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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 23, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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we appreciate you always, thank you for taking time for the audience. >> president trump: thank you. >> sean: that is all the time we have left. my book coming out in three days let not your heart be troubled, hit the >> laura: that was fantastic. >> sean: that is what i do. you yelled at me the last time i was late. >> laura: hannity, the last thing i was engrossed in the interview that i had to like i forgot i was not connected to. i was like listening to you want this speaker. oh, my god, not connected. and so i could have used an extra 20 seconds tonight. so you made another mistake. >> sean: i can ever win. if i'm on time for him if i hit the post, don't hit the post. when i give the 30 seconds i stole from the last interview can i get in trouble. i get in trouble no matter what it. >> laura: i'm listening on the speaker and i realize, oh, my god. oh, well. i'm into the material. it is fantastic.
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>> sean: laura, his usual great show, as always. >> laura: okay, i guess it's frozen. i'm still on the air. hi, everybody. i'm on the air. apparently, we lost laura's signal which is fine with me. i'm a talk show host and i never show up. one of the most important things you know we do these interviews with the president, i have a goal. often times you get the filter of the media. we know where the media stands. we learned in the news tonight all of these new issues involving the deep state that this operation crossfire hurricane, that they literally set up president trump in august 2016. john durham needs to get to the bottom of it. as it relates to your choice and you will decide, not sean hannity, not any talk shows, not fake news cnn, not msnbc, but the american people will decide this election. and i have seen this moment, talk about it in my new book coming out in 12 days "live free or die: america and the world on the~brink,"
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everything we know, bernie, aoc and again i've never seen this in all of these years i've been in politics, beto o'rourke, 125 years combined swamp experience of schuller, pelosi, trump, sorry, biden against trump and a media that is 99% against this president. they never even, literally say a good thing. we had the greatest economy we have ever had, record low unemployment, for african-americans, hispanic-americans and asian-americans. women in the workforce, youth unemployment. >> laura: i'm back. i'm back. >> sean: you could say thank you for bailing me out. i wanted to finish my monologue but i can talk forever. >> laura: here is the problem. i think when i was complaining about you coming and hitting the post on time, it was like -- >> sean: msnbc conspiracy? >> laura: it was a surge, a
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power surge, i kid you not. >> sean: bad up here. >> laura: i have people knocking over lights, people on the floor and if i should really turn the camera around, going in and out. >> sean: the funny thing, listen, we speak on the radio three hours a day. i don't have any notes in front of me. we leave 8 minutes of ad lib time because i can't stop myself from talking. and there were people in tv if that little thing called the teleprompter goes down, they are done. and you watch it and it's actually funny but you feel bad for the person. >> laura: but i literally thought you were playing some practical joke on me. sean, i kept talking into the camera. i was talking. and then i was like, wait a second, something is happening. >> sean: that is hilarious. here, take that with your conspiracy. >> laura: thank you, thank you. >> sean: have a great show.
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>> laura: let's see if this continues now. i am laura ingraham and i think this is between a night. dr. fauci said covid is a perfect storm. we have storms tonight of viruses, of course. we might never eradicated. what exactly does that mean for you and how do you go about your life? dr. scott atlas is here tonight. he will tell us and also tonight an effort to appease the movement the english department at rutgers university declaring basic grammar biased. prestigious former professor carol swain says this is pure racism. she is going to expose it and also barack obama and joe biden recreate entourage. that old hbo series and resurrected by extreme streaming service and raymond arroyo with a special edition of "thursday follies" portland today, america tomorrow. that is the focus of tonight's "angle."
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over the last few days, this radicals and portland antifa and blm supporters tried to burn down a federal courthouse with employees inside. they tried to rip down a columbus statue in chicago throwing rocks and bottles at the police officers protecting it. 49 officers there were injured. in seattle just last night, nearly 150 -- don't you love to call them peaceful protesters -- smashed windows and set multiple fires to businesses, including the storefronts of the very companies that's where they are allegiance to black lives matter. of course, joe biden didn't do any of this. after all the people causing the destruction will all vote for him. into the extensive media, a.k.a. the biden campaign actually didn't cover the violence at all and then blamed it on you know
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home. >> crime in portland and across oregon was down before donald trump sent and his secret police. >> the presence of those federal troops made things worse. using for crowd control. >> it is a disaster of the administration is making. >> laura: now remember all of this followed weeks of kowtowing by corporations, universities, celebrities, professional sports teams. they painted slogans on pavement, they donated huge sums of money. they promised more diversity. but the violence just worsened in the list of demands just grew. you see that is how it is with the mob. once the company start writing fat checks, the hard left has them where they want them. on their knees, fearful. look at what they did to one of the most liberal mayors in america last night. >> [bleep]. >> where the helmet! [chanting]
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>> laura: they treated poor old jacob frey in minneapolis the same way. >> yes or no will you commit to minneapolis police department? >> quit wasting our time! >> laura: and they surrounded the homes of left-wing mayors like latoya cantrell of new orleans and nbc. they are sending a message, well to republicans, yeah but relate to democrats across america. don't mess with us, don't get in our way or we will get a thousand people to show up in your neighborhood in front of your house or even get aoc to support your primary opponent. the radicals are emboldened by compliant and fearful dams. and their ambitions go way beyond urban american.
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of course, i know what you're thinking, you are thinking, lower at this is a few pockets of the country. it's not going to affect me in the suburbs. rural americans are safe, laura. we have our second amendment rights. we are going to be okay. well that's what the mccloskeys in st. louis thought. but a corrupt soros backed city attorney figured out a way to make them out to be the bad guys in the situation charging them with a felony and making an example out of them. if you try to defend your property or your family from the violent mob, we will put you in jail. now right now, it's only democrat mayors and governors who were getting aid and comfort or to the rioters. but if biden is elected, antifa will consider it their victory. that means violence becomes an acceptable protest tactic and a staple of american life
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everywhere. biden's dhs and doj will stand by and let it happen, calling it a legitimate act of expression in a country after all, systemically racist. and a biden administration, the chaos like ongoing lockdowns will become trusted means of intimidation and control in every town and city across all 50 states. holy will be unleashed from coast-to-coast. >> [bleep] every [bleep] every day, every [bleep] day. you're [bleep] the problem. >> laura: now, how will it look when the attorney general appointed hundreds of lawyers and prosecutors who is sole focused to harass americans who
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exercise their constitutional rights, you know the ones that don't agree with those in the streets? this week obama himself hinted at the same race obsessed radicals he had working for him the first time would be back in a biden cabinet. >> the thing i have confidence in joe, your character, and the fact that you are going to be able to reassemble the kind of government that cares about people. >> laura: reassemble. well, that begs the question, has anyone from obamaland spoken out against the blm and antifa violence? susan rice? what about john kerry? samantha power? of course not. remember what you are seeing on the streets that leftward lurch
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of the democratic party is they are a against you. it's not just that they despised from, sure, they do. but they despise you, your patriotism, your churchgoing, your judean christian values, your belief and personal responsibility and work ethic. your big families, your suvs, your guns, all of it. because you represent the old america at that they want to destroy, root and branch. when they say systemic racism, that means the system, the culture. it has to be taken down. it has to be eradicated and replaced by one that they create in the image of aoc in the squad. the parties leaders. >> and i quote, a [bleep] [bleep] it is a culture of lack of impunity, of accepting a violent and violent language against women.
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>> [bleep]! [cheers and applause] >> we cannot stop a criminal justice. we must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it. >> this is about true reparations. so yes, i support the defined movement. >> laura: remember when they go after the founders and mount rushmore, they are really going after you. if biden wins in november, the democrats and their rioters or allies will turn their sights on you. you will become the target for criminals, for radicals and the cancel culture. many of you will be investigated, demonized, and even impoverished by a government indebted to the far left. and the only thing standing between us and that scenario is the man they tried to destroy from the moment he announced his candidacy. from election day, we are not voting to save trump. he will be fine no matter what
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happens. we are voting to save ourselves, our families, our kids, our churches, our schools, our whole way of life. that system that they want to destroy is our country and our home. and that is "the angle." joining me now charlie kirk, turning point usa and author of the maga doctrine and chris hahn, former aide to chuck schumer, host of the aggressive podcast. charlie, let's start with you, do people really think that joe biden will send help to the cities when the radicals try to take them over as they will continue to do no matter what happens in november? >> of course not, and what is so perplexing how people forget joe biden was vice president of the united states when ferguson and baltimore happen in our country. the inner cities on fire and basically actually, i remember the mayor of baltimore saying we need to give the people space to be able to destroy. remember that really ridiculous quote? joe biden has been in
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governments before and know he would not send aid at all. in fact the blm start and under obama/biden administration. one thought, joe biden is the chaos candidate, whether it be how the administration fumbled ben because he or fast and furious, irs scandal around it. this idea joe biden will be returning to peace and normality is the exact opposite. you will have that band of radicals with unlimited power. joe biden will basically advocate all of it to the aoc wing of the accordion. imagine mayoral lori lightfoot running to the homeland department of security bureau that is what you will get if joe biden gets elected president of the united states. >> laura: chris, why do you think we have not heard much from some of the big, you know names in the old obama administration as you have seen these federal buildings under attack, public property under attack? why have we not heard anything from any of them? >> you must not be listening. anybody who's been a leader in
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the democratic party opposes violence of any type in these protest. that doesn't mean that they oppose protests. in fact, people should protest if they feel their rights are endangered. what is shocking to me, how the right wing in this country which has always been for states rights and federalism, now once the president to send an invading force into cities. the president could not come up with a national strategy to fight covid-19. and he left that to the states. but you attack a statue or may be some vandalism in the city, and he will send in jack buddhist thugs to put out the fire. give me a break! there is no consistency in the argument. >> laura: chris, they tried to lock officials in a federal building and burn it down. and forgive me, but i haven't heard john kerry, susan rice, samantha powers, any of the former obama folks speaking out against that one fact, just one fact, burn down a federal building with people inside. where did the quote come from today? >> of course they have. >> laura: where?
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>> would happen last night. everyone has spoken out against violence. >> laura: it is happening now! >> you don't have a camera on them 24 hours a day. during the last two months against violence. that is a very small portion of this protest. these guys are beating veterans. they are dismantling moms. >> laura: are you still doing the moms routine with the mom protectors? we did that last night. >> they were there. >> laura: because they wear a t-shirt, they are protected, okay. on this look, did republicans risk, trump going in there the whole situation exploding further and then, trump getting blamed. you know, if you break it and you don't fix it, you own it. >> it is a great question. i am of the opinion you have to do what is right, not always necessary you think it will help you in the poll numbers if you think the cities are going to burn. chris, i think it is disgusting to call federal law enforcement officers jack buddhist thugs. they are not. how about you call -- let me finish and i let you say your nonsense.
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let me say my facts. ilhan omar said we can always rebuild our communities, but we can't always rebuild. the protest moment that we have. how about the massachusetts attorney general who basically qualified and said, well, i think we need to and i'm paraphrasing here, give space to people to be able to destroy. you are using a revision of democrats declarative and out front saying there was something wrong in destroying. that is not true at all. whatsoever. and president trump is standing up heroically bringing in federal law enforcement because he cares about the cities in our country that the democrats have destroyed. your party, chris. when is the last time the republican -- >> if you cared about -- charlie. >> laura: hold on! >> if he cared about chicago,
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charlie, he would have a real gun policy in america so that the streets of chicago -- >> they have the strictest gun laws in the country, chris. the strictest gun laws in the country! >> that hair cut, it is true. >> laura: all right, guys, so guys. >> i'm jealous. >> i know, i know, with the hair comment, at this point, we have serious things to talk about. although it is amusing. chris, i want to play something that is normal talking point over at msnbc. >> who's not looking at this with an alarm and concern and worried about is this president going to employ formerly martial law? is there anybody watching donald trump the last three and half years that doesn't think donald trump would try to employ martial law if that is the only way to stay in power? >> laura: chris, this has been
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repeated by people like eric holder, and of course, for biden again. is that really where you guys want to go? you are up in the polls but going back to martial law? really? >> i think that what he's doing right now is a test run for later in the election. who knows what he is capable of. if he's losing the election. he's losing the election, and he's trying to make this an answer because he thought he would run against bernie sanders. he doesn't have a plan to run against a moderate like joe biden. >> laura: when i think of joe biden, i think captain of the moderates, spring moderates what's happening in the country. charlie, great to see you both. a prominent black professor said a move at rutgers university english department just made is racist. and it has to do with grammar, believe it or not. she will tell us ahead. dr. scott atlas making his way here and here to respond to dr. fauci's suggestion that "covid is the perfect storm of all viruses."
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♪ >> i don't see this disappearing the way sars one did. i think we ultimately would get control of it. i don't really see us eradicating it. >> laura: well, fauci finally
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admitted yesterday what the show's been saying for months. we might never fully get rid of this virus so to fully come back often on lockdowns, we need to find useful, beneficial therapeutics. the ones that have been around for many years and any new ones. tonight we want to present you with another potential breakthrough. and his relay team and group of researchers at mount sinai medical center led byan dr. benjamin discovered a 1970s drug may reduce covid-19 symptoms to that of a common cold. the cholesterol lowering drug is showing promising results after three months of research. they are studying and also explain why certain groups are at higher risk when it comes to contracting a serious case have covid. joining us now is one of the doctors behind this discovery, dr. benjamin tenoever, doctor, we know there's a long way to go here, but are you fairly hopeful that there may be a path forward with this therapeutics?
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>> thank you for having me. i certainly hope so. so the drug itself, you know, it looks really great, but it's really important to remember we are stilll testing in cell dishes. and there are probably, a very large effort across the country to test, youal know that 20,000 fda approved drugs itself to see what stops this virus. they were probably 25 or so that work very well. that does not mean it will work in people and that requires further testing and a variety of differentfd steps so it has pasd the first test, but it is important to keep in mind that it still has to reach the necessary concentration where it is replicating in your body. >> i finally got the hpronunciation right, dr. bud explain why it is working in vitro. what mechanism to the layman out there more fascinated about the cellular structure, why does it work and what implications does
11:27 pm
that have for the latest virus to be treated going forward? >> sure. so it actually locks triglyceride, but it's about facts and so your cells are made of fats. and that is an essential part of life, but this particular type of virus that it is, needs those fats for a variety of reasons, both to get in cells and amplify and it attaches fat to even some components of the virus itself. and so when fat content is very high, the environment for the virus will really thrive. so in culture, t cells and a petri dish, if you add fenofibrate, you will reduce those fats, which really restrict the virus to replicate. so that might actually be a viable strategy in people, but it has to be at the right concentration and has to get the
11:28 pm
right spot. that is not a foregone conclusion yet. >> laura: and does this have to the fact that some of the doctors whoot have treated covid patients point to comorbidities as a complicated factor such as diabetes, high bmi and issve tht related? >> yeah, probably, probably a little bit more complicated in that comorbidities also impact, you know, your immune system of the and stresses like viruses. but certainly the high lipid context at the cellular level, gives this virus the perfect opportunity to replicate past and to spread. >> laura: glycosylation, am i saying that right? doctor, thank you. doctor, appreciate it very much. and at a virtual event dr. anthony fauci had another
11:29 pm
ominous warning. >> it is the perfect storm and we often talk about outbreaks and pandemics, be it influenza or other pathogens that have to have a few characteristics that make them particularly formidable. well, this particular virus has that. >> laura: here now is dr. scott atlas, the hoover institution senior fellow and neuroradiology of the medical center. dr. atlas, would you call this virus the perfect storm? we have used a lot of adjectives, but every adjective, every day seems to get worse and worse and worse. there was never any light at the end of the tunnel. >> hey, laura, thank you for having me. i prefer to look at this this way. actually, i'm cautiously optimistic because we actually know a lot now. we know the fatality rate is much lower and we know who toha protect, we are doubling down on the high risk group. we are doing better with patients and the hospital. i think we have to tell the american people, this is not out of control here. we are cautiously optimistic
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because we see the days in the hospital one-third compared to april mortality of people and during the hospital, only one half..o we are doing the people in an icu who need a ventilator. we have better drugs and it's much better handling of how these patients should be treated. younger patients, lower risk, and all of the cases, not a high risk people. so it is a strategy outlined by the briefings this week. it is very clear. we know that the more relaxation is going to get more cases. by the way, you don't eradicate a virus by locking down. that is a complete misconception. no socializing, we are going to get more cases. we need to protect the vulnerable, double down on that. we need to have the nature of the hospitals not overextended. in fact, most hospitals are locked.
11:31 pm
when you look at the data a 100 times a day, texas, florida, arizona, i'm cautiously optimistic because the trends are stable or even coming down. yes, there are certain hospitals that are isolated hospitals extended in capacity. that is going to be one of the rules of the federal government to make sure they can handle the capacity. but there is absolutely no reason to panic here. we know what is going on here. this is not march or april. this i is not some sort of black box of what is going on. and i just want to go on to one thing which is that, there is a lot of great data coming out about immunity. and it's probably not known to the public, but there is a lot sof data that shows people have immunity, even people that didn't get the infection. there is a reason the original shift, no social distancing only 24% of the people got infection. that is probably due to this t cell immunity, which is present and is now showing the last three years from the institute in singapore to take blood from people from sars 1. seven years later, there is
11:32 pm
indication that that still has an immunes response. we are much more optimistic here. >> laura: we have been talking about t cell to herd immunity now well over six weeks. and there is an enormous amount that administration can do, scott, to test for t cell immunity, which would give people a lot more confidence, i think, about going on with their lives and not freaking out every time they leave the house. i mean, there is some indication there could be as much as 30% in some communities already of that t cell immunity, which you just talked about. i really think the fda should move on that. the big news coming out of today's briefing, scott, the president canceling the jacksonville portion of the rnc convention. jim acosta over at cnn had a very interesting take on it. >> how is it that he is okay with canceling a convention in jacksonville because of concerns
11:33 pm
with the coronavirus, but yet, it is okay to push schools to reopen around the country? >> laura: dr. atlas, what is he talking about there? >> well, i mean the schools actually not even a controversial issue, in my view, because there are three basic things that are irrefutable here. number one, it is irrefutable that children have extremely low risk of this disease much less than seasonal flu. number two, as the cdc outlined today and now as clear as a bell, there are serious harms to children from closing schools. i think the president outlined this very well in the briefing. and number three, it is a national priority to educate our children. i mean, this is not even controversial. and to add icing on the cake, we can do it by protecting the pew high-risk teachers. most teachers are not in the high-risk age group as i
11:34 pm
outlined before. half of them are under 41 and under 82% under 55. they are not usually high risk, but we cannot accommodate that upat schools with social distancing and if they are still afraid, they can use long distance learning. but long distance learning is a proven failure now. and we also know in the cdc, the detail on the website today that children are not frequent spreaders of this infection. so there is really not a big risk here. in fact, the children are not at risk at all. we absolutely must open the schools. >> laura: that has got to be an absolute imperative. parents all over the d.c. area are completely distraught about all of the closures. it is just a heartbreak, and i think it is a form of child abuse. doctor, thank you so much, great to see you. the most cringeworthy moment from obama and biden reunion. plus, another coast of administration's past gets a new show.
11:35 pm
raymond arroyo is here, "thursday follies" is next. ♪
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>> laura: it is thursday and that means it is time for... "thursday follies." joining us on the details, the obama/biden combo, raymond arroyo. all right, ray, we tease this last night. but the entire or special was today. now, it kind of had the appearance of a tired episode of entourage or obama-tourage. ♪
11:41 pm
>> laura: okay. >> at times, laura, this old biden conversation played more like a awkward job interview at king barack's office, watch this. >> tell me a little bit about how you are seeing the current economic crisis and how you think about the economy right now? as president, there are three pieces i see. ♪ >> now, laura, this was a heavily edited affair. okay? obama lived up to its reputation. after watching the entire 50 minutes plus i can attest there was absolutely no drama or humor incidentally, at least not intentional. obama made some observations about race while keeping the job interview theme going. listen closely to biden's response and bear in mind, this is edited. >> if you are on the phone applying for a job, send him a resume.
11:42 pm
if your name is john, you might get called back and if your name is jamaal you might not. >> it is about to be able to accumulate wealth. i have watched it my whole life working in the city. black entrepreneurs are as successful as white entrepreneurs. >> laura: what? of course they are. i didn't even understand the jamaal thing. i don't even know what he was saying. is he saying that represented a black person like no black person has the name john? ija mean -- >> you heard biden repeats and stumbles and of course that sounded like the line that got him in trouble from last august, laura.k >> poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids. >> it is unbelievable. it is unbelievable. even edited, they step on it and stumble and fall apart. laura, they were socially distance, okay, but i think it was socially distanced interview, okay?
11:43 pm
they are 12 feet apart, 1 foot for every year obama spent in public life. while he's talking to a guy in public life for 50 years. as it wore on, even biden got bored listening to obama. >> the police are interacting and often times acting in ways that are racially biased. after the george floyd tragedy, what we have seen is this extraordinary mobilization across the country. [laughter] >> laura: you know what i think? >> biden is nodding, laura. >> laura: i thought you would get a close-up of biden. but it's maybe about obama. he can make one sentence that would normally take, i don't know, 12 seconds, and he can stretch that one sentence out for at least a minute. there are pauses -- >> i think it can backfire. it reminds people. it was this duo and their
11:44 pm
policies that created donald trump. and it was benghazi, the economy, the meltdown of manufacturing in the u.s. that is what america sees when they watch these two guys interact very awkwardly in this constipated fashion. it is hard to watch. >> laura: tell us really quick about the new hillary miniseries on hulu.he >> the streaming service called rodham based on the novel by the same name. it is being billed asthil altere reality series where hillary doesn't marry bill but does win the presidency. you might call it though woman in a low castle or house of pantsuits, i'm not sure. >> laura: wait a second. they can do an alternative reality follow-up called "the man in the bunker." correct? >> and dr. fauci threw that social ball out at the game. maybe he can be the man in the low dugout. we will keep this thing going. >> laura: i have a question, was there a runner on first
11:45 pm
there? was he trying to throw it to first? >> it was unbelievable, laura. not a person understands. >> laura: move over, 50 cent you have a worse pitcher. i want to throw out the first pitch so bad. >> you, next year. >> laura: no problem, raymond, great to see you. my next guest in an attempt to appease the black lives matter movement rutgers university actually institutionalized racism through grammar? former professor carol swain will tell us in moments. ♪ not even our competitor's best battery can match the power of energizer. because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one. are you worried about staying sharp and alert? forebrain, from the harvard-educated experts at force factor, contains key ingredients to help boost memory, learning,
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♪ >> instead of separate but equal, there is separate and forgotten. i will confront another former bias. the soft bigotry of low expectations. >> no child in america should be segregated by low expectations, imprisoned by illiteracy, abandoned to frustration and the darknessam of self-doubt. >> laura: now, unfortunately, we are seeing the so-called soft bigotry at rutgers university. the new jersey college recently announced it will now deemphasize the use of
11:51 pm
traditional grammar in its attempt to stand in solidarity with the black lives matter. the university claims that this will empower students and equip them to push against biases based on written accidents. is that so. joining me now with carol swain author and former professor at princeton and vanderbilt universities. carol, i am speechless. it takes a lot to get me speechless but they are basically telling students of color of that, i guess, they cannot grasp a language without the language itself is somehow racist? >> laura, it is even worse than that because it is black lives matter and black people who claim to be activists who are really pushing the lower standards for black students. if you think about critical race theory, the assumption is that if you are white, privileged and
11:52 pm
racism it is permanent and the whites have to do best at themselves in whiteness but behind all of that is white superiority that black people are pushing and so what they are sayingla is that black people can't learn the same way as other groups so they have to have this special treatment and when i went to college, i started in the '70s, grade school in the 1980s, we were given an equal opportunity. we were admitted to colleges and universities, and we had to do the work. and you had to qualify. you got an opportunity to be there, but once you were there, you had to meet the same standards as everyone else. you either sink or drown or whatever the expression is. but you had to do the work. so to me, it is so demeaning that these black my young people today who are more privileged, that have not really had to go through any real systemic racism, they are complaining the loudest.
11:53 pm
and they are getting cheated out of a quality education. >> laura: unless you think it is some line of thinking, dr. carol swain that it is to one college. this is what a professor said just last year. >> even if we are a person of color, we are still a part of that machine, that white supremacist machine. and we likely got there because we were able to mimic enough of those languaging practices to be able to proceed, to succeed. it doesn't make it right. languaging practices. >> i can tell you that starting with the election of president obama, we saw the racism on campus increase, but the racism was taking a new form. when they talk about antiracism, what they are really doing is promoting racism. they were promoting racism against white students, students
11:54 pm
they deem as privileged because they came from two parent families. but they also, the racism that comes from lower standards, those black, young people, they are not required to learn standard english will not be prepared to function the way they should in our society. no wonder they are angry. no wonder they are trying to burn down everything. >> laura: dr. swain, it is always wonderful to see you. come back soon, please. >> thank you. portland was a scene of one of the most disturbing videos i've ever seen. i wish it was an exaggeration, but it is not. i will share it next. ♪ and with his people israel
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.. our elderly jewish brothers and sisters who are so precious to god they have no access to food. as christians and jews we know that we have a scriptural mandate to feed the hungry. and here there are thousands in desperate need. 17 years ago edna was in a horrible terrorist attack. she's still in excruciating pain her food is running out and she's isolated and frightened. all the time i suffer alone with sickness and pain. the need is especially urgent
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go online or call right now. you can be a miracle for an eldelry jew today.
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>> laura: if you thought the scenes of rioting >> if you thought things of riding in portland despairing you haven't seen this video.
12:00 am
>> all right. >> power to the people. >> you think it is props in any situation, this is one of the worst instances i have seen. we should pray for those kids and their parents too. that all the time we have tonight. shannon bream in the fox news at night team, take it from here. >> breaking news started with a fox news alert. bracing the influx of federal officers headed there with the goal of quelling the street violence plaguing the city right now. a massive protest, protesters facing off with police outside the democratic mayor's home. lori lightfoot reportedly planning


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