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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 28, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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factories. but they are cute. there you have it. jillian: thanks, carley. don't forget to set your dvr each morning at 4:00 a.m. so you never miss an edition of "fox & friends first." >> just hours from now attorney general bill barr is set to testify on capitol hill. >> can you expect attorney general barr to fiercely defend the president's federal response to the chaos. >> breaking news into the investigation into the steele dossier. >> the subsource was a russian researcher living in the united states played this guy like a fiddle. >> former vice president joe biden hitting a snag on the campaign trail. >> 360 delegates signing a petition saying they will vote against any party platform that doesn't include medicare for all. >> i think there is more spirit now than there has ever been for my campaign. >> democrats' convention should be called the invisible man
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sequel. their convention will be about how do we hide joe biden. >> the gym that defies new jersey lockdown order are arrested. >> the only thing they run off of is fear. ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ and i'm wiser and i'm older ♪ all this time. brian: put you to bed when it's all over. up until then, please pay attention, have a number 2 pencil ready a quiz at the end of our show. as you saw the montage we have a lot to cover today. hi, everybody, hope you are up. it's my belief that you are dressed. but we are never going to know for sure, ainsley. ainsley: don't talk to me when you say that will thanks for waking up with us 6:01 on the east coast. probably going to be another scorcher. check in to see what the weather is going to look like in your support of the world. steve: i can tell you i was
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looking at my app. and we have another heat advisory. ainsley: hot week on tap. steve: another big one where it is over 100 degrees. brian: back to this, a live look at the capitol hill where in just hours bill barr set to testify before the house judiciary committee. ainsley: that's right. the attorney general expected to be grilled by those democrats demanding answers on everything from russia, to the protests, now rocking our country. steve: griff jenkins in washington with a preview of what's to come. fox has already gotten our hands on his opening statement and he comes out swinging. griff: he sure does. steve, ainsley, brian, good morning. it's going to be a hot seat but expect no holds barred attorney general bill barr defends judicial independence as well as his actions rage from the federal response in portland that we have just seen to the investigation. he will throw the first punch
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over the russia probe saying this quote ever since i made it clear i was going to do everything i could to get to the bottom of the grave abuses involved in the bogus russiagate gate would have attempted to discredit mere saying that i'm the presiden president fact fact the grilling be lengthy. here is speaker pelosi. >> attorney general barr is there to protect donald trump. i think it's quite self-evident in all of his actions that he has not acted nut people's interest. griff: meanwhile expect republicans on that committee to come to the attorney general's defense. jim jordan had this to say. >> ever since he called it what it it was obama-biden administration spying on the trump campaign, we now know
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that's exactly what they did. ever since he was willing to tell the truth, they have been out to get him. griff: the hearing starts at 10:00 a.m. and expected to last four to five hours. this is the first appearance of barr before this committee. and he is appearing voluntarily not under subpoena. guys, it will be issue to see if the issue of executive privilege comes up at any points, steve, ainsley, brian? brian: thanks, griff, great job. quick thing on this. i think democrats are saying wow, we can't wait to get at attorney general barr. if you give him a chance to talk, and i believe he have a chance to talk. i think it's going to blow up in their face. can he not wait to talk about what he discovered since the last time he met. he can't wait to justify happening in portland, chicago, albuquerque, austin, texas, and why federal agents might be needed there or are needed there and might be coming. he can't wait to go over what they used in order to go at the feds, at the police force and why they need some backing. he is going to justify all of it. he also has some stats when it
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comes to african-americans and policing and whites when it comes to policing that maybe democrats are not ready for. i don't know if they met bill barr every time they try to grill him it doesn't work out. i sense it's not going to be different today. ainsley: he says because you don't agree with me on russia, you are going to discredit me. judging on this letter you sent to me toinel variety me to this hearing, it's going to be more of the same. you are right on the black-on-black crime. he wants to focus on that and law enforcement. he says our law enforcement so diverse now. much further diverse than ever before they there were more black chiefs, more black officers in the ranks, he says. he quotes "the washington post" saying the number of unarmed black men killed by police so far this year. number of unarmed white men killed by police over this same period is 11. steve: exactly. bill barr has been attorney general before. he's really good at this. we are going to see it. it's going to happen at 10:00
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this morning. griff kind of touched on how republicans would come to his aid. he doesn't need anybody to help him. but he -- i got a feeling that republicans are going to ask a lot about john durham and the russia gate investigation. in fact, there are no coincidences in washington, d.c. just a couple of days ago we heard about this guy, you know, the dossier didn't come from russia, it came from, perhaps, the brookings institute where a senior analyst by the name of eye gore dan chen co-was behind it. he was paid a bunch of money from mr. steele while mr. durham's report is coming out. mr. barr can't aggressive that directly. but the republicans will be able to form their questions around that will and it's going to be great. you are going to see it right here on fox. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. we heard last week ohio bernie sanders and joe biden had gotten together. they have come up with kind of a party platform so that there was unity because ultimately joe
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biden needs bernie sanders' supporters to vote for him in november. now there is a headline out and it makes it very clear that the bernie sanders people, brian, are not on board with joe biden's dnc platform. brian: just 600. just 600 democrats out of the 4,000 roughly delegates that have to sign off on the party platform but no one pays attention. to say symbolic to say to the rest of the world and rest of the country, look out, republicans, we are on the same page. here is a little excerpt from the democratic party platform which is causing so many tension among the democratic, the bernie sanders delegates. quote the democratic party and their platform committee process has failed, to date, to incorporate a clear and progressive platform plank for medicare for all for the adoption 2020 national convention. i dind the under i didn't know signed delegates pledge to vote against the 2020 platform that does not include universal single pair platform plank:
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better for the country if someone is to be elected for president doesn't bring the country way to the left or way to the right. not good for the party. we already saw that party come apart at their convention when everybody is allowed to get together and breathe on each other. now we are not allowed. to say we have to wear masks and stay away. even on virtual event there is not going to be any backroom deals to get everybody together on the same page. zoom conferences where people can sit in their garages and talk about how joe biden at 77 years old is really somebody you can count on despite the manifesto he sounds off on. ainsley: committee voted on the platform. they agree with it. not every democrat is online lining brian said 4,000 delegates supposed to go to that convention. they are going to be doing it virtually. congress members talking virtually, too. at the dnc which is in milwaukee on august 17th. and hundreds of them signed this pledge. 600, we're being told, to just say i am not voting for the platform. when you ask for my vote because
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it doesn't have medicare for all. bernie sanders said, let me make it clear, i still support biden, i want medicare for all, but the goal is to defeat trump. that's about the only thing they are united on as a party. president trump was in north carolina yesterday. he was at that biotech company that's trying to develop a vac senile. he says he will be going back for the rnc. listen to this. >> we're actually coming to north carolina, as you know. we're having a very major -- i guess that would be the nomination night. so that's monday. that will be monday we are going to be here. the rest we will do in a different forum. we could have done it many different ways. but i think we did the right thing. and i'm really happy that we're going to be having a piece of it, at least and a very important piece in north carolina. ainsley: he says we will have tele rallies and doing a lot of this online. asked about canceling jacksonville. he says i think we did the right thing. i'm really happy to have the at least the piece of it.
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the timing for that event was not right. nothing more important than keeping our country and our people safe. steve: ultimately for decades the conventions have just been big tv shows, really. it's still going to be a tv show. it's just who is going to be in the room at the time. that's going to be different. just as baseball is different as we saw over the weekend. ronna mcdaniel was on our program just yesterday. and she kind of tipped the hand. they don't want to give away all of the details. but, nonetheless, she did detail how the republicans will be different than the democrats when they have their big show. >> let me just say something about our convention. as the president speaks to the nation, we will be highlighting our candidate. we will be talking about president trump and how excited we are to renominated him to lead our country for four years. i think the democrats' convention should be called the invisible man sequel. their convention been about how do we hide joe biden? how do we create this disappearing act for the candidate so the voters don't
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get to see him. they will probably throw obama out there every single night. brian: that is true. she is not even using as rhetoric. they do not let joe biden out much and do not let him talk. i will say this if the president continues to show the discipline he has shown over the last 10 days the gaps are going to close on those polls. joe biden is going to have to come out of locker room and win. if he has to do that, that's when republicans are confident that he can't. steve: ultimately, brian though, the number one issue with the whole world is coronavirus. it depends on how things go with that. brian: if joe biden has to defend it and show me what he is going to do besides repeat stuff we already doing i don't know if the american people will tap into that. jillian mele you are up at top tapping into the news, i understand. jillian: we begin here. police in tempe, arizona using pepper spray last night as black lives matter try to block traffic on a major road it. comes as portland sees 61st night of chaos.
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>> we will prevail. [chanting] we will prevail. we will prevail. jillian: the justice department releasing photos of an arsenal of deadly weapons confiscated outside of the federal courthouse including gasoline. prepared molotov cocktails. acting dhs secretary chad wolf sharing this video of an officer limping. he is one of 20 federal officers injured over the weekend. now to extreme weather. thousands of people still in the dark texas, clean up underway with hannah. flooded streets forcing emergency crews to make water rescuings. more than 120 people in one community had to evacuated. the storm's remnants now soaking mexico. at least three people died in flash flooding. others missing: there is no plan to stop the season after a
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covid-19 outbreak on the miami marcmarlins. at least 13 people including 11 players tested positive. three games have been postponed. man fred says is he not worried yet. i don't see it as a nightmare. we built the protocols to allow us to continue to play. that's why we have the elks paned rosters. that's why we have the pool of additional players. jillian: meanwhile the nfl opens training camp today saying protocols will keep players and employees safe, at least seven players are opting out of the season. regis philbim's cause of death listed as heart disease. he passed away one month shy of his 80th birthday. kathie lee gifford and kelly grip pa weighed in. >> he couldn't live forever we thought he should. >> or would. >> they don't make them like regis anymore. >> he is the most graceful person in the world.
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he never forgot where he came. >> from gifford co-hosting live with regis for 15 years before ripa joined him for 11 years. send it back to you. steve: what a showman. brian: i saw kathie lee gifford give a great tribute. i watched the rerun last night. great friendship they had. ainsley: you could tell on camera the chemistry. few hours views for the late congressman john lewis resume. lawmakers praising the civil rights icon as a hero and patriot. steve: indeed. chad pergram joins us on capitol hill with the solemn tribute. chad? >> good morning. well, john lewis' body lay in state in the capitol rotunda throughout the night. military honor guard kept vigil over his body throughout the night. 8:00 eastern time they will bring his body outside of the capitol underneath the east poritco. this is where they used to swear
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in presidents. they will file. in they used to bring people inside the capitol but they can't right now because of social distancing during the pandemic. here is house speaker nancy pelosi. >> john lewis became a titan of the civil rights movement and then the conscience of the congress. we knew that he always worked on the side of the angels and now we know that he is with them. >> vice president mike pence and former vice president joe biden both came to the capitol to pay their respects yesterday. biden pressed his palm against lewis' flag-draped casket. before the motorcade escorted lewis' body to the capitol the hearse went by the memorial. and lincoln memorial where lewis spoke alongside king during the 1961965 march on washington. >> even on that day as his voice echoed across the mall, i wonder how many dared imagine that young man would come to walk the
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halls of the congress. >> now one of the most moving parts of the service yesterday came at the very end. they played part of a speech by john lewis where he told people to keep their eyes on the prize. it was moving because you heard that deep baritone voice of his that resonated off the marble inside the capitol rotunda. at the very end of the service people stood and applauded. you don't see that very often at a funeral or at a memorial service. back to you. brian: all right, chad, thanks. we will talk to alveda king about that in 45 minutes. meanwhile that's chad pergram from washington. king ripping the source on the secret does yanchts he told steele here's what i found but it's not really reliable. steele turned it into a tom clancey novel. the fbi bought it. brian: getting jarrett says it's time for the fbi to be held accountable. he's on deck. what if i sleep hot? ... or cold?
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>> we always assumed the russian subset was some guy in russia deep in the boughs of kremlin. the subsource was a researcher at the bookings institute. he calls up a bunch of people in russia. where do you think this information came from the russian intelligence service. they played this guy like a fiddle. steve: there have you got senate judiciary chairman speaking out into the investigation of the secret source of information for the steele dossier expands into the brookings institute. what? that's right. fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett joins us. gregg, for years, because the fbi was not forthcoming for this because apparently they have
3:22 am
known for four years who was the source. we all figured it was somebody in russia. no, it's somebody a mile from the white house. >> you no, it's funny, as i was writing my two books i ran against his name several times. i could never piece it together. frankly, steve, it is so wild and stupid that steele's source was not from russia but it's a guy in washington, d.c. working for the liberal brookings institution. now it sort of makes sense because the president of brookings at the time was strobe talbot, long time hillary clinton ally who was helping to fuel the collusion neighborrive and had his own contacts with christopher steele. and it turns out that talbot's brother-in-law is the clinton sycophant cody shearer, i write about him extensively in my book
3:23 am
witch huntington, how he created a second dossier, contents of which were transcribed into christopher steele's phony dossier. i mean, the machinations of this and it's all hillary clinton. her campaign is paying for the dossier. it turns out some of her allies are feeding the dossier information all fabricated. steve: unbelievable. how would the american dialogue been different had that name been revealed and, you know, comey would have had to address that and the mueller report would have addressed it and said the name was redacted until some people figured it out and then it was confirmed through his lawyer. i want to get your comment from the brookings institute. they say neither the brookings institute or employees had any involvement in the creation of the steele dossier and they go on and on and on. last line is brookings has fully complied with its obligations as a nonprofit organization. because it was suggested if they
3:24 am
are doing political things, they cannot be tax exempt. >> that's right. devin nunes has said republicans on the house intelligence committee are now going to be investigating the brookings institution. so we will wait and see what comes of that but, your first point is correct. if james comey had been honest and told the truth instead of lying to the president and lying to the american people and i think lying to congress about information in the dossier, you know, the media would not have used it as a cudgel to bludging trump for three years it. would not have led to a special counsel who of course in the end found no collusion conspiracy. it would have dramatically changed the course of donald trump's presidency if comey and the fbi had been honest. steve: and i got a feeling, mr. -- that fellow's name
3:25 am
mr. dan chenco's name will come up during the bar meeting with capitol hill. meanwhile you sat down with sean hannity. sean hannity said once upon a time he is never going to write another book again he wrote another one. live free or die. you join him on friday on fox nation. >> he describes what america will look like if democrats and progressives win in november. it's chilling what it will do to america. frankly, anybody who is intending to vote. and i hope everybody does in november. read sean hannity's book li free or die before you cast your ballot. steve: there you go. gregg, we'll be watching. now until october 22nd get a copy of recall sean's book live free or die by signing up for the plan. thank you juror joining us live. have a great day.
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meanwhile ne new jersey's goverr pushing to have students in the classroom this fall. the question is how do you keep the kids safe? nicole saphier lives in new jersey and she is going to talk about that coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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ainsley: new jersey's governor doubling down on the need to reopen our schools this fall. >> every education expert we have spoken to over the past few months has confirmed that in person education is critical. and that remote learning is only an acceptable substitute when absolutely necessary. if done safely, i believe we must try to include at least some aspect of in person education for our children this fall. steve: thifall. ainsley: this as a new op-ed says we can and must reopen
3:31 am
schools. author of the book right there "make america healthy again" dr. nicole saphier. hi, dr. saphier. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: new york's governor also said yesterday he anticipates that schools will reopen. he says in person education is critical. that's new jersey and new york. what do you say? >> well, you know, so far it's been a lot of talk. not a lot of action. and you heard and governor murphy saying, you know, he anticipates. he wants. we should try some level. that's not really coming down hard. we have the centers for disease control, the american academy of pediatrics all saying it is critical to make sure that these children have in person classes. we can't just be going to say we are going to try to do it. i want to hear how we are going to do it. new jersey has over 2,000 elementary schools. we have large studies now telling us, yes, these children can transmit the virus. however, maybe half as likely as assaults. what are they going to do to make sure that these kids are getting back to school? how are they going typically
3:32 am
prove ventilation? are they going to maybe have windows open when possible. move children to outside areas? what are they going to do to make sure there is some level of physical distancing? one of the biggest concerns, ainsley you, when it comes to the virus causing covid. it potentially aerosolizes. that makes the virus more contagious and able to stay and linger in the air for a while. not just necessarily screening the sick and making sure that they stay home. it's about improving ventilation and, of course, you know, with that required funding and availability. ainsley: cuomo said stay home when you are sick, mask up. air cleaner in every classroom. refresh the indoor air and temporary classrooms. congress is working on that relief package with money allocated for these schools to help them reopen. talk about the vaccine. yesterday the president was in north carolina touring that facility for a potential vaccine from know vaccination. and moderna's vaccine they are beginning their phase 3. how close do you think we are -- what does that mean, exactly?
3:33 am
>> well, ainsley. this is unprecedented times. president trump's operation warp speed is making everyone work in parallel rather than working sequentially. that gives us the best bet to have a vaccine readily available as soon as possible. that determine thamoderna enter. going to take several months. hopefully have recruitment by the fall. we may have some idea of the results by 2020. because of operation warp speed is having them manufacture the vaccine. as soon as we know if it is effective if it is. it will likely be readily available some time in 2021 hopefully much earlier. had we not had operation warp speed what happens is they get through phase 3 and then they begin ramping up manufacturing and that can take another few months, another few years. although i'm cautiously optimistic because only about 25 to 30% of products leave phase 3
3:34 am
successfully the fact that we have some different types of vaccines all being created right now, all being tested right now gives mee some hope that we will have a safe and successful vaccine at some point in the near future. ainsley: that's promising. i hear scientists are working around the clock trying to get these vaccines out. what do you recommend for the folks who say or what's your advise tout folks who say. i have a friend who says i'm not getting the vaccine. i'm thought vaccinating my kids? >> listen, we never want to be skimpy when it comes to safety. specifically when it comes to medications and vaccines. i can tell you that they're undergoing all the safety checks and they are not skimping on that. they will not bring something to market unless it is proven safe. ainsley: thanks, dr. saphier. >> absolutely. ainsley: in just a few hours, attorney general bill barr is set to defend the fed's response to portland during a high profile hearing on capitol hill. the judge, judge napolitano is here to weigh in next.
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the coronavirus is wrecking stif the senate doesn't act, it will mean painful cuts to essential public services across america. fewer teachers and nurses, longer response times, dirtier streets. but some say our states should just go bankrupt. text fund to 237-263 to tell congress to fund our essential public services. afscme is responsible for the content of this ad.
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♪ [chanting u.s.a. ainsley: portland rocked by 61st night of protest. it's all taking stage on capitol hill today where attorney general bill barr is going to testify. steve: fox has received a copy his prepared remarks. in it he says quote every member of this committee regardless of your political views should condemn violence against federal officers and destruction of federal property. to tacitly condone destruction and anarchy is to abandon the basic rule of law principles. brian: the barr show starts at 10:00. guess who is starting now at 6:39 eastern time. judge andrew napolitano. he is the analyst who is all
3:40 am
over his resume. he will not wear a tie until he comes back to the studio. but first off i can't wait for democrats to t up on barr. i don't think they understand what they are dealing with the facts back him up. from russia, the riots in portland, seattle, the unrest in chicago, correct? >> i'm not sure why -- good morning, brian, steve, and ainsley. steve: good morning. ainsley: good morning. >> i'm not sure why they are having this confrontation today and why they are doing it in the middle of the summer and while they are doing it while the mess in portland is still going on. do the democrats have legitimate concerns? yes. does the president and does the doj have legitimate defenses? yes. is the attorney general very strong and forceful person, quite knowledgeable in the law, who will stand his ground? absolutely. so i'm not sure what will happen today. some of the members of the committee are going to be physically present in the
3:41 am
hearing room wearing masks, presumably. and some are going to interrogate the attorney general remotely. but, i don't know what either side expects to come out of it. of course they are going to ask him about roger stone and reasons for the stone pardon as the trial was hugely unfair. they will ask about the incident at lafayette park and st. john's church. what role did the attorney general play in that? and they are going to ask about what the federal officers are doing in portland? are they making it worse or are they making it better? and i don't think it's going to move the needle. i don't think either side's mind will you changed by. this. ainsley: he says he has been discredited ever since he said the russia gate scandal was grave abuses and was bogus. it will be interesting to see that all right, let's talk about that gym in new jersey. i know you live in new jersey the atilis gym. we have been covering this since the beginning of the shutdowns. and they refuse to shut down their gym. thousands of people have been working out there. not one of them has gotten covid according to reports. what are your thoughts?
3:42 am
>> >> well, my thoughts are that the governor of new jersey is a fraud who has violated rules that he himself has promulgated whose attorney general has dismissed thousands of summonses that police have issued for violating the governor's wishes. but who is determined to make an example out of these gym owners. so, the governor tried to get the public utilities, the electricity and the water turned off. and the electric company and the water company said forget about it, these guys have prepaid for three months. we are not turning it off. then the governor hired a locksmith to break into the gym and change the locks. the owners came by with their own locksmith and got back in their gym with their locks. then they lived nut gym. then they socially distanced. brian: then they took the doors off. >> 6 not 6, 25. and still going to jail. it's not right. it's not fair. the governor can't make up his own laws.
3:43 am
steve: well, and they were arrested a couple of days ago. here is one of the co-owners talking about his decision to stay open even though the governor said you got to close the door and he said i'm going to open it. too bad, watch. >> my partner and i have had the doors removed since thursday and we have not left the builds since. we had two weeks of clothing and prepared to stay inside at all costs. we did agree we would go peacefully if law enforcement came. i'm not afraid of tyrants and no american should be. because we outnumber them greatly. they are pumping fear into the coronavirus when what they should be pump something solutions. they don't do that they don't ever offer any solutions. it's wear a mask, shut up and wait for a vaccine. that's not public health and i won't subscribe to it. steve: ultimately, judge, as the government tries to reopen they pick winners and they bic losers. fortunately for this man in that business, they have picked his business to be a loser. let's game this out. let's say, you know, is he going
3:44 am
to obviously appeal. this is he -- it's going to go to court. what would the supreme court decide on this? >> okay. so what he actually was arrested for is not failing to comply with the governor's order, because the governor's order is just the governor's whim, he was arrested for failing to comply with a judge's order. the governor and his lawyers succeeded in persuading a judge. same court that i once sat in though in a different part of the state, to close the gym. when he opened it up in defiance of the judicial order he was arrested and will be prosecuted. this is what is called a disorderly person's offense. it's not even a criminal offense. the maximum time in jail is 90 days. for a first offender, you never go to jail for 90s days. if this is appeal you had to the supreme court of new jersey in my opinion, the supreme court of new jersey will invalidate the governor's whims and argue that the judge in this case had no
3:45 am
business turning those whims into a judicial order. put aside the governor's personal aspects. he has eaten in restaurants that are serving inside when he won't let anybody else do it. he has walked arm in arm in demonstrations when he spoke about black lives matter. he has broken up demonstrations. police to break up demonstrations against him. put aside his personal defect. he can't write the law and he can't punish people for violating what he has written. that's what the supreme court of new jersey will do. if it doesn't, then it's going to go to the supreme court of the united states. it will be a monumental cases. brian: judge, you make a strong case i'm 100% in your court before the segment and now even more. i feel bad for the gym owners in tristate owners lose your house, lose your business. you not even part of a phase back. it's inexcusable. judge, thanks so much. >> yes. yes, it is. did jillian go to the gym this morning before she got to fox?
3:46 am
brian: i'm not really sure. she is up early. jillian: absolutely not. brian: take it away. you cannot work out. you got to do the news. jillian: i will go to the gym at some point today. woman killed in apparent shark attack in maine. if confirmed first deadly attack in history. the woman was swimming off the shore of. she hikers rushed to bring her to shore but she did not survive. only one recorded shark attack in maine since 1837. scary moment for pilot in brazil plane crashes on to a busy street narrowly missing cars and a woman walking by. officials saying engine failure may to be blame causing the plane to plunge more than 1,000 feet. incredibly the pilot and passengers survived the crash and actually able to crawl out from the wreckage suffering only minor injuries.
3:47 am
wow. a rare blue lopster is saved from the dinner plate at a red lobster. employees at the ohio restaurant finding clawed in a shipment of regular lobsters. they knew she must be rare because the chain's employee service hour is called the blue lobster award. workers reached out akron zoo due to pick her up. clawside doing fine in her new home. ainsley: cute name for the lobster. thanks, jillian. janis has our forecast. going to be another scorcher, right? janice: absolutely. another day of high temperatures and humidity. that's where we have, well, these heat index values from north carolina up towards portions of southern new england where temperatures are going to feel well over 90 into 100 degrees. so there is your heat index today. tomorrow and wednesday and thursday we'll start to see those temperatures come back to more seasonal values, so still going to be hot but not as
3:48 am
humid. this is happening across the west coast, too. look at all of these 100-degree highs. that's not with the humidity. high heat warnings in effect for parts of the southwest as we get into wednesday and thursday. both coasts dealing with very dangerous temperatures. also watching this area of colonel across the atlantic as it moves closer to the lesser antilles. the good news here that the upper level conditions in the atmosphere are kind of not allowing the storm to strengthen, but we are still going to have to watch it over the next couple of days as it comes very close to florida and east coast next week. so we'll keep an eye on all of the above. keep cool today, folks. in the northeast. back to you, steve, ainsley, and brian. steve: good advise. all right, j.d., thank you. later today the public will get one final chance to pay their respects to john lewis as he lies in state in the u.s. capitol rotunda. alveda king, the niece of martin luther king jr. is going to join us live next.
3:49 am
this year, the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's is everywhere. all of us are raising funds for one goal: a world without alzheimer's and all other dementia. because this disease isn't waiting, neither are you. go to alz dot org slash walk.
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3:51 am
3:52 am
brian: congressional leaders paying their respect to john lewis praising the civil rights icon for a moral force for the nation. >> john lewis lived and worked with urgency because the task
3:53 am
was urgent. >> here in congress john was revered and beloved on both sides of the aisle on both sides of the capitol. we knew that he always worked on the side of the angels and now we know that he is with them. brian: joining us right now with her message the niece of dr. martin luther king jr. and fox news contributor dr. alveda king. dr. king, after all the coverage over the last few days, and the honor in which his life was remembered, what stands out 24 hours later? >> it's very important as congressman john lewis is laid to rest that we remember his legacy as a very humble man and as a peacemaker. and i believe that because human life, no matter how long it is, is still short. people do the very best that
3:54 am
they can to leave something to be remembered. i do remember john lewis the peacemaker. even in times of turmoil and more recent times here in the 21st century. i would always say that's not the john lewis i know. i can remember john's voice when he would speak. he had a beautiful sense of humor as well. so he was a nonviolent peaceful warrior. that's something that young people could really learn and remember how to use your words in a peaceful way and to still be strong, still be courageous. to with stand the attack that john had where his skull was actually cracked. he survived and continued through five decades of service and leadership. that's something that's very, very important. brian: alveda darks compare if there is a difference john lewis
3:55 am
the activist to john lewis the lawmaker. >> there is a difference between the activists and the lawmaker. of course, when you get into politics, that can be a very murky past and the water can be very, very murky john had to still fight to stand for common ground and find places where human di dignity could be respected. he and i did not agree on philosophy or politics. i'm a christian evangelist with the gospel of jesus christ. john dealing with social justice and dealing with even a social gospel. so the principles of those are totally different however, i never got into arguments with john. we never hated each other there was no animosity. and so that is a certain wave dealing with a human being even
3:56 am
when you are totalfully disagreement. brian: dr. king, thank you some much for putting his life in perspective. >> thank you so much. brian: you got it. and have a great day. coming up on the rest of our show we have lawrence jones on tap to talk about this and so much more. newt gingrich, is the president on a bit of a role now after showing discipline over the last 10 day was series of messages? we'll talk about it. ing your br. ♪ but bristol myers squibb is working to change things. by researching new kinds of medicines that could help you live longer. including options that are chemo-free. because we're committed to bringing new hope into lung cancer care.
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4:00 am
brian: in just hours bill barr expected to testify before the judiciary committee. >> expect no bars hold. >> i don't think either side's mind will be changed by. this kamala harris may not be a favorite anymore for v.p. after she showed, quote: no remorse for this moment. >> you also worked with them to oppose busing. >> i would say to that story don't believe everything you read. >> the blood bath continued over the weekend 59 people were shot. >> you don't think the leaders. >> they don't care, we're know they don't care. >> what's your stance on federal agents. >> i'm for we have got to do what we have got to do. >> investigation into the secret source of the steele dossier expands into the brookings institute. >> it is so wild and stupid, steele's source was not from russia but it's a guy in washington, d.c.
4:01 am
>> gavin root raising more than $2,000 for law enforcement in south carolina with a lemonade stand ♪ you just ain't seen nothing yet, ♪ baby you ain't ever seen nothing yet ♪ here's nothing you ever forgot ♪ you know you ain't seen nothing yet. ainsley: good morning to you at home. thanks for waking up 7:01 on the east coast with us. brian and steve feeling great today, right? steve: that's right. you can't say ain't seen nothing yet. have you seen one hour of our telecast and brian two more starting now. brian: the vice presidential picks are the most interesting who is going to be the running mate and who is going to be at the top of the ticket especially now. i believe this is the most important important pick. at 77 joe biden tells everybody i'm transitional candidate. basically telling everyone i'm one term arer if that who is going to be his pick. can he pick somebody he barely
4:02 am
knows? can he pick somebody who doesn't have a national profile or national experience on the biggest staining? now kamala harris seems to have the best credentials. however, did she cut herself off at the knees when she made this comment going for the win in their first debate to joe biden? >> to hear you talk about the reputation of two united states senators who built their reputations and career on segregation of race in this country. you know, there was a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public school. and she was bused to school every day. and that little girl was me. >> that's a mischaracterization of my position across the board. did i not praise racists. i agreed that everybody once they -- i know, my time is up. i'm sorry.
4:03 am
go easy on my kid. >> because she does not regret that remark in the debate she basically says it's politics. chris dodd, long time friend and heading up the vetting process on the vice president quest to get a vice president said this in reaction to reportedly to her not regretting this. when i asked her if she regretted it she laughed and said that's politics. she had no remorse. other people on this list susan rice they say now has jumped out as now the dark horse that might be front and center. ainsley: you know, he said go easy on me, kid. at that second debate. the debate right after the busing comment happened. and. steve: there goes the crazy camera again. ainsley: i know the camera goes in and out for some reason. makes me think they are friends. in the debated, you are running against each other. he said go easy on me kid. that sounds pretty personable to
4:04 am
me. his deputy campaign manager kate bettingfield she said this last night to martha. >> look, i would say to that story don't believe you read. you know, as the vice president has said many, many times how highly he thinks of her, what incredible advocate she has been in the senate. he talks about the admiration. friends with his son bo. worked with her. running a robust process. a lot of incredibly qualified women including women of color who are part of this process. and ultimately he will make that decision and make that announcement. at the end of the day he is looking for somebody to be partner in progress with him and there are a lot of really qualified women. ainsley: she might be the best choice because she will appeal to the moderates. she has name recognition. she probably would appeal to the progressives as well. she is fraternal. she would be the first african-american vice president of our country. she has experience in washington. i think it's still going to be
4:05 am
his first choice. i have think this is going to be the top choice. steve: he is at that stage where there are still a lot of names out there. you know, keep in mind. behind the scenes, a lot of these people are actually actively lobbying for the job. brian: i know. steve: behind the scenes. some of them not behind the scenes. i saw another story today brian, you mentioned susan rice, the one that went on tv and said it's about a video about a million times. you know, according to the story i saw she is right at the top of the list even though she has never run for office before. i have read a story about how vice president joe biden and his wife jill yesterday said hello to congresswoman karen bass at the john lewis when he is laying in wait at the rotunda. all these people who would make great vice presidents to joe biden. just stay tuned for all of that we do understand as well that apparently the dnc has decided
4:06 am
that their convention will be two prime sometime hours per nice. that's all they are going to do. ainsley: start 9:00 to 11:00. steve: big news is the very first presidential debate had been scheduled for notre dame at the end of september. notre dame said given covid we are not interested in doing it. then simultaneously it was announced apparently going to movmove it to cleveland. in coordination with case western college and the cleveland clinic. so, look for that coming up very shortly. brian: makes absolutely no sense to me. what is really behind that meanwhile, 6 minutes after the hour. we have been telling you about violence marking dangerous cities chicago. next guest hit the streets to find out more. >> our children are -- are coveted property. you do nothing to help our kids. we don't care anymore. >> you don't think the leaders care. >> they don't care. we know they don't care. >> sending in federal agents. what's your stance on this? >> i'm for we got to do what we
4:07 am
got to do. >> have you got over 50 people shot over the weekend. >> not normal. i don't know what to do, man. it's crazy. ainsley: fox news analyst lawrence jones live in chicago where he spoke to a local business owner fearing for his family's lives. good morning to you, lawrence. >> good morning, family, how are you doing. ainsley: what's happening there we keep reporting numbers. teenagers, children, 1-year-old buried in new york. two kids playing basketball in new york shot yesterday or a few days ago. it's happening there, too. >> yeah. the only thing can i describe is a war zone. over the weekends, 59 people were shot. three people were killed. i went out and spoke with the community yesterday and as i'm speaking with the community, i get a messam from one of my sources that tells me there is a crime scene, an active crime scene because of a 10-month-old baby was shot. thank god they were able to
4:08 am
survive. i check into my hotel and the lady recognized me and she says, you know, thank you for covering these stories. i lost my mom 10 years ago. so the point is this ison going matter. i wake up in the morning 22 people shot. two people killed. last night. just when i went to sleep. this is a nonstop issue in chicago and many of the people here feel like people don't care about this a lot of the people doing this are kids, right? the guy that shot up the funeral home 17 years old and back on the street, why? steve: police here in new york released okay video of a gunman driving by in an suv killed two teenagers just a couple days ago. lawrence, we have talked to so many people in these communities that are the target of so much
4:09 am
violence have you lived there for years. so much trouble. do you think you might move? you spoke to a business owner who is doing that calculus right now. here is what he told you. >> who is responsible for this? >> >> it's a trickle down effect it comes from the top. people in charge of the city, people in charge of the states. what makes me upsays is that i applied for a card to purchase firearms march 25th. i need something to be able to protect my wife, my two children and my child to be. and i feel scared living in the city of chicago. i think it's a nightmare. i have nightmares of leaving the house and being assaulted because i am not able to protect my family. steve: lawrence, it's not fair. why should you have to leave a town you have lived in for years because of the violence when it seems so simple if the local leaders would simply step up and
4:10 am
in some cases ask the administration for help. >> why do you have to leave your community? why can't you get a gun? when all the criminals have a gun? this guy put his application in months ago. he sits in front of a police scanner all day observing what's going on because is he so afraid to walk down the street with his kid. he said they don't get to play in the park anymore. that is over with they have got to be in at certain time. he is not the only one. i talk with people on the streets yesterday they say they know exactly hot people are they have been begging the leaders, they have been telling them they are doing this, they are doing that they don't do anything. they will arrest them and then they are back on the street. there comes a point. government has one role, and that is to keep the community safe. steve: exactly. >> they are failing at their job. and it's not because the people in these communities don't care. it starts with education. it starts with poverty in these communities. that same lady that was upset in an interview she says you know,
4:11 am
with school, the teachers have to buy supplies. you know, there is so many people, if you go to counts chicago it's beautiful go on the south side war zone black community on one side and latino community where that business owner is have their games as well. it's a war zone. the reason we call it a war zone is there is more people shot there than iraq. isn't that snocial don't we have a duty as americans to intervene? and i keep saying this, guys. if we don't do anything, history is going to remember this moment. what do we do. >> we can't get in there because the mayor doesn't want any help. she was one of six mayors to sign a letter to the president. keep the federal troops out. thought year-to-date shootings are up 51%. murders are up 47%. guess what? successfully clues. over the weekend they flooded the air with 550 extra cops and they had a three-week low in terms of homicides. three people killed which is way
4:12 am
too much. and 12 last weekend. 8 the weekend before. so, they did flood the area. cops working without a contract. they don't have enough, period, let alone the disrespect they are getting. so they just let the gangs shoot each other it, seems. and they just sit there and be people just watch. when the president tries to help. they tell them to stay the blank away. >> you know what? if you don't want the president's help. if you don't -- and you have got to do your job here. at this point, guys, and i'm a libertarian. i don't believe in the feds coming in and stuff like that. but, we're in the middle of a war. when american family members under attack we need all hands on deck to solveth problem. i don't understand the mayor's end game right now. you know, surprisingly, the community is very supportive. they are trying to give her a chance. i know chief brown he used to be the police chief back in dallas. i trust him. but they got to do something. they got to stop the bleeding fast. it's only getting worse. >> how do these leaders continue to get reelected though?
4:13 am
if you grow up in a town where all of these things are happening, this is her first term? brian: she replaced rahm emanuel. ainsley: yeah. right. the people have a voice. what were they saying? they do like her? they approve of her? >> they love her because she is from the community. they have a connection with her. they still want action. i keep telling you guys this as well. we have to give these people alternatives. it is clear. even the democrats are fighting. i also interviewed the alderman lopez yesterday. he and the mayor are at each other's throat. because they have agreement on strategy. maybe all of the strategy sucks and we need to bring, if conservatives really want to compete. come to these communities and show them what liberty and safety is. right now we only have one ideology, operating in chicago. and it's not working. steve: yeah, no kidding. lawrence jones on the streets of chicago. lawrence, thank you very much. >> thanks, lauren. steve: great reporting. >> thank you. steve: it is about 7:14 here on
4:14 am
the east coast and jillian joins us with more headlines. jillian: president trump touting major coronavirus vaccine developments during his visit to a biotech plant in north carolina. >> four additional promising candidates are expected to enter final trials in the coming weeks including the nova vaccination vaccine being developed right here at this facility. >> meantime dr. anthony fauci predicts researchers could know the results of the moderna vaccine trial late fall. dr. nicole saphier joined us earlier to way in on the administration's progress. >> we never want to be skimpy when it comes to safety. i can tell that you they're undergoing all the safety checks and they are not skimping on that. they will not bring something to market unless it is proven safe. >> moderna phase 3 trials are underway now after receiving $470 million from the government. mlb commissioner rob man fred
4:15 am
says there are no plans to stop the season after outbreak on the miami marlins. three games have been postponed. man fred says he is not worried yet. >> i don't see it as a nightmare. we built the protocols to allow us to continue to play. that's why we have the expanded rosters. that's why we have the pool of additional players. jillian: meanwhile the nfl opens training camp today their protocols keep them safe. at least 8 players are opting out. season. two colorado police officers are recovering after getting shot in denver. the alaura officers made contact with the suspects they were tracking. allegedly linked to series of armed robberies. of the suspect was shot multiple times during a gun battle with the officers and is in critical condition. the officer suffered non life-threatening injuries. okay. when life gives you lemons, why not use them for something good, right? 8-year-old good afternoon root
4:16 am
raising $600 for law enforcement with lemonade stand. he was on "fox & friends" sharing his sweet success. >> i wanted to do this all because i do want to be a police officer when i grow up. i thought i would make a lemonade stand since it's really hot outlines. and then it got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. jillian: gavin who dreams about police officer himself will give the big check this thursday. what a personality on him. he was so incredible. brian: i saw the interview it was great. steve: bright future. brian: surge in crime with pandemic restrictions has caused people to flee new york city. next guest says three people need to happen in order for them to come back home. a lot of healthy foods are very acidic
4:17 am
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4:21 am
ainsley: big apple becoming a ghost town as many new yorkers fleeing because of the pandemic. surge of violence. will these people that live in new york, will they ever return? in a new op-ed, our next guest lays out ways to bring ne new yk city's refugees back home. here to discuss is karol markowicz. hey, carol.
4:22 am
how are you doing? ainsley: i'm good. i'm glad you wrote. this this is how we feel as new yorkers. we want to come back. i am one of the ones who left i'm in long island and haven't spent one night in my apartment i have been paying for since march. it's not all about me. i'm blessed. they are having to stay with families and displaced. what do we need to do as a city to come back? >> first thing is you have to have a city that people will want to return to. new york is not an easy or cheap place to live. it has its challenges. it always has. but it's always been worth it because the cultural things around the city and all the events that we have and all the concerts and just the way the city feels and all the opportunity. we don't have any of that right now because of covid. and so, pause we don't have that we have to have the basics, which is security. we don't have that either. crime is really high. these riots are just continuing. schools have no plan to reopen,
4:23 am
you know, the whole summer that the elected officials are sort of shrugging and saying we will see what happens. parents can't live like that. and i don't see why many new yorkers would return if they don't have a stable, safe city to return to. ainsley: i know. that's what the fear is, because you are a lifelong new yorker. you love the city. i love the city. some of us worked really hard to get here. this was my goal. and there is so much crime now. and there is that citizen app. a lot of my friends are using it and saying this crime just happened next to your apartment. that crime just happened a few streets up. >> yeah. you know, i'm a lifelong new yorker. i have seen the battle of new york. i grew up in it. and i really can't believe that we are returning to it so effortlessly and that our elected officials don't realize what's happening. the other thing is businesses continue to be targeted by governor cuomo. he needs to lay of. he can't keep playing this game where he doesn't tell them what's going to happen and sort of keeps changing the rules
4:24 am
around. a bar can open in new york and struggle and be targeted by governor cuomo or it can open in another state where still have these problems. ainsley: carol, you talk about will willing people who haven't been to new york for a vacation because of covid. tell the folks out there what you say in the article about what it looks like in new york right now. >> well, again, it's really painful to say all of this about the city i love. but it's sort of a disaster area. windows have still boarded up in stores. there is graffiti everywhere. there are homelessness everywhere. there are a lot of mentally disturbed people everywhere. and obviously some of that is just the fact that the city is still empty. it's much more noticeable. it's a real problem. i don't know who is going to come visit new york in that kind of a situation. i don't know what kind of tourists will want to come and visit our city until things improve a lot. ainsley: i know. they say reopen schools and everyone will come back.
4:25 am
my fear in that is what if people come from florida where the numbers are high and what about safety in our city? for parents, that's a big concern. thank you so much. if you want to read it, it's an excellent article, karol markowicz "new york post" columnist. go to the op-ed page and read it there thank you so much karol. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. the pandemic cause ago big change to this year's 9/11 memorial ceremony. the reading of names will not be held in person. frank silver's brother, steven, was the firefighter who died in the terror attacks run from the tunnel to the towers and says the move is wrong. he joins us next. customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? given my unique lifestyle, that'd be perfect! let me grab a pen and some paper. know what? i'm gonna switch now. just need my desk... my chair... and my phone.
4:26 am
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4:29 am
all of us are raising funds for one goal: a world without alzheimer's and all other dementia. because this disease isn't waiting, neither are you. go to alz dot org slash walk. steve: welcome back to "fox & friends." let's dial in our friend, newt gingrich is the former speaker of the house, fox news contributor and author of "trump and the american future." newt, good morning to you. >> how are you doing. >> i'm doing good. steve: bill barr will be testifying live before the house judiciary committee. they have been trying to get him to show up for 14 month. finally he has a lot to say about a lot of different things but what we have heard in the
4:30 am
past is what the democrats are going to try to do, newt, is try to make it seem as if the attorney general has been installed by the president to simply do stuff to get donald trump out of trouble. >> sure, what, what are you going to say if you are the democrats. you hate trump. therefore, anybody trump appoints they are willing to hate. you are not going to say this is a great attorney general who has a long record going back to george h.w. bush. you are not going to open by praising him and saying it is terrific that you are presiding over locking up all of these anarchists and vandals and we are thrilled that you are exposing the fbi criminals who betrayed the united states in trying to destroy the president. all the people they kept touting and awarding and applauding. they have a problem. barr is probably the most dangerous opponent the democrats
4:31 am
have. because he has the power of the government to dig into things and release documents that lindsey graham said yesterday are going to be devastating in terms of you who dishonest some of the senior fbi was. so, i think the democrats have a problem just dealing with reality. >> i watched when jim jordan came out and said they started stop liking attorney general barr believed did spy on the campaign. so evidence combings up gets closer and closer to the vice president and president. i bet you he is sitting there saying please, ask me about russia. ask me about the mueller probe. ask me about the subsource because i would love to tell you about that oh, you want proof of antifa? i got proof of antifa. i have some pictures with me go. over exhibit a. say to myself right now if i'm a democrat. it's like throwing a steak to a lion that you thought was all hooked up in caged. it is game over if they ask the wrong question because they are not going to like the answer. >> in a way the democrats' best
4:32 am
strategy sit there, smile, get it over with and get him off stage. first of all, they are not that smart. and he is. barr is a very, very smart man. and he knows what he is talking about. he is a very good lawyer. and if they want to play games with him, my guess is that he is going to make them look pretty embarrassed by the time today is over. what's far more important than these kind of washington games, you now have proof that the "new york times" and "the washington post" got pulitzer prizes for printing lies. you have clear proof that senior fbi agents in an act that really have treason were trying to destroy the president of the united states. and breaking the law to try to destroy him. you have a pretty good bit of proof that president obama and vice president biden knew what was going on and biden actually was encouraging that and trying to find way stos legally go after the trump team. this is at least the equivalent
4:33 am
of watergate. it is very sick stuff. and it should worry us. but, we are dealing with a propaganda media that won't admit there is violence in seattle and portland and oakland. they won't admit that the fbi had leaders who are criminals interesting tension between reality and the power of the left to hide it. ainsley: chaos in our cities how politicians are setting up police to fail. you talk about how these cities around our country mayhem we hear war zones. >> look at the facts. you had 152 americans shot in new york and chicago in one weekend you have probably the worst mayor in america. de blasio, trying to destroy the police. you have seattle talking by the way about doing away with prisons while trying to destroy the police maybe the most left
4:34 am
wing government in america city of seattle. mayor presided over what's almost nine weeks of every single night thousands of people trying to destroy the federal courthouse and one of the points that the president made very calmly you either think the president of the united states should allow a federal courthouse to be destroyed? if the average american thinks it's okay to destroy courthouses you would probably quit building them because they are expensive. have at it. very funny abc report that said the large and peaceful demonstration intensified as they burned down a courthouse. ainsley: intensified. >> and injured several policemen it. intensified. these people are crazy. steve: we are looking at some of the peaceful protests right there that intensified. newt, of course that's going to be a campaign issue and, of course, it's one of the things that joe biden will square off
4:35 am
against with donald trump we understand that, obviously. bernie sanders supporters are, you know, quite strident, very progressive. and the biden people want to make sure that they are on board. however, there is a petition that has been circulating with 600 names now that they will vote against the dnc platform because it does not include medicare for all how hard ultimately will it to be have joe biden motivate the bernie sanders wing of the party as well as the elizabeth warren wing to show up and vote for him in november? i think the warren wing can be brought in. the hard core part of the sanders' movement far more radical than sanders. i can't use the language on the air. but one of his vice chairs an african-american woman said it's like eating half of a blank sand
4:36 am
witch. saying biden is as bad as trump. she has no intentions of supporting biden. there is a deeper part to this. the democrats have run every one of these major cities the argument trump has to win is the level of violence you are seeing in st. louis and baltimore and chicago in new york, just go down the list. every one of these is a democratic city run on liberal principles where the poor have been exploited on the power structure. i hope the president will go straight into these cities and say if you are sick and tired of being shot, i hope you will decide to vote for me and take a chance on a different future. brian: is he newt gingrich. congratulations on the book, newt. it's excellent and thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> glad to be with you. brian: meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, the pandemic causing a big change to this year's 9/11 memorial ceremony. the reading of the names will not be held in person. how does frank siller feel about it? his brother steven was a
4:37 am
firefighter who died in the terror attacks and says the move is wrong. he will join us next to expand. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the open road is open again.
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>> families of the 9/11 victims will not read the names in person at this year's midterm no new york city. event organizers say they will instead use recorded name recordings because of the pandemic. our next guest's brother was a new york city firefighter who died in the terror attacks. you know him well. he joins me now. president of the tunnel 2 towers frank siller talking about your brother steven. you just found out about this, frank. what's your reaction? >> it's just wrong. i mean, family members wait every year, people take turns inside their families to go out there and speak about their loved ones and read their name. they don't know how important it is to do that. and i understand it's times where we have to be safe.
4:42 am
we have to be smart. but they could do it. they could easily do it. the tunnel to towers foundation will pay for the tents to put on the side, to stage all those who read the names, the family members to read the names. have the masks on them. you have 100 people, you know, read 37 names. you have 38 names. have you 200 people read 15 names each. you could stage them very, you know, tell them to come at different times. it could be easily done. they are going to let 9/11 families down there at ground zero. so i don't understand why we can't stage in a different area. can i tell you there is a petition for disciple by donnis who survived in the south tower who was on the 100th floor, 78th floor i can't even tell you she lost all the people he worked with died right next to her. she survived miraclely. she came down and iconic picture of her being carried away by a u.s. marshal. she started a petition. she has thousands of names already in less than 24 hours
4:43 am
and i hope to be able to speak with the 9/11 memorial people. i don't know if it was a joint decision from the state and the city, i will try to find out to make sure that we have an opportunity as 9/11 family members to speak our brothers, our wives, our sons, our daughters, our our father's names. brian: they will use past recordings everyone remembered. have cameras there to make a decision. that's not okay with you. what do you say to people watching right now and say why take the risk? why bring all those people together after new york worked so hard to get the numbers down? what do you say? >> because there is a large area down there. they did such a beautiful job at the memorial, south tower and the north tower and they have these beautiful grounds. they have a large area. don't tell the politicians stay home and let the 9/11 family members being down there if they are worried about the space. you could easily social distance. you ask k. have masks on.
4:44 am
it's so easily done. i understand we have to be smart. don't get me wrong. i'm not looking to do something that would jeopardize anybody's life. but we got to remember, especially in these times right now where cops robert street every day and being abused and we have to remember those police officers and firefighters. my brother who ran through the tunnel with his gear on his back that gave their lives. how about the story of the red bandanna? how about that family he saved at least 18 people. at least 18 people. that family, you know, i have friends. i have the davidsons, the furies, they are all firefighters that died that day. john who died recently lost a son who was a firefighter and a cop. that family has the right to read their names live. terry hatten. captain terry hatten whose wife was pregnant and their daughter met their father. these families need to read their names. brian: frank, at least give them
4:45 am
the option. let's find out if politics played a role. right now it's the 9/11 museum that made the decision. maybe you can change their mind. you have as much pull as anybody. tough time for foundations and organizations. don't forget about tunnel 2 sign up and get monthly convictions. it's a great feeling and organization. the money goes to the right place. it's hard because you can't run the fund raise herbs you normally do. please, tunnel 2 towers. "fox & friends" viewers, don't forget them. and, franks, we will hold you back after have you that conversation with the 9/11 foundation. okay? >> thank you very much. brian: i hear you. go upstairs to jillian who was covering the news while we were talking. >> we begin with this. the story we have been talking about the owner of the atilis gym is not backing down after being arrested begin. >> i'm not afraid of tyrants and no americans should be because we outnumbered them greatly and only thing they run off of is fear which is why you see what you see in the media where they
4:46 am
are pumping fear into the coronavirus when what they should be pump something solutions. >> arrested for contempt of court. a judge ruled last week the state has the right to close the gym. good samaritans pull an unconscious driver from a car moments before it catches fire. stop what you are doing and watch this. police dash cam video capturing the strangers pulling the man out of the smoking car in new jersey, carrying the victim away as officers run to help. the vehicle crashed into a telephone pole before engulfing in flames. the driver was taken not hospital and luckily is okay. a fisherman catches a stunning moment on camera off the coast of england. humpback whale. feet away from the boat. skipper says had been working through the night circled the vessel you saw right there the one humpback decided to put on a
4:47 am
show and jump out of the water. okay. check your couch cushion. finding loose change could earn you a free meal. tomorrow a chick-fil-a free entree voucher exchanging $10 of coins for cash. taco bell is following suit offering a free taco for anyone paying for coin rolls. the nation is facing a coin shortage amid the pandemic. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. ainsley: pretty smart them. getting ahead of it. hand it over to janis she has your weather forecast for today. hi, janis. >> watching the tropics. we had hanna and douglas over the weekend. now we are watching this area of disturbed weather that could develop over the next couple of days. the good news is the upper level environment is not conducive for strengthening right now. have to monitor it as it moves westward close tort caribbean this weekend. and it could potentially get into a better environment for development. there is some of the tropical
4:48 am
models. as we get into next week watching this potential storm. looking at the tropical activity we are nowhere near peak season. remind we will get into the eye named storm. we are historically above average for this time of year in the season. all right. the heat is going to be the big story over parts of the mid-atlantic up towards new england, heat advisories in place where temperatures are going to feel like into the 90's to 100-degree range so there are your forecast highs but with the humidity it's going to feel even worse than that so oppressive heat, dangerous heat. not only the east coast but the west coast where we have heat advisories in place for parts of the southwest. showers and thunderstorms for the gulf coast as well as the plain states where we could see the potential for some flash flooding. all right. steve, ainsley and brian, back to you, my friends. steve: so really what you are saying with the humidity it's another one of those bad hair days, janis? janice: yes. forgot about that. thank you for correcting me. steve: no, no, no. just adding to the conversation.
4:49 am
thank you very much, j.d. janice: you got it. steve: it is about 12 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, senator marco rubio and kayleigh mcenany both going to join us from washington, d.c. you are watching "fox & friends" ♪ come on and take a free ride ♪ ♪ my nunormal: fewer asthma attacks. less oral steroids. taking my treatment at home. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face,
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jillian: good morning, back to quick headlines now. the ellen degeneres show under investigation following reports of a, quote, toxic work environment. warner media and outside firm will reportedly be interviewing staff about claims of what they say is mistreatment, racism and intimidation at the daytime show. degeneres has not been accused of any wrongdoing. elvis presley fan also get a chance to get closer to the late king of rock and roll. series of new interactive exhibits graceland starting next month including 10 video game booths that put fans next to elvis in movie clips. back to you. steve: thank you very much. memorial services for john lewis are continuing today in washington, d.c. civil rights activist and 1776 unites campaign scholar bob woodson joins us right now to reflect. bob, good morning to you. >> good morning.
4:54 am
for younger americans who have not been watching john lewis for many decades of his public service, how do you explain his life? >> well, john lewis, first of all, has been an honorable man people don't realize he was not his party's choice at first and he ran against julian bond in the primary and he went door to door and persuaded voters to vote for him and that so john lewis became a very honorable congressman. he served faithfully. took that passion for civil rights into the congress that i have some differences with him. but john lewis and i both supported the piney wood school in mississippi he has a noble honorable man and that's how children should remember him. >> indeed. bob, the thing about him in a time of such d.c. is politicized everybody is so dug.
4:55 am
in he was loved by people on both sides of the aisle he really was. he wasn't a man who was filled with anger or resentment i never heard him attack his opponents. he differed with them but didn't engage in the ad hominem kind of attacks that we are seeing today. receive steve in fact, mitch mcconnell yesterday called him a model of courage and called him a peacemaker as well. >> he was. he reached across the aisle. i remember to paul ryan when he was speaker and so but he was always a peacemaker from the time he walked across edmund pettus bridge until he was in congress. i think is commendable. steve: civil rights activist bob woodson also at the 1776 unite campaign. thank you for being with us and remembering john lewis. thank you, sir. >> thank you. steve: all right. speaking of senate republicans and mitch mcconnell, mitch
4:56 am
mcconnell unveiling their brand new covid-19 relief plan. but will a deal get done with democrats? there seems to be some trouble. marco rubio is going to tell us what he knows coming up next. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try our new gummies for 30 days and see the difference.
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♪ new fixodent ultra dual power provides you with an unbeatable hold and strong seal against food infiltrations. fixodent. and forget it. ♪ ♪ brian? just hours bill barr to testify in house judiciary committee.
5:00 am
>> my guess is that he's going to make some people pretty embarrassed. >> coronavirus relief proposal. >> the senate will not waste time with pointless partisanship. >> moderna vaccine has officially entered phase 3 already. >> the type that we have all vaccines being created, all being tested right now gives me hope. >> coronavirus outbreak inside one major league clubhouse threatens to shut out the baseball season. what does that mean for the nfl as training camp kicks off today? ♪ ♪ steve: this is our studio live at fox news headquarters, thank you very much for spending your morning with us as so many of you do, thanks for making us world's number one cable morning
5:01 am
news show. today is 28th day of july and when i was growing up this is the time of county fair and growing up out in the country you worked all year towards things that you would display whether it was pigs, rabbits, whatever and then signaled not only the end of the summer but school right around the corner. can you believe the summer is, you know, almost half done? brian: can you believe the fairs are not happening and how many are losing money now? good for cholesterol because mostly is fried but so many people that plan summers around fairs. ainsley: you're absolutely right, strange summer. businesses are closing down and that's why congress is trying to work on another relief package. mitch mcconnell unveiled gop package, it's called the heels act and we were talking during the break. i said who qualified for the breaks, anyone who makes $75,000 or less. steve: unless you're a couple
5:02 am
making $150,000 as a couple you still get -- ainsley: if you're single, you make less than 75 you get 1,200-dollar check according to if this passes and if you're a couple you get $2,400. steve: also in addition to that, you know, the republicans are trying to do their best to address the issue because politically it's not good for them because the supplemental federal payment which right now is 600 bucks for people who have lost their jobs, it's supposed to go away. so what they've done is they've come up with a new figure and the figure is $200. when people hear, goes from 600 to 200, remember, that's in addition to whatever state benefits you are getting, so you get your state unemployment and then for the last number of months you've been getting 600 bucks but now it's going to be reduced to 200 through september when then the calculation is combine your state benefit with a federal benefit. ainsley: look at the last one,
5:03 am
steve. steve: 70% of what you're making. ainsley: school funding and more ppp money. brian: now that they worked through the weekend and came up with a gop version in the senate. >> the senate will not waste time with pointless parsonship. there's a reason why even speaker pelosi and leader schumer themselves have publicly down played the multitrillion dollar socialist manifesto they published some weeks back and have suggested the real serious discussion would begin when republicans release our outline. brian: the key would be the $600 and the key would be getting this done relatively quickly. the democrats have a 3 trillion-dollar deal, the republicans have a 1 trillion-dollar deal. here is senator schumer. >> we had hoped that the -- there would be a bill and instead in the senate they put
5:04 am
together little pieces here and there and everywhere. it's frustrating because they've been there for 3 months and now very serious cliffs that hurt lots of people, unemployment, rental, state and local, and there's still they are trying to get their act together. ainsley: let's bring in florida gop marco rubio, chairman of the senate small business and entrepreneur's committee, good morning, to you, senator. senator: good morning, guys. ainsley: what's your reaction to this? can a deal get done when republicans and democrats are on different pages? senator: anything that we put out and democrats and chuck schumer will attack and there's an election in 2 and a half months. they want to win their seats. ultimately, look, this bill touches on a lot of bases and things that we need to do. the way the place works we can't pass a bill without democrats supporting it as well and we
5:05 am
obviously have to get it through the house which is controlled by the democrats and has to be signed by president trump who is a republican. this bill will have to touch a lot of things. it's not easy to get there but i believe we ultimately will, i don't know if it'll take one week, two weeks or three weeks, but i'm confident that we will do something that's meaningful. steve: the meter is running because it sounds like the payments are going to be running out i believe at the end of this week. senator, yesterday mitch mcconnell said, you know, the quandary we are in is right now america as a country we have one foot in the pandemic and one foot in the recovery and there are a number of republicans who say, look, we don't have the money to, you know, just keep writing gigantic checks, you are proposing the small business relief package. what is in that? senator: yeah, i can -- the question is chopping in and out but i think your question is what is in our ppp proposal and
5:06 am
the answer is more targeted, it's available, it's very similar to what we had before, 60% for payroll, 40% for other expenses, that now includes the personal protective equipment and other technology that they need in order to comply with local covid restrictions that cost money but it's only available to businesses that are 300 employees or smaller who suffered 50% in reduction in revenues either first quarterover this year or second quarter of this year compared to the same time frame a year ago and we also set aside some of that money for businesses with ten employees or less, sort of small mom and pop businesses. brian: let's talk a little bit about 2020 and the balance on the senate is on everybody's mind, democrats feel as though it's within shouting distance, but let's talk about the president of the united states, trailing most battleground
5:07 am
states. in cbs tracking poll they had him back in ohio. knowing what you know from 2016 and knowing what's ahead, the unknown of the pandemic and more and china now too, what does president trump have to do to close the gap or are you one of the many who don't believe the polls? >> yeah, look, i think polls, snapshot of the moment. they are not -- nowadays there's a challenge and i will say this, right now it's strange environment because of the pandemic and everything that's going on. it becomes a choice between joe biden and donald trump and when it becomes a choice between two candidates that's where i think donald trump will win. it'll be a close election. they always are and i believe he will win and that includes florida. ainsley: i was reading the op-ed, everybody is asking about covid and reopening and sports and will schools reopen in the fall and can athletes safely compete and you say, yes, they can, what's your plan, how can
5:08 am
we do this? senator: game of football comes with inherent risks. if you leave it to doctors, no kid will play football. we have to be in the job of mitigating risks whether it's schools or sports field and we have to do cost benefit analysis, there's benefits to opening schools and sports in high school because they attach a lot of kids to school, keeps this of them from coming back and many from dropping out. and we have to weigh with potential costs and i do think you can safely return to school. well it be on the scheduled date, will we we need extra few weeks, it's going to be different and we have to be flexible. in florida we have option to starting season in october and
5:09 am
we are not expecting snow in the winter months. we need to be flexible with it. steve: sure, baseball with the marlins half of the team tested positive yesterday. and down in miami if particular, senator, it has been a hot spot although we hear it's plateauing. is part of the problem people not getting the miami on how you spread it or what's going on? senator: i think part of the problem we have large extended families, as you know, hispanic community, we have big -- our family for the most part all live in miami-dade, we don't have a lot of relatives living in another part of the country that visit us on thanksgiving and christmas. you have a lot of family living together and you have gatherings and we have densely populated areas, households in some parts of miami-dade where mom, dad, the four kids, grandmother and grandfather all live in the same house, that's a factor as well.
5:10 am
so there's a variety of different factors in play and i am, look, we are starting to see the covid-like symptoms visits to the er begin to fall. that's usually the first indicater that you will see dropoff, we are hoping, right, if people go back to doing what we were doing a month ago, the numbers will spike up again. so ultimately a lot of credit to our doctors, hospitals, but i'm hoping here over the next few days and weeks as people begin to sort of limit the number of people that come in contact with they can begin to bring this under control. brian: that would certainly help because we need sports on all levels. a lot of postponements in new york city and a lot of college teams. senator marco rubio, thank you so much. ainsley: thank you. brian: ten minutes now after the top of the hour. the nfl opening training camp today as major league baseball scambles to contain covid-19
5:11 am
outbreak. kristina partsinevelos from our sister network, business network, of course, joins us outside in new york city. i'm taking the year off. >> hopefully that's not the case for all the players. words don't really seem to go together but the nfl is welcoming 32 teams, some from covid hot spots to begin training camp. the nfl does believe that there's a full slate ahead with 16 games per team but this comes as we know, like you mentioned there was an outbreak over the weekend with the miami marlins, major league baseball team. monday night, yesterday evening as the league prepares how to go forward operating baseball in ban demic the early we could see game on wednesday in baltimore.
5:12 am
dave martínez expressed concern in press conference just about how to proceed with baseball during a pandemic. listen in. >> my level of concern went from about a 8 to a 12. i'm scared. i really am, you know, i go from here, back here every day, that's all i do. >> despite being a high contact sport, the nfl right now is not going to be operating in bubbles, they will be traveling from city to city as if it was a typical season but the nfl's baseball will be following closely what happens on baseball's side because that could impact their own season as well. nfl taking one step further, there was a memo sent out to players that if they were to catch the coronavirus or any time of high-contact activity, think about going to an indoor nightclub, think about indoor concert or house of worship where there's more than 25% of capacity, the player can be disciplined or fine.
5:13 am
so how baseball decides to proceed with this outbreak going forward could definitely impact the nfl as well as college football for now and then coaches and players are level to wonder back to you. ainsley: all wondering, thank you so much, kristina. brian: mls is doing good and nba and nobody has tested positive since camp. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian. jillian: fox news alert now. police using pepper spray overnight as black lives matter protestors tried to block major streets. look at that. police moving through teargas and smoke. the justice department releasing video of arsenal including
5:14 am
gasoline, defense shields and jars prepped for cocktails. he's one of 20 federal officers injured over the weekend. flooded streets forcing emergency crews to make water rescues. more than 120 people in one community had to evacuate. the storm now in méxico. at least 3 people have died in flash flooding, several others reported missing. today hundreds of americans had to pay their respects to late congressman john lewis as public viewing resumes, civil rights icon first black lawmaker to lie in state in u.s. capitol rotunda, al visitta -- alvida
5:15 am
king joined us earlier. >> use your words in a peaceful humbled way and to still be strong. jillian: lewis died earlier this month from pancreatic cancer. that's a look at your headlines, back to you. steve: 8:15 in the east coast, businesses struggling to stay open during the pandemic. our next guest's shop
5:16 am
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and simon pagenaud takesed, the lead at the indy 500!.
5:19 am
coming to the green flag, racing at daytona. they're off... in the kentucky derby. rory mcllroy is a two time champion at east lake. touchdown! only mahomes. the big events are back and xfinity is your home for the return of live sports.
5:20 am
>> as you know small businesses in places like new york city struggling reopen after strict lockdowns, just walk around here. city turned into a ghost town, the new report finds 230,000 -- a third of 230,000 businesses may never reopen. they had no choice. the owner patel joins us now. thanks so much. there's going to be another round of ppp money. did you get some the first time, do you want some now? >> we didn't, we actually missed -- well, by the time we got around to applying the funding was already gone. it was gone so quickly. brian: wow, this time will you apply this time? >> this time we have closed down the company and we have started a website, we had actually that
5:21 am
before but it's under different ownership so i don't think, you know, i will apply for something like that. brian: you already had a challenge because you lost license to sell tobacco and the gym spas is open and they decided to close it because you ran out of people and other reasons, you weren't allowed to open. what was the ultimate decision like that went into not to reopen again? >> well, you know, rent was accumulating and we had arrears as well and settled lawsuit in january that allowed the landlord to evict us if we were late twice. during the lockdown, you know, it's very difficult to make money through our website. we at least had a website but, you know, the business from there was so nominal it would not have even come close to 40,000 that we would have made for two months of rent. we tried to negotiate with the landlord for rent freeze or rent
5:22 am
reduction but they were unwilling to do that and they simply said send whatever you can, however, one of the conditions of our lawsuit in january was that they could evict us if we were late on rent twice so i asked for assurance that we wouldn't be evicted but, you know, they couldn't even assure us of that. you have to make the decision of borrowing additional money, taking the risk of being evicted and then still be liable for additional money. brian: so as i mentioned 40% of new york city restaurants weren't profitable before, weren't breaking even before and the city was thriving let alone now. i know other people are in your spot but for you and your family, what is it like? >> i mean, it was heartbreaking. this was -- this was my parents' business actually. i only got involved because my father was in and out of hospitals, he had parkinson's
5:23 am
and lost his balance and broke his spine and we lost our licenses, but it was heartbreaking because this was his baby and we never saw that general spa would not be part of our life. it was always something that did well for us and, you know, beyond the money we had grown close to our customers as well, they had become family. we've enjoyed a lot of love and support from them and, in fact, actually since closing we had a tremendous outpouring of love and people really showed us support by buying merchandise through our website and, you know, i mean, we wish we could be there but the numbers just don't make sense and it was just not a viable situation. brian: i don't think politicians have any idea what you are going through and there's so much economic carnage because of it.
5:24 am
so hopefully you may be stay alive online and come back, final thought? >> we hope so. i mean, that's our goal. we continue to highlight our history, the iconic figures that are part of our history. i don't know if you know, madonna, the pioneers of punk rock shot back of first cover in our store, renown artist, legendary artist named painting of his after our store and one of most iconic paintings so we hope to continue to legacy online and come back one day. brian: i believe in you and that's part of the things that make new york new york. best of luck. >> thank you. brian: you got it. coming up straight ahead trouble brewing for democrats weeks away from the convention. hundreds of bernie sanders delegates threatening to vote against the party platform. our next guest says this is the
5:25 am
tip of the iceberg for biden's problem. more of the iceberg in a moment - when i noticed my sister moving differently,
5:26 am
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steve: let's talk politics, convention rebellion, nearly 400 democratic delegates, most of them support bernie sanders are pledging to vote against the dnc platform if it does not include medicare for all. the pledge reading for profit healthcare system is racist and discriminatory and majority of americans single-payer medicare is best way to achieve adequate
5:30 am
health care. this is not surprising, bernie sanders, his supporters are not historically a joe biden supporter because of sanders supporters far to the left and joe biden more centrist, they are just trying to all get together and there's growing pains. >> moderate joe biden, cap -- and the fact it's not enough, it's never enough for the marxists and they will not rest until they grafted bernie sanders' entire -- >> steve: you know, one of the things when it comes to enthusiasm, we know that donald
5:31 am
trump's -- the people who support him are enthusiastic about voting in november. joe biden's supporters not so much. i was actually at a bernie sanders rally and you were in attendance as well just before the pandemic hit, you know, joe biden would be lucky to harness enthusiasm of the bernie sanders supporter but that's just not going to happen, is it? >> you are so right and we saw that in new hampshire and in iowa that joe biden's support was lackluster and then, of course, he managed to, you know, secure the nomination, i guess with the help of mr. clyburn. in the time of crisis he's still in his basement and he's not really come up with any real
5:32 am
policy prescriptions other than being pushed and forced to adopt one by one all of the far-left policies. we saw he appointed aoc to run environmental campaign and won't be very long before he adopts bernie sanders medicare for all campaign but i'm sure they will cleverly relabel it as something else but it's all a sham to try and fool the voter into thinking that they are actually choosing an old-fashion moderate in joe biden but he's really an empty shell. steve: well, you know, i've been watching some of the biden ads and they are about coronavirus and they are saying, you know, if joe biden was president of the united states he would do everything differently although when he was interviewed on msnbc last week everything he said he would do the administration is already doing. >> it's hilarious, isn't it? it's spot on. that's exactly what he's doing. it's testimony like he listens
5:33 am
to what the president does and he copies it and i mean, i guess maybe it's a matter of tone. he comes across as empathetic and constantly talks about strategies -- tragedies in his life and that may strike a cord of some people and people that are tired of the president and he needs to be the man in charge of the triple whammy that americans have suffered through, coronavirus, pandemic and now the violent riots, so he has to, i guess, take the blame for it but the campaign is getting real and there are going to be debates. he can no longer hide behind a tale prompter. steve: 98 days to go. miranda devine with a fantastic view out of her window. >> thanks, steve. steve: in just 2 hours attorney general bill barr will be on the hot seat on capitol hill and
5:34 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live look at capitol hill where bill barr is said to come out swinging, ag to be grilled from democrats everything from russia to protests rocking the country. brian: griff jenkins with a preview of what's to come, hey, griff. griff: good morning, less than 90 minutes attorney general barr will take the seat. sources at doj tell me that he
5:39 am
has had multiple sessions prepared for the system and if he has the opportunity he will go on offense and we expect him to defend judicial independence as well as actions ranging from the deployment of federal authorities to portland all the way to the mueller report and the russia probe prepared opening remarks. we expect him to say this among other things, quote, ever since i made it clear that i was going to do everything i could to get to the bottom of grave abuses involved in russiagate scandal, many democrats in the committee have attempted to discredit me by narrative and democrats have long awaited the chance to get to grill barr and it's been delayed a few times because of coronavirus but now they are going to hit hymn everything and it's going to be lengthy, listen. >> attorney general barr is
5:40 am
there to protect donald trump. i think it's quite self-evident in all of his actions that he has not acted in the people's interest. griff: you can expect republicans in the committee, ranking member jim jordan to come to his defense. here is what jordan had to say last night. >> ever since he call it what it was the obama-biden administration spying on the trump campaign, we know that's exactly what they did, ever since he was willing and had the courage to tell the truth, they've been out to get him. griff: now, this is barr's first appearance for house judiciary committee. he's coming voluntarily. he was not subpoenaed and it's interesting to see executive privilege or other issues come up. one thing for sure it's going to be 4, 5 hours of must-watch television. you can see it right here on fox news coming up in less than 90 minutes. brian, steve, ainsley. ainsley: all right, thank you, griff. let's bring in kayleigh mcenany, white house press secretary as you know and she joins us this
5:41 am
morning, good morning. kayleigh: good morning. ainsley: what's the response when it comes to bill barr that he's running interference? kayleigh: the real problem that democrats have with attorney general barr is he's taking russiagate seriously. the bogus sham effort that was launched against president trump when he was just a candidate and went into his administration, the fact that bill barr is looking into why obama administration spied in trump campaign and that's the problem and he's in seek of the truth so that's the real problem. steve: the obama administration spied on him, wiretap and things like that, the more we realize what was going on behind the scenes this week we are learning the name of a brookings institute analyst by the name of
5:42 am
danchenko, he provided a lot of sub source material for the steele dossier, this morning over on fox business maria bartiromo asked obama counselor valerie jarrett how the obama administration had connection to dossier and this is their conversation, watch this. maria: did president obama direct any of this? >> that's not how it works. that's not how investigations work. we leave that to the intelligence community to bring forward information and the dossier, i would imagine, would be one piece of a much bigger puzzle and so if you're saying is it important to make sure that there isn't influence and actually the mueller report didn't conclude that there was any wrongdoing, he was explicit in saying quite the opposite. i don't think we should read in and conclude into that just yet. you're making statements that --
5:43 am
steve: yeah, i know the president has been emphatic, they spied on him, does that change anything? kayleigh: no, it doesn't at all. this is root case of obama officials trying to cover up what they did to this president. he did nothing wrong. people like susan rice who said on pbsi know nothing about trump administration officials getting caught up in foreign surveillance when, in fact, she herself wrote an e-mail on her way out the door talking about an oval office meeting with president obama and vice president biden where they talked about flynn and logan act. brian: peter strzok who is all over this, all over the investigation, his notes are out there and he's personally had transgressions and he's writing a book, counterintelligence and
5:44 am
the threat of donald trump. that's coming out in september 8th. what do you think peter strzok has? kayleigh: peter strzok shouldn't be writing a book, he should be answering questions. listen to damming timeline on august 16th, peter strzok wrote about insurance policy because we can't take a risk that president trump gets elected, candidate trump has very first intel briefing and we learned last week from declassified document was used to go after the president, not to brief him on what's going on but was used to target flynn and target trump, guess who signed off on those notes, peter strzok, so 4le hours after he sends insurance text he's signing on notes cross fire hurricane,s do wray full of lies funded by the dnc. you can't make this stuff up, he should be answering questions. brian: he will probably end up with network contract? kayleigh: probably.
5:45 am
ainsley: we have seen video of what's happening in portland and other cities, we are seeing organized protests, police are finding bags of cocktails and devices they are using against police officers but when jerry nadler was asked about this, do you think antifa is responsible for this, this is what he said? >> there's violence across the country -- >> that's a myth that's being spread only in washington, d.c. >> about antifa in portland? >> sir, there's videos everywhere, they are throwing fireworks at federal officers, dhs is there. look online. kayleigh: it's appalling. ask the three officers who were blindly by lasers. ask them if it's a myth.
5:46 am
ask the federal officer who stuck his hand on board with nails. ask officers in the courthouse as antifa tried to burn it down. this is not a myth and disrespectful to officers who are trying to protect peaceful protestors from antifa riders. steve: everyone is trying to protect themselves from the coronavirus, i know the president was talk about how two different vaccines are starting phase 3 trials this week and that's very promising. you know, by the grace of god we will have a vaccine by for end of this year, that would be fantastic, but there was some troubling news that the national security adviser robert o'brian tested positive for coronavirus. what can you tell us about that? kayleigh: yeah, i spoke with dr. connolly, the president was never put at risk, ambassador o'brian at homeworking, very
5:47 am
mild symptoms, we are encouraged by that but on the note of the vaccine, i i want to underscore this, it took ebola, it took 13 months to get to phase 3 clinical trials, four years to get final completed result. we anticipate having something by the fall, this is the fasters time for any novel pathogen and that's where president trump comes in as businessman manufacturing the vaccines far before they have reached conclusion. brian: joe biden is warning the president you must develop vaccine process to play out free of political pressure and not -- file 3 principles of integrity. your thoughts on the warning from the former vice president? kayleigh, no, in fact, you had anthony fauci noting that this has been done complete with
5:48 am
science and abiding with standards. perhaps he should go talk to dr. fauci. ainsley: thank you for joining us. police officer stopped by a little boy's lemonade stand, what happened next will leave you speechless, both with the sweet surprise coming up next. let's check in with sandra smith. sandra: great to be back with you, big 3 hours coming up. 10:00 a.m. eastern time. testifying before house judiciary committee, he's expected to come swinging on violent crime and russia investigate. we will have that for you live. trey gowdy with a preview of that, plus more violence in portland overnight. and officials call mayor to reject president trump to send in federal help. cbp commissioner mark morgan will join us live in moments. we will see you live through america's news room top of the
5:49 am
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5:53 am
doing that for the last few weeks but what happened last weekend will shock you and officer's name ron, he showed up to help and matched the earnings the young entrepreneur says it left, together the two waited on customers. welcome jaylin and officer. good morning, jayline, tell us what happened? >> okay, so i saw my mom working and i was about to turn 12 and i decided to step up my game. it went to lemonade, punch, tea and now elephant ears but we almost have punch and lemonade and the last sale that i just
5:54 am
did officer came out and did a sign for me. he gave my little 4-year-old brother a basketball. i came back real quick. [inaudible] >> it really helped. ainsley: officer ron, i watched the local, your local tv affiliates came out to do the story, saw you playing football with jaelynn and the family was shocked that you were going match 100% whatever was earned. his mom said i'm a little concerned, are we supposed to trust cops, what was your answer to her? >> i told her to make sure that her two sons they had nothing to be scared of, don't be frightened, no concerns whatsoever when you're doing with police officer or officer
5:55 am
in county. i still think we are the finest police department in the country. ainsley: jaelynn, do you trust cops, they're not all bad apples, just a few of those? >> i trust cops, i know there are things going on and things around the media and it changed the way our world kind of is today and i understand that they have to -- they have to look at that and they have to be able to change that in a different way and try to change like how that will happen, the incident, they want to change it the other way, you know, make it run good but i've never been scared or frightened. i've always actually loved cops. it's not the only time i came in contact. i was playing soccer and a cop was on duty and as they were
5:56 am
there they saw me playing soccer so they came to say, you know, mind if i play soccer. ainsley: so sweet. jaelynn you're an awesome young man and i know god plans big plans for your life, you are going to be successful and officer ron, thank you for being here, we love you and we think you're a hero. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: you're welcome, we have more "fox & friends" moments away. ♪ ♪ from prom dresses...
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>> we know you have a lot of choices for morning news, thanks for joining us on fox & friends. >> thanks for joining us everyone, we will see you tomorrow. >> i will see you on the radio. >> sandra: chaos in cities across the country overnight, protests turning violent in tempe, arizona, with objects thrown at police there. officers responding by using pepper spray to break up the crowds. good morning and great to be back with all of you this morning, good morning tracy, i'm sandra smith. >> and i'm trace gallagher. violence surging in portland as the city marks its 56th straight night of unrest. he is expected to lay into protesters while defending the federal response in portland. mayor ted whee


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