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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  February 24, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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doorbell. >> it is a smart doorbell. >> dana: i am glad that he foiled them, because how dare you try to steal it. brett larson, thank you so much. thank you for joining us, i am dana perino, i will see you on "the five" bill hemmer now! >> bill: thank you, dana, we are watching stock plunge. here are where things stand today, 79,000 have been infected across 32 countries. from iran, at least 12 people have died, the most out of man land kind of in china, and south korea, it has skyrocketed to 800. from italy, more than 200 have tested positive to date. and aboard the princess diamond cruise ship, died in japan after they were quarantined. we'll talk to someone who was on that ship in the u.s. while he waits for his wife. in the meantime, david as men,
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host of "bulls and bears," hello to you. give us the lay of the situation. >> it dropped before we picked up. italy was down 5.5% if you look at the dow jones industrial average so to speak of italy, they have ten cities that are quarantined right now, and five people dead over 280 people have the virus itself and a huge growth of the virus in italy, and is close to milan, which is the industrial center of it easily. it scares people, because we are losing the industrial motivation that is coming out of china, because wuhan is so important in the supply chain of a lot of company is in the united states, europe, japan that depend on china to manufacture things from them. there is good news on two fronts. one that we have been here before. there have been viruses that affected the world and our markets as a result of that we have the sars virus in china, we
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had the swine flu, the cholera outbreak, zeke of virus, ebola, et cetera. they have a very strong impact immediately on the markets, but they generally last no more than six months. so over a six-month period of time we should be able to get through this unless there is something, there is always the unknown. that could happen. the other good thing is that the united states has been for the past three years involved in the trade war with china. as a result, u.s. companies have moved a lot of third change out of china to vietnam and other countries in the asian area so while europeans and japanese are still stuck on china, and to their facilities, their manufacturing facilities, a lot of u.s. companies have pulled out of that supply chain and reposition themselves to avoid china. so it's not to say that we are in great shape, some companies like apple are being hit hard. but that gives the possibility of people to get into a stock that they thought had gone up too much.
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>> bill: one thing you touched on is market stability, they are not getting that, because there is an unknown of what happens tomorrow, you wake up tomorrow, is there another outbreak in some part of the world that we have not yet been able to predict? iran was a big stunner. it was huge. south korea is a big stunner. >> the big thing about south korea that is most bother stone, in china and around you have bad health facilities, but in south korea you have grade a health facility is, if it can grow up fast in an area with very good medical facilities, tt is a problem. we should not allow people out there to get too concerned or panicky about this, because if you do anything with your stocks anything with your 401(k) when you are panicked, it will probably be a mistake. the next day you will regret it, maybe not a day, but a week, a month. hang in there. there could be people who got in a couple of years ago and decide that today is the day to cash in on the money that i made.
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that is fine. but if you are in for the long haul, don't judge the market on what happened today. >> bill: we have had a heck of a run. the strongest country in the world right now when it comes to the economy. the only country for a reason. to speak of the only country that has a small link back strow growth policy, all of the europs are stuck in a high tax mode whs at all. we are the place to go. >> bill: you make some great points, thank you, dave, we will check you out at 4:00. 5:00. oh, yeah, that's right. 4:00 in chicago. i want to bring in mark jorgensen now who is under quarantine in california paid he and his wife jerry were passengers on board the princess cruise ship. we talked to her about a week ago, tested positive for the virus and is still in quarantine. market, welcome. are you today in california around noon, you have tested negative today, is that correct, mark.
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>> that is correct, i am doing well. >> bill: doing well, and taking your temperature i would imagine every day. having very little contact with human beings, how is that? >> very little, we are confined to our rooms, going out and walking the ground if we want to, but unless we bump into someone out there, we are not seeing anyone at all. >> bill: how did you react to the news about the third passenger had died from the virus, mark? >> it is tragic, obviously. i barely just heard about it actually. and i am still hearing that people with underlying medical conditions are the ones that are suffering. so my wife is very healthy, so i have not been too concerned for her yet. >> bill: how much contact have you had with her as she remains in japan? >> least -- we talked several times a day on facetime.
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>> bill: based on our conversation last week, she tested positive. one test was negative, how she dealing with that level of unrest, mark? >> that is not true, there was not a negative test. to somehow got out there. she was tested friday and was tested positive again. and she did take a test last night. she will get the results back tonight. if that is negative, then she gets another negative. and she can be released. but she has been positive the whole time. >> bill: best-case scenario for her now, when did she come home from japan? >> best case could be by the weekend. she has to have two consecutive negative tests, then they will release her from the hospital. at the embassy and princess has made arrangements for her to go back to tokyo, stay in a hotel for a couple of nights and then as soon as they can arrange travel, she can come home. >> bill: in the meantime you are in california in quarantine for how much longer, mark?
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>> they are telling me it will be another week myself, second nor the third depending on how they are counting the days. so i'm settling in for that time. >> bill: how are you dealing with that? >> it is tough. there is a lot of boredom. a lot of staring at the walls, but trying to keep busy. i talked to a lot of people as many as i can by phone and watch some tv, listening to some radio, reading some books and doing what i can to pass the time. >> bill: they bring you three meals a day, right? >> they do. how does that work? >> they come to the door and handed to me. they want me to put a mask on, they are fully masked up with gloves and face shields, but they can hand it to me. that's the only reaction that i have with a human being throughout the day. >> bill: this was not the cruise that you expected, mark, think you will go back on a vote again? >> yeah, we will go again. i still consider this a fluke. we will be okay.
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i still want to live my life. >> bill: stay healthy, best to you and jeri in japan, thank you both. i'm getting an alert from the cdc right now, reporting that there were 14 confirmed cases of the virus here at home. apart from the 39 cases among those evacuated from the princess cruise ship. so the cdc confirming come of the top headline, 53 coronavirus cases including some of the americans who came back. so keep an eye on that. in the meantime, breaking news a little bit earlier today. here in new york, harvey weinstein found guilty of rape in a felony sex crime, the jury acquitted the case on the most serious charges against him. he is now behind bars as he awaits sentencing in about two weeks. alex hogan is live outside the courthouse in manhattan where it went down today. >> this is a monumental moment in the me too movement, listing
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the names of the accusers who testified here and saying that this is a new day of accountability. again, harvey weinstein taken out of the courtroom today in handcuffs. he was hunched over when he finally heard that verdict after five days of jury deliberation. that jury, those seven men and five women finding him guilty on two counts, those are for sexual assault act in the first degree, for assaulting mimi haley in 2006 in the loft, and also guilty for rape in the third degree, just go man who says the 67-year-old raped her in 2017. but the jury finding weinstein not guilty on serious charges including predatory sexual assault and rape in the first degree after the verdict was read, both sides taking some time to respond. >> this is the new landscape for survivals of sexual assault in america, i believe.
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and this is a new day. it is a new day, because harvey weinstein has finally been held accountable for crimes he committed. >> it is difficult, he will be filing an appeal. but a file will be appealed. >> weinstein was also taken into custody at his attorney requesting that he be released on house arrest. on top of the guilty verdict, he faces another sexual assault case in los angeles spread but in regards to this case here today, the sentencing will take place on march 11th. and he could spend 29 years behind bars. bill. >> bill: alex hogan, thank you. a lower manhattan. in a moment, bernie sanders is surging, has his competitors sending out warning shots. >> before we rush to nominate senator sanders and the one shot to take on the president, let us look at what is at stake.
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senator sanders believes in an inflexible ideological revolution that weaves out most with democrats, not to mention most americans. >> bill: oh, how will bernie sanders doing contest number 4? meanwhile thousands of fans paying tribute to kobe bryant and his daughter. we will take you live to the staples center in los angeles. it's the next one. you always drive this slow? how did you make someone i love? that must be why you're always so late. i do not speed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. my son, he did say that you were the safe option. and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me. so get allstate. stop bossing. where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. this is my son's favorite color, you should try it. [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady? [tina] you're an old lady. it's surprising how the bigger a city gets... the smaller it starts to feel. which makes it even more surprising,
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>> rape is rape, whether it is committed by a stranger in a dark alley or an intimate
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partner in a working relationship. >> we are very conscious. >> as sure as i am a bald man. >> bill: that happened in new york three hours ago paired harvey weinstein behind bars after a jury found him guilty of rape and a felony sex crime. the disgraced movie mogul acquitted of the most serious charges against him. i want to bring in the legal team, caroline police he and both criminal defense attorneys, we were with you, caroline, on friday, you predicted the outcome today. so no surprise? >> i was not surprised based on the note that the jurors handed down on friday. can we convict on the lowest charge? can we come down to a decision but hang on the top two charges? which indicated that they were coming to a guilty verdict. they decided that the two complaining witnesses in this case, they did not believe that
12:16 pm
third witness annabella sciorra, the "sopranos" actress, i think it was just too far back in time, remember the statute of limitations had run on the charge. >> bill: her allegation was from the 1990s. let's come back for a moment, you are surprised that they convicted on what they did. explain that. >> i will explain that so that i don't get stoned when i walk out of the building. the defense in this case was based on one word, consent. and i think that to the defense did an excellent job of trying to show that the accusers in this case had ongoing relationships with harvey weinstein that any reasonable average person would think, was a consensual relationship. when you look at not the act itself that they testified to, but what they did afterward, it justified logic and common sense. >> bill: in the sense that they still had a friendship? >> they would sign their emails
12:17 pm
"much love," they accepted gifts from him. they wanted to go to dinner with him, after he forcibly raped them, it does not make sense. to speak of the state rebutted that argument quite well and put on a forensic psychologist who testified to the ways that sexual assault victims sometimes behave irrationally, or in ways that we would not think that they would to delay reporting and things like that. now in the press conference, we are in a whole new era now, it is no longer the time when prosecutors will only charge that back alley were rape from a stranger, we are seeing that juries are able to comprehend and understand the nuances of complicated relationships when it deals with power and consent. they are willing to take a chance and understand those relationships. >> bill: did they explain it well enough in court? >> i think what they accomplished in court, what the prosecution accomplished was the culture is now going to be
12:18 pm
different. and kudos to them, that is a very good thing. we don't need to have people in positions of power taking advantage of that. at the same time we need to make sure that women also take responsibility and not -- it is very hard to say. a lot of these women wanted to get a foothold in their career. and for that reason they spent time with a man who later -- >> bill: in this case, it is a little difficult to explain, but the case from the 1990s it was never prosecuted. there was no conviction, but she presented a story before the jury in court, and they had to decide whether or not they believed her story as to whether or not they would go forward on the strongest conviction which would have meant to life in prison, they voted that down. how often does that happen? >> it is very rare, bill, it is a quirk of the new york state law that allowed the prosecution to supersede the indictment and add annabella sciorra to the top charges. it is an enhancement of the
12:19 pm
lower charges, and you are right, it is a weird quirk and the way the verdict was design designed. >> bill: is this new york law that determines us? >> it is. >> bill: and the two sides have to agree? >> it is the way that the prosecution chose to move forward with the case. they gave up their chance long ago with annabella sciorra and used her essentially as a supporting witness on that top charge, because it was a predatory charge, meaning habitual charge, they needed more than one. >> bill: this is not coming when you do this? >> the judge allowed it, the defense bought it, the judge allowed it. the judge allowed all lot of things that is going to be brought up on appeal. >> bill: on appeal what are his chances? >> it is hard to tell, getting out of jail on appeal, that could happen, except it will be muddied by the fact that california once him pretrial, so he might get out here, but go in
12:20 pm
in california. >> he will not get on the field, one of the main factors is likelihood of winning on an appeal. he has no shot of an appeal, every criminal appeals conviction, they are going to say that the judge was biased, but he was well within his jurisdiction. >> but the witnesses will give him grounds for appeal. >> there are grounds for it, he just will not win. >> bill: ladies, thank you very much. it's good to see you both again. in a moment, bernie sanders bringing the first three contests in his favor and taking some swipes at party elders in the process. >> don't tell anybody, because these folks get very, very agitated and nervous. we are going to win here in texas. and in november, we are going to defeat trump here in texas! >> bill: is this now
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>> how do you expect saturday to go? >> well. well. that is for you opponents to decide. i feel good and ready to go. we will do fine. >> do you think bernie sanders has a front runner? >> i'm not going to, the answer is that the department will do well. >> bill: from earlier today, joe biden saying he has a good feeling about south carolina on saturday after bernie sanders picks up his third big win. average polling shows that he trails joe biden by three points, a month ago the former vp was up 20 points. on the board behind me, this is
12:26 pm
what south carolina looked like. hillary clinton, she is in blue, bernie sanders in purple, hillary clinton won every county across the state. is this where he is supported this year? or is a jacked up? you will find out saturday later in the week here. 2020, this is what went down over the weekend, bernie sanders almost 47% of the caucus vote in atlanta, pete buttigieg did not get to 15%, and down the line elizabeth warren single digits, had to be disappointing for amy klobuchar coming off of the surge that she saw in the strait of new hampshire, so we will see what happens. meanwhile, here was your turn out, always so critical, i what was down, new hampshire was pretty good for democrats. 100,000 2020, which beats 2016 by about 16,000. but the record turnout, it did not happen. this was the record in 2008, a
12:27 pm
tick below. that is in the rearview mirror, and this is what we are looking at right now. you have president trump in india. tomorrow democratic debate in south carolina. on thursday, amy klobuchar does a town hall in the fox news channel. on friday president trump is in south carolina just a day before the primary happens on saturday. and then 72 hours later it is super tuesday. a lot can change in the next few days. serving under president obama, both fox news contributor's, and hello to you too. good afternoon. is this bernie race to win or lose? >> i think without a doubt, if you look add to address the trend over the first three contests with each contest, bernie sanders improves his share of the vote, and while, i
12:28 pm
know that he will have real problems down the stretch, coalescing all the different factions the democratic party. he is doing a better than anybody else. certainly better than joe biden is doing it. and if he just over performs, performs better in south carolina, then people were expecting, that is a tremendous thing. and this is the reason why democrats, establishment democrats are concerned about having bernie sanders at the top of the ticket, not only doesn't mean that -- i think that they are going have a terrible time trying to capture the white house, but the trickle down to all the other races having bernie sanders at the top of the ticket could be devastating. >> bill: it seems on that point that that is what everybody is writing about for the most part, politico, here we go. sanders sends democratic establishment into panic mode. 30 plus years of politics, never seen this level of doom. i don't know, are they poking their eyes out right now, marie?
12:29 pm
or not? >> do alec panicked, bill? very calm today. the democratic establishment when out of the way with president trump and his nomination in 2016, it feels like stories we were saying written about republicans just four years ago. i do think bernie sanders is in a strong position and if anyone else is able to give him a run for his money, some of these candidates are going to have to start dropping out. people like amy klobuchar, i hate to say this, elizabeth warren. people like tom steyer. they cannot keep bleeding four, five, 8% of the electorate. because they are just dividing the anti-bernie sanders vote. so joe biden has to do very well in south carolina. we will see how mayor bloomberg does in the debate this week. but some of the candidates need to get out of the way so the other options can really succe succeed. >> bill: there was a time not
12:30 pm
so long ago where if you finish in fourth place, you are done. that does not happen in 2020. you queued it up nicely, here is mike bloomberg on msnbc on sunday. >> i did not have a good night, let's get serious here. is that the first time in my life i have had a bad night? no. will it be the last? no. if you have a debate with everybody on the stage having had a bad night, nobody would be on the stage. i'm sure that you would have been perfect. >> all my life. >> you see, i knew that. but i have not been. >> bill: here is the state of play, mike bloomberg has to have a good debate tomorrow night and joe biden has to win in south carolina on saturday. charlie. >> at both of those things happen, that probably ultimately helps bernie sanders, because it continues the race going along where you do have that anti-bernie sanders sentiment that you were talking about divided. the problem with michael bloomberg is he had a bad debate, certainly, but he is
12:31 pm
not a very good retail politician. he is not particularly exciting people person. and usually politicians who do very well are people who love to be around people. >> bill: bernie sanders seems to be the exception to that. the word is that he has been cramming for the next test and knows that he underperforms, shall we say, it is evident from the sound bite. marie, what about it? if bloomberg does well on the debate, joe biden, can he win in south carolina? >> michael bloomberg is not on the ballot in south carolina. so i think joe biden can win there. bloomberg is betting that people will see these beautiful ads that he has paid lots of money for them will ever see the debate. but a lot of people are watching the debates because of the nature of them. but what would be interesting tomorrow night is whether elizabeth warren trains that fire that she brought the last debate towards bernie sanders.
12:32 pm
she trained it on michael bloomberg very effectively in the last debate. but if she has any chance of doing anything in the race and she wants to help make it so bernie sanders is not the nominee, she can train her fire on bernie, she did not do that in the last debate. and very few people did. we are watching that tomorrow night. >> bill: no matter what happens on saturday, you have super tuesday three days behind you. it could be a nonevent. we will see in the basic structure of all this, it could be a nonevent. charlie, thank you very much, marie, good to see you as well. in the mean time, a fear of a possible pandemic. the dow is on track for the third-largest point drop ever. in a moment we will talk to a researcher who says his team has made a vaccine breakthrough. about newday's va streamline refi. it's the closest thing to automatic savings that we've ever offered. at newday, veterans can refinance their mortgage
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>> bill: fox news alert, looking at the last 30 minutes of trading, coronavirus shocking the market.
12:37 pm
we are at the moment up 900 points which accounts for 3% of the dow. fox business network susan li here with more. nice to see you. pretty obvious everybody woke up and said, where is the virus going next? >> after a sudden death being reported in italy, and possibly as many as 12, looks like the coronavirus is not contained, and you see it reflected in the stock market, down 923 points, could be the third-biggest points dropped in the history. for the s&p 500 which is the broader index. possibly the top five worst one to drop in history. >> bill: we will see where we end, i don't get a sense of panic, do you? >> i don't get a sense of panic, because we have been here before. two in a row back in 2018, the markets are so much bigger when you are losing 1,000 points. it's not like 1987 when 25
12:38 pm
person points were the whole market, but this is for your trade when it comes out of stock going into the bold u.s. treasun the u.s. dollars. it is a gut check given that things have run up so much. we are in a record bull market run. 12 years of an economic expansion, and usually that does not happen. people are concerned. maybe it is time to take some money off the table when the music might end and they want to find an answer for that. >> bill: the problem is you may be did not expect the story in iran or that south korea would report as much as they have. or italy. the question is, who is next? >> and as we learn in 2008, if one place catches a cold, everybody else starts to sing is. that's what is happening to china. one of the largest in the world, 20% of gdp if they are hit by $1 trillion.
12:39 pm
and through the months of this year, it will ripple across the world and to the u.s. economy as well. >> bill: the final 25 minutes of trading, look at that. 920 points. thank you. in the meantime the virus outbreak has killed 2600 around the world. researchers at the university of texas have made a breakthrough which could help develop a vaccine to protect against the fire ants virus. welcome to our program, tell me what you have learned about the virus and how insidious it has become, why? >> thank you for having us on. what my group has been able to do is determine a three dimensional amount of the spike protein that the virus uses to infect cells, on the surface of the virus there is a protein called spike that attaches to our receptors on the human cell and infuses the membrane allowing the virus to enter our cell. we have been able to determine in a short amount of time the three dimensional amount.
12:40 pm
so i have a 3d printout of what the spike protein looks like. this is the print of the structure, and now we can rationally design novel vaccine antigens, small molecules and antibodies that combine to the spike and prevent the function. >> bill: i'm reading, the virus attaches itself to human cells and causes the infection. i imagine that is quite common. but why is this one, why is this such a contagious virus? >> yes, there is still a lot of research that needs to be done, why this one is more contagious than some of the other coronavirus' that have emerged, such as the coronavirus in 2002, or the merce coronavirus in 2012, this one does seem to transmit much more easily from human to human and a lot of studies are currently ongoing trying to determine why. >> bill: you try to figure out why it is such an infecting
12:41 pm
force. your vaccine could be developed in a year or two? is that considered fast when you think about how urgent the stories become already? >> that is extremely fast. a so optimistically we would hope that a vaccine could be developed in 18-24 months, which compared to the historical time to develop a vaccine, 1-2 decades is incredibly fast. it can go quickly to make the vaccine, but there has to be a lot of testing to make sure it is effective and most importantly to make sure it is safe. that's why there is preclinical development, phase one trend, face 2, phase 3 clinical trials, and they take a lot of time. >> bill: with the current crisis, can you contribute to helping us understand? or is it, is your understanding a year away from now? >> we can understand quite a bit about the virus. what we are focusing on is
12:42 pm
developing the intervention to stop it. there will be a lot of research in years to come trying to understand how the virus is spreading and what it is affecting people inside. but the most immediate course of action for my lab and hundreds of labs around the world is to develop some intervention to let go of the virus. >> bill: you say that the administration will ask for $1 billion to go ahead and supplemental spending to deal with the coronavirus. that's a lot of money. what can you do with that? >> it is a lot of money, but clinical trial studies are extremely expensive. the manufacturing of millions of doses is expensive. there is a lot of basic science research as well. so it is actually not so much money compared to everything that needs to be learned in the short amount of time and do it quickly and safely. >> bill: keep us posted on
12:43 pm
your progress, thank you for your time today. professor in austin. we will be in contact print in a moment, former coach at the university of texas sentenced moments ago in the college admissions scandal. six months in prison, admitted to taking a $1,000 bribe to get a student to a tennis recruit. the 13th person sentenced in that scan. felicity huffman, molly line reporting live from the courthouse on that. >> that was the big headline a few moments ago at a federal court in boston. the second coach to be sentenced for his part in the college admissions scandal, six months in prison, keep in mind that he admitted his role and cooperated early. and that is a significant term in prison. the most significant of the two coaches that have been sentenced. pled guilty to a conspiracy charge back in april.
12:44 pm
you noted that he has acknowledged to take a $100,000 bribe in exchange for developing the one student as a tennis recruit even though he did not play competitive tennis. the big catch is that he has kept $60,000 for personal use after enrolling that student simply dropped off the team. prosecutors pointed out that the center owned up to the actions and that he offered cooperation early and has been remorseful. in court he tear tearfully apologized to his wife, kids, and judge richard stern sending that former coach to prison when he heard the ultimate sentence. tomorrow another parent faces sentencing. and then there is a status hearing for parents inching closer to a trial including lori laughlin and her fashion nine or won designer husband. >> bill: the story continues, thank you, for that. tomorrow is fat tuesday. the highlight of the mardi gras
12:45 pm
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>> bill: new orleans making changes to the parade rules after mardi gras floats killed two people over the week. both tests involved tandem floats, a single tractor can pull them coming out of the city is banning that type of flow. reporting live from dallas, wow, did not see this coming. >> awfully scary, and they have not released this specifics of what specifically went wrong on saturday night. just saying that a man was struck and killed by a parade float around 7:00 local time and that he died at the scene.
12:50 pm
it involved the 14th float in the parade's formation. witnesses say the atmosphere suddenly turned from fun and celebration to chaos and panic as the parade route was shut down, and first responders moved in. just four days earlier at a different parade a 58-year-old woman was run over and killed by a different float. police say she was trying to cross the street in the middle of the route when she tripped and fell on a hitch connecting two of the tandem floats together as horrified onlookers watched. >> it is just sad. i really hate that. it is really sad. >> we have to do our due diligence in making sure that this is a safe carnival for everyone. >> now this clearly raises the question of safety especially with these tandem floats in particular, bill, which is why they have now officially been grounded. >> bill: tell us about the safety measures. >> as you know all of the season builds up to fat tuesday which
12:51 pm
is tomorrow. right now is the busiest time. all the parades and all of the events remain on the schedule. officials say instead of canceling the celebrations altogether, they are going to continue in light of the tragedies. but they aren't forcing some crews to make last-minute changes or modifications meaning no more tandem floats allowed for now. and it could mean permanent changes on the way. the mayor of new orleans saying that more could be done to make its parades safer and to the celebrations safer, because they draw people from all over the world. >> bill: casey stegall, thank you very much, memorial service for kobe bryant and his teenage daughter happening in los angeles today. in a moment i will talk with the sportscaster jim gray, a lifelong friend of the nba legend who was inside the event in los angeles. >> how do you want to be remembered? >> i said it a long time ago,
12:52 pm
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♪ ♪ >> in the game of basketball, in life as a parent, kobe left nothing in the tank. he left it all on the floor. >> bill: quite a moment there michael jordan quite a legend himself. a memorial service for toby bryant and teenager daughter wrapping up only moments ago at the staple's center in los angeles. kobe bryant played 17 seasons with the lakers inside the arena. fox news contributor and sportscaster jim grey with me now. you were inside the gym. share what you saw with our viewers today. >> well, it was moving. it was sad. it was memorable.
12:57 pm
it was a celebration. so so many emotions. havvanessa bryant showing tremendous courage. got up and spoke about her little baby daughter gigi and so eloquent and beautiful, heart-breaking. the thing that touched me most today was michael jordan when he spoke tears rushing down his face the entire time. at the end he said a part of me died a couple of weeks ago. a big part of me. and then he said and a part of all of you died as well. he had it exactly right. >> bill: vanessa bryant struck me, jim. she was speaking about two hours ago. i was marking on the level of composure that she showed. here is a part of that now for our audience. >> kobe was the mvp of girl dads or mvd. he never left the toilet seat up. [laughter] he always told the girls how beautiful and smart they are. he taught them how to be brave and how to keep
12:58 pm
pushing forward when things get tough. >> bill: how about that moment, jim? >> she was just something. the composure that she had today. none of us can put ourselves in her shoes losing obviously her husband who she shared the world with and a daughter who has so much promise, so much future. it's heart wrenching. it really is. and to see this community respond in the way that it has, to see the world and the outpouring, i'm sure, has to be in one breath inspiring to her and comforting to her and in another just brings out a flood of memories that he had touched so many people and so many lives and all the folks in the helicopter remembered here today. it was a beautiful ceremony. it was very, very well-done by the mumba foundation and
12:59 pm
laker organization and the staples center. something we will never forget. those of us unfortunate to see it before whether it was muhammed ali or today with kobe there are moments that we will take from this that will be in our hearts forever and the hole that is in our hearts will never be filled. >> bill: jim, thank you. it was also stunning to hear vanessa bryant talk about her daughter. i imagine in the arena and in life that has to strike a lot of people. jim gray, thank you. >> sure did. thank you, bill. >> bill: from the staples center. you bet. we remember the life of kobe bryant today. and on the statement -- on this day vanessa bryant announced she will sue the helicopter company she believes responsible for the death of her husband and daughter and several others on board. jim gray, thank you in los angeles. watching the dow as we say goodbye now for this day anyway. you are off 1,000 points at
1:00 pm
the moment. that accounts for about 3.5%. so what happens overnight? i guess the world is watching to see what this virus does next. for us, neil cavuto is next. see you tomorrow. ♪ [bell] >> neil: well, thank you, bill. stocks rocked as coronavirus fears ripped. what exactly changed? not if i told you where it all started where it could be going and is going. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto read it and leap. stocks swooning on a virus that apparently ain't quitting an alarming 1kwru6r7 in cases outside of china. more remarkable a sudden surge in cases far, far from china. i'm not talking asia, try europe, specifically italy where they are shutting down whole cities, 10 of them. and investors then just started shutting down stocks. not just there. try everywhere. the dow tumbling 1,000 points among its biggest point hits ever on


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