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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 30, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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let's hope. talker? >> tucker: i hope so. makes you think of the way the chinese treat animals is not only immoral but also dangerous. that's it for our hour tonight, thanks for staying with us. the great sean hannity takes over from new york. >> sean: you know what's amazing? every model, every person, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, everybody was wrong. the one thing that was consistent is that if we protect the older generation, older people, underlying conditions, compromised immune system, that was the one thing that stayed consistent and we should learn from the lessons now so we don't have to shut the country down. great show. welcome to "hannity." tonight, buckle up, we have a ton of breaking news to cover including shocking new video from new york city where again, violence tonight is erupting and the police budget, get this, is getting slashed by a whopping
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$1 billion. that is not good news for new york city. one elderly woman was even violently assaulted in broad daylight in seattle, look at these images from the daily mail. our very own dan springer and his crew, they were assaulted, harassed, stocked, by the summer of love zone protesters in the shop, chaz zone. he will tell us here first in an exclusive interview and report coming up, we will also hear from eric trump tonight, senator graham tonight, mark cuban tonight on the mount rushmore event coming this weekend. first, we have major news developments to report. for the very first time in 89 days, he came out of the bunker, he came out of the basement. the week, the ever-confused joe biden actually emerged and answered a few, well, as my friends on radio today, lollipop interviews from the media mob
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and as you can imagine it was pretty hard to watch, the digressions, the stammering, the confusion all on display and you can just feel the tension, he's hanging by a thread the entire time. if you're on his staff, please, please, just another minute or two and we will pull you off the stage. you can tell he was trying so hard but the struggle is real, take a look. >> the defense production act, critical, critical for the delivery of supplies that were basically needed. >> can you tell us what you would do to putin? if it's true and in general for what happened in the past? >> i can but i will not, but i will tell him. where's the wilmington, delaware state news? delaware newsroom i should say,
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that's my hometown. it's fundamentally different than pulling down a statue or going to the lincoln memorial to try to, you know, not lincoln memorial. that's a bad example. the jefferson memorial. >> sean: it took to the end of the press or when yes, fox news' own doug mckelway asked a tough but important question and biden first referred, this was very weird. to the dog as a dog face, out of nowhere and then gave this incredibly strange answer. >> last question really quick, some of speculated -- >> you are a lying dog face. >> i don't have word recollection i used to have, i forgot my train of thought from time to time. i di have you been tested for se
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degree of cognitive decline? >> all you have to do is watch me and i can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man i'm running against. >> sean: okay, let me get this straight. he's constantly being tested for cognitive abilities? why is joe biden getting constantly tested for a cognitive decline? after hearing that i'm wondering if maybe all americans need cognitive testing regularly. that concerns me, does that concern the american people? are they going to ask the ever-forgetful, weak joe biden why he's being constantly tested for cognitive decline? because aside from that one question from fox news, biden was given, as leo was saying all day, the lollipop question treatment for members of the mob. almost as if they were trying to protect them as they have 489 straight days. many of the questions
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surrounding mask-wearing and whether or not he had been tested for covid-19. of course, everyone that is around him and he admitted all this today, including all of his handlers, secret service, his family, they all get tested regularly and frankly i think they should, he's a presidential candidate, former vice president. as for the masks, well, i've been saying this forever. personally, i was at the epicenter of all of this from the very beginning, i don't have a problem wearing masks. you know why? because i love grandmas and grandpas and moms and dads and they are the most vulnerable and i wouldn't want to live with myself if i happened to get it and pass it on to people that may potentially die from this and also i'm going to be very selfish about it, if i have to wear a mask to go to a baseball game or an outdoor concert or a football game in the nfl or college and that's the only way i can get to see the game, it would work. by the way, i know one little
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measure that we have anecdotally, i've said it so many times on this show, once, twice a week so i went to my local grocery store, i saw the same people, even one of the guys stocking the shelves, i put them on my radio show. same cashiers, i like the fast check out myself but i saw the same people and thank god, i would ask every week, no wood ny contracted to be a because they all wore masks. for me, anecdotally, it works. our scientists are going to get us through all of this probably sooner rather than later but now biden, everyone around him is tested, he's using the mask as a wedge issue, a political issue and using that as a way to attack president trump. by the way, he wasn't wearing his mask when he was at his first press conference in 89 days and again, i will reiterate, everyone around the president must stand is tested, same for joe biden soaked joe's mask-wearing is purely symbolic.
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he was against the travel ban, that's not symbolic. the one he said was xenophobic and hysterical fearmongering. but that decision by donald trump ten days after the first identified case in america, that saved probably hundreds of thousands of americans from contracting the disease and tens of thousands of others from dying and for the left everything is political, especially 126 days before an election where you will be the ultimate jury. it always is symbolism over substance. the mob and the media didn't press biden about the politicizing of mask-wearing, they didn't ask him about the violence, the lawlessness erupting in america is, they didn't ask about the murder epidemic in chicago, they didn't ask why didn't he and barack, why did they ignore their entire eight years in office all of that violence, all of those shootings, all of that death, all of those innocent victims from the city of chicago, for
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eight years while they were in charge, they didn't ask him about the violence in the chop, summer of love zone, they didn't ask about the insane defund the police movement that's going on in the country, they didn't ask weak joe about his enthusiastic adoration for the former klansman robert "kkk" bird. they didn't ask about his words "the racial jungle" or "predators in our street" speech. they didn't ask about his past support for segregationists, they didn't ask about his involvement in the flynn probe, they didn't ask why he promoted the logan act to try to trap donald trump, they certain didn't asking why he lied about it, didn't ask why his son, zero experience hunter got a sweetheart $1.5 billion deal with the bank of china, no experience that we can find
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right after stepping off air force to on his trip to asia and china, they didn't ask about burisma, the lack of experience with ukraine or energy and the millions he made there, they didn't ask why he's supporting the new green deal or alexandria ocasio-cortez advising his campaign and by the way i could go on but we only have an hour. predictably the mob were gentle, they were kind, they gave him, well, special treatment that he doesn't deserve. they didn't interrupt him, they didn't shout their questions, they didn't try to grandstand, they lobbed one softball question after another and for reference, let's take a look at a side-by-side comparison between the treatment of president trump versus the treatment of the ever-week forgetful joe. take a look a look. >> i wonder where do you think the rate stands at this moment, what keeps you up at night as you look ahead and can you maintain this advantage without
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campaigning in a traditionally? >> today the u.s. had a milestone of 1 million cases of the coronavirus. back in late february you predicted that the number of cases will go down to zero, how do we get from your prediction of zero to 1 million? >> do you believe that trump is guilty of violating his oath of office? >> black unemployment went up by .1%. how is that a victory? >> if elected, how are you going to get americans on the same page? >> sean: sadly but predictable at this point and get this, during the first press or in 89 days, the ever-forgetful weak joe biden actually admitted that he had a list of preferred reporters that he was supposed to call on. what's interesting to me about this is i've never seen donald trump ever do that. never seen any president ever do
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this or presidential candidate, very interesting, makes me think, makes me ponder, makes me wonder. take a look. >> i'm happy to take questions if you have them. they gave me a list, how to recognize. who was i supposed to go to next? anybody? i've got to make sure i get to the bloomington newspaper here. >> sean: i don't know if you're supposed to say that out loud, probably a best-kept secret. the staff probably told you but you probably forgot. let me state the obvious, with the exception of a few outlets, few reporters, rush, mark, laura ingraham, a few of us on fox, the mob and the media is almost entirely in the tank for joe biden, 9% are hacks, journalism has been dead and buried since 2007. we were pretty much almost exclusively the only ones to talk about barack obama, who
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frank marshall davis was, and community organizing and all in all we ask the tough questions and what was black liberation theology for example? fake journalist, new york toilet paper times and the rest of them are busy asking obama questions like this, take a look. >> during these first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about this office, enchanted you the most about serving in this office, humbled you the most and troubled you the most? >> let me write this down. [laughter] >> surprise. >> troubled? >> what was the first one? surprised. troubled. >> enchanted. >> enchanted? >> and humbled. [laughter] >> what was the last one? >> humbled. sean: enchanting. we will do the job they will
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never do, we will that honestly the presumptive democratic nominee. the american people deserve th that. make no mistake, the next 126 days will bring you everything you need to know about what is at stake for your kids and your grandkids if, in fact, he and a radical extreme socialist ever take power. it won't be pretty. i have a book coming out in 35 days, "live free or die." in latin i put in "live free or america dies." they want to take us down the failed road of socialism and their agenda, it will make america unrecognizable, that's about it will be and that's why your vote is going to a matter especially in florida, ohio, georgia, north carolina, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, minnesota, arizona,
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new mexico, nevada, new hampshire and maine's second congressional district. we will leave no stone unturned, expose every scandal, ask every important question, we will do their job. that is our pledge, that is our job to you, the american people. we were pretty much alone in the deep state as well, right there, they were all wrong. by the way, the future of this country is at stake. a lot to get to. here with reaction, the executive vice president of the trump organization, eric trump. when you really think about it, the green new deal is no energy, no gas, everything's free and america -- we are going to tax you to death and these are promises that will never be fulfilled and then we've got freedom, capitalism, and every single economic record for every demographic group shattered by your father, the largest and fastest and biggest medical mobilization in history.
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does your dad get credit on election day and 126 days? >> i think he will, actually, i think the american people see through it. the nasdaq was up 30.6% over the last 90 days. my father has dealt with one of the great crisis is in american history, look at what's happened to the market, you know the media, you did such a beautiful job talking about the media in the intro. they say absolutely nothing, they ignore it and they do lobbed joe biden softball questions and it's disgusting. yesterday you had kayleigh mcenany, she's doing a beautiful job, they asked, is president trump upset that the south lost the civil war? it the kind of question that my father is getting shouted at every single day, getting lambasted by these people, softballs, joe biden is going to this list, interesting, another
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preselected journalist. there is no question he had the interview questions, every single time he looked down and read his notes, it's a double standard, people see through it, they see the media is 99% in that camp and they see how unfair the system is. they also see a man who often times has to fight by himself, he really put up a great tweet today, the lone survivor, a lone fighter and that's often true, what he's done, the weight that he's carried on his shoulders for this country is nothing short of spectacular and i can tell you this country appreciates it. >> sean: three years of russia collusion lies but there was russia collusion, the dirty dossier, the media lied, they never retracted, never corrected, never apologized. >> in fact, they won full of surprises. >> sean: all these other people that i had on the air
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that got it right and this show was alone for many years, to be honest. joe biden, your thoughts on today? >> i thought today, first of all he had zero energy. i have to watch this stuff, i had a tough time watching it. he didn't make any sense, he was stumbling through it, some of the questions were -- "sir, we are roughly the same age and once in a while i make mistakes." and if you don't remember the time that the media was lambasting, the medical doctors, ronnie jackson, all these guys in the white house, remember them going after him, "is the president capable of surveying, is he on hard drugs? and then you see these questions, "yes, the 3,000 we have it last week, we are roughly the same age and i understand it can happen, it's insane. he didn't answer anything, everything he said was very
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generic. the man has no fight in him. can you imagine him -- >> sean: this sounds like joe biden every second of the day, i'm just saying. >> could you imagine him going against china, going against russia? my father has taken on the entire world, taken on all of europe, taken on the u.n., taken on china, mexico, he's taken on everybody because they were all totally ripping apart our country and using and abusing us. >> sean: everybody says donald trump fights, he fights with the media, he fights with democrats but he also fights for the american people. i'm not sick of winning. as far left lunatics continue to push for police to actually be defunded and dismantled, violent crime is on the rise in every major city, especially in blue states and blue cities, in other words they've been run by democrats for decades. look at your screen. obama, biden, deadly violence
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exploded the entire eight years they were in office in the city of chicago, 4,000 americans, most of them killed in chicago, thousands of thousands of others shot every weekend and they sadly barely mentioned it and the violence continues to this day, 125 years in public office in d.c. and donald trump has done more than three and a half years. on monday six more people were shot, three were killed, that comes after 18 people were killed over the weekend. 106 shots the previous weekend, this weekend we lost a 20-month-old baby, look at that beautiful child. she was hit with a stray bullet during a drive-by shooting. three more kids were also shot, two were killed. 17-year-old antoine douglas, these are america's treasure. those are our kids.
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do you now know the names, joe biden, did you ever know the names? did you ever attempt to address back address the violence in chicago? literally you and barack ignored. the ever incompetent mayor that bill de blasio is, over 100 people injured or killed, 83 separate shootings in a 12 hour period. over the weekend, look at your screen. this video shows a woman getting violently choked and robbed in manhattan, that heinous action took place in ra broad daylight. joe, do you approve of this? what would you do to fix it because you haven't told us in 100 days. end of this comes as the nypd is facing now what is a $1 billion
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budget cut. brilliant mayor, brilliant governor and cuomo not only sent covid patients into nursing homes but signed a no-bail bills all the anarchists the police arrested were let out within hours. alexandria cours congresswoman o cortez still not satisfied. it doesn't mean, but budget tricks or freddie mac. she's saying, they don't go far enough, she is advising biden at a time when police are facing increasing levels of violence, a lot of retiring and quitting, ocasio-cortez and other democrats want their funding stripped. in l.a., democrats planning to defunded by the police. even planning to eliminate the special victims bureau. violent crime out of control,
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the defund movement will only make it worse yet the presumptive democratic nominee has aske not asked a single quen about the violence and the anarchy. lindsey graham tweeting yesterday "if you had any doubt whether the mob and mainstream media is basically an extension of the democratic party, today's press conference with joe biden should remove all doubt." he's kinder than i am come he's from south carolina, joins us right now. senator, i've never witnessed anything dumber in my life. i don't think south carolina is going to do this but new york and chicago and seattle and california doing it. >> it's a perfect storm brewing to create real danger for the people that live in these cities. the nypd deserves better. south carolina is not perfect but we are not going down this road. who fills the vacuum when you cut police budgets? crooks and thugs. who suffers the most when you
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have less cops? the poor in high crime neighborhoods. what you do if you're a working person and you work in chicago? this is dangerous, it's dumb and nobody asked joe biden, do you agree with bill de blasio or aoc that you should cut more? i think most people listening to this program i scare are scarede their country is going to lose law and order because the liberals are going to got the cops and release everybody caught right back into the community and you will have a revolving door, bad formula. >> sean: i see this on the ballot, "law & order," 126 days. i see trade, lower taxes, higher taxes, getting rid of all energy independence, the lifeblood of the world's economy is at stake, trade deals are at stake, dropping another $150 million in cash at stake, i see sanctuary
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cities states, amnesty and open borders, health care system, we are going to double down on stupid which is obamacare. >> if you believe decriminalizing coming into our country followed up with free health care if you make it here is a good idea, vote democrat. i think the dumbest idea on the table is to decriminalize illegal crossing, make it a misdemeanor, a parking ticket and once you get here we are going to give you free health care, half the world will show up in america and i find it really offensive that the democratic agenda is going to eliminate your employer-sponsor health care, the health care you get at work. they're going to give it free to illegal immigrants. >> sean: senator, if they implement this crap that they're
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selling, and america will be unrecognizable. new york, l.a., chicago, seattle, that will be america. >> they hate the country as we know it, they want to change it. >> sean: thank you, senator. our best to your calling senator tim scott who joined us last week. the official twitter account of the dnc accusing the president of glorifying white supremacy over the fourth of july celebration at mount rushmore. south dakota governor waited next. also later, mark cuban is back. i have a question about last week's exchange and joe biden's plan as president. i like mark. straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> sean: breaking news out of new york tonight, the city council voting to make huge cuts to the new york police department budget despite a massive uptick in crime. anarchists now, you can see behind our own rick leventhal, having a grand old time out of comrade de blasio's mansion. what's going on? >> we are outside city hall and it's a pretty wild scene here, city council is about to vote on that budget cut but it looks like it's a done deal, a billion
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dollars from the $6 billion nypd budget. these are the demonstrators demanding those budget cuts for the last week now, camped outside city hall, in the foreground here, you see a couple rows of bicycles, the demonstrators blocked this intersection about two hours ago and they are using a bike to do that and the police actually shut down the brooklyn bridge tonight, stopped traffic coming from brooklyn into the city because they couldn't get past this intersection at the other side of the brooklyn bridge. you can see here as they have closed down this intersection, out there now for about two and a half hours and i want to show the front of the court house across the from city hall where you can see graffiti painted all over the front of that building, on the statues out front, these folks said they'd be out here up until the city council vote and then would vacate if they got
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that billion dollar budget cut they wanted from the nypd but now we are hearing the crowd say, you know what? are not leaving, they don't like some of the ways the cuts were made and apparently they are planning to resist if the nypd tries to clear them out if they don't leave on their own volition so we are out here waiting to see what happens next, sean, sean. >> sean: rick leventhal, great reporting as always, i have a message for comrade de blasio, he will hear about this and andrew, i have a message for you, too. new york leaves the entire country and people leaving your state and city, see what's going on there? people like me, i am leaving this state. you know why? you don't want me here anyway and so are a lot of other people. watch your tax revenue go right in the sewer and as democrats and the mob and the media continue to melt down of our president trump celebrating the fourth of july at mount rushmore this weekend, the dnc, they are even finding more ways to
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completely embarrass themselves and this will be on the ballot in 126 days, in a now deleted tweet that the president is "glorifying white supremacy by going to the iconic landmarks to celebrate our nation's independence. joining us now for a reaction, south dakota governor kristi noem. governor, i don't really know what to say, i guess comrade de blasio, they may be in favor of sandblasting mount rushmore, i guess other democrats might do that, i've actually been there, my kids have played tennis tournaments in your state and i think it was one of the most spectacular things i've ever seen in my life. a work of art, incredible magnitude about people that were not perfect but created documents that allow america to right wrongs, correct injustices and also become a more perfect union which history has proven them right, we get better when
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we try. >> you said that you are looking for a new home. and i would think of no better place than the state of south dakota where we still love freedom and liberties and where we celebrate america's independence and recognize the importance of this national monument. we are going to be having an event where we will talk about the principles and the values that this country was founded on, we will talk about our history, the lessons it will teach us and i'm hoping that everybody will recognize that now is a time not to divide our country but to unify it and to heal and talk about what really is important so we can make wise decisions in the future. >> sean: governor, i would honestly love to live in south dakota. i'd love to live anywhere i le new york. it is a beautiful state with great americans, they work hard, they are independent, they pay their taxes, they obey the laws and we not see the madness we
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see in new york and new jersey and that idiot governor in michigan and pennsylvania, did you send covid-19 patience into nursing homes during the height of covid? i don't think you did. >> we did not. in fact, we have the lowest hospitalization rate that we've had in months, we are doing a great job in south dakota and that's because i asked the folks here to practice personal responsibility, to make the best decisions for themselves, for their families and their businesses and they overwhelmingly did that, i told them i trusted them and they made wide decisions and we are doing very well. you talked about south dakota and our business environment, we are the lowest tax state in the nation, the lowest regulated state in the nation, we have people every day calling us asking, how can i move there, how can i move my business to south dakota because i think the last several months have shown the importance of having leaders and people in a state that
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recognize the founding fathers vision for this country and the importance of the constitution and how that gives us the chance to stand on those founding values every single day to run our lives. >> sean: i got to give you a lot of credit, you never shut down your state and when you had a hot spot with the meat-packing industry, which also happened in two other states including iowa, you jumped all over it and you are able to literally mitigate it very quickly and save lives, you deserve a lot of credit for that because we can learn in other states how to do it as it pops up. i wish i could be there the 3rd of july, i tried to move things around because i actually want to see it. unfortunately i couldn't but i will be in south dakota hopefully this summer and look forward to seeing the great people in your wonderful state. when we come back, we warned you this would happen, biden is telling people, elect me, we are going to get rid of the tax cuts the president gave you. mark cuban is going to join us. i like mark cuban.
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he said something last week that i'm not asking about because i didn't hear it in the moment. straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: all right, joe biden
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seemingly wants to ensure that the american economy will never get back to full strength, apparently wants to roll back tax cuts that help lead to a record low unemployment for african-americans, hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace, youth unemployment and african-american youth unemployment, something biden and obama never accomplished. when the campaign called fund-raisers on monday, the ever-forgetful week joe biden said i'm going to get rid of the bulk of trump's $2 trillion tax cuts and a lot of you will not like that. he's an entrepreneur, an investor, i love your show "shark tank." he owns a sports team, dallas mavericks. mark cuban who supports joe biden. all right. i love when you're on the show. >> first of all, thank you for promoting that. >> sean: i watched anecdotally, the people of my grocery store, thank god, they wore them, they didn't get sick.
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even jimmy kimmel praised me. i'm not a canceler or a boycott are. all right. so you're on the show last weekend i missed it. i feel like i failed. when we say "cuban says he hates trump," you're on my show, it's always about you trashing trump, i actually defend him but with that said you actually said this and i missed it. take a look. >> the biggest compliment in eight years, tell me the biggest compliment. >> easily their biggest accomplishment, it's unfortunate that they're trying to dismantle it. >> sean: okay. mark. you said obamacare, okay. the promise of obamacare, correct me if i'm wrong was keep your doctor, keep your plan and save -- i didn't ask the question. on average save $25 per year per
6:42 pm
family. the results are in, millions lost their doctors, millions lost their plan, on average a country is paying 200% more, nobody saved a penny and nearly 40% of the country only has one obamacare exchange option. now are you going to tell my audience that worked? you're too smart for that. >> yeah, i am and i'm glad you read your whole list and i got it all written down because the insurance rates were going up far faster until obamacare, it slowed down. the inflation for the health care rates were skyrocketing until obamacare. here we are, shawn, shawn. >> sean: did you go to one of those 13 public schools in baltimore where not one kid is proficient in math? because hang on, the promise was keep your doctor, keep your plan, save $2500 a year.
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>> first of all, they are not mutually exclusive. second of all, inflation for health care was skyrocketing but you know what? when you ask voters today, do they want to keep obamacare? what are they say? you know the numbers. >> sean: okay. i will put up the screen on obama's promises, i'm going to repeat it. i will put it up on the screen. keep your doctor. keep your plan, save on average $2500 a year. okay. look at what it says. millions lost their coverage on their plan. >> are we going to spend this whole time, you listing details on obamacare? mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> sean: mexico is paying for the wall. you want to know how? we got a better trade deal. prompted that. >> no we didn't. >> sean: yes we did. >> donald trump doesn't even know how tariffs work.
6:44 pm
i am going to give you some business. >> sean: how did you become a billionaire? do i need to buy you a calculator? >> i'm going to give you some business advice. if you're going to negotiate, you don't fall in love with dictators that you have to negotiate with. somebody you love -- >> sean: china gave us more money than they've ever given, can i get that gave us more money. western europe gave us more money, mexico, japan. >> they didn't give us more money, are you talking about nato? you don't even understand how nato -- >> sean: how do you make -- i watch you on "shark tank and you are so much better than this. here is my next -- >> you said you're going to invite me back. >> sean: here's my next question. >> you said you were going to invite me back and i was going to be allowed to talk about some of joe biden's attributes. >> sean: i know his accomplishments in eight years as vp, here are the facts.
6:45 pm
13 million americans on food stamps. >> what happened to the deficit during the obama administration, what happens to the deficit during the trump administration, that's number one. number two -- >> sean: one at a time. biden-obama took on more debt than all 43 presidents and vice presidents before them combined. fact. >> and what happened to donald and his deficit? >> sean: he's only been there three and a half years and he's had record low unemployment, every deficit and guess what, the worst pandemic since 1918. and joe was against the travel ban. >> he's made it worse. he's made it worse. unlike you and i, he won't wear a mask. he won't wear a mask. >> sean: guess what? joe biden and donald trump are
6:46 pm
the two people that don't need to wear masks. you want to know why? because everybody around them gets tested. you need a mass, where it, you look better with it. >> you know that, you said it. >> sean: i said i wear the stupid thing. i want you are dallas mavericks playing basketball. i want football, i want baseball and i had to wear a mask to protect granny and grandpa i'm going to do it. >> sean: you know why donald won't wear a mask, because it messes up his -- >> sean: joe biden went where one and his stupid -- you've got to admit, the guy is not exactly with us, be honest. be honest. >> you gave donald trump the ultimate softball questions. >> sean: joe biden lost it, he doesn't have a fastball, a curveball, or a slow pitch. come on, mark. >> you know donald trump can't answer your questions, you and every fox news interviewer gives him the easy questions and he can't answer them. >> sean: how did mark cuban
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become a billionaire? i need answers. i've got to go. i will have you back next week. next week. dan springer. what happened to him? the cops were harassed by agitators yesterday. his exclusive interview straight ahead. ♪ [ thunder rumbles ] [ engine rumbling ] [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right? tell that to the rain. [ beeping ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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♪ >> sean: yesterday our colleague dan springer and his crew were accosted by a mob of angry agitators in the summer of love, chop, spaghetti pot luck dinner zone and springer says it all sprouted up when the group began yelling profanities as the fox team prepared for a live shot and unfortunately it only escalated from there. one man through coffee on him, another made physical contact before the rest followed him across the street. look at these photos from the daily mail, shows a woman jumping on the windshield, dan says at no point did he ever retaliate or initiate physical contact, he went over and tried to de-escalate the situation but here's what happened. >> don't tell me to believe.
6:53 pm
>> are you serious? >> really? did you guys see that? he walked up to her. he walked up to her. no, he stepped up to her. >> sean: despite dan calling 911, the cops never came. here to explain, fox news correspondent dan springer. i want to applaud you and all the great street reporters, all the guys out in the field, you should not have to go through that especially in the summer of love zone, the festive zone. i'm sorry, what happened? >> yeah, you know, first of all i want to say i'm much more comfortable reporting the news then being part of the new story so -- i just feel like we had to set the record straight here. there were accusations that i actually started this whole thing by shoving one of the protesters when in fact i was
6:54 pm
going over there to tell them that they had misunderstood something i said on a phone call to a producer, i was calling a producer to explain why we weren't able to get that live shot or two ago and it was because we had filthy language being shouted behind me, she heard "filthy and thought i was talking about her and the people that were behind me. and in fact i was just talking about their language. she started to rile up the crowd by saying "he called us filthy," i was going over there to explain myself and that's when i got shot down the coffee thrown at me. they were basically demanding an apology for me and saying i shoved this woman and in fact that's exactly the opposite of what happened. >> sean: i thought this was the festive summer of love zone, where the media wrong? is the mayor wrong? >> early on if you went down there during a weekend day you would see a lot of people, you'd
6:55 pm
see maybe people with their strollers and their kids and families going down there to take it all in and kind of be tourists but in fact, at night it was very different from the get-go and very different yesterday. >> sean: thank you to all our great reporters. thank you. i love to do. i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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♪ >> sean: 35 days, my brand-new book, "live free or die: america
7:00 pm
on the brink." what has made america great, the success of donald trump, the failure of the media mob, america being unrecognizable if they win., let not your heart be troubled. here's laura, how are you? >> laura: i'm gray. interesting with mark cuban. interesting little segment with mark cuban. he's trashing the president on masks, i don't know. i don't know what his whole play is, he's obviously really a smart guy. >> sean: i'm beginning to wonder, how did this guy become a billionaire? if you can see by the doesn't have a slow pitch, i don't know, it's pretty obvious to me. >> sean>> laura: yeah, it was a little slow today there in the press conference. i love your show, great to see you. >> sean: you know where