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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 14, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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have to rely on having fancy allstate won't raise your rates credentials or anything like just because of an accident. that and you're ready for that, cut! is that good? no you were talking about allstate and... i just... when i... if you're ready for the job market now, definitely check out accident forgiveness from allstate. click or call for a quote today. crash .co. if you're not, i would encourage that's a nice shot in you to look into boot camp super new york city. interested in coding, there's a to washington next. host of coating boot camps, praxis is a boot camp for ♪ noncoders and again, right now crash is offering if you're going to drop out of college, they'll pay you a thousand >> good evening dollars and it's really rigorous brian kilmeade. training in the skills in demand as you probably figured out i'll be filling in for tucker. in fast-growing companies i tod, in a few minutes till be joining us here on his very own show. so that's not -- those are just a couple of places to start, but you can add at least three new there's even more opportunity names of the roster recently than has ever been to learn other social justice mob. relevant skills and i'm telling you, none of that opportunity is this afternoon, and o'sullivan, in college classrooms right now. a writer in new york sullivan -- >> we are all unlearning the long-time critic of the cancer culture announced that he was g.i. bill 75 years later. leaving his job. great to see you tonight, last night, san francisco's thank you so much. >> think for having me. museum of modern art canceled one of his top curators after he suggested that the museum might >> brian: the zoom college is continue to feature works by making everyone consider that white artists. old onto somebody. too. meanwhile, straight ahead,
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"new york times" opinion writer joe biden's handlers finally let him out of his own basement, so how did it go? barry white left the paper after three years onn the job. how's he doing? today he took a cue from aoc and take note that one of these says we only have nine years to save the planet and i'm talking people -- none of these people are partisan subjects at all. about our favorite planet, ear they joy dominic joined a list earth. ♪ of toppled statues. save hundreds on your wireless bill you can be sure that more people lose their jobs, maybe by tomorrow. it's the moment we live in, but today, some of the people who were canceled are starting to fighteo back. consider the case of bari weiss. accuses the times of being controlled by the mob. "twitter is not on the masthead of "the new york times" but twitter has become its ultimate editor" an obvious reference to the left-wing agitators who dominic the website. she continued. a new consensus has emerged in the press but perhaps especially at this paper, the truth is in a process of collecting discovery but in oxo and orthodoxy be already known to an enlightened few whose job it is to inform everybodyli else. that's from her. the letter goes on.
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she explained that intellectual curiosity and risk-taking have become liabilities at "the new york times" which is why the paper refuses to run stories the challenge the emerging woke orthodoxy. freethinkers to the extent they exist at the paper at too afraid to their opinions. they remain quiet, afraid of the backlash and bullying that an independent thought might voice isn't some sort of trump-loving conservative with controversial views. she's an urban moderate who openly sobbed at her desk when trump was elected. yes. a run-of-the-mill columnist and normal times. as she says, herself, showing up for work as a centrist at an american newspaper should not require bravery. that's how she's been described. again it does. so what exactly did bari weiss do to provoke the anger of her college of "the new york times." the one thing she did is
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criticize cancel culture, for example. >> i think that one thing that's overlooked when we look about -- talk about cancel culture and thetu social ostracism and the actual firings that can happen when you break with one another up, the people who are inoculated from it are people that are already extremely successful and can take the risk. it's why ricky can be ricky, why j.k. rowling can tweet which he tweeted a few months ago and survive it, because they've already accumulated enough capital. the people that i hear from are completely screwed by it are people like artists and poets and untenured professors who aren't famous and no one knows about and having to go with the begging bowl unpatriotic or venlo or whatever. to get support after they've made a bad joke or whatever it is. >> didn't get her views, just got her analysis but we are all going g through. in the end, it proved neither important enough nor successful enough to overcome that.
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donald trump and the presidency. they're just out of touch with that. >> it wasn't evident at the time but she was one of the first to illustrate the power of the mobt and the control that shadow editors at twitter have over "the new york times." i don't get why. author of "panic attack" it has been covering the mob for years, robbie joins us now. how significant is this? the letter and the move by her, by bari weiss? >> i think it's very significant. it's been a crazy couple of weeks. the drama at a number of newsrooms including and especially "the new york times," remember this is coming shortly after they got rid of their opinion editor james bennett, who was also someone interested in cultivating or engaging ideas outside the progressive liberal bubble that has so consumed "the new york times."
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what's happening is the most significant people associated with that effort to broaden the perspective -- again, not just what "the new york times" thinks, but just to consider what other people in the country ♪ might think, those people are being routed out or they just >> brian: all right, joe biden can't work there because it's emerged from his basement and such a major role for climate. kind of hit the campaign trail in his hometown a few minutes away from his house. what some -- subjecting them to his afternoon he made a it very clear that you should probably keep him away from their children.k harassment and bullying and >> to get our people to work ano our kids at school safely, to get our kids to markets with the name-calling that just made it a toxic environment for anyone who coming to power clean energy disagrees with them. revolution in this country, we need to modernize america's >> it's interesting, it's not a good business decision. infrastructure. not a good business decisions or tell a group of people who might >> brian: rates. a little confused by the crawl think a different way not to buy ifyour newspaper. as well as the statement. well, he better get the kids to i'm not talking about the opinion section. you can see their opinion in the market soon because the planet way they cover stories. does not have much time. andrew sullivan writes today, >> science tells us we have nine who quit also, the underlying reasons are self-evident why her years before the damage is quit. he looks back at her situation, she's a friend of his, the mob irreversible. bullied and harassed a young >> brian: okay, in a spirit of woman for thought crimes and her that, biden embraced a
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editor stood by and watched. $2 trillion green new deal proposal. but we can all agree that the where's the woke culture there? plan will radically expand biden's power over all of us and >> that's what's so amazing, because again, it's really a small numberzi of people who hae everyone agrees that it will help flight global warming. that extremely far left michael shellenberger is the viewpoint. present of environment of even within selling authorst "the new york times," it's of apocalypse never. probably not most of the people who work there, so you're alienating such a large section helped write the new green deal. of people, you would think the what do you think -- what do you bosses, the editors, the top say tonk joe biden's proposal fm what we know, adding to the guys, would want to say no, this 2 trillion over four years who is the wrong way for us to go, have all clean energy? but instead they are afraid that he wants 100% clean electricity they'll be accused of being racist or sexist or whatever it standards by 2035. is unless they let the mob kind >> the problem is that we arty know the effects of these of get away with whatever they policies. i hope want and let them shout down and 2000s. chase out people who dissent and we spent over $250 billion on i mean, this is a terrible consequence for renewables and everywhere there "the new york times," a terrible deployed at scale, electricity prices go up. consequence for just being able to have, you know, discussions in fact, former obama about differentbl ideas.t administration economist in a major study from the university again, she's not a trump supporter, she's not a of chicago finding that all the states that did renewable conservative. mandates, electricity prices rose. in my home state of california, she has views that probably many people in america which are, many people in america share trump and conservative views electricity prices rose six times more than the national average, soor you're actually
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too. there's no way they'll be able to air those in paying twice, we are paying for "the new york times" if barry is for subsidies, which increase the deficit and we are also white tell mike to mike bari paying a higher electricity weiss can't share witchyor thin. prices. and then the second big concern of course is that because >> you told our producers the renewables are so inefficient, author of the 1619 project, she's more with the editors of industrial wind farms and industrial solar farms require "the new york times" wantt or about 400 times more land than a national gas or nuclear plant. twitter, who are the editors of "the new york times" want. why. the impacts on wildlife or >> it certainly the case, jones is gaining prominence as voices numbers. killing condors, bald eagles and like barry weiss are being kind now they want to string a mission line of nebraska which of quieted. jones is the author of this would potentially kill (, one of pulitzer prize winning effort, it's an esteemed effort, to our most beloved native speciess recast the findings of america >> brian: this is something that we heard elizabeth warren as about the declaration of independence ashe fundamentally talk about, this has never been about enshrining what's a part of joe biden's agenda. since when? pharmacy. she's been criticized for this view by a number of historians, >> that's probably fair. mainstream historians, and she's i think the obvious thing if you cared about nuclear power, if kind of really shrugged off the criticism or in kind of attacked you cared about climate change you would do nuclear power. people who criticized her but the only country that is she was the one who was on tv, i significantly reducing the think she went on cnn talking admissions branch. about what's going on at the 75% nuclear, spends about half
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times, she speaks for the woke as much for electricity as left in her view is that it should fall in line with what germany which is phasing out nuclear and scaling up she thinks, not be a space for renewable. look, just think that the radical left has taken a big views that disagree. that's my reading of the things part of the democratic party. one of the things that i was she says about what she wants really surprised to discover in "the new york times" tot be. researching apocalypse never isg that really it's just about a >> brian: the san francisco curator that was fired dozen people that were major because -- donors to president obama who >> of god. benefited the most from really >> brian: you know this guy about 90 billion in subsidies, had the audacity to do, this taxpayer subsidies, so my concern here is not just that gary? he says we should continue to it's bad for consumers, bad for take work from white people too. workers, you increase energy crisis and as i was rest that really? no kidding, that's a problem? more jobs will go to china, >> i wrote about this today. unemployment but it also just it's totally insane. they said that him saying that ends up rewarding the insiders, was an example of whites of the people that have special access to the president. pharmacy. can you imagine -- first of all >> brian: 30 seconds, what will happen if we rejoin the accusing art curator and sanford sisco of being a what's a paris climateat deal? premises? >> look, i think there's always been this effort by this was a perfectly benign statement, 90% of people -- so united nations officials and some scientists to want to try to control energy and food production around the world. those decisions are really best again, we are not talking about made by countries on theire own. a large movement, where talking
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but a small number of very look, you know, most carbon angry, kind of crazy people aren emissions in rich countries have getting their way because people gone down. our carbon emissions have gone down over the last 15 years. let them and yet, resigned y without so much of a fight, ts in apocalypse never a talk about how that's actually due to the was a petition to get rid of fracking natural gas revolution, which most environmentalists him. people with so many mundane oppose. so the two technologies that have done the most to address views are being canceled before our eyes. >> brian: always great to talk climate change and reducing the with you, thanks for picking up impact on the natural environment, fracking and the show. nuclear power are actually >> thank you. >> brian: let's kind of stay opposed by candidate biden's in the same genre. no place is guilty of except of coalition. that's what concerns me. >> brian: yeah. self-righteousness in hollywood. interesting. when we actually have hollywood, it's always great to be in but even some celebrity's are agreement with russia and chinat they always live up to their tired of never ending moral obligations. preening. michael, thanks so much, i comedian just referenced before, appreciate your expertise, it's a great book. ricky, at the golden globes in january. meanwhile, we forge ahead. >> if you do win and award nearly four years after her humiliating election defeat, tonight, don't use it as a eloquent and is still refusing platform to make a political to go away. speech. all right? you're in no positionla to lecte the public about anything. in an ironic twist, now she fears that if trump loses, he you know nothing about the real won't go away either. world. come up, except your little that story, next. award, thank your agent and your god and [bleep]. ♪
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>> brian: still funny. a few days -- to everybody except the people in the audience. a few days ago gervais double down in support offe free speech without the laughter. spigots this new weird sort of y know -- it's ae's this new trenh that people who want free speech, wanted to say awful things all the time. it just isn't true. it protects everyone. >> brian: he's so good and so successful he is impervious to the mob. but he's not alone in hisne thoughts. from director oliver stone told "the new york times" magazine yesterday, "everything's becomes a fragile, tooom sensitive. hollywood now, you can't make a film without a covid advisor, you can't make a film without a sensitivity advisor. it's ridiculous." will any of that make a difference, he asks. in hollywood a long time i took out some of your credits, dean.r you have 177 movies.
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you produced -- he produced 16, you've written on four, directed at least two. the last time i tally. you've seen a lot of movie sets, a lot of tv sets. have things changed? >> well, you know, we haven't gone back to work yet, but things havee been changing. looking at the films that have been made in the past that could be made today, even being gone with the wind -- you look at someone like blazing saddles, which i thought was hysterical, you could never make that movie today. as far as onset, i'm going to find myself agreeing with oliver stone completely. having a covid advisor, having all of these sensitivity advisors, it's all regulation that regulation is job-killing. it stops people from being able to make films. the small filmmakers can affordl all these different advice, all these different people so they won't be making as many movies and it really is a job-killing thing and that's what president trump doesn't get enough credit, the amount of deregulation he has done withon our economy has been unbelievable, but that's not going to happen in hollywood
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right now. hopefully there will be a backla to work. >> brian: what's so amazing is where talking about a liberal industry that was very critical of the rest of the world, high-end by the end aloof and now that world has come back to bite them. almost like the #metoo m movement that took out al franken. oops. >> there's no the left -- this will cancel c culture thing is a cancer. it's awful, it's terrible. i'm 100% behind what rickyd gervais says, free speech needs to be protected in the speech you don't like needs to be protected. i'm open to everyone's point of view and i think everyone should be.tu twitter being the cancel culture and got trying to get everybody fired, i've been the subject of numerous attacks over my beliefs or my support foror president trump or just literally anything. f i've got this gaming chair i sit in. the most ridiculous stuff. so i'm glad to see that big letter came out last week, with
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j.k. rowling and everybody else, i'm glad o w to see bari weiss o her thing, andrew sullivan resigned. i'm hoping there's going to be some sort of real come back to reality in this ridiculous cancel culture is going to end. >> brian: adjust my final wrap up for you, we have no time for you to comment, but when things got -- people started thinking that you were too conservative to book, you wrote your own movies, produced her own movies, did your own thing, that's why you cannot be stopped, you are a farce. top of the resume is fox & friends host. i hope that still stays on their at the top of the ledger. good job, talk to you soon. >> thanks, brian, cheers. >> brian: let's be honest, we didn't even inconvenience them, all they did was put his knee on his desk and clicked on skype. the coronavirus outbreak appears to be getting worse and farther although these mayin be issues with how state laboratories are reporting new cases. did you hear about this? wf l -- wofl's robert gutierrez has the story in our orlando
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affiliates. robert, what did you discover about how they're counting the coronavirus tests? >> there seems to be confusion on so many levels here with the coronavirus numbers. we were tipped off that the numbers didn't quite look right on the state daily case report and looking at the breakdown of test labs, i quickly noticed astronomical positivity rates. mind you, florida's covid-19 positivity rate currently at just under 11%, but dozens of labs reported as having 100% positivity. some only reporting positive cases, the negative column absolutely blank, so i ask myself how could 100% of people getting tested atf these locations be testing positive? i reached out to several of our major hospitals in the area, or mental health in the orlando va confirming errors in their numbers in that report. after several requests or comments, today the department of health confirming that some
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small private labs have failed >> brian: failed presidential to report negative results, some reporting zero negative results. so the department says it is candidate hillary clinton says otrump will refuse to leave working to obtain those results office if he loses the election in november. and update the statewide report to fix those inaccuracies, but >> i think it's a fair point to raise as to whether or not if he these labs are required by the state to report all test loses he's going to go quietly results, positive and negative. or not. a spokesperson -- here'siv and we have to be ready for th something else that kind of adds to the confusion, spokesperson for lee memorial hospital, out that. >> brian: one person who of theco fort myers area, tellst that they believe there was a refused to go away after losing a provincial election is of problem with the state's data course hillary clinton. gathering system because it is tammy bruce is host of "get their knowledge, their tammy host oak understanding with the negative results from their hospital were submitted to the states, so on the great fox nation fair why brian, more question to be is she saying this? >> she obviously is projecting answered, so many floridians. where she is accusing her opponent of doing what she is >> brian: your death toll was doing. she is the only person may be other than stacy abrams who for so low, thankfully. s when someone says 98% positive, i meant 9.4%. years now refuse to accept the results of 2016. i want every fox affiliate at least to do exactly what you did and she's showing that. at the same time, she should be
9:17 pm
and pour over these numbers and make people back themm up. robert, i'm going to get your asked --dy nobody asked why she name right now unlike all isn't fighting for her second introduced to. how did i do? term. she shouldd be running! >> there you go. >> brian: close? obviously trump is running for his second term. all right, thanks a lot, talk to you soon. she really believes that she won the presidency. meanwhile, major news out of she should be fighting for her washington worshiping court second term, but she's not doing justice ruth bader ginsburg is that at all. in the hospital. new information is coming in to the only other explanation is us, the story is developmen dev, thatex she broke into the chardonnay cabinet and keeps thinking that it's 2016. don't move. ♪ bottom line is, it's hard to say. also all the stuff with mail in ballots,in the problems that a democrat ally group have been making in cities, various riots and problems, it is they may be anticipating creating a dynamic with a voting system that is so corrupt and so chaotic that maybe they are hoping that we wouldn't really know who the winner would be if it was close. and they are preparing people for that kind of chaos. this is what the clintons would do. they know they are not going toe win the white house because of who the nominee is but alsohe because of the success of the president and we are watching
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something fascinating unfold. the only show she hasn't done yet, brian, is "dancing with the stars" and she might want to think about moving in that direction at this point because she'll lose that too. >> brian: joe biden said the same thing, afraid he's not going to leave. republicans would be insane to allow this mail in ballot for the masses. lastly, christopher steele in a court case and asked about the dossier and what went into it. one of the things he said that i found fascinating, that he was under that hillary clinton both knew that they were invest getting the trump campaign. >> yeah. this is important. we don't have the durum report yet about the entire nature of what was happening and the trump campaign being targeted so people are going to be inevitably indicted at some point. and somebody might want to, you know, give up the, you know, the -- the -- the nature of what this was. but they knew to ask him about
9:19 pm
this and this obscure trial in england brought by a few russians who were accused by him as well and they had fbi notes where steele told the fbi were glenn simpson of fusion gps told him that he remember being told by simpson himself that hillary new and was involved and that's when they asked about that, they got him on the record on this new legal case. of course, of course -- listen, this is a woman with control issues. you see her, she still can't let go of what happened in '16. of course she was going to be at least involved or knowing a bit, no one was going to go off and do some like that onno their own without her knowing about it. she has controlled that infrastructure and when it collapses when obviously when she lost whenen everything stard to become exposed. this should be interesting. we are not at the end of this. americans deserve justice and
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hopefully at a point coming up soon we might start seeing that happen for us. >> yeah. i just think that she's staying in just in case a fragile joe biden cannot finish this run in a very odd year, one of the oddest election cycles in the t history of this country. tammy bruce, great to see you. i'll see you soon. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: meanwhile, that's aboutig a it for us tonight. don't forget to tune into the "brian kilmeade radio show." i know you like it. that's every single day, monday through friday peered also "fox & friends" 6:00-9:00. i will be wearing a different outfit. watch the show or you can also moms love that land o' frost premium sliced meats dvr the show. you know what the show's slogan have no by-products. is, the sworn enemy of lying, [conference phone] baloney! [conference phone] has joined the call. hey baloney here. pomposity, groupthink. i appreciate you watching. i thought this was a no by-products call? now it's time to go over to my land o' frost premium. a slice above. good friend, possibly my only real friend. he has got great hair, he's been
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ready to go -- >> sean: here we go. >> brian: since 6:00 in the morning. the great sean hannity. i'm giving you 11 seconds. >> sean: that's because you are a radio guy. you know when to hit that post, don't miss it. confident 6:00 a.m. tomorrow -- trust me, you are going to hear about it tomorrow night. ait seems like three hours of radio, three hours of "fox & friends," it's like the kilmade network. >> brian: sean,ur let me take your show. speed to listen, in a few years, it's all yours. he used to worry about how to fix who knows, i might run for the world's oral health problems. president there that'll scare people. >> brian: everyone else is. - i think i've got it. - [narrator] then he invented therabreath formulas. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." - you want fresh breath? a lot of news. i'll give you a fresh breath. big new promising developments from america's search for a - [narrator] for fresh breath, healthy gums, coronavirus vaccine. dry mouth, and healthy smiles. just had a talk with a very - whoa, that's fresh. prominent medical doctor who is more than optimistic. - [narrator] now, the world's mouths have never been healthier. (sighs contentedly) - works for 24 hours, i guarantee it.
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therabreath, it's a better mouthwash. - [narrator] available at walmart, target and other fine stores. ♪ >> brian: fox news alert, ruth bader ginsburg has been admitted to johns hopkins hospital in baltimore for treatment for possible infection is what they're telling us. initially treated at a hospital in washington last night, experiencing fever and chills, doctors expect 87-year-old justice to remain a hospital for for at least a fewew days. we will keep you posted on her condition, the president was asked about it and wishes are the best. meanwhile, urban unrest is tearing our nation's cities apart. violent mayhem for six straight weeks at tremendous costs of the city. over the weekend a federal officer was beaten with a hammer outside the courthouse. here's the video. [inaudible]
9:23 pm
>> brian: jason rantz has been all over the story, broke it in seattle. very successful talk show host on the region. this is as bad as it gets in america. it's already cost the local businesses about $23 million in looting and writing. wi mean, this is organized, ist it? >> it's 100% organized. if you have people who are either loosely or very closely connected with local nt for, whether they're talking about these loose organizations as individuals or just share their dangerous ideology, or there literally communicating on twitterda or facebook and these different apps trying to get people to show up and the reason why they keep showing up, the reason why you had six weeks straight of this kind of violence is because every single day in portland and across this
9:24 pm
country, cops are being demonized and polymerized, the bad behavior -- fear they might upset the democratic base that they rely on to keep them in power, or the part of the people cheering this kind of stuff on and encouraging it. so when you have this kind of message coming out, of course people are going to feel more justified to put up this kind of violent acts, whether it'sle portland, seattle, new york or d.c. >> brian: in this mayor gave a little and is paying the price. been humiliated didn't waste any time blaming the president, said he made things worse by bringing federal troops in. really? >> it's always president trump's fault. it deftly has nothing to do with the feckless meek leadership of ted wheeler inte portland. it is so ridiculous. if you have people who still want to pretend that the police are the problem. what's going on in portland has nothing to do with george floyd. everything right now that's happening in portland has to do with the anarchists, has to do
9:25 pm
with a greater socialist ideology. i mean, we're having a nationwidede conversation about defundinger the police when we should be defending the police. the federal agents, the portland pd, cops all across this country are facing a war on them that it's getting out of control. >> brian: the fbi needs to be called in. we got to take apart the pacific northwest liberation front, a division we of antifa, another despicable organization. thanks for covering this. one day i wish we can talk about this in past tense but it's still on to make her thanks. good fortune, thank you. >> brian: after the death of george floyd, rioters there but burned down a police precinct and looted many businesses. [inaudible]
9:26 pm
>> this is literally the craziest stuff i've ever seen right now. [inaudible] >> brian: you believe the governor of that state wants us, the taxpayers, to pay for that anarchy? amid the unrest, residents in the minneapolis powderhorn park neighborhood decided to so-called check that privilege by collectively agreeing never to call the police again. one man told "the new york times" that he regretted calling 911 after he was robbed at gunpoint. so how did that turn out? >> powderhorn park has become a city of sorts. what started out as 20-30 tense we are told is now at 560 tense and about 700 people.
9:27 pm
the encampment does offer plenty of free food. we are told those laundry service, there's restrooms andth showers. it even has its own security of sorts. we were told we need to permission to be on the sidewalk around the park. neighbors who live near the paro said they are no longer welcome or feel safe to use the park. >> brian: the sprawling homeless encampment is now associated with three separate sexual assaults and you know there's many more. since the time first reported on neighborhood decision to not call the police anymore. naturally many locals now want to leave. one resident told the local paper that people are fleeing the neighborhood because no one is "protecting their rights to a safe neighborhood." no kidding. scott johnson has been reporting on the powderhorn park for power line, joins us now from minneapolis. this is the most protectable problem in history of america. how do you get out of this? >> well, that's a difficult question, but i think you've done the right thing in identifying where the trouble comes from, in minnesota it
9:28 pm
comes right from the top, governor walz. one of the 78 executive orders that he's promulgated in the era of one-man rule following the covid-19 epidemic prohibited law enforcement from removing homeless people from parks in the powderhorn park is 1 of 38 with homeless -- in the city of minneapolis with homeless encampments yet it's grown in the way that you said to include 560 tense.ig tomorrow night the parks board's meeting to try to bring the number down from 38 parks with homeless encampments in them to 20 parks with homeless encampments in them. in minneapolis that would be progress, but it's really pathetic and despite the sanitation that you referred to in the introduction --nt you kn, i took a drive around there this afternoon, it's disgusting. no surprise there either. so i think it would be progress
9:29 pm
if they reduce the number of homeless -- of parks with homeless encampment's 220, of tense to 25er and start enforcing the law in finding alternative facilities to these people who prefer to be in the parks rather than in facilities where they came from. spoon scott johnson, thanks so much, we are about to lose your feed but i have about 20,000 more questions to ask you, but what we learn from this? appreciate you working for power line and for us. when you give a little, you get nothing but abuse. it happened in minneapolis, it happened in seattle, it happened in portland and it's never stopped in minneapolis too. i'm enough straight ahead, tucker is making an appearance right here on his own show, can you believe it? you don't want to miss his interview on how you i can get a great education without attending a university. that story, next. ♪
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>> brian: got some good news, tucker is back. to take a look at whether college is really worth it. >> is if you needed more proof that higher education is the most sophisticated and most predatory racket underway in this country right now, there's this, harvard just announced its classes will be entirely online this fall, but the school isn't taking a single dime off its tuition. if that is still $50,000 year. of course it's by design, that tuition is not paying for a better education, it's paying for bloated administrator salaries and an army of pointless bureaucrats. in fact, not just pointless, some of them poisonous. right now for example the university of california system has 280,000 students enrolled. at the same time it has 227,000 employees. do the math on that. isaac has, the ceo of crash .co, a company that helps people without degrees get good paying jobs.
9:36 pm
alsoso funded an organization is now pinkfo it's a thousand dolls to drop out of college and enter apprenticeships instead. wepr are happy to have you on always. so it seems that this is a moment for you because a lot of people, correct me if i'm wrong, are starting to realize that college is aro scam. >> it's a huge moment. college has basically been scamming young people for a long time. and it's been able to get away with it because there were heavilyy subsidized tax dollars, protected from competition or essentially monopolies there's been a religious superstition that you have to get that degree, you've got to get that bullet point on your resume and i think more and more people see that that's not true. i mean, what you just said, if you're paying $50,000 to go to classes on zoom, the argument that you're getting some intangible benefit, that's like the only intangibles are the pensions for the admin's raiders, that's what that's funding. more people are awake to this, which i think is a great thing. it's been a huge opportunity for
9:37 pm
people to see what really matters on the job market. >> so it's -- this isn't just a conversation about the ethics of whether or not to go to college because io think there are big ethical applications and up at the money doesn't even make sense. msn idea, because most parents are afraid not to send their kids to college. give us an idea what your options are if you don't want to send your kids, what their options are. >> yeah, it's amazing how few people think about what it is they actually need to win a job. and i'll tell you right now, that, hey, look, i bought a degree and it listed on my resume, you can burn your resume. i'm telling you, that's not how you get a job anymore. you have to gain some real skills and then pitch companies on the value you can create for them. that's kind of what we help people do it crash, to create you know something that showcases their skills in a tangible way instead of just saying here, this institution said that i'm okay, you know, i passed, so if you can get those skills, i'm telling you right
9:38 pm
now, you can do this in months or a year or two, a lot of programs like praxis, you don'to even pay tuition unless you get a job, so there's direct account ability and a lot of good camps out there. you can go and you can apprentice or intern and get the experience first before you sink a bunch of money, that you're never going to get back. college isn't going to give you a refund if you don't get hired, they're going to be laughing all the way to the bank with that money. so there's a lot of opportunity out there to discover the kind of thing they are interested in and then build things around those, actually do something tangible instead of just, you know, following the rules and saying hey i got this credential. >> so there's not a correlation between getting some credential in your effectiveness. really quickly, how does a parent or a child thinking about what to do next get involved with crash? >> so crash is really designed for if you are on the job market now. if that can be an internship, it can be a f
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