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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  May 14, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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3:30 p.m. eastern today and we have a special treat for everyone. it will stream live on fox stock comments facebook and it will also be available on demand. i will see you there and of course i will see you on "the five. in the meantime, here's your big treat, bill hemmer. musical physical >> bill: good afternoon. i'm bill hemmer. right now many people in wisconsin can walk into a bar and order a beer and that's because the state's supreme court struck down a stay stay-at-home order which allows business to open immediately. the democratic governor tony ieper has said the ruling has two of the state into chaos. >> the supreme court may have changed the rules for how we operate but it sure didn't change how the virus operates. that's a capital city of madis madison, and pictures and videos
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posted online showing packed pubs just an hour after the court ruling. >> my employees haven't been paid now into months and i had to look out for them and their families. >> they are looking to get rules in place of reopening. good afternoon. >> his state is in chaos, but that convinces supreme court justices to throw his state into chaos. the core of the issue is the fact that he extended the lock down without the legislature and in a 4-3 decision, the stay-at-home order has effectively vacated. that means bars are back in business and rings are being served. wisconsin republicans don't doubt that you will ultimately see some spread of the virus because of this. but like the belief of many of the patrons out today, a big part of the argument is that individuals can bear the responsibility. >> if people want to quarantine,
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don't quarantine, and that some type of flareup i'm sure, but we need to be ready to address that. and i think we need to make sure that happens. >> that's very similar argument to what gretchen whitmer is facing in michigan. the michigan demonstrations have been dramatic because protesters have showed up armed. the republican senate majority leader has discouraged the brandishing of arms and police say demonstrators who violate safety protocols are subject to enforcement action. that's the defiance of the republican majority legislature and the legislature is now suing the governor. >> the judiciary committee will hold hearings on the michael
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flynn matter in the russian investigation starting next month. that happens after republican senators release the names of officials who may have received flynn's identity after unmasking requests including the former vice president joe biden. gillian turner reports on this in washington again today. >> good afternoon. lots of controversy swirling today around the unmasking of general flynn, more important than ever to take stock of the facts. that's more important, because what we do know at this moment come with dredged up some numbers. the office of the director of national intelligence, that's the agency that ric grenell oversees and does do. the trump administration so far has requested 2012 unmasking. 9,929 unmasking requests, and we
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have a request for the obama administration in 2016. so far bill, we've not been able to track down numbers prior to 2016 and they are not publicly available so we are pushing our sources to get that. senator rand paul says all of these officials were abusing their unmasking authority. take a listen. >> i think it amounts to a sort of illegal eavesdropping on someone for political purposes. if people say, it's not against the law to unmask someone but actually it is and it needs to be investigated. >> but that's not out wrong, according to james clapper who says they need to be concerned about the individual that turned out to be michael flynn.
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back in 2016 he was a retired u.s. general who was on the both the russian and turkish governors payroll. >> there is general concern about the number of engagements with russians that we were seeing happening. bill eller, intelligence sources tell me that no matter which way the wind blows and how this thing's shakes out politically the key is to make sure to protect the government's ability to request unmaskings going further. that's what i've got and it helps keep their homeland safe. i want to bring in from the whitewater independent counsel, robert ray. good afternoon to you. here is -- joe biden's name was the last one on that list. joe biden on the 12th of januara
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right toward the end of the second term. on the same day from "the washington post," here's the headline from david ignatiud ignatius' piece. what does one have to do. that is the request of the vice president for someone on the vice president's behalf means it might go directly into the oval office and we know that from the surrounding conversations. that's january of 2017, just days leading up to president trump's inauguration. i think the fbi director was involved, the vice president and president of the united states, sally yates who became the acting attorney general, and so
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forth. without capping dispersions at this moment because we don't know all the facts and we do endorse the notion from senator graham that we do need a hearing to figure out context here. first, there is nothing wrong with unmasking at least for those in a got need-to-know basis to provide context, but if the unmasking was for the purpose of playing politics, what ultimately led to the the r michael flynn, and the notion that one administration on the way out and another administration on the way in would be kept in the dark intentionally by the predecessor about what led to a criminal investigation, it is a frightening prospect. that's a frightening prospect to keep a criminal going without informing the incoming
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administration that whole numbers were involved. that is to say sally yates and the former fbi director. so there is n are more questions being raised. >> bill: i just want to move this along a little bit. you've seen the list of names, does it look normal to you or, do all those names look to be in place or out of place do you think? >> while there seems to be, and the suggestion has been made that you don't know the answer but the list of names seem to have a political color to why the requests were being made. now again, we don't know yet until we see further documents and more testimony, but the list of names includes political operatives. and also it's significant in and of itself that it extends all the way up into, which is what
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we didn't know all the way up to and including the oval office including the president and vice president of the united states. >> the fact that thousands and thousands of requests are made per year, i bet 99.9% of the american people had no idea that was happening. last question, i don't know what judge emmet sullivan does but apparently he's bringing outside counsel to help him make a decision. why do you think that's happening? >> i don't know. i have no objection to the notion that you want to make a full record but i have to say at the end of the day whatever record is made, i hope it's not delayed too much longer. the government has indicated that it does not -- it is not going to prosecute the case and the indictment should be dismissed. i don't believe the judge has the authority to withhold the dismissal or the indictment and if he doesn't do it at the end of the day i expect that michael flynn's lawyers will go to the court of appeals in one fashion or another to have that judge
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overturned or placed on this matter. he can seek further information from whatever source he wants and i don't have a problem with an informed decision but, he cannot force the government to prosecute a case that the government has decided in the interest of justice should not be prosecuted. >> bill: we will see what the judge decides. he is in lehigh valley and the battleground state of pennsylvania. he's at a company called owens and minor, about 140 years old and they make metal equipment and supplies and that is the stop for the president today. we will monitor the news. in the meantime we have this mysterious illness apparently related to coronavirus hitting children. i will talk to a doctor whose hospital has treated dozens of children. also, the doctor who says he was demoted for sounding the alarm about a possible covid-19
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>> bill: more than a dozen states now investigating case of a potentially deadly illness in kids. governor cuomo the sam is sayins also affecting young adults. >> it something that we weren't really expecting. when we were seeing the peak of covert infections in adults, more than two months ago, we were releasing children affected at all. and just the last two weeks we started to see dozens of children at our hospital who are presenting with not kind of a primary infection of the covertd virus but an overactive inflammatory response from having the virus. >> bill: so i want to share some of the symptoms, prolonged fever for about five days,
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severe back pain, diarrhea and vomiting, bloodshot eyes and skin rash. also difficulty feeding and drinking in the infants. a breathing tube or trouble or breathing too fast. at some of that may be a little confounding, as you try to figure out what's happening he here. the rash aspect, it's not something that's always associated with covid-19. why would that be found here do you think? >> what we believe is happening is because of the overactive inflammation that's going on, these children are developing a vasculitis which is inflammation of the blood vessels. so essentially if you think about it, every organ has a lot of blood vessels associated with it in the skin has many. so that's why we see -- >> bill: okay, that makes sense. do the victims have underlying
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conditions, have you found? >> no. they seem to be otherwise healthy children. >> and as you trace their contacts, have they been in contact with others who have been positive for covid-19? >> most have and have a pretty good history maybe four or five weeks ago of having a family member sick but that's not always the case. >> bill: okay, can you say whether or not you are giving it to family members or our family members and others giving it to them? >> we can't say because what we do know, if children have any symptoms at all from primary covid infection they are minimal symptoms. although we also believe it's a very small number of children who have had covid infection who are exhibiting the symptoms. >> so there is a bit of range in here. i want to emphasize this as we close. most of them have gotten better, so they can beat this.
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right? >> that's awfully true. our experience has been that they do all get better but most of them have to come to the icu and most of them have to get some pretty intensive therapy to do it. >> bill: the governor said about 110 cases in new york. thank you for coming today, dr. steven kearney. in a moment to come at the dnc calling the unmasking of michael flynn a distraction it will backfire on republicans. reaction on that comment is the rnc chairwoman, ronna mcdaniel. also the top republican decision to dump stocks right before the crash. why was that? coming up. e reason why. it lets you shortcut the loan process and refinance with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $2000 every year.
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>> there will likely be a resurgence of covid-19 this fall and will be greatly challenging. >> bill: that was one of the main headlines today, dr. rick brent testifying on the hill giving a dire warning about covid-19. he found a whistle-blower complaint, and it was touted as a possible treatment. the president calling the doctor today a disgruntled employee. bret baier, welcome and good afternoon to you. it could be the darkest winter. what did you hear from that or take from it? >> i think he laid out a pretty compelling point, and as he is saying they didn't warn people and they weren't prepared, they could have done more as far as training and preparation.
12:24 pm
what with that said, he pushed back as hard as i've seen, secretary azar, about dr. bright's charges saying that everybody don't make everything he's talking about, they did. that's an argument of where they are now. >> i agree. we've been listening to him for months now and he's a pretty mild-mannered guy. >> everything he is complaining about was achieved. everything he talked about was done. he said he talked about the need for respirators and we procured respirators. by the way, whose job was it to actually lead the vaccine? >> what he's talking about is a strong full throated response i would suggest. >> it was a moment where you
12:25 pm
don't rarely see anyone getting that visceral, that engaged, and the brett kavanaugh hearings are standing up for, what's usually the president who takes the slings and arrows and says the pointed things. that said, what brett testified today still will have lingering implications to the early stages of how the administration dealt with this. it's being in a senate mcconnell was making a comment today, here's what he said on the floor of the senate. >> they are developing the proposal. and slapped the word coronavirus on top of it. >> bill: so i imagine this will come up.
12:26 pm
>> the key question is pumping the brakes, and we reconcile that with the fed chair, there are questions whether there will be an end when there will be legislation. >> bill: will you ask him about michael flynn? >> democrats are discounting it, and it is a big deal. while the crime is not the unmasking come of the crime is the leaking. it starts the whole series of leaks that leads to two and a half hours of russia collusion coverage that went to a lot of places. >> i'm looking forward to what he has to say tonight. republican senator risch a bird in north carolina, stepping down
12:27 pm
earlier today as chairman of the intelligence committee. the fbi investigate stock trades he made a right before economy tanked. senator burr is denied dumping stocks based on classified briefings he received on the virus and fox news confirms federal agents served a search warrant from the senators home and took his cell phone. also we could confirm, her spokesman tells fox news the senator voluntarily provided documents that show their home i could let she had no involvement and we will follow both cases closely. states from coast-to-coast partially reopening but what will it take to get us back from business tell mike to business as usual and how long? we will talk to two doctors about that, how to reopen safely on the push for the vaccine. and, the highest court in wisconsin overturning the stay-at-home order and the governor calling it wild west. that's coming uppe next. [squawks]
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>> bill: more states now reopening parts of their economy has covid-1covid-19 cases contie in georgia. the governor says summer camps and public schools can reopen with restrictions. to do so, counties must show they have the virus under control. so far at least 43 states have partially reopened and we are watching that. president trump telling maria bartiromo from the fox business network that he hopes to have a vaccine by the end of this year. in a moment i will speak with dr. marc siegel about the importance of testing and the race to develop that vaccine. first i will bring in dr. marty makary. you had a piece in "the new york times," and here are your five major points. how do you reopen america safely? universal masking, spend more time outside, businesses must adapt, safeguard the nursing homes, that's critical, and
12:33 pm
protect those at high risk. you did not always feel this way, what changed? >> i called for a total lockdown like a lot of people in the medical profession and i think that was the right policy at the time. we didn't know what we were dealing with, and now we can learn from the data. we are learning several things about this virus and we can use that as we reopen. these measures right now are just too harsh. first of all, masks. i'm a surgeon and have worn a mask most of my adult life and i was skeptical but it turns out they work in several ways and they reduce contamination of services, droplet transmissions and it removes the stigma. it reminds you not to touch her face. the outdoors is safer than the indoors, a lot of businesses have that opportunity but some don't. for those that do they can maximize the outdoors. businesses can redesign. if you look at groceries, many grocery stores were able to function consistently throughout this pandemic and not be hot spots for an epidemic
12:34 pm
because they took many measures including distancing and incredible hygiene and other measures. nursing homes, too. they are high risk in new jersey, half of all deaths are in nursing homes and have to take care of those that are at risk. that's the most important thing. >> bill: i read your piece and it's very interesting at here is how you concluded. early on we did not quite know what we are dealing with but now that we have better information we should use a more surgical approach to fight the virus to minimize the damage. we know so much more than we did even a few months ago. my sense is if we get another round of this, we are much better prepared to. i right on that, or not? we had this coronavirus will be around for most of the cold season, let and we have influenza.
12:35 pm
our businesses can start to redesign no. >> bill: use of the key word it's awareness. here in new york you can't sneeze in a room with people looking at you, you literally have to get up and leave the room if you do that. that's a little of awareness we have reached as a country. we can reopen carefully and we can listen to the data and we can listen to things that are changes in our routines. the therapeutics are getting better but they will probably get better after the next seas season. we have to throw everything we cannot this. >> bill: doctor, thank you for coming in today. let me turn to dr. marc siegel. good afternoon to you as well. this struck me yesterday and we heard it this morning earlier from maria show on prop fox business with her interview with the president on the
12:36 pm
vaccine. watch. >> we are doing very well with the vaccine and i will tell you something, i just literally left the meeting and mobilizing our military and other forces but we are mobilizing our military on the basis that we do have a vaccine. it's a massive job to get this vaccine and our military is now being levelized. so at the end of the year we will be able to give it to a lot of people very rapidly. >> bill: i know a lot of people follow this as closely as you do. >> first of all, we don't know how long this is going to take. we have several vaccine manufacturers, we have a candidate from oxford and a candidate that fisa is involved with, we have moderna, and something that is new here is brand-new manufacturing will be going on with manufacturing. we are starting to see that several of them are safe, then
12:37 pm
we will the effective list. i think this is referring to, and this has been kind of is perceived, operation warp speed which you and i have talked about is a combination of health and human services and the department of defense. so mark esper is involved in this. the dod is already involved in this. normally we use the cdc for distribution of vaccines but now that the department of defense is involved, and i'm not sure that we will see that occur within a year. i've never seen in my public-health lifetime this kind of full-court press. >> bill: two more things on that. where do you think we stand as a nation today on that? >> we are not where we need to be but i want to point out a
12:38 pm
downside about testing which nobody is talking about, and i will go over that quickly. and that's about 70% accurate. there is something out there now called an antigen test, more faster and rapid testing. the key here, bill, is to test areas where there is a lot of virus. if i test you and you are in an area where i already know that your pretest probability is high and you are likely to have it than the results are more accurate. the more likely they accurate the tests are. i think that's a real game changer because as we figure out which antibodies are the most valuable antibodies, we are going to know them. you had it, you are over it and you can go back to work. that's one of the ways we can reopen to society as with accurate antibody testing and i
12:39 pm
think all of our health leaders know that. >> last point here. what do you think about the discussion i had with the doctor about how much more we know today than even two or three months ago? so if it does come back around to it, we are better equipped, what do you think about that? >> i think he's spot on about that and we just had gone over some of that. the testing we didn't have before, the vaccine we didn't have before. understanding the virus. one thing that may slightly differ is we don't know if we are getting a second wave. the southern hemisphere right now is quite quiet and that usually predicts what we see in the fall. i'm not saying we won't get a second wave, we might. that tends to happen with respiratory viruses. but australia is doing a tremendous job of controlling it. we may not get a second wave, we have to prepare for it but we may not get it. >> bill: thank you. here is the governor now in wisconsin. >> because of the court's decision, many more people could get sick and overwhelm our
12:40 pm
hospitals. but not if we stay the course and stay home. >> bill: that's wisconsin governor tony weaver is reacting to the supreme court's decision to strike down the stay-at-home order. that means many businesses can open up now. we've already seen people heading up the bars and restaurants. judge napolitano is here with us now, good to see you. what's interesting is you say this is a state issue and there is no higher appeal out of sight of medicine, the capital city. why? >> while the supreme court of wisconsin wrote this opinion exclusively on the basis of the wisconsin constitution and wisconsin laws. by doing that it insulated the outcome from review to the supreme court. the supreme court of the united states has ruled many times that a state supreme court has the final say on the meaning of a state constitution and state statutes.
12:41 pm
so this is it. the governors people know it's not even worth trying to file an appeal because the supreme court simply won't. >> bill: is wisconsin that exclusive or could you find this elsewhere? >> you could find this in almost any state in the union. it actually begin right here where i am in new jersey, the new jersey supreme court which had been repeatedly reversed by the u.s. supreme court for making rulings on federal issues and realize if it based its rulings on state issues, the u.s. supreme court would not get involved. the state supreme court ruled 4-3 upholding the authority of the governors locked on orders. same orders, different state constitution, different state statutes and different state supreme court. so you may have as these cases mature and get the states to supreme court, a variety of different rulings.
12:42 pm
unless they are based on several issues than the u.s. supreme court is not going to get that. >> "the federalist" and you, and the freedom lover in me loves the decision even more. this decision almost reads like a treatise on personal liberty and a free society. basically saying, the commissioner can help right tendencies, but only the legislature can do that. >> bill: thank you judge. andrew napolitano with us today. nice to see you sir, hopefully we will see you in person someday soon. republicans are planning and in person convention but the dnc says masks and probe protective equipment would be best used on the front lines.
12:43 pm
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>> that just shows you how serious flynn was and his conversation with the russian so republicans can try to use it to play political football, but in reality this is going to backfire. >> bill: that was the dnc communications director at xochitl hinojosa erecting live to our program yesterday. when breaking news said that joe biden was among those listed involved in the unmasking, michael flynn is with us today. thank you for coming back and good afternoon to you. you heard the comment about this backfiring on republicans, your reaction on that? >> i think this is such a travesty to see that the obama administration, not the intelligence community was
12:48 pm
involved in unmasking a u.s. citizen and we have now seen also the fbi working to entrap him, and people should not be using the administration or the government to go against that. the more and more re-uncover the more troubling this is. this is something that every american citizen should be concerned about and get to the bottom of it. >> bill: it when you say they should have looked further into it, what do you mean by that? >> i think the fact that you find the entrapment notes that you saw with the fbi, they were trying to get michael flynn to perjure himself. from the very beginning, from the dossier to the spying on the trump campaign to come up now we are seeing the unmasking driven by the administration, to the perjury for michael flynn, this is not a people's transfer of power, this is the exact opposite. the obama administration went out of their way to make sure that the trump administration had as a rocky of a start as possible and that's not what our
12:49 pm
government should be doing. >> bill: you've seen the list of names, robert ray was on here 30 minutes ago, what do you think of the list that you see here esther mcvey he suggested there was put in cooperatives. if so, who? >> it's more concerned to see the chief of staff for the president or the vice president, or samantha powers who repeatedly said she was not involved in any unmasking now reveals that she was, we have to understand how this happened. remember this is a u.s. citizen that is being unmasked not by the intelligence community but by the administration. it's highly unusual, it's inappropriate and we have to understand how and why this happened. i think joe biden has to answer a lot of questions about this. it shouldn't have happened to a four-star general. >> joe biden put out a statement today. these documents simply indicate the breadth and depth of the concern across the american government.
12:50 pm
what joe biden and xochitl hinojosa argued yesterday is that this is how intelligence works. if you get a nibble you have to explore and see what's happening on the other end of that. what do you think of that? >> i thought about this for a long time. when they initially thought that there were going to be infiltrators in the trump campaign, why didn't they sit down with candidate trump essay can we work with you? instead they tell us to spy. they didn't bring president kennedy and trump into the fold. it was the wrong thing to do. they did it for a dianne feinstein when they thought she might have an infiltrator and in her camp they brought her in and said we want you to know about this. look at the misery our country has gone through from those initial mistakes from the obama administration? and now we are seeing more and more being made. that hurt our democracy and carried this episode in our country for far too long.
12:51 pm
and it prevented the president from getting the people's transfer of power and being it as effective as we should have been. >> bill: democrats allege this is a distraction away from covid-19 and that's an argument that is out there. the other argument that is made here is about over the summer, is it real? will the rnc conduct its convention as of today as scheduled in august? >> we are planning our convention as scheduled, we are obviously looking for guidance from the mirror. we want to make sure we will renominate our president and we are excited to do it. >> so you are saying it's going to happen? >> right now, three months out,
12:52 pm
that's what we are planning. >> there is also an allegation that you are ordering ppe, and when that ppe should go to doctors and nurses, how do you respond to that charge? >> i think the dnc, they both went to the nancy pelosi school fearmongering. of course that's not the case, it's called planning ahead. just like the democrats are saying, that's how you mess up the iowa caucus and find who the winner is. they want them open for the voters to be based on the candidates. >> we will give you a fair shot today. rhonda mcdonnelronna mcdaniel t. in a moment, the rush to get a
12:53 pm
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[cheers and applause] >> bill: it never gets old. it's like christmas. that's how that man described leaving the hospital this week. he spent 50 days there battling covid. he's healthy, his own. he will never forget the workers who took care of him. well barbershops swamped with customers as some states allow them. they urge people not to cross state lines to get a trim. in indiana across from the
12:58 pm
illinois border, what's happening? >> it is certainly a much different experience getting your haircut these days. before you get even step through the front door at thessalonica that take your temperature, have you fill out a health questionnaire with questions like, do you have coronavirus symptoms or have you come in contact with someone who has no symptoms? everyone, customers and employees have to wear masks. this salon has been extremely busy, and they tell me that they are staying open 12 hours a day to try to deal with this influx of customers. >> we are pretty much booked until the beginning of june emma and then we were able to take appointments after that. but, for now, we're accommodating everybody that hasn't been to us for two months, our regular clients, absolutely. >> of course, their customers, this takes some getting used to, but they say it is worth going
12:59 pm
through all of these changes for a much needed haircut. >> i was so excited. i got up early. i was so excited to be able to come back in and have her cut my hair for me. >> meanwhile, the governor of illinois not far from here, a state that under a much stricter stay-at-home order because parts of it are considering hot spots. he's urging people not to come into indiana to get a haircut. this salons as they have received calls from people in illinois. right now, as you heard, they are dealing with their regulars first, so they are not able to accommodate them anyway. >> bill: give them our best. thank you, sir. the president continues his tour in allentown, pennsylvania. we are tracking that for you. the business there, 140 years old. they make medical equipment, and they will have a pep top and make sure that they give up the great work they've been doing for so long now. we are here monday through friday. set your dvr and never miss a
1:00 pm
report. you see the fed earlier today. he was talking on the market was reacting. we saw things go very south very quickly. but then here we are now. in this covid world. here is neil. >> neil: thank you, bill, very much. should you city walk before you can run? i'm talking about universal land of which is officially reopening as we speak. now, this is not the theme park universal. this is pretty much the restaurants and shops in and around it. as the slow unwinding out provisions begins. again, no rides, but plenty of good eats. they read right now following it all from miami. >> good afternoon, neil. as of this upcoming monday, the entire state of florida will be in reopening phase 1. that means retail, restaurants, salons,


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