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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 27, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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[laughter] >> open late. >> never. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> thanks, guys. rob: great story. ann turning 90 tomorrow. she has worked at that that chick-fil-a in owe desis a, texas for 8 years. jillian: happy birthday. rob: happy birthday, see you later. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: that man with his finger right there it means actions. at is "fox & friends" for a monday. already the 27th day of july. and there's a heat advisory for the big bad apple it. could be 101 the heat index through tomorrow night at 8:00. stay indoors. watch cable, folks. ainsley: that's exactly right. because it is going to be so hot that it's okay it's summer.
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i'm thinking it's okay it's the end of july. school starts in another month in some places. here in new york it's after labor day we are all wondering if it was going to start how was your weekend? brian: above average. i cleaned out my shed i wish you could have been there i can't believe normally at this time we are getting ready to go to the conventions. both conventions are so scaled back it's hard to even plan to think we will get anything out of it let alone attend it. i don't think they want us to go. so there you go. steve, get us started. steve: the dnc was already supposed to be over. it is a whole new world. anyway, thank you for starting your week with us. we start this with a fox news alert. law enforcement officers blocking protesters from a police precinct during new unrest in seattle. the protests were mostly peaceful. just one day after a riot was declared in the city.
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[bleep] [bleep] >> seattle police released that body cam video of that riot on saturday. officers say they were hit by rocks and water bottles and explosives. there were 59 officers that were injured. 47 people were arrested. brian: remember they can't use anything chemical. can't use tear gas. can't use anything to disperse crowds. this as portland sees its 60th straight night of unrest. setting off fireworks near the courthouse. same drill. two people taken into custody one lock from the demonstration. remember, these are peaceful. one person was hurt. moments ago several police cars were found burned in philadelphia some more of those peaceful riots. no one was hurt. no word on suspects. all these peaceful riots. amazing people are even paying attention. steve: it's interesting. we do note there is a difference between what we're seeing every morning, it seems like. and it's 0th day in portland.
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-- 60th day in portland. they have dispatched federal law enforcement there because there are bad actors who, every night, attack federal assets. solve that's why the law enforcement's there. chad wolf was on one of the shows yesterday he said, look there, a big difference between portland and the rest of the country where we have dispatched 100 or 200 law enforcement officers elsewhere. that is street crime. that is about drugs. that is about guns. ainsley, it's much different in portland where there are some bad actors. we know there are bad actors like antifa. ainsley: it's interesting that you brought that up. there was this journalist that walked up to jerry nadler yesterday. and he was asking about that. about antifa, in portland, and jerry nadler says, listen: >> violence in the whole country. antifa happening in portland right now? >> that's a myth that's being spread only in washington, d.c. >> about antifa in portland?
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>> yes. >> sir, there is videos everywhere online irption fires and riots and throwing. online, crazy, jerry nadler. >> last friday we had that marine on followed by antifa. chad wolf goes on by saying they are organized. they come with rocks and bottles, baseball bats. steve: walkie-talkies. ainsley: one personal the police responded to shots fired or one shot being fired in portland over the weekend. one person did take him or herself, we don't know if it's a man or woman to the hospital with a gunshot wound. they believe that was the person that might have been shot but no life threatening injuries. police were told to check out this bag. they opened up the bag. loaded, rifle, magazines and molotov cocktails. there is evidence that this is organized. brian: "new york times" even admits there is antifa there. someone should get jerry nadler his "new york times" because they even admit it that they are there they are playing a big role. if you watch the raw footage you
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see they are organized. start out in the back and end up in front. they have done tremendous damage. chad wolf is outraged that people don't see the role that the federal government has to play here because local police are overwhelmed and under financed after 60 straight days. and they were in front of his house harassing the people in his neighborhood yesterday. listen to this. >> we are working very, very closely with the department of justice, the fbi as well as others. i will say we will have additional actions probably as early as this week. we cannot continue to let law enforcement officers targeted and injured and what's going on in portland is violent crime every single night. again, i'm asking the city, the state, to step up, do their job, work with federal law enforcement and let's bring this to a peaceful conclusion. the department strongly supports individuals who want to peacefully protest. you want to exercise your first amendment right, there is no concern. in fact, that happens in portland every day. there is no incidents, there is
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no arrest. we're fine. it's this violent criminal activity that has to stop. brian: violent criminal activity has to stop it. overwhelms the message that people have about george floyd and racial justifiable and inequality that is oftentimes was the early theme and then antifa is in there with this anti-american push, as they claim anti-fascist. it's not 1929 or 1933. so, that organization has to be dismandismantled immediately. what's happening around the world part of the unrest is what is happening with the coronavirus. what is happening with the coronavirus some of the ramificationramanyification neeh rescue package. nancy pelosi is upset, even though she is known as human rain delay when it comes to all
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of this. she is upset about the fact that the republicans are insisting on having liability insurance and protections built in to the back-to-work push. listen. >> we place no responsibility on your employer to make that workplace safe. and if you get sick, you have no recourse because we have given your employer protection. and if you don't go to work because you are afraid of being sick, and have you that job opportunity, you don't get unemployment insurance. this is so unfair. let's just get to the heart of it. at the point of all of this is this president -- i have a new name for him. mr. make matters worse. he has made matters worse from the start. delay, denial, it's a hoax, go away magically. it's a miracle. all the rest. brian: what she doesn't know because she is very, very rich she ignores all the homeless in her city and the unrest that's
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plaguing oakland and harassing the mayor of that city is the fact that there are businesses that want to bring people back to work but can't afford to be sued if something happens which by the way is out of their control there is a balance between a workplace that's safe and doing something that's practical. so, therefore, she wants to give you $600 and 70% of your benefits to stay home and not work. congratulations, it's worked so far. and then you want businesses be left on the hook should somebody get 60 with a virus that even the leading scientists around the world can't control. steve: ainsley, you have a crazy camera on you right now. ainsley: and joel is fixing it. steve: joe is going to roll out it.steve -- nancy pelosi has a new nickname for the president of the united states. she was the topic that ted cruz was referring to yesterday over on cbs and said the madam speaker simply does not have it straight for what america needs
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right now. watch. >> we have right now two simultaneous national crises. we have a global pandemic. at the same time, we have an absolute economic catastrophe. speaker pelosi, her objectives are focused on neither of those. her objectives are shoveling cash at the problem and shutting america down and, in particular, you look at the 3 trillion-dollar bill she is trying to push, it's just shoveling money to her friends and not actually solving the problem. our objective should be americans want to get back to work. they want to be able to provide for their family. steve: right. exactly. people do want to get back to work. the big question is how large will those additional unemployment benefits be? will it be 70%? if so, that would probably mean you would go from $600 check to $200. and the other problem is apparently about half of the republicans, ainsley, in the senate, are going to vote no to
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any stimulus. so, we don't know exactly where this is going to go. ainsley: republicans want 1 trillion. democrats want 3 trillion. nancy pelosi octobers to the waiver for employees. she also wants more money for school preparedness. we will continue to follow this for you. hand it up to jillian for headlines. jillian: we begin with extreme weather right now. tropical depression hanna leaving behind major flooding in texas. cars getting stranded in the high waters you can see. emergency crews rescuing three people from a sinking boat in corpus christi. president trump approving a disaster declaration for the state. the coast guard surveying the damage. hurricane douglas swiping hawaii overnight. heavy rain and winds battering parts of maui. the storm coming within a razor thin distance direct hit. john lewis will lie in state at
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the u.s. capitol. his body will lie in the ro rota this afternoon. family staff and family members will visit first before the public and private viewing tomorrow. given the same honor in alabama's capitol building on sunday. his flag draped casket arriving there look at this powerful moment in selma. a horse drawn kasson before the final crossing. chinese officials take control of the u.s. consulate in cheng didew. police pushed back crowds as people gathered to watch. the u.s. closed the chinese consulate in houston last week after workers allegedly burned secret documents. u.s. officials say china used the facility to spy and steal research data. china denies the allegations. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. ainsley: thank you, jillian. we all got that message across
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our phone saying that legendary tv host regis philbin died of natural causes at 88 years old. he spent over 17,000 hours in all of our homes and look at steve, checking out his hair line? what's going on there, steve? steve: it was one of those things. he had a new show out. we were doing some stuff. he was one of the greatest broadcasters of all times. he got started after he left the navy in 1955. he got started at an l.a. tv station parking cars. eventually he was a stage hand. he worked as a sports producer until the sports guy didn't show up one day and regis was ready to fill in, ainsley. ainsley: here he is with us over the years. ♪ ♪ >> if you want something in life, you have got to go for it? >> yeah. >> you have got to go for it. and have you got to tell people. it's there for your taking.
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but you are the one that has -- steve: something big would happen i always wanted so-to-see how regis would handle it. >> that's interesting. how did i handle it? different than anyone else? >> you talked about it rather than just say a few lines. it was 1984. i'm in college. you said you have never forgotten this moment. >> no. coming all back to me. >> i'm going to grow a beard about 10 days from right now. >> why is that ryan? >> the facial growth is behind what we like to do right now. >> it means a lot. >> right in here if you have to know big boy. >> fox news has to know. >> a few hairs up there that we could pull out. >> who's to be a millionaire sports edition. ♪ how many football championships has st. mary's won? 2, 3. >> i would say three. >> three. >> the correct answer is zero. >> thanks a lot. [laughter] so much fun being one of the fox
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friends. brian: he fired his agent now. who booked him on this show? brian: i just think he was maybe the best, most successful person ever as a host because he was himself. you know, you hear these stories about carson totally different person off camera than on camera. regis philbin was regis philbin since day one. learned from the bronx sitting around the table with his family. able to put that into practice after serving in the military. he never looked back. he kept working. every opportunity he had he took that job and kept moving forward and trying to grow. i thought the other thing that was pretty evident that i saw he was as kind to people coming up as he was to people who were the super stars in the business. everybody knew him. steve: you know what? and, brian, to that point, regis was out in dallas and he crossed trails with my first cousin mike
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does doocy voice of the cowboys. sports anchor fox 4 in dallas. he tweeted this out yesterday. i met regis years ago at roger sastaubach. he went on about meeting steve doocy at roger's house. he later sent me this totally unnecessarily apology. what a broadcaster and amazing career. sorry about that steve thing, you are my favorite doocy, best, regis. how great is that? ainsley: he was so funny. i love kathie lee. i'm friends with kathie lee. and i was texting her and telling her what i read about her. she said a long paragraph i will read a little of it. smiles knowing that she that he is making someone laugh up in heaven at this very moment there will never be anyone like him. they worked together for 15 years. and they were always on in all of our homes. he was just so adored.
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talented, charming, his expressions were so fun y i would remember when kids came on set i knew it was going to be hilarious. such an entertainer. brian: he was a great listener. it always always about the guests not him. move everything along and make everyone feel important. in college would say go watch a live show. everyone chose the morning show. they opened it up. i got picked out of the audience. i was that clip in there went down and interviewed him for a radio show i was doing since my college was outside of new york city. he gave me like the best 40 minute interview that i ever had. ainsley: he just plucked you out of the crowd you were 20. brian: a sophomore in college. i was able to keep in touch with him over the years. afterwards he would shake everybody's hand at that point when the morning show became a national show. keep in mind, now, kelly and ryan secrest they are doing great. they get a fraction of the audience that regis got because everything was about the networks back then.
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cable was relatively new. he was getting 10 or 20 people watching him every day. not only unique talent about the whole world would zero in on that show kathie lee and kelli ripca. chet collier one of the people to give him huge breaks. chet collier one of the gave him one of the breaks that started fox news. direct link and heard all those stories about how hard he worked and what he did to become one of the best that ever was. steve: two things, brian, one, your son looks so much like you, brian kilmeade spelled differently spelled differently. that was the easiest show in the world to direct as a director. you would just hit camera one and then you would leave for 20 minutes because they would stay on that one shot for 20 minutes because it was all about the talk. ainsley: devout catholic. he would have his funeral at notre dame. steve: he will, indeed.
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regis philbin, rest in peace. ainsley: you will be released. we talked about this earlier the next covid-19 package will be released today. charles payne here with his predictions next. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala at home. find your nunormal with nucala.
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simon pagenaud takes the lead at the indy 500!
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coming to the green flag, racing at daytona. they're off... in the kentucky derby. rory mcllroy is a two time champion at east lake. touchdown! only mahomes. the big events are back and xfinity is your home for the return of live sports. >> we want to move forward quickly. the bill will be introduced monday and we are prepared to act quickly. this is all about kids and jobs. this is our focus. and we want to make sure something gets passed quick who i have that we deal with the unemployment and all the other issues. steve: all about kids and jobs treasury secretary mnuchin says as trillion-dollar phase four relief plan expected to be rolled out.
3:23 am
charles, it sounds like there is probably going to be $1,200 checks, aid for schools, to tune of $100 billion tax credits to encourage companies and rehire workers there will also be liability protections for businesses so that if they have people come back they don't get sued by somebody who says oh, i got sick going back to work. nancy pelosi does not want that. why is that? >> i'm not sure. really, i can't understand it, particularly in a state like california, you know, which has had the largest demand from small businesses for ppp relief. by far by the way that any other state they have closed down, they came back, they closed down. they have been inconsistent in their policies. probably not going to let a lot of kids go back to schools. if you talk, about you know, a state that needs some sort of liability protection for any small business that is even able to operate in that environment,
3:24 am
it's california. steve: sure. apparently, according to "the washington post," congress might have to pass a narrow piece of legislation this week. can't get the whole thing done. video to do a little bit because the $600 checks are about to go away. and some other stimulus as well. is that a signal that the economy is slowing down to the point where there's is a red warning light on the dashboard at the white house? >> well, it's a signal that we didn't come back enough, honestly. that, yo you know, listen, it's been miraculous rebound no single expert anywhere on wall street, anywhere in this country thought was even possible. look at that new home sales number on friday. that being said though the, we still have the pandemic unemployment claims and real -- the old school unemployment claims, 30 million americans. so, we're making this huge amazing come back. but to extend it, they have to figure something out, we need these bridges.
3:25 am
by the way, also a moratorium on evictions is really critical. that's going to be in the republican plan as well. steve: exit question. democrats want 3 trillion. republicans want 1 trillion. nonetheless it feels like 50% of the republicans in the senate aren't going to vote for any stimulus. where does it wind up? >> i think about 1.4 trillion, something like that. you know, of the 70% of income is going to be tough. i did the math and if you are in alabama you are going to get $400 less than have you been getting, arizona 300 less. georgia almost $500 less. that's a lot of money if you your job has not come back. and you add in. so the other issues. because, listen, travel, tourism, retail, restaurants, there are still a lot of those businesses that will not come back immediately. steve: you are right about that. charles, thank you very much. we will be watching you on fox business today at 2:00 this afternoon eastern time. thank you, sir.
3:26 am
meanwhile, on this monday. we are now 99 days away from the election. and joe biden could announce his running mate any moment now. but our next guest says joe biden should wait as long as he can. er explanation coming up next. from prom dresses... soccer practices... ...and new adventures.
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ainsley: former vice president joe biden expected to announce his running mate any day now and the contenders were out in full force over the weekend bashing president trump, watch. >> this is donald trump in the last gasp effort to use every tool at his disposal legal or illegal to try to win an election. >> i'm so concerned about where our country is at at this point in time. we have had a president that has just torn us apart. >> the president is doing everything he can to instill
3:31 am
fear. while joe biden is talking about a plan for the future. >> as biden's announcement draws near. kamala harris is reportedly seen as the favorite as the clock ticks towards that convention. joining me to discuss is senior policy analyst at the independent women's forum kelsey bolar. thanks for being with us, kelsey. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. let's go through all of the people on his short list. most people are calling for him to pick a woman, an african-american woman. kamala harris is seen as the favorite. although it's not locked in. what are the pros and cons of kamala? >> absolutely. well, joe biden is waiting for the last minute to make this announcement. i can't blame him because i'm not sure any of of these names he just listed would satisfy the base which is so divided between the defund the police radical base and the so-called moderates if they can even exist in the democrat party any more. as for senator kamala harris,
3:32 am
certainly she has the name i.d. to bring in some votes for biden, but she lacks any enthusiasm. we saw this with her own campaign. we also saw her spar on stage with joe biden. a lot of people would question do they have a genuine relationship or is this just all politics? ainsley: do you think she resonates more with the moderates? >> that's the problem with kamala harris that she faced when she was running her own campaign. no one was quite sure what she stands for. when she served as a.g. in her own state, she had a very tough on crime position. now she radical measures that her party is calling for. i think that's unclear and i think that's also why she is unable to really get any of the excitement that someone like bernie sanders had because
3:33 am
people actually believe that bernie sanders supports the policies that he is fighting for despite them being, of course, so radical. ainsley: we have learned more about value demings she was a former police officer currently an american politician congresswoman from florida. what about karen bass. politico is saying she advising as a sleeper pick. what do you know about her? >> yes. well, she has relatively low name i.d. but she does have a good resume for the moment. she heads the congressional blawxz. she has worked behind the scenes own a lot of the issues that have come to the forefront today. on paper she might be a good pick for joe biden. again, she would speak to more of the far left base not the so-called moderates. and joe biden supposedly is running this return-to-normal candidacy and so a pick like her
3:34 am
would contradict the reason he entered the race. ainsley: scrutiny of the biden campaign and say it was very invasive. val demings, susan rice and others. all those pictures up on the tv. august 1st is saturday and he said he is going to announce the beginning of august. we will see. thank you so much, kelsey for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. 6:34 on the east coast. lindsey graham hinting at big trouble ahead for the fbi. >> next week you are going to learn more. not only did the fbi lie to the court about th about the reliabf the dossier they also lied to the congress. ainsley: dan bongino is here to react next. two!? ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa -
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- i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> not only did the fbi lie to the court about the reliability
3:39 am
of the steele dossier. they also lied to the congress. that's a separate crime. the intelligence community did not want to include the dossier in the intelligence assessment provided to president trump about the 2016 campaign because they didn't trust it. so they started asking questions of the fbi in 2018 about the subsource and how reliable this information was i found those notes mr. horowitz told us about. not only about the fbi lie to the fisa court they lied their ass off to the congress. brian: right and we don't usuale that term but it emphasized the point. let's bring in dan bongino who knows as much about this investigation and stayed ahead of the curb as anybody else in the country. what senator lindsey graham is saying, dan, is something have you been say for a while. you are in this russia investigation you wonder who
3:40 am
christopher steele was talking to in russia that gave us that you will information that was unverified but other networks are sure it was true. so who was this person in russia? was he vladimir putin's buddy? best friend? relative? who was it? >> well it, wasn't a person in russia. it was a think tanker down the block from washington, d.c. a think tanker by the way, who was interviewed by -- guys, listen. i said this on this show. i wish i could pull the tape i was in in the control room probably close to a year and a half ago. i said in january of 2017 there was a meeting with the individual christopher steele said he got his information from. i was told this a long time ago. the person he said he got his information from is interviewed by the fbi and said this is all crap. it's garbage. i didn't say this. what i said he misconstrued. i didn't say this part at all. it was made up. i told everybody this. comey knew about this.
3:41 am
everybody knew about this. why is that important? they now found the guy. the think tanker who wasn't in russia. brian: poopoorporshenko. >> right. he said i'm not responsible that's his bag of donuts. steele said he said it. these two can't possibly be telling the truth. now we know they are all lies. here's the real question, guys. this is the 64 quadrillion-dollar question. we know the information is fake. put that baby to bed. the dossier is fake. even the democrats acknowledge that now. the people, it's attributed to, are real the real question now is how did steele, tape this segment, the real question that may involve some criminality is how was steele connected with the real people at attributing fake information to those real people. how did he get those names
3:42 am
especially if those names and what he was doing was classified? >> for years we have been told that information came from a kremlin time zone but as it turns out maybe just about a mile from the white house. shear devin nunes yesterday on sunday morning futures and he had an interesting observation at the conclusion of this sound bite and it all ties in with the brookings institute. watch. >> we think there is a connection between the president of brookings, and those dossiers that were given to the state department that mirrored the steele dossiers. look, all of this, what does it mean? this was the clinton campaign's dossiers. it was the dirt. phony story they sold not only to the american people but they sold it and corrupted our fbi where it appears like these dirty cops were more than willing to take this offerings and present it to the fisa court. we have now expanded our full blown investigation into the brookings institute and it really centers on two issues.
3:43 am
one is the irs. this is a tax exempt organization. they are supposed to stay out of politics. they clearly have not done that. steve: in addition to the criminality that you are suggesting it's a tax thing? dan: this part is a killer here. the president of brookings when this is going down is strobe high level democrat in the clinton descrax. strobe tall bet's brother-in-law cody shear who pretends to be a reporter. cody shearer and sid blumenthal were out spreading the same dossier. you call it the steele. same information, separate dossier. running brookings where the alleged primary source where steele working now all working together. it's not a conspiracy theory. it's a conspiracy but not
3:44 am
theoretical. they all knew each other is my point. victoria nuland who also knows strob tall bet they all worked together. she one of the people trafficking that information into the state department. here is the bottom line. have you this dirty football of fake information that's made up. attributed to real people who are sensitive sources. how those people got the sensitive sources' name to put on the fake football. that's the question. then that fake movable is passed around to the state department, the fbi, everywhere. brian: to john mccain. >> right. you can't absolve some republicans from this, too. you basically have a massive information laundering scandal where fake information is made to look real to hijack the justice system and spy on a presidential candidate. it is the biggest political scandal in our history. there is no longer any doubt amongst serious people. ainsley: the brooking institute is a monopoly profit public policy organization located in washington, d.c. what is the harm, if this is
3:45 am
true, in brookings having this? >> well, as devin nunes said, and he is right, you have now an organization, some tax exempt or tax privileged organization that's playing a essential role or apparently by some in information laundering scandal trying to basically hijack the justice system to get a fisa warrant. they were tools to take fake information, put the pa pay pata of reality on it. and using it to spy on a candidate. two people here super important. primary subsource who brian mentioned before who has a credible work history. if you get what i mean. his name is slapped on fake information. even though he didn't say it. did they know that? it appears the fbi did. and then secondly, you have christopher steele's name slapped on this steele dossier even though steele acknowledged the information wasn't his. you have to ask yourself why did they do that? because steele was a former russian expert.
3:46 am
they knew if they slapped his name on it would appear real even though it wasn't. brian: byproduct of all of this christopher steele thought was under the belief that hillary clinton knew all about his investigation. knew all about this thing even though they say they had nothing to do with it. >> the fbi knew it was false. brian: they are trying to play out the clock thinking that joe biden is going to win in november. they are trying. thanks so much. you have been awful over this. talk to you again. >> thanks, guys. brian: look forward to see what develops this week. janice dean go, to you. you have been quite busy with a lot of action. janice: the tropics are bizy. hurricane hanna made landfall across douglas,texas. it just scraped the islands of hawaii. they are so lucky they didn't get the worst of the rain and the wind and the storm surge. but as you can see it is still affecting the islands. we are still going to see the
3:47 am
potential for heavy rainfall as well as the rough surf and flooding. this is the next storm system that we think is going to get a name probably tomorrow. going to be the eye named storm. we will have to watch the development of this system. caribbean models. too comfort against the east coast next week. something we will have to watch. it's been a very busy tropical season thus far. we are not even into the peak yet. here is your forecast today. we are going to deal with the showers and thunderstorms across the gulf coast. still the potential for flash flooding because ever the remnants of hanna over parts of south texas, dealing with monsoonal moisture for the southwest and it's hot. hot and humid across the east coast, including new york city where it's going to feel like close to 100 degrees today. so, make sure that you are taking all the precautions, checking on the elderly, bringing your pets inside and staying inside where it's air
3:48 am
conditioned. brian: i can't get my pets outside. janice: no pets outside. ainsley: a lot of red on that map. the nfl warning players they could lose their pay if they go to high risk events for covid-19. is that a good idea? former player jack brewer is here to discuss it next. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. we have to meet itg aas one country.. numbers don't lie. infection rates are now going up in more states than they are going down. we've got to fight this together. wear a mask, keep your distance, limit the size of crowds. it may be inconvenient and may be uncomfortable, but it's the right thing to do as an american.
3:49 am
we need a president who will level with the american people, a president who will tell us the unvarnished truth, a president who will take responsibility instead of always blaming others, a president who will listen to the experts, follow the science, allow them to speak, a president who will lead and be an example for the nation. we have to do all we can to keep our fellow americans safe and healthy. i'm joe biden and i approve this message.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
brian: honoring an american hero john lewis crossing the edmund pettus bridge this weekend. he will lie in state in the capitol rotunda. jack brewer advisory board member black voices for president trump. what was your reflection of his life and the way it was handled the last few days. >> incredible to see so much bipartisan effort at really honoring a man who meant so much to, you know, one of the most difficult parts of our histor hi keep thinking about the congressman going to jail 40 times for fighting nor equal rights and bringing equality and truly bringing our nation, the results of what the constitution meant. you know, equality for all i
3:53 am
think it is a blessing and time to reflect. the leaders of the past, the civil rights leader who march so peacefully. they all did that under the word of god. these guys had bibles with them. these men and women who marched all praised jesus and they prayed for their enemies. and they loved their enemies. and when someon cursed them they replied back with love. this is what we need to get back to in our nation. a time to reflect that as we mourn the loss of congressman lewis. >> isn't that part of reason 50, 60 years later we still look back at those moments that stand out? it's not molotov cocktails being tossed. it's the brutality of the police. that's the reason why this took place. >> exactly. and that's what we have to get back. to say we can't let that deter
3:54 am
us. i mean, all the things that are going on. we have to start praying again as a nation and coming together as i will tell you what, we can't continue to allow all of our transgressions and allow, you know, just because you seek freedom, sometimes freedom does not mean that you can get away from more rattle. at this point in this nation, a lot of times our freedoms are taking us away from the very more rattle that makes us americans. we have got to get back to the word of god, man. brian: much lesser note we have got to get back to football and looks like in a week. thieves two sides are not talking to each other. they seem slow off the mark. first ridiculing baseball for not being ready and football for not being ready now they seem to be coming together. one of the things asking the players you risk losing everything, including your entire paycheck if you do high risk activities like indoor night clubs, like going to bars. like indoor music concerts, professional sporting events and house parties or any party with
3:55 am
more than 15 people. is that too much to ask of a player? >> it's a lot. and this is my concern from the beginning is you are taking guys who are young, who are used to a certain lifestyle and then you are going to have to restrict them. otherwise, you will have a spread of coronavirus. it's inevitable. you are talking about a sport where people on a daily basis are exchanging sweat, sometimes blood on the field, tackling each other each and every play. i don't see how you will stop the spread of this. i think the league has no choice at this point. if the players want to truly have a season this year that doesn't turn out to be a healthcare crisis, they are going to have to do it. not just to protect them but to protect their families and the communities that they go back to after every practice. brian: right. so, if you want to protect your family, don't go to the club, which probably shouldn't be raging any way in major cities because they are not allowed.
3:56 am
if you want to opt out. don't feel secure. sick at home you will get $350,000 to make that team to not play and get ahold of the virus. jack brewer, thanks so much. >> thank you. i appreciate it as usual. got bless you guys. brian: jack brewer, two great messages. coming up ahead, senator tom cotton in hot water. and hhs secretary alex azar can he get the testing reagents out so we can get our tests back in less than 8 days. but bristol myers squibb is working to change things. by researching new kinds of medicines that could help you live longer. including options that are chemo-free. because we're committed to bringing new hope into lung cancer care.
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beif the senate doesn't act,g stit will mean painful cuts to essential public services across america. fewer teachers and nurses. longer response times, dirtier streets. but some say america should just go bankrupt. text fund to 237-263 to tell congress to fund our essential public services.
4:00 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: it is a monday morning. thank you so much for choosing to wake up with us. we have already completed one hour of the show. two more to go. and we are delighted that you are here with us. brian: yeah. i'm delighted you woke up. a lot of people have been sleeping later some because they didn't want to, maybe their job has been put on hold or others have been saying hey, it's summer. i need some rest. if we are up, you have to be up. we will set your alarm. ainsley can set your alarm bring one of those clock radios to make sure you are up in the morning. steve: this is your 7:00 a.m. wake-up call. good morning. heat index up near 100 degrees. brian, i predict by 9:00 we get that big wrench that the studio crew has and we open that hydrant out front and just go
4:01 am
running through it. brian: are we allowed to do that. steve: absolutely. have you been watching the news? is anybody enportion the rules? hello. brian: and play stick ball in the street with willie mays? back to the future. ainsley: if you do that steve, you have to wear a mask. brian: right. exactly. not just the catcher. ainsley: 7:01 and we start with a fox news alert. blocking protesters from protest in seattle. mostly peaceful one day after chaotic clashes in that city. [explosion] [beep], [beep] brian: seattle police releasing body camera video of the saturday riots. officers say they were hit by rocks, water bottles and explosives, remember, these are peaceful. 59s officers were injured remember in that peaceful protest. 47 penal were arrested. steve: this as portland oregon
4:02 am
sees its 60th straight night of unrest. rioters set off fireworks overnight near the courthouse. police used tear gas apparently to disperse the crowd as you can see right there. two people taken into custody after a shooting was reported just about a block from the demonstrations. one person was injured. ainsley: moments ago several police cars were found burned in philadelphia. no one was hurt, thank goodness. no word yet on any suspects there. chris christie over the weekend was defending the president for sending these federal troops especially portland sent them in to protect the federal courthouse there. listen to chris christie the governor of your state of new jersey. >> most do not believe that the riots happenings in portland and seattle and other places across the country that are causing destruction and injury and in some cases death are acceptable. mayors in those towns are too politically timid to address people who are defacing and destroying their cities than the
4:03 am
president of the united states has to deal with it. it's his responsibility as president if the mayors are willing to walk away from their own responsibility not to support peaceful protest but to stop violent riots. brian: good to see somebody stick up for the president over the weekend because, the federal government, can you watch cities burn and say i have nothing to do with it and put people in action and say how can i help it? after 50 plus days they go the problem is those 100 federal agents they came out to help. that's the problem. i think rational people know that's not the problem. also, there is a worry. there is a worry that the feeling and the push for racial justice and police reform that everyone was on -- agreed the same page with, has evolved into a spectacle this according to a naacp spokesperson not to denounce the overall presence of white people at the protest, but this has become a white speck kel as government buildings have
4:04 am
been damaged and october objectw enforcement. we welcome our white brothers and sisters. must ask them to remain humbly attune to the opportunity of the moment and reflect on what their actions are doing and if they are achieving the goal for african-americans. so, they might have overcorrected. with people that really don't know what's going on. they just want to get -- take part in the protest. let's bring in arkansas g.o.p. senator tom cotton, member of the senate armed services committee. hey, senator, you have one person over the weekend defend the president's action because he decided not to sit on his hands and watch, i don't know, 12, 15 cities burn. >> well, good morning, guys. steve: good morning. >> the president halls to take action to defend federal properties and installations. he out not have. to say local layer mayors and governors should defend local property the way they defend their own private property. what you see in portland is a systematic deliberate and
4:05 am
ongoing attack from the federal courthouse and federal building. of course the federal government has to defend its own property if a local mayor will not. if he doesn't want federal officers in portland, he doesn't do his job. steve: yeah. in court papers that were filed over the weekend, apparently the federal government says at least $50,000 worth of damage has been done to the hatfield courthouse there in portland. not only in vandalism and graffiti, but also the constant fires that they seem to start every night. senator, we want you to try to decipher for us, if you would, what congressman jerry nadler said on a twitter video with a journalist by the name of austin fletcher because he was asked about violence and antifa. he called it a myth watch. this violence across the country happening in portland right now? >> that's a myth being spread only in washington, d.c. >> about antifa in portland? >> yes. >> sir, there are videos
4:06 am
everywhere onliar fires and riots. throwing fireworks at federal officers. dhs is there? look online. it is getting crazy, mr. nadler. steve: senator, i can't tell if is he referring to the part of the sentence where the reporter says there is violence across the whole country. is he calling that a myth or calling the fact that antifa is in portland a myth? >> jerry nadler denying antifa is in portland like baghdad bob denying there were american tanks in baghdad back in the day. look at the videos posted in recent weeks. people are carry the flag of antifa and wearing t-shirts and spray painting it on buildings. obviously that's not the only people on the streets in portland. no question there are professional instigators and agitators on the streets in portland who are trying to stir up violence. it's a sad situation that people who want to protest peacefully or demonstrate for any cause can't do so without these
4:07 am
instigators and agitators trying to infiltrate their protest and use them for their own purposes. ainsley: the protests are set to unveil the coronavirus bill which will include $1,200 in stimulus checks, liability protections for businesses and schools. what else can we expect? >> well, ainsley, i don't want to speculate on the legislation since it's not revealed yet. but i want to stress that in march we did not know much about this virus. we did not know about the kind of impact it was going to have. that's why we unanimously passed the carg cares act. i would not have viewed that at the time as a recovery or stimulus bill it. walls a survival bill. now that we know so much more about this virus and impact. and now we know about the economic impact it's had. we need a bill that's much more finely calibrated and targeted toward the tools helping our schools and colleges and universe and businesses get open by protecting them from ambulance chasing trial lawyers
4:08 am
or helping our hospitals and doctors and clinics get the supplies they need to ensure that we are testing in sufficient speed and volume. and to focus aid on where it's truly needed on some of those industries and businesses that are heavily impacted that haven't been able to get to work. people still out of work through no fault of their own through the fault only of the chinese communist party. that's what i expect you will see in the bill today and that's where our focus will be on the days ahead. brian: senator tom cotton in the eye of the storm you like to take on hot issues 1619 project. here is part of your interview with the arkansas gazette. we have to study the history of slavery and its role and impact on the development of our country because otherwise we can't understand our country. some say that was insensitive.
4:09 am
>> well that is fake news, brian. that's not what i said. what i said is that many founders believed that only with the union and the constitution could we put slavery on the path to its ultimate extension. that's exactly what lincoln said. of coursest of course slavery is an evil institution in all its forms at all times in america's past or around the world today. the fundamental moral principle of america is right there in it the declaration all men are created equal. the history of america is the long and difficult struggle to live up to that principle. that's a history we ought to be proud of. not the historical revisionism of the 1619 project. which wants to indoctrinate america's kids and teach them to hate america. to say believe that america was founded not on human freedom but on racism. to say think that slavery was not an aberration but the true heart of america. that's why leading historians
4:10 am
like james mcpherson or gordon wood have debunked the 1619 project. make sure federal tax dollars don't go to teaching it. the "new york times" should not be teaching american history to our kids. steve: senator, before you go. today marks 99 days before the election day. what is the state of the race right now? >> well, you think it's a close race in the presidential campaign and senate campaigns as well. and the american people are going to be asking who is going to be best equipped to help get the economy back on its feet. who is going to protect our communities from the violence we see in the streets? who is going to protect this nation from the threat of the chinese communist party and other threats abroad and as we head down the homestretch of this campaign i think they will conclude it's the president and the republican party. ainsley: senator, thanks for being with us. >> thank y'all. ainsley: good luck today. hand it over to jillian she has headlines for us. jillian: good morning. we begin with a fox news alert.
4:11 am
breaking right now the gym owners who defied new jersey lock down orders are arrested. their lawyer telling fox news bellmawr new jersey police blocked the atilis gym parking lot this morning. ian smith and frank were arrested a short time after. this comes days after a judge ruled the state can close their gym. smith and other owner are not expected to be arraigned today. tropical depression hanna living behind major flooding in texas. cars getting stranded in the high water. emergency crews rescuing three people from a sinking boat in corpus christi. president trump national disaster for the state. hurricane douglas swiping hawaii overnight. heavy rain and winds battering parts of maui. the storm coming within a razor thin distance of making a
4:12 am
threat. covid-19 trial officially beginning in the u.s. drug maker moderna receiving an additional $472 million from the federal government to support its development. the study getting underway as washington, d.c. issues a new travel warning this morning it. requires people to self-quarantine for 14 days if they have traveled from states considered to be high risk. well, there are no fans in the ball park but that is not stopping the philly fanatic from having some fun. iconic mascot. fanatic also tried starting a wave among the cardboard cutouts. the marlins got the last though winning 11-6. steve: i have to say after watching a lot of the baseball over the last 72 hours, i like fox's virtual fans in the stands much more than the cut outs. i don't like that. brian: people sending pets in now. one of the craze yes things i have seen in sports.
4:13 am
nothing but craze wris crazyistt life size. ainsley: brian where is yours? brian: i riff to buy them. at least we have sports to talk about which is great. 13 minutes after the hour. violence erupting in seattle where rioters smashed in windows towards justice center. our next guest owns property nearby and says it has been a complete disaster. he is next. ♪ ♪ did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance ta-da! so you only pay for what you need? i should get a quote.
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brian: violence erupting in seattle over the weekend where at least 59 officersy injured.
4:18 am
rioters construction site and justice center. next guest has property nearby. got an apartment building. worries he could be next. he has been witnessing this destruction firsthand. joining us now is seattle property owner joe lonagal. what have you witnessed the last few weeks and what has it done for you and your neighbors? >> i have witnessed people rolling around with ak-47s, continually protesters coming for essentially battle, i mean, with things to throw at people, things to, you know, explosives. they put a hole in the east precinct. they are smashing in everything. they are spray painting everything. i don't know how anybody would want to live in that neighborhood. it's very difficult. this is also a neighborhood where this is typically an lgbtq neighborhood. these people are exactly -- will
4:19 am
anyone. brian: people say peaceful protest about racial iniquity in america, what do you say? >> i say that's not true. these people are criminals running around there. enough is enough. i mean, there is a black lives matter people left a long time ago. now it's just, you know, people using that to smash and grab. it's completely not realistic. this is just ridiculous. brian: if i rent an apartment from you, i'm probably not too happy right now. a lot of them are saying you can have my apartment. i'm out of here. have you got to lease those empty apartments and how can you even ask the same amount considering that the only thing can you promise is more destruction and, handcuff cops who can't use anything any type of cutting edge material to break up these protesters. rioters. >> that's exactly it. when you have literally
4:20 am
thousands of people walking in front of your building carrying explosives, guns, covered in riot gear themselves to go attack the police, i mean, what are you supposed to say to a potential renter i mean, how long are these people going to attack this neighborhood? we haven't done anything. why won't they just leave us alone? brian: again, we heard from the naacp people saying, hey, these are mostly white people. maybe your heart is in the right place, maybe it's not. why don't you ask us. if it's about us, we should be involved. lastly, real quick, the president sees some of this. he wants to send some federal agents. in people think he is the bad guy. don't you need some help? >> well, that's the reality of the situation. the way it's supposed to work is if the cops can't handle it call in the county. city can't handle it call in the county. if the county can't handle it, call in the feds.
4:21 am
i don't know why we are living in a world right now that we're not cooperating with federal officers instead of denouncing them and ridiculing them. i mean, the folks on the ground, the police and the county sheriffs and the federal officers, these are not bad people. i mean, yes. in any organization, you have a bad actor here and there but overall we should be working together to try and make a better place for us all to live. not arguing. the residents of that neighborhood are suffering because the government is not communicating and trying to get along. and so we are dealing with this day-to-day basis of horrible circumstances because it just seems like they are more important to them to argue with each other than to just try and fix the problem. brian: only thing that gets the mayor's attention is when they go after her house that broke up chop. now there is no one there to protect you. police chief says they have taken almost all our power away and people are resigning. impossible situation where someone goes to fix it.
4:22 am
you become the enemy and hence portland. i feel bad for you, joe, hang in there. >> yeah. it's a rough situation. and i don't know what to say. brian: you got it. you said a lot. i appreciate it. hopefully someone is hearing you. joe, appreciate it. meanwhile, the house signaling new covid-19 treatments could be days away. what will those look like? we will get update from health and human secretary alex azar. we made usaa insurance for veterans like liz and mike. an army family who is always at the ready. so when they got a little surprise... two!? ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa - who helped find the right coverage for them and even some much-needed savings. that was the easy part. usaa insurance is made the way liz and mike need it- easy.
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ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. ainsley: as the nation debates how to reopen schools in the fall. some parents are rethinking their children's education with home schooling pods. lawrence is live with the microtrend. hey, lauren. >> have you heard of this ainsley? ainsley: no. i'm curious. >> home schooling in a pod. so essentially you put kids in these co-opts of 4 to 12 in each pod. and you either have the parents teach the students or you hire a teacher. there is one company called friendly minds. it costs you $250 to get into
4:27 am
the pod. and then up to $80 an hour to hire a teacher. so the kids stay in a garage, for instance, and then you rotate the family's homes that are hosting this school. so, in that case, if a parent is working, they have more time where they can would to work only hosting that pod say once a week. this is a hot trend and a lot of people are actually doing. this another trend that we have noted is something called outschool. have you heard about this we did this all the time with my kids. $10 a class depending on the class. virtual supplement. do signature from algebra to how to speak with a british accent. kids love it. supplement. some are relying on supplements because they are dissatisfied with what their kids learned in the past school year. 44% of parents dissatisfied with virtual education at the end of last year. so they're spends money on ways to teach their kids anew. the problem is, all of these
4:28 am
options cost money so parents who are the ability to pay for the supplements, might have kids that learn more. it's just something we're going to have to learn how to deal with. a lot of other parents are doing traditional home schooling. in fact, it's estimated that the number of kids home schooled entirely more than doubled 10 million this year. so, home schooling is not cut out for everybody. even if the parents do have the means and the schedules to do it. so, anxiety is running very high right now on how we are getting the kids back to learning. whether it's in a traditional classroom or something else, ainsley. ainsley: yeah. we all -- we have to do what we have to do. right? we don't have a choice. so whatever schools decide to do we will go with it. thanks so much, lauren. >> it's going to change a million times. ainsley: that's true. steve, over to you. steve: meanwhile rise. some might be showing signs of progress. >> we already starting to see
4:29 am
some plateauing in these critically four states that have really suffered under the last four weeks so texas, arizona and florida major metros and throughout their counties. steve: here with update health and human services secretary alex azar. mr. secretary, good morning. >> hey, steve, good to be with you. steve: that is really good news if the worst may be over in places like florida, texas, california and arizona. why is that? >> well, i just want to be careful that while dr. birx says we are seeing signs of plateauing. we are not out of the woods yet. it is really important that people remain vigilant. we think it's due to the fact that people are actually wearing their masks. they are wearing their masks. they are social distancing. they are engaging in good personal hygiene. the governors have closed some of these bars where you just can't keep socially distance and you are not going to wear a face covering. hermine are stepping up to the plate and doing what we are
4:30 am
asking and what the governors are asking. we see it has an impact. steve: yeah. because every time they go, you know what? we're going to go to the next phase or things are not as bad or we are over the hump, people think oh, it's over. can i go back to my ordinary regular life and then you walk up to somebody with no mask and next thing you know people have it. >> i really hope people will remain vigilant and we go through this because we need to make it through the next several months because we have so much promise there in terms of just really credible shots at therapeutics the next generation of therapeutics as well as vaccines. and we need to just all do our part so we can get to that point. steve: speaking of therapeutics, mark meadows said yesterday is he hopeful they can release coronavirus treatment news in the coming days. i will would imagine that is about a treatment and not a vaccine. >> well, we have got news on both therapeutics and vaccines that we are working on. we continue aggressively to work on contracting to bring monday
4:31 am
antibodies. on top of remdesivir that president trump has gotten us and steroid treatments with people with lung disease. president going down to north carolina today where is he going to get to see one of the five vaccines that we have invested in. get to see how those are manufactured. it's incredibly complex. i'm excited to go with him. steve: that should be a great day down there. with operation warp speed with all the development of these therapeutics and vaccines as well. some have suggested the political talking about how there could be an october surprise where the president is able to announce, you know what? we have got a vaccine. i have delivered a vaccine and that would help him politically. >> there is no politics in any of this. we need therapeutics and we need vaccines and we need them as quickly as we can get them. we are working to basically shave every day off the
4:32 am
development and manufacturing that we can do -- this we can do so. but we're going to make sure that any therapeutic or any vaccine is safe and effective up to the fda's gold standards. steve: that's what we want to hear. finally, got to ask you about this. we hear the president talk about testing. we have so much testing. and that's true. tests are available everywhere. the problem is the turn around time is still -- it's getting longer. i called one of the places yesterday in my town and i said, hey, i just sue this story, lounge if i came in today and got a coronavirus test, how long until i get the results? and they told me we can have the results for you in one or two weeks. >> yeah. and that's an issue with about half of the tests that we do in the united states are through these commercial labs. and they're running at about capacity although we had big advances last week where we approved those labs to do what's called pooled testing where they can put four or five tests and run them together so it really
4:33 am
expands their capacity. it's important to remember. half of the testing that we are doing is happening in state public health labs, hospitals and point of care. that's immediate or same day. so, we are at about 4.27 day turn around on average for those commercial labs. that's longer than we would like to see. but, obviously, if that's the average you are going to see outliers and we don't want to see that so we are going to keep working to expand capacity and make sure test something focused where it's really needed. those are who symptomatic or those believe they may have it and protect the most vulnerable. working to prioritize those cases. steve: i'm just outside of new york city. you would think we would have a quicker turn around. i asked one of the people. i said what about these rapid tests, you know, i hear on the news about the rapid test she said oh, you can get one if you go to the hospital for something like a broken leg. that's the only way i could get one is to have a broken leg. >> a lot of hospitals will have
4:34 am
rapid tests because just like the flu or strep test it's some of the same equipment that does that so the facilities that have that equipment can actually do these point of care immediate tests. but what we're doing is we are surging all of the new point of care equipment that we're getting to the nursing homes because want to make sure that they have that capacity for immediate testing there. steve: understood. alex czar azar. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, steve. steve: every day is a busy day for that guy. late civil rights icon congressman john lewis will lie in state at the u.s. capitol today. lawrence jones on mr. lewis' enduring legacy next. to severe psoriasis,
4:35 am
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4:39 am
late congressman john lewis will lie in state. brian: it was a celebration of life entering its third day after a horse drawn carriage pulled his casket across the edmund pettus bridge in selma, alabama. steve: steve harrigan joins us live from montgomery, alabama on today's services in washington. steve? >> steve, this is day three of a six-day celebration of the life of john lewis. he goes from montgomery here to washington, d.c. for a private ceremony. inside the capitol rotunda and then his remains will be taken outside for a public viewing. just minutes ago we saw that hearheers from the capitol pull. is he here for eventual burial in alabama on thursday. the highlight was the horse drawn kasson, coffin taken over the h edmund pettus bridge 55 years ago. the scene of bloody sunday. he was leading 600 nonviolent
4:40 am
protesters. they wanted voting rights. they were beaten i do alabama state troopers, lewis himself suffered a fractured skull. that violence shocked a lot of people in the u.s. and sped up the passage of the voting rights act in 1965. there is a push now to rename that bridge the edmund pettus bridge after john lewis. pettus was a confederate general in the civil war and a leader in the ku klux klan. steve, ainsley, bryan back to you. ainsley: let's bring in fox news analyst and host of foolin fox n lawrence jones. we wanted to ask you first about the life and legacy of john lewis. how did that affect you, your family and your life? >> interesting because when i used to be a young dem, john lewis was known as that advisor that understood the young people. you know, i eventually left the democratic party because of my frustration of them -- with them with actually, you know, being
4:41 am
affected by the issues of black america. and john lewis was one of those people that said, you know, i was one one of those young people at one time as well. him and mlk had their little back and forth when it came to his speech. but it also, the different views on what needed to be done. and so, he really sympathized with young people on that. and this is a guy that i keep telling people he wasn't a weak man. this was a guy that was forceful. he was a bee con and still was peaceful and still willing to work across the aisle. i hope as we are having these conversations about race in america and how do we move the country forward that we do it in the spirit of john lewis. because, this is man that was also very critical of the violence that's happening today. but he also wanted action. and i think his calls for unity is also important never mistake
4:42 am
his calls for unity for also accepting the status quo. he wanted change but he wanted it to be done the right way. brian: compare it to what we are seeing now. now we are seeing a situation where the cops look, they overstepped the bounds. they fractured his skull in the way they would beat on those crowds and make the unwarranted arrests. made it be clear hot bad guy was. now we have a situation where a city after city is in the middle of turmoil and civil unrest and the cops are being targeted and the aggression is on the side of mostly white protesters throwing molotov cocktails and now it's almost organne organized in ther attacks to from drops off bricks to bats to frozen bottles on down. somehow that message got lost in the last few decades. >> the sad part is the message didn't get lost, it's the people that are lost. the fact that they hijacked a movement. it's kind of disgusting to have a bunch of individuals that
4:43 am
really don't care about black lives. let's just be clear. they don't care about the movement. they are not trying to have a conversation between the community and the police. these are people that are anarchists that took advantage of a time where the country was united and having difficult conversations. they made it about them. i have seen -- i have been covering this stuff since trayvon martin, knock i have been on the ground. it's the same group in every city. they take advantage of these moments. they are willing to burn it down because they don't live in these cities. that is not the people that have from these communities that are having tough conversations and that was reflected in my reporting last night on one nation. i wanted to show all angles of the base. when the state abuses their power, they should be held accountable. when cities terrorize communities they got to be held accountable, too. it's amazing that people cannot get that sentiment. steve: that is a perfect set up, lawrence, for your ride along. it was an i exclusive. you were there with the officers one evenings in camden, new
4:44 am
jersey, with the police department. here he is from one nation. so. >> where we are going now is in north camden. when i became a cop in 1991 it was the most challenged. by far the most violent. every other corner was open air drug dealing. so it's. >> drug biggest problems. >> we have been able to change the dynamic through community policing. >> [inaudible] community policing. >> from myself all the way down to our newest recruit. it's about the importance of community. simple as going back to like the 50's and 60's how a cop walks the beat. steve: lawrence, it's tough to be an officer these days. >> it's tough and, you know, that's why i wanted to be there on the ground. i'm so grateful for our bosses giving me the opportunity to navigate this conversation. in order to have this conversation and i say this with so much respect to the media
4:45 am
that's out here. you cannot do this from a studio. you have to talk with the people on the ground. if you are going to talk about the protesters, go down and talk with the protesters. if you are going to talk about the cops. go to the cops and see what they do every single day. if you want to navigate this, you have got to actually know what the parties do what they stand for. and have you got to see the bad apples but also highlight the good officers that do their job respectful every single day and i hope people saw that in one nation last night. ainsley: watch the whole thing. lawrence it was excellent. if you didn't watch it on fox news channel go on fox nation and watch it. he also goes out and i like it when you went to those guys that interviewed them before that have the t-shirts black or white, come have a beer with us and come sit in our lawn chair. and you went to go hang out with them in their front yards. >> i brought them beer. i have to bring them texas beer, of course. steve: come to my house then. brian: hey, lawrence, trust me
4:46 am
even if it's for a good cause you can write it off. tell them it's part of the job. still not going to work. they are not going to reimburse you. >> thank you, i appreciate it. brian: all right. thanks a lot. let's go up to janice dean who never drinks beer when she is on location. janice: no, never. i cannot tell a lie. so, let's take a look at the weather, shall we? we have had a very busy season already in the tropics. we are watching hurricane douglas. the hawaiian islands were really lucky. just scraped by from a land falling hurricane moving a little bit north of the island. still bringing the potential for heavy rain, strong winds and storm surge flash flooding threat. it's almost over, thank goodness. then we had hurricane hanna that made landfall this weekend across south texas. still flash flood warnings as the remnant low moves in towards mexico. we have the potential for
4:47 am
showers and thunderstorms as well as some severe storms along the gulf coast. and it's monday soo monsoon sea. four corners in throughout the west today. ing other big story is the heat. i want to point your attention to this area of low pressure. this is going to be our next named storm in the next named storm in the next day or. so have to watch it closely the computer models are showing a brush, perhaps, with the east coast sometime next week. a lot of time to watch this storm as it moves closer to the east coast. then it's summertime, right? the hottest temperatures of the year for parts of the east coast feeling like well over 90 to 100 degrees. so just keep that in mind along the east coast. steve, ainsley, brian. that have right. back to you. steve: indeed. still ahead. first it was elon musk's at thela. now joe rogan making the big
4:48 am
move to texas well. why are more and more people uprooting for life in the lone star state? we will talk to a former california assemblyman who made that move coming up next ♪ ♪ ♪ we see you. looking out...for all of us. and though you may have lost sight of your own well-being, aetna never did. we're always here to help you focus on your health. because it's always, time for care.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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4:52 am
ainsley: texas attracting two big names. podcast rogan explaining why he is making from the move from los angeles. >> i want to go to somewhere middle of the country and travel to both places and more freedom. i think where we live right here in los angeles is overcrowded. when you look at the economic despair, when you look at the homelessness problem that's
4:53 am
accelerated radically over the last 6, 7, 10 years. i think there are too many people here. it's not tenable. ainsley: this coming just days after elon musk reveals that tesla will build auto plant near austin. what about the lone star state drawing them all. in assemblyman who left the state for texas chuck devore. >> good morning. ainsley: is he going to save a lot of money we know that because there is no state tax in texas which was a benefit when i lived there, too. what do you think about this? what's your reaction? >> i think it all comes down to what joe rogan said a little bit more freedom in texas. >> sure, after the spotify contract that he signed, he will probably save in excess of $13 million in state tax by moving from california to texas. ainsley: whoa. >> it's not just the taxes. look at what is going on in california right now and a moment in history around the u.s. joe rogan is in the entertainment industry. is he in the ideas industry.
4:54 am
what have you now is the conformity that demands that everybody speak and think the same. and here is joe rogan, right? he supported ron paul, he supported bernie sanders. but he likes donald trump more than he likes joe biden and he likes his second amendment gun rights. how does a guy like that even get along? l.a. anymore. he is welcome to texas, right? y'all come on down to texas. ainsley: come on down. so ted cruz said about six days ago he said if the democrats win texas, it's all over. do you worry about california and the people from these other blue states coming down? >> well, i know that that's a big concern. but, we have done some testing, poll testing at the texas public policy foundation. and what we found and this comports with other polls we have seen as well. is that generally, it's the conservative minded people that are leaving places like california and illinois and new york and moving to texas for, as joe rogan said, a little bit
4:55 am
more freedom. ainsley: oh, really? because living in new york. i'm from the south. i know so many people who have stopped me here and say we love charleston, we love this place, the outer banks, we are thinking about moving down there because everyone is so nice. do you ever hear that, too? >> yeah. i mean, of course you are going to have all kinds of people move here. generally speaking. it's a big commitment if did you go from a liberal. ainsley: that's true. >> urban area to a conservative southern state. yeah, of course, a few liberals move in. on balance it's conservatives. do you know one of the reason why? look at our cities right now. many of them are on fire. do you know what the common thread with the urban violence and looting and arson. leftist progressive mayors who are sympathetic to the violence and a governor that is also sympathetic and doesn't send in the national guard to stop it. i ran an analysis and found that the more a city voted for hillary clinton in 2016, the greater the looting and arson in that city. it's one of the reasons why, in
4:56 am
texas, we haven't seen the sort of scale of looting and violence that you see in places like portland and seattle and even los angeles. i have heard from holiday friends that ar --hollywood frit is going on. [talking at the same time] ainsley: that's because of all of these progressives. do you love texas? >> i love texas. thank god there was a lone star state to which to move. ainsley: you got two new neighbors coming down. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: coming up we have peter navarro and congressman dan crenshaw ♪ there will be peace when you are gone ♪ lay your weary head to rest ♪ don't you cry no i just assumed all bladder leak pads felt the same.
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but nothing makes me feel like new always discreet boutique. outside, it's soft like underwear. inside, it turns liquid to gel. for incredible protection, that feels like nothing but my underwear. new always discreet boutique. ♪ ♪ brian: think about this. in the sports world when i hear all star, they've had nothing to talk about in all sports radio, all sports television, finally over the weekend you could actually watch games, mls is going, major league baseball is set to go. things are slowly but surely getting back to normal or is that too much of a leap? steve: well, if you watch fox
5:01 am
baseball stuff, particularly saturday night, remember, the stadiums are absolutely empty. the way the audio guy they've got on the show was so good at making it sound like there were people in the stands and every time there was on-camera movement with the players there was just a little flourish. it was so perfect and at one point commentators say, man, our sound guy is terrific. ainsley: so glad baseball is back and other sports. brian: meanwhile one minute after the hour, let's get started. we begin with fox news alert. new unaccess in -- unrest in seattle. demonstrations mainly peaceful, different scene one day before, though. [inaudible] steve: imagine having that come
5:02 am
at you, police say they were hit by as you could see by explosives, looked like fireworks, rocks, water bottles, you name it, i understand they have to show up to court today. ainsley: rioters setting off fireworks near the courthouse, police using teargas to disperse all the crowds. two people taken into custody after shooting one block from the demonstrations, one person was hurt, police finding this at a park near all the riots, a bag containing cocktails and rifle magazines. brian: this morning several police cars were found burned and that was in philadelphia. sadly we have to begin every hour from unrest, most cities run by liberal mayors who do not know how to get out of their way
5:03 am
and welcome the opportunity to take on the president of the united states who is trying to help them return civility to their metropolis. we had tom cotton, he put the editorial in new york times and got editor fired believe it or not, meanwhile tom cotton saying federal troops playing a big role and he cannot believe that the mayor does not want help, listen. >> there's no question that there are professional instigators who are trying to stir up violence. the president has to take action to defend federal property, he ought not have to. local mayors should defend federal property, the same way they protect their own property,
5:04 am
but what you see in portland systematic deliberate ongoing attack on the white house and federal building. federal officers in portland have to do the job. steve: 99 days away from the election. let's bring in rona mcdaniel day after president trump canceled rnc in jacksonville. how big an issue law and order when people will go into the booth the first tuesday in november? >> i think it's a huge issue as a suburban mom, looking at what the unrest happening in portland, deeply frightening to see democrats continue to fail leadership duties to continue to see joe biden silent on this issue. we do not want civil unrest in this country. we love our police, and the president is standing firm and saying we we we are not going tw
5:05 am
our country to evolve on anarchy and the democrats are sitting on their hands and i think this is a huge issue heading into november. ainsley: if you look at recent polls. there's one that grades enthusiasm out of michigan and one out of arizona, 99 -- you said 99 days, we have 99 days until this important day and look at michigan, cbs poll says the enthusiasm in that state for democrat, trump supporters and biden supporters, neck and neck, 60%, if you look at arizona, more enthusiasm for president trump, 74% enthusiastic of trump, 61% enthusiastic for biden, what do you make of this? >> ronna: i will say the enthusiasm for the president is higher than it was in 2016. i'm traveling the country, i've seen it through volunteers and donations. i think biden has a huge enthusiasm issue. the other thing critical to
5:06 am
point about polls that republicans are not responding to polls. cato institute survey that 62% of americans will not show political beliefs anymore because of the situation we have in the country. there's an underpolled amount of republicans that are highly enthusiastic for this president and i'm seeing it every day as i travel the country and i think we will see this on election day on november third. brian: you probably already have the most difficult job running at rnc than any time before because of the pandemic, lack rough -- of rallies and you're not going to jacksonville. can you give us our audience an understanding of what it means for charlotte? >> well, charlotte, we will be doing the nomination of the president, that will allow him to have ballot access. let me say something about our convention. as the president speaks to the nation we will be highlighting our candidate and talking about president trump and how excited we are to renominate him to lead our country for 40 years.
5:07 am
i think the democrats convention should be call the invisible man sequel because their convention is how do we hide joe biden and create this disappearing act for candidate so voters don't get to see him. they will probably throw a bomb out there every single night. we are so proud of president trump and what he has done for the country and what he will continue to do when he's elected for four more years. steve: they tried to do this with hillary clinton four years ago, try to keep her away from the press as much as possible and they were not successful at it and ultimately she did lose but they are doing very well with it with joe biden in his basement. >> a lot of people are not dialed into the election, the polls are not accurate and so the democrats may think they are doing well, the enthusiasm gap doesn't show that. we just had numbers showing that we are outpacing them in voter registration. democrats saying joe biden, where are you in florida with his ground game, so the metrics that we are seeing on the ground
5:08 am
are looking very good for president trump and remember, we will have a debate. joe biden cannot dodge donald trump when it comes to these debates and he's going to be the toughest interviewer, toughest opponent of all, tougher than any journalist that joe biden would ever have to face. ainsley: ronna, thanks for being with us. you're welcome. let's head over the jillian, she had headlines. jillian: gym owners who defied lockdown orders are arrested. belmar police blocked park this morning, arrested short time after. they joined "fox & friends" on saturday after judge ruled the state with close gyms. their lawyers say they are expected to get a complaint and be released this morning. we have reached out for belmar police for comment. phase 3 of covid-19 trial beginning in the u.s., drug maker moderna receiving $472 million from the federal government to support its development.
5:09 am
health and human services secretary alex azar joined us earlier with more on the coronavirus response. >> there's no politics in any of this, we need therapeutics and get them as soon as we can get them. we will make sure any therapeutic is safe and effective up to fda's goal standards. jillian: washington, d.c. announcing requiring travelers to quarantine 14 days from states considered high risk. let's talk about extreme weather, tropical depression hanna leaving major flooding in texas, cars being stranded in high water there. emergency crews rescuing 3 people from sinking boat in corpus christi, president trump approving disaster declaration for the state, the coast guard searching the damage. hurricane douglas wiping how overnight.
5:10 am
heavy rain and wind battering parts of maui, razer-thin distance of direct hit. back to you. brian: thanks, jillian, to all the other news, that was the passing of regis philbin, rival with johnny carson and didn't work, did morning show in new york and caught fire and become syndicated show, 30 million people a day on network twig it was a stape until the morning from regis and kathy lee to regis and kelly. he did visit our coach and this wasn't highlight for him it was
5:11 am
for us. ♪ >> if you want something in life you have to go for it. steve: i always we wanted to see how regis would handle it? >> how did i handle it? was it different than anybody else? brian: 1984, you said you never have forgotten this moment? >> it's all coming back to me. [laughter] >> right in here if you have to know, big boy. [laughter] steve: who wants to be a
5:12 am
millionaire sports edition. how many football championships has st. mary's won? 2, 3, 0? >> all right, 3. steve: the correct answer is 0. brian: fire his agent. who put him on the show? ainsley: why am i weighing in on sports questions? where were you to help him? brian: i was wrong obviously. the one thing that strikes me that every appearance mattered to him. steve: actually i was doing a show opposite of him 9:00 a.m. eastern time and it would have been in early 90's when kathy lee and regis just owned, absolutely owned the morning, ratings were so big, one morning two days later, neilson called
5:13 am
our show and said, hey, did you put on a show 2 days ago and i was like, why, you had zero audience and we figured there must have been a mistake. they didn't put the tape on. everybody watched that show. in fact, we watched the show as well. ainsley: they were so good together. they played off each other. they are both hilarious, big personalities and i live in the same neighborhood he lives, i believe, he's just personallable, kathy lee did tweet out that they worked together for 15 years and she adored him. every day was a gift, kelly and ryan tweeted that he was a class act and the president tweeted he was my friend. brian: they were buddies. one time they went to mar-a-lago and regis was there playing
5:14 am
tennis and complaining about the food. one thing about him, he always took getting a cab to going out to dinner to problems with the reservation not being there and always made it interesting. what i found fascinating is they never talked before the show. 5 minutes they'd say hi and they didn't know where each other was going with the show and he was such a great listener he would bring out important parts of cohost in kathy lee's story and kelly's story and he knew when to be quiet, most of all he knew how to move it and most of all his stories were so relatable even though he was hanging out with the rich and famous, he seemed like one of us. steve: he was great and on tv a lot. ainsley: expressions cracked me. steve: he was 88 year's old when he died on friday, regis, god rest your soul.
5:15 am
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steve: last summer when police officers were being attacked with water in new york city, now law enforcement officers are being ambushed while in line of duty. in new op-ed recent tax on police officers are a long way from just a pail of water. here now is new york assemblyman mike. >> good morning. steve: it was never about pail of water, it's about what we are witnessing today, what are you talking about? >> yeah, last year, they discounted it and said it's just water, it's just water and then the milk and then the spit and
5:20 am
then the bricks and then the cocktails and whole host of other weapons used against police officers and high-ranking officers just last week, the point is to restore order, the point is to what i identify growing disregard for rule of law and those in blue who swear oath to protect it and now you are hearing don't arrest the police are told and if you do expect them right back in the streets thanks so-called bail reform and frankly people are up in arms, they are wondering what the heck is happening and what is our mayor doing in the city and what is our governor doing in the state, do you want the city to burn and state to crumble, people are mind boggled over this and prisons are being empty. defense blahsio disbanded anticrime unit and what happens consequently, shootings skyrocket, july 15th, 15-year-old shot, july 16, 9 shot and just this weekend, just
5:21 am
this weekend, steve, 3 people are shot and one wounded. i mean, what do they think would happen? steve: no kidding. this movement started long before covid-19 and george floyd as well. >> absolutely. i mean, it was a slow trickle, george floyd's incident was powder for all this to occur. you saw left-wing radicals dehumanizing police and going after them and wanting to completely disband departments and now you're seeing that come to fruition and it is absolutely disgraceful. steve: all right, michael, we thank you very much for joining us now. he's a new york assemblyman and joins us from his home location, thank you, michael. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile 8:22 in new york, tensions between u.s. and china reaching new heights as
5:22 am
authorities seize control of consulate. where do we go from here we will talk with white house trade adviser peter navarro, he's coming up shortly. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the open road is open again.
5:23 am
and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. book direct at ♪
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at walk to end alzheimer's alzheis everywhere.tion all of us are raising funds for one goal:
5:26 am
a world without alzheimer's and all other dementia. because this disease isn't waiting, neither are you. go to alz dot org slash walk. steve: overnight chinese officials taking control consulate of chengdu. ainsley: workers allegedly burned secret documents. brian: here more on the tension peter navarro. first off, we were expecting response of consulate in houston were you expecting that response? >> i was stunned by the word allegedly about the fires, we all saw that on tv.
5:27 am
look, this is not my lane. let secretary pompeo and president trump handle it. the only thing i can say that you and i both know that the chinese communist party steals from america. chengdu, there's a fighter, g20, chengdu g20, china communist party stole completely from the pentagon, so this is what we are up against, what i'm more focused on and what the president is more focused on today is helping the american people fight the china virus and what we are doing today it's a beautiful thing. we are going down to the research triangle park in north carolina to visit a company called fuji dio, subcontractor
5:28 am
to novaxx, president trump is shooting for january 2021 to have 3 million doses of vaccine and here is the thing, this is the only president who really could have got this done and what's going to be effectively half or a third of the time that it usually takes and the reason why the old days the way vaccines were developed it was a sequential process where you found something that works in the first part of the sequence and then you did phase 1, 2, 3 trials for safety and efficacy and only then would think about mass producing in large scale. president trump says, no, we are not going to do it that way, what we will do simultaneous development of the whole process and be ready so that if that vaccine from novaxx or pfizer is ready to go would have
5:29 am
tremendous bandwidth to manufacture at scale. that's what fuji is about today, that's why we will be down there with the ceo of novaxx, should be a great trip, facility high-tech and emblem of america. steve: peter, there are some who are suggesting, you know, the president just wants to make sure that he has an october surprise, so before the election he can say, look, we have a vaccine that works, i delivered a vaccine, it's coming, hang on, reelect me. >> let's not, look, i think we are all tired of this politicization of the china virus. back in february right after the president pulled down the flights i was personally involved on behalf of the president working with hhs to put this operation work speed, back in february we knew what we could be up against and working
5:30 am
day and night on this and the fact that we could get this in january of 2021 instead of january 2022 is testament to a president who is business oriented and knows how to get things done. let's not talk about politics when it comes to saving american lives because what we are trying to do here is -- is develop that vaccine at the same time we are moving at warp speed on therapeutics as well and just last week because the nursing homes are one of the worst targeted populations, we started major effort there directly to help nursing homes, so we are fighting this china virus battle on all vectors and tomorrow we will have a big trip and surprise as well that's going to be great for the american people. ainsley: i know that your real
5:31 am
is health, trade and beforing, -- manufacturing, who would get vaccines first? >> not my lane. trump time as quickly as possible. how they are dispensed that's alex azar's job and the folks over across the way there. brian: peter, do you regret writing the editorial criticizing dr. fauci? [laughter] >> you know, the only thing i regret is dr. fauci's pitch the other day at opening day. i felt bad for him but i always looked forward and we are all part of the team and he actually tells people to wear the mask and my job is to get them made. brian have you spoken to him since? >> i have not. steve: what would you like to say to them? >> let's fight the china virus
5:32 am
and beat it together with the president. steve: all right, very good. peter navarro, we thank you for joining us from the north lawn. >> take care. steve: still ahead on the monday, honoring an american hero, late civil rights icon congressman john lewis will lie in state in capitol rotunda today and texas congressman dan crenshaw on that legacy coming up next. fect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. some companies still have hr stuck between employeesentering data.a. changing data.
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ainsley: we are back with live look at capitol hill where today the late congressman john lewis will lie in state. brian: entering third day after horse-drawn carriage pulled casket edmund bridge.
5:37 am
>> the planes about to take off to montgomery carrying the coffin of john lewis as well as family members and friends. they'll be a private ceremony inside capitol rotunda, day 3 of 6-day celebration of his life, it will end thursday with a funeral in atlanta, the highlight as brian mentioned was the caisson on sunday crossing the edmund pettus bridge drawn by horse. john lewis 1965 was leading 600 peaceful demonstrators for voting rights, they were beaten by alabama state troopers, lewis himself had skull fractured, he said he thought he was going to die on the bridge. violence really shocked a lot of americans and instead passage of voting rights act in 1965, there's a push to rename the bridge the edmund pettus bridge, pettus was confederate general
5:38 am
and leader in ku kluz klan, steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. ainsley: let's bring in gop congressman dan crenshaw, former navy seal, good morning to you. >> good morning, great to be with you. ainsley: great to be with you too. tell us what you know about john lewis and how he influenced your life. >> well, i didn't get to know him personally, he does annual walks and tells stories of that march and i'm saddened i didn't get the opportunity to do it. it's -- the man is a hero, he's an icon for our country and not just civil rights movement but american spirit and i look forward to honor him as he lays in state. brian: among many things going on passing of john lewis, one thing that has been with us the covid-19 virus but now texas is getting hit by it in a way many
5:39 am
people weren't expecting. now it's time for another aid package which many people didn't think we would need. dan, do you think we need it and where do you stand between the 1 trillion that the republicans are offering and the 3 trillion that the nancy pelosi is looking to get? >> well, it's a lot of money and it's money we don't have, we are borrowing it from our kids or printing it and if we are going to spend a lot of money in aid package it needs to be targeted well and smart and needs to be toward economic growth and recovery is as fast and robust as possible and right right nowe still seeing disagreement on exactly what's going to be in the package, so it's a little too soon to comment, but, you know, i need to remind people we haven't spent a lot of the money that's been passed and so we need to be careful as we do this. steve: congressman, today marks 99 days until election day of
5:40 am
2020, when you go out, you know, whether it's to texas or out and about and talk to regular folks, what do they ask you regarding the election, what it's all about this time, what will be people deciding upon and what is at stake? >> i think a lot is at state and my suggestion to the american is start listening to the democrats, we have to listen to what they are telling us, they talk about defunding the police, they talk about making excuses for violent mobs, let's take them at their word, they want to destroy the things that bring us together, common bonds, founding, love of country. why do they do that? whey do they say those things? they want to dismantle, that's not my word, that's their word, border security, energy sector, all of it. i don't think most americans want that. i think we want renew sense of faith in the country. i think we want to have our kids love our country again. i think we want to restore faith
5:41 am
in our police force, restore safety in our communities and we want to rebuild our economy. okay, we had the greatest economy that our country has ever known. we want to rebuild our infrastructure along with it. you're seeing a clear choice in 2020, chaos versus safety and security, socialism and doubling your tax rates versus economic freedom and government taking over health care versus keeping doctor that you have. these are important themes and the difference could not be more severe, this is not president obama's democrat party and people need to realize that. ainsley: congressman, we knew that elon musk, it was announced he's moving to texas, that's going to create a lot of jobs but we are learning that joe rogan, he got a huge deal, 100 million-dollar deal and saves 3 million to one of our guests if he moves to your state, he announced he's doing
5:42 am
that, what's your reaction? >> joe is trying to get close to me so it's not that surprising but on a serious note, you see this a lot because things work in texas. this goes back to what's at stake in 2020. vote for places that work. okay, texas understands that limited government, more freedom, not less, doing things that work don't that's don't just feel good but actually work. it's a good recipe. so certain economic foundations, political foundations and cultural foundations that make a society more prosperous and free and states like california that are -- that are always pushing towards some, you know, some socialist utopia they tend not to work because they are not really taking care of citizens. they are always talking about equality and justice and they have less of it and fleeing to places like texas. brian: finally, antifa, do they exist because some democrats don't think they exist.
5:43 am
>> amazing, isn't it? brian: it's a distraction. >> well, we will have security hearings with the fbi and homeland security committee and i hear multiple democrats question whether antifa even exists. we hear that in halls of congress. it truly is unbelievable. i'd say, guys, if you're not sure if they exist, there's hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands of videos of them. they wear a uniform basically. they have a symbol, yes, they exist. yes, they exist. you can call them fascist communist, whatever they are, in any case they are basically are a domestic terrorist organization. we can't sugar coat this anymore. steve: congressman dan crenshaw from texas, thank you for spending time with us on a wide-range interview. janice has the weather and it's wide ranging. [laughter] janice: it is wide ranging
5:44 am
because we have several tropical systems. i'm glad you didn't say janice because she's wide. ainsley: no. [laughter] janice: only a female would go there, right? take a look at it. let's talk about hurricane douglas. man, hawaii had a good time because it basically scraped the islands, we are expecting the potential for a direct impact and the storm has moved north of the islands, that's great news for them. they are still going to get potential for flooding as well as strong hurricane forced winds potentially, the storm surge and flash flooding but the good news is the core of the winds stayed to the north of the islands. so there's douglas and we will be saying good-bye to douglas in the next day or so. we also had hurricane hanna over the weekend, made landfall across south texas, 90-miles-per-hour storm, the worst of the rain and wind has moved to méxico. we will see potentials for flash flooding around texas and also
5:45 am
ntial for flash flooding over the four corners region becaus it is monsoon season. tropical wave, i-named storm. that would be the earliest i-named storm in history. we are going through the names quite quickly. 90% chance of formation in the next 48 hours. we will have to watch it because yesterday we were talking about a florida landfall and now maybe along the east coast current model show it curving out to sea which would be the best case scenario, right? the rest of the country is very warm across the southwest as i mentioned, around the northeast here, the hottest day so far in the new york city area with the humidity it's going feel well over 100-degrees. all right, steve, ainsley, brian, back to you my friend. ainsley: thanks, janice. jillian has headlines.
5:46 am
jillian: williams and taylor have been nearly on run for 2 weeks, police say they were found in hotel, williams and taylor assaulted a guard and fled through a hole in a fence. taylor is serving sentence for murder, williams is convicted of robbery. a missouri state congresswoman coming to the rescue after man flagged -- flag burned and delivered nuance to him while post to go facebook saying she has zero tolerance for criminal behavior. okay, professional athleting -- athlete telling tmz, if you can't respect national anthem, get the heck out of the country. chairman of the exleague,
5:47 am
organization is expected to kick off next april. forget the batmobile, joker has a jet ski. a man dressed as iconic villain spotted over the weekend. not the first time it has happened. was seen riding through water ways last august. i guess you never know he's not doing to show up. steve: how do you know it's not the real one? ainsley: y'all think it's funny or strange? jillian: i actually have zero opinion on it. brian: for me strange is not in the vocabulary. restaurant industry is feeling from the pandemic, you know that, hundreds of billions of dollars in sales can be lost alone. john taffer has a plan to rescue them next.
5:48 am
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brian: according to national restaurant association 8 million employees have lost their jobs, restaurants nationwide on track to lose $240 billion by the end of this year. bar rescue host john taffer offering free virtual online
5:52 am
training force, helping businesses rebuild themselves postpandemic and in the middle of the pandemic. john, can you believe the numbers, 4 in 10 businesses will not survive? >> well, yeah, 50% won't reopen. you know, brian, what nobody is looking at every month if my view is 4 or 5% to that number. each month is more casualty businesses that are closing, so these numbers are going to grow and grow and grow. we thought that the virus would quiet down during the summer, we didn't expect that there would be continued closings growth during the summer that the virus, in fact, is still growing. brien: so you teamed with a virtual transparency group and you put together this session for people who interact with you and basically free online course to help them out? >> yeah, and it's all based upon the trust that we have to transmit now, brian, transparency, how do we market,
5:53 am
how do we promote, there's so many things that are different today and one of the big ones is should you be open or holding resources so that we can open with resources in a few months. you know we are hearing about vaccines and we are starting to see the end of this in a sense. you know, brian, we are six months into this, the clock has been ticking up and i think it's starting to tick down and by the end to have year we will be back in business, certainly early 2021. are these restaurants going to have resources to reopen when the market is there? that's what worries me so much. brian: when this first happened, maybe they will put a camera to show how clean my kitchen is, let everybody know we are throwing out menus when we are done with it and all you do put phone on it and your menu pops up, let me just tell you who is running your food, it's only going to be one person and they are wearing gloves, is that what you mean? >> that's exactly what i mean.
5:54 am
we call keeping service separate, food running separate, transactions with money separate, so keeping everything by operational procedure isolated so there is no cross contamination possibilities. but, you know, brian, if restaurants do everything right, everything right and we have seen this, if customers don't, then the restaurant is going to get closed and destroyed and go out of business not because of actions of the restaurant but the actions to have employees and that's what worries me, brian. if we want to see our restaurants succeed and communities stay occupied and not have vacancies, we need to wear masks and follow the procedures that protect those very businesses and that's not what's happening and worry it is heck out of me. brian: market from weakness allow them to become your strength, unwind that. >> well, you know, right now everybody knows that the restaurant business is suffering. we don't have to pretend that we are being successful when we are
5:55 am
not. use that as a reason to reach out to the community, market transparency, let them know that we need their support right now to stay open. so i think we communicate with position of weakness, brian, and we ask for the business and i think the market will respond. brian: also people in the restaurant business, hardest working people especially the owners, there's no day off, it's always a problem they have to solve and work their way out of it if you show them a road map and you do that with resetting america, you can enroll for free at a lot of people cut advertising and marketing, bare bones, is this the time to cut both? >> i think it is, you can't eliminate 50% of the marketplace and still spend the same amount of marketing dollars, yes, i think those are the things we need to cut back on. also everybody is going to delivery business. it's not profitable, brian,
5:56 am
third-party delivery companies take 35%, just because they are in delivery business doesn't mean they are making money, most are losing. brian: john, thanks so much, you're helping people out in an industry that i would argue nobody knows more than you. >> good to see you, brian. brian: also states stop acting like thugs and realize it's a partnership. back in a moment (neighbor) whatcha working on... (burke) just an app. it's called signal from farmers, and it could save you up to fifteen percent on your auto insurance. simply sign up, drive and save. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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for man's best friend, look at t this. >> get 15% off of your purchase with the code at fox friends at shop >> federal agents teargas into a large crowd of protesters after gunfire erupted near the federal courthouse injuring one person has the city marks its 60th straight night of demonstrations. good morning everyone, i'm chris gallagher. >> and i'm julie banderas, good morning to you at home. sandra smith is off today. some large protests turn violent over the country over the weekend and at least 59 police officers were hurt in seattle alone. a new body cam


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