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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 27, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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medical center tweeting this picture of the happy couple. they happened to have the last name clause. through one foggy christmas eve and into christmas morning, this is clause have a baby on christmas day. happy weekend everybody. ♪ speak at the del closing out another all-time high as we count down to the new year. the santa claus rally and washing don't like wall street rolling on. all the averages at the post huge gains for these new year. welcome everyone i'm charles payne and for neil kabuto and this is "your world." bob, i hear santa claus rally but i think there's a lot more to it. >> there's quite a bit more, charles. when you look at the overall picture it is not changed. frankly i would argue it got better whether you think the president caused a slight slow down by taking on a trade war, which is probably
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economically one of the only times in recent history where you could take on the trade war, we continue to move further and further away from the height of that battle. it's all optimism. the only thing that could hold us back as an interventionist fed, which they stop talking about. one way or another, or a global recession which looks like it will be further and further away. the demand curve is getting steeper and demand is can a surprise. consecutively i think there's a lot more room to run. >> you brought up the trade war and i keep reminding folks it's not just the rhetoric, we had $360 billion worth of tariffs on. but we have in this amazing grinding wages. 7 million job openings. strong corporate profits in the stock market that won't quit. it looks like the headwinds this year might be challenged next year. >> the u.s. consumer can keep
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the economy turning. it's at the peak. the u.s. consumer hasn't rolled over yet. manufacturing may have started to but from a very high peak. it can level off and turn back up with the rest of the globe gets on board. we already have positive talk about u.s. and e.u. the president invited boris johnson to the u.s. to discuss a transatlantic deal. we just got a paper for the japan deal. the is so many former headwinds which could now be tailwinds. it's one of the great stories that couldn't be talked about. >> you brought up the federal reserve, i want to point out last year despite record-breaking earnings they hiked rates four times, they cut them through this year. i feel like jay powell is at an epiphany. it's unlikely that he will make any more missteps, isn't it? i think he's learned and on-the-job lesson the hard way. >> i think you are right about that. i think he's going to stay out of it. one of the problems i see 42020
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as if the fed gets involved either way. if they get involved and decide to cut there could be a perception that the market is weaker than we think. if he decides to hike then we saw what happens when you've got trade war continuing. of the trade war were to continue to go away and we got all these deals signed i don't think the fed could stop the u.s. economy unless they went excessive. i think jay powell is very smart. he learned on the job but i think it's a lesson this can the state learn. >> he loves taking credit. thank you very much and have a great weekend. it's not just investors who are cheering this rally. so is your 401(k) is everything from tech, to retail, all have huge gains this year. i want to bring in heather's cigarette aga along with cody sanchez. heather i've got to start with you a lot of people say like great love affair is this really can't last and they've been wrong. >> offered incident have pushed the stock market to new highs every day. "the wall street journal" having
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an article this morning saying that wages for blue-collar workers is hitting new highs here at some of the highest levels that we've seen in almost a decade. remember when speaker pelosi said these tax cuts would destroy and kill the middle-class, that is simply not the case. >> we know in the market there are fundamental reasons for the market working sometimes. sometimes it's behavioral analysis. the new highs we get and i think there's a lot of all of that involved right now. >> i think you are exactly right. first and foremost it is about earnings. we are seeing a market in which companies are continuing to earn and starting to focus on profitability. anytime we see the current market pullback and stocks get hit on her when they are in aggregation phase. the peletons and goobers of the world. i think in corporations today
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are benefiting from deregulation and decreased taxation that's been part of this administration. i think we will continue to see this happening to 2020 and companies trickle down those profits to consumers, which is why we have some of the strongest consumer numbers in the past 15 years that we are seeing. >> is cody is speaking we are running some of these full screens. we just had retailers trend of the consumer but we also have chip names up there. we have moved to the heights phase of technology where chips are everywhere and they're going to be everywhere. every thing that we can see that we are doing, the cloud, the internet, toward her movies on demand, all of that involves these chip names that we have on the screen. >> i will say, these percentage numbers are showing. it doesn't jive with the antics growth. the economy is great and the companies are all doing fabulous except for the unit currents that are blowing up. it doesn't really come it really is more going on this year, and
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that was a fear last year that we were going into recession globally. all that receded this year with the fed rate cuts, with the trade war going in a good direction. that doesn't seem to be a recession on the horizon and all the money that came out just came in times two and is all the cash and then the bond market did really well. it was an unbelievably optimistic year that was unexpected. nobody saw this coming platelet last year, including me. i don't think the earnings are there to keep supporting these kinds of gains. >> late last year the fed at hiked rates for the fourth time. jay powell indicated he might hike rates four times this year. every single day in the media had said that was a recession. we were going into something akin to a death spiral. on january 3rd powell said rates and inflation is price inflation. he signaled the fed would change and they did in the market is going up. we just had the homebuilders on a minute ago, housing permits at
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a 13 year high. businesses investing in i.t. and other things. there could be strong drivers for next year. >> would be interesting if we were eventually talking but the federal reserve trying to increase rates because of these things. everybody says wait, don't do that. when the rest of the world has negative interest rates, you don't want interest rates that are that much higher than the rest of the world in the u.s. and make it difficult to compete. with such a strong economy, unemployment rates at 50 year lows. if inflation starts ticking higher than the feds will have to increase rates. >> in the meantime how do you see this going into next year? obviously we have momentum but can it last throughout 2020? >> i think the adage that bull markets don't die because of old age really sticks here. we have to see the numbers underneath change. a few triggers that concern me,
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we have reached a trade deal with china, but they have to abide by it. we know that that is not always the strength of the chinese government. let's see if we actually move forward as we are supposed to do with this trade deal. i think there could be downside risk there. the other thing that makes me nervous is certainly all of the politicians were going to have even stronger voices coming into this election cycle. i would be concerned about biotechnology and health care, even though i like those sectors of the market a lot. the second one of the democratic nominees comes on and says they're going to subsidize x, y, and z or half-price caps is when they had an entire sector falls. >> of health care stocks took off when elizabeth lohr's poll numbers went down. appreciate you again, see you soon. as in the son the strong economy, pay for workers rising. how good are these signs as we head into the new year and what
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does that mean? going to bring in bill mcgurn. we know we have momentum, bill, one of the panelists they are dismayed the point could cut times don't have to end because of old age. how are you feeling about this momentum? >> this is pretty good. it didn't come out of nowhere, as your guests that it came out of cuts on taxes and the deregulation which i think it's not enough credit. it just underscores that growth is the most important thing for the average american worker. people think it's a thing for head fund managers, but if you're saving it's not just jobs you have, but enough job so that if you don't like your job you can quit and go somewhere else. a demand for jobs being wages go up. all sorts of things. >> spinning up 4 tons. we see a consumer but still has 8% savings but out there spending money. this is a wage driven economy
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right now. people are reacting. they feel good about it and we talk often about the obvious impact of lower taxes and all those regulations fed up and swept away. i don't know if we talk enough about animal spirits because i feel like the day after the election they were unleashed. we heard about them but now are seeing come to fruition. >> i do think animal spirits defend come at the chicken or the egg, they've got to be fed and that's a chicken or the egg which comes first. you can create momentum. a lot of people get spooked. we on the market can collapse in the day if some rumor is out there that's not even true. there is something to the intangibles, it depends on the solid, it depends on the solid foundation. i would say in addition to what we are seeing come of the trade deal one of your guest mentioned. if you can get the trade deal with mexico and canada and so forth, i think you could add a percent onto gdp, which would be
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known and enormous thing. or hovering around 2% right now but if you could get back up of the 3% range that would be a tremendous thing for the american worker. >> i'm looking at 3% personally and i'm looking at 4% wage growth because i think the scarcity of workers is going to drive wages higher. i'm looking for at least 15% in the s&p. >> you could be right. i always talk about for workers the security of opportunity. the only security and worker has is the ability to tell his job to take your job and shove it. i can only happen in the healthy growing economy and people have a choice. >> blue-collar wages have not enjoyed this kind of run in a long time. thank you very much. have a good weekend. >> nancy aoc, will the real leader of the democratic party please stand up. is about to become your problem.
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>> it's no longer nancy pelosi that is calling the shots and i think anybody that follows the things that she has been forced into doing, it's been mostly that far left socialist wing of the party and it's not just pelosi. you see aoc shaping the presidential debate on the think like the green new deal and some of these other lunatic policies where they are pushing the presidential candidate so far to the socialist left that you can't even recognize them. >> house minority whip steve scully is saying it's no longer nancy's democratic party is the house speaker kowtow most of the progressive wing. what does this mean for 2020? let's ask bill from real clear politics. obviously many folks believing that nancy may officially have lost control when she went ahead with this impeachment proceedings which felt like she was ultimately pushed in by a series of weekend tweets by aoc. >> if you look back at statements the speaker has made earlier in the year it is clear that she was never in favor of impeachment or impeachment steak like a lot of the farther left
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members of her caucus. it was either what she found in that letter, that transcript of president trump's conversation with the ukrainian president, or it was pressure from the left wing that pushed her in this direction. i think it's a combination of the both because the left side of her caucus isn't just pushing her in the direction, they've also managed to push the entire democratic party in that direction. we only had three members of the house who opposed articles of impeachment. it seems like on this question they are unified. >> let's go with the democratic presidential candidates. we talk a lot about elizabeth warren and the bernie sanders being far left but even the so-called moderates, joe biden saying he's okay with one of the first things and the potential administration, getting rid of all of these great blue-collar jobs in the oil and gas field. these are the best paying jobs in america come he says he's okay with getting rid of them.
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>> that's nothing that's going to play well in michigan or pennsylvania or wisconsin. pause for a moment and realized they were talking about joe biden. were talking about him is the most moderate candidates of the race. that's just how much evolution we've seen in the democratic party in the last four years. things like medicare for all, $15 minimum wage, free college, things that just four years ago when bernie sanders advocated for them, people were saying that the step too far. what was radical four years ago is not been party orthodoxy. the party has shifted very far and even if bernie sanders or elizabeth warren are not the nominee come of the party is going to be bound to try to run on some of these ideas or enact them if they win the white house. >> let me switch gears along that note here it is a report on political that's is already there is speculation that alexander phil cuzzi of cortez will eventually be running for president. would you think about? >> i think that's the type of headline that house republicans in the trump campaign love is
1:18 pm
what because what they have done as they have used her as an effective foil to say to the rest of the country look at what this new york democrat wants to do. look at the direction she wants to take the democratic party in. the speculation that she might be interested in higher office, that's something they're going to take full advantage of because their argument is going to be if you think it is bad now just wait. >> considering how much of a national footprint to she has, she's showing up with stadiums, she's the coaster with bernie sanders. they are packing them in. thousands of people show up. she's raising more money than anyone else who is not running for president. maybe there are a lot of folks out there trying to get on her good side and it could propel her way beyond the office she is in. >> make no mistake, aoc is a rising star. we found out quickly that she wasn't going to just be a gimmick, she has been very effective in moving her party in the direction she wants. the question about a presidential debate, excuse me a
1:19 pm
presidential run, i don't know if she has the same influence outside of d.c. and new york and the rest of the country as she does here. that's something that she would have to build. don't count her out. she's a fantastic retail politician and is able to communicate over social media. >> i want that think this in, michael moore predicting a 2020 victory for president trump. he goes towards the support, he says it hasn't gone down an inch. >> michael moore someone was a good perspective on this. he understands the midwest. it's a prediction he made ahead of 2016. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. iran, china, russia, three countries, one set of military war games in the middle east. got your attention now? yeah, and he wanted someone to help out with chores. so, we got jean-pierre.
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>> how is this for a triple threat? china, russia, and a rundown doing naval draws together. lucas is at the pentagon with the latest. >> it's the first time those three nations have come together for this joint naval exercises. the u.s. navy's top admirals of about a month ago he sees china as the top threat of the three. speak with the ranges of their missiles continue to grow, they are on a very deep trajectory in terms of capabilities and numbers. >> outside of the persian gulf in the volatile strait of hormuz. iranian forces shot down about $100 million american drone. u.s. officials say the iranians
1:24 pm
officials and china's might just be doing the knots in the water. they will also not be alone, u.s. navy aircraft carrier here just arrived on scene. a statement the pentagon didn't seem very concerned about these exercises. saying "we are aware of the exercises being conducted in the iranian sea. we are monitoring to ensure the free flow of commerce and international waterways." u.s. ally japan so that it was was sending a warship and some aircraft to the region as well. a japanese tanker was attacked by iranian forces. >> thank you very much. don, i think a couple of things struck me. the notion that china now is significantly more of a threat than russia because of their
1:25 pm
expertise in the trajectory and the idea that all three of these countries are working together. how worry should we be? >> i think these three nations are the same three nations that we kind of knew all along quit a line at some point. that gives a great bit of credence to what we've been saying about why the arabian sea and why we must continue to look at these three as individual threats but also as a threat themselves. china themselves have been building their military, their navy, for years. finally they're getting to a point where it's going to be near threat to us. >> we have watched them make these man-made islands, militarize these man-made islands. we've watched for vocations in the asian region. we know they are looking to launch their second aircraft carrier. the first one when they bought it we were promised it would take a decade for them to learn how to turn it on.
1:26 pm
these threats that we are seeing are more than folks in washington are admitting. >> the threat is real. we must continue to build and advance our military. we had many years were military was put at risk and most important he threw no budget. we have to keep a budget funded every year and congress needs to realize that when you put our defense statement factor politics it puts the world at stake. >> no doubt the combat readiness was absolutely rotten until a few years ago. i want to switch gears here because there are reports out that isis fighters have executed 11 person in nigeria, because telling it out warning to christians all over the world. this is a shocking stuff. we can all recall images of this kind of stuff going on. how serious do we take the threat and how do we respond?
1:27 pm
>> right after baghdadi committed suicide, we called them and we noted that there would be acts out by isis as they were eradicated in syria. without leadership these organizations become very independent and they become blown wolves and they're going to continue to act out. completely under lack of control it when we must be vigilant against them. isis themselves tend to like symbolism. they know that by doing things in sri lanka earlier this year and now and christmas, i gained them more attention and more media and more exposure. it's great for recruitment. >> might be great for improvement but not the failure of the caliphate. the fall of isis and then like killing and being able to get al-baghdadi and the way he went out by the way, dennis, to your point it's an organization in disarray. how do we make the ideology even
1:28 pm
in further disarray itself? >> the ideology itself is something that's going to take generations. it's an issue of changing people's minds and changing people's hearts. sometimes that takes a long time to do and that's why some of our battles in afghanistan and iraq have continued the way they ha have. changing thought processes can take generations. we have to realize the enemy is knocking on our door our door. >> we appreciate your thoughts and wisdom and also helping us on these radical critical topi topics. students taking us band, that is nothing deal. how one school district is addressing ad right after this. >> make some noise everybody! going out for a bite! going anytime. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com.
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it's an honor to tell you that [ applause ] thank you. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> starting next year, fairfax county public school students will be able to skip classes for civic engagement. the school district getting 7-12 graders one excused absence of a year to participate in protests. independent women in a thin ribbon. i am want to start with you, you
1:33 pm
think this is a great idea. >> i do think this is a great idea and let me tell you why. first of all there is significant evidence from political science research showing that once a citizen becomes engaged and turns into a voter they are far more likely to participate in the political process. these students grade 7-12, they don't have a vote in the formal electorate process, but they can make their voices heard through community engagement like these examples here. >> beverly. >> i think students already can be cynically involved. parents can and have taken children out of school to do a wide variety of things such as volunteering and campaigning and joining protests. here is the underlying problem, it's that there is a trend in k12 education where administrators think that schools should do more than i to kate and encourage children. in this case thinking they should be politically involved. parents should be involved in that. even one of the board members said this is the dawning of the new day and student activism.
1:34 pm
my concern is that schools are expanding the role to be as a parent and this is something parents should be working on with their children. >> ate enough got a feeling this is going to end up being one of the genies they can help they can put back in the bottle when the students may turn on the school districts and say why not two days, why not three days, we need a week. >> again, this is only one day out of the year and i think about this a lot. out of a good younger people more involved in the political process? i have to say that young folks getting organized, there is a long history of young people moving america forward in this type of development. if you think back to the women's suffrage movement in the vietnam protests in the women's march, black lives matter, these are driven by young people getting involved in making their voice heard. this could be an exceptional education opportunity if they go back into the class and tell their classmates about their
1:35 pm
experience and what they might've learned, this is a fantastic. >> sounds like you might think it might be a great recruiting tool. >> for who? >> which political party might benefit the most? >> we should always get more people active in the political process. i don't look which turn anybody away. in a nation where 50% of eligible voters don't participate at all, let's get them all in. it has nothing to do with left versus right. >> here's the question, do we think the teachers and fairfax counties are going to encourage the students to go to a pro-life march or is it going to be a climate change march? this is going to be the concern come in not only that students are going to want to play hooky. i would say what protest can i be involved with so i can skip schools. it's the schools usurping the type of authority and power they should have. let's teach kids when it comes to political activists i think we should keep teachers and schools out of that.
1:36 pm
>> nathan. >> i disagree. we have seen groups like mark for our lives, fridays for your future, these big climate strikes, school walkouts over gun violence. these are the issues that the young people care about so why are we not encouraging them to go out there and make their voices heard because they are unable to vote in participate in electoral politics. >> here's the thing, again there is so many things in this country that we want young folks to participate in. it feels like they get the green light, these will be primarily about climate change and other issues that will be far left progressive things. there won't be anything -- >> climate change should be nonpartisan charles. >> there's a couple of debates there. climate change, how much you'd deliver in it and how much you're willing to sacrifice. to be tax ourselves into oblivion and let's try to become the number one preeminent country in the world in order to appease climate change?
1:37 pm
those things matter. those things are important from an economic point of view as well as on philosophic point of view. i am concerned about already are public schools, if we are being honest about it they have become incubators for the democratic party for the progressive parties and i had to say it but the socialists have dug so deep in the high schools come another going to elementary schools. i'm worried about the stuff. >> it started with higher education, now it's working it's way down on a lot of different issue areas. the school board one of the members seem to gloat about the fact that they're going to be able to encourage political activism. once again what kind of activities are they going to encourage? what i do like that schools have is when you think about student body presidents, people being able to vote for who their student body president should be, there are ways in the school for them to demonstrate what voting is like and what civic engagement is like. when it comes to what children to do outside of the school, that's where parents should be involved. i think civic engagement is a
1:38 pm
good thing. i want children to be involved but i don't think it should be school administrators deciding or encouraging them on what protests they should attend. >> all this policy is says as they get one day off the air and the parents have to excuse the absence of these kids are passionate about being pro-life or pro-second amendment, they have the opportunity to do that. >> if they're passionate about other things, stay in school. can't leave it, don't go out. we know what's going on here but that's cool. you may want to put this genie back in the bottle, we will see. thank you very much. you know how they say it never rains in southern california, how about snow? it's here and it is spreading. (burke) a "rock and wreck." seen it. covered it. at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ here hold this.
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♪ >> snow away. a post-christmas winter storm making its way from california across the country. let's get to the four crest from lauren rainson.
1:42 pm
>> good afternoon, charles. believe it or not that same storm system that dumped all of that snow in the high elevations in california, this is a piece of energy right there. this is what is left after all of that. not only does it tap into that specific moisture but moisture from the gulf of california and that is extending well ahead of the center of the law itself. this is all translating to a surface low and this is going to track to the northeast across the rest of the country. were going to focus on this first target area for significant snowfall. highest elevation in new mexico extending into southeast colorado. that's where you store max's forecasting up to 20 inches of total snowfall to the north of santa fe, new mexico, and into the far southeast tip of colorado. that's going to be bull's-eye area number one. as the system continues to left of the northeast it will deepen and strengthen. that is going to unleash up to
1:43 pm
30 inches in isolated areas. fargo you are in that other hot spot for significant totals. the eastern dakotas western and northern minnesota. these places are not only going to receive the snow. also heads up for blizzard conditions. winds are going to be blasting at least 35 miles per hour, wideout visibility a quarter of a mile and last for at least three hour. traveling to beginning friday night through monday. it's going to be downright treacherous. ahead of all of those several winter storm watch is in place from the central plant and back to the upper midwest. a very extensive store in system as it continues its eastward push. warm sector will until the rain and a few gusty strong thunderstorms. were going to be watching that severe weather potential for a saturday afternoon and again sunday afternoon across the deep south. heads up if you or anybody you know has travel plans this
1:44 pm
weekend. middle part of the country, denver to dallas, travel delays are going to be likely. we'll have more as the system involves right here in fox news. >> thank you very much. when it comes to marriage proposals, due both parties need to pop the question? gen x has the answer and you're going to hear it, next. maria ramirez? hi. maria ramirez!
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>> charles: i've got good news if you overindulge during the holiday season. a study shows that intermittent fasting can help you lose weight and add years into your life. it got to be willing to go 18 hours without eating a day come. here it away in our gen xers
1:48 pm
you may not need this, maybe i should be the one. can i go 18 hours without eating? of course i can if you chain me down. is it worth it? it sounds like it's probably worth it. >> i intermittent fast accidentally sometimes. when i wake up in the morning i'm not hungry so that i will get going on work and i'm drinking coffee and then all of a sudden in the afternoon and then i just don't stop eating until i go to bed. if that counts as intermittent fasting i guess i do that. >> listen commits an interesting thing. i think they say with all of the sort of things there's always a result i want to go normal routine it doesn't matter because whatever weight you lost is going to come back. >> it might add years to her life but it breaks my spirit after 90 for 18 hours. this is speaking as someone who is consisting entirely in christmas cookies for the last 72 hours. like you said, all of the stuff is good in moderation, not sure it would be a long-term fix for
1:49 pm
anybody to live that life. >> all about these new fancy diets and approaches to eating, there are interesting things out there including this. >> it works, the sciences out there on this. we need to focus on what are the root causes. my proposal is go back to a nomadic lifestyle. hunt elk on the great plans of with your bare hands and eat the meat. >> i won't go to a restaurant to pick up the food. i don't think there's any elk hunting in my future. >> we should have set the example and we should have all been on peletons during this whole thing. we'll talk to producers and will set the example. talking about setting an example, he said yes when talking about lindsey vonn's proposal to her fiance. he had already popped the question in august but she says men should get again engagement rings too. you right? >> we all have to get rings and i think it's good for the
1:50 pm
economy because you have to buy two times as many rings. it's a jobs program. trumps hood support it and then you we know we have more jobs. >> when i first heard about this i was laughing thinking about attempting to get my husband to where another piece of jewelry other than his wedding ring. look, i'm all for people making new traditions and for society moving forward, but i don't like a lot of guys are going to take to it. >> people can do what they want, you can buy an engagement ring for whoever you want. me personally i would not buy an engagement ring for my fiance because i don't want to. >> listen, i do have a bit of advice for whoever buys a ring. when it comes to the state of a relationship breaks up, when it comes to giving back the ring you always give back the rink but keep the stone. now let's talk about from the
1:51 pm
crowd over supporters. 2020 democrat andrew yang is not your typical presidential dress. he spoke with neil cavuto when he discussed whether or not that would change if he was elected. >> are you going to wear a tie? >> that's a great question, neil. i will do whatever the american people want me to do. let's put up a pole and say should andrew wear a tie to his inauguration? >> christmas dinner my daughter looks up from her phone and says andrew yang follow zeal. my dad points went through the roof. people dig andrew yang to. >> i do too. i don't agree with them on almost anything, but i can't help but like him anyway. he does seem more relatable than a lot of the other candidates. maybe that's because he doesn't wear a tie. speak out there so many ways he is different. without a doubt he stands out because his answers aren't canned and they seem to come
1:52 pm
from the heart. it's a different kind of platform. the notion that if he was president he's not sure if he would wear a tie or not. >> i don't want to put too fine a point on this but let's remember back in 2016, a lot of people voted for president trump because they thought they were losing their cultures. for americans of all stripes, whether it was going to church or parties, he probably sported a tie for that event. it's a cultural sign of respect. i think that for him to just sort of disregard it it becomes a distraction. i think he does have interesting things to say. >> you think you would resume more with the public if he had a tie on? >> i think people would hear him clearer. people say he doesn't have a tie on and it is a distraction. in the same way wearing a print or something that is too loud or glittery, something would be a distraction. >> of course you can't wear a tie and outgunned at the same time see you have to make a choice but can you wear a time
1:53 pm
be president? >> is going to wear a top hat before he wears a tie. he's all about standing out in is going to have to be creative. i think he goes bolo tie. >> blue bottle coffee in san francisco banning paper cups the two of their locations. here's the thing, you got to bring your own or you can pay a deposit for a reusable one or you can cup your hands. the question, i just made the last one up. will it work? >> i've been doing this for years. people in the green room keep yelling at me because i put my mouth under the coffee spout and pour it in. >> every now and then your lips touch the spout. >> i'm doing it for the environment. if a private business wants to do something because they have certain values i have no issues with that. >> gavin yes or no? >> at the public safety concern because you can't have these guys leaving the local coffee shops drinking their coffee and they may step on the syringe. >> none of that is illegal, the cup might be.
1:54 pm
>> at the private business and they can do it they want. once government gets involved all bets are off. >> gen x as usual, you guys have all the answers again. thank you very much. just when you thought all of your shopping was done, another reason to head out today next. s♪ ♪ rocking the stage ♪ and we never gonna stop ♪ all strength, no sweat. ♪ just in case you forgot ♪ all strength. ♪ no sweat secret. all strength. no sweat. hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> you may just want to trade in those unwanted gifts for some, why this may be that best day to find that big screen tv. >> it is. they say this is the time to do it. i think our ratings here on the fox business -- fox news channel, there is charles right there, ratings are going through the roof and there we are on the television that you can get a trade bargain on. your family has been on the
1:58 pm
electronics business since before there was electronics. >> since 1936. >> sold radios. this is an example of why there are deals today. these are returns, customer returns. now you have to discount even further. >> this is the biggest return time because people got christmas gifts and other bring them back to us. >> it was $1100, now $648.10, pretty good deal. i want to show our view or something else but show them the store, this is the biggest single appliance and electronics store in the world, is that true? >> we are the biggest. >> 37 acres of tvs and radios and speakers in the phones and all sorts of things. something else i want to show you, the other reason there are big discounts now, sometime somebody buys too much of something. have you ever had that happen?
1:59 pm
>> we had bought 8500 of these. i >> an apple air pod, we have e numbers, sells for $199. >> that's retail and we had to mark it down because we had so many to sell and we still have them to sell. >> did you buy 8,000 of them? >> it was a mistake and that guy isn't working here although he is a great guide. apple came out with a little better model and we were stuck in the middle. >> so you can get them online if you would like for a bargain price of $166 and we checked it out, lowest price for these air pods in the nation. >> colleague in new york city, so i'll take anything in the store, anything. >> that will do it for us, but
2:00 pm
an amazing week, hope you had a great christmas, the market is on fire. make sure you catch me every single day for your business news on making money weekdays at 2:00 p.m. eastern. in "the five" is next, keep it on fox. >> jesse: hello, everybody. i am jesse watters along with katie pavlik, dana perino, and michael loftin. at 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." several major stories to tell you about tonight including the media praising nancy pelosi over impeachment while trashing republicans. and one pundit even bringing up the kkk to attack mitch mcconnell. that's all coming up but let's start with this. a major development in the jeffrey epstein scandal. investigating the predators alleged


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