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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  July 26, 2020 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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could handle a similar encounter. this week we asked the biting campaign for an interview and they said the former vice president was not available. we will keep asking every week. that's it for today. have a great week. we will see you next fox news sunday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hello america i'm mark levin. this is life, liberty and levin. this is a huge subject were going to discuss tonight for the full hour. the democrat party is not really a national party. what the democrat party does is break down by race, religion, sex and what kind of you like and it's the old fdr
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method of cobbling various communities based on physical distinctions and economical distinctions and to build the majority that way and we can see the democrats have never stopped and joe biden is doing this in a big way. they are targeting the suburbs of america. they are targeting the suburbs of america. they talk about the white women in the suburbs with college degrees and they feel like they're going to win that vote and if they win that vote to win the presidency. how do i know that question because i read it in the newspaper and anyone in the newspaper must be true, but it is true and so they feel that this is the week of the trump campaign. i want to focus on this for a moment and i want to start this way. if you read an analysis by cbs news in 2016 that looked at 20 tannen said the suburbs are 25% minority or if you look at the atlantic which that's 52%
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of the black community actually lives in the suburbs and not the inner city, the suburbs are far more diverse than the cities. they're very diverse. there being targeted for what, federalize, centralized government controlled by the left and it really started under obama and that's why this is a very, very important topic for people who live in the suburbs, people who want to live in the suburbs and people who don't live in the suburbs but care about the nature of their country. stanley kurtz, senior fellow of the ethics and public policy center, he has wonderful articles about this, spreading the wealth, stanley, how are you sir. >> i'm great. thanks so much for having me. >> it's a pleasure. but start at the beginning. what is it that the federal government did to ensure that the civil rights.
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[inaudible] the federal government during the civil rights era passed the fair housing act of 1968 and rightly it prevents discrimination in housing so if people come to buy a home or to rent an apartment, they should be treated in the same way regardless of race, ethnicity, immigrants, regardless of national origin. that is the law. >> so this seems morally correct under every circumstance something that's been in place for a long time, it seems be working pretty well, but then obama comes united states and what does he do with that 1968.
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>> he represents a segment of the party and an influential segment that really doesn't think well of the suburbs. they consider them fundamentally unjust for the suburbs. why? when people move out to the suburbs they take their tax money with them and that is viewed by obama and many other democrats as a way of selfishly keeping more money from less well-off people in the cities. he created a really massive rule called affirmatively furthering fair housing read
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there was a mention of that in the original fair housing act but all it really meant at the time was that the secretary of housing and urban development should take positive steps to make sure people didn't discriminate in housing between people of different races and ethnicities et cetera, just as we said before, but obama took that brief mention and created out of it a transformative rule, a little bit like obamacare and that it's a massive rule that does a great many things and you have to keep building and building and the bottom line is that aff age, the acronym for furthering fair housing would radically undercut the political and economic independence of america's suburbs. it would allow bureaucrats in
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washington, in the department of housing and urban development to control zoning laws, to control the placement of transportation and business district, even to some degree the drawing of school districts. in other words almost every important local governmental responsibility could, under the policy fall into the de facto control of the feds. >> so effectively in so many crucial respects to the people who have lived in these communities and the people that want to live in these communities, the federal government would nationalize, federalize decisions respecting the economy, schooling, law enforcement, housing, zoning, commercial activity, transportation hubs, have i missed something question mike. >> you probably have mark, i've probably missed something because there's so many things in the aff h regulation. it's hard to keep track. for example, i'll give you one
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example of something we both missed. it will allow the feds to push local government into regional governing consortium. now what does that bit of gobbledygook mean? it means that it will try to create a layer of government in between the federal government and local government, a layer of government that corresponds to your greater metropolitan area. if you're in montgomery county outside philadelphia it will try to remove your governing responsibility and hand them over to the grade greater metropolitan area which will probably end up taking a chunk of your tax money, so there is a lot in affh. mark: i suspect they will need to keep a lot of data on what's going on with schools, where houses are built, what kind of houses are built, who lives in these houses, what
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kind of density you have in a particular area, and on and on and on, and these federal bureaucratibureaucrats are going to do it out of the hub building as opposed to people and communities going to their zoning boards and commissioners and city councils. is that correct? >> that's absolutely correct mark. here is how it really will work. the feds will provide some basic sense of data to the locality that apply for various grants from the federal government but really they will force your locality, your county or municipality to fill out a very detailed demographic form and they will have to list where everyone lives according to their economic status, according to race and ethnicity, according to national origin, according to english language
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proficiency and handicap status. and i could go on and will go on and explain how that will then be used by the fed but one crucial thing you need to know is when you fill out that form, if you check the wrong boxes, you could be opening yourself up to a lawsuit as a locality and that would have tremendous negative effects and we've already seen a run through of this in westchester county in new york state which the obama administration used as a kind of dry run for its affh rule. if you are sued, that would give the feds an additional lever say to force you to go into regional governmental consortium, to force you to remove your zoning and make it the way the feds want, to force you to spend tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars on high density low income housing. there's almost nothing they
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can't do once they scare you into a lawsuit and if you fill out that form the wrong way, you are really opening yourself up to a suit. mark: i want to talk about westchester county new york in the next segment. i want the audience to understand this is real world. it's not theoretical, this is of reality and i want to talk about what president trump plans to do about it. ben carson becomes secretary of hud and you have this obama regulation out there, what have they done with this regulation. >> well, the good news, there's a lot of good news actually from the beginning, secretary carson and president trump suspended the enforcement of affh but they didn't actually end the rule. they didn't pull it away and there was a lot of debate on what should actually be done
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but very recently president trump, with the help of secretary carson had a very powerful and effective way put an end to affh as it was created under the obama biden administration and this is really a tremendous accomplishment because we often have, what we call in government, the ratchet effect. the ratchet only goes one way. it either stops or moves in one direction and after the federal government is under a ratchet effect meaning it only gets bigger or if a republican gets in it stays about the same but it never actually shrinks and this is the case where president trump, with the help of secretary carson have actually countered the ratchet effect, not only have they peel back virtually the entirety of the obama biden affh rule, this radical
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overreaching rule but they've even peeled back some layers that had accumulated over the law which wasn't about what was in the law, even before the policy. this is a brilliant stroke on the part of the trump administration. it's a courageous action and it sets up a radical dichotomy on what biden will offer the suburbs which is affh turbocharged and we can explain that turbocharged later on one hand and president trump on the other hand is saying to the suburbs zero no, i'm not going to mess with your fundamental freedoms. joe biden is and there's going to be a choice like night and day. mark: when we come back that's exactly what i want to focus in on. i think people need to understand that this election is so crucial. it's not about theory or policy that affects someone else.
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the left is very, very serious about fundamentally changing america and that means school systems, police departments, zoning and the only way they can do it is to nationalize these local decisions and when it comes to riding in the street and the mayor supporting it or closing their eyes to it, all the sudden they're federalist but when it comes to everything else, let's not fool ourselves, they are ironfisted government promoters but this is very important. they're targeting the suburbs for votes and the suburbs need to understand that there also intending to target them for control. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪y ♪ ♪ sales event. get zero percent financing on all 2020 lexus models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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welcome back. stanley kurtz, the suburbs the target of the democrats and by target i mean the target for destruction and the democrats have kind of showed some ankle but are now kind of covering it up as biden wants to get as many votes out of the suburbs, particularly in the major cities of this country as possible because he uses that as the way to victory. stanley kurtz, give us the full foundation of what it is
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of obama biden that were trying to do. >> absolutely mark. before i mentioned any locality that applies for federal housing grant is going to have to fill out an elaborate demographic form. you've got to explain where everyone lives in your jurisdiction by income, race, ethnicity, et cetera. that's just beginning. once eve done that, you have to compare your suburbs demography to the demography of the greater metropolitan region so if you're in montgomery county or chester county in suburban philadelphia you have to then compare your demography to that of the greater metropolitan region and if there are any imbalances, different races, ethnicities or incomes in different parts of the region, you have to submit a plan to hud to remedy that imbalance and what that means in practice is if you are an upper middle-class suburbs you might be obligated
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to build tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars in what's called high density, low income housing and change your zoning regulations if your zoning had allowed only for single-family house with a nice yard where your kids can play and plenty of parking on the street, that would have to change. and, even that is just beginning you then have to inventory everything in your district. everything is considered a community asset. where are the good schools in your district. where are the parks? where are the transportation hubs? where are the employment opportunities and the business district? if all of that is not equidistant from all the different demographic and groups in your area including
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the people you would bring in from other parts of the metropolitan area than you are also in trouble and you have to develop a plan to fix that. so, that's just. there's a lot more as i said with regard to forcing you into governing consortium, maybe you will be sued because you filled out the form in a way that was not very smart so those are some of the main traps that are laid for almost any jurisdiction that applies for a hud grant under affh b created by the obama administration. >> this almost sounds like thomas more's utopia where they create these communities and they tell you what types of uniform you are supposed to be wearing, who attends lunch in what hour and dinner at what hour, it's a massive assault on individual liberty
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and mobility and private property rights, on our local zoning system, it destroys our history in every respect when it comes to our governing system and it turns everything over to bureaucrats and hud who is motivated radical left-wing agenda so you're basically wipe out the suburbs, you'll wipe out the ability for local governments to govern and that say you have somebody or some group in a town council and a mayor who says were not to go along with us. what's the punishment if they don't go along? >> all right, that is in a way the million dollar question the first thing a suburb to do if they didn't want to go along with this is just not go along with the hud grant. many, many, most local
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jurisdictions in the united states receive what are called community development grants from hud. you can say okay i'm not going to apply for it and that would be smart. you be giving up the money but you also wouldn't be filling out the form which could get you sued, but here's where joe biden and the turbocharging comes in. it's bad enough that biden has promised to enforce the obama item affh to the hilt but now he's come up with a new idea that he got from senator cory booker and that is this, not only will your hud grant become conditional on doing all of the things that i just explained, but now your suburb will not be able to participate in any state road repairs that use any money in what are called surface transportation grants from the federal government. now what suburb in the united
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states could afford to exempt itself from state road repair, it's roads would deteriorate over if they're going to build a new artery to help the commute, how could you not have an outlet from the artery into your jurisdiction. it would be impossible. once the oh obama biden affh is turbo charged with the booker plan i think every community would have to pick you late. mark: they would have to go to court to cut off all or most federal grants whether it's education, trying to tie it back and get it in front of an obama judge or a biden judge, god forbid should there be one and all that happens is the trajectory goes one way. donald trump becomes president and hits the brakes and says this is crazy. this is not what america is
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about. this is a violation of our constitutional construct, individual liberty, individual choices and i'm not one to put it out there. then you have the other party which is absolutely focused on the government control of the individual, federal government control of our school systems and healthcare and of the employment and workplace and on and on but i want to expand with you when we come back stanley kurtz the turbocharged part of what biden plans to do and then i want to ask you, why are they so quiet about it. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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live from america's news headquarters i'm ashley strohmeyer. the third hurricane in hawaii's modern history could soon make landfall. hurricane douglas is threatening the most isolated state in the country. there tracking the category one storm as it swirls uncomfortably close to the islands. residents are still preparing for winds up to 90 miles per hour and 15 inches of rain. hawaii governor is closing federal offices and courts on the hazardous part of the island. nearly 4000 miles away residents in texas are recovering from storm hanna.
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texas governor greg abbott issued disaster declaration for 32 counties. it has been downgraded to a tropical storm and is lingering over northern mexico. now back to life, liberty and levin. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome back stanley kurtz you talk about how biden really wants to intensify or expand what the obama biden plan was borrowing from cory booker who says we can cut off federalist road funds and of course this federalist needs -- the suburbs need road funds because a lot of people drive and there's not transportation and so on so this would affect the suburbs a great deal plus people in the suburbs are paying an awful lot of federal tax load and that means they get very little back certainly in terms of the roads. so the goal is for the federal government to compel compliance or to take money
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away from the suburbs but the suburbs have every right to receive because they pay into the federal till. so my question to you is, given how massively significant this is to the nature of the country, to millions of people who live in the suburbs and millions more who want to live in the suburbs, which are quite diverse, more diverse than ever before in american history, why is it so quiet? why doesn't the media reported. why isn't this on the front page of the new york times and the washington post. >> that is a great? and at one level the answer is blindingly simple, they don't talk about it because they understand perfectly well all the things i've been describing would completely put off suburban voters and suburban voters are the voters that both democrats and republicans are trying to appeal to so what they've done instead, and by the way, the
5:31 pm
way you should handle this, if you really believe in the policy is to pass a law. you remember passing a law, you remember civics, you go before the american public and you say here's what i want to do, here's what we want to do. now let's have a national debate and pass a law but instead it is the habit of the democratic party to take a law and really invent meanings and obscure clauses that were never there and create a massive bureaucratic rule that doesn't have to be publicized in a way that a law would be debated. it's a backdoor strategy, is very characteristic of the democrats, and that's very much what's going on here mark, but there is more to it as well. there was national debate of sorts, at least the beginnings of one over so-called sprawl in the late '90s, and there was a time magazine issue with the brawl over sprawl and at that time, a lot of the
5:32 pm
community organizers that obama worked with and a lot of left leaning groups affiliated with the democratic party were attacking the suburbs with proposals, very much with what we find in affh and time again we saw the same pattern and by the way this is something i lay out in my book, the history of it, and the pattern is this, these left-wing groups would come in with their proposals and they would find sympathetic state legislators who would hold hearings and there would be protests, but as soon as people got a load of what was actually in these proposals for the suburbs they were horrified and they backed off. even the liberals and they said well this is very radical, this is not going to win and not only that it's going to polarize the country and it's just flat a terrible idea which is based on hostility to the suburbs and at that point, the greatest
5:33 pm
advocates of the kind of changes we see in the affh rule, they went underground, so to speak and then a bolt of lightning hit and one of their members became president of the united states and lo and behold they were able to run the whole policy menu as a kind of backdoor bureaucratic game. >> i think you're right, the reason the media does not focus on it is because it's really the agenda for biden and the democrat party. they know what he has in mind, they know what obama started in westchester which we will get to an a little bit and they also know biden needs the suburbs to win. we talked about the women in the suburbs will make determination of whose president of the united states and if the women in the suburbs know what's going happen to their homes, their communities, their schools, if they know what's going to happen, that's all have absolutely no control over it
5:34 pm
where they'll have absolutely no say, the women of the suburbs may focus less on presidential tweets and more on biden's policy. isn't that the real reason they're covering this up? >> absolutely mark, absolutely. if this were known, they would lose. it's pretty straightforward so instead, they creat cry racism when that's really not what's going on here and i think we'll get into that more when we talk about westchester. mark: and in fact, stanley kurtz, you and i will at some point be accused of raising this to create fear among white people which is exactly why explained that the opening of this program how diverse the american suburbs actually are. they are extraordinarily diverse, much more diverse than the cities as a matter of fact and i would argue much more diverse than the democratic party when you look at the united states senate when they hit 90% of the african american vote and they
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mark: welcome back stanley kurtz. we been talking about westchester county new york. it's time to delve in. what did the obama biden administration due to that county in new york? >> westchester county was the guinea pig of sorts for the affirmatively furthering fair housing regulation. now, keep in mind that westchester county is the fourth most diverse county in new york state. around 2016 westchester county had about 40% of its population were black or hispanic. so, this is a very diverse county and yet, a civil rights
5:40 pm
suit was filed against westchester county claiming not that they had had any housing discrimination, which is what the fair housing act for bids, but claiming instead that they had falsely promised when they receive their hud grant, to affirmatively further fair housing and the lawsuit used this expansive definition of affirmatively furthering fair housing which had nothing to do with actually discriminating and it was never even alleged there was housing discrimination, but rather that the district simply hadn't done enough to create demographic diversity in every part of the district. now, as i said, westchester is highly diverse, but there are some somewhat less diverse enclaves, for example the area where bill and hillary clinton
5:41 pm
live but that's not because of housing discrimination, it's because of economics. it's a very expensive to live there and the way to it approach that is to make all americans more pro prosperous which is what jim president trump has been doing. that's the way to handle this not some massive social engineering effort. after this lawsuit was filed the democratic leadership caved. they went to the obama administration and they said help us create some kind of agreement that will get us out of this lawsuit. they should've fought it but instead they turn to the obama administration and using the opportunity, the obama administration started pushing on westchester these draconian demands. first they had to build upwards of $50 million high density low income housing and then they started pressing
5:42 pm
them to forge the municipality within westchester to remove their single-family zoning regulation. then this hide density low income housing had to be what's called affirmatively advertised. they couldn't just advertise it generally. they had to go particularly to neighborhoods that were not only minority but were poor and advertise the housing there so in other words, they were effectively being forced to abolish their own laws and to spend tens of millions of dollars on people who didn't even live in the county with their own tax revenue so it really was a kind of federal takeover, and that was just beginning because were talking now about 750 units of high density low income housing but hud using an academic study leader indicated that the ideal solution and the one that would work in the long term was the building of 10000
5:43 pm
units of high density low income housing if you actually tried to calculate out the taxing on that, it could potentially raise the taxes on people in westchester by a factor of one or two, in other words an increase in taxes to pay for all that and that's the dry run for what every suburb in the country would be subjected to on their affh. >> and of course this is really hard in so many ways but targeted on eliminating single-family homes. >> absolutely, and you know mark, that really is the american dream. people, the classic american dream is work hard, save up, get that dream house with the white picket fence in the yard where the kids can play and where there's a school district small enough so if you care about your kids schooling you can have some influence on the direction it goes in. that's what the american dream
5:44 pm
is all about, and that, in a sense is the greatest anti- poverty program that ever existed. it's the motivation that americans have to save up and better themselves by moving out to raise a family that drives the economy and prevents us from having the warfare that has typified europe but from the perspective of the left-leaning democratic faction that favors affh, what we call the american dream is really a kind of hate greed and selfishness and even bigotry so there is a radical difference here and it's going to be on the ballot this november. >> when we come back stanley kurtz, i want to ask you, now that the nation will be aware of exactly what's going on in this program and as a result of the audience, its members speaking and spreading the word, what will the reaction of the biden campaign, the left-wing media.
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[inaudible] i have a prediction. we'll be right back. (groans) hmph... (food grunting menacingly) when the food you love doesn't love you back, stay smooth and fight heartburn fast with tums smoothies. ♪ tum tum-tum tum tums
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welcome back. stanley curtis, i can think
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off the top of my head possibly three reaction. number one, the biden campaign will lie about it. though just lie and say that's not our intention or plan what we know in fact it is because it's written. number two, they will attack those who raise it including the president of the united states who has raised it as white supremacists or promoting white privilege despite the fact that the suburbs are heavily diverse in terms of minorities living in the suburbs there. or number three, they will ignore it, pretend it doesn't exist or the do all three. what do you think? >> well mark, i do think all of the above is a good choice there. i think it would be a terrible tragedy if we were to lose the essence of our governing system, the federalist system
5:50 pm
because we were afraid to push back on this issue. the way our system works is that government builds from the ground up, and not from the top down. that has been the case since the pilgrims, since the new england town meeting, and write to the contemporary township. we have a layer of government at the local level, the state level and the federal level and the local level should do as much as possible and the higher levels as little as possible. this is a complete reversal of all this. it's a takeover and really destruction of the local level by the federal level. we can't let ourselves surrender that because of false charges of racism. that's not what's at stake here. that's being used as a cover for a power grab by people who think they know how we ought to live and i think the way to deal with this, because you're right, they don't want to talk about it is for president
5:51 pm
trump, who's already done tremendous work by eliminating this rule, but i think he needs to make a speech. he needs to run ads, but especially a speech that really explains some of the things we are talking about so that the, so his opponent is forced to deal with the reality of affh. they may scream and yell and attack, but the more attention goes to this issue, the more americans will see what is actually in affh and i don't believe that biden's plans can survive this scrutiny of americans so they will try to keep it quiet, but every day that passes by it becomes harder and harder to divert public attention from the reality of affh. >> stanley kurtz, i agree with that. last time i checked there's over 50 members of the united states senate or republican, there are almost 200 members
5:52 pm
of the house of representatives who are republican and i haven't seen with single one of them in any prominent way or consistent way talk about this. i haven't heard a single one of them talk about promoting legislation or amendment to legislation to prevent this from happening from a regulatory point of view, there's all these massive spending bills that are trying to put writers in the bill to prevent this from happening, the republican party is on appeal, the suburbs will be lost in the country will be lost, individual liberty and mobility will be lost if we don't wake up and wake up fast. do you agree with that. >> i'll be just a little bit more optimistic mark because there was an effort under obama by congress to defund affh. it was led by representative paul gose are in the house. it actually passed with almost every republican voting for in the house and the senate the republicans split.
5:53 pm
>> when was that. >> that was during the obama administration. >> i don't hear anything during the trump administration. >> they need to speak up about it now and you may well be right that they will be scared off. they shouldn't be, they need to step up to the plate, but they've done it before and they should know that they can do it again and i believe they're going to be congressional candidates running in the suburbs who will take this issue seriously and who ought to. >> stanley you've done a great service to your nation, i think you're exactly right, you have now put it on the national agenda and we need to fight this like we need to fight so many other things. i want to thank you stanley kurtz, be well. >> thank you. mark: we'll be right back.
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welcome back. ladies and gentlemen some time ago there was a gentleman by the name of alexis. [inaudible] he wrote a book called democracy in america. absolute genius. the book was ignored for about a half-century but as many of you now know it's a very popular book particularly among those who believe in liberty. one of the things he says that so crucially important in the book is that america will never face. [inaudible] why because it governs from the bottom up. the central government is mostly weak and their are so many hamlets and villages and towns, so many cities in these vast america which is where the action is which is where the people live which is where representative government really takes place that they will not tolerate a centralized top-down
5:59 pm
government. will that's what we have today. a centralized top-down government and now they're about to unleash a war against our town are township, our villages and our cities to concentrate police powers, funding powers, resource powers, governing powers in the bureaucracy and washington d.c. this is part of the whole plan that biden has set for you should he win. he's going to destroy the suburbs, he's going to destroy healthcare, he's going to destroy law enforcement, he's going to destroy immigration laws. he is bernie sanders in biden's suit. that's exactly who he is. i hope with all this talk in the media leaning toward biden, i hope people in the suburbs will wake up and realize there's a great deal at stake. their liberty, their private property rights, the governing system, everything.
6:00 pm
everything is on the table. why? because that is what the democratic party has become, a radical left-wing party. think about it. see you next time on life, liberty and levin ♪ ♪ ♪ good evening welcome to "the next revolution" i'm steve hilton. this is the home of positive populism. propos. great news. joining us tonight for the hour tammy bruce and rob smith. but first president trump parent power revolution. here he is last week in what i thought was one of the most important policy statements of his presidency. >> if schools do not reopen the funding should go to parents to send their child to public private charter religious or homeschool of their choice.
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