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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 25, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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serious allergic reactions may occur. i just look and feel better. i got real relief with cosentyx. watch me! feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> merry christmas welcome to another hour of news headquarters. >> thanks for being with us. millions of american holiday travelers are on the move. the show down in your nation's capital is at stand still. president trump senate trial is in limbo. nancy pelosi is waiting on the details. >> among the senators are several 2020 democratic candidates and with the trial still expected next month, it could take them off the campaign trail with the iowa caucuses just weeks away.
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>> good afternoon. 2020 candidates taking a break from christmas from the campaign trail today. but expect the race to heat up first thing tomorrow morning. when these candidates move between iowa and new hampshire impeachment is a top that's dominating the news cycle. it has been for weeks here in washington. these white house hopefuls playing close attention to the tension between the house and senate. former vice president joe biden called impeachment a solemn moment for our country this weekend. >> donald trump has brought this on himself. he indicted himself on the white house lawn. he said we were left no choice. >> congresswoman tulsi gabbert is causing a stir after voting present. but a neutral vote. neil is calling on her to step
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down. gabbert announced she's not running for reelection. >> one of the candidates stand on pelosi withholding those articles of impeachment? >> that's a big question how long she'll hold onto articles. senators, book klobuchar all expected to be on the campaign trail. michael bloomberg he's pushing for a trial as soon as possible. listen. >> i think they should have a trial. whatever the evidence is, that's what the constitution calls for. i think we deserve nothing less. >> senator cory booker tweeted about a future trial where he would be a juror. this trial demands a thorough review of the evidence. we must be rented with witnesses and documents. if it's in january or february, that's right in the middle of
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important campaigning and iowa new hampshire. state of the union is february 4th a day after the iowa caucuses. it's going to be busy with the trial, with the state of the union, lot going on and these people on the campaign trial not taking much time off maybe just today. that's it. >> could be a big advantage for biden and buttigieg and others. we appreciate it. let's bring in now john buffy associate editor from "wall street journal." great to see you. let's talk about this additional impeachment articles that the democrats reportedly not ruling out about president trump. they still need to hear from don mccann. could we see another impeachment in the house? >> it's entirely possible. democrats saying the articles have been written up and approved by the house and they are waiting to be passed on to the senate.
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that the investigations haven't stopped. remember that the mueller report had 10 outstanding statements about obstruction by the president. those are still standing. they were not tried. they were not heard in the house. elements of the mcghan will be part of that. what mcghan did on behalf of the president in minds of the house obstructed justice. >> democrats say that mcghan's testimony produces new evidence that president trump committed impeachable offenses. this third article means he obstructing congress. graham said this is proof that dems don't think they can win at the ballot box >> i'm not sure that the
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correct. house speaker is blamed not waiting for the judicial process to play through to force witnesses such as mulvaney and bolton to appear before the house before the articles of impeachment were written up and passed on to the senate. the speaker is demanding witnesses be brought before the gnat. remember that the white house said, they can't testify. the house speaker kind of missed an opportunity by letting the courts decide this. what she was concerned about was the delay. she didn't want this dragging into the campaign next year. she wanted some kind of resolution quickly. now the senate saying, we're not going to call any witnesses. the problem there, at the end of the day, the public is wondering can't these witnesses come speak and tell the truth. is there a cover-up. >> mcghan was someone that the democrats originally had wanted to testify early on when it came
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to the mueller investigation. the democrats made a decision they would only proceed well two articles of impeachment. meaning they would leave out mueller and focus on ukraine. now they're deciding to bring in mueller in the 11th hour which sort of presents a sign of desperation to some who say that maybe they don't have all their ducks in the row. they do not have enough evidence. that is why nancy pelosi is installing to get enough evidence. how much could this hurt the democrats? >> i think that's the republican argument that's what the democrats are doing. i think the democrats will pond to that saying, this is the process. it takes a while for the courts to make their decision. therefore, it took us a while to come back to this element of obstruction. whether or not the mcghan issue listen presented to the senate as part of the trial. i think it's kind of playing both parts of -- depending on
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who you will side with. people chosen their sides already. it looks like it's part of the messy process. certainly it has gotten messy. the democrats are not passing on the articles of impeachment to the senate. gives the republicans to say, they're afraid of stepping forward. >> i want to move ton to republican senator lisa murkowski. she said she was disturbed to hear mitch mcconnell saying there's coordination over the impeachment trial. what do you make of the senate's relationship with the white house impending trial? >> murkowski pointed it out. she's pa moderate. she's somebody mitch mcconnell should be worried about siding with democrats on the procedural aspects of the trial coming forward. this is what mcconnell said. if it's a trial, you would hope that the judge and the jury are
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in impartial. they have sided with one side or the other. by saying he's not going to call witnesses by saying he's coordinating with the white house. that's problematic. this is not a trial in the traditional sense of a u.s. courtroom. it's a political process. >> they're not necessarily entitled witnessed at this point. i want to compare between typical criminal trial and impeachment trial in the senate. >> that's correct. schumer saying, why not? why not witnesses? >> john bussey thank you so much. from impeachment to healthcare and education. all major issues for 2020 democrats. what about matters of faith? on this christmas we take a look at how hopefuls are looking to get the religious vote. >> reporter: senator cory
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booker, to andrew yang. democratic presidential hopefuls are touching on religious at times invoking verses from the bible. >> i'm offering the presidency you don't have to wake up in the morning and look at the news and think to yourself, whatever happened to i was hungry i you fed me. >> reporter: democrats long tried to court religious voters after evangelicals played a big role in former president george w. bush's reelection. >> democrats looking inward to see how they could appropriately engage and include their own faith and their faith narrative and how to best connect with those individuals of faith. >> reporter: associated poll shows only 37% of democrats feel it's moderately important for a candidate to have strong religious beliefs. as compared with two thirds of republicans. many iowans believe religion can
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play a bigger factor in this election cycle. >> religion is significant in in campaign because of trump and what an affront to he is with anyone with a moral value. >> reporter: religion maybe important here in iowa or south carolina where more than 75% of the option practiced some form of christianity. other voters say, what matters more is how candidates manifest their religion in their platform. these are all issues democrats of faith consider. >> reporter: voters, a crucial consideration the country's first caucus only weeks away. fox news. it was nearly 10 years ago former president obama signed the affordable care act into law. with federal courts now questioning its constitutionality, several prominent democrats turning to med for all. state of obamacare is unclear.
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lauren, where does the court case against obamacare stand today? >> reporter: well, a federal court upheld the decision by a texas court which found obamacare without the individual mandate is unconstitutional. however, the federal court wants that lower court to figure out how much is severable from that requirement where it requires most people to have insurance. according to the ruling, this can go one of three ways. they can find that none of the healthcare law can be severed without the individual men date. could be that all of it is severable or it could be that some is severable where some not. president trump saying, this decision will not alter the current healthcare system. my administration continues to work to provide access to high quality healthcare at a price you can afford while strongly protecting those with preexisting conditions. obamacare has had its court wins and losses in 2012.
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chief justice robert saying it was constitutional. in 2017 a republican tax bill repealed the mandate penalty. the president and republicans tried to chip away at the law even though as right now, there isn't a viable replacement. in those spending bills, president trump signed last week, there was the repeal of three obamacare taxes. the cadillac tax on high cost employer based plan and manuel fee on health insurance providers. the white house calling it a win as president trump has repeatedly called the individual mandate the worst part of the law. >> 2020 democrats are submit on -- split on what the future of obamacare should be. >> reporter: former vice president biden who was there when president obama signed this, he has defended law.
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he admits it does need improvements. those in the progressive wing, believe it's time to move to a medicare for all system. >> what we have to do is make clear that the function of healthcare is to provide healthcare to all and not make huge profits for the insurance companies and the drug companies. the best way to do that, the simplest way is through medicare for all single payer program. >> reporter: the white house is doing a victory lap after court ruling. 2020 democrats say it will be short lived. they may not agree, they say it's not what the president has done so far. >> he promised to repeal affordable care act and replace
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it with something better. he has never had another plan. he determined to throw americans off the boat without giving them a lifeline. >> reporter: in 2020, we know doubt will see even more healthcare policy proposals out on the campaign trail. now it's up to you to decide who's idea you trust. >> thank you so much. investigators on the hunt for the prime suspect in the killing of an ex-nfl quarterback brother. live report next. ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7 and maintained it. oh! under 7? (announcer) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (announcer) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? (announcer) ozempic® should not be the first medicine
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>> new details in the disturbing stabbing death of clay beathard. brother of nfl quarterback c.j. beathard. the tennessee bureau of investigation adding this man, michael mosley to its most wanted list. he faces two counts of criminal homicide for the fatal stabbing of bethrd and another man outside of nashville bar early saturday morning. >> reporter: the suspect is still on the run. his attorney told local tv station that his client is willing to communicate with detectives and will surrender.
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tennessee authorities are stepping up the pressure. they have added michael mosley to the state bureau of investigations most wanted list with a reward more than $42,000 for information leading to his arrest. in a tweet, the bureau says mosley faces two counts of criminal homicide and one count of attempted criminal homicide and should be considered armed and dangerous. he's the prime suspect in a stabbing that happened outside bar in nashville. surveillance footage shows mosley and others inside the dogwood bar before the attack. authorities say there was an argument over a woman there. it got fiscal across the street. 22-year-old clayton beathard and 21-year-old paul tripien was knifed in the side. mosley who is 23, 5'7", had brown hair and hazel eyes. a convicted felon out on bond
11:20 am
after punching and kicking a wal-mart. his history includes aggravated battery and drug related arrests. anyone with information urged to contact the tennessee bureau of investigation. >> one cannot imagine how extremely tough this holiday is for the family. >> reporter: it is an awful crime at an awful time. clay's brother, c.j., backup quarterback for the san francisco 49ers skipped the game to join his family. clay had two sisters and another brother. their father is a song writer and grandfather is pro football hall of famer clay beathard. saying klay was an amazing, big soft hearted human being with undeniable love for the lord. he had families and friend and teammates back. funeral services for both victims are set for saturday
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afternoon as the search for the killer goes on. >> thank you so much. travelers at five major u.s. airports exposed to the measles. several people with the disease passed through chicago's o'hare, lax in los angeles, and denver international as well as birk strom international in austin, texas. what do you do if you're exposed. scary stuff. i think it's lot of people don't know about this. i got measles vaccine as a kid. i should be okay. >> reporter: that's great. for the most part it's true. if you are traveling at those airports at that time where that traveler who acquired the
11:22 am
measles while he was in europe, check your immunization record. if you're not sure, check with your doctor. if you have any signs or symptoms a fever, a rash, cough, red eyes and red eyes or runny nose. see your doctor right away. although this is rare disease, there can be some life-threatening come commissions that -- complications that could occur. >> let's talk about flu season. it sound like it's kicking up. we had couple of cold days. >> reporter: absolutely. the flu virus thrive in the winter. it spreads from person to person. it's highly contagious. best way to prevent the flu is
11:23 am
getting your flu shot. i had seven cases alone. one case of influenza a and several cases of influenza b. it's important to get your flu shot. it's not too late. if you haven't had a chance to get it, it's not too late. you can protect yourself. you can protect your family and loved ones. if you think it's too late and you already got symptoms of the flu like a cough, fever or sore throat, runny nose, see your doctor. there's treatment available. >> absolutely. nobody wants to deal with the flu. this is christmas obviously. we got six or seven days left of the holidays. people are eating and drinking and relaxing. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we call it the holiday heart or the christmas coronary. this time of year christmas is my favorite time of year. we see lot of people having to
11:24 am
go to the emergency room for stress pain and palpitation. lot of people travel and they forget their medication. take your medicines as prescribed. also be careful. avoid excessive alcohol. too much salt, too much sugar. it can really put a strain on your heart. very important, take your medicines and stay hydrated. wash your hand before you eat. then get your flu shot if you haven't already. >> lots of good tips there. thank you so much for your time this afternoon. up next, we have breaking news overseas. we'll tell you about it coming up. this time of year, that's really important. so we're making it easier than ever to become part of our family. that's why our chevy employee discount is now available to everyone. the chevy price you pay is what we pay.
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>> rob: welcome back. reports coming in of rockets
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fired into israel just minutes ago and prime minster benjamin netanyahu rush to a bomb shelter. >> reporter: good afternoon. we are getting reports right now that at least one rocket has been fired from the gaza strip into southern israel. israeli prime minster benjamin netanyahu has been campaigning in the southern city. this is a city that's about an hour south of tel-aviv and about hour 15 minutes away from jerusalem. similar attack occurred on september 10th when the military commander of islamic gejihad. this is significant because just two months afterwards, he was assassinated by the israeli military. we'll wait to see how they respond to this rocket launch from the gaza strip this evening. one important date to remember,
11:29 am
tomorrow is the primary for the benjamin netanyahu where he'll face a challenger to see whether or not he's going to be the nominee in the third round of elections for israel in less than a year. >> rob: okay. we'll keep following this one of course. netanyahu rushed to a bomb shelter there in israel. thanks for the update. >> julie: we'll have updates on israel as soon as we get them. timothy dolan sharing his christmas message this morning. watch. >> hi everybody, blessed christmas from new york, cardinal timothy dolan here. did you notice you're in a big family gathering, all the attention is on the babies. the kids. i was just at a birthday party on sad for -- saturday for a wonderful woman, 95 years of age and all her great grandchildren there. everybody was paying attention to the babies. you want to love them and pick them up and you want to cuddle
11:30 am
them. that is what christmas is all about. all of creation is looking at that little baby in the crib. that baby wants us to pick him up and hold him and love him and accept him in our lives. that baby, like any baby that we see gives us a lot of hope. the birth of a baby is god's sign he wants life to continue. the birth of that baby at bethlehem, jesus our lord and savior, is his message he wants life to continue. blessed christmas. >> rob: across the pond now, queen wishing people merry christmas and bright new decade. >> we all look forward to start of a new decade, it's worth remembering that it is often the small steps, not the giant leaps that bring about the most lasting change. i wish you all a very happy
11:31 am
christmas. >> rob: queen fill -- still going strong. also marked by a bumpy year by the brexit. >> julie: 2019 has had its share of scandal. celebrities caught in embarrassing headlines and lighting up social media. >> reporter: from jesse smollett to kim kardashian, 2019 had a share of scandals. big name celebrities caught in embarrassing headlines. call it buyer education. massive nationwide scam. accused of paying millions of dollars to bribe their kids way into top universities. including ax actress felicity huffman. major off screen drama for empire star jussie smollett. the actor telling chicago police
11:32 am
two attackers yelled racist and homophobic slurs to him. the charges against smollett were eventually dropped. r. kelly facing legal trouble. he's accused of recruiting women and underaged girls for sex and holding them in captivity at his home. nearly two dozen women accusing cuba gooding jr. of sexual misconduct. he's facing charges of sexual abuse and forcible touching. gooding has been denied all the accusations. rapper asap roc rocky finding himself in trouble. he was found guilty assaulting a 19 year. he claimed his actions were in self-defense. many fans calling for the rappers release. he is returned home and will not
11:33 am
face any jail time. kim kardashian west facing backlash over her brand new shape wear in the tv star saying she was appropriating japanese culture. she renamed the brand, skim. peleton releasing holiday ad that drew heavy criticism. it featured a woman on the exercise bike given to her a year before by her husband. many slamming the company for endorsing body negativity for women. peleton saying at the misexpression of the -- mistress misinterpretation of the ad. undercover sex sting in florida
11:34 am
of my indicating more than two dozen men including new england patriot owner robert kraft. he rejected a plea deal that would have dropped off charges. pleading not guilty and requesting jury trial. one of the most scandalous events, arrest of jeffrey epstein on charges of sex trafficking after being denied bail. epstein i was found dead in his jail cell ruled suicide by the new york city medical examiner. two jail guards was charged for not keeping tabs on epstein. rumors continues to swirl about whether epstein was actually murdered. accuser of jeffrey epstein said she was forced to have sex with prince andrew. she said the two met on several occasions. despite denying the allegations, prince andrew is stepping down from his royal duties for the foreseeable future. plenty of these scandals will be
11:35 am
making headlines in 2020 and we will be there to cover it all for you. in new york, fox news. jazz >> rob: 2020 hopeful bernie sanders is looking to come how of the bullpen and make the save for minor league baseball. he met with mlb commissioner rob manfred to save 42 minor league teams from extinction. andrew craft has that story. >> reporter: if you're fan of minor league baseball, chances are your team is at risk of being eliminated. all due to an mlb restructuring plan to cut costs, putting 42 teams on the chopping block. one unlikely champion is trying to save them. >> it's not just another business where you can pay people low pages and then shut down your enterprises and communities where it means so much to the kids. >> reporter: sanders met with mlb commissioner rob manfred over the issue last month and sent a letter threatening the
11:36 am
anti-trust exemption. >> they received over the years many hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer corporate welfare to build their stadium. >> it's exciting to see the issue take a political gain. grab some attention at the national level. >> super important to keep baseball live in small towns. >> reporter: the minors doesn't have a union and the mlb subsidizes coaches and players salaries but say it's not enough. >> you don't make very much money over the course of the year. most i made playing minor league baseball was $7500. that's not enough to support yourself and live off of. >> reporter: negotiations are spilling out into public view with the mlb threatening to sever all affiliations with the minors and contract their own teams. in a statement mlb said, if the national association has an interest in agreement with major
11:37 am
baseball it must address the issue. mlb clubs will be free to affiliate with my minor league team in the united states. minor league players are practicing, members of congress have formed a bipartisan task force to try to save the team. minor leagues agreement with the mlb expires after the 2020 season. in burlington, iowa. fox news. >> julie: americans hitting the holiday retail market in huge numbers. we'll break that down for you and good news coming up next. i'm part of a community of problem solvers. we make ideas grow. from an everyday solution... to one that can take on a bigger challenge. we are solving problems that improve lives.
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us. it's what this country is made of. but right now, our bond is fraying. how do we get back to "us"? the y fills the gaps. and bridges our divides. donate to your local y today. because where there's a y, there's an us. >> rob: thanks to last minute surge, holiday retail sales rose more than 3.4% from november 1st to christmas eve this year. big jump. online purchases are the driving force behind those numbers. let's bring in editor who was
11:41 am
freedom works director for the center for economic freedom. thank you for coming on today. obviously, not expecting to hear any different. online is surging big time around this time of year. >> reporter: yeah. online is increasingly the way people shop. it's still under 10% of total retail sales. what we're seeing now is that americans are highly productive and that enables consumption. people don't consume and cause growth. they produce and that is the driver of their consumption. >> rob: only 10% is online. if it's going to at the quick pace it's still in retail store. >> reporter: the very person incorrectly said as being the killer of traditional brick and mortar retail, jeff bezos. the vast majority of sales to
11:42 am
this day and by far continue to be in the retail brick and mortar space. that's where bezos is moving. nothing against online sales. >> rob: what is happening to some of these stores? you keep hearing stories about these big stores closing up shop. retail is disappearing. >> reporter: the story there is called progress. it's not to say that we should be happy when a business goes under. look from malls 20 or 30 years ago and look at the stores in them relative to today. they've always been dying. this is a sign replacing the bad to mediocre with much better. malls and shopping area like michigan avenue, they're not going away. they are evolving in a way that will improve the consumer outcome. they're not going to disappear. >> rob: online is a smaller portion. numbers show in 18 or 19%
11:43 am
increase in online sales this year compare to a 1.2% increase in store sales. online will continue to take a bigger piece of the pie. do you think online will ever do you think online will ever >> reporter: look again what jeff bezos is doing. amazon stock is only risen with his interest, with amazon's entrance into brick and mortar selling. the typical bind, we'll buy much more of that online. it's going to bring up those numbers. it's just the nature of what we'll buy. the nature what we'll do in the traditional stores that's going to change. it's going to be a beautiful outcome for the consumer. if in fact online what was going to take out the old way of shopping, you'll see it with the decline of wal-mart and decline of best buy and target. we're seeing the opposite.
11:44 am
jeff bezos recognizes this. this is why amazon is making an aggressive move. >> rob: is online forcing brick and mortar stores to survive on a profit margin? >> reporter: possibly. the beauty of competition, it forces everyone to increase their game. you and i met back in 1993. i don't think neither one of us was demanding online sales. i imagine neither one of us can live without it today. it forced them to get much better. there's one near you in the meadowlands in new york. shopping center called the dream. in order to attract people, they don't just have retail. they have amusement parks. they have different restaurants, all sorts of different ways to create a better outcome for the consumer. online is what's going to make traditional retail better than ever. it's going to make our
11:45 am
experiences soar by comparison. >> rob: toys 'r us, everybody went crazy, they went out of business. now they trying to make some kind of comeback. do you see more stories like that happening? >> you can because the nature of selling and retail is easier and easier all the time. toys 'r us and others may struggle in this. remember, sears used to be amazon. it used to be said that sears was the business that was going to put everyone else out of business. it's in decline now. remember, a&p super market. they are now essentially obsolete. it's in countries where businesses are the same for decades and decades. you know consumers are getting the worst possible outcome and the worst possible service. >> rob: thank you so much for your time.
11:46 am
>> julie: are you done christmas shopping? your mom is in town. >> rob: we got a weird family. we don't do lot of gifts. >> julie: you're giving her something pretty amazing. >> rob: i'm taking mom to paris after the show. we'll have a -- >> i hope my 3-year-old harrison is listening now. this is what i like in 20 or 30 years. that's awesome. >> rob: in order to do that when i go in the store, i see something i see the price, i do check on amazon. >> julie: more sure. i cross reference check everything. you can always find it cheaper online. i like to wheel and deal. i do it online. okay, the washington state supreme court upholding a controversial seattle law. it requires landlords to accept the first qualified applicant for a lease. it is about fairness but there are opponents that are saying it
11:47 am
endangers landlord's right to choose. >> reporter: a big change to property rights in washington state. at it supreme court reversed a lower court ruling and approved the seattle ordinance. forcing landlords to rent to the first applicant to qualify. >> the washington supreme court 130 years u.s. supreme court case law. >> reporter: activist say it's need to lymph land -- eliminate landlord bias. >> even without consciously choosing to favor one group or another like we know that favoritism still happen. >> reporter: landlords point out laws protect those groups from housing discrimination and right to choose the best tenants is critical. >> it's chasing people like us away who really have a tie to the property and want to be part
11:48 am
of the community. >> reporter: opponents believe the law could hurt the people it aims to help. chris bennett are selling their income properties in seattle to large investment firms that usually raise rents. now landlords are making it harder to qualify. among the requirement, incomes three times the rent and a perfect rental history. they say it's about protecting their investment. >> i'm being attacked all the time. greedy vicious people. we provide reasonable quality housing to people. >> reporter: the first in time law is challenged up to the u.s. supreme court. now seattle landlords have another issue to worry about. the city council is considering a ban on all winter evictions. in seattle, dan springer, fox news. >> rob: the winter months can be brutal.
11:49 am
if you don't have a warm place to call home. coming up next, one organization spreading holiday cheer to those who need it most. to the outside world, you look good, but you don't feel good. with polycythemia vera, pv, symptoms can change so slowly over time you might not notice. but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing. let's change the way we see pv. you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to discuss changing symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor. visit
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>> julie: many of us get to spend time with family over the holidays. thousands of homeless americans do not have a warm place to go this christmas. that is why blankets of ehopes works with students to deliver blankets to those in need. thank you very much for talking to us. i know this started by two people who saw homeless person, couldn't get that out of their mind. they chose -- you chose to make a difference. tell me how this all started.
11:53 am
>> reporter: merry christmas. in the summer of 2016, my brother and i were headed into the city commuting to our corporate jobs. we looked around and we found ourselves completely miserable. that day we decided to quit our job and do something more meaningful for six months we failed miserably. my brother had sleepless nights. he couldn't get this image of a homeless man out his head. he wrote up a go fund me page wanting to raise money to buy blankets for the homeless. he showed it to me and i got on board. we went out and we delivered 100 blankets to people experiencing homelessness in new york city. that was supposed to be end of blankets. we went back to the drawing board and started another entrepreneurial adventure to make money. we got an e-mail that changed the trajectory of our lives. that e-mail was from a man that
11:54 am
said, donations to mike and nick. i saw your video of blankets of hope on facebook. would love to offer you financial support and guidance. we looked it up. this man was on the forbes list, netflix. we spoke to him. he wants us to stop everything we're doing and go all in on this idea blankets of hope. he sees potential of it having a major impact to inspire global movement of kindness. >> julie: i love these stories of good will and good nature. just to remind people of what an epidemic homelessness here in this country. we've got a strong economy, there's still 500,000 americans will be homeless and out in the freezing cold. there's 60,000 people living on the streets in the new york city. half a million in the u.s. what is it that the final goal here? you can't obviously provide millions of blankets unfortunately. what is your goal? >> reporter: our goal is to
11:55 am
deliver 1 million blankets by 2025. a much deeper level. our mission with blankets of hope is to inspire global movement of kindness. we believe that kindness can solve all the world's problems. that's why we partner with schools. for every student that participates in blankets of hope, we ship them to the schools. we believe in the future generation. we believe that if the future generation is equipped with these transformational tools of compassion, they hold the keys to solving world problems. >> julie: if you're sittingetinn your warm home now, you can help too. you can go to the website thank you for you and your brother's help. that is wonderful. thank you.
11:56 am
>> rob: first responders in wisconsin coming together to create a special christmas moment using the grinch. it's all for the children of a union grove firefighter who died of a heart attack just after halloween. the video shows the grinch dantsing his way -- dancing his way through the fire house hoping to cheer up those three kids their first christmas without their dad. one presidential hopeful forced respond after his campaign was reaching out to voters from behind bars. >> julie: this was an interesting one. plus, the craziest moments of 2019 caught on camera. "america's news headquarters" continues this christmas day. nd. ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting. so watch out. i got this!
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>> a fox news alert on the impeachment standoff and the wa of words heating up as the senate trial hangs in limbo. welcome back to america's news headquarters spread. >> thank you for joining us on this christmas day bright house democrats are suggesting more articles of impeachment. they're are two, there could be more on the way. house speaker nancy pelosi hasn't sent the original ones, the first two to the senate and president trump is of course lashing out at her for that. >> she's doing a tremendous disservice to the country. she's not doing a good job. some people think that she doesn't know what she's doing very a lot of people think that and a lot of


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