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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 22, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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republican. jesse: couldn't have said it better myself. remember i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: breaking tonight, bernie sanders as all eyes turn to the south carolina primary a week from today. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for making justice number one last weekends all weekend long. what a show we have on deck tonight. sharia huckabee sanders is here to break down the nevada caucus results. darrell issa, charlie kirk, stephanie hamill and chris hahn will join me. all that plus our opening statement as i take on michael bloomberg after his disastrous
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debate performance. bernie keeps on keeping on after taking the nevada you cause discusses with he will river ease. casey stegall is with sanders in texas today. and he's there live now with more. reporter: sanders taking a bit of a victory lap in texas, this time at a rally happening in and antonio that is wrapping up as we speak. he thanked his supporters for that big win in nevada. then he candidate texans for support. this was his second rally in texas just today, making a stop earlier in el paso where we are. tomorrow the senator from vermont will make stops in houston and then austin. the campaign trying to keep this
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momentum going ahead of super tuesday when texas and 13 other states vote or caucus. his messaging so far to his base has hit on everything from gun rights to immigration, climate change' and education. he says the recent victories prove' americans support his vision for the country. >> we won the popular vote in iowa. we won the new hampshire primary. and according to three networks and the a.p. we have now one the nevada caucus. let me thank the people of nevada. their support. our volunteers are prepared to knock on hundreds of thousands of doors.
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there is no campaign that has a grassroots movement like we do. reporter: interesting to see him making that speech from texas and not nevada where he's celebrating that victory tonight. that gives you an idea how quickly these elections are happening and how back to back they are so he is focused on future wins. analysts say that could be a smart strategy for sanders focusing especially on texas. early voting is in full swing and there is another week of that to go. when you consider half of registered voters in the state of texas cast their ballot ahead of time, targeting them now and reaching potentially undecided voters now, they say could pay off potentially. 228 delegates are up for grabs
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here in texas on super tuesday. as you know, that's a huge pot, and it's awarded proportionately by the senate district here. so it's not kind of a winner-take-all situation. so a lot of delegates up for grabs and a lot is at stake here in texas on super tuesday. judge jeanine: thanks so many. we'll talk more about bernie sanders' win in nevada with sarah huckabee sanders in hah moment, but first my moment. if you ever thought president donald j. trump's popularity, success or occupancy in the white house as you attributable to his billions, take a look at the poe dengs presidential wannabe michael bloomberg and think about. each of them new york city
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strong-willed billionaires running to be president in 2020. but the similarities end there after bloomberg's horrifying performance at the nevada debate tell the story. after watching the debate i am not sure even he knows who is. once a democrat, then a republican. then an independent, and now a democrat in order to run for president. he's so wishy washy and spineless, he doesn't just flip-flops, he flip-flops, then back flips. as a result, he has single handedly managed to alienate just about everyone he meets in his quik quixotic effort to bece
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president. there are 40 separate work kiss cripple nation and sexual harassment cases he settled at his company, all of them sealed by a non-disclosure agreement preventing the women from speaking. to her credit, elizabeth warren went up one side of bloomberg and down the other. take a look. >> mr. mayor, are you willing to release all of those women be from those non-disclosure agreements so we can hear their side of the story? >> none of them accused me of doing anything other than maybe they didn't like a joke i told. and let me -- the agreements between two parties who wanted to keep it quite and that's up to them. they signed those agreements, and we'll live with it. judge jeanine: well, apparently his handlers decided he couldn't
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live with it. his muzzling then refusing to release women from those agreements was not fair. bloomberg for years has battled women's allegations of profane sexist comments as he ran a country with a culture of sexual harassment that appeared to be pervasive. one high-profile case from a sales woman who alleged he told her to quote kill it when she told him she was pregnant. there was a witness to that conversation. that behavior has managed to tee off a lot of women in america. then there is stop and frisk. bloomberg has apologized for using stop and frisk at the time he was their, managing to alienate almost all of law
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enforcement and those who believe if handled correctly, stop and frisk was an effective crime-fighting tool. but he was so unprepared for this question that is of particular interest to the african-american community, that he stumbled and acted as though he never expected the question. >> well, if i go back and look at my time in office, the one thing that i'm really worried about, he based about -- embarrassed about, is how it turned out with stop and frisk. judge jeanine: in that landmark decision the united states supreme court with justice thurgood marshall ruled that the 4th amendment prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures is not violated under
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stop and frisk if the officer has a reasonable suspicion the person is involved in criminality and he maybe armed. but mayor what you need to be worried about is you believe the way to get guns out of kids' hands is to throw them up against the wall and frisk them and 90 person --% of murders fe m.o. you think you can take one description, xerox it and hand it out to cops. and you think talking to a bunch of african-american clergy and business people. you sat down with a bunch of african-american clergy to figure this out? but the shame of this, this is the one signature accomplishment that you continued from the rude yesterday * d from the rudy
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giuliani administration where lives were actually saved. and now, you say if you had to do it over again you would not do stop and frisk. saying you would go back to the 2,500 victims a year. >> i can teach anybody, to be a farmer. it's a process. you dig a hole, put in a seed, water it and up comes the corn. 300 years of the industrial society, you put the piece of metal in the lathe in the direction of the air so and you can have a job. judge jeanine: what? >> what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things i ever heard. at no point in your rambling incoherent response were you
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even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. everyone in this room is dumber for having listened to it. i award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul. judge jeanine: may i reminds you, mr. mayor, you are running as a democrat, and you cannot exhibit or articulate blatant transphobia. quote if your conversation during a presidential election is about some guy wearing a dress and whether he, she or it can go to the locker wom lock -e locker room with their daughter that's not a winning formula for most people. you managed to tee off the women, farmers,
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african-americans, law enforcement, the lgbtq community. is there anyone left? oh, yes. if you are 95 and you need medical care we probably shouldn't have to give it to you since according to bloomberg it's not really cost effective. get it? and how about family members of the victims of one of the greatest crimes in our nation's history. you tried to make it look like you were mayor of the city of new york on 9/11. by the way you weren't. mayor rudy giuliani were. but you made sure you bought our way into a third term even though the city ch charter provided forward two terms. speaking of 9/11, you are on tape telling the widows of the victims killed that day to quote suck it up and move on.
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and finally, then there is another kinds of small category, guns. that pretty much alienates everyone else in the country. i have handguns, long guns, mass do many, many americans. we are law-abiding citizens and we are not responsible for what some criminal does with his or her gun. but you mr. bloomberg want to do everything in your power to take away those guns. i have news for you. it ain't going to happen. i understand you are plotting a strategy for a brokered convention. seeing how as you haven't won and single delegates. you are the biggest loser in the highest-watched debate in democrat history. and you spent over $400 million to get americans to know you and
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you came out on stage and blew it almost as soon as you showed up. may i suggest a new debate team or a personality change. you certainly can afford it. that's my open. let me know what you think on my facebook and twitter, hashtag judge jeanine. ask joining me is sarah huckabee sanders. before we get to my open, sara. bernie sanders won the caucus in nevada, 54, almost 55%. is he on his way to grabbing this nomination? >> absolutely. between bloomberg's disastrous performance at the debate and bernie winning tonight in nevada, not just winning, but a
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big win, i think he's looking like the presumptive democrat nominee. he's moving in that direction. republicans have to be extremely careful. we can take nothing for granted. at this point the stakes have literally never been higher. if bernie sanders is the democrat nominee, literally the way of life and our very freedom is at stake at the election in november and republicans have to come out in full force and make sure they get donald trump re-elected. jenna: two weeks ago joe biden was dade and gone and he -- was deaden gone and expected to drop out. next saturday in south carolina it looks like he might have a good showing there and he might be back in the race again. do you think there is a chance for resurgence on biden's part? >> i am certainly not going to
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take anything off the table. but where does he go after that. can he raise enough money from that snoint is there enough momentum? all the enthusiasm fan money coming into a campaign not being bought and paid for by a candidate behind bernie sanders, that seems to be the candidate with the most excitement and enthusiasm. he's one of the few people actually on the air in some of the big states coming up on super tuesday besides bloomberg who has a huge deficit to make up. bernie is certainly the person to beat. judge jeanine: if bernie doesn't get the number, it was 1,991 regular delegates, then the superdelegates kick in at the democratic convection. the superdelegates are the party insiders who prevented him from
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getting the nomination with hillary clinton. the guy or the woman with the most number of delegates should be the nominee, and they wouldn't go for it. of course, bernie thought he should, thinking he would get. as the party establishment which appears to be anti-bernie, are they going to stop him? >> i think they are going to try. let's been transparent here. we have seen how the democrats value the will of the voter and the will of the people the last three years as they attacked and tried to take down donald trump because they didn't like the fact he won in 2016. i think they will do everything they can. they all raised their hands and essentially said they would if he doesn't have enough of the
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votes. so we'll see what happens. but i don't think they will go down easy and try to give this to him without putting up quite a fight. judge jeanine: the president tweeted out a tweet, looks like crazy bernie is doing great in the state of nevada and no way mini mike can restart his campaign. congratulations, bernie, don't let them take it away from you. judge jeanine: it's almost as if the president sees a certain alliance. the establishment is anti-bernie as the establishment on the right was anti-donald trump. >> the difference is the president had -- he may not have had the establishment, but he had such a diverse crowd of people of behind him and supporting him. he was bringing in people who had not voted in the past.
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he was bringing democrat voters. and he built a new coalition. bernie has a small kinds of coalition. it has a low ceiling. it will be hard to overcome that in a general election. the president has expanded very far beyond this 2016 base in large part because of the success of his presidency. the economy is booming. every demographic is doing better under this president, and you will see that change the makeup of the voters who cop out and support him in november. judge jeanine: sarah huckabee sanders, thanks so much for being with us. street justice is still ahead. so is charlie kirk and tonight's panel debate. the democrats are racing to replace the president while most of america is happy with the status quo. we'll talk to former republican congressman darrell issa.
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years ago when he first took office. no president in recent history has gotten such a number. how do you explain 6 in 10 americans say they are better off under president trump. >> it starts with they are better off. you have got to look at the 3 out of 10 who are better off and don't want to admit it. judge jeanine: is it attribute and to the economy, their sense of safety or security? what do we attribute it to? >> it's the confidence that our country has their back here and around the world. the fact that the commission on a stable footing because of a
6:25 pm
reduction in taxes and also reduction in the rules stifling entrepreneurship. all that comes together to have a great economy and the confidence of the business world and the blue collar worker who didn't used to think they had somebody in the white house who had their back, and now they do. judge jeanine: obama came out recently saying he's happy that 11 years ago or 10 years ago i signed the recovery act, paving the way for the longevity streak of economy he cover are you in american history. why did he just pop up and talk about that? >> because this 15 minutes of fame are over and he can't take it. he spent us into doubling the national debt. he ran up that trillion dollars
6:26 pm
in the tarp program. he put general motors and chrysler into bankruptcy, then double crossed america and sold out chrysler to if i at. thi -- chrysler to fiat. then he wants to rewrite history and say the good days today are to his benefit. trump turned it around. 10 out of 10 americans know they are better off today. judge jeanine: bernie sanders is the lead contender for the democrat nomination. how do you think that will affect all these people who are better off because of donald trump primarily because of the economy and the solid footing they have. >> the 54% in nevada who just voted for him, that's his base
6:27 pm
socialist democrats. they believe if they take from someone and redistribute it, somehow everybody will be wealthy. the other half of what used to be the democratic party is coming in droves to president trump. that's why his reelection will be about increasing the number of people who used to be democrats. and they don't want socialistic policies to take away their children's ability to live a better life through hard work. darrell issa, thanks so many for being with us. will bernie sail on the socialissocialist express on toe nomination after the neft win tonight?
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tthe bad news? ouyour patience might not.ay. depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed. [♪] marianne: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm marianne rafferty. preliminary results in today's nevada caucuses show
6:32 pm
democratic socialist holding a commanding lead. but he didn't sake around for the results. he was in texas where he spoke to voters just a few moments ago. >> we put together a multi-racial coalition that will win in nevada and sweep this country. marianne: texas is one of the super tuesday states holding contests march 3. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." >> i thought it was a terrible night for the democrats. >> donald trump will destroy michael bloomberg if last night was any example of what happens on the debate stage.
6:33 pm
>> nobody laid a glove on donald trump. >> before i sat down in this charity occurred to me the real winner is donald trump. judge jeanine: bernie may have won tonight, but the big winner according to the main street media you just heard is donald trump. but we look ahead to south carolina and beyond. could there be a brokered convention for the democrats? stephanie hamill and chris hahn join me now. the democrats bent the rules thinking that bloomberg would come in and be the savior and the guy bobbed like no one has in presidential history. i have never seen anything like it. you have to admit we are right. >> yeah. horrible.
6:34 pm
especially the first hour of that debate. but here is the thing. does it matter? you don't like elizabeth warren, she had a great debate. judge jeanine: you didn't hear my open. >> she reminded made of you and she got nothing for it. she got nothing out of that debate and she should have sprung into at least second place. bloomberg will have another chance tuesday to create his debate performance. billions of dollars buys you a lot of love in politic. money is the mother's milk and he has a lot of it. judge jeanine: money is mother's milk assuming you don't come out from behind mother's milk.
6:35 pm
he should have stayed behind the ads. >> money is important when it comes to campaigning but i don't think it will buy him the voter loaf's hoping for. he isn't a tested candidate. he should fire his entire cap pain after for what happened that night. he wasn't prepared for the basic things like to and frisk. it's hypocritical that democrats think bloomberg will be the savior of his party. some of the things are very unforgivable when it comes to bloomberg. think about the tapes we heard when it comes to stop and frisk. >> he mad no argument. chris, let me ask you this. your point you were making is it didn't do elizabeth warren any benefit by going after
6:36 pm
bloomberg, though i think she did a beautiful job. the truth is the whole circular firing squad -- it was like the gang that couldn't shoot straight. they should have been shooting sat donald trump but they were shooting at each other. >> this reminds me of 2016 in the republican primary. chris christie took apart marco rubio at the same time donald trump was basically locking count nomination, and here we have bernie sanders in the same position donald trump was in in 016, and they are not firing at bernie sanders, they are firing at the person they perceived in their way to get to be one-on-one against bernie sanders. we'll see if biden has a good south carolina, he's still alive. judge jeanine: if biden stays up
6:37 pm
and can keep going, then the question is what happens after south carolina and joe biden? >> i think you are being too optimistic. he's second in nevada right now. but it's a far second. this is incredible. i want everyone to pay attention to this. the media and the establishment democrats have been trying to drive narratives and outcomes. they didn't see this coming but everyone else did. crowd sizes say a lot. bernie sanders has real energy behind the campaign. i wonder how it feels to have a socialist bamboozle democratic primary voters on his socialist dream that even he knows is a scam. judge jeanine: the frontrunner is a socialist. >> the continues between donald
6:38 pm
trump's socialism and bernie sanders' socialism is bernie sanders wants to give them healthcare, and donald trump wants to give rich people tax cuts. judge jeanine: if you change the name of the democrat party to the socialist democrat party, admit who you are. >> if the guy wins he will have to unify the party. he will have to bring people in from the left center part of the party to help him win. unity to me is more important than who's on top of the ticket. some the things he's saying doesn't sounds too unifying. judge jeanine: can he win given the establishment last time with hillary clinton and donna brazile and everybody at the dnc were so anti-bernie sanders.
6:39 pm
are they going to gut him again? >> they are gutting him now. er in not happy about sanders because they know president trump will squash him like a bug. look at the president's approval rating that 49%. that's higher since 2005? the numbers are incredible. the commission incredible. he has three mansions. >> underestimate hip at your peril. judge jeanine: what do you think the debate will be like with donald trump and bernie sanders. >> it's going to be entertaining, i can't wait. judge jeanine: what do you say, stephanie? >> it's going to be incredible. like i said, president trump will crush him bike a bug.
6:40 pm
judge jeanine: thanks so much. and he's a clear democrat frontrunner. but what do we really know about what a president bernie sanders would mean for america. charlie kirk is here to talk bernie, and nevada and more. (announcer) carvana's had a lot of firsts.
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judge jeanine: another win for bernie sanders as he dominates in nevada. but listen to what he said just this week in our country. >> we are living in' ways in a socialist society now. we have social i am for the very rich and rugged individualism for the poor. judge jeanine: how much of his
6:45 pm
supporters understand what socialism is and the danger it presents? let's ask someone who spends a lot of time talking with young people, charlie kirk who joins me now. charlie, are we living in a socialist country? >> the worst parts of our country are socialist. let's take the veterans association and the waiting lines are so long. all the worst parts of our country are the parts that embraced the collectivism of bernie sanders. it's states that embrace high taxes and high regulation. if senator sanders vision for america is the fundamental redefine the plaksist experiment i think the american will will
6:46 pm
responds. judge jeanine: you are saying high taxes is an indication of socialism? >> partly. his argument. there are parts of our society the least productive and the worst parts of our government that are run under his philosophy. but under this president we have the best economy and the lowest unemployment in history. judge jeanine: there is no question the president is a capitalist and the economy is soaring. but why is it young people on campus think that socialism isn't so bad? >> the best way i can summarize, it's the ungrateful revolution and the ungrateful generation. we have not taught gratitude of
6:47 pm
our country to the next generation. it makes sense to want to start a revolution and topple the society. if you listen carefully when you talk about we need widespread justice. judge jeanine: what is widespread justice? >> it's not blind justice. justice by justice. social justice, racial justice, social justice. he wants to topple our society and. he believes that impartial justice, almost a revenge campaign to deconstruct our country from within. because he's not grateful to be an american. and nothing he represents
6:48 pm
represents the gratitude of our country. judge jeanine: what is it that causes people think that everyone being equal which is the essence of socialism. they want everybody to work the same jobs, to make the same money, what is it? >> it plays on the worst instincts of human behavior. it's easy to want somebody else's industry sure or time. it's greedy. that's what winston churchill said. that socialism is the creed of greed to want someone is' stuff. you say somebody has too' so i want to take it away from them. this is why socialism has been tried so many times in the last 00 years and it's a disasterrer time. >> the bloom is off the rose when it comes to mike bloomberg.
6:49 pm
what does america think?
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judge jeanine: "street justice" is back and this was a fun one. i asked if they think mini mike can take on donald trump. here we are in new york city.
6:53 pm
as we prepare for a central in the apple. who is going to be better, new york city's michael bloomberg or new york city's president, donald trump. hey, what's your name. cliff. it reminds me of a democrat debate the other night. do you think michael bloomberg fell off the cliff? >> oh, yeah, he did. he was not saying the right way. he fell off the cliff by not answering truthfully. judge jeanine: do you think in the end michael bloomberg will be on the stage debating donald trump? >> maybe bernie sanders. judge jeanine: do i like bernie? >> i spliek bernie. judge jeanine: who would make a better construction worker, bernie sanders or donald trump. >> donald trump. where when does the guy sleep?
6:54 pm
judge jeanine: i don't know and i ain't asking. >> no way, bernie would fall asleep on the job. we need donald j trump on a construction job. judge jeanine: do you think ask bloomberg could match donald trump. >> no way not after that last debate. >> michael bloomberg or donald trump. >> donald trump is the best president ever. it pull bloomberg to work. i'll make him work. michael bloomberg, donald trump. who should be president? donald trump? >> i don't know. am i scaring you? who do you think would be a better construction work. donald trump pore michael bloomberg. >> donald trump.
6:55 pm
donald trump all the way. judge jeanine: do you like bloomberg? >> no. judge jeanine: he was the mayor of your city for three terms. did you watch the debate? >> i watched it, they should have closed it down right away. i don't understand what's going on with these democrats. judge jeanine: who would make a better construction work, donald trump or michael bloomberg. judge jeanine: did you like the way elizabeth warren beat down michael bloomberg? >> yes, i did. did you see the tears in his eyes? order up. fries on the side. right where i like 'em. don't forget the grease fire. burn, baby -- wait, what? -[ alarm beeping ] -i said grease fire. what are you doing on the counter? when owning a small business gets real... sorry. can i get a to-go box? helps protect what you built
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"are you stupid?" "the greg gutfeld show" is coming up and i will see you next saturday night. same place. president trump: i just said how long have you two been together? he met her at the rally in colorado. can you believe that? can you believe it? man, did he get lucky. greg: he's not just a president. he's a matchmaker. [cheers and applause] greg: was that a debate pore what? here is my favorite


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