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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  June 27, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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your -- emma and yours truly. remember i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: let's get right to it, here is my opening statement. the lunacy in this country is not just about reform. it's about the destabilization of our nation. it's about manipulation. the left's manipulation causing as much chaos as possible to get president trump out of office. equal rights and equal justice are essential. i spent my career passionately fighting for both to make sure there was a level playing field, that everyone had their day in
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court and there are consequences for illegal acts. we did so without fear or favor. that is law and order in a free society. as a nation, we and our laws evolve every day. in 1864 it was a civil war. in the 60s it was the civil rights act. in the 90s, affirmative action. today it's police reform. the past weeks have been a horror show. a response to the outrageous killing of george floyd by a police officer we all agree deserves the harshest justice. but lady justice must have tears under or blindfold. for the injury and damage to people and property. they riot, loot, burn, take down statues with impunity. where are the arrests? where are the prosecutions?
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where are the perp walks. the press releases saying we are doing our job. but no, silence. and i'm tired of hearing we are working on it. if justice is not swift and certain, there is no justice. now why is it in democrat-run cities like minneapolis, washington, new york, cleveland, los angeles and oakland? police thrown out of their precincts in seattle and minneapolis as democrat mayors order police standdowns. police responding to shots fire in tampa then are ambushed by hundreds. as police are vilified criminals become more emboldened as they injure and kill police on this war on law and order. every officer knows there is a target on his or her back which
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might explain why 272 uniformed cops filed for retirement in the nypd in the weeks since george floyd's death. yesterday the minneapolis city council just okayed a charter to remove the minneapolis police department. once the leftists occupy and take over neighborhoods, they demand and receive food and water from complaint democrats. no surprise, within two weeks the shooting starts. police to their credit previously chased out of their precinct respond the 911 call as the hate america group refuses their entry, pelting them. the 19-year-old shot that night died. there was no crime scene preservation. no interviewing witnesses. there will simply be no justice in this so-called nirvana.
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then within 48 hours a accepting round of shooting in the chop zone, then a third and a fourth. one of those shots seeking victim status claimed the police didn't respond quickly enough. seattle police released a five-minute video showing police and emergency responders being prevented by a violent crowd from getting to that victim. now, the summer much love seattle mayor jenny du durkin ad the squatters to leave. and they have been threatened with retaliation if they paint over their graffiti. businesses are suing the city. this woman is so stone deaf to
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the damage she facilitated, she started her re-elect mayoral campaign early. who are these people who tear down statues of you hi -- of uls grant. who destroyed the monument of an abolitionist in bought on paid for by the first black regiment that fought in the civil war. even a black entertainment founder robert johnson is slamming protesters for toppling even confederate statues. calling these protesters borderline anarchists. he questions whether black americans even support this. the university where this thinking all got started, today princeton university announced
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it will remove president woodrow wilson's name from campus, citing his racist thinking. they have burned, vandalized churches from st. patrick's in new york to st. john's in washington. a historic church a short walk from the white house where abraham lincoln would go to pray. symbols of christianity and even jesus have been targeted. think about the states where this militancy is happening. democrats. are you beginning to see a pattern here? there is far less looting and burning in republic-led states because republican governors will call on the national guard in addition to arresting those violating the law.
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this mob rule is about creating chaos that will dough feet president trump. do the arsonists and looters know there won't be consequences for their actions? month are they? here is the leader of the new york comapper of black lives matter. >> if this country doesn't give us what we want, we'll burn down this system and replace it. >> this an insurgency destablizing our government. where are our leaders condemning these acts? where are our leaders? democrats and republicans. where is the outrage. are they afraid? where is the guy running for president, joe biden. he's not criticizing them. and he doesn't need to come out of his bunker to say the obvious. he needs to take a stand. or is he in favor of this. is he in favor of this unruly
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lawlessness. where is nancy pelosi. her only thought, blame republicans for the death of george floyd. and where is hillary clinton? she hasn't stopped yapping since she lost the election. where is the course of people we elected. campaigned for. gave money to. believed in. to stand up for our law and order. one leader we have heard from is barack obama. >> there is a great awakening going on around the country. judge jeanine: that's what you call it? the anti-cop sentiment has caused police deaths and a thousand injured across the country. president trump called on them to protect victims. these democrats are at best hands off and at worst encouraging the lawlessness.
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104 people shot, 14 killed, including a 3-year-old last weekend. this lawlessness creates an atmosphere of anarchy that itself is the like a homelessman sleeping on the sidewalk set on fire by firecrackers by a couple of thugs. where a man is shot in cold blood in new york city simply wiping down his car. where a white employee in macy's is beat down by a black man in the store with no one coming to help. now, no surprise. gun and ammunition sales are going through the roof. the daily shot of lawnessless has people on edge. the crime statistics increasing,
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gun purchases rising, police reluctant to or told not to respond, including 911 calls that may yield no response? there is destined to be trouble. i don't know when reform will happen because the democrats refuse to work with one african-american senator. why? you figure it out. they don't care about reform. they want chaos. it's a great political issue for them in november. we must put an end to this anarchy. the national guard needs to be federalized where democrats are refusing to do so. we need to deal with the increase in gun owner slim and p and the problems that will arise. most americans if they have a gun don't want to have to use
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it. ordinary citizens aren't properly trained. the police are. the only alternative toys support law enforcement. pass police reform and allow police to protect and defend us. if not, individual americans will be left to defend themselves. and that's not where america needs to be. that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter #judgejeanine. joining me now to react. house minority whip, congressman steve scalise. your thoughts on my open? >> you are right on track in terms of just talking about how some of these mayors that have allowed or encouraged lawlessness in their streets, watching some of the parts of their cities in seattle being taken or. people just randomly tearing
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down things, and burning down cities with the mayors in some cases disbanding the police station so they can be burned down. this has got to stop. if you look at what president trump has been very vocal about, it's about reestablishing law and order. some of these mayors are letting it happen, judge. and they are worse than that, they are not going after the bad guys and that's wrong. judge jeanine: why are they letting it happen? how do they benefit from that in the. >> i think you are seeing some of the far left taking or and trying to encourage just allowing these mayors to keep going forward and not standing up for their own city, and not standing up for law enforcement, the good cops out there risking their lives. and that can't be lost.
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while we talk about bad koppeds, this idea that you just paint everybody with the same brush is just wrong. i am not going to stand for it and a lot of others aren't. tim scott had a great bill for reform getting rid of bad cops and helping good cops do their job. the democrats voted against even debating the bill. judge jeanine: why? >> they don't want to solve the problem. this is a time where we have a moment in history where we can come together and solve the problems. but it's going to be a bipartisan solution. it's not one party writing the bill and shutting the other party out. it's a bill that has to get democrats and republican support. for democrats saying they don't want a republican senator to
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bring his own bill out. and democrats shutting out every single republican amendment down, including some that had bipartisan support all along because they are not going to bring up a bill that's going to become law. judge jeanine: tim scott brings up this bill in the senate for police reform, democrats want nothing to do with it. they don't weren't to discuss or debate it. now the bill passes the house. what maps now in the house? that is passed. what happens now? >> well, you know, we are going to wait and see, but there is not a lot of support in the senate for the bill to pass the house because it addresses the probe problem from one perspective. they make a datedda base i have cop who has had a complaint filed against him.
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they will call and complain on the good cops and that cop's career is sidelined for a year. now the. caller: on a national data base. get the bad cops out. president trump started to address this in making a data base of bad federal cops so they can't go from one department to another. congress ought to follow that lead. judge jeanine: if you can't make a complaint against the cop, then how are we supposed to know if a cop moves from one department to the next? how are you distinguishing between a good complaint and a bad one. >> there is a difference between filing complaint against a cop and that complaint being bogus or valid. cops have been removed from their jobs and they have gone to the next department over because there was no record of them. we want to make a data base of
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those cops who have been actually removed. not that somebody files a complaint against you because they don't like you because you are shutting down drug dealers. it takes about a year and the cop is sidelined for a year. and in the meantime the drug dealer got his biggest them is off his back. judge jeanine: you are saying it's only cops who have been removed, and cops that may have a reprimand. >> there is due process. if you have been found guilty, that's the data base you want. you don't want the data base of somebody who had a complaint against him and it turned out he was doing this job right and now his career will be wrecked. that's not what you want to do. judge jeanine: thanks for being
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with us tonight. joining me now, former congressman darryl issa who is running for congress again. you are running again in california. a lot of interesting things happening in california. i understand the governor indicated that at this point he has put a pause and initial ewing rules that would allow businesses to re-open. how bad is it in california? >> it's interesting. there are some pockets where people aring with brought into riverside from imperial within point to imperial from mexico where we are dealing with some overcrowding. but of course the governor is sitting in sacramento with a one size fits all. one of the strength of president trump is he has said we can't make decisions for different regions of the country from washington. we want them made locally. and smart governors are pushing that down to the county level
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where it's appropriate. we don't necessarily have a smart governor. but in our last segment, nobody knows what a police officer can do for you more than steve scalise. he wouldn't have been there to do that interview if police hadn't risked their lives. there would have been a dozen dead republican congressmen because a short who wanted to kill people for what they believe wanted to kill him and almost did. that's what people are forgetting in this process. police are our first line of defense. as you said in the opening, it's so important that we not rely on our personal guns and go back to a time before organized police forces, especially when tim scott and others are willing to offer sensible reforms. it could make a difference. >> if the democrats want to carry this over until after the election.
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wouldn't it all, discuss this with tim scott. how long is the police reform issue going to remain open? >> democrats want to run on the issue, republicans are willing to run on the issue. the president is more than willing to run on the issue. tim scott reached out his hand to negotiate. if somebody has a record of infractions, maybe they weren't fired. but that record should follow them as they run to another workforce. we should root out bad apples. senator scott, i know him. he's a good man and believes in criminal justice reform. and has a record of doing just that. he would be willing to work with him. if they look at the terrible bill that came over from the house, they could amended that bill with tim scott's bill and break the filibuster and begin having a dialogue about reforms that could happen before the
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election. judge jeanine: the sad part about this is nancy pelosi is so dead set against working with republicans, my fear is that -- how are the american people going to end up getting any kind of reform here as they -- as cities are being torn apart while people are complaining about police reform. how long will this take? >> at least 63% of americans surveyed oppose any defunding of on you law enforcement. the other 36% or 37% would still dial 911 if they were attacked. if you want your law enforcement defunded and rely only on your own ability to protect yourself. if you wanted to go back to a time of anarchy which we have fought since our founding, if that's what you want, vote for
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joe biden and nancy pelosi. if not the reality is it's clear, the people who support law enforcement, sensible reforms, are republicans, and that's going to be on the ballot in just a few months. judge jeanine: it will be an interesting few months, darryl issa, as you campaign yourself going forward to the election. senator marsha blackburn and corey lewandowski. what does one of the president's top deputies on domestic policies think of everything policies think of everything taking place in
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judge jeanine: joining me to discuss the *'s efforts on police reform, ja'ron smith. the president indicated he's staying in washington this weekend and they canceled the plans he did have. >> the president is always focused on the work of the people. under his watch he's not going to let unlawlessness in washington, d.c. around these monuments. he thought it best to stay
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around to make sure things don't go off track. jenna judge jeanine: is the president ready to federalized the national guard? it appears the mayor of washington is not the strongest law and order mayor as you might call one. will he call in the national guard? >> the president is always prepared to act when lawlessness got too bad around washington, d.c. and they started destroying property. if he has to do it, he will. judge jeanine: is he prepared to do it in other states as the lunacy continues to go on throughout the country? the chaos and anarchy. people are really afraid. between the combination of covid and watching this lawlessness. people are frightened. the president himself indicated every night we are going to get tougher and tougher. what does that mean.
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>> the president is going to continue to work with the governors to give them the resources they need to keep the communities safe. the president wants our country to recover and come out strong after covid. just like the riots. we won't let riots similar to the 60s to destroy our cities and take 30-40 years to rebuild. the president will have law and order with a passion. judge jeanine: you worked on police reform with the president. i noticed the combination of social workers accompany police officers. can you explain how that would work? >> sure. so law and order with compassion. the compassionate part is he realizes law enforcement officers have to deal with individuals with mental health
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issues or addiction issues or in some cases are homeless. they have overwhelmed our police departments in the past. but having a social worker who is trained dealing with those with addictions to help deescalate. law enforcement is there in case individuals get out of hand and become violent. but they don't always need law enforcement to act. they may need professional help from social services. it's a partnership between community groups and the police departments. judge jeanine: it's a tough call, being able to determine in the beginning which hand is necessary in which situation. but i understand you are prioritizing grant money based upon those police departments that come up to standards that the president has laid out in its executive order.
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is that correct? >> that's exactly right. we want to make sure every polite department around the country is certified and accredited. having great standards on use of force and de-escalation training and having great police community relations. there are ways to do this. we have seen plenty of law enforcement agencies reform their departments in a way that keeps communities safe, but also creates trust between the police and the community. that's the direction we want to go in. judge jeanine: ja'ron, thanks so much for being with us tonight. much for being with us tonight. up next, senator bottom line is,
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[♪] ashley: a shooting breaking out in louisville, kentucky late saturday night. one person is dade at the scene. people started running and diving behind vehicles. the gunfire erupting at jefferson square park where protesters have been meeting to demand justice for breonna
9:34 pm
taylor. in arizona states have been pushing for aggressive re-openings after virus-related lockdowns. the very much said he will be traveling there to receive reports on the ground. justice e jeanine. judge jeanine: this week two police reform bills on capitol hill. a bipartisan compromise be found? joining me, tennessee senator marsha blackburn. you knew what was going on in the stat at the time tim scott
9:35 pm
gave a heartfelt speech on a reform bill that the democrats refused to discuss. what was it like that day? >> i was on the floor with senator scott and some of my colleagues. if your viewers have not pulled up that floor speech, they should do it. tim scott has dedicated most of his adult life to work on racial equality. he has worked on this legislation for five years. you had senator durbin call it token and later have to apologize. the comments that were so offending made by several of the democrat senators, even some of their leadership. they did not want tim to get the credit for helping to solve this. what they want to do, judge, is to go in and take the democrats'
9:36 pm
house bill. than that bill would abolish the police and here is how they would do it. they would do away with qualified immunity. which means criminals could sue policemen for arresting them. of course, the criminals would be in jail using a taxpayer library and cooking up a lawsuit against the policeman. so the policemen earning about $50,000 a year would have to buy malpractice insurance, liability insurance. do you think they can accord to shall -- afford to buy that. people are familiar with doctors buying it. but your policemen would have to buy an understand policy to protect themselves from having criminals sue them because they got arrested. so the way tim was treated on
9:37 pm
this i think was just awful. and the democrats would not even take a vote to discuss the bill when police reforms. and you just talked to ja'ron about the things the president is wanting to do. we are all saying there ought to be a national data base for officers who need to be decertified. there out to be standards for training. but they don't ebb want to have the discussion. i guess they are more given to mob rule than this policy. judge jeanine: what do you think of people like nancy pelosi who say republicans are trying to get away with murder. >> that is just reprehensible. and tim mentioned that in his
9:38 pm
remarks on the floor. but to say that when we are trying to solve the problem. everyone knows that there has been a -- what mapped to george floyd was just awful. his killing, his murder, and there should be justice for that. there should also be reform for our law enforcement. but all of this talk about defund the police, abolish the police, we have to realize our police need more money, more training. they need to have our support. it's that thin blue line that stands between calm and chaos. and i talk to security moms across this great state of tennessee every single week. and they tell me they want to see law and order in their immunity.
9:39 pm
they want their community to be safe. and they know that if somebody breaks in their house and tries to murder them, the social worker won't come. judge jeanine: senator blackburn, thank you for being us tonight. next, corey lewandowski is here. next, corey lewandowski is here. don't go there are people who say things aren't made here anymore. those people should make a trip to michigan. or kentucky. or illinois. where you'll find our workers and dealers and engineers and technicians. building for america. we're proud to employ more hourly workers than any other automaker in this country. because we build for this country. ♪ ♪
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judge jeanine: joining me to talk about the latest in the 2020 race, corey lewandowski. the guy in the basement seems to have much better poll numbers than our president. why is that? >> we call that tahiti strategy. this guy is nowhere to be found. he has an event last week. 8 members of the media showed up, 8 members of the public showed up.
9:44 pm
there were 16 people in the room and the media couldn't decide what to do. they don't want him to continue to make gaffes like saying 120 million americans died of covid-19. he time he talks he makes mistakes. so his advisers are saying joe, stay in the basement, it's the safest place for you. judge jeanine: it seems to be working for him. >> let's bring your viewers back to 1988. the new york times ran a poll that said then governor michael dukakis was beating then vice president george h.w. bush 55-38. the race was over. michael dukakis is the next president of the united states. we can't take any solace in these polls. donald trump shocked the political pundits, and what we
9:45 pm
call geniuses. we knew donald trump was going to win four years ago. we heard the last 10 years the state of texas was a battleground state. the last time 25 years ago, under that scenario massachusetts has a more likelihood of voting for donald trump than texas does voting for a democrat. judge jeanine: but even senator ted cruz needed some help before the last election. last saturday night, i'm disturbed about tulsa. we were told that a million people were going to be attending, and clearly that was not the case. my question is a blunt one. should the trump campaign have seen signs that they were being bombarded by requests from people who had no intention of
9:46 pm
attending the rally? should they have seen a deviation in numbers, especially in this covid climate. how did the campaign allow that to happen? it's not fair to the president. >> you hit it spot on. it's the world of covid-19. everything is completely different from what it was. we have seen the president do four, five, six rallies a day with 16,000, 20,000 people a rally. this model with us one which was huge. en in in the world of covid-19 it was. the campaign will look at this and say what can we do better. it's about going forward and making sure things like that don't happen again. we can go back and live in the past. but we have to go forward and make sure every rally the
9:47 pm
president does going forward is properly he can cute and absolutely perfect the way he e- the way he expects. it's a different world than it was before. judge jeanine: let's hope whoever is in charge of that, that they recognize the deviation. the planes had to be load, the hotels had to be filled. come on. coming up. one of the country's top law and order experts gives his take on police refororororor facing leaks takes strength. so here's to the strong, who trust in our performance and comfortable, long-lasting protection. because your strength is supported by ours. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you.
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judge jeanine: this just in. four men in d.c. face federal channels tore attempting to tear down a statue of andrew jackson on monday. one has been brought into custody. your reaction. they apparently have one guy which is good news. hopefully three will be apprehended soon. >> my reaction is if you want to do the crime, you have to be willing to do the crime. it's a longstanding principle
9:52 pm
for people who want to commit crimes. and people who want to exercise their right to protest, they have to suffer the consequences. congratulations to the investigators. judge jeanine: i think we need to see more of that. we have been talking about the police reform bill submitted by tim scott in the senate that the dems refused to talk about and the one dems passed in the house. what's your take on the whole issue. >> if the house wanted to set out and totally demoralize the men and women of american policing who risk their lives he day, they couldn't have done a better job. it's not about reform. because many parts of the bill are acceptable to police chiefs in america. but it's an accusatory document.
9:53 pm
it starts from the assumption that police are inherently racist. it's not. officers in our big cities spend most of their time protecting the lives of african-americans. that's our vocation. that's what we do. this bill those out a lot that will not improve police and ignores the crime issue. what we need is grown-up behavior from our congress. you can't separate police reform from the work we do. as long as you keep pretending that if you tweak aspects of policing you made an impact on african-american casualty rates in this country you are deluding yourself. 7,500 african-americans are murdered he year. and this has no impact on our
9:54 pm
ability to do right for the silent ones who are unrepresented by supposed advocates. jenna: a deputy inspector in new york with the nypd, a precinct commander in the 46th. they called it the alamo. after three decades he quit because he said he was getting no guidance from the department. that the bosses basically took down the anti-crime unit. no undercover. the alamo, the 4, is all about -- the 46, is all about guns, drugs and crime. he says i get no direction from the department. how many police in the country do you think are feeling the same way? >> anecdotally i'm hearing from my former colleagues. retirements are up.
9:55 pm
they are going as soon as they are eligible. many senior leaders are leaving sooner rather than later. there has been an organized campaign to delegitimize police. i don't know who thinks it's good public policy to thoroughly demoralize police and treat them like the social ills of this country are their fault. fixing problems of urban america is tough. do i think for a minute i will see a network of social workers at 3:00 in the moaning helping police with mental health crises? no. people have to step up and pay for the thing. judge jeanine: we have got to run. itching for a treat.
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judge jeanine: u go to the beach or not, you need a beach towel. get a beach towel. get ready for the fourth of july. ♪ greg: it's the hate crime that wasn't. did that stuff the media? >> he has black lives matter logo on his car. he comes back to a garage still and there's a noose. greg: incredibly upsetting and discouraging. the news was found. >> ugly message of hate was placed in his garage. discussing display of hatred, a noose found hanging in bubble wallace's garage. greg: how can you hear that and not wonder how these idiots managed to get to work everyday? i work i mean


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