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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 30, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> sean: all right. mother's day is soon. see that book? first edition bound for mom coming out soon. "live free or die: america and the. world on the brink." set your dvr. let not your heart be troubled. laura, you were on fire last night. great job. >> laura: upward and onward, we are jam-packed. awesome show tonight. >> sean: these are important time. let's open the country. >> laura: with positive, positive, positive. hannity, thanks so much but we'll see you tomorrow night. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. are the promises of a vaccine within months are saved or even realistic? and what does big pharma have to gain in this race for a cure? we will examine those questions tonight. and inventor and huntsman yourus elon musk user tesla's earning
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call to talk about the lockdown of america as fascistic. so why aren't his peers saying the same? plus the left shut down dissent by telling us to listen to the science but we are going to show you how gavin newsom is ignoring it. joe biden was already a weak candidate before the sexual assault allegationsns surfaced, so will his party call for him to relinquish the nomination now? tom bevan tells us how it all could happen. but first, my thoughts on the end of day 45, america and shut down. all right. when blue state governors justify their continuing stay-at-home orders, even with covid deaths in their states relativelyr low, they invariaby regurgitate the same justification. >> we are going to do the right thing. not judged by politics. not judged by protest. but by science. >> not to be a broken record, but we are looking at data.e >> we have to make the best informed decisions based on data
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and science with the information we have. >> laura: that sounds good but are they actually listening to the science and is the science even settled? last month before governors began locking down their states, prominent stanfordrd epidemiologist made a prescient observation. he said that in the absence of data, prepare for the worst reasoning leads to the extreme measures of social distancing and lockdown. unfortunately we don't know if these measures work. for raising thisrk inconvenient truth or questioning the orthodoxy, the good professor became an instant pariah in the medical salesman circles. now others just ignored him hoping he would go away. but new data seems to support skepticism of the effectiveness of social distancing. now, willl wouldn't you know tht our dear friends over at facebook actually created their own database that measures and tracks social distancing in every u.s. state?
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they used two different metrics and they are examined. the first is called relatively mobility change which is how often someone travels outside his or or her area. the second is the stay put percentage, or the percentage of people who stayed in their homes for the day. if you look closely, you can't see closely enough on the tv, you see that the states with the largest drops in "relative mobility" and the largest increases in the stay put percentage are also the states with the most confirmed covertse deaths. new yorkers and you jerseyans were under bradley terrified by this virus and took a stay-at-home orders quite seriously butte nevertheless the virus continued to spread. would it been worse without the social distancing? maybe. do we know for certain? no. although the facebook mapping isn't dispositive, it merely
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confirms or reconfirms what we need to ask and the questions of the true efficacy of the social mitigation measures. member, experts don't like to admit they are wrong. do they? after all, they are supposed to be smarter than the rest of us on all this stuff. then there is the new article of covid, masks. like most americans weeks ago, i began wearing a mask while grocery shopping. i have talked about this beforer but i have been in notorious german folk for decades.ot it's so bad that my fellow airline passenger is used to look at me really weirdly when ia carried out my ritual disinfecting regimen that i do. this praise, wiping down. but now everybody's a german phobic, right? in march, fine, what's the big deal? then i started to see people fiddling with their masks, touching their faces,
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readjusting their masks, even shaming others for not wearing masks, when you are outdoors and exercising, running past someone 10 feet away. you are not wearing a mask! i started to ask questions. so do these masks really slow the spread of covid? it seemed 5 minutes ago we were told they weren't necessary at all and now they are as commonplace as sweatpants. numerous airlines are as of today requiring them of both crew and passengers. they are even -- well, masks are becoming kind of fashion necessaries. but since we are supposed to bea guided by actual fact, what does the actual science say about masks. i'm not talking about the n95 masks which worked pretty well. that's clinical in hospital settings that i'm talking about the homemade ones. they are kind of fun to make. we've made some here. well a clinical professor of epidemiology at the colorado school of public health say that
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the homemade cotton masks only stop about 2% of the airflow coming in. 2%. and those surgical blue masks that you see all around and people throw them away in the gutters now? they are in ecological hazard? they are good again in the medical setting, operating room, in and out of hospital procedures. they aren't a very effective out in project. she said, these masks don't seal against the face. about 70% of the outside air moves through the mask and about 30% travels around the sides. in other words, the masks don't catch the droplets. if experts advising our government officials want the rest of us to take them seriously, then they are recommendations have to be reasonable and well-founded. and it would be nice if they were occasionally consistent. if they are not, you know, no one's going to listen and if they aren't held accountable for being wrong, then i don't know
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where that leads us. i am telling you, be prepared though as all this plays out for more petty power grabs. and i'm talking about the sort we've seen from michigan governor gretchen whitmer. today, anti-shutdown protesters converged on the state capital there, presumably state reps listened and they adjourned, the republicans, without extending the state of emergency in michigan. we will see what governor whitmer does now. apparently she is just yawning. americans though are smart and now they are in self-preservation mode and they are beginning to ask more questions. and those are my thoughts at the end of day 45, america in shutdown. joining me now is dr. lee newman, this thing was professor of school of publicma health. dr. newman, we aren't discouraging mask wearing. a lot of people don't understand that. we are just trying to figure out why the messaging for medical professionals changed, because
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as many reporters have written, the science didn't really change on the effectiveness of those homemade cloth masks. hi, laura. what we are learning is that there need to be ways of dialing in what a homemade mask is made out of and that will improve how it works. we are all learning together. science is moving rapidly inov this field. i think it's fair to say that we have been wanting to be cautious and follow precaution while we are learning more about what's going to work. and as far as the masks go, they are just part of the overall package of what we need to be doing to protect ourselves and protect others. >> laura: i'm not trying to be
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a pill here, dr. newman. but the experts were telling us just one month ago this. >> there is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks has any particular benefits. >> it is not necessary for americans to go out and buy masks. >> stop buying masks if you are part of the general public. >> laura: you can see how this could confuse the public, correct? we didid survive many bad flu seasons without every bond wearing masks on planes, even when we had horrific flu seasons. like, this flu season was really bad. 2017, 2018 was hit or a ball but we didn't wear masks then. >> sure. a couple of points to make here. influenza is not covid-19. they are not the same thing and the threat to the public i think it's pretty apparent to everyone who is watching your show. the other point to make is that
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we always want to have the right answer from the beginning. we want to have a complete answer from the beginning. this is something that i think is fair to say none of us were fully prepared for. and so we take the precautions that makes sense at the time,ak including wearing a mask. but more importantly washing your hands, not touching the t-zone of your face, your eyebrows, your eyes, your nose, and your mouth so you don't contaminate yourself. and practicing social distancing so that you don't get in the way of someone's cough and someone spreading the germs. these are the common sense measures that we've been taking, and i think it's important to note that masks are just part of that package. and knowing you wear a mask all the time, you use a mask when
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you assess your own risk and the potential risk to others around you,ro such as not being able to keep your 6-foot distance. >> laura: when people are yelling at people, i'm not kidding you today, people are yelling at people for running by without a mask. that's when things may be need to be dialed back a little bit. all right, doctor. great to see you. thanks for joining us. and democratic governors and medical bureaucrats keep telling that we can never really go back to normal unless there is extensive testing and hb 26 vaccine. how long will that really take? dr. fauci and the gangs as a vaccine could take anywhere from 12 to 18 months, but now that timeline has contracted dramatically. >> human testing is already underway and scientists say they are hopeful that it will be available by september. >> personally, i have a high degree of confidence about this vaccine because it's technologies i've used before. >> technology they have already
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developed in previous work on inoculations for other viruses,c including a close relative of covid-19, giving the lab a step ahead. >> laura: vaccines typically take years to develop and as we'vee seen with the flu, they can be not all that effective. flu vaccines we've seen are sometimes 55% effective. the one for you bola took about five years and that was still incredibly fast, but developing a vaccine in matter of months, that would be at herculean feet. obviously there's huge money in the vaccine business. is mean, companies have to make money. we aren't saying they shouldn'te and companies usually request and they receive immunity from lawsuits filed when things go wrong. this happened, by the way, you may remember with the sign flu when thousands were injured by that vaccine. but here we are rushing forward again and we are pushing away some of the more well-known cheaper drugs that have been used all over the world like hydroxychloroquine in favor of newer, more expensive e
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treatments. they may work. they may not. but the drug companies will make real money here. they don't make them -- they don't make money through the old generics. we've talked about that before. on this topic, the head of the white house domestic policy council joe grogan is retiring down the presiding today after four years in the white house. most americans probably didn't know that he used to be a lobbyist for the drug company in gilead. that's the same company behind remdesivir. dr. fauci was exuberant discussing as promised earlier in the oval office where the focus was supposed to be i think louisiana. and did you know that both the nih and the cdc have their own charitable foundations? a lot of people didn't know that. they have taken millions from private companies every year and it's obviously in the eyes of some could create thet' appear appearance, and i'm saying the appearance, of a conflict of interest. the cdc foundation took in $12.6 million from private
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corporationsil in 2019. gilead donated somewhere between $5,000,010,000,000 to the nih foundation in 2019 and one of the leading boosters for the w.h.o., bill gates, has been a generous donor to both the cdc and the nih. his 2018 the nations included 21 million and 15 million respectively. we think philanthropy is wonderful, i it's a wonderful thing especially when we are in a crisis like this. but when it comes to public health, something as important as the way we perceive with drugs and vaccines, it's naive to think that these sizable donations are not tied to some at least mutual general understanding u about the best y to respond to this and future medical crises. bob and
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it's just everybody's working together and people anxious toog get this tackled. are these dates realistic? >> let's be clear, laura. if we are able to develop a vaccine for covid-19 or sars sars-covid2, if we were able to provide a vaccine for immunity in 12-18 months, that would be wonderful and we should all hope for this outcome. but the fact as you noted, the fastest vaccine ever developed sponsored by the world health organization for theon ebola vis took five years to develop. we've been working on a vaccine for hiv for 35 years and we still don't have one. we worked even longer for a vaccine for hepatitis c and we still don't have one. we do have effective treatments for those viruses and diseases but not vaccines. this idea that we are somehow
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going to snap a couple of fingers t and with it up and all of a sudden have the vaccine, that's ambitious at the least and possibly unrealistic and why does that matter, space 29? it matters because we are told we have to h keep the economy locked down until we have a vaccine or at least partially locked down until we have an. vaccine. we may be waiting for decades to develop a vaccine for covid-19. >> laura: bill gates gave an interview two i think german television not so long ago that basically said they shot them has to continue until we have a vaccine. i'm paraphrasing good but that's essentially what he said. l bill gates' life is not really going to change that much in shutdown but the lives of most americans are going to change and not for the better during the shutdown. a lot of doctors have spoken out about this concern for the rush to the vaccine, again a great thing if it were possible. watch. >> some of the biotechs and pharma say we are going to have a vaccine in six weeks or two
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months, or using terms like operation warp speed -- that doesn't help us because we had a very aggressive anti-vaccine lobby here in america and their marriage or assertion is that vaccines are not adequately tasted for safety. in fact, the opposite is true. >> laura: we are talking about something that if it goes wrong, it could kill you. >> doctor or tas did a nice interview with "the new york times" that was published today, a very long article explaining why these timelines, these 12-18 month timelines that dr. fauci is talking about is most certainly unrealistic. again, we want dr. fauci to be right. by the likelihood that he is right is very low and the fact that we are promising a consequence will set a policies to shut down the economy on that hope? that's reckless and dangerous. the plan that we put out at the foundation for research at equal opportunity is premised on the fact that we cannot wait to reopen the economy for a vaccine. we cannot wait to reopen the
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economy for a cure. we have to reopen the economy today economy today. >> laura: also the virus is attenuating according to everybody i trust on this, it's changing. it's attenuating. sars burned out in six months. with this, we don't know. a lot of these things are very curious. thank you so much. great to see you. not everyone is sitting quietly while we lose control of our lives. one of the people standing up is tesla ceo elon musk. on this earnings call yesterday, the tech billionaire went off on the stay-at-home orders. >> if somebody wants to stay in the house, that's great. tsthey should not be compelled o leave. but to say they cannot leave their house and they will be arrested if they do, this is fascist. this is not democratic. this is not freedom. give people back there goddamn
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freedom. >> laura: you know, dave, you know silicon valley better than most people. why is musk a voice crying in the wilderness here given what's happening in the rest of the country? >> he's an innovator. he's an inventor. he is someone who loves the free market and loves capitalism and loves freedom. you know, we need our innovators to be interesting and think outside of the box. he's here obviously in california, that's where i am. i'm in los angeles, not silicon valley. but we are run, a state run by progressives. big government progressives who think they apparently know everything. i mean, our governor gavin newsom, he was the mayor of san francisco and in effect he ruined san francisco to the point where peter thiel, elon musk's former partner, had to leave los angeles because he
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had to have some free thinking. that's what peter thiel is doing. that tells you what happens in san francisco. we've sent out across the state. we have a mayor here in los angeles eric garcetti who tells mee i should be spying and snitching on my neighbors. and now we have gavin newsom saying we are shutting down the beaches. it's like, if i can't go to the beaches in california, in the so call in socal where it was 82 degrees and beautiful. what am i doing paying these taxes? ted cruz, can you give me a welcome package? i'm on my way. >> laura: they are shutting dowdown the fourth of july celebrations, the democrat mayor -- fourth of july is two months away. the summerme is canceled in blue state america, it's canceled. no summer, no fun, it's over. because they can predict the future. >> l, laura.
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the simple thing here that we are all struggling to accept is that when we reopen, and the states will have to do it state-by-state. that is actually what the constitution would say but that's what federalism is, right? governors should figure out what's best for their state and what is best for new york which has a serious problem because of the metropolitan area and people living on top of each other is going to be very different for what's good for montana or colorado or something but what we are seeing here is the progressive states, they want to exercise power over us. it's really getting that simple. what we have to grapple with is that when we reopen, there are going to be some consequences. perhaps there will be some sort of second wave. perhaps some older people will catch covid. all of these things, if you say it -- ben shapiro who i know is a friend of yours as well was on my show yesterday, that's what he said. we are going to have to weigh tough choices because we can't live in our houses forever and can't tank the economy. of course, media matters and the rest of the crew says he wants to kill old people.
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>> laura: that's the game they play. >> come on. this is what actuaries do. it's called risk versus reward, risk versus freedom. what i can tell from all the people that i'm talking to, it's not that people want to get out there and do whatever p they wat with no rules and suddenly be at concerts, stadiums, and filled up, and no masks. they want to be smart, they want to be responsible. and on top of everything else,e we are seeing these seeing these authoritarian governors like whitmer in michigan, she's telling people they can't plant seeds. i literally mailed seeds to fans of mine in michigan. i don't know if that makes me a federal convict. >> laura: we are calling the federal authorities. for the seeds! this is worse than mail fraud. this is seed fraud. we've got the role. >> state borders! >> laura: we've got to roll. congrats on the book. >> good talking to you. >> laura: governor gavin newsom, he's promising he's
11:23 pm
listening to the science but is he really acting on the science? harmeet dhillon is tearing it up. she found another lawsuit challenging the governor's latest power grab. she joins us next with all the juicy details.
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>> laura: california governor gavin newsom crackdown and a new public health scourge. >> we are going to do a hard close in that part of t the stae in the orange county area. some of the issues in those areas havele raised alarm bells, people congregating who weren't practicing physical distancing group will have a temporary pause on the beaches there. >> laura: why does he choose to ignore the many studies
11:28 pm
showing that sunlight, specifically uv rays come i can help keep ban at bay? my next guest is already keeping the charge to keep newsom's power grab in check through a bevy of lawsuits. join me now, harmeet dhillon, civil rightsw attorney and founder for the center of american liberty. center for american liberty doing great work there, harmeet it's a nonprofit and you are funding this litigation with the help of people you are donating to with your own money. tell us how you are challenging newsom's latest overreach. >> well, laura, the goalposts keep moving with this governor. i would say the beginning of this crisis, many of us were kopelman to review for his willingness to work with our president and the last coupleos of weeks, he's gone the opposite direction with the legislators not in session, nobody has asked many questions, he's really gone off the deep end.nd in orange county today, yesterday's order last night, that trickled out through news reports that he was going to shut down all the beaches in the state and all the state parks,
11:29 pm
he dialed that back to only punish orange county. you heard him, a couple of people here come a couple of people there. but 42 miles of beach have been closed. beaches to the south, beaches to the north are not being especially close by the governors orders. it's really problematic, and we filed half a dozen lawsuits to challenge his covid actions the last two and half weeks and we are going to keep filing lawsuits until we get all of these issues covered in the courts,he laura. >> laura: harmeet, he says he's going by the science. this is what the dhs researchers set about sunlight in particular, uv. >> a powerful effect that solar light appears to have on thevi virus. the virus died the quickest in the presence of direct sunlight. you put it in a room, 20% humidity, low humidity, that half-life is about an hour. you get outside, cut it down to a minute and a half.
11:30 pm
>> laura: they cling to the "we are following the scientists," but when they reach the, hospitals haven't been overwhelmed, we have enough ventilators, they have to move on to the next thing that you have to do before you get your life back. >> absolutely, laura. i feel like i'm back in grade school and the state of california, orange county, whatever target of the day being sent to the principal's office. there is no due process, no one to appeal to, there's no connection between your behavior and the punishment you are experiencing. this does not meet constitutional standards. there are fifth amendment issues, we saw lawsuits on that, equal protection, due process. even some liberal legal scholars are beginning to criticize theze governor for his ban on protest in the capital. while being locked in, we can even protest or petition our government. he can't get away with this, laura. so far he is. april 30th, we are in a different place and we were at the beginning of this crisis yet we are getting extreme crackdowns and not less than
11:31 pm
we've had at the beginning. >> laura: not following the numbers! incredibly low numbers proportionately to the size. every death matters, every life counts. you've got 2,000 deaths in a state of 40 million people. that's not new york. it's not great but a lot better than new york. harmeet, it's great to see you. thank you for all your work. keep it up. my next guest's are two people hrom equal parts of life but equally upset with governor newsom's extreme lockdown measures. joining me now is vivian rigg, the owner of six edible businesses in southern california and the creator of the group "fully reopen california," and austin by a recent poll is showing that 75% of californians support the stay-at-home orders. apparently they are loving it there, i guess. what's your message tot' them? >> well, i haven't spoken to
11:32 pm
those people but i can tell you that's not how our group feels about it and i don't think many of those people have gone 2-3 months without a paycheck. what i'm hearing is we are readt to get back to work and that's what these families need and that's what we are demanding is rights toation of our do so. >> laura: are you worried that you will be shut down at these protests were arrested? >> that's a possibility but it shouldn't be and that's part of the our constitutional rights are being trampled on here and he's going unchecked and running around like a tyrant. we are doing in the matter what because we have a right to do so and our voices are going to be heard by him tomorrow. >> laura: you are a business owner and also a surfer, which means you are really cool. o you can't even paddle out by yourself without having the california pd come down on you, right? what is this. how is this california? >> it's ridiculous, laura. as you said, medical
11:33 pm
professionals tell us that sunlight is good for us. it's it's not just for infectious diseases. but going outside, exercising, being out in the sun, that's a valid form ofn, therapy and the people need that. they need to go outside, we need to get out of our head to, we need to get back to work. we need to surf! >> laura: thewe orange county sheriff guy said he's not going to enforce some of these draconian rules. watch. >> do i intend to enforce the action? i haven't seen it yet. i can tell you at least from the sheriff department's perspective to not take enforcement action on this order. >> laura: vivian, i tweeted out today that the real quandary for gavin newsom was if a o whoe group of illegal immigrants were to gather on a beach, what would he do? i mean, come on... good for the sheriff, though. there needs to be more sheriff's like him. >> you know thereli are.
11:34 pm
we've had to rent a support with long form spent about the rallies occurring in california tomorrow through the realized hw insane this is gotten. >> laura:o austin, are you going to catch waves up north or down south in la jolla? >> that's a great idea. i think i will. i'm going to sacramento with vivian and you can always do something. we'll go into sacramento tomorrow. >> laura: it's your state. if you want your freedom back, you are going to have to make your voices heard and not be afraid. don't be afraid, guys. i'm glad you are out there. >> thank you, laura. >> laura: coming up, former u.n. ambassador nikki haley is here. herts reaction to reports that e trump administration is going to seek retaliation against china, trying to figure out the right path. plus her unique perspective on the corrupt fbi treatment of michael flynn coming up.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm actually strohmeyer. the world's largest pork producer telling they need more flexibility on coronavirus guidelines, this coming after coronavirus cases at another
11:39 pm
missouri plan. smithfield foods the government wants to keep plants open to prevent a media shortage. and the michigan legislature refusing to extend the state of emergency declaration. comes as conservative activist announced governor gretchen whitmer is 28 stay-at-home extension. also authorizing a lawsuit challenging governor whitmer's authority preacher pursued it anyway that i am actually strohmeyer. now back to "the ingraham angle." >> laura: as coronavirus deaths across the globe hit more than 230,000, the trump administration is making efforts to hold china accountable. according to "the washington post," senior officials across multiple government agencies were meeting today to "begin mapping out a strategy for seeking retaliatory measures against china." what does that mean? trump and aids have
11:40 pm
discussed victims to sue china for damages. a top chinese official refused to accept responsibility. >> demands for reformations from china are not reasonable and have no basis and argues there is no difference between such demands and blackmail. >> joining me is nikki haley, former ambassador to the u.n. and former governor of south carolina. ambassador haley, thank you for being on the show. really appreciate it tonight. he said blackmail, ambassador haley. what's your reaction to that? >> this is what the chinese do. at my two years in the united stations, this is what they do. they basically will call out others and say things to others, but they do not want it set back to them. the truth is the chinese are never going to admit fault. they are never going to admit they never did anything wrong, and that's why the united states
11:41 pm
needs to be smart. we have to strategically figure out how to deal with china for the long term and really make sure that we call them out and let them know that we are onto them. >> laura: what's the argument left at this point, ambassador haley, that we should not be treating china the way we treated the former soviet union? where we basically did very little trade, we did very few educational exchanges. i was in one of them. so i know. we basically didn't couple with them at all on key initiatives. why shouldn't we treat china at the same way? >> we absently should treat china the same way. this is about the fact that china is our number one national security they are increasing their military and that means puttinga the military on notice. they have been stealing intellectual property from the very beginning and the president needs to hold firm that if they do it, we put sanctions and terror ofs back on them. they created the surveillance data. literally their people didn't know what's going on in the rest of the world unless china approves it.
11:42 pm
they have a million minorities in concentration camps, making them change their name, change their religion in the way they do things. >> laura: the director of national intelligenceon confirmd that the u.s. does believe covid-19 could have been the result of an accident in a lab in wuhan. president trump says he's seen convincing evidence of this thing. "the new york times" and seems concerned about this. any american intelligent report of blaming a chinese institution or officials for the outbreak could significantly harm relations withns china for years to come. so "the new york times" is worried about our relationship with china when all of these americans have died. 30 million americans are out of work because of the virus, ambassador. >> what about the chinese relationship when taiwan came out december 30th and said they saw person-to-person contact in terms of covid? where was china when the world health organization asked
11:43 pm
questions on the 14th and they stalled? where was china up until the 30th of january where they didn't want us to stop trade? they knew what was happening ane they didn't tell us. >> laura: being president sitoday, ambassador haley, he t. transparent. do you agree withh that? >> china doesn't know how to be transparent. all they want is what they want the rest of the world to see. their perception is everything. if i ever wanted to get under china's skin, all i did was call them out because they can't stand to be called out. they want to create the narrative and they take on the approach that if they say t it's true, than the rest of the world will believe it. they do not know what transparency is and that'll never happen in communist china. >> laura: i want to move what happened yesterday. we found out that mike flynn, trump's former national security advisor, was basically set up. i mean, the emails that were
11:44 pm
released, the text messages -- all of it is a disaster.te this investigation to flynn was winding down, and then peter strzok, fbi agent, the cited no, no, no, we've got to keep this going. given everything we know about this, ambassador haley, your thoughts on what to do next to try to return the fbi to some sense of credibility? >> laura, this upsets me so much. because when i was at the united nations, this is what we looked at other countries doing. doing corrupt measures to frame people and to hide things. i can't believe this is happening in the united states of america and this should send up a chill up every american spine whether republican or democrat. the idea that this is a man in transition with the new administration and the fbi did not follow protocol and went so far as to question him with a motive in mind, the idea that you would do that to an innocent
11:45 pm
american is terrible. and i i will tell you that i thk questions need to be asked, the fbi needs to step up and let us know how the american people will ever trust them again that this will happen, what we are t going to do going forward, and every body that was involved, from top to bottom, should have to pay. because i'm looking at james comey. he has made millions over this time that general flynn has literally lost everything. it's wrong, it's corrupt, and someone needs to pay. >> laura: ambassador haley, it's great to have you on the show. come on soon, will you? >> thanks so much. thank you, laura. >> laura:h is there a scenario in where democrats remove joe biden from the top of the ticket?or we will explore that suggestion next.
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>> how do >> how to democrat square that they are anti-biden with kavanaugh? >> i don't need a lecture or speech. i have whole respect for the me too movement. there's also a process. >> laura: that's a different standard than when brett kavanaugh was under the gun. >> we are here in support of dr. christine blasey ford. here is truth. we are here to show our respect for all women who have a case, who have it respected for due process, to investigate, to find the truth, not fear it. >> laura: the issues dogging biden stem beyond the latest sexual assault allegations. you start to get the sense that some democrats among the
11:51 pm
leadership and the base might be having second thoughts. what might come next? joining me now is tom bevan, cofounder and president of real clear politics. let's start with this. it's a simple question. is there a scenario under which the dnc could maneuver to trop biden before the convention? >> well, it's unlikely. it'll basically come down to joe biden needing two of his own volition relinquish. the dnc has no leverage to force them to do t that. what would cause him to do that is pressure from democrats in the establishment. right now, you aren't seeing any of that. they are all standing with him. if you did start to see some folks publicly acknowledge some doubts about biden, that would be something peer that would be a key tell the people are moving that direction. but right now, they are all standing with him shoulder toom shoulder. >> laura: does he have enough delegates at this moment to secure theec nomination?
11:52 pm
i guess what can you tell us about the deal that he struck with sanders, allowing bernie to hold onto his own delegates? >> right. biden has 1270 delegates, bernie is at 942. you need 1991 to win the nomination. 1991 pledged delegates. so joe biden is still 700 or so away and we have these contests that we continue to delay and some cases in the case of new york, they struck everyone's name from the ballot. he is not there yet. during this process, again, he's not the official nominee. that won't happen until the convention. there is another scenario to after he won the nomination where he had enough delegates, he could pass those delegates to vote for someone else if he were to step aside. what bernie sanders he did is really interesting. once you drop out of the race, they go to the person who is left in the race.
11:53 pm
bernie sanders was going to lose about 300 of his delegates to joe biden. the deal that biden made wasen basically that biden is going to take the delegates but work with bernie sanders to make sure those are bernie's supporters in thosee slots, giving bernie sanders more say, more influence at the convention amongst the platform committees. >> laura: i get it. if the party, the leaderships, if they still have issues with biden at convention time, what with the effort to remove him then look like? >> it would be a complete mess. if you do try -- if the democrats did try to have come up to for biden to step aside and go with someone else, you have bernie sanders he sitting there with at that point over a thousand telecasts and the bypass him, a handpicked candid, would cause other chaos at the convention and really ripped the democratic party in part, unless it was some sort of, you know, really universal respected figure like michelle obama. other than that, i can't see any
11:54 pm
way it would cause little complete chaos for the democrats. >> laura: do you think this interview biden is going to do, tom, with morning joe -- first of all, what are the chances he doesn't already have the questions or wrote the questions -- what are the questions? if this is going to be a cleanup mission tomorrow morning. >> i think it is. the things democrats want more than anything to beat trump and as long as biden is leading in the polls, they are going to stick with w him. if there is some change in the data, as if he would flubs the or something else comes out, and you start to see his numbers in the road, that's when the door really opens to a situation where democrats will be like, dh joe biden now that his lead over trump from his ability to beat trump is shrinking. i think you are right, it's a cleanup mission, but it still important that he doesn't completely bomb it and he has something to say. certainly does put democrats in a tough position. >> laura: it's important for him that they are not be any
11:55 pm
other problems out there, if you know what i mean. tom, thank you so much. thank good to see you. and coming up, a last bite fit for royalty. i got this mountain bike for only $11., the fair and honest bidding site. we sold an ipad worth $505 for less than $24. a stand mixer for less than $20. a 4k television for under $2. a macbook pro for under $16. as well as a playstation 4 for
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♪ ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ jillian: british world war ii vet captain tom moore turned 100 today.
12:00 am
the tank commander was treated to a flyover by the world air force, and are usually reserved for the queen. also the recorded message from boris johnson and 150,000 birthday cards. he raised millions of dollars for the national health service in the uk, amazing man. shannon bream in the fox news at 19, take it from here. shannon: i love the way he has been doing this. we all do what we can do and bravo, he is a war hero. >> have a wonderful show. shannon: texas reporting 50 new coronavirus steps, its biggest 1-day tally and the comes 24 hours before the lone star state is set to begin reopening. should they all love?


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