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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 28, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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you need other than being cool. rob: i'm so jealous. would you group there if you had the shot? carley: sure, why not. rob: carley, thanks. jillian: we have got to go. "fox & friends" starts right now. we start with a fox news alert. mayhem in minnesota. violent protests and looting erupting overnight over the death of a man in police custody. brian: businesses and buildings like this auto zone you are watching there set on fire. police cars get vandalized in los angeles. and the protests turning deadly overnight. steve: it has. meanwhile todd piro joins us live as the behavior minneapolis pleads for peace in his city. todd? todd: steve, ainsley and brian good morning. we know a man was killed outside of a pawnshop overnight.
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police not yet confirming whether he was looting or what led to his death. the mayor of minneapolis is now calling for the national guard to step in with chaos erupting on the streets. tear gas and flash grenades being used by officers. protesters counterin counteringh fireworks and throwing back the tear gas at police. [bleep] the flag. it's a symbol of all the [bleep] the safety americans. the slavery the black people. [cheers] >> [bleep] political science. rob: this is the second day of protests following the killing of floyd as he was being arrested. we want to warn you the video we are about to show is disturbing. an officer using his knee to press floyd's head and neck against the pavement. officers claiming he had been resisting arrest. but new video appears to contradict that showing floyd cooperating with officers as he was escorted to the cruiser. the president now calling for an fbi investigation into floyd's
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death tweeting, quote: i asked for this investigation to be expedited and greatly appreciate all the work being done by local law enforcement. my heart goes out to george's family and friends. justifiable will be served. it's not just minnesota though. people across the country are outraged. in los angeles, fights breaking out and police cruisers being smashed by rioters. as of now, no serious injuries reported there. the officers at the center of floyd's death have not yet been charged steve, ainsley and brian back to you. jillian: police officers saying he matched the description of someone who had forged a small check at a grocery store. they said as todd just mentioned he resisted arrest. thankfully a by stander was there and captured all of this on video. you see the different angles of the video. he was not resisting. he was pleading for his life he can't breathe. he kept knee on his negligent he passed out and led to his death. dan bongino was on last night with sean hannity.
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and he said, look, this was, it looks like he didn't resist. looks like this doesn't seem justified. but, the looting in a time corona, you know, these business owners have worked really hard for their businesses. so it's not a time to go and vandalize these buildings. listen to this. >> i sought split screen up there while wee can, i think, all agree and everyone has so far, that this could not have been handled more poorly and this was an obvious tragedy what happened to mr. floyd, and an investigation, a full-throated, full blown investigation must happen immediately to reestablish trust, what's happening with this rioting is disgraceful as well. i don't understand how this in any way helps to solve the problem. these are two separate distinct. these business owners did nothing wrong either. >> so those four officers were fired. the mayor said this is the right call and now he is asking for the national guard. he is asking the governor to bring in the national guard to help with all these riots,
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brian. brian: ainsley, even though we don't know the whole thing, it's impossible to justify this behavior. and i will think about all the law enforcement that does the right thing every single day. ainsley: correct. brian: then i see something like this. and you want everyone to have due process but this is horrific. i see a guy that lost his life and he didn't do anything to justify this type of behavior. the nonchalant way in which the cop kept his food on his neck and the way no one stopped at this find horrific. and the people that should be angriest are law enforcement. and i look at bernie kerik last night. why did he get here? why did he keep leg on breath. guy is crying out i can't breathe. that's a former police chief. no one can defend his behavior. what i feel bad for the store owners, the auto zone guy. the cop that has his window busted out by a skateboard in los angeles. they had nothing to do with this. don't put cops' lives in
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jeopardy because this seemingly horrific act by inexplicably horrific act by this officer out in minneapolis, steve. steve: the police federation president said out there is not the time rush to judgment and immediately condemned the officer. says people should remain calm until the investigation is concluded. and, of course, the president united states or the fbi and the doj to expedite an investigation. and just one thing about that officer who had his knee on the neck of george floyd. the minnesota peace officer's standards board said that the officer's actions do not reflect any training officers received. so, we will see where it goes from here. but a violent night overnight in minneapolis. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about what's going to happen today it. sounds like the president of the united states is going to sign an executive order. and it all got started on tuesday after twitter added some
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fact-checking to one of the president's tweets. they had never done that before. and the president says that twitter and his social media peers are censoring him with a political bias. and so it sounds like later today he is going to sign an executive order that could roll back the immunity that tech giants get from what is referred to as section 230 of the communications decency act that essentially limits their liability regarding everything that they plush online. anxiously? ainsley: so the president, he tweeted this out. he said big tech is doing everything in their very considerable power to censor and advance the 2020 election. steve, i think you just read this. if that happens, we no longer have our freedom. i will never let it happen. they tried hard in 2016 and lost. now they are absolutely crazy. stay tuned. and then mark zuckerberg was on with dana perino. he runs facebook, started
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facebook. he said. this listen. >> twitter decided for the first time ever to fact check one of president trump's tweets. i'm wondering if you thought that twitter may have made the wrong decision here? >> we have a different policy, i think, than twitter on this. i just believe strongly that facebook shouldn't be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online. i think in general private companies probably shouldn't be or especially these platform companies shouldn't be in the position of doing that. ainsley: you can watch the rest of that interview today with dana perino. the president did also say that he would close down or regulate social media companies that censor conservative voices, brian. brian: right. okay. so, facebook, what an opportune time for dana to interview mark zuckerberg. jack doors can i have says this does not make us an arbiter of
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truth. our intention is to connect the dots of conflicting statements and show the information in dispute so people can judge for themselves. more transparency from us is critical so folks can clearly see why behind our actions. twitter is going to regret this because they can't possibly keep up the pace of tweets with officials, with citizens that may say something that some people think is factually incorrect. so then you have got to go grab attachments from maybe dubious sources and click them in there. and when china comes out and says america is responsible for the coronavirus and america is an evil nation, are we going to go put down other columns or editorials? are they going to cut and paste them into the tweets which i think they did adjust one chinese official's statement about us being responsible and they put in a little attachment that says the origins of the coronavirus. good luck trying to keep up with this. now it looks like if the "wall
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street journal" got a look at that draft and steve referred to it of the administration is still working on it that's going to be released today in the executive order. i don't know how many democrats are going to push back on it to be honest. they will basically safe you no longer have our protection. it's game on. so if twitter is out there sullying anybody's reputation. they will be wide open to lawsuits. welcome from -- it's no longer the wild west. welcome to law and order. steve: well, brian, it sounds as if what the president is directing is any allegations of political bias would go to the ftc. what essentially he would ask for in this executive order is for the federal government, which means the administration, to examine the scope of this section 230 and wha what it will entail going forward. twitter is a private company. they can do whatever they want to do. and when you become a user, you
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agree to their terms of service. they get to do what they want to do. just the fact that out of nowhere for the first time ever a couple of days ago they censored according to the president, his tweet by adding that footnote regarding fact checking. according to an fec commissioner by the name of brendan carr on with tucker last night that amounted essentially to pushing a particular point of view. watch. >> this is opinion journalism at this point. they have decided, twitter, to engage the president of the united states with its own partisan political viewpoint. they have gone to congress time and time again and represented under oath that they don't engage in partisan political bias. and then we see conduct like this. you can't have it both ways. you can't go to congress and say we are neutral politically and then engage in this type of conduct. that's unfair deceptive business practice that would get a lot of other companies under scrutiny including from the federal trade
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commission. steve: so now the question becomes who is twitter going to footnote next. are they going to bo back and will it apparently have a left wing tent to it or right wing tent. go one pay as many conservatives have suggested for a while? i read i think it was today in the "new york post" and they suggested who are they going to do next? are they going to go back and annotate the various reporters who were talking about russia collusion and things like that that obviously never panned out, ainsley. ainsley: steve, the beauty of social media you can see a person's personality what's important to them. not only pictures of their lives but their opinions. and there are a lot of opinions out there that all of us probably don't agree with. you agree with some you don't agree with others. to do this to the president, you
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are right, are they going to do this to every single person? they attached two articles. one was from cnn. one was from "the washington post. those are more left leaning publications or tv stations. so for them to just choose those two articles to attach it by mail-in voting. it's clear that twitter doesn't agree with mail-in -- i mean does agree with it. the president doesn't want it. that's a very political issue. brian: right. a couple things steve to your earlier point. when i sign up to go on twitter i'm a user and i'm subject to their rulings. if i don't sign up and my name pops up, am i still subject to their rules? ainsley: good point. brian: here is the other thing. look at the cover of "the new york post." i know we are doing everything online these days this is roth who kayleigh mcenany made a lot of news referring. to say he is there head of site integrity. he has said some really classy things like we flyover states we fly over those states that voted
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for a racist tangerine as president. that's the guy. he goes on and it gets worse. he insults the trump voters. he insults the trump staff. he calls them all nazis and he is reviewing. he is among the many who are reviewing the content of the bias on their site. and, let's just keep in mind, too. they basically said as the head of twitter founder of twitter basically says i'm with a left wing organization. so if you are going to expose your bias and while cracking down for the first time on a republican president, which basically unmasks your bias if we can use that buzz term. we should really re-examine what you are doing. executive order. remember, ainsley, it was the democrats complaining about social media, facebook and others after the 2016 election. so i'm not too sure there will be massive push back just because things seem to be going against the president? ainsley: i'm sure with the president's presence on twitter
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they are making a lot o a advers i wonder release another platform. will over to jillian for breaking news. jillian: we begin with fox news alert. massive manhunt for a college student wanted to two murders is over. peter manfredonia captured and sent to jail after six days on the run. fox just obtaining this booking photo of him. uconn senior arrested hours after being spotted in a convenience store across the border in pennsylvania. >> connecticut state police detectives utilized social media technology and good old fashioned police work in order to track down this suspect. we will have a life report from married later this hour. stay tuned for that more breaking news overnight. a police officer killed wounded in north dakota. both were serving eviction notes. touching video of the caravan honoring the fallen officer. the grand forks police
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department headquarters lit up in blue overnight. his name has not yet been released. the u.s. reaches a grim milestone as more than 100,000 americans have now died from covid-19. as more businesses begin to reopen and more americans get back to work. beginning tomorrow, washington, d.c. will reopen outdoor dining as well as hair salons and barber shops. residents in some pennsylvania counties will be able to eat inside restaurants tomorrow and in maryland outdoor dining, youth sports, even outdoor pools may reopen tomorrow as well. this is a bummer for a lot of people yesterday. the historic spacex launch postponed just 17 minutes before liftoff. >> dragon spacex, unfortunately, we are not going to launch today. you are go for 5.111, launch scrubbed. >>videographer:io showing why the launch was scrubbed. president trump and vice
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president pence both plan to attend the relaunch scheduled nor saturday. those are your headlines. back to you. steve: enough to we have something to look forward to for the weekend. finally. ainsley: good way to look at it. steve: one of president trump's attorneys during the russia probe accusing robert mueller of a monstrous lie to set up a perjury trap. gregg jarrett talked with that attorney and gregg is going to join us with the evidence next. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from anyone else.
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now that's simple, easy, awesome. transfer your service in minutes, making moving with xfinity a breeze. visit today. ♪ ♪ >> the attorney general determined that certain aspects of unmasking needed to be reviewed separately as a support to john durham's investigation. unhavocing inherently isn't
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wrong but certainly the frequency, the motivation and the reasoning behind unmasking can be problem that the particular. steve: well, the department of justice taking a major step in the fallout of the michael flynn case launching a review into the practice of unmasking before and after the 2016 election. here to weigh in fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. greg, we knew that john durham was looking into how come so many people were, you know, how many people in the obama administration were unmasked. he was looking into that but at the last minute now, it sounds like he has called in this u.s. attorney for west texas john bash. what will john bash look at that mr. durham wasn't looking at? >> he will look at abuse of power and potential crimes. look, you have to have a legitimate stated reasonable of national security. town mask somebody, look at the list of people that are in that brief transition period making
3:22 am
unmasking requests of michael flynn. so man ofso many of them were s. unmask the successors incoming administration. yes there were intel officials there and they have to have a legitimate reason. what bash is going to be digging into let's see the unmasking requests and reports. were they legitimate reasons? were they treasury department, ambassadors and indeed obama's chief of staff and biden doing making unmasking requests and snooping on the incoming administration those answers were. how many others? steve: mr. bacial able to figure
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that all out. had you an interview with john dowd the president's attorney during the mueller debacle. and he accuses robert mueller of a monstrous lie and more than that. in your interview with him, he said it looked like mueller knew that there was no there there but he was still trying to get an interview with the president to prove some sort of obstruction or set a perjury trap. >> exactly what comey did to michael flynn. and, in fact, john dowd in my extensive interview with him on tuesday drew the same comparison. he was led to believe it was all about collusion. so dowd voluntarily produced 35 witnesses, more than a million pages of documents and finally in a pivotal meeting march 5th, 2018, mueller confesses to dowd, yeah, there is no collusion here. remember, that's a year before mueller produces his report. why didn't he tell the american
3:24 am
people that? at that meeting, you know, mueller says well, i want to look at obstruction of justice. i'm demanding interview the president. that's when dowd realized he had been mislead and lied. to say he called it a monstrous lie, it culminates in an angry confrontation which i recite verbatim in my column in which dowd is pounding his fist on the table and yelling he doesn't know the law and he doesn't know the facts. steve: ultimately he did not allow the president to submit for in person interview and here we are now. read gregg's column at gregg jarrett, thank you for getting up with us today. >> sure, steve. steve: meanwhile, save the date. joe biden sells he hopes to pick his running mate by the first of august. so who is going to make the cut? we are going to discuss that coming up next.
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3:29 am
around 10:00 last night at a pilot truck stop about a 5-minute drive from here taken without incident. they were watching him. and it was quite a journey. we have got his mugshot here we want to show you. it's first it's deny seen just released about an hour ago to us officials telling us they have got their man in custody here is what the connecticut state police had to say about it last night at a press conference. >> the suspect will face justice. and this will bring closure. this is what is important for the families of the victims, the victims all of which have been notified of the arrest immediately after. it. griff: it's been a long six days. let me take to you a map and show you where this all began willington, connecticut on friday when man fredia killed a man with a machete.
3:30 am
steals guns. drives to connecticut shoots and kills a former classmate. kidnaps his girlfriend and forces her to drive with him to columbia, new jersey. he then goes in an uber to east strasburg, pennsylvania where is he seen on sunday walking near pcialg railroad tracks near a walmart and spotted yesterday outside of a scheetz convenience store in chambersburg, pennsylvania north of the border and hagerstown here where it ends. we know around 1:00 today he will be appearing in a bond hearing where he will essentially get his extradition orders to connecticut. he will do so via video link which is a standard procedure not because of covid. law enforcement officials come and get him, brian. brian: all right. griff jenkins. good job being on the scene.
3:31 am
we will check in with you again. ainsley, let's talk politics. ainsley: good deal. thank you, brian. joe biden reveals he hopes to pick a running mate by august 1st. he admitted to his team that his team has met all contenders on the v.p. short list speaking at a virtual fundraiser he adds, quote: i need someone who is in fact simpatico with me both in terms of personality as well as substance. they don't have to agree with me on everything, but they have to have the same basic approach to how we handle the economy and how we handle everything. i want to have people around me that have strengths and capacities i don't. here to weigh n is senio n is ky bollard. >> good morning. ainsley: when he says someone come pat particular co-with me same basic approach does that rule out a progressive. >> absolutely not. we know he is considering candidates like elizabeth warren, like even stacey abrams.
3:32 am
curiously we don't hear candidates such as amy klobuchar often who is more of a moderate candidate who lines up with the campaign at least a few months ago he claimed he was running the sort of return-to-normalcy non-transformational campaign but all of a sudden we are hearing more and more about a potential vps like elizabeth warren. and note that i'm naming all women here because joe biden has vowed to pick a female vice president. and we can all think back to mitt romney being mocked endlessly for his quote, binders full of women. clearly joe biden is going through binders full of women to pick out his vice president. and, instead of being mocked or attacked for that, he is being lauded as supporting and empowering women. it's kind of a double standard we are used to these days. ainsley: what do you make of the
3:33 am
day he says august 1st. president trump picked mike pension in the middle of july. is august 1st to too late or is the timing just right. >> i'm not reading into the timing as to who he is picking. again, we all concede joe biden is struggling to string together sentences which makes his v.p. pick even more significant. and. ainsley: sorry to interrupt you, but who do you think out of that choice out of the list would he have the best shot with? >> i think someone like elizabeth warren is at the top of his list right now because since covid hit, he has suggested that he wants this more transformational presidency which would enact fundamental changes to our economy. just yesterday we saw him endorse the california 85 bill that really have an attack on the gig economy. it limits the amount of work
3:34 am
that contract workers are able to perform. and he claims to be a candidate who is running to help the working class and so forth. but, endorsing legislation like this is really attacking the working class. limiting their opportunities and attacking working moms many of home don't want the benefits that come with a full-time job. ainsley: kelsey, thank you for weighing in on this. good to see you. >> you are welcome. ainsley: two gym owners shut down by their state now taking the fight with the governor to court. the judge says they have got a goodu case. is he going to join us next. to. help turn back the clock on gingivitis with parodontax. leave bleeding gums behind. parodontax.
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brian: here we go george floyd protest turning violent nationwide, ainsley. ainsley: that's right. one man was killed overnight in minneapolis as outraged
3:39 am
americans demand justice for the killing of the unarmed black man. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. steve: all right. officers claim that george floyd was resisting arrest but new video appears to contradict that showing floyd cooperating as he was escorted to the cruiser. the president is now calling for an expedited fbi and doj investigation into floyd's death. bill kellar from our fox affiliate in the twin cities live as fires across the city and the sun comes up and smoke billowing behind you, bill. >> this is just one sample of a number of fires that are burning here along lake street a very poplar street here. but this has really nothing to do. i should say the location of where the incident happened. it happens to be in proximity to the police precinct where those officers worked.
3:40 am
but the fires and the looting spread for five miles and i'm probably close to the center of it right now. in fact, i'm just getting word that police are going to be lining up to protect firefighters for the most part until now they have just been allowing these buildings to burn. there has been several auto parts stores that have been damaged. there are also been several grocery stores that have been burned and certainly smoke and fire damage and i saw somebody walking down the street with what looked to be electronics. somebody else with a golf cart or golf bag. very active scene as police are letting daylight come up and hopefully some of these folks will go home. ainsley: all right. thank you so much, bill. let's bring in judge andrew napolitano fox news senior judicial analyst. what do you make of this? will these officers be charged? >> of course they should be charged. if i were the attorney general and i applaud the president for
3:41 am
suggesting and, of course, he can do this with a phone call ordering the fbi to investigate. but if i were the attorney general, i would -- bill barr would call up the attorney general of minnesota and say why are those four officers not -- why haven't they not been charged with murder? why are they free? why are they not in jail in we have a video of the murder. if you guys don't do it. we will. so there is two violations here. there is murder and then there is the use of legal force to deprive him of his civil rights. the murder is the state crime. the use of force to deprive him of his civil rights in this case the right to breathe is a federal crime. cops can actually be prosecuted for both. as horrific as the response has been and as unjustified as these are. they are probably not going to stop until the cops are actually arrested. brian: all right. judge. we will look at this. and by the way the riots, the
3:42 am
best way to do that is show justice is being done and maybe going too slow as mentioned. let's go back to the new jersey atilis gym that pete hegseth was in front of a week ago. now wee find out it's been padlocked and shut down. the co-owners are suing to reopen. they really are representing much more than just their gym, aren't they? and what type of hope should they have in the success of this lawsuit? >> you are 100 percent correct counselor kilmeade. they are representing a substantial opinion of the safety new jersey that the governor here has gone way too far and this has gone on way too long. and it is without legal basis. i think they have an excellent shot to win a temporary restraining order. that is today an order signed by a federal judge temporarily restraining the governor from using the police to shut down these businesses. i mean, look at it this way.
3:43 am
the health department broke into this gym, that's a crime. in order to change the locks on the door. it's a crime to break into somebody else's property without a warrant from a judge. they can't get warrant from the judge because there was no law being violated by keeping the gym open. so these courageous gym owners -- i have said it before and i will say it again. i don't know them personally. i don't know their personal background, but they are american heroes. take on governor murphy as publicly and directly as they have been doing i expect that they will achieve some success and we should know that by the time you guys are on tomorrow morning. steve: the big question is ultimately if it does go to court will they decide in their favor, the gym's favor before they go out of business? and that's the worry. you know, you have been talking about this for over a week, judge. and there is an op-ed that you published. and the headline is coronavirus shut downs ordered by governors and mayors are unconstitutional.
3:44 am
and, in fact, that's exactly what the atilis gym says. they say, look, governor murphy of new jersey is acting unconstitutionally by shutting us down. judge: the unconstitutional behavior is he is making up laws. and our system only the legislature can enact laws. so let me say this very clearly. just because a governor says something and puts it in an executive order, does not mean you have to comply with it. the only executive order tough comply with is when he enforces a specific law written by the legislature. in our system, governors don't write legislatures. two days ago i was applauding the fact that a bishop in northern, new jersey had opened up catholic churches. they are closed today because after we discussed this on "fox & friends" on tuesday morning, guess what happened? the state police showed up to visit this now retired bishop saying we have to issues summonses to these priests if
3:45 am
they say mass. so in phil murphy's new jersey you can have 50 people at walmart. you can have 25 people at the mercedes dealership. you can't have anybody in a catholic church. that's not right. brian: it's a joke. >> that's not america. ainsley: you have a good point, judge. thank you so much for being with us. >> sorry i got carried away. allth best. ainsley: that's why we want you on. we love your opinions. you are great. thank you, judge. again, let's hand it over to jillian. she has headlines for us. jillian: let's start with think a florida man is charged with trying to help isis. federal prosecutors says the man was flanking to plot a attack. buying weapons from undercover agent. court papers show al azari americans got what they deserved on 9/11. if convicted, the 23-year-old faces up to 20 years in prison. a good samaritan saves a driver and passenger from a burning car
3:46 am
and it's all caught on camera. take a look as the hero pulls the driver away from the car into safety before helping arrives. the flames shooting out of the car after an accident on a massachusetts highway. both the driver and the passenger were seriously injured and taken to the hospital. their conditions are unknown at this time. the players union playing hard ball with the league over a deal to restart the season. the union refusing to take pay cuts and wants more games. the league wants players to take less money in addition to accepting prorated salaries based on a shortened mlb season. one of the best pitchers in the game is bulking at the idea. he tweeted quote we have previously negotiated a pay cut in the version of prorated salaries and there is no justification to accept a second pay cut based on the information the union received. so we will continue to follow. this in the meantime, we are following. this. dolly parton is still working
3:47 am
9:00 to 5:00 to still bring a little joy during quarantine. it's time to make amends when life is good again. jillian: country music legend releasing a new song "when life is good again" song is about the challenges many are facing under stay-at-home orders. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: can't wait for that thank you very much, jillian. now it's time at 12 minutes before the top of the hour to check in with janice dean for the first time to look at the weather. and weather yesterday scrubbed the launch of the spaceship but today is another day, janice. janice: today is another day. they are planning on frying it again on saturday. we had showers and thunderstorms all day yesterday around cape canaveral. even a tornado warn storm before the launch. so obviously they had to scrub it. the next chance to go ahead will be saturday. unfortunately we're looking at more showers and thunderstorms
3:48 am
in the forecast. and this forecast actually looks worse than it did yesterday. so we're going to have to watch that, unfortunately and as we get into saturday 3:00. around 3:30 is when they are expecting to launch. there is still the window of opportunity and we will still keep you up to date on the forecast. the other big story is bertha. what's remaining of bertha is bringing showers and thunderstorms for parts of the mid-atlantic, the carolinas and virginia. that storm is dissipating thankfully. and then the extreme heat across the southwest where we have high temperatures, dangerous temperatures well over 100 degrees for parts of california into nevada and arizona. so, those stories we are going to be watching over the next couple of days. very hot temperatures across the southwest. we will keep our fingers crossed for the spacex launch on saturday afternoon. a lot of criteria that they have to follow when it comes to weather conditions at cape canaveral. back to you stave steve, ainsley
3:49 am
and brian. brian: speaking of heat, janice. i love the way you are keeping heat on governor about his policy with the nursing homes. keep that up. we will check in with you again. tom cruise wants to film a movie in space. nasa says it's not mission impossible. carley shimkus has that story and so many more, at least three. did you know prilosec otc can stop frequent heartburn before it begins? heartburn happens when stomach acid refluxes into the esophagus. prilosec otc uses a unique delayed-release formula that helps it pass through the tough stomach acid.
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brian: scrubbed 17 minutes before liftoff because of inclement weather. president trump who was there will prepare toen there this weekend quote thank you to nasa and spacex for their hard work looking forward to being there saturday. they didn't feel the pressure to force the launch anyway. carley: no surprise the president wants to be there as well. he has been champion of space exploration. this is one of the perks of being president you get to witness really cool iconic historical moments. the launch was canceled because of the weather. engineers aren't just looking at the weather on the ground in cape canaveral. also looking at conditions in the ocean just in case god forbid these astronauts need to abort mission.
3:54 am
the new launch has been scheduled for saturday. i will leave the weather reporting to janice dean as she just provided you one. but my e phone had the storm cloud with the scary lightning bolt listed for cape canaveral on saturday. so while this is not a scientific weather report for me it. doesn't look like that is good news at this moment. brian: i use my iphone to text janice that's why we are different. all in because tom cruz wants to go to space and do a movie. is he for this. carley: can you believe this? i have got to read you this quote from jim bridenstine. he has been in the news because of spacex. now he is answering questions about tom cruise potentially filming a movie in space and he says nasa has been in talks with tom cruz. we will do everything can to make it a successful mission including opening up the international space station. the question is can tom cruise make a new movie that inspires the next generation elon musk.
3:55 am
and if he can do that then we are all for it. nasa is all in. can you imagine, brian, no green screen, no cgi. tom cruise actually floating around in space? brian: private citizens and movie companies writing checks allows this whole space program get financed. it's good news. do you know what else is good news? when 103-year-old beats covid-19. carley: this is my favorite image of the day. 103-year-old woman from massachusetts successfully beat covid-19 and celebrates with a bud light. bud light responds to the news saying the news we need right now, your next beer is on us, jennie. if i'm lucky enough to live to 103 that's exactly how i want to be, brian. brian: i put it up for bid what beer i have so i can get a sponsorship out of my survival. bud light got free advertising on that. carley, that is great news. we passed a horrible milestone because 100,000 people have lost
3:56 am
their lives at this point but hopefully the worst is over in our rear view mirror. carley shimkus thanks so much. carley: thanks, brian. brian: former homicide detective ted williams and dan bongino are both going to be here to react to those riots in minneapolis and the horrific incident that started it all. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
3:57 am
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brian: we start with a fox news alert. fires in minute minneapolis. protests erupting over the death of george floyd. steve: businesses and buildings set on fire. stores like target ransacked and looted. ainsley: police cars being vandalized now and the protest have actually turnd deadly. steve: william la jeunesse joins us live as the mayor of minneapolis pleads for peace. william? >> good morning, guys. what protesters and many others want is to see the four officers involved not just fired. arrested, jailed and charged with murder. in the death of 46-year-old george floyd which sparked protests nationwide but especially long and violent in minneapolis where protests turn into riots last night with crowds burning the flag, throwing rocks and bottles at police who responded with tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets fired from a roof top to
4:01 am
keep the crowd from overtaking a police station. protesters also looted a target store and foot locker of tvs, clothing and groceries. and they set fire to several buildings while chanting "i can't breathe." one man died last night after being shot by the owner of a pawnshop. the mayor has asked the national guard to step in to help keep the peace. >> i have wrestled with more than anything else over the last 36 hours. one fundamental question why the man who killed george floyd not in jail? >> two things really sent these protests into high gear. council temporary to police reports that floyd resisted arrest, video shows him being asked to step out of his car. he is hand cuffed. and then sits peaceably on a sidewalk for several minutes
4:02 am
before ends up on the ground. that's when officer derek, a 19-year veteran puts his knee on floyd's neck for five minutes while three other officers ignore his complaint that he cannot breathe. by standers begged them to intervene. eventually he goes limp and goes uncshz. paramedics tried to revive him using electric paddles to revive his heart but failed. he was after trying to pass a fraud length $20 bill. >> that was the allegation that he was trying to commit some kind of a forgery which is at worse a nonviolent crime. >> this case is now in the hands of the county attorney which is working with the medical examiner and state criminal investigation bureau which promises expedition but thorough investigation. each officer is reptiond by an attorney and the police union has asked the public to withhold
4:03 am
judgment pending an investigation. president donald trump called floyd's death a very sad and tragic event saying in a tweet: i have asked for this investigation to be expedited and greatly appreciate all the work done by local law enforcement. he says my heart goes out george's family, friends and justice will be served. so both the minneapolis police and the state training board, you guys, say that restraint technique used by police is not authorized or taught. the university of minnesota has cut all ties with the department and will not contract with their officers for football games or other events. this incident did spark protests around the country. and this is before body cam video is released. that's yet to come. back to you. ainsley: wow, yeah. we are angst shut to see that william. i'm anxious to sight video. he was sitting there on the sidewalk. doesn't appear to resist arrest at all. so how does he end up on the ground with his face on the ground and officer's knee on his neck for so long? what happened in between?
4:04 am
it doesn't appear that he resisted. thankfully someone there was to video this so we can stop this from happening. brian, you brought up an excellent point at the beginning of show. the ones who should be most outraged besides his family. this is george floyd. 46-year-old. he was a security officer at a restaurant. and his family, i have heard interviews with them. they are outraged and so upset because losing their family member over a possible forged or fake check or fake $20 bill? brian, your point was at the top of the hour at 6:00, you said the ones that should be outraged are law enforcement because there are so many good officers out there. most of them are good. most of them are trying to keep our community safe. they don't wake up in the morning and say that they're going to work to kill someone. but then you do have those bad apples that take that power and they run with it and then that scares community members, african-americans. they are so outraged about this. actually the whole country is. but, they are drawing
4:05 am
comparisons to eric garner unarmed black officer that died in 2014. most officers are good. you wants your children to not be afraid of police. when something like this happens, you can't help but wonder there are some bad apples. brian: eric garner as you know was not an officer but he was also killed also in a chokehold. ainsley: oh, yeah. i'm sorry. he was selling, remember, like fake cigarettes or selling cigarettes illegally. brian: yeah, one by one. so, judge napolitano weighed in before. and we watched what the mayor just said, ainsley. the mayor says why are these officers not locked -- why is this officer in particular who had his foot on the neck of george floyd, why is he not in jay? that's what the judge wondered, too. >> if i were the attorney general bill barr would call up the attorney general of minnesota and say why are those four officers -- why haven't
4:06 am
they been charged with murder why are they free? why are they not in jail? we have a video of the murder. as horrific as the response has been and as unjustified as these riots are. they probably aren't going to stop until the cops are actually arrested. brian: yeah. the judge makes a good points legally. and then i watched bernie kerik last night. he wants to know in a police situation. even though we don't know everything, we obviously don't note story we only know what we see and hear. where is the first line supervisors. why didn't the other guys try help you? could hear this guy 15 feet away. those cops were standing on top of him to hear him. they had to know what was going on. they had to see it. that's a former police chief, steve. steve: that's right, brian. it is tragic what happened to george floyd in that video. and on that street there in the twin cities. it's additionally so sad, given the violence overnight where businesses have been torched.
4:07 am
an investigation obviously started. and it is who ar it is terrifict is putting the full force of the department of justice behind it to find out what went wrong when they took down george floyd a couple of days ago. meanwhile, talk about something else that is lighting up social media. it's about social media. a couple days ago that twitter fact checked the president of the united states regarding a couple of his tweets and had some links to the "the washington post." cnn and the hill. the president says essentially that twitter and their social media peers or censors him and they have a political bias. and so now the question is who is twitter going to fact check next because it looks like jack dorsey has not thought this through. because later today the president is going to sign an executive order essentially that
4:08 am
could roll back the immunity big tech companies have 230 of the decency act. it spares them from being libel from what people most online. and that is something unique. most countries don't have it but we have here t. here. don't know exactly why they have that protection it. goes back in history and changed over the last number of years. nevertheless, it is there and protecting them. now the put of the united states, ainsley is, quite angry. feels like they are using platted forms as political entities and he wants it to stop. ainsley: yeah. he posted something about the mail-in voting. he is not in favor of that republicans are not in favor of that democrats are. and when he posted against it they posted that yellow bar when you click on if leads to you a cnn article and "the washington post" article. they are not exactly the most conservative publications or television stations. so, it's basically saying what the president is saying is
4:09 am
wrong. and he tweeted out -- the president tweeted out big tech is doing everything in their very considerable power to censor in advance of the 2020 election. if that happens, we no longer have our freedom. i will never let it happen. they tried hard in 2016, and lost. now they are going absolutely crazy. stay tuned. so this executive order will give us more power to complain to the fcc when social media edits your content. and the president said he would close down or regulate social media companies that censor conservative voices. listen to mark zuckerberg with dana perino talking about this. he is the guy from facebook. started facebook and he is complaining about what twitter is doing. listen. >> twitter divided for the first time ever to fact check one of president trump want's tweets. i wonder if you thought twitter may have made the wrong decision here. >> we have a different policy than twitter on this. i just believe strongly that
4:10 am
facebook shouldn't be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online. i think in general private companies probably shouldn't be or especially these platform companies shouldn't be in the position of doing that. brian: i'm going to go back to steve's earlier point. i don't know if they thought this out there. was a lot of pressure because of the president feuding with feudh somebody on another show can you pull down the president's tweet. they wouldn't do it. put out something against the president because is he against mail-in ballots. there is a huge push back on mail-in ballots. it's a huge debate. it's not something black and white you put attachments too. impossible standard. already they got pressured to push back on a chinese official who blamed us for the coronavirus and they quickly put some attachments on there facts on the coronavirus. good luck, twitter. you are down a rabbit hole. you used to be a host. now you are a newspaper. jack dorsey came back and
4:11 am
responded to mark zuckerberg. this does not make us an arbiter of truth. our intention is to connect the dots and conflicting statements and show information in dispute so people can judge for themselves. more transparency from us is critical so folks can clearly see the why behind our actions. really you? are going to do that on everything. if joe biden comes out and blames donald trump for 38,000 additional deaths which i believe he said because he claims the president act would too slow. are you going to put a counter argument in there that says the president didn't act too slow? do you understand what rabbit hole you are in right now? meanwhile, they do have a head of integrity here who seems to have anything but. his name is yoel roth. first time i heard kayleigh mcenany on our show. here is example of unbiased approach. i'm being sarcastic for those at home. in january 2017 he says, this yes, that person in the pink hat is clearly a bigger threat to
4:12 am
your brand of feminism than actual nazis in the white house. the person in the pink hat was actually kellyanne conway. called people who voted for donald trump a racist and the president called him a tangerine. that's the guy you are going to decide or be part of a committee to decide what's true, what's false? where attachments need to be added? that is hard for me to believe that twitter thought this out. and now they are going to be sitting there under scrutiny so when people go over and they are attacked on twitter, or they are shadow banned on twitter or their tweets are deleted on twitter, now they have legal action to take if this executive order goes through. and it looks like how -- and if it's true what the "wall street journal" is reporting right now, steve. steve: well, if it's an executive order, where the president of the united states tells the federal government, all right, let's just take a look at the scope of this section 230 and let's figure out how to make it fair. brendan carr, fcc commissioner says what twitter has done makes
4:13 am
it very clear they have a horse in this race. watch this. >> this is opinion journalism at this point. they have decided, twitter, to engage the president of the united states with its own partisan political viewpoint. they have gone to congress time and time again and represented under oath that they don't engage in partisan political bias and then we see comments like this. you can't go to congress and say we are neutral politically and engage in this kind of conduct. that's unfair deceptive business practice that would get a lot of other companies under a lot of scrutiny including from the federal trade commission. steve: sure. speaking of business practices. keep in mind, nobody is making you go online to become a member of twitter or to tweet or to read it. they are a private company. they can do essentially anything they want. but, twitter and facebook and google have benefited from this section 230 which releases any liability of things that are posted on their website.
4:14 am
and their platforms as well. so they really have loved that but, if the president changes that, going forward, it's going to be a big headache for them. and they might think twice about putting a footnote on a tweet from the president of the united states. ainsley: they make a lot of money from the president. a lot of people join twitter because the president was on there and they wanted to read his tweets. you are right, brian. i don't know if they thought this through. hand it back to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: we begin with a fox news alert. intense multi-state manhunt for college student wanted for two murders is over. peter manfredonia captured in maryland and sent to jail after six days on the run. fox just obtainin obtaining thig photo of him. the uconn senior arrested hours after being spotted in a con zone yens store across the border in pennsylvania. >> connecticut state police detectives utilize social media, technology and good old fashioned police work in order to track down this suspect.
4:15 am
jillian: we will have a live report from maryland with the latest information later this hour. more news breaking overnight. a police officer shot and killed and a sheriff's deputy wounded in north dakota. both were serving an eviction notice in grand forks. touching video right here of a caravan honoring the fallen officer. the grand forksz police department headquarters lit up in blue overnight. his name has not yet been released. the nation is mornings the loss of war hero turned congressman sam johnson. the texas republican was a pilot in korea in vietnam. he was held prisoner seven years after being shot down in vietnam. johnson later served 28 years in the house. former congressman jason chaffetz interviewed johnson for "fox & friends" just before his retirement. >> a note you wrote in there do you remember what you wrote. >> freedom hesitate hesitate haa
4:16 am
taste -- freedom for every member of the united states of america. jillian: wow. current texas congressman dan crenshaw tweeting a absolute saying johnson exemplified the service aboveself. johnson's family says he died of natural causes. he was 89 years old. send it back to you. brian: wow. what a life. unbelievable. and steve scalise also tweeted about that, too. so did many others. thanks so much, jillian. meanwhile we move ahead. the historic space launch in florida scrubbed just before liftoff yesterday nassau commentator says 10 minutes would have made a big difference. he joining us next.
4:17 am
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4:21 am
drags gone space equities unfortunately we are not going to launch today. you are go for 5.100, launch scrubbed. brian: historic spacex launch postponed 7 minutes before liftoff we all twached with neil cavuto. preventing the first man launched space in nearly a decade. launch scheduled for a few more days on saturday. joining us from the kennedy space center darrell nell who spent his life in and around space and the space coast. darryl, first off. did they feel the pressure with the president there to try to pull this off? do you even feel pressure from external conditions like that? >> no, we don't. there is a fuse that's been created by the media around here called launch fever, which means you know, when there is a lot of attention on a launch like this one yesterday. a history making launch. if it would have happened. you have got the president of the united states here to watch it. that for some reason everybody
4:22 am
gets caught up in the excitement and it's just let's push forward and launch it. that is not the case at all that does not happen. we have cool headed engineers, people who are looking at the data first and foremost to make sure that this launch was going to be safe for the two astronauts on board. knows nasa astronauts are our first and number one priority. their safety is our priority so you saw it yesterday, right? we had the president of the united states here to watch this historic return for crewed spaceflight into space from american soil. we pulled the plug we had to call a scrub because conditions were not safe for this rocket to fly through the atmosphere into space. brian: right. so, darryl, let's say it comes off saturday and 60% chance you just told me for it to come off on saturday due to weather conditions. technically, when it takes off, if all goes well, they will get to the space station when?
4:23 am
this may sound like a dumb question but take the same capsule back and when it does do they plunge onto the water or do they go on to a pad? >> to start from the beginning when they launch through on saturday we are looking at 60% chance for weather. they will ride in that space capsule to the international space station and it will take about 19 hours for them to get there. we have got to hit a window on saturday 3:22 and 45 seconds eastern to get to the international space station to rendezvous. it's launch up to it and catch up to the international space station it. will take 19 hours. when we get there then doug hurley and bob binken will go into the international space station. we are testing this crew dragon space craft to operate the way spacex says it does. once their flight is complete. the mission on board the space station is complete, which we don't know exactly how long that's going to last.
4:24 am
could go up to 114 days. once that's complete, they will get back into that crew dragon disconnect from the international space station and fall to earth and land in the ocean and have them retrieve either the department of definition or spacex going vessel that will then pluck the capsule and the astronauts out of the ocean and bring them safely to shore. brian: i know the unmanned ones you save them, right? they land pad. they don't just go to the bottom of the ocean. will they reuse this rocket? >> yeah. the plan is spacex's plan is to launch this booster into space and propels the pace craft on up to the international spalings. that booster is going to come back down and land the plan is on acto be news drone sthap spacex has about 300 miles off the shore here atlantic ocean. it falls back the and many people have seen this happen where it retrofires its engines
4:25 am
as it brings down to a perfectly vertical landing on an ocean going ship that's just a dot out there in the middle of the atlantic ocean. they is have autonomously by lookouted to fall back down and land vertically on the drone ship so they can reuse that booster again that reused booster helps decrease the cost of spaceflight. in fact, you saw when you were down here at the kennedy space center we drove right by one that charred booster. it's a neat thing to see. brian: der roll, thanks so much. we will call you again. for a guy who shows up every single day hoping for this moment i can only imagine what goes through your mind when this happens. der roll nail, thank you very much. brian: called out him for not wearing a mask then this happened. >> nobody is wearing them. nobody is. >> including the cameraman. >> yeah, including the cameraman. brian: the man who called out that reporter joining us next.
4:26 am
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ainsley: back with a fox news alert. captured. a six day multi-state manhunt for that college student wanted in the two murders is over. griff jenkins is live in
4:30 am
hagerstown, maryland where the guy was thought, thankfully. hey, griff. griff: hey, ainsley, good morning. that's right. 23-year-old peter manfredonia, a university of connecticut senior is now in custody here at the washington county detention center. behind me was brought here, we confirmed about 2:00 a.m. we have a mugshot we will show you here. this is the first anyone is seeing of it here on "fox & friends." this is released after he was booked some time in the night. he had been apprehended without incident some time around 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. about five minutes from here at a pilot truck stop parking lot and he will be here until a bond hearing later this afternoon. it stretched four states. connecticut, new jersey, pennsylvania and maryland and connecticut state police had to this to say about the arrest. >> the suspect will face justice. this will bring closure. this is what is important for
4:31 am
the families of the victims. the victim, all of which have been notified of the arrest immediately after. what a wild six days it has been. let me show you wilmington, connecticut on friday when the suspect allegedly murdered 60-year-old ted with a machete cold-blooded took another man hostage and drove to derby, connecticut where he allegedly killed a form high school classmate and kidnaps his girlfriend and forced her to drive to columbia, new jersey. then he ubers to pennsylvania. stroudsburg, east stroudsburg and end up in hagerstown, here. what's going to happen next is unlehr video link unclear what the charges will be. the family's attorney of the suspect says they don't know what caused. this he was an honor student at connecticut.
4:32 am
ainsley? ainsley: wow. didn't know that thank you, griff. all right. let's hand it over to steve. hey, steve. steve: thanks, ainsley. an msnbc reporter and camera crew called out and caught off guard. reporter cal perry was wearing a mask on tv as he called out people around him in wisconsin who were not wearing masks. and then this exchange happened. >> you can see, here, look around. nobody is wearing them. >> including the cameraman. >> there you go, including the cameraman. okay. >> cast and crew not wearing them. >> striking images. steve: man, the guy who called out that reporter andy olsen joins us right now from illinois where he lives. andy, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: so you live in illinois over the memorial day weekend. you went over to the picturesque tourist town in lake geneva in wisconsin. you saw this guy. you thought he was a local reporter. i saw you had your camera out. you were taking pictures of him.
4:33 am
how come? >> well, jokingly i told my wife, i said this guy is probably up here looking for pritzker the governor of illinois because he likes to wine and dine in wisconsin. i had a sense maybe this guy is out there to get a story, look at all these people who are not, you know, social distancing. and so i just -- and i thought it was odd that he had a mask but his crew -- a couple members of his crew didn't have masks. so i started filming him. you know, i was probably going to maybe post it to facebook. get a couple likes and that would be the end of the story. but, he turned the camera on me. at that point i was like okay, you want to -- you know, you want to play that game, mask shame somebody, i'm going to, you know, call you out for it. and your crew. you know, i may have been there before they started filming. you know, closer together. no social distancing. in fact, the cameraman was like
4:34 am
face to face with the reporter. you know, breathing in his face. i'm like, you know. no, don't -- steve: yeah. here's the thing about lake geneva, wisconsin. i was reading that apparently, you know, they have suggested guidelines but they're not, you know, so rigid about it and one of the things is apparently you don't have to wear a mask but you need to practice social distancing, which you actually were doing, right? >> yeah. i respect other people, you know, their safety. so i up there the rules are different and it was outdoors. it's a little different situation than even being indoors. steve: yeah, i think the
4:35 am
reporter if he had -- andy, i think if the reporter had a do-over he probably would not have done that again going forward because that clearly backfired. >> absolutely. yeah. again, i didn't ask to be put on camera or anything like that. and i walked away thinking oh, they are going to edit and clean this up. i don't know who these guys are. but, you know, when i looked at it, somebody posted your coverage of covering it msnbc the next day i was like okay. you know, they were live and i saw the guy after, you know, after he turned to me and i called of called out his camera crew, he threw up his arms like game over and walked away basically. but, yeah. they were not practicing the same rules. steve: right. and it has gone viral. and that's why we called you up and we thank you very much for joining us. andy olsen joining us today from illinois sir, thank you very much. >> you are welcome.
4:36 am
steve: all right. there you go. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. we have a fox news alert for you. violent protests erupting overnight in the state of minnesota. over the death of a black man in police custody. former homicide detective ted williams expects the officers to be charged with murder. ted joins us live next.
4:37 am
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4:40 am
♪ ainsley: this is a fox news alert. mayhem in minneapolis. violent protests erupting over the death of a black man in police custody. brian. brian: so then you have stories like target, auto zone destroyed by looters. police vehicles vandalized in los angeles. the riots turning deadly overnight. meanwhile, on this thursday morning, bill keller from our
4:41 am
fox affiliate in minneapolis joins us live as the fires continue to smolder throughout the city, across the city, bill. >> yeah. this began with again, gatherings yesterday afternoon that turned into protests ultimately turning into some looting situations. there was some pretty major stores a target we saw people literally carrying out big screen tvs by the stack full yesterday but then as the sun went down, that's when the fires started. we're along lake street and i can tell you another building started on fire within the last two hours. the fire department has not been out here to try and control this blaze because it just is not safe for the crews to set up. there are still people wandering through the area. occasionally dipping into a store and come out with something. that smoke continues to burn as well as a major -- an apartment building that was under construction that continues to burn overnight. so, again, a very active scene
4:42 am
here. anit stretches for a number of miles. this is an area that goes through numerous parts of the city and so it is not concentrated in one area. in fact, we are not even near where the incident happened where george floyd died in the hands of police. and that is what is under investigation. but, certainly a lot of simmering tensions that continue to boil over this morning. ainsley: all right. thank you so much, bill. let's bring in criminal defense attorney and former homicide detective and fox news contributor ted williams. hey, ted. >> hi, ainsley. how are you? ainsley: good morning. good morning. we are all doing okay. when you see this video, i just feel so sad for him it. doesn't look like he was resisting. he wasn't armed. what is your reaction? >> well, ainsley, i heard you a little earlier and you are absolutely right when you spoke out about what video cameras and videotapes mean in this age. it is no doubt about it from we were initially told that this
4:43 am
guy george floyd was resisting. now there are cameras that have shown that he was not resisting. the problem i have with this is you cannot defend the indefensible. here it was this man was handcuffed. there was absolutely no reason for this one officer to have his knee on this guy's neck. and the guy continuously said i can't breathe, i can't breathe the police officer would not let up. that also is not proper police techniques. brian: hey, ted, i'm looking at this and seeing that officer has a foot on his neck and just pressing and he has no emotion at all. nobody stepped in to stop him. no one has expressed any outrage that i can tell. i bet you if you look back at this guy's record, this can't be the first time he did something, let's say, not by the book. i just can't believe the
4:44 am
nonchalant way in which he ended up taking this man's life in broad daylight for a guy like you that's been in this business for so long. did it even astound you? >> i was shocked. it's unbelievable. i have been around law enforcement practically all of my life. can i unequivocally tell you you cannot paint with a broad brush all law enforcement officers to what happened out here. but it was shocking to me that this one law enforcement officer had his hands -- his foot or his knee on this guy's neck and you had police officers standing around and nobody was doing anything. that's going to be a very troubling aspect of this as this goes forward. steve: the video, ted, is so troubling and absolutely tragic what happened to george floyd and now the news in the last number of hours is that there
4:45 am
was looting and businesses were torched. what's your reaction to the fallout? >> well, let me be direct and candid. most of this hans right in the middle of the black neighborhood. i covered baltimore. i covered ferguson. i covered milwaukee where there were riots. and the problem i have is that this rioting is taking place right in the middle of black neighborhoods. now, what i'm deeply concerned about is this could very well spread all throughout the country because last night as you all guys, you know, this was going on in l.a. there was some riots out there. and so, i'm hoping that law enforcement officers can get all of this under control and that if there are going to be some arrests that they should take place immediately. ainsley: all right, ted, thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure.
4:46 am
ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian back in the studio she has more headlines for us. jillian: a florida man shoots and kills a intruder. the bay county sheriff's office says nathan edwards busted through the couple's front door, jumping on the homeowner's life and knocking her to the ground. police say the homeowner in his '70s shot edwards multiple times. his wife was treated for her injuries. she is okay. new jersey gym owners suing governor murphy over the state's shut down order. the owners of atill liz gym he is says the order is illegal and threatens their survival. judge napolitano joined us earlier saying the owners have a good case. listen. >> they are representing a substantial opinion of the state of new jersey that the governor here has gone way too far and this has gone on way too long and it is without legal basis. the state health department closed gym last week over
4:47 am
plumbing issues but the owners have been cited several times by the state for defying covid-19 restrictions. terrifying video shows the moments a would be robber set the hotel office on fire. can you see here the manpowers a flammable liquid on a clerk and demands money. when the clerk doesn't give it to him. he sets the texas lobby amaze blaze. the clerk only suffered minor burns but the office was destroyed. the arsenallist is at large. and now to some trending stories on first up a mysterious object is discovered in jupiter's orbit. researchers say trojan asteroid has a comet like tail made up up of gas and gust. it was discovered telescope system last year but reappeared last month. a family vacationing in south florida finds an alligator on top of a pool float. called the air b and b's owner who got someone to wrangle the reptile out of the pool. and finally brad paisley
4:48 am
surprising more than 600 nurses with a special thank you message. the country music star narrating a video for the covid-19 workers at vanderbilt medical center in nashville. it was part of his musical series called gratitunes. to read more download the fox news app. back to you. brian: janice dean has a lot going on in the weather. talk about the space launch on saturday. 60% chance that comes off. yesterday was scrubbed, janice. >> yeah. absolutely. we had showers and thunderstorms in the area all afternoon. we even had a tornadoes worn storm. so it wasn't looking good unfortunately we are dealing with the same type of conditions on saturday and there is a whole bunch of criteria that they have to contend with when it comes to a space launch at cape canaveral, lightning, of course is, a big issue. 30 minutes between -- within the launch of 10 miles of the launch
4:49 am
pad. we have winds, they can exceed 30 miles per hour. and then have you the cloud temperatures as well. there is a whole bunch of checklist items they have to check off for this to happen. the forecast unfortunately not looking great as we head into saturday around 3:30 in the afternoon. that's when launch time is expected to happen and we have got showers and thunderstorms in the area. so we will continue to brings you the weather forecast. the other big headlines we are watching what's left of bertha over the mid-atlantic, carolinas and virginia rainfall and extreme heat across the southwest. my fingers are crossed. sometimes there is that window of opportunity that opens up in florida. and i hope that that is what happens on saturday. back to you, steve, ainsley and brian. steve: we all do as well they always have a back up plan. they can take off another day if it is not safe. j.d., thank you very much. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. the knights of columbus have donated millions to food banks and medical supplies to hospitals. well, now the group's founder
4:50 am
could become a santsd. the supreme knight is going to join us knight live coming up next. or powders, try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h, because your derriere deserves expert care. preparation h. get comfortable with it. truly transformative sleep. so, no more tossing and turning. because only tempur-pedic adapts and responds to your body... you get deep, uninterrupted sleep. during the tempur-pedic summer of sleep, all tempur-pedic mattresses are on sale!
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>> americans are coming together during the pandemic knights of columbus. the group donating millions to food banks and supplying
4:54 am
hospitals were w. ventilators and mask. now the founder of the group father mcbegin any is moving one step closer to saint hood. here now supreme knight of the knights of columbus karl anderson. thank you for being with us. >> thank you and good morning. ainsley: you are welcome. good morning. tell us about the founder of your organization and why he is up for saint hood. >> well, father mcbegin any lived a life of charity. good samaritan and called a saint during his lifetime. we petitioned the vatican a number of years ago to examine his life and determine whether he lived a saintly life. they did that. and then the next step was to look to heaven for a confirmation of that finding by a miracle, which we received several years ago and the vatican pope francis declared that the miracle actually did occur. so now he is on his way to be beat find. we will call him blessed after that. ainsley: i know he was a priest
4:55 am
in connecticut. he died at 38 years old during a flu pandemic then. died of pneumonia as he was helping other people who had it. what's interesting, the mirror image here. because now here we are so many years later and we have our own pandemic that we are experiencing and your organization has helped out so much. tell us what have you done and why did you it. >> well, following in father mcbegin any's footsteps we are dedicated to charity and unity. father mcbegin any had a very particular way of thinking about charity. he had a, what i would call a fraternal charity, which was a change of attitude. look at your neighbor as your brother or sister and if they need help. on offer them a helping hand. father mcgossip table any would say yes, charity begins at home our home ought to be large enough for everyone. as you mentioned, he died during a pandemic. he suffered and like thousands of americans are suffering today. so as catholics when we say
4:56 am
father mcbegin any pray for us. we think that his prayers will be very personal. ainsley: karl anderson, thank you for being with us and god bless you and your organization. >> thank you very much. bless you, too. ainsley: thank you. 56 minutes after the top of the hour. a big final hour. we have dan bongino. we have lara logan and lieutenant colonel allen west. they are going to join us in his first interview since leaving the hospital after that motorcycle crash. we are live with all of this coming up. ♪ ...
4:57 am
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steve: it is the top of the hour on this thursday beings may 28, 2020 and we start this hour with a fox news alert. mayhem in minnesota. fires raging across minnesota and minneapolis that is to say right now as violent protests and looting erupted overnight over the death of george floyd. ainsley: you are right, steve. they set businesses and buildings on fire, stores like target as you can see on the right hand side of the screen, ransacked and looted brian. brian: yeah, police cars are vandalized not even in the city. every city a lot of cities in the protest turned deadly. william la jeunesse joins us live as the mayor of minneapolis pleads for peace.
5:01 am
william, this is getting really really disturbing. reporter: which is why the mayor has now asked the national guard to step into help keep the peace neighboring st. paul and state troopers are assisting minneapolis right now as looting continued this morning and rioting lasted through the night. one man is dead another in custody as police had to protect firefighters this morning responding to several blazes including a apartment building under construction. all in response to the death of 46-year-old george floyd, with crowds burning the flag, throwing rocks and bottles at police who responded with tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets fired from a roof top to keep rioters from ransacking a police station. protesters looted a target store and foot locker, and set fire to several buildings while chanting "george floyd, i can't breathe." one man died after being shot by a pawn shop owner. >> at the end of the day right now, how i feel the police ain't doing their jobs as a whole.
5:02 am
period. if they were doing their job, man, that man would have been alive. >> it's heartbreaking. it really is. people are utilizing this as a purpose to just make bad decisions. reporter: police initially said employed resisted arrest; however surveillance video shows him stepping out of his car peacefully, handcuffed and sitting on the sidewalk for several minutes before he ends up on the ground, with officer derrick shalvin's knee on his neck for five minutes while three other officers ignore floyd's plea he can't breathe and eventually floyd appears to lose consciousness, paramedics tried for an hour to revive him but he's pronounced dead at the hospital. >> the family has never ever been shocked about what they want. they want them to be arrested and convicted for murder because they murdered george floyd,
5:03 am
their loved one. reporter: so the case is now in the hands of the county attorney and the state rim international investigation bureau which promises a expeditiously but thorough investigation, president trump called floyd's death a sad and tragic incident. i've asked for this investigation to be expedited and greatly appreciate all of the work done by local law enforcement. he said in a tweet, my heart goes out to george's family and friends, justice will be served. right now, minneapolis police department and the state training boards say that that restraint technique on the neck is not used or authorized by police or taught by the state. business owners this morning were trying to protect their property with guns, one fired a bb gun to keep people away and one of the looters used a stolen car to run into an atm, so its been a bad situation this morning and we do know that floyd leaves behind a girlfriend and two young daughters. back to you. steve: william la jeunesse, in our la news room through very much.
5:04 am
let's go down to florida and bring in dan bongino. you know him, fox news contributor and former police officer with the new york city police department. dan, william just said a very accurately what we've known so far, but explain if you would because he just mentioned at the end that that was not a technique that is taught, explain what standard operating procedure is when you got somebody you're in the process of arresting them, they are handcuffed, forget about the knee on the guy's neck but they are handcuffed and saying " i can't breathe" and don't kill me. all right, what is standard procedure opposed to what actually happened? >> well, steve, various law enforcement departments, and me having been with the nypd and the secret service, they have generally speaking different use of force continums but the guidelines and the skeleton of it are generally the same, and candidly, steve when you're in the street working this job,
5:05 am
as i did for many years, you're not really thinking about a use of force chart and an xy axis. it's really more helpful to think in in general rules. why do i say that? because one of the general rules i was taught as a young police officer in new york is that don't ever forget this. when those handcuffs are on, and the resistance is stopped by the subject that fight is over. that fight, that day is over. steve, it does not matter what happened before. you could have just arrested charles manson. you could j just arrested a serial killer. it doesn't matter. we are professional law enforcement officers. the overwhelming majority of these men and women are dedicated patriots on the frontline of freedom here domestically. they would not do this but what happened here i'm sorry is a disgrace. you can't watch that video and not have a piece of you ripped
5:06 am
apart. for six minutes what are you doing for six minutes on his neck and then let me make a couple other points if you don't mind. listen, forget the politics, sadly in this country, everything has to be, this is not political. this is a humanity issue. you want to do that stuff let the disgraceful, you know, media hacks do that who are interested this is a humanity issue. i ask you one simple question, to anyone watching this. if that was your son, what would you say? that's it. you look at that and tell me if that was your kid. you would be horrified and done anything to save his life. i'm sorry but one more point here too having been involved heavily in tactics when i was an instructor at the secret service academy. you have two parades of horrible s here. number one you have a man on the ground thrown out. he can't turn his head backwards he can barely breathe. then you put your weight on top of him and then you concentrate your weight on his neck?
5:07 am
i mean, look that video. if you guys can play it that be really, look at his, this is key. his left knee is on the neck. i want you to look at his right foot. his right foot is moving, having spent 20 years ground fighting in ju jitsu, that should tell you something, that his weight is not balanced on his right foot because his right foot is moving. where is his weight? on his left knee. on his neck. i mean, i'm surprised he lived six minutes. i'm genuinely stunned he lived that long. there's no excuse for this and i've gotten a ton of e-mails from my law enforcement friends both active and retired who are equally horrified by this. ainsley: you know, dan i was watching you last night and you were talking with shawn about you all are both in marshall art s how that carotid artery is the place to go in order to take someone down and try to actually kill someone if they are harming you, but you're right. it's a humanity issue. i'm a mom. it breaks my heart because i think about what his mom, i
5:08 am
don't know his situation, his family situation, but william just said he leaves behind two little girls and a girlfriend. this is a human being and law enforcement most of them are good guys. good guys, good women, they don't go out, you know, trying to say i'm going to kill someone today or i'm going to use my force and my power. most of them go and do the right thing but i agree with you. what about the guy standing next to him? there were four officers that were fired. the guy standing next to him is just watching this for six minutes what was his, why was he doing that for six minutes, what was his plan of action? was it to kill him to make him pass out? >> you know, ainsley, i think you and i are, we're trying to answer a question we can't answer because you can't, in your head, grasp like why you would sit there and watch this. when i first saw this on twitter , i think it was a couple days ago, someone sent it to me and said look at this. i watched it and i thought the same thing. listen, maybe you thought for a second after a minute there was a fight going on.
5:09 am
when you're a cop listen. everything is tunnel vision. it is. i've been there. i know what it's like. everything is horse blinders. your peripheral vision go, you're under high stress, your add rent adrenaline is pumping, maybe you thought for 30 seconds there was a struggle going on but after six minutes the crowd is telling you hey, this guy is dying. i just don't understand. ainsley: let me add one more thing. what we don't know i don't want to speculate because we don't know what his intentions were, and we haven't seen the video, we first see that video of him on the sidewalk and then we see the video of the neck video someone filming it, so we don't know what happened in between. >> yeah, right and i said that last night with shawn. there may be video that emerges later. ainsley, even if it shows he was resisting, that is necessary to tell the story but it's not necessary for the use of force. listen to me. the golden rule. when the handcuffs are on, and the resistance stops, it's over.
5:10 am
the fight is over. these are professional law enforcement officers. that's it. end of story. brian: so dan, from the law enforcement perspective, i think it's in excusable from the experts to the laymen, and it just looks horrific. now the reason why there's riots across the country, benjamin watson touched on it last year, african american tightened who spent the last 15 years in the nfl whose a great guest on our show says this is racist. this is the achilles heel since our inception that took three constitutional amendments to make a certain part of our populous citizen, it took civil rights amendments even to make them citizens to give them the right to vote. is this about and the reason why there's riots in los angeles. is this about fundamental racism in america or is this bad law enforcement from a cop that seem s to have done a terrible
5:11 am
thing? >> brian all i can tell you from my experience in law enforcement over a decade, both the federal and city level in new york and with the secret service, is i have never in my life, i'm not kidding this isn't like signaling for tv so i with impress the liberals watching. i have never in my life seen even a cintilla of someone indicating any racist tendencies i haven't and i was there i experienced that. you can challenge that all you want i'm not saying it doesn't exist. i'm not saying there aren't bad apples in every arena law enforcement included. i'm telling you i've never seen it. matter of fact i've seen the in verse. i worked in the pre significant in east new york which is largely black and hispanic and if anything i saw people being extra careful to not be accused of racism. that's a fact. i'm not saying it doesn't exist. i'm just telling you from my experience, i've not seen that institutionally speaking. steve: all right, dan bongino, joining us today from stuart, florida. dan, thank you very much. nobody knows more about this than you do. >> thank you. steve: you bet all right it is
5:12 am
about a dozen minutes after the top of the hour and we turn to jillian in our world headquarters with news from connecticut. jillian: good morning, so let's begin this fox news alert, a multi-state manhunt for a college student wanted for two murders is now over. peter manfredonia captured in maryland and sent to jail after six days on the run. fox just obtaining this booking photo of him that you'll see in a moment. the senior arrested hours after being spotted in a convenience store across-the-board erin pennsylvania. >> connecticut state police detectives utilized social media technology and good old fashion police work in order to track down this suspect. >> we will have a live report from maryland coming up stay tuned for that. >> also breaking overnight a police officer shot and killed and a sheriffs deputy wounded in north dakota both were serving an eviction notice in grand forks look at this touching video of a caravan honoring the fallen officers. the grand forks police
5:13 am
department headquarters lit up in blue overnight and the officers name has not been released. >> the u.s. reaches a grim milestone as more than 100,000 americans have now died from covid-19. this as state leaders announce new ways to get their economy back on track. tomorrow, washington d.c. will reopen outdoor dining as well as hair salons and barber shops. residents in some pennsylvania counties will be able to eat inside restaurants and in maryland, outdoor dining, youth sports even outdoor pools may reopen. >> the nation is mourning the loss of war hero turned congressman sam johnson. the texas republican was a pilot in korea and vietnam and held prisoner for nearly seven years after being shot down in vietnam johnson later served 28 years in the house. former congressman jason chaffetz interviewed johnson for fox & friends just before his retirement. >> put a note that you wrote in there. do you remember what you wrote? >> freedom has a taste of those
5:14 am
who almost died that we'll never know and that's what we fight for here day and night in the united states congress. freedom for every member of the united states of america. >> in the last years of his life he used a scooter to get around but that certainly did not slow him down. when congressman steve scalise returned to the capitol after recovering from being shot johnson challenged him to a scooter race and said "america lost one of its best today. sam johnson was my personal her" johnson's family says he died of natural causes he was 89 years old. brian, steve, ainsley back to you. ainsley: rest in peace, sam johnson thank you so much, jillian. well the sports world taking another step toward returning, the nhl planning to skip the rest of the regular season and go right into the playoffs. former goalie kevin week says this is great for players and for the fans and he's going to join us, next. if your gums bleed when you brush you may have gingivitis.
5:15 am
and the clock could be ticking towards bad breath, receding gums and possibly tooth loss. help turn back the clock on gingivitis with parodontax. leave bleeding gums behind. parodontax.
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steve: the national hockey league has announced its return to play guidelines, abandoning the rest of the regular season, and instead, heading straight into the playoffs with 24 teams here to discuss former nhl goalie and nhl network analyst kevin weeks who joins us from new jersey as well good morning to you, kevin. >> good morning, top of the morning to you and all the great viewers out there thanks so much for having me. steve: kevin let me ask you this i'm having a problem hearing you explain how this particular thing would work with 24 teams going straight to the playoffs. >> absolutely, yes, so essentially what we're going to
5:20 am
happen is an expanded playoff and what that expanded playoff is expanded 24 teams, we'll have a first round play-in, a play-in with eight of those teams and they're going to have the opportunity to earn the right to compete in the stanley cup playoff in a traditional format which is widdled down to 16 teams but this allows a lot of those teams that were bubble teams that were in and around a playoff position and this is based on playoff percentage and also, the standings percentage more specifically, so what this will do is continue to expand upon a great playoff platform. the stanley cup playoffs is unique. it's the best in the world of pro-sports, i've got friends in every league that work and play in every different league across pro sports friends of mine that are former olympians and they love watching the stanley cup playoffs it's the most compelling so this will expand that for a lot of our great fans here in the u.s. and canada and around the world with the additional teams having the right to play into the round of 16 and the top four teams and
5:21 am
the respective conference and the east and the west will play round robin to determine the playoff seeding, so this really enhances the intrigue, and of course, the compelling nature that we have in the stanley cup playoffs there's nothing like the stanley cup in the world of professional sports it's the most historic trophy in the world of professional sports in the big four, and our commissioner bet man, and deputy commissioner bill daily they echo that all the time. it is the ultimate reality show so this gives our fans and more fans in their perspective markets around the world more to cheer for and our players are excited. steve: yeah, indeed and so there will be a stanley cup, somebody will be able to, there will be a team photograph that years from now people will look at and they will think why are those people standing so far apart? but it's because the social distancing and i know the league right now is trying to figure it out. do you think, and they're working with medical experts and stuff like that. are they going to change the way
5:22 am
it's played because i can't imagine hockey without checking and when you check somebody, you're having absolute contact with another person, which right now, defies social distancing guidelines. >> yeah, i think one of the most important things you know from commissioner betman to the players to a lot of the coaches i've spoken to and the great stakeholders we have around the game is player health and safety. it always has been, it's paramount even on regular times and now on unprecedented times it's even paramount even moreso, so the testing they will have have a lot of medical professionals experts in their field that they've retained and been consulting within addition to the cdc and other leading medical experts around the world , they are going to do everything they can to insure the health and safety of the players of the essential staffers of league personnel that will be at these games but in terms of the way in which our game is played our game will be continued to play and be played
5:23 am
the way in which it has been, and it will be dynamic and it's going to be fast, entertaining, hyper-creative and as you know we have a lot of the best athletes on the planet be it the great sidney crosby and there's so many names the great patrick kane, go down as the best-born american player in the nhl history who plays for the chicago blackhawks and future hall of famer, so the un predictability of our games, by a way of the creativity and the speed and the skill, the intensity none of that will change and more importantly, what this really does is it will allow for a safe environment for our players and staff but also all the great nhl and hockey fans around the world that love the sport so whether you're here in the metro new york area or islander fan, they're pumped. we see a lot of fans that watch us on the nhl network and we have the commissioner betman's return-to-play plan and we had commissioner on and a chance to speak with him two days ago and social media just went wild with a lot of the fans that are so
5:24 am
excited and can't wait to see us back and our players showcase their world class talent. steve: in dead, well i know that hockey is in phase i right now. you've got to get to phase iv before you can actually have the playoffs so keep us posted, kevin weeks joining us from new jersey today kevin thank you very much. >> my pleasure thanks so much for having me and before we go just a shout out to a couple of the folks out there all the front line worker, the essential service workers, the medical personnel always a shout out to the men and women in the armed forces we appreciate you, and during this difficult time right now, i encourage you to continue to be kind, gentle. remember we're all on the same team. one team here, across the world let's stay unified and lastly, a shout out to the great tim grove r, whose michael jordan 's trainer for the last 15 years and trainer to the late kobe bryant. it's something that we all need right now and not only pro-at leasts but all of us around the world, continue to stay strong and show your great
5:25 am
resolve. steve: all right, kevin weeks, very nice thoughts there. kevin, thank you. >> thank you. steve: it's 8:24 now here in the east, you bet. lt. colonel alan west says he's lucky to be alive after a motorcycle crash. this morning, he's back at home recovering from a concussion and fractured bones you can see him there. he's going to join us for his first interview since leaving the hospital, coming up, next.
5:26 am
5:27 am
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5:29 am
ainsley: we're back with a fox news alert, captured, a six-day multi-state manhunt for the college student wanted in two murders is over. griff jenkins is live in maryland where he was caught. griff: hey ainsley george, multi -state and multi-law enforcement agencies to get this guy, the 23-year-old behind bars here at the washington county detention center, was brought here about 2:00 a.m. after being booked. we can show you here his mugshot you can see this guy that posted no history of violence but he was apprehended fortunately when he was, it was here about five minutes away from where i'm standing at a pilot truck stop in hagerstown, he was taken without incident. the police got him. he will be on a bond hearing later today at 1:00 p.m. and do
5:30 am
so by video link but it was certainly a four-state manhunt that now connecticut state police say they are glad that they've got their man behind bars, listen. >> the suspect will cease justice and this will bring closure, this is what is important for the families of the victims, all of which has been notified of the arrest, immediately after. griff: let me show you where it all began in willington, connecticut on friday, six days ago when manfredonia allegedly murdered with a machete, and he then took another man hostage and stole his car and guns went to derby, connecticut that led to new jersey and ultimately to pennsylvania utilizing the uber service as well. we'll find out later today what he will be charged with, ainsley ainsley: okay thank you so much, griff. let's hand it over to brian now.
5:31 am
brian: all right, thanks, ainsley, former florida congressman lt. colonel alan west says he's lucky to be alive after a serious motorcycle accident in texas. he was cutoff by a car sending him crashing into another motorcyclist at 75 miles an hour here with an update on how he's doing as he recovers at home his first tv interview since the accident is lt. colonel alan west himself, so rather than get a reporter to cover your story do you mind covering your own story for us? >> [laughter] sure, brian, good morning to everyone, and first of all i'd like to give condolences to my former colleague and also fellow texan sam johnson. his passing away, sam just lives about 20 minutes away from me in plano. we were coming back up from a rally in austin, texas. a open up texas, free texas rally and i wanted to allow all of the motorcyclists out there no matter how hot it is wear your personal protection equipment and i made the
5:32 am
decision it was 96 degrees to not put my jacket back on and my gloves but i had my boots, jeans and helmet. we were traveling north oni 35. we had just gone through the town of west texas. i think that's pretty funny. the center lane there were four of us on motorcycle and i got cutoff on the center lane and i did a controlled slow down and the motorcycle behind me clipped me and my bike went out from under me and skidded of course i lost a lot of skin. i never lost consciousness, and i just want to thank the first people that were on the scene. one was a doctor, another nurse, another emt specialist and there was a young black lady that was there who really did a great job talking me through it and not allowing me to, you know, just allowing me to stay calm, but a lot of great health professionals down there, those that took care of me saturday and sunday and i was
5:33 am
released monday, came back home here in texas, and started to continue to recover and yesterday, i got a nice little two mile walk. brian: yeah, i saw you tweeted that out. colonel you even told me on radio you feel like you're lucky to be alive. 75 miles an hour you fly off your bike. you got a lot of road burn along the way and you were conscience the whole time. you're used to being in tough conditions. you've served over 20 years in the military. your dad was in world war ii, you had a brother in vietnam. you're a touch guy by nature but man, this had to hurt. >> yeah, this was very painful. i will tell you that without a doubt, i'm so blessed from the lord god almighty because not too many people are going to survive motorcycle accident on an interstate going 75 miles per hour. the worst part of it was when i
5:34 am
was laying there waiting for the ambulance and everything to come in, the pavement was just absolutely steaming hot and with all the skin that was taken off my arms, my arms felt like they were on fire, but again, thanks to the people that were there on the scene who kept talking to me and got me to stay calm and everything, but this pushed my toughness to the edge, brian. i'm not going to lie. brian: colonel among the people that reached out to you right away i know governorhuckab: is one and the other is the president of the united states and he tweeted out alan, get well soon so what is it like seeing this type of outpouring of caring for you and knowing you have so much love and support? >> i've got to tell you, it's just in credible, and i remember when angela read me the president's tweet there and i was in the hospital room in waco, it brought hears to my eyes, and to come out of the hospital on monday, memorial
5:35 am
day, and to have all of those people there, just clap ping and cheering, it's just in credible and i think i still have about 130 text messages a whole bunch of e-mails so everybody i'm going to try to get to you, may take me a little while because i don't have too much use of my fingers and everything, but it's just in credible, brian, and that's what's great about america is that people just respect and honor you for being who you are. brian: no that's what's great about you. you're a sensational person whose given back his entire life not only to people but to your country, even joined the national guard again after serving in the military from 82 to 2004 and now running for texas gop and after one day, you're back on the social media, the next day you're on radio and now you're on television, nothing can keep colonel west down, thanks so much for sharing your story with us and we're so glad you're okay. >> thanks so much brian and god
5:36 am
bless and thanks to everyone that has lifted me up in prayer. brian: you got it. lt. colonel alan west. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead we move ahead. jobless claims are out 2.1 million people filing for unemployment, more on those numbers ahead slightly down from last week and president trump expecting to sign the executive order today at some point, as he battles with twitter and social media over fact checks. laura logan sounds off, next. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from anyone else. so why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms which most pills don't. get all-in-one allergy relief for 24 hours, with flonase.
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>> [sirens] steve: we are back with a fox news alert. fires raging across minneapolis overnight, as violence erupted over the death of an unarmed man in police custody.
5:41 am
this is an apartment building under construction completely engulfed in flames as you can see. ainsley: stores like target were destroyed by looters you can see that on the left-hand side of the screen. police vehicles were vandalized, and one man was killed outside of a pawn shop, brian. brian: and protests were sparked after george floyd's death, the doj announcing just minutes ago that their investigation is now a "top priority." officers claim floyd was resisting arrest but this new video seems to contradict that showing floyd cooperating while in handcuffs. steve: indeed, and the president of the united states said this is a very sad situation, and has ordered the department of justice and the fbi to have an expedited investigation of what happened. all right, laura logan in just a moment but right now 18 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us with a fox news alert. jillian: good morning, the weekly jobless claims just
5:42 am
released. 2.1 million americans filing for unemployment last week. that's around what some economists predicted nearly 41 million americans have filed for unemployment since the start of the pandemic. >> more than one-third of the u.s. adults are showing signs of anxiety or depression following weeks of coronavirus lockdown. that's according to a mental health survey by the u.s. census bureau out of 40,000 people who were asked more than 34% of americans reported a symptom of anxiety or depression, and the survey also says women and younger adults were more likely to show symptoms. >> a kansas soldier, credited with saving countless lives by stopping an active shooter. the active duty soldier, striking the shooter with his car on a bridge, as the suspect fired multiple bullets at other vehicles with a handgun and a semiautomatic rifle. another soldier, was shot in the altercation. the suspect is in critical condition. detectives are now looking into
5:43 am
the shooter's history. >> a 103-year-old woman celebrates beating covid-19 with a cold beer of course. jenny signa enjoying a bud light at a massachusetts nursing home, her granddaughter says it is something she loves but hadn't had one in a long time. bud light reacting to the photo tweeting "the news we need right now, your next beer is on us, jenny." that's a look at your headlines i'll send it back to you. steve: great. brian: all right, thanks jillian. meanwhile janice dean has another weather report for us. hey janice. >> janice: good morning, brian , steve and ainsley and to all of you at home. we had tropical storm birtha make landfall around the midday bringing showers and storms toward the mid-atlantic, carolinas and virginia, not a tropical storm any more but we are going to see the potential for flooding and of course we were supposed to see a launch of spacex yesterday around 4:33
5:44 am
they had to scrub it because of showers and thunderstorms in the area, we actually had a tornado-warned storm as well in the afternoon. the forecast conditions for saturday not looking much better than that. the launch time is around 3:33 and showers and thunderstorms once again in the area this is typical weather for florida and as we move ahead in time you can see the fact that we're going to see the potential for those showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, and some heavy rainfall, as well as we get into the weekend. your forecast for the rest of the country, we've got hot conditions across the southwest, record setting heat for the next several days with dangerous heat indices and temperatures well over 100 to 110 degrees for parts of california and towards nevada and the southwest so that's going to be an ongoing situation as we go through the next couple of days. dangerous heat will be watching what is remains of birtha across the southeast and the mid-atlantic and then of
5:45 am
course, fingers are crossed for the launch of spacex on saturday. we'll keep you up-to-date. steve, ainsley brian, back to you. steve: thank you very much, j. d., and of course you'll be able to see it saturday afternoon right here on fox. meanwhile, straight ahead, restaurants are slowly reopening across the country. so what can diners expect when they go back in? well john tapper of bar rescue says there's three things to watch for. ed henry? ed: president trump about to unveil an executive order that will go after social media platforms like twitter but the white house calls selective censoring and the press secretary kayleigh mcenany is our exclusive guest and we'll ask her about america now sustaining more than 100,000 deaths from covid-19, and get an update on where we are with the economic recovery, financial markets continue to look optimistic this morning, liz claman, charles payne, they are going to join us plus attorney general bill barr tapping a u.s. attorney to dig
5:46 am
in for possible prosecutions over over the obama administration's unmasking the house republican leader kevin mccarthy joins us top of the hour join sandra and me 9:00 -12:00. when you're confident in your gut, you feel confident to take on anything. with benefiber, you'll feel the power of gut health confidence every day. benefiber is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber. good morning mrs. johnson. benefiber. trust your gut.
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ainsley: good morning welcome back quick headlines now.
5:50 am
texas' supreme court has reject ed a plan to expand mail in voting due to coronavirus fears. the court ruling lack of immunity to the virus does not qualify as a disability that would prevent a person from going to the polls. at the same time, wisconsin may be sending nearly 3 million absentee ballots to voters. the states elections commission okay'd the plan but still has to approve a letter mailed with the ballots. >> and democratic presidential nominee joe biden says he hopes to pick a runningmate by august 1. during a virtual fundraiser at the former vp said his selection committee is close to deciding the basic cut, and biden has vowed to pick a woman as his runningmate. brian? brian: fox news alert moments ago weekly jobless claims just released 2.1 million americans filing for unemployment that was just last week, bringing a big total. steve: that's right and that total, brian is 41 million americans have filed since the
5:51 am
start of the pandemic, including the hard-hit restaurant industry which our next guest knows all about from his tv show ainsley called "bar rescue." ainsley: yup, jon taffer joining us from the peppermill restaurants in loss vegas. 41 million, lots of people want to go back to restaurants and restaurant owners want to bring their employees back. what are you finding there? >> well this restaurant opens in about an hour and a half and they were talking about how some of their employees are pregnant and are unable to work and it's working out pretty well for them they've been able to bring back most of their staff but this restaurant is a 49-year institution here in las vegas, and right on the vegas strip and this is a restaurant that does business 24 hours a day and everything has changed here. let me show you what i mean. this is the life of a restaurant :r today and in this restaurant they have not only a full time sanitation person who cleans everything throughout the day, but the regular menu is now a paper
5:52 am
menu. the social distancing signage everywhere. there'splexiglass behind me, there's a chemical system for cleaning which is color coated, white rags for cleaning, blue for disinfecting and then temperatures, masks, disposable silverware, disposable drinkwar it's a completely new operational to keep us safe. brian: jon, just looking at what you have there i see one booth. is there separation of tables? you told me about the plexi glass, limited interaction when it comes to food just one person perhaps delivering food, and i imagine the kitchen is a little different too. >> oh, the kitchen, brian, they are all wearing gloves, all wearing masks but what we've done is we've isolated three areas of the restaurant. the transaction is separate. the person who does the transaction on the staff doesn't touch food, doesn't touch the customers. food runners are separate, and then servers are separate. so by isolating these three
5:53 am
compartments there's no cross- contamination and it's actually a very safe environment , we're still skipping every table, brian so they are following 50% occupancy codes and the plexiglass as a double safety feature. steve: and you know, jon, when we look at the unemployment numbers so many employers want to get their employees back to work and so they're opening and reopening across the country although here in new jersey, we're still pretty locked down in the county i'm in, but when you look at the changes restaurant:rs are making and bar owners as well, they're used to sanitizing things. when you have a restaurant, every once in a while the health department comes back to make sure that you are keeping an eye on bacteria, and keeping that down, so you would think that this particular procedure, a chain of command essentially be an extension of how they've been fighting invisible bacteria for a long time. >> i completely agree, steve.
5:54 am
the restaurant industry is the most equipped to do this. we've dealt with the invisible enemy bacteria since our inception, so now we're dealing with the virus so it's a change in chemicals but we still have to clean our surfaces, wash our hands, be responsible, have to have the right kitchen procedure , separation of raw-to- cook product so you're right, steve. we are really well equipped to do this especially in las vegas. ainsley: jon, yesterday i went to ups and the lady at the counter said can you please step outside and wait on the sidewalk we're only allowed to have three people in at a time. how are these restaurants going to get people in, are they going to have to wait outside and one at a time, they make sure they are seated alt their table and then go out and get another one and they discussed any of that? >> yes, and that process, ainsley, adds a labor cost and a whole procedure so the spacing guidelines outside where customers stand to wait to come in, they have an entrance door and an exit door so that separates the flow and by keeping them separate on the way
5:55 am
in and bringing them in and of course there's a sign right there, you have to have a reservation as well, so when you show up they are going to space you when they seat you and have plexiglass between the tables and all of these processes and procedures to keep us safe. brian: jon, i know it's early but show me around the place a little the last minute we have. show me what they've done compared to the rest of the strip because a lot of people want a vacation in las vegas and wondering when it's going to be ready so show me the place. >> sure. so this is a large restaurant. you'll notice there's a count ever over there, where there's separation you're only allowed to sit in every seat. take a look here, brian. this is plexiglass between each table, and there's still skipping every seat, and for those who have been so concerned about plexiglass and such, if you look through the restaurant you really don't even see it. so it isn't imposing, it's not an element that boxes you in. it can be very very comfortable.
5:56 am
ainsley: it's actually more privacy. >> it does, but it certainly makes you safe ainsley but again , it's not like a wooden block on either side of you that boxes you in. it's still very comfortable. steve: good point. all right, joining us from the strip out in vegas, jon taffer, thank you very much. >> great good to see you. ainsley: thank you. steve: we'll step aside more fox & friends in just a couple minutes. among my patients i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. new sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives us the dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend.
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>> hey, set your dvr is for 6:00 a.m. eastern everything all morning so you don't miss a minute of fox & friends every day from six until nine eastern and don't miss the brian kilmeade of radio show from nine until noon. among our guests, morgan ortagus, chris heard and a guy name chris wallace who works only on sunday. >> sandra: fox news alert, a terrible milestone in the fight against the coronavirus. more than 100,000 people have now died of covid-19 in the united states. that number accounts for almost one-third of p in pandemic deaths around the globe. the news coming as more states are now using restrictions and opening for business. we will have much more on all of this coming up. and now to this fox news alert, violent protests rocking minneapolis and other cities across country after the death of an unarmed black man in police custody with the mayor same criminal charges should be filed against the officer involved.


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