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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  December 29, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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blood covenant, god did, with abraham and god called him to and that's our power player hall of fame. we will keep introducing you put five animals on the ground to fascinating people. have a great week. we will see you next fox news in a blood covenant and he walked between the separated sunday. pieces reciting the covenant which was to give the land of israel to the jewish people forever. it was an unbreakable covenant. there are three kinds of covenant in the scripture. a shoe, assault and a blood hello america i mark within. this is life, liberty and levin. covenant. we don't want to go down that pastor john, how are you. road. just a with the fact that god almighty who created the >> i'm doing well. heavens and the earth, as >> it's my pleasure to be owner of the earth, he had the here. >> you are a pastor of a huge right to do with the earth what he wanted to do. ministry, the cornerstone church in san antonio and your reaches beyond san antonio, israel is the only nation on the face of the earth with obviously. these boundaries recorded, its borders recorded in the word how many evangelical of god, and the little bitty christians are there. strip of land they have at the >> about 60 million.
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>> 60 million so what is an end of the mediterranean is a fraction of what god has destined for them to have. evangelical christian. >> and someone who believes the idea that the palestinians that the bible is the holy once owned this is one of the most celebrated historical frauds of the 21st century. spirit inspired word of god. it is something that is factual, truthful, it's eternal, it's never changing. mark: i want to pursue this a little further when we return. ladies and gentlemen, don't >> we almost never hear about forget most week nights you can watch me on levintv. evangelical christians in the go to blaze tv/mark to sign up. mainstream media, where if we or give us a call at 844 do, they are treated as levintv. and don't forget, this part, peculiar or, like you go to the zoo and there in the un- freedom of the press, the truth about the modern media in america. reptile house and everybody we'll be right back. else is looking for the panda. is not reflective of the culture or progressivism or what you think that's all about. >> it's indicative of the fact that america is slipping from its moral foundations of faith my psoriasis, clearer... and bible principles into cosentyx works on all of this.
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a nation survive for long when they reject. [inaudible] >> no. mark: and how do we begin to turn this around? >> right now, socialism is having a heyday. we have newly elected people in the u.s. congress that are using that platform to espouse when it comes to using data, mwhich is why xfinity mobile! principles of socialism. is a different kind of wireless network that lets you design your own data. socialism, where everything is choose unlimited, free is very attractive shared data, thought to young people, but or mix lines of each and switch any line, anytime. in history socialism always giving you more choice and control compared to other top wireless carriers. produces heartache. adolf hitler came as a mane save up to $400 a year when you switch. plus, unwrap $250 off a new samsung phone. map of peace and prosperity. he was a socialist. click, call or visit a store today. that's what nazi means, the national socialist organization and he produced a nightmare of heartache were
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50 million people were killed. joseph stalin was a socialist. he killed 30 million russians trying to convince them that socialism would really make russia the outstanding nation of the world. nothing has ever come out of socialism that has blessed anyone in the long run. it's a very detrimental, destructive thought both economically, morally and mark: pastor john, you have 22000 parishioners? >> yes. spiritually. >> that's a big church. >> it is. >> you made a point about scandal scandinavia, that's what bernie sanders does, but the full application of socialism, whatever it is, is mark: you've been to israel 42 as you say, very bleak, very times? >> yes. >> tell me about your first time. >> the first time was in horrible for the individual. 1976. i went with my wife diana and a small group from our church. as a pastor i thought it would be good to know what place these societies that move in those directions reject god, where jesus was born and raised looked like. when i was in israel, i walked
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the streets of the sea of reject the bible, is that true. jerusalem and felt like i was in a place called home. there was a feeling there that was unique to all of the >> when you are socialist, you don't have a thing to do with the bible, you are on your places that i had ever been on own. when you are building something on the bible, you the earth, but the major build it on faith in god, experience happened when i went to the western wall and morality which means loyalty that's a very special place. to your family, husbands are i looked over my shoulder and loyal to their wives, wives are loyal to their husbands, there was an elderly jewish they build something and live man rocking back and forth. together and sit for each he had his torah in front of other and the family is the cornerstone, has been the him, tears were on his cheek cornerstone in this country but right now because of this and i was deeply moved by the integration of the american devotion i saw in his face family, 70% of the children with what he was doing. living in american homes right i turned back to the stones of now are not living with their birth parents, with both birth the western wall and i just felt this thought in my mind and in my soul, the thought
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parents. we have a situation in our country where the family has been replaced by governmental was that man is your spiritual support and the authority of brother. you don't know anything about him and i had three university the father in the home is a degrees at that time, and he is afraid of you. thing of mockery and we are i would like for you to use all of your talents, paying an awesome price and christians and jews to bring them together in an atmosphere our young people are into drugs and anarchy is sweeping of mutual love and respect and the nation because a child demonstrate to them what they that's left to its own way had not have for 2000 years will bring to its father's shame. a child that does not hear the principles of righteousness out of the mouth of his father or out of the mouth of its and that's the unconditional love of god. mother will always go into the streets in search for a leader that thought was so strong i and those leaders are leaders just stopped praying, i left of gangs and leaders of a the wall, i met with diana lifestyle that's detrimental because she was praying. to america so the great crisis mark: your wife. in america has been because of >> my wife, men and women don't pray together, women have to pray by themselves. i told her the thought and she
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the failure in the home of the father to take the leadership said however do you think you of that part of society that will produce children to be are going to bring christians and jews together who have the president of the united been bickering with each other for 2000 years. states. mark: what you make of the i said i don't know, but i think i'm supposed to try. growing extremism in the we went to a place called the house of david. democrat party whether it's it was a bookstore and i cultural or economic, and the bought about $400 worth of books dealing with the history of israel. growing thing that i would in seminary you don't go through the middle age and so argue is anti- somatic. this is a major party in the united states. what you make about. forth and i didn't know a lot about the history of israel. >> i make of it that the democratic party has lost its i went home and went into a way. there was a time 25 or 35 three years study binge. i read martin luther and years ago when republicans and nearly went into a state of democrats could talk to each depression. other across the aisle, but i didn't know the other man had said such things about the now hostility is so abound that they are at war and jewish people and he did so because he thought the jewish refused to do anything to be people would follow him and
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of assistance to president trump. president trump has done a marvelous job as president when they did not follow him he turned on them with the with the bickering that he has rage that was just beyond anti- somatic. to deal with, the fake news, it was so vitriolic hitler reprinted his book when the third right was born. the attacks on him, the members of his family and so, having studied this, i was steadfastly he keeps pressing a way to protect and defend looking for the door of how to the united states of america reach out to the jewish people both at home and abroad. and it happened when they gave the israeli air force the mark: you have created an order to go blow up the nuclear reactor and it took organization called cu fi, christians united for israel, away nuclear weapons from a it's become an enormous organization. i think i read 7 million madman and america's blamed israel first media and started member members. saying this was gone book you are a big supporter of the state of israel, the people of israel, you go to israel often, why is that? >> i've been to israel 42 times. i have known prime minister diplomacy. i was watching this on tv and i said to my wife, look, we owe israel an expression of a netanyahu since 1985.
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we are personal friends. depreciation. they don't need to be he's been in my home, he has criticized. we need to have a night to honor israel. spoken in my church, i my wife said you should go ask consider him one of the great the jewish people if they want leaders in the history of to do this. israel. the reason that christians support israel is because the i discovered such a thing as the federation. i talked to a man behind the bible supports israel. the bible presents israel as counter and i said i'd like to have a night to honor israel. i said i want to bring everyone in the city together and express christianity's appreciation to their people the sovereign state the god created. israel is the only state in the history of the world created by a sovereign act of and to the freedom of the world. >> when we come back i want god. god in genesis 12 made a you to tell us what happened. covenant with abraham, i will bless you, i will make your name great, i will bless your now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts children with the jewish people, your children will bless the nf for all-day all-night protection. can you imagine 24-hours without heartburn? the sleep number 360 smart bed. prices of the season on can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable.
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live from america's news headquarters, senseless bloodshed mars the holiday spirit that happened at two places of religious worship. one happened this morning inside a church near fort worth texas. witnesses say a man opened fire with a shotgun or rifle before he was shot by two armed parishioners. two people were killed including the suspect. another victim is in critical condition. the motive still unknown. and what authorities are calling a case of domestic terrorism, five people were stabbed at the home of a rabbi near new york city. they had gathered to celebrate hanukkah when someone came in
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and started stabbing them. he fled in a car but was soon captured. they are still looking into a motive. now back to life, liberty and levin. have a good night. >> so you meet with the high members of the jewish community in san antonio. you want the jews and the christians to get together. what happens. >> i told the man i'd like to have a night to honor jerusalem and i told them what that consisted of and he looked at me like i had a communicable disease. suddenly they were just shocked. he said will have to have a committee meeting.
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what if this man is a friend and he actually intends to do what he said. so they agreed, we had a press conference the next day, the rabbi and i. when our picture came out in the paper the next morning, de shoot him before he has ever has that night to honor israel. we had the night to honor israel and the building was packed. as i have said, there is enough tension in the room to give up brass doorknob a headache. we had a marvelous night. our choir was there and they saying hebrew songs, the hebrew was crude, it probably had him turning over in his grave it was so bad but the jewish people appreciated the
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effort. i gave a message about why christians should support israel and as the rabbi was giving the benediction security came up and said we have a bomb threat on this building. i said are you serious? is this credible? i said yes it came from both the police and the newspaper. the rabbi left, i walked up behind the podium and isolate is in gemini hate to end this wonderful night on the negative night but we have a bomb threat on this building and it's supposed to blow up in about three minutes. the christians went out of there like track stars on the run. they were gone. and the jewish people just looked at me and put their hands at me as if i would've said kosher hotdogs in the lobby for those who would like to stay.
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mark: so they stayed. >> baystate and just started talking to each other. when i was walking off stage with my wife, it dawned on me, i said look, if these guys think they can stop us with these threats, were going to have a night to honor israel every year until everybody in america can go to one. so we went home and started planning to have a night to honor israel on television and then it began to spread all over the nation and they got bigger and better and then came the year 2006 when they started having people dancing in the streets in iran saying death to israel and i told him we need to put together a grassroots national organization that can be supportive of israel and the jewish people because real trouble looks like it's coming to the middle east. i invited 400 of america's leading evangelicals to come to cornerstone church and
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after explained to them what it was i was trying to do and why it was the scriptural thing to do. all four of them lifted their hands and said were in. we went to washington four months later and there was 3600 people and we were just supposed to take each one ourselves and christians united for israel was born. we have now expanded to just over 7 million people, we are organized by regions, by state, by voting district, we can put 30,000 e-mails in the office of a senator or congressman who gets crosswise with the purpose of israel in 24 hours. mark: let me ask you a question. why is this important in your view, the united states of america, that israel be
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sustained, that christians support that country, apart from the religious and biblical notion, why is this important for the united states of america. >> it's important to the united states of america because israel is the bastion of democracy in the middle east. they have surrounded by dictators that would like to destroy them. they are the people who are fighting terrorism in the trenches. iran is the head of the snake in the middle east. hezbollah and hamas are two massive terrorist organization camped on the border of israel, ready to attack israel at the nudge, the moment they get the green light, they are gone. hezbollah has 50000 soldiers battlefield tested. they have a hundred 50000 rockets that have been improved with guidance centers
5:21 pm
so they are not just shooting holes but a specific target that will hit it. israel is in a very, very very dangerous neighborhood and, as a democracy that we have supported and is freedom that we do believe in and support, every american should be proud to support our only friend in the middle east. >> pastor, i listen to you, you are a moral man and you are a very decent man, i've just met you and i very much like you, and yet you and somebody like you will be portrayed in the modern media as something that you're not and i've seen it, not
5:22 pm
specifically necessary to eat but entities like the new york times. then i think about the new york times, during the holocaust they did all they could to cover up, during the holocaust they were anopheles for the roosevelt and they didn't even learn till 1944 but the owners of that newspaper knew full well what was going on because they were trying to get their family out of germany. we have reached a point in our country where somebody like you, a very righteous man, a man who has spent his time and effort trying to get fax out, knowledge out, talking to millions of people, organizing
5:23 pm
millions of people for a very just cause. you were supposed to. [inaudible] kind of out there on the fringes. they on the other hand are the rational spokesman for the modern society. when we return, i want to know what you think about that. we'll be right back. i'm your mother in law. and i like to question your every move. like this left turn. it's the next one. you always drive this slow?
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mark: what i was saying at the end of the last segment was, the righteous individual, you live your life that way, preachers family, faith, reaches out to an entirely different religion to bring people together, trying to strengthen the united states, your home country, you've come under attack from time to time from the very forces that you condemn, of course. but you in many ways are the
5:28 pm
opposite. like, i was talking about the new york times during the holocaust come about as a fact that is not reported much time as you might imagine, and yet your spiritual man, you're very kind man, i set up just met you, your decent man and the things i've read about you, gentlemen like you, pastors of large evangelical churches, is a complete mismatch. >> yes. mark: what do you make of that. >> the bible has a verse that i've never had difficulty fulfilling and that is beware when all men speak well of you. the bible says blessed are you when men rely on you and persecute you and say all men are evil against you. my name's sake, great is your reward in heaven, the fact is my assignment on earth is to speak the truth and i will answer to god for what i have said and what i refuse to say, to see evil and not call it
5:29 pm
evil is evil. not to speak is to speak. not to act is to act, and god will judge me based on what i do and don't do based on what the word of god says i am to do. but i will assure you, when i started reaching out to the jewish people, forget about the new york times, there were christian pastors that were calling me a heretic and that's the worst of the worst. when i explained to them, when i was able to get face-to-face and explain what i was doing, i said look at the debt of gratitude we owe the jewish people. this is what st. paul was talking about in romans 15. the jewish people have given us the bible. they have given us the patriarchs. they have given us the old testament prophets. they have given us the first family of christianity. mary, joseph and jesus. i said just take jesus out of the equation and we've got
5:30 pm
nothing. i said paul said that we have a duty to honor the jewish people for their contributions to us. and i said, and so that's exactly what i am doing. and henceforth, to understand that judaism does not need christianity to explain its existence. christianity cannot explain its existence without judaism. that's why st. paul said, in romans 11 in a chapter for christians but it is drafted in branches for the olive tree, do not boast against the root because the root supports you and the root of the christian olive tree is abraham, isaac and jacob. our roots are jewish to the core and we should remember that god has not cast away the jewish people. they are still the apple of his eye.
5:31 pm
they are still the covenant people. there are still the cherished people. they are still the people who own the land of israel and in the final analysis, they are always going to receive the love of god because israel, according to the book of exodus is god's firstborn son. mark: when did you decide you wanted to be a pastor. >> when i was 18 years of age i had an appointment to go to west point military academy and my mother who was really the guiding light in my life, my mother went to seminary. she graduated and taught and she said we were sitting at the table and she said you know, if you would become a great military leader and lead
5:32 pm
america in a great victory it would not be worth the value of winning a soul that is in christianity. one life that would be eternally changed without waiving the value of any heroic military you had ever accomplished, and that had a lasting impact on my thought. i went to seminary and the thought of being a pastor was not in my mind. when i finished seminary and got a bachelors degree and my masters degree from north texas state, i was invited by a couple and i did and i
5:33 pm
agreed to help them for a while to get it started and 56 years later, i'm still there. >> i guess you're glad you did that. >> yes i am, indeed. mark: don't forget, virtually every weeknight you can watch me on levintv. we would love to have you sign up. give us a call at 844 levintv or go to blaze >> unfreedom of the press, new york times bestseller. do you know why i put that on there? they hate it, but you will love it. we'll be right back. apparently we come from a long line of haberdashers.
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >> do you like donald trump. >> i do. i like him personally. i've met him, i had supper with him and met him a couple times at the white house. mark: how's he doing. >> he's doing a great job in my opinion. >> and why do you think that. >> i think that our organization, christians united for israel was looking for someone in that group of
5:38 pm
candidates that would be pro-israel. we were a little bit amazed that it was donald trump, but when he came out for israel and sent the message to our people at that time which were 5 million in number, i said this is the man were going to support because he is pro-israel so he has announced that jerusalem is the eternal capital of israel, he has moved the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. he has given the. [inaudible] recognizing that it has been israel but he is sending the signal to the enemies of israel as a right to defend this land without anyone's approval. israel has the right to exist and the right to defend itself
5:39 pm
and he has also been a friend to prime minister netanyahu. everything he has promised to do, he did it and that's a very unusual thing for a politician in our generation so yes, we think the president is doing a fabulous job with the congress that is fighting him every step of the way. mark: what about his appointment of judges. >> i am deeply appreciative of the conservative judges that are on the court, and i think the chance of having justice in america is determined by the justice in the supreme court and fulfilling all of the vacancies. there were some 200 some
5:40 pm
judges that needed to be fulfilled and they were going very slow until recently and now the pace has picked up. if we can get judges that are right-thinking, conservative, constitutional judges this country will benefit for 40 or 50 years from the >> his position on life versus abortion has surprised me. it's been very consistent, it's been followed. >> we been very appreciative of that because, in the bible killing a baby in the womb with the mother is murder. we don't consider it a woman's right to murder a child, and
5:41 pm
we as evangelicals oppose abortion and feel like anyone who does that will have to, if they do not repent of that sin will praise god in the judgment for having to account for that because that's a very, very serious evil. >> when we return, here's my question, how important is this next presidential election? we'll be right back.
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at chwe're a festive family.!!! we're a four-legged family. we're a get-up-and-go family. we're a ski family. we're all part of the chevy family. and as we kick off the new year, we'd like you to be a part of ours. because our chevy employee discount is still available to everyone. the chevy price you pay is what we pay. not a cent more. so happy new year, and welcome to the family. the chevy family! the chevy employee discount for everyone ends soon. how important is the selection. >> this next election may be more important than the first election because of the
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dragging of the feet of this congress. the president has not been able to implement as much of this program as he would like to have implemented. if he is not elected, reelected and this next time, all of the good things that he has done, many of the good things he has done can be reversed in the socialist voice that is rising up in washington will take control, and we will lose contact with the america that we know. it is going, the democrats are going left and hard left away from anything the democratic party has held up for in times past. their way beyond the mainsprinmainstream of america. if this next election is not a reelection of president trump,
5:47 pm
our country is going to go into a socialist tailspin. mark: they want the government take over all private healthcare and eliminate medicare even though they call it medicare for all. they want to eliminate ice, law-enforcement and our border. in any notion when it comes to immigration. they're constantly undermining the military and cutting the budget every time they get a chance or anytime their power. they want to point to the branch, particularly the supreme court activists who do not embrace our founding principle as a factual matter. in go down the list and i think to myself, this isn't a typical election as you point out. this is an election of capitalism versus socialism. it is the constitution versus the anti- constitution,
5:48 pm
fateful judges versus activist judges, a secure national border or no national border, the most powerful military on the face of the earth or an eviscerated military. isn't that dire? am i right about this? >> spot on, exactly right. all of those things, nationalism versus socialism. that is the issue. you hear these people talking about all these free things they are proposing, who is going to pay for that? no one is saying that, saying we want to give you free this and free that is a declaration, but how are you going to pay for it? and there is where the people who work and pay taxes are going to be greatly burdened to support people who don't work and don't pay taxes and downhill we will go.
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>> pastor, it's been a pleasure to meet you and a pleasure to talk to. >> thank you. it's been my pleasure. got best. >> see you next time on life, liberty and levin. tonight we are going to be
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