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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  July 29, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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typical of what usually happens in the summer, as people go in and around the water. >> dana: a pleasure to have you. hopefully people will be safe, and we won't have to have you back. and thank you for joining us. i'm dana perino. i will see you on "the five." bill, you will not see me in the ocean. >> bill: it is nightmare stuff. nice to see you. see you at 5:00. watching the hearing that continues on the hill, the top tech ceos testifying. some of it has been very interesting. some of it has been dry as dirt. the we are watching out for you all our. meanwhile, i'm bill hemmer live in new york. the president is in the heart of texas oil country. so the deaths on the rise in the lone star state.
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polling shows the president neck and neck with joe biden. louie gohmert was supposed to be on the trip to texas, but he tested positive for covid-19. he has been known to not wear a mask around the capital. he is live in midland, texas, to kick off this hour. what do we expect there? >> well, he is not a political fund-raiser right now. making his way here, then he will give a speech. the texas congressman, if you're anywhere near president trump or if you are traveling on air force one, you get a test. there are no exceptions. my colleagues on capitol hill, bill, say about the congressman is known not to wear a mask on capitol hill, consistently talking about personal freedoms. he was not a judiciary hearing yesterday was attorney general
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bill barr, a spokeswoman for ag barr told me that the attorney general will be tested as a precaution. he believes in personal freedom, and he will quarantine for ten days. as for president trump, he will make a 30 minute trip here. this is a sign that texas may be an employee this november, especially with democrats. it focus on biden's team, they say that texas could be a little bit more purple than red. when the president gets here, he will talk his plan to ease regulations on oil permits, and he will also spend the day talking about efforts to simplify and come regulations. a few months ago, though oil trading in the negative. a very scary thought for hundreds of thousands of people to live here in the permian basin. that is the site where we are. 1 of thousands of companies across the basin struggling. this morning, i saw a handful not moving to extract oil.
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this pandemic not hit, they would be clipping at a fast pa pace. this is one of the worst places -- he owns the rig about the president will tour today. listen. >> when you lose 25 or 30 million barrels a day of demand, worldwide because of the pandemic, that is what killed us. >> the president so to speak in about an hour and a half. oil trading in the negative. these folks here anxious to hear what he has to say about the future of their livelihood. >> bill: thank you. very interesting development here. meanwhile, the governor in oregon says that the trump administration has agreed to pull federal officers out of that city of portland. getting mixed signals about when, however. they claim that the fed will start leaving tomorrow, but homeland security says they will stick around until they are sure that federal buildings are safe. we want to bring in the acting homeland security director, chad
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wolf. what is the agreement? what exactly did they say? >> absolutely, bill, so what we know is that the federal courthouse there in portland has been under attack. we have law-enforcement officers that are injured there, so what we have been asking for, and we've been very specific. we need state or local law enforcement to step up and help us police around there and to hold individuals accountable. so governor brown has decided to step up. we see a sizable force of oregon state police that will be deployed to the area, and we will see if the plan that they have put in place will help quell the violence that we have seen around that federal courthouse in portland, and we are going to take a cautious view of that. we will keep them in place to make sure, until we are assured that the violence against the courthouse and stopped. so we will take the day by day until we are comfortable that the plan in place is going to
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work. they have partnered with us successfully, and when we do, we will continue to look at our posture there, and as we do across the country, all the facilities that we protect, and only then, will we make decisions. >> bill: this is what the governor of oregon tweeted a short time ago. kate brown said the following. "after my discussions with vp pence and others, the federal government has agreed to withdraw federal officers from portland. they have act as an occupying force and brought violence. starting tomorrow, they will leave downtown portland. is that accurate, sir? >> so, absolutely not. the statement about an occupying force. what we know is that the violence in portland specifically was there well before dhs or law enforcement officials arrived in portland. the mayor, by his own words, his own statement declared that the city was under violence for more than a month before we got there, so this idea that we have somehow incited violence, the
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idea that enforcing federal law is inciting violence is absolutely backwards, and i don't understand that. >> bill: she is saying starting tomorrow, all officers will leave portland. is that not the case? >> so, bill, again, certainly getting to that point. absolutely not. we are not leaving portland until we are assured that that courthouse is safe and secure. we will continue to keep law enforcement officers in the area to make sure that that courthouse is secure at the end of the day. now, again, over time, if the oregon state police and the plan let us put in place is successful, we can responsibly draw down law-enforcement assets there, we will. we need to make sure that the plan that they have in place is going to work. if you want to be clear, how long have you been trying to get them there to protect it? >> sense really early on. we are almost on day 60 of this
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event that is ongoing. it's been over two and a half weeks since i called both the mayor of portland as well as governor brown. two and a half weeks ago, i offer them any type of support, assets, capabilities. how we could partner with them for them to bring this to a peaceful conclusion, and their response to me was we don't need any of your health, and please remove your law enforcement officers from portland. that is not going to occur until the state steps up or local police step up, and that's what we've been seeing this whole time. they are willing to engage here they are willing to protect downtown portland businesses there, citizens in downtown portland against us violence. i'm happy that they stepped up. they should have done it earlier, but we are willing to partner with them. >> bill>> bill: how many federal agents well stay with them? >> i retire complement there today, well over 100 agents, again, securing just the federal courthouse there in portland. i think there is a notion that
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they are there at the federal courthouse. they will stay there until, again, we can rest assured that this plan has been a successful one. >> bill: the mayor calls it illegal occupation. do you think you have a deal that both sides understand here based on your description? >> i do. i personally have been in constant contact with the governor. we have hashed out a plan. i talked with the superintendent of the oregon state police. i understand what his plan is. they would have to successfully implement that plan. i think they have to understand the criminal nature that they are up against every day. we will partner with them to do that. again, we will protect federal property. that is our responsibility. i will continue to be our responsibility. >> bill: what you are saying, then, is that the feds are not leaving for now. 62 nights and counting.
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add that's where their record is at the moment. thank you so much for coming on and clarifying all that. we will see how it goes. night 63 is forthcoming. chad wolf, thank you. a moment ago, from that tech hearing. we want to take you back in there. apparently there was a bit of a grilling over google and censored strip on the platform and specifically bringing up the situation with an article from gateway london. the first time we have seen it. let's watch together. >> congressman, we will do our best to follow up and engage with your office -- >> we will follow up on that. i have been in elected politics for almost 12 years, and when i was in the florida sun, i never had a problem with my campaign emails being marked as spam are going to junk folders or anything along those lines.
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we have 30, 40, 50,000 people on our email list, and suddenly, i get elected to congress, and i'm up here in washington, d.c., and my parents, who have a gmail account, or getting my campaign emails. my supporters, one of my supporters called me and said hey, i just want you to know, that my gmail account is suddenly taking campaign emails that i received for almost ten years, and suddenly, they are going to spam and junk. this appears to only be happening to conservative republicans. i don't see anything in the news or the press or any members on the other side of the aisle talking about their campaign emails getting thrown in junk folders in gmail, so my question is why is this only happening to republicans, and it is a fact that it is happening because i can have my supporters testify that they have received my emails for eight years, and suddenly just last year, all of their gmail, my campaign emails, going to their spam folder. if you could give me some
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clarification on that, i would appreciate it. >> in gmail, we are focused on what users have wanted, when they want us to organize from friends and family separately -- >> bill: that was the exchange they had a moment ago. a republican congressman from florida. we are going to bring in gillian turner, who has been monitoring all of this. so far, how is this going? where does the angle seem to be suffered? >> the big thing so far for both sides in this hearing, democrats and republicans, the republicans have been grilling them on this too. antitrust. the big question is legally, have these companies become so big, so dominant in the tech industry, that they are actually making the entire industry anticompetitive? this is something that the democrats have been wanting to legislate for a long time. you might remember a year ago elizabeth warren introduced her plan to kind of break up big
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tech. this is something that has caused major, major scar tissue with these ceos, and that is why they wanted to get them here today. i am also told that this hearing was about two years in the making. getting all four of these ceos together at the same time, today, was really like kind of catching lightning in a bottle. >> bill: i think there are some engineers in silicon valley cringing over this. this is what you get for multitrillion dollar value to companies. it was a sight to be seen. back to you. democratic leaders meeting with negotiators over the trillion dollar relief bill. just how far will this go? meanwhile, breaking news and the pentagon. defense department announcing plans to pull thousands of american forces out of germany. what is behind that move? plus, the ag barr faces the
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they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident. cut! is that good? no you were talking about allstate and... i just... when i... accident forgiveness from allstate. click or call for a quote today. >> and i'm reclaiming my time here at >> i reclaim my time. >> i'm reclaiming my time, sir here. >> reclaiming my time. >> bill: i think it was 20
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times yesterday. vitriolic hearing yesterday, no doubt. chair of the house oversight committee, also former d8, federal prosecutor. how are you doing, sir? i don't know if you wanted to be in that hearing yesterday or not. would you rather steer clear of the dirt going back and forth? >> i'm happy talking about it with you. i never had separation anxiety for my time, but apparently a lot of people yesterday were really worried about their time. >> bill: here's what i saw. i saw the level of ten times with two sides to a degree that i have never seen before. you have a sitting cabinet member, and the level of vitriol was really sky high. that truly the reality in washington, d.c., today, or is that the reflection on election that is three and a half months from now? >> i think it's a little bit of both, but you put your finger on it. there have always been members
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that would have pretty heated interactions with witnesses. i've never seen it as systemic as it was yesterday, but you've got the chief law enforcement officer in the country, there are lots of legitimate questions to ask, but you have to give him an opportunity to answer. i think we did that with him, even though i disagreed with him, and loretta lynch, but you've got to give that man a chance to answer. tim scott have the right word. it was embarrassing if you care about the house of representatives. >> bill: we just have the department of home security, on here. there is no fact that they are leaving portland, oregon. runs contrary to what we heard from the governor appeared at the same time, you've got operation legend expanding into milwaukee, cleveland, and a trade. how you view this operation? >> well, bill, there is federal jurisdiction -- certain crimes that only federal agents can
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investigate. so if the argument is federal law enforcement cannot enforce federal laws, that's a new argument i've never heard before in our country. usually law enforcement works together. the feds -- the courthouse is a perfect example. every courthouse across america, state and local and all outside the courthouse, but it is only one state and local can't do it or won't do it then you have the feds protecting the courthouse, which is going on in the northwestern states here. >> bill: they said that they've been trying to get the governor to send and state police for two and a half weeks, and now it looks like it's happening. >> should have happened a long time ago. i mean, how controversial is the notion that we should protect public property? there was a time that was not a contentious issue. don't burn on the courthouse, whether it is state or federal.
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somebody has to, and in this case, it's the feds by default. >> bill: trey gowdy, thank you. we will see where it goes from here. live look back at the hill right now, waiting to hear from the house speaker nancy pelosi in a moment here. that is mark meadows talking here they are going back and forth on the next phase of this covid-19 relief bill to the tune of at least a trillion dollars of it comes to that. also we will hear from law enforcement agencies refusing to provide security for the democratic national convention. what the dnc is saying about that with the big event just about two and a half months aw away. joining me in a moment here live in studio. customizes your car insurancel so you only pay for what you need? i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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providing security for the dnc in milwaukee because some of them said a local commission van police from using tear gas and pepper spray for crowd control. martha maccallum joins me here. appropriately 6 feet and counting right now. how are you doing? there is a human being over here. if you can't use pepper spray or rubber bullets to control the crowds, police officers may not want to be a part of this. >> why would you? you have to know that you will have the tools at your disposal that you would need. that's like sending someone out without proper equipment. they always hope that they want to have to use any of it. that's the goal. but they don't want to find themselves in a situation where there in the middle of a melee, and they have no way to calm it down or protect themselves. we have seen cities across the country making these changes, and that's fine. that's up to their legislature. but they were coming from other
12:26 pm
places. it is completely up to them if they want to put themselves in their situation. >> bill: our plan is to be there. whatever it is. so here is the response. the ongoing pandemic, we will continue to work with local law enforcement officials and coordination with the u.s. secret service to ensure that it is a safe and secure event for milwaukee residents and everyone involved, so we will see what we get on that. >> you are bringing personal security detail. >> everywhere i go. you know that's the way i roll. what is good money for a presidential pick for joe biden? >> i think there's two ways to read that kamala harris note. it is intriguing when they pick up something that scribbled in their own notes, but he is that it probably going to be next week. but that kamala harris not, either way, it could be sort of make sure that it is clear that we respect her. they certainly wouldn't want her
12:27 pm
to be supported, no matter who they choose, and without story that is out there that chris scott said they are showing up, the busing interchange that they had. >> bill: i think the words "do not hold grudges," i guess it should be "joe and me," right? >> the grammar police. >> bill: holding the campaign and great respect for her. >> what do you think? >> bill: he learned a lot about having a very good friendship and relationship with barack obama for eight years. but if you're going to have lunch with the vice president, every day for eight years, that person's company. >> do you think she falls into that category? >> bill: kamala harris? i'm not sure. i wouldn't cross out elizabeth art warren. >> i wouldn't either. i think that there are others.
12:28 pm
including susan rice, who has been pushing very hard. of all of them, she has the most forward posture, fishing for herself. they spent a lot of time together too, and she may be a person that he decides to go with. i think a lot of people see themselves as getting something, having a position or some other position. maybe kamala harris think she would make a great ag. >> bill: they dribbled that picture the other day, with each other with the john lewis event. socially distant with masks. i just am looking at this breadcrumbs. >> aren't we all? >> bill: are you watching the tech event? impression so far? >> yesterday was the feisty is hearing i've ever seen in my life. >> bill: unbelievable. >> i've never seen anything
12:29 pm
quite like that. i said you could have just put a picture of him up there because they did not give him a chance to say much of anything at all. however, today, the democrats are mostly coming down the side of the monopolistic practices, and the republicans are really trying to draw them out on whether or not they censor conservative voices, and jim jordan did a pretty impressive job of going to a number of specific examples where people have been silenced on the republican side. they have different agendas. >> bill: a couple more hours of this. i will see you at 7:00. maybe i will see when milwaukee. >> i hope so. i have my backpack. >> bill: back to capitol hill, as we mentioned. any moment now, expected to talk about where things stand with the next covid-19 relief package. chad pergram has got the latest. what are you hearing so far? >> good afternoon, bill. there was a meeting with
12:30 pm
steve mnuchin and mark meadows over on the senate side of capitol hill. you know, things have not gone very well. they did not really like this bill that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell put forward. that's interesting because some time ago, mitch mcconnell said he was going to write that next coronavirus bill in his office. that was an effort to secure the republican buy-in. he hasn't secured very much. there is a reason why this hour, they are going to meet with house speaker nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. they're spending a lot of time in that office, and that tells you who is in the driver's seat. democrats are really in the driver's seat because there is so much dissonance on republican side of the aisle. if they get an agreement, is going to come down to one of our amalgamation of democrats and republicans together can pass a bill. that will be key. we don't think that they will get to an agreement this week. there has been some discussion about maybe doing an interim bill for unemployment, something
12:31 pm
that marco rubio advocated. there is no clarity on that front either. republicans have to sort things out among themselves, and you have to get buy-in from the president. he has to sign this. we are told that they are looking conservatively at 1.5 to $1.7 trillion. that is less than what the democrats wanted. so if they come down to a lower price, we will have to have some big wins were democrats, things that nancy pelosi has been advocating for. >> bill: a trillion here, a trillion there. it is covid times. we are waiting to hear from the president here and maybe will get a comment. we will hear from the acting homeland security secretary. we will also talk to a local business owner about how that community is trying to deal with all of this, and it is not easy.
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>> bill: chad wolf was with us a few moments ago. federal buildings are secure. running counter to what we seen from the governor. fox news has on an exclusive look at how agents are trying to protect those buildings. william la jeunesse was the reporter hanging out all night overnight. >> bill, we were inside, and this little area is really kind of a war zone. they just finished washing it down of debris and garbage in all kinds of stuff that we see in the video. let me see if i can parse the words of these two politicians. governor kate brown says that they will leave portland, but that is not entirely accurate. she is talking about hsi and ice and basically the border patrols tactical unit. they are not leaving portland.
12:37 pm
some are leaving downtown, many of the federal protective service, which is responsible for the building, they are still going to be here and patrol the area. also, u.s. marshal remaining inside with tactical unit. it as they are outfitted, they are responsible for the judges and the lawyers. >> our federal officers will be visible around the courthouse. our additional officers that have been brought to portland will still be in downtown portland. they will simply not be at the courthouse, and they will not be engaged if they are not meeting. >> beginning tomorrow, oregon state police, special operations unit will assist portland police and the feds to develop an atmosphere that supports the removal. and what does that mean?
12:38 pm
we will have basically state police, who are going to basically inundate or clear the park, which is adjacent to the courthouse, which is use nightly as a staging area for the attacks on federal agencies. so, if the question is going to become a bill, what is really the foster when the state police show up? are they going to basically take a softer approach? what's going to happen when some of these guys maybe resist arrest, or you see them in the park over here, maybe trying to get the building? that's going to be an important part, but the good news is they have a deal, and maybe the city can return return to some norma. >> bill: we will see how it goes together and whether or not we will hear the end of this. thank you, william. thhow is this now affecting business? she owns a subway store and set out one point she had to board
12:39 pm
up the windows and really shut things down. stacy, how are you staying in business? >> i'm good. how are you? we are doing the best that we can during these unprecedented times that we have here. it has certainly been challenging, and we hope that what transpires today will certainly calm things down in the future. >> bill: i saw stacy with the hotel and business is down, and now you have covid and these riots. >> that's exactly it. covid was a big blow for all of the businesses downtown. not just the way it. and now you have more issues with employee safety and, and nobody feels comfortable coming down. after his business is down. all of these things have just been canceled, and of course that makes it super challenging for us to run a business. >> bill: 62 days and counting. how much more can you endure?
12:40 pm
>> that's a question. we try to reduce hours, upping our staff to make sure that we have multiple people there to ensure that. >> bill: any reaction with the state troopers? >> that certainly gives us some hope. maybe that will calm things down, but people are committing crimes, and there's no consequences for it, so i certainly hope that everybody can handle it. >> bill: do you have a sense as to who these people are? >> honestly, i don't, and that's the hard part about it. the messages are just getting lost. it is just a lot of violence, and i don't really understand the point. people don't want the feds here, but they are protecting their building. it's just a big challenge, and it's gotten out of hand. it is sad for many people. i mean, the residents down there, they have to deal with tear gas in their apartments. the businesses as well. it is just a devastating
12:41 pm
situation. >> bill: just give us an idea as to what is happening. is it hundreds of people? is it 1,000? how would you describe it? >> there was over 1,000 people last night. you can just watch the news and see what's happening, depending on which news show you watch. there's always different takes on it. people wandering around the street, fire is being said, graffiti, damage. there is no point in all of that. we can all protest, absolutely, and we can get more things accomplished with peace then with the violence is the way that i see it, and hopefully we can sit down at the table and let's do it. >> bill: good message. stacy gibson. you've been in business for 20 years. i hope you stay that way. thank you for sharing your story today, and good luck. on the east coast, we have some shark sightings. but they are rattling folks for a very good reason. police now say they will use helicopters to keep an eye out
12:42 pm
for the sharks. this comes after a great white killed a woman in the state of man. first shark attack on record. laura, how's it going today? >> hey, bill, we just had a helicopter flight very low bias, and that is something that we will be seeing a lot moving forward. beachgoers all up and down, these extra measures put in place both in the air and in the water so that there can be a better alert system with predators on the water that people may not be able to see on their own. so things have really been heating up this week. they announced that they are putting up enhanced helicopter patrols all along the coastline, making multiple paths, looking for anything lurking under the water. there have been several reported shark setting since monday along two of the most popular beaches on long island, and what was believed to be bull shark
12:43 pm
sightings. they like warm, shallow water and are extremely aggressive and scavenge for food, which has prompted strong warnings for swimmers here. >> please stay close to the shore. being far from the short makes it harder for lifeguards or police or anyone else who can help you get to you. swim in groups. especially avoid doing it at dusk and at dawn. don't wear shiny jewelry. this is anyone to me. if it is glinting in the light, they can mistake that for the skills of a fish. and don't swim in the water when you're bleeding. >> there have been 13 shark attacks in the united states this year alone. two of them fatal. one in california and the first-ever fatal shark attack in man this week. 63-year-old julie dimperio holowach was killed. they found a fragment of a tooth which was used to identify the
12:44 pm
shark as a great white. now, new york has had at least 20 shark sightings in the last 12 months, but those who look at the author want to remind everybody that it is an extremely rare situation when there is a shark attack. about one in 12 million. >> bill: what a story that is from the state of maine. nice to see you. and a moment here, our tech companies biased against conservatives? that's one of the many accusations being leveled against tech ceos questions on the hill. we will talk to mike johnson of the judiciary committee in a moment on that. right now, he is self-quarantining after louie gohmert tested positive for covid-19 today. so we will talk to congressman johnson in a moment about all of this. that's why i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need.
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speak of the power these companies have to impact what happens during an election, when american citizens get to see prior to their voting is pretty darn important. >> bill: that's jim jordan, the republican from ohio. pulling very few punches now. all lots of market capital in that room. i want to bring in mike johnson from louisiana. you were supposed to be in that hearing. why did you not go? >> well, i am the ranking republican on the subcommittee. the rules that members of the full committee can sit on the subcommittee hearings, but that wouldn't allow it, and i'm really curious as to why. jim jordan gave a good effort, made a motion to have me included. >> bill: what do you think of this hearing? what is the angle that will come
12:50 pm
out of this? >> well, we are very concerned. of course as jim was explaining, big tech on these online platforms are engaging in selective censorship, and everybody knows that. the evidence is everywhere. the question is what we do about it? we need consumers to be aware of it so that the market can react. i'm telling you for a long time now if they do not regulate themselves, but congress is going to have to step in and do something about it because it's affecting the national discourse, and that should be a concern for everyone. >> bill: it seems legislation is more along with google and some of the others. we will see if it even reaches that point. you are in the news now because as of this hour, you are in self-quarantine. how come? >> yeah, so, the news broke about my friend, congressman louie gohmert, who tested positive even though he has no symptoms. he took a customary test. we had dinner on monday evening,
12:51 pm
just a small group of us, and i was sitting next to him. of course we didn't have masks on. we were eating. we have been very careful about wearing masks, but it's a virus, you know. they just gave me the advice right before i came on with you that the responsible thing to do was to go into medical quarantine for 14 days. >> bill: 14 days. are you in your capitol hill office, or where are you? >> i'm in my office, literally just hung up with the attending physician. the quarantine has begun. i'm going to have to very discreetly get out. this is life in the covid reality. >> bill: is a you are other members of congress? >> is just me. we were all together in the house judiciary hearing yesterday, but there seems to be no concern about that because everyone wear their masks, and we were all appropriately
12:52 pm
distanced. this is about the meal that we had on monday evening, and even though we give it our best effort, that was the plan for the hearing. so, louis and i had a couple of others -- i was the only one seated next to him, so that's why they gave me this. >> bill: how is your staff? >> everybody's grade. we've been working on all cylinders. we are saved. some comment on on a rotating basis. you know, people should be comforted to now back home -- members of congress are taking this very seriously. we've done everything within our power to make sure that we can continue to do the jobs here, and again, it's just the nature of this virus and the reality that we all face now. >> bill: thank you for your time. we will stay in touch. enjoy the drive back home. live look at midland, texas. president trump is about to tour the oil rig. he is there to promote producing regulations on the oil industry.
12:53 pm
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otezla. show more of you. >> bill: tennessee republican, i am barely calling schools to reopen and do it on time. welcome to our program and nice to see you. i have seen a ton of interviews with you. every time you talk, you say we need to find a way to get to "yes." is that where the state is? >> that is where the state is. 145 out of 147 districts have an option. it is critically important for our families to get back to wo work. students learn better when they are in the classroom. yesterday, we were going to be distributing 80,000 kids to classroom teachers that cover the year supply of hand sanitizer, gloves, masks,
12:58 pm
disinfecting wipes. >> bill: you have kids of your own, two daughters. if you have any reservations? >> i don't. my girls, we are excited to get back to school. we have backpacks all purchased and school supplies ready. we are back to school mode. >> bill: there are a lot of teachers pushing back on this idea. the montgomery county maryland. what do you think about their position about staying away for now in the fall? >> i come from a family of teachers. certainly, it is personal to me that we keep our staff and students safe and healthy, which is why we have to invest in the equipment necessary to keep our schools safe and clean so people can get back to the business of teaching and learning. >> bill: we're going to see how we go. one of the things that you said is that you expect to get a case
12:59 pm
here and a case there. what do you do then? >> that's right. to be perfectly clear, one of our first districts come out there was a positive case that came from the community into the school. the superintendent did exactly what we would expect. she sat down that particular classroom and made sure that everything was disinfected as quickly as possible. they are back in business making sure that kids are getting the education they so richly deser deserve. >> bill: why do others not see it that way? can you understand their level of reservation? >> absolutely. i am a mom and a commission at the same time. it is incredibly important that we focus on that. i'm very likely to work with the governor a governor legislature and a group of educators and school districts who know the critical importance of a high quality education. we are down 27% in suspected
1:00 pm
abuse cases reporting. this is critically important for our kids. that has to be the focus. >> bill: the best to you and everybody in tennessee. thank you for coming on and telling your story. here is neil. >> neil: we are following a lot of developments. right now, the president of the united states where crowds are going to hear from trump about the economy and our energy independence. something that he said would be in jeopardy if joe biden becomes president. when he toured that a facility in odessa, we will carry it live for you. welcome everybody, i am neil cavuto, and this is "your world." a lot of shouting going on with some of the richest people on the planet. more of that in a second. the president who now is saying it is not for


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