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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 26, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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another all-time record. the nasdaq on fire. all of the stock market doing very well. catch me tomorrow talking about this on "making money." fox business at 2:00 p.m. pair right now here's "the five." ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino with dr. nicole saphier, capri cafaro, jesse watters. it's boxing day. it is "the five." president trump unleashing on nancy pelosi over the impeachment process sending out a flurry of tweets calling the speaker and house democrats hypocrites and liars. the tweets are just part of the attack against the speaker. >> my poll numbers are the highest they have ever been. the fund-raising and the republican party is the highest it's ever been. she hates the republican party. she hates all the people that voted for me and the republican
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party. she's desperate. she got thrown out is speaker once before. she lost 61 or 63 seats, record-setting number of seats. i think it's going to happen again. >> dana: pelosi facing growing scrutiny over her strategy to withhold sending the articles of impeachment to the senate, karl rove saying that the speakers venturing into treacherous constitutional territory. i asked him about it. speaker nancy pelosi wants to usurp the constitutional role of the senate. as the speaker of the house, she has said the constitutionalists away set aside for the united states senate to try the impeachment of a president. the longer it goes on, the more petty and partisan it all looks and the less people are going to have confidence in what the a hosted. >> g.o.p. senator lisa murkowski getting attention from the media after saying she is "disturbed" by senate majority leader
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mitch mcconnell's coordination with president trump on impeachment. >> the first in republican ranks. >> senator murkowski's remarks of the first sign so far of any dissent within the g.o.p. >> high profile republican not in line with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. she is distinguish yourself from recall exhibit critical of senate majority mitch mcconnell of pinpointing his past comments. >> thi her saying she wants to e impartial. >> dana: holding onto murkowski like a life raft. >> jesse: i don't think she's going to do anything to the republican party. she has to throw the media a bone to make yourself look like she's considerate and independent but at the end of the day she's going to vote to acquit. if anything, it's going to be joe manchin, may be kyrsten sinema, doug jones of alabama. the end of the process, you can have the only bipartisan votes
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against impeachment in the house and the senate. right now pelosi as you said the other day, she wants the impeachment without the acquittal. she's not going to get what she wants because eventually the strategy is going to run out of road. the only thing she's enjoying right now is watching trunk complain. if i was the president, i would stop. declare victory. say that nancy looks weak and scared and tired. eventually articles will get kicked up and he will get the acquittal he's looking for. attacking her as being from a dirty district. everyone can see the dirt in that district. san francisco, it just reinforces the image of her as a hypocritical politician that cares more about the party than the people of the country. >> dana: what about senator schumer. the montage that we were talking about. do they really think
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senator schumer is impartial? >> noel. it's all about the narrative. nancy pelosi this has no chance. she is being a grinch and trying to ruin another christmas. she knows there's no way trump is going to get impeached. she wants to make sure everyone in america was possibly are going over christmas dinner. if anyone chokes, talk to nancy pelosi. if your -- if your uncle bill choked on a brussels sprout, call her. >> dana: call her district. what do you think or plan is, capri? >> capri: i think what she wants is to appease and assuage her base by getting out articles of impeachment out of the house. showing she did something but she doesn't want to run the risk of the acquittal in the senate because then trump can say i was vindicated. it was all political. there is no way to avoid it. you need, what is it, 3/5 to be able come of the senate to be able to actually get a
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conviction on impeachment. that's not going to happen. a lot of it is being made about lisa murkowski, and others, susan collins, mitt romney. these are individuals that consistently been critics on the republican side have a whole host of things including on the kavanaugh issue. murkowski did vote against kavanaugh but people like susan collins voted for her. just because they are in a bit of our kerfuffle right now doesn't mean anything. >> dana: a couple of them have races of their own that they have to deal with. you made a good point and i had a thought in my head for nicole and now i can remember. let me give you the floor, nicole, for whatever you want to say and i will think about my great question was. >> nicole: what capri was saying, i don't think nancy pelosi has a face that she's appealing to her. she was against impeachment in the beginning and now she's trying to appease her far left freshman democrats. i personally don't think she
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wanted to do it. she had to do it for clinical reasons. even if murkowski, collins and romney, they are not going to vote for impeachment. they are not going to get the two-thirds vote in the senate. it's not going to happen and murkowski, she may be critical of what mcconnell is doing but she goat 74% in line with trump. so she said she doesn't like what he's doing. it doesn't mean that how she's going to vote but the media is running with it and they are hoping to make some rumbling and people having faith of the republican side. >> dana: imagine the montage that we will do if she doesn't vote to impeach. how disappointed those people will be. one thing about this, jesse, from a strategic standpoint, impeachment doesn't poll well for nancy pelosi but things like health care and showing up social security, those things do but if they are going to be in impeachment for the first quarter and they also have democratic primaries, there's no way they can get back onto those other topics. >> jesse: i think she has to get this done soon rather than
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later. you have the state of the union coming up. your primaries. you may be want to tack on one more big win for her congress domestically before they run for reelection in november. strategically going back to her gamesmanship with mitch, i think she's also trying to delay, to reinforce the idea that this is a rigged senate trial. the longer and longer her and her media partners hammer mitch and his senate compatriots is biased and rigged and not doing this in the way that is fair, i think she squeezes as much juice out of it as she can before she eventually says it's up. >> capri: i think the biggest political threat for these incumbent republicans, it's not necessarily the democrats. i think in their own primary races. they have to fall in line with what republicans are wanting and polling shows they are not for
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impeachment. they can't vote for impeachment. they will lose in the primary. >> nicole: the only place where these handful of republicans are relevant in this context is getting more witnesses and approving more witnesses. they only need a simple majority. say murkowski and collins and romney, does it have any impact on the bigger picture? if they say yes we want xyz witnesses. >> dana: that was the question i was going to put. so we will give it to you is the last question. this idea that, you put it out there new poll and say do you think there should be an investigation. people would say sure. do you think it would be good to hear from more people in more witnesses. most people would say sure without understanding all the other twist and turns of it. maybe she is resting on this idea there's enough republicans who say look, let's have some more witnesses here. mulvaney, bolton. we'll have a conversation.
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>> michael: i think america is split. some americans just want to get it done with. get it off the table. it's a joke. no republicans on board. it literally is just bad joke. then there's people like me, i want all the witnesses. i want joe biden, hunter biden, i want to fly over half of ukraine to get them to testify. i want hillary. if we are going to do a show, let's do a show. >> dana: and you know how to put a show on. >> michael: there will be musical numbers. >> dana: in vegas, a big show >> michael: mgm casino that week of new year's. >> dana: i would go to that if i was in vegas that week. don't go anywhere. we have the 2020 round up next.
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♪ >> nicole: welcome back. let's get to the 2020 round up. supporters of joe biden are making the case they can reach across the partisan divide. you know, here i am. i know that i hear that he is a republican dad. i understand, one of my favorite republican dads, john kasich who was the former governor of ohio, he thinks joe biden can reach across the aisle. nicole, what do you think? >> nicole: i don't know what a republican dad is. i thought that was odd. i will say and i said before on the show that i think the never trumpers would be more inclined to vote for biden if biden was on the ticket. if you had elizabeth warren on the ticket. i think never trumpers may not show up to vote.
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i personally think it would behoove them to put a more moderate democrat on their ticket. >> capri: michael, are you buying what she's selling. >> michael: no. no republican is going to vote for biden and certainly not warren. having the endorsement of john kasich, my dad was a postman. i am a buckeye. i am from columbus. i have a personal animosity. john kasich -- >> capri: it's not the john kasich debate. it's the biden debate. >> michael: this is the democrats' christmas wish. please let there be republicans will vote for biden. >> capri: do you think anyone can get the republican dad vote? >> dana: i think is misguided. there's probably a total of 200 of these possible votes in the entire country of three and a 35 million people. the idea that there are a bunch
2:16 pm
of never trumpers left, doesn't exist. it's a fantasy. democrats and the media cling to it. it doesn't exist. there might be at a few. if they it's a republican moms, i think that might be more doable for someone like biden because of the suburban vote. let's say you will you have a debate on policy, it's not that he's that conservative or moderate. his policies are actually quite progressive. >> capri: do you think jesse that there is a running mate he can pick if biden is the nominee that there's a running mate? [laughter] get someone such as yourself for example. >> jesse: i would be an unreasonable republican dad because i have never voted for joe biden never and i think he's aiming at the wrong slice of the electorate. he has a problem on his left wing. he needs to shore up the left wing before he starts crossing over for these independent, reasonable republicans. trump has a 90% approval rating among republicans. if they do go head-to-head in
2:17 pm
general, i think trump wins more reasonable democrat dads then biden wins on that side. >> capri: it's a billionaire media blitz. 2020 democrat michael bloomberg and tom steyer have been saturating the airwaves by spending nearly $200 million combined so far on political a ads. dana, you know that a lot of the socialists in my party are not huge fans of billionaires. do you think this is something that's going to be -- is it going to be held against? >> dana: have to walk a little bit of a tight rope because they don't like them coming in the race. michael bloomberg was able to buy's wing and hit 5% without having to do any legwork that the rest of them are doing. i think there's probably some resentment. they also need his money. he's been able to flip a state like virginia. it's a big deal if you want the electoral college. i also think if you look at the governor of illinois, he was
2:18 pm
running against the incumbent governor and he was pretty on popular. he won in the end i know he's the governor of illinois. it's not unprecedented. harder to do on the national level. >> michael: how do you know all these names? >> dana: the early bird gets the worm, michael. >> capri: experienced and effective. maybe she has flash cards. nicole, dana brings up a good point. there had been some successes of individuals who do much self financed. president trump is a billion are too and he got democrats -- >> nicole: he didn't sell fund all of his campaign. >> capri: i am talking about billionaire versus billionaire. democrats say they don't like billionaires but there are democrats that voted for a billionaire in donald trump. do you think those same people might see some one like
2:19 pm
bloomberg is someone they can vote for? >> nicole: may be. i want to get back to tom steyer for a second. he's worth $1.6 billion in it he pulled in less than 2%. one of his big plans, if he wants to pay farmers to lessen their carbon emissions. that's a big thing for him. guess what he can do it that $80 million. why doesn't have a private funding of these farmers to lessen the carbon emissions. do something for the country. >> capri: i am all for investing in anaerobic digester's. michael, do you believe in anaerobic digester's? >> michael: absolutely. it's how i live my life. i like the ad agencies. that's the business i want to be in. the guy who goes in, you go to bloomberg and tom steyer and you say you need more ads. you can do it. >> capri: do you think the tom steyer impeachment ads have
2:20 pm
moved anybody? >> jesse: i feel bad for people in these early states we need to see them on tv every time they turn on the television. $200 million, a lot of wine caves. a lot of caves and a lot of wine. i added up. bloomberg is worth $56 billion. if he is spending 200 million, we will round up, you know how much that is? .3% of his net worth. that's the average person who makes 50,000 a year spending $178 on a political -- >> capri: people who aren't down with socialists, the real question is the bern back? democratic insiders reportedly taking bernie sanders very seriously after initially writing them off in this 2020 election cycle. some are saying and they are seekintaking a second look, sayg that bernie could outright win denomination. i'm not one of those people. i do not think bernie sanders going to win the nomination.
2:21 pm
dana. >> dana: i think he has a little bit of a new lease on life. he has a heart attack. he got the aoc endorsement. she's been campaigning for him. because the early states are not win or take all and is proportional, he could possibly get there but the republicans would like nothing better. >> capri: i tend to agree. michael. do you feel the bern? >> michael: i don't. i think bernie is the only one in the field it's the least bit authentic. he genuinely believes the bse selling. >> nicole: i feel the bern but it might be indigestion. he's not very vocal in the media. i hope think he's going to be the nominee. >> capri: jesse, the final word. >> jesse: i think he could force his way onto a ticket, a unity ticket like dana said. no one's going to hit threshold. they get to the back room in madison, wisconsin, and he gets
2:22 pm
the second-place number of delegates and they unify the party. bernie-biden. >> capri: you heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen. up next, president trump out with a warning to california. fix the homeless crisis or the feds will step in. stay right here. we'll debate it next on "the five." fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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most people think as a reliable phone company. but to businesses, we're a reliable partner. we keep companies ready for what's next.
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(man) we weave security into their business. (second man) virtualize their operations. (woman) and build ai customer experiences. (second woman) we also keep them ready for the next big opportunity. like 5g. almost all of the fortune 500 partner with us. (woman) when it comes to digital transformation... verizon keeps business ready. ♪ >> jesse: the homeless crisis continues to take a devastating toll on liberal california. number show america's homeless population is growing and it's driven by a spike in that state. the residents they are beginning to notice. california's population growth is at its slowest pace since 1900. of course, liberals there aren't taking any responsibility. governor gavin newsom recently blamed trump for the rise in homelessness. >> they are not serious about
2:27 pm
this issue. they are playing politics with it. expect nothing but division from the folks that hugged and they trump administration if they want to surprise me we will celebrate that in their -- it will be applauded and embraced. >> jesse: president trump firing a warning shot at the state. " "governor gavin n has done a really bad job on taking care of the homeless population in california. if he can't fix the problem, the federal govt. will get involved!" michael, it's not problem with regards to not enough homes. there is millions of illegals in california. they are not the ones on the streets. they have homes. >> michael: it's crazy. i am living there. i am here and there. i'm very lucky. california is like the hot girl he started data than you realize she's crazy. that's the state of california. whenever anything bad happens,
2:28 pm
it's your fault. when anything good happens, they did it on their own. mr. president, i'm telling you right now, let california go. >> capri: let the gdp go? silicon valley, bye-bye. >> michael: i'm ready to build a mini wall between california and ever else. >> jesse: trump does care. he has talked about the issue. most republican presidents don't talk about it and he's talked about over the last two years at least. he wants to do something about it. >> capri: i hope he talks a little bit about solution and provide some explicit details on a policy proposal. that's not to say gavin newsom is doing a good job. he's not. >> jesse: is this all the federal government. >> capri: i would say it's predominantly of municipal and state jurisdictional issue and one where i think yes, there is a partnership with the federal government but we need to be
2:29 pm
solution focused rather than being partisan about a group of people who are mostly homeless because they have a severe mental illness and they need kinds of different surfaces, -- services. >> nicole: the reason we are having those issues is because the full liberalized government. they have done away with mandatory treatment for mental illness and drug addiction so you are allowed to freely inject on this street but you can get a straw or water bottle. as a native from arizona, let me tell you people are leaving california. two-thirds leaving california and two-thirds coming into arizona probably because the california income tax is over 9%. there's only so many, only so much money to go around. if you have this influx of people from california coming into arizona, just, drain system in arizona. yes they needed to construct or stand so they can take a stand
2:30 pm
for what airs unjust and robust law enforcement in mandatory treatment for mental illness and drug addiction. >> jesse: how do you think it plays for gavin newsom. he does have a big problem and even democrats admit it's a problem but if he's going toe-to-toe against president trump and blaming trump, it does it deflect criticism his way? >> dana: i think time will tell a little bit. people are voting with their feet because they are leaving. that's one indictment. people realized homelessness in america was going down for a decade. only recently started to go up and almost the entire increase is because of california. i am for federal solutions when you have a moral obligation to help but also because there is an economic concern here. california is the seventh largest economy in the world and it needs to do well for the rest of the country to do well. but i'm not sure what actual measures the president could take.
2:31 pm
if the local authorities are not willing to change the zoning laws to allow housing to be built, if they are going to tax people so much they are going to lose their jobs, there's not a lot you can do from the federal level. do you want to send the national guard and but what you do? >> capri: threaten to withhold federal funding but he's already done that with wildfires. >> jesse: we will continue to cover it. canada cuts donald trump out of a christmas classic movie, "home alone 2." find out what they are claiming happened. (children laugh and scream) (dog barking) ♪music it's the final days of the wish list sales event. hurry in to your lincoln dealer today to get this exceptional offer.
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♪ >> nicole: 's liberal censorship making its way to canada? a canadian broadcaster under fire from removing this cameo of president trump from "home alon" >> where is the lobby? >> down the hall into the left.
2:36 pm
>> nicole: the channel claims the movie was edited to allow for commercial time and was not political. the president just mention the movie while talking to troops on christmas eve. >> i meant "home alone 2." [laughter] a lot of people mention it every year. especially around christmas. they say i just saw you. people with young kids, just saw you in that movie. they don't see me on television but in the movie. it's been a good movie i was a little bit younger to put it mildly. it was an honor to do it. >> nicole: speaking of holiday movies, we love those delightfully cheesy but endearing hallmark christmas movies. the grinches at are trashing them as fascist propaganda. we have to start with "home alone 2. >> dana: love the movie. >> nicole: 2 better than one? >> dana: slightly. when i moved to new york, i could see all the different areas and i realized how special
2:37 pm
it was. i love the movie. the cbc assignment when they bought the rights of the movie it had to be edited for television and it got cut but it reminds me of, you remember when president trump's twitter account went down and he was the only one who -- always seems to go in one direction against president trump. >> nicole: it sure does. the whole wikipedia thing really changed it on "home alone 2" sang impeachment, blah, blah, blah. liberal censorship versus content editing i don't really know but it does seem quite convenient. jesse. hallmark pulled an ad because the viewer said they oppose the ads. they didn't like something about the ad and then there was a writer for that called hallmark movies, holiday movies in general fascist propaganda. here's the problem i have. hallmark has historically been a channel based on religious shows. the last several decades it was all religious showings and it's gone down down and down.
2:38 pm
isn't fascist propaganda to have christmas movies the time of christmas on a channel that's historically been religious? >> jesse: i don't care what salon says. fascist propaganda because it has family values is ridiculous. home alone 2, probably one of the most underrated sequels ever. better booby-traps. they did $170 million of the box office. it's on disney plus. i just saw it with my twins. they loved the trump cameo. one of the most interesting parts of the movie. it was a liberal edit. if you want to edit for time, take up the crazy pigeon lady in central park. [laughter] i hated that woman. when you look at what they did, it's rewriting history because what trump was in the early '90s, he was a tycoon that was admired and embraced by american culture, by hollywood, by the
2:39 pm
entertainment industry. this was a family-friendly film. liberals can't accept it so they want to deny it and it makes them look petty. to be honest with you, the prime minister of canada had black face on around this time. >> dana: is not your point? >> jesse: they are not worried about that. they are embarrassed by trump. >> capri: to defend canada for a hot minute, i love canada and i love the cbc. i would say to assume the candidates is super liberal, take a look at western canada and prairie places like alberta, nada prairie province. saskatchewan, manitoba. they are not necessarily liberal so to say canada is liberal is erroneous. now let me talk about hallmark. where i think they are saying about it being political fascism, it's not because of family values but more about the
2:40 pm
fact that everyone somehow ends up marrying the prince. he was a janitor but secretly he's a prince. now we are espousing certain values. it's just fun, people. we don't need to make everything political. >> nicole: the writer called the heteronormative whiteness. what i find interesting is hillary clinton took out an hour-long ad on hallmark hallmark for her primary reason 2016. it was a convenient time or do you think it's evolving? a decade ago it was okay to be heteronormative whiteness by hillary clinton on this channel. >> michael: the liberals will never give up. they will never give up. they will say create your own thing. if you want to do it, create your own thing. i hallmark they have created a space where it's boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl. it's that simple. the movies have happy endings.
2:41 pm
there's fun, no big twist. the bad guys don't win and that's comforting and good and hopefully there's always room for that kind of entertainment. >> nicole: especially during the holiday season. isn't it okay to have feel-good television? >> michael: evidently not. the people at that's what they are called, all the heavy drinking they do and they need stories. >> jesse: eggnog. >> michael: too much eggnog. >> nicole: the fastest seven is up next. stay tuned. i've always loved seeing what's next. and i'm still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'll go for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. what's next? sharing my roots. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to,
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stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. ♪ >> michael: welcome back. it's time for the fastest seven. first up, we hope you all had a very merry christmas. i think we can all agree the most frustrating thing about the day is getting your stupid gift open. the average person apparently spends about 30 minutes prying presence from boxes. >> dana: all the plastic stuff. >> michael: it's insane. 19 minutes each week trying to open up a package, that's 43 days. >> dana: it's dangerous. you try to take the scissors. i agree. we are very innovative people. it's time for some revolution on
2:46 pm
the boxes. >> michael: revolutionary. what's the worst one question mike it's got to be hard plastic. >> nicole: the one thing that bothers me, your orders in the from amazon and it's a box inside a box. at what point. you have to break it down for recycling at some point. 19 minutes a day breaking open boxes. let's account for breaking down boxes when you recycle. >> capri: i spend significantly longer. i have three boys. i spent more than 30 minutes opening boxes yesterday. i would say the legos come all the small little bags inside of the box. >> michael: have you stepped on them yet? >> capri: absolutely. >> michael: that is a fine how do you do. what do you think about it? >> capri: it is a fiasco, it's a good word for it. the stats are one and six adults and up breaking a scissor. >> michael: i have cut myself on the hard plastic. >> capri: i am one of those people. i may or may not have impaled myself trying to open up these packages that are sealed.
2:47 pm
>> jesse: i did impale myself. if you notice this band-aid on my hand. i don't know if the camera can see it. that was from package rage. it wasn't opening up a toy. it was opening up a bottle of champagne. i cut the cork off in the cork was stuck. i started stabbing at it and i missed and i punctured the webbing in between my thumb and finger. i'm going to have dr. nicole saphier look at it. >> dana: lucky her. >> michael: it's dangerous. >> nicole: how do you open your bottles of champagne? >> michael: we have to move o on. did lindsay vann kick off a new trend? i hope so. she just gave her fiance and engagement and for christmas. four months after he first popped the question to her. lindsay said men should get engagement rings two. this is what pk deserves. i love it.
2:48 pm
the whole reason the engagement ring started is because women had a dowry. they had land, goods they were bringing to the marriage. the engagement ring was a promise, like a down payment on this great stuff you were going to get in now it's a joke. i'm supposed to spend two months salary on an engagement ring? i pick the two months where he wasn't working. boom! [laughter] >> jesse: i don't think women should propose to men. it's going to increase the divorce rate. women are obsessed with weddings and they are going to propose willy-nilly. [laughter] guys are afraid of confrontation. they are just going to say yes. a year later they're going to wind up married looking for other options. >> michael: he proposed to her first and she got her ring so she proposed. >> capri: my theory is that it's going to give people an idea. she's marking her territory. you know you're engaged. now you're going to know a dude is engaged if he is wearing a
2:49 pm
ring. stay away from my dude. >> nicole: she just wants a social media post. he proposed a few months ago. what is she proposing to him? they are already engaged. >> michael: he's like you are worth a dime and she is like sour you. i think it's awesome. >> dana: if you fall for it. i wouldn't do it. >> michael: engagement ring student existent japan it's like the 1950s. it drives me crazy the guys are supposed to give up all this cash for an engagement ring and get nothing. i want a diamond. i want gold. i've spoken. finally, there is definitely the wrong way to spread holiday cheer and a colorado dude did it. he's making headlines after allegedly robbing a bank and throwing the looped up in the air while screaming merry christmas. here's how one witness described it.
2:50 pm
>> throwing money out of the bag and said merry christmas everybody picked it up and. >> it was interesting. sat down and waited for the co cops. it's almost like he wanted it to happen. >> michael: yeah, that's what i think happened. >> dana: it's the holidays. people get a little crazy. i read another story and the weird new section about the near post about this robbery, basically not a robbery. a guy went with a gun into a store where they sell marijuana and he went to rob them and then he left without taking any of the money. [laughter] >> michael: i think this guy wouldn't go to jail. >> nicole: he had a warrant out for his arrest. i think it's a creative way to get arrested. he was going to jail. >> jesse: i think the guys definitely a democrat. you demand money that's not yours, give it away to people that didn't earn it and then you go to starbucks and hang out.
2:51 pm
definitely democrat. >> dana: free wi-fi. >> jesse: free bathrooms. >> michael: "one more thing" is up next. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with... increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection
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♪ >> dana: time now for "one more thing." i'm going to go first. despite the uproar over the -- he shared a photo of him and his real-life girlfriend along with the gift he gave her. he decided to give her a pelaton bike. it was a good ad. but you know what is better than the ad? there is a fox news rundown podcast. i interviewed lance carpenter. really great guy.
2:56 pm
amazing story. he had been involved in homeland security, but had a career change. now, he's in nashville, singer-songwriter. he's written a song about and for st. jude. it's called "last night in memphis." and has a very happy ending. i interviewed him and that's on netflix. it is not fascist propaganda. just to come your turn. >> jesse: okay, jessie's frenzy, everybody. there you go. we have courtesy of general general mills. we have hershey kisses cereal and jolly ranchers cereal. super healthy, no calories, no sugar at all, and they are going to be in stores january. a little bit later in march, you can get the hershey kisses one in january. which should i try first? >> dana: i would go with jolly rancher, because i think the chocolate one is -- is it sour? this one looks so good, this one. chocolate, hershey kisses.
2:57 pm
>> go to "general for more information. >> dana: there's a whole thing about new year's resolution diets on using these hershey kisses cereal. it's amazing. you can find it online. >> while mike. everything is diet friendly. >> ho-ho-ho. it was just after midnight on christmas and all through the house in north carolina, not a creature was stirring except for maybe an intruder. so, this couple was freaked out. they thought they heard an intruder. they hid in their closet. they called 911. when deputies arrived to search the home, they found the culprit. it was the couple's robotic rumba. [laughter]
2:58 pm
>> what they need is a catch to serve on the rumba. that would freak me out too. they had recently purchased the vacuum. it's got a name, despite being embarrassed by the whole incident, they knew what was definitely better to be safe than sorry. >> you are never going to live that down. >> nope. you're never -- >> speaking of keeping us safe, the police department in alaska decided to have some christmas fun. they made a video about the grinch. it started out with the police department realizing there was a problem. they helped save christmas. they find the grinch and go after him. finally, the police officers arrest the grinch. they help keep the community safe. what a great video to help
2:59 pm
showcase the great work these canines do for the community while also spreading the holiday spirit. this is my family yesterday, christmas, all of us in our pajamas. i had my pajamas back on. >> dana: no doubt. >> very quickly, united states postal worker truck caught fire in kansas. >> say the town. >> i will. [laughter] >> now, the truck was destroyed, but the post-worker got out and saved all the presents. [laughter] >> do they send another truck? you still have to clock in for the rest of the afternoon. i hope you give them the day o off. >> rain, sleet, snow, or fire. >> i got america a present. i got everyone a free subscription to my youtube
3:00 pm
channel. >> wait, you can't give it away. >> i can. i can give, and give, and give. >> dana: happy new year. special report is up next with bret baier. hey, bret. >> bret: president trump bashes democrats on twitter insisting the impeachment process is hurting his ability to conduct foreign policy. in the $1.4 trillion spending bill did more than dole out dough. we look at two big regulation changes tucked away. this is "special report." is ♪ good evening. i'm bret baier. president trump took to twitter to go after democrats to insist again that the impeachment process is a scam and to charge


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