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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 14, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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are more adventurous that the todd: a heart breaking scene on the water as rivera's parents average beer. people who poin more adventurou. join search crews on boats. her former glee cast mates holding hands on the edge of the lake one hour before her body was discovered. rob: maybe after they take a tributes pouring in for naya three hour nap after all those ipas. it's a heavy beer. riviera overnight glee co-star rest sweet naya what a force you jillian: thanks for watching today. "fox & friends" starts right now. we will be back here tomorrow. were. love and peace from your family. have a good day, everyone. tweeting in part this is ♪ absolutely heart breaking emily ♪ and michelle posting a black and white photo of rivera along with ♪ fellow glee star and former boyfriend. her body was found on the seventh anniversary of monteith's death. conduct an autopsy to determine how rivera died. back to you. steve: guy in the green shirt emily: thank you, todd piro. joel fulton starting the program officially. studio f. brian kilmeade and way across steve, over to you. the way we have emily on this steve: all right. the 14th day of july new york emily, thank you. they say if at first you don't city. sunny and 85. going to feel like summer, succeed try, try again. or in this case try something emily. emily: oh, if we had summer here different. mary daniel visited her husband yesterday in seattle for a brief steve every single day at his moment. good morning to you both.
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it's such an honor to fill in assisted living facility until for ainsley today. visitations were no longer we will have a great day in allowed due to the lockdown. store for you. the virus kept them apart for brian: unfortunately i have to open up with a correction not 114 days but determined a plan joel fulton that's mark gastino am i right, joel. and how did she get inside? steve: i believe that is joel wearing a widely sold mark well, mary joins us right now from the great city of jacksonville, florida. gastino. mary daniel, good morning to brian: in the 1980s. you. >> good morning. good job keeping and preserving steve: all right. that. i know you visited steve, who steve: there you go. has early onset alzheimer every with your tv news and delighted day until the lockdown. you would join us here on "fox & friends." then you went over 100 days meanwhile we start this hour with a fox news alert. without being near him. breaking overnight, this is you were close to him, weren't you? >> i was. terrible news, a police officer has been shot and killed. we live five miles apart. another officer is wounded after we tried face time calls we did a pursuit in washington state. two window visits that were >> this is a troubling time for extremely difficult for him. he cried the entire time. our department and our profession. after father's day i decided i have worked here for over 25 that wasn't going to work either. steve: so you went to the years. we have never had an officer facility and you said, hey, you shot. know, i haven't seen him for 114 so, this is uncharted territory
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days. that's the final number there. for us. again, it's going to be a rough could i volunteer? could i do something? couple days. i just need to be near my husband. and what did they tell you, steve: emily? emily: right. mary? >> they told me that they did this is such a tragedy for us, especially because this was the have a part-time job available first officer killed in the both if i was interested. they will police department. i said i am definitely interested. it's our understanding they are what is it? they said it's a dishwasher. still searching for the suspect at large and of course our so i said well i will be a prayers and thoughts go out to dishwasher then. steve: all right. so tell us how your day goes now when you go over to the facility that department. and start your day essentially in the kitchen? brian: "new york post" reporting 17 people shot on monday. >> well, i start my day with a this as the city sees full-time job and then at 5:00 i head to the kitchen. 600 percent spike in shootings he does not know that i'm there this past weekend compared tola. yet because that would be extremely difficult for him to so, as you say to yourself how understand why am i there and is this happening and who are not visiting him. i spend two hours in the kitchen the victims? well, a lot of this has to do in the evenings. with the fact that also arrests i do the dinner dishes when they come in. mop the floors, clean the grill, are down 60-plus percent too take the garbage out. that normal type of work that's because the police officers in done in a kitchen to close it these crime ridden areas are down to get it ready for the being pulled back. next day. and then when i'm done, i get to
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they are not being supported. and, in many cases, some are go and spend a couple hours with deciding i'm going to retire or him. not show up. last night i don't know if you had a chance to see it but sean steve: some people might go man hannity had a chance to talk to she works so hard just to see him for an hour or two. mary, is that worth it to you? >> oh my god, it's absolutely the dad of is a 1-year-old and pryceless. he is dementia patient and dementia patients need love and care. they need touch. they need companionship. his momthey talked about tryinge their brain, without it, will just wither away. so me being with him, being able sense of a death of a 1-year-old to hold him. who was in the park this is we get ready for bed just like we use do. every day i would get him ready lawrence jones talking to him. >> took my son's life i can't for bed. lay in bed and watch television. really be able to relax and he would be able to go off to sleep. we are now able to get back in that ryu teen. even though it's only two days a goat that back. i can't have him call me daddy week he knows i'm there and coming back. no more. i can't kiss him no more. until that for 114 days he did i can't do anything with him no not know that i was not there. more. i have got to put my son in the ground now. steve: mary, i have heard some people have compared your story he is only one. to the notebook it's a love his birthday is in two months.
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he didn't live to see 2. story like no other that i can he didn't live life. think of during the covid days. i wanted to get him out of this >> it is incredibly -- i'm violence before something like this happened. >> for the cowards that did incredibly blessed for the this, you should be ashamed of facility. is he at rose castle at deer wood. yourself because everybody talk they have gone above and beyond. the staff there is working so hard to take care of them. about black lives matter, what they need the family's help about baby lives? again. we are hoping that we can mobilize this and really we are trying to get to our governors brian: dermot shea, the police in over state to talk to us about what's happening. we have isolated these patients commissioner with the mom yesterday. no one has reached out to the to save them. and this isolation is going to family. no one is investigating. kill them. there is going to be huge no one has been arrested that collateral damage here. they can see. there has to be a better way for bill de blasio yesterday was on the record talking about the us to get in under safe rise in violence saying, yeah, circumstances, whether that be that's true. outdoor space, indoor space, a the nypd budget a billion clean room. other states are doing things dollars was put into youth that are working and we need to programs and social services. do that, too. yeah, and recreational centers steve: that's why you have for young people. created a facebook page that's really the right direction. does anybody think that's the caregivers for those compromised. take a look at it. right direction? lawrence jones is going to be go to our web site at with us as he talks to the and mary, thank you victim's families up close and personal where they go from for coming by and telling us
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your story. here. steve: here's the thing. >> thank you. every morning we wake you up and steve: that was just great. give you numbers. mary daniels. still ahead, chance the rapper, and the number, brian, you just facing backlash for supporting gave. 17 people shot according to the kanye west over joe biden for "new york post" yesterday alone is just a number until you see president. is the criticism really fair? the face of the person involved a discussion is next. who lost their life. and to see the grandmother and the father who said there are people in our community who know who did this but they will not come forward. did you know that feeling sluggish or weighed down they will not reveal who these people are. these people came up and started shooting three other grown men were injured however it was just the 1-year-old dovell gardner who was actually killed. yesterday a second prominent member of the black community in new york city brooklyn burrow president held up a pair of baby shoes. babies are not supposed to be wearing these in a coffin, emily. emily: that's exactly right, steve. it's just heart-breaking.
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i have to point out that the failure to acknowledge these statistics, this grotesque level of violence and as you pointed out, steve, the families and people behind it is just mind-boggling alexandria ocasio-cortez in a total failure to acknowledge the fact that the statistics are up 340% in new york city said it's people stealing bread. well, that father who was shot to death while crossing the street and holding the hand of his 6-year-old daughter, that was in her district. where are her condolences. where is that phone call? by the way, all of this also endangers the lives of law enforcement as we covered the tragic death of the bothell police officer just a few hours ago and also the amount of death by suicide it is an epidemic plaguing the country and without a message from local and state leaders there is no support whatsoever. brian: what do you think is going to happen if they don't go back to school? portland, oregon rage outs of control.
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40 state days of unrest. antifa behind it. we will talk about that later. california rolling back reopening. gavin newsom ordering several businesses to the shut down as the state sees a 48% rise in covid-19 cases in just the past two weeks. steve: meanwhile the statewide closures include in california closing the restaurants, the wineries, the bars, the zoos, museums. in the gymnasiums, place of worship, malls, salons and must be closed in monitor county. not all counties but monitor county. currently being watched. brian: eric garcetti warning his city is bordering on a red threat level and he could shut down the entire city again. both announcing they will hold online classes in the fall. but i think they just said through august they are going to reevaluate. i don't think they are giving up on the entire semester yet.
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what i find pretty staggering the l.a. teacher's union put out a list of demands for them to go back to school. fascinating. sounds like joe biden talking points. medicare for all. wealth tax, millionaire's tax. financial support tore illegal immigrants. why don't you focus on al i can't brarks math and coloring focus on getting kids back to school and schools safe for everybody. don't get into politics. that's exactly why when the president sits down, looks around and says are we going back for safety or are not going back to school because we want to make sure the company is discordant when we lead up to the november election so they feel there has to be a change? steve: i thought that was a toss could be signs that your digestive system to that particular sound bite. isn't working at its best? here's what brian was talking taking metamucil every day can help. about. >> schools should be opened. metamucil supports your daily digestive health kids want to go to school. using a special plant-based fiber called psyllium. we have to open the schools. we have to get them open. psyllium works by forming a gel in your digestive system and i think there is a lot of
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politics going along. to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. i think they think they will do better if they can keep the metamucil's gelling action also helps to lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption schools closed until the to promote healthy blood sugar levels. election. so, start feeling lighter and more energetic... i i don't think that will help by taking metamucil every day. them. keeping schools closed bad for the country and good thing for them. they are the ones whose city is burning. can you imagine if the country was run like chicago and like new york and like some of these steve: chance the rapper facing other democrat super radical backlash after supporting kanye left cities are i couldn' run? west saying he might vote for him over joe biden. steve: which are having trouble with crime. emily: the rapper tweeting, l.a. county has announced that they will not be opening schools quote: ar rumor pro-biden or in the beginning of the fall semester. they are going to see how it anti-ye why. goes. what's interesting though is in this hypothetical scenario just down the coast in orange where you are replacing trump, county, california, yesterday can someone explain why joe the school board said that biden would be better? brian: not me. individual schools will be able here to react turning point to make their own decisions about reopening. spokesperson author of "always a they said that math and social distancing would be unnecessary soldier" rob smith. what kind of impact does this in the upcoming school year have. >> it has a huge impact. which is a sharp contrast to i think the most important thing
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what's going on in l.a. about kanye west right now, entire chapter in my book in l.a. they are closed not literally called the kanye going to open the schools. effect, why black americans are leaving democrats behind. in orange county they are going and when you look at the interview that kanye did with -- to have schools convene. they aren't going to wear a he said because trump is mask. they are going to social president he is running as an distance and make their own independent, if trump wasn't determination whether or not around he would run as a they can reopen. republican, right? that's a really, really big they can resume in person deal. that will cause people to start sort of thinking about politics instruction class size and all that stuff. what is going on exactly. is it as we talked about and different ways than they did yesterday political as before. so this whole chance the rapper endorsing kanye west situation everything is? is very interesting because it or is there science behind it. causes african-americans to kind dr. scott atlas with the hoover of question what democrats are institution had this observation last night on the story about the need to open the schools in the fall and the safety of the children and the teachers. i'm not sure how many times it actually doing for us? has to be said but the risk to why are we expected to vote for joe biden? many things people calculate when they try to figure out who to vote for president. children from this disease but, yesterday, rob, the fatality is nearly zero. president himself was at the i never hear anyone talk about white house. the harms of closing schools. and he made it very clear regarding the surge in crime, we
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the harms are against the have seen across the country. children. anyone who prioritizes children if you like what you are seeing right now, you need to vote for, would open the school. this is a level of hysteria -- well, here's the president. this is something-i feel like i >> numbers are going to be am living in a kaka novel here. coming down even if we have to go in and take over cities. i get thousands of emails all we can't let that happen. things are happening that nobody over the world they are stunned has ever seen happening happen. we are willing to destroy our children on some bizarre notion and cities that are liberally that it's completely contrary to run, i call them radical lip. the science. steve: so you have got to wonder as the schools are supposed to and yet they will go and march reopen here in the next month on areas and rip everything down and after that in september as in front of them. well, how many parents at home if that's what you want for a are going to be wondering now, country, you probably have to vote for sleepy joe biden is my kid signatures at home because he doesn't know what's because of a political happening. but, you are not going to have calculation or because, emily, of the science? it with me. steve: so is it going to be a binary choice? emily: exactly. is trump the law enforcement i think especially here on the candidate and joe biden is the west coast. there is this whole narrative being pushed that somehow this what we're seeing in the major administration ignores science cities candidate? and that out here it's all data >> well, obviously i mean, i think the president is a law and backed. but what i see is a refusal to order candidate because when you acknowledge all of the look at the people that were interrelated factors. running these cities that we saw science and data also includes burn to the ground a couple
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those costs that he was mentioning of kids not going to months ago, all of americans school, of socialization of food were horrified. these were democrat run, insecurity, technology, those democrat-controlled cities. students who have -- who need not only that but all of these people that have so much power extra care and extra learning in the democrat party did not with developmental disabilities. stand up to discount this, did there is so much going into this not stand up to disavow this ever at all. including parents who can't go in fact, they encouraged some of to work because they can't it because they think it gives afford child care and there are them political power. so many related factors. the important thing that orange county has down is the fact they look at the awful story about are not hamstringed by their this 1-year-old child shot in brooklyn a few days ago. unions and they are making the we are seeing a lot of that best decision for them locally. happening. and i think that they are not applying a one size fits all solution like gavin african-americans or just americans in general are looking newsom likes to do. at this stuff and saying that if brian: i will say this, for the we continue to vote these administration everybody should democrats, in this is what is just focus on getting testing, going to happen. and by the way this sort of getting it quick. violence and lawlessness effects right now a huge testing issue and backlog in ppe. african-american citizens and what he can do -- what the those in lower income president can do and his administration can do is make mmunities the most. sure those aren't an issue. iit has been four or five months emily: rob, what's at stake for african-americans here should the white house go to bid messa? it should not be an issue.
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long island one of the kids on my daughter's soccer team tested positive. >> my messaging is this: you they all had to go down and get tested four or five days still know, if you want a candidate to get a result in four or five that pushes lawlessness, if you days. five to six to seven days. even on the quick test three want a candidate by the way and not even about the violence and days. that shouldn't be the case law and order, look at school anymore. choice. meanwhile. steve: brian, let me add one look how forceful and strong the other thing, the reason we need president's words have been on testing is because people, as school choice. the five words that will win the things phase back in where there election the african-american vote for republicans is always is in person dining and stuff school choice for black kids. like that, people are not it's a really important issue. observing the social distancing rules. and they are not using the masks and things like that. it helped desantis in florida. it will help the president yesterday, dr. redfield, the guy who runs the cdc said if nationwide. everyone could wear a mask for it will more lawlessness and surge in crime in the community the next six weeks, we could we live in the most. drive the pandemic into the and also this lack of option for ground. obviously you don't need to wear school choice, which is known to a mask everywhere if you are benefit our children the most. just naturally socially there's a lot at stake in this distanced because somebody a quarter of a mile away from you. election. and taken back kanye and chance when you are in close quarters the rapper, i'm glad that that it makes sense. conversation is happening among the science has shown if you wear a mask you slow the spread. entertainers because there is brian: only took them three such a huge pressure for months to tell us that it would have been better if they told us that right away. african-americans to be chained to the democratic party.
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that comes from our steve: you are absolutely right. at the same time, there is so entertainers, rappers, actors, much more we know now we did not celebrities, et cetera. know in march. brian: i just hope they don't change their mind soon and tell it's very bold for kanye to be making the move is he making right now. and it's very bold even though chance keeps on apologizing. us it's not worth anything. it's bold for him to say that as germany grease and switzerland can do it can america do it? nothing is easy. find a way to do it. well. brian: it's interesting joe biden says that word if you get protocols together. don't vote for me you ain't the "wall street journal," "new black. york times," dr. scott gottlieb i don't think that's resonating. and atlas saying there is risk. >> i guess i ain't black. more of a risk keeping your kids out of school. brian: by not weighing n this send them to school. inner city turmoil is he steve: brian, at the same time, how many politics are involved weighing in. it says a lot. in those other countries? rob smith, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: i don't know. steve: is it an election year? does that have anything to do brian: go in to jillian mele with it? poised to give us the news. ding ding ding ding ding. jillian: good morning. brian: so ridiculous to keep a update on a story we have been kid out of school for an entire following. moments ago the suspect accused of killing a washington state year. you have to understand you have officer has been arrested. police say he was found hiding to have that factor. on a roof top near the scene and in if politics plays a role. taken into custody without we will know on november 3rd. incident. another officer was wounded in the shooting after a pursuit. november 5th l.a. goes to school this is just outside of seattle. the name of the fallen officer if biden wins oakland all the
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kids got to go right away has not been released. back-to-school shopping politics roger stone speaking out for the will have played a role. first time since president trump too late for the country go. commuted his prison sentence. upstairs to jillian with the stone telling sean hannity in an latest breaking news. jillian: that's right. we begin with a fox news alert exclusive interview robert right now. mueller's team tried to get him u.s. overnight clearing the way to lie. for the first federal execution >> there was no circumstance in in 17 years. the justices overturning a lower court's decision in a 5-4 which i would bear false witness against the president. i was just not willing to lie. they wanted me to be the ham in opinion signed just hours ago their ham sandwich because they end ago back and forth legal knew the mueller report on battle. convicted killer daniel lee was russia was a dud. it was a goose egg. supposed to be executed monday they had nothing. afternoon. he is supposed to die by lethal emily: stone was convicted last year of witness tampering and injection this morning. lying to congress. another fox news alert. the u.s. officially closing five his 40-month sentence was set to military bases in afghanistan as begin today. part of the peace deal with the emily: new york governor taliban. a u.s. official telling fox news overnight the bases are located poster about the state's covid-19 response. in four provinces. titled new york tough. troops in the country also being reduced to 8600 as part of the mountain with essential workers pulling a rope that's meant to symbolize the flattening of the agreement's first phase. the four part deal was signed in roofer. president trump is on it on a february. crescent moon saying it's just
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today ghislaine maxwell supposed the flu. critics calling the governor's to be arraigned. appear by video. design narcissistic and tone at least one of the victims is deaf. i'm sure there are loss of expected to tell a judge she opinions on that, guys. should be denied bail. prosecutors revealing maxwell hid her cell phone in tin foil steve: right about that. emily: jillian, thank you so much. now it's time for weather. to avoid being found calling hello, janice dean. good morning to you. her, quote, an extreme flight what's in store for us across risk. maxwell faces charges for the country? recruiting girls for epstein to sexually abuse. janice: hi emily, steve and and a police officer is getting brian, all of you. we have heat dominating much of praised for his act of kindness. the country today. and it's going to remain warm watch this. across the southern plains with >> willing to go inside and pay the $10. i will pay you for his gas. the humidity levels reaching oppressive levels and that's going to bring the potential for pump 7, $10. >> body camera video shows officer john fry tag talking to a man whose credit card wouldn't dangerous conditions southern work when he tried to buy gas in plains along the gulf coast where we have humidity. new jersey. the washington township police officer want says he wanted to forecast heat index well over show underneath the uniform he is a human like the rest of us. 100 degrees for a lot of these areas. i love that story. again, it could be dangerous. make sure you are inside, steve: that is terrific. drinking lots of water in the all right. air conditioning, taking care of your pets and the elderly. jillian, thank you very much. on this tuesday, the trump
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storm reports over the last 24 administration denying hours. minnesota's request for funding we have the risk for strong to to pay for the damage from the severe storms on top of the riots in minneapolis. one state lawmaker who says heat, including large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. that's the right move on the we've keep you up to date on all president's part joins us live of the above, emily, steve, to explain next. brian, back to you. steve: all right. feels like we are in the middle of the summer. july 14th. j.d., thank you. meanwhile switching gears. two years ago my wife cathy and i released our happy cookbook we non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel noticed it touched a cord across available over-the-counter. the country. new voltaren is powerful arthritis pain relief in a gel. we met some of you on our book tour. you told us the same thing over voltaren. the joy of movement. and over. you love to cook but you don't have enough time. so, ladies and gentlemen, cathy and i have come up with a brand new collections of faster recipes it is the called the as you can see in the big screen happy in a hurry cookbook during the pandemic so many people are cooking all the time and looking for new ideas. this has more than 100 easy recipes for favorite comfort foods that come together in a flash from last-minute entrees to set it and forget it slow cooker meals. not just doocy test kitchen
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recipes we have the kilmeade family heirloom art choke pie which is fantastic. ainsley's grandma's thanksgiving dressing. we have recipes from dana perino and bret baier and judge jeanine. marcus luttrell's mom prime rib and sean hannity's mouth watering. the happy in a hurry cookbook comes out in september but you can preorder it starting today. brian: have you had a chance to seat actual book yet? have they delivered it to your house? steve: they have not. they are still printing it up. that big screen right there is the closest i have come to it. brian: so cool. emily: sounds absolutely amazing. oh my gosh my mouth is watering. i'm ready for all of that. i can't wait to read and it find all the recipes. steve: we have a lot of recipes from our friends and tv family as well. brian, your aunt worked with me on the art choke pie. it is now a classic at the doocy
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brian: minnesota facing fallout from the riots with $500,000 worth of damage done to local businesses. president trump denying the governor's request for $60 million in federal funds to help rebuild. the next guest calls the move the right move and is he a g.o.p. congressman from minnesota himself. he wrote a letter to the president about this tom emmer. congressman, you are saying it's the right move to deny your state money? >> well, actually, what i asked the president to do, brian,, is
3:22 am
to do a full and thorough investigation. let's find out what happened, why it happened. why did these elected officials who were elected to protect the citizens and their property, why did they let the cities burn for almost four nights before actually taking desirve action? in my world we need to have a playbook how you respond to this, brian. before any money would be delivered, i think the president and his administration should do an investigation as to what happened and why. let's make it t. never happens again. brian: when they gave up that precinct a good descalating move. almost done in brooklyn. they almost lost their precinct and seattle they famously gave it away it. doesn't work. in the end they did an estimate, according to one of your major newspapers the star tribune owners and insurance experts say the cost of the damage could exceed $500 million. that would be the second costliest riot in the history of
3:23 am
our country. only 1992 in los angeles would exceed that. and it's irresponsibility it, seems from local lords. they want us to pay. >> failure at every level. local level and state level. why did they allow this to continue for four days? i think we need to get the answers to that, that third precinct when they basically abandoned that and let the rioters burn that to the ground, they encouraged similar types of behavior all across this country. i think they actually own what's emily: welcome back. the bronco is back. happened in minneapolis and you guys know i'm a ford girl elsewhere. and ford sun veiling the new brian: congressman, here's what the governor's office said in family of suvs ar after a 25 yer response to the president's rejection of that request. the governor is disappointed that the federal government hiatus. declined hills request for auto expert mike caudal has all financial support. the details and he joins me live as we navigate one of the most difficult periods in our state's history. we look for support from our from detroit. mike? >> good morning, emily. you are a bronco girl and i'm
3:24 am
federal government to help us absolutely bronco guy i have a through. as you reimagine police, reimagine a city that's in that 1975 early ford bronco. type of turmoil, with that type for me to be here today is incredibly exciting and ford of destruction unable to rebuild motor company is coming off a without any security. major high from last night. that's not a great mix. they launched at 8:00. final thought, congressman? i just got word a minute ago >> well, i'm sure they are that the first edition that they launched last night is already disappointed, but they have 30 days to appeal. sold out forced the website to this they should be completely open with the administration as crash. because everybody is so excited about this vehicle. to what failed, why they let the question is why? well, over my soldiers the 1969 this place burn for three to four nights before taking any action. winning bronco from the baha and you can't just abdicate race and inspired this future generation right here. the bronco will come in three responsibility to keep citizens different versions. and property safe and run to the a two door bronco beautiful gray federal government to bail you out there. are serious questions that need four door bronco and the bronco to be answered. once those are answered, let's sport meant for more of a figure out how to make sure this podestpedestrian look. never happens again, brian. brian: you are not saying deny minnesota the money -- can you store them away in the minneapolis the money, you are back of the bronco. all three versions will be 4 x 4 saying evaluate. >> before one taxpayer dollar is models. awarded to this state, for this not just about the exterior it's on the interior as well. disaster, we need to know why on the interior offer yo varietf certain decisions were made why
3:25 am
creature comforts. option for 8-inch screen or certain decisions were not paid. why they did not respond to the 12-inch screen grab handles on violence half a billion dollars it. mounting system on the front where can you put your go pro-to capture all the fun things off road. were will destroyed. make sure it never happens move through a couple more. again, brian. brian: i feel bad for the small buyers owner very small profit tech on the inside offer you margin find themselves with some apps when you go off road their back against the wall you can share the trail you are maybe done forever. thank you very much. on. i really dig that feature. >> thank you, brian. i want to talk a little bit brian: after more than 100 days about the engine. apart from each other. they are going to give you 2.7-liter engine under the hood wife reunites with husband taking dishwashing job at pushing out 310-horsepower and assisted living home. she will share that echo boost camera not to mention heart-warming story with you cameras 360 degrees. show you when you are rock crawling what the vehicle will next. do. give you some pricing. great for everyone at home. a lot of healthy foods are very acidic it's going to start two of them under $30,000. and then you can have the four door model that will start north of $30,000. if you still want to put a deposit down, you can. it's only 100 bucks. expect the sport to go on sale in the late part of the year and then the two and four door go on sale early next year.
3:26 am
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sfx: ssfx: clickvolving door ♪ music: high energy music ♪ ♪ music: high energy music ♪ music stops ♪ high energy music resumes ♪ ♪ emily: we are back with this fox news alert. a tragic end in the search for missing glee star naya rivera. tributes pouring in as search teams recovered the 33-year-old's body from a lake in los angeles. todd piro joins you live as investigators describe her final
3:30 am
moments. todd? >> emily, good morning, naya ♪ every minute of every hour. brian: it's true we miss our audience more. we count the minute after 9:00 rivera found after one week of a.m. we come back here into searching a lake near los searching a lake near los angeles. studio and talk to you again. the glee star was presumed dead after she disappeared on emily, thanks so much for wednesday, hours after renting a filling in to ainsley. boat with her son jozy. you agreed to the whole three investigators say she used her hours please don't try to leave early. final moments alive to save him. steve, do you echo my thoughts >> her son d and emotions? do you count the minutes until you come back here in the morning? steve: i'm counting the minutes until we are done. boosted him onto the deck from then we get to start the rest of behind. you are day. he told investigators that he 9:00 a.m. eastern time come on that's party time. brian: one person that made a lot of news over the weekend because of his interchange on twitter and beyond is senator josh hawley a member of the senate judiciary committee and you know he is the up and coming senator from missouri senator, welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. brian: something going on in america defunding the police ramifications are being felt in
3:31 am
minneapolis, portland as well as seattle and that's off the top of my head. are you surprised how swift the chaos has taken root? >> you know, in a way, no. just because we have seen this before. we have seen this war on cops before. we have seen where it gets us. we have seen where it gets us. what it does when you announce an open season on cops, it is normal, ordinary, every day working people who get hurt. that is exactly what we are seeing now. this defund the police thing is an absolute crisis. it is a travesty. it is the worst possible thing. we should be putting more police on the streets. we should be increasing officer pay. we should be giving more resources to cops to help them do this incredibly difficult job we ask them to do. instead, the left wants to go in the opposite direction. now we are seeing what happens. steve: indeed. senator, we are going to play a sound bite for you. this is the sheriff from maricopa county, arizona. talking about how this defund the police department movement that we are seeing across the country is going to lead to trouble down the road.
3:32 am
here is paul penzone. >> if we continue to go about this issue as demonizing and criticizing law enforcement without limitations and not recognizing the dangers, the challenges and the human elements, then we will live in a space that is lawlessness because you won't find good men and women to do this job that changes the entire dynamic who we are as a nation. we live in a nation where there are laws intended to protects people, to include the community. people, to include the protect everyone from people acting in a manner that is in conflict with our values or principles or laws to include oftentimes when we see law enforcement actions that are deemed criminal in nature. yet, we still have to have men and women who are willing to could this job to keep the community safe because there are bad people out there. there are violent people and there are laws that need to be enforced. steve: indeed. senator, here in new york city, about an hour ago, we played part of lawrence jones' heart wrenching interview with the
3:33 am
father of a 1-year-old who was gunned down just 48 hours ago. and the brooklyn burrow president eric adams former cop has called on mayor de blasio and the city of new york to restore the anticrime unit to for the most part worked 24 hours a day to try to get guns off the street. but it's complicated now because de blasio has and the city has said you know what? we are going to chop a billion dollars from the funding. >> yeah. it's incredible to see the left go after cops and to really cast aspersions on and to call into question the good character and good name of cops all over the country. and we are seeing this all over the country. unfortunately we are seeing crime in my own home state of missouri spike in our major cities. why? because of this open seasonal on cops. the job that we can them to do -- we ask our cops to do is tough enough without left wing politicians calling into
3:34 am
question their character and taking away their funding. how is it that you think cops are going to do their job better if you take away all their resources. do you think it's going to go better if you say you are not going to get funded and not going to get the equipment and training you need? we should be doing just the opposite. emily: that's exactly right, senator. we would also like to get your thoughts on a situation that unfolded. we had mark mcgo ski on the rumors of him being indicted he was part of that couple that stood their ground and protected their home in st. louis, missouri on tucker. take a listen. >> my attorney advised me not to be on the show tonight because the rumor i'm going to be indicted shortly. having said that this is the same circuit attorney that released 35 of the protesters that torched and looted downtown st. louis now she wants to indict me. i didn't shoot anybody. i held my ground, protected my house. i'm sitting here on television tonight instead of dead or
3:35 am
putting out the smoldering embers of my home. emily: senator, your thoughts on. this this is epic abuse of power. i can't imagine on what grounds this couple would be indicted for standing on their own property, using, exercising their second amendment rights to keep and bear arms on their own property. i mean missouri law clearly permits them to do what they did. the second amendment clearly permits them to do what they did. he is absolutely right to have dozens and dozens of violent looters and rioters set free without so much as a slap on the wrist. this couple getting indicted? i just cannot -- this would be a horrific miscarriage of justice. and i will just say that we are not finished yet with this issue. i'm not finished yet with this issue. i'm going to figure out what exactly is going on in the st. louis circuit attorney's office it. is totally out of control. brian: that is your state. the ripple effect will be felt
3:36 am
in all 4 as people say wait a second, am i not allowed to protect myself? really, the danger, they wrecked my fence, they were coming through. they were aggressive goes beyond comprehension. hopefully he is wrong and an arrest of him isn't eminent. meanwhile, california is rolling back reopening. you have gavin newsom the governor there ordering several businesses to shut down as the state sees a 48% rise of covid-19 cases in just the past two weeks. the statewide closures include restaurants, wineries, bars and museums. other places of worship, hair salon, malls. 58 counties are being watched. steve: los angeles mayor eric garcetti warning his city is bordering on a red threat level and he could shut the entire town downin. meanwhile the l.a. and san diego school districts both announcing they will hold classes online only at the beginning of the fall.
3:37 am
senator, clearly, there is science involved with any sort of medical issue. but, at the same time, the president of the united states says that it's also political. governors are trying to harm him politically so he does not get reelected, he says. do you think there is something to that? >> well, there is no doubt there is no love loss by blue state governors by the president. they want to make him look as bad as they can. we saw this earlier on back in march and back in april when you had these governors blaming the president for every little thing for the lack of ventilators, for the obama administration's failure to restock the national stockpile for heaven's sake. that had nothing to do with president trump. obama did that. and, yet, all these governors blamed him. just on the point about kids in school? can i say i think it's absolutely vital that we find a way to send kids back to school this fall. and if at all possible be playing fall sports. this is something that is necessary for the health of kids i can say as the father of two
3:38 am
small children, two small boys that some families that my wife and i talk to, that we see, that we hear from in missouri, they are desperate to be able to have their kids get that structure, get the education and learning that they need, be able to socialize, and we are seeing the social effects of kids being isolated. so we have got to find a way to send kids back to school. i would say to these governors, don't hold kids hostage to your agenda, open your schools, find a way to do it safely. brian: senator, you made a lot of news maybe unintentionally putting out a statement that the nba is allowing to put slogans activist slogans on the back of the jerusalemy as they start bubble play in orlando. by the way, for the record, lebron james says i'm not going to do it, which is interesting. and you said, you know, it was amazing, you know, when put free hong kong on the back when adrian one of the most respected nba writers now with espn went back with an explicative blank you. he has gotten suspended by espn
3:39 am
for that reaction. he has apologized since then. and you said what about his suspension? >> well, what i said about his suspension is why is espn having -- doing less reporting? my issue is espn should be doing more reporting. i don't want an apology. i don't want his suspension. i want espn to ask the nba these tough questions. nba makes billions of dollars in china every year. they won't say a word about what china is doing in the world. they won't say a word about what china is doing in hong kong or in the concentration camps. why? because the nba makes so much money. and i just asked a few simple questions of adam silver why is it that you can't put free hong kong on the back of a jersey. for that matter if you are a fan you can't buy a customized nba jersey that says free hong kong. that's outrageous. the nba's response is to tell me f you and second okay we will
3:40 am
suspend reporters. they need to be asking more questions, not fewer questions and somebody needs to be standing up to the nba. brian: originally they wouldn't let you. now there is no longer an error message when you go to put that in. why is that? there is over a million muslims now in concentration camps. they are beginning to sterilize them and do other horrific things to them and there is no outrage from the nba. they are focused more on here. do you have a problem with the activism sports taking a role? >> well, i just think that it's quite an interesting just position to put things on the back of the jerseys, social justice messages that have particularly anti-police, anti-cop ring to them but you can't put on the back of the jersey anything questioning china. for that matter you can't put support our troops on the back of the jersey. you can't put back the blue on the back of the jersey. nba corporate won't approve those slogans. i do think it's pretty telling
3:41 am
when it comes to these other justifiable issues, supporting our troops, standing up to china, the nba won't allow that i think that tells you a lot. emily: senator, thank you so much for all of your thoughts on these topics this morning and your time. now, we turn to our headlines with jillian mele. good morning. jillian: good morning. let's begin with a fox news alert right now. hour. another officer was wounded in the shooting after a pursuit just outside of seattle. >> troubling time for our department. and our profession. i worked here for over 25 years. we have never had an officer shot. so, this is unchartered territory for us and again it's going to be a rough couple days. jillian: the name of the fallen officer has not been released.
3:42 am
this is the 30th officer shot and killed this year. the navy and federal firefighters still battling to save a warship in san diego that has been burning for nearly 72 hours. crews trying to keep the flames from the uss fuel supply. navy officials fear the ship is damaged beyond repair. the fire suppression system was not working when it started. 59 people suffered minor injuries. all have been released from the hospital. still no word on a cause. today ghislaine maxwell set to be arraigned in federal court in new york. she will appear by video. at least one of jeffrey epstein's victims is expected to tell a judge she should be denied bail. prosecutors revealing maxwell hid her cell phone in tin foil to try to avoid being caught telling it, quote, a seemingly misguided effort to evade detection. maxwell faces several charges for allegedly recruiting girls for epstein to sexually abuse. all eyes on alabama today for a
3:43 am
high profile run-off election. former auburn football coach tommy tuberville is running against attorney general jeff sessions for senate. the president has backed tuberville. face doug jones in november. in texas, former white house doctor ronny jackson takes on josh wine gardner in the 13th congressional district. they are running to replace retiring congressman matt thornberry. president trump has endorsed jackson. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: on top of it's election day. the army overseeing the military's covid response down in texas cases surge in the lone star state. an er doctor gives us an inside look on the ground from texas coming up next.
3:44 am
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brian: all right. so as texas fights a rise in covid-19 cases the department of defense deploying 580 support and medical support personnel to help out. here to help on the ground doctor urea. what cities have you seen and what information can you relay? >> so i work in austin, and i work sometimes in houston and outside of antonio. between all of those cities and i have colleagues across texas. things are getting busy everywhere. in every main city in texas we are stretching. our ers are stretching our bulging at the scene. things are getting busy normal
3:49 am
er patients let alone all the covid patients come in. it's been terrifying. even the patients who come in for non-covid related things like a trauma patient, for example, we end up finding out that they have covid while they are in the er. and so things get very, very hectic at that point because these are infectious communicable diseases that we very much worry about. brian: so if someone tests positive, they don't go for hospitalization unless they begin to fail, correct? >> correct. yeah. somebody comes into the hospital. we are not testing them unless they need to be admitted. but as can you imagine a lot of trauma patients, a lot of presurgical patients, a lot of patients being admitted for other things will need imaging and on that imaging we might see oh my gosh they have covid in their lungs now we have to attack this whole situation very differently. brian: i understand houston is so bad the mayor there is calling for another lockdown. how bad is it in houston? i heard a week ago they were
3:50 am
running out of icu beds. >> things are pretty bad in houston right now. i mean, they are working on bed management. they are stretching. they are at their limit. some hospitals are already well past that limit. where we are trying to shift patients between hospitals to make room. they have to keep these patients in certain areas. they can't just admit a covid positive patient anywhere. so it's been very difficult. i mean, they are even having to use the children's hospital for bark up for adult patients. that's pretty remarkable. that's a red flag. brian: i watched -- over the weekend the main difference is from now from the spring you know so much more about it. ventilators are really a last step now because so few recover from it and remdesivir has been effective. what can you tell me has been effective and are people recovering? >> oh, absolutely. our management has changed of this disease. we have learned so much about it. we are intubating patients
3:51 am
later. we are using blood thinners. we are using remedies sear when hospitals have it. not every patient will have access to that medication. there are very strict guidelines when we can start it. our management overall has changed with any new infectious disease as we go along through the course. we are better at managing it in these patients and are doing a better job in getting more patients across the finish line but what we're worried about right now is the collateral damage when you overwhelm a healthcare system with anything, especially an infectious disease like we are right now, you don't just worry about the patients dying from covid, then it's patients dying of completely otherwise preventable causes of death. you know, appendicitis, heart attacks, strokes everything gets affected when a healthcare system is overwhelmed. the mortality of all of that has to be included when we look at, you know, our moral compass of how much we are willing to sacrifice and tolerate before we step. in. brian: real quick, anything else that you need because they
3:52 am
are -- looking for more pop-up hospitals, tents, conversion of stadiums? >> i think right now we have backup plans in place around the city to and every city i know in san antonio as well. we don't want to get to that point where we are outside of the hospital. as you can imagine you don't have access to everything else the hospital has. the radiology, the blood work, everything else gets transferred. so, we are really working on personnel right now, healthcare workers. front line workers, respiratory therapists, that's really what our manpower is our physicians staffing is okay right now. that's teetering, we will see how that goes. but it's really the nurses and the respiratory therapists. we are also surge staffing from around the state. we will see how much we can handle before this gets out of control. brian: thank you so much. we will look forward to talking with you again later this week. >> thank you. brian: and have better news. coming up straight ahead we have
3:53 am
been telling you about the bo ga boycott now we are talking about the but-cott we will talk to him next ♪ i don't know what it is about that little gal's loving ♪ but i like it, i love it, i want some more of it. ♪ don't just think about where you're headed this summer. think about how you'll get there. and now that you can lease or buy a new lincoln
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3:58 am
if you are a victim of battery gait. gate. secretly slowing the battery of older iphones, submit a claim at smart phone performance finally, 80, that's the age of tina turner who is coming out of retirement to revamp one of her 1980's classic ♪ what's love got to do with it ♪ what's love ♪ but a second hand emotion ♪ what's love got to do. emily: the music legend teaming one a norwegian producer for remix of iconic song of what's love got to do with it. the new version is out on friday. i'm really excited for that steve, over to you. >> thank you so much, emily. to buy or not to buy. that's the question the consumers are facing after goya's ceo praised president trump. while some on the left tried to cancel the grocery brand others are fighting back not with a boycott but with a buy-cott.
3:59 am
the goya products nearly sold out. joining us is mike apell can a. >> steve, thanks for noticing what we tried to get started as a small brush fire turned into a bit of a forest fire and we are happy about it. steve: it's interesting because the ceo who was on our program last year i was invited to go to the obama white house went and spoke and nothing. i go to the white house at the invitation of donald trump, i speak, i support the president of the united states, and now there is this boycott. what do you make of this because he thought it was quite a double standard. it? >> is a double standard and as our buddy chris plante likes to say if they didn't have double standards they would have no standards at all. this is an offended they wake up
4:00 am
every morning angry because president trump is their president and they find a reason not to dislike him any more. woke olympics give some of these offend iesta gold medals every day. this one last week took the cake. we have to give them the gold medal in the woke olympics but we have to do something more. my brother says why don't we fill the food banks with goya. i said great idea. we launched the tweet and it seems to have launched several thousand responses from people who are emptying shelves and hopefully filling food banks. >> indeed. mark levin tweeted out. this go out today and boy your. cassandra said our local walmart, gu goya is wiped out. what boycott this is a buy-cott. hulaian castro said free speech
4:01 am
works both ways. the ceo is bigoted president said an american judge can't do his job because is he puerto me. we are free to goya products on the shelf. goya away. who is winning the boycott or the buy-cott? >> gonchts i go by the responses to what we are posting, steve. when i look at the reaction and on the article that you guys posted on your website, 95% of the responses are positive. and 5% are, you know, in need of awoke olympics gold medal. we are sending one to mr. castro, too, he will get one for his silly comments. it looks like love is winning. and that's really what this is about. taking a negative and turning it into a positive that works for the employees of goya and the people who need food right now. so we are trying to fight anger
4:02 am
with love. steve: you are not alone, mike. i saw a go fund me page had been started by a guy i believe down in virginia outside of washington, d.c. and hi goal was to raise $10,00o buy goya products and donate them to food banks. and right now i just checked. they have raised over $150,000. ultimately though, mike, the ceo said that because he was supporting president trump and the left has tried to shut him down, his speech is being suppressed. is this another example of the cancel culture coming after somebody they don't like? >> exactly. that's exactly what this is. what's going on here is the offendanistas as we call them trying to make sure only their voice is heard. if you don't agree with them they want you shut down. so he is a brave man.
4:03 am
i support this ceo and i will support any company or any person who says free speech means speech we don't disagree with and speech we do disagree with. it's all got to be heard. so, bravo to that gentleman. steve: we should also point out when he was on the program the ceo told us that goya had donated millions of pounds of food to food banks all across the united states. great conversation. mike opel carrasco thank you very much. where can we listen to you on the radio and whatnot. >> you can find me well, currently wilm in wilmington all across the country or pure opelka. steve: you are in joe biden's hometown. thank you for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: the heart broken family of a 1-year-old boy shot and killed while sitting in a plastic chair with his family at a picnic. the family is now speaking out. >> i can't hold him no more.
4:04 am
i can't hear him calling me daddy no more. i can't kiss him no more. >> for the cowards that did, this you should be ashamed of yourself. steve: lawrence jones got that interview. he will join us next. you are going to want to see it. it's coming up next oneb "fox & friends." the shark vacmop, a complete clean all in one pad.
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and medications including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. go on with your bad self. you may pay as little as zero dollars for botox®. ask your doctor about botox® for chronic migraine. you got this. steve: fox news alert. violence ravaging american cities particularly in new york city where a 1-year-old baby was fatally shot in his stroller near a playground sunday night. brian: fox news analyst lawrence jones spoke to the grieving family and lawrence, you join us now. i saw some of this last night really moving. must not be easy to do. was it hard to get the family. >> yeah. it's hard to get the family and even once they agree to do the interviewtough to get to start the interview because they are still grieving. i had an opportunity to talk with them and here's that interview. >> my girlfriend was on the phone with my mom.
4:09 am
she said tough call your baby mother julian is in the hospital. when i called her as soon as she picked up she was just crying immediately like you need to get here. you need to get here. hurry. what's wrong? she is like julian got shot in his stomach and. >> it's okay. >> and it just broke me down because i didn't know, like if my son was going to make it or not. and he didn't. and i'm sitting here calling everybody like nobody can't tell me the conditional of my son. you can't transfer me to the hospital? like nobody has seen him yet. the doctors can't say nothing. i was looking for answers. that wasn't for me and it broke me down. then, when the doctors came out and told me, it's just, like i just lost myself. >> for the cowards that did this, you should be ashamed of
4:10 am
yourself because everybody talk about black lives matter, what about baby lives? what about teenager lives? like you took an innocent child from a mother and a father as well as the grandparents. and i don't think it's fair. >> do you believe, based on what you know now, and no one is talking, that people that life matter by the way they are conducting themselves right now? >> no. anybody who says that they are, they are just lying because if you know information, that needs to be said. and no information is being to be said. like this is my son. he died. you need to -- whatever information you know, you need to tell me. it needs to be known. i need this information because these guys just took my son's life, for what? he didn't do nothing to nobody.
4:11 am
>> do you feel like the elected leaders, the people that represent the community, are doing enough to stop this? >> no. the community is getting worse and worse. nobody is doing nothing about it. nobody. nobody is trying to make a change. and it's sad to say that. every day is just worse. you don't know if you are going to live to see the next day. >> what is your message to the people that did this. >> took my son and go to hell. you can go to hell. and excuse me my expression, but you took something that was precious from me, precious from my son. something precious from his mother. and we will never see him -- he cannot come back. he cannot wake back up. he was an innocent little baby and he's gone forever. >> you took my son's life.
4:12 am
i can't get that back i can't hold him no more. i can't hear him calling me daddy no more. i can't kiss him no more. i can't play with him no no more. i have got to put my son in the ground now. and he's only 1. his birthday is in two months. he didn't live to see 2. like he didn't live life. and it's like i wanted to get him out of this violence before something like this happened. steve: lawrence that kind of interview is the hardest to do when the family, you know, is still grieving. less than 48 hours after the little boy was murdered. i know the grandmother said whoever did this can go to hell. do they have any expectation that they are going to figure out who did this because with, you know, the crime budget being the anticrime unit being dismantled and the town defunded to the tune of a billion dollars police department. there aren't a lot of resources
4:13 am
to look into all of these shootings. >> yeah. and that's disgraceful. people have got to start talking. this is not a political issue. this is a family that's grieving. and the reason why this story is not getting the coverage that it deserves is because it's in the projects. and many times the poorest neighborhoods get no coverage. because this is considered the new normal. and the family is just asking for answers. you know, the fact that elected leaders are doing nothing. someone saw something, okay. someone saw something and no one is speaking on the ground. they should be knocking doors down until they figure out what happened to a 1-year-old. the grandmother says the rest of the children are so frightened that they won't even come outside. they won't go outside. and no one is giving them answer on why they lost their
4:14 am
one-year-old brother. that is unacceptable in america. why are we just allowing this country to turn into a war zone? there is no protest. there is no answers from the police department, the commissioner, you know, i understand i talked about the bad apples that are mr. n. police department what did you expect to happen when you painted this generalization about all cops. crime is up 130%. shooting violence 130% in the city. you think virtual signaling painting on a damn street is going to bring kids back? brian: i will read you the soundbite mayor de blasio did speak yesterday he says this. we obviously took money out of the nypd budget to put into youth programs. put into social services. and recreation centers for young people. that's really the direction we
4:15 am
should go. i'm glad we did that would need good work of the men and women on the nypd and streets of our city. is he addressing the problem in that? because i don't see it in the city budget line items. you could have cut from other things. you could have cut from the phony programs that your wife is doing in the city. brian: cost a million dollars. >> i'm for cutting spending but new york cannot allow their budget to be cut from the police department there are still so many unsolved crimes. all right? we see what's happening 130%? that sun heard of. unheard of. and they would rather virtue signal. again, i have been personally balanced on this issue. when the state abuses their power. i report on it. right? but when a child is killed, a 1-year-old in a stroller, i report on it, too. all i'm asking if you saw
4:16 am
something, you really care about black lives, if you saw something, you need to tell the police. there can't just be this no snitch policy when it comes to little kids in the community. there used to be a code in the hood. when you kill kids, people gave you up on the street. why isn't that happening right now? i don't understand it. emily: there were so many heart breaking things about that interview, lawrence. the fact that in their trauma, in that acute emergency situation, they still weren't getting any answers as to the health of their baby boy and whether he had survived. and, also, the fact that as he said, the father said, the community keeps getting worse and worse and worse. and he said, quote: no one is doing anything. and i that the hardest line to hear and i can't imagine living it is his last line which is all that he wanted to do was get his son out of the violence before something like this happened. but the reality is, short of two years of his son living there,
4:17 am
it did. what was it like to experience that grief in person and what next stepping can that community take? how can their pleas for help be answered or at least heard? >> it's deeply personal to me because my parents fought so hard just so i could get out, right? for my brother and sister can get out. and he has a way worse than i had as a child. but, that is a story -- you think -- i hear reports all the time that these people want to be in these situations. they don't. they want to make it out. but, when you are trapped in poverty, and you are just trying to scrap out and you are going and paying your bills and you just want to enjoy a barbecue and then it gets shot up at a barbecue? i mean, the shooters they don't care about human life. aoc says this is about coronavirus. no, this is not. this was happening before coronavirus. and no one said anything.
4:18 am
no one reported. there were no news trucks. i have been talking about death, poverty, and destruction and these communities for years. for years. begging, the democrats have failed. it's just a fact. they have failed. i also tell the republicans where are you? because it should not be that hard to defeat these incompetent leaders. they are so incompetent. you think that the residents in brooklyn want to vote for these people? no, they don't have alternative. and if we say we stand for life, it should be from the womb to the to tomb. and what is happening in brooklyn, chicago, baltimore, filly, detroit, is a disgrace. sean hannity said it perfectly last night. these kids are our american treasure and we are giving them up to the streets. that is sad. and history is going to remember this moment. did you do something? were you silent or did you get involved and bring these killers to justice?
4:19 am
steve: lawrence jones, thank you very much for those words. because, we see the numbers every morning. but, they are just numbers. you showed us what one of the people behind the numbers was really like and it is heart-breaking. let's hope they were able to figure out what happened and catch the people. >> thank you. steve: thank you. that was powerful. 10 minutes before the the top of the hour. move on. historic election cycle for women. dozens are running for congress as republicans. first woman to graduate from the citadel corps of cadets. you will meet her next. kelcee loves how essential oils help her chill
4:20 am
and now she has those same scents in the laundry room ahh... new gain with essential oils detergent
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emily: welcome back. historic wave of republican women via for a spot in congress. more of the 220 filing to run for the house this cycle over 50 have secured their party's nomination like our next guest. first woman to graduate from the citadel core of cadets nancy mayemace joins me now. tell us the platform you are running on and what it means for you to be part of this historic push. >> well, it's very exciting, emily, thank you for having me on this morning. it's exciting to be part of this movement that we are seeing all
quote quote
4:24 am
across the country with hundreds of republican women fed up with what they are seeing across the country. i'm a state lawmaker, a business woman, know, and i have done everything from waitress at the waffle house to pass bills in the state house. i'm also a single mom who cares about her kids and country. i'm a fiscal conservative, independent thinker. i have bucked the party line over and over again. and i just believe that my country and my kids are worth fighting for. that's why i'm working so hard to win this seat and if republicans across the country nationally want to flip the house, they have to win the seat that i'm running for in south carolina's first congressional district. it's that important. if you want to replace nancy pelosi, then have you got to send nancy mace to congress. this is one of the top seats that we are working for to flip the house back this cycle. >> nancy, we reached out to representative joe cunningham for a statement and his campaign sent us this ad.
4:25 am
we would like you to take a listen and then your thoughts on the other side. >> okay. >> george s. patton, my grandfather, he said more courage was the most valuable trait, well joe cunningham has lots of it. emily: nancy, your thoughts. >> i love our military. my father is a retired army general. he served 28 years in the united states army and i'm a graduate of the citadel and i have many of my members of my family who are active duty military or are military veterans themselves. it is really important to support our veterans, but i will also tell you that i recently battled covid-19. and when i was recovering from covid, one of my children was also sick with covid-19, but the democrats, the supporters of congressman cunningham actually attacked me for having covid-19. to support my election, nancy if you want to fight back against the democrats this
4:26 am
cycle. nancy emily: thank you for your service first and foremost. stay with us next for more "fox & friends." ♪
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♪ steve: i like the point of view, standing over my shoulder. studio for "fox & friends" on the 14th day of july, 2020. ainsley is off today, emily compagno joins us from the west coast. emily, get to have you. emily: good morning, thanks for having me. brian: so far, emily, great to see you, i don't know if you're working till 5:00, big hour, we are talking about the crime rising in this country. we are also talking about the coronavirus and trying to get that under control so we will try to the both things while also looking at the presidential. steve: actually she's doing the five right now because it's 5:00 a.m. in seattle where she's sitting right now. emily, thank you. [laughter] steve: 8 lock in new york city. we start with the fox news alert suspect accused of killing a washington state police officer overnight has been arrested. police found him hiding on a rooftop near the scene just a short time ago.
4:31 am
emily. emily: another officer was wounded in a shooting during pursuit outside of seattle. >> i've worked here for over 25 years and we've never had an officer shot, so this unchartered territory for us, again, rough couple of days. emily: this is the 30th officer shot and killed this year. brian: two texas police officers that were killed during ambition responding to domestic disturbance call over the weekend. the suspect turned around and killed himself. joining us right now from mcallen, police chief víctor rodríguez, chief, how is the community responding to the stunning news because as a nonpolice officer like myself when you hear about domestic dispute, you go to a door, you don't necessarily think the person on the other side of the door will have guns blazing, but
4:32 am
that's what happened, right? >> good morning, our community is hurting. we are in shock, our department is weakened for the moment but we will manage and we will continue the mission, that is policing and keeping our city safe. now, in our case domestic disturbance call turned violent against police officers and we lost two officers in the process. stove steve: you did, they were responding to domestic calls, they did not have their guns drawn. door open and the suspect shot them both dead ultimately. >> yes, sir. steve: they never had a chance. it has to be heartbreaking. we have the images of these officers, could you tell us about these men? >> we have officer eldemiro gaza, veteran with the city of
4:33 am
mcallen. served as dispatcher and graduated to police officer and and 9-year veteran with us. officers chávez, he was 2 and a half year veteran, prior being an educator. we were proud to gain him at our department and in the next few days we are planning to lay them to rest. emily: chief, the lieutenant governor of texas pointed out that since george floyd's death 11 police officers have been killed just since then, can you claim to climate in texas and speak to nation's response to murder and the local and state leadership, the messaging or
4:34 am
lack thereof what is as coffee there? >> it's important to note at least for our situation in mcallen, there's nothing what ts it to any -- any narrative regardless of what people mayi n with governor abbott and governor patrick both of them on saturday afternoon and, you know, one of the things to me in texas we support our police officers. they support police officers, and so, you know, the texas narrative, maybe different in that we -- we don't -- don't feel the same as other people may believe or think. so we are proud of that and i -- you know, i think it's very
4:35 am
important to note this and that is that nothing in what we've seen so far about our situation connects, links or otherwise to any of the narratives that we are hearing out there. we are saddened by the narratives. we wish they were not so, but police officers are blind to that. they rise to go help citizens in distress and saturday was no different. a family requesting our help to deal with a family member, we went there, we knocked on the door and we lost two officers. brian: so one of those officers as you mentioned was officer chávez and his daughter tweeted out, salute to her dad, truly moving and ended with #bluelivesmatter and she got huge backlash to the point where she had to delete that. some to have backlash was being a cop was a choice and last time i checked blue people don't exist, blue lives matter was
4:36 am
literally created in response to undermine black lives matter. i'm just stunned by the response and the daughter just deleted it to end the hostility. are you stunned? >> well, we are quite taken back by that and one of the things that we have been able to work through in the last few days from the very beginning, our interagency activity with the family has not been with anyone else other than his dad. we don't know of a daughter for chávez. i know that there is this claim out there, but i just can't speak to that because we -- officially we just don't have that information, so the dad is the one person that we are communicating with and -- and he and only he are the family contacts with us. steve: all right, i had not heard that part of the story. chief, you did say the officers
4:37 am
were responding to domestic call and they didn't see it coming because they didn't have the chance to draw their weapons. it has been suggested in some localities where they are talking about defunding the police or reimagining policing for 2020, rather than send out a police officer they would send out a social worker, given what happened to these fine men over the weekend, is sending a social worker out to respond to something like this a good idea for any community that's considering it? >> you know, some of that discussion is about different points of view and, you know, to all those different points of view, i encourage them, they can toss these ideas around, but at the end of the day, you know, what we have right now is a policing system that's the best in the world, and i will not say
4:38 am
to you that it is flawless and it's not flawless because we are human beings and we, you know, human beings make mistakes and do bad things there but isn't a better system out there that we know in this world. it's the best that we have. these ideas about defunding and other things, you know, let that discussion and debate continue. i think if it is done fairly, they will find that the policing system that we have in the country is the best there is and i cannot imagine someone knocking on the door like we were trying to do on saturday but less than a police officer and be safer. emily: chief víctor rodriguez, thank you very much for your
4:39 am
incite and your service, you have our deepest condolences and prayers for two fallen officers, sir. >> thank you all very much. brian: thank you so much, chief. meanwhile let's continue with the talk about law enforcement and law and disorder. so far this year and more shootings over the last month than there were this time last year and there was 17 last night. one of the victims over the weekend was the 1-year-old -- 1-year-old devall gardner, jr. last half hour we brought you the entire interview of lawrence jones with dad and grandmother. here is a little of that. >> took my son's life. i can't get that back. i can't hold him no more. i can't hear him calling me daddy, i can't kiss him no more,
4:40 am
i can't do nothing with him no more. like i have to put my son in the ground now. >> for the cowards that did this, you should be ashamed of yourself. you can go to hell and excuse me my impression but you took something that was precious from me, precious for my son. everybody talking about black lives matter, what about baby lives? steve: here is the thing. they were having a family picnic over the weekend and a couple of guys ran into the area they were at and started shooting at 3 men and hit 3 men but little davell gardner who is a couple of weeks shy of his second birthday, couple of months shy was in plastic chair and hit in the stomach and they carterred him off in an ambulance and they tried to save the little boy's
4:41 am
life but hi died monday morning. it's frustrating for the families and that's why they talked to lawrence jones because what happened to them what happens to families all across the country it seems like these days but their particular case is getting the attention because this is a one--year-old, but larger issue, lawrence jones says there's a problem with how some people approach policing in this country and it's getting babies killed and here is lawrence jones from half an hour ago right here on the show. >> you know, the fact that elected leaders are doing nothing, someone saw something, okay, someone saw something and no one is speaking on the ground. they should be knocking doors down until they figure out what happened to a 1-year-old. the democrats have failed. that's just a fact. they have failed but i also tell the republicans, where are you because it should not be that
4:42 am
hard to defeat these incompetent leaders, they are so incompetent and if we say we stand for life, it should be from the womb to the tomb and what is happening in brooklyn, chicago, baltimore, philly, detroit is a disgrace. these kids are american treasure and we are just giving them up to the streets that. is sad and history is going to remember this moment, did you do something, were you silent, did you get involved and bring these killers to justice? steve: and unfortunately as the father and the grandmother said in the interview, people in the community are being silent because they are not going snitch on the people who were involved and the grandmother said the community is getting worse, nobody is trying to make a change, emily. emily: as if the communities are just being forgotten by leadership and by elected officials and it's really heartbreaking to see our fellow americans being ignored and forgotten like that.
4:43 am
it was a really powerful interview by lawrence and the one we had earlier. it's time for headlines now, jillian, tossing to you. jillian: fox news, overnight clearing the way for the first federal executions in 17 years, the justices overturning lower court's decision in 5-4 opinion signed hours ago ending back and forth legal battle. convicted killer daniel lee was supposed to be executed monday afternoon, he's scheduled to die by lethal injection this morning. another fox news alert, the u.s. officially closing 5 military bases in afghanistan as part of the peace deal with the taliban. a u.s. official telling fox news overnight that the bases are located in 4 provinces. troops in the country also being reduced to 8600 as part of the agreement's first phase. four-part deal was signed in february. california is rolling back its reopening as the state sees a
4:44 am
48% rise in covid-19 cases. closures include restaurants, wineries, zoos and museums. new yorkers could face a 2,000-dollar fine for breaking covid-19 quarantine rules. travelers from 19 states on the governor's 14-day quarantine list must fill out id form at every airport upon arrival and today vice president mike pence is heading to louisiana to discuss the state's pandemic response as cases spike. those are your headlines, we will send it back to you. brian: thanks so much, jillian. ghislane maxwell to be indicted, could she get bail, former prosecutor to discuss it.
4:45 am
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emily: welcome back, jeffrey epstein's former girlfriend and long-time assistant ghislain maxwell to be indicted, here to discuss frankie, national coordinator for child exploitation prevention and interdiction. thanks for joining us today. >> thanks for having me, emily. emily: how do you expect this deattention hearing to go today? >> emily, normally detention hearings are proforma, here the most interesting thing to me about the government's detention motion is that when you file a
4:50 am
detention motion in a case like this, the government rebuttal for prevention, the case is so serious ha the law says the person should be held unless their attorney with prove, can rebut the presumption that they are either dangerous or risk of flight and here the government didn't even argue that she was a danger to the community. these are serious sexual offenses and all they argued was that she was a risk of flight which i think in this case it's going to be pretty tough for the judge to detain her considering the crimes are generally speaking 25 year's old and you can bet that's what her attorney is going to be arguing. emily: two follow-up questions on that, number 1, do you think the historical nature and the fact that the crimes in the indictments happened in the 90's, is that why prosecutors didn't bother arguing that she might have a predisposition to commit the same crime now and, secondly, what do you think of
4:51 am
any would be their strongest flight risk arguments? is it her french citizenship or the fact that she tried to flee at the time of her arrest? >> yeah, great questions, emily. i think the reason that they have not argued dangerness is they have no evidence that she's committed crimes other than perjury offenses they alleged since crimes in the 90's. i think you are dead on about that. with respect to flight risk, i think they have a great argument that she's a flight risk. she really does not have any meaningful ties to the united states. while she's a citizen, she's also a citizen of france and of the uk, so that is their best argument. i think, though, we are going to see her attorneys also argue that while the strength of the case may be there, they think they have a good argument to have the charges dismissed altogether because of that nonprosecution agreement the government signed with epstein in the 90's and if the judge thinks that ghislaine maxwell
4:52 am
has chance of having charges dismissed, there's no way he will hold her without bond. emily: we are grateful and for you coming out today. the reason her citizenship matters in france is they do not extradite their own citizens. moving forward, president trump calling out joe biden as violence spreads across the country. take a listen. >> they will go and march on areas and rip everything down in front of them. that's what you want for the country, you probably have to vote for sleepy joe biden. emily: army veteran and michigan candidate john james to react next.
4:53 am
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steve: let's talk business. fitness centers across the country have been forced to shut down permanently amid the pandemic. kristina partsinevelos from our sister network fox business is live here in new york with how closings are causing ripple effect across the economy, kristina. >> for those who are lucky to reopen, they are opening at fraction of their capacity. i'm standing in front of 24-hour fitness, 100 locations set to close permanently because 24-hour fitness filed for bankruptcy due to pandemic. the fact they are closing could have negative effect on commercial real estate property across the country. before the pandemic many businesses were downsizing or moving online, so you had landlords of commercial property seeking out the fitness centers
4:58 am
as safe havens or even call them anchor tenants in shopping malls to bring traffic to that area, but the fact that many are closing like gold gym's filed for bankruptcy in may, town's ford international announced they could be filing for bankruptcy and that has a negative effect on many landlords properties, listen in. >> we are leaving big anchor spaces, health clubs were filling at rapid pace and it's been a shining star that has helped energize retail centers. reporter: speaking of retail centers, many fitness centers have opened up across the country but per still seeing foot traffic down dramatically. we have chart to show you, week of june 29th, foot traffic in some of those popular locations like 24-hour fitness down 71% compared to last year around that time and then planet fitness also down 45% in foot traffic compared to last year at
4:59 am
the same time, so overall, many of us are anxious to fitness buffs are anxious to get back to routines but the new normal of wearing masks at the gym or working from home which means they are not as close to the gym and that means the recovery of fitness centers is very uncertain and leads a lot of commercial real estate properties in limbo, back to you, guys. steve: not good for anybody. kristina, thank you very much for the report. brian, over to you. brian: they have to get them open, every day matters. president trump calling out joe biden as violence ravages american cities. >> things are happening that nobody has seen happen in cities that are liberally run, i call them radical lib and yet they'll go and march on areas and rip everything down in front of them. if that's what you want for our country, you probably have to vote for sleepy joe biden because she doesn't know what is
5:00 am
happening. brian: senator, do you view a crisis or aspiring senator? >> the fact of the matter is you have folks tearing down statutes of dead guys and are doing nothing to hold people accountable who the reason we are in this situation is because in effectiveness in the first place. joe biden was elected to senate? 1972, who is holding him accountable for riding the crime bill. all of a sudden he figured out that there's racism in the country, give me a break. you folks like gary peters copying and pasting the same call for police reform year after year after year and when he has a chance to vote for police reform that might help save my life or my son's life, he votes chuck schumer and doesn't allow tim scott's bill to get to the vote.
5:01 am
brian: democrats got a total pass on that. they agreed with 70% of what the house proposed and they could not get 60 votes in the senate. you had a program as you traversed michigan called neglected neighborhoods and forgotten farms. yaw want to give them the attention they deserve but where in michigan are the cities that are forgotten. how many farms are you talking about? >> my goodness everywhere, brian, the fact of the matter is careered politicians have failed michigan for decades. the fact when you pass by, a broken down silo or a farm or a broken down building as you pass your pay to a baseball game in city of detroit, there are neighborhoods that have been neglected, farms have been forgotten and the things that unify are things that we need, clean air, clean water, better education for our kids, better education for adults, not just workforce development but allowing, adults to get basic
5:02 am
literacy, life skills so they can excel while being able to learn. these are the things that we failed. the basics of health care but not just insurance but also mental health, addressing addiction, trauma and also physical health, the list goes on, go to and we will give you a perspective. i believe that there are all challenges but walking through america as a black man, i will tell you what, i have a few of my white friends who see a cop car in the background and have their heart racing and their palms get sweaty, yes, i can lose my life at a traffic stop and i understand what it's like to be an officer and i understand what it's like to be in combat situation to make life and death decision in a split second. our officers are heros and the one -- the small minute portion that are outliers should be held
5:03 am
accountable as appropriate. brian: successful business person, success nfl the military , you've outraised peters but you're trailing 7 or 10 points, how can you close the gap? >> the best way to close the gap is taking resources that have been given by generous folks out there. tens of thousands of donors, average gift of $31 and 95% of all donations are below $100. we have been able to outraise peters by $1.2 million this quarter and when it's easy people not to do anything, we have the phrase to tell the truth. they have been lying about health care, i will protect seniors and lower prescription costs, those are lie that democrats are telling you and we will have the opportunity to tell the truth. we are actually within single digits after over $13 million spent against me and we will be telling the truth. we will not deviate from faith and family and god and country
5:04 am
for ourself and my experience in combat, tested leadership and stability and unity is what the country needs and deserves. brian: peters spokesperson said grassroots support is testament to leadership, you did outraise him again. >> of course, democrats are going to try to twist every word that i say. i'm dedicated to increasing access to the american dream and tearing down barriers to the american dream. senator peters has had 30 years in politics, over 10 in washington and 6 in the senate. we are going through an meetings and failed to hold china accountable and he's failed to help small business get that they need, missing 84% of the meetings in the small business committee he was on and missed all of them in 2012. senator peters has answers to do and based upon support and ineffectiveness i believe that
5:05 am
michiganders will relief him of duty in 2020. brian: john james, your mission to close the gap over the next 4 months. thank you very much for joining us. the armed couple that guarded the house while protestors marching the community could be indicted, is that fair david reuben is live next. and absorb wet messes, all in one disposable pad. just vacuum, spray mop, and toss. the shark vacmop, a complete clean all in one pad. noticks and fleas?o simplifies protection. see ya! heartworm disease? no way! simparica trio is the first chewable that delivers all this protection.
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>> my attorney advised me not to be on the show tonight because the rumor is we are going to be indicted shortly. having said that attorney who released 35 protestors who looted in st. louis, i didn't shoot anybody, i held my ground, protected my house and i'm sitting here on television tonight instead of dead or putting out the embers of my home. brian: missouri home owner said
5:10 am
he and his wife are expected to be indicted after being armed during a confrontation with protestors who broke into their gated community, their gated house. brian: here with reaction the host of the dave ruben show, a guy named dave reuben, good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. steve: can you explain that to us. here is somebody who was in their house with their family, they heard a disturbance, they looked out and saw the people breaking down the gate, trespassing on private property and they may be in trouble? >> well, brian, i don't know that i can explain it any better than that. this is seriously, seriously dangerous. the mccloskeys did not wake up with the decision that they were going to go out there and hunt people down. they protected their property. it was a private street, a gate was broken into. we've been watching for weeks,
5:11 am
probably over a month now of, you know, businesses being burned down and people being attacked on the streets and windows being broken and all sorts of stuff, they did what is their god-giving right which is protected by the second amendment in the united states to protect their property, they did not harass anybody, they didn't, they certainly didn't shoot anybody and the idea that they could possibly be indicted, i mean, that's a far bigger indictment of the criminal justice system than it is of the mc closkey, this is a chilling story that everybody needs to pay attention to. if you can't protect your own property and your family in a time when we are being told that they are doing to defund the police, then we have a major, major problem on our hands. emily: dave, you brought up the second amendment, what are the implications for our rights to bear arms as things like this develops and especially if it's true that there's an indictment around the corner?
5:12 am
>> yeah, look, we have been hearing more stats that more guns have been bought in the last couple of months over american history over several decades. i'm actually a first-time gun owner now. just in the last month. i think people are realizing that police are doing the best they can. i think most americans probably 90 plus percent of americans believe that 90-plus percent of police officers are doing a tough job and doing a great job most of the time, but because there's this radical left marxist movement, i mean, that is what it is. is what it is. look on the black lives matter website, that's what it says it is. when they say defund the police, they mean defund the police and if we don't have the police to protect us you have to protect yourself. if you had police to protect you, you still have the right to protect yourself. i think more people are realizing that your security is on you and in a bizarre sense
5:13 am
that is actually good, that's actually returning to the constitution. the mccoskeys were not trying to hurt anyone. these are people like watching "fox & friends", if a mob storms of property being looted, you would want to protect yourself and family too. they didn't wake up that morning with the decision, we are going to go out there and harass people. this is their own property. brian: great point. the president of goya foods, family-run business came out and appeared with the president, said nice things about hit and probusiness attitude and policies, and because of that there was this huge global goya pushback boycott and it's turned into, i guess, flipped around, buycott and now politics with beans. here is mike opelca on how this
5:14 am
all got started. >> what's going on here is the offended are trying to make sure that only their voice is heard and if you don't agree with them, they want you shut down, so he's a brave man. i support this ceo. it looks like love is winning and that's really what this is about, taking a negative and turning into a positive that works for the employees of goya and the people who need food right now. so we are trying to fight anger with love. brian: dave, how did we be here? >> dave: people who have been paying attention to college campuses and defunding professors and not letting certain speakers come campus, this has been going on for quite some time but i think it is time that average people decide to cancel canceled culture.
5:15 am
this is a beautiful thing. this is what the market and capitalism are all about. this is a beautiful american story because as people are going into just try take out goya, other people are saying, no, we are going to actually support them and i hope they come out stronger and it doesn't matter. the strange thing that everything has become politicized, it doesn't matter whether you buy beans from a company that the ceo happens to support the president or doesn't, most people don't want every facet of our lives to be politicized is when you turn on espn is all politics and you turn on cartoon network is all politics and people are taking more responsibility and certainly linked to the previous story. people are taking personal responsibility to protect themselves and people are taking personal responsibility saying i see someone brave, so i want to support them, so cancel cancel culture. people have had it and if you don't cancel it, by the way, it
5:16 am
will come for you. your silent is -- >> steve: dave rubin, thank you very much for joining us from la on this tuesday morning. >> my pleasure, guys. steve: he mentioned frogs, somebody who wrote a couple of books with freddie the frog, janice dean. janice: i like the segue. large hail damaging winds and tornadoes. i wrote a book about tornadoes, freddie the weather caster and with the humanity it's going feel oppressive, so really dangerous, just take all the precaution that is you need.
5:17 am
there's your forecast today, much of the country very warm and summer-like here in new york city we are getting close to 90-degrees. enjoy it. beach day, emily, brian, steve, back to you. brian: appreciate it. maybe a beach day. fully protected. meanwhile 13 minutes before the top of the hour, one group that is been donating wedding dresses to our first military and first responders and adding health care to their mission and you meet the founder and heros. first, permission with granted by the producers, i would like to check in with sandra smith to personally learn what she has cued up for her show. sandra: suspect who shot two police officers overnight, a situation that we have been watching, killing one of them is now in custody. we will have a live update on the story come can go up. plus president trump slamming calls to defund the police at the white house yesterday saying it is time to defund -- defend
5:18 am
the police, not defund them. several states and cities now looking to lock back down as 39 states report increase in coronavirus cases, florida senator marco rubio will join us in moments on that and what is happening in his state. donna brazile, dr. nicole saphier, matt schlapp, charles payne, all-star panel live when america news room begins from prom dresses... soccer practices...
5:19 am
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steve: brides across america is a nonprofit organization that gifts wedding gowns to members of the military and first responders but now they are also giving who battled coronavirus, heidi johnson decide today include them in their organization's mission and she joins us. heidi joins us along with registered nurse and bride to be in about a year nicole harris who received a free wedding dress for her next year nuptials , good morning to both of you. >> good morning. steve: heidi, we have spoken before, initially it was military spouses and after boston bombers you decided to
5:23 am
include first responders, why did you decide to include healthcare heros? >> they are on the front lines and they deserve all the support we can give them. they are missing their families and working around the clock so we just felt it tied into our mission and our way to give back and really pay tribute to those heros because they really are, they are saving so many lives and during the pandemic, we just wanted to -- to give back as well. steve: you we wanted to give to people like nicole. nicole you heard of the program from your mom. since then you have been working covid, you haven't had a chance to think about this. how much does this donation mean to you? >> it means a lot, just the organization itself is truly amazing, and they were able to give me a dress and it's a
5:24 am
gorgeous dress and i'm super excited to wear it and feels nice to be appreciated and thanking us for what we do every day. steve: so many people know that this is a big problem with the pandemic but sometimes we forget about the people who get up every day and put on the mask and go to work in the hospitals. heidi, a nice thing that you are doing to provide folks like nicole who don't have a lot of time right now and don't have a lot of money with a free wedding dress. >> exactly, i mean, this is a big effort to include them and we started off on some live virtual events before we could, you know, get back to work but we are in full force this summer, so we have partners throughout the country doing the give away. steve: all right, nicole, tell us about your fiancee and when are you getting married? >> we are getting married next
5:25 am
august so hopefully we will be okay and won't have to wear masks, we are hoping. steve: all right. we are looking at the picture of the day he popped the question. congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. he's great, super excited to get married and have a future. steve: indeed, heidi, in addition to you giving away gowns to over 25,000 people through the years, if people would like to either donate money so you can buy dresses and donate them or to gift a gown that has only been worn once, what's your website? >> yeah, and there should be a donation tab right there and we will be happy to have everybody help our mission. steve: absolutely. the doozy family has helped glow the past. good luck to you, leidi janson.
5:26 am
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and they're actually pulling out the minerals from the enamel. i like to recommend pronamel to my patients. pronamel will help push the minerals
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5:30 am
after shootings surge in major cities across the country. good morning everyone, i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts in washington, good to see you this tuesday morning. with the growing violence as a backdrop president trump is pushing back against calls to defund the police and is accusing democrats of taking part in an anti-cop crusader. at a roundtable yesterday president trump threatening federal intervention calling out democratic roman cities like chicago with the president saying it's more violent than
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