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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and don't forget to dvr the show. if you haven't set that up already. good night from new york. that is it from mark steyn. have a swinging day. tucker will be back next year to launch the roaring 20s. here is gregg jarrett in for sean. >> the last roaring, mark steyn, thank you. >> welcome to the "hannity special: the left exposed," i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for sean tonight for the hour. we will expose the destructive democratic agenda and assault on facts, fairness and the american dream. tonight, we began with the blundering joe biden whose biggest 2020 opponents continues to be himself. as he clings to his so-called front runner status in the 2020 primary. you know what, voters don't seem to be buying any of this because
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old joe was again heckled on the campaign trail sunday in new hampshire, take a look at this. >> okay, this is not a trump rally. okay? all right, i agree with you, man. i agree. nice talking to you. don't touch me, you! >> this is a democracy. i hope it does, i hope it does. [applause] >> let her go. >> gregg: when quid pro joe they were shouting and a few other things you may have noticed. not only is biden floundering ahead of the new hampshire caucuses but he still thinks he is above the law, claiming he would refuse to comply with impeachment subpoena issued by the u.s. senate. before being forced to walk back
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those remarks. remember, biden is on tape admitting to a quid pro quo with iran leveraging u.s. taxpayer dollars to get the prosecutor fired who just happened to be investigating the holdings in zero experience on biden. tonight, it gets even worse for the biden business bureau is what we are calling it because according to a new report from "the daily caller," at the irs actually placed a lien on over $100,000 in unpaid taxes from hunter biden from the same year he served on burisma's board. he is raking in a bunch of money, the drifter he is, and he won't even pay his taxes. the evidence is so that even biden's partners in the media mob are beginning to admit this looks like a political disaster. take a look. >> and he needs to have tight,
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consistent answers that are logical, not defensive, not emotional. this is going to continue to come up and he needs to know how to deal with it because it's not going away. >> gregg: but frankly it does think that hunter biden got this contract with no expertise and e energy sector and that he likely has already said basically, he got that money which was significant because of his connections with his father, the vice president at the time who was also in charge of ukraine at the time. >> gregg: jake said it stinks? mark the day on your calendar! from constant campaign plunders to a weak record to his son's shady dealings, joe biden's campaign is doing nonstop damage control. joining me now to talk about it, fox news contributor's mike huckabee and dan bongino. gentlemen, great to see you. governor biden, of course, as we showed on the screen, you can hear it, was heckled as quid pro joe.
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that seems to be a constant refrain at some of his rally. how much of this scandal involving his son is really going to taint the dads campaign, especially as more evidence of impropriety drops as inevitably it will? >> greg, i think it is problematic for him but far more so then what hunter has done. it is what joe says every day. he is the gift that keeps on giving. he might as well have been wrapped up with a bow on his head, brought down the chimney by santa on christmas day. if you remember the movie "being there! this guy chauncey gardiner who was just a gardener and he would say these off-the-wall things and people kept thinking, oh, that is deep, that is so deep. i think biden supporters have been reduced to try to think of joe biden as seeing these deep things when actually is gaps are coming so fast. joe is not aware of what he is saying. let me give you a quick example.
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last week, he said these executives, fossil fuel companies, ought to be put in jail. and i wonder, is he aware his son was an executive of burisma, a fossil fuel company? come on, this is stuff you can't make this up. >> gregg: that is clueless joe. in baseball, -- now we have joe on the campaign trail. you know, dan, jake the tapper on cnn, you know you are in trouble when even a cnn anchor begins to say, gee, this stinks. and some cnn commentators, including the democratic strategist starts saying "you know, joe biden has to get better answers than these." >> the most damaging political narratives that really hurt candidates in any political consultant will tell you this at
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changed dramatically pre-existing conception you had of who this person was. now, think about it. what is joe biden trying -- it's garbage -- but what's he trying to sell america? on his lunch bucket joe imagery, that is his thing. i'm the guy. you can sit here and carried the lunch box to work. i get there under my fingers. i know what it's like for you. really? look, let's be clear on this. how many guys were when out there carry a lunch box to work and have their son who is raking in $80,000 a month for a no-show job with absolutely zero qualifications in a foreign country he's never been to? the answer is a big fat zero. i don't think anybody in the entire country with a lunch bucket that has done that. combined with constantly the governor said, constantly taking out of his own way, the guy face plants all the time. this guy is a troubled candidate. the subpoenas this weekend, this is a disaster. they are trying to impeach
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president trump for invoking executive privilege while i didn't know executive privilege right now says i will ignore the subpoenas too, have a nice day. i just can't believe this is happening. >> gregg: governor, what about that? clearly after reese had not once but twice a month third two news organizations with lawful subpoena from congress, somebody had to pull them aside and say, mr. vice president, you can't do that. maybe trump can challenge it on separation of powers, but you are not in office anymore. you can't apply a subpoena. is that likely what happened? >> i don't think joe realizes he's not in office. he's on several occasions talked about how he was in office at times when he wasn't. he remembers witnessing things that he couldn't have. and so, in a sense, what he has done is help the democrats entire case out from underneath nancy pelosi, adam schiff, jerry nadler and the whole crew
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of crazies over there in the house. this is once again, joe at his best. and i'm sure donald trump every night gets on his knees and just joins nancy pelosi because she prays for him every night, and he's probably praying that joe was going to be the democratic nominee. we are having a revival in america. because everybody is praying. >> gregg: you are right. chauncey gardner come a great book by jersey. so maybe we will call him chauncey instead of clueless j joe. dan, the media though loves to cover up for the guy, right? jake the fake notwithstanding. i mean, the media once joe did a flip-flop spun it like, oh, it is just a clarification, which is what biden tried to sell it. if anybody else did it. if trump did a complete backflip, the media would have rampant, they follow him around with a hooper's cooper, cleaning
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up after clueless joe chauncey all the time, don't they? >> it is really pathetic and it's not surprising to anyone that listened to the channel of the big three cable news television networks that do news. those are basically conspiracy blogs on tv, those other channels. full-time liberal activists and again, none of this is a surprise. but i think another problem he will have, gregg come on this whole segment here, he is supposed to be the safe pick. remember three campaigns, the establishment pick you have the outside pick and then the liberal conservative pick depending on the party. usually those three lanes, he is supposed to be the safe pick. the guy doesn't even know what state he is in. the governor from baltimore was laughing while he was on camera. you probably saw it. it's almost like a comedy act. he is not the same pick. and i think it has a lot of democrats wedding. they are relying on the media to
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save him because they can only do that for so long. >> gregg: iowa, ohio, they sound the same and to joe they are the same. governor huckabee, last word on you commit is pretty outrageous that his son is raking in millions of dollars, not just from ukraine but from china, kazakhstan and romania and has d hills mansion. can't pay his irs bill? >> a lot of americans out there would like to just skip the irs and blow it off. they can't. i think hunter biden will have a hard time doing it. i love dan's analogy about the lanes. in this case come if you know the insurance commercial where mayhem is driving and keeps whacking stuff, when i'm thinking dan is talking. i'm thinking joe biden is mayhem. he is driving all over the place and wrecking cars every day. [laughter]
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>> gregg: bandages all over his face. yeah. you've had it all tonight chauncey gardner and mayhem. i throw in joe. but thank you both, governor huckabee, dan bongino, thank you so much. now, it does look these days like bernie sanders is writing a wave of momentum into the early primary states pulling neck and neck with clueless joe. especially as elizabeth warren's campaign is sounding the alarm over some numbers and creating fund-raising. but of course, that is not stopping her or any other new extreme democrats from pushing for trillions in new spending with no plan to pay for it all. and as the 2020 democrats compete for who can be the most extreme and most out of touch, and other left-wing circus backfiring on capitol hill. nancy pelosi down continuing to walk her party off of an
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impeachment cliff. now, remember the president's approval is up six points since the inquiry began. not only that, a new gallup poll showing president trump tied with barack obama has the country's most admired man. likely adding to democratic panic, they are latest fact free witch hunt may actually embolden the president heading into 2020, especially as the trump economy fire is on all cylinders. here is what i mean. stocks are surging, jobs are growing, wages are rising, or as a peace in "washington examiner" put it from a big kahuna economy positions trump for victory in 2020. from a new record in household medium income to record low unemployment for african-americans to working-class wage gains, president trump is delivering on his promises to deliver. for you, the forgotten men and women of this country, and even
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the mainstream media mob is starting to admit it. take a look at this. >> it can be fairly said that this administration because of president trump's quiet -- has done quite a bit for funding historically black colleges and universities. the first setback which was a massive step work justice reform. just a couple of weeks ago into his newly signed defense bill, there is a law that says if you are seeking to work in the federal government or any contractor, you don't have to be asked. you cannot be asked about your criminal history until right towards the end. that is a significant change, justice advocates. plus a tax directed at communities have color. that is a legacy on that any president after three years would want to claim. >> joining me now for a reaction from a republican congressman matt gaetz and anti-big spirits and looking at the latest polling data, bernie sanders isg
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momentum big time. and he is, for example neck and neck and may win iowa, he is a head substantially in new hampshire and boy, his fund-raising is taking off while elizabeth warren is tanking and all of a sudden, they will be forced back to washington in january off of the campaign trail with a senate impeachment trial. >> perhaps elizabeth warren's decreases in revenue and correspondence with the campaign not wanting to paper wealth tax. but i think the bernie sanders ascension in the polls is a sign the venezuela wing of the democratic party is showing a little life here. you just got to wonder, gregg, who will win this on the democratic primary? you have joe biden as the blundering gas machine that he is. you've got kind of the week and, bernie sanders campaign trudging along but gaining momentum and then elizabeth warren who has had her ebbs and flows. i don't see a winner in the field yet.
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spilling you know, congressman bigs, democrats are openly wondering the wisdom of nancy pelosi, adam schiff and jerry nadler's impeachment first. that you know, the numbers are indicating this will backfire. have they created a political expand and now they have stepped right into it? >> yeah, they really have. and i think nancy pelosi's instincts work react -- correct a year ago when backing up, we don't want to get going on this thing. but as matt said the venezuelan side of the democratic party, congress had looked, we have to have it. she had to cut a deal to become speaker because it was such a close race. she is taking the bull by the horns here and it looks like she will get bored because of it. the reality is it's a huge mistake to the democrats. they have nothing, there are people within the democratic congress itself that relays they have nothing and it's done
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nothing but help president trump solidify his position with people of reason throughout the country. >> gregg: congressman, those in the democratic party and you just referenced them, are they angry about what pelosi and adam schiff and jerry nadler have done? >> i think some of them are in some of them i've talked to them quietly aside. they want us to go away. they wish it had never happened, but you know what, nancy pelosi has raised the money for them but the reality is many wish this thing would go away. but it's not going to go away. it is actually going to blow up in even more i'm afraid. >> it's not just nancy pelosi raises money for the caucus, but they use the money as a political weapon against anyone who potentially wouldn't vote vote against impeachment. andy and i observed active threats on the house floor at the democrats to roll along with the radical left of the democratic party to support impeachment they would not be
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supported by the dnc. >> so that is the active threats. that is the quid pro quo. >> we will pull the rug out from you in any way. >> the only quid pro quo in this process is a quid pro quo the democrats did not line up against nancy pelosi and to go off the cliff, they would be bludgeoned by their own party in congress. >> gregg: it may turn out to be the opposite. congressman bigs, if nancy pelosi thought the mere word impeachment and the vote that ensued would damage the president's politically, the opposite has happened here. i mentioned the poll numbers and now the gallup poll comes out, you know, obama the most admirer man. talk about a severe boomerang. >> yeah, i don't think they could have understood that might happen. i thought she knew at the beginning, but look, most admired person poll, there is a lot of takeaways there. first of all, there is a lot of people who approve of the job
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president trump is doing as president. but moreover, there is a lot of people that admire him personally for trying to keep his promises when he is in the swamp. when he says he would drain the swamp, we have seen, and i think the whole world has seen how hard the swamp will try to take it back down. and the other thing, you can see how divided the country really is. that obama and president trump would be tied as the most admired man in 2019 is a remarkable statement that our country is divided in so many ways, but i think it also gets to the point you just made and the matchmaking along as well. this is boomer ringing on them and solidifying and lifting lifting president trump up all along. >> part of nancy pelosi hanging on to articles of impeachment and not transmitting to prolongt notion as long as she possibly can, but it's not working for her.
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it's having the reverse effect. doesn't she want to walk that over, run it over to the u.s. senate right now to get it over with? it is more like a hot potato than something you want to hold on and hope it would hash. i don't always agree with mr. mcconnell but he makes a valid point, you don't gain much leverage and threatening to withhold something that the senate does not want. and as andy pointed out, you have a lot of members and district won by donald trump who will vote for impeachment but frankly, walk through the legislative digestive system as fast as possible because if you are one of those candidates on the campaign trail, heck, if you are one of the 2020 democrats voting for president, this has now become all-consuming. the election would be a referendum on impeachment and right now, an election who the president would overwhelmingly win in the electoral college. >> gregg: by a fairly large margin, congressman biggs against removing the president via impeachment. and you just heard the clip we played from cbs reporter
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garrett, major garrett who said, any president in terms of minority votes would vote and be happy to have this record plaguing. and so when you factor independence, the minority vote, and the president's rise in polling numbers plus his tremendous increase in fund-raising, i know it's early, but is he looking fairly solid going into the 2020 election? >> well, with everything there, like his chances significantly, but i don't think we should rest on our loyal spirit i think we need to keep working. president trump is a great candidate, and i think he will win big. i think some of the things you mentioned, the response to for instance, the black vote in the minority vote, because they had the lowest unemployment rates in those demographics that you have ever had. you've had more jobs, more
6:21 pm
people working, more people able to fulfill their life dreams. and work hard on the first step back through and a lot of kudos for that. the president and his team. that has changed the very nature of some of that stuff going on. and president trump has a significant approval rate right now among black voters. that is incredible. that is a great thing for him. >> gregg: andy biggs, matt gaetz, thank you for being with us. good to see you. >> thanks, gregg. >> gregg: coming up disgraced fbi agent peter strzok said the federal government violated his right to privacy and free speech. we will explain coming up. ♪
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♪ >> gregg: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." peter strzok is actually claiming he is the victim here. court filing today, strzok said trump bashing text messages who his lover, lisa page uncovered, by the way -- were protected by the first amendment even though he sent them on an fbi issued phone. apparently, strzok thinks the text like this one failing to stop trump selection in this when discussing an insurance policy in case trump was elected or nonpublic communications. keep in mind these texts are featured in the department of justice inspector general's report on the russia probe. but strzok is not the only disgraced member of the fbi in the news. james comey, the guy who won't go away, is out with yet another op-ed. this one in "the washington post" titled
6:27 pm
"this is what it is like to be attacked by the president." strike the violins if you would. and he called president trump a shrunken, withered figure. joining us now for her reaction is fox news contributor sara carter, "washington examiner" reporter and sirius xm host, good to see you, so sara 6'7" tall, is james comey the biggest crybaby on earth? this guy, let me just read, he wrote, at first, and then you are stunned. then diminished, and then you have contempt for trump. cry me a river, comey. >> exactly, gregg, comey's seven stages of grief and it is a joke. this is what comey does best. he pontificates. he did on his twitter account often on all the time.
6:28 pm
standing at the crossroads, staring at told trees, looking at the ocean. comey had a culture of corruption at the fbi and this is more serious point. he was chided by horowitz who said he set a dangerous example for the 35,000 fbi agents. remember, it was comey who started the whole mess with special counsel by leaking his own memorandums to a friend of his to give to "the new york times" so that a special counsel could be called. comey is in a world of hurt, and he's in a lot of trouble. just like peter strzok, comey, john brennan, james clapper, they are all doubling down because this is what they have been trained to do. they have been trained to deny everything and then make counter accusations. because they know they are all in trouble. they are in trouble by the department of justice and the ag, william barr. >> gregg: you know, comey is
6:29 pm
so blinded by sanctimonious self-righteousness, that he is attacking the very man who has the ability to indict comey. so comey is called ag barr less than honorable, lacking in her strength lost his reputation, and is irresponsible. i mean, you would have to be a fool's fool to be attacking bill barr. >> it makes no sense why comey is doing this, but here is the thing that i really do think is going on in comey's mind right now. he is yet to accept that not only has republicans, but democrats have yet to accept. a lot of people have forgot that democrats, while they like in a useful tool that he says a lot of nasty stuff about donald trump, remember, democrats ended up casting him off way back in the beginning when they felt like he messed up
6:30 pm
things for hillary clinton. so ultimately, he has no place to go at this point, other than taking nasty shots at donald trump. remember come up with the isaac court up in sort of a weird limbo itself more likely to be reformed and with more information coming out on it, he's in a really weird place right now because ultimately he looks like the layer he's turning out to be. >> gregg: let me ask you about peter strzok because james comey is not the only inseparable who was fired at the fbi. sara, peter strzok does not seem to realize that, you know you are not supposed to be using your fbi phone for personal text messages reeling at the very guy you are investigating. and he wants his job back. can you imagine peter strzok actually walking back into the fbi building where he and comey and lisa page ruined the the
6:31 pm
reputation of the fbi? >> no, i can't imagine that and it went far beyond that, not only did he put the national security at risk, here was a former deputy, the counterintelligence division at the fbi, peter strzok, who basically even told his office of professional responsibility that he didn't use his fbi laptop that they should him at home because they didn't know how to log into it. that he made up all these excuses. he sent very damaging and very private text messages between him and lisa page at the expense of u.s. national security. because let me tell you this, the russians or anybody else could have been tapping into his unsecured phone and seeing all of this, his apparent everything else. so peter strzok will not get his job back. and he has a flimsy case if no case at all. >> gregg: these people are unbelievable. i mean, fired for lying not once, but four times, he has now
6:32 pm
sued the government and lisa page, poor lisa, the privacy act was violated by releasing these text messages, no privacy act does not involve text messages like personnel records, medical records and so forth. and she is a lawyer? i mean commit is really unbelievable. >> you know, i have to say, gregg, sitting here, you have a situation where peter strzok singh my first amendment rights are being violated, but remember, back in 2007, you had a number of lawyers and the bush justice department that said, well, we will put op-ed in the denver post and complained to the justice department. they can do that but now you have strzok my first amendment rights are being violated because i used a justice department bound to complain about donald trump. maybe not. that is something that you need a government issued phone in a completely different situation. >> gregg: the fbi business on
6:33 pm
his personal account. which also jeopardize national security. he was fired for dereliction of duty, but he wants his job back. kerry and sara good to see you both. the "the story" special, the attack in new york, quick to blame none other than president trump but again, you can't make this up. alan dershowitz, jeffrey lord are here to react next. ♪ we're carvana, the company who invented
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6:38 pm
increasing number of such anti-semitic attacks. one of them was new york city's mayor bill de blasio who pointed his finger blaming trump's direction, course he did, during an interview, watch. >> when i think something is anti-semitic, i say it and i said it about fellow democrats, but i also want this to be clear what is happening here, and atmosphere of hate has been developing in the country over the last few years. a lot is emanating from washington and having an effect on all of us. >> so you are blaming the president and not just washington? i'm saying we have to be clear. we have to have a news tone in washington. the democrats and democrats both in the white house that encourages country to actually find unity and some common ground. we haven't had that for the last few years. >> gregg: mayors comment strongly condemned by fox news contributor dan bongino who blasted de blasio as repulsive human being. if that wasn't bad enough the left continues to pour scorn on
6:39 pm
christian believers as nbc's chuck todd did on "meet the press" on sunday. watch. >> want to read you guys a letter to the editor that we found in lexington. it was a fascinating attempt to try to explain why some people support president trump. he was what he says, why do good people support trump? because people train from childhood to believe in fairy tales. set their minds to accept things that make them feel good. the more fairy tales and lies he tells them of the better they feel. a person who believes in noah's ark and i will show you a trump folder. look, this gets at something that my executive producer likes to say voters want to be lied to sometimes. they don't always love being told hard truths. >> gregg: nice. joining us now for reaction, author of "guilt by accusation" harvard law school alan dershowitz as well as political columnist and conservative columnist jeffrey lord. by the way, i have read your
6:40 pm
book "guilt by accusation" people should get it. the challenge of proving innocence. >> i appreciate that. >> gregg: $2 on kindle. >> i want everybody to read it. >> gregg: so it took a couple of hours before democrats startd to blame donald trump. the meteor crashes into earth it's donald's don't make donald trump's fault and this certainly was. these are people who have been hurt, seriously hurt. these are people i grew up with. these are people i know. this is flesh and blood. this is an increase in one of the worst pates imaginable. to politicize and to take partisan advantage whether a democrat or republican. and to use it to blame for political enemies is not only despicable, but it is so dangerous. we have to get to the causes of this. we have to stop it. pointing fingers at your political enemies and blaming them for a worldwide phenomenon, that is exploding all over the world, not just the
6:41 pm
united states, is beneath fix -- contempt and extremely dangerous. it has to stop. >> gregg: you know, jeffrey eric swalwell who ran for president and dropped out the next day, i think, you know, he was on twitter blaming donald trump for the attack. completely ignoring that donald trump is actually been a very strong supporter of the jewish community as well as israel. >> yes, that is absolutely right. let's remember in 2012, the democratic convention balked for a considerable over recognizing israel and jerusalem as the capital of israel. they didn't want to do it. they finally did it, and it is remarkable turnaround in a party where president harry truman was the president who initially gave american recognition to israel. this is long gone, this is a serious problem for president from the get-go and 100% right. this is very, very dangerous.
6:42 pm
it's not a subject to be fooling around with. >> gregg: in the meantime my played a clip of chuck todd, meet the press, who received a backlash for dismissing religios beliefs as fairy tales, and pork is not only christian story, but a jewish faith story as well as muslim stories. >> and you don't attack people's faith. you don't call them fairy tales. that is the kind of thing that just generates hatred towards religion. i like chuck todd and i think he has a decent guy but people get caught up in this frenzy of blame trump, blamed christianity, blame religion and blamed the for their own problems. you hear that today when it happens in new york's, they say it is their fault for moving into the neighborhood. let me tell you folks commit
6:43 pm
anywhere in the world safely and without their safety being turned into a political fall. >> gregg: jeffrey come i want you to have the final word on this >> it's got to stop. i will take the bible any day over the fairy tales of the left state media and chuck todd at nbc. trump russian collusion was a fairy tale. this is what they do and who they are. that too, is not good. it's going jeffrey lord, alan dershowitz, thank you for being here. good to see you. coming up next, new details about the church shooting in texas this weekend. the gunmen shot and killed and why one of th the by one of the parishioners. that is coming up next. don't go anywhere. ♪ i feel like i'm losing my identity. business logo...outdoor sign. you always get me.
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♪ >> gregg: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity."
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a gunman opened fire during a sunday service at a texas church and parishioners immediately jumping into action. one neutralized the shooter within seconds. fox news correspondent jeff hall joins us from white settlement, texas, with the latest. >> a very emotional site and the folks inside of this church in the county return for the first time since sunday shooting. more than 240 people decided at the time of the incident, authorities say this could have been a much deadlier moment that unfolded inside of the church. it only lasted six seconds in part due to the action of people like jack wilson. he has someone pulled out his own gun and fired a single shot and took down the suspected shooter. >> i don't see myself as a hero. i see myself as doing what needed to be done to take out the evil threat. i don't feel like i killed an individual, i killed evil. that is how i'm approaching it
6:49 pm
and processing it. >> witnesses say the suspect was wearing a fake beard, a wig and a cap. during communion, he got up and pulled out a shotgun and started shooting. the suspect shot and ultimately killed two people. family members identified the victims as richard white and -- and tone and walk to the dallas-fort worth area and have multiple prior arrests and what they are still trying to understand and made have never have a grasp of that is why, greg. >> gregg: thanks very much texas law allows citizens to carry guns in places of worship, however when that law was passed this september, joe biden slammed it and called it "irrational." take a look. >> it is irrational with all due respect to the governor of texas, irrational in the very day we see a mass shooting, members on a plane come up to five killed. and we are talking about losing
6:50 pm
access to have guns in place of worship. it is absolutely irrational. totally irrational. the idea that we don't have the elimination of assault type weapons, magazines that you can have, multiple -- it is absolutely mindless. >> gregg: president trump responding to the shooting on twitter writing "our prayers are with the families of the victims and the congregation of yesterday's church attack." it was over in six seconds thanks to the brave parishioners who acted to protect 242 fellow worshipers. lives were saved by these heroes and texas law allowing them to carry arms. 20 me now with reaction, nationally syndicated salem radio host larry elder and fox news contributor rachel campos, good to see you both. larry, it happens i think more often than people realize, that people who are armed and
6:51 pm
defending themselves and others prevent further attacks and deaths. >> well, that is right. after the sandy hook school shooting in 2012, obama ordered the cdc to do research on how often americans used guns to defend themselves. the cdc came back with a report very quietly. nobody seemed to care about it. the cdc said at least one defense use of guns for every offense of use. they cited research by people like gary, a criminologist at florida state university who said every single year, 1.25 million americans use guns to defend themselves. that was 40% but for the firearms they would have been dead. and you think something like this would cause joe biden to rethink his attitude because the law that you mentioned also allowed concealed carry weapon to go into churches. and you would think biden might rethink his assumption but being a democrat means never say sorry. so don't expect that to happen anytime soon. >> gregg: rachel, biden again we saw a clip calling it
6:52 pm
irrational, my goodness. that was a very rational response to a deadly situation in which dozens could have died. i think 15 minutes sometimes it takes for police to get to an area. >> cops are great but they can't be anywhere. this is a common sense response to the shooting in texas earlier. it's not just joe biden though. you have beto o'rourke said it was a dumb idea and activists like david hogg also said that teachers shouldn't be allowed to be armed to protect students. so my question is, have they all seen this footage? have they changed their mind? is the media going to hold them to account? what do you think of this? because these are real lives, real people. by the way, jack wilson and the president tweeted he is a hero, absolutely is a hero. and six seconds, he took the shooter down. and again, when asked about it, i guess later on a post, he
6:53 pm
thanked god and feels blessed that he could help protect parishioners in this way. >> gregg: you know, larry, julian castro democratic presidential candidate said this "a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy is fiction. it doesn't work that way." i don't know what dream world that is living in. >> some years ago there was a shooting called grandy law school, apparition law school and virginia. a gunman shot a dean, a student, and a teacher, and there were two coformer cops who went and got their firearms, pointed at the shooter and the shooter dropped the gun. at that point the students charge the shooter and tackled the shooter. "the washington post" report of the reason the guzman subdued because they attacked him leavit the shooter and caused for him to drop the gun. "the washington post" said why aren't you reporting the truth? she had no coherent answer. it didn't fit the script and
6:54 pm
they decided not to report what really happened. >> gregg: it is amazing the hypocrisy of people like joe biden who has armed security protecting him but worshipers in a church aren't allowed to have armed security according to joe biden. >> absolutely, nancy pelosi armored cars, barack obama, all of them have security. they send their kids to school with security, but they don't want security for other people. listen, i don't think it is a surprise that this happened in texas. texas people, god blessed texans, they know how to take care of themselves and they realize after the last shooting the best thing they can do to protect themselves is in the house of worship is to have a good guy like this man, mr. wilson they are to protect them. it worked. what is interesting, there is video footage of it too. we don't have to wonder how it happened. we can see how it happened. >> gregg: larry and we have 30 seconds left. the attorney general ken paxton said "they are the model for what churches and businesses need to focus on." he's right about that, isn't he?
6:55 pm
>> in my opinion he is. don't mess with texas. >> gregg: happy new year's, greg. larry elder happy new year's and rachel, you have been here since early this morning. a long day at work. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. happy new year. >> gregg: you too. coming up another edition mike edition of "hannity" coming up. ♪
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