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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 1, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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everywhere. it's possible. thank you all. all right, our prayers with his family tonight. unbelievable. thank you so much for being with us. okay, laura. my heart is troubled. i don't know what to even say. that was one of the most amazing -- what sad thing that doesn't have to happen. >> i agree, sean. raymond arroyo sitting in for laura. it was a profound, the heart of what happens when lawlessness is allowed to rain. we have a mother of someone who also died because of these ridiculous, the ridiculous policies in some of these citi cities. amazing television tonight, se sean. >> sean: can you imagine, he will never cease on again. we scroll names. they are not names. their people. they are our neighbors. they are our american family. take it away. speak to my prayers are with them.
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i am raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham tonight and this is "the ingraham angle." as new york spirals into violence, the city council slash the nypd's budget and aoc reveals the game, former nypd commissioner bernie kerik response. an epidemiologist is here to explain the true effectiveness of face masks in the fight against covid. is the outrage directed at skeptics excessive or on point? in the grocery store, the coffee shop. he will tell us. stephen manzo lost his job in march after covid lockdown shuttered his michigan bar. two weeks later, he was dead of an overdose. his mother is here tonight to share his story, and she has a warning and a message for government officials. first, banning independence. we should all be making plans to celebrate american independence
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this week, the founding of the republic, 244th birthday of our nation. in many places we are being told we can't celebrate or shouldn't. after the signing of the declaration of independence, john adams wrote "i am apt to believe that july 4th will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. it ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to god almighty. it ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of the continent to the other, from this time forward forever more." no, not this year, mr. adams. we are witnessing a de facto outlawing of july 4th celebrations all across the nation. in florida, multiple counties including miami-dade, broward,
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palm beach, are all closing features this weekend. in philly, denver, new orleans, fireworks are canceled. in los angeles, mayor eric garcetti added this. >> today the county announced that beaches, peers and beach bike paths will be closed over the july 4th weekend beginning h july 6. fireworks displays have been prohibited to discourage gatherings. >> raymond: they are shutting down public beaches and permitting fireworks because 1% of l.a. county residents are covid positive. deaths from the disease continued to fall which would indicate it is less deadly particularly to young people. maybe it wasn't cookouts and firework displays that caused the l.a. covid spike, mr. mayor. but scenes like this might have contributed. >> black lives matter. >> black lives matter. >> what do we want? justice.
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>> raymond: don't you go asking mayor garcetti to link covid infections to those riots. don't do it. >> in terms of the protest, i've not seen any guidance from the county on that. i do think that in general the main guidance is to keep your social distance and wear. people still can obviously and should exercise their first amendment rights. it's a critical moment not to let out. >> raymond: you've got that? don't let up on the protest. exercise the first amendment rights to loot and cause a ruckus. but you're not allowed to watch fireworks more swim. i'm sorry. isn't free assembly still allowed? or is that only at kroger's and home depot? maybe we should all wear red, white, and blue and neat in the veatch section at winn-dixie. at least we will get hot dogs. there is beneath the surface and the animus against the rights government was created to
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protect. god and country is now considered toxic by some, particularly on the left. in new york, district judge lashed governor andrew cuomo and their bill de blasio for allowing businesses to operate at 50% capacity while religious gatherings were restricted to 25%. protesters, no limits at all. >> the protests were an entirely different reality, national phenomenon. it was not something that the government could just say go away. it's something that came from the grassroots. obviously had profound meaning we are all acting on the meaning of those protests. but it's really apples and oranges. our religious leaders with the first to say it was not time to bring back services. >> raymond: ic. protests are national phenomenon with profound meaning. but religious services, and as far as de blasio's contention that he's worried about the spread of disease in new york, this is what's been going on
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outside of city hall this week. >> you're about to lose your j job! >> raymond: no covid spread there. i'm sure. the democratic party is denying abiding citizens their freedoms was militantly defending the violence and anarchy of these ruling protests. so we watch, as statues of washington are defaced, jefferson is toppled. saints and the massive haters are defamed. democrats in orange county want john wayne's name and statue removed from the county airport. they cite a 50-year-old article as evidence that john wayne hard racist views. his family denies the charge. just today a statue of christopher columbus was was removed from the columbus city hall. maybe they can call their town
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"empty pedestal." president trump signed an executive order to protect some of the statues, and what is joe biden think? he says confederate statues belong in museums out of public view. well, listen. >> the elected officials where those statues have a responsibility. put them in museums. get them down. don't expect, if you have sitting in front of you after all these years, don't be surprised if someone pulls down a statue of jefferson davis. it's better that they do not. >> raymond: it's better if they don't. but they are justified, according to biden. once you admit that the mom's displeasure with a given historical fictio figure. how long before they are triggered over roosevelt, jefferson, washington. do you think biden is going to stop the mob from pulling them down? here's the reality. as we approach the day we should
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be celebrating our nation's heritage and showing our patriotic colors, the left is bent on erasing our historical memory. this is about dismissing the heroism of washington, disparaging the brilliance of jefferson, and tarnishing that symbol of manhood and the american ideal that john wayne represented on the screen. it's an all-out assault on the cultural foundations of america, an attempt to demonstrate that it was all founded on sin. it's all new glued, and it needo be remade. and now the young have gotten the message. >> america sucks right now and honestly if you supported and choose to wear red, white, and blue. >> supporting trunk, racism. >> you're supporting all that and it's discussin disgusting. don't wear red, white, and blue. wear rainbows. >> raymond: something tragic about american girls running down the country on a platform, owned by a chinese company under
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the thumb of the communist party. if you want to know how fragile freedom is, the communist party in china just dropped a new security law on hong kong that essentially ends its free speech and autonomy. freedom advocates are being indiscriminately arrested right now, they are subjected to life sentences in prison. my friends, we need a parade this july 4th in the united states, a reminder of who we are and from where we've come. americans need to exercise their first amendment rights. we need t to the devotions to g, the pump, the bells and the illuminations that adams foresaw. i don't mean a zoom celebration. we need to go out with flags and our songs and our passion. and they can't own clamor, celebrate american independence and the birthright that is ours. if we don't exercise that liberty, cherish it, and pass it along to the next generation, we could well lose it to our
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eternal shame. joining me now is an author, former vanderbilt professor and advisory board number of black voices for trump. carol, thank you for being here. what is the ultimate goal as you see it of these reoccurring street movements, these occupations of cities? what's the agenda? >> it's not about police brutality or racism. i would say that it's part of a global movement to destroy the united states as we know it. it's roots are in marxism and anyone that studies marxism knows where it goes. it goes to communism. that's where we are headed. so the activists that you see out there today, they have an agenda. they are well-organized. the uprisings, a lot spontaneous. the grievances of black people
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and others that are oppressed are being used to advance an agenda, and if they succeed in destroying america, i guarantee you know one will be happy with the nation that remains. >> raymond: carroll, "the new york times" is tweeting today about their latest piece and they write "mount rushmore was built on land that belonged to the lakota tribe and sculpted by a man who had strong bonds with the kkk." they go on to say that the two presidents depicted there were slave owners. isn't mount rushmore the next monument set for destruction? is that part of the agenda, to destroy these cultural and historical markers? >> it's all about destroying america is, the civilization, everything that's traditional. there's no monument in america that is safe at this time.
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so the thing that's most distressing is that our leaders in the republican party, in the democratic party. there must be some sane people still in the party. they are not standing up and this is not ending well. >> raymond: yeah, i think many would agree. the president tweeted this reaction. to new york mir bill de blasio, promising to paint black lives matter on fifth avenue in new york. the president said it was an insult to cops and the symbol of hate and that drew this reaction from black lives matter cofounder. >> i think it is the height of hypocrisy. donald trump to call anything a symbol of hate. he is the embodiment of hate and for him to say that affirming the value of black life is somehow hate, again, it reminds us of who he is. >> raymond: carol, your
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reaction. >> first of all, black lives matter, the slogan, the statement has nothing to do with the marxist organization that's part of the global movement to destroy america. and so that's what i say to that part of it. i think that black lives matter, a lot of organizations, a lot of companies, they are endorsing that movement for protection because they feel if they don't, their windows will be broken. their buildings will be burnt down. the police will not be there printetoprotect anyone so people going along with them and it will end well. the more they get, the more they want and no one is pushing back. it's very distressing that people are not pushing back. i see it connected with all of the hysteria the democrats are
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pushing with the coronavirus and making us all wear masks. it's all about destroying our way of life in america, and people need to wake up. wake up. >> raymond: carol, we are going to have to leave it there. thank you for your insight. we will get into this masked controversy with a virologist. thank you. cities across the country are removing iconic statues to appease the radical left. the city of columbus removed the statue of christopher columbus outside city hall. that was a gift from its sister city in genoa italy in 1955. yesterday the boston arts commission voted to remove a statue honoring lincoln and emancipation. despite the fact that it was financed almost entirely by freed slaves. new york city, they museum of natural history, is set to remove its statue of former president teddy roosevelt. but not before my next guest
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went viral for defending the statue. >> i don't care what letter is next year name, if you're not defending this country, you don't get my vote. thank god we put someone with some chutzpah in the white house. they loot our stores and destroy our communities and erase our history. enough is enough. >> raymond: joining me now is gavin, the president of the new york young republican club. gavin, why did you organize this protest when the city of the american museum of natural history have already decided to remove the statue of roosevelt? >> raymond, thank you for having me. it's about more than one statue. we the silent majority of the country want to stand up and defend our nation. we are sick and tired of watching our national history and our traditions erased and destroyed while lawlessness and barbarism seep onto our street
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from this leftist woke mob. over 200 patriots came out of this protest on sunday. working-class new yorkers from all walks of life. they work hard. they pay their taxes. they love this country. what do they get in return for the political class? a lot of empty promises and cowardice in the face of this national assault on our values. sunday was the start of a movement, a backlash against all those who seek to police our thoughts, silence or speech and erase our history of the working class in this country, the people to keep this country running are standing up and saying enough is enough. >> raymond: why not change the statue? it looks like it's a fee to complete. my thought is, be innovative. the african-american man in the indian man next to roosevelt, they're both standing. they are not bent down. elevate them. put them on rocks behind them or take them off the statue completely. leave roosevelt on the horse,
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his family, his father was instrumental in founding this museum. some of his excavations with the first things that went into the museum. >> raymond, i understand the sentiment. we have to understand we cannot give the mob and injured because they will not compromise. seeking to destroy our history. doesn't matter what sort of religion we make. they will always find an excuse no matter how innocuous it is and the reasoning behind the statue is preposterous. they claim that it's a hierarchical composition. he's the focal point. he is the most prominent. nothing ridiculous. it's only ridiculous to claim otherwise. >> raymond: i have 30 seconds. i want to talk about this quick poll out, a young america foundation poll. it shows the majority of young americans are actually supporting liberty and supported the country. to those numbers hearten you? 17% say they are somewhat or
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favorable to the united states. 82% support the american flag. >> it's a great statistic. it shows that the silent majority is real. we are out there and want to be represented by our leaders. we don't need them to cower in the face of the mob. stand up for america. stop being ashamed. stop apologizing. >> raymond: thank you. the left is not only seeking to control history but also your behavior. >> everyone needs to wear a mask in public. period. period. wear a mask. it may be inconvenient. it may be uncomfortable. but it's the right thing to do as an american. >> raymond: but has the politicization of the mask wearing and helpful? my next guest is an epidemiologist specializing in viruses. joining me is the vice president of a special project at star schema. masks have become so politicized.
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you say that the mask regime is a new moral statement. why? >> thank you very much for having me. the fact is that at the moment, there is precious little hard evidence that supports wearing masks. of course, add to that the fact that people speak generically about masks. i have one myself. i have one of these. having worked in fields where you have to wear masks, having worked with live pathogens, i know that masks are a spectrum. they come from self-contained breathing apparatus is, and 95 masks which are quite good for filtering viruses. to one of these that i showed a second ago, to essentially just putting any cloth in front of your face. a generic statement that masks -- >> raymond: i have to ask, we
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only have 2 minutes. where are the clinical trials? we keep hearing about clinical trials. is there proof these are effective, these masks are the whole meter bought, whether they are effective in stopping the spread of covid? >> at the moment there is no hard evidence to back it up. there is of course the presupposition that because it essentially acts as a filter and it acts to prevent droplets from spreading, that works. but the kind of evidence that we normally used to make calls and public health and health care is just not there. >> raymond: i want to show you, dr. fauci when he was asked about wearing masks and merge. watch. >> there's no reason to be walking around with a mask. wearing a mask make people feel a little bit better but it's not providing the perfect protection that people think it is. >> raymond: chris, you've said there's a psychological effect and i only have one minute. what is the psychological effect
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of wearing a mask if it's not totally effective in stopping the disease spread? >> when you see a new pathogen, something that you've never encountered that is so scary and is killing people, you want to reassert control. it's not a flaw. it's how we are as humans. and masks and especially demoralizing around masks that unless you wear one you just don't care about other people is essentially a form of reasserting this control. the threat is that people forget the important thing which is that masks alone are often not enough. >> raymond: yeah, thank you so much, chris. in political terms, it seems that it's become the red hat of the left which is odd, you know, in these days. coming up, we take you inside the so-called autonomous zone outside new york city hall. protesters are demanding the police be defunded. will they stop there? what does it mean for a city
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that's already seeing a massive spike in crime and all the protesting, rioting, looting, we will tell you next.
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>> raymond: after three weeks of standing down, the seattle
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police retook the so-called autonomous zone from the anarchists. police made dozens of arrests, and found the place littered with garbage and waste from the summer of love. they also left two teenagers dead in their wake. as seattle was liberated, the radicals camped outside new york city hall and they promised to disband if the police budget was cut by a billion dollars. well, that happened. the city council passed a bill yesterday to do just that, but it didn't appease the liberal mob. protesters have the budget cuts are just smoke and mirrors, they plan to stay camped out until they get exactly what they want and of course these goons will continue to harass and welcome police officers in the process. >> a hairdresser has to go to school for longer than you do. half of you don't even have a college education. you can even read a [bleep]
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history book. you want to sit here and tell me you're educated enough. [bleep] >> raymond: nice outfits. as the big apple ramps up for another night of white people yelling at black ops, we go to a reporter who was infiltrated the autonomous zone. joining me now is shelby talcott, she is the media reporter for the daily collar. last night you showed us a pretty disturbing video yard shot, peaceful protester was saying he wanted to hang cops from trees. this is another video you took inside the zone today. watch. shelby what was happening and
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what do these people want? >> so last night about at least 800 protesters came out and they were waiting for the city budget to pass. they want at least $1 billion taken away from the nypd. they did get that but they said that it was a smoke and mirrors type of deal that wasn't acceptable to them. so i protested, they ended up setting up barricades to try to expand the zone and keep cops out. came back really early this morning around 5:30. cops came in and took down the barriers, even took down the barriers surrounding the spark that is behind us. there were some scuffles with protesters. they were told, the protesters were told by organizers to stay strong and fight back but ultimately the cops did take the barriers away and left the area. >> raymond: this morning the police faced off against the
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protesters which you mention briefly but the cops ended up pulling back. watch this. shelby, what's the police presence like now? are they being told to pull ba back? >> as you can see behind me, there's a lot of police officers milling about just on the outskirts of the occupied city hall zone which is pretty much a one city block park area. there is definitely a big police presence. a few minutes ago protesters blocked the street for about 20 minutes for a march but eventually police came and had traffic resume. we are right by the brooklyn bridge so as these protesters cut off traffic, it could be a big issue. >> raymond: last night there was infighting between the protesters. i want to share this with the
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audience. >> stop, stop. >> let him be. >> raymond: shelby, it seems these autonomous zone's have a rule about no taking a video. why is that? >> they said numerous times to me in particular and other reporters that you can take out your camera if you're there to film police violence but what they don't want and they said this to me on camera in another clip, they don't want you to share videos of them fighting because it hurts their cause. there are specific rules. if you are there for them in the cause, you're fine. if you're there to film everything going on that's when
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you get into problems. we are pushed out of the area after filming the video because it wouldn't delete it. >> raymond: shelby, be safe and stay near new york's finest. they will keep you safe, i hope. for weeks, democrats and the media swore up and down that defund the police didn't literally mean defunding police. it was about reform. but aoc blew up their narrative yesterday with her response to the proposed nypd budget cuts. the first line of her press release reads "defunding police means defunding police. it does not mean budget tricks or funny masks." joining me now as bernie kerik, former nypd commissioner. what will these cuts mean? this is a sixth of the new york city police budget. what will the cuts mean to a city already mired? >> what we know is they are going to diminish or eliminate the july recruit class of abou e
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officers. there will be a number of cuts to the overtime scheduling for cops and the overtime scheduling goes into enforcement, narcotics enforcement, anticrime, they have cut back on the plane close anti-crime units. what you are going to see is you're going to see a major spike in violent crime, shootings and murder. any time shooting goes up, you're going to see the murder rise. you're going to see a lot of it based on these cuts. >> raymond: we are seeing it. it couldn't come at a worse time. in the last 28 days, and glenda shared with the audience. new york city has seen 157% more shooting victims to compare to the same time last year. compared to 2019. the number of shootings is up 52%.
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murders are up 23%. burglaries, 45%. car theft, 61%. bernie, what's going to happen? once these budget cuts kick in if you've got, what are the numbers? 272 cops already put in their retirement notices. what is going to happen to the city of new york? >> that numbers going to go sky high shortly. the retirement number, resignation numbers, you're going to see major increases in violent crime and listen, this isn't only in new york city. airan berry one of these democrat run cities around the country, think of this. 90 people, in june, 90 people were killed. 471 shot in chicago in a month. one month. the same is going on in baltimore, milwaukee, minnesota. the same exact stuff is going
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on. everyone of these cities are run by democrats. as long as this continues, you're going to see major spikes in crime. who are the greatest benefactors of those spikes in crime? the black communities. the black community, they are going to suffer the most. i just think that someone like mayor de blasio, you have to believe that what he was doing is intentional because it defies common sense. it defies logic. it defies basic management principles. >> raymond: i've got 2 minutes. i want to get two quick things in. this is what city hall looks like right now. you see the graffiti all over it. at the bottom of the building, you see it says "i wonder what a cop tastes like." and then those video from last night. i want to show you this. >> i want to put my foot on his
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[bleep] neck like you do us. i want to put my foot on his back like he do us. >> raymond: your reaction and is this the time to take away the plane close division of the new york police department, which they have done? >> no, it's not the time. these are disrespectful, arrogant thugs. the problem is if you arrest them, they are going to be back on the street within six hours thanks to the mayor and thanks to the governor of new york with the bail reform laws that everybody and their brother told him not to do. that's what they did. as a result, you're emboldening the criminal element and these are representatives of fact. >> raymond: they've got to turn this around. the city is going to turn into gotham city and that is not going to be a batman to bail them out. bernie, thank you so much for that. coming up, a new republican crop of congressional candidates.
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they are winning primaries. it isn't quite what you'd expect. we talked to two of those winners and moments and what they plan to bring to congress. stay there.
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>> raymond: welcome back to "the ingraham angle." the media obsess over covid and largely peaceful protests new crop of g.o.p. congressional candidates are on the rise. they aren't what you'd expect. two of them join us. first is madison hawthorne, 24-year-old who won a big upset in last week's primary after he beat the candidate president trump endorsed for north carolina's 11th district. also with us his former nfl player burgess the ones who beat three primary contenders to be the nominee for utah's fourth district. gentlemen, thank you for being with us. madison, you have an amazing story. you could well be the youngest congressman in the capital but
7:41 pm
you suffered a terrible accident, lost the use of your legs. what dude you learn from that did it drive you to want to run for congress? of course it did, raymond. thank you so much for having me on. my accident taught me the obvious lesson. i had a 1% chance to live. i was in the hospital for over a year but the obvious lessons of perseverance and grit but it taught me something else that i think the republican party needs, empathy, to look at someone else who might not look just like me and try to understand things from their viewpoint. so i absolutely think you're right when you stated there's a new breed of candidates. you saw my victory at 66%. mr. owens with 43.5%. it's a -- the republican party is coalescing around warriors they want to send to washington, d.c., to get rid of its cronyism and just the swamp. >> raymond: burgess, you could
7:42 pm
flip a seat for the g.o.p. and you said today that democrats are frantic that they are losing the black vote. what does your candidacy, how does that change the math for the g.o.p.? >> ? >> first of all it's exciting to me to have candidates like madison and across our country we have a special moment, we have a chance for a new congress to come in place. new freshmen that are patriots, not politicians, that love our country. and to see how love america first leadership looks like. we need to replicate it. i see it is simply, america across the board, we don't take two of bullying. we don't take from those who want to destroy our nation and culture. we stand up and we are going to have a house of patriots, senate with more backbone and a president who has a chance to govern without his hands tied behind his back. to america, stay optimistic.
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evil works its hardest before the dawn. they are understanding they're about to lose it and they can't stand seeing their work being tn away by a president who loves our country and is willing to fight bullies. >> raymond: the medicine the media is convinced that the best path to victory socially distance distance themselves from donald trump. watch. >> we are four months from the election, may give republicans cover to distance themselves. >> any republican elected is having to answer for what the president is doing. they are trying to distance themselves. >> republicans are going to be trying to survive and that means -- if that means dropping donald trump, they will do it. >> raymond: you defeated a trump endorsed candidate north carolina. will you be running the leader of your party? >> absolutely not. i have said my victory, i have no reason to believe it was a
7:44 pm
referendum on donald trump. there voters of western north carolina looked at both candidates and looked at the situation the country is in. the difference could not be more clear between my opponent and the opponent mr. owens is going up against. they want anarchy and they wanted defund the police while we stand for law and order and we backup the president who's willing to lead us back from an unprecedented time in our country with covid-19 and race relations with his economy crisis. if we distance ourselves from donald trump we will be doing ourselves a great disservice. >> raymond: i want to show you what you're up against. this is congresswoman sheila jackson lee. >> we understand the disparities that are so stark that are reflective of the brutality, the cruelty, the fundamental injustice and humanity of slavery have never been answered. this is america's responsibility
7:45 pm
to pay the american government's responsibility to pay her debt. >> raymond: talking about reparations. what would you tell her? >> listening to the voice of a marxist. let me say my great community that i grew up in, it was turned upside down not by white supremacists but by black leaders like the ones you just heard from. the black caucus, naacp. the misery of their communities that they are supposed to be protecting. i'm excited because we have and people like madison and across the board, we are remarkable young freshmen coming in and watch out. they are going to be there for the right reasons. not to be career politicians are to be lobbyists but to get our country back. we love our culture, nation, history and were not going to apologize for who we are. get ready.
7:46 pm
the black marxists are going to go frantic. >> raymond: medicine, i have 30 seconds. mark meadows who had the seat you're seeking, he endorsed your opponent but you have a close relationship with him. he was your speech and debate coach. >> he was. he definitely taught me how to be able to rip apart an argument that is filled with fallacies, and that's all democrats have. no hard feelings. he's been very good to me my entire life, nominated me to the united states naval academy. no hard feelings but like mr. owens is saying, we have a patriot revolution on the rise. the far left fringe movements, we are coming with a vengeance and we are ready to fight. >> raymond: thank you both. >> can i say this? democrats and independents, listen to what we are saying. we are in this together. don't let the left to divide us. >> raymond: gentlemen, thank you both for being here. and for your efforts. we'll be watching u.s. the
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months rolon to election day. as the country reels from disease, economic collapse in riots, drug epidemic is once again rearing its ugly head. stephen manseau is one of its casualties. stephen's mother joins us in moments with a message you must hear. she will recount how she lost her son and she has a very moving and important message for america. stay there.
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>> raymond: in his early 20s, stephen manzo struggled with drug addiction. he recovered with the help of family and friends. due to the covid lockdown, stephen was laid off from his job at a michigan bar in mid-march. here's what he told "the washington post" after it happened. i keep looking out my window and everything looks normal but it doesn't feel normal. i looked out of the bars and restaurants and nobodies here. two weeks after that interview stephen died of a drug overdose. his first relapse in eight years. sadly he is -- ambulance data shows compared to last year drug overdoses jumped 42% in may and went up every month that we have been locked down.
7:52 pm
our next guest is stephen's mother, joanne manzo. she has a message for america. thank you for being here. we are deeply sorry for the loss of your son. what did he tell you when the lockdown started? >> he came over to my house a few days after and he told me that he's not going to be able to handle this lockdown. he's not one to be shut in. he knew right from the start he was going to be able to handle it. >> raymond: what would you say to the officials who essentially boxed him out of his life and boxed him out of his career and his friends? what would you say? >> i really don't know what i would say. i mean, we are in a crisis right now. i don't know.
7:53 pm
>> raymond: i know we are also trying to have a loyal for your son and due to the restrictions there in michigan, what's happening? are you going to be able to have a memorial. >> i don't think so. as of tonight at 11:00 p.m., all bars and restaurants that operate over 70%, liquor sails are to close indoors. they are only to be open on the outside if they have patios. so my memorial service was set for the 12th i don't think it's going to happen. i don't know yet. >> raymond: i am so sorry. i know that you had to go recover your son's body. as i read your story, i was thinking something alex azar, hhs secretary said, he said we have to reopen for health. our mental as well as physical health. would you agree? >> yes, most definitely.
7:54 pm
i know four people that died within one week that died of an overdose. >> raymond: i want to read this. here's what "the detroit free press" reported in april. "the coronavirus created a shortage of available beds in residential treatment centers. oakdale recovery center in canton, michigan, used to be able to accommodate a total of 45 patients. now limits its patient population to 32. fewer rooms mean longer wait times for treatment." joanne, this seems like a disaster in the making, and again if this is really about not only the treatment facilities but the isolation people are feeling. your son said "my trigger is depression." we know that isolation leads to such depression. is that what caused his death, that isolation? >> most definitely. most definitely. most definitely. >> raymond: our hearts and
7:55 pm
prayers are with you tonight, joanne, and many other families that are grieving particularly in this time and we pray you'll be able to have a proper memorial service. god bless you. >> thank you. thank you. >> raymond: coming up, nancy pelosi gets called out for her silence and it relates to prayer. that's next. stay there.
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♪ >> raymond: we all know prayerful nancy pelosi and how much she, the man who created all of those missions along california's coast. here she has with pope francis at the time of father sarah's -- in 2015. but she's been oddly silent about the liberal mob ripping down the statue in her own district. house minority leader kevin mccarthy called her out today. he said, given today is a feast day, st. ambrose sarah, the mob
8:00 pm
violence would be especially timeless and today should be a day of celebration. instead, we have recently seen a violent left-wing bob tear down the saint seri in speaker pelosi's district in san francisco. i hope she prays about it, maybe that will help thing. that is all the time we had tonight. i will see you tomorrow. i will sit in for laura again. thank you so much for being here. shannon bream and "fox news @ night" team take it from here. i know my family is at home watching. >> shannon: well, it is always good to see you, raymond, thank you so much. >> raymond: thank you, shannon. >> shannon: fox news alert, we go inside the newest mass occupation outside of new york city's whole of the protesters say cutting $1 billion out of the nypd budget is not enough. new video tonight if new york police officers being mocked and antagonized. an african-american officer being called a traitor. it is


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