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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 13, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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pandemic, which is what it is. the cdc has published guidelines on the to enable its and it's very, very heavily used right now, i will say to enable every american to respond to this epidemic and to protect themselves, their families, and their communities. while the risks the young and healthy americans remains very low, we have learned a lot about this over the last two weeks. anyone can be a carrier for the virus and risk transmission to older americans and those with underlying health conditions and those who are most at risk. they have not done very well, older americans who are especially if they have a health problem. they have not done well. we must take all precautions and be responsible for the actions that we take and that we see
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other people take. we want to prevent the spread and transmission of the disease. it's incredible what sports, what's happening with the sporting world where so many of the great sports that we have gotten to used to at this time of the year they are not going to be meeting and they have done a great service, actually, by that. it would be another way that it could be problems would be caused. this is why i outlined on wednesday night my administration's -- the fact that we have issued a requirement suspending all medically unnecessary visits to various places but in particular nursing homes. we should all be working off the same playbook when it comes to protecting americans. we have to. we need to be consistent in adopting measures to limit the spread of the virus. the virus is the same whether it's spreading in cities, towns
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or rural communities, the tools and tactics for attacking it are similar no matter where you go. no matter where you go, have you some hot spots throughout the world right now that people would have never thought possible. they are being very seriously affected. key among these efforts are breaking chains of transmission between people. these measures have been adopted by many companies, universities and schools. and we want to protect the safety and the health of their employees and their students. i encourage everyone to follow the guidelines we have issued by cdc and these common sense measures. a lot of it is common sense. for the areas where the virus is spreading, the cdc is advising communities to postpone large gatherings, postpone assem bliss, social functions and sporting events, stagger recess and lunch for schools that aren't cancelled. limit in person meetings and schedule cleanings and cancel
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work-sponsored travel. among numerous other steps that can be taken, americans are the strongest and most resilient people on earth. and in the coming weeks, we will all have to make changes and sacrifices but these short-term sacrifices will produce long-term gain. and, again, i have said we are learning a lot for the future and future problems like this or worse, or worse. it could get worse. the next 8 weeks are critical. we can learn and we will turn a corner on this virus. some of the doctors say it will wash through. it will flow through. interesting terms. and very accurate. i think you are going to find in a number of weeks it's going to be a very accurate term. in times of hardship, the true character of america always shines through. we live in the company of the greatest heroes and the most inspiring citizens anywhere in
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the world. we want to take care of our people. we want to draw on the strength of our history. draw on the strength of our people and we will get through this all together we will just get through it so much progress has already been made. and, frankly, the numbers, because the of the steps have been taken are at a level a lot of people are surprised especially when you compare them with other places with far smaller populations. the spirit and will of our nation is unbreakable. we will defeat this threat when america is tested, america rises to the occasion. and to those families and citizens who are worried and concerned for themselves and their loved ones, i want you to know that your federal government will unleash every authority, resource and tool at its disposal to safeguard the lives and health of our people. so we are with you every step of the way. no nation is more prepared or more equipped to face down this
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crisis. as you know, we are rated number one in the world. we are also helping other nations. many of the nations we are helping them a lot. and they are doing okay in some cases and some cases not doing well at all. we are working with a lot of groups of people and a lot of other nations. with faith and heart and hope and love and determination, we will succeed. we will prevail. we will be very, very successful and we will learn for the future. thank you all very much. if you have any questions, we can take some. go ahead, john. please. and if you would like to ask some of the folks up here would be fine, please. >> mr. president, where are you with the house bill? yesterday we talked to you in the oval office. you were opposed to it. what has happened since then and what's the hold-up on that. >> well, we just don't think they are giving enough. we don't think the democrats are giving enough. we are negotiating. we thought we had something and all of the sudden they didn't agree to certain things that they agreed to.
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so we could having so but we don't think they are giving enough. they are not doing what's right for the country. >> if i could ask dr. fauci. >> go ahead, please. >> thank you, mr. president, you just mentioned wavin waiving for student loans, talked about buying oil from the fpr. what other specific targeted measures is your administration thinking about taking in the treasury secretary steve mnuchin said today you are just in the second inning of things that you might be undergoing. >> that's true. we are looking at many different things as you know. some of them have been written about very widely. we are going to be releasing a paper in about two hours stating quite a few other steps, very important ones. please, go ahead. >> one sir, if you wouldn't mind. >> please, go ahead. >> thank you so much, mr. president. i want to know if you are in contact with the brazilian president after a member of his delegation who was with you saturday was tested positive and, also, i want to ask another question if you let me, senator
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lindsey graham and also senators rick scott are self-isolating. are you planning to take kind of precautionary measure to protect you and others with him? >> no. we have no symptoms whatsoever. and we had a great meeting with the p bolsonaro, great guy. very tremendous. he's doing a fantastic job for brazil. and, as you know, he tested negative, meaning nothing wrong this morning and we got that word, too. because we did have dinner with him. we were sitting next to each other for a long period of time. >> are new contact with him over the coronavirus crisis? >> we have. we are talking about it country to country. we did discuss if he had a problem. it was reported that he may have it, and he doesn't, fortunately. >> thank you so much, mr. president. dr. fauci said earlier this week that the lag in testing was, in
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fact, a failing. do you take responsibility for that? and when can you guarantee that every single american who needs a test will be able to have a test? what's the date of that? >> i don't take responsibility at all because we were given a set of circumstances and we were given rules, regulations and specifications from a different time. wasn't meant for this kind of an event with the kind of numbers that we are talking about. and what we have done is redesigned it very quickly with the help of the people behind me. and we are now in very, very strong shape. i think we will be announcing, as i i said, sunday night. this will start very quickly. we will have the ability to do in the millions over a very, very quick period of time. so, no, and what we have done and we are going to be leaving a very indelible print in the future in case something like this happens again. but it was -- and that's not the
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fault of anybody and frankly the old system worked very well for smaller numbers, much smaller numbers but not for these kind of numbers. >> by sunday night, have you had, yes, please, by sunday night will every american be able to get a test? >> just what i reiterate to many of you many times. it's the difference of a system. the system was not designed -- for what it was designed for it worked very well, the cdc designed a good system. if you want to get the kind of blanket testing and availability that anybody can get it or you could even do surveillance to find out what the pen transis, you have to embrace the private sector. this is what you are saying. you can't do it without it. when i said that, i meant the system is not designed for what we need. now looking forward the system will take care of it. >> mr. president. >> and if you go back, please, if you go back to the swine flu
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they didn't do testing like this. and actually they lost approximately 14,000 people and they didn't do the testing. they started thinking about testing when it was far too late. what we have done and one of the reasons that i think people have respected we have gotten it very early and kept a lot of people out. >> yes, please, go ahead. >> the last administration said they had tested a million people at this point. >> ask them how they did with a swine flu. >> with respect, next, please. >> they had a very big failure with swine flu. very big failure. >> mr. president, i want to ask you about the european travel ban that goes into effect at midnight tonight and the exemption that you have offered to the u.k. there are 17 countries that are in the so-called sheng zone that have fewer covid-19 cases than the u.k. in the last two hours u.k. has added 208 virus cases to their total. why do they, mr. president,
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deserve an exemption and would you consider adding them to this travel ban list? >> well, that was recommended to me by a group of professionals and we are looking at it based on the new numbers that are coming out and we may have to include them in the list of countries that we will, you could saban or whatever it is during this period of time. but, yeah, their numbers have gone unfairly precipitously over the last 24 hours. we may be adding that we may be adding a couple of others and may frankly start thinking about taking some off. go ahead. >> thank you, mr. president. hong kong tv. you have mentioned that the number in china has been decreasing. china has made tremendous progress in the past weeks. >> true. >> i'm wondering how much confidence does this give you to control the virus in the united states and do you see the data china has been sharing with the united states have been helpful? >> i think it has been helpful.
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we have been working very much with china. i have spoken, as you know, with president xi. they went through hell. and their numbers are starting to look very good. they are really looking very good. we are really happy about that. we are sharing data, yes. we are sharing quite a bit of data including some of the fact that our pharmaceutical companies are working over there right now with large groups of people. go ahead, please. >> thank you, mr. president. you spoke with canadian prime minister justin trudeau yesterday. did you discuss the potential closing of the border between canada and the u.s. and by extension are you considering ways to salvage the 2 billion-dollar daily trade between the two countries? >> so we didn't discuss the border. we have had a very good relationship just about finished with the usmca as you know. actually, he called me to tell me that. i think that was the primary reason for the call. at the time his wife had not been diagnosed.
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and she a wonderful lady, great lady. and since then i have heard that the result was that she has it. and i was a little surprised. i think he was surprised, also. we did discuss it prior to. she is going to be fine, but he thought that she would not most likely have the virus. unfortunately she does. but we didn't discuss the border yesterday, no. go ahead, please. >> if you have any questions for these great geniuses up here, you should, even a business question related to what we are talking about. >> mr. president, abc news miami. as a relatively new floridaen what is your message to the cruise industry and airline industry that florida depends upon and since senator rick scott and miami-dade mayor carlos have the same exposure as you and they are self-isolating, what's your message to them that they shouldn't be? >> well, i don't know that i had
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exposure but i don't have any of the symptoms and we do have a white house doctor and i should say many white house doctors, frankly. and i asked them that same question and they said you don't have any symptoms whatsoever. we don't want people without symptoms to go and do the test. the test is not insignificant. as far as the cruise line industry with them all the way a great u.s. business frankly. i know how important they are to the country. that includes airlines but the cruise line business, obviously, was hit very hard i had tremendous success out in oakland we worked with u.k. and canada. they took their canada back. canada took a large number of people back to the united kingdom. and we have people quarantined. it was a big operation and worked out really -- you don't
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hear about it anymore. it worked out really well. mike you want to say something about that because that was really done properly. >> thank you, mr. president. that program with the grand princess is continued to being administered high standards orderly way as the president directed who needed treatment received them. i spoke to the governor of iowa today. and some of those who now have been cleared are able and proper supervision to be returning to iowa. they are making arrangements for them to do it. others in texas. others in georgia. again, it's another example of the extraordinary cooperation, governor abbott, governor gavin newsom, governor brian kemp of georgia. president directed me last saturday to travel down to miami. we met with all the leaders leaders of the cruise line industry. several cruise lines have announced a 60 day pause in
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operations. our department of homeland security has praised them for doing that because of the unique health challenges, particularly presented particularly with seniors with underlying conditions. we have a proposal from the cruise line industry but they are currently considering what other steps that they might take perhaps considering what the other lines have taken. we are anticipating some response on that in the next 24 hours. as the president said, the american people cherish our cruise line industry. men and women who work on the ships. men and women who work on the shore. all the economies that are so benefited with the cruise line industry what the president has directed us to do whether there is a pause in the moment as some cruise lines are doing and as we all continue to discuss. we want to work with the cruise line industry to ensure that when we come through this that cruise lines and the medical
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services that are available and for the passengers and all of the crew, that the cruise lines are safer than ever before and can prosper for many years to come. >> question for dr. fauci and burke. dr. fauci, which what is the thatrajectory for when this outbreak will peak? how long will have to remain on emergency footing. for dr. burke, as the test kit shortage the next need could be respirators and related hospital equipment. what is the administration doing to it ramp up the production of respirators and that kind of equipment should this outbreak persist? >> so, when you have an outbreak like this, particularly if you are trying to interfere with it, it's really impossible to predict the time element of when it is going to peak and when it's new orleansly going to go
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down. so if you look at the situation where countries did not try to get to the point of contain and mitigate as well, you see a peak of several weeks and down again over other several weeks. what we are trying to do with the effort we are doing is to blunt that peak. i mentioned it many times and i think it is appropriate and important to mention again because it answers your question. when you talk about preventing infections from without-in which is the kind of travel restrictions we are talking about, then how do you handle what you already have in your country? you continue some sort of containment but you also do mitigation. and you try to proportion it to the areas where there are the most infections. the success of that and how much you make this turn into this is going to give you the amount of time. if we're successful, it will be less. if we're not successful, it's going to be more. but these kind of things generally run out in a few months. hopefully we will make it several weeks, 8, 9, whatever
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weeks. but i can't give you a number because it depends on how successful we are. >> great. thank you. it's a great question and dr. fauci and i have worked together a very long time and continue privilege to work with him every day. i think you can learn very and i appreciate there was some graphics done by some of the reporting over the last several days. if you align the data from china with the data with south korea, you can start to see almost a complete overlay of that data. and so that is what we are tracking very closely as well as italy. but you have an excellent question. i just want to make one note. in south korea, i want to repeat only 4% of those tests were positive. that means 96% of the people had a different respiratory disease. because we are in the middle of flu season, cold season, and all of the other respiratory diseases that we get every day. and labcorp and quest early data, they are running about 1%
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to 2% positive. that means that we have a lot more other respiratory disease out there besides the coronavirus. that's why the screening is critical but even with the screening, we're going to run what we think are very low rates. needless to say though, we are taking it extraordinarily seriously to plan for what could come. not what -- what dr. fauci talked about blunting the curve that makes it much less high need at the peak of the curve that we're all planning for. we are in full inventory of all of our assets by the president unlocking and this emergency order and the secretary of hhs's ability. it unlocks all of those stockpiles, those needs, what the v.a. has, what the dod has, what the national guard has and what every hospital has. and the hospital emergency preparedness plan allows them to defer elective issues to keep those hospital beds open for those who might need it. so we are in full planning mode for each of those things. >> and i might add that we are
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in the process and some cases already done it ordered a large number of respirators just in case. we hope we don't need them but we have ordered a large number. yeah, go ahead, please. >> thank you very much, mr. president. in your speech to the nation, you mentioned the situation in china and south korea have improved. and you are thinking about remove the restrictions also the warning in place right now. when can we expect that announcement and how do you see the overall progress that asian countries make. >> some are making progress. some are not as you know. some are making progress. as they make progress and get down to the number that we all think is right that they know is right, we know is right, we will be opening it up. and some are really moving along rapidly. we hope to be able to open things up as quickly as possible: go ahead, please. go ahead. >> thank you, mr. president.
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i would like to ask secretary azar and dr. fauci just how. >> better. not 100 percent but 90%. >> right. >> go ahead. >> this effects the elderly primarily and in that sense it's an unusual disease. is any specific research being done as to why it effects our senior citizens more than others? >> so i don't mean to diminish your question. but we already know why it would effect senior citizens more because when you talk about anything that requires a robust immune system, as you get older, your immune system is not as potent as it is when you are young. and that's the reason why when you talk about even influenza which we have extraordinary experience with over decades and decades, the people who are very vulnerable are the elderly and
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those with underlying conditions. the same thing holds true for a variety of other disease, why cancer is more pr*ef length in mostly older individuals because the immune system that screens for it is less robust. so it really is something that is kind of well known over a lot of studies. >> okay. oan, please. >> mr. president, the chinese officials are expressing some tones of discontent with how -- where the source of this virus has come from and they are spinning some odd narratives. what are your response to the chinese officials who are doing that and have they signaled any kind of resistance to upcoming trade talks in response to how we are handling. >> no. we have our deal with china. they are going to be buying
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$250 billion worth of goods and 50 billion from our farmers and it's a great deal for our country. it's about time somebody did that. and, frankly, phase 2 will start negotiating. i did read one article but i don't think that article was representative, certainly not in my conversations with president xi. and they know where it came from. we all know where it came from. >> mr. president. >> thank you, mr. president. pbs news hour. >> yes. >> my first question is you said that you don't take responsibility but you did disband the white house pandemic office and the officials that were working in that office left this administration abruptly. what responsibility do you take to that and the officials that worked in that office said that the white house lost valuable time because that office was disbanded? what do you make of that? >> well, i just think it's a nasty question because what we have done and tony had said numerous times that we saved
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thousands of lives because of the quick closing. and when you say me, i didn't do it. we have a group of people. i could ask, perhaps it administration but i could have perhaps ask tony about that because i don't know anything about it. you say we did that. i don't know anything about it. i don't know, cdc, perhaps they do that let people go. used to be with a different newspaper than you are now. you know things like that happen. okay, please. go ahead. >> we are doing a great job. let me tell you, these professionals behind me and these great incredible doctors and business people, the best in the world and i can say that whether it's retailers or labs or anything you want to say. these are the best in the world. >> we are doing a great job. we have 40 people right now. 40. compare that with other countries that are many, many times that amount. one of the reasons we have 40 and others have and, again, that number is going unjust so you understand. and the number of cases which are very small relatively speaking is going up, but we
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have done a great job because we acted quickly. we acted early. there is nothing that we could have done that was better than to close our borders to highly infected areas. go ahead. >> thank you, mr. president. latin american country and also for spain. i would like to ask you two very brief questions. one, for how long we're going to have the emergency, i mean, the national emergency. >> i hope not long but it's there now and it gives tremendous powers for things that we need. tremendous power, actually. and the stafford act and various other things that we're involved with have studied and memorized in so many different ways and forms. it gives the kind of power that we need to get rid of this virus. and we're going to do it very quickly. i hope we won't need it very long but whatever it takes. >> so for now we still don't know for how long? and something important i wanted to ask you is how do you think -- do you really think
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it's essential coordinating with other countries and learning from the lessons that they already suffered the same situation in countries of course like china and south korea and now recently italy and spain and how is that coordination done? thank you so much, mr. president. >> we are in touch with italy and, you know, it's a country that we love. we have tremendous, millions and millions of people originally, origins from italy and we're working with them. they are in a very -- they are in probably relatively speaking, toughest position of all, we are in touch with everybody. we are in touch -- when i say everybody, we're in touch with many of the countries that you know about that you are writing about, and they are calling us asking us for advice. they are asking for the advice of the people behind me. italy has a tough situation and but they are really, -- they have really clamped down. i think they are going to see good results. it's tough what they did. they really took their medicine. they are going to see some much
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better results. >> mr. president? >> yeah, jeff. >> thank you, sir. with regard to domestic travel should americans feel safe or should americans at all be traveling to states such as washington state, new york, and other hot spots within this country and, a follow-up on brazil, you are asking people who come back from europe, americans coming back from europe to self-quarantine for a couple weeks. you were in a picture with somebody who now has coronavirus from brazil at mar-a-lago, how is that different? >> well, i will tell you, first of all, i'm not coming back from some place. >> but you were exposed. >> there was somebody that they say has it. i have no idea who he is. i take pictures and it lasts for literally seconds. i don't know the gentleman that we are talking about. i have no idea who i i he is. i haven't seen the picture. i take sometimes hundreds of pictures a day. that night i was taking hundreds of pictures. i just don't know. i did sit with the president for probably two hours.
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but he has tested negative, so that's good. >> it's just a matter and the tkphrefbg traveldomestic travel? >> i would say if you stay home, it's not bad. it's not bad. now, there are certain parts of the country that are essentially have zero problem. washington has been very tough. in particular nursing home and the state of washington very tough big percentage 40 deaths. they all came from a certain area unfortunately, please. go ahead. >> thank you very much, mr. president. sky news. you talked this week about u.k. doing a good job in tackling coronavirus. in light of the rise in cases, are you changing your mind about that? you also just spoke about possible travel restrictions.
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have you discussed when they might be put in place? >> well, in light of the results as we discussed before, in light the results, we are going to be looking at it and i know the task force is looking at very strongly, the vice president, everybody, it was looking good but they the results have been building up pretty rapidly. we will be taking another look at that yes, absolutely. go ahead, please. >> mr. president, thank you. i want to first follow-up on jeff's question because the person you were standing next to whether you know who he is or not tested positive for coronavirus. dr. fauci said this morning if you stand next to somebody who has tested positive, you should self-isolate and get a test. you say your white house doctor is telling you something different. who should americans listen to and my second question -- >> -- i think they have to listen to their doctors. and i think they shouldn't be jumping to get the test unless it's necessary. but i think they have to listen to their doctors. i mean, i don't know -- i haven't seen the picture.
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somebody said there is a picture with somebody taking a picture with me. i haven't seen it. >> doctors have said you might have it even if you don't have symptoms. are you being selfish by not getting tested. >> i didn't say i wasn't going to be tested. >> are you going to be? >> most likely, yeah. not for that reason but because i think i will do it anyway. >> will you let us know the results. >> we are working out a schedule. >> my second question. >> you go ahead, please. go ahead. yeah. >> i know there has been a lot of talk about testing. i just want to make sure we are clear though because we have been hearing from doctors who say as of today they still can't get patients tested who need a test. so as of today, can everyone who a doctor wants to have tested get tested and, if not, when. >> that's been true for a while but i will let mike answer that. >> well, as the president said, and dr. fauci has articulated,
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the nature of our current system for the cdc has samples sent and test performed state tests some cases university and hospital labs performed test. generally adequate for infectious disease or for people getting diagnostic work done. but given the shear scale of, this the president tasked us with bringing together this extraordinary public and private partnership. today, by some estimates, when you add all of the labs together, and today the president made it possible for every state in the country and their state labs to authorize labs across their state to do coronavirus testing. we are estimating somewhere between 15 and 20,000 tests a day are able to be performed. but, very soon, with the program that was announced today, americans will be able to visit
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one of the sites closest to them as described on the website, if they are symptomatic, if the questionnaire indicates it, be able to have a test there, and these incredible companies will process the test and they will receive that information. but, for now, the best advice that we can give for people is to speak to their doctor as the president just said. and if the doctor indicates that physician, if it's not a university hospital or otherwise authorized lab can contact the state lab and, again, every state lab in the country can perform tests today but what the president charged us with, when i was tasked to take over the white house coronavirus task force was open up tests all across the country. the president said a few days ago that we made it clear that any american that wanted to get a test would be able, clinically to get a test. because i literally heard from the governor of washington state who said the doctors in washington state were saying that you were only mildly
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symptomatic they would not order a test. and fortunately the president directed cdc to clarify that. now, anyone in consultation with their physician, regardless of their symptoms can request a test and their doctors will contact those agencies, those labs in their state. but very soon, americans will be able to go to these drive-in sites and be able to obtain and participate in a test. dr. burks, is there more to amplify that? >> no. i think that's perfectly said. i think, just to review one more time about the testing. with labcorp and quest, i think many of you have been to doctor's office and seen the little boxes outside? what they do is they deliver both the specimen selection piece, it's a nasal swab not a tube of blood. they deliver that to doctors and hospitals and arrange to pick that up. the important piece in this all is they have gone from a machine
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that may have a lower throughput to the potential to have automated extraction. i know you don't want all these details it's key for the laboratory people. it's automated redistraction run in automated way on the machine with no one touching it and the result comes out of other end. to sample to machine to results. that cuts out a lot of the manual pieces that were happening that were delaying the test results. >> so, with that what's the timeline like from when you are tested to when you get results? like next week, what should people expect? >> well, with the prior testing, it was taking several days because the test is slower. we believe, with this test, because of its throughput, that the testing can be from start, remember it has to transport to the laboratory that will run it and then we are hoping that all can be finished within 24 hours which is very similar to other tests you receive today. these are not point of care
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tests. we are working on point of care tests but we have to realize point of care tests takes six months or more to develop. we are not waiting for those. we are still diagnosing this on nenuclaic. this is the samples in your nose we are amplifying. >> you have to remember we are working very closely with states. you have a smaller form and more targeted form of government going in and doing it like in new york where the relationship is very good. like gavin newsom, where he made some very kpreupl complimentarye california, complimentary things worked on the ship together and other things having to do with this. really, the relationship that we have, i can't think of a bad relationship. we are helping them. we are funding them in some cases, depending on what it is
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you are talking about. and we are all working together very closely so we have done really i think a tremendous job of one or two more. if you have questions for these folks? does anybody have a question for the folks up here? who has a question up here? >> thank you, i have one for you as well. i do have one for them. >> i was waiting for that ask them first, please. >> yes, i will. okay. with regards to the ceos. can you please tell us when you expect to see items like hand sanitizer that have been going out of stock very quickly back on the shelves? there have been a lot of reports about that? and for you, mr. president, could you talk about potential bailout for the cruise industry that is something that you suggested could happen. >> i didn't suggest it could happen.
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i said it is an industry that's very badly impacted with what's going on with the virus. it's a great industry and very important industry. we will be helping them and we will be helping the airline industry if we have. to say assuming we have. to say so far people haven't been asking. but if they should be asking, we will want to make sure our airlines very strong and then one day all of a sudden wasn't looking so good. interestingly, we were just talking -- i was talking to doug, and the numbers they are doing from the retailing standpoint, i guess, because of this, this is like the opposite. all of you have been selling a lot of stuff. do you want to answer the question as to the hand sanitizers? >> specifically the areas where we are seeing pressure in the supply chain or are surface cleaners, cleaning splice, paper goods in particular. hand sanitizer is going to be difficult to have 100 percent on in time. replenishing and shipping. as soon as it hits the store it's going. all the retailers will be working hand in hand with the suppliers to bring that to the
1:39 pm
market as fast as we can. >> what with s. your advice for americans seeking those items? what is your advice? they're several out online and selling out in stores? >> i think this team has given you other examples of what people can do to fight back against this virus and look it entire list. >> dr. fauci. >> please. >> i mean, obviously, it sounds very simplistic, but wash your hands as often as you possibly can i know you are not always in a position to be able to wash your hands. but, wash them as much as you can if you don't have the alcohol wipes, try to get them. if you can't get them, just try as best as possible to do it. you have got to do the best you can. >> well, just general preparedness. you know, you want to wash your hands. you want to keep distance from people. and if you are around someone sick, keep away from them. just basic, basic public health. these guys have sold a lot of toilet paper. do you need to give some guidance that toilet paper is
1:40 pm
not effective prevention against getting the coronavirus they are selling out. but soap and water. hot water, soap, 20 seconds, that's how you do it. >> okay. one more, go ahead. over here. behind you. behind you. >> thank you very much, mr. president. you have a great team, of course. >> that's true. thank you. >> my question, mr. president, are you happy from the chinese response what correctly really told you what really happened? and, second, prime minister modi of india has closed borders until april 15th if you have spoken with the prime minister of india and if they have needed any help? and finally, sir, any message for the small businesses because they are losing some businesses because of this? thank you, sir. >> well, on small businesses, the small business administration is now stacked with money to help them and we are going to make the money readily available if they need it. small businesses. we had a great time in india. it was an incredible two days.
1:41 pm
and thes he is a great friend oe and friend of his people. he was greeted incredibly warming as was i. that stadium was an incredible event and i loved being with him just say hello to him. but we talked about everything. we talked about far more than just borders. and as far as president xi, likewise, he is a friend of mine. i believe that we are dealing in good faith. that we just worked as you know and as i just said, we just worked an incredible deal, big deal, one of the biggest deals of made of any kind, even by the standards of some of the people here, the deal with china. i think that they want to get to the bottom of things also. we are working -- our drug companies pharmaceutical companies are working very closely with china and with india as you know and with all over the world. and they are all over the world. these are magnificent companies that are very, very knowledgeable. and it's -- we are very lucky to have them because i think you
1:42 pm
are going to come up with whether it's therapeutic or whether it's just help, helping getting better and then ultimately a vaccination seen which takes a little bit longer because of the test periods and a couple of other reasons you will have it very quickly because of the great knowledge. they will have it very quickly. they have made a tremendous amount of progress. thank you all very much. we appreciate it. thank you. thank you very much. >> charles: president trump just wrapping up a very long press conference with a lot of major breaking news. the stock market reacting by going up almost recapturing all of yesterday's losses. the biggest single point gain in history. welcome, everyone. i'll charles payne in for tphao*uft and this is "your world." the press conference just now on the covid-19 outbreak, president trump was speaking. wall street started to buy and buy big time. the dow, again, surging to its biggest point gain ever. the 10th biggest percentage gain ever. i want to go to deirdre bolton
1:43 pm
at the nasdaq to this wild end to a wild week, deidre. >> charles, what a pleasure to be speaking about the markets today right after yesterday which was the worst day since 1987. so today as you said biggest point gains ever for the dow, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq, massive rally, no other way to say it. you mentioned this too, charles, of course as we called towards the close we closed at the highs of the session. so if people are wondering which groups really supported the markets, gave them that juice as we went towards the close two key groups. you had financials and technology. now, if you look at the dow, all by itself, apple goldman, microsoft, american express, j.p. chase and visa, they were responsible for half of the dow's gains. another indicator that sometimes we focus on just measuring fear that sr*eubgz, measur vix measu. biggest drop on the vix in three
1:44 pm
years. safe to say that at least some investors were feeling reassured about what they heard and of course there was this drum beat run-up to the president's press conference which was slated to start at 3:00 p.m. started a little bit later but did seem to reassure a lot of investors which is why we saw more steam going into the close. i do want to mention, charles, you know, we are still technically in a bear market as we know 20% off the recent highs. but a good way towards earning back some of those points today, charles, in the meantime, back to you. >> charles: all right. absolutely. again the names of these companies that president trump brought up, the walgreen's up 11%. cvs up 8%. walmart up 9%. laboratory corps of america up 9%. quest diagnostic that stock up 8%. the private sector being involved with the government, wall street loved it. this will expedite the process. now, we'll be able to get testing throughout this country and, again, this was really no one anticipated this although perhaps we should have.
1:45 pm
folks, we'll be right back with bret baier. at outback, steak & lobster is back. oh no! it's gone! phew! it's back, with lobster mac & cheese. it's gone again! it's back, with shrimp now! steak & lobster starting at only $16.99. hurry in before these three are gone again. offer ends soon at outback.
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>> charles: president trump just declaring a national emergency over the coronavirus. anchor of "special report" bret baier joins me now. bret, what do you think? wall street liked it. >> bret: definitely, charles. listen, the market jumped 900 points since the beginning of this rose garden news conference and it was just really impressive to seat president roll out with all of those ceos together in this kind of all together mentality, the messaging being that our together beat this coronavirus. impressive to see companies that compete against each other to come out and say we are doing this for the good of the country. now, how that rolls out and what it looks like clearly the market saw some comfort as you noted. the getting it around the country is challenging. i also think it's really
1:49 pm
comforting that dr. anthony fauci, tony fauci just has this personality that he has now been an authentic arbiter of straight talk when it comes he doesn't sugar point it straight to the point. all this effort on that team are exhibiting those same messaging points. >> charles: i told someone earlier today. i'm chalking it up. is he going to be "time's" man of the year he is the one person outside of bret baier that both people on the political aisle love. let me ask you about the question that was brought up over and over again with respect to president trump being tested. at one point he finally said listen, i am going to get tested at some time but the media was sort of fixated on that. >> it's a big thing as the government is saying, you know, if you come in contact with someone, self-quarantine, ivanka trump is working from home today.
1:50 pm
and, you know is self-quarantining i guess. i guess will the president? and that is why the media is asking that question i thought it was interesting. he is going to get tested rollout in one of these new test kids that they talked about today. company is getting drive by test facilities in a facility that was not set up. charles is a major lift in the fact that they are doing it so fast is a big thing for our nation charles charles you know what's amazing about it this is equivalent what china did building hospitals from scratch. we didn't have to do that because we leveraged cvs, walgreen's walmart. all joining together in a public-private partnership. thank you so much, bret. see you later on tonight. >> bret: all right, charles, see you. >> charles: governor instantly of washington giving update on
1:51 pm
covid-19. >> it helps them possibly and this is only a possibility at the moment with coverage of unemployment insurance. >> the type of announcement the president gave today probably won't help in that specific requirement. i will tell you how it will help and i'm glad this happened today is to really add motivation of americans to help us in this effort. and i'm really serious about this. you know, chris and i and school directors and legislators, we are doing some positive things together. i'm very -- i talk to republican leaders today, i really appreciate their leadership and the legislature getting the funding package through $200 million. the people who really count here are just, you know, john and joe smith. the citizens i will give you an example. what is really going to be the most effective thing here are people making individual
1:52 pm
decisions to do social distancing and keep this virus from overtaking the state of washington if we have to go into meetings. this is a small thing. make sure we have an empty chair next to us when we go in a meeting so we have at least six feet apart. that strategy could be as important as any presidential declaration and i say that really urging people to join this cause. i'm pleased that many are. i'm pleased that some of our older washingtonians and those with healthcare are staying home and keeping themself out of harm's way. we are seeing a lot of great things happening by private citizens and we want to continue to encourage them. >> how will you be monitoring school district [inaudible] >> well, i'm going to let chris handle that. >> thank you, governor. we have got an expectation of our districts that they are going to use their existing benefits that they get. there is both state supports and federal supports. again that food supply is
1:53 pm
secure. our warehouses are ready to go. most districts are going to create multiple checkpoints in their community where families can come and get breakfast and lunch. some of them are already working on distribution models where they will bring that our reporting system will be on several factors that the governor has asked us to report on, nutritional services, child care for healthcare workers and first responders, our seniors and juniors progress. all of these will go as an expectation as district writes plans about those. by the end of next week we will be collecting to know what the game plan is in each of the 25 school districts. [away from microphone. coordination for child care? >> they will. again, this is one where a lot of them have very sophisticated systems already. already ecaprio sraoeurd. before and after school program provider and matter of filling in the gaps, we do have districts who don't do any of this stuff right now. for them it's a harder launch, it's a harder start, and you
1:54 pm
might see them spartannersing private sector capacity opportunities and simply utilizing partnership. >> do you have concerns closing schools child care. are you concerned [inaudible]? >> this is a balancing act to make sure we take the right health stance. >> charles: major breaking news out of washington state and of course from president trump. i want to get the read from this on all of this from north dakota republican senator john. thank you for joining us. >> . remarkable press conference for president trump was not ready for that but a positive surprise. incorporating the largest, smartest, most powerful comings in this country to help curve this epidemic. >> that's right. it's not only an all of government approach, we have also got the ingenuity of
1:55 pm
american enterprise. american people working hard at the social distancing. we have personal companies jumping on the task. american ingenuity. all of a government approach at the federal and the state level. so, yeah. very impressive. >> charles: president trump said is he allowing states to have emergency operating centers and to activate emergency preparedness plans. you know, of course, about running a state as well. any ideas on how north dakota may implement some of these? >> right on. i was a governor for 10 years and that's very helpful because, again, with the national emergency declaration, the president has issued, you are now not only have those stafford funds that he talked about, you also have a lot more flexibility. so now you have all 50 states setting up emergency centers then working with the new test, the new approach to testing where you have got these stores now like walmart and walgreen's and target and get people not only do you have a faster test, but you have a lot greater
1:56 pm
throughput. that's why i say it's not only the program government response, you are unleashing power of all the states and private enterprise along with our great people, you know, taking the necessary precautions. >> charles: senator, we are run it indicated here. we appreciate your time. we will see you real soon. folks, we'll be right back. beca people ask me what sort of person should become a celebrity accountant. and, i tell them, "nobody should." hey, buddy. what's the damage? i bought it! the waterfall? nope! a new volkswagen. a volkswagen?! i think we're having a breakthrough here! welcome to caesar's palace. thank you.
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when was she in our bedroom? ♪ >> charles: will there be a vote on the coronavirus bill? chad? >> i spoke to nancy pelosi and she says they are trying to figure that out right now it. appears republicans are not going to support this they have reservations because president trump is not behind it. and house speaker nancy pelosi and treasury secretary steven mnuchin have spoken 11 times today including a couple times during the president's remarks. the president was vegas as to the reasons he opposes this. he says we don't think they are giving enough. we don't really know what the opposition is some republicans said that the opposition, quote
2:00 pm
was technical. charles? >> charles: chad, thank you very much. i think the steaks just got a lot hire after the response to the president's remarks here. folks that's going to do it for us. we ended on a great note. the markets recovered some. have a great weekend. "the five" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> >> juan: hello i'm juan williams along with dr. nicole saphier, shannon bream jessry watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> juan: president trump declaring a national emergency over the coronavirus. there are now more than 1600 cases and 41 deaths in the united states. here's the president. >> to unleash the full power of the federal government this effort today i am officially declaring a national emergency. as a result of that action today we are announcing a new partnership with private sector to vastly increase


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