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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 30, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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don't forget to set your vcr or your dvr or whatever it is so you never miss an episode of "hannity." thanks for joining us tonight. "the ingraham angle" begins right now with my friend jason chaffetz. >> jason: set your vcr? what year are you talking about? >> gregg: i have no idea because i don't know how to do it. >> jason: evidently. i will go with my dvr. great show, i appreciated. happy new year to you. i am jason chaffetz in for laura ingraham, and this is a special edition ofam "the ingram angle" from washington. what is president trump's strategy to fight the impeachment sham in the united states senate? former south carolina congressman trey gowdy spent the weekend with the president and is here exclusively to tell us what he thinks. also crime is rising and cities are falling apart, but new york city mayor bill de blasio is trying
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to blame trump for all of it. liberal tyranny on campus is reaching a fever pitch this year. charlie kirk is here to count down the most egregious examples of conservatives being targeted for their beliefs. have you heardrd about hunter biden's new problems with the internal revenue service? we have all the details coming up. but first, the stand off on capitol hill over impeachment is casting a shadow on the 2020 democrats, particularly joe biden who made a total 180 from what he said just days ago about complying with a senate subpoena. fox's david spunt is here with more. >> the former vice president says there's no reason for him to testify. biden spent time with the editorial board of seacoast media group in new hampshire and he was specifically asked about complying with the senate subpoena, should there be one with his name.
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here's what he said. >> i'm not going to legitimate what this president is trying to do. if there was a subpoena, i would respond. but there is no legitimacy whatsoever to my being subpoenaed to testify at his impeachment. what did he do? what did he do? >> on saturday in iowa, biden said this about complying with the subpoena. >> i don't think that's going to happen. let's cross that bridge when it comes. i would abide by whatever is legally required of me. >> the controversy began on friday in iowa when the former vice president brushed off the notion of complying with the subpoena. here he is with the editorial boardnt of "the des moines register." >> the reason i wouldn't is because it's all designed to deal with trump, what he has been doing his whole life, to take the focus.
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>> chuck schumer this afternoon called oncee, again for a speedy and fair trial in the senate. he made it clear, jason, he wants documents and witnesses. schumer cited a "new york times" article yesterday that shed more light on the withholding of financial aid to ukraine. >> president trump, if you are so confident you did nothing wrong, why won't you let your men testify? what are senator mcconnell and president trump afraid of if all the facts come out? >> also out with a newen op-ed n "the washington post," alabama democrat senator doug jones. republicans are hoping he will acquit president trump, but he's calling for fairness, a full trial and he wants to hear h directly from john bolton and mick mulvaney. >> jason: thank you. the trump administration is readying itself to mount a b powerful defense in the senate so what's the best argument for trump against his impeachment sham?
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our next guest spent the weekend golfing with president trump and joins us exclusively. trey gowdy, the formergu south carolina congressmannd fox news contributor, former federal prosecutor. somebody i was able to serve with in the previous congress. c congressman, thanks for being here. i t have a picture of you golfig with the president. check out this form. that is quite the swing. great backswing. in the background, you can see the president looking off into the trees and bushes to figure out where the ball went. >> there is a 50% chance of going left and a 50% chance of going right. the only place you need not look is down the middle of the ndfairway. >> jason: you are a pretty good golfer. getting serious here, are you going to represent president trump coming into 2020? >> the president has got great lawyers and more importantly than having great lawyers, he's got great facts.
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i think for several months we've been talking about the process and how fundamentally flawed it's been. imagine being investigated by somebody like adam schiff. that's the process. jason, i focus on the substance. the single best piece of evidence for the president is the transcript itself. you are familiar with the transcript. thisen is the second phone call president trump and president zelensky had. if president trump was obsessed with conditioning aid on investigations, he would have brought that up in the first phone call, right? if you are really obsessed with it, you're going to bring it up every chance you get. pull the transcript from the firstif phone call. not a single word. look at the remainder of the transcript. what did the president say? he said i want you to do us a favor. for those wondering who "us" isn he answered it. he said i want you, our country has been through a lot. the "us" is linked to the country. who brought up rudy giuliani's name? president trump or president zelensky? president zelensky introduced rudy giuliani into the conversation. the only thing president trump
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did is he inserted bill barr. if it's an impeachable offense to ask the attorney general, top law enforcement official of the country, to look in to potential impropriety, if that's an impeachable offense, we're not going to have presidents serving very long. >> jason: i have a question about joe biden on the compliance with the subpoena. to hear joe biden say, depending on when you ask, he has pretty much covered every number on the bingo card. i can't tell what his latest thinking is, but would a joe biden have to comply with the subpoena if it was proper? >> if you don't like joe biden's answer, just wait an hour and he will give you the exact opposite. i found it dumbfounding. he gutted one of his two articles ofdi impeachment when e said you all are trying to remove a president from office for doing what i just promised to do while these democrats are supportingng biden, that's the
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exact same conduct. he's not going to comply with the subpoena, which one of the two articles of impeachment against t trump is. does he have to comply? he can go to court. he can move to quash it and he can evoke some privilege if he has one that he's entitled to but that is president trump's position. if you want mick and bolton to testify, then take them to court and have the third branch order them to appear, but schiff and the house democrats didn't want to do that. >> jason: it's rich to actually hear senator schumer make the claim that they need a fair trial, they need the documents, they need witnesses. in the house, they didn't give him a chance to have a minority witness. >> it is rich for any democrat but you have democrats who have already said the evidence is overwhelming despite the fact that not a single piece of evidence has been introduced. he said the facts are undisputed. despite the fact that the trial has not begun yet. you have half a dozen members of
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the jury that are running for the job of the person they are supposed to be sitting in dispassionate judgment of. you would never have that in any real, fair judicial proceeding. the notion that this is somehow like a courtroom where you have 12 people who have not made up their minds. jason, out of 100, good luck finding 12 out of a hundred who have not made up their minds. i can think of maybe six, maybe six that in a full blown trial might move one way or the other but the other 94 are going to vote the same way whether the trial is today or a year from thnow. >> jason: let's go to pelosi and the delay. if you go back and read the articles that were passed in the house, the democrats wrote them. they passed them all by themselves. it also says those articles will be exhibited to the united states senate. nancy pelosi as the speaker has not transferred them over. e a, does it matter if she transfers them?
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b, why would you delay it the way she is? >> i don't know, jc. if he is an existential threat to the republic and if we are really faced with this once-in-a-200-year abuse of power, why in the world you'd be sitting on the indictment and not sending it over for it to be tried, if she were a republican speaker of the house, i promise you she would be asked a lot more about it, but i haven't heard her asked much in the last week.. i've always thought it's about the senate. it's not about keeping the house, because i think they are going to do it. it's about putting a handful of republican senators in tight spots in november. cory gardner and tom tillerson susan collins martha mcsally. put them in tight spots, make them cast difficult votes because even when trump is reelected, andca i think he will be in the fall of 2020, if he doesn't have the senate, he's
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going to be essentially neutered as a president in terms of getting his cabinet. that's always what i have thought this was about and her actions tend to confirm it. >> jason: if they transfer them, could happen tomorrow could happen never. if they do that, is it legitimate to call up hunter biden or the whistle-blower? do you have to deal with it in a different way in a senate trial? i would tell the republicans don't call any witnesses. it's the house democrats' job to build a case and they could've gone to court and compelled mick to testify and bolton. they could've honored devin and john ratcliffe request that hunter biden testify. they didn't do that. the investigation is over. this is the trial presented on the paper, the dispositions make your opening and closing statements and then vote. if the trial was today, the
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president would win and i don't think he would lose a single republican senator, and he might pick up one democrat. if you have the jury and you know how they're going to rule go ahead and get it over with. the president can say whatever he wants to after the trial is over. i don't believe in calling witnesses when i don't know what they're going toto say. this is not a drama. this is not something where we need a really spellbinding exciting ending. i like no drama when it comes to trials. he's going to win if the voters today -- let's go ahead and get the vote a over with. >> jason: i've got to ask you real quickly in a parting question here about petere strzok. he made another comment today about his first amendment rights to tweet or say or text whatever he wants to say as a federal employee.ay what say you? >> yeah, i mean, if he were really competent of his first amendment rights, i don't know he would've offered to take a cut in pay. you and i have a lot of respect for law enforcement. i really can't give anyone who's done more damage to the fbi's
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brand in the last 18 months than peter strzok. i will just tell your viewers for every one peter strzok there are 100 fantastic fbi agents. you just don't know their names. don't judge that entity, that agency, by the peter strzoks of the world. he is a one-off. i'm glad he's out. he never should've been investigating president trump. i'm glad he's out of the, fbii and i hope he loses the hell out of his lawsuit. >> jason: thanks. congressman gowdy, i appreciate it. happy new year. happy new year to you and julie. new troubles for the bidens tonight. joe's son hunter is reportedly in hot water with the irs. "the daily caller" reporting the agency placed a lien on hunter for about $113,000 in unpaid taxes from the year he served on burisma's board. joining me now is lee smith,np e author of "the plot against the president." and brett tolman, former united states attorney.
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thank you for being here. lee, you are joining me in studio. set the scene, because there are a lot of problems and challenges with hunter biden and what he did while his father was the vice president of the united states. >> it's an enormous challenge to unwrap the different problems. while it's a sad personal story it intersects with the national security of the united states. his father was vice president and the different problems that we see hunter biden had regarding substance abuse sadly, regarding women regarding money, this is one of the things the new story about the irs reveals. these are different things that intelligent services, hostile services could use to compromise american national security. it's not just about corruption. not just about corruption in ukraine and not just about corruption that hunter biden was serving on this board.
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there are serious national security concerns. >> jason: and it's china as well as ukraine. ukraine, we actually know a little bit more about. we can see the compensation in the numbers are huge. >> the numbers are amazing. the lowest estimate we have right now i believe is something like $50,000 a month. that tells you something else. if he was having problems in 2015 while he was pulling down that amount of money, that spells real trouble. >> jason: brett, i want to go to you because if you look at actually this tweet, we're going to put up this tweet that was put out by "the new york post." this is a home that allegedly hunter biden purchased. it's a north of $2 million and he's got some prettyen swanky neighbors. i think we have ben affleck christina aguilera, halle berry. those arest the neighbors. to give you a sense of the neighborhood here in hollywood at the same time, hunter biden
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is claiming that he had no income. he has this woman inha arkansas who has filed these complaints saying we need some money to help take care of a child of which he's not contested. help sort it out for us. what is going on with hunter biden and the money the irs is looking at? >> it tells us there is a lot more trouble than what we were remember hunter and joe biden both claimed nothing was awry. there was nothing wrong with him taking that position. he had done nothing wrong. now look what's coming out. we have a tax obligation that was in 2015 a six-figure obligation to the irs. what i want to know is how come that hasn't been paid or portions of it haven't been paid. what's the penalty in interest which you and i, if we had a six-figure obligation to the irs, i promise you it would be about $400,000 that we owe them if we hadn't paid for five years. >> jason: is he getting preferential treatment?
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the irs is notorious for not being an agency that messes around with people. >> this explains to me why there is so much defensiveness in the biden camp. you look at howef they react whn any question is asked about hunter biden and burisma and what went on, and i will tell you we don't know yet, but i can tell you that the irs is a very serious agency and it would take a lot of political power to keep them off somebody's back for a period of five years. >> jason: lee, what brett tolman is estimating, a lien of $113,000 from 2014, it could be as much as -- he's purchasing a home worth more than $2 million while also claiming he had no income. >> i agree entirely with what brett is saying about getting to the bottom of this, finding out what the irs story is about. there are lots of other stories
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that we need to understand exactly what hunter biden was doing on the board of burisma. we also need to know why didn't president obama look at what was going on here. did the intelligence community brief him? were they aware of the potential problems with having a gentleman with the problems hunter biden clearly has working for a foreign company under investigation by a foreign power. >> jason: that's what we heard during the impeachmentnt trial. we heard testimony that the state department and their preparation for somebody who's going to go with the senate confirmation actually was briefed by the state department saying you might want to be aware, you might get some questions about hunter biden and we don't know exactly the best answers. i'm kind of summarizing here. suspicious stuff. this whole thing about the irs if they are slowing down at all because it's a biden, that is really, really a problem. >> it is going to be a problem if they have done anything to get grant favors or be more lenient than they would on a regular citizen.
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let's face it. i held national security clearance and the first thing that is drilled into me is your financial house is very important because that's where operators of foreign countries can gain leverage on you. this is right at the heart of potential problems and he's the vice president some of the time. we have heard nothing about this from any of the investigations up until now. >> jason: it's even more disgusting to me, the national media. they have no curiosity, no interest. this is a national story. if it was donald trump, they'd be smothering this, putting n hm on the cover of "time" magazine like they did with the trump family, but no, it's a biden so they don't even run the story. it's a big one. lee smith and brett tolman, i really do appreciate you being here. have a wonderful, happy new year. coming up, you'll never guess what new york mayor bill de blasio is blaming trump for this time. plus, armed parishioners save countless lives during a texasas church shooting.
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lieutenant governor dan patrick is here on the new law that made it all possible. up next. up
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powered by our gig-speed network. because beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. >> you train but you hope you never have to go through that experience. if you do, your training will kick in and that was evident yesterday. i don't feel like i killed an individual. i killed evil. >> jason: love that guy. that was jack wilson, the man being hailed a hero after taking down the gunman who killed twoha yesterday during a texas church service. fox's jeff paul has the details. jeff. >> jason, some of the folks inside this church here in texas during that shooting on sunday are returning for the first time for what will likely be a very emotional evening.
11:24 pm
authorities say it could have been a far deadlier incident had it not been for the actions for people like jack wilson who pulled out his own gun, fired a single shot, took down the threat, and likely saved many many lives. >> since when do you know when something bad's going to happen? you have to be prepared at all times, all places. that's the way i strive. that's the way i teach. >> wilson emphasize he's not a hero and just did what he had to do. from the moment the first shot was fired by the suspect until the gunman was killed, it lasted just six seconds. witnesses say the suspect was wearing a fake beard, a wig, and a knit cap. they say it was during communion when he got up, pulled out a shotgun and began shooting. c the suspect's shots ultimately killed two people. family members identified the victims as richard white and tony wallace. a senior administrator at the church says with more than 240
11:25 pm
people inside the church at the time, thankful for the armed volunteer security team and how they responded. >> i am thankful that our government has allowed us the opportunity to protect ourselves.ha we have aav congregation here of openhearted people. we help people. we are here to help people. to have something like this happen destroys my heart. >> just this year, texas passed a law thatat allowed licensed gn holders to carry inside places of worship. two years prior, texas also passed a law that allowed churches to have volunteer armed security. jason. >> jason: jeff, thank you very much. joining me now is texas lieutenant governor dan patrick. governor, thank you so much for being here with us. first and foremost, there were two people that lost their lives, and we have to not skip past that. those are families that are grieving, a church and a community. it should have never happened. god bless those people.
11:26 pm
i hope we can do proper justice to their memory and wish them godspeed. >> yeah. jason, look, there were three heroes here. richard white was pulling his pistol, attempting to take down the killer whose name we won't mention. and tony wallace was standingki there, didn't have a chance to defend himself at all. and then jack wilson that you saw. for people who know firearms it's one thing to go to the shooting range, jason, as many of us do in texas and other places in america, and be able to fire a shot at 10 or 15 yards on target. it's another thing when someone is pointing a shotgun at you and the adrenaline is flowing. he took that, and in six seconds, it was over. there are a lot of people in this country led by the democrats and the radical left and joe biden who highly criticized our law when we passed it to allow members to conceal o carry in church, to allow churches to have their own
11:27 pm
security force. we passed those two bills in the last two years in texas. >> jason: governor, let me jump in. you're right. first of all, the shot was amazing. comes with muscle memory and great training and having the guts to do it and being the right person at the right time. the second part is the ability and the thought in the preparation that church had. you are right. joe biden took a position and was chastising the governor of texas for this. we have the sound of that. watch this. >> it's irrational, with all due respect to the governor of texas, irrational what they are doing.t' we are talking about loosening access to have guns, be able to take them into places of worship, store them in schools. i mean, it's just absolutely irrational. >> jason: governor. >> i have a message for joe biden. we passed that bill out of the senate and i am proud of it. senate bill. let's be clear to the american people that joe biden is dangerous. he's not just an idiotic person
11:28 pm
who says impossible, absurd things and he's not just naive but he's americans who have to understand whether you believe in owning a gun or not owning a gun, that the democrats are dangerous. if they get elected to a the white house, they will pass executive orders to take your guns, take your ability to protect yourself, your family your property, and your friends as those men did yesterday. it's idiotic to say to the american public that we want to take your guns and that's going to make people be better. there is evil in this world jason. a there is darkness and there's light and we all know it and that was evil yesterday. first i responders, god bless them, they were there within a minute. this was over in six seconds and if jack wilson had not taken on that killer, there could have been 10 or 15 people killed before the police got there. it's the citizens' response that's the most important to stop the shooters. >> jason: that's right. explain to the viewers at home what was the law that texas changed and what did that church
11:29 pm
do in preparation? we've got a short amount of time, but explain what changed at that church. >> after the sutherland shooting at that church, asked the attorney general ken paxton if indeed the law allowed us to conceal carry as it was written. he gave an opinion back to us in the senate and said yes, if the church allows it. the church, like any other private institution nor private business, could post assignments that you can't. i'm not a found a church yet who has posted that sign. they may be somewhere. they know their men and their women in there are going to be well trained. their own security volunteer team. some are off-duty police officers and sheriffs deputies. they are going to protect their congregation and they are going to protect pastors.ep jason, people who don't know pastors personally don't know how many threats they get. don't know how many threats they get.plno this pastor had been threatened. i talk to him last night. the pastor had been threatened by this guy before. he came in disguise.
11:30 pm
they were watching him. but you know you can't pull your gun first. you have to react. he pulled his shotgun out from under his coat and jack wilson reacted, as did richard white. richard white was killed. jack wilson took him down. that's the law we changed. you can carry if the church allows it. >> jason: jack wilson. 's i cannot say enough good things about ordinary people who do extraordinary things. god bless him. he saved a lot of people that day.e lieutenant governor dan patrick thank you for your leadership and thank you forr joining us. happy new year. i need to turn now to new york city, where crime is on the rise. attacks on police officers are becoming more and c more prevalt and a string of anti-semiticff attacks leaves the jewish community on edge. this weekend, five were stabbed during a hanukkah celebration at a rabbi's home in new york state. new york city mayor de blasio spoke out to give his condolences, but he also placed the blame squarely on
11:31 pm
president trump. >> an atmosphere of hate haso been developing in this country over the last few years. a lot is emanating from washington and is having an effect on c all of us. >> you are blaming the president? >> not just the president.wa we need a different tone starting in washington. >> jason: ay-yai-yai. joe borelli. thank you for joining us. what's your reaction when you hear the mayor that you work with there, realize you're in the other party, you're in the minority, but what's your reaction? >> i'm not surprised. this isn't the first time mayor de blasio has proven how buried his head is in the sand on anti-semitism here new york city. six months ago, there was another spike in anti-semitic crimes in brooklyn and he declared to the media that anti-semitism is a right-wing movement. i don't think i have to explain to your viewers that central brooklyn isn't exactly a hotbed of republican activity.
11:32 pm
these weren't maga hat people doing the crimes. he misled people about the cause of anti-semitism, like he is misleading people about the causes today. >> jason: the priorities of this mayor, what new york city is doing. walk us through. you have things like bail reform and releasing prisoners, giving out gift cards. things are foreign to the rest of us that live in the real world. >> it makes us question our priorities. we have bail reform which advocates tell us it's about marijuana and low-level crimes. this weekend, we saw a violent attack on a police officer on camera for everyone to see. should have been "lock him up and throw away the key." yet this perp was released back onto the street before the cop was off his tour. that perp was back on the corner before this cop was home on the couch with his family. these are the priorities of the democratic party. >> jason: this is video. we are looking at it..
11:33 pm
this person goes to the jail and is back out before this guy's shift is even done. >> bail reform is going into full effect in 26 hours and new yorkers should be concerned. we are talking about hate crimes. this weekend also a woman was released from custody after assaulting three jewish women only to be released in the next day, assault more jewish women. this is the state of play in new york city and it should be a warning to all the viewers around the country that this is the type of government they will get if you elect progressive democrats. be forewarned frankly. >> jason: the city new york city, i travel there pretty regularly with fox. that city has totally changed from the time where it was with rudy giuliani and the police commissioner kerik to what bill de blasio is doing there and there are people fleeing at every moment. then numbers of people flowing out of new york going to places like florida, south carolina and other beautiful places. it's unbelievable what's happening in the state of
11:34 pm
new york. >> there was a report out today we won the prize. we lost 180,000 residents to otheros states, the best state r that this year. alsootta the best state for that this decade. it's palpable. mayor de blasio is a failed mayor. you don't have to take my word for it. whende he ran for president, not one american in 100 answered a poll saying the job he's doing we want that for our country. he should take it as a grain of salt, perhaps recalibrate and readjust the things he does. hopefully recalibrate the city in the right direction. >> jason: it's unbelievable what you're going through. there are a lot of good people in new york city but the priority, tell me very specifically what should be dono to protect the jewish community? there's been a huge rash during hanukkah of attacks. >> my colleagues, jewish democrats by the way, very brave ones, have been asking for more police, more security cameras housescurity guards in of worship all across the city for months. this rise is not new.
11:35 pm
we have a recent rise in december but this has been a year-long thing. 64% risese in anti-semitic hate crimes and finally now after all this time, now we are going to implementse more police officer. the mayor had a hate crime task force formed in september and he basically hired half the positions because it wasn't a priority. it's just not a priority, jason. that has to change. >> jason: it does have to change. joe borelli, i appreciate your leadership on this issue and coming on to explain it. have a happy and safe new year. >> people should still come to times square! it's still a safe city. they should still come. >> jason: the way the new york city police department locks down downtown right there by the ball, i'm telling you it's amazing. shouldwn be a good night tomorrw night. coming up, throughout the year we've seen conservatives on campuses punched, silenced
11:36 pm
spray painted in the face. charlie kirk is here to take us through it all.
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>> jason: 2019 brought us ukrainegate, a dancing sean spicer and i promise not to show you that video. i promise. the end of the "game of thrones" and liberal tyranny on campuses across the country.. here today because through it all is charlie kirk turning point usa founder and author of an upcoming book "the maga doctrine." you are going to want to get this one. i want to start with one of the most egregious examples of conservatives being targeted and attacked. a recruiter was harassed and punch in the face at uc berkeley. watch. >> [bleep] [bleep] >> jason: i mean, he just went right smack dab after him. what was happening there?
11:41 pm
>> that was our turning point usa group at university of california berkeley. hayden williams was recruiting students. we understand we are not going to be in the ideological wemajority at university california berkeley but as conservatives, we still want to go out and try to recruit any students that might align with our belief system. this leftist thug came up and smacked him in the face. here's the sad part about this. that was in february. this case has basically gone cold. he pleaded guilty. the d.a. is still sitting on it inarno trial. i've been talking to hayden williams. he's just waiting for justice and i'm afraid that there's been this pattern at berkeley that if you do physical violence against a conservative such as professor who smacked someone with a bikei lock not too long ago, you might get away with it.
11:42 pm
you saw that video, considering getting punched in the face. justice is still hanging. i hope the d.a. does the right thing but i'm not too confident. that was one of the more egregious examples that led to president trump signing the historic executive order to protect free speech on college campuses across the country. i hope we can get justice for hayden. >> jason: important thing what donald trump did but it's very important what you're doing these college campuses in giving voice, even in a place whereonhg they might be a minority. let's head down to north carolina where a conservative student, this is the son of congressman dan bishop. he was actually spray-painted in the face. those activists were actuallyy trying to cover up ads jack bishop posted promoting an event featuring you. >> we were accosted by a few members of the club here, they were expressing free speech and these people rolled up in a concerted, intentional preplanned attempt to censor our
11:43 pm
speech. i think it's indicative of what's going on in campuses. >> jason: tell me what you learned about that case charlie. >> i want your audience to thine for a second. imagine if a mob of students wearing make america great again hats went up to a liberal student and spray-painted thatha student because they didn't like what they were saying. imagine the outrage. a of course,he the media conveniently didn't cover this despite there being video evidence of a leftist mob that came up to him. the campus tour at north carolina state university. unfortunately, again, very little justice was served. the administration didn't address at the way we would've liked but thankfully jack is doing much better. as you can see, many turning point usa students are under attack for their beliefs. >> jason: it's amazing to me because the people that are doing the attacking are usually the people thatt are preaching the most tolerance. tolerance, you've got to accept everything. there ends up being the least
11:44 pm
tolerant of all of them. i have to turn to pennsylvania where tom homan, former acting i.c.e. director at a fox newsi contributor. he tried to speak at an event about immigration, as he served under presidents obama and trump. i say try because look at what happened. >> go home! go home, homan! go home, homan! go home, homan! >> jason: charlie, campuses are the places where we are trying to teach kids how to think and have a civil dialogue. what's your experience across the country? >> allegedly. they are supposed to be marketplaces of ideas. students at university of pennsylvania, they are constantly wrong with your never in doubt. very quickly, they did do anything about what tom homan was trying to actually do. by running i.c.e. in running the immigration services. they would know that he wentby
11:45 pm
after child sex traffickers some of the worst people in our society. they did what made them feel good, not what would do good for society for the country. >> jason: tom homan served under t president obama. i want to return to new orleans tulane university. a member of your organization faced an arson attack. you can see the burnio marks on his door right there. what else happened? >> he tried to start a turning point usa group at tulane university and had his dormitory, tried to be firebombed. the police intervened quickly and in the correct way and the people that did this were held accountable. his private information was made public. he was doxxed. no student should have to be firebombed because they are trying to start a group on either the right or the left. this is just another example in 2019 of the left not just disagreeing with conservatives but targeting them and putting them in physical danger. >> jason: the last one we have timeti for is, unfortunately happened in my home state of utah.
11:46 pm
high school senior was arrested for releasing pepper spray at the school to stop an event put on by a local chapter of again turning point usa. >> yeah, you know that area well. it's in park city. the left hates the idea that there are other ideas. imagine if a conservative did this to liberals. i tell you what, the final thing i'll say is we will not allow the left to bully our studentsl or intimidate us going into 2020. it's harder than ever, but we are more resolved to continue to win on college campuses. >> jason: listen, good luck to you because going into 2020, i think things are going to get even more volatile. hats off to those students that are willing to stand up for what they personally believe and turning point usa for challenging and encouraging and inviting conservatives to actually express their point of view. have a wonderful and happy new year, charlie. appreciate it. coming up, joe biden hasn't even clinched the nomination yet, but he's already naming people to the supreme court. how does justice obama sound? that'sem next.
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>> jason: president trump's had major success in completely revamping the courts, even put two justices on the supreme court. in the unlikely event joe biden wins in 2020, he's already made a prediction on who he will nominate.. >> will president biden nominate dr. obama to the supreme court? >> if he would take it, yes. >> jason: we would call him president obama, but here is gayle trotter, spokeswoman for the judicial crisis network. donald trump really has transformed the judicial system.
11:52 pm
>> he has. president trump and senate majority leader mcconnell have shepherded 187 excellent jurors to lifetime appointment on the federal bench. these are young, excellent credentialed jurists will make sure that they apply the law as written and set of trying to invent laws as they go along. >> jason: "the wall street journal" recently wrote an op-ed revitalizing the federal courts trump and the g.o.p. senate elevate a new judicial generation. i want to read part of that. one reason for the faster pace is then democratic majority leader t harry reid's decision o kill the filibuster. they can no longer block a nominee. r the trump-mcconnell. when they got rid of it, it paved the way for mitch mcconnell to spend all day, every day working to get new people confirmed. >> mitch mcconnell is very proud of that.
11:53 pm
president trump is succeeding at a rate that is twice as much ass his three predecessors. that's quite an accomplishment. >> jason: some of the 2020 nominees, they have some radical ideas for the supreme court. i think they are shocked donald trump is the president and they feel like they lost are these two supreme courtth people were stolen from them.os look at pete buttigieg. i want to play some sound of pete buttigieg and his approach to the supreme court. >> 15 members, ten appointed in the political fashion and five can only be seated by unanimous agreement of the other ten. other ideas have been floated about term limits or rotating justices are from the appellate bench. >> there is nothing new underla the sun. this is just court packing run amok. the reason is because people on the left, liberals, want the judiciary to function as a mini
11:54 pm
legislature. when they can't get their radical agenda to go through with the votes of the people they want to take their last appeal to the court. that's been very successful for them in the past but now that they see that's coming to an end, particular with the ninth circuit where president trump, his nominees are making the balance between republican appointees and democratic appointees more balanced and we are going to continue to see more openings in that as well. >> jason: look, a lot of people voted for donald trump because his ability, his influence on this agenda. d do the democrats have any prayer of actually making such a radical -- people talk about pete buttigieg asas if he so moderate. that's not a moderate position. >> no, that's not a moderate position at all. we continue to ask for all the democratic presidential candidates to release their list. you mentioned that it was such an important issue in 2016. president trump made a promise. he released the list of people he would appoint to the
11:55 pm
supreme court. we would like to see those lists from all the democratic presidential candidates. >> jason: that's a great point. great move by donald trump and something the democrats should do. gayle trotter, thank you so much for being here. really do appreciate it. happy new year. we'll be right back with a big announcement from joe biden. ere. an
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it's time for the last bite joe biden revealing his big new plan .th >> i wanted to ask you about getting drivers licenses for >> time for the last bite. joe biden revealing his big new plan. >> i wanted to ask you about getting drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants. do you have a plan in the works for working on that as i believe it would help them establish
12:00 am
residency at a first step toward citizenship? >> yes and yes. it is necessary. >> that is not the answer. that is all-time we have tonight. my book the power grab still for sale. i hope you get a chance to pick it up but more importantly statehood because mike emanuel and the fox news at night team have a great show. mike: welcome to fox news at night. breaking tonight, the road to potential senate trial of donald trump on the campaign trail where joe biden once again forced to walk back remarks on whether he would comply with the congressional subpoena to testify to key democrats like doug jones speaking out ahead of the senate trial. we have the latest and instant reaction to capitol hill. america's top diplomat heading to the country at the center of the impeachment, ukraine and what is on the table for discussion.


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