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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 25, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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merry christmas to all and to all, good night. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to washington, mike emanuel in for bret baier. a scare in the holy land on this day for christians. embattled prime minister benjamin netanyahu was evacuated during a campaign event following a rocket attack from southern israel. correspondent trey yingst is in jerusalem with the latest. good evening, trey. >> good evening. we can confirm that one rocket has been fired from the gaza strip into southern ill israel and just now as we speak updates are coming and that the israelis are responding with air strikes inside the gaza strip.
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we were hit with that strike and we are told that benjamin netanyahu was rust off the stage earlier tonight to a bomb shelter. that targets the city of ashkelon that he was campaigning in. netanyahu told attendees that the last person to shoot at him is now "gone. he was referring earlier to that person and islamic jihad and militant. we are currently speaking with sources inside the gaza strip this evening including hamas, the group in of gaza. more information about what occurred is coming in tonight. what's being stressed this year? >> we have from vatican city to notre dame, a very similar message and that is a message of hope and unity. take a look.
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wednesday morning before a crowd of thousands pope francis delivered a message of unity. he called on people around the world to remember the good and all humans and to remember those trapped and made conflict in places like iraq, syria and venezuela. >> darkness and personal family and social relationship with the light of christ is the greatest. may christ bring his light to the many children suffering from war and conflict in the middle east. and various countries around the world. >> more than a thousand miles away on the town of bethlehem, a place familiar with the ongoing conflict. a midnight mass was held to kick off christmas. the event was attended by palestinian president mike my divorce and other officials in the west bank. and in france after a devastating fire earlier this year, worshipers would normally attend mass a at the bemus notre dame cathedral. the 12th century cathedral was empty on christmas for the first
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time in 200 years. a good reminder that even in some of the worst times in some of the worst places and toughest places on earth, humans are able to find hope and happiness. mike, merry christmas. >> mike: merry christmas to you. thank you very much. in his christmas message president trump called for unity and respect from his private club in palm beach. 24 hours ago the president said house speaker nancy pelosi hates the republican party and all trump voters while complaining about the impeachment stalemate. and correspondent rich edson is with the dueling narratives out of respect for politics. >> for president trump christmas break break discussing impeachment. he's spending the holiday privately with the family in mar-a-lago. they are debating this.
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>> we give thanks to the millions of americans who come together to make to care for others with compassion and bring the warmth and bliss of this holy season to our families, our friends and neighbors and those in need of. for christmas dinner, how to win an argument with your liberal relatives. that arms trump supporter us with suggestions to snowflakes or siblings by boasting about the economy or trade agreements. the democrats contend the president did withhold aid from ukraine to compel its president to investigate the bidens and a week ago the house impeach the president on partisan lines on that charge. >> i hope we are all going to find a way, how we are going to
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look at the facts and these senators will be all impartial and make up their mind and we are all going to protect the democracy that we love. >> house speaker nancy pelosi is withholding the impeachment articles to try to force senate republicans to allow witnesses and any impeachment trials. republican senator lisa murkowski of alaska just told a local television station that she was disturbed when she heard majority leader mitch mcconnell was in total coordination with the white house on the senate impeachment trial. there is one more holiday message from the president this christmas, a tweet congratulating america on strong holiday sales. >> mike: rich edison, thanks a lot. during celebrations today, take a moment to remember that christmas day is not joyous for all. the remains of a new jersey green beret killed in afghanistan returned to american soil today and what is called a dignified transfer. the family of the fall and agree to have the media cover the
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event. lucas tomlinson reports on the pentagon on the solemn occasion. >> the remains of sergeant first class michael goebel returned to dover air force base on christmas morning. president trump's national security advisor robert o'brien and chairman of joints chiefs of staff were among those honoring him. the 33-year-old new jersey native is the 20th american killed in combat this year. he received four bronze stars. sergeant first class goble leaves behind his wife jan and daughter zoe. the defense secretary says that united states will never let afghanistan become a safe haven for terrorists. >> until we are confident that that mission is complete, we will retain a presence to do that. >> 13,000 u.s. troops remain in afghanistan and the height of u.s. military involvement in
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2010 over 100,000 deployed there as part of then president obama search. if you troops could spend next christmas in afghanistan as the president pulls nearly 4,000 troops out, and even more from other hot spots. >> i'm looking at centcom, all those places where we can free up troops. and then reallocate them, to compete with the chinese. >> with only 7,000 u.s. troops deployed to africa defense officials say there's not many trips to cut. earlier this month ahead of u.s. forces in africa, and this year u.s. forces will have launched a record number of drone strikes in somalia targeting an al qaeda affiliate. mike? >> lucas tomlinson, live at the
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pentagon. >> it's time most americans spend with their family and friends but we must not forget our brave men and women in uniform that will spend a great christmas season protecting the nation overseas. let's bring in three combat veterans, grand master florida, and jason church. thank you for your service. congressman, let's start with you. and christmas time, many men and women are deployed overseas. >> we are proud of you and thankful for you end up you think it shows a level of commitment from who we were to who we are today. wwe had that same commitment to go out there and, even on christmas night to go out there. george washington, defend freedom and fight for independence and that's what our service members doing today. the sacrifice for it as you missed probably the greatest display of christmas spirit that exists and that is in the smile
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and laughter of your children. >> mike: if you are highly decorated combat veteran. his christmas time to time that you are extra grateful to be alive and with your family? >> it's one more year that i get to see the smiles and laughter, joy and glee on the face of my families and i know that we all have bracelets that we where were we think about friends with lost, you think about those friends whose names are borne on your bracelets. the families don't get one more kiss, one more letter, one more gift or one more word. that's one more level of gratitude. >> you've given a lot to this country, suffered a back injury yourself. are you hoping to be a role model to other vets who are coming back and looking for a next career path perhaps? >> there's a saying in the marine corps, once a marine, always a marine. i still have a responsibility to keep fighting and that's on behalf of my country and on
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behalf of my fellow marines and my way of doing that for the last nine years has been to be a positive role model for them. >> jason, running for congress in wisconsin. your thoughts on where you are running? >> america's enemies didn't extinguish their desire to serve. it still burns in me and it's still there. that's conservative leadership from a new generation that has fought battles from enemies across the globe that knows what it means to bring an outside perspective, and i will take people like brian who made it absolutely, positively, world of difference here. >> what's your reaction being on the campaign trail to a veteran running for congress? >> people in the seventh congressional o come from
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outsiders. they bring a perspective that is both hardened and tough, and they see someone that is hardest and toughest fought in circumstances. something that i can bring not only to washington, like congressman dan crenshaw who can go up here and it really push back against some of the things that would really hurt people, not only in northern wisconsin but the country as a whole. >> what are you hearing from folks on the trail? >> i'm hearing that they believe in me because they trust me and i am a veteran. i think it's interesting, goes to show how much people love veterans and even people that don't plan to vote for me, they say thank you for your service but i can possibly vote for you. i think that kind of show is that a veteran can help to bridge the divide in this kind of partisan climate that we
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have. >> mike: congressman, do you feel like you have a role model? >> i know one thing that's probably most important about them and that's their commitment to this country. their sense of duty. they didn't serve or put on a uniform because they thought they would be rich or important or get a medal on their chest or write a book or anything else, they did it for the right reasons. that's the same commitment that we have today and there's nothing that's more needed. >> we are back here, and we are able to do that because these men and women are over there making that sacrifice and having that time away. so i am just so thankful for them. >> mike: you guys mentioned the bracelets.
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do you think about your buddies who did make it home? >> i think about travis moore gato and friends of mine from ranger school, people who i know are not spending that time with their loved ones right now and it's something that i think about every day, something i think about when i put my legs on in the morning and go out and campaign. i think about the people who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country. people like that, they motivate me to serve it again and defend it from all enemies foreign and domestic. >> mike: congressman, any final thoughts? >> thank you for putting on the uniform. thank you for being away from your families and thank you for defending the country. >> mike: thank you for your service and merry christmas to you and your loved ones. >> thank you and merry christmas. >> mike: denied the pentagon has a warning for members of the
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military, do not use those popular dna kits that may have ended up under your christmas tree today. service members were warned to gain industry is largely unregulated so data can be sold to third parties and the exposure of sensitive genetic information poses potential personal and operational risks. the pentagon also warned of the test may or may not provide accurate results. in a christmas day tweet senator elizabeth warren criticizes trump administration for its border security policies. the 2020 democratic candidate tweeting in part, this christmas i'm heartsick for all the families that will be celebrating together today because of the trump administration school treatment of immigrants and asylum-seekers. earlier the acting head of customs and border protection employed americans to appreciate cbp officers and others who wear the uniform. watch. >> it's not just the military, not just cbp but law enforcement in general. so i encourage people that throughout today, throughout the
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holidays, if you see a man or woman in uniform, take the time to thank them. >> mike: criticism of the trumpet ministrations border policies has become a staple with democrats on the 2020 campaign trail. two millionaires in the democratic race are spending lots of money. they supported nearly $200 million into television and digital advertising, more than double the combined ad spending of all the nonbillionaire candidates combined. some of the $120 million spent by bloomberg went to prison workers hired by an outside company to make campaign phone calls. the bloomberg campaign says it was unaware of the arrangement and cut ties with the contract contractor. senator rand paul has an idea to help pay for college loans. borrow from your future retirement. not all financial experts are on board and we will look at the proposal, next.
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>> mike: as the saying goes all politics are local even for the senate majority leader. mitch mcconnell is in kentucky touting the benefits and money for his state and the recent government spending package signed into law last week. mcconnell is up for reelection in 2020 and says his leadership role allows kentucky to "punch above its weight." in the $1.4 trillion spending bill mcconnell is boasting is handing securing $400 million for a new veterans hospital in louisville, $25 million to fight asian carp and western kentucky and benefits for coal miners. americans collectively owe about one and a half trillion dollars in student loans, more than twice the total a decade ago. the burden weighs on millions of adults impacting life choices
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and often stunting financial growth. one senator has an idea to help borrow from 401(k) retirement plans. correspondent mark meredith looks at the proposal and potential issues. >> this is a big burden. >> rand paul says too many americans are struggling to pay down college debt which is why he has introduced the helper act. a bill to let people withdraw $5,250 from their retirement accounts annually tax and penalty free to reduce college loans. >> we think it would dramatically transform the way college is paid for in our country. >> paul says with more companies matching 401(k) contributions even americans on smaller incomes are saving money. he says letting people reduce debt now creates opportunities to save more in the future. >> it doesn't work unless you put aside savings. >> critics say the idea only helps a certain class. >> it would be a win for people who have a lot of money and take an extra tax break by investing in the 401(k) first and then
3:21 pm
taking it out tax free but those are people who don't actually struggle with student debt. >> financial experts warned retirement account withdrawals do come with a certain cost. >> we do send the message that it's best if you leave that money untapped and invested in the let it hopefully benefit from growth. >> the senate is also proposing to let parents withdraw retirement monies text the meaning of parent with two incomes would allow for loans tax-free each year. he has reached out to some democrats to build support for the bill and he hopes more students will speak up to pressure lawmakers to create more ways to reduce the burden of college debt. senator paul says he is proposing expanding his proposal to offer tax-free benefits to grandparents of borrowers as well. >> mike: democratic governor gavin newsom granting parole to cambodian refugee who spent 22 years in prison for
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killing a rival gang member. he was then immediately turned over to federal agents for possible deportation according to his lawyer. immigrant rights groups want the governor to ended per transfer of prison inmates to federal authorities. a corrections department spokesman says normal procedure was followed. president trump has been mostly quiet on twitter today but did take the time to call out the democratic leader of california. gavin newsom has done a really bad job taking care of the homeless population in california. if you can't fix the problem the federal government will get involved. landlords in seattle now have a lot less discretion over who they allowed to live in their property. tonight, correspondent dan springer looks at a new law that could have some important unintended consequences. >> a big change to property rights in washington state after the state supreme court reversed a lower court ruling and approved a seattle ordinance, forcing landlords to rent to the first applicant who qualifies. the law is the first of its kind
3:23 pm
in the u.s. >> washington supreme court reversed 130 years of u.s. supreme court case law as well as washington case law. >> activists say it's needed to eliminate landlord by us and are calling it a victory for the racial minorities, the disabled and lgbtq. >> even without consciously choosing to favor one group or another, we know that that favoritism still happens. >> but landlords point out that laws already protect those groups from housing discrimination and the right to choose best tenants based on other factors is critical. >> it's chasing people like us away who have a tie to the property and want to be part of the community. >> opponents believe the law could hurt people it aims to help. there are some large investment firms that usually raise rent and many landlords are making harder for applicants to qualify going from one page of criteria
3:24 pm
to four. among the new requirements, income three times the amount of rent, and a perfect rental history. it's about protecting their investment they say. >> i'm being attacked all the time where landlords are portrayed as being these greedy vicious people and would provide reasonable quality housing to people. >> the first in law is being challenged but now seattle landlords have another issue to worry about. the civic council has considered a ban on all winter infections who find themselves out of rent five months of the year. in seattle, dan springer, fox news. >> up next, a special look at the white house christmas ornament but first beyond our borders. iran will join borders with russia and china to hold joint exercises. i ran the military spokesman says the four day drill will start saturday. it's likely a response to recent
3:25 pm
exercise between the u.s. and saudi arabia which china also participated in. they are seeking to bolster its alliances and continued economic pressure from u.s. sanctions. in afghanistan the taliban ambushed a peace convoy and abducted at least 26 activists. local authorities say insurgents force their way into convoy vehicles and drove off into unknown locations. officials say they are still working to locate and free the activists. a small christmas gift for parts of australia from mother nature. areas ravaged by deadly wildfires experienced temporary relief as cool and damp conditions set in. more than 12 million acres of land have burned throughout australia in the past few months and nine people have died and more than 950 homes were destroyed. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we will be right back.
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3:30 pm
can accomplish. >> david maki is the president of a second generation own family business in rhode island. they began producing white house themed ornaments in 1951 at the request of nancy reagan. this year they are approaching 1 million and come up with together by hand. >> they put it together using a tab in slot system that they've developed with a pair of pliers. >> they pay tribute to the presidents in sequential order. the first ornament honored george washington, and the 2008 benjamin harrison ornament marks the first traditional christmas tree in the white house. 2019 ornament is unlike the rest. at three dimensional helicopter on the white house south lawn. >> every year is exciting with the white house but i think this is one of the most exciting because it really pushed that technology towards it. >> it's a tribute to president number 34, dwight d. eisenhower.
3:31 pm
>> he was first american president to use a helicopter for presidential travel. >> and the president of the historical -- you see that majestic helicopter fly in and landed on the soft lawn on the white house and the president and the first family disembark, it reminds you that this represents the united states of america. >> in washington, david's font, fox news. >> mike: one candy stands above all the others in connection with christmas, the candy cane. religion correspondent lauren green looks of the sweet treats origins. >> this bubbling pot of gooey liquid will in a matter of minutes become the most iconic christmas candy of all time, the candy cane. here at lucas candies and have a saw, new york, nick lucas hand makes them the same way his great-great-uncle made them it 20 years ago, the way they've
3:32 pm
been made for centuries. >> it started in 1986 and i've been here since i was a kid so 30 years i've been doing this. >> candy canes are big business which is why the peppermint cane is getting some stiff competition with new want to be his. along with traditional fleet comic sweet varieties, now the savories moving into the market. there is kale, pizza, pickles, even clams and coffee. >> innovation drives our industry from flavors to packaging, two colors and more. >> each year nearly 2 billion candy canes are made with 90% sold between thanksgiving and christmas. >> you may want to step back. i have to like this. >> it's a simple recipe. sugar, corn syrup and water boiled at 315 degrees. cool on a metal slab at peppermint flavoring to the clear and red coloring to the wet comic rest. it's twisted with the red and then stretched to form canes and that signature hook.
3:33 pm
>> the candy cane's origins as part of the christmas tradition is a little sketchy. the story that goes that a german choirmaster of the candy sticks to the children to keep them quiet during the christmas service. to make it more about the holiday, put a crook in it. as a nod to the shepherds who came to visit the baby jesus. >> today a big company like spangler will produce two and a half million candy canes per day. lucas candies will make about 2,000 over a few weeks. either way, the christmas candy cane is here to stay. in new york, lauren green, fox news. >> mike: we will look at u.s. policy around the globe as we wait for that suppose a christmas gift from north korea. ♪ your vision benefits before they're gone. now in-network with vsp. visionworks. see the difference.
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3:37 pm
safe haven for terrorists. until we are confident that mission is complete we will retain a presence to do that. >> we are going to lead one way or the other, the question is to make sure we do it well and not poorly. and the taliban and cannot be trusted, and that can be insane for america to rely on the taliban and to ensure that al qaeda and isis k doesn't come back in a way to represent a threat to our allies and the american homeland. >> mike: a look at foreign policy on this christmas day starting with afghan peace talks on a day when -- a heartbreaking day for the american army. it's what's known as a dignified transfer. he was known and then attack on
3:38 pm
afghanistan and the taliban taking responsibility for it, there's a question about what this will do in terms of talks going forward in afghanistan. from the "washington examiner" "this scenario has shut down talks in the past and a pentagon official told the "washington examiner," it's as far from good faith as you can get. "let's bring her a panel. white house correspondent, and white house associated press. happy holidays and merry christmas. your thoughts on the impact in terms of afghanistan on the peace talks? >> there are a couple of things. the bigger idea of what president trump has long wanted to and these endless wars. he puts himself in a situation where he has been in a good place in the sense that he has not gotten a country into more wars, he has reduced troops.
3:39 pm
political standpoint just not biting off more than you could chew. at this moment it's a really good time to listen to your generals. no, don't exasperate the situation, take a cautious approach, and you don't win reelection in the foreign poli policy. >> the foreign policy is expected to play a bigger role in the 202020 election then perhaps we have seen. there's a whole range of reasons why that is. the defense secretary has said he'd like to get troops down to 8,600, and now the number is roughly 12,000 troops so there's a lot more that the trump administration would like to cut from that but, to your point,
3:40 pm
you quickly don't want to see any resurgence or any fighting to reduce the troops and that would be where you have a significant trip reduction. >> i think what you're seeing in afghanistan as well as other theaters is that basically the policy as reflecting the fact that trump is trying to appeal to different strands on the republican party. so on the one hand he talked about ending endless wars but on the other hand he doesn't want to be seen as "weak" like president obama. as a result of that -- and at the same time of that, he has a mix of advisors. some from conventional, and you see that in afghanistan where you have gone through these cycles of, he will make a bold declaration.
3:41 pm
and peace talks are off. and that's about different advisors and different competing impulses. and that's what we are seeing in other places, syria and iran and north korea. president trump joked that perhaps it was a vase, a lot of us think it might be some rocket launches threatening the neighbors. and senators are on capitol hi capitol hill. >> pyongyang has ominously promised a "christmas gift" if washington does not meet its demands. but clearly the current strategy
3:42 pm
is not working. it's important that we tighten the very leaky economic sanctions and regimes. >> it seems to me our best chance of changing the path that north korea is on his with crippling sanctions. >> mike: so clearly they want relief from the sanctions. >> north korea, it's snowballing into something bigger. maybe the biggest threat that he faces short of the economy falling apart. this is a place where, and at the same time, i do think he also has a say in this. for him to go too far i think
3:43 pm
would obviously be a big mistake and there's a lot to gain by trying to show that he is willing to work with finding some middle road. >> i covered presidents bush and obama and i think some of the gray hair they have is from north korea. this president tries another approach? >> that's right. and one thing we don't know is what's happening in those private letters. president trump likes to say that they are big beautiful letters but, we have actually not seen those letters. there's always a difference between what the president and perhaps kim jong un are saying publicly, because kim has to maintain power in his country as an authoritarian leader and compare that was what he might be saying, and we simply don't know what that is. >> kim jong un and his predecessors have a history of trash talk which is not to say that they are not dangerous or
3:44 pm
that they haven't done a lot of things to the international community but it's often difficult to say when they are actually going to back up the trash talk by doing something and when they are not. i think that early on in the relationship, you saw that trump was sort of giving back some of the trash talk with his statements of you know, rocket man and my button is bigger than yours, that sort of tom and mike trump talk. so he took a gamble by a sort of trying to deal with him if diplomatically and by a sort of backpedaling criticisms, or not really wanting to criticize human rights. so if this turns out to not just speak trash talk and it kim jong un does sort of debut this christmas gift, i think it's going to put trump in a really difficult position because on the one hand, he doesn't want to be dragged into a conflict. on the other thing he doesn't want to be embarrassed and find
3:45 pm
that his pet project backfired and blew up in his face. >> mike: meanwhile at like to touch on, queen elizabeth's that it's been a rough year for the royal family. take a listen to this. >> jesus christ will show the world how small steps taken in faith and hope can overcome long-held differences and deep-seated divisions to bring harmony and understanding. the path of course is not always smooth. and it may at times this year have felt quite bumpy but small steps can make a world of difference. >> mike: thoughts on the u.k., brexit has been difficult? >> yes but it's happening at least finally. from the queen's perspective you have princes that are reportedly not getting along at times. you have a marriage that starts off by them talking about how they are having -- how much strain they feel?
3:46 pm
and jeffrey epstein. then you have an elderly member of your family getting in car crashes. it's a bumpy year an understatement. >> also the new prime minister, they've had an election. there's been a lot happening in that u.k. politics but as you've said to come up they are moving on with brexit now and 2020 looks to be a little bit smoother. >> i'm actually not so sure it's going to necessarily be that smooth because -- >> may be smoother. >> i feel like people feel like it's a sense of relief, and what happens now is there will be this transition. it leading up to december, at which point, during this transition. a come the status quo remains and britain is going to have to negotiate with the e.u. on various trade deals. if that doesn't happen you will
3:47 pm
have the so-called hard to brexit. this time next year, if there is no deal with the e.u., you could be looking at this deadline and you could have financial markets kind of sweating. what sort of disruption would that look like? >> that would also have to be a trade deal. other than that little incident at the recent nato summit. >> mike: is just a little tease about a year ahead. next up, politics that the family gathering. the panel will weigh in on the controversial topic. oh, what a relief it is! so fast!
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3:49 pm
3:50 pm
>> yes there is darkness in human hearts for the light of
3:51 pm
christ is brighter still. there is darkness in personal and social relationships but the light of christ is differenc gr. >> i ask you to put personal differences behind you. >> president trump: we renew our hope for peace among nations and joy to the world on behalf of the entire trump family. we wish everyone a joyous and very merry christmas. >> mike: some world leaders there and then you have some 2020 democrats out on the campaign trail spending christmas in places like iowa, ahead of the caucuses there. check this out. >> let's take this chance to remember the values we share and recharge for the weeks and months ahead. let's be ready to usher in not just the decade but a new era. >> aloha and merry christmas to everyone celebrating both here and around the world. >> we have great health care.
3:52 pm
>> mike: we are back with our panel, philip, francesca and a mirror. your thoughts this christmas? >> oh, man. how can you bea health care? it's important for us to have this time to reset and push away some of your cynicism. i think it's almost that, as you go forward in iowa, and it's a dollar bottle of wine that elizabeth warren was given out. that's why they have the best ideas to be the best president, and trying to flip the switch and give the positive outlook of why they are the best candidate going forward. >> mike: francesca? >> january will be a very interesting time in the presidential race because folks
3:53 pm
are running out of time. there is -- what is it, five or six weeks before voting begins in iowa and early voting begins for some of the other super tuesday states including california. you also have new hampshire and other states coming up and to this point, democrats had to be really low to be attacking one another. but they will start finding some distinctions whether it's wine bottles for other things, so how that emerges at the beginning of next year i think will really be something to follow and might help voters to understand a little more voting caucuses and primaries who they should be voting for. >> i don't think you want to be seen as sort of launching a big attack on christmas. the first of all, it's not exactly in the christmas spirit and not many people are paying attention anyway. only negative publicity. but once we get back from
3:54 pm
new year's we only have a month out from iowa. for several candidates it's do-or-die, they have to at least make a strong showing there. so i think this is sort of a brief respite and it will have to get a lot nastier than just talking about crystal wine. >> mike: a lot of families are divided. last night at my house we had my mother-in-law on one side and my son and nephew on the other side pushing each other's potable buttons. >> tonight, no trump talk whether you like him or you hate him. you are not changing anybody's mind on this. i thought it was funny earlier, and you guys had the thing about the snowflake. well trump, first piece of advice, don't call anybody a snowflake at the dinner table. you are not going anywhere. >> we don't talk about politics. i don't get to see my family very often. it's very busy, and just
3:55 pm
catching up on the year that we had, but one tradition we started was a christmas confessions. people can't be super mad at you with the holiday and so i tell my family about little sins i made as a child and finally admit to everything. >> in my case i celebrate hanukkah which i see is commemorating thousands of years of jewish continuity and perseverance. and for me, at the risk of sounding cheesy, i think that there is something to be said of using this time not to argue but to actually appreciate your faith and your family because -- and appreciate that sort of, next year it will get nasty, friendships will get tested, families will be divided and social media is toxic so we actually have a time where we can enjoy each other's company. let's try to avoid arguing. >> mike: that's great, let's leave it there.
3:56 pm
when we come back, santa tries to catch a wave. ♪ with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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a peaceful night sleep without only imagine... frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? >> mike: finally tonight san i may be back at the north pole, but some folks in florida supporting two charity is, trading for surfboards during the tenth annual surfing santellas in cocoa beach, florida. a 10,000 spectators cheering them on, the serving fund-raiser raised $40,000 for the florida surf museum and grind for life,
4:00 pm
a nonprofit that helps people with cancer. well done to all to talk to the water and all who supported the worthy cause. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. merry christmas. i mike emanuel. good night from washington. ♪ because there is a video of him teaching me to skate. he is just telling me what to do and i am holding on to him for support. my whole childhood is memories like him opening up the world for me. that's what my dad's career was about. there is a bit of a paradox in that for him the point of it all is all the things that we do individually. all of the passion and the people that matter to us and to the goals we pursue. at the point of his career was to advance the politics within which everyone could do that. >> merry christmas, happy holidays. i am bret baier, welcome to the