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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  February 3, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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sitting in a court of right now on the candidates impeachment stand adjourned under the previous order. who've been putting the work >> without objection, so into the ground. building the organization and ordered. >> i suggest the absence of a building the ground here for over a year. quor people are really excited here in the state. i've been talking to folks all >> good afternoon, i'm day. >> so within the party, what are the issues? bill hemmer live in des moines for the iowa caucuses which will >> their issues are health care go down later tonight, as we say and climate change and those are hello, and they will begin the the issues i hear a lot about. i hear about jobs and education process of choosing their and these are the issues that favorite candidate to take on president trump in november. people are talking about out there. the senate impeachment trial is it's the whole range of issues. nearing an end and we know that every time you go to an event over the next day or two. you hear something about health care, transportation they make their final arguments policy, you can hear something as senators get ready to vote on about trade, something about foreign policy. as as a whole myriad of issues t wednesday to convict or acquit. there. >> how often do you hear the word impeachment. expert analysis coming up. let's get the reporting first honestly people are focused on what's going to happen tonight. from chad pergram back on people have been focused on that capitol hill. and having that conversation. minors are chiefs, what is it? >> what does that mean about >> that was a joke. where iowa democrats are? >> what does that mean here if >> here's chad pergram to start
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anything. the hour. >> the closing arguments have >> i think honestly a lot of folks aren't paying attention to what's happening there. been made by both the house but folks are paying attention on his what's going to happen in impeachment manager and we are done with that. these caucuses and they want to make sure that we get it right. they want to make sure with the what we will see probably over the next few hours this best candidate forward or who is going to be able to take on donald trump and that's what we've been focused on throughout the entire year. afternoon tomorrow and wednesday are a statement and debate by >> with that one more for you. senators. they have not had the opportunity to actually talk how iowa predicts the winner ultimately, especially on the about this on the floor. the trial has been adjourned for democratic side. your track record is amazing. the senate is still in session. hillary clinton was the winner in 2016, she was the nominee. this is where the senators will actually have their say and barack obama in 2008 was the same, he went on to win. they've been muted for about two and half weeks. john kerry and oh four and al gore in 2,000. the question here is, did this what are you doing right? >> it's a way the process works. make any difference? it takes 67 senators to convict and remove the president and we what candidates have to do here, don't think they are anywhere they can't just do big rallies and put a bunch of money on tv. near that number but the question is whether or not there they have to go into communities will be crossover voters. let's start with democrats who and go on to rural iowa and they might be inclined to acquit. have to find a message that works for all of them at the same time and they have to build an organization that can back it
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joe manchin, doug jones, up. democrat of alabama who faces a very competitive reelection bid. the people who win here typically do well, not because they win here but because i found a strong operation that has been able to propel them not the senators voted for witnesses, susan collins of only through the nomination but maine and met romney of utah and into the general life. >> we will see if it's clear or also lisa murkowski. the diet is basically cast, we not. know the president will be thank you troy, troy price live in des moines. acquitted and the question is coming up to some breaking news what will the vote tally be on that we mentioned about wednesday afternoon? 30 minutes ago, conservative talk radio host rush limbaugh >> chad, president trump is about to give his state of the announcing during his radio program earlier today that he union address and how is that has cancer. factoring in so far today? here's what he told his audience >> a lot of people are on radio. wondering, will he bring this >> i have been diagnosed with up? will he talk about impeachment, advanced lung cancer. will he talk about the ukraine and would that be advisable? the diagnosis was confirmed by we talked about that with two two medical institutions back on senators, joni ernst and kevin january 20th. kramer. ernst said, when asked about first i realized something was wrong on my birthday weekend, whether he would talk about the ukraine, i don't think so. january 12th. and i wish i didn't have to tell you this. she would like to talk about i thought about not telling anybody, i thought about trying policy issues, and kevin, kramer
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said i will leave that to him noting that sometimes to do this without anybody president trump does things a knowing because i don't like different way and sometimes crosses those barriers that making things about me. but there are going to be days others are afraid to go across. that i'm not going to be able to be here. >> bill: thank you. back to you in a moment when >> that is really tough news for they continue the action on rush limbaugh and his wife capitol hill. catherine and his family. back here in des moines with age 69 as i mentioned will be martha maccallum, brit hume and juan williams, great to see watching this, as he goes to the you guys? how are we doing, are we fresh? process in a very public manner. he wanted to be honest with his >> we didn't have to fly out here from miami. listeners and rush limbaugh says >> will that wasn't much of a he plans to return to radio as struggle. it's good to be with you. often as possible and again we mentioned a moment ago that he will be back on the air of welcome. thursday of this week so we what is your sense about here in await updates on the condition for rush limbaugh coming up. iowa as the attention of the country, martha, access to this in the meantime, democratic candidates making their final part of the country and also pitch to voters here in iowa. part of the campaign? the first test in a big election >> we spent quite a bit of time of 2020, only hours away now. with the candidates talking on we checked in on two campaigns. the street. there is a very strong sense that they want to get it right which means they feel like less time they got it wrong by
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in a moment, last minute efforts on behalf of pete buttigieg and picking someone who was an elizabeth warren. establishment candidate. you will hear from them, next. ♪ for many of these voters, the he wanted a man cave in our new home. decision is, should i go with my head or go with my heart? but she wanted to be close to nature. so, we met in the middle. the head candidate seems to be joe biden and the heart ohhhhh! look who just woke up! candidate at this point seems to be somewhere along the lines of you are so cute! bernie sanders, pete buttigieg or amy klobuchar. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico that's what will make tonight really interesting. to help with homeowners insurance. >> how often does this whole yeah, it was really easy and we saved a bunch of money. impeachment thing come up here? oh, you got it. you are such a smart bear! >> you don't hear that much. call geico and see how easy saving on homeowners they are concerned about local and condo insurance can be. issues and concerned about beating donald trump come i don't think that the voters here i felt gross. who are democrats who are eager it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. to see trump go feel that they have learned anything four years clear. real people with psoriasis particularly new about donald trump. they loathe him to begin with look and feel better with cosentyx. and i'm sure that they load him don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. now. their concern about the question that marshall touched on was an increased risk of infections should they be preoccupied with and lowered ability to fight them may occur. the candidate who was with him tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, on all the issues? if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, >> my sense is we will get an or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. idea about where the serious allergic reactions may occur.
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democratic party is after ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. tonight's outcome. is it far left or is it just center left? >> will first of all, you are in iowa. you have to think about college towns and bernie sanders will take advantage of a lot of that young people energy. that will turn them out big time in those caucuses. when you look at who bernie has, i'm not sure it defines the democratic party. the democratic party in fact if you ask people and posts, will say they are monitorin moderater conservative democrats. that's particularly among young people. >> i don't know. i just got here from miami. >> we are going to get three sets of tallies tomorrow night. we will get an initial tally of everybody who goes to the
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caucuses first choice and that will be the closest thing to a primary that i always had in forever. i think that will be a very interesting number because it will look a lot like a primary will look. everything after that is based upon who votes for which candidates, and that is always what we had before, a test estimated delicate comic delegate total. the raw vote was something new. iowa does not count for much in terms of delegates, that's not a big delegate hall. so what iowa has always been able to do is to win over the field and give the first sentence were where the voter sentiment is. it's a momentum race. whoever gives that number seems to me they could claim momentum. i know there will be arguments about that but -- >> it's called
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first alignment realignment and then the state equivalent. >> i think the bernie sanders folks feel like they are under siege so they've been told do not claim victory on that first let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages round. but if they are in you your took advantage of any american senior, shoes, they feel like everybody is out to get them. or worse, that it was some way to take your home. learn how homeowners are strategically using a they say later on, they won that reverse mortgage loan to cover expenses, first round. >> isn't that the same, whoever pay for healthcare, preserve your portfolio and so much more. gets the most votes should win? a reverse mortgage loan >> that's a complaint that isn't some kind of trick to take your home. bernie's people have had all along. i remember hillary wins here, it's a loan, like any other. big difference is how you pay it back. but in terms of delegate find out how reverse mortgages really work with aag's free, no-obligation reverse mortgage guide. allocation, and you go in other with a reverse mortgage, you can pay whatever you can, states, west virginia and other places and they always felt that when it works for you, or, you can wait, and pay it off in one lump sum when you leave your home. the allocation of delegates discover the option that's best for you.
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somehow favored hillary clinton. call today and find out more. >> this is the week ahead. i'm proud to be a part of aag, this is the week where we are. i trust em, i think you can too. we have the impeachment closing arguments that are ongoing and we have the state of the union, then you have a final impeachment vote on wednesday. >> bill: and team fox coverage you are a man who has been here on the nation's first before. presidential contest continues. just think about these news events in the way they are stacked up with this. what's happening today mike? >> it's been like this. >> hey there, bill. pardon the car alarm, i had to we are seeing things that we've go off right before we went live but mayor buttigieg will be never seen before ever. wrapping it up at this gym that this week and events like this you see at drake university with a watch party here is the night by themselves would dominate almost anything we can use. it's like trying to drink water rolls on. he did the rounds this morning on cable news and local news and out of a fire hose, to cover even squeezed in a run this this and absorb it and then move onto the next thing. morning before getting in front of his volunteers. if people would be knocking on we've never seen anything like doors and headed to the caucus this before. to add to that the dimension of sites to give them a pep talk
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michael bloomberg's presence in and in the final hours all of that was money that far pete buttigieg says he's the guy that can be donald trump and a strong showing in iowa will demonstrate that he has enough support to do it. transcends anything we've ever seen. if we don't even begin to know pete buttigieg has been swiping yet what impact that will have. at the president and in his >> i was with some younger response to the servicemen who producers and folks that are working on the campaign here were injured by the iranian along with us on this missile strike. programming and we went to the >> for anyone who is in the post event and they said that was so 9/11 conflicts to hear the small. president of the united states they said that's a normal presidential iowa sort of crowd. say that traumatic brain injury is no big deal, when he took advantage of the fact that he several hundred or a couple thousand. was the son of a multibillionaire to fake a but living in, coming-of-age in disability to avoid serving when it was his turn. someone needs to challenge him the trump era, if you don't have on that and i'm prepared to go toe-to-toe with him on that. the entire stadium full there is no way you are going to win. he change the game in terms of >> pete buttigieg has avoided what people's expectations were for turnout and enthusiasm in a questions about second and third way that i don't think -- >> i place, saying only wants to have a strong showing in iowa. >> bill: thank you micah, car just want to make this one alarm is out. mike tobin did it all in 60 seconds. point. lisa cooney is with the among iowa caucus goers it's elizabeth warren campaign is in iowa as well. barely 20% of the population so what's happening? the numbers across the state are, one fifth with a good >> elizabeth warren may not be
12:10 pm
in iowa in the flesh right now but she and her campaign are turnout? doing everything they can to >> if this is not -- you go down make her presence known. cameras on capitol hill did catch a glimpse of her helping to vote on a tuesday, you have into an suv within the last hour and while she hasn't had her to go and stay. phone or computer inside of the you have to stay and you have to senate chamber her campaign has been blasting twitter, this one talk to your neighbors and you have to try to persuade your from earlier with the photo of neighbors, and at the same time one of her surrogates saying, we you have people from the campaign's trying to enforce the fact that you went there and said you were going to caucus need all hands on deck. for them. make calls to iowa caucus goers now. there's also this video from this morning. so there are all these competing pressures and you've laid out >> for more than a year you've the three levels with which they been knocking on doors making will actually participate. but to me this is a eunuc uniqua calls and hosting house parties and talking with your neighbors about this campaign. i'm in this fight for you. caucus in terms of facing a torrent of news but there is so >> the warren camp is offering much in the country and within free child care to anyone who the democratic party. needs it tonight. >> i got some breaking news and they have teams spread out all i want to bring this to our over the state ready to announce those independents who have yet viewers. fox news alert from des moines. to make up their minds or impossibly more important, persuade those who may walk into rush limbaugh announcing he has a caucus with her mind made up advanced lung cancer. that their candidate doesn't make that important 15% during
12:11 pm
the first round to come on over rush limbaugh experience to the warren corner. shortness of breath before this morning she held town hall seeing doctors who discovered where she was asked about the issue and the host said he hopes to be back on the air on convincing others that she was the right one for the job. thursday so that three days from >> sometimes you have to talk now, rush limbaugh is 69 and he about this. began his nationally syndicated the world has changed since 2016 show more than three decades and right now, women, candidates ago. our best to rush and his wife catherine during what is and competitive races have been certainly an uncertain time, outperforming men candidates. martha. for this america conservative it's true. radio show icon. >> the warren camp says that the candidate will make it back to >> obviously a tough announcement coming from him. iowa to make it back to the we wish him well and wish his caucus tonight. wife well. >> thanks to alicia acuna. tough news and we certainly hope that's a situation they can catch an early and he can do we will be back live in des moines, after this. well from. >> that's a first i've heard of it. best of luck with the battle. we well on a monday's see what musica rush has to say between now and can refinance their va loans with no income thursday and certainly be listening on thursday for his first comments about this, if it takes until thursday. stay tuned for more on that, verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs.
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>> countries aroun around the wd scrambling to contain the
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>> i am here to ask you not only coronavirus now expecting more to come out but to bring your than 17,000 people, 11 cases friends, family, coworkers and confirmed in the u.s. the department of homeland security putting restrictions on students, because this is the flights coming from china, political reality of the moment. because that move in overreaction so far has killed this is what i believe. we are taking on the entire 360 people in china. political establishment. >> chiefs are super bowl champions here in miami. >> bernie sanders hoping for a big night and we will see what he gets in iowa. as they win it here at sanders trying to push on that super bowl liv. >> amazing night, nfl did it support. again, first time in 50 years they are super bowl champions. and, that real change is the 49ers had a ten-point lead in the fourth quarter and lost it. patrick mccombs helped his team put up 21 unanswered points, final score 31-20. something we will tell you abo andy reid raising the trophy for about. shannon, nice to see you. the first time in his 21 year we have the fox news voter quote all my coaching career and analysis which is what? 24-year-old now the youngest player to win a super bowl title
12:17 pm
>> it's totally unique, gives us in the league mvp award. showed a something last night. data for people that we've been talking to come up more than 200 iowa caucus goers. congratulations to fox too, we are asking important questions that will give us awesome broadcast, awesome game. clues as the night rolls on. we have 2 minutes to film, martha maccallum back with me, they go into these caucuses and brit hume brit hume and juan williams. start arguing with each other. i didn't mean to fill. they have to give these votes they might rabbit into those of elsewhere and start changing their minds. us who were not in miami. what's more important for you in >> as i like to tell you, i love picking the caucus for the football, i love the super bowl candidate? that would give us some hints and i look 56 and sunny. and these people will go with >> it was okay. the moderates. >> that was a great show. >> i thought it was great. >> shakira is a huge >> what will your questions international star. >> i thought it was borderline lewd but that's no reason not to determine or tell us and give us an indication as to where the party is a like it. >> watch it now. issue. is it far left or center left? i thought what the iowa democratic chairs and was very will we be able to tell that? >> i think we will get some interesting. name the top two, where does
12:18 pm
hints on that. we will also ask what's the most impeachment follow on that and there is no answer for that. important issue? we are breaking this down by gender, by age, everything else, >> they said they're having economics in between. problems with the app, last time they didn't have the app to these are people who are report from these caucus sites committed. and they may have to get a phone everyone here is politically call to follow the numbers again savvy in iowa, but as it turns so just keep an eye out for some out, not for people from iowa but for us regular folks, they potential. can stand the cold here. >> i am watching the first vote if they start to get snow as tally to see who got the most votes which is the most predicted you have to see who is interesting number of the night. the most hard-core. >> i just spoke with the chair and they said things are going does that translate into them well. showing up tonight? he said they all three will come >> so you did this in 2016, how at the same time. much are you able to advance the which i was interested in. ball do you think based on the system? >> i think because we are talking to such a broad selection of people not only once, we follow out with them. they have had more time so we we will see how it plays out are actually going back and where they jump on that first following up with them which i think will give us even more number saying we had them. >> the campaigns have their own accurate data going in. >> i want to show you something. totality and then they have
12:19 pm
their own app to tally on so i am just preparing myself for this is the billboard 2.0. can we call it that? some apps that are really we were just talking about the crossing. month of february a moment ago, on super bowl monday also known as iowa caucus. new hampshire next week's show the union, but in the iowa caucus, here's what's at stake. and you won. >> the market finished higher we have 41 delegates but they today triple digits on wall street, have a great day, will not be distributed until everyone. our coverage begins shortly in the state convention in june. there's a lot on the line tonight but this is what they des moines. see you later tonight. are fighting for. who is fighting for it? some of the main candidates. joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren. we get into all the details, one my closing arguments in the they are pete buttigieg hoping sent a impeachment trial as they for a big night possibly. try to seal the deal with caucus we went back to the results from goers just hours ago before the doors closed. 2016, i mentioned that bernie sanders lost by just a is going to be in busy night. hair to hillary clinton. here are the results in iowa in first impeachment which goes on 2016, 49.9 we will see if and on. we have fox team coverage with chad pergram on capitol hill on
12:20 pm
what happens now, john roberts at the white house with the president is gearing up for a someone could be somewhat close state of the union address in the face of all of this and to that. tonight, the map will populate throughout the evening and we senator rand paul a few moments should have a pretty good deal from now. we begin with chad at the here in des moines. it all goes down local time at 8:00 here in des moines and we capital. will have coverage for you >> good afternoon, it is all over but the shouting is now on throughout the entire night. terrific team here in des moines to the debating. two and a half weeks here, and we will give you all we need to know. they are focusing six weeks from now and we will ask the campaign manager why he thinks that strategy works as we get back here alive in des moines in a moment as our coverage continues, right after this. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug
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>> former new york city mayor michael bloomberg not competing in iowa, new hampshire, nevada or south carolina but still very much wants to be in this race. that's a democratic presidential candidate's height and here's what the president said in an interview with sean hannity that aired on super bowl sunday. speak to you know, now he wants a box for the debates, to stand on. okay, that's okay, there's nothing wrong.
12:26 pm
why shouldn't they get a box to stand on? why -- does that mean everyone else get the box? >> i want to bring in kevin cheeky. kevin, good day to you. we will see eventually how effective that is. what about the ratings that you were given? and i just want to get your reaction. >> we said something that he knows to be a lie and stated as facts. it's incumbent on this president to say things that are just approved by a simple google search. why he has continued with it is beyond me. we haven't spoken to them about debates and we certainly expect and hope that he will. but the president obviously in an interview for the super bowl,
12:27 pm
he also lied about having two ads in the super bowl. >> i read he had to 32nd spots and it equaled out, both spent 10 million per campaign. i don't want to get into the weeds but did he ask for the box or not? >> he did not ask for a box. the president knows he didn't ask for a box. thankfully mike bloomberg doesn't have to worry about his stature. he stands twice as tall as this president and that's what mike bloomberg is running for. >> i'm interrupting you only because what you are saying is what michael bloomberg said earlier. he was in compton, california, and here is his comment to the whole black mike back and forth. >> i will stand on my accomplishments of what i have done to bring this country together and get things done.
12:28 pm
i have been doing it for a long time and i stand twice as tall as he does on the stage, on the stage that matters. this is what happens when somebody like me rises in the polls and all of a sudden the other candidates get scared and i think donald trump knows that i can beat him. >> there were some stories that popped at the end of last week about some changes that could be significant within the party itself, about the rules for a debate. and possibly even the superdelegate change. will that help michael bloomberg and is not something that is going to make a lot of bernie sanders supporters and elizabeth warren and others for that matter ticked off? >> while you are out in iowa and you would know better than i about what's going on out there. the democratic national committee did change the rules and they said that if you get 10% of the support in qualifying
12:29 pm
polls that you should qualify the debate. that's twice as much as what they allowed for last time and clearly if someone has 1 out of 10 voters or more in terms of support we should hear them on the debate stage. mike is expecting to qualify for that debate and we look forward to it. it super bowl monday, i think like you said before i went on, this game has now started and it will get interesting very quickly. >> kevin, you are up to $200 million, how high we go? >> like i said it, i will spend whatever it takes. >> which means what? >> it means i will spend whatever it takes. >> a billion or two? >> i have found mike will question every nickel and every dollar. but mike has never put an upper limit on what needs to be done. and that's one of the reasons he's never failed at anything he's done. >> i know you are gearing up for
12:30 pm
super tuesday. thank you kevin. here in des moines, meanwhile iowa historically as a make or break moment for most of the candidates this year. the caucus is going to be a little more complicated to because of some real changes. we will check from some campaigns and hear from the man who's in charge of the state democratic party. he is our guest coming back alive here in des moines, after this.
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new fixodent ultra dual power provides you with an unbeatable hold and strong seal against food infiltrations. fixodent. and forget it. >> bill: we are just hours away from the first test for the 2020 candidates. democrats in iowa about to choose the person they can best take on president trump. we have team fox team coverage as we count down to the caucuses. i want to start with peter doocy, with the latest on the biting campaign. good day to you and good
12:35 pm
afternoon. >> good afternoon to you. joe biden turned out his biggest crowd in iowa that we had seen all cycle dating back to last year. he said he likes his chances there but he does not like questions about his son hunter's business dealings. >> don't you think that it's one of those things that people feel it's kind of sleazy? why would he have that job if not for who his father was? >> because he's a very bright guy. >> i guess the question i'm asking is whether it right? >> he said he regretted having done it. >> the biting campaign also moved quickly to squash nbc's story that biden surrogate john kerry was overheard at an iowa hotel telling somebody on the phone that he could still join the race if bernie sanders runs away the nomination. carrie eventually turned up at biden's event and tweeted this. as i told a reporter and nestle not running for president. any report otherwise is
12:36 pm
categorically false. i'm proud to campaign with my good friend joe biden who is going to win the nomination and make an outstanding president. biden's closing argument this weekend is to build on obamacare without being a third term of obama and he continues talking to us about democratic rivals and more about president trump. his campaign headquarters tonight will be over at drake university which is where trump rally last week. that's also where the last democratic debate was held and he will be hoping for a better result than the last time he competed in the caucuses when he wound up dropping out on caucus night because of the low finish. he did pop up at a retail stop here in des moines a few hours ago, and it did seem like he was lowering expectations a little survive. the entire time but that certainly not predicting a win outright, although he says he doesn't want to do that because he is superstitious. >> got it.
12:37 pm
all right, jacqui heinrich is with the bernie sanders campaign, what are you hearing today? >> in 2016 senator bernie sanders nearly one the iowa caucuses. he only lost to hillary clinton by three tenths of a percentage point so he already had a lot of support here. he was drawing on those same supporters to carry his campaign while he was sidelined at the impeachment trial in washington. last month alone wrecked grassroots volunteers knocked on halfling doors and they are back out in force today as he makes his way back to iowa after impeachment wraps up. in the final push before the caucuses, he hosted a blitz of festival style events over the weekend informally dubbed bernchella including a super bowl party. saturday's concert drew 3,000 people got half a million views on live stream. his campaign was saying he's the largest crowd of any
12:38 pm
presidential candidate in iowa the cycle. senator sanders could splinter the party if he wins in iowa. critics say a democratic socialist won't be able to pull support from moderate or independent voters. people who support sanders say that criticism is irrelevant. they are not trying to capture middle of the lane voters, they are trying to energize a populist turnout. >> nobody else, sanders is able to get a win here in iowa and it would certainly shake joe biden's argument that he is the most elected candidate and could have a trickle down effe effect. >> iowa democrats now have change the rules so the results
12:39 pm
will come indifferently tonight. we will see raw vote tallies from caucus sites in addition to the number of delegates that each candidate wins. that matters because in a caucus voters can start out supporting one candidate but then switched to another as a final choice. fox news will still use the delegate count to declare a winner but we will see how many people voted for the candidates. the man overseeing all of it has a lot to say. his tonight going to be clear based on that description or will he be clear as the mississippi river mud? >> our commitment that we made this year is to make our caucuses more transparent and we wanted to make sure that we could provide more information. that's part of the job that we have here in iowa, to do this year-long job interview and folks have asked as he more information over the course of the year so, this year we are
12:40 pm
providing it. >> we will see with the candidates can do. at the end of the day this is a race for delegates. this is about who will get to 1,191 delegates on that first ballot in milwaukee. we will see how the delegates will break down and that will be the best major. >> state delegate equivalents. what was john kerry talking about? comments that folks are focused
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