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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 27, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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fiancee, thinking everyone with the support on social media. she is very touched and it has helped her get through this tragic loss. dr. siegel, great to see you as always. thank you at home. i am julie banderas. "the daily briefing" starts right now. >> dana: hello, everyone, i am dana perino, we begin with a desperate search for a 29-year-old woman missing since last week. looking for help finding peyton houston, last time anybody saw her she was leaving a bar with two men. and the last to her friends heard from her was a text saying she might be in danger. steve harrigan is following this for us. to live in the southeast newsroom, how's the family reacting today? >> dana, this has been an incredibly difficult week for the family. doing everything they can to keep the search going, posting pictures of the 29-year-old online, trying to get the community behind it to continue the search. what worries them the most is that while patrons of the tin roof bar in birmingham say that
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she left willingly with two men at 10:45:00 p.m., what worries them is what happened next, the text she sent saying she was uncertain about who she was with, where they had taken her, and she was afraid she might be in trouble. the family vows to keep searching for her to bring her home. here is her brother. >> home mom, dad, me, everybody is around you, the whole community is searching for you. we are looking for answers and we won't stop until we find you all safe. speak with the family has also noted that the bank account has not been touched in the week she has been missing, dana. >> dana: what do the police say at this point? >> at this point not very encouraging from the police. they basically exhausted all their leads. after going through surveillance video from the bar. police even saying they are not certain at this point that foul play is involved. there is already a $5,000 reward that has been established.
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calls trying to go to the birmingham police department. >> dana: thank you so much. millions of americans in the past of a winter storm, making its way east after pummeling parts of california. meteorologist adam klotz is live in the extreme weather center. the storm has taken me by surprise. >> yes, dana, it is one spinning off the coast of southern california. it is going to be intensifying. this is currently what we are looking at. right now unless you are in an isolated area it is not widespread. but we already are beginning to see winter storm watches stretching from arizona all the way across the northern plains into minnesota. and right now the pink area that you are paying attention to is the winter storm warning. that is nebraska. that will be an area that is hit the hardest. this is your radar and you can pay attention to this. part of the problem is not just nose at the same time in a similar area, but beginning to see the snow in nebraska, late
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friday, it lingers in another round on the backside. so you will be seeing this at least off and on from friday into saturday, probably into sunday from nebraska, south dakota, running into minnesota. those are areas we could see anywhere from 12-18 inches of snow, where's it going? if you look further off to the east, this will be a thunderstorm maker. the last couple of days have been really warm. i'm not expecting it to be an east coast snowstorm whatsoever, because it has been way too warm. this is a forecast of precipitation. those are the areas again, snow on the high-end, maybe 12-18 inches, everything off to the east, we are just talking about heavy rain. and this is something we will watch this weekend, dana, as he begins to progress. >> dana: it was warm, i did not need a coat today. we are going to brace ourselves for the storm you're showing us. thank you so much. shifting gears for the race for 2020. the iowa caucuses, about five weeks away. and a front runner has got to
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emerge from the democratic pack, that means the primary battle could get complicated. drawing up new rules, changing the calendar, and it could mean a long and bruising fight for the nominations. let's bring in our politics editor for the national journal, can't think of a better way to talk about this. we are four weeks away, josh. a little bit more than four weeks, and there is still not a clear front runner in this race. >> no, you are right, dana. it is a wide-open nomination. we are just about a month away, and the challenge for democrats is that each of the leading candidates with a possible exception of joe biden are basically niche candidates. they have a base of support, but it is a narrow base. and pete buttigieg could win ohio and new hampshire, elizabeth warren could do well in an early stage. but they don't have the broad coalition that will allow them to dominate super tuesday and the rest of the primary calendar, so really, joe biden is the only candidate that might be able to pull that off if you
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won in iowa and new hampshire. if he does not do well in the first two states, there is a really good chance we could have a very long process, maybe even going to a contested convention. >> dana: from the journalistic perspective, i love the idea of the contested convention, but my democratic friends do not want to do that. they told the hill today, i love this quote "it is going to be uglier than ugly, it will be a bloodier slugfest, and the thing that we fear is that trump will benefit from all of it." if bernie sanders were to win iowa or new hampshire, he is doing well in nevada, and the basis in california, what do you think happens then? >> you just laid out the bloodiest of bloodiest scenarios for democrats. because sanders probably has as good a path to the nomination as anybody but joe biden. doing well and has momentum in iowa. doing well in his home base near new hampshire, and nevada, he is doing well with hispanic voters. what would happen if bernie did
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well in the first three states and the establishment would freak out? they view him as the only selectable candidate, and his views being unappealing to moderate voters. that would create a moment of crisis. and there has been reporting in atlanta that barack obama might weigh in against bernie sanders if it got to that point. so that would be the moment of crisis. spun earlier there was a column about a dilemma for bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, because they play nice out there, but at some point in the next four weeks, does that have to change? >> if they want to win the nomination, it does. and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are splitting the progressive vote just about evenly. bernie has a stronger base amongst progressive voters. but elizabeth warren has the ability to broaden her support from where bernie has been. neither want to go negative against each other. to win the progressive lane, they are going to have to fight. they will have to go after each other. if they don't, it leaves an
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opening for joe biden to do well and take advantage of the progressive split. >> dana: let me ask you about amy klobuchar, it was presumed that she would do well. she had a good debate last week, but is she not able to get a foothold? >> she is my sleeper candidate to watch, because she has spent so much time in iowa, her home state of minnesota right next door up north, so her chances are long, just because she kind of needs and i will bank shot to propel her to contention in the other states, but she is gaining ground in iowa. she is trying to steal pete buttigieg's thunder as we saw in the last debate, so she does well in iowa, or she has a lot of potential later on. >> dana: how do you think about the michael bloomberg candidacy and how he is ignoring the early states? could this possibly work this time around? >> i think about a former new york city mayor who tried to wait, and that is rudy giuliani, and look, bloomberg has a
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message that it could resonate with moderates, but he has spent over $100 million and he is still pulling in fifth place, only 5%, not campaigning or doing a lot of grassroots campaigning, not even raising money to tell donors that this is an important part of the process. >> dana: that is one difference between rudy giuliani and bloomberg, he is willing to spend his money. >> he has money, i would want to see the numbers move more, after spending all of that money in the last few weeks. >> dana: happy new year to you, we will see you on the other side. alexandria ocasio-cortez, she loves to rail against the rich, but it seems she has no issue taking cash from one of the richest men running for the white house. michael lawson's reaction to that. in one school district's plans to let students take time off to protest. ♪ the zip code you're born in can determine your future. but no matter what neighborhood you grow up in,
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>> dana: congresswoman alexander ocasio-cortez has failed to mention that billionaire 2020 candidate tom steyer donated to her campaign in 2018. joining me right now, man who will be on "the five" a little bit later. she got so many donations she did not even know that tom
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steyer donated. >> i totally did not even know. that will be her defense. it is classic. you know, do as i say, not as i do. she is the perfect candidate. and if you come out or hard, this is a great thing, if you criticize aoc. oh, you're just a frayed of a powerful latina, a powerful woman, a girl that can dance. she is the perfect, perfect politician. i admire her in the way that people admire sharks. >> dana: other people admire her too, she was asked how she would feel if she was chosen. bernie sanders vice president, take a listen. oh, i am sorry. she said this. "i can't be his running mate because i am not old enough, you have to be 35. but it would be an honor to be vice president was cool. i thought she had said it on the video. but i think she is aware that she has some star power right now. >> absolutely. >> dana: she know she cannot be vice president, if you guys want to make fun of me, she does not care. >> it is a brilliant move.
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>> dana: it is a little bit like president trump. >> how so? >> dana: because he knows people are going to criticize him. he will punch back when he wants to, but he can let things roll back. the best thing for aoc is that people are talking about her in general. >> absolutely. i can see that point 100%. she can hit her start to the bernie sanders socialist wagon, that she knows it has to fail. >> dana: that is interesting, because steve scalise, a minority whip in the house said this on "the ingraham angle." >> it is no longer nancy pelosi that calls the shots. and the people that follow the things forced to do, it is the left-wing political party. it's not just pelosi coming to see aoc shaping the green new deal and some of these other lunatic policies where they are pushing the presidential candidates so far to the socialist left that you cannot even recognize them. >> dana: you get a chance to travel throughout the country a little bit more than i do.
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do you sense that the democrats are being pulled to the left? >> no, i don't. i just think that there is a huge, people don't know how bad socialism is. and it looks great on paper. socialism is the fyre festival of politics. you're like, it is fantastic. and then when you show up you're like i did not know there would be all of this property. i want to ask them what happened in venezuela? >> dana: they were trying a little bit of market capitalism in venezuela, because they knew that socialism did not work. i want to ask you about this. in fairfax county, they will allow students to take time off school in order to protect. i think we are setting the stage for the rest of the nation, a dawning of a new date and student activism and school systems everywhere are going to have to be responsive to it. that is from the fairfax school board. >> what are they protesting? >> dana: anything.
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i guess they all want to be greta. >> how dare you, they want to be swedish death metal singers. if you have not seen that video, america, you should watch it. if you have activism sponsored by the school, that is horrifying. >> dana: do it in your free time. i absolutely am for protests, but as a taxpayer and 70 who cares about the future of this country and the children, i want them to go to school, learn to read and write and do all of this other stuff on their own time. >> how dare you. this final, very old fashion. >> they should also have to go to like a pro-nra thing. >> dana: when i was working at the white house, i worked in the children's correspondent section, and i was responsible for looking through the children's mail and drafting letters for the president and mrs. bush. i would choose them once a week, a sample of letters from the children, and there was this protest from a school group and they were mad about whales, and
11:17 am
dear george bush, this sucks. and they were talking about whales and all of these pictures, i mean, students can have an impact. but mostly it makes me laugh. >> it is fantastic, especially with misspellings. as soon as i put my kid in a public school, it is already an indoctrination camp, so you better be fair with it. protesting things i want to be fair with. >> dana: will you be ready for "the five?" >> no, i am not. >> and go get ready. thank you for joining us today. you probably know that hallmark is home for christmas movies, but one critic does having none of that. comparing them to films out of nazi germany. here with the details on this story. ♪
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>> dana: new developments related to convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein, the fbi has started investigating the woman accused of being jeffrey epstein's madam, according to reuters, the feds are looking at several other people thought to have served point had facilitated the sexual abuse. garrett tenney has more from washington for us. >> the sources tell us that this is a focus for the fbi's investigation looking into anyone who may have played a
11:22 am
role in his crimes. this has been going on since at least july when prosecutors indicted, indicated in their indictment of jeffrey epstein that they were looking into coconspirators. the fbi set up a hotline for alleged victims to call in with any tips, and since that time, several of the accusers have said maxwell was directly involved in luring and many young girls, manipulating them into having sex with epstein and his friends. maxwell is an ex-girlfriend of epstein who was a member of his inner circle. you can see her in the background of the picture from 2001 on the left is prince andrew and one of epstein's accusers, virginia roberts dupree who said this about maxwell in august. >> we need to get through everybody involved in that, starting with julian maxwell, i won't stop fighting, i will never be silenced. until these people are brought
11:23 am
to justice. >> denying the allegations and has not been charged with any crimes, our sources are not confirming that she is a focus of the fbi investigation, but they tell us that the borough is casting a pretty wide net looking at epstein's past associates, and to bill barr made on the case in august when he said that anyone who was complicit with epstein should not rest easy. the victims deserve justice, and he promised they will get it. notable since epstein's death, more than a dozen lawsuits have been filed against his estate by more than 22 women accusing him of sexual abuse, some of the dates going back as far as the 1980s. >> dana: thank you. >> we are uncovering a lot on the scavenger hunt. >> everyone deserves a second chance at love. so yes, i think they do. >> dana: you know the hallmark channel, one of america's go-to spots for christmas movies, and if you have come across the channel at any point in the last
11:24 am
few months you've seen some combination of decorating, skating, and to the love stories. but now a writer for a liberal site is taking issue with all of that in fact, calling the channels "fascist propaganda." here with more of the story, what is she saying? >> this is mind-blowing, the overall theme of the pieces at the hallmark channel movies are a kin to propaganda. what they use to rile up and gamble of the lies the german people in world war ii. you just saw the clip, really, does that remind you of nazi germany? here's the exact quote from this individual i'm in a marquette is her name, and the quote is as follows. "running down the schedule of christmas movie offerings is like a trip into an uncanny valley of shiny teeth, blow-dried heteronormative whiteness. it is like watching the stepford wives but scarier. even in nazi germany, the majority of movies approved by the propaganda were escapist and
11:25 am
feather light with a hallmark movie style emphasis on the importance of normalcy." that is a lot of analysis for movies that are usually about somebody returning to their hometown and it's snowing. >> dana: and there is a long-lost love story. >> oh, here. >> dana: and a lot of choice, there is so much television you cannot figure out what to watch anymore. if people choose to watch the hallmark channel, it's not because they are fascist. >> people, american people like this, george cassandra said it best. >> dana: he always did. >> people like things they do not have to think about. you do not have to think when you turn on a hallmark movie, they are mindless, they are fun. that's one way to your wife under the bus could i cannot imagine being the p.r. person, they are like, we are hallmark. we do fun nice things. i did not sign up for the controversy. >> that is an amazing point,
11:26 am
they are facing some backlash, but in the article, the author is facing a lot of the backlash. and she commented that she said again, she appears very elitist in this, she tweets "laughing at the right-wingers calling me joyless because i think hallmark movies are dumb. somebody's life is joyless when their only source of entertaining is empty. and here is that hillary clinton deplorable line, what a depressing life free of real satisfying entertainment." >> dana: that is not what you said, if i may. she did not say that to the hallmark movies are dumb, that's fine, okay, i don't watch them, why should i know that you like to watch it, but she said they were fascist propaganda, that is very different from saying something is dumb and substantive, and you should fill your time with something else. >> great point, but the little bit of step back, she attacks those deplorables who like to sit back, relax, and enjoy something. i don't want to go into the
11:27 am
whole quote, because you are running out of time, but when fox asked her to comment, the final quote is hysterical, enjoy your bear, but do so with a critical eye. the holiday is supposed to relax, and have a good time. i'm not watching rudolph the red-nosed reindeer with a critical eye. i'm watching it because it is a movie that i have enjoyed and i will do it until i am no longer on the planet. >> dana: how about stealing joy? >> it is christmas. >> dana: i'm glad you're all worked up. >> i am not worked up about anything. a spline calm down and have a great weekend. thank you. police are taking issue with amazon, the company, it refused to cooperate when somebody's package got swiped. he will hear about it next. ♪
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>> dana: down in florida a sheriff's slamming amazon for refusing to cooperate with an
11:32 am
investigation into a driver accused of stealing a package. anita vogel has the details on n the story. >> hi, dana, we love amazon when those packages show up at our door, but now under delivery people are caught taking the packages back. that's exactly what happened in davenport, florida, recently when the cameras caught the amazon worker delivering the package, snapping a picture for proof of delivery and then seconds later snatching it back. detectives had all the information they needed to arrest the thief. 27-year-old jose campos, the date, time, location, and a photo. but the sheriff said amazon refused to provide his name and was told to serve a subpoena to the corporate office. but police were still able to arrest him and charge him with burglary and theft on christmas eve. >> it was just really frustrating to us, because it should've been been a no-brainer investigation. instead, we had to spend like a
11:33 am
whole day figuring out what amazon could have told us in 2 minutes. >> a statement that amazon tells our station "we work regularly and closely with law enforcement across the country and are working to understand what occurred here to make it right and to reach out to the county sheriff's office to apologize." the sheriff says that amazon did give them a call next day and they said the whole thing was a mistake. >> and i'm sure that they will try to fix that. in northern california, a thief stole the actual surveillance cameras which is a twist. >> that's exactly right. the thief got away with two cameras, but left a third one that recorded the entire getaway. this happened in alameda, california. northern california. you see the guy creeping up the steps of the porch, grabbing the security camera, and then when he leaves, he walks around those packages and leaves them on the doorstep and goes back to his car. next, you see he comes back again to grab a second security
11:34 am
camera and walks around the packages and goes back to his getaway car, but he did not bother to grab that third came camera. >> we want to be ambassadors for safety in our town, we encourage people to have surveillance cameras. the last thing we want is for them to be stolen. >> police in alameda county are looking for this guy. here's a good shot of his face. he is also a grinch who stole those cameras right on christmas. bacback to you. >> dana: anita, thank you so much. from those low down scandals to the height of heroism, cameras capturing the best in the worst of 2019. and jonathan hunt reports on this now. >> pirates taking on neighborhoods instead of the high seas this year. porch pirate stealing everything from shoes to the doorbell cameras themselves. this one forgetting to bring a bag to carry the goods. instead, shoving delivery boxes into his pants.
11:35 am
others choosing to mark their territory by licking the doorbell. police officers also caught entertaining this year. this officer serenaded someone with a happy birthday during a traffic stop. >> happy birthday dear kamal, happy birthday to you. >> another caught in camera doing the flossing dance. even the easter bunny getting in on the action, but not everything was fun and games for the bunny, getting into an argument with this woman on the sidewalk. and from the street to the sky, cameras capturing these folks trying and failing to get away. reaching high speeds on the streets and in the desert. but where there is bad and humanity, there is plenty of good too. kids in the toledo, ohio, children's hospital getting a surprise from none other than batman. a police officer dressed up as the gotham hero to cheer up the
11:36 am
patients. and a stranger returning a wallet he found on enables driveway. >> it was just sitting there. it was right by the driver door. >> not many people are like you, buddy. speak of this transit worker caught saving someone's life. falling onto the tracks. the employee quickly pulling him up seconds before a train passes by. and to divine intervention as the car barely misses a lightning strike. this surviving after snow gave way sending him into an avalanche. and a pilot in distress, safely landing his plane on a busy ro road. >> oh, my gosh. >> cameras capturing plenty of heartwarming moments too, like this coach surprising his team after returning from active duty, and kids this year saying
11:37 am
and doing the darndest things. the siblings running straight for hooverville after getting spooked by the cringe. this trick-or-treat are you choosing to give away candy after spotting an empty bowl on a front porch, while another comforts his mom who claimed to have eaten all of his suites. >> i'm not mad at you. >> other kids reminding us that the purity of childhood. >> pledge allegiance to the flag for liberty and justice for all. >> it was quite a year caught on camera, and as technology is even more integrated into our lives, what we capture on video will surely get even more interesting. in los angeles jonathan hunt, fox news. >> dana: i love that. thank you very much. now back to politics, the economy playing a role in whether president trump wins reelection. let's bring in capri cafaro,
11:38 am
senate minority leader, and luke thompson, digital director, good to have you here. one of the things president trump is saying is that impeachment is making it harder for him to work with other leaders overseas. i can imagine when he calls up and has regular contact with world leaders, the first thing they will say is what is going on with impeachment, what will happen? and it really does, i don't think that he would be removed from office, but it sets the tone. >> i would say that what the president is trying to do is bring this home for a local audience. the present and adjusted american foreign policy, what are you saying is that the democrats are doing the same thing to me right now. they are going after partisan impeachment that is making it harder for me to do my job. i am rubber, you are glue. >> dana: and it will not end as it goes to the new year, capri? >> no question, no end in sight,
11:39 am
speaker pelosi is holding onto the articles of impeachment. and only time will tell to see if they get more witnesses out of the united states senate, how leader mcconnell will end up conducting the trial in the senate that has the constitutional jurisdiction. and i have said this time and time again, i think that the american public has a bit of an investigation and impeachment fatigue, but i would say this. while i agree that impeachment is a district in domestically and internationally, president trump does not need to make it more of a distraction by tweeting about it all the time, by fixating on to it. i know that he is a counter puncher, but when you are in a press conference in the oval office with another world leader and everybody is barking at the question, there is nothing stopping you saying, i am not talking about this. >> dana: there is something great for him to talk about, that is the economy, today in "the wall street journal," workers getting bigger raises, so rising towards the fastest rate in a decade, titan
11:40 am
sufficiently to show bigger pay increases to lower paid employees. gaines celebrating much this year, and that is a time when the employment rate fell to a half century low. with the senate majority in congress at the tax cuts, speaker pelosi, not the speaker then, said it was going to be a disaster for the economy, and it has not turned out that way. >> no, nor has the trade war, the back-and-forth with china has evened out and continue to grow rather than over teething. if i am a democratic strategist, i am saying that i don't have a great option. normally i would run against it and say it is making the rich richer and the poor poorer, but in 50 years we are seeing bottom income wage growth and wage acceleration. >> dana: you come from ohio, how would a democrat argue against the president's economic message? >> unfortunately in my hometown, we have actually had closures. we have lost thousands of jobs thanks to general motors, a
11:41 am
hospital closing. we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, now getting electric batteries being made in that facility, but i think what is happening is that there is an uneven distribution, not necessarily from the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, but it is contingent on where you are in the country and whether or not the economy is really looking up for you. i think that i just recently saw a pew research report that said 60% of lower income americans are concerned about struggling to pay their bills. and health care costs continue to be an issue. so i think democrats would be best served to acknowledge the strength and the economy, but also showing that there is more to be done. >> and i will give you the last word, i assume that the republicans would drive ahead, because they are saying that the economy could do moderately well at least this year. >> this is the best argument that the president has, are you better off than you were four years ago?
11:42 am
and the answer is yes, i would expect the president to make a linkage with the hard-line immigration policy and rising wages. >> dana: it is good for those workers. we are happy for them. and it continues for 2020. capri cafaro, luke thompson, happy new year. turning into an incredible friendship, a story you do not want to miss. ♪
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>> dana: anybody who had a pet growing up would agree there is nothing like a bond between a child and a furry friend. unfortunately, not many things harder than losing one. but for one young boy decades ago, his loss led to a unlikely friendship. one with a former first lady. in 1953, mark bruce reach out to the white house after his pet dog was killed in an accident. not only did he hear back, but the kennedys then gave him a new puppy, and that was just the beginning, all in his new book, jackie, a boy, and a book, a warm war story, reaching out to the most powerful couple on the planet at the time and what
11:47 am
exactly he asked of them. >> i said, i killed my dog, can i have one of yours? i mean, it was just such an unlikely thing that they would respond in a positive way. but they did. >> dana: i worked in the white house temporarily, waiting for my clearance and i worked in children's mail, there was one that said, hi, mr. president, i was hoping you could come to my birthday party. or i deserve my own room, i wish that you can tell my mom that. why did you decide to write the white house, that is not a natural thing. >> i needed a dog, because i was involved in a dog care project. after crying for a week, paul harvey gets on the radio, we always used to listen to him, and he said, they just had a litter of pups at the white house, what are they going to do with all those dogs? i was going, i need a dog. there cannot be anybody that deserves this dog more than me, i will tell them my story, and i'm sure that they will give me a dog.
11:48 am
>> dana: it is remarkable that she got your letter and basically said, yes, you can have one of our dogs. and then you guys corresponded for years? >> we did. the initial response from her social secretary nancy tucker was like, no, we are not going to give any of the dogs away. but two months past, jackie has patrick, patrick dies shortly after birth, so she is in the midst of her own tragedy, and so my plan was after the white house said no was i bugged my parents, let's go to the dog pound and get a dog, every day. and there was always an excuse of the day, and on a sunday morning, august 18th, 1963, the phone rings and it is the white house on the phone, and they say, if you want a dog, you can have it. >> dana: how did you get the dog? >> they flew it out to me. it's going and you named the new dog? >> carolyn named the dog. it was streaker, and it was because he had a streak of white
11:49 am
across his nose. >> dana: i thought it was maybe because he was super fast. >> he was. he was that too. >> dana: and a lifelong love of dogs? >> i have. in the unique thing about the dog was that the dog was the grandson of the dog that was set up in the sputnik life. pachinko was a gift of state to the kennedy family at the 19621 vns on the vent summit conference then charlie, though welsh terrier fell in love and they had a litter of pups. >> dana: and as paul harvey would say, that was the rest of the story. and he wrote a wonderful story here in jackie, a boy, and a dog. thank you. a great story indeed. new year's eve is around the corner, just around the block from here they are getting ready to drop the ball in times square. the ball got some beautiful new chris crystals, that is fun to e
11:50 am
that. >> it is cool, anybody who celebrates new year's knows that the ball dropping in times square is so historic. and how much work goes into it. we all thought theoretically know, but when i was talking that the testing in the crystals and the details, take a listen. this ball has been dropping since 1907, it is a new york city tradition, but take a look at this period of 2688 waterford crystals. they are so much detail on them. you can see a lot of them are actually really different. 192 will be replaced this year to celebrate to the of goodwill. they are going to be in this pineapple formation, because this is not just the change of a calendar year, it is the change of a decade. this is almost 12,000 pounds, 1. it has more than 32,000 and leds. a lot of security will be in times square to make sure that this goes off without a hitch with a ball drop test and a
11:51 am
confetti test tomorrow. >> it was really cool to be there. i got to see the new crystals that were going in in that pineapple formation, the gift of goodwill. it is the change of a decade, and how much planning went into thinking about the design and what they wanted it to mean in the global landscape. >> dana: do you ever go to times square to drop -- watch the ball drop? >> i've been there once. i don't need to do it again. >> dana: what i love is that everybody around the world watches for the ball to drop. waterford must have had that in mind? >> oh, sure. they've been doing it since 1907, the gentleman telling me about the new crystals is how much they plan and design, they are so honored basically to be the backing of the tradition. >> dana: happy new year to you, jackie, fun working with you this year, 2020 has a lot in store for all of us at fox news. so thank you and happy new year.
11:52 am
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>> responding to a call about a burglar, the thing is it was a vacuum. the homeowner say they were asleep when they heard loud noises so they called 911, as you word. when cops got there, they all realized it was the vacuum which had been running for quite some time. >> they asked me how long i had it and i said about two days and they all just start laughing because they knew it was just one of those things, but they were all great. they had great attitudes about it. >> the man says he and his wife were embarrassed but they don't regret calling the cops just in case and now they have a great story to tell. new york governor chris cuomo vetoing a bill that would have overturned restrictions on e bikes and scooters. democrats citing a lack of safety restrictions including a helmet requirement. here to talk about it is fox news contributor and fox nation host.
11:57 am
in new orleans, do they have the scooter that they have all over the street? >> first, happy holidays. i've seen the e bikes, but i have not seen the scooters. my home stomping grounds when i'm in venice beach, it is flooded with scooters and e bikes everywhere. the scooters have replaced the pigeons, they are everywhere. so i'm not a big fan of it because i don't use them because my feet don't even fit on them. >> it was not chris cuomo at cnn, it was andrew cuomo. and he tweeted this. an nypd tweet to him. kudos to ny governor cuomo for keeping this off the streets of new york. i don't love it when i'm walking in a city and trying to enjoy myself and being buzzed by the scooters all around but i have friends, he left scooters and takes them everywhere. could you right a scooter? >> i could, i just chose to
11:58 am
drive my truck, that's why a work so hard to get my driver's license so i could leave things like scooters, bicycles, skateboards, and my feet behind and once i got in my truck, it was love at first sight. some i prefer my truck. but if i'm ever in the mood to scoot or scooter, i really like my truck. >> we can see we can get you on one just for fun. >> we will go planking together on our scooters. >> challenge accepted, tell me about 2020, do you have any new year's resolutions? >> i have two resolutions, going to keep it real no matter what the consequences, going to say exactly how i feel, not going to hold anything back and second, i'm going to eat more apples. i'm going to keep track of it. an apple a day keeps the doctors away but recently when i was messing with someone, it broke perfect and i ate it and it was delicious and i said i need to
11:59 am
eat more apples. >> what you mean you question apple? >> i could crush an app on my bare hand, something i like to do. challenge accepted, apple crushing contest. >> what was your favorite thing of the decade? >> i was thinking really hard about this, i've come to see a lot of things that have changed like best friends have been replaced with the social media and kind of afraid that it that instagram has become the new reality so i'm a little puzzled by that and this decade has had a lot of peace and prosperity so we have a lot of time to invent issues and problems that really aren't problems so i think when i look at this decade, i tend to think it was a decade of being spoiled and a lot of crazy things have happened but when you look at it compared to other
12:00 pm
decades, the word i would use for this decade is safe. >> a quick shout out, chief of police watching is now? he loves you. >> what's up? thank you so much and thank you for joining us, i will see you on "the five." you have any new year's resolutions? >> spend as much time with my children while they cover politics. >> have to pay attention, have a good show. >> now mystery in hawaii. carrying a seven people goes missing and coast guard searchers can't find any sign of it even though it had an electronic beacon. also reportedly investigating jeffrey epstein, helping him sexually abuse underage girls, but will they try to charge her? plus, this elementary school teacher doing double duty as a drone pilot and teaching her students important lessons about how high they can


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