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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 16, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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and always down for adventure. rob: we have another blanche as well. janis is another blanche. carley: shoutout to producer who wrote that list. i have more notes on the golden girls than i do on election day. jillian: we have got to go. thanks for voting. bye. ♪ all the things that i want to hear ♪ it's true ♪ that's what i like about you. brian: when we talk about what we like with you we are talking about our entire audience individually and collectively. welcome to this beautiful studio. jedediah is in for ainsley. steve doocy will be playing themself for the next three hours. steve, there is so much breaking news that happened even when we slept for our three hours last night. steve: for our three hours. you were working late again last night. good job on the tucker show. jed, good morning to you. it is the 16th day of july and, yet, it seems as if it's
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groundhog day. every day we get up and there is more of this kind of stuff that we are about to show folks. brian: a few themes running throughout the show this one captured our attention yesterday afternoon. fox news alert. the nypd searching for the man seen here attacking cops at the brooklyn bridge about 12:30 in the afternoon. the protester club be cops with a cane while reaching over a railing. >> police releasing this video overnight of the suspect seen wearing a purple shirt and a red ban tanna. the new york reporting anti-cop activists received shipment of bats ahead of the attack. even new york's top uniform cop chief monahan injured left bloodied with a broken finger. hun hand is the one in the white shirt. there you can see along with many other fellow officers, i believe, in all, four cops were hurt. in other clashes, breaking out across the city, what was supposed to be a peaceful
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pro-cop and religious march on the brooklyn bridge that we have been telling you about turned into chaos. >> you will be arrest and taken for disorderly conduct if you do not cooperate prisoner transport video or if you resist arrest you may be charged with additional crime. steve: all right. i read this morning 37 people have been arrested and four cops were hurt. and on the cover of the "new york post" this morning, blue blood, i believe that is a police lieutenant. can you see the bloodstreaming down his face. this was, brian and jed, this was supposed to be a unity rally. convened and organized by the sergeant's benevolent association. it was going to be comiewrnght leaders and clergy who were sick and tired of the gun violence and what happens? violence breaks out. terrence monahan is the guy in
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the white shirt that you can see in the lower right-hand portion of your screen. at one point he does engage one of the anti-cop protesters. can you see somebody whacking people. monahan woke one a broken finger. brian. >> okay. this was scheduled and it also was an opportunity to maybe tip off -- you have an opportunity to beat on cops. and the black lives matter group was able to get up there, confront these cops and actually whack them with weapons. someone said they are bats. they look like sticks. and they feel as though impervious to arrests. you had arrests yesterday. video make additional arrests. goes to show you the chaos in the city at the same time the mayor meeting with black lives matter leaders talking about how they are going to start cracking down on crime. but there is no presence of any police officers in the press conference but talking about how they are going to work together and how this is a great victory
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for black lives matter. now, if they did not take part in the violence there, let's hear about it. if someone is beating on cops in their name, let's find out from their perspective. but, things like that, galvanize people against a movement not for a movement, i believe. in fact, here is -- go ahead, jedediah, i'm sorry. jedediah: yeah, no, i was just going to say there is a sense among criminals right now and people that want to inflict this kind of behavior on police that they're going to get away with it. there is a sense that there won't be consequences for them. they have this room to breathe, so to speak. that if they exhibit this behavior they will be either glorified by some in media who will justify their behavior or they won't face proper consequences. until you have some sort of political leadership in a place like the city of new york saying this will not be tolerated you will face actionable consequences if you exhibit this behavior and until the police feel supported in both numbers and funding, this type of
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behavior is not going to change. that is why we have some news today that the president of the national association of police has come out with an endorsement. take a listen to what he had to say on the 2020 election. >> as a result of the outcome of today's endorsement process, we proudly endorse president trump. president trump addressed our board on monday. the same opportunity was given to vice president biden. and as to why the actual participation did not occur, i would defer you to the vice president and/or the leadership of his campaign. jedediah: joe biden didn't even bother to participate. so you now have organizations like this, that represent a lot of police officers that are going to come forward and say we need to side with someone. we need to endorse someone who
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we feel has our officers' back. they get up every day and put on their uniform and put their lives on the line for someone else. they are not going to do that if they don't feel like there is a northwestern authority that has their back. they endorsed november 2008 and 2012. this is a big step for them. they didn't endorse anyone in 2016. they're looking around the country and what is happening and saying we cannot continue to send our officers into harm's way. if you don't have some sort of political leadership that has their back and they view that to be president trump. steve: absolutely. this is very powerful because not only does this particular organization represents 1,000 law enforcement unions across the country and has over a quarter of a million members. also, keep in mind, this is a huge, you know, slap in the face to joe biden. for joe biden who considers himself a union guy. and for the police unions to -- which hit him as you just pointed out, jed, had endorsed
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obama-biden twice. now they are coming out and with a huge endorsement for donald trump that's really something. other police unions say they felt abandoned by joe who refused to condemn the attacks on the police after the police involved killing of george floyd. meanwhile, the president himself, who has made it very clear, you know, come november it's going to be a very clear choice. who are you going to vote for? joe biden who, you know is on the side of a lot of people who want to defund the police. although biden himself says that he is not for that or donald trump, who is the law enforcement candidate? he insinuated yesterday that there are a number of democrat-run cities that in the next week will be shocked to hear that, perhaps, the feds could come and open things up. here's the president. >> the attorney general, the fbi and others concerning our cities, because the left wing
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group of people that are running our cities are not doing the job that they are supposed to be doing. and it's not a very tough job to do if they knew what they were doing. we will be talking about that next week and probably have an announcement as to what we are planning to do to help them. they are supposed to be asking for help. and they don't want to ask, so maybe they are proud or maybe they think it's bad politically, we can't have happen what's happening. steve: yeah, exactly. it sounds as if the feds are going to do something. he is going to sign something to involve law enforcement, federal law enforcement. one of the other things about the police unions that came out in support of trump is the fact that apparently they are very happy that the president directed the attorney general to charge people who attack the cops. because, as we and, jedediah, you were talking about this a moment ago, one of the consequences for breaking the law here in new york city. of the 37 people arrested on the brooklyn bridge yesterday
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involved with assaulting those police officers, how many of them are actually still in jail? because of the state's no bail laws. it's a head scratcher. it's got to stop. brian: some people come up to us during the year do you think president trump will win next four years or -- i don't know. in this news cycle. who predicted this pandemic, almost nobody. who predicted the chaos in the city streets? almost nobody. who thought there would be a war on our history almost nobody. all happening at the same time. while we have all these other economic challenges that go along with it because of the decisions that were made to keep america safe. now, if you look at the polls right now, joe biden who is losing in every primary bowers is he a terrible candidate and horrible debater was given this nomination because he wasn't bernie sanders. and hiding out in his basement and all the pressure on the president to make big decisions and sometimes he has made big
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mistakes and sometimes big successes, is he trailing in almost every major poll accord battleground the nbc poll has him trailing by 11 points with that union vote could bring other union votes and kimberley strassel talked about on our channel last night. if people who believe that donald trump will be successful they talk about a secret vote. the underground vote. because, if you wear a red hat or put a bumper sticker on your car, you are open to derision and maybe physical attack. people keep their mouth shut and want to go into the voting booth and make their decision. what do the polls say about a so-called secret vote for donald trump that will not appear in any polls? well, this appeared in a poll. when asked, are there secret voters who support trump? trump's secret voters 27%. if you have a secret about joe biden, only 5% are keeping it. yes, only a few 17%, combine those two, yes, not sure how many 13%. there is a lot of people who
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believe there is underground support for the president of the united states because it's not a popular thing for him to -- for people to walk around in many circles and say, yeah, i support him. steve: brian, when you look at that particular graphic. when you add up the number of people who say do you think there is a secret voter? yes, many, yes, only a few, yes, not sure how many. that total is close to 60% saying yes there are trump secret voters. when you add up the same thing and this is part of a monmouth university poll. how many secret voters does joe biden say about 27% say yeah, there are secret joe biden voters, but that varies. because when you look at the polls, and you say okay, look, joe biden is way ahead, and that's across the board. but then you think about well, how many secret voters are there? and it looks as if back in 2016 there were those as well. the data that we release is only as good as the poll. and if somebody picks up the phone and they say i want to ask
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you about donald trump, they just go you know what? i'm not interesting in talking about that right now that is a so-called secret voter. then the data does not really reflect what is going on across the country. this morning there are stories about how there has been -- they are rearranging the positions at the trump campaign because of the president's polling and that brad parscale has been assigned to digital and bill is going to take over as campaign manager. you know, that's the story that's out there. but the question is, how reliable are the polls, jedediah, given the fact that there are these secret voters? and we know there are from 2016. jedediah: all tough do is look at the recent story we have been covering with the story of goya to understand why. this is guy very simple police officer nonpartisan guy met with the obamas comes out and just says a little bit, a very short bit of praise for president trump and look at the enormous backlash. if you don't think that there
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are people in communities who own businesses, who say, you know what? i'm not going to say a word because i can't face this kind of backlash. i don't want to lose business because i put a bumper sticker on my car and i answer a question and someone overhears me and spreads that throughout the community it. is a very vicious time where a lot of trump supporters feel they are being villainized because they support him or tax policy or regulatory policy or whatever it may be. i do think there are a lot of people like that. how many? i don't know. i know there were a lot of surprises in terms of what we saw in the polling last time around, last presidential election and all of the sudden hillary clinton didn't win and a lot of people were very, very shocked because the polling didn't represident-elect that i always say be careful when it comes to will pentagon. former white house press secretary ari fleischer weighed in on the concept of the hidden voter. take a listen to what he had to say. >> when you look at our culture today and when you look at the price you can pay for wearing a maga hat for going into a store
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with a trump sign on, the way you get attacked, go to the restaurant to have a meal and get thrown out of a restaurant, people get used to this and they say i'm not going to talk about it anymore. and it's the intolerance that makes people a hidden voter. brian: so, jedediah, lehr's the thing ari fleischer went on to say there could be a hidden voter. the number one story in america is the pandemic. smartersstst people wash your hands and wear mask. what makes you think there is really no easy way out of this. so, if the president says the same thing as scientists say. the only thing he could do to show he is engaged is to get engaged. and even though the vice president has done a great job coordinating, i think the president has got to country and let the seniors know he cares. people who know him know he does. people say he wants to be a cheerleader to get us out of it. show you care about the people suffering and are susceptible at
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the same time be specific about a pathway to get us back to school and back to work. back to gyms and back to restaurants. so if you show you are engaged in this area, at the same time you have the union support for the police unions, at the same time you tell oil and gas i got your back and this other guy wants to destroy you, and then when it comes to israel, there is only one leader that's block is being named after him, you have a chance to have a groundswell of support bowers the joe biden is so stark. twitter is investigating a coordinated attack that happened overnight after several high profile accounts were hacked. todd piro joins us with the names of those targeted by the scammers and they are big. >> yes, they are, brian. good morning to you. politicians, billionaires and celebs all hit by this hack from jeff bezos to warren buffet joe biden to barack obama, kanye west to kim kardashian. hackers breaking into their account and posting messages
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like this asking people to send digital currency bit join coin. these posts have been deleted. the account linked to those tweets havest has more than $100,000 in it. unclear how much of that money came from the scam if any. we detected what we believe to be a coordinated social engineering attack by the targeted our employees with access to internal systems and tools. ceo jack dorsey tweeting tough day for us here at twitter. we all feel it's terrible this happened. we are diagnosing and share everything we can when we have a more complete understanding of exactly what happened. heart to our teammates working hard to make this right. the fbi says they are aware of the hack. senator josh hawley demanding dorsey cooperate with any investigation writing a letter saying in part, quote: a successful attack on your system's servers represents a threat to all of your users' privacy and data security.
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twitter temporarily preventing some verified users from tweeting after the hack. they are now working on restoring full access to those accounts. guys, bark to you. brian: all right. thanks a lot, todd. we will see where that goes and see if senator hawley's request to get involved will be honored. jed? jedediah: yeah. that's exactly right. but for now we will head over to jillian mele with breaking news from the supreme court. jillian, what do you have? jillian: right. good morning. let's go ahead and start with this fox news alert. just a few hours ago, the supreme court clearing the way for the second federal execution this week. the justices overturn ago lower court ruling that wesley perkily was mentally unfit to be executed. he was convicted of kidnapping and murdering a teenage girl in 1998. his lawyers claims he has dementia and doesn't understand why e. is being executed. is he scheduled to die by lethal injection within the next few hours. coronavirus deaths now topping 137,000 in the u.s. as cases near 3.5 million.
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the most of any country. the cdc reported nearly 61,000 new cases just yesterday in the u.s. nearly half of those coming from just three states. florida, arizona, and texas. all three raising concerns over the lack of icu beds as hospitalizations grow. nascar's top drivers racing under the lights at bristol motor speedway. chase elliott fighting off kyle busch capturing the checkered flag for first all-star race win and-million-dollar prize. elliott addressing the 20,000 fans allowed in the grand stand, the biggest crowd for a sporting event since the pandemic began. >> what a better night to have fans bark than tonight. i mean, y'all are awesome. [cheers] >> there is nothing like bristol. there is nothing like the lights here. there is nothing like racing here. >> chase and his dad bill elliott are now the second father/son duo to win the race. congrats.
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send it back to you. brian: what is cool getting fans at events. i was watching the usl last night about 5,000 fans in the stadium. every nfl team is talking about bringing some fans. in might even see them in baseball. that's a good sign. jillian: we will see. i hope. so. steve: we have matt yoakum the pit guy from fox was there last night. he is going to be with us coming on a little later in the program. prominent members of the black community demanding new york city anticrime unit return as violence has spiked. >> i don't want to hear a conversation about a slowdown in policing because your eagles are help. >> coming up next guest fed up and leading the effort to bring back those officers to the anticrime unit. stay tuned. you are watching "fox & friends." ♪
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>> major initiative stop the flows of guns in our community and i don't want to hear a conversation about a slowdown in policing because your eagles are help. steve: after another violent week in new york city demanding the new york city police department and the mayor, actually, bring back the anticrime unit after it was disbanded following pressure from anti-cop protesters. our next guest led that press conference and says enough is enough. here with more community tony herbert. he was at the brooklyn bridge yesterday for that unity march across the bridge. tony, it involved members of the community and clergy and there were police officers there. and trouble broke out with anti-cop people, didn't it? >> yeah. it was unfortunate. i want to make sure that i let you guys know it was totally led
3:25 am
by the clergy and we partnered with the sergeant's benevolent association and other community organization. so it was a culmination. we had people from the naacp and other, you know, civil rights organizations marching with us as well as members of the community to see what had transpired inches away from us in some degree. it was disheartening, here it is you are talking about a peace march. i don't know what memo they got with regards to what it might have been, but it was about unifying our city for those of us that live here and creating an opportunity for us to get to the table and have positive dialogue. steve: something we reported a number of bats or canes or sticks or something were dropped off before the event and then we did see that video where somebody is whacking a couple of cops on the head and then on the cover of the "new york post" we have this particular lieutenant who is completely covered with
3:26 am
blood. blue blood the headline says. >> sad commentary behind this whole thing folks are yelling black lives matter. you know, i'm a black man. so you don't represent me when it comes to violence. i would never adhere to that type of support violence to get your message across. what is your message? sadly enough to disrupt a peaceful march of ministers, clergy from the hispanics, the catholic, the black community, it was extremely disheartening. but you know what? we pushed through because you can't beat god. we were excited about the fact that we were able to go through with and succeed in our mission to start the process of unifying our city. steve: i know there were a number of mothers, i read as well who had lost children to gun violence who were in attendance as well. we were talking about this a moment ago, tony, for the bad actors who assaulted the cops, it's new york city it's one of those deals where you get arrested and it's just a
3:27 am
revolving door. you are out on the street in no time. >> let me just say this quite frankly, again, those who were involved weren't new yorkers. steve: who were they. >> let's be very clear about that. great intel a lot of those focus folks are not even from new york. i do know that a flier had gone out that morning calling people to mobilize at 8:00 a.m. to be the anti-protesters to our peace march. our march wasn't a protest. a declaration of saying we are coming together as new yorkers to stop the craziness, to see the violence, to be, again, inches away to see those police officers who are just doing their job. they didn't go and set upon anybody. they were set upon by us and that wasn't right. steve: tony, you are not telling us who these people are you have intel to indicate they were from out of town. what sort of organization are they involved in? speculation that goes arranged. i'm not figure on speculation. when i are arrested and your id doesn't say new york that's a
3:28 am
problem. steve: out of towners, 37 arrested in all. nonetheless, you said you got your mission accomplished. tony herbert, community activist, go ahead. >> we start the process all over. steve: yeah. indeed. tony, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you you, guys. keep up the great work. steve: thank you. we did reach out this morning to the mayor's office and the police department and we will give you an update if they respond back as well. all right. meanwhile, new studies out of europe find children apparently are not spreading covid-19. is that good sign u.s. schools can safely reopen. dr. janette nesheiwat is on the front lines. what does she think? she is coming up next.
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well in seattle. pitched tents calling it the chinook land autonomous territory closed quote. comes as the mayor rejects -- violent protests across the city. man behind bars for torching seattle wants east police precinct. he poured gasoline on a pile of debris and lit it on fire. he face up to 20 years behind bars. jedediah? jedediah: thanks, brian. two new studies on covid-19 in children may ease the fears of anxious parents wrestling with sending their kids back to school in the fall. a recent study out of germany found only 12 positive antibody cases from a sample of more than 2,000 students and teachers. in sweden where most schools stayed open through the height of the pandemic, researchers detected positive coronavirus cases in less than 1% of its children. what does this suggest for schools here in the u.s.? fox news medical contributor dr. janette nesheiwat is fighting this disease on the
3:34 am
front lines every single day. she is here to react now. dr. northwesterly watt, when we look at germany and sweden as models should that reassure parents? can we count on those studies? what do you say? >> so, yesterday, the results of these studies are reassuring. what it tells us is it can be done. we can reopen our schools. it can be done safely and successfully. we also have to point out that in germany and in sweden, when they reopen, they had a low transmission of this virus in the community. so they reopened with low level of disease. and i really think that significantly played a role. but what the study, for example the study that germany conducted it showed, also, that many of these students were not super spreaders and that was the greatest concern for us. we also have to realize that we may not be able to necessarily compare, for example, sweden to the united states. sweden is one of the healthiest countries in the world. they don't have childhood obesity like we do here in the united states. here in the u.s. we have
3:35 am
6 million children who suffer from asthma and higher levels of diabetes there is a lot of co-morbidities here in the u.s. that they don't have, you know, overseas in those countries, germany, sweden, the european union. so we have to keep that in mind and we have to certainly make sure that our levels of community trans,000,000 the number of cases here in the united states is low before we reopen. but we definitely have to reopen. it's vital for children to be in school. mentally, physically, nutritionally, it's healthier for them to be in school. it's less of a risk for them to be in school than it is at home and where there is a greater chance of picking up the virus. jedediah: , dr. you bring up some excellent points there i want to shift over, we don't have a lot of time, but this is an important topic because new york city has been seeing a rise in infections among younger people. this is something that you see every day. what is going on and do you have any warning to issue to younger people who may feel this won't touch me, this won't hurt me? >> sure, sure.
3:36 am
well, we have to remember this virus can effect anyone, no matter what your age sand no matter what your health status is we did a great job here in new york. we are able to sustain a low number of cases right now. we want to continue with that and the way we do that is adhering to cdc guidelines. use a face masks, a covering. avoid large crowds. and make sure you conducted, yourself in a healthy manner and just be a role model for your neighbor. make sure also we engage in physical distancing, social distancing, we don't want to see an uptick. i'm real worried about flu season coming around in addition to covid. we very got to keep doing what we are doing to keep the numbers down. jedediah: thank you so much, doctor, everyone needs to do their part for sure. this virus, man, every week i feel like we learn something new about it. hopefully information that will help us to defeat it. thank you for being here and all do you on the front lines every day. >> thank you. my pleasure. jedediah: democrats and the media sounding the alarm saying president trump will do anything to stay in the white house.
3:37 am
the only way he can win this fall is if he cheats and cheats at a massive level. david webb proves the democrats are desperate. he joins us next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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and they're actually pulling out the minerals from the enamel. i like to recommend pronamel to my patients. pronamel will help push the minerals back into the enamel, to keep the enamel strong. i know it works. and i hear nothing but great things from my patients that have switched to it. honor. brian: shot of the morning. retired police officer honoring one of his own with the power of music. jonathan he joined the bothell police department in june of 2019 after serving in the coast guard. he leaves behind a fiance as
3:42 am
well. all right. welcome back, 19 minutes before the top of the hour. let's bring in fox news contributor david webb. david, good morning to you. >> good morning, guys, how are you doing? steve: we are doing okay. the president is frustrated that he can't really get out and campaign as would be the case in a normal year. given the pandemic. buff he has been very busy on the twitter machine and in particular, he is taking shots at joe biden, obviously. but, he is going back to that unity plan that they formed a week or so ago. first tweet we are going to read this morning, the bide standard unit plan punishing students for their zip codes. no one will be safe in joe biden's america. he also wrote joe biden and the radical left want to abolish police, abolish ice, abolish bail, abolish the suburbs and the second amendment and abolish the way of life. no one will be safe in joe biden's america. david? it's pretty clear how the president feels.
3:43 am
>> well, actually, this isn't how the president feels. and let me correct myself. this is the president echoing joe biden's plan. you know, have you got joe biden who agrees with bernie sanders on, for instance, withholding federal dollars and getting rid of the suburbs if they don't play nice the way they want. to say this is joe biden who is part of barack obama's administration wanted to help him fundamentally transform america. so why would we not believe that joe biden and the left wing democratic socialists would carry out their vision if he is elected from a policy perspective these are biden's policy prescriptions and they are bad prescriptions by the way because they won't secure what ails us. but it is also the fact that joe biden is more of a pawn for the left because as he has been for decades in washington, he is a political pawn who plays whatever fiddle or whatever tune gets him votes. and that makes him a dangerous man and makes him dangerous to
3:44 am
america. so, the president's echoing what joe biden says he will do. how is he going to transform to green vehicles every school bus. tell me how he does this. how does he liberal getting rid of a fossil based economy. brian: i don't think he wants. to say he was told to by aoc and john kerry. those are his environmental advisors. bernie sanders says is he going to move joe biden more to the left once he is elected. meanwhile, once it comes to donald trump winning there, seems to be a theme, joe biden talked about it, hillary clinton talked about it. and now we're hearing other people talk about it. donald trump can only win if he cheats and doesn't leave. listen to analyst. >> if he ends up losing i'm convinced if we look at the numbers and economic data and demographic data, the only way that donald trump can win this fall is if he cheats. and if he cheats at a massive level. and if he does not win, i have
3:45 am
long believed that donald trump will not leave office. and we have to remember the fear that i have is not just that he won't leave, you will have militias show up at vote counting locations and threatening people. brian wrinel that is exactly what happened. militias will show up threatening people. we are all going to do mail-in voting anyway so it doesn't matter. >> exactly so i guess they will show up at your houses if democrats have their way. i don't know if he is hanging thought joe biden's basement with him. i was raised with a couple of simple rules. when a fool speaks use your common sense. let me ask america how do you carry out this massive vote fraud that donald trump would have to execute to win the election? by the way not a popular vote strategy but an electoral strategy? how we execute this? how we mobilize militias to go out to enough polling locations around america to change a general election? it's ridiculous.
3:46 am
jedediah: yeah, david, this is ridiculous and kind of odd. if democrats want to win the election they should be focused on issues and figure out how joe biden can actually engage in a q&a successfully rather than opining about ridiculous stuff. thanks for being here as always. appreciate it. >> thanks. jedediah: we're now going to head over to jillian mele who has headlines for us. jillian, what are the latest headlines? jillian: let's begin with this. police body camera footage leading up to george floyd's death is released. however, the judge is only allowing it to be viewed by appointment only. it shows him yelling i can't breathe more than 20 times as a fired minneapolis officer kneels on his neck. floyd's family is suing the former officers in that video and the city of minneapolis saying the police department encourages the use of department of educationally force. an ms-13 gang leader hit with terror charges for the first time ever.
3:47 am
the doj says mel helped run 20 gangs in 13 states and person who would green light assassinations. the feds also seeking the death penalty for another ms-13 member. awaiting trial on seven murders from 2016 to 2017 including the killings of two teenage girls on long island's new york. a program to put homeless people in san francisco hotels during the pandemic appears to be back firing. the city did it to stop the spread of covid-19, because local reporter says it's creating chaos. >> it's an absolute disaster. it is solving exactly nothing. and as a matter of fact, it's making all the problems worse. you are drawing drug fueled parties, overdoses, deaths. people are being assaulted. you have sexual assaults going on. it is pandemonium. jillian: the city has leased more than 2400 hotel rooms for the temporary program. okay. so what happens when the piano man finds a piano on a sidewalk?
3:48 am
♪ ♪ that's it. it's a perfectly good piano. >> that's billy joel himself trying out a piano left for trash near his home on long island, new york. he says it needs a little fine tuning and suggested donating it to a nearby thrift store. can you imagine walking out your front door and seeing him play a piano on the street. steve: you don't think that billy joel goes through people's garbage. brian: he does. he has nothing to do now. they have no concerts. steve: all right, jillian, thank you so much. 11 and a half minutes before the top of the hour. 16th day of july j.d. joins us with the "foxcast." janice: good morning, everyone. yes, we are towering about summertime heat, again, across much of the country, mississippi river valley and then the east coast. we are going to start to feel not only the heat but humidity.
3:49 am
look at some of these levels over 100 degrees for millions of folks here. so while it is summertime the humidity is going to make it feel quite oppressive and dangerous. also looking at the potential for severe weather today. yesterday we had several reports of tornadoes in illinois. the risk today for parts of the high plains. the interior northeast and the midwest where we could see some large hail, damaging winds, tornadoes as well. we will keep you up to date. jed, steve, brian. back to you. brian: thanks so much, janis. meanwhile this story actress demi moore sending the internet meltdown over her bathroom. what's wrong with this picture? answer at home. i will answer out loud in a moment. ♪ ♪ so much to say ♪ so much to say ♪
3:50 am
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brian: kanye west may still be eyeing the white house after all filing paperwork to appear on the oklahoma presidential parking lot just hours after his team said he was out. here with reaction lighting up social media fox news headlines reporter 24/7 and kanye fan
3:54 am
carley shimkus. can you say it ain't so or is it so? is kanye in or out? >> it looks like he still has the west wing on his mind. he is now officially on the ballot in oklahoma. a representative for him filed the proper paperwork yesterday and paid the $35,000 filing fee. and also yesterday, he filed some initial paperwork with the federal election commission, which is pretty surprising because just the day before, it was reported that he had dropped out. so, brian, it looks like he's back in the race running under the birthday party ticket. he is running as an independent under the birthday party ticket. and his platform is a mix of, you know, some serious and some unique, for lack of a better word, topic. brian: yeah. i don't look for this to last too much longer. meanwhile, taco bell is doing something that i didn't think was possible. they are removing the quesarito.
3:55 am
carley: i didn't take you for a taco bell person. i thought you would prefer a steakhouse over fast food. people like me deeply invested in taco bell and their menu items this came as a big surprise. they totally are apparently doing the full menu overhaul and slimming it down. they are getting rid of some other menu items that you see on your screen right there. there are some hard core taco bell fans out there. so much so that one of them started a calling to keep the quesaritos on the menu. taco bell gave fox news this statement. we are in the process of evolving our menu to simplify operations to make our team members and customer experience easier. we will have more to share with you soon. so who knows? maybe the quesarito would be on the menu. brian: really you are calling about the quesarito okay i will give you a statement.
3:56 am
demi moore explains her bathroom? carley: she posted pictures on her instagram that went viral because her bathroom is carpeted if you can believe it. she defended that decision on seth meyers show on wednesday. she said it was actually bruce willis' design choice. so i respect that very much. because she lives under the same mantra that i do, always blame your husband. brian: also blame a celebrity. so happens your husband was a celebrity. i look forward to seeing in the hall. carley: i look forward to that too. brian: we are both in the building. mark meredith and lara logan. there is our logo.
3:57 am
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with spray mopping to lock away debris and absorb wet messes, all in one disposable pad. just vacuum, spray mop, and toss. the shark vacmop, a complete clean all in one pad. ♪ i will fight till forever. steve: all right we have bieber starting the show this second hour. as you are looking up sixth avenue here in mid-atlantic you see the ropes in the middle that's for scaffolding. they are doing renovation on the building our fox news world headquarters and that's why it looks like have you got those ropes down the side of the building. it's not as if we actually have a cat burglar upstairs who is going to go sliding down that later it's construction.
4:01 am
brian: take a wide shot that was my ratchets set that i let them borrow that helped put it all together [buzzer] >> it surrounds the whole building. jedediah: brian. brian: it's true. steve: july 16th right in the middle of summer and jed is with us today. jed, great to have you in ainsley's chair today. jedediah: yes, pleasure to be in for ainsley as always and brian, sometimes i have just got to do this when you make a joke. it's too much for me,. brian: soon we will be on the couch again and that will all make sense. steve: that cannot happen soon enough because it would mean it's all over. in the meantime this hour this is a fox news alert. the new york city police department searching for the man seen here attacking cops on the brooklyn bridge, i believe it's the man on the right. the protester clubbing cops with a cane while reaching over a railing. this is twitter, i believe, from the police department itself.
4:02 am
>> seems to be getting worse every day. even new york's top uniform officer police chief monahan injured here. left bloody. he also has a broken finger. >> yeah. along with many other fellow officers. 37 protesters are now behind bars and officers are warning protesters to curb the violence. >> you will arrest for charge of disorderly conduct if do you not cooperate and accompany the arresting officer to the prisoner transport vehicle or if you resist arrest, you may be charged with additional crimes. if you have refused to leave the roadway, you will be placed under arrest on the charge of disorderly conduct. steve: jed? jedediah: griff jenkins is live in washington as the president vows to back our men and women in blue and teases a very big announcement. right, griff? >> he does, jed, brian and steve. this is just the latest reason why the president says he will announce a new federal law enforcement initiative next week
4:03 am
focused on this virussinginging temporary intervention. the message is very clear. >> the left wing group of people that are running our cities are not doing the job that they're supposed to be doing. >> doing a great job in portland. portland was rough called us in. we have other cities outs of control. they are like war zones. >> this as the national association of police organizations endorses president trump writing in a statement our endorsement recognizes your steadfast and very public support for our men and women on the front lines, especially during this time of unfair and inaccurate being directed at our members by so many. it's a key endorsement by law enforcement. they supported obama and biden in 2008 and 2012. they did not endorse in 2016. now they are behind president trump and the organization's president is upset that biden has not yet addressed their
4:04 am
board. meanwhile, in new york, the nypd is seeking that man you are talking about, steve that is seen attacking cops with a cane on the brooklyn bridge. the injured including among them nypd's top uniform cop. you mention, brian, chief terrence monahan left bloodied with a broken finger, comes after mayor de blasio condemning the violence. reform bill that the police are not necessarily happy about. final live what we can expect from president trump we don't know. remember, if the passage is any indication a few weeks ago he deployed federal deployment team federal property and statues you can bet is he going to deliver what we find out who it is. brian, jed and steve? jedediah: thank you so much for that update. important to note -- i mean, what's going on with respect to police in new york city is a disgrace. they feel abandoned. they feel de blasio doesn't have their back. you see the crime levels have
4:05 am
surged so significantly. you see a lot of these people. i mean, look at what is going on over there on the brooklyn bridge. you see people feeling incentivized. criminals incentivized because they feel there will be no consequences for them for their actions. that is an environment that good police officers who put on a uniform every day and risk their lives for us, that's untenable for them. they cannot exist in that world. they know it. that's why you see endorsement from the national association of police. listen, we need to stand by political leadership in this country that stands by us. it's too dangerous a job. it's too dangerous a time. we can't stand for this. now, president trump has tweeted in response a thank you saying thank you national association of police organizations and their 241,000 brave law enforcement mexico for a full and complete endorsement. i will always back the men and women in blue and never let you down. law and order will prevail. steve? steve: you know, steve it, shows the cracks in what joe biden figured was part of his support because he regards himself as a
4:06 am
union guy. joe biden. and ever since he sided with the racial justice protesters, these particular organizations say the police unions say since he sided with them and the democrats who have been hammering the police department over brutality and over racism, it has become clearer and clearer to them that one particular candidate is on their side. and that is donald trump. that is why mcmikhail the president of this organization decided they sat out in 2016. put a line on the line this time to vote for and they say vote for trump. >> as a result of outcome of today's endorsement process we proudly endorse president trump. president trump addressed on board on monday. the same opportunity was given to vice president biden and as to why the actual participation
4:07 am
did not occur, i would defer you to the v pghts and/or the leadership of his campaign as griff teased whatever the president is going to do next week they appreciated that the president had the attorney general of the united states, bill barr, reach out and prosecute anybody who has attacked officers. because, you look at what happened on the bridge, and jed was talking to how somebody was hitting somebody with a cane, although the "new york post" suggests a load of bats was dropped off by city hall. it's unclear whether or not those were used. but, nonetheless, the cops feel that nobody has got their back. and the president is making it very clear. hey, i'm on their side. brian: what we are seeing is an opportunity for the president to pick up not only policemen active, retired and their families, in new york state it's
4:08 am
only going to get worse. yesterday new york troopers found out going be up for civil liability charges should somebody decide that their civil rights were violated so now they can be sued. the pba president says it opens up all his men and women for criminal and civil liability. they are now asking to be pulled off the streets. also our genius mayor met with black lives matter and announced that they are going to start bulking up police in high crime areas the only problem is the police weren't even invited to the press conference. they said it was the commissioner's idea years ago. really he? just got the job. and there was no problem years ago. meanwhile. steve: hey, brian, i was going to say one other thing, after we showed this video of the police officers being whacked and assaulted on the bridge at this unity rally that involved, you know it, involved the clergy and the communities united against gun violence, you would think that that would be something that mayor de blasio would want to talk about, but we have
4:09 am
not heard from mayor de blasio. you would think -- he runs the fire department, the police department, all the departments of the city. you would think that he would say hey, you can't do this but we haven't heard from him. brian: shootings up 186% year to year in new york city and chicago up 76%. atlanta up 124%. in los angeles, 33%. we don't just think this is a new york problem. this is an american problem that's correctable but there is no willingness to do it. meanwhile if you want to have a great fall usually means college and pro-football. if there is no football in the fall, a major university and those mid level programs will fall apart. you've got to wonder what's happening because the fcc and acc are waiting until the end of july. the big ten says only play conference games. pac 129 same thing. no patriot league football and no i've j league football. coach oh of lsu on with neil cavuto yesterday is he urging everybody to play.
4:10 am
>> i definitely think we need football. we are going to have football. there is obviously got to be adjustments. obviously the safety of our young men are first. we need it. the state of louisiana and the economy needs it. we all need it. i think our children need to get back to school and get on the right track and find a way to fight this thing. we have a saying here we don't blink. whatever the situation at hand is, we are going to have to be able to master it and focus in on having a great season. brian: flood it with testing. come up with protocol. the same thing they do in the military. same thing they do with sports. don't tell me about the crowd. don't tell mee about the crowd or the refuses. finrefs.the ramifications can catastrophic. mid level teams that play big conference games are money makers. they may lose by a lot in many cases they make at love money. great for the student body and
4:11 am
players and dominant teams. those games are gone. they are gone for the big 10 and big 12. and ivy league they just threw up their hands they didn't even try. if the lsu doesn't play and fcc doesn't happen then you have got to wonder will the nfl happen. we will find out if they start camps in a couple of days, jedediah. jedediah: yeah. and i think there is no question that many people want a return to normalcy. it's incredibly stressful to live life the way we have been living. we have no choice. we are in the midst of a pandemic. it's hard when it comes to schools. when it comes to sports, it begins to build in your psyche. you want to have life the way it was. of course we need to do it safely. that's the challenge, right? every single one of these occurrences is going to require to us look at it. not only that you will have to look at each sport differently and each classroom and each county and each city differently. so it's going to be a really challenging time. i think everyone sitting at home is hungry for life as it was
4:12 am
before. that requires personal responsibility too though, right? if you are close to people. that's why doctors are saying wear your masks so this thing can go away and we can go back to that normalcy that we all love so much. steve: one thing about football that is unique, for the most part you play it outside. it's an open air thing. and they have got to come up with a protocol. figure out how to do it. given the fact it's outdoors and that dovetails with what we were talking about yesterday. yesterday afternoon mike pence actually confirmed it. it sounds as if the rnc is going to move from an indoor event with a big nomination of donald trump later on this summer going to move outdoors into an open air situation because that as we know, is simply safer. all right. so, as you can see, another busy hour. and right now, if you have been looking at your twitter machine, there are some problems and jillian joins us right now with what happened overnight. jillian: so this started yesterday evenings, twitter is
4:13 am
investigating a coordinated attack overnight after several high profile attacks were attacked. the list includes jeff bezos, bill gates, joe biden. they believe hackers stole internal tools to access their accounts and posted messages like this asking people to send bit coin. they have sense been deleted. it's not clear how much money, if any, was sent to the hackers. today a funeral will be held for two fallen police officers in mcallen, texas. officers garza and chavez were shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance last week. the community gathered for a public viewing to mourn the officers growing to a memorial outside the police station. stood guard over their caskets. garcia zoe was 8 year veteran and chavez served on the force for two years. trump campaign brad parscale is
4:14 am
being replaced by campaign manager by deputy campaign manager certifyian. parscale is staying on as digital strategy. both were quote heavily involved in our historic 2016 win and i look forward to having a big and very important second win together. this story is incredible. captain america himself chris evans promising a shield to a 6-year-old boy to saved his sister's life. >> what you did was so brave, so selfless, your sister is so lucky to have you as a big brother. your parents must be so proud of you. >> walker stood in between his sister and a charging dog. his aunt sharing the story on instagram. look at this the wyoming boy apparently said quote, if someone had to die i thought it should be me. he had to get more than 90 stitches. isn't that incredible? brian: it is nuts. that is fantastic. unbelievable. all right.
4:15 am
thanks, jillian. steve: what a brother. brian: meanwhile 15 minutes after the hour. first seattle chop and now protesters in portland are setting up their own autonomous zone as the city's mayor refuses federal help. how is that going to go? acting cbp commissioner mark morgan joins us live next. whether it's bribes to roll over. ...or an overdue makeover. get all your pet essentials right when you need them, with curbside pickup at petsmart. just order online, drive up, check-in, and pick up.
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4:19 am
brian: first it was chop in seattle what an embarrassment, protesters in portland setting up own autonomous zone overnight. barricading streets and setting up tents in the park near the federal courthouse. this after weeks of riots in the city where the mayor slammed the notion of getting help from the federal government. here to discuss this is acting cbp commissioner mark morgan. you have a big job now and have
4:20 am
had big jobs before. how are you supposed to help in a city that need it that declares they don't want it? >> yeah, brian, this is one of the frustrating elements. look, i have been doing this for several decades. and i don't understand it. and these are not protesters. when you talk about what's going on in portland, for example, these are criminals. these are individuals that residence pling, organizing with premeditation to destroy federal property and harm federal officers and agents. they are coming every single night for the past two weeks armed with weapons, with rocks, with hammers, they are putting nails in plywood to intentionally harm. can i go on with a list of weapons. every single night for the past several weeks they have done just that they have attacked a building and intentionally harmed law enforcement officers. those are criminals not protesters. brian: we have the seattle chop zone an embarrassment to the country which ended horribly for
4:21 am
those people there and did not represent the black african-americans in the community. and now you have it happening again. so,s do federal officials have if the police don't have them there and mayor doesn't want them there. could you be clashing with local law enforcement? >> i don't think we are going to be clashing with local law enforcement locally law enforcement, again, i have been doing this a long time. they want to protect the citizens they serve. what i see this president doing and this administration doing is actually supporting men and women of law enforcement. both local, state, and federal. and that's what this is about. and, look, i don't want to get ahead of the president's announcement, look, department of justice is going to be involved in this. dhs is involved in this. we are really going to take a stand across the board. we are are going to do what needs to be done to protect the men and women of this country. brian: ted wheeler is the terrible mayor in portland said. this i told the acting secretary
4:22 am
my big and immediate concern violence brought really? and life threatening tactics his agents use. we do not need or want their help. are those the officers that took a 2 by 4 to the head over the weekend? >> that's absolutely right, brian. i am actually proud of the men and women that federal agents and officers in portland. they have actually showed extreme restraint. they have been attacked night after night by trillions they are not protesters. what the mayor is saying is outrageous. first night inside, those criminals actually attacked the building, broke downwind doughs, broke down doors. that's the fact and assaulted federal agents officers every single night. >> talked to a couple of police commissionerrers and they say these guys have ear pieces they are coordinated they know how to move. they have counter tactics to the police tactics. this is no emotional response to racial injustifiable in america.
4:23 am
final thought? >> brian, you are absolutely right. we should be united every political doesn't matter which side. this is not acceptable. this isn't the way. look what happens in new york. someone with a weapon tension nally ran towards a police officer with the intent to seriously harm them. and they did. where is everybody, every political leader in this country saying that is wrong it has got to stop? let's get together and have meaningful dialogue and change we need to but this is not the way. where are they, brian? brian: mark, it doesn't surprise you, i imagine, the president did something that hasn't deny done in 20 years, got the endorsement of a major law enforcement agency. i don't want to get knew politics. as a guy who grew up in law enforcement your entire career it probably doesn't surprise you. >> it doesn't. because this president is two important things. he stands for law and order, protect american citizens in this country. and this is what i can say for a
4:24 am
fact. he loves and respects and honors the men and women in law enforcement. the good men and women of law enforcement. brian: if you talk to the people in secret service and the nypd in new york, they say the same thing when he was a civilian. mark morgan, thanks so much. all right. hope we get a plan. >> thanks, brian. brian: get a plan to bring order to the city. joe biden says he will reverse president trump's tax cuts selling it as a hit to the rich. brian brenberg says it would hurt everyone. i mean everyone. we put it in bold in the prompter. he lays it all out next. ♪ that's what i want ♪ that's what i want ♪ ...and new adventures. you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past... they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. let's help protect them together. because missing menb vaccination could mean
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thank you for being a friend ♪ travel down the road and back again ♪ your heart is true. steve: time for news by the numbers. first, $3 million. that's how much "the golden girls'" house will set you back the house was filmed asics tierier for blanch's house on the hit tv show. it's in l.a. and now on the market for 3 million. next, 1 million. that's how much a man buried in jewelry and treasure in
4:29 am
michigan. jewelry star opener buried his entire inventory. selling tickets for a quest to find it. a little treasure hunt. finally $150,000. that's how much doritos is offering new a challenge. it's part of their crash from home promotion similar to old crash the super bowl campaign where they picked top amateur commercials, homemade movies featuring doritos and run the commercials during the super bowl. and some of them were pretty good and make you really hungry, brian. brian: joe biden laying out economic plan promising to reverse trump's historic tax cuts. jedediah: his plan vows to hit the rich not the middle class. what will the impact really look like on your wallet? steve: here to crunch the numbers fox news contributor and chair of the program and business and finance at king's college here in manhattan, brian brenberg. brian, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: it shouldn't surprise anybody. for the most part during my entire life democrats have tried to raise taxes and republicans
4:30 am
have tried to lower taxes. joe biden? typical democrat according to some. >>brian? >> yeah, that's right. look, it may be typical for joe biden but we are not in typical circumstances right now. we are talking about unemployment in double digits you have millions of americans trying to climb back out of this pandemic and induce economic slowdown and a presidential candidate talking about $4 trillion in tax hikes. this is clearly a plan that the ideological left loves and it's clear that joe biden is playing to them right now it's going to effect everybody. slow this economy down. hurting job opportunities. that's going to hit the middle class. this isn't just a hit on the rich. it's a hit on the middle class. brian: in what way? because we know about the corporate tax. and they -- people simplistically say the corporate tax that saves money for goldman
4:31 am
sachs and saves money for apple. in relation, what does it do? >> what it does is it shifts company's perspective. it shifts investors' perspectives. instead of thinking about how they are going to expand their operations. how they are going to create jobs. they are thinking about how they saved money on their tax bill, bringing down the corporate tax rate to 21% under president trump was a big deal. that unleashed investment. it helped to spur that job creation that we have seen so much of leading up to the pandemic. when you reverse that. you change all businesses calculations and you hurt investors as well. there is perspective in the marketplace per i have ad by bernie sanders and elizabeth warren if you raise taxes on the rich it doesn't hurt anyone else. the fact it always effects everyone because that money flows through businesses to workers and when you up the taxes, you hurt the job creation. >> jedediah: brian, also on the topic of energy.
4:32 am
joe biden released his clean energy proposal. many are talking about whether a that would do to energy cost which has significant impact on middle and lower class individuals, does it not? >> yeah, this is a big deal not only that biden is talking about raising taxes by $4 trillion. the key is how he wants to spend that money. spend it on his version of a green new deal which, just be clear it reinevents wide swaths of the american economy. it's going to hit everybody from manufacturing to transportation to construction to the energy prices that we pay and he wants to do that in four years. he wants to spend that $2 trillion in four years, that is going to have effect on union jobs. energy dependents energies. he is selling this as something that is going to help the middle class worker. what you it really does is appeases the left of his party that wants to see a reinvention of the economy no matter what the cost and no matter what the
4:33 am
effect on workers. it's that season we are in right now. brian brenberg. we thank you for joining us live. >> you bet. >> straight ahead. our top story. new york city police department officers attacked yesterday on the brooklyn bridge when a peaceful protest 1350eur8d into chaos. how does this keep happening and why and what can we do to stop it? a panel of police experts coming up next. ♪
4:34 am
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steve: this is a fox news alert. march for peace spiraled into mayhem. four police officers attacked including top chief terry hun man and he break a finger as counter protesters clash with those marching for unit for our brave men and women in blue. this just hours before mayor de blasio signed sweeping new police reforms into law and the police did not thringeght here to react we have a law enforcement panel on this thursday. former lieutenant in the new york city police department dr. darrin porcher, former new york city police department detective dr. oscar odom and black lives matter founder here in new york joseph imperatrice. dr. porcher, let me start with you. you were actually on the brooklyn bridge yesterday for that unity march across the bridge from mid-atlantic into brooklyn at 11:00. there was a lot of organizers and clergy members, and then
4:39 am
some anti-cop protesters showed up and what happened? >> absolutely, steve, i was on that bridge marching across in the name of piece for community. we were echoing the sentiments of gun violence playing new york. this is a collaboration of police union leaders, police sympathizers and clergy members. and we were i do meat particularly opposed by black lives matter members that were hurling insults at us. will assaulting police officers such as lieutenant mac of the srg unit and nypd coupled with the nypd's chief of department monahan. they were assaulted in the wake of the echoing the sentiment of violence that is plaguing our communities. we were merely walking across that bridge from a position of peace. it reallies the question of you who serious are you about preserving peace if you are a member of black lives matter when you oppose the clergy and
4:40 am
members of the police department that are representing police? this really sends shock waves through new york. do you know what, steve? what's most importantly, mayor de blasio was not at this march. this was a march for peace. but the mayor was nowhere to be found because he was signing frivolous legislation at city hall, opposing police officers as opposed to supporting police officers in the wake of this march for antiviolence. >> one of the other things the mayor was doing yesterday, dr. odom, he was in another one of the burrows here in new york city, painting another black lives matter muller on the ground as we saw in front of trump tower. dr. odom, one thing about this particular series of attacks on this unity march is we haven't heard from the mayor denouncing it. you would think essentially since he runs the city he would come out and say hey, look, a peaceful protest is one thing but you can't hit the cops.
4:41 am
>> absolutely. good morning. steve: good morning. >> first of all as do you i like to thank the men and women of blue of the nypd to ho go out there and put their lives on the line every day. it's one thing to paint these signs but you need to have action behind it. yes, we all agree that black lives matter. but the thing is this: it cannot be hijacked by those who are doing things against us. here it is you have the clergy out there doing. this you have the prominent black political leaders saying things such as we need the anticrime unit back because as i always say the data, data driven. the numbers show the bodies written creasing. nobody wants a dead body in their neighborhood nobody wants a dead family member while we are doing. this the number is going up. the people may hate math but the are increasing exponential nenelly. you need a rating to go outside
4:42 am
now. do you live in a pg 13 area or live in a area that's rated r? this is insane. we have the insane running the asylum. we need to bring back law and order by peaceful means. yes, we want police reform. there is no doubt about that. we want to work better with the community. and once again if they are looking at the data, it was only a small percentage who were doing things that were violating people rights in a community. not. remember, 40,000, approximately 40,000 police officers, 98% go 20 years or more without firing their weapon one time. read the data. we need to bring in the academics, too, and put them in the area and let all of them begin to do ride alongs so they can see what the brave men and women of nypd do on a day in-day out basis. let's see if they have any magic words or possession that is going to make everything just disappear once this crime begins to take place. we need to stop this. the black political leaders are speaking. please don't let their voices go
4:43 am
unheard. the 1-year-old who was murdered, please don't let his voice go unheard. >> steve: one of those still walking the beat is joe. joe, yesterday, the mayor was up in the bronx painting that black lives matter muller and have you sent a letter on behalf of blue lives matter. you would like to paint a blue lives matter muller in new york city. what's been the reaction so far from city hall? >> well, steve, it's right here. officers don't need more legislation. they don't need more reforms. they don't need to hear how terrible a job they are doing, they are not. they need support. we should put this muller down there one to honor the officers that lost their lives in the line of duty but also bring awareness to all the verbal and physical abuse officers are facing every single day. we sent the letter. we are hoping he gives us permission, otherwise we will have to go other routes. we have gotten a ton of support from all over the nation. i have been getting text messages and emails and calls. this is what we need.
4:44 am
you know, just like you said, the mayor goes out there and painting these letters when he should be standing with the officers the people that don't want the violence. the 1-year-old that was shot and killed this week a real leader would go out at 2:00 in the morning to the crime scene and denounce it and say we are not taking it anymore. step over the line killing a young baby. put police officers out there and bring back -- steve: joe, you are somebody who believes in police reform but the legislation of the mayor signed yesterday makes it harder for you to do your job. >> absolutely. you are putting officers out there one hand tied behind their back. you have to understand something terry hun man and lieutenant mac. these lieutenant and supervisors 20 years on. these are the guys are the most persons. isn't rooks were not knowing what they are doing. still putting lives on the line to make surety communities are safe. we need to get behind our officers. we need real leaders in there that are going to stand behind us. and start going in the right
4:45 am
direction. new york city has done the complete opposite way. steve: real quick, guys, dr. porcher, are you surprised that the national association of police organizations which represents a thousand law enforcement unions and a quarter of a million members endorsed president trump yesterday? >> no. i'm not surprised. the national -- this national organization is part of the cure. the disease is crimed m crime me rise. this. steve: dr. odom, i will give you the final word. >> yes. this is the wild, wild west. we have to prevent this from coming to the wild, wild west. we used to watch western movies on tv and watch the shootings. now you can walk right out your door and look at it live right in front of you in your view wild, wild west. it must stop. peace, peace, peace. steve: amen. all right, guys.
4:46 am
thank you very much for joining us. it's a problem here in new york city and something has to happen. guys, thank you. all right. 14 minutes now before the the top of the hour. jillian, good morning. jillian: good morning to you and start off your headlines with this story. a tech millionaire is murdered and dismembered inside his manhattan apartment. the killer reportedly wore a ninja suit and followed saleh out of his apartment elevator. the killer ran out of a service door by sister when she showed up at the apartment. it's believed to be financially motivated. police are looking for the killer. senator lindsey graham pushing to release a memo about the source of the christopher steele dossier. graham thinks it could be declassified and made public in just days. >> anybody that read that memo or was briefed about the memo and continued to use the dossier to get a warrant against carter page in april and june of 2017, they are in big-time trouble.
4:47 am
jillian: graham says is he calling in former fbi director james comey and former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe to testify in september. the mayor of providence, rhode island says he will consider reparations. the mayor signed an executive order vowing to look over the, quote: truth-telling and reparations process. he did not say though what the reparations would be, but they are in the last part of his plan. okay. one newly wed couple is taking the plunge quite literally. laura win doppler and jordan were fozzing for photos dock. he said give her a dip as in a dance move she wasn't ready and there she goes. and what she didn't know is that he fell in with her until obviously they both realized moments later what was happening and they laughed it off. posed for a few more photos before getting changed and returning to their wedding party. that is something they will never forget. steve: man, no kidding. i hope they didn't have their phone in their pocket.
4:48 am
brian: getting harder and harder to get married between that and pandemic and the water. remember the people washed off a rock? steve: what's going on? brian: everyone is being held hostage to me so it's my job to tuesday janis. i can wait as long as i can. janis, you will take it from me if i don't toss from you, will won't you? janice: i. thank you, brian. we have frontal boundary and along the frontal boundary across the central u.s. that's where we are seeing stronger storms. hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes. it looks like we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for parts of oklahoma. and you can see where we have the potential for those stronger storms stretching from parts of the interior northeast back through the midwest. and the central plains today. other big story it's the heat. it's summertime, right? but with the humidity, it's going to feel owe perspective. sphicial across areas of the mississippi river valley and air mass move east yard across the east coast bringing those humidity levels up and temperatures are also going to
4:49 am
be hot. things are going to be oppressive the next couple of days. just take all of the precautions. jed, brian, and steve, back to you, my friends. jedediah: thanks so much, janis. i need a pool. [laughter] all right. a record number of g.o.p. women are running for congress this year. one of them is hoping to turn a texas seat red and she joins us next. don't miss it. ♪ ♪ let's get loud ♪ let's get loud ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the open road is open again. and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. book direct
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jedediah: republican women running for congress in record numbers. at least 227 have filed to run for the house. that's almost double what we saw in 2018. and it shatters the previous record of 1335 decade ago. genevieve collins is running for the 32nd congressional district in texas and hopes to take the seat from inwomen dent democrat. she joins us now. genevieve welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. glad to be here representing dallas really well. jedediah: so talk a little bit about this surge in g.o.p. women running for congress? why is that happening?
4:54 am
>> >> well, i think women are doing so much right now. women are running businesses. we are running families. we are running board rooms and courtrooms and hospitals. and, yet, we are not running our politics? you know, 1957 my grandmother was the first woman that ever ran for office in dallas, texas. she was the first woman ever elected to city council. i think it's time that women are owning our voice and stepping up because we are capable of doing so much. jedediah: genevieve take a look at the current balance in the house we have a chart to pull up 88 women. 13 female g.o.p. 197 total. so even though republican women are making strides and great strides they are still lagging behind democratic women in terms of representation. why do you think that is? >> well, we haven't stood up loud and talked loud enough yet. i think it's important that women, republican women especially talk about issues
4:55 am
that matter to us like the economy. like education, like national security. it's time that we really start talking much loudly and really banging the drum for republican women's perspectives and voices to be heard loud and proud in washington, d.c. and across our nation. jedediah: you know, one important thing to note about you is you are a business woman. you have a background in corporate strategy with, i believe, an education technology firm. our president has a background in business. is that important for an elected representative? >> i think absolutely. that's one of the fundamental reasons that i'm running for congress. i believe we need less government in business but we need more business in government. you know, people that come from a business background know how to create jobs. know how to balance a budgets and know how to forecast growth. these are important qualities, especially coming out of the economic crisis that we need. in the government and we need at the top of the picket.
4:56 am
jedediah: well, genevieve collins thank you so much for being here. we appreciate your voice as always. it's important to note that you face three opponents in november democratic incumbent, and kristin mowery and independent jason simon. we reached out to all three to invite them on the show. we did not hear back from mowery and zigman. maybe we will in the future. if so we would love to have them on. genevieve collins great information there absolutely. coming up, lara logan and louisiana congressman and biden campaign co-chair cedric richmond. lots to share. stick around.
4:57 am
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no you were talking about allstate and... i just... when i... accident forgiveness from allstate. click or call for a quote today. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live from new york city, you're looking at the empire state building, oh, yes, kind of a gray day in new york city. currently 72-degrees and we are doing for high in the 80's. good morning, everybody, hour 3 of "fox & friends" and brian, thank you very much for not showing off the ratchet set, the great assembled outside of building. brian: i'm noticing, i'm doing this thing about being upset about traffic thing. little by little i got a little spoiled with the vacancy but i get the sense that people are beginning to come back to work in july.
5:01 am
>> yeah, absolutely. thank you, guys, for having me on today filling in for ainsley. i don't cause enough trouble on weekends so i come on weekdays, hope you don't mind. steve: we are starting this hour with "fox & friends" alert because the police department is searching for that man, he's running off. seen reportedly attacking police officers on the brooklyn bridge yesterday. the protestor clubbed cops with cane while reaching over railing. brian: chief terance left bloody and also broken finger. >> he's one of several officer who is were injured in the attacks, 37 protestors were arrested and police are warning demonstrators curve the violence. >> arrest of charge of
5:02 am
disorderly conduct. you may be charged with additional crimes. since you have refused to leave the roadway -- >> quite a scene. griff jenkins live in washington as the president vows to back men and women in blue. griff: that video you're showing of new york just perhaps the last season, latest reason that the president says he will announce new federal law enforcement initiative next week focused on the violence firing out of control in cities across the country. that doesn't mean executive order is coming or some sort of temporary intervention, one thing that's clear, that's the message. >> the left-wing group of people that are running our cities are not doing the job that they are supposed to be doing. we are doing great job in portland. portland was very rough and they called us in and we did a great job. we have other cities that are out of control. they are like war zones. griff: national association of
5:03 am
police organizations endorses president trump writing in a statement, our endorsement recognizes your steadfast and very public support for our men and women on the front lines especially during this time of unfair an inaccurate program being directed to our members by so many, key endorsement by law enforcement. they supported obama and biden in 2008, in 2012, in 2016 they did not endorse and now endorsing trump and the organization president calling out biden for not ordering board as monday. nypd seeking assistance in identifying that suspect seen in the video attacking the cops with a cane on brooklyn bridge. the injured, top uniform top, chief terance left bloody with broken finger. de blasio condemns violence but signs police reform bill that does not sit well with the thin
5:04 am
blue line. as we can expect from president trump next week, we don't know. he didn't two into detail when asked he might take over cities to deal with spiraling violence. remember, two weeks ago, guys, he deployed rapid deployment teams to protect federal property so it'll be interesting to see what comes, steve, brian. steve: regarding the protecting the property, what he did was he made it very clear if this happens on federal land, you will be charged federally. so look for some sort of federal charges or threat of that if you do something, we just don't know what it is, but the other big part right there that griff was talking about was the fact that, you know, joe biden and barack obama got the -- got the endorsement the national association of police organizations in 2011 and 2016. they sat out and so it's a big
5:05 am
veal for nepo not to be in biden camp but the trump camp and yesterday before twitter account got locked down the president thanked them, thank you to national association to police organizations and their close to quarter million brave law enforcement members for a full and pleat endorsement. i will always back the men and women in blue and will never let you down, law and order will prevail. so brian, he's making it very clear where he stands, but at the same time joe biden who would like to have had that, you know, because usually union endorsement goes to the democrats and, you know, it's a huge endorsement for trump because not many conservatives get those. joe is walking a fine line between police and protestors but it's clear who is on whose side. brian: portland, seattle, chicago, philadelphia, new york, civil unrest in the inner city, not a democrat has spoken out about it.
5:06 am
local democrats in new york i've seen it lately, we interviewed at 6:15 eastern time this morning. it leaves the police no choice but to say there's one person whose empathizing and taking action, it's the republicans specifically the president, something he ran on, something he's always been with. here is mika -- mick mccale. what was his decision to not sit out but support president trump. >> as a result of the outcome of today's endorsement process, we proudly endorse president trump. president trump addressed the board on monday, the same opportunity was given to vice president biden and as to why the actual participation did not occur i would defer you to the
5:07 am
vice president and/or the leadership of his campaign. brian: so this is significant. gives a signal to police active, retired, families of to say, i'm really concerned about my loved one going to work and not coming back or leaving the academy or not getting into the academy because law enforcement is needed in our society. are they going to be respected depending on what's coming from washington. very interesting to me was kimberley strassel's comments last night from the wall street journal, this endorsement braces broader prospect whether the white house can get other unions supporting them, republicans, for the first time in decades because the president does have a very diverse background when it comes to conservative republicans and unions. he's never been an enemy. you can't function in new york if you can't interact with unions and the president has more than functioned in new york. >> yeah, it's a crazy time for joe biden to just be completely absentee making quite a
5:08 am
statement there especially since a lot of cities around the country you had local political leadership just vanished. it's insane what's going on, autonomous zones, it's really crazy right now what's going on. you have police coming out and saying, listen, there's a defund the police movement, police no longer feel that they can put on the uniform and do their job effectively because they don't have the support of the local political establishments in those communities and police are speaking out, we spoke to a police panel on the need for law enforcement and the need for them to have support, listen to what they had to say. >> national organization is part of the cure, the disease is crime at rise. we need to cure the quell of the disease. do you live in pg13 area or area that's rated r. this is insane. we have the insane running the
5:09 am
asylum. we need to bring law and order by peaceful means. >> you're still putting lives on the line to make sure communities are safe. we need to get behind officers and we need real leaders that are going to stand behind us and we need to start going in the right direction because new york city has gone the complete opposite way. >> yeah, and, you know, in an earlier clip we played, president trump referred to some of the areas as war zones, that is exactly what's going on. if you look at what happened in manhattan, i don't know if anybody remembers, pregiuliani new york city, it was scary, a place where crime was very high, you were afraid to go into certain sections of manhattan . giuliani came in and so many areas got cleaned up and now we are seeing regression that's very scary, you will have people fleeing the cities, you will have businesses fleeing the cities because you cannot set up a business because you have law enforcement afraid to do their jobs and political leaders that are afraid to back up law enforcement, that's a very,
5:10 am
scary scenarios and not just in new york but places around the country. steve: that's right, the president mentioned seattle and minneapolis when talking about lawlessness. it all started in the summer with police involved killing of george floyd and that's when the protests started, but then as we saw across the country the peaceful protests turned out to be not so peaceful because there were certain bad actors who hi jacked -- hijacked the protests. look, there's a big difference and as we look at some of the video playing out in portland where apparently protestors have started their own autonomous zone and the mayor is allowing it, mark morgan said, look, these are not protestors we are talking about who are the trouble makers, they are criminals when they break the
5:11 am
law. >> these are not protestors, these are criminals, these are individuals that are planning, organizing with premeditation to destroy federal property and harm federal officers and agents. they are coming every single night for the past 2 weeks armed with weapons, with rocks, with hammers, they are putting nails and plywood. we should all be united. this is not acceptable. this president -- two important things, he stands for law and order to protect american citizens of this country and this is what i can say for a fact, he loves and respects and honor it is men and women of law enforcement. steve: brian and jen, we should be united where we say you can't hit the cops, you can't hurt the cops. mayor de blasio after the attack yesterday has been silent. it would be interesting, though, to hear from governor cuomo because yesterday the new york
5:12 am
state troopers association asked to be pulled from the streets of new york city because after bill di blasio signed the legislation that made it much tougher for cops to do their jobs, the troopers said, we don't want to work in new york city because we could be held loyal for things that we would not be held liable, brian, for in any other part of the state except new york. >> by the way, the new york state troopers are on the train. they are on the train every day. i don't remember seeing them before the pandemic hit. the big story in sports is it's starting again, mls is playing and triple a of soccer, into the bubble nba players and baseball is one week away from starting and the other question is college football. what are the chances of big-time college football, major conferences going away in ivy league, no sports in the fall, patriot league in sports, are they going to play just
5:13 am
conference games? the defending national champs lsu, their coach on neil cavuto and coach joe said we have to find a way to play. watch. >> safety of young men is first but rer we are -- we are ready, i think the kids need to get back to school and get in the right track, we have a saying we don't blink, whatever the situation in hand is we have to be able to master it and focus on having great season. brian what kind of message is it? pandemic hit, something could happen so we quit instead of finding a way to have teams to sanitize locker room quickly, find a way, quick reaction team should one of the players or equipment managers become infected, what about the oppose
5:14 am
ing teams? acc will decide by july, let's see about the scc and everything else. we need to send football. it would send great messages in america we find ways to get things done. >> we need to see football and also we need to see jillian mele because she has headlines. jillian: let's begin with fox news alert, second federal execution could happen within hours, supreme court clearing cg the way for wesley to die of lethal infection in indiana prison. justices overturning lower court ruling that he was mentally unfit to be executed. convicted of kidnapping and murdering a teenage girl in 1998. the lawyers claim he has dementia and doesn't understand why she's being executed. today funeral for two fallen police officers in mcallen, texas, officers garza and ismael
5:15 am
chávez shot and killed while responding to domestic disturbance last week. public viewing to mourn the falling officers add to go growing memorial outside of the police station. fellow officers stood guard over caskets, chávez served on the force for 2 years. coronavirus deaths now topping 137,000 in the u.s. as cases near 3.5 million, the most of any country. the cdc reported nearly 61,000 new cases just yesterday in the u.s. nearly half of those coming from just 3 states, florida, arizona and texas. meanwhile in georgia the governor is banning cities and counties from requiring face coverings, instead he's simply encouraging it. also ditching the mask dr. anthony fauci, look at this, for the cover of in-style magazine. infectious disease expert wearing sun glasses for a
5:16 am
profile for the coronavirus pandemic. interesting. fox news alert, live look at international space station, astronauts are replacing batteries on the iss, they will finish the battery slot and after that they will set up tranquility module, environmental and life-support system. guys, what do you think of anthony fauci? brian: find out what's in style. steve: it's on digital version. it's free. you can have it. jillian, meanwhile 8:16 new polls think that secret trump voters, people who don't tell pollsters they are for the president could be the difference in key battleground state is. is biden campaign worried?
5:17 am
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brian: president trump getting key endorsement from law enforcement, national association of police organizations bit of a surprise, full support despite backing obama-biden ticket twice. their chief claiming biden passed up the chance to address their board.
5:22 am
here to weigh in democratic congressman cedric richmond, cochair of joe biden's campaign. appreciate you getting up early for us this morning. what's your reaction to them jumping ships, changing teams? >> well, look, they took a position, it's not with vice president biden but i think that vice president biden is not one of those people who makes my call decisions based on support. i think that vice president biden is very consistent, he's authentic and genuine and he's not a hypocrite and when he came out for police reform genuine police reform to make our streets safe and make community policing better, i think he knew that this was a risk but he was not going to let politics get in front of his core beliefs, so he's a statesman in that respect that he cares about the next generation as opposed to a politician who cares about the next election. brian: congressman, i think the
5:23 am
vice president went out of his way saying i'm not for defunding the police and i think that appreciate that i imagine but i haven't seen them come out and stay that autonomous zone can't stand, if it happens in portland it's wrong, the shooting in chicago, up 186% in new york, why hasn't the vice president weighed in on that or tell me where he stood on that? >> the president has weighed in crime in the cities, if you look at criminal justice reform plan, better yet look at his economic plan or lift every voice plan -- brian: what about reacting to the news? what about reacting to the news and that's what we are seeing now? >> well, you're talking about seattle and any of those things, i think when he talks about peaceful protestors and anything that is not peaceful, that covers all of those zone that is you're talking about and talks about those people who are infiltrating peaceful marchs with violence and destruction.
5:24 am
they are not a part of the solution and i think she's spoken to it. brian: okay, i didn't hear that. do you think the vice president will have more frequent press conferences where he actually answers questions. i know 2 weeks ago he did. do you think that's part of your game plan? >> cedric: look, the vice president likes to mix it up and like waiting to touch people and show people his heart and that's why i believe he's winning in the polls is because people can see. so, yes, he will take questions and he will do all of those things as soon as it's safe to do it, but he did it two weeks ago, and he will continue to do it on the campaign. brian: steams like the president thinks it's safe to do so. >> cedric: a lot of things that the president thinks that are just absolutely not true. he didn't think that wearing masks was essential to the coronavirus, stopping the coronavirus spread, he thought it would magically go away. he thought that you could inject
5:25 am
disinfectant to help it. i won't go down that road but i will say that i think there are a lot of things that the -- the current president does that is not safe, accurate or true. brian: in about four major polls, joe biden is leading the president and some in double digits, do you believe that he is winning by that amount? do you believe the poll that is you're up by that much? >> i do believe the polls and i know that there's concern and there's talk of secret trump voters. i just want to tell you, i'm from louisiana. there's nothing i need to learn about secret voters. we had david duke on the ballot running for governor of the state of louisiana, he was polling at one number and he came in at a higher number because people didn't want to tell a live pollster that they were for the guy with bad character and the klansman and what we saw in the 2016 that the touch stone polls were accurate
5:26 am
because people didn't want to be judged, and so we are doing it, the polling and several different methods and i don't believe there's secret trump voters out there, and by the way, if they were and the polls were exactly wrong, the same percent they were with clinton, biden would still lead because the lead is that big. brian: it could be. i know that you're saying the president and david duke attract the same voters and you're using that as an example, right? >> i'm using it as an example as secret voters and people who will vote for somebody who may not have great character and who may be questionable in character column. brian: i think it's more the reaction of people in a polarized america, people say i don't really want to deal with putting a bumper sticker who doesn't want to vote for the candidate react negatively, it just doesn't seem to pay off especially when voting is supposed to be secret anyway, so you don't buy into that with these polls revealed that most trump voters feel as most people
5:27 am
in pennsylvania and others feel as though they are secret trump voters where only 5% say there are secret biden voters. you don't buy into that? >> no, actually, i don't. i think that the pressure and the atmosphere of the republican party these days, there are probably more secret biden voters because republicans are scared to stand up to this president and i think that they don't want to be isolated, they don't want to be picked on and bullied if they're not with this president just like congressman and senators are afraid to step up because as soon as they do, they get smacked down on twitter, so i think that there are a bunch of people and any time you're fighting a bully, once a bully gets into a real fight, everybody comes out to score lit because they are tired of being bully and i think that that's how some republicans feel about their party right now. brian: right, i didn't know that you were speaking for republicans but -- you knew their mind set because he has
5:28 am
92% of republican support and i don't think mitt romney has any problem letting everybody know where he stands with the governor of maryland for that matter. meanwhile -- >> just came out for vice president biden. so, look, and i -- brian: was she intimidated to do do so? >> but she did. a bunch of people who will follow her, but not say it because they don't want to be isolated or bullied. brian: right, okay. the most politicians on both sides of the aisle are intrigued by the possibility of who the vice president will pick as his vice president. where could you tell me you're at the process, word in one week he'll be down to finalists and if so how many make the final cut? >> i'm not sure how many make the final cut and the truth is that vice president biden is probably the best to know what a vice president should be. he foes down in history as being one of the best and he knows what he's looking for but he won't be pushed by a time frame.
5:29 am
he's narrowing the field and i think time frame could be very correct in terms of next week, vice president biden getting to a point where it's a narrow field and taking a deeper dive. brian: right, do you believe the vice president will be willing to debate at least 3 times with the president of the united states? >> look, he has reached 3 debates, i think he looks forward debating donald trump. it's people like me that just wish that they would have a fact-checker at the bottom of the screen while the debate is going on so every time donald trump makes up something or any time vice president biden gets something wrong, that it's right there at the bottom of the screen. look, i'm not being partisan, we have a president who has lied over 17,000 times since being in office and i think that debating the guy who doesn't value the truth is a hard proposition for
5:30 am
vice president that's looking for. brian: i don't know where you got the number but i know it sounds good. always good to have you. the los angeles teachers union laying out demands for opening up schools but more concerned with kids safety or are they concerned with more can kids safety or are they playing politics? we will discuss next.
5:31 am
5:32 am
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5:34 am
steve: you probably heard of ride sharing but now there's boat sharing, latest trends at sail giving you the luxury of a boat without the hassle. grady trimmel, you're on a boat. >> yeah, we are, steve, beautiful day to be on the water. a lot of people are looking for beautiful things to do in their area because they can't really travel right now and boating has become hugely popular. sales of jet skis and outdoor engine boats are out drastically, the highest they've been in a decade but another option that you mentioned is boat sharing, it's just like ride sharing but you pay a monthly fee and for 3 or 7 days that month, you get a boat like this one that would ordinarily
5:35 am
cost $375,000, so if you don't have that lying around you this as an option. bob is the coo of this company sale time and you, guys, are doing incredible numbers right now in terms of new membership. >> absolutely, we are seeing a real surge here. we are up 200% plus year over year from last year and that was in june and even may has been up 175% and we are on track right now in july to even break that. >> and, steve, they say the best day to be a boat owner is the day you get your boat, the worst day is -- sorry, the other -- second best day is the day you sell it, you get all of the days in between luxury without having to deal with any of the main attendance or the hassle, steve. steve: that's a great idea. grady tremble, thank you. let's go to jed. jededia: thanks, steve, los angeles unified school district moving to begin the school year this fall with online learning but the powerful la teachers
5:36 am
union publishing a lengthy list of demands for reopening schools. many seemingly unrelated to covid-19 like defunding the police and banning charter schools. is the union playing politics with the pandemic? let's ask the heritage foundation center for education policy director lindsey burke. lindsey, i'm trying to figure out what the demands have to do with ensuring child safety during pandemic? am i missing something? >> no, you're not, jededia. this is another example of unions putting politics ahead of what's the best interest of children. they are using this moment right now to try to fulfill a liberal wish list and using this question of school reopening as a bargaining tip during the pandemic and so it's really clear this is not about the health and safety and the school reopening question, this is about advancing a radical agenda
5:37 am
that includes everything from eliminating charter schools and raising taxes to medicare for all and defunding the police. we should not be defunding the police, if anything we should be defunding the teachers unions to provide some real accountability to families. >> you mentioned defunding the police, la teachers union have called for that and we have a quote from them, let's take a look at it. police violence is leading cause of death and trauma for black people and is a serious public health and moral issue. we must shift the astronomical amount of money to policing to other essential such as housing and public health, your reaction? >> the whole defunding the police came accountability, if we think about how unions have blocked accountability in school districts for years, and look no further than los angeles itself where this report was just released. only 18%, 18% of eighth grade
5:38 am
students in los angeles can read proficiently. at the very least it should catalyze for school choice for families. jededia: i can talk about broken educational system all day, that's all the time we have. thanks for your input as always. >> thank you. jededia: nypd officers attacked during what was supposed to be peaceful protests, lara logan has seen unrest around the world and she's here to compare the chaos around coming up next we're always here to help with fast response and great service and it doesn't stop there we're also here to help look ahead that's why we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so you can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most
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steve: this is a fox news alert and the weekly jobless claims number came out just a couple of minutes ago, 1.3 million people filed for first-time unemployment, that last week, it's a little higher than
5:43 am
predicted. more than 51 million people have filed for unemployment since the pandemic began. meanwhile bit of good news, retail sales increased 7.5% in the month of june, brian. brian: all right, meanwhile 32 million overall. we have been telling you about attacks on police officers on the rise especially in new york city where four police officers were attacked by protestors, our next guest reported from around the world getting firsthand look at unrest in other countries, how does this compare? let's bring in fox nation's own lara logan, lara, when you see what happened especially yesterday, what you see what is happening portland for 43 straight days, does this remind you of anything that you have seen in america? >> lara: there's a term, brian, these days that have been going around for the last years the color revolution where, you know, this is really a standard term for techniques to overthrow a government regime change pretty much is what is known as and those are the kind of tactic
5:44 am
s that you see at the moment because it brings civil society organizations that supposedly, you know, are functioning only in the name of social justice and other causes but maybe have another agenda as well which is to overthrow a government and certainly from speaking to people who did this for a living for the u.s. government, people who have been involved in this for a very long they see similar tactics. when you see acab written all over, that kind of graffiti that's written all over monuments and all over walls and downtown areas where there have been riots, the letters mean something. all cops are bastards. that's what it means, all cops are bastards, black cops, asian cops, call them whatever you want. it means all cops and that's why there's an element of what's been going on in the last few weeks that many law enforcement professionals, policemen, counterterrorism officials, national security officials,
5:45 am
they see very clearly that this element that inserts itself in peaceful protests and turn them into riots. they are paid professional agitators whose agenda is to see the elimination of the police, the elimination of prison systems all of these things. another thing that you see is only god cops are dead cops. i asked antifa activists in rally in seattle not too long ago, what does that mean and they said, they were harassing an african-american policeman at the time and i said but what why are you going after him, they said, no, all cops are bastards. they all have to die. when you break it down it's not racial justice, it is for a lot of people but not for the people who have been burning, you know, cities to the ground and using the same tactics in every single city and beating policemen with sticks, of course, there's a criminal element but there's a
5:46 am
very organized element as well and that's similar to what i have seen abroad. jededia: lara, i want to shift to the topic of media bias. when you look at coverage of that, however, on cable news networks, you see cnn, zero seconds, msnbc, zero seconds. are you surprised at all? >> lara: these networks are still allowing guests to go on their air and suggest that the president of the united states is a russian asset working for vladimir putin in spite of, you know, millions and millions of dollars spent so am i u -- i surprised, no, not surprised one bit because it's consistent as what has happened in organizations. they are no longer reporting both side, there's not even an amendment to report.
5:47 am
it's depressing and also it's a little bit disturbing because what i've always within concerned about the self-censorship that takes place in environments. what's the advantage of going against the grain, they self-censor. steve: lara logan covers it all, thank you very much for joining us today. okay, that's where she would normally say -- brian: she will later. steve: indeed. nascar goes under the lights in bristol motor speedway, reporter will break down the highlights coming up next
5:48 am
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5:52 am
fall. pediatric infectious disease specialist will be our guest this morning. he's making the case that kids can absolutely return to the classrooms safely. his take coming up. join us live from america's news room as we begin a brand-new hour. steve: all right. meanwhile nascar nation, you're all-star race winner is? >> he cut us down by a tenth but not enough. >> there you go. >> chase elliot. >> super proud of you, guys. [cheers and applause] steve: chase elliot capturing the checkered flag for his first all-star race win and the million dollar prize. the race out of the bristol motor speedway aired right here on fox last night. i should say fox broadcast. fox nascar pit reporter matt was there to watch it all. matt, this was such a season, it
5:53 am
was shorter but it was thrilling and, you know, forget about the fact that there weren't as many people in the stands, last night there were a lot of people follow -- in the stands. matt: good morning, steve, no ratchet sets were used. [laughter] matt: great to see 20,000 fans in attendance. boy, they were not disappoint. you mentioned chase elliot, the second father-son combo to win the all-star race and first time in 3 and a half decades it moved from the charlotte, north carolina area. the fans were on their feet. it seemed like a hundred thousand because we were so glad to have them back and to not only see them but hear them especially when i was doing chase's victory interview on the front stretch. and what a way to really close out our 20 season on fox. we pretty much a saw it all this year. steve: no kidding. everybody has been thrown a
5:54 am
curve ball this year. we are in the news business. you're in the sports business and never in a million years probably did anybody ever think, you know, we are going to somehow be locked down, unable to do anything and then you realize, hey, maybe question do something but we got to change everything. matt: well, you know, i was driving home from bristol last night. it kind of hit me, the scene with apollo 13, this would be the final hour, i felt like 2020 was the finest hour from fox sports, our bosses sat down without a manual, how do we bring major live sporting series back to television and the protocols that he and nascar put forth before and during the event to keep everyone safe and then, okay, how can we utilize the resources that we have, we have mixed new toys with great drone shots to be utilized throughout the year and our team
5:55 am
felt like really shined this year. i was really proud and i think it's great when you see other sporting and entertainment venues going to nascar, how did you guys do it and how did you guys make it safe to bring nascar back to the masses. steve: they are doing it to golf. golf has been interesting. it's been a challenge for you too, matt, because you're the one guy on pit row. matt: it certainly has been an interesting year. you're wearing all of the safety gear, your mask, you're social distancing and you're used to being, 2 feet from your interviewer, your interviewee and you're 6 feet apart and you're yelling and we have mics, that all goes back working without a manual and everybody coming together and compiling all their different ideas to say, okay, how can we produce this event, produce it at the quality that we are used to and i'm proud of how we pulled it
5:56 am
off this year. steve: fox sports did a great job and so did you. matt, i hope you can sleep over the weekend because you guys have been very sleepy. matt: thanks, have a great weekend. steve: matt yocum. more "fox & friends" a couple of minutes away. we will be right back. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ walk to end alzheimer's alzheis everywhere.tion all of us are raising funds for one goal: a world without alzheimer's and all other dementia. because this disease isn't waiting, neither are you.
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and they're actually pulling out the minerals from the enamel. i like to recommend pronamel to my patients. pronamel will help push the minerals back into the enamel, to keep the enamel strong. i know it works. and i hear nothing but great things from my patients that have switched to it. >> according to reports, that's
6:00 am
the empire state building. jedediah, he did a great job this weekend, katie publishing tomorrow and steve, we have to urge people to set their dvrs and find out how to do it, the instructions are often included. >> user ratchet set when you set your dvr. >> i'm not sure you need that but have it handy. >> sandra: fox news alert, president trump with an intervention to deal with the surging violence in cities across america. several officers coming under attack here in new york city when a protest in terms of violence. good morning everyone, i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts in washington today. i'm up demonstration on brooklyn bridge trend likely leaving for officers injured including the chief of the department terrence monahan. the nypd now asking for help to identify suspects and police release new video of one person running from the scene meanwhile


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