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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 25, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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experiences and repeat their sacrifice. >> laura: afterwords after a very difficult time for our nation. thanks for watching the special edition of "the ingraham angle." good night. ♪ >> hello, welcome to "hannity" "hannity" -- "fox news @ night." i am in for shannon bream. this is fox news alert. late breaking news the vexing in front. nova backs the first human study of the experimental coronavirus vaccine making it one of at least ten shots now being tested globally for covid-19. get this, it produces up to 100 million doses this year and potentially more than 1 billion in 2021. we'll discuss what this
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breaking news means medically and economically in a moment. also bacon tonight, new york's democratic governor joining the criticism of the national medical experts print he says that they got it all wrong. and as he goes after the experts, he is getting accused of trying to shift blame for the thousands of deaths in nursing homes that came at his watch. we will debate. we hear from two veterans, congressman brian matz, and john hill jones as we look at a memorial day marked by acts of patriotism, protest for freedom, and expressions of frustration with the nationwide lockdown. first, let's get the latest from the white house correspondent kevin corke on a new travel ban put in place by the president. good evening. speak of the white house says that new restrictions that you just mentioned will help ensure the nationals from brazil's don't do bring new infections into the u.s. but they say that this will not apply to the flow of commerce between the two countries. the restrictions on travel were announced after the country became the number two coronavirus hot spot.
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advancing by two days the original announcement on sunday, which said the restrictions would go into effect may 28th. for context, brazil mentions second only to the u.s. with the highest number of coronavirus cases. reporting 374,000 infections over 23,000 deaths according to johns hopkins. brazil's president continues to protest social distancing measures. recommended by medical experts in his country. he is also questioning the wisdom of locally led lockdowns. you saw him eating part hot dogs and posing for pictures. in the states, national security adviser ryan o'brien says the new measures are needed to protect americans, and the hopes that they will only be tempora temporary. as for the white house, kayleigh mcenany said this in a statement. today's action will ensure foreign nationals who have been in brazil do not become a source of additional infections in the
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country. the new restrictions do not apply to the flow of commerce. between the united states and brazil. very important to note that. in the meantime, the trump administration is promising to buy 100 million testing swabs and files by the end of the year. they said that they are going to distribute them to states as part of the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic. very important. that is according to an a one page report to congress called the covid-19 strategic testing plan. each state is expected to report to the foreign government, and no surprise it was dismissed by democrats who accuse the administration of painting too rosy a picture with response to testing. as for the president, he spent less memorial day remembering the sacrifice made by the very many who follow in service of our country. he also online shot down the notion that he is looking to move the rnc's convention from north carolina this summer, but you may have heard this.
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vice president mike pence did acknowledge that the state's democratic governor, north carolina won't let them have the convention. they will have other states including texas and georgia. we will see if the tar heel state can hang on. we expect to hear it about tomorrow, we will keep you posted, mike. for now back to you. >> mike: kevin leading us all, thank you. as americans close out marking a solemn memorial day, we are nearing 100,000 fatalities attributed to the virus. that is much higher than them moving targets of the earlier projected u.s. deaths which were 60,000 too much higher. >> we talked about 1.2 million, 2.4 million. and 100,000 or 240,000 so coming to the aggressive virus. those are the figures that we continue to stand by in this first wave. and really understanding how to
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prevent future hospitalization and future deaths. that's really what we are focused on every day. >> mike: fox news alert, fresh hope in the race for a covid-19 vaccine tonight. maryland-based biotech company novavax announced it is starting the first phase of human trials on volunteers in australia. this study is intended to gleam the safety of the experimental vaccine. and evaluate early signs of its effectiveness. >> we will expect to see the results in july. once we see that result, we will pivot directly into phase two trial. this is a phase 1/2 trial, which means that we have a lot of preparatory work for moving into the next stage of testing. >> mike: on this good news, features up across the board, including the 300-point jump for the dow jones. let's break it down with the economical and medical repercussions tonight with fox news contributor dr. jeanette to make sure up trump economics cowriter, great
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to be with you both. let's get to it, your thoughts on novavax, does it feel like the pharmaceutical industry is making progress? >> yes, absolutely. this is excellent news. this is now 1 of 10 vaccines to enter human trials. there's about 100 and development, but only a handful will make it to the finish line. we need to vaccine on the market, because we don't know what will work in the end. so a step in the right direction towards herd immunity. there is going to be about 130 patience to enter this trial and by july will see if there are positive results as they enter into phase 2 coming you need phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, we need it for safety, and immune -- if it will work. seeing the manufacturing of undergoing testing. it's part of warp speed. but definitely a step in the right direction. and hopefully it will help us reopen the community and restore
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our economy and save lives, ultimately. >> mike: steve, your thoughts, does all of the research instill confidence in the market in the economy? >> the doctor is certainly right if the vaccine is effective and we get it on the market, it is a total game changer economically. instead of having, right now we have about 26, 27 states that are open but still half of the states have various restrictions and business closures, so this would be just a glorious thing for the country to see. but even independent of place potential vaccine, the good news is we are seeing day after day, more and more states opening up or did they tend to be the more red republican states, but it's putting a lot of pressure on blue states. i was in chicago take day -- today, there was a big protest outside of buckingham palace in chicago trying to get the states to open up. if that happens, you know, i think that there is a light at
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the end of the tunnel economically. >> mike: andrew cuomo took a swipe at the medical experts. >> i am out of that business, because we all failed at that business, right? all of the early national experts, here's my project to model. here is my projection model. they were all wrong. they were all wrong. >> mike: doctor, is this criticism fair? >> you know, i don't think so. it's not that the experts were wrong, or the models were wrong. we had little data. remember, china was not transparent. china was not honest. china did not give us any information until this day they have not provided us any information. it was the italians that gave us information that we needed. you know, to see where we are. but the bottom line is, mike, that this virus as it traverses the globe and geographically makes its rounds from east asia to the united states, now to brazil. the bottom line is that we need
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to continue to initiate and proceed with social distancing. hand washing, wearing the mask, contact tracing. testing and things, that's the bottom line and what we need to be focused on. not crying over spilt milk. everyone is in this together. we should not be throwing her hands up. as a governor, we are -- and medical doctor, we are all responsible and need to take part in what is going on in our state and community. >> mike: from salon icu mara silverberg writes don't blame the models, it's only as good as the information fed. and don't let the conscious turn your off. it's because different models could be based on different assumptions and are b, taken into account the current, present, and future. steve, your thoughts. >> i'm not going to be as charitable as the doctor is about this. we made multitrillion, trillion dollar decisions based on very faulty science over the last six or eight weeks.
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and books will be written about the incredibly bad science that has been applied here. it is true this was a virus that we did not know a lot about. but this lockdown of our economy has done a very substantial damage to americans. millions of americans, tens of millions have lost their jobs. millions losing their businesses. and the thing that i find troubling here is they keep saying, follow the science. you have to follow science. and the science keeps changing. one day the cd says you can get coronavirus from touching something on the surface. in the next day they say it isn't. one day they say you should wear a mask, the next day, maybe not. now they say it probably is. people are getting very confused, mike. and i do think the medical community has some answering to do about why they did not get this more right in the first place. >> mike: steve moore, doctor, thank you for your time. have a great evening. memorial day weekend is the
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unofficial start of summer and for many people coast-to-coast that meant returning to the beach for the first time since the pandemic hit, senior correspondent rick leventhal has the latest tonight. hey, rick. >> for a lot of folks this was the first taste of how things used to be. backyard barbecues, trips to the beach, even a meal inside a restaurant. but in this new normal, nothing including memorial day is quite the same. ♪ this may be the most famous pool party in america, because people on the lake of the ozarks missouri acted like they use to. not worried about wearing masks or getting too close to each other. it happened in daytona beach too on this memorial day weekend like no other. >> shut down east bound. >> with all the focus on social distancing or the lack of it. to >> this type of behavior is unacceptable, we don't want people disrupting the city. i am not the social distancing police, that's not my job. we want to ask them to disperse. >> everybody is just -- i don't
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really think that people care about the quarantine. >> mild weather in the northeast kept crowds smaller at the show sure. the new york state still found reason to clear some kids off the sand. >> i don't want to get people sick or get sick myself. but i feel like if we are outside, just trying to have a nice day, we are allowed t to do that. >> sunshine states, not packed like a typical weekend coming in more cautious than usual. >> people are looking to see where they are going to put their beach chairs or their beach towels, and today are just being mindful coming even when you are walking. if they see that you're coming towards them, they will move aside. >> for many americans this was the first chance to eat out in months. with many states allowing 50% capacity. >> this past week on memorial day is usually a fantastic weekend for us. but we were up now against last year sales, almost 14%. so good news. it has been a challenge, but we are happy to have folks back in
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our dining room. >> but many cemeteries and war memorials were still close today. forcing the cancellation of countless harmonious honoring their heroes which is the true reason for this holiday. >> mike: no doubt about it, rick leventhal, thanks a lot. attorneys representing some california churches who want to reopen are still challenging democratic governor gavin newsom. to the governor just allowed churches to reopen with limits on attendance, but the attorney say that the new rules limiting attendance to 100 people are still too restrictive. as some churches to thousands of worshipers. a deeper look at how the pandemic is still dividing americans this memorial day. the power panel here to wait and next. ♪ ♪ when you're ready, where will you go? your happy places? wide-open spaces?
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>> mike: the nation was deprived of stud traditional parades we see on memorial day, that does not mean that the american spirit has been dimini. garrett tenney takes a look at how folks went on memorializing our fallen heroes. good evening, garrett. >> ceremonies and parades to honor the fallen heroes were canceled due to the pandemic, and those that weren't went a lot different. president trump saluted a wreath that was already in place at the tomb and the unknown soldier. the cemetery which typically hosts thousands of people on memorial day was closed to everyone but family members with special passes. the president and first lady attended a ceremony at baltimore sport mckendree where he paid tribute to the men and women in uniform that made the ultimate sacrifice. >> we think of the soldiers who
8:19 pm
spend their final heroic moments on distant battlefields to keep us safe at home. ♪ >> with large gathering still banned due to the coronavirus, a lot of commemorations moved online including the united states navy ban which went for a virtual ceremony in new york. 18 historic warplanes in formation for a 90-minutes memorial day salute to soldiers who laid down their lives and health care workers who are on the front line of today's war against covid-19. the protesters took to the streets as well from new jersey to north carolina and chicago, calling on officials to reopen immediately. >> this is exactly what our forefathers meant for us to deal, which is the right to assemble, the right to free speech. to express the grievance of governance that you here today.
8:20 pm
>> lori lightfoot is praising police for breaking up as they refuse social distancing guidelines. >> mike: garrett tenney, thank you very much. on this memorial day unlike any other, it's probably best to let a few veterans put things in their proper context. >> enjoy your time with your family at home, because others put down their lives so that you can enjoy the liberties and rights that we have in the united states of america. >> i believe rain or shine, the virus and anything can keep this beautiful country down prey to speak divisions in our country, the hope is that we would get back together as we did after those divided times. and find a common thread that holds us altogether. particularly as we face the threat of this virus. >> mike: here with johnny joey jones coming under a republican congressman from florida, biomass, great to have you.
8:21 pm
>> good evening. congressman, the describes have do memorial day services this way, commemorations canceled or toned down across the country. veterans along with nursing home residents making up a significant portion of those who died in the u.s. outbreak. the smaller more subdued, okay this one time? >> it is something that happened. in many cases it was overdone. i will give you an example from my day today, i was speaking at the south florida national cemetery. nobody was invited, but as i was leaving, there were a group of about 20 veterans, remember, they had gone 20 miles to go to the veterans cemetery to pay respects, and they weren't allowed in the cemetery. it was amazing. it was appalling. i cannot believe what i was seeing and ultimately we were able to change course and make sure that everybody got in the there. but that is overdoing it. veterans need to have access to veterans cemetery spread we could go on and on about this.
8:22 pm
>> mike: what are your thoughts on what we have seen regarding memorial day? >> yeah, you know, the congressman and i have recovered together. i've seen him do many things. i agree with him 100% on this. i don't understand how in 2000 -- 2014 i believe it was, and how to walk through a line of westborough church members saying that soldiers. and i had to walk through that to visit a friend, actually a lot of friends, but i could not go to arlington today. that does not quite meet up for me. i understand the fear of the virus, but some things in life are worth taking a risk for. and i think nothing like going to work for your country or coming home and honoring those men and women who did not make it back. so i think that some things are sacred. i believe in this country and i believe in people's ability to do things safely and correctly. i was really disappointed to know that some of the cemeteries
8:23 pm
and memorials were closed. >> mike: they said "we got slammed." disney is close. universal is closed. so where did everybody come with the first warm day with 50% opening? everybody came to the beach. is that a logical response after being quarantined for months, congressman? >> i think it goes and shows you the double standard and the hypocrisy that goes on where folks can impact the grocery stores, packed the big box stores. pack the beaches, but again, going back to what we were just talking about, we can't go out there and assemble in a veterans cemetery and pay respect to those that sacrificed for this country with everything that god sent them into this world, and look at their life and do what we were meant to do, which is remember on veterans day. that's on memorial day. remember those men and women that died for our country. remember what it is that they fought forward to defend, and then probably most importantly
8:24 pm
going forward when you reflect on that, remember what they would want to see out of our life moving forward. what would be the request? to not allow that to occur in the face of coronavirus when it is probably a more important time ever and to do that, that is a big miss. >> mike: on writing "while the memorial day will differ from memorial day as years passed, i'm confident that the essence of the day gratitude will remain front and center for americans across the country." johnny joey, is that the important thing if a lot of the annual memorial day commemorations were scaled down? >> the thing about memorial day is that i kind of get this pit in my stomach every year, because it is an important day to me. and they know all about that on my arm and three others that were tattooed on my other arm. and they are the men that i honor every year. but they are there to let me know that americans don't
8:25 pm
understand. they just won a free vacation. that could be true. but i don't like the narrative, because i don't know one man buried in the ground in arlington or anywhere else that will want us being sad. but what is important is that we connect and sacrifice to freedoms to say thank you and remember. so the country is very special and what we get to do. we are coming out about two months of not being able to do much of any of it. and if we can at least take the unique opportunity to say, wow, that's what they died and fought for was the self-determination every single day. if we can do that, i don't care about your heart, your head, your home, or on a gravesite, do that and he will honor the men and women and we will get through the memorial data right way. >> mike: general gentlemen, i want to thank you for your service and analysis tonight. >> thank you. >> god bless. >> mike: joe biden facing backlash over his appearance was charlemagne the guy next.
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♪ >> mike: joe biden taking a pause from his war of words with the president to observe memorial day by placing a wreath near his delaware home. it was the presumptive democratic nominee is first in person appearance and more than two months. correspondent jacqui heinrich has the latest tonight. evening, jackie. >> good evening, mike. it is the latest exchange in a presidential purity test amounting to be who did the job better. >> president trump had a big problem with president obama hitting the links during the oboe ola pandemic six years ago. >> when you are president coming a sort of say i'm going to give it up for a couple of years and i will really focus on the job. there are times to play and there are times that you can play. and it sends the wrong signal. >> after three months off the green dealing with the coronavirus pandemic,
8:31 pm
president trump spent memorial day weekend at his virginia golf club. and the obama vp was not going to give them a pass credit showing coronavirus patients on stretchers, trump the whole thing and the death toll pit he fired back saying "he was getting exercise and obama was always playing golf." during much of his traveling and a few >> mike: 747 to hawaii, once even teeing off after announcing that a gruesome death of a great young man by isis. the exchange may represent a move from biden to use trumps techniques against him. as he did on the coronavirus response. whether he is gaining any traction is another problem. >> you have a problem figuring out if you are for me or trump, you ain't black. >> followed him through the weekend. and he criticized the very voters who propelled him to the position of likely nominee. radio host charlemagne the god said it is time that democrats show up for black people in the best apology as a black agenda.
8:32 pm
that me and saying no to amy klobuchar for vp. >> on the possible russian interference, you have to worry about depression, and that's people staying home on election day because they are not enthused by the candidate. >> in the meantime, tara reade getting support from omar who supports her. they are drying up quite a bit of attention, favorable and unfavorable to her claim. as defense attorneys in california review her work as an expert witness and domestic violence cases and her attorney just dropped her representing in the biden case. >> mike: jacqui heinrich live in new york city, thanks a lot. law enforcement officers and three states are spending their memorial day on the hunt for a ruthless killer. here's correspondent al tobin. >> college student on the run. 23-year-old peter is accused of
8:33 pm
two brutal murders, stealing guns and grand theft auto. the fbi joining the case as law enforcement tackled how to track someone during covid-19. >> people start wearing masks, it's much different for us. it's harder to identify people wearing masks. it's possible that facial recognition will not allow. >> they do not approach, armed and dangerous, and starting in an etiquette friday morning. accused of stabbing two men and killing one of them. a62-year-old, holding another man prisoner and stealing foods, his guns, and a truck before ditching the hostage and that truck in derby, connecticut, where officers discovered a 23-year-old acquaintance killed in a home. sending shock waves through neighborhoods as the suspect moved on. >> they just started screaming and screaming. i was thinking oh, my god, what is happening, what is going on? >> scary. 90, 100 feet in your back yard somebody is getting killed.
8:34 pm
>> more than 140 miles away from the connecticut crime scene, police found a second stolen vehicle at the border of new jersey and pennsylvania. the suspect is a 2015 graduate of newtown high school. a current skin years studying finance and mechanical engineering at the university of connecticut. he has not been living on campus. and advocate up against gun violence, now he is armed and at large. >> last seen in east stroudsburg pennsylvania as the case moves to separate states. and working with the fbi to track him, they reminded the public not to contact the suspect, but instead to call police. >> mike: alex, thank you very much. new york city firefighters have a message for bill de blasio, that is next. but first, where in the world? italy suffering greatly from coronavirus but it appears that things are starting to get back to normal. allowed back into indoor swimming pools and gyms today is the government continues to lift restrictions as part of the phase two handling of the
8:35 pm
coronavirus. over the past few weeks stores, museums, coffees, bars, restaurants, and more, the faithful can attend religious -- religious celebrations and as of monday, athletes can go to the . similar story in spain where restaurants are reopening and patients can enjoy one of spain's signature dishes paella. they have been allowed to resume in barcelona, and people are now allowed to gather albeit in limited numbers. a surprised announcement, spain correcting its official death toll from covid-19 saying that almost 2,000 fewer people than previously thought had died from the virus. meanwhile, saudi arabia using covid-19 measures by reopening mosques in june except a mecca. and china warning that it will take counter measures if the united states undermines its interest regarding hong kong. national security advisor says that the security law for
8:36 pm
hong kong could lead to u.s. sanctions. whether you need dinner for two.
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♪ >> mike: treasury secretary steve mnuchin says that there is need to do another coronavirus bill to bolster the economy and the upcoming months. weary of passing another multitrillion dollar bill to combat the economic fallout do to coronavirus. now discussing revisions already approved. my colleague chad program is tracking all of it on capitol hill. >> there is one thing congressional republicans agree on. no more massive bills. lawmakers are rattled about a crater in the economy. rather than passing another big bill, the aim to tweak what would they have already approved. republican louisiana senator john kennedy wants to give states more flexibility by reprogramming some coronavirus aid. speak with the advantage of my bill is that it would not cost any money. the disadvantage is some of my
8:41 pm
colleagues think that it will bail out the so-called mismanaged states. to >> republican florida senator rick scott worries about states like california. >> you figure how to benefit undocumented -- and $1 million to planned parenthood. every day we continue to show that if we bail out the states, this is what we are paying for. >> nancy pelosi recently ran through the costliest bill in history on a near party line vote. but now employing a new strategy, the houseboat soon on a g.o.p. plan to extend the deadline for small business loan forgiveness from two months to six months. small businesses can use more federal dollars on utilities, just not on wages. >> this has an urgency about it. >> republican texas democrat wrote the new bill coming he says that congress rushed to get assistance in place. >> it is always appropriate, the legislative process to retool. >> the pushes for lawmakers to
8:42 pm
save money by defining the previous four coronavirus bills. >> many of us, democrats and republicans believe that we should identify common ground areas in which we agree and move forward. not get bogged down with massive packages. >> other changes including a possible extension of unemployment benefits. and restriction if you are off the job, you can't receive more unemployment than you would if you were working. mike. >> mike: chad, thank you very much. officials and some of the big cities and states in the country facing huge mounting debt. pushing for in an enormous new relief package from congress arguing that the jobs of the first responders would likely be the first ones to go. let's talk about some of the language being used with the president of the new york city fire department's largest union. great to have you, sir. >> my pleasure, thank you for having me. >> mike: here is bill de blasio issuing this warning.
8:43 pm
>> we need to get to mass stimulus done so that people don't have to experience furloughs and layoffs. if it does not happen, that we are missing $7.4 billion in revenue, then all options are on the table. >> mike: gerard, how do you respond? >> i respond, again, he has been saying this for weeks. i'm not happy about it. none of my members are happy about it. the nypd, the ems, i feel that safety has become secondary to progressive agendas or programs. there are plenty of places that money could be cut right now and saved instead of waiting or baking for another stimulus to bailout new york city. i understand that they need money, but safety should be paramount. and that's where we are at. i think that he is playing politics with us and he is using us as political pawns, and i can't have that. that's why i am fighting. >> mike: kevin hassett says it
8:44 pm
is time for state and local governments to get real. >> i think that a lot of the state request for state and local bailouts that you are seeing out there up on the hill are like radically, radically more money than the expected shortfall for the area. so i think that we are analyzing the numbers right now and the requests are kind of absurd. >> mike: do you worried the governor asking for more bailouts could hurt emergency funding for covid-19? >> yeah, i do. covid-19 is very serious. it has been a tremendous impact on everybody. when we come out of this, safety has to be the utmost important. so cutting firefighters, cutting police, cutting the emts is a bad idea. there are plenty of places that they can go and save money with covid-19, i know that it is expensive. and it will continue to be
8:45 pm
expensive until we kick it's a ass. but right now we are aware it we are. >> mike: a lot of folks not involved in politics say why would they threaten the firefighter or police jobs but not some paper pusher at a desk? >> they are looking for the reaction. they are using us as political pawns. i think it is disgusting. i really do. there is no reason for it. you know? he said that it would be the last thing that they would do, but it is the first thing that he says in every interview that he has had since the first time he has mentioned it. i'm tired of hearing it. i wish she would stop. but he is not going to stop. he is asking for a belief a lot more money than he needs and he is hoping that the government will give him what he does think he needs, but stop playing politics with the lives of new york city residents, stop playing politics with the jobs of first responders. >> mike: the folks at d.c. 37 37
8:46 pm
representing municipal workers saying that they expect a 3% pay increase starting in june. is that realistic for them? >> they did sign a contract, i did not, i held off, so i mean, they should get the raise, i don't know if they will put a freeze on it. that's something that has been talked about, but they did sign a contract, it goes back and this money supposedly has been budgeted already, but i don't know what they are going to do with that. >> mike: gerard fitzgerald, thank you so much, have a good night. >> thank you for having me. stay safe. >> mike: we hear from the top military officer, my exclusive sit down with the joint chief of staff chairman up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ engines revving ]
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>> nowadays, many kids might not think of this. and they need to realize what these men gave to us and how they sacrifice for their country. >> mike: that young man a 13-year-old boy scout playing taps outside the paramus jersey veterans home every night since april 8th. more than 100 veterans have died at that facility i omitted the pandemic. and he joined the elks lodge for planting a flag there on the
8:51 pm
front lawn of the home. tonight as we honor the nations were dead, we hear from the top military officer. general mark milley is chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. ♪ >> on this memorial day, american stop to remember the fallen heroes, the flags, the prayers, the tears for those who did not make it home. it is also general mark milley's first as the chairman of the joint chief of staff. >> it's a moment of reflection. it's a moment of remembering what this is all about. and that while decisions are made here in the national capital on issues of war and peace and to commit troops into harm's way, we should always remember that every single one of those at the end of it is a
8:52 pm
young man or woman who is putting their life at risk for 300 plus million americans to enjoy our freedoms every single day. memorial day for me personally as a day of reflection on the duties and responsibilities of my position, but also to honor those who have given their lives in combat. >> i know your parents serve the country during the greatest generation. and great respect. but what about this generation of warriors? a particularly heavy lift over the last 20 years. and they have answered the call. >> it has. it is a remarkable generation. every single man and woman that has come into our service and has donned the uniform knew that today were coming in at a time of war. and they have been incredibly resilient. they are incredibly a great group of people. we are proud of every single one of them pretty and many have given their lives, over 7,000 have given their lives since 9/11 and the defense of freedom. >> and for the families of the fallen...
8:53 pm
>> we can honor them not only today on memorial day, for those families come every day is memorial day. >> going out, the soldiers from the team -- >> 15 years ago the fox news team embedded with the tenth mountain division unit commanded by colonel mark milley. lasting memories with him and his soldiers paying their respects to two up there falling. and recognizing they needed to return to the fight. >> you have to focus on the mission and the task at hand while remembering those who have fallen and honoring their sacrifice. you have to do both. it is extraordinarily difficult. and it is difficult on all the troops. it's difficult on the leaders. but it is required. you have to do it. any witness on personally with us in the streets of baghdad. and i appreciate you being with us. it is hard. it's tough. and you have to drive on. >> mike>> mike: for chairman mi, memorial day is very personal after units in afghanistan and
8:54 pm
iraq. >> you are responsible for the troops that are with you. and how you reflect often every day on those that served under me and did not come home. i've 242 that served directly under my command that were killed in action. >> mike: for their spouses, kids, do you have a message today? >> i kept in touch with many and presided over their funerals, and have had an opportunity to talk to the families, many of them since. and the question that i always ask myself, the question that only, only you can answer in the middle of the night at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning is is it worth it? and seeing their face across your brain, and you ask yourself, is it worth it? 20 years of war worth it, and my dad and my dad at the base of hiroshima, is that worth it?
8:55 pm
26,000 gone, is that worth it? i have to reflect on that a lot. you have to do a very serious soul-searching. at the end of the day, ask myself is it worth it? is it worth to you? is it worth freedom of the press? is it worth due process of law? is it worth freedom of religion, freedom of speech? is it worth having all of those rights and privileges that americans have and so many around the world don't, is that worth the sacrifice of all the men and women who have died since the birth of our nation? and my answer to myself is yes, i have to answer it yes for myself. i can't answer it for anybody else. but answer it for myself. and i offer that to the families to think about their loved one who paid that ultimate sacrifi sacrifice. >> mike: some good news before we say good night, a memorial day blessing for the world war ii veteran out of houston, texas. lorenzo jamison, kirk and harvey
8:56 pm
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