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tv   Fox News Democracy 2020  FOX News  March 10, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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preparedness, not panic, that's the watchword. shannon bream, ♪ >> bret: this is a fox news alert. it's 11:00 on the east coast, polls are now closed, in the final two state of the evening, idaho and washington. good evening, i'm bret baier. >> martha: and i martha maccallum. it's too early to predict whori will win back the democratic presidential primary in either of those two states. meanwhile, the rest of the evening is shaping up nicely for joe biden. fox news predict invite and will win michigan, the largest delicate prize night, and a state burning one over hillary clinton tw four years a. >> bret: and winning mississippi by a whopping 80%, propelled in part by a strong turnout by african-american
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voters. >> martha: finally, the caucuses in north dakota, fox news unable to make a projection there at this point. >> bret: the former vice president racking up some more delegates, now with the lead as we have it, 783 for biden, 628 for sanders. remember, the magic number, 1991, to get the nomination, on the way to the convention in milwaukee. bvice president biden just finished speaking from philadelphia. he cancel his rally in ohio, as did senator sanders, due to fears over the coronavirus. this comes as the dnc announces sunday's debate in phoenix will take place, without a live audience. >> martha: complete fox coverage for you ahead, jacqui heinrich is following the sanders campaign, but we start with peter doocy live in cleveland where biden was supposed to be speaking this evening. peter.ening, >> martha and bret, just a few minutes ago, joe biden explained exactly why it is that at the very last minute, as his staff
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was in the gym at the cuyahoga community college campus, setting up a podium and setting up some flags and biden ohio signs, they decided not to come to cleveland at all. >> we were planning a big rally in cleveland tonight. but the governor of ohio asked the presidential campaigns to cancel their indoor public events in cleveland, where large, large crowds of people, and that is what we did, due to the coronavirus. >> and it's not clear how the coronavirus is going to affect biden campaign events that have been growing indoors, in sizeiz come over the last couple of weeks, ever since his big win in south carolina. also not clear how it will affect joe biden, the candidate who gives more hugs to potential supporters than anybody that is left running, but something very remarkable about what he continued to say there in philadelphia, he started thinking bernie sanders and his
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supporters for their energy, and he was stressing to sanders supporters, speaking to them directly, everybody has the same common goal: to be donald trump. bernie sanders, of course, still in the race, but you know my joe biden making a play for his backers from philadelphia. back to you. >> bret: thanks, peter. let's check in with holly sanders campaign. jacqui heinrich is live in cleveland, as well. good evening. >> good evening, bret. senator sanders will not be addressing voters after those projected losses. there is a somber mood within the campaign. omchigan obviously coming as a blow. this is a symbolic state that he wanted to win, like in 2016, where he pulled out a win over hillary clinton. it was an upset victory and marketing moment for his electability. his state did not produce the same results for him t tonight, and that is coming is a huge
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disappointment for his campaign. while coronavirus concerns canceled his rally one state over in cleveland tonight, it didn't appear to impact voting in michigan. sanders campaign encouraged election officials to address long lines at polling locations, urging them to keep polls open longer as necessary, but the same white, college-educatedte voters that gave sanders a win in 2016, thiss time favored biden, who won back a broad coalition of men and women, suburban, and rural voters. sanders losses in mississippi and missouri were more predictable and a repeat from 2016. his inability to secure brought a support among african-american voters is turning out to be sort of the achilles heel of his campaign, especially with biden, who has such a long-standing with the reliable voting block and a key number of endorsements. sanders was asked earlier today if he could still see a path to the nomination without support from southern black voters. he says the delicate math still says yes. even with losses tonight, sanders is not dead in the water. next tuesday, four primary
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states offer 577 delegates, compared to today's 352. also, the results from three states are not yet in, including washington state, which could be a bright spot for him. when he had more resources in that state and biden did. there's also a chance progressives could rally around his campaign. earlier tonight, we saw more than 30 elizabeth warren staffers pledge their support for sanders, even though she has not yet endorsed a candidate after dropping out. their action, perhaps, because they are sensing a void there. bret? a >> bret: thank you. >> martha: let's get our first thoughts from our panel tonight, brit hume, dana perino, cohost of "the five" and "the daily briefing," and juan williams, fox news clinical analyst. great to have you with us. brit, let me start with you. there is sort of a tone to the reaction tonight, coveragewise, also from joe biden himself,
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sort of turning to bernie sanders and saying, you know, wouldn't it be nice if you let all of your supporters, convince all of your supporters to turn his way? >> yeah, he is trying to convince everyone that he is not sleepy joe, but at least we know about tonight that certainly looks like an accurate decision. you wonder why bernie sanders is faring so much worse against joe biden than he did againstan hillary clinton, and i thinkhi there are a couple of reasons, martha. i think part of it, the people are so desperate to beat donald trump that they don'to want to take any chances on the candidate might prove unable to do that because of exotic positions, even though they may sympathize with those positions. and the other reason is, i think even with the democratic party, socialism is not turning out to be a big winner. and sanders has to now confront the prospect, as he tries to gain ground on biden, if he can, that what he is selling sellingc
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things could change, they often do in politics, we seem that the last few weeks, but this looks like we'ret on kind of a course here, and i'm not sure what sanders can do to reverse it. it looks to me like he is in some serious trouble. >> bret: dana, it is worth setting the table again, where we were. think back to iowa. think back to new hampshire, he wasn't even on n the front paget think back to nevada, losing by 21 points. and then south carolina happens, and this big endorsement by james clyburn, and then he wins big, and that is only a few days ago. >> our news cycles have been moving more quickly than ever before, and something that happens in the morning, you kind of forget about about by the afternoon. in new hampshire, when biden was losing so badly -- and remember, he decided early in the day he was going to leave new hampshire and had to south carolina. that was 28 days ago. so within that time, he has had this incredible turnaround, and i think the democrats have said, our minds are focused, our minds are made up.
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we have taken the measure of all of these people -- and bernie sanders, he had a better turnout in 2016 and these elections, specially these four states, but he obviously haven't done enough in the last four l years to commit convince the democratic party he could grow the base. biden looks like he is able to do -- at least in the democratic primary, keep the coalition that helped the democrats win back the house in 2018. >> bret: tonight, he was the tone and tenor was very measur measured. >> very quiet. >> bret: quiet, measured. joe biden is a very effective joe biden. >> yeah, when he is shouting and losing his place, it becomes unhinged, almost. it does not inspire confidence. it doesn't give you what he is trying to sell, which is this reassuring message that he is the flight to safety, the one who can bring uson back, the bridge builder. tonight, he was a little more measured and on that, and also treating the bernie sanders voters with kid gloves, ease
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them gently so they don't alienate them more. >> martha: that's exactly what i heard and that, how do you gently turn the ship with standards -- everyone is treating them so carefully, because they want to create a situation that is palatable enough for them to say, okay, i'm willing to leave sanders and make biden my guy. >> i think there are two levels to that discussion, which m i think is the discussion of evening right t now. one, who are the supporters of bernie sanders? what did we see s even tonight n places like michigan, missouri, and as we go out west? towards washington state? and the answer is, young people. still people under 44, but particularly those who are 18 ts supporters. the second group -- and it's not as present in some of these states, but there's elements of them there. you can see latino voters go for bernie sanders. so the question is, how do you translaten those voters into, potentially, biden voters? that brings me to the second
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point. is this the moment when bernie sanders should follow in the footsteps of buttigieg, of amy klobuchar? and elizabeth warren? and say hey, you know what, in the name of party unity and defeating donald trump, i pledge my allegiance to joe biden. i just don't see it. i think, in fact, what bernie sanders has proven is that over the course of two runs, he wants to be a player. some democrats that he is yet to prove he is a real democrat, but let's just put that aside. he wants t a roll at the convention, and a roll in terms of how the biden campaign progresses. he has things on his agenda and feels like -- i think i would agree with him, he has every ght to push it. i certainly don't anticipate him dropping up before the sunday debate upcoming arizona, but i don't know how much -- >> martha: it - strikes me that this whole idea it has been sort of stolen from him is really not playing out in these numbers.
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i mean, people are voting for joe biden. so at what point does that become -- does that override this argument that is no mike it being stolen? >> bret: have you ever seen -- you covered a lot of races -- a phoenix from the ashes political story like we are witnessing right now? eight days ago, mike bloomberg had 59 people on the ground in michigan. joe biden didn't have anybody. and he didn't even -- he only visited there once. today, he is beating the guy who won michigan four years ago over hillary clinton. >> and he is beating them pretty handily, too. i have never, in the presidential cycles i've covered, which go back longer than i care to tell you, seen anything quite like it's been an extraordinary revival, and i would say, interestingly enough, biden -- it's as if biden went out and developed a new message or put on some staggeringly great debate performance, the voters really did this for him. obviously, jim clyburnrn and soh
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airline endorsement was critical but biden didn't do this, the democratic party voters have chosen him -- literally chosen him when he was flat on his back with no money, and apparently not much support, and they turned it around for him. remarkable. >> can i just jump in here and say, when you look at who did it among the democrats, you have to point out that even tonight in michigan, he gets 66% of the black vote. 51% of whites. it is the party, but you can see, it's also true in missouri and mississippi, forgot about it, and that is what started it. black voters. >> bret: all right, panel, bystandby. >> martha: now b for the other big story we are following tonight, the number of coronavirus case is still rising in the united states, and breakingta this evening, the new york half marathon that was scheduled for this sunday has now been canceled. >> bret: the trump administration giving an update from the white house earlier today, putting new measuress in place across the country to combat the fast-moving outbreakt
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>> testing is now available at allstate labs. by the end of this week, there will bend more than 4 million me tests made available in jurisdictions around the country. 1 million are already in place. all of our major health insurance companies have now joined with medicare and medicaid. and agreed to waive all co-pays, cover the cost of all treatment for those who contract the coronavirus. >> bret: kevin corke's live in washington with details. kevin? >> good evening, bret., coronavirus cases continue to rise in the u.s., but even as they do, the white house and congressional lawmakers today were negotiating measures to bolster the u.s. economy. a lot of people very concerned happen on the economy moving forward, and obviously, they're trying to boost the paychecks of americans in an effort to limit the financial impact of the outbreak. almost three quarters of u.s. states have confirmed cases of covid-19, almost 1,000 cases in the u.s. total, and thousands of deaths, as you know.
10:14 pm
today, the vice president gave a task force update from the white house while the president himself and g.o.p. lawmakers held emergency meetings on the hill to discuss the administration's response to the fast spreading virus. >> i've been briefed on every contingency you can possibly imagine. many y contingencies. a lot of positive, different numbers come all different numbers. very large numbers. and some small numbers, too, by the way. right now, i guess we are 26 deaths. if you look at the flu, the flu for this year, we are looking at 8,000 deaths. >> the president also making clear his p top priority is a payroll tax cut that would last until the end of the year. the two sides also discussed paid leave for people who might miss work because of the virus, small business loans for impacted employers, extending the federal tax filing deadline beyond april 15th, and infrastructure spending to generate more jobs.
10:15 pm
treasury secretary steven mnuchin met with house speaker nancy pelosi, and he said he was confident the two sides could come together and reach a solution that works for allha americans. i should point out quickly, bret and martha, their administration telling fox sources they expect some 4 million test kits to be available by the end of next week. back to you. >> bret: kevin, thank you. >> martha: so much more on the coronavirus outbreak coming up. we will talk about the risk to americans and how you can protect yourself. >> bret:ct plus, more primary election might analysis as fox news live coverage of democracy 2020 continue straight ahead. ♪ if you're 55 and up, t-mobile has a plan designed just for you. and, for a limited time only, now you can get two lines for just $55, including unlimited talk, text and data. plus no annual service contracts.
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♪ >> bret: welcome back. up here at the billboard with the man, bill hemmer, still too early to call washington and idaho, but vice president biden on track for a potentially dominant night, thanks to michigan. >> in a big way. >> bret: look at the state right now. 53.6 to 37.9. >> two-thirds of the vote in. >> bret: go back to 2016. >> this is what the map looked like four years ago. everything in purple is bernie sanders. when you come to 2020, and every thing on the map with the exception of two counties is joe biden. this is domination.
10:20 pm
i will show you misery and a second. >> bret: doesn't this say that bernie sanders' win in michigan was about hillary clinton not being the one? >> could be. i tell you come his greatest strength, if we take through a few counties, these are college communities. this is kalamazoo, michigan, home to western michigan. biden is winning the county. he may win it out right. four years ago, look what bernie sanders did. >> bret: so on this, this is home to the university of michigan. >> that's right. >> bret: he holds a big event, 10,0010,000 kids, aoc. >> saturday night. >> bret: and he loses. he could have chosen this one, where michigan state is. in front of the score they are, may more in-state students, but still, look at all of the other districts and counties. >> your point is well taken. this is ann arbor. you are exactly right. four years ago, this is domination by bernie sanders.
10:21 pm
and brigh bret, we're going to k about suburban voters. the best example in michigan -- here is detroit, wayne county. this is oakland county. liquid biden is doing, almost 60% now. hillary clinton comparatively, four years ago, only 51%. democrats have come home to their candidate tonight. >> bret: go to missouri real quick. this is stunning. if you look at the numbers for missouri, just into cycles, shelley? joe biden is winning every county in the state of missouri. four years ago, between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, she wanted to buy four-tenths of a point. come back here to 2020, this is st. louis right here, st. louis county. that's domination by joe biden. but what did hillary clinton do? clinton was 55%. this is jackson county right along the border with kansas.
10:22 pm
almost 60%. and yet again, four years ago, she was at 53%. >> bret: very quickly, look at this map, the calendar. what is ahead for bernie sanders? what argument do you make that there is some kind of turn around as you look at the calendar? >> the tenth, next week the 17th. does he win in arizona? does he win in illinois? could you make an argument for that? does he win in ohio? i will take you one step further, two weeks from tonight, it's georgia, and he's dead in the water there. >> bret: and then one more? >> new york, potentially the new york, connecticut, delaware may be, but -- for the sake of argument, last tuesday in april. a lot of states on the board, new york is one of them. does he pull an upset in the state of new york? he's going to have aoc out there and a lot of people campaigning for him. >> bret: going to be a lot of pressure. those are the numbers.
10:23 pm
martha, back to you, a coronavirus update. >> martha: thank you guys. back to the outbreak, which is obviously a very big story, growing impact on the united states come over 700 confirmed cases across the country, and at least 27 deaths. experts warn more cases are expected as testing ramps up. dr. manny alvarez, was good to see you, thank you for being here tonight. what do you anticipate in terms of how many more cases we are going to see? >> have to correct, we are getting closer to 1,000 cases now. the numbers have increased in the last 48 hours, so we're going to see more cases. we are going to do more testing. test kits for the virus are being distributed to hospitals, community centers, and things like that, within a state. >> martha: what is the test like? >> the test is a simple test. it has a medium of liquid that they swab the different areas of your oropharynx, and it goes to a lab, and they are able to test
10:24 pm
it. we are going to get a lot more testing and a lot more positive. remember, 80% of the patients may be asymptomatic. and again, the big question is whether the asymptomatic patients can transmit the virus, that is a question that needs to be answered come at a think we will know the answer to that soon. we know that 15% of the population will get severe pneumonia -- >> martha: of the infected population. >> of that, 2% are probably going to die and the most vulnerable group of people come over the age of 60 with chronic medical conditions, those are the real facts, because once those folks get that condition, they are going to have difficulty breathing, require hospitalization and icu treatment and so on and so forth. that is where mortality is going to come in. >> martha: how do you compare what we are doing now with what karinwhatsouth korea did come if
10:25 pm
full scale testing? if they are going to the doctor, they're not being told to get tested. >> those communities, whether you are talking about china, south korea, they can take a more draconian measure, but i have to tell you, and i think i have spoken to hundreds of physicians and different scientists and biotech companies since the epidemic broke out. the presidents action opposing the border was the right move. the task force -- i mean, he has incredible task force put together, looking at exactly how -- this is a big country. this is not korea. we have 50 individual countries, if you will, with large populations. i think the federal response has been incredibly positive. and on the backside of that, when i look at the research, or the speed of research that is being conducted, and biotech
10:26 pm
companies looking at the vaccine, that is coming. so you can put that in the bank. treatment options for viral infections, because we have lessons learned from the sars infection, and now this coronavirus infection. so the biotech technology were going to be tremendous. if the resident continues to open the doors want to have certain treatments for coronavirus that we can do experimental therapy to treat, just like we have done in cancer, i think we are going to be okay. >> martha: doctor, thank you very much for what you're doing to help people. thank you. coming up, we will break down what really mattered to voters in tonight's big contest. karl rove and donna brazile share their thoughts on way to we go from here, and how solid is this win for joe biden? democracy 2020 continues right after this. stay with us. ♪ ancestry...gave us context.
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♪ >> bret: it's the bottom of the hour. the final poles of the night closing about 30 minutes ago. so far, super tuesday 2.0 is turning to be a lot like the original. former vice president joe biden
10:31 pm
adding three states to his column, possibly more as we wait for results in washington, idaho, north dakota. >> martha: biden adding to his delegate count, as well. take a look at the board, 809 right now for joe biden. the evening not yet overcome of course. bernie sanders at 654 at this point. for more on what issues are driving voters, let's bring in shannon bream with a look at the fox news voter analysis. hi again, shannon. >> hey, martha. this of course has been a great night for joe biden. he carried mississippi, missouri, the biggest delegate prize up for grabs tonight, michigan. his recipe for success has involved the same key groups we've seen sewing up for him's in south carolina. black voters in all three states overwhelmingly went for the former vice president. two-thirds in michigan, three quarters in missouri and mississippi. biden also did very well, again, with moderate voters, seniors, and churchgoers. that has been a consistent pattern. white working-class voters have been split between biden and sanders in several contest this
10:32 pm
election season, but tonight they're backing joe. health care was a top issue for democrats voting today, most voters also went big carbide end. they view him as better equipped to handle the issue than any of the other candidates. one of the big questions for democrats we've been tracking is whether they want to return washington to the way it was before president trump or fundamentally change the entire political system. not surprising, those who want to restore the political system went with joe biden. in michigan, that was half the electorate, and that carried biden -- he carried them by a mile. late deciders, we've always looked at this because they're so much early voting, they made their decision the last few days. they came through, again, for the former vice president, as they did in south carolina, as we also saw on super tuesday. two-thirds of that group supported biden. finally, electability, that has been joe biden's argument the whole time here of the most important thing for democrats this year, in michigan, more than eight in ten say they believe biden could be tromped from about six in ten say the same about sanders. another big night for him, a consistent pattern we have seen
10:33 pm
since south carolina, gathering steam. biden martha, back to you. >> martha: thank you, shannon. >> bret: donna brazile, former interim chair of the democratic national committee, karl rove, both fox news contributor's. donna, you look at the map of michigan, we went through it with bill, when you look at biden versus bernie, what do you see? >> when i was a young kid, i was trying to look at wayne county, which is michigan, but tonight i looked at macomb county, which is north and very conservative. joe biden, i mean, it is night and day from 2016 to today. we keep talking about the obama coalition. tonight, we are seeing an emergence of a biden coalition. rural, urban. he is not getting the type of support that he needs among young people, but you know what, the turnout among women, as well as in the suburban community, it
10:34 pm
shows joe biden has a lot of strength. i want to be very clear: bernie sanders will have to assess his path going forward, because the next big block of delegates is next week with 577, then you have to wait until i wt i call the yankee primary on april 28 for another big block of delegates. this is a key moment for bernie sanders campaign, joe biden is clearly coming tonight, i think joe biden has exceeded all expectations. >> bret: i want to point out one thing. 2016 exit polls at bernie sanders winning 55% of the white vote without college degrees. that is the exact number in our fox news voter analysis provided tonight. a lot has been said about the african-american vote, but karl, this is looking like it is a biden, you know, tapping into the same things bernie did four years ago. >> well, some of it. bernie didn't tap into the black vote four years ago, that was done by hillary. but yeah, the rural voters -- that map looked, as hemmer show
10:35 pm
you, looked a lot different. rural michigan went for biden. take a look at misery, every single county is going for biden. all of those rural counties, and a lot of them went for sanders last time around, they are going for biden. >> martha: that is one of the most, sort of -- the theme you see when you look at the voter analysis and you look at the last number that shannon just showed us, can beat president trump, 83% for joe biden, 60-something for bernie sanders. that is the spread that i think is more important than pretty much anything else that we are seeing at play here. and joe biden had almost no infrastructure, you know, i didn't campaign and some of these places, but this whole concept, everyone galvanized behind the fact that he can -- they think he can beat president trump, donna. >> bret: let's listen to biden from his victory speech tonight talking about president trump. >> thank you
10:36 pm
president who demeans people, who believes in empathy, compassion, respect for everyon. it is my hope that the distance will soon be over. we are very decent, brave, resilient people. we are better than this moment we are in. >> martha: that's it. >> what a different tone from earlier today. i have to laugh. i'm going to get a little tough, too. but look, joe biden was somber tonight, he was sober, and applauded bernie sanders. but he understands he has to continue to reach out to democrats, especially those who are supporting bernie sanders, but tonight, it we saw joe biden try to fit it toward the general election. >> martha: one of their questions, turnout, intensity. how much enthusiasm is behind joe biden, if indeed he continues in this road and becomes the nominee, karl, when he does go head-to-head, that is what happens with president trump? >> a big intangible. we are several geological ages
10:37 pm
away from the fall campaign. there's a lot that goes on. this has been the result of an incredible three-day momentum between south carolina and super tuesday night, and that is the joe-mentum, as you called it earlier. the question is how sustainable is it? sustainable enough that he will become the nominee absent some big change. may be the last possible inflection point for bernie is the debate on sunday. it's hard to see how he could use that moment to win and change the contest. on the other hand, if biden cooperates with him and gives him that moment, he could have a resurgence. i don't think it is going to happen, but that is the last moment i think we are going to see. >> bret: it sounds like they're going to pull some punches, though. talking to the campaign earlier, it's not going to be a knockdown, drag out in this arizona debate. it's going to be policy, it sounds like, but bernie sanders is not going on any other roads. >> and looked, he faces a fundamental choice: does he sort
10:38 pm
of big in the process, if you don't do well tonight, he's not going to do well in at least three states, it's probably going to end up being six, he doesn't do well in the next week's four states, he has to make a choice. does he begin to toss it in and begin to unify the party? or does he simply say, my object is to influence the platform and the choices as a running mate. in a respectful way, i'm going to rally around the -- and going to that convention with his big block as possible. i think his goal is to transfer on the democratic party, the country, our society as a whole, our politics. i think he continues to run, but it is a very personal decision, and he and his wife have thrown themselves into this contest, not once but twice, and not a young man committed taken a lot out of them, but i think he stays in as long as he's got the resources and the enthusiastic support of his backers. >> he is a passionate fighter, and he believes in him a cause
10:39 pm
that he has put forward, whether it is medicare for all or the green new deal. some people dislike those policies, but bernie believes in them because he has been fighting for those issues all of his adult life. >> bret: thank you. up next, the battle for michigan goes to joe biden, so where does the campaign go from here? we will speak with a member of the biden campaign, next. ♪ sure, principal is a financial company. but think of us as a "protect your family as it grows" company. a "put enough away for college" company. and a "take care of your employees" company. we're a "help you ride the ups and downs of the market" company. and when it's time to retire, we're a "we've been guiding you toward this all along" company. think of us as all these companies, and more. principal. retirement. investments. insurance.
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♪ >> so many of my incredibly capable competitors have endorsed me. mayor pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar, beto o'rourke, michael bloomberg, cory booker, and kamala harris. together, together, we are bringing this party together. >> martha: another big night for joe biden, who will add to his delegate lead over vermont senator bernie sanders with a series of wins tonight, including michigan, missouri, and mississippi. joining us now as deputy campaign manager kate bedingfield. kate, good to have you with us tonight. thanks for being here. your thoughts, as you look at the landscape tonight, and really just the amazing trajectory that your candidate has been on since super tuesday? 's in south carolina, i should say. >> yeah, i mean, this is the
10:44 pm
greatest political comeback in american history and i think we saw tonight, the joe biden build on the coalition that we are going to need to defeat donald trump this fall. he won handily, running away, the african-american vote. he won in the suburbs. he won with college-educated voters. so you really saw him show tonight that he is the only candidate in this race who can build a broad coalition that we have to build if we are going to take the white house in november. i think there was incredible enthusiasm for him tonight. we saw a record turnout in michigan, potentially on our way to record turnout in misery, record turnout on super tuesday. people are excited about joe biden and he has shown he is a candidate to defeat donald trump. >> bret: fourth in iowa, fifth in new hampshire come of distant second in nevada, then roll from there. i want to ask -- >> it was always the plan. [laughs] >> bret: about bernie sanders and what you think of his campaign tonight and if he decides to continue on, is there going to be pressure for him to get out of this race from your camp or any other elements of the democratic party?
10:45 pm
>> well, look, joe biden is never going to tell bernie sanders he should get out of the race. i think people are going to take a hard look at where the race stands. i think -- again, i can say biden showed tonight he is a candidate who is on his way to winning a plurality of delegates in this contest. i think the path for senator sanders seems to be very narrow. and i think that a lot of people -- there will be a lot of discussion about that, a lot of pundits will be discussing it come other voices in the party may raise it. you are not going to hear that from joe biden, he is focused on running his race, but i think anybody looking at the race tonight saw there was one candidate who can win the broad coalition that we've got to win to take back the white house, and that is biden. >> martha: so kate, regardless of what happens in the remaining two states, is joe biden committed to being an activate on sunday? >> if the debate is being held, he will be there. you know, i think -- again, we are -- >> bret: is there doubt? >> he is going to be -- sorry?
10:46 pm
>> bret: is there doubt it's going to be held? >> not currently. our understanding is the debate is going to proceed, and if it proceeds, joe biden will be there. he is always happy to have an exchange of ideas with senator sanders. i think there is a contrast in their agendas. i think we are seeing that people are reacting really well to biden's vision. he is always happy to make his case. but you know, again, i think there was pretty overwhelming evidence tonight that he is the candidate who has the energy behind him in our party, that he can reach out and appeal to independents on some republicans who want to defeat donald trump. we believe he is the candidate who is going to be able to do that. >> bret: you know, there was this tone tonight that was a lot different than earlier in the day, when he confronted a voter. i want you to react to the sound bite real quick. > >> bret: so i much different
10:47 pm
tone. i assume he is talking about ar-15s there and getting into a second amendment battle with that boater. what do you think of that? obviously, the campaign aide was trying to move them along at that moment. >> listen, there is a lot of misinformation, unfortunately, in campaigns these days. we see it from every corner. and i think what biden was saying there -- i'm not going to allow somebody to distort my record. i'm going to be crystal clear about where i stand. i think that is what voters are looking for. i think that is what democrats want. i think it is unfortunately donald trump has shown us that he is going to try to run a bruising campaign that is going to be largely built on this information and disinformation,
10:48 pm
to think what you saw from biden in the exchanges he is not going to take that. and again, i think that is a democratic voters are looking for, a straight shooter who is going to be clear about where he stands and is not going to allow somebody to distort his record or misrepresent where he is. >> bret: okay, thanks for your time tonight. we will be following you on the campaign. >> martha: thank you, kate. >> bret: of next, we dive into the response of containing their coronavirus. >> martha: major universities these are now skipping classes to online while the impact on sports grows, including the new york city half marathon. details ahead. ♪
10:49 pm
♪ get 'em while they're hot. applebee's 25 cent boneless wings are back in your choice of three sauces.
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♪ >> bret: new york governor andrew cuomo implement in containin containment on a new rochelle, a suburb of new york city, first of its kind in the u.s. as nations worldwide scrambled to contain the coronavirus. meanwhile, road runners announcing they are canceling the new york city half marathon which would have attracted some 25,000 runners from around the world, unfortunately. >> martha: meanwhile, the candidates canceling their campaign events. final thoughts from dana perino and juan williams, as we look at wrapping up this evening.
10:53 pm
dana, let me start with you. joe biden has been saying, i am a bridge. this is, i think, his way of kind of saying i might be an older candidate, but i am a bridge to the future. and getting people to come along with that idea. it is not going to be successful for him against president trump, if he ends up being the head-to-head? >> incumbent presidents are always in a better position. only twice since world war ii has the united states decided not to give a president a second term, and that was when the economy was not doing well. it seems like an uphill battle, anyway, but we also are in a time of everything is different, everything is changing, and i think that joe biden is saying not only am i a bridge to the future, he's saying he's a bridge to the past. because people say they want a return to normalcy. but do people want a return to normalcy if that means, okay, maybe you don't have tweets anymore from the oval office, but do we go back to the way it was when nato wasn't putting in its fair share? when the economy wasn't like it is now, where we went opening up
10:54 pm
more shale and fracking for our own domestic energy consumption? and that will be -- if the fight gets to be on the merits, that would be interesting, but if it is a choice between the two people, it will be an interesting race, but i think president trump has the edge. >> bret: no matter what bernie sanders does, juan, he has already succeeded in bringing the democratic party further to the left. joe biden is not the same joe biden that he was as a senator, or even as a vice president, as far as issues go. the question is, how much does he then have to bend over to reach out to the progressive side of the party, to get them on board? >> well, what we know in terms of second choices, because polling has been done on just this, and what you see is sander's supporters say they are going to support whoever is running against donald trump. it's not that they are open to somehow going to trump, though i have often made the case that a lot of sanders supporters and trump supporter's are very close in terms of the populist
10:55 pm
spectrum, for example, sanders is going to make the appeal on the trade deal that biden voted for and save these trade deals hurt you, mr. and mrs. middle america, that is a trump line, and it is also a sanders line. but the voters come in terms of the democrats have said they are going to line up in opposition to donald trump. and what we have seen, even tonight, as some of the big super pacs on the democratic side say they are going to put money now behind biden, who, incredibly, even at this moment, has a really thin, understaffed campaign apparatus around the country. >> martha: we may see biden move -- generally you do come away from some of those positions, health care coverage people who are here illegally and whether he will say no to charter schools, issues that will become very significant when you get to a general election. i also wonder, i think about rashida tlaib and ilhan omar and aoc campaigning with bernie sanders. what does this tell us, dana, but how people really feel about
10:56 pm
that wing of the party? >> i think it shows that we in the media give a lot of attention to people like aoc, and that she has a popular appeal across the country, but when it comes to voters if and they actually have to go in and put something down on paper, that they are not for that. >> bret: data, one, thank you. it's been an interesting night. another stop along the way. visible do it for the special fox news coverage of democracy 2020. i will be back at 6:00 p.m. eastern time in d.c. for "special report." >> martha: i will be there at 7:00 p.m. with "the story." live analysis continues with a special "fox news @ night" with shannon bream. good night, everybody. ♪ our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence... ...we can spend a bit now, knowing we're prepared for the future. surprise! we renovated the guest room, so you can live with us. i'm good at my condo. well planned, well invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement. if you're 55 and up, t-mobile has a plan designed just for you. and, for a limited time only,
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switch to progressive and you can save hundreds. you know, like the sign says. they're calling it echoed tuesday. former braves president joe biden building on his the momentum with easy win and missouri and mississippi. we're also keep an eye on the west coast for bernie sanders might be able to haul hall and much-needed delegates. sanders won just orca years ago. this is turning into another bi night for the former vice president. he's building on his lead and w are digging and that also to th differing opinions and projections


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