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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 27, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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hall, after some renovations in the 1980s, it was later designated a new york city landmark. now home to the christmas spectacular the rockettes as usual. >> carley: as president trump steps of criticism of democrats impeachment efforts, a new showdown is emerging. lisa murkowski facing pushback after saying she's disturbed by mitch mcconnell's bow to move in coordination with the white house in a senate impeachment trial. >> the fact of the matter here is that the houses job is done and the idea that they should
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have any say in how a senate conducts this trial is not supported by what is written in black-and-white in the constitution. >> lisa: this is "outnumbered," i'm lisa boothe. here today, carley shimkus, kat timpf, host of "sincerely kat." fox news contributor jessica tarlov and here in the center seat today, david has been. david, you my friend, are "outnumbered." looking forward to hearing what you have to say about a bunch of stuff, rich edson's live in west palm beach, florida, where president trump is spending the holidays. rich? >> this is florida whether, in case you can't tell. the president is a short while from here, where they are
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experiencing -- earlier today, he's been going back and forth with house speaker nancy pelosi, really focusing on her impeachment charge in the house. the speaker has now responded, she tweeted earlier today, "these are clear, president trump abused his power from his own personal gain. #defendourdemocracy. the house speaker has stalled the impeachment process, she wants senate republicans to allow witnesses. democrats and republicans, lisa murkowski says she is disturbed by comments made by senate majority leader in coordinating with the white house. >> while she is stating something that is rather common sense, that there should be a fair trial and fair hearing.
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he has said that this is a political exercise. he says let's put aside the charade. >> it tells mitch mcconnell and every senator that you do have an extraordinary obligation now as the sole judge and jurors of impeachment that has we have sent them over to them and that -- please get your act together, and then the articles will be coming to you. in terms of a timeline, that's beyond me. >> the congressional impeachment impact continues, at this point i think i'm going to go jump in the pool because it really doesn't matter. >> lisa: i hope you have an umbrella or a rain jacket or something. david, let's start with you. senator richard blumenthal said about lisa murkowski's comments, it seems there is a crack in the
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mcconnell wall. is there? >> the point is to hear democrats complaining or republicans like senator murkowski complaining about senate problems when the trial hasn't even begun and in light of the hijinks of what i would consider to be they kangaroo trial of adam schiff which led to all of this, he lied right from the very beginning about his staff's contacts with the so-called witness who might be more than inside dealer than he is an actual whistle-blower, there is all something very rich about this. they were complaining about something that hasn't even begun yet after what happened with the adam schiff trial and we have the judiciary committee as well. bottom line i think, as of the foot dragging of nancy pelosi, maybe they don't want a trial until the election itself.
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the foot could be dragging all the way to november with -- in the meantime, all these charges about republican problems with the senate trial being fed out to a very accommodating news media because that's essentially what the democrats want them to do. that is the question. some people say it's just nancy pelosi making mistakes, maybe she wants to hold off on this trial all the way until the election. >> jessica: first of all, calling the whistle-blower may be more of an inside player i think is incredibly inappropriate and his account has been corroborated by a number of people who testified in public. whistle-blower laws exist for a reason to ensure people can do this and be protected. if you look back -- >> lisa: why is she holding out? is it for political reasons?
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>> jessica: it's not about blowback, it's definitely for political reasons to ensure we have a fair trial and witnesses are called in the senate. giving an interview over the holidays that i thought was quite informative on this, president clinton was impeached on december 19th. managers were not assigned until january 7th. a larger time frame then has already occurred here. i think this is a whole lot of nothing, the president spent entire christmas holidays, learning about the teachings of, rage tweeting about nancy pelo nancy pelosi. democrats passed over 300, 400 pieces of legislation which is far from 2-nothing. she will turn the articles over, the senate trial will. >> i want to get carly into this. the house has an obligation to conduct oversight. they conducted their oversight, why should the house have any say in the way the senate
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conducts its trial? >> carley: in the constitution it says that the senate has the sole power to try and impeachment process. we will have to wait and see what nancy pelosi is doing. this whole thing is over, making sure there will be witnesses involved which i think will be mutually not beneficial for both sides because then president trump is going to want hunter biden and joe biden, i think everybody should just drop the witness thing, make this as quick as possible, democrats have skin in the game to do that because then their candidates can go out to iowa and start campaigning without having to worry about impeachment so i kind of agree with you, jessica. everybody is home for the holidays, come january 7th i think it will probably work itself out. or it could drag on and you never know, it could get even messier and messier.
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>> kat: i want to get your reaction from a congressman on the possible consequence. i want to get your thoughts. >> i really do think we are going to take back the house in 2020 and i think president trump is going to win back in 2020 because the polls are showing, independents are tired of impeachment, they think it's a sham. >> kat: we already know that president trump is going to be acquitted in the senate. either people aren't paying attention at all or they are paying even the slightest bit of attention and they know that. when george seinfeld an knows hs girlfriend is going to break up with him and he avoids her, if it doesn't go to trial it can't be acquitted. we already know what's going to happen so i don't understand why democrats want to keep drawing something out. it makes me want to tune out.
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i can't tune out because it's my job. >> lisa: attorney general barr has set its resistors that are breaking norms and there's been a lot of criticism towards democrats weaponizing impeachment for partisan political reasons. >> you had an original charge of bribery by adam schiff, he passed that over to the judiciary committee. adam schiff laid out the perfect plan for impeaching or at least accusing joe biden of having done exactly the same. what adam schiff laid out in his description of bribery fit exactly what it was that joe biden did in demanding they fire this prosecutor, otherwise they were going to lose their money. they decided to go away from that so you're left with these very soft charges which could be
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applied, for example, that off-camera patch on the knee that president obama gave a russian leader before his reelection, that sort of thing could be used as a charge of impeachment in the future. i think that's not something you should be impeached for as president but this sets the precedent for that. >> jessica: can i just say really quickly, the set of facts you just laid out are completely contrary to the ones i understand, the prosecutor was fired at the behest of the entire western international community. i don't think they care that hunter biden was getting $50,000 a month from burisma. >> "the new york times" said he should resign his position on the board. >> lisa: we are going to agree to disagree and leave it right there. we are not going to resolve this right now. we can keep talking at a commercial break, there's plenty of times time.
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elizabeth warren facing new questions of authenticity, why her own family is taking issue with something she said. plus, new figures show president trump's remain in mexico program as critics continue to raise concerns about its negative consequences. whether immigration will be a winning topic for the president in 2020. stay with us. ♪ five years ago, i had psoriasis everywhere. my skin hurt, i felt gross. but then i started cosentyx and i haven't really had to think about it. real people with psoriasis... look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen... or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx.
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>> lisa: new numbers show a trump immigration policy as allowing a historically low number of asylum-seekers into the country. researchers found that trump administration has only granted .4% of the asylum requests since the program began. the program calls for migrants to stay in mexico while their cases are tried in court. live in los angeles with more. hi, william. >> critics say that asylum-seekers are entitled to enter the u.s. for their safety and stay here until they are adjudicated. others say these claims are frivolous, encourage fraud and overwhelm the border and the law requires asylum-seekers to stay in the first country which they arrive. from his point of view, these
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numbers mean "remain in mexico" is working. out of 24,000 migrants, judges allowed just over 100 to stay in the u.s., less than 1% compared to 20% in previous years. another 32,000 wait in mexico for their case to be heard. >> the only place i want to be is the united states. i never thought i would be returned here. i'm waiting to go to the united states with my baby to give the best life to my son. >> depending on your politics these numbers spell success or failure. administrationadministration sas high denial rate say that most claims are not based on persecution but a better job. >> it is also for people who cross the border illegally and are essentially on what we call a detained docket, they are not going to be released until their cases heard.
9:17 am
>> critics say the policy is illegal, that asylum-seekers are entitled to stay in the u.s. and that mexico is not safe. we spoke to a woman from guatemala who waits across the border until her claim asserted in may. >> i never thought i would spend this christmas year, my dream was to be there in the united states with my husband but i wasn't allowed to cross. i was returned here to mexico. >> not all cases are denied, some are simply closed for procedural reasons or because many migrants didn't show because mexico is making some leave the border and go back to their home country on the southern border of mexico but it does mean that fewer are coming under this program and the president considers that a success. >> lisa: thank you, william. david, what are these numbers mean to you? speak of the program, the new way of dealing is having a tremendous effect, apparently there was this meeting of minds
9:18 am
between the mexican president and our president that is led tt a fix on the asylum, there will never be a perfect answer to this problem but clearly the asylum gambit was being misused, tens of thousands of people would come into the united states, get their foot on u.s. soil, have one meeting with a judge and disappear and never show up for subsequent meetings. there's always problems, there will always be problems with immigration, president obama stop something i didn't think was proper at the time because i got a lot of sympathy for cuban immigrants but he changed the wet foot/dry foot program for cuban refugees in order to stop tremendous influx on his watch in january of 2017 right before he left the presidency. different presidents have to deal with different asylum problems in different ways and
9:19 am
this way has been very successful for the president. not perfect, nothing is perfect but sometimes you have to stop ways, particularly if they are being misused. >> lisa: one of the big criticisms from asylum-seekers is that they are coming here for economic reasons and if their cases are being denied they don't have a credible fear. >> carley: that something pointed out in the peace and i do think these numbers really do prove that. sort of the year in a nutshell in terms of the president's immigration policies, he's had both successes and defeats. our major successes that border apprehensions are down especially among family units and children because people now know that they are just not going to get let inside the country willy-nilly the way it used to be. also mexico agreeing to deploy international guard on their southern border is one of the main reasons why apprehensions are down. however, in terms of the border
9:20 am
wall, we learned yesterday through mark morgan that 93 miles have been built so far and 90 of those miles are just replacing fencing that was already there. so one would think more would have been made at this time and that really isn't necessarily the president's fault, there's all these lawsuits from places like california that are preventing him from building the wall. >> kat: i think this is a complicated issue, it's true that this shows that a lot of the reasons people were coming here were for economic reasons but it also doesn't describe everyone and there are people who are in dangerous situations having to stay there because of this new policy. i am also a libertarian so i am like, if you want to come here for a nap reason, great. if you are nonviolent and want to come contribute to our economy, i say come on over but i know the republicans on the couch would disagree with me on that one. >> lisa: we've seen democrats push for policies, for
9:21 am
decriminalization for border crossing, i said some, i put that caveat in their boat would you say, to the policies of the united states have an impact on migration flow? >> jessica: they absolutely do, that we could coerce mexico into changing their policy, that's what happened here. president trump strong-armed the mexican president. >> david: and did >> jessica: i don't think this policy would have been as "effective." it is not the desired outcome i want here. it is important to note as well that the vast majority of people do show up for their court appointments. that is true. there are a number of lawsuits going on because of kidnapping, abuse in these camps in mexico and people are still being separated from their children. buzzfeed did a report about and asylum-seekers who got into america with their son, they got
9:22 am
sent back to mexico, separated from the child, we have thousands of people who are not with their children because of this policy. >> carley: we should be dis- incentivizing making the journey in the first place. >> jessica: the president also tries to cut aid aid to those countries in the first place. >> lisa: a lot more to discuss on the show. one of the nation's largest school district sparking anger with a new policy. plus, cook congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez run for president? her campaign with bernie sanders bernie sanders reportedly fueling speculation for a future run of commander in chief. >> we know once again that this moment is not about one four-year presidential campaign. this is a movement decades in the making. ♪
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>> that's a big part of the movement in front of us and we have a long list of things to do. a nation where people are too poor to live while gdp skyrockets and the dow goes up and nasdaq and stock prices continue to skyrocket is not an economy that's working for us. >> jessica: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez firing up the crowd at a recent bernie sanders rally. fueling speculation she could launch a future white house bid of her own. as politico puts it, the buzz has begun. supporters believe she could eventually carry the torch for their movement. we did some googling in the break, you can't be vp or
9:28 am
president until you are 35 years old, she is still 29. what do you make of her role in the sanders campaign? 's because she's still very popular, she has really good at social media. i hate to say that that matters because people love to thank twitter is a waste of time, it's not, apparently. but a lot of the things she proposes don't necessarily work or they couldn't work in reality so i think she is somebody who is popular with the media, she's very likable but in terms of actual electability, that might be able to take you so far. the current president is a reality tv star but in terms of being able to propose things i could actually work i'm not convinced. >> jessica: carley, what do you make of this? >> carley: i was just struck by how similar president trump
9:29 am
and alexandria ocasio-cortez are in terms of everything other than policy. you either love them or you hate them. everything they say is hyper analyzed the next day and they know how to draw a crowd. i know a lot of democrats on this channel and other places say she is not the face of the democratic party, that is nancy pelosi. you have to admit she has serious power. we are talking about her potentially running for president five years before she is even allowed to run, she is credited with jump-starting bernie sanders campaign after he has a heart attack, she is doing something right among the democratic progressives and some mainstream presidents. democrats. >> jessica: "the future of the democratic party is not pete buttigieg, ex alexandria ocasio-cortez. she has gripped the attention of bella millennials across the country. the green new deal has changed the conversation on environmental action in the
9:30 am
democratic party." david, i want to go to you because there is definitely an age chasm in the democratic party, joe biden has everybody 50 and over and bernie has the under 30 crowd but nancy pelosi in the old guard will not be around forever. do you think aoc will be a major leader as we go to the next stage of democratic politics? >> david: i hope not. i think your idea that america is moving towards fascism is not only showing incredible ignorance about fascism but also what america is. the pessimism of her argument i don't think will be very good for democrats because we heard of america as a place that is hopelessly mired in class warfare and if you're poor you can never get ahead when in fact the poor have been doing extremely well in america historically, not just during the trump administration but historically going back 100 years, the disparities between incomes 100 years versus now. it's extraordinarily negative
9:31 am
about what america is and what it represents. i don't think that's the kind of message democrats can use to w win. >> jessica: she's been campaigning for bernie sanders, who has sworn off any billionaire donors but we are now learning in august 2018, she accepted a $2700 donation from billionaire and 2020 democrat tom steyer. just last week, she slammed billionaire's funding campaigns, taking aim at pete buttigieg for questioning "purity test" for democrats. watch. >> for anyone who accuses us for instituting purity tests, it's called having values. it's called giving a damn, it's called having standards for your
9:32 am
conduct should not be funded by billionaires. but by the people. >> jessica: i don't get this, i hit donate the same as tom steyer does, my contribution is a lot less. i didn't give to aoc but what is going on here? we need a lot of money come the general election. >> lisa: money fuels elections. i think the general rule of thumb is that most politicians are full of it and if you adopt that mentality -- there is that report not too long ago about swing state voters looking at her as a key member of the democratic party, associated with the party as a whole and they don't like her. look at the fact that elizabeth warren and bernie sanders have about 40% of the democrat electorate right now, that is a pretty sizable amount.
9:33 am
i don't think the party -- that's a pretty solid amount and i think the reason why sanders is pulling her in his because if you look at 2016 he cleaned up with young voters but now he's splitting some of those voters with these other candidates and he's using her to try to reconnect to those voters and bring them in. >> kat: in terms of the little bit of hypocrisy we just saw, this is not the first time we've seen this from her. she was going on twitter, the restaurant she used to work at closed, that was because of $50 minimum wage. she says certain things and it sounds really good but when it when it comes to what she puts in practice, or actions speak louder than words. >> david: i remember going to cuba and seeing the way the elites, the top half of 1% lived in cuba, they were dining on
9:34 am
crystal land fancy plates and silverware, people were eating out of their garbage cans, the poor people of cuba. socialism has more inequality than any other system in the world. for her to champion it is the height of hypocrisy. >> carley: there was also this revelation after she successfully gave amazon the boot out of new york that her campaign spent like $9,000 on amazon supplies running for office. if you talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk and it's hard to do that when you take the strict policy systems. >> jessica: it's a good thing to make the argument that you want to make changes to the system. you do need finance reform but the idea that you're going to do it before your running and you're going to be able to pull a presidential election, doesn't add up.
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and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. >> lisa: it was another record-setting day for wall street. for the first time, the nasdaq traded above 9,000 points. amazon leading the market rally with its stock getting 4% of after the company reported its best holiday shopping season to date. the dow expected to continue on this trend as we close out 2019. david, typically around this time of year we see the santa claus valley, is this different? >> david: this is a donald trump rally, it's that simple. donald trump released an extraordinary wave of entrepreneurship. from the top level down to the bottom level, it's been
9:40 am
extraordinary. just talking about wall street, nasdaq has had over 60% increase since the election. we prefer indexes to indices. you can say it either way about the bottom line is from the top to the bottom, this economy has been doing great. the bottom 10% of u.s. workers had 7% increase. the bottom 10% and the top of that increases but less percentage wise than the bottom half. it's a way that has happened not just on wall street but throughout the economy and donald trump's lowering of tax rates, getting rid of a lot of regulations that weren't doing any good, reenergizing the energy sector which the democrats want to kill in terms of carbon energy, all these things have made for a booming economy. >> lisa: david mentioned, the lowest 10% of workers, nominal wage increases are americans
9:41 am
better off economically than under president trump? >> jessica: they certainly think so. the economic numbers are completely and donald trump's favor going into the 2020 election. 70% have confidence that next year will be better than this year was. >> david: that's a cnn poll. >> jessica: they are not fake news so it's an accurate poll. it's going to be a tough election with a strong economy and i think the candidate that will be able to pull it off on the democratic side is someone who embraces the gains we've had and talks about how we can build upon them to build an even fairer america in terms of the economy. something i think joe biden needs to focus on especially if he tries to pick up that union support in the middle of the country. manufacturing is the only sector, we don't know what happens when the terror forgoes another round with china but those are good numbers for the president. >> lisa: is there any room for democrats to try to make the argument against the economy?
9:42 am
>> carley: i don't really think there is an jessica, you just gave the million dollar suggestion to any democratic presidential candidate and that is acknowledge the fact that we are in an economic boom right now and say, here's what i can do better. as opposed to what every single democrat did on the debate stage last week or the week before during the last debate when they flat out denied that we were doing well in terms of the economy. i did a little bit of digging online and here are some headlines i found before the presidential election in 2016. cnn said a trump win would sink stocks, a trump win would tank the stock market but after the election, here's another headline from cnn, everybody was expecting president trump to actually sink the stock market and he has far exceeded it. >> kat: elizabeth warren said it's good now but there's going to be a disaster. i think to acknowledge what's
9:43 am
going well, people can do their own research and figure that o out. >> david: he did manufacturing, 500,000 new manufacturing jobs, there was a slight pullback, that's recovered since then and i mean, these are jobs president obama said were never coming back. they came roaring back. there you go, david, i've got you. >> kat: elizabeth warren's brother taking issue with something she sang on the campaign trail, raising new questions about senator elizabeth warren's honesty. that's next. ♪ chevy, we're all family. we're a festive family. we're a four-legged family. we're a get-up-and-go family. we're a ski family. we're all part of the chevy family. and as we kick off the new year, we'd like you to be a part of ours. because our chevy employee discount is still available to everyone. the chevy price you pay is what we pay.
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>> our daddy had a lot of different jobs. he sold paint, he sold carpets, he sold fencing, he sold housewares. that's what he did for a living. as amy said, he ended up ultimately as a janitor. >> carley: 2020 democrat elizabetelizabeth warren recitia familiar story about his upbringing on the campaign trail. one of her brothers takes issue with her describing their father
9:48 am
as a janitor. when she calls her dad janitor during the early stages of this, david was furious. he said my dad was never a janitor. in the past she described her father as a maintenance man but has recently been using the term janitor. in a separate interview she said she has no idea why her brother would have a problem with this. i cannot wait to hear. is this another example of elizabeth warren pretending to be something she's not? or is this a little nitpicky? >> jessica: i find it nitpick nitpicky. putting aside the dna test which i think everyone can agree was fumbled, that it's all pretty nitpicky and you can draw this line, there was something about when she was pregnant being fired from her teaching job, what she said was her favorite job she's ever had, then there's this -- it sounds like internal family issues more than an issue for will she become the nominee but honestly i think if she had
9:49 am
a medicare for all plan that allowed you to keep private insurance we would not be talking about the janitor of the maintenance man. >> david: it's neither anything to be ashamed out about or anything to brag about, all of this -- it fits into her class warfare, i am a member of the lower class. this class to shaming or class ragging is part of the stuff -- i used to be a janitor. i worked as a handyman for a group of nuns in philadelphia for a while. americans -- we had a good time. americans do a lot of different things, that's a wonderful thing about this country, you can be up, you can be down but you can keep going and that's what america is great about. it's not something either to be bragging about or be ashamed of. >> carley: i think it doesn't have to do with the janitor versus maintenance man thing, the trend she ends up -- these
9:50 am
revelations that come out after the fact when she says something and also that it's coming from her brother. >> kat: i guess it's weird. maintenance man, janitor, i don't really even know the difference but if she'd come out and said her father was a unicorn that would still not be my biggest problem with elizabeth warren. my biggest problem with her as she wants to take all the money i work hard for. i don't care what you say your dad is. that's going to be the least of my problems with you. >> lisa: to david's point, there is dignity in any job. he went out there and worked to put food on the table and that is incredibly admirable. what i take issue with is the fact that elizabeth warren described it differently in her book, talking about maintenance man, she described it differently in speeches previously, the chained gmac change came with the presidential run. she's trying to say janitor to make it look more blue-collar to win over voters and that's what i take issue with and you adding all the other things like the
9:51 am
lying about her heritage which jessica had brought up, look at the lying about being fired because she was pregnant. lying saying that she sent her kids to public school and i think it was her daughter -- her son she sent to private school. she's changed all these bio points to try to win voters in in the process she looks inauthentic and i think that does the most damage to any candidate or over anything else. >> david: about your point, today "the wall street journal" had a terrific editorial about all the terrific plans she has to take away other people's money, she wants to totally upset this economy which has done more to bring people out of poverty and bring them into the middle class or even higher than any other country in the history of the world. what she wants to do is really frightening. you can't get inside of anybody's head. >> kat: you are planning to steal from me, i don't care what you're saying about your dad.
9:52 am
>> jessica: aside from the economics of her policies which i know nobody on this couch is in favor of, it is a normal thing for a candidate to be sharing their family history, we hear that from everybody. i think using the term "live" is going pretty far here. we just said there is a discrepancy, we don't know the difference. i am talking about the janitor thing, i admitted the dna thing was a botched conversation, though there are a lot of people who have familial history they believe that doesn't necessarily show up in a 23andme kate. >> carley: it always surprise me during the debate, she talks about how her brothers are conservative and i am like how does that work at family gatherings? and i guess now i know. some conservatives are slamming one of america's largest school districts, with a new policy
9:53 am
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>> kat: virginia's largest altered district is taking heat last month, seventh-12 writers one day off each school year to protest. or as fairfax county schools put it to take part in "civil engagement activities." the member behind the policy tells "the washington post," i think we are setting the stage
9:57 am
for the rest of the nation with us. it is the dawning of a new day, and student activism and school systems everywhere are going to have to be responsive to it. conservative critics say the district is coddling liberal students effectively letting them skip school for a day. fairfax is one of the biggest school districts in the country with 188,000 students. cat, you have been pretty vocal in their support of this, tell us why. >> kat: public schools are basically prisons for children, i am sorry, i don't know if any of you guys have gone to public school, but there is a lot more square dancing then you would expect. there are a lot of things going around that you can learn they don't really matter that much. if you want to give students some time to pursue their own thing, that is good. i was in first grade when we were learning to count. which is great. i'm glad that i learned how to count. but that calculator tape, counting up to 100, we got to 100, we will wrap her body in a walk around the school. i still could have found a far
9:58 am
better way to spend my time. >> carley: so it does not have to do with the protest, you just want to get out of school. >> kat: i feel like there are a lot of things that children can do to enrich our lives more than public school. >> jessica: it is a bold idea, and we square dance and private schools as well. it is pretty cool that you could count when i could not. and i was surprised to see old, interesting. i do think that engaging in promoting activism is a great thing, and exercising their first amendment right. i'm not sure about canceling school to do this, i don't know how it works out the schedule. it probably makes life worse for parents when you can of a teacher. it seems like a lot -- >> carley: tierney >> carley: tierney. >> david: it's hard to follow what kat said, but i was a teacher, i was getting a masters in teaching, but all of the other student teachers that i was working with were activists. a lot of them became teachers not to teach as much as to
9:59 am
activate the students to do what they felt should be done in society. that's why they became teachers, that is a bad reason to be a teacher, and activism is not something for the school. >> carley: lisa, do you agree? >> lisa: i am a product of fairfax county school. i will let everybody else draw their own conclusions. >> carley: but balancing a checkbook, paying your bills, things that will help you in the future, not some stupid day of activism. >> carley: a lot of the times the older generation looks down and you need to be more politically active. so i guess i will just leave this open to the couch, do you think that this is an example of what could be done there? >> david: i grew up in washington, d.c., when all the protests were going on against the vietnam war, it was a lot of fun, but, you know, i don't know how much education or how much my life is better because i went through it. >> jessica: both on my parents
10:00 am
protested vietnam, and they think it was one of the most formidable and educational experiences of their life. >> carley: we should leave it there, thank you, david. you are back monday at noon eastern, "outnumbered overtime" starts right now. ♪ >> fox news alert, millions of americans now in the path of a powerful and deadly winter storm that is moving east. travel amid the post-christmas rush. this is ou "outnumbered overtim" i am julie banderas and for harris, bringing snow in the mountain areas along with rain and ice shutting down some major freeways at times, police say a 60-year-old woman was killed after her car veered off the road in san diego county. meanwhile, a tornado also doing some damage in ventura county, now that storm system taking aim at other large sections of the country just in time for the


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