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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  May 3, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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the dnc, the very fake dnc. [inaudible conversations] steve: i'm sorry i have to cut you off but see you next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i'm mark clement and this is "life, liberty and levin". welcome we have two great guest tonight and joe concha, a media reporter for the hill and brent bozell, founder and head research center and before we go to our great guests i would like to make a statement. "the new york times" is considered the gold standard of the media and i want to tell you about "the new york times".
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in 1932 they had a correspondent in moscow by the name of walter [inaudible], he would eventually get a pulitzer prize for his reporting on stalin. and russia and the ukraine. the problem was how walter was in stalin's back pocket and for well over a decade he was the number one guy at "the new york times" writing a few stories about the russian revolution and about stalin. he was a propagandist and he had all the best meals and had the best cars and mistresses all provided by the stalin regime could he could meet stalin as he needed to because stalin knew he was a great mouthpiece. "the new york times" management let this go on year after year and it was an outrage in 1932 when stalin decided to start the ukrainians because the peasants would not listen, they would not give up their property. they had been there an awfully long time and were not into this communist stuff and these communes.
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stalin cut off the country. in every respect and millions of ukrainians starved to death in a period of 12-18 months. they spoke about this time. when ukrainians were trying to get into the gulags and that's how bad it was to get something to eat and he could hear them screaming at night and some reporters for british newspapers snuck into ukraine and famously wrote these stories about what was actually happening. duranty basically said you had these hiccups and he is one that came up with the phrase, sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette. that's the famous duranty line. they did more than break a few eggs. they killed billions of people. to this day "the new york times" won't give up that pulitzer prize but it went to duranty but i'm not done. shortly thereafter when adolf hitler took over germany and the
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rise of the third reich we all know looking back on what was called the holocaust and adolf hitler wasn't shy about talking about what he was going to do to the european jews. in the end, as we no, he slaughtered 6 million european jews. this was reported in european newspapers and as they said that these weren't hyenas but "the new york times" as three professors have written extensively "the new york times" censored the holocaust for the most part to the extent it ever wrote about it and stuck it in the back page. almost never on the front page. fdr, franklin roosevelt, the great progress, the new deal, he did not want information out about the holocaust. it wasn't until about 1944 that the american people actually learn about the full extent of what hitler was doing with his gas chambers, with his mass graves and what he did to the jews. when that yanks finally conquered the third reich and
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went into one of these death camps, eisenhower did, and had patton and bradley with him he summoned the news media and these were meant that it seen everything. patton was throwing up he was so disgusted by what he saw. eisenhower cannot believe it. he brought the cameras in and said you take pictures of what we see here so no one ever forgets. two times "the new york times" was inhumane, unbelievable genocide taking place and they blew it or worse was pushing propaganda or censoring. now it is the paper records and the reason i want to lay that foundation is we are going during a pandemic today and going through this coronavirus today and can you rely on "the new york times" for accurate information? what about the washington post? they helped cover up the holocaust for the most part. can we rely on them? i want to turn to joe concha, as i say through media reporter for
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the hill but more than that an incredibly intelligent guy who really does follow the media and calls it with real honesty. joe concha, generally speaking, how are the media doing and covering this virus? >> i think they're doing on the scale of a-f, see, c- bid i like the fact that i see doctors on television and medical professional educating the public on something that is unprecedented and people are scared and at home and want to know where they can go and what they can do, how they can sanitize themselves and what the future eventually looks like in terms of perhaps the second wave or the vaccine and perhaps treatments like remdesivir as we saw promising study earlier this week. i like that aspect of it. when we get to the political side of things than everything completely falls apart because what we are seeing is bias in broad daylight.
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you can see that best bite the coverage of president trump and his press briefings compared to, new york governor andrew cuomo and his press briefings. cuomo is getting universal praise for the way he handles himself during those briefings and yes, he is articulate, yes he does a good job in terms of the power points, however, the performance of andrew cuomo is rarely criticized or even scrutinized and the bottom line is new york, i'm in new jersey and we are in a hotspot, is approaching 20000 deaths and a lot of people think the reason new york is hit so hard obviously close quarters, big city but also the subway should be sanitized on a nightly basis but only earlier this week did governor cuomo order for the subways to be sanitized. those subways were used as careers to bring the virus through the five boroughs of new york city and then look at california for instance. compare these two, mark. governor newsome, democratic governor who does not get press
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five major cities in that state, 40 million people, san jose, san francisco, la, san diego and go down the line, sacramento and they are approaching 2000 deaths. how did they have one tenth the deaths when they got cases earlier then new york, yet you hear little about newsom and you hear about cuomo, possibly replacing joe biden on the democratic ticket and you can contrast that with the coverage of president trump, which as always, is an overwhelmingly negative. one more point, by the way. the president pushed hydroxychloroquine and the possible treatment and says let's see how it goes and what do you have to lose and if you think you're going down a bad path with coronavirus and andrew cuomo's of the same thing, he heard anecdotally the drug was working and you don't hear a peep in terms of criticism. you want to see bias in broad daylight that is how it works in terms of coverage of this virus thus far. mark: you bring up a great point about these subways. there was an mit economist who did a paper on this and laid out
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the schedules, stops and laid out the hottest of the red zones and he pulled it back to the subway system but they did originally reduce the number of cars in the subway systems so more and more people were getting on fewer and fewer cars and that's exactly what you don't want but they did the same thing with the bus system so the whole transit system was a contagion. you have workers who run the subway and the buses dying at a significantly higher rate than even the police and others on the first responders but i want to ask about this but look at the nursing home situation in new york. you have an edict given out by governor cuomo insisting that people who have a positive test of the coronavirus in hospitals, once released, the nursing homes must take them. there is a lot of effort and the and his supporters to pull back and to suggest it's the part of the nursing homes. the nursing homes.
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they have been begging for the governor not to this. they're not prepared and they don't have the medical staff and you are sending these people into an environment where we specifically note they are the most vulnerable population on the face of the earth. what you make of that? >> it is such a sad story but i saw a story earlier this week of a u-haul with 60 bodies from a nursing home in it in new jersey but we've had problems with the nursing home situation as well, as far as so many people dying in the nursing homes that you are seen morgues completely overrun. so, again, if you are "the new york times", for instance, and cover not just national news and international news but the state of new york where are the skating editorials and where is the smugness in the coverage we see so often reserved on the federal level in terms of the trump administration and where is that being directed at governor cuomo? why aren't the hard questions being asked of him? i think we know the obvious
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answer. "the new york times", mark, has not endorsed a republican presidential candidate since 1956. that means they endorsed mcgovern or carter 1980 or mondale in 84, carrie 2004 and go down the list so we know where they stand. i don't know how they could be the paper of record when you have to go back more than 50 years to find a republican that they endorse for the highest office in the land. mark: i want to switch to another topic briefly with you, joe concha, hill newspaper. that is russia. we have evidence unequivocal evidence of how the process, not only screwed this up, but carried the water for those who wanted to remove the president of the united states. yet, when you look at the new documents that came out with respect to general flynn it is so obvious that they were trying to set him up. when you look at the information about the insertion of spies in the trump campaign and when you look at the information related
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to the lies to the fisa court that even the fisa court is now investigating what was done to the fisa court and it is the same actors, mccabe trying to figure out how to use the 25th amendment to remove the sitting president and former director of the fbi does not brief the president but tells some of what he thinks based on a fake dossier in order to cause the president to react a certain way, again to push a narrative. you have a prior administration that tried to effect the outcome of an election a hell of a lot more than russia, in my opinion and that is just mark's opinion and have been trying to take out a president of the united states. where was "the new york times"? where was the washington post? where were these great media icons? >> i'm sure we will get to this down the line but it is the same pattern we saw in not covering the allegations against joe biden. let it ride out we will not cover it, whether abc, nbc, new york times, washington post and hope the new cycle with
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coronavirus sweep that story away. generally we had other publications like the intercept and business insider which are not rightly publications that advance the biden story then go to flynn. i don't see coverage on this today the way you would expect it. i would think, and i get the pandemic should take precedent in terms of coverage, but your number two story is easily the chilling thing that is happened to general flynn because that could happen to all of us. right? in terms of these investigations. he ventured andrew mccabe before. andrew mccabe lied to the fbi, the same way general flynn was charged for lying under oath. do you know where andrew mccabe is today? he's not in a jail cell for he is not at some sort of at-home arrest. he is a cnn employee actually pontificating on these very things and the thing he has lied to the fbi about was literally leaking to the press, leaking to "the wall street journal" information that would be damaging to what were political
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opponents and then you give this guy a cushy job at a national news network? that is everything that is wrong with journalism in 2020 today. mark: you are right. i don't know what is worse? time in prison or working at cnn? we'll be right back. ♪ r insurance, so you only pay for what you need! [squawks] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ mark: welcome back. joe concha of the new hill paper there is a deep-seated hate for donald trump. quite frankly, for conservatives federally, democrats are re-tweeted one way, republicans another way and it is part of the problem. you have washington dc, new york city, cora door and this is the myopic bubble within which these people live and also so many democrats. people who work for democrat administrations and on the hill and some republicans but overwhelmingly democrats have worked their way into the media as well. are these two problems and are they not prevalent? >> mark, it creates a mentality and you mentioned what some call the excel a media. that is where all of our political news comes out of and nothing else, no other part of the country is represented.
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maybe that is why 2016 and the election we missed the fact that michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, ohio will go into terms column where from their soapboxes in new york and washington said the states go blue and no problem and that is where hillary will do well so instead of reporters leaving the bubble in going to places like wisconsin where hillary clinton did not campaign they sat back and did the horserace from new york and from washington. what did washington and new york have in common? well, in 2016 election president trump did not get 10% of the vote in manhattan in about 10.1% actually and in washington he barely got 4% of the vote. what does that do if you are a journalist who maybe went in somewhat objective into those environments and by the time you are there for a little bit and in those newsrooms you tend to adopt a certain way of thinking and conforming just for survival because if you go against the grain, as we see in this
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business, you will be ostracized. that is what seems to be happening. it's an echo chamber based on the fact that this is the environment and these two places exist in terms of the way that we cover things. i always love the weight rupert murdoch put forth his thought process on liberal media. he says, abc and i'm paraphrasing, washington post, new york times, all these media companies based in new york and washington they are pretty liberal, right, the old saying was around fox news and why that was created was it found its niche audience, half the country. that is why this network is a successful because it does keep in mind the considerations of people that live outside of the major cities on each coast and serving those people with news that informs and educates. mark: joe, even when it comes to the coverage of this virus there are other areas of the country
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outside of new york and outside the decision-makers in washington dc, most of the decisions with respect to everyday life and death are handled by governors and mayors, city councilman and commissioners. what is interesting to me is how few network cameras go to cosco, walmart, mcdonald's, grocery store, truck stop to see how parts of america are mitigating and functioning. instead we get this endless what does dr. fauci and doctor burke say in whatever they say goes but there are people out there functioning and putting food on her table and bringing packages to our home and during all the things that are necessary for country to survive and they are doing that right now and there's not enough of them obviously and have a high unemployment rate but still, 95% of the american or excuse me, 85% of the merc and people who are working in functioning and
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there is no coverage of this because it would show that you can, in fact, have a civil liberties and work and in fact, mitigate like these governors, mostly republican are trying to point out. >> here is a thing, mark. let's bring it to the current example of what we are living right now in terms of do we reopen the economy or not in phases, slowly, based on certain guidelines laid out by our medical professionals in the trump administration a couple of weeks ago? the reflex narrative i'm seeing right now from most in media is that no, we cannot reopen this economy and we need to keep this going, the stay-at-home order for as long as possible to think of the people who are recommending this. these are people in new york and washington probably in seven-figure homes in the richest zip codes in the country, broadcasting from their homes, telling people no, we need to keep doing what we are doing in terms of stay-at-home
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because the reflexive response is trump wants economy to reopen therefore, we need to be against it and what isn't considered in any way, shape or form is the fact that 30 million people in this country over the last four weeks have filed for unemployment. the pain is overwhelmingly real. the thing is if i am a waiter and i used to be a waiter at one point and i lose my job it's not like i can go to the restaurant down the street and apply for another job at that restaurant or if i'd a problem with my boss because nothing is open. for these people, particularly in the service areas, they are stuck. they need to reopen right away. i see the state of maine there's barely 50 deaths in the state and very few cases relatively because of the state is so spread out in the governor there is declaring that the state should be close down indefinitely at least through the summer until they get through this. people will not survive. you will see the backlash that we are seen but then anytime there's a protest or protesters
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around reopening the economy and people calling for that the media reflexes and says no, those people are wrong, listen to the doctors they are right and there are two stories here and if you had a balanced media you would see that they would cover this with a balanced approach but yes, help first but the health of the economy is critical as well or we will have the unintended consequent is like we are seen in hospitals now where they are basically empty outside of covid patients because everybody is afraid to go there and hospitals will go out of business soon as a result. that story should be covered more but if you do that that means advocating for reopening the economy and that is something not a lot of news organizations want to do right now because that would align them with the president, mark. mark: i could not agree more. joe, on the big problems as i started, you are a political reporter, you are covering a matter of science and economics and society. they just have not missed a beat. they went from russia to ukraine to the coronavirus in the same
7:24 pm
mentality, same lack of knowledge, same ideology and this is why press conference it seems like these news organizations are sending in their political kamikazes to go in there at every possibility to try to embarrass the president, and bears the vice president, asking questions that are not questions, statements with question marks at the end of them and so it is they who take the press conference and turn it into this pseudo- event and a self-serving event to the grade to service of the country, as far as i am concerned with joe cruncher, thank you my friend britt took care of yourself. >> mark, have a good one. mark: we'll be right back. ♪ you always drive this slow? how did you make someone i love? that must be why you're always so late. i do not speed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady? [tina] you're an old lady.
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the sure shot wand extends with a protective shield to target weeds precisely and kill them right down to the root. roundup brand. trusted for over 40 years. ♪ >> live from america's news headquarters but i'm ashley beard the trump administration is stepping up its criticism of china and its alleged involvement in the coronavirus pandemic. secretary of state, mike pompeo, accusing china being response will for spreading the disease. pompeo says china must be held accountable for this intelligence document states china's leadership intentionally concealed the severity of the virus and use the time to stock up on medical supplies needed to fight it. the number of u.s. officials are slowly getting worse. cdc says in latest 24 hour reporting. nearly 30000 more americans became ill with the virus. this while another 1452 died.
7:29 pm
the u.s. leads the world and confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths. more than 67000 americans have been killed by this deadly virus. i'm ashley strohmeyer now back to "life, liberty and levin" it. ♪ mark: welcome back. great to guest, brent bozell is with us now, founder of the media research center. brent bows out, we've had some really bombshell documents come out this week and litigation would be the prosecutors and michael flynn, general flynn that show clearly unequivocally this poor man was set up by the federal government by the obama administration, by the fbi and we have a case here in russia where the fbi could put spies into donald trump's campaign where they lied repeatedly to a federal court and now the federal court is investigating it. they leaked repeatedly to the media and they set up the
7:30 pm
national security adviser to the incoming president of the united states. the fbi director tried to set up a president of the united states by using a tease of trash from the dossier with the president of the united states. obama is untouched them up by them it is untouched and i don't think any major story related to this was broken by any of the so-called mainstream news. what do you make of this? >> you are beating a dead horse when you say if this were the obama administration and what would the media do because it is obvious, the media would do their jobs. if it were or the roles were reversed they would be doing their jobs. they deliberately chose not to do their job, they deliberately chose not to go in the arena of an investigation into potential wrongdoing.
7:31 pm
instead, they went into the arena of investigation into the potential wrongdoing of michael flynn but based that on nothing but hearsay. let me give you an example of this. if you recall, right after the election a story came out and i forget who reported it but it came out everywhere about the smoking gun, michael flynn had met with the russians. after all of the denials but the person who would become the national security had met with the russians and the evidence that they were looking for in the russia collision story but it turned out to be true with these itty-bitty caveat that he met with them after the trump victory which is precisely what he was meant to do. the media would have known the answer instantaneously had they simply spent five seconds but
7:32 pm
they wanted to rush and get michael flynn. now he's been exonerated and we all knew, mark. we do not need the story but he has been exonerated and james comey was the effort to going after him. you have to ask yourself the question, it is frightening, are the clintons, are the obama's above the law? is this man, james comey, who is as dishonest and has been caught lying through his teeth, is as dishonest as the day is long, who has besmirched the reputation of the fbi that was once the most respected arm of the whole federal government? will the media ever investigate these people? mark, i don't think they ever will. mark: your organization is very, very important. you are the watchdog of the media and the media is supposed to be the watchdog for us. you created your organization to be a watchdog for the media because you take it, decades ago
7:33 pm
the media was not really a prepress at all but more driven by ideology. you have demonstrated it to be right time and time again. yet political reporters, as i said to joe concetta earlier, who have not missed a beat with russia and they tried to turn it against the president and give a victim investigated by a special counsel and the victim and the president of the united states and you have you see what happened to mike flynn and with roger stone is a disgrace but you can go to the list of these people and then they impeach him, innocent man, over a phone call with ukraine. and now the same reporters who were pushing for the ouster of a duly elected constitutional president, the same reporters going to the press room or from their newsrooms trashing the president of the united states, in my opinion, moving heaven and earth to do move with this virus are never seem to president talk to governors so many times and work with the private sector and now we have more ventilators then we need and more beds than
7:34 pm
we need and they not only give him credit but they just continually viciously attack the man. par for the course, i guess. >> what is frightening is if you look at the russia collision story and look at the mueller report and look at the ridiculous ukraine story, what do they all have in common? not just that the president was innocent but that the media knew he was innocent. how did they know he was innocent connect because there was never one lick of piece of evidence against him. no evidence against him for it he kept saying thousands of times, there is no evidence. and yet, they continued in the did not want that reality. now, you got this terrible covid-19 any new and you just knew that the media would politicize it. their goal is to have donald trump lose his reelection campaign and there is no
7:35 pm
question in my mind because if they were doing their job they would do things, instead of having things like msnbc saying that he has got blood on his hands because he was so late to the game and instead of talking about how many people have died and as donald trump's fault, what they ought to be doing, mark, is telling stories of how the death toll in great britain is double what it is in the united states and the death toll in france for 100,000 is double what it is in the united states and the death toll in italy is almost triple what it is in the united states and if they were doing the job and if they were trying to be objective and if they were trying to be fair they would be filing stories, saluting the president of the united states for his leadersh leadership. mark: we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ mark: welcome back. brent bozell, media research center, even monitoring the coverage of the media and the president throughout this crisis. what have you found? >> its continuation of their treatment of him ever since he came down that escalator in may of 2015 except it is at a time of national crisis and it's gotten worse. the washington post last weekend came out with this piece on the president where they did an analysis of his coverage of or his performance during this covid crisis but we thought why don't we do an analysis of the washington post coverage of it. we looked at every story since january 17, look at that, every
7:41 pm
story where the media had an opinion in the headline, washington post had an opinion in the headline about the job the president's administration was doing. we found two headlines that were positive and by the way, neither were about the president. fifty-three there were negative about the president. let me read you, if i can market, some of the headlines in the washington post and then you tell me if this is journalism. a confused effort to show home. messaging undermines u.s. efforts on virus. trumps error build a speech rattled rather than reassured. governors lead as president minimized pandemic. i can go on and on. those were the quote unquote impartial, objective headlines of the washington post that then turned around to do an analysis of donald trump. that is not the only one. one of my favorites, mark, all those news reports about how donald trump was late to the game and talking about this
7:42 pm
covid crisis. we did a video which is on news busters .org. mark: shameless promotion there. >> which looks at the nonstop report coming from in january and february from the media themselves dismissing covid as not being important. you heard me right. they are saying the president was in not paying attention but they work but how about this statistic? between january 17 when the story broke and march 3, a two week. this is when cnn was listing story after story and the president was asleep at the switch and when the story broke in january 17 until march 3, guess what percent of stories on cnn dealt with the covid crisis? answer, 1.6% of the stories.
7:43 pm
what were they doing? impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. how dare they now come back and say the president was not covering - they were the ones not covering. mark: adam schiff was the one not to cut her brain as a tumor of the house intelligence committee he did not overstate what china was doing and did not alert the emergent people to anything and he was busy trying to get john bolton as a witness in the senate impeachment childhood mitt romney had his way the senate impeachment trial would still be going on. they would have four, five, 67 witnesses if they could. i would also point out with all due respect or all due honesty, brent bozell, dr. fauci himself at the end of january basically said this is no big deal and it's a akin to the flu and no one has anything to worry about. the media say the president to follow the science and at his scientist annette who he followed and he took aggressive steps at the end of january and early february. >> and while cnn was twirling it sums, while the entire news
7:44 pm
media was not paying any attention to this the president of the united states, i think it was on january 25, called it a national emergency. he himself was saying it since january 25, holding daily press conference. mark, never in history of the united states of america has a president spend more time and been more focused trying to do more things and reporting to the american people every single day, no one has done this in history. what do they do? they say it's - it's mind-boggling. mark: they also said to other things. we are not covering it anymore because it's political and also that we are not covering it because he's giving out bad health advice and it can make the people sick. i've never seen a more rotten and corrupt media in my life. i wrote the book and i don't think amount throughout american history at least when there was yellow journalism you knew it
7:45 pm
was he yellowed journalism or when they said were with republicans or with the whigs or whatever but this is the most corrupt i have ever seen journalism in my life. we'll be right back. to everyone navigating these uncertain times... whether you're caring for your family at home or those at work, principal is by your side. we're working hard to answer your questions. like helping you understand what the recently passed economic package can mean for you. we're more than a financial company. we're a "together we can get through anything" company. now, more than ever. for everything that i give, i get so much in return. join our family of home instead caregivers and help make a world of difference. home instead senior care. apply today.
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mark: welcome back. rent bozell, major corporations only's newsrooms and comcast owns nbc where they have this guy andrew and well-known left-wing hack, in my view, att owns cnn, they've been promoting the guy well-known left-wing hack, in my view, amazon owns the washington post, saved it from bankruptcy and you got jeff bezo's and other hard-core leftist democrats and who is policing these newsrooms? nobody, right? >> no, it's the only industry that i can think of, market, work management does not control its employees because if you go to comcast and att or jeff bezo's and we've gone to that and show them evidence of malfeasance by their own staff, they simply don't respond to
7:50 pm
you. if you show them how brian williams was making things up on nbc they ignored you. cnn has been holding video evidence of the man who would, the presumptive nominee for the presidency of the united states, video cooperating evidence of an alleged sexual assault and you would think that the people who own att in the management would say call and right now and the leaders of cnn and say explain to me how when he was a senator of the united states you did not even -. mark: are not trying to be comical but which one of their candidates? clinton or biden? >> i'm talking about joe biden and the fact that tara reade, a staffer of his, one month ago laid out a sexual assault charge against him, which we will not discuss it it so awful, but
7:51 pm
there it is. then we showed the video evidence of a 1993, her mother calling into the larry king show, cooperating, 26 years ago, cooperating what to read is say now. >> san luis california, hello. >> yes, hello. i'm wondering what a staffer would do besides go to the press in washington. my daughter has just left there after working for a prominent senator and not cannot get through with her problems. the only thing she could have done was go to the press and she chose not to do it out of respect for him. >> she have a story to tell but out of respect for the person she worked for she did not tell it. >> that's true. >> i'm not say joe biden is guilty and i'm not saying he should be indicted but in 26 years when he was senator, they made no effort to investigate this and she was asking for an investigation. when he became vice president for eight years, no
7:52 pm
investigation and now he's the presumptive president of the united states or nominee for the presidency of the united states and still no investigation paid when they were embarrassed last week with the video that they had we released it and they had it all along they did one story and they walked away from it. think about fred kavanaugh. think about the accusations against him and the fact that there wasn't a single cooperating witness, including the one she put forward. and yet, everyone drop their coverage to look at it. now you have the evidence where a next-door neighbor of tara reade has now come forward and she said yes, tara reade told me that story 26 years ago. you've got an accusation of sexual assault, to witnesses and it's about the man who would be president of the united states and they are looking the other way. mark: let's be clear about this, he is accused of the criminal code would call rape.
7:53 pm
he is accused of rape. not adultery, but rape. that is a big deal and notice, harris and abrams, notice all the women who were talking about kavanaugh, absolute hypocrites about outrages how they conduct themselves for they don't even want to know what's going on here. another thing about joe biden and i want to continue this into the next segment with brent bozell but have we ever had a candidate run for office who may well be incapacitated with so little attention paid to that? he is not out in public, not out speaking, to the extent he speaks is limited and controlled and this is a very, very serious matter because the 25th amendment exists for people elected for president and become incapacitated in office? we have a serious issue here
7:54 pm
with the nominee of the biggest political party in the country is incapacitated and i don't need psychiatrist and psychologist and neurologist to tell me, i watch it, i listen to the poor guy and i'm appalled that his family and the party sits there while this is going on. in some ways, i feel sorry for the guy. i like to know your views on this when we returned grade we'll be right back. ♪ and i like to question your every move. like this left turn. it's the next one. you always drive this slow? how did you make someone i love? that must be why you're always so late. i do not speed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. my son, he did say that you were the safe option. and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me. so get allstate. stop bossing. where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. this is my son's favorite color, you should try it. [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady? [tina] you're an old lady.
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do they wonder why the press isn't taking a more focused look at the candidacy of joe biden. >> mark, you're not saying he's senile, i'm not saying he's senile but the evidence of something possibly being very, very wrong is there and it's there in states.
7:59 pm
you've seen it over and over again where he stumbles and he calls his wife his sister or his daughter, he called his daughter his wife, when he's talking to the teleprompter and the teleprompter goes down he falls apart, stumbles all over his sentences, starts rattling off, doesn't finish his thoughts. i'd ask you to do one thing and i'd ask your audience to do one thing. simply google the 2016 presidential democratic convention and the speech he gave. simply look at that and then look at him and if you don't see an incredible and disturbing difference i will eat my hat which i'm not wearing, but there's no way you can watch those two things mark, and not say to yourself, by god something has happened here. something has happened and it's not good news. not for the republicans. not good news. >> i want to thank you very much. keep up the good work at our
8:00 pm
mrc operation and god bless you. folks see you next time on life, liberty and levin. i'm jon scott, thank you for watching. see you next weekend. ♪ ♪


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