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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 27, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> dana: no! boo! >> michael: this is amazing, we need to make them up ahead. i love koala bear's. >> jesse: most memorable moment of 2020 and have a good weekend. five. >> bret: navy seals to scrap the former brother in an armed special operations chief eddie gallagher is evil and link videos. even on vacation, president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi's bar on twitter and the faa offers a plan to deal with the growing number of drones in the sky and this is "special report." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington, i mike an manual ann for bret baier. this week, after supporting through the war crimes trial they acquitted him of murdering the capture in the islamic state fighter but can fit into him of with the detainees crops
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courts. today "the new york times" released a video of gallagher's fellow navy seals going in evil, toxic, and someone who's willing to kill anybody that was moving. at the pentagon, looking at the rare break in the military code of silence. >> was perfectly okay with killing anybody. >> this is how it navy seals and eddie gallagher decide to the veteran of aids mass the point is accused the isis fighter >> he got crazier and crazier. he is toxic. >> he gave them the nickname "blade" they have not authenticated the video. the video appears to be in the report in question and using the deceased body of the isis fighter he was accused of killing and some of the fellow seals. >> you stopped at one time or a couple times and probably two or three times.
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you stabbed just right here. no way there is anything but an attack to kill this person. >> we did you do next? >> i stayed at the same until the isis fighter. of >> during his trial, the navy's seal cory changed his story on the witness stand. of >> you did not say he suffocated did you? do you suffocate? >> yes. how? >> i held my thumb over his tube until he stopped breathing. >> he responded through his lawyer saying "my first reaction to seeing the video was surprised and discussed that they would make up blatant lies about me but i quickly realized they were scared the truth would come out and how cowardly they acted on deployment. if" he was found not guilty of killing last summer but was found killing of a leisure charge posing for the photo and
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was convicted and demoted to president trump interviewe inten november. >> he was one of the ultimate fighters. a tough guy. these are not weak people, period o >> the president has nt shied away from the support from eddie gallagher after acquitting him. he was officials say the navy seals top admiral colin greene wanted to convene a board to see if his coveted trident pin, the mark of his navy seal should be stripped. >> this is about ego and retaliation, it has nothing to do with good order and discipline. >> late seal cory scott never change the story and scott said all along how the isis fighter died but he never said how until the trial. officials tell me the story is ripping the sales apart, mike. >> mike: families of 103 u.s. service members contract are
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suing american international contractors for indirectly funding deadly attacks. at the lawsuit argues that companies pay the tell event to refrain from attacking the business interest and that was then used for terrorism that used and killed thousands of americans. president trump is halfway through the day in the private resort in florida and he's been keeping tabs on washington and getting in a twitter spat with house speaker nancy pelosi and she holds onto the articles of impeachment. a correspondent rich edson is down in west palm beach following the presidents were mr. trump is targeting a familiar foe. a good evening, rich. >> good evening, by, president trump said speaker pelosi should focus on homelessness in california. he's about the midway point of two weeks here in florida and he had the uncertain the impeachment future ahead. speaspeaker pelosi says, "the fs are clear and every witness told the same story despite the
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president's attempts to cover it up, president trump abused his power for his own personal gain. hashtag defend our democracy." the impasse is not our dull my broken, the articles of impeachment, and then went to recess period of holding them for the senate, she is living in limbo if or when the trial will begin. if she says she's telling the child to compelled senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to allow for witness testimony. they say their stonewalling end of the president and then estimation officials did nothing wrong for spending a two ukraine, they should have no problem testifying about it. >> it be i'm president for the united states senate in the impeachment trial that will decide on whether the president is convicted and removed from office did not hear any witnesses. the impeachment 41 witnesses, president clinton's impeachment, 31 witnesses. >> the speaker and house democrats rush to impeach the president and that they are
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delay tactic is the latest proof that this is a political charade. >> she's currently holding a live grenade, they've pulled that pinouts, and they don't know what to do with it. >> two-thirds of that size enters willing to convict and remove the president and that's the consequence in the election year for crying out loud. as a consequence, we know how this ends. >> president trump complained that it's a distraction making dealing with foreign leaders more difficult. if a foreign policy dispute emerged, and president rodrigo wilson formally decline any visitation to visit the united states. the country is banning two u.s. senators, dick durbin and patrick like you've come up from traveling philippines. they also said it could require americans to obtain a visa to
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travel, requiring it more difficult for to travel. >> mike: at the impeachment stalemate continues on capitol hill, let's bring you someone who was involved in the last impeachment in 1990s, elliott burke is the person of the republican national lawyers association and was part of the investigation and the two president clinton's rate of elliott, great to have you. >> great to be here. of >> mike: so, mitch mcconnell has a lot of heat for saying he's correlating with the white house and wolves the level of coronation between senate democrats and the clinton white house back and they quit ? >> my recollection, i served on the council during the impeachment trial, a fair amount of coronation on both sides. there is a lot of outrage by both party and the leaders at the time. to get it done. i think that's a big difference between what we see now and back then and there was large of a lot of agreement between the two leaders and we certainly don't have that now. >> mike: democratic leader chuck schumer has been pushing for four witnesses with ties to
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the white house. how are witnesses used to back during the clinton impeachment? >> it's a lot different, and one thing i realized or found during the last impeachment trial is if you look at the history of the impeachment, we largely made it out for reinvented it every ti time. there is a lot of talk and a lot of focus on how this is were used in the past and if you recall, there's a lot of deposition testimony given the sensitivity of what's going on. there's all sorts of things i could happen including having witnesses at all. >> mike: tech with president quilling, that i'll come with certainty and this time it seems to be the same case and why not use the model this time? >> it's interesting because like then, we still find a situation where everybody seems to agree about what the ultimate outcome is going to be like 67 senators to remove the president and that's likely not going to happen here. it really is just a question of now it's going to happen, but how we get there. ask me when it strikes me that
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house democrats have all the power, on the leverage, and the senate does not have much. is that the issue here? >> that's true, it requires two-thirds, but the votes along the way do not. the democrats do not have much power. going into the trial. >> mike: my senses, looking back at the clinton impeachment as a good old days, what's it like at that point? >> we tend to do that, hindsight is what it was, it's a very intense time in the impeachments are not good for the country. there was, i think, a stronger sense of negotiation and discussion. going into it, throughout, that having the trial i don't expect to see that here. it's all sorts of things i can still happen, there's good to be at times compromise and we went through a lot of that during the clinton impeachment trial and i expect to see this but on the table but i don't see anything coming to fruition. >> mike: thank you so much for your time.
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♪ we are sorry to report, radio personality don imus, a legend, passed away this morning in texas after being hospitalized on christmas eve. if we will have more on his career at later in the show, don imus was 79 years old. musica♪ some loud voices in the democratic party are offering some advice to presidential candidate seeking to beat president trump at the ballot box next november. of course by that garrett is here to look at the words of wisdom. >> good evening to you, and the signing of next election, they are warning that president trump support has not dropped an inch and they keep at around states and the turn voters are more fired up than ever. >> his level of support has not gone down 1 inch. in fact, i'd say it's even more rapid than it was before.
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>> if it was held today, president trump would be reelected and the only thing that would prevent that from happening, democrats nominated a progressive candidate and you can fire up the base and they willing to go toe-to-toe with president trump. >> what we have to do, with to make sure we don't give them another hillary clinton. if we go that route, it's guaranteed we will lose the electoral college and so our site has to take this by the reins. >> the endorsed bernie sanders called out several moderate candidates and argued with joe biden, pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar could do the chances of retaking the white house. but other democrats argue the exact opposite think for progressive candidates like sanders or elizabeth warren who could turn out voters and crucial swing states that democrats need to win. in the op-ed for "the washington post," from chicago and was once president obama's chief of staff, suggested that candidates learn from some of hillary clinton's mistakes and
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focus on the message that's unifying the country rather than trying to out tromp trump democrats will respond to the name calling that made his supporters with broad strokes that they paid in the coalition appeared we should be strategic, the surest path to victory is to provide the tromp from playing the victim or the antiestablishment outsider. we never let him replace the message with his inject this. this is the big debate is still raging with a little bit more than a month ago were some of the answers will start to work themselves out. >> mike: garrett tenney, thanks so much. on wall street today, the s&p 500 was up a fraction with a new record high closes and nasdaq lost 16. for the short holiday trading way, the dow jumped two-thirds of a percent in the s&p 500 was up over just one half. nasdaq finished the week of
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nearly 8%. a 41-year-old asylum seeker died after she sought a border station and south texas braided county medical examiner announced the death was not suspicious because she is a pre-existing medical existence. 11 people have died in 2019 after entering custody on the other side of the border, tens of thousands of people are trying to get asylum through the remain a mexico program in less than one half of 1% succeed. national corresponded william looks at the data. >> the only place i want to be is the united states. i never thought i would be returned here. >> thousands of migrants remain here to hear the asylum claims in courts. >> i came here with hope for the opportunity in the united states but the reality is very difficult. >> the reality began a year ago with a top administration unveio
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program. expanded across the border with some 56 solid lives and don't make mike dubke 56,000 migrants remaining >> we reduced migrants. >> doing exactly what the president intended. if reducing at the caseload and to deterring others from making the trail. 24,000 cases, judges denied some 50,000 claims were 63%, just 117 migrants actually received a asylum. others were dismissed on grounds. >> the remaining mexico program is not just for people seeking asylum, it's also for people across the border illegally and they are essentially on what we call the detained docket. it means they are not going to be released until their cases heard. >> my dream was to be there in the united states with my
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husband, but i was not allowed to cross. i was returned here to mexico. this asylum-seekers from guatemala has a court date in may, and she like others waiting in mexico, lack shelter and money and vulnerable advocates say to crime and extortion. >> they have to live in camps on the other side of the border, we don't even allow asylum-seekers to make their case in america. >> and the panel, stating in the injunction allowing to continue the pending appeal. there's a number of migrants seeking asylum needs to fall. >> mike: william, thank you very much. i'm next, how the government is trying to keep the skies safe as they become increasingly more crowded. hearing from our fox affiliates around the coverage covering tonight. we have found the record of her missing helicopter carrying seven passengers. they still searching for survivors. he never arrived. the pilot and six passengers
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including two minors, were on board. fox 25 and boston covering a multi-billion dollar mansion going up in flames. the limited water supply in a remote area, the homeowners were away and no injuries have been reported. this is our live look from fox five the big story there tonight, preparations for the cities on new year's eve celebration in nearly 200 new crystals were added to the ball this year. the crystals were designed in honor of this year's gift of harmony theme and the ball measures 12 feet in diameter and weighs almost 12,000 pounds. that's tonight's live look outside for "special report." we will be right back. ♪ (burke) a "rock and wreck." seen it. covered it. at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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♪ >> mike: at least a dozen people are injured after an explosion and they aircraft manufacturing facility in kansas. authorities say the nitrogen line ruptured as the craft facility because part of the building to collapse. for retreated at the scene, 11 ticket to the hospital, officials are irking to determine the cause of the blas. the skies crowded with drones, they say that more than 1 million are registered to fly and it can be tough to know who
3:21 pm
is doing the flying and where the aerial vehicles are. if correspondent mike reports that the government thinks it has a way to keep the skies safer. >> they say they want to be able to track drones, both private and commercial models within next three years. which is why it is proposing a new rule to require drawing carrying technology making them identifiable from a far greater secretary transportation, says remote i.d. technologies will enhance the security by allowing the faa and law enforcement and federal security agencies to be able to identify drones flying in their jurisdiction. the faa says the rule has been years in the making as law enforcement nationwide have reported drones flying near or points stadiums and vip events. the faa told congress this summer the checking system could mean for authorities trying to control unmanned systems. >> when a law enforcement officer sees they see a aircraft
3:22 pm
that it should not be in, they will have the ability to identify something about the usaf and where the operator control station is. >> the traffic was briefly halted and nine planes were diverted after investigators received the two reports of a drone flying nearby. authorities were never able to track the drones or the person controlling it. the commercial drawn alliance of the faa proposal call it a holiday gift to the industry. a remote i.d. plan implementation will be cheap or even free for most drone operats and we need implementation yesterday, not three years from now. the faa says it wants to hear from the public before the new rules would go into place and the government plans to hold a period for two months as it finalizes the new regulation. >> mike: thank you very much. health care costs are flying high and the main day issue on the camping trail, hospitals are taking a unique approach by
3:23 pm
investing in housing. corresponded lisa looks at the plan. >> the combat skyrocketing health care cost, some hospitals are getting into real estate. up for reasons with physicalsome hot suffering from homelessness or dementia, can fill beds for months. that's all about $1000 a night. suthey launched the better healh program in 2015 where long-term housing for patients in need. if it has seen a 42% drop in health care costs and since inception. >> we have a very big impact on unsheltered homelessness if all hospitals banded together. >> new irs rules claim the terrible spending and doctor say it saves lives. noting homeless have the
3:24 pm
decreased lifetime expectancy by 30 years. >> five times more likely to be admitted to the hospital, they stink 2-3 days longer and 50% of hospital patients get readmitted. >> the impact is twofold, increase costs and decreased costs, whether they support or lower customer services. >> it's difficult to take care of them if you don't have the roof over your head. it's all most a impossibility to control your chronic disease. >> denver health is taking the old building and turning it into transitional housing. by his calculation, the average over a stay of about ten weeks cost the hospital around $200,000. through the new program, the costs for housing to house uppers every year, ten grand. >> we want to pay lower premiums. speak of the american hospital association, say they can
3:25 pm
alleviate provided burnout and the care teams can see patient success. mike. >> mike: alicia greene, thank you very much. the fbi is investigating british socialize, along with jeffrey epstein. two law enforcement sources tell maxwell and others who facilitated epstein's allegedly illegal behavior. no charges have yet been filed. he killed himself while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charg charges. up next, president trump is nearly halfway through his state and mar-a-lago, but washington is never far from his mind. if we will discuss with the panel. first, a board tonight, and kazakhstan where a plane crash shortly after takeoff killing at least 12 people. 86 others were on board, 54 were sent to the hospital. if authorities say the plane hit a concrete wall an and two story building after the departure. the cause of the crash remains unclear, and the president has ordered it in inspection of all airlines and aviation infrastructure in the country.
3:26 pm
in australia, rising temperatures have fire officials bracing for increased wildfire activity. they reached 108 degrees and firefighters expend some relief on christmas when the cooler temperatures come up with today's extreme heat is expected to continue until monday. in israel, where prime minister scored a landslide went in the country's primary election when and he won 72% of the boat but will need more help in the election if he hopes to stay in office. if he's able to form a 61 seat majority in parliament, he could be granted immunity from prosecution on pending corruption charges. some of the other story outside her borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ maria ramirez?
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♪ >> mike>> nancy pelosi is playig games. if she had to go home and take care of the homeless, she should take care of the filth in san francisco it was the most beautiful city and she ought to get back and take care of her district. instead of wasting time on this nonsense. >> speaker pelosi is right to guard the jealously the congressional authority that we have over impeachment as well as the constitution. >> nancy pelosi is worthy of holding the articles of impeachment like some demented nonsanta claus, not delivering the gifts to the children, it's
3:31 pm
very distinctive to observe. >> mike: there with this being 2019, of course, the twitter back and forth between the person of the united states in the house speaker. speaker pelosi in the racks are clear and every witness told the same story despite the president's attempt to cover up. he abused his power for his own personal game and to defend the democracy, president trump firing back and so interesting to see nancy pelosi demanding fairness from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell when she presided over the most unfair hearing in the united states congress. with that, let's bring in the panel. matthew continetti, funding editor of "the washington free beacon," alexander traffic, national political reporter from the associated press, and mollie hemingway senior editor at "the federalist" paddle, welcome, good to have you all. your thoughts on the war on the legislative and the executive branch. >> was interesting, nobody agrees about the facts and she also says that president trump
3:32 pm
tried to cover up and it's interesting because it's true. i don't think i can really disagree about the facts and plate and what the degree about is about the defense, the beachs not done a good job with the people outside the carcass. she's doing her best not to take what she has an leverage into more, but i'm not sure how well, it's working. i'm not claiming that president trump covered up particularly the best argument given that whatever else you want to say about what he's doing, he released all the information immediately before it even began. it's not an argument that probably a lot of americans will find compelling. >> it seems though that nancy pelosi is in the position to hold impeachment articles is getting to donald trump's head to some extent, this means he can't get acquitted of the charges which is likely the outcome of the hearing. the more that she withholds this and delays of the process, the more time he's in limbo.
3:33 pm
the problem for democrats, this could end up backfiring if they extend the process for too long. it already looks a little bit political for her to be holding on to the impeachment articles and not send them to the senate. the longer that she does continue to hold onto them, the more that republicans and her m.o. events are be able to question why argue delaying the process and how political can you make a question mark >> mike: to your point, bernie sanders who seems to be surging in some of the recent polling may be stuck on the senate floor if they don't get that calendar moving. >> not just bernie sanders, amy klobuchar, they don't get to back to the campaign trail. >> called the bluff, constitution gets that impeachment and they get the senate and still power for the child. that's not where we have, the trial, were nuts and were having a child because nancy pelosi has not transmitted the articles of impeachment. there's nothing in the constitution about the transition being necessary and
3:34 pm
that's in the senate rules. it's within mcconnell's power to say i'm going to hold the trial on this date in january and if you don't give me the articles of impeachment by then, i will ask mike at majority to change the rules so we can begin the trial on long terms. i think people accept the decision. >> mike: at the winter white house and all the buzz in washington, what will the speaker do with the articles of impeachment, well, texas republican michael burgess says there's not a holland of drama. >> we have the story and there in a two-thirds of the senators are willing to convict and remove the president and it's going to be hard anyway because it's election year and people tend to less well together during election year there from opposite parties. that's already the backdrop for the backstop of this. >> mike: are in generally enjoy, you expect speaker pelosi
3:35 pm
to send the articles over along with the impeachment? >> i think she will send them over, but it's a little bit difficult. she's been two months telling us how urgent it was, at such a need that we have two decapitate the executive branch. the very extreme constitutional measure, and only done three times in american history and then she says never mind, were going to go on vacation it's not that urgent, not a big deal. it's a little hard for her own messaging giving what she's been claiming for months. >> not only do we get to see the issue therein, they could potentially overplay the hand by holding onto the articles for too long. if you get out of washington, they just want to see impeachment done and over with and congress getting back to business. i was in the trumpet district and i went last weekend and i was hearing from voters, this is a sham, this is a witch hunt and we want them to get back to issues like trade. sort of economic issues. the longer that you hold on to
3:36 pm
these impeachment proceedings, the worse it can get for democrats outside of washington. >> 31 house democrats and president trump who wants this to go away quickly and get on to other businesses. >> they want to get on prescription drugs lowering the cost for prescription drugs, the reason they think they won the majority and of course zero time in the past year and spent all the time trying to get president trump out. >> mike: cap next, friday lightning rounds and the controversial navy seal video ad of course, this week's winners and losers. ♪ ♪music (air pump motors) (lamp crashes)
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3:41 pm
continue. speak of the guy is freaking evil, man. >> mike>> mike: telling stunnine colleagues unloading on his former colleague, and well, molly, your thoughts. >> i thought it was interesting up of the story that somebody in the navy apparently leaked the tapes to "the new york times." they downplayed the report that he was acquitted on the most minor of charges, and how people were upset that he was flushing out ices fighters by exposing their position. it seems like maybe this has been a big battle about disagreements about how to fight war. again, the men was acquitted of murder charge when somebody else confessed and actually having done the murder. >> you have to or a member that donald trump intervened on behalf of gallagher a couple of times. i think that may become a little bit more complicated as we have a very vivid videos describing what he did and what people saw firsthand are calling him evil.
3:42 pm
i think the political ramifications coming out in defense of the man in the enemy would be coming forward to. >> you lose the case to the media and read it you lose the case to court and you try to win it in the media. if that's what's going on here. if there are larger issues and one think the video reminds us of is that a lot of criticisms of trump's intervention comes within the military itself. >> mike: before we get that candidate casino, and with the player sound bite from liberal activists michael moore. >> the level of support has not gone down 1 inch freedom in fact, i'd say it's even more rabid even more now, they're afraid they could lose because they watch the behavior. they are voracious in their appetite for donald trump. >> mike: michael moore says the support for the president is still strong, what's open the candidate casino. ♪
3:43 pm
i love that graphic, however are you investing? >> first off, i put $5 down for wine, women, and remembrance of our colleague. centers for us, by then second, war and third, pete buttigieg at a distant fourth, and having some money on not yet running that none of these people are quite getting. >> alexander. >> i'm putting on him, and 20 on pete buttigieg, i've break in iowa, and ten on a global chart and ten on war and i think she's kind of rising and i what i think will be cap interesting to see if she can keep the momentum going. >> mike: matthew? >> have fun biting, 30 unworried, 20 on sanders, and he's in the candidate potential program but it's working out very well for him. >> mike: soon enough, will be voting. >> he will be out on the national stage and it might not be the best for him the wrong
3:44 pm
run tell mike to long run. >> he's always been pretty strong and it seems people are taking notice that's a guy who can literally come back from a heart attack and not give up any ground. >> mike: i if you disagree with the policies, you agree with them like you who really believe them. don't >> they realizing that like this it's a strong economy with no foreign wars going on rt now. it's going to take something special to be donald trump. >> mike: what are you picking up on the campaign trail as you head back out? >> i think sanders is sort of place to another plane just because were in supporters were looking for a alternative to sanders are now coming back home and there realizing warren can't necessarily defend a loss of the policies that sanders has become known for for decades. i think we are going to see him bounce a little bit but honestly, biden is still the strongest. he's the pick by most about her
3:45 pm
speed up >> mike: winners and losers. jaelyn hurts, it goes to oklahoma, he can take them again and playing tomorrow in the plas and he's just really amazing guy. my loser is benjamin weightage, the scholar was with the laws, they were a big part of the russia collusion hodes, hoax. >> my winner's talk, yet another good week in stocks and the nasdaq hit 9,000 i believe are the first time in the s&p 500 and the dow up child also hit the record highs after a rocky year, it seems like the loser is blowing. both the ceo and the general counsel resign. >> my winne winner's baby you're for becoming the face of the
3:46 pm
"star wars" franchise and to haa victory enough, and we are all reuniting around the baby yoda. it came out that homelessness increase by 16% in 2019, about 47% of the nation's homeless are in one state and you can think the progressive policies that restrict the housing supply and also encourage a public camping. >> mike: panel, thanks so much, great friday having you guys. next up, we say goodbye to a legendary and controversial radio personality. ♪ most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. coricidin hbp is the... ...#1 brand that gives... powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure.
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♪ >> mike: early in the show, reported at radio personality don imus passed away at the age of 79 this morning in texas. if after being hospitalized on christmas eve. let's take a look back at his life. >> ladies and gentlemen, imus in the morning. >> usually, when i leave a job i'm escorted out of the building by security. >> born on july 23rd, 1940 in riverside, california, john donald imus was a broadcast host known for the controversial humor. he was raised on a cattle ranch but made his way into career in radio that started in the late
3:51 pm
60s. his talk show on wnbc quickly became a phenomenon. >> when you say something about people, and then run into them, how does that go? >> i never run into them. i'm never invited to anything. [laughter] >> he's the governor of new jersey and you're not pulling down a lot of money. >> that's taking traditions and breaking tradition and cloves of cash. >> i don't pretend to people that we know very well or hang out that kind of thing. >> you know me pretty well, don. >> i think it may collapse. >> what are you doing, are you drinking something, did somebody say to you? don'>> when you're not running r anything interbeing on the radio show with a cowboy, i didn't expect you to be having a jacket and a tie on. >> one of the most popular
3:52 pm
talk shows in american history, a lasted 36 years on radio and 11 years on msnbc. up until it got canceled in 2007. his career was put on a brief hold after a rutgers university basketball team member. >> the comments is the pourable as it were i need to stand in front of them and say i'm sorry. >> this is neither the first or last time his refusal to hold back his opinions must cost him his career. back in 1996, the speech at the radio television correspondents' dinner was viewed as insulting mainly toward president bill clinton in the first lady hillary clinton. fans say they loved him because he refused to be a hypocrite. >> we all heard the president and his obvious excitement. i remember commenting at the time, i bet that's not the first time he has said that. [laughter] >> and 2009, don imus made his
3:53 pm
way back to tv debuting on fox business network with "imus in the morning" that would go on to 2015. then he went back to radio. the host was inducted into both the national association of broadcasters and the radio halls of fame. the i-man 14 onwards, known as the oscars of broadcasting. he made appearances on david letterman and was also featured and shows such as 15 minutes. >> each weekday morning on the nationally syndicated show, he broadcast their repertoire of the occasional bigotry, and frequently inspired political satire. >> the radio star was noted as a philanthropist, and alongside his wife deidre. he ran the imus ranch for children with cancer and blood disorders. he was diagnosed with cancer himself and also battled with respiratory problems. of don imus and his longtime
3:54 pm
career and unique personality i never remembered by his family and tens of millions of fans coast-to-coast. >> mike: he was 79 years old. waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? like no other at bass pro shops and cabela's. now's the time to take advantage of clearance markdowns throughout the store and online. like savings of up to 50% on select men's and ladies' clothing; men's and ladies' footwear and slippers; fishing and marine gear;
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(burke) at farmers insurance, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "three-ring fender bender." (clown 1) sorry about that... (clown 2) apologies. (clown 1) ...didn't mean it. (clown 3) whoops. (stilts) sorry!
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(clowns) we're sorry! (scary) hey, we're sorry! [man screams] [scary screams] (burke) quite the circus. but we covered it. at farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> mike: tenant's friday, it's time for notable quotable's. >> we give thanks for the millions of americans who come together to care for others with compassion. >> not only smooth, at times, we have may have yelled quite bumpy. >> mora he can do all the name-calling he wants. >> these are evil people. >> he's the answer to why we should not have witnesses. >> lets quit the charades, this is a political exercise. >> i'm pro-life, he's got the character and can be in good
3:59 pm
conscience d do the trade off anymore? >> if lived today on the earth, they would tell him a smelly walmart shopper. >> this is a long time coming and it's like peeling back in onion. >> he gave a year and deal for negotiations, we are not good to meet it, he's not happy. >> as opposed, right? >> it's highly unlikely it will be a box of chocolates. >> you never know. >> that's a tough question. >> merry christmas. ♪ >> mike: feisty even during christmas week, even the holiday week is a busy news and to end this weekend when i will be hosting fox news sunday relate speak with republican caucus men steve and democratic senator.
4:00 pm
thank you for inviting us into your home, i mike emanuel, can i from washington and th "the sto" starts right now. >> thank you, mike, merry christmas. good evening, everybody, i'm ed henry, this is speak routine "the story." they rigged the 2016 elections. at tonight, those attacks are bk and no aimed squarely at the senate majority leader over impeachment. >> he's coordinating with the majority leader mitch mcconnell in the senate and trying to break the outcome of the trial. >> mitch mcconnell said he's working hand-in-hand with the white house and not impartial jury. that again, breaking the rules that exists. >> it doesn't break the rules, he intended to coordinate wit