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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 15, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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it was really good. all the time we have tonight. thanks for laura for letting me sit in for her. don't forget to follow me on twitter. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from here. >> top justice department officials about people he wants investigated. the doj is sensitive to maintaining its independence and they are investigating andrew mccabe. michael flynn and more key players as we await the durham report. the doj announcing mccabe will not face charges but he is not out of the woods just yet. at the same time the attorney general was appointing outside counsel to look at the case against michael flynn.
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with the doj one year into his tenure, attorneys who know are here to discuss in moments. let's get things off, the latest on the intrigue at the justice department. >> reporter: what a night. we are talking about two tear justice after the fbi decides to close an investigation into former fbi official andrew mccabe who was accused of lying to officials. that is happening while we have been watching carefully cases involving roger stone and michael flynn who have been accused and even convicted of doing the same thing and that is lying to authorities. >> it is an absolute disgrace, put my family through this for
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two years before drawing the obvious conclusion and when they could have drawn a long time ago. >> reporter: vindication tonight for x fbi official andrew mccabe on the subject of a criminal crow been to allegations you buy to federal authorities, have them walk away without so much illegal charge. >> the criminal justice system and criminal investigations to exact some sort of >> reporter: on political enemies should not be happening in the united states of america. >> reporter: the move resolve the criminal court for probe after a referral from the inspector general which accused mccabe after lying about authorizing a subordinate to share with a newspaper reporter for 2016 article about an fbi investigation into the clinton foundation. the doj is facing accusations it
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is becoming recently politicized. could argue the inspector general asserts mccabe lied and escapes charges, trump allies, michael flynn and roger stone each convicted of lying to authorities facing years behind bars. the attorney general's order reviews of such investigations and prosecutions. >> there is an immediate and urgent need to restore the application of the rule of law which means it has to be applied equally regardless of political party. that is what william barr realizes has to be done for the public to have any trust in the fbi. >> roger stone's attorneys asking for a new look at their trial because of possible political bias. something we have been watching carefully and this could unfold in interesting ways in days we could have them. >> thank you all. what message is the doj sending?
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no message for mccabe, he is connected to. that would involve michael flynn. deputy assistant attorney general john you, good to have you on fox news at night. robert barnes, another attorney we had on the show tweets this today, they get tv deals, book deals, if a government official with an alleged crime, at an unprecedented level. they need an explanation. >> i can see why people think trump critics are being treated differently from trump supporters but they should keep in mind these are the results of actions of the trump justice department. it is true as donald trump tweeted today that he has the legal authority to direct all
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the prosecutions, to take care of the law is executed. he have -- we have tried to keep the white house and the justice department at arm's length, culminating in watergate and it helps donald trump in the end, it gets cleared by mueller. and donald trump allowed the justice department to be independent. >> he was frustrated by this. doing a deep dive, outside the original prosecution, want to look into the michael flynn case. michael flynn pled guilty to his
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own admission to lying and mccabe is connected to that because he and comey okay the attorneys who talked to this plan. >> they are now standing with respect to mccabe. they tried to bring those charges before, the grand jury declined and this will sometimes happen. we don't see enough here. i take your point about the lives or awaits found but in terms of making a criminal case it is a stretch. interesting however, they could have folded up their tent, it is hanging in the wind. i understand the confusion of
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the public. there are mixed signals but the bottom line is the department and william barr are moving to try to separate themselves from understandable worries they were too close with the president either expressly or without direction in a series of cases and that is toxic for the doj. >> the wall street journal saying, they are going to blow this up. the ag is smart, tough and independent, the danger for mister trump is william barr will resign because he is tired of having his credibility undermined, he is one of the best assets of the administration. >> i agree with the sentiment in that op-ed. william barr has been attorney general twice. he doesn't need to be attorney
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general. he returns to protect the institution of the presidency and to give good advice to donald trump. i think trump needs william barr a lot more than william barr needs this job. devastating to the administration for william barr to be fired or to resign. he had to make a lot of tough calls, they are still coming down the road, the john durham investigation and whether there might become all charges and the start of the russian collusion investigation. it will be hard to prosecute anyone out of the durham investigation if injuries and trial judges think the justice department is working only at the behest of the president. is much better for trump if he has a strong attorney general to proceed with those cases rather than have it come from the white house. >> it is much better for him. it will be interesting because he has to win every battle and william barr was pretty pointed last night. he really pushed back hard. will trump be smart enough to shut up and take john you's
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advice? shannon: is the president watching? hold on. have a great weekend. three days after a bomber killed six people in afghanistan we get word of a deal reached with a terrorist group. it is being called a reduction of violence agreement. the idea is if the talent and tone it down for twee 7 days that might move a lasting agreement along that could lead to a full us withdrawal after 19 years of war. good evening. >> reporter: caveats and skepticism you talks about our well-deserved. this is a deal to start talking about a real deal of the taliban lives up to its commitment to stop violence for a week. the suicide bomber could blow this whole thing up. >> this is a first step in the process to reach a political solution so it will take several
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weeks for this to unfold but it is encouraging we are heading down the path to a solution. >> the deal could be the beginning of the end of america's longest war. that includes no suicide bombings, rocket attacks, roadside bombs for twee 7 days and assigning ceremony on february 2, '09, peace talks among afghan party starting march 10th in norway or germany. donald trump and the taliban share the goal of getting 13,000 us troops in afghanistan out. it is not clear if the taliban would accept a small presence of us forces attached to the us embassy that can be used to jointly target isis. most people believe some us troops will have to stay in country. the announcement came at the munich security conference which included the afghan president. he too must sign individual to release taliban prisoners which would cause more problems in the war-torn nation. of the us leaves an agreement it would be just the latest in a
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long line of superpowers unable to bend the afghans to their will including the russians and british. >> the best if not only solution for is a political agreement. we have the basis for one on the table and are taking a hard look, we are consulting with our allies, with congress and others and peace deserves a chance. >> reporter: the key terms are political solution is giving peace chance. neither are statements of victory. what they were unconditional surrender, the only terms offered to the opponents. shannon: thank you so much. the trump administration cracking down and sanctuary cities, protecting illegal immigrants.
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undetectable unit border patrol officers, including la and new york. the aclu is calling the move risky, puts lives at risk by militarizing city streets. i strongly oppose this irresponsible deployment of federal swat agents for civil immigration enforcement. donald trump the first president named grand marshal of the daytona 500. that means he will give the start the engines command to the 43 entrance on sunday. we are also told his armored cadillac the beast is likely to take a lap around the track before the race starts. something the left often does to the right, now they are doing to each other. senator elizabeth warren shifted into attack mode calling in a democrat racist. are parallel ways in on whether it will work next. truck? what? parked it right there. male voice: what did i tell you, boys? tonight we eat like kings! (chuckling) you're a genius, gordon!
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♪ >> shannon: senators bernie sanders and other democratic presidential >> bernie sanders and other presidential hopefuls focusing on nevada ahead of the caucuses. here is jonathan hunt. >> reporter: bernie sanders hold a solid lead ahead of the nevada caucus. according to a new poll by the las vegas review journal and conducted by republican leaning intelligence sanders, 25% among likely caucus goers, 7 point lead over joe biden with elizabeth warren running third. but it is michael bloomberg who is getting a lot of attention from his fellow democrats, worried about his national surge and seemingly unlimited funds. >> michael bloomberg on the billionaire plan, just by your
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self the nomination. >> reporter: bloomberg apologize for prior comments on the racially sensitive policy of stop and frisk and mortgage lending discrimination but he largely ignored criticism from fellow democrats and kept his eye are aimed squarely at donald trump. >> donald trump is an essential threat to our country and our values. he is a disgrace to the oval office. >> reporter: candidates on the ballot in nevada are doing their level best for the decisive union vote. amy klobuchar tour the union health center today. >> i'm running for president because of unions, because people stood up for my family. >> reporter: the culinary union decided against endorsing any particular candidate, a move that could be seen as a blow to joe biden generally considered the most likely to have been the beneficiary of an endorsement.
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early voting begins tomorrow. the caucus is saturday february 20 second. in between there will be a democratic debate here and presidential visit. what happens in vegas over the next eight days will not stay in vegas. shannon: remember when elizabeth foreign accused bernie sanders of say a woman cannot be president, sanders insists warren was lying. now warren is accusing michael bloomberg of peddling racial demagoguery. >> michael bloomberg is saying in effect that the 2008 financial crash was caused because the banks discriminate against black and brown people. that crisis would not have been a verdict if the banks had been able to be bigger racists and
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anyone who thinks that should not be the leader of our party. >> the 2020 election alert, former neighbors -- sanders national standard and former assistant to george w. bush brad blakeman, thanks for sending your evening with us. jonathan weston, a warren ally, anyone who tries to be more aggressive and push the envelope in terms of policy, there has been a sharp rebuke from the press and the public against her. there is obviously a sexism factor on how she is able to go on the attack. is that true? >> i was cheering her on early on in the race. the bottom line is michael bloomberg isn't even on the ballot in nevada, certainly not in south carolina and i am here,
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his terrible record needs to be talked about. michael bloomberg and his policies, the easy copout, let's give a reminder to everyone, let me remind her the crime bill joe biden described locked up a lot more people than stop and frisk ever did. michael bloomberg will have time to be vetted but a lot of candidates spend a lot of time focusing on him instead of what they are going to do to fix it. if it was so easy to buy an election why is tom's tire losing and bernie sanders winning? the bottom line is senator warren dropped the ball after her debate in october and hasn't been able to rebound, she has avoided attacking senator sanders, joe biden and everyone else and now this is a default, let me pick on the billionaire
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which is easy to do. michael bloomberg hasn't mentioned it one time. shannon: he is skipping a lot of stuff and going for super tuesday. a new poll out in florida, likely democratic primary voters, right now they have in first place michael bloomberg at 27% followed by joe biden. people are undecided, pete buttigieg, sanders, warren and tom stier, some in the democratic field think i've got to go after bloomberg. >> senator warren is best with a foil in his race. it backfired on the debate stage with senator sanders but she has been railing against wall street and the billionaire class for a long time and it is red meat to the liberal left, when you're pitching yourself in these class battles that is something that is appealing to progressives in
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the primary. she had a terrible showing in iowa, tough showing in new hampshire, her border state where she's much more popular and heading into nevada and south carolina in single digits so she needs to turn the campaign around. bloomberg is her path forward. >> bernie sanders is the front-runner and moderates are too divided to stop him. they have reason to be concerned, sanders is consolidating liberal voters while moderate and conservative democrats are split. what do they do? chad program reported on this last night, down ballot democrats very worried about bernie ending up at the top of the ballot but there is speculation the rest of the folks, moderates and others can't get it together and can't stop him. >> this is the converse of what happened with donald trump. when donald trump ran the establishment of the republican party didn't want trump but the grassroots wanted trump. with bloomberg you have the elites of the party wanted
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bloomberg and now grassroots for bloomberg and the culinary union decides not to endorse anybody because they fear a progressive candidate will take their ability to bargain for healthcare since that is government control. the whole world is turned upside down with democrats. they don't know what they stand for what they will get at the convention. shannon: joe biden coming out of a fundraiser, listen to the chants he got. >> dropout joan ♪ dropout joe ♪ >> go home early! >> any chance he comes roaring back for south carolina? he is pledged to do so and we will move down the line. >> he will be strong in south carolina but bloomberg and tom stier leading south carolina.
12:25 am
that is a dark horse to pay attention to as well. >> a lot of people say don't count him out yesterday. he feels there is a firewall down south. >> it is time for the vice president to shine. he will have a good night on wednesday which is the next debate. hopefully michael bloomberg makes the debate stage. nevada caucuses on saturday and his firewall in south carolina the following week three days before super tuesday when delegates are up for grabs and that is a good news cycle out of south carolina into those states. shannon: i want your take on biden. democrats, the rest of them are inching forward. >> with regard to biden his party is passed him by a long time ago, joe biden is not a progressive democrat and doesn't fit the mold of a socialist democrat which seems to be the flavor of the month for democrats.
12:26 am
with regard to the debate they had better be gunning for michael bloomberg because you can't let him just show up and not face the music. the fact that warren is not attacking biden but is attacking bloomberg tells you what you need to know who they think the threat is. shannon: popcorn on wednesday night, great to have you. michael avenatti convicted on all counts today but other trials and charges still looming. how much time he is facing behind bars. try pantene daily moisture renewal conditioner. its color-safe formula uses smart conditioners to micro-target damage helping to repair hair without weighing it down. try pantene.
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>> the tokyo olympic games will go on despite the coronavirus. the prime minister said there is no plan b. south korean media claiming a north korean trade official who
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is supposed to be -- slipped out and visited a public bath. they are reporting he was caught and immediately shot and killed by authorities. kim jong un declared martial law to administer the quarantine. the state department will evacuate american citizens and their families aboard the diamond princess cruise ship quarantines in japan, 380 people will be offered seats on two evacuation flights from japan back to the us. one down two to go for michael avenatti. the disgraced attorney who commanded the airwaves for months criticizing donald from facing decades behind bars following his conviction on all counts in the extortion case today and two more trials to deal with. as a reminder how far he has fallen check this headline from cnn july of 2018, president michael avenatti, never say never. politico in september of that year, michael avenatti winning the democratic primary. he won't be the nominee but is sitting the terms of the debate.
12:32 am
>> reporter: one case tax from the other stealing from his client including 300,$000 from porn star stormy daniels to pay for his lavish lifestyle was the california lawyer who appeared frequently on cnn and msnbc to criticize donald trump was found guilty by a jury of trying to extort nike for $25 million, he now faces 42 years in prison. here's the ever cocky avenatti before trial. >> a lot of people are afraid of the truth in this case. i'm going to embrace it. >> what can you tell us? >> the fact that the truth and the extent of what happened. >> nike accused him of the shakedown threatening told the press conference charging the shoe company of paying college basketball players to obtain of endorsements.
12:33 am
nike is the feds to record the call. here is one with avenatti threatening to take nike stock unless they paid him. >> a few million dollars, if that is what is contemplated let's say it was good to meet you and we are done. i will proceed with my press conference and take $10 billion off the market. >> reporter: former targets are getting revenge. nebraska senator ben sass who avenatti called a moron who knows nothing about the law put out this statement, quote, michael avenatti is a d list attorney but grade a scumbag, harm to get airtime from the slammer. nike's witness cable television's loss. and the end michael avenatti wasn't a real attorney, just played one on tv. the defense claimed he was only being aggressive or presenting a coach who lost a nike sponsorship. sentencing is scheduled for
12:34 am
june 17th of his lawyer says he will appeal yet there is more. in april, charges he defrauded daniels of book proceeds and in may '36 counts of stealing clients money including to buy a jet to support his racing team. >> harvey weinstein guilty or not guilty? time for jurors to decide, criminal defense attorney on deck to break down closing arguments next. real news roundup, taking a page out of trump's playbook, michael bloomberg embracing social media as a campaign strategy, reportedly working with instagram to create a variety of means most of them satirical in nature. several high profile accounts already and generating a lot of attention and confusion. campaign ads in the form of fake direct messages from candidates.
12:35 am
in connecticut 3 female high school runners filing a lawsuit for biologically born male students from competing as transgender athletes calling it biological unfairness. they allow students with male physiology to compete against them deprives them of awards and a chance of a scholarship. a 28-year-old becoming the first transgender athlete to compete in the us olympic trial. the move signaling they do not plan to resume royal duties in england anytime soon. they retain some employees but not full staff. the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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♪ >> shannon: the final a >> the final act in the rape trial of harvey weinstein with jury deliberations, prosecutors wrapping up their closing argument today.
12:40 am
>> harvey weinstein leaving court one more time before jerry deliberates his fate. >> i am proud of the prosecution. no matter what the result is. >> is the disgraced movie mogul at case nears a end the prosecution got the final word calling the former prosecutor master of the universe, breaking down the weeklong trial into 3 things, power, manipulation and abuse. since the beginning of his milestone of the me too movement 28 witnesses to the state for the prosecution including six accusers two the focus of this case. a production assistant says the powerful producer sexually assaulted her, jessica man accuses him of raping 2014.
12:41 am
they sacrificed their dignity, privacy and peace for the prospect their voice would be enough for justice, the defense countered the relationships were consensual even providing evidence that some of the accusers kept in touch with weinstein after the alleged abuse. >> i don't think the totality of the circumstance matters. >> the doors were told they don't have to like weinstein but that doesn't make them guilty. and final arguments the prosecution humiliated weinstein showing the jury naked pictures in court. those images came up after one accuser testified about deformities on weinstein's body, he never took the stand but praising the team's closing arguments. weinstein faces five criminal counts including rape and predatory assault. he could spend life in prison. 7 men and 5 women begin celebration tuesday regardless of what the jury finds, weinstein visits another case of sexual abuse allegations in
12:42 am
california. >> thank you so much. the prosecution rests in a jury finds michael avenatti guilty of trying to extort nike. they will have to discuss this with the author of the book be happy by choice, sounds like a great book, welcome, great to have you with us. let's start with the weinstein case, another soundbite from his attorney what the jury has to do now. >> this is a case that should be about evidence, not emotion or feelings and is not a popularity contest. in this case the evidence was on our side. >> not a sympathetic character but it doesn't matter. >> not a slamdunk for either side. it is all testimonial evidence, no scientific evidence, no busload of nuns to corroborate that this did happen but the cosby effects going for the prosecution. cosby is in jail because of safety in numbers, enough for the juror to say maybe one or 2 but all of these?
12:43 am
weinstein had six people accusing enough predatory acts. on the other side the defense has a solid argument, the ladies engaged in were inconsistent with someone who would typically be raped. one of them having sex with him two weeks after she was raped. >> the ap brought that up, the prosecution is complicated because the women he is charged with raping kept in contact after the alleged encounters but assistant district attorney said part of scene was keep in contact with them so he could point to those encounters as evidence but nothing happened. >> there are arguments on both sides. do you believe one side that says don't make anything up? if that was his scheme he is a predator. that is what he has been doing for decades been on the other side, who would ever have consensual sex with someone who allegedly raped them.
12:44 am
these tours are judging these witnesses deciding what is true. shannon: let's talk about michael avenatti. here is how i noted lawyer and avenatti one of his students and a research assistant at one point, michael is a rex to riches story, the kid who worked his way through school and rocketed to the top, his record climb followed by an equally rapid plunge. it was a modern a caress tragedy of epic proportions, lauded by the media couple years back and he has one major strike against him awaiting sentencing, two a big trials coming up. >> let's look at this. he's looking at serious time in prison for something that wasn't as he suggested legal actions by a lawfully abiding lawyer. he extorted nike. just don't do it.
12:45 am
shannon: there are recordings so that doesn't help. been sass noted the left-wing media loved him and put him on and he was part of a potential hit job against brett kavanaugh. he said michael avenatti is a dealer's attorney and grade ace comeback. brit hume tweeting it should not be forgotten how many media moguls fond over this guy and how much airtime they gave him while doing so. >> jurors found not necessarily that he is a scumbag but is a convicted felon and that is who he is and will take that into his next trial. >> there is substantial time he will be facing as well. if you're sentenced in federal courts across the country, are those concurrent or consecutive? how do they work? >> he could be getting
12:46 am
consecutive time. you add up what he is facing, a judge could depart above the guidelines, below the guidelines. it is in and of the federal judge who will be sentencing him. >> he will have a sentencing coming up in this case with two trials awaiting him, thanks for making time for us and thank your wife are giving you up on valentines night, we'll her. night court convenes next. you have seen the viral video of a woman punching a woman's seat but who was in the wrong? our legal eagles debate. you have the final word on travel etiquette. stick around. ltra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, it was just what we needed. dad? i didn't do it. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide.
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♪ >> shannon: all right. a woman is julie: a woman considering legal options after fellow airline passenger repeatedly punched her seat because she reclined too far. a flight attendant refused to help her and demanded she stop reporting the whole thing. reaction is mixed from those who sympathize with her to others who blame her for reclining her seat in the first place. tonight's legal eagles, good to have you with us.
12:51 am
this is the woman talking about what is going to happen now. >> i would like to press charges against this man. i was assaulted on this plane and american airlines, the flight attendant loretta fired. >> he is a horrible person. the guy behind the result of a horrible person and the real villain is american airlines and the airline industry. 20 years ago airline seats had 38 inches of space, now they have reduced that to 26 inches. people should not to have to go to the hunger games to fight for seat space. just because you have the validity recliner chair back doesn't mean you should.
12:52 am
you could eat boiled eggs on the plane. that doesn't mean it is a good idea. by reclining her seat into his face she was the aggressor so she cannot claim to be assaulted when he tried to refill her aggressive actions. >> people say don't make picture reclined, if i paid for like a reclining. exhibit b, american airlines said we are aware of the customer dispute that transpired on flight 4392 on january 3, '01, the safety and comfort of customers is priority and the team is looking into that. >> how fitting that on the most romantic day of the year, happy valentine's day, we are dealing with a lover's quarrel on an airplane. shannon: there is not much love. >> i wonder if they are secretly husband and wife. shannon: hopefully she is not suing her husband. >> two possible legal claims,
12:53 am
one for disorderly conduct which is a catch all if you are engaging in unruly behavior that is offensive to another that is a crime. the other is battery where you make intentional touching against a person and with battery you don't have to touch the person. if there is an extension of the person like the back of the seat you can argue this is a battle. at the end of the day some cases don't belong in a court of law. it belongs in the courts of love. shannon: people are very split on this. wendy williams tweets this. when the flight attendant came she rolled her eyes at me and said what? she then said was tight back there, had to delete the video. i asked her name and she gave me a passenger disturbance notice. >> he has been giving a passenger disturbance notice and what she has done after this, she tweeted this to have him be
12:54 am
the jack whole of the week. she is now claiming she suffered injuries as a result, trying to get money for american airlines and the fbi to prosecute. she was the initial aggressor. he would have a self-defense argument because she entered his space first. he did not aggressor towards her. >> reclining receipt is aggressive. she was asked to delete the video after the male passenger was upset she continued to report, they continue to escalate the situation. encourage customers to be respectful of one another. >> i will throw robert a bone on this one. you can video tempt somebody in public with the don't have reasonable expectation of privacy. but at the end of the day i have
12:55 am
an idea that robert's client and my client to six weeks of love therapy with doctor ruth. shannon: i don't know how that would turn out. it is great to have you with us. let's us know what you think. we want to recognize special midnight hero, a 5-year-old woke up to flames, jumped into action and grabbing his 2-year-old sister and his dog. he called the fire departments from his nearby a collapse house. we are told this georgia boy saved all eight members of his family in the house and recognized for his heroism, given the lifesaver award. you are a little boy who is a brave action and for that we are honored to have you as the
12:56 am
valentine's day midnight hero. thank you. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. dmother alic. and long-lasting gain scent beads. part of the irresistible scent collection from gain! ♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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think. sean hannity takes over. have a great weekend with the ones you love. ♪ >> sean: welcome to hannity. we begin tonight a fox news alert. big, breaking positive developments to share surrounding the deep state. this is very detailed. pay close attention. i have to unpeal the layers of this onion. first, i have to admit the mccabe news on the declination of prosecution is frustrating especially when the ig had identified four separate incidents of lack of candor. that means lying. seems as i said last night only conservatives they seem to get punished for that in today's america. now, what we know is this is the single biggest abuse of power scandal, corruption scandal in modern american history. and it is playing out before our very eyes. we now see that the corruption at the highest


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