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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 21, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> thursday may 21st. in hours the president will take the fight against covid-19 to michigan in the midst of an ongoing feud with a democrat governor is florida's republican governor blasts the media for pushing partisanship over success stories. >> we two weeks, florida is going to be next just like it legal way two weeks, we are eight weeks from that and it hasn't happened so - >> live with that in the new push from blue state business owners who say it is time to get back to work plus the ukraine scandal is back and doesn't look good for joe biden. >> investigation is launched overseas as the senate takes a major step in their probe of hunter biden's job and all that money. >> universal studios just pulled ahead in the race to reopen america's most popular theme parks. >> "fox and friends first"
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continues right now. >> welcome back, good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. >> thanks for getting up early with us today. the battle to reopen the us economy heating up as the president prepares to visit michigan. >> this is florida governor rhonda santos blasts the media for partisan coverage of florida's covid-19 recovery. >> reporter: great to see you. the stated purpose of the president's visit to michigan is to tour a ford plant that is manufacturing ventilators. he also indicated he may visit flood ravaged parts of the state provided he doesn't interfere with emergency efforts there but no doubt sure to come up is the president's threats withhold federal funding to the state
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over its plan to send applications to voters to vote by mail, the president tweeting in part this was done illegally and without authorization by a rogue secretary of state. more states in mississippi, ohio and west virginia ease even more restrictions to the governors in new york, new jersey and connecticut dealing with increasing anger over the lockdown orders. new jersey state police said they cited the owners of the famous patellas gym for the third time for violating an executive order and also public nuisance. this as new york governor andrew cuomo reacts to the president calling out the tri-state for its high number of infections. >> the reason new york and new jersey got hit, was nothing about new york and new jersey because by the time we closed the door on china the virus had left china and was already in europe. we have 3 million europeans land at jfk and newark airport in new york and new jersey. that is where the virus came from.
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>> reporter: perhaps the soundbite of the day came from ron desantis who lit up the media for his coverage of the virus. >> a lot of people in your profession who asked politically for weeks and weeks about how florida was going to be just like new york not only to have a lower death rate but we have way lower depths generally, we have a lower death rate, we succeeded and i think people just don't want to recognize it because it challenges their narrative, challenges their assumption so they got to try to find a bogeyman. >> one final note on the president's tour of the ford plant, that plant requires people to wear masks, no word on whether the president will bend that rule. he has not yet worn a mask. back to you. >> we will see, thanks. >> the senate approving a subpoena related to joe biden's
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son hunter's work in ukraine. >> griff jenkins has reaction from the vice president's campaign and also from lawmakers. >> the senate homeland security committee led by chairman ron johnson voting on party lines to authorize a subpoena in the work that hunter biden did for ukrainian national gas company burisma but democrats called it a political stunt. >> there are literally matters of life and death waiting for our committee's attention but instead this committee is doing the president's personal bidding. members of this committee, i urge you to vote against this political sideshow. >> the subpoena is part of wide-ranging investigations tied to the obama administration, this one for blue star strategy with ties to burisma were hunter biden was a member of the board, senator johnson was surprised democrats don't want to know
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more. >> democrats are objecting, maybe they are protesting too much which raises my suspicion level. what is to be found out in these documents. >> a spokesman for biden's campaign accused johnson of running a political errand, wasting time and attempting to resurrect a previously debunked smear against joe biden, this is ukraine's president is back in an investigation of leaks audiotapes reportedly detect fixing biden telling his predecessor that he would receive us aid once the top prosecutor was fired suggesting the conversation might amount to, quote, high treason. biden's campaign responded to the washington post who first reported on the recording saying they heavily edited this and it is still a nothingburger that landed with a third. biden has previously acknowledged the role in ousting the prosecutor, fox news is not
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confirming the authenticity of these recordings we just for that subpoena blue star strategy sent a letter to the committee saying it is their intention to cooperate. >> thanks for that update. >> now to a fox news alert three people hurt, one critically after gunman opens fired in arizona shopping center. >> police running, helicopters in the air, hiding in the back. >> mobile policewoman complex in just minutes from a gunman in custody, police say they are aware of social media videos that appear to show him opening fire inside, no word at this time on what the motive might have been. the fbi joining the search for missing teenager, 18-year-old madisonville's car was found in a parking lot of the church on sunday with keys and cell phone inside, she told her family she was going to runoff and do some tanning and come right back. local and state officials have been searching the area for what clues. her mother and boyfriend pleading for her safe return.
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>> please come home, i miss you. >> do what you can, do whatever you can to get away. >> just awful to see that. she was of her high school cheerleading team had just been excepted to ohio state university, very exciting time in life. jillian: michael cohen is set to be released from prison of the concerns over the covid-19 pandemic. donald trump's former lawyer will serve the remainder of his 3-year sentence at home. he was set to be released from the upstate new york prison, he is charged with tax fraud and lying to congress. the supreme court shooting down democrats request for documents in the mueller probe. they were seeking testimony and transcripts to see if there was influence over the prosecutions of donald trump's advisor roger stone at national security adviser michael flynn.
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this comes as part of the party's impeachment push into the president. the doj investigation into the origins of the russia probe is expected to wrap up this summer. rob: universal studios presenting reopening plans to an economic recovery task force. jillian: the first orlando theme parked introduce a proposal to reopen see world, disney world and see world said they would reopen a later date. rob: ron desantis says each themepark must include safety measures for visitors and employees in those proposals. jillian: a judge will decide whether the defiant barber who inspired the operation haircut protests can keep his doors open. rob: michigan's governor is the one out of order, he joins us live. robinhood believes now is the time to do money.
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>> i will continue. i have been denied my livelihood by this governor. this is not a free state. i refuse to live in a police state. i will not stand down. jillian: in just hours michigan barber who defied governor gretchen witmer's state of the -- stay home order. rob: it order will decide whether he has to shutdown his business indefinitely. jillian: good to see you. >> good morning, how are you? jillian: we are great. what are you expecting to happen? >> i'm not certain. i hope there's a certain amount of sanity that will prevail but so far we had this governor, nothing but trouble with her. the legislature told her she was
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not assigned this part of this position she has taken to shut us down for another 28 days starting may 1st. she has defied the order and as far as i am concerned i am opening up. i have a livelihood. i have a business i have to protect, clients relying on me. i am going to continue on. i'm not going to stand down. i am 77 years old. what are they going to give me? life? i could care less. rob: i love that, that is funny. let's talk about unemployment claims in michigan. it is a seriously, 1.3 million, is your position i assume that the destruction of the economy is a greater threat to this country than the virus itself. >> it was never proven to be more than a flu.
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less in some areas. the economy right now the talking point that the politicians have done, they have taken the statistics and skewed them to their own agenda. as far as i am concerned - rob: when you say it is not worse than the flu people get sensitive because there is a lot of information that says it is much contagious, spreads much faster. and what way do you say they are spinning the facts about this virus? >> the death rate has remained flat. in spite of the increase of the coronavirus the death rate has remained flat. jillian: let me ask you what your business means to you? >> my business is my livelihood, i have been doing this for 60 years. i have been a barber since 1961. right now as far as i am concerned i want to send a message to the other barbers, massage therapists to stand up,
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open up and show up. we need to get back to business. we need to get back to our lives. rob: your 77 years old, very vibrant 77-year-old but you are considered in the high risk for this virus but are being quite bold in dealing with it. why is that? >> what am i going to do live in fear all my life? i can't do that. i refuse to be sucked into the insanity of fearfulness that i recall when i was a kid we went through the poliovirus, a lot like this. people were insane, we saw kids in iron lungs, fear. i can't live in fear like that. i see people driving in their own cars with masculine and windows rolled up. that is insanity. i respect this virus only in the
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sense that it can kill people, but at the same time for the most part it hasn't. if we concentrated more on the recovery than the death rate we would have a heckuva bigger talking point. the death rate has been very low compared to the number of people who have gotten this in the recovery is very quick in some cases. >> everyone has different opinions in different circumstances surrounding this virus and we are here to share yours, we will keep an eye on your story and see what happens. 16 minutes after the hour. roads and homes underwater, failed damas forcing thousands into michigan shoulders, what a mess. janice dean is tracking the forecast for when the state will get the weather relief. >> how would you like to go
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rob: hundreds of homes will likely remain submerged for days at least, officials giving a warning after two different dams failed flooding neighborhoods. jillian: a home actually picked up by the floods and floating down the river. more than 10,000 people are displaced. >> they are hit with covid-19 and then we get the floods. where are the locusts? rob: that is something to hear and then we head west.
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in colorado, a land spout tornado is what this is called spotted near boulder. jillian: janice dean joins us with tornadoes expected across the plains. a lot happening across the country. >> janice: michigan received several inches of rain. a couple days dried out and as we get into the weekend more rain in the forecast. flooding is a huge concern across the mid-atlantic. we have a cutoff low assuring moisture from the atlantic in the gulf of mexico. tropical moisture is not a tropical system, it doesn't take a named storm to cause problems. we could receive a foot of snow, rain in these areas before all is said and done. friday and saturday it is still going to remain cloudy and
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rainy, flood watches in parts of the carolinas. in parts of the midwest including michigan, where the dams broke. forecast precipitation in the mid-atlantic, on top of what we received. he mentioned the severe threat. the high plains towards central plains with large hail, damaging wind and tornadoes. here is your forecast, watching the mid-atlantic, plane states and michigan as people are struggling to save their homes at this point. rob: why is that call a land spout tornado? difference from a regular tornado? >> janice: there are different names for the tornadoes
2:23 am
depending where they form. water spout is open water. they are called different things. rob: why am i calling this -- janice, good to see you. jillian: a pennsylvania company getting the green light to distribute flags for memorial day. hoping to fulfill the special mission after the governor granted flag waver amid covid-19. luis gonzalez joined us with the actor. >> memorial day is a day soldiers sacrificed their lives, but it means deeply in my heart to honor them.
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jillian: blue knights bringing 50,000 american flags to the department of veteran affairs. rob: homeless camps blocking small businesses as they try to reopen in portland, oregon, improvise shoulders lining city sidewalks. and vandalism offenses. unless they are physically blocking businesses entrance once they need a couple more feet. jillian: the world health organization reporting 106,000 new coronavirus cases worldwide. rob: a data leak reports more cases in china, more than previously thought. jillian: good morning, breakdown the numbers for us. >> a data leak from the chinese
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motor university indicates, 6000 total cases of covid-19. fox news is not independently confirm this information uncovered in foreign policy magazine. openings the report, 230 chinese cities were affected by the outbreak of coronavirus but they contain some inconsistencies. the new information outlined in the report is extremely specific providing gps coordinates of where conference coordinates took place across china. donald trump tweeted about the chinese saying china is on a massive disinformation campaign because they are desperate to have sleepy joe biden when the president or race, continued to rip off the united states as they had done for decades. president is correct beijing is spreading this information about the outbreak, there is no evidence persisting don't influence the 2020 presidential elections, continued pressure on china for accountability comes as the world health organization reported 106,000 new global cases of covid-19 yesterday
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alone, the biggest 1-day increase since the start of the pandemic. many countries are starting to reopen for business, this pandemic is nowhere close to finished according to those numbers from the who. we know more than 5 million people around the world have been infected with coronavirus. rob: governor cuomo no longer saying the buck stops here. >> donald trump's cdc guidance, nursing home cannot discriminate. >> the alarming number of nursing home deaths, a federal investigation. >> and they plan to battle it out, she joins us live next. they look the same. i've been spinning faster recently.
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jillian: we are back with fox news alert, calls ramping up for a federal investigation into the nursing home crisis during the covid-19 pandemic. rob: blue states are pretty shocking number of deaths. >> calls are growing for a federal investigation, the massive number of deaths in nursing homes in new york, pennsylvania and michigan. new york governor andrew cuomo shrugged off calls for the doj to open an investigation, 5000 deaths of elderly patients in nursing homes. he is only following guidelines from the trump administration and the cdc. >> why did the state do that with covid-19 patients nursing
2:31 am
home, the state followed donald trump's cdc guidance so they should ask donald trump. >> reporter: the cry for an investigation continue to grow, the scrutiny revolved around cuomo's march 20 fifth order requiring nursing homes to take in new patients infected with covid-19 and why the care facilities were requiring them to be tested for the illness prior to admission a readmission. governor cuomo blamed the white house, a shocking new government accountability office report reveals deficiencies in nursing homes were widespread before the outbreak. between 2013-2017, 82% of nursing homes infected had one or more deficiencies when it came to infection and prevention and control. about half were cited multiple years in a row. in the meantime governors of new jersey, pennsylvania and
2:32 am
michigan are under fire for the high number of deaths in nursing home in their states. all these governors make changes to the way elderly care facilities admit covid-19 patients. in new york patients can no longer be admitted unless they test negative for the violence -- virus. rob: the president raising concerns over mail in voting is michigan, texas and other states look to expand ballots. >> tremendous fraud involved and illegality. i send in ballots, forgeries, duplication and thousands of fake ballots. >> that is this the way of stealing the 2020 election. ms. harrington, good to see you this morning.
2:33 am
>> they are doing this, they might be afraid to go out in public, they have an option. >> donald trump, on guard against this, a nationwide push by democrats to get liberal election changes before the pandemic. just as states were reopening up, they must shutdown voting stations in november months from now, look at the game of it to nationalize that everybody has been alluding to. in most states this is illegal, go door to door, the real problem is democrats suing in court in 29 different states demanding that signatures aren't
2:34 am
checked and ballots are sent to in active voters, we are seeing devastating resolve in clark county, nevada where there are mountains of ballots piling up in apartment complexes, those who do -- moved away. they are fighting against it. >> michigan sends absentee ballot applications, 7 million people ahead of primaries and the general election. this was an illegally and without authorization by rogue secretary of state holding up function if they go down voter fraud path. absent voter replication, by both major parties for partisan organizations. just like the we have full authority to mail applications to make sure voters know they have the right to vote safely. what did they do wrong?
2:35 am
>> what is happening here, they mailed absentee applications but to people who already request one. the president is correct that there is no statutory authority to send them, massively expand mail in ballots. these ballots would be going to if you expand it to nationwide mail in voting which is what nancy policy wants to do to in active voters, dead voters, this is the key point, they don't want more voters, they want more ballots and that is the key difference and we will continue to uphold to protect the vote and fight for security measures because they are common sense and they can vote safely, grow our election security because democrats are trying to hold our health hostage. jillian: that is part of the problem when you talk about the fraudulent, you can have
2:36 am
ballots, where they moved away. that is the big worry right now. >> they want to cut verifications, states that have mail in voting are very limited, they clean up registration rolls and measure verification. this is the very thing they are suing to remove, can open the floodgates and look at clark county, nevada. you are seeing thousands of ballots from coastal workers who say these are no good. rob: thank you for your time, we appreciate it. jillian: planned parenthood pushing back and republicans demand to return $80 million to small businesses. why they say they are entitled to that taxpayer money.
2:37 am
rob: deep cuts to stay afloat during the pandemic. when you will start to see a lot less victoria's secret.
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rob: planned parenthood is defending its use of the ppp loan after republicans demand the abortion provider return the money thank it was meant for small businesses. the total of $80 million went to 37 different planned parenthood affiliates for federal-aid they claim they qualify for. a planned parenthood official saying the political attack has nothing to do with planned parenthood or healthcare organizations, eligibility for covid-19 relief effort and everything to do with the trumpet ministration using a public health crisis to advance a political agenda. jillian: a north dakota company has just been given a $1.3 billion contract to build the border wall in arizona, the biggest contract yet, no date on
2:41 am
when work will begin. the president has promised to build 450 miles of wall by the end of this year. you see less victoria's secret, hundreds of stores closing their doors. >> focus sony joins us as the pandemic takes its toll on the retailer. >> reporter: l brand and bath and body works reported after the bell yesterday, the decision to close 250 victoria's secret stores made after it was revealed total sales, 46% of the laundry company known for their models in the diamond broad you see on the runway, they will close 50 bath and body works, they plan to change the
2:42 am
standalone companies, competition for the american eagles brand which celebrates women of all shapes and sizes is one of the issues analysts mentioned is a problem in addition to closing their stores in march due to the coronavirus pandemic. >> another airline says they are not going to fill the milk pizza for now. >> jetblue announced they will block middle seats through july 6th unless passengers are traveling to gather. the middle seats will be blocked on the airlines airbus aircraft and i'll seats will be blocked on the 190 aircraft. on the heels of united airlines announcing new safety measures for its plane in partnership with clorox, you will see sneeze guard and check in counters, facemasks, carly brought you the
2:43 am
story of that picture from the united plane that got so much heat on social media. look like they were listening. >> the head of the va focusing on fact over fear. >> the permit of defense that va have been using it for 65 years. on any given day va uses 42,000 doses of this drug. >> the va standing by its decision to give veterans with coronavirus the right to try an experimental treatment. robert wilkie joins us to respond to the critics. >> let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> nice to see you. coming up on "fox and friends" we will hear from senator tom cotton and rick scott. we have judge andrew napolitano who will discuss a brand-new
2:44 am
powerful op-ed questioning what if the government has gotten it wrong when it comes to the pandemic. of you been thinking about that? as hundreds of doctors warn of health risks of not reopening the country. we will get reaction from doctor mark siegel and talk to a new jersey nail salon owner who is suing new jersey's governor over the shutdown. here why she says the lockdowns are unconstitutional. we will hear a lot of that. this weekend memorial day weekend, forced to adapt to me coronavirus restrictions, we will talk to the usaa about how they are planning to move forward with the poppy wall of honor this year. we have the 3 hours kicking off 15 minutes from now on the channel you trust in two minutes. "the return of drifting"
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>> the trump administration defending the use of the anti-malaria drug hydroxy chloroquine. >> it has been in use for 65 years for lupus, arthritis and malaria, has a good safety profile. this president is a big believer, right to try legislation. >> veterans affairs secretary wilkie said they will continue to offer medication to covid-19 patients despite the criticism, thanks for coming on, we appreciate it, the media has been on the story, pointing to
2:49 am
studies that say it is unproven against covid-19 and it could kill you. what is your response to that? >> i echo what the president said. it is more aimed at donald trump than it is against the science because as we speak anthony fauci and his institute are conducting detailed clinical trials and i would underline the fact that it is the 120 eighth most used drug in this country and we have seen it work in many settings across america and our goal is to do everything we can to preserve and prolong life, that wasn't the va study the press has been touting, that was something researchers took and used va numbers, to look at the underlying medical conditions and misrepresented what was going on. we used it with veterans in the
2:50 am
last hours of life in the hopes of prolonging that life and we will continue to do that under fda guidelines that we have been following religiously. >> so people are clear, that study is being broadcast all over different networks and online and stating it is a va study that there are more deaths among those given hydroxy chloroquine versus standard care, you say that was not a study, that you had nothing to do with that. >> it was not clinically reviewed, it was gone over by three ophthalmologists. i like ophthalmology but i will not turn to ophthalmologists to review studies on infectious disease. this was more aimed at taking a hit at the president then it was science. >> is the president's doctor. a lot of people think the president pulled this out from under the sink and started
2:51 am
taking it. after numerous discussions regarding the evidence for and against the use of hydroxy chloroquine, the potential benefit outweigh the relative risks, shouldn't it end there? the doctor that works on the president is probably very confident and he says it is okay. >> we are not going to take risks with the life of the president of the united states and the president has been clear to do everything we can. the congress passed right to try legislation to give americans a choice when it comes to critical stages in their lives that they can use for the first time, experimental drugs, drug that has been proven for 65 years. we started using this in the military in 1955. everyone who has served in the military since the eisenhower
2:52 am
administration has taken this regularly. we know it side effects, we know what it does and if we can offer hope to people we will continue to do that. what the press is not reporting, we use it under strict fda guidelines, we follow that, we follow cdc guidelines and we are very comfortable in using this. anthony fauci and his institute are doing comprehensive studies on hydroxy chloroquine and we look at that when the study is finished. jillian: you have people who are asking to try this drug. >> absolutely. people need hope. we are not putting anyone in danger. what that so-called study didn't mention is these were veterans in the last hours of life, their doctors felt we should try this and consulted with families and the so-called study did not even
2:53 am
look at underlying comorbidities, people who had cancer, heart disease or diabetes. if you don't take a comprehensive look at the entire patient, the holistic view of that patient the study is not worth much. rob: interesting stuff. it is memorial day weekend coming up. big weekend for the va. what is your message the country? >> our va cemeteries have been open since the epidemic started. we just released a statement with the boy scouts, joined statement, the boy scouts are with us in honoring the 1 million americans who died in uniform. we will do it virtually. our flags will be out in all our cemeteries, we have an avenue of flags, employs will pay flags on all the grades in our cemeteries.
2:54 am
this is a solid day when we honor those who have given everything to make us free and we look forward to celebrating that and we look forward next year to getting boy scouts back in masks in our cemeteries to plant those flags themselves. jillian: thank you for your time, appreciate it. rob: we will be right back. tempur-pedic's mission is to give you truly transformative sleep. so, no more tossing and turning. because only tempur-pedic adapts and responds to your body... you get deep, uninterrupted sleep. . .
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rob: welcome back the war of words on capitol hill. nancy pelosi doubling down on the president. >> it's like a child that comes in with mud on their pants. comes in with doggy do on his shoes. jillian: carley shimkus here with reaction. carley: good morning jillian and rob. the house speaker firing on all cylinders yesterday accusing the president of failing to tell the truth and suggesting that he and anyone associated with him is soiled with doggy doo this after pelosi referred to the president as morbidly obese earlier this week to which the president responded calling her a sick woman. conservatives on social media slamming pelosi's ramped up rhetoric. one twitter user so unprofessional. this is what passes for political discourse. the republic deserves better. what are a speaker of the house
2:59 am
in the united states third in line to the presidency the house speaker's supporters have a different reaction considering the president is known to take his own cheap shots. jillian: mark cuban on the return to basketball. listen to. when we get to where we can have fans we can quarantine group people together. carley: mark cuban was on hannity last night and laid out pretty interesting ways to get nba fans back in the stands. if you are a family or couple, no need to social distance. put those people together. he also suggested playing outdoors which would be a pretty interesting experience for tv. the nba reportedly considering resuming the season in disney world where all teams would play. so if you win that game, you don't even have to say i'm going to disney world because you are already there, guys. carley: playing outside is
3:00 am
interesting. carley: i agree kind of cool. rob: carley, appreciate it. the president heading to michigan today going to tour that plant, ford motor company, i believe. jillian: absolutely. we will have it for you. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day, everyone. ♪ brian: all right. here we go. the battle to reopen the u.s. economy is heating up as president trump prepares to visit michigan today. he is expected to tour a ford plant, which has been manufacturing ventilators brilliantly as is g.m. and may also visit flood ravaged parts of the state. steve: that's right. is he headed to ypsilanti michigan. back to work for more americans. let's take a look. in the state of mississippi casinos are now permitted to reopen. now, let's go to ohio where outside dining is now allowed along with camping. plus, a major transition in the state of west virginia. officials easing restrictions on retail, indoor dining and even tanning salons if you feel


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