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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 23, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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offender. >> to protect, serve and superspoke? the nypd officers keeping cool with kids in the community. >> "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> a little history of this song. >> they play this song at metlife stadium when it is not a covid-19 emergency every time the giant score touchdown which when you root for the giants is very infrequent. shannon: never heard this song, good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning.
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todd: we have so much to get to, fox news alert, breaking overnight comport the mayor ted wheeler teargas a protest as history faces it's 56 straight night of unrest. >> this is donald from announces deployment of more federal agents to several us cities as violence continues to spike. griff jenkins is live in washington as democratic leaders speak out over efforts to combat crime. >> democratic leaders largely blasting the federal assistance but nowhere is that more apparent than portland where yet again overnight, two straight months, unrest erupting after midnight as ted wheeler is caught in the chaos in getting teargas to, he was trying to rally demonstrators against federal officers in the courthouse. they call it an unconstitutional occupation. >> reporter: they want you to teargas - >> earlier in the day the what
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house donald trump announced an expansion of operation legend, law enforcement deployed and sees plagued by violent crime and pledged to restore public safety and protect our nation's children, operation legend is named for a 4-year-old boy shot and killed while he slept early on june 20 ninth in kansas, missouri, at the request of local leaders. >> the effort to shutdown policing in their own communities has led to a shocking explosion of shootings, killings, murders and heinous crimes, violence. this bloodshed must end, this bloodshed will end. >> the expansion extends to places like chicago and albuquerque, new mexico and possibly new york, chicago mayor lori lightfoot is slamming what she has seen so far.
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>> that is not democracy we saw unfolding on the streets of portland as a result of this federal action, that is what we call tierney and dictatorship and we are not having it in chicago. >> but she might be open to additional resources if it is under the jurisdiction of local law enforcement. albuquerque's mayor tweeting operation legend is not real crime fighting it is politic standing in the way of constitutional police work and makes us less safe, the president was joined by william barr and chad wolf at the white house werewolf drew a sharp distinction between the effort of portland and chicago and albuquerque where stopping the violence is the mission. >> a lot more to come throughout the morning, thank you very much. jillian: sean hannity questions what she has done to stop the violence. >> when do we hold them accountable for not protecting osan people? a 3-year-old little girl was shot in the head but the mayor
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is worried about troops terrorizing the city. really? what has she done to stop the violence? lightfoot is a lightweight on protecting citizens, seems more worried about optics and politics than the men, women and children she is supposed to protect and serve. it is a national disgrace. todd: what do local leaders thing? raymond lopez also called out mayor lightfoot when he joined us last hour. >> it should not be a partisan issue, a twitter campaign to take shots at the president who you may or may not agree with, there are things i don't agree with but i am not willing to put partisanship above the safety and security of the residents of the city of chicago. todd: murders up 52%, shootings up 42% in chicago since this time last year.
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jillian: a fox news expensive interview donald trump volunteers to take the coronavirus vaccine when it comes out as he defends his administration's response to the pandemic. todd: ashley warns of the challenges ahead. >> reporter: the president wouldn't mind trying it first, hours after announcing a massive deal, 100 million doses of a possible vaccine, the president said he isn't opposed to getting the vaccine himself but in an exclusive fox news interview he said he won't win either way. >> if i'm the first one, he is so selfish he wants to get the vaccine first but other people would say that is a brave thing to do. i would absolutely if they wanted me to and thought it was right i would take it first or i would take it last. >> the president praised his task force on the handling of the pandemic, specifically doctor birx. in states like california where cases are soaring, surpassing
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new york with a number of cases, california has 421,000, new york city at 409,000. >> this is a very different epidemic than we had in march and april and it will require additional tests. we know how important it is for everybody to know immediately whether they are positive or not so they can be isolated and prevent further transmission. >> in washington gop senators will release their appropriations plan today, the plan would give federal agencies and the part of the dollar amount for ppe, testing, schools, $105 billion would go to schools, $16 billion for testing. as of wednesday the global number of cases of covid-19 surpassed 15 million. jillian: joe biden has been critical of the president's pandemic response but as karl rove points out the strategy looks like the president's. >> i was taken this week with
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his appearance on julie read's new msnbc program, she gives him a chance, what do you think of donald trump's handling of coronavirus, he begins to pummel him for a few moments and then says if you are elected, the pandemic is probably still raging so walk us through what you would do differently next year. he then makes twee 7 statements, every one of the recommendations he's going to do next year is already being done. >> we will see if mister biden gets the lead during the pandemic, the election, that pesky thing on november 3rd just 100 days away. prepared to mask up asked nfl games. it will look like this was a spokesperson confirming the leak mask policy is on twitter right now saying all fans are required to cover their faces at games this season. several vendors are reselling
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masks for fans to show their team spirit, they will look like this, the regular-season scheduled pickup september 10th but i will not be doing this because new york, new jersey area not allowing gatherings of over 100 people. jillian: the masks -- todd: be quiet, eagle fan. todd: today's opening they. jillian: major league baseball begins at season tonight leading off with the defending rogue series champion washington nationals against new york yankees followed by los angeles dodgers facing the san francisco giants, they are discussing plans to expand the playoffs from 10 to 16. coming up later this hour. i am happy to get sports back in whatever capacity we can. todd: we have four games. it will be a while. unrest persists in portland as donald trump since federal agents to us cities to combat
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or breaking the bank. >> 53 nights in a row violent anarchists endangering law enforcement officers and we are not taking it any longer. i bag and plead with local law enforcement to partner with us in that leadership. jillian: fiery riots rage in portland after donald trump announced his administration would send a surge of federal agents to other us cities to combat this violence. todd: what is the solution? been mc adams of utah joins us live. i want you to look at some numbers. these are homicides in cities that are going to be or have received federal agents.
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51% rise in chicago, 34% rise in kansas city and 12% rise in albuquerque, new mexico. many members of your party call this federal overreach, this utilization of federal authorities in the cities. do you agree? >> let me start with what we agree on. i condemn the murder of george floyd and we have real challenges that will take us a while to eliminating we support peaceful protests and i condemn any protest that uses vandalism. i support local police officers and i know the sacrifices they make every day to make a safe and i don't support defunding the police but you have a situation that seems to be out of control. we should have local law enforcement asking for help. i worry that what seems to be happening is the federal prison
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seems to be escalating tensions. in utah we've seen the governor working with local officials, mayors and law enforcement to d escalate, to restore order and that has worked really well. i have a lot of confidence in my mayor and my governor to de-escalate and restore things. where federal prison seems to be escalating tension that is counterproductive but i want to see officials working, if the need for federal assistance is present let's have our mayors and governors work to gather. i want to de-escalate and bring it back together. shannon: you are not opposed to federal agents being there to help. >> it needs to be a locally driven decision in the best judgment of the governor and the mayor.
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what i have seen, i share the concern of my colleague mike lee that if people are being detained without a miranda warning that raises serious constitutional questions to be concerned about. jillian: here's a clip about operation legend, the mother of a 4-year-old in kansas city, operation legend is named after, this is what she had to say. >> my one and only child who fought through open-heart surgeries is gone due to senseless gun violence. children are supposed to be our future and our son didn't make it to kindergarten. >> that is just awful, a punch in the gut when you hear words like that. others speak words like that and no one else ever should. the question is if what we are doing isn't working do you have any other ideas for what would work so families don't have to
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utter those words? >> my heart goes out to that family. we need to be working, mayors working with governors, law enforcement has to be at the table to address the systemic challenges in society but law enforcement in most cases is not the problem. they are partner solutions, i want to work through stuff that is at the root of this unrest and civil protests, peaceful protests if you agree or disagree with what they are protesting is an american right and peaceful protest should be upheld. when you get violence and vandalism that raises concern and sets back the protest movement as well but our mayors and governors, you see instances of violence or vandalism, local
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jurisdiction, in utah we have been able to calm down the unrest and bring it back to a peaceful protest where people are demonstrating things they feel strongly about and our communities are safe and the voices of the protesters are being raised in a safe way. that is what i want to see, political leaders who are not escalating tension but working to de-escalate and restore a sense of calm and respect as we work for difficult challenges in the country. jillian: thank you for joining us. todd: the fbi accusing china of hiding a fugitive at its san francisco consulate as the houston consulate has 24 hours from now to close. gordon chang ways in next.
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jillian: baseball finally returns was we preview the big return coming up.
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>> along challenge of the chinese communist party stealing social property, donald trump said enough, we will not allow this to happen. >> this and a clear signal to do beijing we will not tolerate their spying, their espionage, breaking of united states law. we are going to get tough and it is about time. todd: tensions rising between the us and china as the fbi accuses china of harboring a fugitive at its san francisco consulate.
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>> mike pompeo orders china's consulate to close tomorrow where workers reportedly burned secret documents. asia analyst and senior fellow gordon chang, thank you for being here as always. what does this mean? lay it out for us. >> the united states is not taking it anymore. china has been spying for decades, we've been talking to them, trying to get them to stop. we even had an agreement, president obama and xi jinping in the rose garden announced they were not going to hack each other's countries for commercial purposes, that didn't work, then we had a section 301 tariffs which were supposed to be a remedy for the theft of intellectual property. they haven't helped either. we've got to take action, closing the consulate is another step to tell the chinese that we will not tolerate the theft of hundreds of billions of dollars
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of us intellectual property each year, perhaps as much a 600 million. todd: the fbi saying the chinese consulate is holding a military linked biologist, never heard of that position but sounds somewhat interesting, the fbi writing following the interview of this individual on june 20th of this year, tang went to the consulate in san francisco where the fbi -- she has remained. you are happy with the united states's response to this but looking at this as a whole how concerned are you that relations between the us and china have devolved to where we are? >> we should all be concerned but we are not driving this, beijing is driving this. they are harboring a fugitive from us justice in their consulate in san francisco, that is completely unacceptable but there is a simple solution to this.
2:24 am
turn miss tong over in 24 hours or you have 72 hours to vacate the san francisco consulate and we will continue to close consulate until this stops. it is unfortunate but what are we going to do? they are driving us to this position. jillian: what do you make of these documents that were reportedly burned in houston? >> that is standard operating procedure, there are a lot of documents in the consulate and i'm sure a lot of them related to espionage but also just normal operation of the consulate, they wouldn't want us to know those things. i'm not surprised, their shredders are not enough to do the work so they burned them. todd: what is the next salvo in this diplomatic battle? >> great question. probably china will close in american consulate there. people have been talking about wuhan. others talk about tibet, we don't know. beijing has said it will close a consulate if we do not reopen houston.
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we can expect them to do that. some said china would close two of our consulates there. jillian: keep us updated, we appreciate it. 25 after the hour. a murder mystery solved, three suspect behind bars the death of three friends who went fishing. todd: a suspect with 200 charges on his record, the receipt that helped police crack this case is coming up next. >> he is a thug, he is a criminal, he is pure evil in the flesh. ta-da!
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did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? given my unique lifestyle, that'd be perfect! let me grab a pen and some paper. know what? i'm gonna switch now. just need my desk... my chair... and my phone. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ jillian: three people behind bars charged to the gruesome murder of three friends fishing in florida, one of the suspects, convicted felon with 200 charges on his record. carley shimkus with what led to
2:29 am
this tragedy. carley: police believe it started over a pickup truck, tony wiggins, mary whitmore and his brother robert are behind bars, ta accused kevin springfield of stealing his truck and stealing the engine. investigators found a receipt at the crime scene leading them to store surveillance video, the suspect went inside just moments before another victim walked into the store. police say wiggins struck up a conversation and found out for going fishing later that night, after following them robert we can told police his brother tj confronted springfield, screaming at him before opening fire. tj has a lengthy rap sheet at 26 years old, 230 felony criminal
2:30 am
charges on his record, the first coming at age 12. he has been convicted 15 times and serve two sentences in state prison, the sheriff had no explanation for how he was out on bond and is pushing for the death penalty. >> here's the real tony williams. he is a thug, he is a criminal, he is pure evil in the flesh. he is wild and out-of-control. >> tj is charged with first-degree murder. his brother and girlfriend face accessory charges. all three are due in court this morning. >> horrible case. thank you. more unrest in portland, the fiery riots breaking out after donald trump announced he is deploying federal agents to other cities like chicago and albuquerque. >> the effort to shut down
2:31 am
policing in their own communities has led to an explosion of killings, murders and heinous crimes, violence, this bloodshed must end, this. it will end. todd: the albuquerque police officers union president says he welcomes the fed and joined me now, thanks for being here. set the scene for us. what is happening in your city? >> what is happening as violent crime is out of control. we are coming off a record year of homicides. we have a completely understaffed police department, handcuffed police department, proactive policing is gone. we are excited we are getting more federal partners to combat violent crime in this community. todd: why are you handcuffed?
2:32 am
>> coming off of the previous mayor that defunded our police department, wasn't worried about staffing or growing our police department, we have the same politicians crying about federal assistance, we are asking for the civil rights division to reform our police department, we are one of the highest police department in the nation, we are trying to grow our police department, violent crime is out of control, our cops are handcuffed, we need all the help we can get. todd: you want federal agents on the ground. how will they help you? >> the mission in albuquerque will be different. these will be investigators, law enforcement professionals working, partnership with law enforcement agencies throughout the state to combat violent crime. the irony is we are already working with these folks, we have partnerships with the dea and secret service.
2:33 am
this is absolutely ridiculous that partisan politics is getting in the way of the lives and victims in albuquerque that need the help. todd: your mayor does not want this federal help, his name is keller. operation legend is not real crime fighting. it is politics standing in the way of constitutional police work and makes us less safe. what your response to the mayor? >> partisan politics is getting in the way of common sense, our mayor knows the we have an understaffed police department, violent crime is out of control and we need all the help we can get. the irony is we were proudly shaking hands with federal partners a year ago when violent crime was happening all over the city. it continues to happen. we are already working with this agency.
2:34 am
simply because you don't like who is in charge of the federal government shouldn't put you in between getting justice for the victims of albuquerque. our constituents, our community, our police officers are frustrated. this is ridiculous. don't let politics get in the way of justice. our community deserves better. our community has been crying in every survey. we want more cops, thank you to donald trump for bringing more cops and albuquerque, we support the federal government, we support this initiative, we need all the help we can get. anybody that's is different is not telling you the truth. >> 10 seconds remaining. if we had a democratic president would we be seeing the same pushback from your mayor we are currently seeing? >> absolutely not. the same partisan politics that are crying about federal assistance six years ago were bringing in the obama era doj to reform the police department. we have been working with the doj of the federal government to reform the police department for the last six years. we are almost accomplishing that
2:35 am
task. absolutely not. this is completely partisan politics, nothing to do with our community, nothing to do with crime. todd: detective sean willoughby, thank you for taking time with us this morning, have a great day. jillian: take a look at this. lightning strike shooting right behind the statue of liberty as thunderstorms roll through parts of new york, they were intense last night. todd: photos showing lightning striking around one world trade like out of a movie, storms flooded the area, we heard them all night long, janice is here with more, wild night. >> janice: sounded like they were in my living room, that is how loud it was. we expect the same type of weather today, those images are incredible especially the statue of liberty. we have many reports of strong
2:36 am
windss across the mid-atlantic and northeast in severe threat again today in the areas late this afternoon into the evening. we could see those natural fireworks again. tropics are getting busy. tropical depression 8, we think this will become hannah. it will make landfall saturday along the texas coast, we don't think it will be a hurricane but it will bring some significant rain and wind. our next storm we are talking about tropical storm gonzalo this was formed yesterday. it is expected to become a hurricane and then move into the caribbean. we have to watch gonzalo. hurricane douglas out in the pacific, a cat 3 hurricane making a beeline towards hawaii. we do think it is going to
2:37 am
weaken on its path toward hawaii but we have to watch it over the next few days. as you can see, ladies and gentlemen it is getting busy out there. me and my whether reports. jillian: i like the weather reports. todd: we were talking about this all morning, the color. >> janice: i like pretty and pink. >> to protect and soak. nypd officers getting into a water gunfight. >> book this. look at this. you get that nowhere. >> officers having some fun in the sun with neighbors in queens. i like to see that. that is cute. 37 after the hour. a single mom out of a job donator lottery winnings to an officer shot in the line of duty. >> that police department is paying it forward.
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>> can't even show up to what should be a family-friendly back the blue rally, properly permitted rally, with readily attacked by thugs committing total violence to silence her speech. i may combat that, captain in the army and this is the most dangerous situation i have been in since i have been in combat. >> a colorado state representative recalling his scary encounter to back the blue rally. >> anti-protesters and antifa showed up, several fights broke out, some people were taken to the hospital. overnight, tiesha lance bottoms opens up about being sued by brian kemp. >> just before joining, had a good conversation with the governor, hopefully we can figure out a way to agree to
2:42 am
disagree without having to play this out in court. we want to stop the spread of covid-19 and it does not help when we have to fight one another. >> they are requiring masks, and executive order suspended mask mandates. >> we will be right back, stay with us. guys, are you tired of frequent nighttime bathroom trips? well, force factor prostate helps reduce urges to urinate, plus fully empty your bladder and promote a normal prostate size. don't settle. choose force factor prostate, from the #1 fastest-growing men's health brand at walmart. find your get-up-and-go. find pants that aren't sweats. find your friends. find your sense of wander.
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>> you are caught up in this show and who wouldn't be but in 15 minutes we have 3 hours planned. let me give you an idea what we are talking about. senate republicans are set to unveil their coronavirus relief package answer comes with a hefty price tag, between 1-$3 trillion would democrats say -- what republicans say they
2:46 am
have to have. we will talk about it with kevin mccarthy and the trump administration taking action to protect our nursing homes from covid-19, big bucks coming their way, white house coronavirus task force members join us as donald trump tells doctor mark siegel he would take the coronavirus vaccine first or last if asked to. he joins us with more of his interview with the president and the us is demanding china shutdown is houston consulate. an interesting reaction. we will get an update from morgan ortagus and find out if the san francisco consulate is next was also in deck, ron desantis, lawrence jones, judge andrew napolitano, stuart varney and bret baer, all very different people, donald trump's crackdown on violent crime continues, we will hear from chicago, kansas city and albuquerque, 3 cities where the
2:47 am
trump administration has declared federal forces will be deployed. now back to jillian who knows that today is all about back to baseball. jillian: a great story for you. and out of work single mother in kansas city unexpectedly finding herself the winner of the lottery but instead of keeping her winnings she gave it all away after her 12-year-old daughter recommended gifting it to an officer who was shot in the line of duty. the kansas city police department saying thank you by starting a go fund the account for this heart of gold mother. joining me is sergeant jake. we are trying to get mom and daughter, we are having technical issues. we get the we will bring them in but i want to talk to you, the story is wonderful. tell me how this started. >> we received a phone call in our office friday afternoon, the woman explained she wanted to donate to the officer who had
2:48 am
recently been shot. we explains to her where she could go and she wanted to share her story why she was motivated to do so and she found a dollar bill and went inside the store and bought a lottery ticket. she scratched off a lottery ticket and won $100 in the first thing her daughter said is we need to give that money to the police officer who was hurt and we were so touched by that. we put that out on social media. uplifting for people out there. the outpouring of support and outreach people had, everybody wanted to know how to help her. we had to find her and that took some doing and we did and we got her connected and she thought it was a prank. it was a great story.
2:49 am
jillian: the injured officer was left in critical condition at the beginning of july. what is this go fund me page? how much have you raised? >> i checked it not long ago, pretty good. the city of kansas city has community support, kansas city and love their city, they support the police department are public servants, people love that. such a treasure, she had experiences with the police department before, she would tell you in 2012 her daughter was murdered in kansas city and we investigated her case and arrested her killer. jillian: seems we got the
2:50 am
technical issues resolved, we will bring them in, we will keep you here as well, thank you for being here. can you appreciate us? you are such an incredible woman. gives me chills when i read this story and to hear the sergeant's account of it. tell me what inspired you. this comes from a place of pain, your daughter was murdered years ago and you had a great relationship with your police department at the time that happened. >> my daughter was murdered, it had to be that. jillian: why did you suggest to your mom to donate the money to the police? >> i suggested to donate the money to the police because i
2:51 am
knew they would need it because. jillian: the shot just froze. you guys there? >> yes. jillian: before we go i want to ask you, what do you want the people watching, those of us in this country, to know about police? it is a tough time, so many tensions in every state across the country. what is your message to america? >> we need to get police - everybody needs to look at themselves and do more thinking and individualize people. we need to do that. everybody is different. just because one guy does it doesn't mean he will because he is the same individual.
2:52 am
everybody needs to be individualized, everybody is lumped into one some and that is not the case. jillian: sorry we were short on time but we are glad we got the time we had with you. thank you so much for sharing this story, really incredible and makes america great. goodbye. we will be right back. stay with us. to lock away deb ris and absorb wet messes, all in one disposable pad. just vacuum, spray mop, and toss. the shark vacmop, a complete clean all in one pad. . .
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todd: time to play ball after months of delay due to the covid-19 pandemic. returns today. jillian: jill nationals, giants taking on los angeles dodgers. joining us now to get a preview of the season as the u.s. gets back to baseball is fox news headlines 24/7 sports reporter jared mac and jason page. good to have you both here. appreciate it. >> good morning. >> good morning, jared. >> good to see you again. jillian: good to see you, too. i will start with you, jared. what are your expectations going into the season? >> expectations for starters, jillian, i have got to say i'm so excited that this day is finally here. for for some months we didn't know if we would have a baseball season. negotiate terms and finally got it worked out. i think it should work. we have seen team sports internationally and sections of asia where baseball is working and should be able to work here. it's just going to be a different look. there are some things that i think we have t get acquainted . i don't know if you got a chance
2:57 am
to watch some of the game last week with cardboard cutouts fans in the stands takes on something new. might be eerie. i might be tuning in to listen on radio. there when you listen on radio you could easily be tricked into believing this is the real thing it is the real thing but not used to seeing cardboard cutouts. i don't know what else is new we have never seen before? advertisements on the field. major league baseball needs a way to generate revenue. advertisements on the field like we have never seen before. some virtual through the green screen and some on the baseball field it. will be a very different look in some aspects. the game is still the same. rob: jason, there are a lot of new protocols because of covid this season. which one do you think the fans are going to notice the most? which one is going to stand out the most? >> the lack of high fives. i think the lack of physical contact. and we have already seen a lot of players getting creative doing air high fives, fake hugs,
2:58 am
things like that. i think this year is going to be very interesting. of the fake crowd noise if you are watching broadcast on tv is going to be a little weird too i don't know how much longer we will see or hear fake crowd noise. like jared said going to be different. the game still remains the same. the fans are going to take to it pretty quickly. jillian: one of the things that always makes for exciting game or bench-clearing brawls we are not going to see that. >> i don't know about that. when the houston astros are on the field, there's going to be a lot of people coming for them given all the cheating scandals they have been embroiled in. it will be very interesting to see how teams treat that given the whole trash can scandal and them tipping off pitches to hitters if we do see going after them. todd: jared i know you and i know who we want to win the world series.
2:59 am
jillian: phillies? todd: stop it. if we get to the world series though jared max? who wins? >> todd, i love you talk in terms of we as you do on the airs would he would talk to each other off the air. look, our team if you are talking those terms, that would be the yankees are 3 to 1 to win the world series. the yankees bringing in arguably the best pitcher until baseball gathered kohl, a lifelong yankees fan and gets to live out dream tonight starts against max. can john carlos produce. can aaron judd produce and some others. do you know what i'm excited for is this minor league rule that the major leagues have adopted to speed up games there is a runner on second base to start extra innings. so it's almost like a power play in hockey to begin overtime in order to get the game quicker. hockey fewer people opt ice. baseball is going continue to crease the chance of scoring. >> hate. >> and marathon games.
3:00 am
todd: got to run. save the debate another time. >> 10 teams. jillian: 10 seconds left. we could talk about this all day. guys we thank you for joining touts talk about this excitement. baseball is back. thanks, everyone. "fox & friends" starts right now. todd: bye bye, everybody. >> for those people in chicago and other cities where we will be, help is on its way. >> what happened here today in washington, d.c. with those poor families was a political stungt. >> portland's mayor calling the federal officer there unamerican. >> stand with you no matter. what. >> violent anarchists that are targeting that federal building, we are not taking it any longer. >> former president barack obama, joe biden back together for a socially distanced campaign video. >> one of the things that i have always known but, joe, is the reason why i wanted you to be my vice president. >> will saying new york city in


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