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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  March 27, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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thank you for joining us, everybody. problems getting the test so we i'm dana perino and as tyrus see more cases diagnosed and mentioned story time today more and more case numbers 3:30 p.m. eastern and i will arise. you will see a picture over the stream live, facebook and youtube. world with the united states now being the new epicenter of this i might have a special guest today. and now, we turn it over to pandemic. and it will be interesting to bill hemmer. see what happens in places like ♪ china, south korea as they start >> bill: dana, with reignition of this outbreak. everybody is looking at those countries to see what happens to "bill hemmer reports," in one this virus and it's likely still hour, it will be signed into law there. >> bill: you are exactly right from the white house. with the cases and testing back an economic rescue package to the tune of $2 trillion asking march 13th, last hour i do congress and now the world believe 540,000 tests public leader in confirmed covid-19 cases. here is where we stand at this labs across the country in washington, d.c., that is hour at 3:00 on the east coast. impressive but here is how it more than 94,000 cases in sticks up a gnomic stacks up, 67 america. there are new hot spots flaring days it took us two months to up across the country. get to 100,000 cases, that is. new york city and washington state only the beginning. 11 days we got to 200,000 and plus this from the hill. speak with the adopted. about 300,040 days. that was just about an hour ago
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and rather 500,000 enlistment on capitol hill, the republicans 500,000. you see the rate of return and and house democrats coming together with his to work trillion dollar stimulus package the number of tests across the to help american businesses and country. our death rate is still 1.5%, workers, the speaker of the really at the low end back of the spectrum for the countries house. >> we ensure in the bill in a taxpayer dollars given to around the world. south korea 1.5% is welcome to industry goes first and foremost to workers. italy over 10% and in a day they and the paychecks and benefits jumped over that a point too. not use to pay ceo bonuses, doctor, if i could come and take stocks, funds, buybacks or donovan's. >> bill: the bill heads to the me through what you look at on white house for the president's this map, given all the signature. getting word from the countries and the numbers. white house that will take place what are the markers for you, later at 60 minutes from now sir? >> one marker a look at his 4:00 east coast time. death rates. the top republicans in the house that is something not affected by testing and who they are minority leader, kevin mccarthy, thank you for your testing. you have seen numbers go up of time. $2 trillion, wow i wonder what death toll. the map also shows you what that looks like? what will it do to the american worker and what will it do for countries are having surges and the american business person? that may reflect testing but >> let me walk you through that and be happy it got done today. also, the number of deaths. i wish it could have got done last week. as you reported more than are there populations for example in italy contributing to 3.2 million americans were laid off last week. higher case fatality and another
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that is more than we ever had in the great depression, six times, country, south korea where maybe getting infected. the issue is looking at quality and the financial crisis. it does a number it provides but, qualitative and calling up $40 billion to hospitals, not my hospitals all around the just hospitals but the country asking how is that? ventilators and the pp and what what is the icu like? the medical community needs. personal shortages, and that is personal checks individually's much more informative to me than for families capping out looking at raw numbers and what starting to phase out at my colleagues are facing day in $75,000. and day out to gauge where this but you know what it does for virus is across the country. small businesses that are doing >> bill: a fascinating answer. so much to help shut down? what are they telling you? it provides resources for them. can you put that in for us? it gives them alone but if they >> if you are calling new york, take that money and play their employee to keep them working seattle, you get a different where they pay their rent or utility, that is a grant and you story than calling someone in a smaller town or smaller part of don't have to pay that part the country. this will not be a wave that back. the larger business, low it's a country all at once. certain places have an early interest loan but also tax advantage to pay their employees peek, and certain peaks, certain partial. retention, we want people to places a late peak. and at least in the beginning of stay working to keep in their this. it will take time to get to every city and i think over a jobs. these are the key elements of this bill to actually help. period of a year or so, every >> bill: a few points on the city will be impacted by that is not something that will be a screen, $500 million for monolithic wave that occurs.
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i think it is important that we corporations, $130 billion are making sure the resources get to places like new york that hospitals, $150 billion, and food stamps, 1200 checks for need them right now. and in pittsburgh right now, we most americans, $600 for the don't have that type of crisis unemployed and on and on it in our icus in pittsburgh but we may get them they are and may need the resources later. goes. tom massie from kentucky had an it is important to be flexible issue with this because he with getting the resources worth wanted everybody on the record. here is what he said when asked desperately needed now. >> bill: okay, more than about it last hour. >> they are trying to cover up 500,000 cases per testing, their votes. they had enough people to pass right? where do we -- as we look at the bill, but still refused to this graph 540,000 plus, how have it recorded. they told me they were trying to high do we go, doctor? >> so if you look back at 2009 protect members. >> bill: this went back and forth over night and you saw him put it on the record. h1 n160000000 cases occurred in he blamed speaker pelosi for the united states over a period that short pause he considers of one year. so we do expect to see a lot of it. >> that is unfortunate. as you know we have a number of cases and that number go up as members who have the virus. we get more testing. remember most of those cases a number of members who were will be mild and not require quarantined. if you are in new york city, you hospitalization. so it is nothing to worry about can't make it down. they will fly through the major in terms of the number that we will get fed ex with those cases airports who have problems and people who have their spouses will be hospitalized and what who are pregnant, who have the parents who lived with him. will that due to icu capacity it is a challenge to make sure and mechanical ventilation. to come back but we want to make we expect to see a large part of
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sure this was passed. the population in fact just like the democrats have held this up but we could have got it done 2009 h1 n1. earlier in the week. >> bill: last question here, but we do have everybody on the record. you know what we were able to do? we did not pass it with globally, 585,000 cases unanimous consent. confirmed. 130,000 recovered a pier that is i would never agree to that. a 20% rate at the moment. we were able to have three hours of debate. certainly, a good sign in green. a voice for those who were not able to make it that could actually put across the desk how is that impressive figure for you now or can you say at 20% they would stand on this. how they would stand on the recovery? bill. >> remember recovery is defined what happen here and what massie was able to do is bring a number of people back. differently than clinician defines recovery. we couldn't get everybody into recovery may mean to test that the chambers but now you have a are negative, not the activity of daily living. number of people flying back to so i would not look so much as their home city after being the recovery as a sign. more of a laboratory definition together. >> bill: i entirely understand of recovery than actually being and respect the position you able to leave the hospital and take. i guess what he is saying do your activities and daily $2 trillion has never been here living. but i do think it is important to see all the patients are before, and we should be able to recovered, but remember, the reflect that in the vote count. number is different than what >> that is exactly what we were you would use in everyday language of someone being able to achieve that. recovered to. >> bill: great stuff, because you voted on the bill. you have a record across the thank you, doctor, we will bring desk and you have three hours of debate. it back to pittsburgh today from >> bill: we already have been johns hopkins, thank you, sir. >> thank you. phase 4 but what would be in a >> bill: in a moment a doctor
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phase 4? >> and i hope anybody talking who survived ebola said the coronavirus scares him. he's putting for people to stay about a face 4 would pause right home. he would join me to talk about now. we passed three bills. as you said, $3 trillion in why the situation he calls dyer billions and the other bill. let's let them go to work first. let's be targeted on where we in new york city's hospitals. will spend money. let's make sure this is actually ♪ working in the process and be and one gram of sugar. smart. and if we do need more help, to ensure max protein. be able to use that, but not just throwing money at it. and one gram of sugar. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin, let's make sure we are doing it you get a strong repair that you can trust. correctly. >> bill: thank you, kevin plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. mccarthy on the hill, >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. thank you, sir. coronavirus cases in texas topping 1600 and we are told dallas could become a hot spot. the governor and announcing people traveling to texas out of new york and new jersey, connecticut and the city of new orleans must self isolate for two weeks. the governor is with me now. sir, good afternoon to you. we are told it is coming. what are you seeing now? >> listen, we are ready for
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whatever may come. obviously, we see a spread but one reason why we are seeing a spread, we now have more robust capabilities to test and identify those who have it. we are prepared for it. resa place to celebrate,been to take a first date, we have been getting ready for months now, all the way back to to grab a meal between soccer practice and piano. january. we are working to ensure that we have an adequate number of beds, and even though tables are empty at the moment... ...the kitchens are full, adequate number of ventilators, adequate testing capability but prepping everything so it's just right. also the responsiveness to be keeping customers safe. needed by the health care and making the food as delicious as ever. providers. >> bill: the drive through they're still there for you. now you can be there for them. testing from two weeks ago is up while the doors may be closed, and running. how many cities? the kitchens are open for delivery. >> it is running in the major cities. we have increased the testing i appreciate what makes each person unique. 1000% in just the last seven days. that's why i like liberty mutual. and so this is really stemming they get that no two people are alike and customize your car up and adding the testing capability. identifying more people which is insurance so you only pay for what you need. exactly what we expected. almost done. but it shows that only about 10% what do you think? of the people who are being tested tested positive and only about 10% or less who test positive need to go to a
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hospital. so this is giving us a good i don't see it. only pay for what you need. baseline of information to know ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ both where we are but more importantly, where we are going. >> bill: to double back on the map they are. those personage who test positive go to the hospital, people want to know stats, less than 10% of the people tested test positive and less than 10% of the people who test positive go to the hospital. >> bill: okay, trying to find out positive/negative test results and these questions come up a lot. 90% test negative and other conditions. let's move beyond that, here is what scott said earlier today former fda said new orleans and dallas, atlanta, miami, those are the places we see more than 1500 cases. he is making the argument it is on its way. do you believe you are active/proactively enough in the state of texas? >> sure. we have been working in the dallas area, for example, for
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months now to make sure all the capabilities are there. i've had meetings, for example, with the ceos of the leading hospitals in dallas. and we identified exactly how many beds we have come a ventilators we have come of the supplies we have et cetera. so we are prepared for this and i deployed the national guard. i'm ready for anything that may come. >> bill: what do you believe your hearing from the white house about the social distance orders? >> texas would seem to fit that category but how would that apply across your counsel? >> we had a telephone conference call the governors did with the president, the vice president and dr. burks yesterday where we discussed this concept, the president issued a letter letting us know there would be reevaluation for now pronounced next week with the guidelines established by cdc. so since the cdc issued guidelines for slow the spread for 15 days, texas has been
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following and applying at a minimum the guidelines established by the cdc. we will await with the new guidelines will show, and we may be adjusting what we are doing on the ground in texas based on the new guidelines that could come forth next week. >> bill: next week is the consideration. how would that likely apply? not in the city of dallas and the far western part of the state, for example, how do you ♪ see that being set up? >> bill: treating virus >> great point because what the patients in emergency rooms in president and white house was new york city. he describes a situation inside talking about is setting up three tiers. as dyer. he is not on duty at the moment a high risk, medium risk, low risk counties. and so they may be based upon but dr. greg spencer, local data and information as well as medicine presbyterian columbia medical center. consultation with doctors to dr. nice to see you and good afternoon to you. make a determination about whether or not a particular thank you for being here. peel back the curtain and take county is high, medium or low risk. us inside, what is happening? texas, as you are pointing out >> you mentioned it already. urban counties like dallas county would be the situation is, indeed dyer categorized as a higher category. appeared the message i want to there are still many counties in share is not want to panic but the state of texas that have
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preparation. what we are dealing with right zero cases of covid-19 that may here in new york city is categorized as low risk. something that can happen we just need to wait to see what anywhere throughout this country and big cities big and small. the data shows. >> bill: governor thank you i want to make sure everyone is for your time and good luck down there. staying in touch and throughout prepared appear the empty streets that you might see on the country. governor, in the meantime john images of new york city with hopkins, here is where we are as underlying reality what happens of one: 45 eastern coast time. when you cross the threshold into the emergency department. and want to hear how bad it is, a total global case 585,000. the ambulances in new york city just a day ago had the highest this strikes me here 120, number of ambulance calls ever, 130,000 recovered. that is about 20% of the global including after 9/11. one of my colleagues found a number of cases confirmed come 49-year-old dead in a chair who about 20% have recovered it. the first time we have seen had been diagnosed with that. in the u.s. and at home, the coronavirus and admitted to the global lead used to be eight or hospital. we are all now use to putting 9% on this map but now 91, multiple patients on life-support, mechanical ventilators, often at one time. 71,000 cases in the u.s. and all of my colleagues throughout recovery market is still less the city are concerned about the number of ventilators, the than 1,000. the death mark is 1400 -- and a number of masks and personal protective equipment we have to thousand people died in a single day in italy but the new case is keep yourself safe while providing hopefully the best said to be slowing down, hold quality of care that we can to onto that number in a our patients.
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it is unlike anything most of us moment, details from the have ever seen. pandemic front lines there. the u.s. military sending quite honestly, i survived hospital ships to america's ebola, and i hear coronavirus. largest cities to help care for the overflow of patients. i fear the impact it could have i will talk to a commanding on our patients and on the operations of emergency officer on board the comfort, departments and icu appear the soon to be in route to impact on the rest of the country unless we get really new york city it serious about being prepared. >> bill: message well i'm tryin'! received. keep it up. you'll get there. i want to play a clip from dr. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. birx, the task force during a ensure max protein. briefing last night and how she sees much of this at the moment. introducing ore-ida potato pay. >> we are reassured in a meeting where ore-ida golden crinkles are your crispy currency the colleagues in new york that to pay for bites of this... there are still icu beds ...with this. remaining. when kids won't eat dinner, potato pay them to. and still significant over a ore-ida. win at mealtime. thousand or 2,000 ventilators that have not been utilized. >> bill: i don't know how you i need all the breaks as athat i can get.or, potato pay them to. respond to that. but go ahead to come i want to at liberty butchemel... cut. give you an opportunity. do you have what you need, liberty mu... line? cut. doctor? >> that is a really great liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. question. look, i respect dr. birx and the work she has done. cut. liberty m...
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am i allowed to riff? i respect the cdc. i am not a politician but i what if i come out of the water? liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance would be happy to talk to dr. birx come up with the so you only pay for what you need. white house, or anyone that only pay for what you need. thinks everything is contained. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ it is absolutely not. i can share hundreds of hundreds of texts between me and my colleagues all over new york city who are raising the alarm. they call me every day, crying, concerned about running out of the supplies that we need to protect ourselves and the supplies that we need to take care of patients. right now, thankfully, a lot of hospitals are not having to put people on double venting commit to copeople more than one ventilator at the same time, but it is an inevitability. if you look at the cases and how they are climbing and the capacity that exist right now in the system, it is only a matter of time before we have to make these really hard decisions. >> bill: doctor, good luck to you. i really appreciate the story you are sharing with us. i think your message at the beginning is what we needed to remember.
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you are in the middle of it here in new york. it is the reality that is present for you, but it is not too late for the rest of the country. i do believe -- >> absolutely. that is absolutely true. look, there has been a lot of at t-mobile, we know that connection is more important than ever. criticism that new york failed to prepare. new york has one othe best we've increased network capacity, given more access to unlimited data. health care to systems. >> bill: no doubt. and provided free data for schools and students. >> treating ebola patients here in the world. my concern is that i understand visit to learn more. that everyone is worried about you can also manage your account, make payments, the economic impact. my dad works at home depot in florida and they cut his hours. and find t-mobile stores that are open near you. my mom lost her job minor league baseball stadium. i know the impact this is having we've been asking, are you with us? with people all over the but we want you to know, we're with you. country, but we cannot get back to work if our big cities are really overwhelmed and i of metastatic breast cancer.e but i did pick clarity by knowing i have a treatment overwhelmed with patients. that goes right at it. the reality is, this virus discover piqray, a treatment cannot infect you if it cannot that specifically targets meet you. we need people to stay inside pik3ca mutations in hr+, her2- mbc. appear this is not just for piqray is taken with fulvestrant new york. after progression this is case numbers increasing in every city across the
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on hormone therapy and helps people live longer country. we have been warned. without disease progression. china warned us, italy warned us do not take piqray if you've and we were not prepared. had severe allergic reactions to it or any of its ingredients. we need to be ready and do piqray can cause serious everything we can. not only for the coast, but side effects, including severe allergic and skin reactions, high blood sugar levels, everywhere in between. because unfortunately, we will and diarrhea, that are common and can be severe, be seeing it everywhere. and pneumonitis. >> bill: thank you for your tell your doctor right away message, and thank you for your if you have symptoms of severe allergic reactions work, dr. craig spencer in or high blood sugar new york. while taking piqray. i applaud the medical system in your doctor will monitor your blood sugar before new york. it is remarkable. and during treatment, and more often if you thank you, sir, stay added. have type 2 diabetes. in the meantime across the before starting, tell your doctor if you have a history country americans have gotten of diabetes, skin reactions, creative shifting gears from are or plan to become spirits to hand sanitizer. pregnant, or breastfeeding. how do you do that? common side effects include rash, nausea, tiredness, weakness, as the doctor mentioned, a decreased appetite, different look, 3:00, 4:00 on mouth sores, vomiting, weight loss, hair loss, and changes in some blood tests. the afternoon in manhattan. ask your doctor about piqray. check that out. ♪ >> bill: british prime minister boris johnson testing positive. a video message on twitter explaining he developed mild symptoms over the last 24 hours, and that he will self isolate
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and still work from home. benjamin hall has that story live in london today, ben. >> good afternoon, bill. we found out prince charles tested positive but today boris johnson. the first world leader to do so. he has been candid about the fact he is only feeling mild symptoms and self isolating 11 downing street which is where his private apartment is. but he also made it clear that he remains in charge of the country. here is the message. >> i developed my old symptoms of the coronavirus. and a temperature and persistent cough and only advise of the chief medical officer, i have taken a test. that has come out positive. so i am working from home. i am self isolating. that is entirely the right thing to do. >> johnson got his results after midnight last night in the early hours after joint president trump. the leaders to discuss the
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crisis by video link. first, johnson announced the u.k. will put $250 million into developing a coronavirus vaccine. also, meeting again remotely. the big question, who has he been in contact with? wednesday he attended prime minister's questions to the parlance surrounding others and spent time with numerous politicians and staff this week. and others home reports have shown symptoms. the last time he was seen in public was last night when he and the chancellor joint the rest of the country and applauding health workers. as with so many countries now, the health service in the u.k. is overrun. it's hospitals are full, and doctors and nurses on the front line are catching the virus. but the story of the message boris johnson remains running the country but if to get worse, then the foreign secretary would take over. >> bill: remarkable, benjamin hall, thanks for meddling out. the number of deaths urging. the country remains on the front
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lines of the pandemic. more than 900 people died they are in a single day according to health officials. that is the highest tally since the epidemic began. italian health officials say they see a slight, slowing down in the number of new cases. now two weeks in a nationwide lockdown. and the case that passed 40,000 in new york, the military now helping instead of an emergency field hospitals, we are live in a moment from one of them. and a first-hand account from your doctor in a new york city hospital. what it is like inside. what they need and may be how you might be able to help. ♪ double down when the captain is callin'. captain d's. you spend less and get way more., so you can bring your vision to lif. for small prices, you can build big dreams.
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spend less. get way more. shop everything home at wayfair toda. >> bill: companies are filling up bottles with hand sanitizer,
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not alcohol. dr. dugas is an orthopedic surgeon in birmingham, alabama. a good day to you and a job well done. i understand there's some junk on the job and you can take the junk and converted, how does that work? >> thanks for having us. every day when we make our regular spirits, and that's the heads and the tales, and what we would normally be throwing away we are converting into hands into hand sanitizer and actually making whole batches of hand sanitizer with the complete run as well. >> bill: you've made 2,000 plus bottle so far? >> it's been spread around to a bunch of different people, mostly the hospitals, clinics, first responders, imbalances and even the homeless. we've been doing that and we will probably ramp up production of that to about eight or ten times that number in the coming
12:20 pm
week or days. we basically shifted to making an sanitizer to try to help out where we can. >> bill: the demand is amazing. what about those who want to help? i know our viewers, they are generous people, what do you tell them? >> there is a website, www.dre we are happy to talk to them about how we can best fit their needs. if we have capacity we will be happy to help anybody who needs it. we will continue to make it as fast as we can. >> bill: where did you get the idea? are you cooking this one up for a while? >> no. our distiller carl weitz is the guy that makes the stuff happen. he's a brilliant guy and he said immediately when this went down we can do this. nothe xfinity my account app puts you in control withe. and we have. digital tools to give you the help you >> bill: tell the wizard he need when you need it. came out with a great idea. get fast and easy answers with personalized help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. thank you, doctor. birmingham, alabama.
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thank you, sir. change your wifi password to a phrase fox corporation and that's easy to remember. iheartmedia teaming up to get back. even troubleshoot your services on your own. much that i heart living room concert on all fox platforms. we're working to make things a little easier for everyone. the event will benefit feeding download the xfinity my account app today. america and first responders children's foundations, two great organizations doing work across america. on this friday afternoon we leave you with some empty streets. times square, new york city. that's not the way it's supposed to be. let's hope it doesn't stay that way for long. we are here every day. make it a great weekend and we will see you on monday. so long for now. ♪ scale and all right, that's a wrap of the week of the markets, even with today's big fall out so among the better weeks for the dow at least in the number of decades. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto and you are looking at the white house where the president will be formally 's >> bill: there are now more signing that rescue measures here. known cases of the coronavirus better than $2 trillion of on an aircraft carrier. spending to boost the economy to three cases a few days ago. help those directly impacted by
12:22 pm
we are told that number will the virus. people who will be addressing continue to rise. they say it is impossible to the nation and i think you are keep the crew isolated on board familiar with the drill as he does so. the uss roosevelt. this will all be on tape, he there is not enough rooms on board. the chip has 800 testing kits signs the major and maybe takes questions. we will get a better idea of who for the 5,000 sailors. located in guam. is in the oval office with him the second ship docked in japan for this grand occasion. this is the most expensive reliefaj i the u.s. ronald reagan has two coronavirus cases. this has forced entire naval base outside of tokyo on lockdown for 48 hours. meanwhile the u.s. navy hospital ship to relieve local hospitals overwhelmed by the virus. another hospital ship is heading to new york city. president trump says the u.s. will arrive there on monday, uss comfort, and the commanding officer, patrick, thank you for your time. we will welcome to new york you to new york on monday. what can the comfort do, sir? >> good afternoon and thank you for the interview. the comfort can do a lot of
12:23 pm
things. the comfort has the capacity to take up to 1,000 patients. and we are reporting icu beds, a ct scan from a multiple radiology suites, labs, pharmacy, everything you would find in a regular hospital. >> bill: the way i understand it, captain you won't take care of infected patients with the virus, but you will help other patients who were housed in hospitals to give them comfort while other coronavirus patients take their occupancy and local hospitals. how will that work from a medical standpoint? >> that is absolutely correct. so we will take the noncoronavirus patients and be setting up with the local health authorities, fema, new york city a center with the transfer of patients from them to the ship. so the process would be pretty much the same from hospital to
12:24 pm
hospital. a charging center accepted aboard the ship. >> bill: i got a little bit of a break up there. here is what i want to know, this ship deployed three weeks earlier than it was supposed to. how did you get the comfort ready? >> it is all because of the hard work of civilian mariners and the shipyard workers here. and so, they will be needed to do, the people of new york need us so we got this ship together as quickly as possible. we will depart and get up there safely as possible. >> bill: that is amazing stuff. how do you know that you are all okay on board, captain? >> as far as coronavirus? >> bill: yeah, how do you know that. >> so we followed bb and bbc guidelines for screening. everybody that comes aboard the ship, we minimize those that come aboard the ship across the
12:25 pm
board. and so we do what we can to follow dod and cdc guidelines for you know the separation of personnel to the best of our ability. and keep the ship as clean as we possibly can. >> bill: sir, good luck to you. you will love this guideline when you get here. a different kind of place where you will love the skyline. i hope to see you when you arrive. thank you, captain. >> thank you, sir. >> bill: terrific to have you. and aboard the comfort, the president says he might be there on saturday when it sets out to sea. a convention center in new york city transmitting into a hospital, the virus case swamped the local health care system. several temporary hospitals that new york's governor andrew cuomo will push to open in the coming weeks. and bryan llenas outside alive one of them commit the javits center, a huge place, brian but how does it look so far? >> bill, it looks ready to go, look, new york city buildings
12:26 pm
converted to hospitals and at this speed is unprecedented effort by the u.s. army corps of engineers. it's never really been done before at all. and the javits convention center is the largest of the temporary hospitals, 2900 beds. this will only treat noncovid-19 patients and scheduled to open monday. and really ten by ten cubicles separated by curtains, showers installed, nurses stations also installed. the army corps of engineers is also preparing scouting dorms and hotels throughout the area. that will be retrofitted to accommodate some covid-19 patients with proper pressurized ventilation, zippered doors and wireless capabilities allowing nurses to monitor multiple patients at multiple rooms at once without having to step foot into the contaminated zones. engineers here in new york are also relying what they are learning on the ground in real-time to other stations nationwide. >> bill: we have to attack
12:27 pm
these things anticipating their requirement. we can't wait for the phone to ring. that is why we are out now. we are in 50 different states talking to 50 different governors. i have 21 planning teams sitting there right now talking to governors, do you want covid-19, noncovid-19? >> new york andrew cuomo said four hospitals will be ready to go the next two weeks but asking the president to approve an additional four temporary hospitals. the state has 53,000 hospital beds, and they need 140,000 but in the meantime the u.s. army has 6650 medical personnel from two army field hospitals to assist in all the medical needs here in new york. again, bill, just an incredible effort by men and women in uniform on the local level and national level on the front lines. andrew cuomo has had a rescue mission to save lives. >> bill: remarkable stuff again, bryan llenas on the west side of manhattan, thank you,
12:28 pm
sir. and the stimulus package now on its way to the white house for the president's signature. chris wallace on deck as we await the top of the hour coming up. cases surging in america. the task force warning in new hot spots like chicago and detroit. we will break that down in a moment next. ♪ including itchy throat. plus an immediate blast of cooling sensation. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. our grandmothers did not have an equal right to vote. we do. find their stories. make them count. at ancestry.
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hey you, yeah you. ♪ i opened a sofi money account and it was the first time that i realized that i could be earning interest back on my money. this is amazing.
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i just discovered sofi, and i'm an investor with a diversified portfolio. who am i? they make you feel like it's an honor for them to help you out. thanks sofi for helping us get our money right. ♪ >> bill: here rico, and wake spectra president trump to sign to trillion dollar coronavirus relief bill. chris wallace and current fox news sunday, good afternoon to you. >> well, i haven't. i'm at the main headquarters in manhattan. so you get $2 trillion. i get that sense yesterday, chris watching jerome powell the chairman of federal reserve go on national television on a morning show i think for the first time ever to reassure americans, to reassure american businesses that the government has got your back. this is not your fault. we will make sure we see you to
12:33 pm
the other side. the other thing he was trying to express, chris, i know you have steven mnuchin over the weekend on your show. he believes the u.s. government with three times the firepower today than it had when you have the collapse of the financial industry of late 2008. and if you listen to him talk, the market has responded in kind, i believe. what is your sense of that today? >> well, yeah, i agree that they will do everything they can in both a physical sense and monetary sense, the federal reserve with all that they can do from liquidity in the markets and the interest rates, congress, and the president to do everything they can do with spending. $2 trillion. remember back in 2009 with the great recession and there was an $800 billion bill. this is almost triple that. and they passed it in a week. so they are going to do everything they can, but, you
12:34 pm
know, there is the big difference. before it was just an economic crisis. now this is all being caused by this huge physical threat of the coronavirus. and that has a mind and a timeline of its own. and so we can do, man can do everything they want, but to a certain degree, we are a little bit or a lot at the mercy of the virus. >> bill: a couple of things here. a sound bite from the new york governor andrew cuomo, 10:30 or 11:00 eastern time today. >> this is going to be one of those moments that they will write about and they will talk about. for generations. this is a moment that is going to change this nation. this is a moment that forges character, forges people. changes people. make them stronger, make them weaker, but this is a moment
12:35 pm
that will change character. >> bill: i just wanted you to listen to that. i want to frame that with the following fox news polling. approval rating for the president 48%, which is really matches his high going back to february 2017. and then, chris, with regards to the american people and how they are filling with this, but this question out there. with the records of the virus, and the following things, 89% of recession, they have concerns about that. 70% hardship to the families, 74% access to health care services and 70% concerned whether or not they will be able to get tested. the testing skyrocketing the past week you could argue. you put that altogether and how we are the leader is doing, how is the new york governor doing? because millions and millions of people as we saw from the town hall in the rose garden on tuesday are watching and waiting to hear from us. >> yeah, absolutely.
12:36 pm
and the answer is people are obviously very concerned about a recession. if you have been thrown out of work, as they say come a recession is when somebody else's thrown out of work. about the pressure is when you are thrown out of work if you are a small businessman. do you keep people on the payroll or not? what about the overhead of the rent that you have to pay to your landlord? we here come obviously with a $2 trillion bill, boatloads of money will be thrown out, but how hard will it be to sign up for it. how soon will you get it? having said all of that, i don't think we can take our eye off of the ball and the ball come of course, is the virus. i know everybody wants to get back to normal, but again as i said the first time, the virus has a timetable of its own. and you can't rush it. and it seems to me the worst thing that could happen would be if we were to loosen the reins
12:37 pm
on our social distancing, quarantining or whatever to sin. and to see when we are beginning to pay the price of getting control of this virus and then it comes back even worse. all i can say is trust the signs, trust the public health experts. they are the expert in this thing. you wouldn't ask a tv person how to fly an airplane. don't be asking politicians how to deal with the virus, a pandemic. >> bill: thank you, chris. we will see you sunday, okay? chris wallace, the conversation continues and chris, the secretary steven mnuchin about the virus. the relief package and what comes next. check that out on the local fox nation and the listings for the time. and here on the fox news channel 2:00 eastern coast time on sunday. that is coming up, but in the meantime we are watching this map. the united states right now leading the world with 97,000 confirmed cases.
12:38 pm
as i mentioned a moment ago not quite at the 1,000 mark for the recovery. but this is where i start my day every day. and i go here just about every hour on the day. i end my day on this map, just trying to figure out trends across the world. so all's well so my guest, the scholar, john's hopkins university center for health and security. doctor, thank you for coming back here today. what do you see in these numbers in these trends today, doctor? >> looking at the united states sell not 100% and we have
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