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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 30, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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answer, joe. that's all we have tonight. my book "the power grab" is for sale. i hope you get a chance to pick it up. more importantly, statement, mike emanuel and the "fox news @ night" team are going to take it, mike, it is all yours. >> mike: jason, thank you, welcome to "fox news @ night." breaking news tonight, a potential senate trial of president trump on the campaign trail where joe biden once again forced to walk back remarks on whether or not he would comply with a congressional subpoena to testify to key democrats under pressure, such as doug jones speaking out tonight ahead of the senate trial. we've got the very latest and instant reactions from capitol hill. also new tonight, top deploymentdiplomatsheading out. what does it mean and what is on the table for discussion, we are joined for a preview.
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correspondenthe correspondent js they grow antsy about president trump's impeachment trial acquittal. >> when the senate and house come barreling back into the house next week, expect politics, not legislation, to take center stage. >> president trump, if you are so confident you did nothing wrong, why won't you let your men testify? >> senate minority leader chuck schumer yesterday afternoon calling again for witnesses and documents. schumer points to a "new york times" article out sinitic claims white house chief of staff mick mulvaney and former national security advisor john bolton among others tried to get the president to aid to the u.k. end. >> it let them testify. >> mulvaney and bolton have refused to testify before congress but one moderate democrat is drawing a line in the sand. republicans have quietly hoped to potentially convince alabama
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senator doug jones to work with the president, but the senator, in a "washington post" op-ed monday wrote "every trial is a pursuit of the truth. that is all i want. it's all each of us should run. now it is the senate's time to fulfill its duty. my final question is, will majority of senators pursue the truth over all else." joan said both needed to answer questions now, not in his upcom. other senators are chiming in about the political ramifications of a trial. the republicans have a comfortable majority to let him walk. an interview with the hill, dick durbin said "we all know the president. if they are not 67 votes to convict in the senate, he will claim it as a witch hunt, and that he was exonerated." president trump hoping for a speedy trial tweeted, "crazy nancy pelosi should spend more time in her decaying city and less time on the impeachment hopes" created joe biden is finding himself answering questions about testifying in the president's trial with respect to his son's
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business dealings in ukraine. on friday, biden said he would not. but earlier today... >> but there is no legitimacy whatsoever to my being subpoenaed to testify in his impeachment. what did he do? spoon developing tonight, a federal judge says a lawsuit by a former national security council aide is moot. that aid was summoned to testify in the house impeachment inquiry but the judge notes that the house has no need for him and threw out the suit. mike? >> mike: david, thank you very much. trump administration authorizing military strikes in response to a rocket attack from an iran yen-backed iraqi militia that killed an american contractor. they say at least 2 25 contracts were killed. we have all report tonight from kevin corke. >> this was a defensive action
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designed to protect american forces, american citizens in iraq, and also aimed at deterring iran. >> the silence of the recordings provide their power and precision, but the message to tehran was certainly loud and clear. in all, five targets in iraq and syria were hit by the u.s. on sunday. targets controlled by an iran-backed militia. a measure of revenge, said u.s. officials, for the death of an american contractor who was killed in a rocket attack last week. >> from where president obama and his team wear. we took a very different direction, enormous pressure to deny resources to his blood, to try to deny resources to she malicious like the one that came after americans, and iraqi facility, where there were americans working to counter isis. >> while the u.s. response to an attack that kills americans is not uncommon, sunday's retaliations targeting a iranian
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proxies has renewed concerns about escalation of hostilities that could lead to a proxy war with iran or worse. >> we are warning the united states as we warned before that they are illegal presence means they are standing against the iraqi people and the iraqi people have the right to confront them with all types of resistance. >> a resistance at a senior maintenance lean more heavily and russia, both of whom recently conducted naval exercises with tehran. continues to insist that the presence in the gulf creates insecurity in the region. still, its relationship with iran presents a unique challenge for the kremlin and its relationship with the united states. because while tehran remains a reliable strategic partner and bulwark against american interests in the region, it's undeniable that he linked to terrorism assuming moscow, ironically, sits with the u.s. to u.s. to fight. put in thinking president trump for u.s. assistance in
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preventinpreventing an attack. we have also learned that vladimir putin has extended an invitation to president trump to attend russia's victory day celebration, may 9th, a big event over in red square. it is meant to mark the russians victory, the soviet union's victory, specifically, over nazi germany back in world war ii, the president previously saying he was open to the idea but, of course, 2020, an election year, we will say if hsee if he takes them up on tha. mike, back to you. >> mike: kevin corke and west palm beach. thanks a lot. our first guest has a hand in both of tonight's top stories, beginning with impeachment intrigue, started with a treat during the marathon house hearings. constitutional law professor jonathan turley saying "the withholding of the articles is not wholly facially inappropriate, it shatters the fragile rationale for the house's rush to impeach." congressman jim banks of india and us. he sits on the armed services committee as well.
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congressman, good to see you. this was dave four of joe biden trying to address how he would handle a subpoena from senate republicans. let's listen. >> but i don't want to do is play the game. he's done this his whole career. to get the attention. and that was the point i was making. i will not contribute any legitimacy to the notion of calling as a witness. >> mike: this has been going since friday. your reaction, congressman? >> mike, politicians don't make up a colossal flip-flop like that unless they took a poll and realize that they made one heck of a political mistake. joe biden understands now that he is caught between a rock and a hard place. the american people deserve to know more about joe biden's corrupt activities with his son, hunter biden, serving on the board of an energy company in ukraine, selling access to his
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father and the obama administration. that is what has got us to where we are at this point. the american people deserve to know more. and if he is subpoenaed to appear before a committee during the impeachment hearings in the senate, joe biden knows that he is going to have to do that and it is not going to go well for him or his presidential prospects. >> mike: i'm sure some on the other side would say, unproven corrupt, your colleague is expressing frustration. >> you don't go through the first part in the house and then queued this up for a senate process with a guy that is going to be in charge of orchestrating the entire senate trial, having said that the whole thing is already baked and cooked and there is nothing that anybody can do about it. that would make a mockery of the entire system. >> mike: do you have any concerns about the senate trial? >> i have concerns that all along the way my friend joe and nancy pelosi and others in the house have made this process up as this went along. now here they are in the american people are laughing at
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how much of a joke this has become where the leaders in the house are refusing to send the articles of impeachment to the senate because they know this is a flimsy case, they failed fundamentally to make the case to the american people that impeachment should move forward, and i have nancy pelosi, who said this was an emergency, that we need to impeach the president because of concerns of national security, importance of upholding our democratic systems, and now she is proving that all along that was allied among many other lies by not moving forward and allowing the senate to do their job in the next step of this process. everyone sees through this. they see it for what it is. this is all about politics, and nancy pelosi's stall tactics show that once again. >> mike: i want to get to iran, launching strikes over the weekend, clearly trying to send a message to the regime in tehran. you are on the armed services media. what is your reaction? >> mike, one of the untold stories and all of this is the remarkable restraint and wisdom
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that president trump has shown in our engagements with iran ever since the day that he came to office. we replaced the failed policies of weakness and appeasement that the obama administration, through the jcpoa, through rewarding iran for bad activities, with the maximum pressure campaign of the trump administration we have shown strength every sense of the way. the recent strikes on iran have been an appropriate response to iran's activities of late. iran has blood on their hands, and the strikes that the administration pulled off in the last day or so have been appropriate, effective, and a reasonable response in a way that we showed that w treat irag forward. >> mike: we'll see you back on the hill soon, sir. >> thank you. >> mike: this evening setting sun brought hanukkah to an end for 2019. it has been a troubling quality with a rise to attacks on the
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jewish faith. the accused in the latest incident now faces fait hate cre charges. >> . very menacing omnipresent truck. >> jewish people months in new york feel that is necessary after rampage at rabbi's home on the seventh night of hanukkah. police say 38-year-old captain thomas burst in with a machete and said, "no one is leaving," 75 people including the rabbi's and before trying to get into the home next door. worshipers through the men out and got his license plate. nypd tracked him down in manhattan and investigators allegedly found disturbing evidence in his car, a journal with anti-semitic statements and references to nazis and adolf hitler. >> they show the ramblings of a
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disturbed individual. >> new york governor andrew cuomo labeled it an act of domestic terrorism and vowed to crack down on an uptick on anti-semitic attacks. since december 2 to some 23rd, there has been one every day. on christmas day, a man and traditional clothing was punched in the face and brooklyn. the day after, someone beat a jewish mother over the head. a suspect in a third case is already back on the street. under new york's new bail reform laws, she is not enough of a threat to be held before trial. she is accused of punching and doing slurs at three orthodox women. president trump called for unity against anti-semitism, but the suspect's family says this is not what it seems, claiming thomas is not part of any hate groups, but after sitting in the means, he developed bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, being hospitalized many times, and his mother could only do so much ticketing health. help. >> has always been a gentle
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giant. >> being investigated in connection to another stabbing. mike? >> mike: thanks very much. our hopes and prayers on both sides of the aisle going out to john lewis tonight. the congressmen and civil rights icon says his cancer diagnosis is one more fight he is ready to take on. now battling for his life, lewis plans to continue representing georgia's fifth congressional district while undergoing treatment for stage iv quote can credit cancer. let's all say a prayer for one of history's great men. democrats blame president trump for the recent on-site somatic attack in new york. we have people on deck that are fired up about the finger on hate crimes. ♪
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>> mike: we are back with a fox news alert in the wake of this string of anti-semitic synagogue attacks in new york, democrats are blooming president trump in part. eric spoke about tweeting "anti-semitism is on the rise in america and it is being stoked by @realdonaldtrump. he is not alone. watch. >> a lot of it is emanating from washington and it is having an effect -- >> you are blaming the preside president? >> i have to be clear, we need a different tone starting in washington. >> mike: let's discuss these accusations with n -- gentlemen, thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> mike: jonathan graha greenblt
8:19 pm
says, when will not be enough be enough, the jewish community needs greater protection. is he right? >> the jewish community needs greater protection and the jewish unity it needs leadership and the, the governor. i am sick and tired of them blaming washington or blaming the president of the united states. the attacks that have happened in new york for a year now, a year of communities under attack, fear, mothers are afraid to let their children walk on the streets, mayor de blasio, you are in charge. don't blame anyone else. you are responsible. what have you been doing all year? what was your plan? what were the directions that were given to the leadership of the city in terms of addressing this problem? this is like kindergarten. blaming someone else.
8:20 pm
she did it, he did it. no, mayor de blasio, you are responsible. you didn't have a plan. you didn't take it seriously. and it is always easy to blame someone else. that means you don't have to do anything. and it took the murdering of jews and jersey city and other tragic things that are going on. but i still don't know what his plan ends, how he is going to address that. he is not being honest. and stop blaming the president. it is very interesting that all the communities under attack, all of these areas are areas where the jewish community are the greatest fans of the president of united states. they are democrats but they think that president trump has been the best friend of the jewish community ever. >> mike: noting that suspects arrested in the spree of attacks
8:21 pm
are being quickly released right back into the neighborhoods they terrorize thanks to bill reform legislation, which doesn't even take effect until january 1. how alarming is that for law enforcement, bernie? >> it is extremely alarming. i want to touch on something, mike. we have been vocal on this issue for almost a year now. a year, slamming mayor de blasio and the city for not responding to these types of attacks. it is only going to get worse. two days from now, that bill reform law goes into effect that de blasio did nothing about, that governor cuomo sound, it is going to lead people back on the streets that are responsible for violent crime. there is going to be a major uptick in violence. but you know what? we are already seeing it. it is already happening. in brooklyn, these anti-semitic attacks, they should have been undressed many, many months ago.
8:22 pm
not just the last eight incidents. many months ago. this stuff was happening in the city and the mayor did nothing about it. to blame president trump? he is responsible. mayor de blasio is responsible for what goes on in new york city, nothing else, and his not doing anything about it. >> mike: you've been on the law enforcement front lines during difficult times, how should it be handled now? >> listen, the mayor should have put out a mandate for the police department months ago. there should have been a hate crime task force put into place. there should have been decoys. there should've been intel. there should've been community leadership working with the police department to identify problem areas to attack this stuff. i just can't -- i haven't seen it happen, i haven't seen the mayor talk about it, and dove has been all over this issue, screaming and yelling about it for almost a year now. >> let's bring him in.
8:23 pm
>> those that have been arrested, the video surveillance, we see who the perpetrators are. they are staring in our place, attacking jews, there have been no consequences. no one has gone to jail, no one has faced any serious repercussions. are we surprised? no one is paying the price. this is a progressive liberal city with a liberal leadership. they are failing people. all they have done in the past year, let me tell you the routine. you treat, and see how terrible is, our elected officials have great courage, they condemn anti-semitism. that takes courage. that's all they do. >> mike: now back on the street. dov hikind, bernie kerik, thank you so much. a brand-new report raising questions about the role of key officials in the ukraine controversy. top democrats are calling it a
8:24 pm
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>> according to this story, there was a dramatic intervention-style meeting about this in the oval office may president trump-mech's most senior officials played with them to release at least the military aid to ukraine. >> mike: summarizing a "new york times" report on august meeting where they reportedly attempted to convince the president to reverse his decision to freeze military aid to ukraine. it is my pleasure to welcome state department spokesperson morgan ortagus to address this straight and more. morgan, great to see it. >> hi, mike, great to see you, thank you for having me. >> mike: saying going to the ukraine just after the start of the new year. why is he making that trip as a
8:29 pm
senate could be about to launch the senate trial? >> the secretary announced that we are going to be ukraine today, and central asia, also to cyprus on our next trip, we are doing that because we have a fantastic policy on ukraine. as the secretary has talked about many times, we have provided this administration, providing lethal eight to ukraine, we are there to support ukraine. they are on the front line against russian aggression. the other countries we are visiting in central asia are on the front lines of dealing with the threat of the chinese communist party. so we are doing what secretary pompeo does every single month around the world, which is to stand with our allies and our friends to show up, to strengthen him, and to embolden them, and we have the right policy in ukraine, we are proud of that policy. >> mike: the obama administration gave ukraine blankets and humanitarian aid for the trump administration has sold them javelin antitank missiles. what has been the impact on relations with moscow? >> we have to deal with russia
8:30 pm
around the world. i have been lucky enough to sit with secretary pompeo in many of his meetings around the world, especially with the foreign minister, and we have places where our interests align we are able to work with russia and places in the world in which we are strategic competitors and we have to push back against russian aggression. the secretary and the president, this administration, as stated quite clearly that we will never accept the annexation of crimea by russia. we will always push back against that. we will always support ukraine and their sovereignty and the integrity of their borders, and that is what we will do, not only in the strip but that is the policy of this administration. it is the right policy and a policy that the last administration should have taken more seriously. >> mike: "the new york times" this week and reported on a sunny late august day, mr. bolton, mr. jews, mr. pompeo, arrange themselves around the desk to present a united front, seeking to convince him face-to-face that praying of the money for your crane was the right thing to do.
8:31 pm
one by one, they made their case, it didn't work. as the state department spokeswoman, what should our heroes know about that meeting, morgan? >> that is just wrong. there aid went to ukraine. i haven't read the full "new york times" story. i don't need to, because the conversations between secretary pompeo and the president are private. i wouldn't comment about them, they are between the two of them, that is the secretary's job to advise the president. i have no clue if there is any accuracy to the story. i haven't read it. it is just not true that the aid didn't go to ukraine. we all know it did. >> mike: here is that secretary pompeo told fox today about the precision defensive strike on five targets in iraq and syria. >> took a strike at an american facility. president trump has been pretty darn patient, he has made clear at the same time that when americans lives were at risk, we would respond, that is what the department of defense did yesterday. >> mike: morgan, are you
8:32 pm
worried about retaliation? >> we are obviously concerned by the activities that the iranian regime pursued around the world and in the middle east, and we think, we spoke this weekend, at the trump administration spoke to the iranian regime in a way they will understand. secretary pompeo has made it very clear to the iranian regime that any attacks by the regime, by any of these militia groups, whether it is has blood, you name it , if any of these proxy groups attacked the united states or our allies, we would hold them accountable. we saw over the weekend that we had american service members injured. we have had an american contractor killed. we responded to that great president still has many options. we are certainly not going to box them in. we have secretary pompeo, our senior special advisor for iran, everyone working very close to the department of defense at the white house to advise the president and how we move
8:33 pm
forward. i think the president still has many more options available, but we have pursued a maximum economic pressure campaign against the iranian regime for the past year and a half and we will continue to pursue that campaign. >> mike: morgan ortagus of the state department. happy holidays, happy new years, thanks for your time. >> thanks, mike. >> mike: former vice president joe biden doubled down on blue-collar workers. first, tonight's real name is rhonda in new york, flying off, toppling a billboard, nobody was hurt, i despair as a gust of wind might be responsible for the plate snapping the wind turbine. outgoing vp executive says climate change gears have driven his daughter's friends to antidepressants according to the times of london, he says he hates seeing them so "so unhappy and so anxious." and seattle public students barred from returning to school if they don't get vaccinated or show exceptional paperwork. the district now cracking down to comply with state law.
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and now tempur-pedic is ranked number one by jd power in customer satisfaction with retail mattresses. ♪ >> mike: age is more than just a number in the 2020 presidential race. several candidates in their 70s are releasing medical summaries addressing their fitness to serve as president, including tonight's latest, bernie sanders. the doctor is in. >> this story really begins back on october 1st, 178-year-old presidential hopeful, senator bernie sanders, was admitted to a las vegas hospit hospital. he went in for the placement of two heart stents to open a clogged artery, but he also experienced but was later admitted to be a heart attack or damage to his heart muscle. but then he got right back on the campaign trail, and tonight, three doctors are releasing letters about his health,
8:39 pm
including his university of vermont cardiologist and his longtime d.c. internist. riding, "while he did suffer modest heart muscle damage, he has been doing very well since. i am confident he has the mental and physical stamina to fully undertake the rigors of the presidency." the other doctor says that sanders' heart function has improved. he has not had symptoms of congestive heart failure and tests revealed no significant heart rhythm abnormality. nevertheless, the studies do show that the risk of a second heart attack or stroke remain elevated. according to dr. monahan, senator sanders exercises regularly, doesn't smoke, and seldom drinks alcohol. he takes two blood thinners, a common blood thinner medication, and a cholesterol-lowering drug. questions about age have swirled around the 2020 primary with three top-tier candidates over the age of 70.
8:40 pm
along with sanders, joe biden, elizabeth warren, and michael bloomberg have also released medical summaries showing they are in good health. looking at the opinion polls, it seems even younger voters are ready to give all of those septuagenarian's a fighting chance. mike? >> mike: dr. siegel, thank you. a good guy with a gun saved countless lives at a texas church sunday morning, but at least one presidential candidate is not convinced that is the best way to address firearms violence. >> and may be true, it may be the case that somebody at the gun and kill the person who murdered two of the people, but it is the job of law enforcement to have guns and to decide when to shoot, you just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun and a crowded place.
8:41 pm
>> mike: plenty of other topics to get through with tonight's panel. mike bloomberg advisor doug schoen, and former deputy assistant to president george w. bush, brad blakeman. welcome. >> thanks. >> mike: let's get reaction to what mayor bloomberg said about a mayor of the congregation in texas, putting it into a government in his church. brad? >> police can't be everywhere all the time. i happen to disagree with mayor bloomberg. i believe ordinary citizens have the constitutional right to carry a gun and i want ordinary citizens to be armed if they so choose. look what would have happened if those parishioners had not been trained, and they were trained and armed. there would have been a massacre. i am all for what happened in texas. i think more congregations and more citizens should undertake to protect their fellow citizens if they so choose and if they are so trend. >> i think mayor bloomberg, the
8:42 pm
first thing he said, i wasn't there, i didn't have the facts. that should have been. period he didn't know what he was talking about. this was not some minor congregation member. this was the head of security, although a volunteer, the head of security. he was trained. he trained others. that was his job. he may have not been law enforcement, civilian law enforcement, but that was his job. this is not a gun control issue. this is a shotgun, a nutcase that went into hurt people and it has nothing to do with assault rifles or any of the things that democrats want to make it about. it is simply a hero that saved the lives of many and let's just leave it at that. >> mike: doug, your turn. >> i agree with mayor bloomberg's basic point. we really don't want citizens enforcing the law themselves. there was a great outcome here. i don't think any right minded person can do anything but praise the head of security for doing what he did, but i really
8:43 pm
don't think that we want to be in a society where people are taking the law into their own hands. >> mike: next topic. joe biden tells minors to learn to program computers in order to get jobs in the future, and that is not all he said. >> anybody can go down 300 feet or 3,000 feet in the mind can learn how to program as well. give me a break. anybody that can throw coal into a furnace, and how to program, for god's sake. these subsidies for fossil fuels, number two, holding them liable for what they have done, by the way, going to deliver it and put them in jail. i'm not joking about this. >> mike: fossil fuel execs in jail. doug, is he trying to show he can go left with bernie and warren? >> absolutely, he is going hard left, and i think that in the democratic primary, being against fossil fuels is a good and strong position to take in
8:44 pm
the democratic party, but i'm not sure if he is the nominee wanting to jail fossil fuel executives is exactly the right way to go. >> mike: tezlyn, what do you make a bad? >> they say there is never such a thing as a dumb question, but there certainly is a dumb answer. i've been in hr 15 years and have a masters degree in adult education, i get to see a coalminer have transferable skills to go to coding, that was a ridiculous statement, joe biden should have said, i don't have an answer, let me get back to you, instead of making step up off the cuff. it's ridiculous. it makes no sense. it's quite embarrassing, to be quite honest with you. >> mike: brad? >> joe biden was smug and condescending. democrats have been doing that for years with regards to our coalminer's. they do an important job, and that is why america is energy independent today for the first time in a long time, exporting to others, and i want them in the coal mines, i want them
8:45 pm
working. >> mike: "the new york times" sounds anxious, "the seven candidates who made the last democratic debate stage all have their strengths, but as a group, they offer an indictment of the process. there are three candidates in their 70s and no african-american or latino. there two people who have never won an election in zero who have ever won estate. brad, is that sounding the alarm on the left about four go years of president trump? >> we only have to be selected by the party before you are elected by the people. this group couldn't get arrest arrested. i think they're going to select somebody totally unelectable. they made that hard left, as doug said earlier, and they are not going to be able to come to the center and to be where america is. number one. number two, they can't beat president trump's record. usually presidential elections are all about the economy. >> mike: tezlyn? >> as far as i african-american
8:46 pm
voters are concerned, we could care less about havin and african-american on the stage that is not representative of our issues, no symbolic meaning, we have had a black president. people are interested in them issues, and as long as they continue to talk about the slumped in my call, we will have the same issues repeatedly, and this will be a lesson they will lea learn. >> the nominating process is clearly that line. i can't say that i disagree to strongly with "the new york times." what i would say is that mayor bloomberg, who is running, it should be embraced by the party. he is doing strong anti-donald trump activities in swing states, and the fact that he has been excluded because he is spending his own money, i think, is a bad idea, and i think it reflects on a process that needs to be rethought. >> mike: tezlyn, brad, doug,
8:47 pm
thank you for a time. happy new year. next, let's unpack the year with a few positive news stories that you might have missed. before they're gone. now in-network with vsp. visionworks. see the difference.
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>> mike: before we say good night tonight, it is time to share some good news with you. helping us remember some of the best stories of the year, "inside edition" correspondent and author of "one more hug"
8:51 pm
megan alexander. good evening. >> happy new year. >> mike: as we had to 2020, what are some of the stories of people making a comeback that you think and give us motivation heading into the new decade? >> difficult to choose, but so many people remember this video, mike, ucla gymnast that stole our hearts with a dazzling floor routine. you remember this, and kicking all over the place, did not even look human. she scored a perfect ten and stole everybody's hearts as well, but her back story is even more inspiring when we discovered that she helped ucla clench in ncaa title by recovering from a car accident prior. she said she wants to bring the joy back into gymnastics. has spoken out about body positivity and positive body image. >> mike: what a great story. absolutely, a comeback story after a car accident, such a positive message. that's beautiful. this weekend was full of
8:52 pm
horrific images out of houses of worship as we head into the new year, where have we seen these f faith communities coming together to offer grace and forgiveness? >> last february, a man walked into a baptist church in arkansas. he said he was angry at god, high on math, and he tore the church apart, vandalizing it, it destroyed more than $100,000 of church property. about six months later, that same man walked back into that same church, stored in a baptismal pool, and declared his love for. he said he was the one that had vandalized it prior and he asked for forgiveness. an incredible story. you dig deeper and you find out that the pastor wanted to help put him through a rehab program. he completed that program and the pastor stood next to him six months later and told the congregation "you can't preach something for 50 years without practicing it. this man, he earned our
8:53 pm
forgiveness. >> mike: what a great story of living the faith and not turning him away, showing in the back of your hand, but welcoming him with open arms and bringing him into your community. help beautiful is that? >> amen. >> mike: i spent a lot of time on capitol hill covering what many see as the divisiveness in washington. what is the best example of loving your enemy or opponent that can challenge us all in the house the next decade begins? >> at the middle of football, playoffs, super bowl, how about a football star that warmed our hearts? texas football, if you have ever lived in texas, you notice competitive, after a high school football game, two at rival teams, the team that won, instead of celebrating, one of the players walked onto the field and knelt in prayer with the rival team star player, we find that these two teams had gotten together, they wanted to pray for one of the player's
8:54 pm
mother's who was battling stage four lung cancer, and the mom said what an incredible example that was, that they can be competitive on the field, when the game is over, they come together as gentlemen, knelt together, and prayed. that went viral, it is such a great example for our kids, it being an excellent athlete and showing sportsmanship. >> mike: that is beautiful, i started my hom career in texas,e of friday night lights. good to see them doing it the right way. heading into 2020, a new decade, what are you looking forward to? >> i am looking forward to the energy of a fresh start. i think we are all excited about that and so much to come. i'll tell you what, mike, i think we are going to have a lot of stories coming out this year. i am excited for a new decade. they are out there. thank you to everybody that always sends me their ideas. i can't wait to hear more. >> mike: you up in a great job of gathering these positive news stories together and bringing tm to life. we thank you so much for that,
8:55 pm
and we wish you a very happy, healthy, and successful 2020. >> thanks, mike, to you as well. >> mike: megan alexander, thank you, you were a ray of sunshine at the end of our show. we appreciate it. tonight we want to highlight some of the heroes of the west freeway at church shooting in white settlement, texas, he was shot and killed by firearms instructor jack wilson, one victim, however, remarkably resuscitated by paramedics after his heart stopped beating and route to the hospital. we praised the life-saving and immediate actions of jack wilson and those paramedics who are quick to respond to a tragedy and really made a difference. you are tonight's midnight here. so this is the last "fox news @ night" for the year. we are going to do special coverage for the next couple of nights. we want to wish all of you are very happy and healthy new year.
8:56 pm
a very blessed 2020. we are most watched, most trusted, and most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. i'm mike emanuel. happy new year. $12.99 all you can eat now with boneless wings. only at applebee's. ♪ work so hard ♪ give it everything you got ♪ strength of a lioness ♪ tough as a knot ♪ rocking the stage ♪ and we never gonna stop ♪ all strength, no sweat. ♪ just in case you forgot ♪ all strength. ♪ no sweat secret. all strength. no sweat. wean air force veteran made of doing what's right,. not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before
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have a great one. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight". i am mark steyn in for tucker while he enjoys the day with his family. tonight's show could have been a very grim one after a gunman stormed a texas church intent on killing as many people as possible. he did kill two innocence, and then a bad guy with a gun was taken down by a good guy with a gun in just six seconds. that story is just ahead. but first, the impeachment drama has become the impeachment fast. democrats refusing to forward their two articles of impeachment to the senata


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