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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  April 19, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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thank you, i love new america. ♪ >> president trump vigorously defending his coronavirus response while accusing democratic governors of failing to use state resources to ramp up testing. good evening i'm jon scott and this is a special two hour edition of the "fox report." jon: right now more than 3 and a half million americans have been tested for the virus. more than 700,000 tested positive. more than 30 thowrk people have died in this country. a short time ago in today's white house task briefing president trump touted progress made on testing while l lashing out at critics who say a lack of testing is impeding the nation's ability to reopen meanwhile a number of states is are moving forward with plans to gradually start up at their economy's once
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again and accordance with white house guidelines announced on thursday this as stay at home orders continue to spark protest across the country by people who say it is time to get back to work. we have fox team coverage heir began is in atlanta aishah from new york and we begin with mark meredith reporting live from the white house. mark. reporter: good evening jon during briefing the president praised his administration efforts to contain the outbreak but at the same briefing president had tough words for a number of organizations including media democrats up on capitol hill and china. the president, though, also appearing optimistic that u.s. will get over this sooner rather than later. >> we continue to see a number of positive signs that the virus is passed its peak. it has been very devastating all over the world 184 countries. as we approach hopefully downward side of what's going on. i think you're going to see some
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incredible hard facts and evidence that what we did was right. reporter: during briefing administration said increases in cases in cities like chicago, boston, detroit, philadelphia but administration also said it is seeing results from those social distancing efforts and guidelines in places like new orleans and detroit some americans, though, they're tired of staying at home that they're tired of being told they can't go to work and are demanding stay at home orders be lifted the the president asked about that moments ago. >> there were a lot of protest out there. and i just think that some of the govans have gotten carried away. you know you have a lot of people that don't have to be told to do what they're doing. reporter: the president says that many countries including iran and china are underreporting mortality rate and he believes u.s. is doing better job than it is getting credit for worldwide and president had a chance to speak with lead percent from south korea as well as poland and
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bahrain. also the president had some tough words for democrats up on capitol hill as parking lot negotiations continue over how to fund that small business loan program the business loan program that keeps people on payroll all a across the country. it is run out of money. negotiations are still ongoing, he called on democrats to move quickly with effort to res fund that program. >> makers must stop block these funds and replenish plan without display. the democrats have to come onis board. i used to read that these were democrat programs not republican seems to have switched around a lot. reporter: president also had some tough words for china as investigators on u.s. intelligence committee try toirg if out exactly how this all started. the president has accused china the nothing t not being more forthcoming about what's happeningen scenes and we'll see as that investigation goes on. jon. jon: mark meredith at the white house, thank you. frustrated protesters in yanked are calling for their state to
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reopen its economy. a drive-in rally began earlier today in the state capitol rich edison is live in nancy annapolh this. >> one of the more effective disernl one of the loudest way of doing so would be to drive around a traffic circle for two and a half hours that's essentially what happened this afternoon and protesters say they appreciate there's a significant public health concern out there but they say that shutdown are guaranteed to cause even greater harm and it is time to reopen this state. >> i think that -- reasonable thing to do. but there's also the people that are healthy there are they can't work. they can't feed their family and losing their businesses. and i think it's time reopen maryland and do safely. >> honored once again or there no exceptions.
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everything health crisis nowadays nowed flu killed more people. come on we're hiding from this for no reason. reporter: always l. chris wallace interviewed house speak or or nancy pelosi that will air tomorrow on fox news sunday but in a preview, chris asked the speak per she can understand why people are protesting like this. >> no, not really because what we have to do is -- is shelter in place. that is really the answer, testing, tracing, treatment, shelter in place. and i do think that it's unfortunate but you know people will do what they do. but the fact is we're all impatient and we want out. but what they're doing is -- really unfortunate. >> governor larry hogan of maryland saying his staff is gradually reopening maryland and hope to announce details next
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week. >> rich from annapolis. andrew cuomo warns crisis is far from over this as he and other governors from several other northeastern states is team up on a plan to try to reopen their economy. aishah live from new york city with more. aishah. reporter: jon governor cuomo say as new york is not at the a point right now to open anything yet. but when that time comes, his strategy really hang he is on mass skill testing let's take a look at it now some good news this morning. from the governor, the number of daily deaths and number of hospitalizations is down helping to accomplish the first two steps that have reopening plan next, though, is testing to figure out who can go back to work. cuomo call calling for supply cn after top labs in state told them they have the equipment just not enough of the chemicalses to make these test kits work.
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>> that's the log jam that we are in. they bought the the machine. they have the machine. they have the tests, but they need reagent as to do a higher volume of tests. >> now reopening new york will happen in phases and in coordination with the other nice states so new yorkers aren't crossing state lines or vice versa more than 17,000 new yorkers have died now from covid-19 almost 20% of that were patient it is in nursing homes or adult care facilities. new jersey follows with more than 3800 deaths and michigan now the third deadliest state for coronavirus now govan cuomo joined president bill clinton earlier today at a clinton global initiative university event where he once again talked about the importance of federal coordination when it comeses to states looking for those supplies so they aren't competing with each other looking for the supplies that
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they so desperately need right now. jon. >> aishah in new york city. aishah, thank you. jon: coronavirus tests reportedly were delayed because of a contamination at a centers for disease control and prevention lab. "the washington post" reporting those facilities making the kits violated manufacturing practices and that helped rollout steve live in atlanta with more on that. steve. >> jon the "the washington post" reporting that the cdc broke its own protocols in the lab that led to weeks of delay in putting together test kits that is part of the reason why there's such a strong, private enterprise presence in the the testing right now. >> no doubt, no doubt that earlyon we had a problem. i had publicly said that we had a problem early on. there was a problem that had to be corrected, and it was corrected. it was a problem that was a
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technical problem from within that was corrected. and it was an issue of embracing the way we have now and should have the private sector. jon some interesting possibilities raised by ad to university study that tested 3,000 people and may be that fatality rate from coronavirus could be much lower than previously thought. it also might mean as many as 50 to 85 a times as many people as no infection actually exist the study suggest that it may be possible that a large number of people have had the coronavirus recovered from it, and never even known they had it. the meantime, a study for vaccineses is really on a race against time, three vaccines now entering human trials there are at least a dozen public, private partnerships in effort to find a vaccine in the u.s. as quickly as a possible. jon back to you. jon: steve in atlanta, thank you
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steve. while much the world focuses its attention on the coronavirus, china appears to be cracking down on the democracy. hong kong police arresting more than a dozen prodemocracy activists, accusing them of taking part in unlawful protests last year that demanded political reform. the detentions come after months of relative fees after the violent common demonstrations to rock hong kong and christina coleman in los angeles with the latest. christina. >> jon this evening the u.s. state department announce it condemns these arrests at least 15 veteran prodemocracy activist were arrested today in the very high profile roundup. even though hong kong is still reeling from the corona a virus pandemic. hong kong democratic party founder 81-year-old martin lee arrested driven to police station as cameras swarm around him today lees was one of many activist who protested against a sense withdrawn extradition bill that would allowed hong kong
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resident to be sent to main land china to stand trial. authorities say the arrest were made on suspicion of organizeing taking part in illegal assembles last year and released it from the police station today and he told reporters, quote, i had no regrets for anything that i have done. i'm even proud. finally i can be together with such a group of high quality hong kong young people and a continue along this path to democracy. the protest in mass rallies started last gown and demonstration evolved into a broader call for democracy and an investigation into alleged police brutality during the protest. prodemocratic heavy weight and media tycoon jimmy escorted from his home knew these arrest as seem to indicate that the communist party world central government of beijing is cracking down on the prodemocracy movement even though many demonstrators are staying at home because of the coronavirus, however, hong kong chief executive kerry lam rejected claims this week that
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increased criticism are from beijing prodemocracy element in hong kong amount to interference. >> on the one country two systems, yes. sue system and sue basic law central authorities have given a high degree of autonomy but that doesn't mean that central government has given up its power. and authority -- on hong kong affairs. >> some prodemocracy demonstrators say lamb ignored demands that these arrests are actually going it lead to even more prorally and protest when had demonstratorses asemiable in streets again. jon. >> christina coleman, christina, thank you. >> a lot of strange things are happening but there's a lot of investigation going on, and we're going to find out. all i can say is whenever it came from, came from china in whatever form 184 countries now are suffering because of it.
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and a it's too bad, isn't it and it could have been solved very easily when it was just starting. jon: u.s. is now investigating the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. sources tell fox news they have increasing confidence that the virus actually leaked from a government run lab in wuhan last december because of sloppy handling here to talk about about it economist john jordan a former naval intelligence overseeing at hoover institution and also an attorney jon when you look at way that china has handled the outbreak of this virus, the way it has flat out lied about its have human to hun transmission capability does it smell like this was a chinese government project? >> that's not -- that's not by my means cleared all we can look at is established fact there's wild
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theories on internet but sometimes you have to take a deep breath and look at this octavely we know the timeline and that china concealed it from w.h.o. and aided at that worse, looked the other way. if they weren't actively and abetting this and we know that china locked down wuhan and prevented shutdown domestic flights especially to beijing is and did not shut down international flights. so at best for the chinese government there is negligence at worst it may be that this thing got out infected a bunch of people chinese government knew that communist party knew they have a real problem on their hands, and figured hey if it is going to infect china why stop it from going arngdz world because we can't have china position relative to rest of the world be weakened. that's probably may be the worst case scenario but it's it is -- that's pretty hideous stuff. >> becausest it as you pointed out china locked down in domestic nights. they locked down their domestic
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flights within china but they allowed international travel in and out of china to continue, when president trump stopped all flights into the u.s. from china, they criticized him for it. >> absolutely. the the key factor here is to look at the chinese government knew they have to virus on their hands they knew it was spreading they knew it was transmissible person to person they knew that before we knew that. and they shut down domestic flights and contain in wuhan and made no effort whatsoever to present it to prevent it from going around the world. so it was that negligence? or was that or was that something just a little more saying if we're going to go down we can't allow the west, we can't give them this kind of leverage. we have to, you know, maybe the rest of the world has to get it too. >> so where do we go from here? how does the future change with regard to manufacturing in china, for instance? >> well the future for the chinese communist party is likely very differenten chinese
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communist party has a ten ten hold and now back to square most reengtdly in hong kong, the chinese communist party rational power was weakened deliver growth and meet rising expectations in return, for totalitarian rule now that chinese government ability to deliver prosperity economic growth is ruined. even the chinese government is admitting for first time in 40 years they're actually going to have a contraction. what does that do to internal chinese stability? does what's happening in hong kong spread? we know that the chinese communist party relies on what we would regard as draconian information control methods, systemic use of propaganda to keep a lid on this because one thing totalitarian can't have free expression of this idea. does this uncork this?
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i don't know american manufacturing will be looking very closely at leaving china even before this crisis, you know, china cost a labor cost have grown and some companies were and a lot of other companies were looking to expand in southeast asia so does this accelerate that process? the -- decoupling of some of these supply chain choke out of china, a slow move up to china if so, that would be devastating to the chinese economy and would deal perhaps a fatal blow ultimately to chinese communist party. >> it will be fast nateing in month years ahead to learn more about the origin of this virus. jon: jon jordan gown, thank you. >> my pleasure. jon: straight ahead more team coverage on the coronavirus crisis what nations across the globe are reporting today. hey, can i... hold on one second... sure. okay... okay! safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys!
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jon: french authorities blocking an italian cruise ship at sea since early january from disembarking several hundred passengers from france in nearby countries cruise line say there are no coronavirus cases onboard but france bans foreign cruise ship iseses from docking as part of its virus containment measures. amy kellogg is in florence italy
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with more on corona a virus in europe. amy. reporter: jon e here in italy coronavirus pointed out that five times as many people in the loan bar d region have die of coronavirus as civil iians diedn milan region including bombardment so curve continues to flatten but doesn't quite go down as many as many people l would have hoped after six weeks of lock down country is getting ready to at least partially reopen on may 4th then beaches are starting to try to get ready as well for the summer season. waiting for some guidance on how they'll be able to function going forward. this restaurant own tear near rome is rearranging his table from hundred down to 45 taking into account distancing. tourism makes up about 13% of the country's gdp a professional cyclist here has 230u7bd a way to stay in shape and make himself useful he said he has
2:23 am
two good willing and bike he's delivering medicine from pharmacies to people in town they recognize hum around these parts, and are happy he's helping limit the movement of people around town. spain death toll is now over 20,000, of course, its about curve is also a flattening. but it is still under lockdown and civil protection has been serenading kids on their birthdays. now realizing a lot of them are getting stir crazy and spending special day in isolation. finally charity says that it has had to expand its service here in sicily they used to hand out food and meals mostly to homeless and extremely poor. now they're seeing a lot more people who previously had the means to feed themselveses but seen that all change with covid are 19 this amid growing concern that mafia mage advantage of this sensitive moment they've been handing out food in help trying to work their way into people's hearts and it is said
2:24 am
not out of the goodness much their hearts but in order to make people indebted to them as national anti-mafia prosecutors put it they understand that this is the right time, quote, invest. jon. jon: amy kellogg from florence. >> reporting new one day record in its coronavirus cases. health officials there say they saw a spike of 942 new infections today. kitty logan with the impact on asia and middle east. >> european countries consider lift restrictions now as governments are struggling to manage new coronavirus cases. in wuhan, in china with outbreak began authorities continue to carry out tests amid fears of new infections even though the lockdown there is already lifted. 27 new cases were reported in china today. mainly near the border with russia.
2:25 am
and a on saturday, singapore reported over 900 new infections. and until now the city has had a tight grip on coronavirus outbreak most that shop increase cases is migrant workers confine in crowded accommodation turkey report increase cases to and authorities there say another 126 people died from coronavirus on saturday alone. this despite the fact that the country is under a strict lockdown. and with the curfew in place streets in istanbul are deserted prengts from entering country but still struggling to cope now. the pandemic has impacted everyday life around a the world even breaking long standing traditions. thousands of christian orthodox worshipers were prevented from marking the ancient holy fire ceremony in jeers loom on saturday only a few could attend.
2:26 am
, of course, every government around a the world every country is wondering when and how this crisis comes to an end. some are better placed to handle it than others and those countries may see their restrictions lifted earlier. jon. jon: kitty logan, thank you. we are getting an update on the uss theodore roosevelt the navy says 8 sailors from aircraft carrier are hospitalized now in guam with coronavirus. more than 600 crew members tested positive and one of them has died. meanwhile the pentagon extending its travel ban personnel to june 30th it was set to expire on the 15th of may. nursing home it is in many parts of the united states hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak. data from "new york times" shows at least 7,000 people living in these facilities have died from covid-19. the centers for disease control and prevention says that u.s. has more than 15,000 nursing homes with 1.3 million
2:27 am
residents. the first u.s. coronavirus cases were at a nursing home just outside seattle which is now linked to dozens of deaths. announce another member of the department has died from coronavirus was a school agent a she's the 28th member of law enforcement in the city to die of the disease. more than 4200 officers have tested positive for coronavirus. meanwhile new york city metropolitan transportation authority is report reporting 68 employees have died from coronavirus thus far. texas is among the first to announce reopening plans. coming up, that state's congressman and a physician michael on how he's preparing for this major milestone in the lone star state. i'm gonna turn pop, techno, funk and country into rock zombies. rock and roll!
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>> we can begin the next front in our war which we're calling opening up america again. we must have aing working economy and we want to get it back very, very quickly. and that's what's going to happen. i believe it will boom. jon: i'm jon scott and this is special edition of "fox report" and bottom of the hour if you're joining us texas among first states to announce planses to restart its economy. the process will happen in phases parks and stores will reopen with some limitations with restaurants and theaters coming later. here to talk about about it republican congressman from texas, and doctor michael burgess doctor, you're not only one of the medical doctors serving in the house of representatives, you are the senior physician serving i think in both houses of congress. what do you think of the way that the administration has
2:33 am
handled the coronavirus outbreak in particular? >> well, look going back into january, i was very, very worried about this infection more worried than about anything else that crossed our radar screen in last 20 years and reason for that is because of the period of infectivity before people were symptomatic and the coronavirus less than sars it was silent could be in your area and you would have no idea until a number of people were exposed. look you have in your previous segment you discuss some perhaps mistakes and labs occurred in china and i don't know i'm not a spear rei theorist but you have mistakes at the cdc and excluded all other testing except one done by the cdc so there was no private sector investment and had not been because of the food and drugged administration and t
2:34 am
ourselfves vulnerable to this problem i want people stay this is all on the president but no that is not truce and, in fact, here's one of the really troubling things for me. our committee in the -- energy and commerce health sub committee oversight investigations, we really have not done our work. going from the ends of february we realize we have a problem with this test, and should have had, should have had our committees working on this, in fact, we have done everything else under the sun. we were worried about ticket scalping and vapes and horse races we were worried about not enough able to get abortions. these are the things that occupy our time during the month of february. when people look back at the history of this, that's not a good report on the united states house of representatives. now, where we are now we're all out of -- we can't do hearings and this really troubling me and house of representatives was never intended to be this passive.
2:35 am
jon: i want to take a look at some of the white house guidelines for reopening the u.s. economy. >> yes, sir. jon: restaurant sporting gyms can begin to reopen with social distancing guidelines in place. elective surgeries can resume, schools and bars have to remain closed and high risk individuals should stay at a home. but as you well know and you are a civil libertarian, as you well know there are -- there are a great number of texans who want that state open now we're with seeing protest in texas and other states. what a do you say your constituents. >> of i recognize that people are -- there's a severe case of cabin fever here in north texas i can tell you that. but i think governor alabama -- abbott is correct as a phase reopening and that i think president actually or a ticklated this in a news conference a day or two before that it's not like turning switch more like twisting a dimmer switch you've had it cranked all the way off you
2:36 am
begin to open it up and not to full power immediately but should begin to look what are low risk activities that we have e limbed that maybe shouldn't have that we can bring back online and here's key that you have to be ready for the number one you have to prepare people for the fact that -- you're probably going to see more cases. you may have more icu admissions. there may even be increase number of fatalities if we're not careful about about how testing and medical kowct countermeasures are administered so you have to be ready with those. testing has to be -- has to be pumped up has to be ready to go, there's surveillance on community that begins to show evidence of infection you have to be quick and you have to be quick to shut that down and make certain it doesn't get out of the hand as we've seen in other parts the world. >> as we say good-bye i want to put up the map of the 22 states where phase one reopening is set to be at least ready to go texas, of course, very much among them.
2:37 am
congressman michael burgess also a medical doctor there in texas. it is goods of you to spend some time with us today thank you so much. >> jon thank you. jon: this week on fox news sunday chris wallace sits down task force mike pence and also talk with speak or of the house, nancy pelosi, in her first fox interview since 2017. that's on fox news sunday 2 and 7 p.m. eastern here on fox news channel. you can also check for local listings we're -- where it runs on your local fox station. well claims of the discrimination against some coronavirus patients up next why some are taking legal action against states over the treatment of people with disability ises.
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jon: solemn ceremony in era of covid-19 a photo posted on twitter shows u.s. ambassador to lebanon honor victims of the u.s. embassy bombing in beirut killed thon day 37 years ago. the empty chairs representing viblghts family members who could not attend due to the xroa coronavirus outbreak on 1983 car bomb explosion nearly destroyed u.s. embassy and killed 63 people including 17 americans. and pandemic claiming life of an american hero. melds of honor recipient benny of alabama has died from coronavirus. he reportedly hospitalized in critical condition after being diagnosed with covid-19 in late march. the vietnam war hero was 86 when he died yesterday. he spent 20 years in the army, 13 as green bray, he was deployed to vietnam three times. his heroic efforts in one 1966
2:43 am
battle recognized half a century later in 2014 with the awarding of the nation's highest honor the congressional medal of honor. the army corps of engineers is building make shift hospital in the nation's capitol. the d.c. convention center had will soon be packed with between 500 and 15 00 beds lucas tomlinson with more on that. >> army corps of engineers says he's ready to start buildinged a d.c. convention center as soon as next week and house anywhere between 500 and 1500 hospital beds. but across the u.s., many of these make shift military hospitals remain nearly empty. we thought this would be a much steeper spike and straight down so we didn't think we have as much time where we see we have more time to build out. we're having this dialogue and there are some mayors and governors who might have thought i needed about a thousand but maybe only build 500 and we're bringing some of numbers down. in denver general corps. of
2:44 am
engineers are building two large make shift hospitals including one in a horse arena. all dirt removed concrete was poured. but these convention centers and arena are big money make earn they have to cough up 25% of the cost. fema takes care of the rest according to general. >> the real decision maker here is that mayor or that governor that's out there we basically build what they discuss to build we don't know how this is going to play out. a couple of these have had a 7 month lease. the leadership in a particular city has said we don't know whether this is coming back in the fall or not. so let's make the investment to build it and at least we have it almost like insurance. it is a good reserve. pentagon announcing plans to extend travel ban for u.s. military and families into end of june. supposed to expire mid-may officials tell me this policy will not affect a those military service members traveling in and out of war zones. jon. jon: advocating challenging
2:45 am
states over covid-19 treatment plans saying they discriminate against people with disabilities and keep them from getting things like ventilators. colorado is one state that has banned any discrimination alicia live in denver with or more on that. alicia acuna. >> in basic terms where someone with a disability can determine their place in line for life saving medical equipment in the event of a shortage and a the focus of these federal complaint that you mention to various states is their plan for the rationing of care during a pandemic. disability advocates say they have found an appalling level of inequitable treatment for disabled. >> i think that it needs to understand that there are different rules in place for different states. right so you need to understand what's going on in your state and again there are some state out there right now that have, there are putting policies in place to discriminate against
2:46 am
people who have special needs whether it is down syndrome or autism or something else. >> clarissa has down syndrome her parents say an adult like clarissa and another state who test positive for coronavirus could be considered to have an underlying condition which could change their prognosis. if there was a ventilator shortage they could be passed over for someone considered younger and healthier. jared assigned executive order that disallows medical rationing based on disability. >> so the expectation for hospitals would be that with down syndrome would not bring in the disabilities themselves and the decision making but instead focus really on their acute illness and a the decisions that need to be made. reporter: fortunately jon right now no one has been denied a ventilator under guidelines but
2:47 am
now say time is pay attention to this and prepare. jon. jon: alicia acuna in denver. alicia. pandemic putting strain is on home health care providers many of whom are working without proper protective gear. jackie has a look at that. reporter: while hospitals and other medical workers are on distribution lists to receive ppe from local state and federal stockpiles, it is unclear whether home health workers are on those same list serving about 12 million people nationally that's six times number had of people living in assisted living home and nursing homes and showed home of half health agents have ten days of ppe a quarter have less than five days worth and 40% of company said they're treating covid patients some agencies are trying to buy ppe privately at enormous cost or get creative. >> everything from nail salons to tat too parlor and
2:48 am
construction sites trying to get ac coz to to it is make shift where they're creating their own mask their own gowns reports of people wearing gown that are made out of garbage bags are not a surprise anymore. >> another issue is staffing shortages. most home health aids are paid minimum wage and one in five have no health insurance and report aids are abandoning their job over risk to themselves and their families. and elsewhere aids who are showing up are spread thin working in high risk environments facing ppe shortages. preem alone. like if they live alone or husband and wife both get it, and both go to hospital and one doesn't come back -- you know, a lot of people are passing away. and then fair family members are scared to go into the home. so they're like desperate for us to come. >> senate democrats propose adhere row fund that woulding increase hazard pay for essential frontline workers
2:49 am
including home health aids. it would be considered as part of the phase four stimulus bill jon. >> jackie in new york, jackie, thank you. some extreme weather to tell you about this weekend it has parts of the country looking like a winter wonder land. what you should expect in your neck of the woods, the forecast coming up next. since 1926, nationwide has been on your side. we've been there in person, during trying times. today, being on your side means staying home... "nationwide office of customer advocacy." ...but we can still support you and the heroes who are with you. we're giving refunds on auto insurance premiums, assisting customers with financial hardships, and our foundation is contributing millions of dollars to charities helping with covid-19 relief. keeping our promise to be on your side.
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jon: now a fox extreme weather alliter spring snowstorms heading east across the country. chicago getting more than two inches and parts of iowa getting as much as a foot. meanwhile part of the south are bracing for possible flash-flooding meteorologist adam has more. >> hey there jon unfortunately talking about a little bit of winter-like weather across the midwest but real focus as we move through weekend unfortunately is big storms once again across the south let's take a look at those masses some of that snow really lingering into new england here earlier today. now on the the backside of that, we begin to turn our focus late on this saturday into sunday. to what eventually is going to be another round of possibly some severe weather. tornado outbreak last sunday into monday, saw widespread tornadoes, across the southeast, we could be looking at something
2:54 am
similar for this sunday heading into monday. here's your future radar you do see by time we get going into sunday afternoon and evening large thunderstorms firing up across the southeast. it is now sunday evening, you could be talking about again, possibly tornadoes popping up across portion of north georgia into alabama, back into mississippi, this is going to be the big focus as we're looking at at least a chance of some severe weather really highlighting again in spots of mississippi back over to alabama. jon as i pass it back out to you a big story into monday morning again tracking possibility of severe weather. jon: meteorologist a.d. come ad, thank you. >> a strong earthquake rattling a chain of japanese island some 600 miles south of tokyo today. magnitude 6.6 quake centered in pacific ocean west of the islanding japan meteorlogical agency says epicenter was very deep and posed no threat of a tsunami. there were no reports of damage
2:55 am
or injuries. a man space launch will happen on american soil. nasa and spacex will send two astronauts to the international space station liftoff is set for may 27th. because of the pandemic, there will be no spectators allowed at the usual viewing sites near kennedy space center in florida. coming up, we have more uplifting story about how america is coming together in the face of this pandemic. plus a georgia woman gives birth during a car crash. how a life-threatening situation i'm your mother in law. and i like to question your every move. like this left turn. it's the next one. you always drive this slow? how did you make someone i love? that must be why you're always so late. i do not speed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady? [tina] you're an old lady.
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or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be worth waiting for. ask your doctor about eliquis. >> a tear fight moment in georgia as a mother gives birth in a car that just crashed. >> we don't know. [crying] i was just -- i had to get to the hospital. >> kristin grammy was in labor when her mother's car crashed
2:58 am
while on the way to the hospital. she ended up giving birth in backseat right in the middle of it all and then thing took at dramatic turn when she realized she couldn't find the baby. after a frantic search police located newborn under the seat mom and baby doing well tonight. >> carey mills left a 600 dollar tip for worker on 6 dollar order at favorite takeout spot in georgia. the money coming from her stimulus check mills say she wanted to help because she knows what it's like to be just weeks away from homeless. and that's how "fox report" this saturday april 18th 2020 i'm jon scott, we'll see you tomorrow for another special edition of "fox report." ♪.
2:59 am
3:00 am
>> we continue to see a number of positive signs that the virus has passed its peak nationwide we now conducted over four million tests as our experts said yesterday, america's testing capability and capacity is fully sufficient to begin opening up the country totally. indeed our system is by far the most robust and advanced anywhere in the world. pete: president trump praising steps taken in the american fight against coronavirus. jillian: some states gearing up to restart their economies. texas and vermont allowing some businesses to reopen tomorrow.


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