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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  February 13, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> the tell banner ads and support and its relationship with terrorist groups, drive anymore in new york. particularly al qaeda and al qaeda's affiliate in the thanks for joining us everybody and it's great to be back in country, al qaeda in the indian subcontinent. new york. i'm dana perino. i think there is also a i will see you on it "the five." willingness for the tell band to in the meantime, here's my good sit down and start negotiations with the afghan government which friend, bill hemmer. the taliban has been unwilling to do. and i will just say, the >> we start with the fox news likelihood in the near term of alert, two leaders who have any kind of an agreement between sparred publicly our meeting the afghan government and the privately. they've been arguing over how to taliban, we are a long way from treat undocumented immigrants and we will soon find out that one. >> bill: you heard about the whether either one is willing to give an inch. we will keep a close eye on that and bring you the news as it troop number, and esper said earlier today, he is confident you can get the 8600. breaks in washington. meanwhile, we are also talking this virus after china confirmed >> i think the u.s. can get down more than 15,000 new cases and to 8600 or so. only one day. i think we have heard general it's the largest increase since the outbreak began, a massive general miller, the u.s. four-star commander say that. spike. coming after a change in the way taliban wants the u.s. to go to doctors confirmed cases, more on that in a moment. zero. the u.s. at this point does not
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but as for now believes that it they can now diagnose patients on symptoms instead of waiting can do enough with 8600 and for a lab results. so far the virus has killed more than 1300 people, nearly all of them in china. continue to train, advise and today, the feds confirmed a 15th case here in the u.s. but they said that patient was already in equip. to go lower than that it would quarantine. so far nobody in the u.s. has risk a lot of activity. died of the virus, but it has there's the rub with the taliban spread to 25 different countries right now. and infected hundreds of people >> there's been a promise to the on this diamond princess cruise ship that is commander in chief. still quarantined up the coast of japan. seth jones here in washington, thanks. one of our top stories, the benjamin hall first leads our coverage this hour and he is tracking all of this today from coronavirus outbreak is concerned to hurt the u.s. economy. there's a good chance that your london. >> for the last few days or has cell phone or tv or something else you use every day came from been a sense of optimism, because the number of new cases china and production has been grinding to a halt there. had plateaued and people thought perhaps we've reached the peak. but then 24-hour period where susan li is here. there were new cases shocked >> there are a lot of goods that everyone taking the global total americans know and love could be to 60,000 with almost 1500 dead. impacted by the plant closures now the global response is owing to the coronavirus. getting bigger.
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now they are continuing to work apple still puts together more than 50% of their iphones in on a vaccine as well as other china and they were set to release a cheaper iphone this labs around the world and health spring that that release may now ministers they are agreed to coordinate the response to prevent the virus from spreading be delayed. any further across europe. also we have flat screen, and they even talked about taking lcd are made by five factors fas the drastic steps of foreclosing european borders and stopping that have been impacted and as a free movement of people across result the production might be the continent should this not work. the state department and some of cut 20%. car parts, you can't make a car its employees and family members who had been evacuated from will hand were finally released from without 90% of the parts, and quarantine in the california military base, after all 195 that's $35 billion in 2018. received a clean bill of health. the car companies, the fords, we are now learning as you said the and gm, we have nike and earlier that the 15 u.s. citizens have been infected, under armour so making a lot of this time in texas. their goods in china. in fact 70% of the issues that and they are preparing to take a americans buy here in the u.s. come from china according to fdr research. foothold and they do believe it and we do have one of the most will spread further in the for most tech conference has country. >> how is china moving to try to been canceled as a result. the mobile congress in barcelona contain this? is now off for 2020 because they don't want to make the trip >> china for the last few days in particular and that follows because of the coronavirus. >> bill: watching the markets
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today, they opened up lower and widespread criticism of their finished off okay. response. how significant could the impact they've been accused of various things and not acting fast be on our end? >> we heard from larry kudlow enough. and he said may be .2% or so also if it's a $21 trillion and that's part of how they economy, think of that as a 4 billion dollar hit. goldman sachs says it could drag on the economy that could be assist. this has become a serious roughly six or $7 billion but physical challenge for don't forget, economies do tend xi jinping, always a contract between the people in the to bounce back. we heard from china's biggest government that if things remain company called alibaba today and stable they shouldn't question it as such. now people are venting their the market is using the term anger at the government and as a result they have now fired a black swan event in terms of the coronavirus. a black swan event is the cause number of high-level officials with major questions being ask of loss of economic damage and that's the example of a black swan event. asked. there are thousands of people on board and it was turned away by speakman okay susan, watching the market, it's triple digit so four different countries as it sailed around southeast asia not terrible. because they did not want to ever do that exercise we have to say something nice about the dock in their ports. finally we can tell you that person next to you? cambodia hasn't finally allowed it to do so but nobody on that while president trump and democrat mike bloomberg are right now doing the opposite of ship had tested positive for the th insults are flying. virus and that is a sign of how that is next.
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panicked the people in some of these countries are about the spread. >> bill: thank you very much. earlier today confirmation of a new virus, the diamond princess, wow! that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. the 218. that's the highest number it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! outside of mainland china and right now the cruise line says i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. japanese health officials will whoa-hoa-hoa! allow some of the passengers to 30 grams of protein, finish their quarantine at and one gram of sugar. facilities on the shore which ensure max protein. certainly will be a relief to and one gram of sugar. them. in so many ways. claudia cowan continues our which cage free eggs reporting live and they will taste fresher and more delicious? only eggland's best. tell us about the people on which organic eggs have more vitamins board. and less saturated fat? >> cruise ships are like a only eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs. floating city, but some say it's more like a prison especially i need all the breaks as athat i can get.or, some of those who have the inner at liberty butchemel... cabins i don't have any windows cut. liberty mu... line? and as the number of new cases cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance grows. we have a number of passengers so you only pay for what you need. that have been stuck on board the diamond princess since cut. liberty m...
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am i allowed to riff? february 5th including carrie what if i come out of the water? and roger maniscalco of st. george, utah. liberty biberty... carrie has been sharing her cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance worries and frustration after so you only pay for what you need. having an unrelated health scare, a kidney stone. only pay for what you need. she did not leave her room ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ though for fear she would be separated from her husband and have to start the quarantine. all over. they are thankful that their state room has a balcony. author gabe porter and her husband philip have become passenger activists in a way, posting pictures on social media and pressing to get everyone off the cruise ship as soon as possible. with crewmembers quarantined as well except to deliver food they described the daily housekeeping routine. >> we try to keep the room clean and organized as much as we can. >> i put the dishes outside the door. >> yes, he gets to scrub the
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toilet. >> meanwhile sommer and steve geneen is have posted videos of walking around the ship's deck, something they are only allowed to do every other day and only for an hour. they have to wear masks and stay at least 6 feet away from the other passengers and crew. we have heard that now the next few days and that the housing facility on shore and those who do test positive will be treated at local hospitals. so hopefully for some of these passengers the end is in sight. they have offered a free cruise in the future but it will likely be a long time before any of these passengers take to the high seeds again.
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and it changed the way it looks for the disease. how come? >> we think it's because there was such an outcry from the international health community. remember, a virus doesn't obey borders or boundaries, the virus can spread past the country's boundaries so the international community is saying, this has gone way out of control and there may be well over 100,000 cases here that are not documented. how do you know that you actually tested someone who may have had it, and there were rumors for months that there were si sick people that weren't being tested. china decided now that if you have symptoms that are consistent with this virus and your physician says so, a cough or shortness of breath, they can label you a coronavirus patient. also changes on the chest x-ray or ct scan. that's the reason for the chan change.
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>> bill: doesn't mean it's worse than anyone thought? >> i don't think any of us thought it was this bad. and they might have been >> bill: president trump and one of his rivals for the diagnosed with coronavirus and white homberg it ends up something else. trading jabs on twitter. meanwhile other democratic candidates are now getting ready battle that's in but - -- >> forum a medical nevada, next saturday. let's bring in bret baier, standpoint, it's my anchor of "special report" i see understanding that they are you have recovered from examining the lungs of those who new hampshire, i think we all are a little bit at a time. might be affected. what would that tell a doctor? so on twitter, i found this, have you seen it? many make it as a 5'4" massive >> 13% have a certain kind of in data energy who does not want to a money which is blotchy be on the debate stage with throughout the lungs. you can see those characteristic findings on an x-ray or a these professional politics politicians. no boxes please. he hates crazy bernie and bill ct scan. with enough money possibly stop they do not want that him, and bernie's people will go differentiated with other
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respiratory infections. we know if someone has not nuts. in response, moments later, coronavirus we could isolate michael bloomberg. we know many of the same people them. in new york and behind your back they laugh at you and call you a carnival barking clown. >> bill: so how do you tell they know you inherited a fortune and squandered it with this from the flu or can you? stupid deals and incompetence, i >> the flu is marked in my have the record and the experience, and i've written a lot about the flu by fatigue and resources to defeat you and i muscle aches. will. those are the predominant symptoms. if you are walking along in the next thing you know you are it's on. lying out flat and you have >> yes, it's on. fever and fatigue and muscle it could get ugly. it's a new yorker versus aches. new yorker and they know how to the coronavirus is more of a brawl via twitter, and with respiratory virus with cough and money. shortness of breath, also fever. if both of those campaigns, you could test someone with the obviously the trump campaign flu, we have rapid flu tests, will be flush with cash when you put it up against regular and they have been in china see campaigns. mike bloomberg is flush with you quickly rule out the flu and then you move onto this. cash on his own, by himself. we have to isolate people who we forgot to mention in have this. the world health organization in new hampshire that mike bloomberg got 4800 right in my opinion has not been strong enough on this. they said china was doing a votes in new hampshire, just to great job but i think the put that in perspective. jeannie got out of the bottle deval patrick, neighboring and this has spread all over. former governor got 1200. he is a factor and will be on super tuesday and i think the president and the trump campaign >> bill: two more points.
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the majority of these cases are acknowledge that he may be that guy that they need to beat. all in th mainland china and we only have 15 reported cases in >> interesting development. the u.s. does that suggest to you that it has been contained better than bernie sanders, they are most people believe? circling around his support right now and they are taking some shots at him. >> i think that suggest to me although somewhat anonymously, that the centers for disease play the sound bite from control learned from the outbreaks, and they just try to sanders. >> i think the response is that e a great job we are the strongest. identifying coronavirus isolated and we have the largest voter turnout in the history of the cases. country. if you look at iowa and you see a 33% increase in voting for and, it suggests that with great younger people and they are voting at a higher rate than public health this virus can be ever, in new hampshire you see them working extremely well in the working class. contained. >> at the top of the segment you >> he's making the best case for said thousands have been unreported. how do you know that? himself. we found that down in iowa and >> two reasons. new hampshire was better, and we will see what happens in nevada. "the new york times" is reporting on this and the wall street journey is reporting
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to this. vulnerable -- some democrats in the swing states, in the swing , they have not been there since districts, feel that they are yesterday. vulnerable if he is the man. that's thousands and thousands more that just happen overnight, this breaking news. so how will that window itself up between now and the next several contests? >> democrats on capitol hill, a there were test kits, but we didn't have test kits or the lot of them on reddish and purplish districts are really ability. people that stayed in their concerned if bernie sanders is homes didn't come to middle kind at the top of the ticket. of like medical attention they you have some of those suburban had coronavirus. districts that democrats, number >> bill: that the stiction between the virus and the flu is one, took away from trump in critical. so many folks are sick around 2016 but went their way in 2018. they are really worried about their future with bernie sanders this building here and in of the top of the ticket, and new york, it's good to hear bernie sanders could care less about those folks in the dome that. in japan, a's show of support behind me when it comes to for those who have been quarantined. democrats worried about their people set out candles to form seats. he's worried about the heights outside of a hotel where revolution, the empowerment of hundreds of wuhan evacuees are his people and there are a lot staying. in a moment we will look at the of them. although i've saved this. epidemic's effect on the u.s. china producing a number of about 10 minutes, the culinary products for americans, union will make a decision about everything from your cell phone
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to your car and the outbreak is their endorsement, that's a big already starting to affect some deal out there. he might be on the wrong side of assembly lines. we will talk about that. that. and we will bring you back to the white house come up >> bill: here's the quote. it's bad to come up from a president trump meeting with new york's governor cuomo, the democrat and a swing district. sit down aimed at discussing we are having a conversation of immigration law enforcement and whether or not this comes down how to deal with it. meanwhile you had a big to national security or punishment politics, and it interview tonight. depends on which side you are watching. senator mitch mcconnell is on deck? >> he's focused on what's happened already through our reporting continues, next. impeachment and obviously news of the day with all the roger stone stuff but it look ahead at what's possible legislatively and how he sees the map for the republicans and we're oscar mayer deli fresh, the senate heading into 2020. and you may know us from your very first sandwich, >> i took note of his speech on your mammoth masterpiece, and whatever this was. the senate floor, it should never happen again, with regard oscar mayer is found in more fridges than anyone else, to impeachment. because it's the taste you count on. this was his closing agreement on that case, would you agree? make every sandwich count. >> i think so. i think his pitch now is to rally the troops and i'm going to ask him definitely about mitt romney. he wants to keep him and his you know i'm not sure. vote, he said it, on the floor
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who's peter samuel? as well. his next boat is the most daddy? important. we also have the war powers boat yeah? who's peter? today, 55-45 passing the senate well sweetie, he's your great-great grandfather. and likely will not hold up to a does he look like me? yeah. veto. yeah? yeah. >> bill: mcconnell, we need turn questions you've always had into stories to remember what happen so we can avoid from it happening you can't wait to share; with ancestry. again. thank you brett, will take you out at 6:00 tonight. if the defense resting its case today in the trial of harvey i need all the breaks as athat i can get.or, turn questions you've always had into stories weinstein. their final appeal to the jury at liberty butchemel... cut. and what they said about the liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance naked photos of their client, coming up. ♪ th so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m... am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance newday has extended our call center hours so you only pay for what you need. so that every veteran in america can take advantage only pay for what you need. of this unexpected drop in interest rates. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ one call can save you $2000 every year. to start saving on your next mortgage payment go to
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meeting with one of his biggest critics and the political women with metastatic we breast cancerers. rivals. they've known each other a very standing in the struggle. long time. hustling through the hurt. this meeting after the trump asking for science not sorrys. administration announced it would block new yorkers from enrolling in programs that allowed them to skip long our time security lines when they travel. for more time - has come. living longer is possible and proven in women taking kisqali plus fulvestrant or a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor. governor cuomo says the move is kisqali is the only treatment in its class gratuitous and retaliatory. with proven overall survival results in 2 clinical trials. jana roberts runs it down for the north lawn today. helping women live longer with hr+, her2- good afternoon. metastatic breast cancer. >> good afternoon. that should be getting underway kisqali was also significantly more effective right now, he came here to at delaying disease progression versus a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor washington, d.c., insisting that he was going to call the president's bluff on all of or fulvestrant alone. kisqali can cause lung problems or an abnormal heartbeat, this. the president responding on twitter is saying "i'm seeing which can lead to death. it can cause serious liver problems and low white blood cell counts governor cuomo at the that may result in severe infections. white house. new york must stop all of its tell your doctor right away unnecessary lawsuits and if you have new or worsening symptoms, harassment and start cleaning including breathing problems, cough, chest pain, itself up and lowering taxes. a change in your heartbeat, dizziness... in a press conference before yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, leaving new york, governor cuomo
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says it's not about security but loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, political payback for new york bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, at giving undocumented driver's licenses and that he is happy to are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. give. at the department limited access to the dmv database. kisqali is not approved for use with tamoxifen. listen here. it's our time. to continue to shine >> they need access to the because we are the thrivers. database. and i said we will give it to ask your doctor about kisqali, you, no issue. the only treatment i proven to help women live longer in 2 clinical trials. i will give it to you. so that should resolve it. unless it's not really about global entry, and it's about that memo that was linked to dhs >> bill: lawyers for disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein suggests, it's retaliation and accusing prosecutors of writing a script and creating a universe reprisal because they were upset where women are not responsible that we give licenses to for their own actions, that's the case they are making and undocumented people. that's a thin seven closing arguments today. prosecutors had to make their >> bill: it is a matter of closing arguments tomorrow. weinstein facing multiple charges of rape and sexual public policy.
12:18 pm
assault. >> i think it's unfortunate that >> the defense team's just they are calling this about wrapped up their closing arguments. politics, it's about the they spent more than five hours security of the american people and nothing else. talking to the jury, trying to convince them that their client should be considered not guilty. harvey weinstein arrived at the and governor cuomo says this is not about making sure you have the information, this is about courthouse today followed by his defense team, confident about their closing arguments. getting access to the dmv reco record. again, here's governor cuomo. >> if you think they are going the attorney calling the disgraced movie mogul an to extort new york, they are innocent man, arguing prosecution created an alternative universe in which harvey weinstein is an wrong and we will never do that. unattractive monster who they shamed by showing his naked >> if they can't reach an pictures to the jury. the prosecution calling those agreement this afternoon, images after one woman testified new york will file a lawsuit. deformities on weinstein's naked body using a powerpoint presentation, they said prosecutors failed to prove the he resigned from the treasury case beyond reasonable doubt. department after president trump withdrew the nomination for the they asked the jury to have the courage to agree. at the heart of the case are the top job.
12:19 pm
that's according to a senior administration official. allegations of two women, mimi where she handled several cases haley, and jessica mann. from bob mueller's russia haley says the powerful producer sexually assaulted her in 2006 investigation. did you run that down yet? and mann accused weinstein of >> this connection here between jesse lu and roger stone and rape in 2013. michael kelly. the white house is suggesting that she was not nominated for weinstein's defense team taking considerably less time wrapping under secretary of the treasury for terrorism and financial up just after three days. crimes. because of that, because of the weinstein is facing five way she was conducting herself while she was in the office of criminal counts, including rape and predatory sexual abuse. as you mention, bill, tomorrow the u.s. attorney here in washington, d.c., it's pretty the prosecution will have their hard to look at those dots and closing arguments. not make some sort of connecti >> bill: thank you. we will see in the first part of next week. have a great afternoon, connection. just one week after president trump was acquitted of everybody. markets bounced around impeachment, now saying the everywhere but not too bad. attorney general bill barr neil has it next. should be impeached, on the sentencing recommendation. >> neil: talk about awkward timing. the pentagon releasing this video of a u.s. warship seizing
12:20 pm
iranian weapons. it occurred a few days ago, including surface-to-air missiles and the arabian sea. the department of justice prosecutors had recommended 7-9 awkward timing, that all is years in prison. the president came out in a tweet earlier in the year and so released on the same day the senate passes a resolution that's ridiculous, horrible and unfair and the department of justice he coincidentally said limiting the president's war they would revise the guidelines but they insist that the president and the attorney general didn't talk. powers in the wake of that drone strike that killed the any in but listen to what elizabeth warren is saying should happen to the general. we pick apart. you decide. attorney general >> what the welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. attorney general has done, we we'll be talking to should all be calling. if he won't resign, remember the bill cassidy, 1 of 8 republicans to go up against the president on that war powers attorney general can be impeached. we can't just sit on her hands. >> the president was asked about it a couple of times in the oval office on tuesday, and the president was asked, while your tweet was putting political pressure on the attorney general, the president said no. listen here. >> not at all. he was treated very badly, nine years recommended by four people, perhaps were mueller people. it was a whole set up and a
12:21 pm
disgrace to our country. they stepped down after the doj dropped down. she's also been critical of the president, and now it looks like the foreperson in the jury of the roger stone case had significant bias, and stone's legal team is reviewing these new revelations about and says they will have a response from the get all the facts. >> bill: meanwhile a bipartisan senator up approved the powers revolution. we will hear from lawmakers on both sides, and we will ask senator tom cotton why he voted
12:22 pm
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>> bill: it's and a trespassing resolution which would limit president trump's authority to launch military action against iran. and now it heads to the house. mike emanuel picks up the reporting live on the hill from there. this just went down about an hour ago. >> it was bipartisan 55-45 with eight republicans voting with democrats on the war powers major. republicans in favor lamar alexander, bill cassidy, susan collins, michael lee, jerry moran, lisa murkowski, rand paul and todd young.
12:27 pm
we explained his position on that a short time ago. >> over the course of many decades would sing seen congress essentially forfeiting its authority to declare war and waiting for presidents to act but we believe that it's more appropriate whenever we put u.s. lives on the line. we think that congress needs to authorize that with a former declaration of war. >> this was a chance to jab at the commander in chief. >> the president will enter into the united states. but i fear that the president's erratic decision-making and his inability to control his impulses may bubble us into a war nonetheless even if he doesn't intend it. >> the house passed a separate nonbinding measure. >> what is the argument against it? >> the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell argued it would send the wrong signal to america's allies.
12:28 pm
>> i believe it was just an effort to broadcast a political message. so what message will the senate send to american service members? well whether they are the hour own leaders or those to defend them. >> but congress has a role to play. >> our responsibility is to protect and defend but we will do that in a way that does not illuminate the power of declaring war from the congress of the united states. >> the congress will veto if the house and said to him. >> thank you for your time tod today. it did not pass and, we are going after certain terrorist
12:29 pm
groups. why did that fail? >> i'm very disappointed that the senate didn't decide as a president commander in chief should use the armed forces to protect our country and our troops against designated terrorist organizations, that's exactly what qassem soleimani led last month. my amendment simply would have said that nothing can limit the president's authority to defend our troops, our citizens and our interests from foreign terrorist organizations. i'm disappointed that it didn't pass and i'm disappointed that the resolution passed, and this president is ready to defend of the united states for many of their terrorist plots and they should not take the risk that he did and learned the hard way last month. >> bill: and so you think the veto is in the offering, this
12:30 pm
president does not want to start a war. but if iran threatens an action against our troops or our interest, and congress ought not to send a message to support the targeted action from last week and removing one of the vicious terrorist butchers from the face of the earth. >> bill: you are trying to make sure, i believe, that if the u.s. military wanted to target terrorist groups in iraq that had ties to iran, it would be able to do that. was that your objectives? >> that's precisely right. our commander in chief has to run to congress and get 535 approvals at a time when it would have to be a matter of minutes or even hours to strike a targeted opportunity. >> bill: chuck schumer, we heard from him a moment ago, listen to this. i will ask you a specific
12:31 pm
question about him. >> democratic and republican senators have made that crystal clear. no president, no president can sidestep congress when it comes to matters of war and peace. >> so you have that to answer to. and that's exactly the point that you just made it. so how do we square the two? >> we killed one of the world's worst terrorist leaders last month. we are not currently invading iran or occupying a capital. as far as congress' role, i agree that congress plays an important role in keeping this country safe. the president as the commander in chief under article two of our constitution. congress has the sending power
12:32 pm
though and if that congress doesn't like that, we can always limit their ability to spend taxpayer funds and we've done that in recent history. in vietnam, nicaragua and somalia. if congress wanted to do it, we would do it again. the response of this resolution and the democrats in this house tried to do that with iran and they failed because they didn't have the votes to do so. so instead we went with the paper resolution when what we really need in facing up against iran is iron resolution. >> bill: thank you for your time, we will see if a veto is headed your way. in a moment talking with the taliban, a new push for peace after decades of war in that country. let's next. i can't stop talking about rakuten. pretty good deal - peter sfx [blender] ebates is now rakuten, sign up today.
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>> bill: at the u.s. and the tile band now negotiating a plan for a weeklong reduction in violence. that's what the defense
12:37 pm
secretary mark esper told reporters earlier today. a larger peace agreement with the group in afghanistan which might potentially bring an end to america's longest war. a lot of mites and maybes in there. jennifer griffin at the pentagon with more. >> defense secretary esper spoke at nato headquarters in brussels this morning and he was asked by a reporter if the seven-day reduction in violence is enough. >> it is our view that seven days for now is sufficient but this process will be conditions based. so it will be a evaluations process as we go forward. >> esper met his afghan counterpart earlier today in brussels and he said he would continue to consult with nato allies over the proposal. details remain unclear, he was not specific on what a reduction in violence means and he refused
12:38 pm
to answer our reporter's question, if the u.s. would continue air strikes against an isa six affiliate in afghanistan or al qaeda elements during the seven-day window. esper said any further negotiations with the taliban would be "conditions based." he also had meetings with general scott miller, but privately, pentagon officials warned any reduction below that number could impact the ability to go after isis and al qaeda. more than 2,400,000,000 americans have been killed in afghanistan since 2011. they've ramped that up to get them to the negotiating table, compared to 2015. strikes are up nearly 700%. defense secretary esper will join secretary of state mike pompeo and african president in munich for more
12:39 pm
talks on friday. pentagon officials have warned they want u.s. troops to stay in the region to ensure neighboring pakistan's nuclear weapons never fall into enemy hands. >> bill: thank you jennifer. jennifer griffin of the pentagon. seth jones, former advisor to u.s. special ops in afghanistan and now at the center for strategic and international studies. big title and thanks for your time. that was a level of trust between both sides, where do you think that level is today? >> is probably better than it was a year or two ago. the talks have progressed and the u.s. ambassadors who have lead u.s. efforts have made progress. just think, to decades of warfare and killing on both sides, u.s. soldiers on one side and taliban fighters on the other, there's a long way to go to build sufficient trust to build any kind of long-term deal. this is a first down if as we
12:40 pm
get to an interim deal if you get a deal it haso be condition based.
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