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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  February 16, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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parade next week. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. chris: the attorney general who has been a close ally of mr. trump says he won't be bullied, while the president says he has the right to intervene even in cases involving his long-time advisor roger stone. >> the attorney general can be
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impeached. chris: we'll discuss the fall out with kellyanne conway. there are two new front runners in the democratic race. >> we are getting the establishment just a little bit nervous. >> i ask you to join us for taking a better stand for tomorrow. chris: we'll ask pete buttigieg about voters in south carolina and nevada. our power player of the week, a fixture of the late 90s goes classical. >> it's about unformallizing the symphony orchestra in a way that doesn't intimidate people. hello again from fox news in
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washington. ever since william barr became attorney general, critics complained that he acts more like the president's personal lawyer than the nation's top law enforcement officer. but this week barr said the president's tweets about the cases make it impossible for him to do his job. 's doj decided not to pursue charges against andrew mccabe. we'll speak with kellyanne conway. but first let's bring in mark meredith. >> the white house says the president has confidence and faith in his attorney general even as multiple congressional democrats are calling for bill barr to resign amid multiple controversies facing his
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department. >> i won't be bullied or influenced by anybody. >> he's raising eyebrows. in 2017 flynn pleaded guilty for lie together fbi, recently asked to withdraw that plea and is still awaiting sentencing. the justice department says it's no longer pursuing a case against former fbi director andrew mccabe. >> it's an absolute disgrace that they took two years before they finally drew the obvious conclusion. reporter: the president tweeted saturday fat mccabe quote authorized media leaks to advance personal interests. the president praised the justice department for the way it's handling the case against roger stone. prosecutors planned to ask for a
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7-9 year sentence but senior doj officials overruled their decision. >> i have not discussed the sentencing with the white house. >> everything about barr is about loyalty to donald trump. he should not be the attorney general. reporter: barr will be forced to explain some of his decisions at the end of march before the house judiciary committee. chris: joining us now, counselor to the president, kellyanne conway. welcome back to "fox news sunday." what does the president think of the decision to drop the criminal investigation of former fbi official andrew mccabe. does he think mccabe should be prosecuted? >> the president realizes people feel there is a two-tier
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criminal justice system. for somebody hillary clinton andy mccabe, he was the number two and for a while the acting director after comey was fired. no one, including andy mccabe or lisa page denied he lied. he didn't lie once, he lied multiple times. the end of october 2016 he authorized the leak to the "wall street journal." the leak was about the ongoing investigation into hillary clinton's emails. he authorizes the leak, then lies about knowing about the leak. then he is able to correct that in an on-the-record under oath interview in july 2017 and lies again. he will be a serial liar whether he's prosecuted or not.
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chris: does the president think the mccabe case should be reopened and be prosecuted? >> the president appreciates the fact that the department of justice work on cases that don't get any kind of coverage. sanctuary cities and trafficking of drugs and guns. this is small potatoes. but people see it for what it is. he's small potatoes. he will always be seen as a serial liar as will those who covered for him. what we are most concerned about is making sure the 35,000 rank and file fbi men and women who do their jobber day with integrity and fidelity and bravery aren't being put florida in that toxic stew including andy mccabe trying to prevent trump from being president.
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chris: does the president think the mccabe case should be reopened? >> the president thinks the mccabe case -- mccabe should be punished. chris: attorney general barr said the president never asked him to do anything in a criminal case. but the president tweeted, this does not mean i don't have the legal right to do so, i do, but i have so far chosen not to. what does he think is his legal authority to order who should be prosecuted. >> the president is making the point and the attorney general bill barr is backing him up on this that he has not interfered
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in any criminal case. i know people are trying to bully bill barr out of his job like elizabeth warren. he's not going to be bullied by people like elizabeth warren or steve cohen. chris: does he have the authority to get involved in criminal cases? >> the president can weigh in. the president weighs in with the whole world. he had a conversation with the hold world. he put it on his twitter feed on social media. he cuts out the middleman where he tells everybody what he thinks on a number of cases. chris: bill barr says that kind of conversation, even if it's to the hold world, undercuts his authority and makes it impossible for him to do his job. >> if he were to say go
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investigate somebody because and you sense it's because they are a political opponent, then the attorney general shouldn't and wouldn't carry that out. chris: since watergate presidents have generally stayed away from involvement in criminal investigation. will mr. trump going forward risk that, barr's request for him to stop commenting on current cases, whether it's in terms of on the air in public statements or a tweet. >> it's different to pick up the phone and ask your attorney general to do something in a criminal case. he says he hasn't don't, bill barr said he hasn't done it. it's not correct to say presidents have not interfered. bill clinton pardoned a relative. chris: pardoning is after the criminal process has been
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completed. >> president obama spoke up in the fred yesterday gray case. bush 4 commented on the rodney king case it's disingenuous to say presidents don't comment on criminal matters. the president of the united states has not asked or directed his attorney general privately to do anything in any criminal matter including roger stone. number two, he works hand in glove with the attorney general on a number of matters that affect his country. chris: policy is different than criminal cases. >> we work well with them. drug trafficking, human trafficking, gun trafficking, sanctuary city, texas versus azar. elder care. our law enforcement feel better respected. chris: there has been a war of
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words over the past week between the president and the former mayor of new york city who the war of words is between michael bloomberg and the african-american community. the policy may have been stop and frisk. but the philosophy was to denigrate people of color and it's a disgrace. chris: one of the statements back and forth had to do with these comments that michael bloomberg made about stop and frisk in 2015. take a look. >> you throw them against the wall and frisk them. chris: the president tweeted right after that, wow, bloomberg is a total racist and he expanded on that in a radio interview with geraldo rivera. president trump: what bloomberg did to the black community was a days grace. chris: candidate trump supported
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with bloomberg did with top and frisk. president trump: it was continued on by mayor bloomberg and terminated by the current mayor. but stop and frisk had a tremendous impact on the safety of new york city. so when you say it has no impact, it did, it had a big impact. chris: why was stop and frisk tremendous then and racist now. who the president is saying if he said something like that's,er would say racist. but look at all the people who are saying i think michael bloomberg learned his lesson, he apologized. it was so long ago. it was a few years ago with stop and frisk. he said canceling red lining started the financial crisis. this bill askon air who -- this
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willon aiwill -- it's not that l bloomberg was burning a bra at woodstock when he was a teenager. it's the what i said it. he said you can xerox the description of male minorities underage 25 and hand it or to the cops. that is somebody who looks at minorities as underneath him. i can't believe all the prominent african-americans i have seen publicly say i think we can support bloomberg because he's electable. elect built means nothing if the person looks at a large constituency of your electorate, let alone this country that way.
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look at what he said about women. chris: there is a long story in the "washington post." who read it. chris: i did. >> i did too. chris: about bloom were's 60'sive comments to women who work at his company. will he be able to make an issue of of that given president trump's own long history of sexist comments. >> you don't have to wait for an election to be offended by the fact that michael bloomberg said to a woman who announced she was pregnant and she was being congratulate, he said aren't you going to kill it? the comments he made about women, "the washington post" had to [bleep] out some of the actual words. the comments he made about women
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in lawsuits is fair game. we want to know the person behind the half a billion dollars worth ads. chris: didn't president trump make sex youist comments, too? >> i have worked for him for years and he's the best boss i have had. chris: is this any different than the access hollywood tapes? who that was fully litigated. chris: it doesn't mean it's not an issue. >> i will take that on any time. i will take a leave of absence from the white house and talk all day about that stuff. the way michael bloomberg treated fee -- treated female employees, and created an unsafe
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workplace where you feel you are being harassed because of your gender. is it worth it to this democratic party in the age of the #metoo movement, black lives matter. you had the first african-american * president. you have left with a bunch of white people. and you are going backwards? michael bloomberg will spend money and insult donald trump? bernie has a committed base who aren't going elsewhere. chris: thank you very much. >> voters talk about what offends them but they vote on what affects them. they have a big decision to make.
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if you want to elevate somebody who treated home less than him, people of color and women, that's a serious consequence in 2020. this president has gotten the americans out of drugs -- chris: thank you, kellyanne conway, always good to talk to you. you can talk through the commercial. what would you like to ask the panel about democrats' calls to investigate political interference at the department of justice? go to facebook or twitter @"fox news sunday." let's be honest, quitting smoking is freaking hard. like quitting every monday hard. quitting feels so big. so, try making it smaller. and you'll be surprised at how easily starting small... ...can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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chris: attorney general barr and fbi official andrew mccabe finding one thing they can agree on. both complain on president trump weighing in on justice department investigation. it's time for our sunday group. guy benson, charles lane from the "washington post." former dnc chair donna brazile and michael anton. you have the attorney general calling on the president to stop commenting on criminal cases. should the president listen to bill barr?
4:22 pm
should he listen to bill barr. >> he should listen to bill barr. the president has confidence in bill barr. he appointed him. i think he should listen. but i think this controversy is still overblown. if the president were really intervening. the president thinks andrew mccabe should have been charged and he thought roger stone got railroaded. so i take bill barr's word when he says the president hasn't intervened. back off with the tweets and comments and take the advice of your attorney general. i think the president is right in the opinions he expressions and right to be concerned with equal justice. chris: on this issue of of
4:23 pm
democratic calls to investigate political interference at the department of justice. we got this on facebook. how can you interfere in an organization you oversee? it's rhetorical, you can't. under article two the president has tremendous powers to oversee the justice department and criminal investigations. >> it's a fair question. there is a paradox built into our constitutional order. the president is the head of the executive branch and has the power to pardon which implies the ability to pick and choose who gets prosecuted and put into prison. since watergate we developed a strong norm with procedural protections to distance presidential political self-interest from the operation of the justice department. broadly speaking that has been
4:24 pm
respected. here we have a president who doesn't i think even know about it and flouts it through social media broadcasting that this or that person benefited by justice, somebody should go to jail. that as bill barr says is totally threatening to that norm. he does it because the base loves it. i am not sure he wants the threats to be carried out. but the base loves it and that's why he will do it. chris: democrats are calling for an investigation of attorney general barr. >> what the attorney general has done we should be calling for the resignation of the attorney general. if he won't resign, remember the attorney general can be impeached. chris: haven't the democrats learned their lesson? move on from impeachment? >> the president is on a
4:25 pm
retribution tour and revenge tour. when career professionals walk out of their job we should take notice. what happened. when a u.s. attorney for the district of columbia is removed and a replacement is put in, then the sentencing charges are either -- there used to be a comprehensive investigation as to what is happening. kellyanne talks about george herbert walker bush and the rodney king case as well was barack obama in the freddie gray case. in both instances the community erupted because there was concern about overzealous policing. that's why they got involved. they didn't try to tip the scales of justice. they were trying to calm county community after two very horrific things occurred.
4:26 pm
so we shouldn't put the two together. what he's doing with his tweets, he's revealing what's going on in the justice department and i think the house should get to the bottom of it. chris: how do you see this playing out? do you any this is a real riff between the president and the attorney general or is there an inside tacit agreement between the white house and the department of justice. >> it's a fair point donna makes about the two examples. and hillary clinton did make comments about the irs investigations. i think your question was good, have the democrats learned their lesson. we have people talking about impeachment of bill barr which i think is ludicrous.
4:27 pm
we have heard over and over again saying why won't anybody stands up to president trump. then bill barr does that with a brushback pitch i think was needed and correct, and people immediately jump to the conclusion, it's fake, with it's theater, it's not real. with bill barr iing what he said on abc news and his justice is department refusing to prosecute andrew mccabe. i think it's been a bad few days for the narrative that bill barr is a hatchet man who will do the president's bidding. chris: do you expect the president to stay out of these cases? >> no. he will tweet. mitch mcconnell sat in the studio a few days agene urged the president to take the advice of the attorney general. what will be interesting, if
4:28 pm
trump dials it up and continues to do this even more aggressively. what does barr do then have laid down a marker on this point. chris: one of the democratic frontrunners pete buttigieg joins us to discuss the upcoming contests in south carolina and nevada. for a nasty cold, take dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. whoa! and vaporize it with an intense rush of vicks vapors. ahhhhhhhhhh! dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. the daytime, coughing, stuffy head, vaporize your cold, medicine.
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you never know when you could be that determining factor to save the next child's life. a million thank you's wouldn't be enough. chris upcoming contests in nevada and south carolina can reshuffle the race. joining us from las vegas, mayor pete buttigieg. let's start with the two states that will be holding contests the next two weeks. in nevada you are in fifth place with 10% support and in south carolina you are in place with 7.5% support. how important is it for you to
4:32 pm
do well in both of those states to show you can get support in states with a big minority voting bloc? >> it's very important for us to do well and we are on the ground working to earn those good results. we have seen how fluid it is. i don't have billions of dollars of my own money to pour into the airwaves. but we have a vision as we demonstrated in new hampshire and iowa that can bring people together and a commitment when we come to more racially diverse states to speak to the concerns of the voters. in nevada we have volunteers getting ready to talk to fellow northwestians. fellow -- fellow neftians.
4:33 pm
people concerns about immigration reform and want to go know we are going to get something done. people worried about climate. this is a state reflective in many ways of the future of america. chris: how damaging if you don't show strong support among latinos in nevada and african-americans in south carolina. >> i will leave it to pundits to do the political analysis. what i will say is it's extremely important to earn support from voters across the board. when you look at the way latino voters in nevada know they are under siege in this administration. talking to black voters who are sick and tired of the kp lack of
4:34 pm
empowerment. and looking for a nominee who can defeat donald trump. we are ready to have that conversation. certainly a lot of voters of color i talk to across the latino, the black and api communities is to make sure we get this right. the senate made it clear they are not going to hold this president accountable. as we have seen this president as he demonstrated interfering in criminal prosecution, growing more and more emboldened. so much is on the line, we can't get this wrong. we have to put together a big snuffed coalition to make. gains in the senate. chris: in new hampshire the so-called moderate candidates won more than 50% of voters in
4:35 pm
that state which was double what bernie sanders got but he won in new hampshire because he had the left lane, the more liberal lane all to himself and the so-called moderate lane was sort of clogged up by and bind and klobuchar, all of whom split up the votes. how concerned are you that the moderate lane is getting so crowded that you could be leaving the road to nomination open to bernie sanders. >> that's what voters right now are in the process of settling. there are a lot of different candidacies with a lot of different visions. we are going to bring change to washington. we can't confront the most miss representative president in modern times by playing back on the same playbook. we can't tell people their only options are between revolution and the status quo.
4:36 pm
we need to get independents, and even republicans to cross over and i believe that will serve us well here in nevada, south carolina and beyond. chris: if you are able to winnow your way through that you face mayor michael bloomberg. the last week and a half there have been a series of stories on his comments on stop and frisk and a big story in the "washington post" about a long history of him making sexist profane comments to women who work for his company, some of whom said it created a hostile workplace. how troubled are you by the allegations of alleged sexism and racism? >> i think he will have to answer for that and speak to it. this is a time where voters are
4:37 pm
looking for a president who can lead us out of the days when it was just commonplace or accepted to have these kinds of sexive and discriminatory attitudes. right now this is our chance to do something different. there is no comparison to this president and the way he has treated and talked about women and people of color and continues to do so to this day. but we in our party hold ourselves to the highest standard and it's critical to have a nominee who can authentically lead and show growth on these issues. you have got to arrive at those challenges with the ability to explain your record. and an ability to explain how you are going to raise the bar at a time when we are finally asking a lot more from our elected leaders. chris: kellyanne conway i think
4:38 pm
was trolling democrats saying the party that talks about principles and the #metoo era, are they going to nominate somebody like michael bloomberg and his record of what he has done to women in the workplace just because they think he can beat donald trump? what will that say about what the democratic party stands for. >> for a representative of this white house to speak about any song nip anany -- talk about mid sexism and racism is comical. we can do a lot better than this president. one of the reasons i'm seeing a lot of folks formerly from the republican party ready to cross over is they can no longer look
4:39 pm
their children in the eye and explain the behavior of the current president of the united states. chris: mayor, you have been very open about the fact that you are gay and it hasn't bench of an issue in this campaign until now. this week two conservative supporters of rush limbaugh, rush limbaugh and sebastian gorka talked about it. >> a gay guy, 37 years old, loves kissing his husband on debate stages. >> why is a homosexual man lecturing us about the sanctity of life in the womb. krails * mayor, what is your reaction to those comments? >> i'm in a faithful, committed marriage. i'm proud of my marriage and proud of my husband. i'm not going to be lectured on
4:40 pm
family values from anybody who support donald j. trump as the moral leader of the united states. we should have politics of belonging that welcomes everyone. i'm saddened for what the republican party has become if they embrace that homophobic rhetoric. chris: how big an issue do you think it will be? you have reached out to social conservatives many of whose votes you need but might have concerns about your sexual orientation? >> here is my general election experience on this. i came out during a general election in south bends. and this was at a time when mike pence was the governor of indiana. we didn't know what would happen. i got re-elected with 80% of the
4:41 pm
vote in my socially conservative community. this election isn't about any of us candidates. it's about voters' lives. we are the ones trying to get voters a raise. working to end, endless wars and doing something on gun violence. when it comes to lgbtq issues, it's what's happening to individuals and families across the country from brave service members who have their careers threaten bid this president to kids experiencing bullying. we can do better than you don't have to be a diehard democrat to know we can do better when it comes to inclusion and equality in this country. chris: good to have you. as former new york city mayor
4:42 pm
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>> i think it's fair to say he's scared because he knows i have the record and the resources to defeat him. chris: michael bloomberg reacting to the president's barrage of attacks. but he's also facing incoming about his record in public life. mayor bloomberg rising in the polls. news stories coming out. tape coming out on his record on race. a big story in the "washington post" today about his long history of sexist comments going
4:46 pm
back decades at his company and women saying they believe he created a hostile workplace. >> there are many people in the democratic party looking at mr. bloomberg because he has the resources to take on president trump. but the question in my judgment is his record. i am uncomfortable with his policies in new york. i understand he apologized. i get that. i'm for forgiveness. but i am extremely dismayed about the information i read over the weekend about the sexist work environment. it's one thing to have the so-called top law enforcement policy of stop and frisk. it was ruled unconstitutional. and it has taken him years to say i am sorry about that. he has the resources but i'm very uncomfortable with this
4:47 pm
record. chris: you can tell kellyanne conway was thoroughly enjoying the predicament. it's a mixed record because there is a lot of things he did in new york. crime did go down. he has given tremendous amounts of money on issues democrats like. climate change. can they nominate somebody in this #metoo era with this downside? >> the potential vulner abilities on place and sexism. and michael bloomberg is the human embodiment of money in politics. here is someone doing the closest thing you can do to buying a nomination. that combination -- is that going to sit well with a democratic electorate.
4:48 pm
are they able to swallow hard and go for it because they think he has the money and the moderation to beat president trump. there are no shortage of -- of ironies. chris: joe biden took a drubbing in new hampshire. he's now counting on minorities in south carolina and nevada to rescue him. >> you can't be a democratic nominee and win a general election as democrat unless you have overwhelming support from black and brown voters. chris: how much trouble is he in with his even one time lead in south carolina is starting to slip away. >> a lot of people foresaw this kind of downward spiral if biden
4:49 pm
was unable to up his game on the campaign trail and present as a more dynamic candidate and he so far has not delivered. south carolina was and is his fire wall. it will be tested in a way that's vital to the future of his candidacy. he's not that strong among latino voters. it's bernie sanders who seems to be polling with latino voters. if biden goes down and we are left with a spread of several candidates, none of whom with a clear majority, then you could be look at somebody -- the primary season ending with no one having a majority, then things get really complicated. chris: they get great, a brokered convention that all of us have been looking for all of
4:50 pm
our political lives. you have bernie sanders on the left, elizabeth warren seeming to fade. and you have the center lane all clogged up with buttigieg and klobuchar and biden. how well is this setting up for bernie sanders to be the democratic nominee. >> there is a gap between enthusiasm and elect built. you have an establishment and leadership in the party that guarantees going that tar left. they can't settle on who that more moderate person is. that lane remains clogged up. it is amazing to me that the mayor of a town of 100,000 is in
4:51 pm
the top two. no mayor has gone on to higher office since 1840. but it shows there is a hunger from at least -- not among the voters -- but part of the party, we need some kind of moderate scrois voice, even if it's the mayor of a small town, we'll take it. >> the race is far from over. i know everyone is focused on the four states. what we are left with now is not just left versus right. we are trying to make sure we elect someone who will give us the kind of country we deserve. not someone like donald trump. so it is clogged. but i believe we'll see a clarifying moment the next two weeks. by the time we get to super tuesday. michael bloomberg is dominating
4:52 pm
the airwaves. but you are right, i don't know where the energy is pore michaer michael bloomberg. but we'll have a nominee by the end of march. 60% of the delegates. we'll have a shot of the figuring out hot last two or three candidates will be. chris: is bernie sanders a suicide pact? >> bernie sanders is a strong viable candidate with a lot of support out there. chris: do you think he can legitimately beat donald trump? >> i'm not there yet because i'm not sure he will be the nominee. chris: up next our power player of the week. he's known for merging punk with piano. now he's trying to bring a new union between classical and pop. [♪]
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symphony orchestras, how to bring in new fans without alienating the diehard. >> there seems to be a hierarchy that you would think exists with the symphony it's a great thing and the roarks are the dumb ones. but it's not that simple. chris: he's all about breaking down musical barriers between pop and classical. as artistic advisor to the national symphony orchestra in washington, his special mix sold out. >> it's about unformalizing the symphony orchestra in a way that doesn't intimidate you. we make it unformal in a way to
4:57 pm
make them feel comfortable to be there. >> i discovered her on youtube. chris: he took us back stage as he oversaw the performance. >> i think musicians are demoralized when they are having to do a dumped down version. the rock band goes out and says that wasn't loud enough. we sold out every show we have done here. people walked away with spot fight and playing classical music. chris: he's been blending genres since the 90s. no guitar.
4:58 pm
>> in an era all about the guitar, that was the grunge era. i realize that everyone could relate to piano music but it just wasn't cool at the moment. chris: walk us through when you are sitting at a piano how you couple with an idea. >> i don't know. if i was going to say hello chris wallace -- [♪] like then i would find it on the piano. here is the happy version. ♪ hello chris wallace ♪ he has more work to do
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chris: he shares his creative process in this memoir. the title refers to a childhood dream where he spread joy by spreading lightning bugs for others. >> my job is putting an idea in a bottle which it has taken my whole life to do and share it with other people. chris: he's still sharing his life in bugs. chris: he's an advocate for music education. his next show is the mr. rogers foundation writing shows for kids. have a great week and we'll see you next "fox news sunday."
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[♪] [♪] mark: hello, america, this is "life, liberty & levin." i'm mark levin. professor burton folsom, good to have you. you are an expert on franklin roosevelt, the progressives, you see bernie sanders taking the lead, even though it's not strong, still a percentage of the population supports him. he calls himself a democratic socialist