington is not when donald trump lies but when he tells the truth. truth is the real threat to their power. there is an unspoken agreement among people in charge of the country not to talk about what has happened, they are personally implicated in its decline, they are profiting from it. the last thing they want is a national conversation about what went wrong so they maintain a strict policy of mandatory reality avoidance. everything is fine, they shout. diversity is our strength, shut up or we will hurt you but trump
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won't shut up. he keeps talking. that is his crime. that is why they hate him. it started with his very first speech as a presidential candidate. >> when mexico sends its people, they are not sending you. they are sending people that have lots of problems and bringing those problems with us. they are bringing drugs, bringing crime, they are rapists and some i assume are good people. >> trump didn't claim everyone coming over the southern borders are, but some are and that is true. precisely because it is true you are absolutely under no circumstances allowed to say it acknowledging that not every illegal alien improves america raises an uncomfortable question. of illegal immigration has a downside then why has washington allowed so much of it. if people in charge cared about us they would protect our borders but they don't care. they let millions and millions
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of foreigners stream in from abroad to use our services, lower our wages and in some cases commit crimes. that is all true which almost by definition made it unacceptable to say. the news anchors pretended by saying it trump was attacking defenseless mexicans but he was attacking them. the gatekeepers in national media, the people who should have been sounding the alarm but made common cause with the ruling class supposed to be covering and keeping honest. the system is rotten and corrupt and the news media are a major reason for why that is. that is what donald trump pointed out and not surprisingly they despised him doing it. ask yourself what is a bigger scandal to your average journalist, the fact that homicidal ms 13 gang members of footage this country from central america and now terrorize communities from los
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angeles to long island or the possibility that someone might complain about that? you don't need to guess the answer because last year donald trump dared to complain about ms 13. >> when the other gang members come into our country i refer to them as animals and guess what, i always will. >> the motto of ms 13 is kill, rape, control. you might not have known that since details of what ms 13 actually is and does have received far less media attention than donald trump's criticism of the gangs. murdering people might be bad but in solving illegal alien murderers and the moral hierarchy of washington a far greater sin. >> a serious problem with the president, any group of people in the united states even if they are hardened criminals. >> the history of political leaders dehumanizing opponents, even criminals, using animal metaphors is a dangerous one.
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>> a very slippery slope when you start dehumanizing people. is what the nazis did. >> when the president of the united states says about undocumented immigrants these aren't people, these are animals. we have to wonder does he not believe in the spark of divinity. >> we are all god's children, spoken like someone who's own children whatever fate the consequences of the policies she supports. lost in the haze with his moralizing was any discussion of those policies the cynic might say was by design, the whole point. it is a theme in washington. a similar passion unfolded when the president spoke about immigration. why so many immigrants come to the us from impoverished countries. if immigration is supposed to make america better, he asked, shouldn't we drop people from the most advanced society?
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an obvious question. cnn had to scream at you to make sure you would never ask that question. >> this is a deeply offensive language, why are we having all these people come here. >> sparking discussed. >> any country the president referred to the is predominantly caucasian. >> not surprised and proud. i'm a proud [blooge] >> we are not all created equal at least not if you were born in as the president put in a [bleep] country. >> the country was considered -- >> people like the president. tucker: is there a living person who disagrees with trump's assessment of haiti? probably not. asian immigrants agree with him, that is why they moved here.
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they are relocating to haiti anytime soon for the same reason. oslo, helsinki, port-au-prince, no thanks. what do people actually think, ignore what they say on television, what do they do? no one believes haiti is in an appealing place. criticizing any in public calls decades, it must be for britain. lucero leaders be embarrassed. that is what it is about. pick a topic. last year after the killing of jamal khashoggi donald trump said while he disapproved of the murder saudi arabia remains an ally, the president said the $450 billion worth of saudi investments to buy more than $100 billion. if we broke our alliance with the saudis the us economy would suffer.
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whatever you think of the saudi's, most people find them revolting. what he said is literally true. this is the arrangement we have had for generations now. everyone in washington knows that because they are on the payroll. trump's crime was saying it out loud. baltimore may be the big city in the western seaboard. everyone in washington has been there from washington to new york. if it is daylight out, no denying the awful reality. the president of the rest of the world, baltimore, rodent infested hellhole, not to mention a corrupt mess. the mayor of the town went to
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jail again. the obvious follow-up is wise baltimore so bad? how did it get so poor and hopeless? part of the answer is 50 years of uninterruptible hasn't helped baltimore very much. it would be embarrassing to democratic party so apologists don't want to have that conversation. they attack the man who tried to started. >> raging from the president's twitter feed. >> donald trump makes it a racist design in baltimore. >> the president often is disgusted. >> he uses racist appeal using the bait and switch. >> in the most bigoted and racist way. >> reporter: in washington the leaders of the episcopal church and technical accuracy, issued a floored statement calling the president's words about baltimore, quote, dangerous.
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and they felt virtuous issuing that statement but hasn't changed in baltimore. baltimore remains dangerous not in a theoretical epidemic kind of way but real danger, the kind where your kid gets shot. that is what life is like in the physical city of baltimore, place where msnbc contributors fear to tread. that places sad and desperate and screwed up and not one person in washington dc cares at all that it is except to the extent they want to make sure you don't think or talk about baltimore because thinking or talking about baltimore or thinking or talking about mass immigration, the war in afghanistan, middle-class life expectancy and decline, thinking or talking about any of that might point up their own egregious failures and selfishness which are profound. whatever we do we can't bring that up because it is
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embarrassing so let's just agree donald trump is a racist liar and move on. he is up to almost 14,000 lies by now, what a bad person he is unlike us. walmart has gutted rural america, uglier, sadder and poor while making the chinese, our main rivals, how has martin gotten away with it? by joining the vanguard, attacking the constitution and attacking you. we will tell you how they do it next.
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>> tucker: for decades, liberals attacked walmart. they said, it tucker: for decades liberal contact walmart, and filled american households with cheap
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chinese imports. all that is true. they don't attack walmart anymore the left because walmart realized it was easy to keep doing everything it wanted to do while getting love from the democrats. all they had to do was attack your constitutional rights. here is how it works. >> doug mcmillan issued calling on congress to ban semi automatic rifles. some firearms who have not been convicted of a crime were charged with anything. for a company that operates primarily in rural america all of this was a big step. how do rural americans feel about it? we can only guess, there's not a lot of polling going on in montana or roxboro or maine but we do know the most expensive parts of new york city, washington and los angeles all smart people were deeply impressed. they love walmart. >> good for walmart for doing this. these are weapons of war. >> what is happening is walmart is listening to its own
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customers, listening to the american people who wants changes not only in stores but in society. >> you have business acting in a more agile way than government does. >> walmart announced new action insisting the status quo is a next of the. >> i was happily surprised. this is a momentous decision, a watershed moment. tucker: walmart is more enlightened than government is since liberals, that is a fascinating turnaround because for years walmart was the target of coordinated attacks from the left. progressives used to protect the company for destroying small-town americans, walmart hired pr consultants to push back for years but the company never changed the way it does business and somehow the left stopped attacking them. liberals got rich and lost interest in economics, adopt
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identity issues instead but walmart figured out it could buy immunity from criticism, that is all it takes, sounding awoke and they will leave you alone. walmart plans to sell the remainder of its ar 15 ammunition so this couldn't be about saving lives obviously. it is about the money. it is only about the money and that is not a surprise. by revenue walmart is the largest company in the world. the walton families the richest in america, more than $150 billion which how did they get so which? by selling to domestic consumers, cheap chinese garbage manufactured offshore, wages american manufacturers could never match. according to one study from 2001-2013 america lost 400,000 jobs thanks to walmart reliance on chinese imports and it shows. this is what many american towns look like today thanks to walmart. here are the gleaming new cities
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the communist chinese government built with the profits. look at that. wish we had that? we don't. at times walmart sold goods just long enough to drive american competitors, smaller retail and the jobs they provided just vanished. many places walmart became one of the few remaining employers. as of today more than 1.5 million americans work at walmart and it is not an improvement over what we had before and it is not getting better. 2005, 20% of walmart employees worked part-time. today the majority work part time. if walmart keeps employees hours low enough they can avoid paying benefits. people can't live like that and walmart knows it but they know the federal government and that is to say you, taxpayers will subsidize low wages with welfare benefits. you are working so the walton family won't have to pay their employees enough to live.
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that is happening right now but we are not talking about it because walmart is now pushing gun-control. think about what is happening. the company more responsible than any other company for destroying and degrading rural america, for making our towns uglier and cheaper and poorer, the same people who push the appalling lie that brightly colored plastic wrap from china is going to make us happy, that company is now lecturing normal americans, the very americans they have hurt about how immoral they are for daring to protect themselves with firearms. everyone in washington, new york and los angeles is applauding them as they do it. it is not a good sign. elizabeth warren wants taxpayers to cover the cost of fixing the student loan bubble. she was a college professor. when our special continues we describe our alternative. there is one. colleges are getting rich from student loans. elizabeth foreign got rich because of student loans.
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why don't they pay to fix the crisis? seriously. that is next.
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>> we are going to chicago where it looks like football whether. >> this is happening with cleveland. >> there we go. >> we got you covered from morning to night.
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>> tucker: welcome back to tucker: student loan by one of the biggest financial burdens for young people, people are angry, broke, student loans did that. potential candidates are saying mass loan forgiveness or free college both of which taxpayers
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would pay for. donald trump is worried those promises could steal his thunder and opened this year's election for democrats. doesn't have to be that way. earlier this year we presented our own idea for fixing the student loan crisis. put the burden on people who are getting rich from student loans. if you wonder why the majority of americans under 30 prefer socialism, debt is a major reason. student loans are killing them and never go away thanks to lobbying efforts, student loans unlike other forms of debt cannot be erased by bankruptcy. >> these guys start to default who is left, one of the big challenges is you can't get through bankruptcy, you can't
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remove this debt so what do you do? you are not going to pay your credit card bill your mortgage or your home loan because you don't have a choice. >> the student loan crisis is a modern problem. 13 years ago the average college graduate owed $30,000 in student loans. today the number has jumped to 37,000. the very earnings are supposed to justify student loans in the first place. for professional degrees the number is much higher. the average law school graduate carries 110,000 student loan debts. for new doctors the burden is nearly $200,000 by the time they finish school. 2 million americans 100 grand in student loans which imagine starting life that far behind. many people paying off college loan debt never earned a degree. they tried to improve their lives by attending college, wound up poor and in bondage and
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millions of them. what are the effects of this. damage is more profound than anything caused by climate change, young people are broke, they are delaying the vital life transitions that were automatic for earlier generations. a quarter of american adults lived with their parents, written to 35%. the home ownership, dropped 8 points from before. they are getting married less often and having fewer kids, not because they don't want children. according to gallup the percentage of americans who want children have not changed in 25 years and fewer children are being born thanks in part to rising debt levels, america's middle-class cannot replace itself. that is why we are told we must import new workers from abroad. young americans want homes and families, helping them get those things are to be our top priority is a country. we can't begin until we reform
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the student loan system. why haven't we done that? hugely powerful lobby stand in the way, colleges and universities, lobbyists swarm washington. these people benefit from student loan debt. drive to rural america and see how well they have done. in a sea of poverty and despair you will notice island of affluence of these are colleges which outside the gates people are unemployed and dying of opioid overdoses. inside the gates on south beach, if you haven't been to an american university, see it for yourself. everything is new. there has been a building boom on campuses all of it funded by debt that is destroying a generation of american kids. they damaged $1 million, they are hedge funds. what have colleges done with this money? they hired massive staffs of
1:57 am
like-minded people for one thing. from 1987-2012 the number of administrators on college campuses doubled, far bigger than the increase of actual students going to college. college administrators routinely make 6-figure salaries. what do they do for that money? not a single thing that makes this a better country. college presidents often get 7-figure salaries, their pay is the only thing america rising as fast as tuition costs. academic publishers are getting rich from the debt boom. prices of textbooks have tripled in the past 20 years, printing hasn't gotten more expensive. nonacademic books are cheaper than they were two decades ago but students are captive market and being exploited ruthlessly. nobody says a word about it. young people in this country get poorer every year. college administrators are getting richer at their expense. it is not a law of the universe this has to happen.
1:58 am
it is the policy, the incentive their society created over time. the federal government allows young people to take an unlimited amount of student loans. colleges know this and i tuition to capture as much as they can. young people have little choice but to go along with it. colleges control access to credentials that are convinced are necessary to achieve success in the modern economy. it is a racket. these are the gatekeepers of modern society and they are ripping off every kid who passes through those gates. what is the solution? here's one. have colleges cosign the loans and why shouldn't they. if we enter into a partnership in business and succeed, we share the rewards but also the risks. if we fail we are both on the hook for that. that is honest arrangement work. college loans don't work that way. colleges get rich no matter what happens. kids are on their own. if they drop out of college or their degrees turn out to be worthless as so many are they
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can't repay, so what? the college doesn't care. they have no stake in the outcome. colleges get all the benefit and none of the risks. that is the definition of a scam. it is amazing it could even be legal. it should not be legal. take 20 minutes from the russia hoax and posturing about climate change and fix one of the actual problems, one of the biggest problems this country faces, pass a law forcing colleges to share the liability on student loans. what would be the argument against that, the colleges can't afford it? the taxpayers should shoulder all the risks so they can build another diversity of inclusion center and hire more useless overpaid demons of sensitivity. it is hard to make that case, too stupid. congress should act now, the student loan system is going to collapse. before it does let's be clear about who has been profiting from it. that is offered tonight's special presentation.
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we will be back at 8:00 pm to show the sworn enemy of line pomposity, smugness and groupthink. see you soon. ♪ >> sean: welco >> welcome to this special edition of hannity and we will highlight the big interviews we've done for the past two weeks. my interview with donald trump. >> i want to go to the double standard again whether it is the dossier or ukraine interfering in our elections, there is no quid pro quo, then you can add hunter biden and joe biden on tape bragging about using taxpayer dollars to demand the firing of the ukrainian prosecutor, hunter biden, no express, ukraine, china, no experience in oil, gas, energy,


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