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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  December 26, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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also my responsibility to create a space where they can be rehabilitated. >> dana: ashley hamilton, you are a real inspiration. thank you and happy new year to you. thanks for joining us, i am dana perino. here is alicia acuna, who is from denver as well. >> that's a good colorado story to lead things off. >> alicia: a president trump complaining about how democrats are handling impeachment. he says it's making hard for him to deal with world leaders. and now a sign of the first potential crack in his senate report. plus the president goes after a governor calling out gavin newsom over the states homeless issues and warning the fed may step in. the governor says the white house is just plain politics. i'm alicia acuna in new york. "fox news reporting" begins now. ♪ reporting begins with president trump continuing to
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lash out at impeachment proceedings calling democrats liars and hypocrites. while he spent the holidays in south florida. house speaker nancy pelosi is still withholding articles of impeachment from the senate as a her fellow democrats push for witnesses and evidence to ensure a fair trial. president trump accusing them of trying to run the controlled senate. senator lisa murkowski of alaska says she's disturbed that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he would coordinate with the white house on how to run the trial. rich edson reporting live from palm beach not too far from the presidents resort. >> president trump is up back at mar-a-lago having spent a few hours at the trump international wall golf course. twitter has been fairly active, do nothing democrats that they wanted to rush everything
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through to the senate because trump is at its threat national security. they want to go very slowly, liars. they also suggested how house speaker nancy pelosi should face a primary challenge. now it's approved last week delaying a trial in the senate. they have requested testimony from the white house budget director and acting chief of staff mick mulvaney house democrats are also suggesting they could pursue additional articles of impeachment in a court filing. house democrats said they still want to speak with the former height white house counsel don mcgann because they are still exploring the idea of possibly adding more impeachment articles on top of what the improved how mike approved last week. >> alicia: and democrats are picking up on senator murkowski's comments. >> they certainly are.
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she was saying that she was uncomfortable with what senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was saying, she was disturbed when she heard that majority leader was in total coordination with the white house on senate impeachment trial and now democrats are using murkowski's comments to pressure mcconnell. >> he tells mitch mcconnell and every senator that you have an extraordinary obligation now as the sole judge and juror of impeachment as we have sent them over to them and please get your act together, show us the rules of the road and the article will be coming to you in terms of timeline, that's beyond me. >> mcconnell calls impeachment a political charade, and congress isn't scheduled to return until january 7th. >> alicia: thanks rich.
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rich edson in florida. president trump also willing and on the homeless situation in california. he warned gavin newsom yesterday that if he doesn't fix the problem the feds will get involved. so far no response from you some but earlier this month he accused the trump administration of "playing politics with the issue. christina pullman reporting live for my west coast news hub. >> president trump not holding back today on the state's chronic homelessness crisis. he slammed house speaker nancy pelosi on twitter saying he's lost control of his district. governor gavin newsom has done a really bad job at taking care of the homeless population in california. if he can't fix the problem, the federal government will get involved. however trump didn't say how the feds could intervene. this morning comes after the recent department of housing and urban development report.
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that's a 2% rise in homelessness which was caused by a 13.4%, and that's an increase of about 21,300 homeless people in the state alone. this is the latest hud report analyzing data since 2013, and that's at an estimated total of 129,000 as of january 2018. governor newsom says the state is doing more than ever to tackle chronic homelessness and has invested millions to help fight the problem. they asked the trump administration, and about a third of our vouchers are unus unused. and you have a late list in addition to those with vouchers.
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it is we do that, there's no greater, quicker or faster way to get tens of thousands of people of the street. >> as of now newsom hasn't said anything about trump's warning to get the fed involved but based on their on going back and forth and criticism of each other, that might change. alisha? >> let's bring in our political panel. laura fink, democratic strategist currently runs a communications company. thank you both for joining me today. laura, i want to begin with you because this is being called a warning, and we just heard that governor newsom wants federal help. she says the president, and i
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don't know why the president is doing what he's doing. in san diego specifically, one out of every ten homeless people is a veteran and we need to address the crisis now and a lot of it has to do with housing, getting folks housed in the wraparound services, substance abuse ptsd and mental health services that they need. governorgovernor newsom is righ. and it's a big problem, and no one party can help it, can solve it. >> my response is there is an issue with not enough housing and that is what has driven a lot of the homelessness. california isn't unique in that they have state laws and local ordinances, and a lot of the
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problem is that the rents are going up because there is a decrease in housing and they are not able to build new housing and then people are left with no option and that's the root of a lot of this. i think when there have been bills that have been introduced, and, they didn't want to increase some of the housing with too much population density and that sort of thing. it is actually the issue they are that it would be fabulous if we could just remove a lot of those, and have people grow in the market and have the rent go down. you've seen this in texas and it's been really successful in the place a lot of people .2, and homelessness and people and places to go. >> this is by the u.s. interagency council on homelessness. this is the percentage of people that are homeless by state.
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this and five, and i want to start with you laura. when i look at the number, even when you on scientifically account for whether comic california is so outsized. and it's really easy to build a luxury tower, and we need to make sure we are funding homeless services, we need to make sure we are building that housing stock, and it's complicated, not a one-size-fits-all solution. you saw texas on the board and deregulation hasn't help them entirely out of the crisis but this is something we need to
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come together on. i think republicans and democrats in california and other states would agree with that. let's come to the table and to do. >> that's exactly right because they are homeless and don't really care about whether you are a republican or democrat. i want to put up the suite now by the democrat saying, nancy pelosi's district in california has rapidly become one of the worst in the u.s. when it comes to the homeless and crime it has gotten so bad. so fast, she has lost total control along with her equally incompetent governor gavin newsom it's a very sad site. i will go to you first. how does this help? >> i don't think it actually helps. we were talking about how we need to come together and work with the state and local officials to make sure we can address the service. just like laura, they suffer
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from mental illness and substance abuse issues. that's everybody that we can in order to pull them together and work on the issue. >> the president is hardly the one being and antagonistic. >> you know, on the number of issues we could say that about any of the people but let's address what governor newsom specifically asked for which was increasing the value of those vouchers so that those folks that up possess them in california can actually rent and landlords can make a market rate. the market is not working effectively and that's because most vouchers are priced too low. president trump could do that with the stroke of a pen, and it would actually serve him to watch them working and looking in a bipartisan way. when president trump has
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democrats on his side he gets things done. when he does not it's all sound and fury. christmas has come and gone and we still haven't received the promised present from north korea. how american forces did something unusual this week just in case the north korean military did anything. this is fox news reporting.
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>> alicia: the pentagon sent for surveillance plans to do some laps around the korean old peninsula after north korean officials warned the u.s. about a so called a christmas gift according to a south korean media report. negotiations between the u.s. and pyongyang have stalled since a summit between president trump and kim jong un collapsed back in february. kim has says he will give the u.s. until the end of the year to come back to the negotiating table. lucas tomlinson reporting live from the pentagon. there was a false report that north korea fired a missile today? >> that's right. some japanese citizens were jolted awake sometime after midnight after an alert from the major med comic japanese news outlet said a north korean missile had just fallen over the country. it appeared to be faults but it was not retracted for 23 minut 23 minutes. the u.s. military is not taking any chances. reconnaissance aircraft like
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this air force rc 35 have scrambled in recent days to fly missions over the korean pencil mike peninsula. they are monitoring and spying under their communications. so far all is calm. north korean leader kim jong un recently met his top korean brass and the next day, watching for his new year's day address. in 2017, kim said north korea was in the final stages of launching its first intercontinental ballistic missile. but at the end of the year he had done so three times including one that put all the u.s. and range. he now has over 30 nuclear warheads in his arsenal, according to the latest intelligence estimates. >> alicia: as we head into 2020 what will the pentagon be watching in the new year? >> alicia, just because there hasn't been a long-range missile test in the last two years to come they've launched a series of short-range missiles, this
12:18 pm
year over a dozen alone. next year what's a missile experts tell me to be on the lookout for is the following. have a reenter earth, and successfully hit a target. recently defense secretary mark esper learned about solid fuel missiles. >> solid fuel boosters do provide you a degree of efficiency and mobility, and it gives you less warning than do liquid fuel rockets. it's another thing that we watch because it reduces our warnings if you will. >> now perhaps north korea surprise christmas gift could be coming next month on orthodox christmas. these things could get lost in translation as you know. >> alicia: christmas is christmas, as you know. workers only have a 50/50 chance of saving the notre dame
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cathedral from collapse. that's according to the notre dame raptor who said scaffolding is threatening to crash through parts of the cathedral. a fire that broke out on april 15 took up the cathedral's fire and most of the roof. cleanup teams say it also released tons of poisonous lead dust and the rector says workers may not be able to start restoration for more than a year. the french president has called for the cathedral to be completely rebuilt by 2,241 pair is host the olympics. investigators say they are still not certain what caused the fire. if you have to get home after the holidays, you might want to wait, because considering the crowds, today is one of the worst days to fly or drive. we will see how folks are coping and look at what's in store for you whether, next. as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get.
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woohoo! -yeah! >> alicia: if you are traveling today you will want to give yourself some extra time. it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. tens of millions of americans will be out on the road and airports are also packed. matt finn reporting live from
12:24 pm
o'hare international airport in chicago. matt? >> alicia, here at one of america's busiest airports, the day after christmas, so far things are moving along very smoothly. so far there is not any notable cancellations on the board. so far airports are at right now are running along rather smoothly except out west. there was a storm in southern california that is causing disease in california, lax and san diego. as that storm moves eased across the midwest it is expected to bring some travel headaches. he will have more on that weather but so far the people that we have talked to here at o'hare say they have not had a lot of travel trouble. >> we actually came two hours ahead of time but it was fine, only took like 30 minutes. >> from the check-in point there was a lot of craziness but in the end of the flight was on time and it was a good flight.
12:25 pm
>> parkey parking was really hard to find. aaa says 150 million will travel this holiday season from december 21 through january 1. and the most in nearly 20 years since aaa began tracking back in 2,000, and airlines for america says today and tomorrow are one of them were busy travel days, with millions of passengers expected each day. if you are expected to fly today were they to somewhere outside of california, so far today that things are looking okay. >> alicia: millions of people traveling and no one standing
12:26 pm
behind you. that always happens to me when i'm traveling or shopping. it's terrible out here, but it's actually not so bad. >> things are improving so good news. >> thank you so much. a fox weather alert as matt mentioned, i wonder storm could make a mess of the millions of holiday travelers that are set to drive and fly home in the coming days. chief meteorologist rick rickman is tracking it all for us. >> it will be a mess. if you are where the weather is, overall we got away with a really nice holiday season getting to where ever you are doing. here's the temps. nobody is incredibly cold because we don't have a lot of cold air in in place and that means the storm we will be watching will be more rain for a lot of people instead of snow. across the country right now things are looking pretty good except in the one spot you would expect to be seeing troubles, southern california. los angeles is dealing with the storm right now bringing rain
12:27 pm
and snow across higher elevations. overnight and tomorrow this moving across parts of arizona and eventually toward the four corners. watch how this plays out. tomorrow, rain and snow, areas of south dakota and north dakota may be 6-12 inches of snow by the time this is done. you notice we will be talking about rain in places like minneapolis and chicago and then across the central plains by saturday, some pretty heavy rainfall which could cause some localized flooding. as far as storm totals, watch how this plays out. we see some precipitation in the southwest, and that's where we will be seeing the snow. we got sunny skies and temperatures well above average come all the way through new year's. >> alicia: i will take it.
12:28 pm
thank you so much. cops have tracked down a 14-year-old suspect wanted for the stabbing death of a college freshman and police say he might have been the one holding the knife. plus, mustard on christmas. a guy who police say kill the brother of an nfl quarterback is now in custody and now we are learning how they got him. that's next.
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be one after a massive manhunt, police have arrested two men at and nashville bar. and he surrendered, and how did all this start? >> that began in the popular midtown bar in nashville.
12:33 pm
there was some unwanted advances toward the young woman, and that argument was then taken outside. the problem is one person, and at least three people were stabbed, one is recovering and it too died. among the dead was the younger brother of c.j. the third. the battered family has said they are glad the killer is off the streets but only their trust in god's getting their family through it. funerals for the two men killed will take place saturday. >> what more do we know about the arrest and the suspect? >> this really was a four-day massive manhunt. the suspect was placed on the most wanted list, track them down at an abandon house outside of nashville.
12:34 pm
local police and s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the house and make contact with him and finally he came out and gave himself up. he has a lengthy record, including beating, stomping and dragon woman across the floor of a walmart a year ago and he was out on bond for the incident with the stabbing occurred last saturday night. >> alicia: new york city police say they found the 14-year-old boy suspected a of killing a barnard college freshman. the chief of police tweeted the news but did not say where he is now only that the investigation is ongoing. he and three juveniles were involved in the death of 18-year-old tessa majors. she was stabbed on december 11 while walking on campus and only one of the suspects has been charged. police in new york city looking
12:35 pm
into several incidences of possible hate crimes against jewish people all happening during hanukkah and christmas. rick leventhal is here. >> some are calling this a wave of attacks. at least for incidences reported to the nypd including a beating captured on surveillance video in the heavily new jewish neighborhood of crown heights in brooklyn. at 56-year-old man chased by several man. a day earlier and midtown police arrested a suspect that they said it made anti-semitic remarks and then punched a 55-year-old man in the face and kicked him when he was down. two young jewish children were assaulted in williamsburg. new york city mayor new york city mayor bill de blasio tweeted in part, it's not enough to condemn anti-semitism, we have to confront it. the despicable crimes are
12:36 pm
committed over our jewish committee community are an attack on all new yorkers. and to governor andrew the state police task force to help catch police which has republic to our values and is even more despicable that it occurred over the holidays. the anti-defamation league is offering a $10,000 reward and the informatiothe for informati. >> at a time we were supposed to be coming altogether and celebrating each other in things we have in common and our differences, we are faced with one group of individuals. >> adl numbers are up across the board, and it's been less than two weeks for at sunset horrific targeted attack across the river in the shooting that last several left several people dead. they say there is evidence that there is an increase in this kind of attacks and officials
12:37 pm
aren't sure what to do about it. >> alicia: they are working as hard as they can to help some people figure out ways to help folks during this holiday seas season. >> calling attention to the acts might be one way of helping and they are hoping to track down the people committing the crim crimes. >> alicia: thank you. benjamin netanyahu's political future remains uncertain as members of the parties to vote on whether to replace him before the general election and marks on mike march. this would be a huge shake-up for america's top ally in the mideast and it will be the country's third general election in less then a gear. trey yingst reporting live from our mideast newsroom. >> good afternoon. israeli voters are at the polls yet again this time for a primary for benjamin netanyahu's likud party. the prime minister will likely win this round and then go
12:38 pm
head-to-head with his former army chief of the blue-and-white party in march. the march elections will be the third general election in israel in a year. they are successfully forming a government. netanyahu is facing charges of bribery in which it was indicted earlier this year. that's -- overnight one rocket was fired from the gaza strip into southern israel and the government is in a town where netanyahu was campaigning. >> islamic jihad don't want us to win. what can you do? despite the opposition we will win, we will win tomorrow and we will win in the general electi election. >> his general election opponent was using last night as a political wing for his campaign saying he plans to form a new government and then set a new
12:39 pm
deterrence level for the factions inside gaza. >> alicia: how does the situation in gaza play into the larger situation with iran? >> does factions say they are receiving money and support, and they are also facing iranian related threats in places like lebanon with the group has black and also a rainy backed militias. so that's one of many around problems for the israelis and actually this week we heard the chief of the israeli defense forces talk about the situation with iran saying his forces are preparing for the possibility of a direct confrontation between israel and iran. alecia? >> alicia: trey yingst in our newsroom, thanks. harvey weinstein set to go on trial next month to face accusations including rate and sexual assault. no matter how that case goes, he
12:40 pm
could face another potential trial because of what's happening right now in los angeles. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >> alicia: and law enforcement sources tell the "los angeles times" that law enforcers in california are
12:44 pm
considering filing criminal charges against harvey weinstein after spending two years investigating sexual assault grant claims against him. representatives for the disgraced movie producer tell fox news that mr. weinstein's team has not heard any of this from any other source but media and we are looking out for more information. he has pleaded not guilty to those and denies all accusations of sexual misconduct. let's bring in criminal defense attorney mimi coffee. thank you so much for joining me today. we have some questions about this. some of these accusations according to the "los angeles times" date back to 2013, february of 2013. what does that timeline tell you about success in california? >> i think that that timeline is going to work for the district attorney's office because of the statute of limitations is still at play. particularly with the italian
12:45 pm
actresses allegations that they are really investigating right now. >> alicia: you bring up this italian actress, and she claims that harvey weinstein her in a hotel in beverly hills los angeles area. according to law enforcement sources the actress did not immediately report the alleged incident but she did tell three people what happened to her including her priest. investigators travel to italy that where she lived at the time of the assault and independently verified their accounts. so under california statute, is it difficult though in any way when we are just talking about the statements from the victim? >> well, i think that under the california statute, harvey weinstein is going to have a more difficult time because of the california me to law.
12:46 pm
if jackie lacey decides to pursue the italian actresses claim then under the law other accusers can come and testify about their experience with sexual harassment and criminal allegations of harvey weinstein. >> alicia: we are talking about eight different cases he here. for in los angeles and four in beverly hills. if you are not saying that you could bring in additional victims, you are just talking about those who could provide testimony and evidence? >> certainly they are going to have to decide what cases are meritorious to prosecute and not prosecute but it will be up to each individual prosecuting attorney to determine whether or not the probative value of another accusers testimony would outweigh unfair prejudice. in other words, actual instances of sexual harassment or misconduct, that would be
12:47 pm
allowable. >> alicia: he's facing trial in new york city, and that's getting underway next month. does that impact them here or does it at all? >> it's interesting because i think that the timeline of our publicity has helped the l.a. district attorney because one of the accusers who had contacted the new york pd actually was directed to the task force in l.a. that jackie lacey had created. speaking okay, we will have to watch things getting underway next week. thank you so much for your time, i appreciate it. did you get any christmas gifts that you don't love? plenty of people set to start making the returns today and returns turn out to be big business, that's ahead. but first, 2019 had their share of interesting stories, some caught on camera. here's a look at some of the year's best and most unusual moments. >> on the side of the
12:48 pm
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>> police say a stolen dog made it back home for the holidays after they found him 2,000 miles away. more than a dozen volunteers pitched in to make it happen. cops say a houseguest stole zeus, seem right here from his owner in montana. the rest of the suspect months later all the way in west virginia and got a hold of the dog. and there are a bunch of people that drove him across the country. just a few pictures from his journey, and one volunteers says it took a total of 15 people, three slumber parties and nine states to get zeus home. here's the moment he saw his family. >> oh, my gosh, here you go. >> there he is. >> the trip took four days but zeus got home last week, just in time for christmas.
12:55 pm
speaking of christmas, sorry kids, but it's over. the rush to return things is just getting started. americans are expected to send back up to $95 billion of stuff purchased over the holidays according to a company that helps retailers liquidate. fox business networks jeff flock has been walking the streets of chicago talking to folks returning merchandise. how's it going? >> literally walking the streets, this is state street. this is the iconic shopping district of chicago and you are absently right about that number. now about $100 billion i should say worth of returns on the top 10% this year compared to last year. i'm looking at the numbers and here's another interesting number. 77% of people that got a gift this holiday will return at least one of them and 20% will return they say half their gifts. to mean, that's an amazing
12:56 pm
number. i think we are way too picky this year. i will show you as we come back live here the iconic windows of what used to be called marshall fields. mike, take a look at this window. this santa claus and a supercharge's lead to. speaking business, this is a thing, a return that cost businesses lots of dough. they were $41 billion by estimate of online returns this year, that cost retailers about $50 billion in lost profits. restocking costs and all the rest. and in terms of when it did things get returned? while apparently they get returned within the first month. >> alicia: 77% of people return something they got. i know it's boring but you don't return them. >> gift cards would be a good idea.
12:57 pm
yes, and this was a restocking cost and that's the number that we gave them just online. the bulk of the returns that are actually done in store and i will tell you this. even though the returns mostly come in the store, the vast majority, the purchases still still common stores. so it's a much greater chance that it's going to return something online as opposed to in-store, i just want to see something as we bought it. i don't much care for online shopping. >> then you couldn't go out and talk to people on the street. thank you so much. >> i know, i'm such a people person. thank you. >> we are keeping an eye on the markets in these final minutes of trading, a live look at the dow on pace right now for buckler to close. >> we will have new records for all three major averages, it
12:58 pm
only had to gain 36 points today to go through that high. here we are and it looks like we are poised at the 83 points, and traders down here are calling us to melt up instead of a melt down. that's a series of records and, also setting a record high, at the bar was low here and only had to finish up about half a point. it's on 34th record close to that index and the nasdaq is a rocking through 9,000 points. look at this. it's a new all-time high as well, it's the tenth record close in a role, the longest stretch and 22 years. why are markets doing so very well? there are a series of reasons. a lot of it has to do with the china u.s. trade deals that are expected to be done soon. china and the u.s. removing
12:59 pm
tariffs and then our economy is doing so well, consumers are still spending money here. it was a strong christmas holiday season and we saw sales of up to 3.4%, online holiday sales were up 18.8%. companies like apple making new all-time highs and as we see these markets just on fire at the end of the year here, such a big difference from last year when we had a major sell-off and it lots of optimism down here early. so some good news. >> alicia: good news especially for investors the day after christmas. gerri willis, have a good one. an update to a story that we told you about earlier in the hour, new york city police say they found the 14-year-old is suspected of killing a bernard of freshmen earlier this. detectives tweeted the news earlier but now they have released the teenager. it's unclear if he will face any charges.
1:00 pm
she was stabbed december 11th while walking in a park near campus. only one of the three suspects has been charged. i am alicia acuna. "your world" is speak of more records on wall street as the nasdaq closes at 9,000 for the first time ever. this as well as to read is celebrating a banner year. more than $17 trillion added to global markets in 2019. welcome everyone i am charles payne in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." will the new year bring in more gains? what do you think. we have a head of steam for sure. >> we've seen a 10% rally in the s&p since the october break out. this is not new, it said trent that's been on a track for ten years. it looks like were going to see a lot more as the earnings recession that we saw in 2019 is alleviats


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