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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 25, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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a new mechanism new mechanism >> a new mechanism for serious problems like drug trafficking, narco terrorism and organized crime. friends, recently established strategic energy partnership has become even stronger and in this area our mutual investment is grown. the us is an important oil and gas source for india. over the last four years we have talked about $20 million with
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nuclear energy, and our cooperation finds itself with new energy. similarly with new emerging technologies india and us partnership have obtained a new level in terms of innovation and enterprise in the fields of industry and new technologies of the 21st century, professionals have reinforced technological leadership india and the united states are committed to open trade in the economic sector. over the last two years we have reached double digit growth and it has also become more balanced
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whether it is energy, civil aircraft, defense or higher education over the last four or five years these four sectors have contributed $70 billion to the relationship between india and the us. a lot of this is due to the policies and willingness of donald trump and i'm fully confident that in the years to come this will further grow. as far as bilateral trade is concerned. our ministers have had very positive discussions, donald trump and i have agreed that the understanding reached will take it forward, to give it a legal
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shape. we are also an agreement to a new shape for a bigger deal. we are confident that this will be in our mutual interests. cooperation between india and the us at the global level is founded on our common democratic values especially in the indo pacific region and other global commons. both of our countries agree on the importance of transparent financing in the development of
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connectivity infrastructure, and not just our countries but also in the interests of the world at large. the friendship between the united states and our people to people relations whether it is as professionals or children in the us has contributed the most relations. they are not only contributions to the us economy but also the coverage in american society with democratic values, have requested of donald trump that the contribution of social security should be discussed further within the framework of
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the globalization agreement to offer mutual interest. donald trump's visit strengthen our relationship in all its dimensions, once again i wish to express my heartfelt thanks for coming to india and taking indo us relations to new heights, thank you. >> thank you very much. this has been a great and exceptional kindness and generosity of the indian people. we will also remember the magnificent welcome the citizens of your homestay showed us upon arrival it. it was a profound expression of
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strengthened real love, really, it was love and i think everybody witnessed that for themselves. the first lady and i reflected on the memory of mahatma gandhi and his in delhi we laid a wreath in his honor. we visited one of your nation's most stunning cultural treasures, the world-famous taj mahal and we look forward to continuing our visit tonight during the wonderful state banquet at the presidential palace. i know the prime minister will agree this has been a very productive visit for both of our countries. earlier today we expanded our defense cooperation with agreements for india to purchase more than $3 billion of advanced american military equipment including apache and an age 60 romeo helicopters, the finest in the world. these deals will enhance our joint defense capabilities as our militaries continue to train
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and operate side-by-side. in our discussions we affirmed our two countries commitment to protecting our citizens from radical islamic terrorism. in this effort the united states is working productively with pakistan to confront terrorists who operated on its soil. the prime minister and i are revitalizing the quad initiative with the united states, india, australia and japan. since i took office we have held the first quad ministerial meeting, i guess you would call a meeting but it seems like so much more than that, expanding cooperation with counterterrorism, cybersecurity and maritime security to ensure a free and open indo pacific as we remember that our two countries have been united by shared tradition and freedom and
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individual rights and rule of law. we discussed the importance of a secure 5g wireless network and the need for this emerging technology to be a tool for freedom, progress, prosperity, not to do anything where it could be even conceived as a conduit for suppression and censorship. to guarantee the infrastructure of the future is built in a safe, transparent and accountable manner the united states is working with a range of partners in australia and japan to create the blue dog network, major initiative to ensure countries around the world have access to private-sector led sustainable and trustworthy options for high-quality infrastructure development and that is what is happening. another major focus is forging
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bilateral economic relationships that is fair and reciprocal, our teams have made tremendous progress on a comprehensive trade agreements and i'm optimistic we can reach a deal that will be of great importance to both countries. since i took office us exports to india are up nearly 60% and exports of high-quality american energy have grown by thank you very much, 500%. as india grows so to its energy needs. yesterday exxon mobil signed a deal to improve india's natural gas distribution network so that the us can export even more lng to india. we are pleased to be joined by the chairman of exxon mobil, alex for cough, thank you wherever you may be. alex is someplace. thank you very much, thank you very much.
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and the ceo of chart energy and chemicals, thank you both. thank you very much. that is a big deal, right? can you handle it, i think so. it is great. to further strengthen our economic ties the united states is pleased to announce the international development finance corporation will be establishing a permanent presence right here. america is committed to working with india to improve development and empower women entrepreneurss. that is why my daughter attended the global entrepreneurship summit in highlighting women's economic empowerment. please, great job you did, thank you very much. we have since launched the w gdp initiative which is spearheading projects supporting women in the economy from new delhi, in our meetings with the prime minister
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we discussed and agreed to create a counter narcotics working group to confront the growing threat of illicit fentanyl and opioids production. we must rid ourselves of these lethal horrible poisons. we will read our societies of these bad drugs that are pouring in. we have made tremendous advances for our people over the last two days and working together i know that our two nations will achieve new breakthroughs, unlock new potential and forge even brighter futures in the years ahead. we are at the point our relationship is so special with india, it is never been as good as it is right now and that is because our two leaders of each country would feel very strongly about each other and we have done something that is very
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unique and made some wonderful deals for each of our countries. we want to thank you and the entire nation of india for honoring the united states with outstanding welcome and please to say the us indian partnership is stronger than ever before. this was a great visit with a tremendous friend and a tremendous leader, we won't be taking questions now. i will be having a news conference at 5:00 and take plenty of questions. shannon: we saw donald trump and prime minister modhi at their bilateral meeting and now i believe they are headed inside for a lunch break, the president mentioning they talked about confronting terrorism in the region.
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they had a bilateral on their economic relationship and even discussed the fentanyl and opioid crisis calling the two countries relationship never been as good as it is right now and they both made wonderful deals for each country. john roberts is standing by, thanks for joining us again tonight. would you summarize for us what these two leaders just said in this bilateral statement? >> good to talk to you are to be incredible event we share with each other yesterday. what we saw was very much what we expected, incremental movement on a number of different issues without any major breakthrough on some of the big things like trade and protectionist policies india is pursuing in terms of tariffs and protecting indian industry and
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not letting in as many exports as possible. good news for the president to be able to announce that india has about $3 billion worth of us military government including, we knew they were going to buy the black hawk helicopter, we were not sure they were going to buy six apache attack helicopters looks like that will be part of the deal but donald trump also saying -- they talked about this, the two sides are beginning to discuss this idea of a new trade relationship, donald trump used the words fair and reciprocal to describe what it is he's looking for from india. india in all of his history with the united states pursued a trade policy that was unfair to the united states were donald trump feels it necessary to balance the playing field and put the united states on different footing with india believing both countries can benefit from it.
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cooperation and terrorism is something, india with its proximity to pakistan, afghanistan and other hotspots in this region is particularly vulnerable, does not have to cross oceans, just borders to get here so that cooperation is natural. the enhanced military cooperation is a very big deal to pay attention to as well because you've got china to the north, china to the east, russia to the north, india has historically had good relationships with russia but the united states wants to change that dynamic and become the major arms supplier, major military partner with india so they have got some distance toward that. as he put it, with china, both economically and militarily there needs to be a powerful counterbalance so the united states and india conform a
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greater military to military partnership, that would bode well in terms of being able to react anything china does particularly what china is doing in the south china sea. >> a lot of headlines coming out of that. we will catch up with you throughout the morning. looking at the remaining hours, a business roundtable followed by a meet and greet at the ambassador's residence, meeting with embassy workers, americans who work there india. the president and the first lady pay a courtesy call to the indian president at the presidential palace and the visit will wrap up with the state banquet before the presidential delegation and make its way to air force one for the long trip back home. foxes will follow the
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president's trip throughout the day. for now we take you back to our regularly scheduled program already in progress in a moment. we will take you to a live shot and wrap up with the president and the prime minster talked about in their bilateral statement, the president mentioning he was going to confront terrorism and wanted to make a wonderful deal with each country, back with more on "fox and friends first" at the top of the hour. shannon: democrats going concerned that bernie sanders may end it being the party's presidential nominee but growing number of conservative publications and pundits are wanting the right sanders can beat donald trump.
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the potential matchup, what do you think of the potential for them to go head to head? >> it draws a clear distinction between the option on november 3rd of this year, you see the prosperity and jobs created, low unemployment under donald trump and contrast that very easily with bernie sanders's vision which is a complete departure from everything we have seen from this president, 180 degree change, socialism implemented in this country, it would bankrupt the country, everything would reverse course and i think for us as a campaign that might be the clearest way as we head to november to make the choice for people but i always say it never matters who the candidate is the democrats nominate because donald trump has an incredible record to run on after three years in office it will be easy for him to win reelection.
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shannon: he did so last time by surprising people in key states, this time democrats say they will not be surprising those key states and here are couple publications, what is considered mainstream. and the "national review" the headline is don't laugh, bernie could win. the possibility of obama trump sanders voters flipping missing, wisconsin and pennsylvania is a real one, he is more organized than he was last time, republicans and conservatives need to take them seriously. today in the washington post and the question who would win a trump sanders election they say this, sanders leads trump in michigan and pennsylvania according to recent polling offering reassurance to democrats is focus on those states as being essential to ousting trump. you are on the road a lot, those are key states you have got to hold onto. >> but listen, the polling has never accurately reflected people sentiments when it comes to donald trump. they were enacted in 2016. we still be they are inaccurate and probably more inaccurate now
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than ever because people are scared to voice support for donald trump. you see people getting attacked for wearing amaga hats, we take nothing for granted, we are well organized and far ahead of where we were in 2016 at this point in the campaign and taking nothing for granted. we are ready for bernie sanders, we are ready for anybody and we think the strong track record of this president will be almost impossible to defeat and when push comes to shove on election day when people are in the voting booth and don't have to talk to upholster and fill in the person they want to lead this country think it will look good for donald trump. >> democrats head to south carolina to duke it out, joe biden said it is a firewall, he continues to paul at the top of that margin has really closed in for him. sanders could be a problem for him. south carolina republican
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senator tim scott had this to say. >> bernie sanders brings the outside game in a similar fashion donald trump did in 2016. think about the similarity. 2016 republican leadership, republican wisdom so there is no way in the world out of all those candidates donald trump will be president. >> sanders playing from the trump playbook, is he going to pull off the upset by doing the same thing, by appealing to people disaffected who don't like washington feel they are left out of the process? >> i hear what he is saying but there's a huge difference between the support bernie sanders has in the support donald trump has. you see that every rally we are sometimes quadruple the capacity of these venues which see 20, 30,000 people coming out to support donald trump. bernie sanders has his supporters and probably has the most energized base in that party but that is the far left
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radical based bernie sanders has is different from donald trump and on average at most of our rallies 18-25% of our attendees are registered democrats, roughly 25 percent-30% did not vote in 2016 so we feel support for donald trump is bigger than it was in 2016 and different candidates as well. bernie sanders has been a politician for 40 years, donald trump wasn't a politician until he got into the race in 2016. what does bernie sanders have to show for 40 years in politics, he passed three bills, two were naming post offices, donald trump is three years in office has created 7 million new jobs, seen the lowest unemployment in the history of this country, given us back our standing on the world stage as the united states of america again, they couldn't be more different candidates, bernie sanders can
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try to take from the trump playbook but i don't think he has the support. shannon: the president made it past the house impeachment and a number of folks on capitol hill sounding the same themes and questions, this one from congressman eric swallow who was running for the presidency on the democratic side is a primary ticket. >> is he taking intelligence that he is getting and feeding it back to be in line with russia so he gets the candidate he wants? >> he is asking question whether this president is acting as an agent of the country of russia. >> almost laughable people are droning on with this idea that there is something to do with russia. it is so absolutely with us. this president has been very tough on russia and the idea that there is anything going on
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here is so absurd this is the third time we have had to hear this, russia collusion in 2016, $20 million of taxpayer money, two years of the american people had to go through this nonsense to get them all reported the end to say there was no collusion with russia, ukraine, tried to say there was something wrong with the ukraine phone call, and the senate the president was acquitted of that and eric sw w swalwell trying to drag this up again. seems like he wants to be relevant to talk on tv. i don't know what to say, completely absurd. shannon: we will see you on the campaign trail. life pictures from across the globe. we are looking at the indian presidential palace in new delhi minutes from the arrival the motorcade, kevin cork traveling with donald trump joins us in a minute.
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>> pre >> donald trump is in india, the second official day of his visit there. we are watching arrivals in new delhi as the number dignitaries arrive, the president expected just moments away, this follows his biggest rally ever on monday in front of a crowd of more than 100,000 people in a cricket stadium. kevin cork is with the president traveling there in india and joins us on the phone from new delhi so good tuesday morning as we watch these arrivals and await donald trump. >> reporter: an exciting opportunity to not just solidify the close ties between our countries but get down to business, day one was one of action and a 2 a little bit more policy focused. knowing we are not going to have a big trade deal for now but the president will talk about a military arms deal to sell
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military aircraft is an important market place and the president will talk about our shared values would keep this in mind. something the president wants to hammer home is how close our country -- we will be there for the indian people in their economy moving forward, also told this was about boosting an important ally in the region, a bit of a bulwark against china and russia so i expect this will be the first of many opportunities for the president to come here and express his gratitude for the indian people. >> we've seen members of the trump administration, ivanka trump, jared kushner, stephen miller, it looks like national security fisa robert o'brien as well with secretary wilbur ross and others who would be in on these discussions we are having with india as we await donald
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trump and the first lady's arrival. they will do a treeplanting, symbolic things but the president is scheduled to have a joint press statement with the primacy. how do you expect that to go. will there be time for questions or it will be simply statements? >> statements and initial appearance by the two leaders. they will come out and have a say in their will won't be questions than. however we do anticipate a press availability later. one of the good things to see will to the to get a message out they can knock it out before we get access to reporters. we have questions about us india relations that a number of things happening around the world and the corona virus and others as well. >> we are watching live in new delhi as donald trump is on day 2 of his visit to an important
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ally in the asia region. we are awaiting them at the indian palace. there will be a lot of pomp and circumstance. kevin cork traveling with the president on the phone with us now. you have been there to see, the rally the president had was the largest and trump history and he has had a few big ones. the indian people welcoming and excited, 100,000 or more who joined him to greet him in that rally as we watch more arrivals here just after 10 am in india. can you give us a sense, looks like this is the beast arriving with donald trump and the first lady. can you give us a sense what the reception has been like on the ground in india? >> overwhelming is the best word i can use to describe the welcome, just remarkable.
12:33 am
i was at the event in texas, 50,000 people, primarily american indian crowd which was phenomenal and they were excited about having the prime minister come to the united states. this was that on steroids. i've never seen anything like it and i've been to 2 dozen or more, 3 dozen trump rallies, this was a sight to see, a memory they won't soon forget. in terms of color. people on the road just holding signs and waving. a deep affection not just between the two leaders but probably speaking the indian people very appreciative of the efforts not just from an economic perspective and diplomatic perspective but security perspective, the battle against radical islamic
12:34 am
terrorism got a rousing response. there is a deep abiding affection for what he is trying to do to solidify relations. >> he is exiting and is greeting folks them shaking hands with the indian president and his wife with milania trump and donald trump and the prime minister joining in as well. as part of this historic trip and a day full of activities that will soon be the middle of the night on the east coast but a full day for the trumps and discussions they are having is official welcome to the indian palace as it gets underway with donald trump, india's president and wife and the prime minister. let's watch as they have a formal photo to mark the event. the shutters are clicking, the
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hands are shaking, there's a lot of symbology here and a very important connection between these countries. >> the president loves being here. let's listen in. shannon: the president and first lady continuing their trip to india on this historic state visit with a number of important topics kevin cork is outlined for us, many things with them to discuss, a welcome to the americans, a lot of pomp and circumstance at the presidential
12:36 am
palace in new delhi just after 10 am local. >> if i could just add a bit of comparison to yesterday, to those who saw the pictures of the president and first lady of the taj mahal at sunset, tremendous moment not just for them but also for our country to see the leader of the free world as we have seen before, to that to play out and this is an event that is more about trade policy but i do think when they get down to bilateral leaders in the business meetings today, trade, security, military cooperation and other issues will come up but they have a state dinner tonight. a lot of people excited about
12:37 am
that. shannon: we have coverage on fox news as they wrap of the national anthem of the united states, the president of the first lady there, we will continue coverage on is the president continues this historic trip. that is it in india. we will be back after the break. matt whitaker on news that senator graham is launching an investigation into the origins of the russia probe on the senate level. that is next.
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shannon: the senate judiciary committee's upcoming investigation is the origins of the russia probe and grandma demand answers about the fbi reliance on the unverified christopher steel dossier, how deep the abuse of the fisa process ran. that whitaker, good to have you
12:42 am
with us. a play of what the senate judiciary chairman had to say. >> i want to find out what did mccabe and comey now, when did they know the dossier was unreliable? the department of justice has withdrawn the warrant requests saying they really went in january of 2017 the primary russian sub source told four members of the department of justice and fbi the dossier was a bunch of hearsay and not reliable. shannon: a lot of people digging into this awaiting the durham problems with the chairman get any farther? >> jerome has more power in the committal investigation but everything the fbi does whether it is fisa or law enforcement done pursuant to laws passed by congress. it is important that congress understand how the power they
12:43 am
authorize have been used and if they are extended or adjusted based on what happened we make sure they pass laws that address 21st-century challenges but fundamentally we do need some accountability and i think the american people continue to wait to understand who made these decisions, who exercised judgment in using this unverified and unverifiable dossier. this agreement his committee have a lot of questions to ask and i hope they get some answers. >> can the american people have conference whether it is chairman graham or special investigator or prosecutor durham, that they will get answers and accountability there is any wrongdoing. >> absolutely. i think durham has the strongest case and broadest latitude in pursuing how this investigation started but at the same time the
12:44 am
american people are used to congressional hearings, lindsey graham and his committee has lawyers on the committee especially people like mike lee, ted cruz and others, joni ernst who is not a lawyer but a good questioner is also on the committee and they will get some answers and hold people accountable by shining a light on what happened. shannon: there's a new public charge rule moving forward. the supreme court granted the request to allow this to move forward but that is a long story, reports they tried to block this, allows immigration officials to look at someone who is applying for a green card to see if your reliance on government benefits and we think that is where you are going we can use that to make a decision about the green card. there are a lot of objections on the left to say it is a wealth farce, people trying to come to this country for any number of
12:45 am
reasons or if they are already here and trying to stay and make a good life. >> the united states should always try to attack the breasts and brightest from around the world, we are the most generous people, we allow over 1 million people in permanent residency in america and to some extent we should be able to metal out folks who can't take care of themselves, who would go on to assistance. this is a rule i worked with in my time and, a tool for the dhs to make sure the united states has the best and brightest coming to our country. shannon: thanks for sticking around, live coverage of india and the president. the verdict is in, the most powerful hollywood producers convicted on two of five counterweight sentencing, also facing felony charges in california. let's discuss the harvey weinstein case with the book be happy by choice.
12:46 am
good to have you back. i want to review something from the guardian, weinstein found guilty of sexual assault accorded more serious charges, the jury acquitted weinstein of two count of predatory sexual assault which carry a potential life sentence and first-degree rape of one of the alleged victims. what did you make of the jury's decision? >> this is a huge victory for the prosecution, that they didn't went on several counts, they are missing the point. women testified. there wasn't a busload of nuns to corroborate whitaker because predators don't do things in front of other people and we can illuminate the one word from the harvey weinstein case allegedly. he was convicted. he is a convicted sex offender and it is a victory for the prosecution, he facing 29 years in prison. shannon: he will be sentenced march 11th.
12:47 am
now he faces additional felony count in california. will he be sentenced in new york and then be sent to california for trial? how will it work? >> reporter: that is what will happen. you don't bring him to la, he will be sentenced. i'm predicting at least 15 years in prison. this judge is not playing, she remanded him, no opportunity to please, no opportunity to give him a slap on the wrist. this judge will hit him hard. that he will go to la and face consecutive time. shannon: the atlantic says sex crime prosecutors note too will have a flood victims become a trickle of convictions despite the guilty verdict the weinstein trial is also a warning to victims illustrating the extreme difficulty of prosecuting men prescription was all. even though couple convictions, there are scores of women who have come forward. very frightening, these women
12:48 am
for decades didn't talk to anyone about this. do you think will be encouraged or discouraged by the verdict today? >> i think encouraged. some of the victims were not believed in this case or had reasonable doubt. it has always been difficult to secure convictions when there is no corroboration but this is an encouraging moment, the tide has changed politically. we feel there is a chance to be believed in the system so this verdict speaks to that. women can be believed, that is the message. shannon: the team is going to appeal. the first blush would help them on appeal. >> there is always a chance the case could be overturned on appeal but the chances are extremely low. there is one juror they allege shouldn't have been on the jury. appellate courts will uphold the
12:49 am
conviction, they generally not in the business of reversing these crimes. >> sentencing march 11th and the heads to california for additional felony charges. thanks for being up late with us. kobe bryant remembered by thousands in la and millions around the world. the emotional tribute. we will take you there next. ons! ♪ ♪ hey! you know, i do think it's weird you've started commuting when you work from home. i'll be in my office. download audible and start every day off right. you try to stay ahead of the mess. but scrubbing still takes time. now there's new powerwash dish spray. it's the faster way to clean as you go.
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go to >> shannon: a packed house at the staples center and los angeles saying goodbye to >> packs house at the staples center in los angeles saying goodbye to lake is legend kobe bryant. he and his daughter were among nine people killed in a helicopter crash last month. jonathan hunt is in los angeles tonight. >> from superstars, family, friends, and fans, 20,000 packed staples center paying tribute to a legend. >> it is the journey. >> the emotion was too much for kobe bryant's first friend jimmy kimmel. >> everywhere you go you see his face. >> emotional attributes from some of bryant's fellow legends of basketball.
12:54 am
>> in the game of basketball, in life, as a parent, kobe left nothing -- he left it all on the floor. >> i will teach all your moves and i will not teach them free throw techniques. >> vanessa bryant spoke about her daughter. gianna. >> he was a full, kind, happy, silly, thoughtful, loving daughter and sister. >> and about her husband, kobe bryant the basketball player but most of all kobe the dead of four daughters. >> kobe was the mvp of girl that some always told the girls how beautiful and smart they are, taught them how to be brave and how to keep pushing forward when things got tough. shannon: jonathan hunt reported from los angeles tonight.
12:55 am
kobe and gianna bryant drummond 9 killed when the helicopter slammed into else i want of los angeles in fact filed on january 26th. national transportation safety board investigators said it at last moments the chopper was traveling 186 miles an hour and it emerged today vanessa bryant filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company that owned the helicopter saying it shouldn't have been flying given the weather conditions on that fateful day. tonight's midnight hero, one of the mathematicians who calculated rocket trajectories in earth orbits for nasa's early space missions has died. katherine johnson was later portrayed in the 2016 film hidden figures about pioneering black aerospace workers, president barack obama presented johnson with presidential medal of freedom in 2015. nasa administrator jim bryden stein said on twitter she died this morning but gave no cause. katherine johnson was 101 years old and tonight she is our
12:56 am
midnight hero. join us tomorrow night with coverage on fox news at night for the debate in charleston as we get ready for another debate and another round of voting in south carolina. most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. and a little tip, geico could help you save on homeowners insurance. >>hmm! >>cookies! uhh, biscuits. >>mmmm, is there a little nutmeg in there? oh it's my mum's secret recipe. >>you can tell me. it's a secret. >>is it cinnamon? it's my mum's secret recipe. call geico and see how easy saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. i'll come back for the plate.
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>> a major focus of my discussions is forging bilateral economic relationships that is fair and reciprocal. >> it is tuesday february 2, '05, happening right now at 4 am on the east coast a fox news alert, donald trump just hours away from wrapping up a visit to india but not before critical trade talks take center stage. we are live on the ground in new delhi as the world watches the president's every move.


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