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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 25, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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we will never be part of the mob, let not your heart be troubled. it's christmas, have a great night. ♪ ♪ a newborn king. ed: merry christmas and good morning. how beautiful does this tree look on fox square? griff: merry christmas, we want to share with you what an honor it is. we have a big show ahead for you. ed: we are going to have santa. >> food coming up. ed: we want you to send in your patriotic photos how you are celebrating and maybe how you decorate your tree with the #fox pate i
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can christmas tree? griff: fox all-american christmas. wife and daughters came. i made them come and take a picture with the tree. our fox tree in new york now is a tradition. brian kilmeade said it will go on for years and years. it's bigger than the rockefeller tree. i'm telling you. weave also have a santa claus today. nicole: santa claus has taught me one thing this morning when you take a picker it's actually called an elfie today. not a selfie, right, santa? griff: santa claus. >> right, good morning. ho ho ho. >> merry christmas. nicole: merry christmas. griff: we tracked you yesterday. we were tracking you early this morning. you finished, i believe, hawaii was your last stop. is that correct. >> i did. i was very tempted to stay there santa doesn't look good in a grass skirt. ed: i notice you were in
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makeup a little longer. i don't want to pick on you. do you on christmas morning if you are going to be on tv need a little more time with makeup. >> a little more time with makeup and a lot more time with plastic surgery. nicole: tell us about last night. was it a busy night for you? did everything go smoothly. >> smoothly but busier than normal. i had a lot of bad weather throughout the world. i had to fly a lot faster. in the future i'm worried about this space force and getting pulled over in the sleigh. nicole: they might escort you and keep things going smoothly for you. >> that's what i'm hoping for. griff: we heard yesterday from norad that they actually used rudolph wants blinking red nose beton that they track with satellites. are you okay with that? >> that's correct. i want the children to know where i am so they know when 20 go to bed. they have to be sleeping when i visit their homes. ed: by the way, we have cookies there next to your chair i noticed when i was getting set up. how do you stay in good shape? >> carrots for the reindeer
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and everything. it doesn't seem like you have a balanced diet on christmas night. >> i eat a lot of cookies, a lot of milk. a lot of rest stops. i have got to admit. but, no. this is the time of year for cookies, and santa never met a cookie he doesn't like. nicole: our viewers now can actually email your questions for santa at he will be answering them all morning long. so be sure to tune in. ed: thanks, santa. griff: thank you, santa. ed: first lady and melania trump dinner at christmas eve and they are at mar-a-lago. the president earlier in the day was speaking to troops overseas a traditional thing presidents do in terms of reaching out to the different branches of the armed forces. griff: so important. many years ago i went with oliver north doing war stories. gary sinise was there at the holiday time. it's easy to feel forei gotten. to be 5,000 miles away in
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the danger zone. great the president took time to do it. phoning the troops it. really, really means something. and it's great to take a time out christmas time when we are all consumed with our own, you know, gift-giving and last-minute details that military families are making sacrifices both abroad and at home. nicole: that's right. absolutely. president trump and melania were outside mass at church at west palm beach. >> merry christmas, i hope every member of the military will feel the overloving gratitude for our nation starting january 1st. starting january 1st you will be getting largest pay raise. you don't have to take it if if you don't want you can turn it back into the government. it will be the largest in over a decade. you very much earned it. don't worry, i'm only kidding when i say turn it back. griff: president thanking the troops as you mentioned, nicole, they went to church.
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>> that's right, last night. >> there they are in west palm beach. griff: an interesting -- ed and i were discussing we get this pool note as reporters here at fox. this is a different church he has gone. to say he went to b bethesda by the sea. this is a different. ed: reaching tout different parts of the community. nicole: i actually like that. people are very true to where they like to go to church. especially being the president of the united states, i think it means a lot to go to different churches and be a part of different communities. >> absolutely. then they had their traditional dinner at mar-a-lago, of course. the club that the president is talking up a lot. the president was on the phone with troops overseas he a we mentioned. the first lady also checked in with norad to see how things were going with santa and tweeted about it later. this was just kind of a traditional christmas eve for them. the tweet there from the first lady you can see it's christmas eve and santa is hard at work delivering toys to children all over the
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world. a wonderful tradition. thank you ought norad, santa for including me and trackininhelping the kids and s. nicole: she looked very poised and very beautiful. i really appreciate that she took the time to speak to children. my kids have been tracking santa all day yesterday and that means a lot when it happens. griff: interesting when the first lady was doing that someone tweeted at me saying this is an a grown adult woman saying ever since she was a child saying tracking santa has been a tradition for her. she was proud of melania for doing that. ed: those are some of the traditions the trump family do in terms of church. dinner back at home. what are your traditions? let us know, we will check in all morning telling you a little bit about our family traditions as well. nicole: absolutely.
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griff: there is a lot of them. katie: there sure are one thing i'm finding quite interesting having a college student a new survey came out saying 88% of college students agree saying merry christmas is not offensive. ed: imagine that. griff griff that's right. ed: look at survey from college fix. talked to a thousand college students around the country. 88% saying yes, is it offensive to wish merry christmas to a stranger? 4% no, 8% not sure. katie: one thing that was interesting about this survey is that it went across all political beliefs. the majority were independent, and then there were more democrats than there were republicans. so, for 4 hers to say that merry christmas was offensive in the heated political climate where everyone thinks that everything is politically incorrect to say a very happy to hear, that we can still say merry christmas without being offensive. griff: your college aged child at ole miss my alma
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mater grate glad to know it's safe and secure there. ed: no doubt about it. this is a really fun story though. christmas time forgiving. is it giving or a shakedown when grandma says look i'm cooking a big meal everybody needs to pay up up. this is happening in the u.k. nicole: i totally get. this first of all, she is end of life caregiver. she doesn't have a high paying job. she is saying she wants to be able to provide gifts for her family but also provide a big meal for them. charging 45 minutes for her family to come and eat with them. she could say do a pot luck and make everyone cook. i will provide the food. ed: do you get a wrist band when you walk in get a certain table. is there a v.i.p.? griff: she wants a little help. she explains she spends just about $400 to put this whole thing together. here is what she told the son. i get all of my family to put in before i go and do the shop. this year i spent $388
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online at morrison doing the big shop and making sure i had a variety of things in. but it's not that i'm being tight. it means i get to spend more on other as specketsz, too like presents. this year the tree has so many trees stacked around it that you can't even see it. nicole: i'm curious what the viewers think of this. i like the idea. either you have a pot luck or make everyone cook or maybe they should fill in. griff: charge a service fee for the cooking and decorating and wrapping that must be done. nicole: at elizabeth warren fundraisers they were giving at $49 a wine. by charging 45 that's less. ed: feels like a shakedown is there a shimkus shakedown? carley: there should be now with that alliteration. how do you like that? i oddly like to do dishes. i think it's sort of therapeutic. so that's my. nicole: we will talk about that later.
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carley: can you always invite me over to your christmas i will be in the kitchen. >> start things off in a if he has been way celebrating christmas around the world. pope francis delivering his annual christmas day speech. this is a live look from saint peters square in vatican city. overnight thousands of christians celebrated christmas eve in bethlehem. the city putting up a giant christmas tree in manger square. near the spot believed to be where jesus was born. take a look at that. today the remains of u.s. army special forces sergeant michael gobel will return to american soil. american beret killed in afghanistan four weeks before his final tour of duty was over. emotional tributes pouring in from home state of jersey. >> he was somebody who was a true patriot. a true horks loves everything about america. loves everything about the area he grew up in. carley: state officials
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ordering all flags to fly at halhalf-staff a go fund me page set up for long time girlfriend and daughter has raised over $70,000. all eyes on north korea this morning after the rogue regime promised a christmas gift. military officials are expecting it to be some kind of missile test. president trump says the u.s. is ready. >> maybe it's a nice present. maybe it's a present where he sends me a beautiful velasquez as opposevasopposed t. we will deal with it very successfully. carley: a new structure at a factory linked to making long range nuclear missiles. surf's up. nearly -- look at this. 600 santas spent christmas eve riding the waves in florida. thousands walke watched the annl event from the shore at cocoa beach. all proceeds go to local charities.
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surfing santas raising $170,000 since it started 10 years ago. griff he is, that's got to be your next assignment. assignment. griff: i approve. it's fantastic. ed: i'm all for griff doing that. real santas can't stand up. nicole: we have the real san. ed: anybody can put a hat on and go out there and hang ten. nicole: santa has helpers. he can't be everywhere at the same time. helpers like the elves that work for him. ed: santa a great surfer. pays money for a good cause in cocoa beach. ed: a matter of time before santa starts charging per head. how is he going to do this? start charging. he wants you to venmo him money. griff griff there i: there is e
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♪ joy the world. griff: merry christmas, here is a look at vatican city where thousands gathered to hear pope francis deliver his christmas message. ed: during mass he focused remarks on love and telling christians to never lose hope. nicole: joining us archdiocese of new york father murray. merry christmas, father. thank you so much for coming here today. >> merry christmas to all of you. wonderful to be with you. griff: father, what's your message today? >> first gratitude and second humility. gratitude because we thank god tore sending his son into world on christmas day. gratitude all-purposed intention we wake up every morning. today is he given us
3:17 am
christmas. there is so much to be grateful for. humility is the reflection on christ in the manger. here is god himself a small child in the manger in a stable, mary and joseph, of course, very happy with what's happening, but wish they could have given him more. but the lord accepted poverty and being pushed aside precisely because in life we're not mental to just be number one. we are meant to serve each other, serve god. oso humility is a key to having a happy and good life. nicole: father, the pope delivered a very powerful message for this christmas season. i wonder if you could put something in context for us. whatever goes wrong in our lives. whatever happens in the church, will no longer serve as an excuse. what is the message that people can take away from that? >> it's the message, really, of the cross. christ was born but he will die on good friday and then rise from the dead. so in life troubles and difficulties are not unexpected. we should keep in mind that if the lord went that way of
3:18 am
suffering, we have to follow making excuses is a great human trait. you went wrong because somebody did this or that happened to me. and the real answer is what am i doing to both bear the cross as i have but help other people with their difficulties? nicole: such a strong, powerful message. ed: absolutely. the pope says god loves all of us, even the worst of us. >> that's something we need to focus on. god forgave even those who crucified him on that moment. on christmas day it's a good time to remember we have to love not just our family and our friends and those closest. we have to love the stranger. that's one of the great things you see at christmas, charitable giving, people working in soup kitchens. how about the ordinary kindness of smiling at a stranger. providing help to those in need. all of that is what christmas is about. god's love, man's love in return. griff: father, you talk about what christmas is about. excuse me, as you struggle with the commercialization.
3:19 am
everyone wants to open presents. you also really want them to realize the significance of this day. >> i tell the kids remember who is really giving you "the apprentice." it's not really santa or parents that's important. it's god giving you the present. god put you on earth and god gave people who love you your parents, your friends, santa, of course, loves all children. yeah, to think about christmas is not about receiving gifts as much as it is giving love in return. that's what a gift symbolizes. if children and adults, if we can look at those christmas presents as not just another shiny thing in our house as a sign that someone loves us. griff: great way to put it. ed: great uplifting message. >> merry christmas, god bless. griff: one veteran creates a christmas miracle for dozens in his community. he joins us live with a heart-warming story you don't want to miss ♪ silver bells ♪ silver bells ♪ it's christmas time
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some things are too important to do yourself. book yours a ♪ y price, get customized security with 24/7 monitoring from xfinity home. awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. ed: quick 2020 headlines, candidate michael bloomberg cut ties with a company that
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used prisoners to make campaign call. the billionaire claiming they were unaware their subcontractors practice and will properly vet vend doors moving forward. let's hope a new dnc ad making a big omission. >> i'm andrew yang. >> elizabeth warren. >> pete buttigieg. >> biewd share. >> patrick. >> notice who is missing from the unity fundraising ad? hawaii congresswoman tulsi gabbard. in a now deleted tweet candidate andrew yang tweeted where is tulsi. [others left out hulaian castro mik, john delaney and michael bennet. nicole: secretly paying off the utility bills of those who had fallen on hard times. griff: instead of getting a bill. you can rest easier this holiday season knowing you have one less big bill to
3:24 am
pay. nicole: how his gesture is inspiring others is owner of gulf breeze pools and spas. thank you so much for joining us today. >> merry christmas to you. nicole: this is incredible story. especially one for christmas. can you please tell us what motivated you to go and pay past due utility bills for a lot of people in your community? >> well, about a month ago, like everyone else in america, i opened up my utility bill for my gas and water and i noticed on it that the due date was december 26th. that made me think about people that may not be able to pay their utility bills and they may have to go at christmas time without gas and water. so i went to gulf breeze city hall where the utility department is and i talked to joanne oliver who is in the billing department and i asked her if she could get
3:25 am
together for me the people in our community that are going to have their gas and water disconnected around christmas time. so, she got 36 families together. 36 names for me. and when we totaled up what all the past due amounts were it came to about $4,600. so i told her that, you know, i was willing to go ahead and pay the whole amount so that. griff: wow. >> no one had their gas or water detected around christmas time. griff: mike, you actually had a personal experience with hard times back in 1983, you were in, perhaps, one of those situations; is that correct? >> yes, it is. that was another thing that motivated me because i have actually lived it. i have experienced it where there was a time in my life that i couldn't afford to pay the gas bill and the gas was shut off, and my family and i went through a whole
3:26 am
winters without heat. i happened to pick the coldest weather that pensacola ever had the temperature got down to 6 degrees. we had ice and icicles inside the house. nicole: mike, your generosity and incredible deed have you done this holiday season gained some traction. has actually inspired others across the country to do the same. it just goes to show that a token of kindness can really have a domino effect and help others. and i think it is just really bringing home the christmas spirit, especially the holiday season, the american spirit of do for others and hopefully it will continue to spread across the country and the world. >> yes. i have got many messages from around the world, people in africa and europe, canada telling me what an inspiration i am. i actually have some messages where people have already begun to pay this forward. there is a management
3:27 am
company in sunrise, florida that notified me they got together and put some money together and went to their utility department down there and paid off past due amounts. and here in pensacola, we had a gentleman come in last week to the school board and ask how much all the lunch money was behind, how much was owed from kids that couldn't afford their lunch money. and he was told about $2,500. and he wrote out a check for that $2,500. another perso personal one that affected me last week one of my own customers that i owed $550 to a refund on some work that i had done, she told me to take the money and go pay off some more utility bills which i did. i went to the city and we got six more people paid up that aren't going to have their utilities disconnected. nicole: mike, thank you for your generosity and for being a veteran. everything have you done for
3:28 am
your country. the inspiration you are giving around the world. griff: merry christmas to you, thank you for your service, and thank you for what you are doing. >> thank you. merry christmas, america. griff: one of the most popular christmas songs ever. beginning to look like christmas getting banned because of one line. we'll explain. nicole: there is one lucky dog inside with a big surprise coming up stay tuned ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ toys in every store ♪ i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy,
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♪ ♪ just hear those sleigh bill bells jingling ♪ come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you ♪ outside the snow is falling ♪ and friends are calling you who ♪ giddy up ♪ let's go ♪ let's look at the show ♪ we are riding in a wonderland of snow ♪ giddy up, giddy up, giddy up ♪ it's grand ♪ just holding your hand santa anita we're riding along with a song ♪ our cheeks are nicey and rose and comfy cozy are we ♪ we're smuggled up ♪ like a birds of a feather would be ♪ let's take that song and sins sing a lovely chorus or too ed: how awesome is that? nicole: that is amazing. i love music this holiday
3:33 am
season. merry christmas, everyone. griff: steve is great. ed: we have carley here. merry christmas. carley: one of those voices that sounds taped when he is live. unbelievable. carley: sounds like butter. merry christmas, everybody. ed: wish a merry christmas to our staffers and their family. look at these wonderful people who helped put our fine program together every single day as we welcome adam klotz to the couch as well. nicole: producer montana with her parents. carley: from my hometown new jersey. nicole: grand amarillo. ed: check out fox meteorologist janice dean the dancing machine with her family. pictured in front of a beautiful christmas tree. nicole: beautiful. griff: "fox & friends" writer ben with james. mom, cathy, two other brothers. nicole: writer taylor pictured here with a very large family, too much that
3:34 am
he didn't even send in the names of everyone. [laughter] ed: this is our friend associate producer caitlin mom cathy and dad tom and brother brian. looking all spectacular. griff: this is our copy editor. oliver. nicole: hello, oliver. griff: jenkins family a special thing last night. this is my niece sofiay. they engaged ben mar. very accomplished horse rider equestrian. got engaged in florida. he gave her a necklace that saimarry me. and pulled out a ring. ed: that is great. beautiful voice. wishing everybody a merry christmas. now it's time for some gifts. carley: yes, it is. ed: who wants to go first? nicole: i'm going to go first. i got adam in the draw. put down your stacks, please.
3:35 am
carley: i get two? nicole: adam is going first. adam: last minute shopping. carley: look as little big for a diamond, i don't know what you are thinking adam. nicole: adam, i know how much one you love the weather and you also love yourself and so i found. adam: talks about me too. there is another one in there i couldn't just get one. carley: talks about the weather. nicole: warm weather version and a colder one. i expect to see it all year long. carley: can i totally see you wearing those. nicole: 100 percent chance of mee telling you the forecast. adam: 50% chance i will get it right. nicole: carley goes next. carley: which one should i open first?
3:36 am
adam: so they pop open. carley: not like a jack in the box pop open. this is instics camera. >> polar rode camera. carley: be like the cool kids. what was once old is new again. vinyl polar rode. i didn't know what it was at first. these are -- griff: photos taken. carley: i'm hoping this is a puppy. [laughter] carley: taco pillow. adam: it's a taco pillow. carley: if you don't know i love tacos. favorite food. wanna talk about it? it's a pillow. and this is the color scheme of my apartment. tammaro dam who doesn't want to be made into a burrito?
3:37 am
carley: i can be a taco now. thank you so much. is it okay if i do the news all day like this? wrapped up? where did you get this? that's hilarious. nicole: who did you get? ed: i'm going for griff. and i have got one and then got an add on. griff: thank you. let's do it here. hold on, could be taped. oh boy. oh good. this has to do with. ed: special. griff: better griff workout gear. carley: #better with friends. ed: when griff comes to new york he likes to go full cycle. griff: ed turned me on to something years ago. my dog rascal who we know who is the most beloved member of the jenkins family. don't tell anybody.
3:38 am
got a patriotic new collar. definitely going to be wearing this soon. lo it. ed: i interviewed a sheriff. have you ever seen griff, he helped us during hurricane harvey and i want him to have this stetsonnen. this is actually something i'm. griff: signed by sheriff. thank you, ed, thank you sheriff nells. katie: my turn. griff: i have something very special for new that box. nicole: hurt. let's see here. kind of heavy. this is appropriate. please do not confuse your google search with my medical degree. carley: web md. katie: quite important.
3:39 am
and ole miss mom. griff: going to be an ole miss christmas as mother of ole miss student that's only appropriate. ed: i guess i didn't get a present this year. [laughter] carley: i was like i do have another gift? sorry. this is ed's moment. ed, i think you are going to like it. ed: you have been talking for a while. carley: sorry. ed: no, kidding. i'm a baseball fan. carley: you are. a very special baseball. it is a hand painted commemorative jacque robinson baseball. ed: this is so sweet. carley: only 320. and, this of course, is because ed wrote a book about jacque robinson. ed: so sweet of you. carley: and you have a
3:40 am
special out on fox nation. ed: all kinds of moments from jackie's career and hand painted. carley: all thoughtful gifts personalized. i like it. griff: i'm going working out. carley: yes. griff: in a cowboy hat. ed: see griff on w. a cowboy hat on a surf board. griff: carley has headlines. carley: get the news here. the brothers of missing idaho kids is speaking out. colby ryan urging the public to help find his younger siblings as their parents are named persons of interest in their disappearance. >> everybody's focus should be tylee and jj everybody's focus should be if they are okay, where they're at and how we can make sure they are safe. carley: chad and lori are on the run. relatives believe the couple is in a radical cult end of the world. joshua and tylee have been
3:41 am
missing since september. ousted fbi director andrew mccabe is blaming the doj for hiding evidence related to his firing. mccabe's attorney filing a motion claiming agencies and people, including fbi director chris wray, attorney general william barr and the president are withholding information. mccabe was fired days before his retirement after an inspector general report found he improperly leaked information to the media. another christmas classic banned. a media company causing the uproar over lyrics about guns and it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> a pair of boots and pistols wish of bonnie and ben ♪ go for a walk. carley: are you kidding me? the song written in 1951 now taken off play lists thousands of retail malls nationwide. the company claiming what you don't play can't hurt
3:42 am
you. the best story of the day. a dog comes home from his walk to find a mysterious box in his living room. watch. >> such a good puppy. guess what? >> jackson, what was that? what's that? >> jackson could not contain his excitement when he realized who was inside. >> guess what? >> jaxson. >> what was that? >> jaxson. what's that? the pickup, the family pickup surprised by his brother jason. he has been enlisted in the army ranger training program since may. check out that reunion, guys, how awesome is that? griff: awesome. >> all right.
3:43 am
cooking for friends and family this christmas doesn't have to be stressful. >> that's right. joining us now is chef david burke owner and the chef and proprietor of david burke tavern here in new york with a delicious and simple christmas breakfast. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. knives to see you. nicole: what do we have? >> okay. fritatats oat meal fritters, cream brule with cinnamon. oats. lots of bacon. candy cane pancakes. what we decided and a waffle with little pine needles and candy contain. pine needles come off the tree and put them in your food. i was thinking after all the chopping and all the headaches, we did a ham and cheese sandwich. a real jersey thing. so here is a big one. but, if you want you can help me make it if you want to fold it, ed. scrambled eggs. so this is.
3:44 am
>> eggs. do you know what is great fold it over the best you can you can do this a couple hour early wrap it foil and let it sit. after the presents are open. if there you go. >> do you know how jealous. oh my goodness that looks good. >> we call that kind of bacon fancy bacon in the sapphire household. >> candy bacon he says. >> candy bacon is fancy bacon. >> i love it. >> we got some hardy folks out here. >> this can sit for an hour or so through the course of the day and eat it. get it done early and can you make vegetarian. i. >> i just thought a sandwich would be a good idea besides all the fancy stuff we do. griff: stay with us. all this great food. thanks for being here. >> merry christmas. griff: look who made it to the fox square? santa claus is here after a night of delivering presents. is he answering your
3:45 am
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3:48 am
having to do with trade. as you know, we are now getting along very well with china and trade. in fact, they just took air force off mortariffsoff 800 pro. we made a very big deal with china. ed: here to weigh in on what this means for you and your wallet peter morici. peter, merry christmas, thanks for coming. >> in merry christmas. ed: the year started with a lot of naysayers saying the president's trade war, trade battle, whatever you want to call it with china was a foolishefoolish errant. >> the trade deal is not ending. 200 billion for two years. now starting to see how. they are cutting their tariffs so low, below anything that they charge anyone else. this should create great opportunities for american products. if we get that 100 billion a year, that will really mean a lot of jobs. hundreds of thousands of
3:49 am
jobs. it's really a great opportunity. ed: that's good for the american worker. >> high paying jobs. ed: high paying jobs. the president has seen that particularly after cutting government regulations and cutting taxes. big picture. now the trade deal as well. talk about what it means for the middle of the country in terms of farmers who were hard hit in the early stages of this. >> they have had a lot of strife in the midwest. they have been changing jobs a lot. they have found new employment when farms don't have income. this will rejuvenate our farms big time. if the chinese do make the purchases that are promised. you know, farming is not just the china war. been going through a pretty tough time lately. this will give it a big lift. that's a good thing. this will help the president, you know, in the re-election campaign. this is really a celebration economy. it's not just the trade war that's ending or going arm tis. but there a lot of positive really good news out there. ed: what about last question this is the fact that something the president promised to do in the campaign. i'm going to take on china.
3:50 am
people laughed it off. he said things in the campaign he won't follow through. he followed through, peter. >> lower taxes, deregulation, taking on trade. the president did all that he has promised. i would suggest to you that it's things that liberals said he should have done. paul krugman in the "new york times" said that president obama should increase the tariff on china by it 25% to bring them to reason. donald trump becomes reason and he says that's going to cause a recession. absolute hypocrisy. the reality is president trump is the one man we have had in the white house over the last generation that says what he does and does what he says. now, if you have got a problem with his character, i guess honesty is your issue. he is a great president. ed: imagine that a politician doing what they say. peter morici. thanks for coming. >> in take care. ed: turns out the president is like many of us when it comes to christmas gifts. he waits a long time. >> what did you get mrs. trump for christmas this year? >> that's a tough question. i'm still working on a
3:51 am
christmas present. ed: he is still shopping. do you wait until the last minute as well? we will talk about it coming up ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ making it smaller. and you'll be surprised at how easily starting small... ...can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette at bass pro shops and cabela's. with savings of up to 50% on select men's and ladies' clothing; footwear; fishing and marine gear; and toys. use your gift cards and take advantage of huge savings-- in-store and online.
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3:56 am
born ♪ silent night ♪ holy night ♪ son of god ♪ love's pure light ♪ radiant beam from thy holy face ♪ with the dawn of redeeming grace ♪ jesus, lord at thy birth ♪ jesus, lord at thy birth ♪
3:57 am
[cheers and applause]
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ask your doctor about neulasta® onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. ♪ ♪ all i want for christmas ♪ is you ♪ you ♪, i won't ask for much. griff: what is with that mariah carey song. i have got to tell you merry christmas. you can't have christmas without it. ed: you dent like it. griff: i mean, i don't know. i think it's overplayed. nicening it's turned into a complete staple of the holiday season. ed: griff, have a little spirit. ripping mariah carey before we get going. griff: i love your song it's beautiful. ed: merry christmas. it's great. getting a ton of photos.
4:01 am
nicole: earlier in the show we asked for you to send in photos. this first one is jackie in delaware as her dog dressed as an elf. ed: are you okay, griff? griff: play mariah carey for them. >> photo of grandson falling asleep while waiting for santa. very cute. and here is one from barry. he says if you noticed they had a slight problem this morning. santa got stuck in their tree. but they worked to get him out. all is fine. don't worry. no santas were hurt in that photo. ed: keep sends them in we will be sharing them all morning long. katie: speaking of santa. we have a very special guest in the house all show long. we actually have santa claus here. >> good morning. nicole: good morning, santa. >> merry christmas. griff: for our viewers just tuning in. you finished the night. how was night? how did it go? what was the biggest challenge this year? >> biggest challenge was the weather. snow and rain all over.
4:02 am
high winds. so i have to adjust and fly either faster or a little slower. and just compensate for that but got everything delivered on time. ed: that's great. as you noted last hour space force that the president has now created could be helpful down the road. they may have -- you might have to do more paperwork and whatnot. steve in tennessee asked. this what is the cruising speed of your sleigh? >> wonderful question. now, the sleigh is not measured in miles per hour or kilometers. it just goes slow, medium, fast. super fast, and turbo. katie: i imagine it's turbo all night long. >> last night it was. nicole: david asked, santa, how do you keep up with all the different traditions around the world while leaving gifts for everyone? >> excellent question. everybody thinks santa just works one month out of the year. i spend those other 11 months visiting those countries under cover. studying other language, of
4:03 am
course, santa has to speak all languages and follow up on the tradition. you know, not everyone celebrates christmas in december. some celebrate in january. ed: so you go undercover. disguises and whatnot? it's easy to spot santa. it is. i wear wigs and hats and different outfits. katie: stay in line with the naught i can't understand nice list all year long he could be anywhere. griff: another question from jana. she asked what is the least expensive but most valuable gift a child has asked for? nicole: great question. >> excellent question. this year santa got a lot of questions regarding family. not for presents but just to be with their family and enjoy christmas together with their mom and their dad and their siblings. so, that was very nice. and that's pretty much an automatic on the nice list. ed: very sweet. a lot of men and women serving overseas all around the world. nicole: biggest year for travel holidays. sounds like a lot of people were able to see their
4:04 am
family. email your questions for santa who will be responding all day at griff: thank you, santa. ed: we know it's been a long night. get some rest. griff: he is having cookies. he is chowing down. nicole: we learned of other people's traditions and what santa did all night. what about our traditions? what about you, ed? ed: my mom is stake ler, you a . open gifts on christmas eve. she would say no christmas morning. put the hammer down. kids weren't texting back then. call you. that's me and my beautiful sister colleen and the other tradition is waiting until christmas morning but christmas eve you would get one gift. and it was new pajamas. there is my mom there on the right. i don't know about the glasses but other than that she is looking beautiful. that's me on the left. >> she would give you one gift. and basically it would be pajamas so that on christmas
4:05 am
morning in the photos you would have a whole new. i would get batman. i think there was batman in one those things. this year my mom and sister came by and i got socks. i didn't get pajamas but i got these giant socks very warm. so i'm grateful for them. we hope to keep the tradition alive. these are a form of pajamas. nicole: one of my mammography technologists gave me the exact same things. he haded what he are your traditions? nicole: i have three boys at home plus my husband. that is us last night in front of christmas tree in our pajamas. we just put out the cookies and milk for santa. we make a big dinner christmas eve night. usually fish, italian and roast beef. i make a goose or a duck. it's all about cooking for us. i will go home today have. a big breakfast. do our presents.
4:06 am
i force my family to watch white christmas because i do that every christmas day and start cooking. ed: what's your goose -- tell me later. that's amazing. nicole: we have proof santa showed up at my house last night. little boys and i hear the jingle bells. we spy on santa and there he is. griff: you caught santa. we will have to feel. nicole: kids get nervous because they think. as long as go to bed right after santa is okay with it. ed: i wonder if michael horowitz has something to say about that. griff: fam jam thing. our family. kathleen my wife set the rules only presents open on christmas eve is pajamas. my family came up from d.c. and were staying at the muse hotel here. we actually went down to the lobby and took this photo for which i felt really stupid because there is about 50 people in that lobby wearing nothing but
4:07 am
pajamas. my daughters malory and mackenzie and my wife. what's interesting about that photo opening pajamas kathleen put on red ones. where are yours? i didn't want gnomes on there. she is choosing not even to participate. she did get them for us. we took the obligatory fam jam. nicole: you are welcome for those pajamas. griff: now you know where griff is saying. if you want to send any other gifts to the hotel. griff: call me in the lobby. nicole: i love the fam jam. >> some of our viewers shared their tradition as well. dash wrote my tradition is every christmas morning i make a huge breakfast for my four kids. then we go to my mom's for dinner around then to my dad's for snack and presents. griff: paper tree her dad gave her when she was 13.
4:08 am
that was 55 years ago. and she has been hanging it on her tree every year since. he had they'd is really amazing. nicole: make sure to send your christmas traditions so we can read them. email them to griff: particularly fam jam. ed: send them to us meanwhile, all of us procrastinate. i guess the president has a special excuse in terms of shopping and being on time. because it's not like the president is going to be going on amazon what am i getting melania. it's not like is he going to the mall. he has a big contingent. yesterday he let slip he still hasn't gone shopping. nicole: take a listen. he said something about it. >> what did you get mrs. trump for christmas this year? >> oh, that's a tough question. [laughter] >> well, i really should say a very beautiful card, you
4:09 am
know, i'm working on a lot of things. i got her a beautiful card. that actually i had a number of them picked and i picked the nicest one. i think i will answer that by saying i'm still woirking oworking on a christmas present. not too much. but there is a little time left. ed: did he go to cvs to pick out the card? katie: my dad is all about the card. he knows if you put any thought into this, you have to underline certain words for your emphasis. the card does mean a lot. the last-minute gift. i'm not worried about that because my husband does the same thing and he is the best gift-give. i bet president trump is coming through. melania, i can't wait to see what you get. griff: i went shopping for my wife at 5:00 yesterday. ed: just put that on the table. griff: i will own up to it and she going to love it. it's not a card. the moment there we saw, really, he all of the marine one line where he is taking all these questions and goes out in public. is he pretty unflappable.
4:10 am
he has answer answer. he was delegate u was telling ut thought about bringing that home. interesting to see if we learn later. ed: motorcade starts rushing toward the mall in palm beach gardens you know the president is still shopping. griff: i confess i waited until yesterday maybe it was 4:00 to shop for my wife. how long have you waited to get someone a gift. email us ought ed: meanwhile toss it over to carley shimkus who is a great gift giver. carley: thank you. i'm so glad you like the gift. if anyone has a an excuse to not get their wife a present it's the president. nicole: the pope said so. don't let excuses get in your way. carley: i won't question the pope. illegal immigrants charged in a deadly hit and run has been deported from the united states six times. juan sanchez's last
4:11 am
deportation was in 2012. the mexican national is accused of fleeing the scene after running over and killing a colorado mother crossing the street. just four days before that crash, ice says a jail released sanchez after he was arrested for drunk driving. you are looking live at hong kong as christmas day protests intensify. thousands of demonstrators holding rallies in malls and stores. protesters planning to demonstrate as the streets fill with shoppers. pro-democracy riots have taken over hong kong for seven months as residents demand government and police reform. hundreds of american service members in syria receiving christmas gifts. a u.s.-led coalition launching holiday express to bring a little cheer a little christmas cheer to troops far away from home. santa's sleigh was replaced with helicopters but the joy of the holiday was still there despite the festive movemood it was still serious on
4:12 am
the ground. >> the message is easy. we are committed. our assurance is the fact that we have got americans on the ground here, period. my message for dash is we're coming after you. if you think you are still out there, start running. if you don't, we are are going to find you. carley: what he's in sage. most of the gifts donated by military support organizationsness u.s. check this out. a catholic priest makes a memorable exit from church. check out this holy roller. in dublin, ireland, father peter o'connor telling the children at christmas mass that he received a scooter from santa and, of course, he had to try it out. his big exit was a huge hit. imagine seeing that after christmas mass. ed: trying to get kids to go to church more.
4:13 am
make that little more money. holy roller: what's the most popular pick for boys and girls this year? coming up. griff: thousands gathering to mark christmas in the town where jesus is born. we will have this celebration coming up. ♪ hallelujah ♪ ♪
4:14 am
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4:16 am
ability christmas day speech in vatican city as christians gather for mass in bethlehem. nicole: trey yingst joins us with more on the christmas celebrations: good morning and merry christmas. >> good morning, merry christmas from the holy land overnight. in the town of bethlehem hundreds gathered at the birthplace of jesus to celebrate with a midnight mass. that event attended by mahmoud abbas among other senior officials outside in manger square thousands came from across the world to see a giant christmas tree and lights. the mass ended a full day of activities that included a parade and procession of a latin patriarch.
4:17 am
more than a thousand miles away the pope headed a christmas day mass. message of unity. in his remarks, the pope specifically talked about countries like venezuela, iraq and syria. his message was clear. wherever you are this holiday season, celebrating, you are human and you are loved. back to you. nicole: trey, by the way, you are very appropriately dressed for the occasion. i am digging the attire. ed: your style is there, merry christmas. katie: merry christmas, thank you. ed: send it over to griff. griff: with just about six weeks until the iowa caucus. pete buttigieg announcing an interesting new contest to drum up fund raises in a christmas eve email to supporters. the campaign wrote all tough do to win is donate the smallest amount that nobody else don't united states. multiple donations are allowed. just be creative. think a unique donation amount and you could win. our next guest warns this likely won't help him in iowa. radio talk show host tony katz is here to explain. hey, tony, merry christmas
4:18 am
to you first. >> you too. griff: what do you make of this? is this a brilliant move from a surging candidate mayor pete or is it going to flop? >> this is a weird, weird concept that he is running. and is he running it because clearly he lost the wine cave debate which i didn't think he actually did. he is trying to prove he is lower the amount of his average donation by telling people give a low amount. is he trying to create lower averages so he can say to bernie sanders and elizabeth warren look at my low averages. it's so ridiculous that a guy who has this much head wind in iowa right now. even though it's shrinking a touch, he still has a chance to win there which he needs to make it happen. he is now pandering and buying in to what elizabeth warren is selling? that's not a sign of strength at all. griff: you know, tony, clearly, his campaign finance people are probably thinking what are you doing, boss? let me just quickly because it was certainly a moment of
4:19 am
the campaign that's really still getting a lot of play. that is the wine cave moment when elizabeth warren attacked him. watch. >> so, the mayor just recently had a fundraiser that was held in a wine cave full of crystals and served $900 a bottle wine. billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president of the united states. griff: is he really maybe with his donation schtick, i'm not sure how it's going to work out for him. is it really helping to keep the steam rolling on what was clearly a win for buttigieg? >> he said that she couldn't pass her own purity test. and if pete buttigieg had been smart about that he would have continued on that. she had a fund raisener that same wine cave in 2012. she lies about her kids going to private school. she lies about being native american. she can't remember whether college was affordable or
4:20 am
not affordable. she is a constant continual liar. the best of the buttigieg campaign come up with pander and pretend low donations somehow mean you have this groundswell of support. if you have support of, you have support. take the dollars. it is politics. you want to change the whole system, fine, there is nothing wrong with being able to afford getting into the race. man, if he can't on elizabeth warren. how does he take on trump? how does he take on china? it's bad optics everywhere. griff: you got a good point. tony katz, merry christmas. thanks for joining us. we can see from the wood paneling behind you are clearly not in a wine cave. >> manger. griff: good stuff. all right. trying to keep the pounds off this christmas? >> okay, look, so, what you put on a little weight. >> a little weight? does it look like a little weight to you? griff: maybe caffeine could be the secret. well, this morning we have a doctor in the house. nicole is separating fact from fiction. you don't want to miss this
4:21 am
♪ and in the mountains in reply ♪ echoing this joyous ♪
4:22 am
4:23 am
♪ ed: time now for news by the numbers.
4:24 am
first $1,048. how much money the average american is spending on christmas this year. including presents, decorations and food. men are projected to spend more than that women, a little less. next, 34.5 million. that's how many real trees americans have in their home. more than $1.2 billion are spent on christmas tree trees in america. finally, number one, barbie and legos topping the list for the most popular toys for girls and boys this holiday season. lol surprise doll. didn't know they existed continue to be big for little girls. hot wheels for boys. hot wheels making a come back. what do you think? griff: i like it. i support it. go hot wheels go. i had the track and every car. nicole: legos are huge in my house we haven't broken into hot wheels yet. griff: tis the time. the christmas season comes with a lot of health claims are any of them true? thankfully we have our resident doctor here to separate fact from fiction.
4:25 am
dr. nicole saphier. welcome back. nicole: thank you so much. i have been here all morning. i'm happy to put on my doctor hat and give you a little health if fact or fiction. first one rapid fire. people consume three times the recommended calorie take on christmas? griff: for sure. ed: it's a fact. nicole: absolutely is a fact. three times the recommended calorie intake. that's not good. wife you see more heart attacks and strokes. people tend to have about 7,000-calories christmas day. recommended for men 2,000. men. 2500. decrease it. real quick follow-up to that this is a big contributor. eggnog is good for you? >> that's not true. nicole: absolutely fiction. there can be up to 500-calories in one glass of eggnog. if you have had several glasses have you already exceeded daily limit maybe just have a taste. much lower caloric beverages can you have.
4:26 am
some of them have actually alcohol not that alcohol is good for you. here is one i find very important during this time of year. seasonal effective disorder is not real. fact or fiction? is that a myth? adam: that is fiction. nicole: seasonal attackive affee disorder some people call it sad. it's real. if you are feeling down, there are things can you do. take vitamin d. surround yourself by family. limit your social media. griff: go to the airport and hop a flight to miami. nicole: saunas, light therapy all good things. if you are feeling down, seek medical help if you feel overwhelmed. caffeine can limit weight gain? ed: on the fence it. can limit it a little? nicole: this is actually fact there have been mixed studies. one recently came out very small one. it's mixed. truth is there are a lot of
4:27 am
health benefits to caffeine. lowers risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and diabetes and it also can increase your basal metabolic rate which increases your memorabilimetabolism. drinking coffee is not going to lose weight. adam: coffee with your 7,000-calories today. katie: exercise with coffee. ed: coffee with eggnog creamer. nicole: go to starbucks and add all that stuff in it's no longer good for you. griff: is there caffeine in eggnog? nicole: i don't believe so. if you can have coffee and baileys another popular option. ed: go easy. nicole: you guys are great. ed: good job at the end. people want to remove ledge out of the holiday. time to put christ back in christmas. tammy bruce is here on a very special christmas edition. plus, we are cooking up last
4:28 am
minute christmas treats for your family this hour. logger beer meatballs i just said that and christmas ravioli coming your way. ♪ (male announcer) check out the after christmas sale like no other at bass pro shops and cabela's. now's the time to take advantage of clearance markdowns throughout the store and online. like savings of up to 50% on select men's and ladies' clothing; men's and ladies' footwear and slippers; fishing and marine gear; toys and more. it's the perfect time to redeem your gift cards and save. don't miss the after christmas sale at bass pro shops and cabela's. your adventure starts here. i need all the breaks as athat i can get.or, at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m... am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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(man)(elderly woman) you toh, thank you so much. (elderly man 1) i'll be alright. (man) ok. (elderly man 1) ok. (man) ok george, see you again soon.
4:31 am
(elderly man 2) bye bye. (elderly man 3) ah dell, and you brought the family this time! (vo) it feels good to help those in need. you can choose meals on wheels to get two hundred and fifty dollars from subaru when you get a new subaru, like the all new outback. (vo 2) get 0.9% on a new outback during the subaru share the love event. ed: welcome back for a very special christmas edition of "fox & friends." we want to give a shoutout to some of our staffers and families who helped put the show together. nicole: here is heather chirltdz with her parents. merry christmas. griff: production assistant spencer and gabriel and daughter wilson. griff: alex valentine and mom susan and patty and marianne and uncle michael. >> here is "fox & friends" producer ashley with her husband pat and their kids
4:32 am
ail la and danny. griff: producer. sue and sister aj in alaska. griff: check this out "fox & friends" pete hegseth's kids decked out in matching christmas pajamas. i love it. nicole: i love it fam jams all around. new op-ed by david davenport explaining why there needs to be room at the inn for christ in holiday celebration. griff: argues in the biblical story the first christmas occurred in a stable because there was no room at the inn for joseph and mary, sadly. in many quarters there is still no room at the inn for christ in christmas. public square of anything for christmas. ed: host of get tammy bruce. >> good morning. merry christmas. nicole: merry christmas. griff: what do you think about that? >> this is not unusual as we have known for a couple
4:33 am
thousand years there has been resistance to the nature what has been transitioning to our culture. what we do know from a very couple recent polls 90% of americans celebrate christmas. right? this goes through and even on my radio show i speak with atheists who don't deny that christ is powerful. that jesus is important person. and that christmas is a fun thing to be doing. so no matter what it is. we are in the middle you have hanukkah right now. faith a dynamic. what never sends what government thinks. on the issue of faith that is the presumption and looking to something beyond ourselves. when it comes to what's important. what should drive our lives and who we are answerable to. that of all things is the biggest threat to government, isn't it? so you have got -- it's government people who want to change the tree to the holiday tree. or the christmas parade to the winter parade. whereas when you have got 90% of people celebrating christmas. that doesn't make a lot of
4:34 am
sense. griff: you talked about that tree. we have a quote from the article that i want to put up here it says ledges lay tores in wisconsin debating whether it's a christmas tree or must now be a holiday tree. meanwhile a west virginia mayor sought without success to long standing christmas parade in favor of a winter parade. in california told joy to the world might be too religious. perhaps she should try jingle bells point very clear. this is just at a government level. we have seen federal but also in the small towns across america. >> yes. when you have got faith that is -- at least the effort to secularize the public square, is a message that really government is your answer. if you have got issues in your life, go to government. government help. government welfare, et cetera. versus going to your church or your temple. going to your neighbors. get, you know, this is what america is famous for. we are rebels. we remain revolutionaries.
4:35 am
part of why it was important as well they saw that happening in the old world. this is why you have the freedom to be able to gather and to associate freedom of religion, which was a notice to the government, not telling us and giving us that right. it was a notice to the government specifically these kinds of things to not interfere with our expression of religion and the statement that, of course was important as it added into the freedom of the people because it reminds us that we are really personally powerful through the power of christ and also personally responsible within that framework. government is fine. and we want some of it. but, in a limited way. so you are always going to see these, you know, government people at the local or the federal level. of course they think they know better than us. you will see that expressed in this effort. ed: pushing back. >> it has always been the issue and always will be we will prevail. griff: thank you, tammy. merry christmas.
4:36 am
nicole: catch more of tammy on tammy bruce. fox nation. griff: fox nation celebrating one year. get 35% off when you use the word celebrate today. nicole: good deal. ed: toss it over to carley. carley: tough story. the man accused of murdering a quarterback's brother on the most wanted list. michael mosley accused with stabbing two people outside of a bar. one of them clayton besser his brother c.j. plays for the san francisco 49ers. police say the victim fought mosley after he made unwanted advances toward their friend. authorities are searching for the people in this video including moseley. it is christmas. one texas town appears to celebrate the fourth of july. check it out. that is a small fireworks
4:37 am
stand that accidently caused a chaotic scene, it's unclear what sparked the flames. thankfully, no one was hurt. one dog could not contain his excitement when he realized what was inside his giant present. jaxson. >> who's that? >> come. >> oh. carley: look at that good boy. the family pup surprised by his brother jason. he has been enlisted in the army ranger training program sings may. how cool is that? all right. let's check in with adam klotz who is outside with the weather. adam? >> hey there, carley. it's early, it's christmas morning. and, yet, still we have got folks who have come and stood outside to be on tv. if you are wanting to do. this you get a little camera time. everybody give a big wave right there.
4:38 am
i love the signs, too. merry christmas. >> merry christmas, everybody. the forecast not horribly bad. take the graphics down if we can here is what we are looking at across the country. spots into the 20's and 30's, right, in that general area. we are talking about eventually warming up in a big way in the middle of the country. look at that mid 50's. mid 60's in several of those locations. we can be seeing record breaking heat in the plains and midwest which means, kids, getting that bicycle? wake up this morning and go outside and ride it. it's looking like a really nice forecast. i'm tossing it now to you guys who i think are doing some cooking. i'm going to be joining you in just a second it. already smells good. ed: thanks, all morning long breaking down christmas recipes for friends and family. griff: this hour learning how to make appetizer and dinner plates with chef george duran. merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas. thanks for having me on. griff: when i heard there were lagger meatballs i ran out here.
4:39 am
>> i'm working with insta pot to make the most fastest incredible tastiest appetizers for last-minute entertaining. take the insta pot everyone knows america's favorite number one cooker. duo crisp pro. you put the frozen meatballs. everyone has frozen meatballs, always. pop it right inside in the insta pot right there. beautiful. add some barbecue sauce. one is barbecue. the other is cran berry. sam adams lager. sweet roasted malt. all you do in there insta pot do a crisp fluff air fryer. in five minutes, in five minutes, the insta pot cooks it up into this beautiful nice sweet. >> what about the ravioli? >> what i have over here is interesting. this pot ends up instead of putting this lid on the
4:40 am
insta pot, you put the air fryer lid, built in fan and heating system right in there i'm going to go ahead and fry or air fry the tortellinis that i have already air cooked. everybody has tort lyn tortelli. duo with the insta pot. griff: thank you very much. i will eat some more meatballs. he we'll be right back. we have a lot more "fox & friends." griff: christmas on dealing with conservative family members? thought trump camp has a guide of its own. press secretary kayleigh mac nanny is sharing it next. let's be honest, quitting smoking is freaking hard. like quitting every monday hard. quitting feels so big. so, try making it smaller.
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4:43 am
griff: welcome back. liberal outlet outlets releasing countless guides in christmas to deal with your conservative relatives or talk impeachment with your right wing uncle. katie: now the trump 2020 campaign is fighting back. releasing its own guide to schooling liberal family friends and even as they say snowflakes during christmas. ed: here with the highlights is 2020 campaign kayleigh mac anne. >> what was the thought process behind it. seen all these stories of
4:44 am
liberal outlets how are you going to deal with the crazy uncle? you guys are flipping the script. >> that's right. we are flipping the scripts. and those articles operate from a position of fear. you fear that maga uncle? this is empowering. if you encounter a liberal snowflake. don't back down. here are the facts. the facts much of the media won't share with you. this is to empower trump people across the country as they have those dinners with liberal snowflakes. griff: she what's on your guide. the first one is the economy is strong. you feel like that's the biggest one, huh? >> oh, that's definitely the top line. look, that's animated principle of this election. 500 manufacturin500,000 manufacs fo.hottest economy in history. why not share it at your dinner table this evening. nicole: you mentioned improved trade deals being had under this
4:45 am
administration? >> absolutely. just last week we saw the usmca finally pass through congress because nancy pelosi, of course, held it up it's a landmark deal u.s., mexico canada agreement. phase one china deal. huge for manufacturing, huge for agriculture. a big, big marquee principle of the trump administration as well as the trade deal. ed: next point what you call a better approach to healthcare. what is the trump plan on healthcare? >> when you look at the trump presidency, a lot of people don't know, this but we have lowered prescription drug cost. the fastest pace in a long time that we have seen. fastest pace in a decade. also, finally, the healthcare cost in the obamacare exchanges are coming down not because of obamacare but because of the unraveling of it. see the costs come down for prescription drugs and healthcare plans and those exchanges. that is all because of president trump and all that he has done with his executive power. griff: no big government socialism. that word there clearly the campaign is still trying to
4:46 am
frame your eventual as a socialist. >> it's easy to do when you look at bernie or biden. bernie says outright i want to eliminate healthcare for 180 million americans. joe biden says hey, well i want a public option which will do the same thing inevitably. the end point is the elimination of private health insurance. whether you have two people with the same end result, that is socialism whether they want to call it that or not. katie: kayleigh, thank you so much. merry christmas, and hopefully people use your talking points. griff: merry christmas. >> i hope. so merry christmas, guys. nicole: coming up next, our own ainsley earhardt is next with characters of christmas. stay with us. i have lost my voice. ♪ christmas party hop ♪
4:47 am
♪ everything your trip needs for everyone you love. expedia.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:50 am
♪ ♪ god bless you merry gentlemen ♪ let nothing you dismay ♪ christ our savior was born on christmas day ♪ ♪ god rest you merry gentlemen ♪ let nothing you dismay ♪ remember christ our savior ♪ was born on christmas day ♪ to save us all from satan's power ♪ when we had gone astray ♪ with tidings of comfort and joy ♪ comfort and joy ♪ tidings of comfort and joy ♪ ♪ ♪ in bethlehem and israel ♪ the blessed babe was born
4:51 am
♪ and and laid in a major jerry ♪ to which his mother scorn ♪ tidings of comfort and joy ♪ tidings of comfort and joy ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ blessed angel came ♪ and unto certain shepherds tidings. in bethlehem was born the son of god by name ♪ oh tidings of comfort and
4:52 am
joy ♪ comfort and joy ♪ tidings of comfort and joy ♪ ♪ shepards tidings much in life ♪ and left the flocks feeding and storm and wind ♪ and went to bethlehem the son of god to find ♪ oh tidings of comfort and joy ♪ ♪ oh tidings of comfort and joy ♪ ♪ praises for you ♪ and with your love of brotherhood ♪ now embrace ♪ christmas ♪ tidings of comfort and joy ♪ comfort and joy ♪ tidings of comfort and joy ♪
4:53 am
♪ with tidings of comfort and joy ♪ ♪ with tidings of comfort and joy ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ed: merry christmas and fox
4:54 am
nation is celebrating the true reason for the christmas season "fox & friends" own ainsley earhardt and her daughter hayden are celebrating the spirit of christmas with a deep dive into its history in a brand new fox nation special. it's called the characters of christmas. and it's my distinct honor right now to bring in ainsley. i don't normally get to interview you. merry christmas. >> merry christmas, ed, thank you very much. ed: so special to have you here on christmas. what i want to ask you about you went over to saint patrick's cathedral to do a deep dive on christmas. >> yes. we met a man named daniel darling. great last name. he wrote a book called the characters of christmas. he dives into who these characters are. ed: we have a clip on it. watch. ainsley: her cousin wanted a baby badly but worried she was too old. the angel said anything is possible with god. >> so zachariah and elizabeth were faithful, devout jewish people. zachariah was a priest. they had their own struggles. they struggled with infertility, their own baby
4:55 am
was a miracle baby, john. who would be kind of the last prophet, the forerunner of jesus. it's the theme throughout the scripture that god is birthing something new out of what is broken. what's dead. it's really a metaphor for the work that god wants to do in each of us. ed: that is real powerful. what did you take away from it? ainsley: i got to read the story to my daughter. and as a christian, i want to teach her christian values and i want to teach her the real meaning of the season. i want her to know that we still need to remember it was a very special day because without that day, where would we be? ed: that is very special. talk also about growing up yourself when you were hayden's age. what do you remember about what your parents instilled in you that maybe you are trying to pass on to hayden? >> christmas is very important to my mother. she deck core rates the entire house. we do lights outside. she does the garland on the staircase. and we always had to help her do that there was a painting that i painted in first grade of santa claus. she had it framed and she takes the oil painting off the top -- above the fireplace and she puts that up every christmas.
4:56 am
and we always had a live tree because she wanted to smell the christmas tree and she just always made it wonderful and special. it was always christmas music playing and we went to church every christmas eve. we gold to the midnight service. ed: that's very special. ainsley: then we would wake up and go to my grandparent's house after we did our christmas. our santa. and all of my cousins would meet there they lived about 30 minutes away from us. we were in spartanburg and they were in greenville we would visit mimi and pop. usually the day of christmas or the day before. i want to carry on those traditions with my daughter. we see the nutcracker and go to the party afterwards to meet the dancers and sign the ballet shoes for her. we have the shoes in her bedroom. we have a pink christmas tree in her bedroom that she loves to put all her little ornaments on. she sang in the choir for our nativity for our christmas pageant at our church. she was an angel. ed: i saw that on social media. it was beautiful.
4:57 am
ainsley: she did great job. we wish you and hayden and your parents a wonderful christmas. don't miss the characters of christmas. it's available now on fox nation. ed: thank you, ainsley. more information coming up. including dan bongino. ♪ ♪ ...
4:58 am
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>> ♪ let earth receive the king ♪ ed: a wonderful merry christmas and good morning to everyone. >> good morning and good news my voice is back after that cold air, but we're back, merry christmas, everyone thank you for joining us. >> so that gives us a chance to thank you and everyone, doctors all around the world helping people working. >> first responders, police officers. wonderful, everyone. ed: serving this country we want to thank you and your families back here we miss you very much. griff: as a public service, if you haven't woken up your
5:01 am
children it's christmas morning you need to get up to their bedroom, it could be early age teenagers. ed: griff a lot of people, we're getting photos already from you at home families waking up, unwrapping the gifts just sharing a lot of christmas cheer and this one is from tonya. she says grandpa tried to stay up for santa but santa caught him fast asleep. ed: that looks like me and this one from virginia. her dogs helping her put present s under the tree. griff: and this one, deployed to kuwait while his wife and twin sons are home in north carolinas danny thank you for your service >> but look at they have the fa m jam happening. ed: even overseas thank you for your service. >> thank you very much for your service. ed: e-mail us those photos, and we'll be showing them all morning long we appreciate you joining us on this very special day. >> speaking of joining us we have a very special visitor whose been with us all show long and he's still here, did we just , wait he looks so tired.
5:02 am
did he have a long night last night? santa? merry christmas. >> i think i dozed off. griff: i think you finished around 5 a.m. in hawaii was your last stop and what everyone wants to know now is after you're done being on fox & friends which we appreciate you being here what are you doing today? >> well i'm going to go back and pick-up mrs. clause and we're going to south beach. >> there you go. >> so if you see a fat man in a speedo, it is not a beached whale. ed: you've been out hitting the cookies a little bit. >> santa some of our viewers sent in questions for you so emma wants to know, how many elves do you have? >> santa has 1,872 elves, and i know all of their names. ed: is there a significance behind that number? >> no, just how many can put them out. ed: is the economy stronger under president trump or did you hire more elves this past year? >> we don't pay the elves but
5:03 am
don't tell them that. >> robert wants to know -- griff: we don't want to get that out there. we have a question from robert. santa what is the one thing reindeer like to get from the houses you deliver gifts to? >> most people say carrots but they really like as a treat, they like race in raisins and apples but most of the time they eat salads, love greens. >> healthy reindeer i like it. ed: doctor approved. >> well dominic wants to know, do you need any volunteers to help you? >> yes, contrary to popular belief, santa needs people to help spread love, hope and joy around the world. ed: all right >> and they say to spread christmas cheer you have to sing loud and clear, right? we have to sing. >> exactly. you know your movies. ed: that's a wonderful way to end it. santa we appreciate you joining us all morning long. enjoy south beach because there's some members of congress saying miami might be gone in 8- 10 years because of the climate change.
5:04 am
>> speaking of christmas and florida, president trump and melania trump are celebrating traditions this christmas, before the first family went to church and had a traditional christmas dinner the president spoke to troops serving overseas and melania trump spoke to the children as they tracked santa. ed: that is really awesome and they also attended mass at family church in west palm beach you see them there, a couple miles away from mar-a-lago. this is a tradition they've been doing where they go to mass and have a wonderful dinner of course at the mar-a-lago club. griff: that's no small dinner. it's always a festive dinner, and certainly one that, you know , as he spoke to the troops overseas, he's dividing his time between the traditional stuff the church and the dinner would also make a special time for those that need to hear the christmas message and really interact knowing their commander-in-chief stands with you, and here is a little bit of what the call, the president had with our troops. listen.
5:05 am
president trump: this christmas, i hope every member of our military will feel the overwhelming love and gratitude of our nation, for your faithful service starting january 1, you'll be getting your largest pay raise in more than a decade. you don't have to take it if you want you can turn it back into government, but we got you a good pay raise last year and we'll get you an even better pay raise this year and it'll be the largest in over a decade, and you very much earned it. and i'm only kidding when i say turn it back. >> last night, melania trump tweeted out it's christmas eve and santa is hard at work delivering toys to children all over the world, a wonderful tradition, thank you, santa for including me in helping the kids track santa and there she is, beautifully sitting in front of the tree and on the phone with the children. griff: that's great and we've also got not just the first family but also your families out there. >> judy writes their tradition, the four kids had to wait on the stairs and not come down into the living room until they were
5:06 am
called. ed: that is awesome. this photo from the dutton family. they give their grandkids matching pajamas every single christmas. that's with hegseth. griff: and kathy sends this picture of her granddaughter putting out food for the reindeer and she says her grandkids do this every year. >> apples and raisins. ed: salad according to santa. in the meantime we'll go to grandmas house and also not only do you have to watch your diet but pay up, bro. this is in the uk a story that caught our eye, hayley is her name, i get all of my family to put in before i go and do the shopping and this year i spent $388 online, doing the big shop and making sure i had a variety of things but it's not that i'm being tight. it means i get to spend for on other aspects than just presents this year the tree has so many presents stacked around it that you can't even see it so she's
5:07 am
charging family members to come over this grandma, $45. >> that's right and we asked viewers what their opinion was of this and if they thought that was an okay thing to do and william says everyone needs to pay a reasonable amount towards the preparing of christmas dinner. it's terribly expensive and it's the right thing to do. griff: mona tells us i think it is ridiculous to charge your family for christmas dinner if you can't afford it don't do it. >> but do a potluck, have everyone bring something. griff: over the hills through the woods stop at the atm. >> tom said grandma shouldn't have to ask her family to help with the cost if the lady is on a limited income they should know to help her. ed: all right that's interesting so some people think it's a shakedown, other people are like it's kind of sweet. >> but i read she's an end of life caregiver so she spends her daycaring for people essentially at the end of life so she gives a lot so hopefully her family gives back and not necessarily monday etearly. griff: i have to commend her a little bit because here she is with limited means saying listen
5:08 am
, the more i have the more i can work with and get more presents under the tree and of course a more festive sort of dinner. ed: that's cool and sometimes people like to do very special things around christmas obviously. sometimes it works and sometimes it's an epic fail. we're looking at people sharing their hilarious and awkward christmas mishaps and disappointment and you see burnt stained glass cookies. i don't even know what they were trying to do. >> and what about the next one, frosted gingerbread cake? on the floor. you know my dog would love that. ed: the amount of time you spend making a cake like that. griff: this is a five foot toy story balloon and clearly that's not going to hide under the tree there. >> [laughter] this is a good one that i'm familiar with. christmas gifts wrapped by husband. ed: not too well. >> look at that box. my oldest son wraps a bit like that. griff: i'm going to always say
5:09 am
that's not a fail. just a sign of love right there. >> that's practical. >> [laughter] >> so viewers please send in your christmas fails at friends@ we'd love to see them. ed: in the meantime somebody who never fails. >> never. ed: thank you. >> merry christmas although one-time one thanksgiving we were taking out the turkey at my grandma's house and it fell right on the floor. ed: did she charge you for the turkey? >> no, we all bring stuff so it's potluck style. five second rule? >> oh, yeah we ate the whole thing. it was probably like five minutes but whatever it's thanksgiving who cares her floor is clean. in the meantime we do have to get to headlines and for the first time in 200 years christmas eve mass is held outside of notre dame cathedral in paris. mass was held at a smaller church less than a half a mile away. the same church will be holding christmas day services today. a fire badly damaged the iconic
5:10 am
cathedral during construction back in april and repairs won't begin until 2021. >> all eyes are on north korea for its promised christmas gift. military leaders are expecting it to be a missile test. president trump says the u.s. is ready for whatever that gift may be. meanwhile, china is calling on the u.s. to take steps to establish peace with the rogue nation. it's foreign minister saying it's time for complete denuclearization of the peninsula. >> 2020 hopeful michael bloomberg is cutting ties with a company using prisoners to make campaign calls. two of the companies call center s are based inside oklahoma state prisons. the billionaire claiming they were unaware of its practice and will properly vet vendors moving forward. >> remember when president trump made a cambio in home alone 2? >> excuse me, where is the lobby? president trump: down the hall and to the left. >> thanks. >> oh, who could forget that
5:11 am
moment. well a soldier, asking the president about his movie appearance, while talking to troops on christmas eve. president trump: i was a little bit younger to put it mildly. it was an honor and it turned out to be a very big hit. >> president trump is calling to wish the service members a merry christmas and a hilarious question from that service member to ask the president about that. griff: i love it. ed: it was the best movie. griff: thanks. acting cbp commissioner mark morgan joins us to salute our troops for protecting this country and christmas every day coming up. ed: plus true christmas spirit on full display as a cancer patient and his nurse perform a powerful duet and their edition of oh, holy night is going viral >> ♪ oh, hear the angel voices, oh, night, devine, oh, night,
5:12 am
when christ was born ♪
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
ed: folks celebrating christmas all around the world of course pope frances delivering his annual christmas day speech in vatican city. >> and in bethlehem christians gathering for christmas day mass and joining us live from jerusalem, with more on their celebration. ed: good day to you. >> merry christmas, trey. >> ed, nicole, griff, merry christmas and good morning from the holy land. in the town of bethlehem hundreds gathered to mark the occasion with a midnight mass that was attended by palestinian president, among other senior officials and outside a major square thousands came from across the world to see a giant tree and the mass ended a day full of activities that included a parade and procession of a latin patriarch more than a thousand miles away the pope led a christmas eve mass and today pope frances addressed a crowd with a message of unity, take a listen. >> the darkness in human hearts
5:16 am
yet the light of christ, in his darkness in family and social re-elections put the light of christ and may christ bring his light to the many children suffering for comfort in the middle east and various countries around the world. reporter: in his remarks the pope specifically mentioned countries like iraq, syria and venezuela and his message was clear, wherever you are celebrating around the world you are human and loved back to you. ed: merry christmas. griff? griff: ed, thanks so this christmas we're honoring our service men and women who keep america safe today and every day here to salute the work they do is acting cbp commissioner mark morgan live from dulles airport, mr. commissioner merry christmas what are you doing? >> merry christmas griff to you as well and thanks for having me and today just as you said we're high at the international airport to thank the men and
5:17 am
women of customs and border protection that are here every single day protecting this country and while the rest of america is centered around their christmas tree opening presents and having a morning meal with their family, we have men and women on the frontlines continuing to be here, sacrific ing every single day protecting this country, we're just out here to say thank you. ed: and commissioner, there's a lot of troops coming back, some that were able to get back for the holidays maybe many just in time. what are you seeing out there this morning? >> absolutely, and today this is actually international flight that we have coming in and it's not uncommon on christmas that we will see just an incredible amount of military soldiers that are coming back from being deployed all over the world, again defending this country, and protecting our way of life. it's not just the military. it's not just cbp, but it's the law enforcement in general so i encourage people that throughout today, throughout the holidays if you see a man or woman in uniform, take the time. thank them, tell your children
5:18 am
how important it is and the sacrifices that they're making every single day to do just that to protect their communities and protect this great nation. ed: commissioner the president took time from florida yesterday to speak with soldiers sailors air men and marina cross the globe deployed in dangerous cases in many places what was your take on that call at one point the president highlighting a pay raise for the troops. >> absolutely if you look at what this president said and what he does in his actions i remember just a couple of months ago i was at iecp, the international chiefs association of police conference and the president spoke there and he did , he actually said that i love law enforcement that wasn't just a talking point. i was standing right there, and the president when he says that, he means that. when he reaches out and he thanks the troops for what they're doing it's real and it's genuine and it's incredible, that the president of the united states takes the time out to do that. he recognizes that. he recognizes the sacrifices and griff, i hope the american
5:19 am
people understand the sacrifices that our military, our law enforcement the brave men and women and cbp are doing every day just liked to right behind me. griff: lastly we're just about out of time but the president has been steadfast in pushing for more wall being built i suppose that's on the christmas list, to finish that. >> that's absolutely right. we're hoping in a few weeks here we'll hit that 100-mile mark and every single day we're continuing to build. we gotta additional funding this year in our appropriations and we're going to make sure that that wall is going to be built. griff: commissioner mark morgan thank you for joining us and by the way thanks for clearing santa via norad. we saw your tweet overnight that you let him in so all the children around the country can get presents thank you, sir merry christmas. >> global entry works you bet merry christmas. griff: up next former white house press secretary sean spicer joins us live plus we all know frosty the snowman, but do you know what his nose is made
5:20 am
of? we're putting our christmas knowledge to the test in a christmas quiz, coming up. >> ♪ frosty the snowman, he's a fairytale they say, he was made of snow but the children know, how he came to life one day ♪ (man sneezes) what's the time? device: a dime is ten cents. severe cold or flu? take control with theraflu. powerful, soothing relief to defeat your worst cold and flu symptoms fast. device: (sneezes) theraflu. the power is in your hands. ( ♪ )
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some things are too important to do yourself. ♪ get customized security with 24/7 monitoring from xfinity home. awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today.
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griff: quick headlines for your christmas two grinches trying to steal christmas find 108 package s inside a couple's car after a wild chase and the california officer trying to pull the duo over after seeing them take items from a mailbox. the couple ended up flipping their car and heading to jail, where they're facing several charges. >> and this a quick-thinking postal worker saved christmas when a mail truck goes up in flames and the kansas worker taking all of the packages out of the truck after smelling smoke inside, fire crews quickly put the flames out but the truck was destroyed, a different truck was sent over to get the gifts delivering them in time for christmas. well done. nicole? >> we've been telling you about elizabeth warren going after pete buttigieg for his high doll or donors and fundraisers. >> billionaires and wine caves should not pick the next president of the united states.
5:24 am
>> but it turns out, she may not be one to talk, as election records reportedly detail her own past fundraisers, held at pricey new york city restaurant gramercy tavern, they make a good burger where bottles of wine can cost more than 6,000 dollars. ed: here to weigh in former white house press secretary senior advisor sean spicer first of all merry christmas, sean. >> merry christmas, guys. ed: welcome and when you heard elizabeth warren launch this attack a week or so ago you kind of knew there were going to be problems because everybody is doing fundraising to kind of be holyier than thou, and claim she's never had a pricey fundraiser kind of ridiculous. >> the first problem is i didn't know there was such a thing as a wine cave. i've heard of a wine cellar and to your point, every politician has to raise money and frankly, if they're going to have a primary about how or whose raising money in whom, with whom
5:25 am
, that's really silly. this election should be about policies and the agenda, and it shows you that if you can't get on right now, and talk about the policies, that it's going to be a pretty desperate election because the president is going to be running on an agenda of policies that have worked that have lifted up families and individuals and businesses, made the country better and stronger and so if the contrast is a bunch of people figuring out what bottle of wayne they drank and how much it costs, that's a pretty good prospect for the president's chances of re-election. >> sean and you were critical during her last senate run where you said everything she is saying right now is because she wants a white house bid and this goes along with that hipocracy. i believe when she was a law school professor she made about $2 million in consulting, and so now that she's going after pete buttigieg, her stuff she's already done she's just playing into the flip flopping that you called her out on before and we seem to be seeing this now in the presidential race. >> yeah, that's right. look each one of these guys says stuff in the short-term that will try to advance them into
5:26 am
the long term but what happens in politics is sometimes your words catch up to what you said a while ago just to get that extra engine the short-term, and elizabeth warren time and time again, has seen this happen to her, where she says something to advance to the next step and as she goes wants to go another step further, it's haunted by what got her to the last place, and so her record whether it was at harvard or the money she made consulting or the places she's held fundraisers is going to continue to follow her until the general election, but at the end of the day, i think this is why you see the perception she has that she's not trusted, because people see through this that she's doing whatever it takes to get to the next steps political ly on the political ladder. ed: sean real quick she obviously has faced authenticity problems when she might have gone a step too far with medicare for all and a $52 trillion price tag and almost a front runner recently has been falling down. where do you see the big picture with her on the left, bloomberg and biden trying to take the
5:27 am
center? >> that's a great question because the x factor is bloomberg. he's running millions and millions of dollars around the country not necessarily in the early four states, but in the super tuesday states, and no one knows now what the effect it's going to have on that aspect of it right? because you've got biden and bloomberg running up this moderate pragmatic lane of the democratic party that's gotten very very narrow and then pete buttigieg doing very well in the early states and i think it's going to be interesting, i'm still not convinced that bernie sanders may not pop out as the front runner. he can do very well in iowa, new hampshire he's the favorite, he won't do well in south carolina but then the culinary union a place he organizes well in nevada so he could pop out of the early four states as a front runner. ed: absolutely well 2019 was a big year all kinds of big stories, but sean spicer on dancing with the stars might have been one of the biggest.
5:28 am
>> [laughter] well that's great. i've got to figure out what's next. i've ruled out the voice, and my wife says the bachelor is a no- go. >> i think reality tv is in your future. ed: sean merry christmas. >> merry christmas. ed: what would a fox & friends christmas be without dan bongino he's on duck with deck with a christmas wish with a swamp in washington. >> it wouldn't be christmas without a little christmas desert. chef david schweikert back with eggnog, cream brulee and ginger bread pudding, up next. ♪ so be good for goodness sake what'd we decide on the flyers again? uh, "fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance." i think we're gonna swap over to "over seventy-five years of savings and service."
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ed: merry christmas this gives us a wonderful opportunity to thank all of the people behind the scenes you don't normally see who help put this wonderful show together our staffers and their families. >> absolutely here is senior producer stephanie and her husband travis with their daughter charlotte and dog hank. this is charlotte's very first christmas. ed: hank got a great christmas layout. ed: sorry charlotte mom has to work and fox & friends director mark with wife courtney and their five kids they look wonderful merry christmas. griff: this is fox & friends first executive producer, two kids olivia and greyson, in front of the christmas tree. ed: got to love those jammies. >> let's check out brian kilmeade with his son brian and another picture, this is brian's wife with two daughters, kaitlyn and kristin. ed: beautiful. and this is production assistant anthony, pictures with his sisters merry christmas. griff:
5:33 am
and rachel ray, this is her with her family, merry christmas. ed: our graphics producer, michael and his family, they are hanging out there, looking spectacular, we wish them all merry christmas. >> absolutely thank you so much for sending in the photos. ed: and down in florida pulling him away from the beach for a few minutes dan bongino, former secret service agent and former nypd officer looks like you have a wonderful folds of honor t-shirt by the way under there a great cause. that was done intentionally i'm glad you noticed we're making a nice donation to them what a terrific charity and fox you guys support them. >> merry christmas dan. griff: dan it might be family pajamas underneath there, good to see tax >> actually, yeah, my daughters in the background she will come on in a second and she is still in her pajamas my youngest so yes, you never know what's underneath. this is a t-shirt but yeah i've got the pajamas below deck. ed: so let's get to some fun
5:34 am
with your family but in the meantime what's your christmas wish for the swamp, adam schiff and some of the friends you've been talking about and writing about in your book? >> yeah, friends i like how you use that word, it's very well done. ed: very loosely. >> we'll keep this one light i appreciate that. you know i was thinking about this this morning when the topic came over and i said i really wish that the swamp rodents there would just realize that it's not about you. this country, we are on the verge of the second industrial revolution. we are, the united states has been touched by the hand of god, guys, and doctor. you know, we have ai, artificial intelligence, right? we have 3d technology, 3d print ing coming up, material science revolutions, gene technology you probably know about well, revolutions in health care, we are on the verge of untold prosperity, never seen in human history. all i ask of the swamp rats, is just get out of the way. americans will figure it out. we are the most entrepreneurial
5:35 am
prosperous wonderful, hard- working people in the history of humankind. just exit stage left and let us do our thing and everything will be incredible in the future. griff: well dan now your wish is heart-felt but you know you're right i guess a little bit about this in your book. the swamp really started to fight back this year. that's what we saw and what's different in that traditional swamp as we talked. >> yeah, well we seen griff. they just won't give up. they've allowed and if i have another wish, i know this is the season, it's a hard sell getting d.c. out of your way and letting our economy flourish but the second one is worse. just put aside some of your disdain for this president, the anti-trump deservesser the liberals and the democrats, put aside your disdain, your personal dislike that he beat you in an election and just look strictly at the results.
5:36 am
america is doing great right now smile a little bit. there's an election coming up. you think you have better ideas? fine but the constant litany of lies, the collusion hopes, the fake whistleblower hoax, the mueller investigation about nothing now we know it's time to just let it go and run on ideas. the american people are really smart. we'll figure it out in 2020. you don't think donald trump is the guy? make your case. it's a tough case to make but go ahead and make it and let the american people pick and just stop with the nonsense, believe me, i'm not naive either guys i know it's a tough ask. >> relish in the booming economy and low unemployment rate right? in 2020? >> yeah, enjoy it go have dinner with your family sit around and smile and talk about the issues. >> speaking of families, don't you have anybody surrounding you right now that maybe we can say merry christmas to? >> i don't have a picture, i have the real thing. >> even better. >> amelia and this is my
5:37 am
daughter isabelle. christmas pajamas and all. messy hair and all. merry christmas. >> dan we have to ask you. >> this one got pokemon cards. >> what did santa get you? >> clothes. >> and what did you get? >> pokemon cards. >> merry christmas. santa was great to everybody. ed: beautiful family. thanks for memberring us. >> thanks for having me on appreciate it. see you all. ed: beautiful let's toss up to carlie with headlines. >> what a lucky guy with those two beautiful kids but you are right we got to turn to headlines now and the brother of missing idaho kids, is speaking out colby ryan urging the public to help find his younger sibling s as their parents are named persons of interest in
5:38 am
their disappearance. >> everybody's focus should be kylie and jj, and figuring out if they are okay, where they're at and how we can make sure they're safe. police say chat and laurie day bell are on the run relatives believe the couple is in a radical cult obsessed with the end of the world and they have been missing since september. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez revealing her next career move and the freshman congresswoman admitting she would be honored to serve as bernie sanders' vice president and she's made numerous stops on the campaign trail endorsing the vermont senator but unfortunately she's five years too young. the president and vp must be at least 35. we've got a little bit of a controversy here, a famous stove pipe hat, featured at abraham lincoln's presidential museum a library museum may not actually be his. the hat has been on display in illinois since 2007 and a new
5:39 am
six-month long study by a state historian says it's not the correct size and there's no evidence that it ever belonged to the 16th president. the historian blames the museum for a lack of due diligence before buying the hat from a private collector. >> well this will certainly tug at your heartstrings listen to this duet between a keep o patient and his nurse. >> ♪ oh, night, divine, oh, night, when christ was born ♪ >> that is so beautiful that rendition of oh, holy night going viral and the two met during his treatment for non- hodgkin's lymphoma in nashville and he was at the famous grand ole opry for 23 years. doesn't that just give you chill s? ed: it does that was beautiful. griff: we're back on fox square with chef david burke. this time cooking up christmas
5:40 am
desert. griff: what are we making there's pretty elaborate things here. >> it's all locale are. we saw it on the end there with a christmas yule log and we put some candies on that. can i get in it? >> yeah, cut it up. ed: what is it made up of? >> it's like a cake roll with chocolate and icing and there's various types of, it's a french classic. we have cookie dough, hush puppies, there's sauce to dip that in if you'd like. we've got pancakes, and an eggnog pudding. >> what do you call it? >> i'm always wondering whether it's crepe or what now you go. >> if you're in france or america. >> you're known for these lolli pops. these are dipped in coconut and
5:41 am
candy canes and you can go buy your own and do dipping and this is ginger rum. >> there is gingerbread cookies but this is a pudding and this again, i like waffles for christmas. it irons it out, and then they're like you put the sugar on. griff: and they are usually perfectly round. actually it's quite enjoyable. >> and chef you wrote a cookbook? >> it's david burke's american classic. ed: we'll keep it then. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> thank you. cheers merry christmas. ed: up next reporting christmas to the test with the one and
5:42 am
only tom shalu. >> ♪ a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland. ♪ steven could only imaginem 24hr to trenjoying a spicy taco.burn, now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day all-night protection. can you imagine 24-hours without heartburn?
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>> ♪ ♪ ed: and that is what they sing in hawaii on christmas day. merry christmas, as we take another live look at our special christmas tree on fox square. >> that's right and now we're being put to the test with a christmas quiz. griff: and here is our host, of fox nation, the quiz show, tom. >> here we go! we are off and running. by the way, santa's playing. >> santa will play and he's a danger to all of you guys. no buzzers until i'm done with the question okay? let me get this thing out. >> and the multiple choices right? >> number one, which of these, yeah, that's right. which was not one of the gifts given by one of the three wise men, silver, gold -- >> you're on the button? >> silver. >> no, what about ♪ silver and gold, silver and gold ♪ no what is it?
5:46 am
yeah, silver is right. oh, wow that's good video to support my question. >> [laughter] >> number two. >> actual real life footage. >> which famous christmas ballet features the music, talking about peter and the wolf , the nutcracker, the wind and the willows or the snowman? santa you did not wait, but i'll let you chime in here. >> i know. i'm a little tired. >> nutcracker. >> the nutcracker. is he right? is he right? yes, he is right. look at that. >> i just saw that this week. ed: if santa doesn't play by the rules, you know? >> next question here we go. who wrote the song here comes santa claus? i think that i saw griff, was it
5:47 am
griff? ed: it's christmas. >> okay, good. griff: gene autry. >> ♪ right down santa claus lane ♪ >> that's amazing. i really want you to get that one. what is frosty the snowman's nose made of? carrots, potato, button, or a rock? carlie again. >> carlie did not listen. >> i know. santa came way too early that time. >> button. >> acorn cob pipe and a what for a nose? >> there he is. >> ♪ and a button nose, and eyes made out of coal♪ griff: carlie is being a little tough on you. >> he stole my buzzer. >> it's santa claus, carlie.
5:48 am
>> we were colluding to let santa answer. >> what's number five. >> that's all right >> which reindeer does not belong on following list, what was that? nicole? >> i'm not touching that one. nicole, who? >> i'm going to say it's roger. >> roger was removed from the original. >> ♪ you know-er and dancer and perhapser and vixen, comet and cupid and donner♪ >> who was the voice of the snowman, in that? >> burl iver. >> oh! >> that was good! >> santa real quick. a few people not including ed, adam, or myself, on the naughty
5:49 am
list? >> in recent moments, yes. >> ed: more fox & friends, next >> ♪ peace on earth, good will to men ♪ receding gums, and possibly... tooth loss. help turn back the clock on gingivitis with parodontax. leave bleeding gums behind. parodontax. ♪ ♪ well i'm standing here, looking at you, what do i see? ♪ there's a booking for every resolution . book yours at
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5:51 am
>> hi, everybody a blessed
5:52 am
christmas from new york, cardinal timothy dolan here. do you ever notice when you're at a big family gathering all of the attention is on the babies, all right? the kids. i was just at a birthday party on saturday for a wonderful woman, 95 years of age, and all of her great grandchildren there everybody was paying attention to the babies. you want to hold them, love them , pick them up, you want to cuddle them, and that, of course is what in a cosmic way christmas is all about. all of creation is looking at that little baby in the crib, and that baby wants us to pick them up and hold them and love them and accept them into our lives, and that baby like any baby that we see gives us a lot of hope. they used to say that the birth of a baby is god's sign he wants life to continue and the birth of that baby at bethlehem jesus our lord and saviour is his message that he wants life to continue for all eternity. a blessed christmas.
5:53 am
>> ♪ ava maria, ava maria >> ♪ maria, ava maria ♪ ♪
5:54 am
>> ♪ ♪
5:55 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ave maria
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for your worst cold and flu symptoms, on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. speak up merry christmas. i want to wish a very merry christmas to my husband. i will be home soon. >> my sister and eye is doing great. thank you for the prayers. merry christmas to my wife and daughters. just to clear the air very
6:00 am
quickly -- >> i apparently sheet it said santa said that. >> can make it a "ho, ho, ho"? >> great show, guys. president trump. lawyers and house committee say there could be more charges against the president. without a very good morning and merry christmas to you and yours at home. i'm in for bill hemmer. merry christmas. of course the president lashing out at the speaker of the house accusing nancy pelosi of hating republicans. as lawyers for the judiciary committee seeking testimony from former white house counsel don began. suggesting the house could bring new articles of impeachment against the president. the president pre


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