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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 19, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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him. >> jesse: you're not the first or last person to get big footed by geraldo. >> emily: we are so glad that ryan newman is out of the hospital, continue for him and his recovery. >> jesse: special report is up next. >> bret: welcome to washington, we are covering two major stories. anticipation for tonight's democratic debate could turn into a rhetorical bare-knuckle brawl as former new york mayor michael bloomberg faces five other presidential candidates for the first time. meantime, washington is trying to decipher the real relationship between the current president and his attorney general and what that may mean with big events in coming days. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off on the north lawn. >> white house officials insist the relationship between the president and attorney general william barr is a strong and he does remain a strong ally of the president. he appears to be increasingly
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compelled to tell the public that they don't see eye to eye on everything. sources tell fox news that attorney general william barr has considered quitting ove ovee presidents tweets but doj officials making it clear he's not going anywhere at the mome moment. addressing beltway rumors, the attorney general has no plans to resign. the disclosure that he was thinking about quitting is seen as another attempt by the attorney general to assert his independence in the face of ongoing criticism and calls for him to step down at his protestations about the presidents tweeting have had little effect. a president trump continuing to weigh in on the roger stone ca case. >> there's a long president of presidents talking about various cases that are ongoing, the president can make his opinion known, he has a right to do that and he does so on a routine basis. >> stone is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow, the federal district judge will delay sending him to prison while she
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considers a motion for a retrial. the man president trump released from prison yesterday rod blagojevich met the media today, the former governor of illinois with nothing but praise for the president. >> he's not a typical politician. he's tough, he's outspoken, he gets things done, he is a problem solver in a business where too many politicians don't want to solve problems. i may trumpocrat. >> a group of five republican members of congress urged the president not t blagojevich is the face of public corruption in illinois and not once has he shown any remorse for his documented record of egregious crimes that undermined the trust placed in him by voters. today, president trump shed more light on why he freed blagojevich from prison pointing to fbi director james comey. "rod blagojevich did not sell the senate seat, he's earned
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eight years in prison with many remaining. there were more ukraine related personnel changes today, president trump asking the undersecretary of defense for policy for his resignation. he had certified that ukraine had done enough to fight corruption to become eligible to receive military aid from the u.s. aid the president later withheld. sources tell fox news that he was not held in particularly high regard by the white house and was seen as a possible impediment to implementing the president's agenda. still, the president thanked him for his service. >> bret: it's fitting that tonight's debate will be held in las vegas, home too many championship prize fights over the years. the late addition of michael bloomberg to the field could make tonight's contest at heavyweight bout. what is certain is the bloomberg
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campus taking bernie sanders very seriously, the question is who is the real target tonight? the billionaire accused of trying to buy the race or the democratic socialist who is clearly leading it? peter doocy has our story from las vegas. >> all the money in the world might not be enough to beat bernie. on internal campaign memo obtained by fox concludes that the bottom line is if by din, pete buttigieg, and amy klobuchar remain in the race despite having no path, they will propel sanders to a seemingly insurmountable delegate lead. if he is the national front runner in another new poll from "the washington post" and "abc news," his 32% puts him up double digits on joe biden and michael bloomberg who lobbed this grenade today. >> mike has what every public official should have. passion matched with principal. your legacy extends well beyond the five boroughs.
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>> he's been a republican his whole life, the fact of the is g barack obama's pictures like they are good buddies but let's talk about his record. >> failed gubernatorial candidate stacy abrams has changed her mind it is now open to be someone's running mate. if for the first time, nevada democrats can vote early in their caucus, there has been long lines and turn out is already half what it was in 2016 when locals only had one day to vote. >> the reason i came to early vote because of what's happening to iowa come i didn't want to be in a caucus. we thought early voting would be faster. >> it was daunting but we always vote and we always try to vote the first day. >> as amy klobuchar tries to stand out in another debate, she is stressing size matters. >> i loved when the president
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went after michael bloomberg and the president said michael bloomberg was 5'4" and michael bloomberg said i'm taller than that -- i'm the only one who has a claim to be 5'4", i want to be very clear. >> michael bloomberg is the only democrat who has been personally attacked by other top-tier democrats, referred to his record as racist, they called him an egomaniac, the even called him a republican. it does seem like tonight is going to be all about michael bloomberg even though he's not on the ballot. >> bret: we will have full coverage after the bait on fox news tonight. his addition to the race means three of the top candidates are either 77 or 78 years old. older than ronald reagan was when he left office after two terms. we have new polling information indicating that could be a problem for some voters. if doug mckelway looks at
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presidential candidates and how old is too old, plus is their health a fair election question? >> it was a presidential debate one-liner for the ages. >> i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> president reagan was 73 at the time running for a second term, that quip help to quiet growing doubts about his age and mental acuity. fast-forward to 2020, bernie sanders bernie sanders and michael bloomberg are 78, joe biden's 77, all older than ronald reagan in 1984. an nbc poll found 53% of voters had reservations or are very uncomfortable with a candidate who is older than 75. health is coming into sharper focus today as the sanders and bloomberg campaigns exchange barbs over which candidate is healthier. sanders press secretary targeting the bloomberg cap for what she calls unfair accusations, lobbing her own
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suspect claim over bloomberg's health issues. >> it's telling given that none of the same concern is being demonstrated for michael bloomberg, he's suffered heart attacks in the past. >> she later apologized on twitter saying i misspoke when i said bloomberg had a heart attack, the bloomberg campaign released a statement saying he did have two stents in 2,000, his doctors described them as an outstanding health. sanders had a heart attack last october on the campaign trail but kept it under wraps for days before revealing it. last night he said he won't release any more medical records. >> i don't think we will. >> joe biden's doctor revealed in december the 77-year-old has an irregular heartbeat, he takes cholesterol medication. and then there is trump, 73 years old, clearly sleeps litt
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little, is a lover of fast food, he was technically obese but his doctor stated he wasn't very good health overall and he expects the commander-in-chief to remain healthy for the remainder of his presidency and beyond. >> bret: the coronavirus death toll in china has not clipped 2,000 but officials insist that the rate of infection is declining there with fewer cases being reported for two days in a row. if hundreds of passio passengers quarantined in japan are closer to going home. >> today passengers began leaving the diamond princess after a 14 day quarantine, however american passengers received a letter from the embassy in tokyo informing them they will not be permitted back in the u.s. for an additional 14 days because despite efforts of quarantine, there was a high risk of exposure to cobi covid-19, moren
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3600 passengers and crew had tested positive. >> we'll be important to study and to see what issues have led >> earlier this week the state department evacuated more than 300 american passengers from the diamond princess to multiple quarantine sites in the u.s. including 14 passengers who had tested positive for the virus in japan. >> it was the right call to bring them back because the situation on the vessel itself, there was a considerable amount of infection they are. >> evacuees from japan are being kept separate from earlier groups evacuated from wuhan china, 346 evacuees were cleared to leave their quarantine at two california military bases. >> may be a beer a hamburger.
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>> detectives are investigating another cruise ship which disembarked in cambodia, and 83-year-old american passenger tested positive after traveling on to malaysia where she is now hospitalized in stable condition. her 85-year-old husband insisted on staying by her bedside. >> he is at risk. >> today around the media are reporting that told i covid-19 s claimed the lives of two elderly citizens, if confirmed that would bring the total number of deaths outside china to five. >> bret: easing fears of the coronavirus helped stocks today, the dow gained 116, the s&p and nasdaq jump to record highs.
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breaking tonight, fox news can confirm president trump will name his current ambassador to germany ric grenell as the new acting director of national intelligence which does not require senate confirmation. he has been a long time trump loyalist, he would replace the current acting director joseph maguire and would be the first openly gay cabinet member. the mother of a british teenager killed in a wrong way vehicle accident by the wife of an american duplantis pleaded to president trump to do the right thing. charlotte charles is asking the american driver to be extradited back to britain. >> it was really hard not being able to talk to him before he died. >> nearly six months after her 19-year-old son was hit and killed by an suv driven by and
3:13 pm
sue kulas, the wife of an american diplomat, charlotte charles is once again pleading for justice to be served. >> what is your message for president trump? >> you have no idea how much hearts can break. until you have no child. president trump is the one that can make that decision. >> the u.s. state department has denied the extradition request calling it highly inappropriate saying it would be setting an extraordinarily troubling precedent, charlotte disagrees. >> it doesn't matter to me what her job role was or is or who she was married to or who she's employed by. she unfortunately took the life of our sun. >> charlotte pleaded with the president at the white house and to her surprise, she was in the room next door. >> the woman responsible for
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your son's death. >> it was an immediate no. >> i offered to bring the person in question in and they weren't ready for it. >> charlotte says the u.k. needs to do more. >> we are going to go anywhere, this campaign will keep going. >> the u.k.'s prime minister promised parliament he would continue to seek the extradition, her lawyer says she is devastated and grieving over the tragic accident. >> bret: thank you. up next the president's top diplomat meets with leaders of a key american ally in the middle east. if here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox nine in the twin cities keep a close eye on air quality there while a fire at a recycling facility at burns for a second straight day. suppression efforts continue but officials say it will take several days to extinguish that fire.
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police and cambridge are told not to arrest illegal immigrants driving without a license, it's part of a new law encouraging police to issue summons to unlicensed drivers instead of arresting them. one city council says the policy keeps the undocumented immigrants out of the clutches of the trump administration. this is a live look at orlando from our affiliates at fox 35, stock car driver ryan newman walks out of the hospital with his daughters following monday's a fiery crash at the daytona 500. on the final lap, his car spun into the wall, went airborne and was hit by another car and ended up upside down on fire. it took a safety team nearly 20 minutes to remove newman from that car. that is two nights live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back.
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>> bret: a lawyer for wikileaks founder julian masson says the trump administration offered him a pardon if he agreed to say russia was not involved in leaking democratic national committee emails during the 2016 presidential campaign. stephanie grisham calls the claim "absolutely and completely false."
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julian masson just being held at a british prison while fighting extradition on spying charges, he has an extradition hearing last week. the pentagon is releasing details about maritime seizures on what it claims are iranian built weapons. the second was ten days ago by the uss normandy, central command is saying the u.s. has intercepted six such shipments with advanced iranian weapons all heading to yemen in the past five years. new information tonight linking iran to an attack on saudi oil fields and arming the rebels in yemen. two reports say a small instrument inside the drones the target of the saudi fields matches a type in afghanistan and iraq, it's also founded weapons used by the militants. secretary of state mike pompeo is in saudi arabia, he will talk
3:21 pm
about regional security, economics, and human rights with leaders of the kingdom. of the saudi government takes intense criticism back in the u.s. senior correspondent mike tobin reports for the middle east newsroom. >> secretary of state mike pompeo arrives in riyadh, he is certainly going to raise the case of a doctor who has dual citizenship in the u.s. and saudi arabia. arrested in 2017 and held the sense without specific charges and a trial date. >> i will bring up that issue and a wide range of human rights issues as well. each of the visits i've had to the kingdom during my time, we raise these important issues. >> his arrest was occurring during an anticorruption crackdown initiated by crown prince mohammad bin salman. around 200 princes, businessmen, and ministers were detained. his family claims the doctor was
3:22 pm
beaten, electrocuted, and subjected to other tortures, ultimately he was released from detention but he and his family are barred from leaving saudi arabia. the crackdown served as a mechanism for crown prince mohammad bin salman to silence his critics and consolidate his power. this is the same crown prince who was tarnished by the killing of a "washington post" journalist. jamal khashoggi had been writing about the crackdowns, saudi officials tracked him to a consulate in turkey where he was killed and dismembered the period of two days of meetings with mohammad bin salman are off to a bumpy start as a meeting this evening was abruptly canceled with no explanation. >> the topics will not be limited to human rights, that u.s. and saudi arabia have common concern in terms of regional security and in particular tensions with iran. >> bret: thanks. up next, is michael bloomberg getting a pass about his wealth
3:23 pm
from the same people who condemn the republican candidates? will look at that, first beyond our borders. mystic flights between serious two largest cities have resumed for the first time since 2012, a passenger jet landed in aleppo today from damascus. it is seen as a symbolic move days after syrian government forces consolidated control over the northwestern province of aleppo and it seized the last segments of the strategic highway linking the two cities. secretary of state pompeo promising $8 million to east african nations fighting a massive locust outbreak. billions of locusts travel and swarms the size of major cities, it's said to be the worst such outbreak in 70 years. there are significant worries the insects will worsen a dangerous food security situation in the region. surgeons at king's college hospital and london have removed a brain tumor from a woman who played the violin during the procedure. doctors for 53-year-old
3:24 pm
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>> bret: democracy 2020, it is the bait night in las vegas. six presidential contenders, democrats will be on the stage. the newest entry, former -- there we go -- new york mayor mike bloomberg figures to have a target on his back. if bloomberg hasn't spent more than $400 million in a huge national advertising campaign and staffing up and super tuesday states while bypassing the first primary contests including saturday's nevada caucuses. some believe the attention given his wealth is exposing a double standard compared to coverage of which republican candidates, here is national correspondent william la jeunesse. >> the word is out he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. >> it was a defining issue permit romney in 2012 and candidate trump in 2016. >> everybody running for president has released their tax returns. >> billionaire michael bloomberg has not released his tax returns. >> the democratic party for four
3:29 pm
years has criticized president trump for not releasing his tax returns. now they've got a candidate who won't release his tax returns. >> we have to raise taxes on the wealthy. >> taxing the wealthy is a big issue. nevada's than senator harry reid helped make it one when he accused without foundation mitt romney of paying zero taxes. >> let him prove that he has paid taxes. >> he can't seem to get out of his own way especially when it comes to looking like a rich guy who's out of touch. >> pundits maligned his wealth. "the washington post" featured a calculator so readers could compare the size of his home to theirs. >> >> bloomberg owns at least eight homes in new york, london, bermuda, florida, and colorado. he not only failed to release his tax returns but also a lengthy financial disclosure form required by the fec which gave bloomberg an extension until march 20th, after 70% of democratic voters will have
3:30 pm
already cast to their primary ballots. >> the whole point is to get it in public so you can prevent conflicts of interest. you can't prevent conflicts if you don't know what the conflicts are. >> romney eventually did release his tax returns prompting criticism he used loopholes to pay an effective rate of 14%. president trump continues to refuse claiming his taxes are under audit. the bloomberg campaign said it will release the billionaires tax returns if elected, not before. it also said bloomberg will sell his media company and put its holdings in a blind trust just as romney did when he entered public office. >> bret: thank you, a federal appeals court says florida cannot bar felons who served their time from registering to vote simply because they have failed to pay all fines and fees stemming from their cases. that ruling upholds a tallahassee federal judges preliminary injunction against the measure improved overwhelmingly by voters in
3:31 pm
2018. judges say the rule amounts to an unfair poll tax that would disenfranchise many of those felons. there are growing concerns among democrats tonight about the possibility that none of their presidential candidates will have enough delegates to secure the party's nomination outright at their convention this summer. that opens up the prospect of a contested convention, a brokered convention, whatever you want to call it, it's potentially a mess. it's much more of a reality tonight than it ever has been before. correspondent david splunk tells us what this means. >> we are on a path to win the democratic nomination. >> it ain't over, we are just getting started. >> with bernie sanders rising, joe biden falling, and mike bloomberg making a splash, this may be the year that no candidate has enough votes to seal the deal in milwaukee. >> i think we can survive a brokered convention but i sure don't want one. >> when the convention begins and no candidate has the
3:32 pm
majority of delegates, it's considered contested. a candidate needs to reach 1,191 delegates to win the nomination. if multiple candidates refused to drop out and split the delegate count reaching that threshold won't be easy. >> i have heard this story of a brokered convention almost every cycle that i've been involved in presidential politics. >> not in recent memory, contested conventions were common before primaries came into play. in 1924, it took 60 days to choose a nominee, the longest convention in history. >> the eyes of the whole world are upon this convention. >> in 1948, republicans cast multiple ballots, same story in 1952 for democrats. 2016 was close for both parties. >> if that would happen, we will have a manifest revolt on our hands. >> this year we have the most candidates in history still in the race. >> i think we will know a lot more about the potential for a
3:33 pm
brokered convention after super tuesday because by then, so many delegates will have been allocated to. >> a spokesman for the national committee told fox news "there's often chatter about this when there's a primary and would get to see it happen in modern political history. right now about 2% of delegates have been allocated. "if it goes to a second ballot, all bets are off and it may decide who will face president trump in november. >> bret: first lady and melania trump touted her "be best" program and the trump administration's battle against the opioid crisis as she accepted the woman of distinction award from a florida christian college today. >> creating a safer and healthier world. it takes compassion and care from families, communities, schools and places of worship, all coming together to give our
3:34 pm
children the very best future. >> bret: misses trump says the u.s. experienced his first drop in opioid deaths in three decades last year. mike bloomberg takes the stage against five other democratic presidential candidates tonight, we'll get predictions and analysis from the panel when we come back. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some... rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious infections and blood clots, sometimes fatal, have occurred as have certain cancers, including lymphoma, and tears in the stomach
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(whistling) ♪ >> mr. bloomberg has every right in the world to run for president of the united states, he's an american citizen. i don't think he has the right to buy the selection. >> what else do you call it when you dip into your endless reserves of millions and billions and don't go through the process of campaigning in states like nevada and iowa and new hampshire? >> he's been a republican his whole life, the fact of the matter is he didn't endorse barack obama. >> not everyone agrees with
3:39 pm
everything that is set on the democratic debate stage. >> bret: what happens on this debate stage in las vegas? mike bloomberg is on that stage taking a lot of incoming, the president just wrapped up an event in bakersfield, california, talking about water accessibility, specifically about farmers, take a listen. >> this meeting was set up long before, long before we heard many mike. long before we heard about his hatred of the farmer, i don't think he is going to be the candidate anyway. >> bret: president trump talking about it, he calls mayor bloomberg many mike. steve hayes, editor of the dispatch, mollie hemingway,
3:40 pm
michael crowley the white house correspondent for "the new york times." it seems going into this debate that michael bloomberg seems to have the target on his back, whereas bernie sanders is leading the race exponentially. you look at the latest "washington post" national poll, he is up eight since january. the rcp average puts him within striking distance of biden and south carolina in recent polls. >> if you are a democrat, this isn't where you want your party going into these important debates and going into the important contests in super tuesday. if you have 278-year-old candidates, probably the leaders in the democratic field going after one another about the relative heart health at this point, that's not really the debate you want to have. if you look at where michael bloomberg is, $450 million in two contests he didn't participate in. >> bret: we've never seen
3:41 pm
anything like that. >> for perspective, hillary clinton and her entire campaign in 2016 spent about 1.2 billion, donald trump won by spending 650 million. michael bloomberg has spent approaching what donald trump spent in the entire thing. this is totally new territory. i think michael bloomberg is likely to be the target of a lot of attacks which i think a sort of shortsighted. you can imagine why democrats would want to go after him -- he's new, he's a billionaire, he's a former republican, he's not really from their party, he presents an attractive target. it's shortsighted because each one of those candidates wants to be the one left standing to take on bernie sanders. >> bret: it doesn't seem like any of the candidates in the moderate lane are ready to get off the highway even though the prospects as you keep going along here get smaller and smaller. >> it seems to be a perfect
3:42 pm
storm where no one has any incentive to get out, it's still early but it's also worth looking at how the democratic party itself led everybody to this situation. they have for a really long time clearly supported joe biden, the establishment pick, he was supposed to be doing really well and have things on his way to wrapping up by south carolina. i think people took their eyes off bernie when he had his heart attack and assumed he would be out of his race, he came back stronger than ever. elizabeth warren was having her surgery so i think that added to why people thought it was going to be a time. within the party puts forth this impeachment proceeding that ends three days before iowa, utterly destroys biden, now everyone is climbing onto bloomberg as this savior and he's had to spend half a billion dollars to still say in the low teens in boats. >> there are parallels to me in donald trump, there are modern
3:43 pm
centrist democrats but i think democrats think this guy is coming in and hijacking our party the way republicans felt about drum. where are his democratic credentials? is a former republican. he has taken all sorts of positions that are anathema to party gospel including -- i believe he compared teachers unions to radicalism in his words of the nra. >> bret: i would assume some of these sound bites and comments are coming up tonight. >> when we went into republican debates in 2016, everyone thought they were going to let donald trump have it, he said so many wild things that break with republican orthodoxy and trumpeted a pretty good job of giving as good as he got and i will be interested to see whether bloomberg is on his heels or hitting back and knocking his opponents off balance. >> bret: bloomberg, march 2019 talking about a biden, about biden running for president, take a listen.
3:44 pm
>> started a four year job, an eight year job at age 79 may not be the smartest thing to do. joe biden went out and apologize for being male, over 50, white, he apologized for the one piece of legislation which is pretty good anti-crime bill which is the liberals ever read it, most of the things they would like would be in that bill. >> bret: he turned 79 february s talking about the prospect -- it is an issue, the age and the health. it is an issue if you've got two guys leaving that potentially are older than ronald reagan was when he left office, that's a big deal. >> we should know everything we can know about their health, this is why it's problematic for bernie sanders to have reversed himself and suggested he's not going to put out his full medical records. this is a test of the proposition that michael raised and i agree with him. the question will be what is the
3:45 pm
tolerance among democrats were looking for an alternative to bernie sanders for this kind of rhetoric from michael bloomberg? do they say we are going to go with bloomberg because we think he gives us the best chance to take donald trump and the swallow all of their concerns -- i think that would be hard for a lot of progressives. >> bret: nbc-"wall street journal" poll about having some reservations, very uncomfortable with the candidate who is a socialist. he had a heart attack in the last year, over the age of 75, self fund's own campaign come under the age of 40. bernie sanders is three of the first five, michael bloomberg is the fourth and pete buttigieg is the fifth. >> they have problems on all of these scores. people tend to make decisions on more personal things in the abstract and bernie sanders is getting a lot of crowds. i want to say one quick thing you hear people say they are new york brash billionaires, i think the differences bloomberg seems to have the support of the
3:46 pm
establishment and his party and the media whereas trump had to fight against those things but he had support of the people taking on actual issues, immigration, interventionist wars, trade deals, with mike bloomberg the establishment is willing to make this deal hoping he will be able to stop bernie sanders from getting enough of a plurality. >> bret: donald trump, bernie sanders, michael bloomberg, this is the bronx, queens, and upper east side. we might as well move to manhattan and cover it there. >> all of the energy on the west coast -- it's a bunch of old white guys from the northeast. nancy pelosi 80 years old speaker of the house but i will say 80 is the new 70 or even 60. we are having these conversations now, people are living -- we laugh and it's funny that people are living longer, they are staying sharper, it's somewhat of an interesting commentary as how we are evolving as people. >> bret: all of the uproar
3:47 pm
about president trump's health and whether he was healthy or not and now it's like are we going to get bernie sanders medical records? >> he had a heart attack four months ago, and he 78. do you need to know more? you're either going to have a problem with that or you're not. >> it's another way trump is changing politics, the same way with mike bloomberg and his tax returns. people are seeing what you can get away with. they release less and they think why should i do it and how much is he really been punished for it? >> bret: we will talk about the debate and the president right after a quick break. with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> obama did basically nothing, that administration did almost nothing. >> mike has what every public official should have. passion matched with principal. if what i like about him is it's not about words, it's about action. >> two digital ads launched today, mike bloomberg against biden, biden against mike bloomberg, back with the panel. we aren't talking a lot about joe biden, in part because of the fourth and the fifth, it's early in this contest but can he make a rebound?
3:52 pm
>> it's early in the contest but he came in as the primitive front runner with the greatest name i.d., the potential to raise the most money and he faltered. i think if you look at him on the debate stage and you see him on the campaign trail, he looks like somebody who is not up for the job, that is not necessarily a statement about his age, he just looks like he can't be the guy to take on donald trump. i think that matters a lot to rank-and-file democrats who see especially in these early states, you have a chance to ask him a question. he doesn't seem like a vigorous candidate to take on donald trump. >> bret: what level of urgency is the democratic party at right now with the state of this race, is it four alarm, five-alarm fire? >> i think it's five, there are a couple things going on. there are so many problems with the field and so many flaws with
3:53 pm
the candidates -- bernie sanders has a strong base but very strong opposition. michael bloomberg has a strong support in the party and a lot of people who can't tolerate him but on top of it all you have a process it looks like it stretch out for a really long time. you could have nobody get a majority of delegates, every time we head towards a convention people are going to say you have a brokered convention and there are a lot of years where you say this is the time but it does seem like you have the stars aligning and a very plausible way it's a nightmare scenario because democrats feel like this is a national emergency. they want to get trump out what they can't agree on how to do it. >> bret: so you're saying there's a chance. i asked julie as you move closer and closer, it does seem that way. we said this is going to go to a contested convention, this one seems like it could to. >> i always root for contested conventions but on the other hand it's also true there is somebody who's doing a good job of being a front runner and
3:54 pm
seems poised to do well heading into super tuesday. if he were anyone else he would be agreed by everyone was the presumptive nominee and that this bernie sanders, it's just the establishment is so opposed to him they don't technology won the most votes in iowa and new hampshire. he is poised to do well in nevada and south carolina. >> bret: the more they speak up about that, the more his supporters come out and say to the establishment -- >> donald trump is being very canny, he is messaging in a way that is further divided the party and it's what bernie's supporters are on guard for, is the establishment trying to rig this? to the extent the establishment is opposing bernie, i think trump is seen that happen and calling it out, bernie's supporters are going to get whiplash. >> bret: do the commutations and pardons take away from the message that trump had with
3:55 pm
alice johnson that he ran at the super bowl ad? visit take away from that message? >> i'm not sure it takes away it's just that some of these commutations and pardons are going to people who people really do think deserve their full sentences. it's always controversial when presidents do these and president trump is much further behind than his predecessors. >> bret: blagojevich on your side, are you happy and sad about that? >> i think he should've still been in prison. >> bret: when we come back, an american hero tonight in arizona. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it,
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>> bret: tonight, a patriotic moment that happen just moments ago in arizona. look at this, a group of people made sure a better and had a good seat for president trump's rally in phoenix tonight, cary lake tweeted lots of teamwork
4:00 pm
here carrying a world war ii veteran to his seat and making sure and the crowd chanting "usa" as they did that, how cool is that? thanks for inviting us into your home. "the story" guest hosted by trace gallagher starts right n now. >> trace: great video, thank you so much. tonight, an exclusive one-on-one with rod blagojevich, now a free man after president trump commuted his 14 year prison sentence, he served eight years of that sentence and critics say they are disappointed he didn't serve more for public corruption, crime and attempts to sell the senate seat vacated by president obama in 2008. >> i've got this thing and it's [bleep] golden and i