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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  July 16, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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have everything. thank you so much. thank you for joining us, everybody. i'm dana perino. i'm going to see you at 5:00, but now we are going to turn it over to bill hemmer. i'm really looking forward to your interview with secretary pompeo. >> bill: thank you. see you at 5:00, dana. have a great day. thank you. i'm bill hemmer. good afternoon, everyone. ramping up the pressure on china. one of them, secretary of state mike pompeo, just wrapping up his speech on human rights. i will talk to him about that and a lot more. also, bill barr warning companies about working with china. >> china's rulers, it isn't the trade with the united states. it is to raid of the united states. if you are an american business leader, appeasing the prc may bring short-term rewards, but in the end, their goal is to
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replace -- be to sanctions, the treatment of those on the hong kong. they have threatened a firm response. secretary of state mike pompeo was with me now. good afternoon to you, and thank you for your time being here today. >> secretary pompeo: thank you, bill. thanks for having me on your show. >> bill: you just launched a commission on on any level rights. why is this necessary? >> secretary pompeo: well, you were just talking about china. the rights that we have, the declaration of independence, forest. central to american foreign policy. we have to get that right. we have this deep tradition. it is under attack. you see it with people who just hate america. we have to go back to our central understanding of why life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that our founders laid out, pushing back against authoritarian regimes like china. we have to get it right here at home first. >> bill: human rights advocacy
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has lost its bearings and become more of an industry than a moral compass. what does that mean? >> secretary pompeo: yeah. i think that's right. the commission to reground america. we have this rich tradition. people know it, bill. they know it in their hearts. this idea, these rights that are given she was by god. the government was designed to secure them, and we need to remind ourselves of that. those unalienable rights, and all those o other things. when we stray from it, when we demand that other nations stop the horrible growth human rights violations. >> bill: you point out in the piece, eleanor roosevelt started this in 1947. what has changed? >> secretary pompeo: you know, in some ways, we are just going back to those first principles, but what has changed is a phrase that lincoln had, which is the artillery time has diminished
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our ability to think about this and remind ourselves about how central this is to who we are as americans. we are an exceptional nation. we need to secure those freedoms for all of those people. we conduct an effective foreign policy. president trump has demonstrated that time and time again. >> bill: i have a laundry list of things. how long have you thought this way? >> secretary pompeo: a long time, bill. since i was a young soldier, a cut out, too many years ago. i have always been thinking about how it is that we protect those freedoms that are essential to our americanness as a unique and exceptional nation. when i became the secretary of state, i thought that our department was not thinking about this in a way that was consistent, and i wanted to reground ourselves and these important understandings about those unalienable rights. >> bill: let's go to it now. china, you said yesterday, that the world will hold china
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accountable. how? >> secretary pompeo: i can see it happening already. i can see nations who are doing business in china who are rethinking how to do that. if you are buying products that are a result of slave labor that is happening in the western part of china. if you are a country that has been to th bent the knee, i cane countries reasserting their claims, their sovereignty. and of course president trump has done that here too. this isn't partisan, bill. we have had an ministrations that just looks the other way and let china trample s. president trump said no more. we will have fair trade relationships. the chinese communist party will treat us the same way that we do. he is going to demand that it happens. and of course now too, we have seen the virus. it started in wuhan, china.
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trillions and trillions of dollars, and i believe the world is going to unite to hold the chinese communist party accountable when they could have prevented so much of this tragedy. >> bill: name a few countries who already have. >> secretary pompeo: the europeans, you saw the united kingdom yesterday, not going to allow chinese technology in their system. the australians, the japanese have applauded the decision that we made about the south china sea. not only in southeast china, but they have, more broadly to understand the threat that the chinese communist party represents. they slept on this too long, and i think they're coming to a joint conclusion that it is time for the world to make sure that we get this right for democracy and freedom loving people around the world, it is imperative that we push back against the challenges that the chinese communist party presented to us all. >> bill: there could be banned for a u.s. party members and their family. will you confirm that?
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>> secretary pompeo: bill, we are working our way through under the president's guidance. thinking about pushing back against the chinese communist party. we see it in the economic activity. >> bill: so, is the travel ban possible, then? >> secretary pompeo: we are looking into the right way to think about this. we want to make sure we do it in a way that reflects american traditions. there are lots of ideas that are under review. >> bill: this is one of them. >> secretary pompeo: bill, i don't comment on things that we are working on. i prefer to let that teamwork, and when we are prepared to presented, we will let him make the ultimate decision. >> bill: we had a scientist on the other day from hong kong. she said she fears for her life. she claims that human to human transition occurred three weeks before the chinese cop to it. is she right on that? >> secretary pompeo: i didn't see her remarks, but they were
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aware of human to human transition before they share this with the world, and that the world health organization itself was co-opted into the same effort to deny the wealth of knowledge needed to respond to this threat from the virus that emanated from wuhan, china. >> bill: you mentioned the u.k. a moment ago. with regard to russia, london is taking action. they believe the intelligence services out of moscow i have conducted vaccine cyber attacks. there are some suggestions they have done the same against us here in the u.s. how's moscow harmed our ability or intercepted our ability to develop an effective vaccine? >> secretary pompeo: i think your institutions are quite capable of moving on this project. i don't want to talk about the particular subject, but i commented weeks ago about chinese activity to do the same, to steal the intellectual property from companies that are investing in enormous resources and trying to find a vaccine to
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save hundreds of millions of lives. i regret that other countries, instead of working on the project and using their best minds, are trying to steal it from western democracies who are making real progress. >> bill: just to be clear, have these russian intelligence services, have they been successful? >> secretary pompeo: i don't want to comment on the intelligence, bill. >> bill: all right, we will leave that there. you have been asked a lot -- what has been happening the last two weeks? i know you will not tell us who it is, and i won't even ask that. can you give us a suggestion today as to what your theory is as to why this is happening? >> secretary pompeo: no, bill. i don't want to speculate. we will let our intelligence teams do their work and come to their conclusions. with respect to iran, how this all came to be, very clear policy under president trump.
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we are not going to provide resources for iran to be the largest sponsor of terror. they will conclude that they want to be a normal nation. he has tasked them to do this, and we are working diligently to achieve that. >> bill: how far back is that program set? >> secretary pompeo: the iranian nuclear weapons program goes back many, many years. it extended through at least 2003, and their nuclear program, courts, enriching uranium, continues to this day. >> bill: but with the fires, has that put that program back on its heels? would you characterize it that way? >> secretary pompeo: i don't know the answer to that, bill. >> secretary pompeo: to more questions. north korea, you saw that there were no plans for a summit before the election. has pyongyang suggested that they want to talk again? >> secretary pompeo: there are
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questions that take place. we don't talk about them publicly very often. what i said was we are not going to have a summit. we are not going to bring chairman kim and president trump together unless there is something that we can accomplish. if that was the case, if we got to a place where we could make a significant step along the way of denuclearizing north korea, find a way to bring the leaders together, but we have a matter of months between now and the election, and i have not seen evidence yet that we can. i hope i'm wrong. i hope we get the chance to do that, but i don't expect that we will. >> bill: there is an election in 110 days. there has been a call to bring more troops home from overseas. germany as well. talking about south korea. how would you explain the trump doctrine to millions of americans less than four months away from the election? >> secretary pompeo: that's a little tricky, but i can say this much. it begins with a deep
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understanding that our first obligation is to protect americans. so whether that is afghanistan or syria or other places where we are engaged with important american interest, we can ask others to assist, still protect americans and reduce the risk to young men and women who are being put in harm's way to help us fight conflicts, we are going to do that, so afghanistan is a good example. we are well on our way to achieving a significant reduction of troops in afghanistan, and we are hoping that we will get the peace and reconciliation negotiations going in the next handful of weeks. we will have our young boys and girls all home, and we will secure security for the american homeland as well. this has been president trump's mission. the way that he thinks about keeping america safe. >> bill: i thank you for your time today, and sir, i think you come back. we appreciate you from philadelphia today. at mr. secretary, mike pompeo.
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thank you. >> secretary pompeo: thank you, bill. >> bill: here in new york, the police department taking arrests after a high-ranking officer and others were injured. geraldo is back, and we will talk to him. endorsing president obama and joe biden twice. the dnc communications director response to you about life, and the shake-up in the trump campaign as we get new polling. a bret baier is here for that. i am in so much debt. sixty-two thousand seven hundred and ten dollars and thirty-one cents. sofi allowed me to refinance all of my loans to one low interest rate and an affordable monthly payment. and i just feel like there's an end in sight now and that my debt doesn't define me anymore. ♪ sofi is helping me get my money right. ♪
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>> bill: we are waiting for president trump to speak about his efforts to roll back federal regulations which he said will boost your jobs in america. his first public remarks once the new weekly unemployment claims, and since the top of his reelection campaign. brad parscale is out as campaign manager. he will stay on to lead the digital strategy, which is what he has been doing for about five years now. taking over the leading role. we want to bring in bret baier. how are you doing? good day and good afternoon. a couple things here. difference of 11. real clear average has about eight to nine points. 110 days outcome you just have a conversation with secretary pompeo. what do you think the campaign is at now? >> i think that campaign is that they are trailing.
12:17 pm
i don't think they are trailing by that much. have we have seen in recent polls, there are a couple other that have it three to five points. i think ours was at eight to nine. let's just say it is somewhere in between there, but they know that they have some work to do. a change at the top. he was the field director in 2016, former senior aide to governor chris christie of new jersey. has a lot of respect in the trump world. he takes over. i think listening to secretary pompeo, this is how the trump campaign looks at it. they have a lot of plans in the air that they have to land before election day, and if they do, they have a lot of good things that potentially can happen. one, therapeutic, not vaccine, but therapeutic that gets the business community to feel good about where the coronavirus is heading, and obviously, the hospitalizations come down. you heard mike pompeo said get the troops home, get a peace deal through. pressure on china to draw a
12:18 pm
contrast between all the trump administration handles china and help barack obama and joe biden handle china. and i think four is a big thought about these demands and how they're going to go president trump feels confident about that. >> bill: i really like that analysis. very interesting. we will see the president later this hour, talking about rolling back regulations. he touched down at the airport, never left the airport. holding an event there, coming back home. that is what we call covid times. the regulation is something that this wa white house has tried to drive home. >> totally. when you saw him in the rose garden, yes, it is rare, but he is using that moment to draw a contrast. and one of the biggest contrasts is regulation. for business people, you listen to the obama-biden regulation for years and felt constraints.
12:19 pm
at the beginning of the trump administration, they were unleashed to do business, not only in regulation. so they are trying to get back to that in the middle of covid times when the economy has not bounced back. >> bill: you see "the wall street journal" earlier today. trump's virus and on message. the spout down the perception of dysfunction. this is interesting. the president talk to anthony fauci yesterday. what is your sense about how they view that relationship, and how important is it to have or not to have won so many millions of americans look at anthony fauci? >> this is how different this was. usually this president holds this ground and protects his people who say at some saying is that he doesn't mind the inner fighting. this was in her fighting that had no political benefit, and in
12:20 pm
fact, it had political detriment. as fast as they wrapped it up in the vice president tweeted out a picture of meeting with dr. fauci, they say they have a good relationship, and the present talking to him, suggesting that they knew they needed to squash this fast. >> bill: thank you. nice to see you again, my friend. soon enough, right? now making shoppers wear masks, the list is getting longer by the day. real-life case studies suggesting that they do work. we will talk to marc siegel about the right answer to that. and the woman accused of helping jeffrey epstein assault young girls is married and keeping her spouse a secret. nancy grace is watching this case very carefully. she's going to join me coming up in a moment.
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>> bill: cell, this just breaking. republican governor hutchinson in arkansas issuing an order to require people to wear masks throughout the state. that just came down. meanwhile, georgia has governor signing a directive -- brian kemp strongly encouraging all georgians to wear masks in public, but that local mandates are not enforceable. i want to bring in fox news medical correspondent, marc siegel. i want you to know, for our viewers, we are going to roll the growing list of merck and company saying if you want to shop here, you got aware masks. a masks are all the rage, doc. you tell us. is that the right answer? >> it is becoming the right answer now for couple of reasons.
12:26 pm
as we see more and more cases and more of this virus spreading around the country, it's becoming more of a serious issue with over 65,000 new cases today. simultaneously, bill, two big studies are out. one out of massachusetts. they used masks on health care workers versus those who weren't wearing masks before it became own the risk of the spread of covid-19 dramatically. also doubling down on their masks support said that in a hair salon, 139 people were exposed from two workers that were actually positive from covid-19 but did not get covid-19 because masks were worn in the hair salon. more evidence, i think strongly more than ever, masks are a big part of the equation. >> bill: do you see it's a federal mandate coming at some point? i don't know, state-by-state, company by company. what do you see coming?
12:27 pm
>> you know, i like the idea of doing this on a national level a lot, but the big question is how do we get people to comply? we have to do it in a way where we are consistent, and our doctors are consistent, our leaders are consistent. now, the sciences backing it up. mandates are great as long as people comply. i think it should be at the federal level. there has been too much division among states. >> bill: maybe you need it in new york city. you might not need it in north dakota. i don't know about this federal mandate. another question. there has been a ton of news on vaccines. i don't know where to put the focus or where to put the attention. what do you believe is real, doc? what do you believe is simply hope as of today? >> here is the science on this. three great bits of news. two messenger rna vaccines, genetic material that causes
12:28 pm
yourselves to make the protein of the virus that then causes an immune response. one of them, moderna, in the new england journal of him, dramatically showed that it made antibodies against the virus. people who got the vaccine made antibodies robustly against the virus, and even some t-cell immunity, which is even more important against the virus. that is robust. and then yesterday, oxford university in england, we heard news that they are going to publish a study of a different kind of vaccine, but also brand-new science that shows the same. bill, that's very strong science, but it's only the beginning of the road. you know where the road leads now? it leads to 30,000 volunteers and each of the vaccines that i mentioned, getting the vaccine to see if they too makes a robust immune response against the virus, preventing viral spread, and if they tolerate it safely, which so far looks good. that's where rubber meets the road.
12:29 pm
late summer, early fall. >> bill: that was the question. what is the time frame before -- not just experimenting, doc, but being able to tell millions and millions of people we've got one, and it works? >> bill, for manufacturing -- here is your time frame -- oxford is a little bit ahead of the curve on this. by the end of the fall, if this is going the way that we are saying it, we will see it's one or more vaccines emergent, and we will say we've got it, we've made the doses earlier. let's start vaccinating high-risk groups. the elderly, health care workers first. that's who's going to get it first. they are already assembling up plan. by the beginning of next year, we are going to see a vaccine. >> bill: thank you, doc. great information. marc siegel, thank you. this just in now, senate intel telling fox news the bipartisan leadership has now requested a briefing from twitter on this week's cyber attack.
12:30 pm
it accounts for biden, elon musk among those hacked here they put out a statement. "we have no evidence of access passwords." we will watch and see where this goes. protesters trying again to set up at autonomous zone. how this all unfolded. plus geraldo rivera is back today after protesters attacked police out on march here in new york city. ♪ because heart and kidney disease shouldn't prevent you from pushing your limits. because every baby deserves the very best start in life. because a changing environment should mean caring for the land that takes care of us all. at bayer, everything we do, from advances in health to innovations in agriculture, is to help every life we touch. at bayer, this is why we science. book two separate qualifying stays and earn a free night.
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[yelling] >> bill: federal officials in portland using tear gas to break up protesters in this video. they've been trying to set up their own anti-cop sounds similar to the one that we saw in seattle. william la jeunesse picks up the story from our west coast bureau. >> protesters call it clap.
12:35 pm
a sovereign state inside portland and across the street from the federal building. this morning, please tore down their tents and barricades blocking traffic. this after federal agents last night used it tear gas to clear the protesters from outside the federal courthouse. >> we are not doing anything. we are being peaceful right now, and they just out of nowhere just start shooting at the ground, throwing flash bangs at us, and a whole bunch of gas. >> bill: for 48 straight days, they launched violent attacks against the latest. the democratic mayor, chad wheeler, claims it is a federal agency using excessive force. >> what i have a problem with is them leaving the facilities, going out onto the streets of this community, and then escalating an already tense
12:36 pm
situation like they did the other night. >> he wants them to start cleaning up the graffiti, not battle antifa, which according to chad wolf, using rocks, cans, lasers, and slingshots to assault police. he says the federal courthouse as a symbol of justice. to attack it is to attack america. criminals and their communities, local and state leaders are instead focusing blame on law enforcement. unlike the portland courts, where protesters have largely escaped jail time, 13 phase federal charges. the u.s. attorney is not playing by local rules. >> bill: thank you. i want to bring in our team, geraldo rivera, and leo terrel. thanks for joining us this week. since the 13th of july, total fatalities among police office officers, 65. gun related, job related, 12.
12:37 pm
geraldo, how do you see this summer playing out? >> you know, i see a real danger, bill, and the establishment itself and the fact that these democratic mayors are more concerned with the efforts to squelch the anarchy and the disruption and the dysfunction. they are more concerned about what the officials are doing then what the perps are doing. they are not saying anything about the anarchy, the individuals who are perpetrating such a blatant violence against cops. it's gone from beyond disrespect into contempt. the establishment is backing the people who are causing the trouble. and in the establishment, and include the media. over 60 videos of police using force on protesters. so there is nothing in here -- 60 videos. not one shot of a protester using force against cops. remember on the brooklyn bridge,
12:38 pm
a guy comes behin behind the hih ranking officer, smashing him on the head with a bat. in broad daylight, and there is absolutely no word of blame about the protesters, these anarchist, these losers. people who would crash and break everything. they don't have george floyd on their mind. what they have on their mind is wreaking havoc. disorder. and i think it's really -- >> i know i -- >> bill: i will pull out "the new york post." the headline today says "blue blood." >> very simple. no cash bail, they can go to prison, get released, go right back out on the streets, so they can cause this disruption. these criminals who are assaulting police officers, that's what's happening.
12:39 pm
they will not attack these protesters. why? they have to portray the false narrative that the police department is racist. it's the bogeyman approach. why? that is the selling point to democratic african-americans. it took away that selling point, those democrats would leave the party and go elsewhere. but you've got to make the police racist cops. one last point. there are black people, white people, female, male. this is not 1950. that's why it's happening. >> bill: 42 shootings in new york city over the weekend. is that number right? we saw the brooklyn video from yesterday. two people have been charged. out in portland, the mayor says we don't want this. he is suggesting that they've been too aggressive in the past. go ahead and stay out of our town. how did that go? >> how can you have a
12:40 pm
responsible mayor responding to his constituents who allow -- we are now in the seventh week of disruption and disorder in portland, oregon. so this stellar city, this wonderful mecca and the northwestern part of the country, very, very attractive place, has been turned over to people with total disregard for private property, sanitation, for the ability of others to use public space. you know, this pure anarchy, i think, unless the democrats begin to activate their municipal governments against these folks, until the democratic politicians begin speaking out against of these folks, i think president trump can draw a very stark distinction on the question of "law & order." law and order. do you want this once beautiful
12:41 pm
space that has been all junked up and made terrifying? or do you want a cop on the street doing his job? >> bill: leo. >> it's a no-brainer. 99% of americans, regardless of party, want law and order. if there's people of all different colors, so this is proof. making a lot of noise. they have masterminded social media. they do not care about the community. >> bill: takes george floyd and that horrific incident -- if you do not have an election in four months, what do these groups do you? are they still out there? >> nope you're very easy. george floyd, bill, was used as a pretext. take that away, you have none of this. >> bill: geraldo? >> i think that there is a
12:42 pm
professional class, and t for class, even if they are not in antifa, literally, it is their job to disrupt and two disorder society, to scare the establishment. they will go from cause to cause fear george floyd to them was just something they could hook onto for this moment. it will be something else on the road. another person who was tragically hurt or some other political cause or convention or gathering. they will go after the g7 -- they are whole because -- >> geraldo. george floyd hit the nerve of america. it woke up a lot of people. it affected everyone. that was a unique situation being exploited by antifa right now. >> bill: we are out of time, but we appreciate yours. we will have time to hash this out again very shortly. thank you. meanwhile, the trump campaign as the president gets a key police endorsement.
12:43 pm
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit >> bill: live look at the white house. president trump will speak in a few moments. he's going to talk about his record on rolling back regulations, something that came up yesterday as well. his plan for the economy this week. back with me today, senior advisor, communications director for the dnc, xochitl hinojosa. we are still on skype, but we are still here. >> good to see you, bill. >> bill: we have some competing ads. i want to see yours first. this is you going after the trump team on the crown of risks. >> they try to warn you, but when rhinovirus hit, trump said
12:48 pm
it would disappear. it didn't. >> bill: some folks will be seeing that very soon. here is the trump team hitting joe biden on police reform. >> the radical left-wing agenda, take over our cities, defund the police, pressure or more towns to follow, and joe biden stands with them. >> bill: sow, xochitl, how does joe biden push back? >> let me take both of the ads. the first is very clear. it is the pandemic, what americans want to hear about. our seniors in particular, the people who raised us and cared for us, and it is our turn to care for them now. they are the ones who are hurting because of president trump's failed response. the second one.four pinocchio's. the reality is that that ad was false. the trump ad was false.
12:49 pm
joe biden has been really clear where he stands. he wants to make sure that we are supporting our police departments. providing them with the tools that we need in order to succe succeed, and yet he continues -- donald trump continues to turn a blind eye when it comes to the pandemic. that just shows you what the two parties are actually -- >> bill: let me just say two things here. first on the seniors. you had a democratic governor here in new york who said they have to leave the hospital and go back to the senior centers where they came. and that cost thousands of lives. that wasn't donald trump. >> let me be very clear. donald trump actually told states that they are on their own. and frankly, a lot of these governors have been struggling with dealing with the pandemic on their own. i will give it to governor obama that hcuomo, the reality is that
12:50 pm
if you are looking at some of these nursing homes, they are provided with the proper ppe, and specifically when it comes to testing, right now you are looking at about a week. that is unacceptable in america right now. >> bill: on the police issue, this is what joe biden told cbs back in june. federal aid to police, certain basic standards of decency and honorable ness. i don't know what that means. can you tell me? >> i actually work at the justice department, and one of the things in the obama administration, police investigations, and what i will tell you is right now police departments, they need the tools they need in order to do their job. that is training. that is de-escalation training. this is making sure that they have body cameras.
12:51 pm
stuff like that. we want to make sure we are reforming them and helping police officers because they want to -- >> bill: okay, associated press -- a joe biden said he would support redirecting some police funding to address mental health or to change the prison system. a lot of people are splitting hairs on this, whether or not he supports defunding the police are not. what is the truth about his position? >> let me be very clear about this. joe biden does not support defunding the police, and specifically what he is saying is he wants to make sure that police departments have the tools that they need in order to do their jobs. now, if they are not necessarily trained, police officers doing everything that they can to keep communities safe, then other things. he wants to do more to help police departments. he wants to do more to rebuild trust, and right now, if you're just looking at minneapolis all by itself, the trump administration won't even open
12:52 pm
an investigation to help the police department right now. so i think when you are talking about law and order, that's not donald trump. >> bill: quickly, they backed biden-obama in 2012. they are supporting president trump as of today. i have a few seconds, xochitl. how much does that hurt the campaign? >> right now, joe biden is making sure that he is someone who is talking directly to americans about how to keep them safe and making sure we are rebuilding this trust. if you are looking at the ad from the trump campaign, that ad shows you what the trump campaign is all about. this has been an administration of chaos. that is the definition of the trump campaign. >> bill: we have 110 days to go, and i think you will come back for a lot of those. thank you, xochitl. xochitl hinojosa from the dnc. new details emerging about
12:53 pm
jeffrey epstein's longtime associate. nancy grace joins me in a moment to break that story down. because heart and kidney disease shouldn't prevent you from pushing your limits. because every baby deserves the very best start in life. because a changing environment should mean caring for the land that takes care of us all. at bayer, everything we do, from advances in health to innovations in agriculture, is to help every life we touch.
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at bayer, this is why we science.
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>> without miss maxwell's participation, without her planning, without her complicity in this ring in terms of their grooming and recruiting, and not handing out the rain, none of this would have occurred. >> bill: the case against jeffrey epstein's longtime associate saying that she preyed on young women and girls. she has pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say that she is secretly married and won't reveal her husband's name. nancy grace is the host of "crime stories on fox nation." we have been friends for a long time. what'd you find out in your investigation here? >> i found out a lot, bill, a lot. people are completely
12:58 pm
captivated. i'm not sure why. because you know my background. i prosecuted violence for ten years. she is nothing more than a pimp to me. a lot of people in trade because she comes from a multimillionaire family. she went to marlborough. she went to oxford. and she hooked up with jeffrey s seen. she loved him. she only broke up with him because he would marry her. i think from then on, she is try to do anything she could to please him in all sorts of ways including trolling outside schools to get little girls for epstein to rape. i'm telling you right now, bill, the feds don't need her. she can either cooperate and name names, or she can go to jail for 35 years. that's what she's looking at. >> bill: do you think they denied bail to get more information from her? was that the right call? >> no, hey, hey. i'm taking you to law school,
12:59 pm
hemmer. they denied bail because she is part and parcel of a child rape scheme. she does not deserve bail. when you don't know a horse, look at the track record, bill. she's already eluded police for over a year and she will continue doing that. that is why she did not get ba bail. >> bill: how do you believe she eluded authorities? she bought the house with cash back in december? >> under a fake llc, not using her name. how do i know -- they wanted to get their ducks in a row before they moved in. she moved 36 times within one year. she used fake names. she bought the house under an llc, not in her name. she had various cell phones not in her name. that is how she did it. >> bill: i'm looking forward to seeing this, nancy. >> tomorrow, bill hemmer, get your popcorn and join us. >> bill: we shall. fox nation, you can log on and
1:00 pm
see nancy is a brand-new special. good luck, nancy. we will talk again soon. nice to see you. in the markets, neil, has got you covered. the president is going to be at the white house south lawn. we will talk about regulations. until then, here is neil. >> neil: thank you very much. busy hour here as well. all eyes on the south lawn of the white house. rose garden, the president going to talk about regulations that have been dramatically cut. much of the economic turnaroun turnaround -- the market turnaround started with the regulations being caught long before taxes were cut. we are honored when the president speaks. you saw the attack on police. the first interview with the chief of the apartment in new york terrence monahan. he was really banged up pretty badly. he's talking to us


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