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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  February 24, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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this is not surprising coming from maxine waters who has made a name for herself saying pretty shocking things about the president. >> thank you very much. thank you for watching, "the daily briefing" starts now. >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino. the dow down and fears over the deadly coronavirus outbreaks, also more than 1,000 points not too long ago, we have a live report minutes away but first about one of the most powerful men in hollywood heading to jail after a jury in new york found harvey weinstein guilty of a criminal act and rape in the third degree. convicting on two of th "the fi" counts against him that launched the me too movement into the spotlight. but they found him not guilty on the most serious charges of predatory sexual assault which could've landed him behind bars for the rest of his life. the manhattan district attorney praising the women who came forward and saying it's a new day for sex crime survivors.
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>> these are eight women who fold our justice system into the 21st century by declaring that rape is rape and sexual assault is sexual assault no matter wh what. weinstein is a vicious serial predator who used his power to threaten, rape, assault, tricks, humiliate, and silences victims. >> dana: weinstein's lawyer says her team plans to appeal the conviction as soon as possible. reporting live from outside the courthouse in lower manhattan and you were there when the news broke, what do you know now? >> harvey weinstein was hunched over when he heard that verdict that he had been found guilty on two accounts, taken out of the courtroom in handcuffs and now praises pouring in for those people just happy that these victims have the chance to share their story and again many of them saying how proud and grateful they are that these women did in fact testify.
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again, it took the jury five days of deliberation with seven men and five women finding him guilty of criminal acts of the first degree for sexually assaulting mimi haley in 2,006 in his manhattan loft. the jury also finding him guilty for rape in the third degree after an aspiring actress jessica man says the producer her in 2013. so all of this coming together at 11:55 when the jury was handed down this verdict to the judge. >> dana: what are we hearing from weinstein's lawyers? >> at this point, they did speak out, they plan to appeal all of this, they also talked about his demeanor, what he is saying right now, saying he is not emotional but he did reiterate saying again and again i am innocent and also adding that this is not the end. >> it will be filed. as soon as possible.
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>> on top of the guilty verdict, also faces a sexual assault case in los angeles where he is accused of raping one woman and sexually assaulting another on back-to-back days during the oscars week in 2013. so again, moving forward we know the sentencing date is on march 11th here in new york, he has not been granted bail but again as we mentioned, his defense lawyers are asking for help saying that because of his medical condition, that would be more fair and he should be allowed to be granted bail for right now so many people on twitter and other accusers just thinking these women saying that this is a new day for accusers, they will have more power when coming forward with what they claim happen to them. >> dana: alex hogan at the courthouse, thank you so much. let's bring in andy mccarthy, ronan pharaoh who was and nbc journalist who has moved on to
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other things because of a big controversy with harvey weinstein tweeted this. "it is the result of the decisions of multiple women that come forward to journalist and the prosecutors at great personal cost and risk, please keep those women in your thoughts today and i think people are definitely doing that but i want to get your take on this, the jury deliberated for five days, took the weekend to come to this conclusion, what you think of the verdicts as they stand? >> the most serious charges are the ones that he was acquitted on but the way i look at this verdict, it made for the state almost be better the way that this played out. let's recognize we are talking about a 67-year-old defendant who seems to be in poor health who on the basis of the charges that he was convicted on is looking at anywhere from five to 29 years in prison with another trial coming around the bend in
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los angeles. the problem with the serious counts in this case is that the court very controversially let in what is known in the law as similar act evidence, that is a lot of uncharged sexual abuse incidents that were allowed to be proved up in the trial, four of them in order to shore up the two counts that actually were charged. that is kind of unusual and with the usual defense claim on appeal is that the jury was inflamed and that was terribly prejudicial but i think with the verdict shows is that the jury very carefully looked at this case. they clearly were not overwhelmed by the other crimes, they rejected some of it because some of it was based on the testimony of annabella sciorra and hotly contested whether that was allowed or not. so i think the verdict is going to be able to be used to show that the jury was very careful here.
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>> dana: let's bring in a criminal defense attorney for some comments here. the defense team saying that they will appeal, how do you think that will go? >> not very well, the judge was very careful about making all the rulings he made in this case particularly in bringing in those witnesses you were just talking about, the other women who testified to a pattern of behavior. i don't think there was enough that came out there to create a situation that would say that was unfair testimony added into the trial. at the testimony of the two victims alone when they were testifying about being in the room with harvey weinstein being overpowered by him, being forced upon by him, i think all of those things where enough to maintain this conviction as acts without consent. >> dana: and i ask you about this idea that his lawyers have brought up that he should be allowed to have house arrest, do
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you think that's possible here? >> i always have thought that once a defendant has been convicted, unless there is something that is so screamingly obvious that you would think on appeal the conviction is going to be reversed, the defendant ought to go in, he's been convicted by a jury and under these circumstances, he is looking at another trial for the same offenses. i think put him in and get him to start serving his time. >> dana: a quick last word from you. >> it is very common in manhattan that as soon as i conviction comes down, the officers actually surround the now convicted defendant and as soon as a jury leaves the room and the judge says good-bye to them, they are immediately hauled off to a jail cell and that's exactly what happened here. >> dana: we appreciate your expertise, thank you so much. and stay tuned because martha maccallum will sit down exclusively with weinstein's defense attorney, that is tonight at 7:00 p.m.
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now to wall street where stocks are plunging down about 1,000 points now as officials around the world are racing to keep the killer coronavirus from becoming a pandemic. got more than 1,000 points over the year, a significant 2020 games on fumes of the virus will hurt the economy. the number of cases spiking over the weekend in several countries including south korea and italy. after's south korea singly diagnosed new cases this weeken, reporting live from atlanta where the centers for disease control and prevention headquarters. what happened over the weekend? >> when you started having all of these cases appearing in other countries and pockets where you didn't have this obvious source but despite these disturbing developments, the rural health organization is not calling this a pandemic. here is why. >> for the moment, we are not witnessing the uncontained
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global spread of this virus, and we are not witnessing deaths. that this virus has pandemic potential, absolutely it has. and from our assessment, not yet. >> with hundreds of new infection in south korea, the parliament shut down today for the first time in its history. they ordered sanitation teams to clean the facility after they learned an infected person had attended an event there is. travel advisories for south korea and japan, urgent travelers to exercise increased caution to prevent sustained community spread. and what that means is in these countries, there are cases where people are getting sick and once again, there is not an obvious source of that spread is continuing. >> dana: do we have any indication that the quarantine strategies are working?
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>> the world health organization says those strategies do appear to be working in china, 98% of all the cases in the world, numbers of new cases down for much of february. in italy, the government has ordered roadblocks outside towns with covid-19 infections, confirmed more than 200 cases, the highest number outside of asia. three people have died in police posted a video on social media showing a s.w.a.t. team practicing tactics to subdue infected motorists who refused to cooperate with health screeners at official checkpoints. this of course is only a drill but it gives you an example of the aggressive measures they are willing to take in china. >> dana: i will say. thank you. we will keep an eye on the dow throughout this hour but up next, bernie sanders steamrolling through nevada and on his way to south carolina.
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the rest of the field left scrambling to catch up as the race enters a critical nine-day stretch that could seal the deal for this vermont sender. our political panel is up next. and remembering the legend kobe bryant and his teenage daughter who died along with seven others in a chopper crash last month, the memorial service happening right now the staples center. earlier, you can watch the entire memorial streaming live at i have major money saving news for my fellow veterans.
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south carolina could be his last stand. let's bring in our political panel, fox news contributor from georgetown institute of politics. managing partner and a former campaign manager tom bevan, president of real care politics. will bernie be the nominee? >> do you think bernie sanders at the front runner in this race right now? >> the answer is i'm going to do well here. >> dana: let me put it to you first, what do you think of that? >> i am having flashbacks of the republican primary for years ago when the various candidates were being asked whether or not donald trump could be the nominee and we know how well that worked out. all the lessons we learn from four years ago is not all of them apply, every single election is different in every single year is different but one thing we learned as it is really hard to stop a candidate especially when they are an
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outsider and after it was authenticity. that's one thing that borders on both sides of the aisle gravitate to you. >> dana: i want you to have a listen, talking about the possible consequences of bernie sanders at the top of the table for all of those democrats running in 2020. >> i do believe it will be an extra burden for us to have to carry. about that title, socialist. >> dana: is there an opportunity to turn things around here? >> it works in sanders momentum, they can take on a life of their own mom once they start to sense momentum, they tend to jump on the bandwagon. but vice president biden still has a relationship with people in south carolina, this is a
11:18 am
must-win state for him, that is why he is out there and saying he's going to win because if he doesn't, i think he does need to pack it up. >> dana: tom, let me ask you then, time here in studio. when you have something like a columnist for "the washington post" writing this great headline, the bernie mobile is filling up from the realist idealist revolutionaries and bad in wagoner's and people can coalesce behind bernie pretty quickly and it happened for president trump. >> they do and we have seen his numbers rising, there was this idea he was capped at 2425%, he has over 30% and a couple of the most recent national polls so he is widening his appeal and i agree with mo, he is well-positioned on super tuesday ahead by double digits in california, a small lead in texas and the small lead in north carolina, running first or second in the other states so unless they can consolidate quickly and it doesn't appear that's going to happen, it is setting up well for burning on
11:19 am
super tuesday and a few blocks away with a pile full of delegates after super tuesday, he may be unstoppable. >> dana: what about opposition research? we know a lot about bernie sanders, he's been out there on the stage for a long time that some democrats say he hasn't been vetted. this be met one of the more striking similarities is there a long paper trail. by the time they ran for president, they'd been in public office and had a long statement. what's old is new again and i think the knives are out not only amongst reporters but amongst the research teams in each of their various candidates to find the information that they can repackage or in some cases find new information that all of a sudden takes on a new life given senator sanders increased momentum because everyone is going to be gunning for him between now and when he's unstoppable if we have a cross bridge already. >> dana: is amy klobuchar, who had a pretty disappointing
11:20 am
result in nevada, should they try to consolidate and maybe try to get behind joe biden if they think that is the one horse they could write out of town? >> voters tend to think about it differently. they don't tend to think about the moderate lane or progressive lane and what we are seeing is that people's choices choices are spread all over the place why am not sure that if they consolidated the candidacies that means they would consolidate the vote. tomorrow night's debate is going to be a key moment. in last week's debate even with bernie sanders' urging, most of the candidates with the exception of pete buttigieg and to a lesser extent the former vice president, most of them train their fire on michael bloomberg. he is not in the first place. you want to take out the front runner, go after the front runner. >> dana: i realize that i hadn't brought up bloomberg and that is what we talked about last week, how bad was that debate performance for him? >> it was very close to lethal. was so bad that i think he
11:21 am
might've done himself in and no amount of money is going to be able to paper that over and we are going to see a completely different dynamic tomorrow when bernie sanders steps on stage, everybody's going to be gunning for him and we will see how he responds. >> we are having fun, 2020 and we will keep having you back, thank you. bernie sanders is heading back after an msnbc host compares his success to the invading france, joins me on the way the media is covering the front runner and sanders problems with executives. also looking back on the life and legend of kobe bryant. the memorial service for kobe and his daughter is happening right now and even watch the entire memorial streaming live at ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition...
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if it weren't for the power of targeted tv advertising. it's smart. it grabs people's attention. it works. it's why comcast spotlight is changing its name to effectv. because being effective means getting results. >> dana: bernie sanders bar on the page from donald trump's playbook and attacking members of the media he claims to have been unfair to his campaign. chris matthews giving him some ammunition liking it to a invasion during world war ii. watch. >> i am reading last night about the fall of france in the summer of 1940 and the general calls of churchill and says it's over and he says how can it be? you've got the greatest army in europe, how could it be over?
11:26 am
he said it's over. so i had that suppressed feeling, can't be as wild as carville but he is smart and i think he is right on this one. >> dana: joining me now is howard kurtz, you watched "the five," jessie and i always ask permission before we make an analogy and it is usually granted but if that was going to be the analogy i think he would've said no. here is a spokesperson for bernie sanders reacting to that, said never thought part of my job would be pleading with the national news network to stop likening the campaign of a jewish presidential candidate whose family was wiped out by the to the third right, but here we are." and here you are to tell us how you think about it. >> everyone should stay away from analogies but the history of the sanders family makes these remarks particularly tone-deaf. he should apologize to bernie sanders, i don't know what he's waiting for, msnbc should disavow the remarks and what a horrible thing to warrant this analogy?
11:27 am
he won fair and square. >> dana: shows an immense amount of panic amongst liberal media that they think oh, my gosh, sanders is actually happening and they seem powerless to stop it. >> you would think that bernie sanders an msnbc with all his liberal hosts and commentators would be a marriage made in political heaven but instead, sanders campaign manager told "vanity fair" that he finds the covers to be condescending and mocking, and says fox news is more fair to the sanders campaign. i think there is a fear among commentators on the left who aren't already on the bernie bandwagon that he's going to get decimated by president trump and they will be hurt as well and it's fine if you want to take him on on policy or his heart attack or anything else but stay away from german tanks rolling away to paris in 1940. >> dana: attacking the media can be successful if it is
11:28 am
coming from the left? it'll be interesting to see. >> may the donald trump analogy going after the fake news and bernie sanders doesn't have a lot of love for a lot of journalists, he's complained about "the washington post," complained about msnbc and i think of many journalists are only now waking up to the fact that this guy may very well win the nomination. i think we have completely miscalculated as a profession his chances of winning, we didn't understand the frustration with the democratic party echoes of 2015 and 2016 with trump and the g.o.p. and i think as a result we haven't done the usual vetting and scrutiny that serious candidates get. i think that should change. >> dana: did you hear anything about bernie sanders being furious with msnbc and confronting the executives before that debate? >> new york post had a good story that has not been denied
11:29 am
that before the debate you would think you might want to not take off the network that's about to stage a debate which is a big deal to you in las vegas that he confronted msnbc president and another executive to say how unfair he thinks the coverage has been. bernie sanders hasn't really been a democrat, he is an outsider, he is not afraid to go out a channel like msnbc and i think that's one of the things that people like bernie like about him. he will stick it to the press is much as trump well. >> dana: what you think about the appearance on "60 minutes" last night? >> for him to give a mixed review to fidel castro gives more ammunition to the republicans. but bernie sanders, "the new york times" said maybe he is a teflon candidate, he has had a lot of controversial things in the past, now not releasing his medical records, can't explain how it's going to pay for medicare for all and it doesn't seem to shake his core supporters who if anything or
11:30 am
growing larger. he is now winning and other demographics, not just to white voters so it is really something to watch. >> dana: we have another debate tomorrow night, high-stakes? >> high-stakes particularly for michael bloomberg who was so disastrous in the last debate and high-stakes for joe biden making his last stand in south carolina. >> dana: love having you, we lucked out, the perfect day to have you, thank you so much. up next, we will head to the staples center were a family and friends are paying their respects to basketball legend kobe bryant. @hx0
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>> dana: a major sell-off underway amid concerns of the spread of the coronavirus and its possible impact on the world economy. the dow is still off more than 900 points. let's bring in susan li from the fox business network and a partner in business development leader, susan, so when business people woke up this morning,
11:35 am
they saw they were all these other developments around the world. >> italy has seven deaths now reported in the last few hours, i read has at least 12 and you had 50,000 being quarantined during fashion week, so that's going to have an impact across the entire global economy that's why investors thought maybe this is not contained, maybe we don't have all the information and you were looking at this 900-point drop which is huge but compare it to others that we've seen just in the last few years and mind you, the dow has also risen during that time. it's up to 28,000 level also playing with bigger numbers so you saw 1,000-point drop back in 2018. >> dana: i remember 1,000-point drops in 2008 and they are not fun to deal with but it could come back pretty quickly but can you give us a real-world example of how this could affect consumers? i was reading about one of the factories that makes bmws in the car parts in china has been closed for weeks.
11:36 am
>> the biggest thing we talk about a supply chain which doesn't mean much to the average consumer but if you are buying a car and waiting for it and half of the parts come from china, you would be surprised where else in asia they may come from and that part manufacturer has to get to part manufacturer be and they can't get one to the other. that means you are not getting your car. >> just take a look at the stats i compiled for you, so china is of course a huge part of the supply chain i would say is still probably the factory florida virtually every industry, 40% of the imported apparel here in the u.s. pharmaceuticals, 150 prescription drugs might be impacted because of coronavirus as well. >> but if you think about a car when you think it is american, the fact of the matter is that so many of those parts are not made here and components of other parts are not made here so that's why it impacts the consumer. >> dana: what can china do, if
11:37 am
china sneezes, the world gets a cold so everyone is going to feel this effect. is china competent enough and capable enough to do enough to try to have pro-growth economic policies if coronavirus gets under control. >> they can do what they can to stimulate their economy, and of devaluing their currency as a result of the problem of the economic contagion were trading partners with china and the other problem is the uncertainty so businesses don't know where they are going to get their parts from and they have to start scrambling around the planet to find them elsewhere and that becomes the bigger problem for business in the years to come perhaps. >> the biggest shift is production to cambodia or vietnam, some of the other low-cost countries but a lot of the raw materials still come from china and they have been. as i a wake-up call? >> dana: what should we do to protect ourselves here? >> two years of trade work on a
11:38 am
lot of american companies went to cambodia in bangladesh in vietnam. the problem is there isn't capacity in those countries to the scale that china has to manufacture the stuff the textile industry has gone for ten years so they were worried about ip thefts of the matter is they may not be able to -- point have to come back to china because that's what the manufacturers are having. >> dana: it has in effect all around the world and those that are suffering, thank you so mu much. kobe bryant's widow is suing the company that owned a helicopter that crashed last month killing her husband, daughter, and seven others. news of a lawsuit coming just as a public memorial service for the nba legend got underway in los angeles. the service is streaming live on, chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live outside the staples center. >> we are about one hour into what is expected to be a several long service now, it has been as
11:39 am
he would imagine a deeply emotional occasion, the staples center factor capacity, 20,000 family friends and fans inside the arena right now. they were arriving from earlier this month, the service itself was opened by beyonce singing among other things "halo" and then the tv host jimmy kimmel was the first to speak. he was and is a very close friend of the bryant family. he was clearly struggling to contain his emotions as he spo spoke. we under the broadcast rules are not allowed to show you any clips from the service until it is over but among the things to me kimmel said as he tried find something positive from this awful tragedy, he said "it seems to me that all we can do is be grateful for the time we had with them and for the time we have left with each other.
11:40 am
and then to thunderous applause and cheers, kobe bryant's widow vanessa walked up onto the stage. she paid tribute to gianna bryant, her 13-year-old daughter and called her her baby girl and talked about what an incredible human being gianna was. and then she went on to talk about kobe bryant not just as a basketball legend, but as a husband and a father to her two daughters. vanessa bryant saying "he was the mvp of girl dads. he always told the girls how beautiful and smart they are. he taught them how to be brave and how to keep pushing forward when things get tough. hanging in the arena today are kobe bryant's numbers eight and 24 jerseys and the number for jerseys which were always worn by his daughter gianna. they of course were among the nine people who died for weeks
11:41 am
at a one day ago when the helicopter in which they were traveling smashed into that hillside in calabasas north of los angeles in the thick fog and emerged today as you mentioned that vanessa bryant has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company that owned that helicopter alleging that it should not have been flying in those conditions. but today is very much about celebrating the life of kobe bryant and gianna bryant as a 20,000 people inside staples center and millions more watching across the world continue to do. >> dana: is they read update into the investigation of that crash? >> we are waiting for the final report, that is likely to be according to the ntsb some 12 to 24 months before we get it but what they have said in a
11:42 am
preliminary report is given us details of what was happening at the time of the crash and it appears that the helicopter was traveling they say at something like 186 miles per hour when it slammed into the hillside. was very thick fog that day and it appears on the face of it at least that the pilot was disoriented in those conditions. the helicopter falling in its last moments at a rate of 4,000 feet per minute. >> dana: thank you, jonathan hunt. we appreciate it. is streaming live on next, a judge in the roger stone case is not backing down as she considers a retrial for the former trump associate. a live update ahead. but first, one of the women who helped nasa get to the moon has passed away. catherine johnson story was featured in the movie "hidden
11:43 am
figures," a small group of black women who worked as mathematicians for the space agency starting in the 1950s and were critical to them missions that put the first people in space and on the moon and is also credited with breaking down barriers at the agency. she was 101 years old and if you haven't seen the movie, i highly recommend it. as a struggling actor,
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>> i'm bill hemmer on a monday, where does the virus and? that's the mystery today, meda has been quarantined in california while wife remains back in japan waiting to come home. and ken harvey weinstein weighed an appeal? our legal team will explain all that coming up and the more, see you at the top of the hour. >> dana: the judge who sentenced former trump associates has been denying his
11:48 am
request to recuse herself after her defense team for accused her of bias. to sing a stone's lawyers are using those claims to generate publicity as she considers his request for a new trial. kristin fisher is live in washington with more in the story does not end. >> it doesn't end, judge jackson will hear roger stone's request for a new trial at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. right now, it is close to the public but that could change pending the outcome of another hearing earlier in the day. in addition to a new trial, stone's defense team also asked for a new judge. they took issue with something that judge jackson said during stones sentencing, she said the jury had "served with integrity but the defense team is alleging misconduct. so last night, judge jackson rejected the defense is request for a new judge by saying "there is no rule and no case law that would justify the recusal of a judge for bias simply because he or she said something about an issue on the docket. parties could move to disqualify
11:49 am
every judge who furrows his brow at one side or the other before ruling, the entire court system would come to a standstill. "president trump also raising questions about the integrity of the jury, the one for m woman in particular. >> we have a juror who is obviously an activist against trump, said bad things about trump and said bad things about stone and she somehow wheedled her way onto the jury and if that is not. >> so the question remains, will president trump ultimately pardon roger stone? the answer he gave yesterday was that he could say plenty more about it but will hold it at least for now. >> dana: thank you so much. president trump won his first official visit to india, he and the first lady taking a stroll through the grounds of the country's most famous landmarks, the taj mahal.
11:50 am
a crowd of more than 100,000 people building a cricket stadium for the rally, chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us live from new delhi with the latest on the president state visit. that was a big deal back then. >> i miss the bush one but i was here with bill clinton back in 1999 and now back with president trump and what an event today for the most part, the pomp and ceremony and the cultural events are over, day one really was focused on that alone will get down to some of the hard work of the bilateral meetings forging a different path ahead with a u.s.-india relationship. two big items on the table, trade and security. contrary, some big differences over india's protections trade policy, big tariffs on things like american-made harley-davidson motorcycles. the president is hoping to go
11:51 am
some distance rolling back those particular tariffs on motorcycles and at the same time trying to sell the big crowd on the benefit of rewriting the u.s. india trade relationship and says it's already underway, listen here. >> we are in the early stages of discussion for an incredible trade agreement to reduce barriers of investment between the united states and india, and i am optimistic that working together, the prime minister and i can reach a fantastic deal that is good and even great for both of our countries. >> on the other big issue, president trump told that huge crowd at the cricket stadium today that he is going to some distance to convince pakistan to do something to address all the terrorist members of the taliban who were hiding out in the tribal areas of northern pakistan, india of course has
11:52 am
had a big problem with terrorism. the president also wants the united states to supplant russia as the premier arms merchant to india and as well the president would like to forge closer military ties with the indian government to serve as a counterweight to china's growing military and economic power. he was the appeal the president made earlier today. >> i believe the united states should be india's premier defense partner and that's the way it's working out. together, we will defend our sovereignty, security, and protect a free and open indo pacific region for our children and for many, many generations to come. >> before the president addressed the crowd there at the cricket stadium, he stopped by mahatma gandhi's home from 1917 to 1930 and then after the rally, travel to the city little bit southeast of where we are here in new delhi to visit the taj mahal, which of course
11:53 am
is one of the eighth wonder rules of the world, the mausoleum of white marble. built for his favorite wife. tomorrow, there will be a bit more pomp and ceremony when the president has a welcoming ceremony at the president of india's house. he will then go to lay a wreath with the first lady. that is where gandhi was cremated after his assassination in those important bilateral meetings with the prime minister, so hopefully this time tomorrow when we report to you, we will report some progress in the area of trade. but nothing monumental expected on trade, that's going to take some time. >> dana: a lot of diplomacy being done. thank you so much, john roberts. up next, turns out you're smart speakers are always listening. those sneaky speakers even when you're not talking to them, they are listening. brett larson is here to explain. loans, a va mortgage rates have just dropped to near 50 year lows.
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>> dana: so it seems alexa and her friends are always listening even when you don't have anything to say. but larson is here with the details. here on fox news headlines, 24/7, sirius xm, 2015. what is going on? >> i don't know how i feel about this. i have nothing to say, and alexa is listening. it has probably happened to you if you have a smart speaker, if you have siri or google home. >> dana: is there a smart speaker on my phone? she is listening to me right now? >> they are listening for the trigger word, my ipad is listening for me to say hey siri, and then you'll see that the screen changes. but alexa has the same problem. and the funny thing about alexa is if you are say playing your television through your smart speaker, if it is hooked up to your home stereo system and you are watching the hilarious show on pop tv "schitt's creek" where
11:59 am
you say alexis, sometimes a alexa will change. >> dana: is it time to break up? >> i think the software is still being approved. so it is two or three years old, and the software gets smarter, so to speak the more we use it. because it is the artificial intelligence that is constantly learning how to interact with us. >> dana: seconds, i want to hear about the soldier. >> there was a soldier who got an alert because of a doorbell app that he was using, i guess we can assume it is the ring doorbell. he noticed the two gentlemen were trying to rob his house and break in, saw them on the ring doorbell camera app and called the police. and the police -- >> dana: from iraq. >> the police were able to show up and arrested them. >> dana: it is a smart
12:00 pm
doorbell. >> it is a smart doorbell. >> dana: i am glad that he foiled them, because how dare you try to steal it. brett larson, thank you so much. thank you for joining us, i am dana perino, i will see you on "the five" bill hemmer now! >> bill: thank you, dana, we are watching stock plunge. here are where things stand today, 79,000 have been infected across 32 countries. from iran, at least 12 people have died, the most out of man land kind of in china, and south korea, it has skyrocketed to 800. from italy, more than 200 have tested positive to date. and aboard the princess diamond cruise ship, died in japan after they were quarantined. we'll talk to someone who was on that ship in the u.s. while he waits for his wife. in the meantime, david as


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